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Dr Muriel Newman

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research I would like to say a huge thank you for your on-going interest and wonderful support over the last 12 months - and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Dr Muriel Newman

Tribal Control of Water

Nanaia Mahuta is bulldozing her legacy project – tribal control of all New Zealand water - onto the country, over-riding the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and treating the public like fools.

Frank Newman

The Three Waters Lie – democracy the loser

Three Waters is an appalling work of political manipulation and misinformation. It exemplifies what’s so bad about the 2020 Labour government. It also explains why there is such derision and hostility towards Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta in particular.

Dr Muriel Newman

Co-Governing Local Government

With control over water potentially wrapped up, local government is now the new focus for the Maori tribal elite. That agenda was initiated in April 2021 when Minister Mahuta announced her comprehensive review of local government. The outcome was predetermined by the terms of reference that embodied her fake Treaty “partnership”.

Frank Newman

The Future of Local Government in NZ

In simple language, the terms of reference require the panel to reform local government in a way that is consistent with the wishes of central government. Reforming local government in the way recommended in the Future for Local Government report would be a giant leap forward for the government in achieving its He Puapua strategy.

Dr Muriel Newman

Message to the PM

Let’s not forget the agenda of the PM and her Maori caucus is far from complete. We know from He Puapua that the goal is to have Maori in control of New Zealand by 2040. In 2022 they made a giant leap forward to achieve that in local government.

Frank Newman

The biggest winners from Election 2022

Nanaia Mahuta has achieved exactly what she set out to achieve, and that is a much stronger presence of Maori around the local council decision making table. It’s a giant leap forward towards co-governance at a local level.

Dr Muriel Newman

The New Face of Authoritarianism

Jacinda Ardern is the embodiment of new-age socialism. But what’s actually been thrust onto the country is simply a public relations make-over of the ugly failed socialism of old, that represses freedom of expression and perpetuates failure. As a result New Zealand is now more oppressed and divided than ever before.

Dr Muriel Newman

Local Body Election Exposé

The pressure on new councils, as Labour seeks to undermine their autonomy and transform the sector into a government lapdog, will be intense. For voters that surely means ensuring the candidates that they support will not be cowed by Labour’s demands - but will stand firm in their commitment to local democracy and remain strong as the voice of their local community.

Anthony Willy

Two Waters?

More likely, is that LGNZ has become an integral part of the government’s strategy to promote the implementation of He Pua Pua and the so called “partnership” principles of the Treaty of Waitangi - notwithstanding that they are a factual and jurisprudential nonsense. If this so, then LGNZ should stop its media spin and make a clean breast of it to its members and the public.