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Dr Muriel Newman

The End of Democracy

Without any mandate from New Zealanders, the Ardern Government has decided to turn this symbolic Indigenous Rights Declaration into an action plan for our country. Her ultimate goal is to elevate Maori tribal leaders to the status of a ruling aristocracy. Representing 15 percent of the population, they will exercise 50 percent of the Government’s decision-making power and control the vast economic resources that would accompany such a role.

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Fiona Mackenzie

Control the Water, Subjugate the People

Good law is that which is well defined and certain, and which does not favour any one ethnicity or part ethnicity over all others. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to the provision and control of water – the essence of life. As it stands now, this Water Services Bill fails the standard. It vests unspecified power, control and revenue in the hands of unelected, unaccountable and unchallengeable people over all other New Zealanders.

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Dr Muriel Newman

Labour's Housing Bombshell

Treasury and the IRD advised against extending the bright-line test and removing interest deductibility for rental property investors. That’s why Labour’s housing bombshell is so dangerous – it creates uncertainty when the economy is already under serious threat.

Ashley Church

The new victims of the property blame game

These measures have nothing to do with ‘fixing’ the market – they’re about punishing those who are deemed to be the ‘cause’ of the collective woes of those who feel disenfranchised and are little more than a tarted up exercise in social scapegoating.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Final Step to Separatism

The Prime Minister intends embedding the objectives of the highly controversial UN Indigenous Rights Declaration into our legal and regulatory framework - a dreadful act of betrayal that will deliver control of NZ to the tribal elite in the final step to separatism.

Anthony Willy

Maori Lore

The places where the common law exists are among the most successful, settled, prosperous societies on earth enjoying the greatest degree of personal freedoms. Almost without exception they also enjoy democratic government which is protected by the Rule of Law.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Slippery Slide to Totalitarianism

If those speaking out against such radicalism as religious fundamentalism, feminist extremism, or Maori supremacy are muzzled for their efforts and thrown in jail, New Zealand really would be on a slippery slope to totalitarianism.

Dr Arif Ahmed

Free Speech Policy - and the Importance of the Secret Vote

In March 2020, when the University first proposed this policy, I couldn’t find anyone willing to challenge it in public. Not because they all had other things to think about but because they feared the consequences.

Dr Muriel Newman

Propaganda Rules

In reality the Government is clearly struggling to keep us safe. They must know their propaganda will only work for so long, and that even with the press in their pocket, the finger of blame will eventually turn onto them.

Dr Bronwyn Howell

A Risk-Based approach to Mask-Wearing Mandates in New Zealand?

The mask-wearing mandate does come from a risk-based approach to decision-making – but where the risk concerned is a political one and not a Covid-19 related one. The constituency being protected is the government, and not the population of New Zealand.