Category: Democracy

Graham Adams

Attacks on Professors Miss Target

As the firestorm over the professors’ letter shows, New Zealand science is indeed being engulfed by the post-modern mantra that there is no such thing as objective truth. And it is also clear that anyone who dissents must be silenced

Dr Muriel Newman

He Puapua in Action – Labour’s Three Waters Reform

As a representative democracy founded on the principle of equal rights, it is abhorrent that Labour is destroying that culture through the 50:50 co-governance requirement of the Three Waters proposal. Imposed without warning or electoral mandate, the total upheaval of water services in New Zealand - designed to deliver control to Maori - is He Puapua in action.

Bruce Smith

The Three Waters Journey – Part 2

My view is that because of the implications of transferring over a quarter of Council’s total assets at below valuation there is only one safe road to take. I will be advocating for a binding referendum to go out to the people of Westland seeking direction on in or out. It’s called democracy.

Dr Muriel Newman

Troubled Waters Ahead

All councils should urgently hold a binding referendum of the residents and ratepayers they were elected to represent, to ask whether they want their assets transferred to central government without compensation, so control of water can be passed to iwi.

Bruce Smith

The Three Waters Journey

I have been asked by number of journalists to comment on the proposed 3 water changes. I haven't done so at this stage because to explain my view needs time. This is my journey with three waters so far.

Dr Muriel Newman

Unity or Division?

If New Zealand continues down the present path set out by Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand will increasingly become an apartheid nation, where race determines our future – and those claiming Maori heritage are given superior rights over everyone else.

Ross Meurant

Apartheid in New Zealand

The 1981 Springbok Tour was to have a major impact on my life. At first it seemed the tour handed me a golden chalice. But, as time passed by, I found that chalice to be filled with poison. From famous to infamous. From revered to reviled. The vicissitudes of life. 

Dr Muriel Newman

The Turning Tide of Public Opinion

On election night, Jacinda Ardern promised she would govern for “all New Zealanders”. It is unacceptable that she has allowed the racial extremism of her Maori Caucus to dominate the Labour Party. It’s time the moderates within Labour took back control since mainstream New Zealanders are horrified by the separatism and division.

Dr. Elizabeth Rata

The Road to He Puapua – Is there really a Treaty partnership?

The He Puapua Report proposes revolutionary change for New Zealand. The question of how we have arrived at a crossroads where New Zealanders will have to choose between an ethno-nationalist state — which He Puapua leads to — or a democratic-nationalist one has its origins in three events.

Dr Muriel Newman

Muzzling Free Speech

What the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to understand is that threatening people so they are afraid to speak up will not create the socialist utopia she is planning for New Zealand. Instead, by imposing State control over free speech she is practicing totalitarianism.