Category: Politics

Dr Muriel Newman

A Lurch to the Left

On October 23rd last year New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announced that he’d chosen the most radical left wing coalition in this country’s history to become our new Government.

Dr Bryce Edwards

Political Roundup: Greens go red

The Green Party membership have voted resoundingly to take the party in a more left-wing direction by selecting Marama Davidson as the new co-leader. That’s the consensus amongst commentators analysing the announcement.

Dr Muriel Newman

Local Democracy Undermined

Last month Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, the President of Local Government New Zealand wrote to the coalition Government calling for the removal of the petition rights that allow local residents and ratepayers to demand a poll if their Council unilaterally decides to establish Maori wards.

Mike Lally

Ratepayers Fight Council Racism

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is divided into three wards for electoral purposes. However, in November 2017, Councillors voted - with nine votes in favour and three opposed - to establish additional race-based wards, which would guarantee seats for Maori.

Dr Muriel Newman

Labour's Leadership Vacuum

In some cases being a ‘soft touch’ is a positive and appropriate. But not when one is the Prime Minister. Jacinda Ardern is increasingly looking out of her depth. But if she’s not really in control of the country, the question is, who is.

David Farrar

Questions and answers on Curran and Hirschfeld

It is very unwise for the Minister of Broadcasting to have breakfast with the head of news for Radio New Zealand – especially as the Minister is proposing to give Radio New Zealand millions more in funding.

Barry Brill

Is New Zealand exempt from climate change?

In economic terms, New Zealand’s isolation has long been seen as a major handicap. But in terms of ‘climate change’ alarm, isolation is proving to be its greatest asset.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Tax Sham

Last week submissions opened on the Government’s tax review. In reality, it's a twelve month long $4 million political charade designed to deliver the capital gains tax policy that Labour botched during the election campaign.

Frank Newman

The Future of Tax

Those who expect the Working Group to produce a comprehensive and impartial review of our tax system will be disappointed. It's not that kind of project. The Group's role is to provide options within the government’s agenda.

Dr Muriel Newman

Political Correctness Threatens Free Speech

It is said, that free speech is a sign of a healthy democracy, but are people really free to speak their mind in New Zealand today? At one time it was OK for someone to be offended by what others said. They were told to toughen up and get on with life.