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Dr Muriel Newman

Labour is the Problem

Labour employs an army of public relations advisors and communications experts. So, it’s really no surprise to find that contrary to Labour’s record of abject failure in virtually every area of governance, a narrative of success and sound economic management is being run.

Dr Muriel Newman

Goodbye Jacinda

A kind interpretation of Jacinda Ardern’s tenure is that she was naive and impressionable, and those weaknesses were manipulated, especially by the Maori caucus to advance their agenda for Maori rule.  Other interpretations are much less kind.

Dr Muriel Newman

The War on Woke

Labour is the champion of woke. Under the watch of our new Prime Minister, New Zealand has been transformed into ‘woke’ society where anyone questioning any aspect of the Government’s social justice agenda is treated as an enemy and cancelled.

Dr Muriel Newman

Governing for All

It is unsurprising that the public objects to enforced racial categorisation. And that’s the bottom line - Kiwis want to be treated as equals, united as one people under one flag. New Zealand is one nation - a country of equal citizens, not a collection of competing tribes.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Test of Strength

This toxic situation, where democracy is being replaced with ‘apartheid’ must be unwound. Turning New Zealand into a “colourblind society”, where our team of 5 million Kiwis are all equal under the law, is surely the only way to build a strong and united future.

Dr Muriel Newman

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research I would like to say a huge thank you for your on-going interest and wonderful support over the last 12 months - and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Dr Muriel Newman

The Cost of Coercion

The pressure to get vaccinated and a lack of information about the risks, strike at the heart of the controversy over the Pfizer vaccine. Has political pressure to achieve the PM’s vaccination goals led to widespread coercion – resulting in New Zealanders not being adequately informed about vaccine risks?

Professor John Gibson

Best in Show? 

The last eight months have seen 3,000 more deaths than expected – an unfolding disaster. Over 1,000 are unrelated to COVID-19. Health authorities and politicians should face more scrutiny over the causes of these unexplained excess deaths - especially as they are concentrated in age groups eligible for boosters.

Dr Muriel Newman

New Zealand Turns Sinister

While Stuff may think it’s acceptable for their journalists to harass and bully members of the public, it certainly is not acceptable behaviour in the UK, where newspaper editors are expected to adhere to an ‘Editor’s Code of Practice’, which protects the public against aggressive and intimidating journalists.

Dr Muriel Newman

Policy Failure

Given Jacinda Ardern's dismal track record of policy failure, with the housing merger, the polytech merger and the health board merger all turning into disasters, how can New Zealanders possibly have faith that Labour’s plan to centralise council-run water services into mega bureaucracies controlled by iwi is going to work out well?