Category: Maori Issues

Dr Muriel Newman

Labour is the Problem

Labour employs an army of public relations advisors and communications experts. So, it’s really no surprise to find that contrary to Labour’s record of abject failure in virtually every area of governance, a narrative of success and sound economic management is being run.

Dr Muriel Newman

Long Live the King!

Like shifting sands, New Zealand’s political parties are readying themselves for the most important election of our time. Opposition parties are focussed on removing race-based laws and growing the economy, while the “coalition of chaos” looks likely to double down on He Puapua and tribal rule, while continuing their reckless tax and spend.

Dr Muriel Newman

Tyranny of the Minority

Turning New Zealand back into a society where are all Kiwis are equal under the law, is the only way to build a strong and united future. Otherwise, we risk descending into the toxic race-based abyss currently being planned by the Maori Party and their allies.

Frank Newman

Chiefs at War

There is also now clearly emerging inter-generational conflict within Māori between more moderate iwi elders intent on working within the system and a younger generation of activists intent on destroying the system. The real question is whether any politicians are brave enough to confront these issues.

Dr Muriel Newman

Hiding in Plain Sight - the Real Agenda

Tuku Morgan and John Tamihere have made it very clear that if the Maori Party is the kingmaker after the election, they will not settle for anything less than full ownership of New Zealand’s freshwater.

Anthony Willy

Naked Greed

It is no wonder that Ngai Tahu are content to let their water grab rest unresolved in the High Court when they have a cast iron legislative right through Three Waters (Affordable Water) waiting in the wings.

Dr Muriel Newman

Labour Delivers Control of Fresh Water to Maori

In reality, Three Waters was always a trojan horse used by Jacinda Ardern to hide the fact that Labour was passing control of water to Maori. Since Chris Hipkins’ Affordable Water Reform does not change that, Maori control of freshwater is set to become a major election issue.

Dr Muriel Newman

Goodbye Jacinda

A kind interpretation of Jacinda Ardern’s tenure is that she was naive and impressionable, and those weaknesses were manipulated, especially by the Maori caucus to advance their agenda for Maori rule.  Other interpretations are much less kind.

Dr Muriel Newman

Tribal Takeover

A tribal takeover, orchestrated by the Labour Government without any mandate from the public, is now underway in New Zealand, creating deep social unrest and division. And while the State Sector has been a priority, forcing it onto private enterprise under threat of deregulation or funding cuts, highlights the totalitarian reality of tribal rule.

Anthony Willy

Who Guards the Guards

The three pillars which underpin our way of life are: Democracy, the Market Economy and The Common Law. These pillars are being eroded by the present government with the push for a tribally based society and the backlash which has forced a Prime Minister from power and replaced her with a trick cyclist who is displaying impressive skills of back peddling.