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You can read the report of the Independent Constitutional Review Panel HERE


If you would like to read the Summary of Issues paper that we prepared to provide some background information, please click HERE.



below is a guide to the issues to assist you in your submission:

Number MPs/seats

Nominally 120 MPs but currently 121 because of the overhang created when a party wins ... more

Length Parliamentary term

Those in power would want longer terms and those out shorter. The question is how long ... more

Election date

Currently, the Prime Minister may set date for the party’s advantage. A fixed date would ... more

Number electorates

Currently there are 63 general electorate seats and 7 Maori seats, with 50 list seats ... more

Calculating electorates

The process for deciding the number and size of electorates is based on the South Island always ... more

Electoral Integrity Laws

Party hopping laws prevent MPs leaving a party and distorting the proportionality of ... more

Maori Electoral Option

The Maori electoral option gives New Zealanders of Maori descent the opportunity to choose ... more

Maori seats

Four Maori seats were established as a temporary measure back in 1867. They should have ... more

Local govt Maori seats

Separate Maori representation was established by legislation in 2001 at Environment Bay of Plenty ... more

Treaty of Waitangi

If Treaty principles were enshrined in a new written constitution, it would be a death blow ... more

Bill of Rights - property

The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 is a statute of the Parliament of New Zealand setting out ... more

Bill of Rights Entrenchment

The Electoral Act is the only New Zealand statute containing entrenched provisions ... more

Written constitution

If Treaty principles were enshrined in a new written constitution, it would be a death blow to ... more

Declaration of Equality

The Declaration of Equality states: We New Zealanders of all backgrounds having founded ..more

Change via Referendum

The only legitimate democratic way to enact major constitutional change is through a referendum ... more