Category: Democracy

Dr Muriel Newman

Questions Over Our Future

Anyone pressing for constitutional change in this political climate, no matter what their intentions, would be opening up the country to capture by separatists. There are no two ways about it - a new constitution would lead to Judge-led tribal rule.

David Round

The Danger of Constitutional Change

Once we get a written constitution, a higher law which binds parliament itself, there will be no stopping judges as they interpret it as they please. The entire argument for a written constitution is an attempt to remove matters from parliament’s’ authority and hand them over to judges.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Climate of Authoritarianism

The reality is that nature controls the climate, not politicians. The most sensible thing we can do is learn to adapt – as humans have always done throughout history.

Dr Muriel Newman

New Zealand Turns Sinister

While Stuff may think it’s acceptable for their journalists to harass and bully members of the public, it certainly is not acceptable behaviour in the UK, where newspaper editors are expected to adhere to an ‘Editor’s Code of Practice’, which protects the public against aggressive and intimidating journalists.

Graham Adams

Fire and Fury is often funny — unintentionally

The most depressing feature of Fire and Fury was that amongst its repeated warnings about threats to democracy it never once mentioned the elephant in the room — namely Ardern’s government steadily undermining democracy by threading a radical view of the Treaty as a 50:50 partnership with iwi throughout legislation with absolutely no mandate

Dr Muriel Newman

Local Body Election Exposé

The pressure on new councils, as Labour seeks to undermine their autonomy and transform the sector into a government lapdog, will be intense. For voters that surely means ensuring the candidates that they support will not be cowed by Labour’s demands - but will stand firm in their commitment to local democracy and remain strong as the voice of their local community.

Anthony Willy

Two Waters?

More likely, is that LGNZ has become an integral part of the government’s strategy to promote the implementation of He Pua Pua and the so called “partnership” principles of the Treaty of Waitangi - notwithstanding that they are a factual and jurisprudential nonsense. If this so, then LGNZ should stop its media spin and make a clean breast of it to its members and the public.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Biggest Bully

The dictatorial way Jacinda Ardern has governed our nation, destroying lives and livelihoods, undermining our democracy and crushing those who stand in her way, is testimony to a ruthlessness that her “be kind” mantra attempts to disguise.

Chris Trotter

Parting Shots

What emerges over the next few days promises to be a master-class in the art of dismissing, diminishing and disparaging an individual who has had the temerity to breach the iron law of omerta which governs the practice of party politics.

Dr Muriel Newman

Message to National

But there’s a much deeper reason for National’s decline in the polls. The honeymoon of hope and expectation around the new leader has subsided. Some will be disappointed with Christopher Luxon’s impassive stance on a number of issues - but particularly Labour’s attack on democracy through co-governance.