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Investigating Covid

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New Zealand has experienced two pandemics in recent years.

The first was the swine flu pandemic, caused by the H1N1 influenza virus which originated in Mexico in 2009. It is estimated to have affected as many as 1.4 billion people world-wide over a period of some 19 months, causing upwards of 600,000 deaths.

The second was the Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which originated in Wuhan in China in December 2019. While the World Health Organisation reports almost 800 million cases and more than 7 million deaths, they believe this grossly under-represents the true situation.

When the first pandemic arrived in New Zealand, John Key’s National Government adopted the Ministry of Health’s Influenza Pandemic Plan. When the second pandemic hit, Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government rejected the Ministry’s Pandemic Plan, taking the country down a very different path.

How the Ardern administration managed the pandemic is currently under review, in order to improve New Zealand’s future pandemic preparedness. However, since the initial terms of reference for the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid-19 attracted criticism for being too narrowly focused, the Coalition Government is expanding the inquiry and submissions have now been called to ascertain what should be included.

A good place to start is to compare the 2009 and 2019 responses.

The Ministry of Health’s Pandemic Plan was a mitigation strategy designed to keep infection at manageable levels until natural immunity to the virus was built. It had three main goals. The first was to minimise the impact of the disease and mitigate its effects. The second was to keep society functioning as normally as possible during and after the pandemic. And the third was to minimise the economic consequences.

The idea was to manage an outbreak in such a way as to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed whilst reducing the impact on society and the economy. During the swine flu pandemic, while border controls were introduced, and some schools and businesses temporarily closed to reduce the spread of the disease, there was minimum economic and social disruption.

Furthermore, family doctors played a central role, to help maintain, as far as possible, normal healthcare.

Altogether it’s estimated that of the 430,000 symptomatic cases of swine flu in New Zealand, around 116,000 of them visited GPs, some 1,100 were hospitalised, and 119 patients were admitted to intensive care units. Of the forty-nine deaths attributed to the disease, 86 percent had underlying health complications, most notably, respiratory illnesses, obesity, and substance abuse.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020 Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government followed the Ministry of Health’s Pandemic Plan. By mid-March there was to be a 30-day focus on slowing the spread of the virus through stricter border controls, a restriction on gatherings to 100 people, and extra precautions for those at the greatest risk. However, within a matter of days, the Prime Minister took over control.

A ‘team’ of PR advisors was appointed, and the tried and tested Pandemic Plan was ditched, as the strategy changed from managing the virus to eliminating it.

Without any cost-benefit analysis or regulatory impact statement, the country was ordered into one of the world’s harshest lockdowns – against Ministry of Health advice.

Many experts objected.

According to former New Zealander of the Year Sir Ray Avery, trying to eliminate a flu-type virus was impossible: “In the history of all humankind, we have only ever eliminated one major infectious disease –  smallpox.”

He warned there would be severe consequences: “This virus will have caused more economic damage, loss of livelihoods, increased suicides, disruption to our education system, inhuman treatment of our elderly and irreversible social changes than actual deaths.”

In Britain, the former British Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption, also railed against lockdowns. He believes that whenever democratic safeguards are suspended it’s the public’s duty to hold the government to account.

With Covid being no worse than a bad flu for the majority of people, he asked, “Is this serious enough to warrant putting most of our population into house imprisonment, wrecking our economy, destroying businesses that honest and hardworking people have taken years to build up, saddling future generations with debt, depression, stress, heart attacks, suicides and unbelievable distress inflicted on millions of people who are not especially vulnerable and will suffer only mild symptoms or none at all?”

In New Zealand, holding the government to account was proving difficult as the Prime Minister had taken control of the narrative, claiming her Government was the ‘single source of truth’: “unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth’.”

With the media, the medical profession, and the opposition parliamentary parties largely falling into line, alternative views were silenced in an environment where government propaganda dominated.

Instead of playing a central role in the management of the pandemic, family doctors were not only sidelined, but their independence was compromised by professional bodies which heavily restricted what they could advise patients – and prescribe!

When Covid vaccines became available, Jacinda Ardern chose Pfizer – a genetically modified messenger RNA vaccine that had been rushed to market before the clinical trials had been completed.

Concerns about the experimental nature of the vaccine were allayed, however, when the PM confirmed just before the 2020 general election that under her watch vaccination would be voluntary.

Such an assurance upheld the freedoms guaranteed in New Zealand’s Bill of Rights including Section 10 which states: “Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent”, and Section 11: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.” 

But Jacinda Ardern broke her word.

In 2021, against the advice of the Ministry of Health and without any Regulatory Impact Analysis, she imposed mandates.

The official rhetoric from the ‘sole source of truth’ was that vaccine mandates were being introduced to ‘stop the spread of the virus’. But that too was a lie. Section 11AA of the Covid-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Bill revealed their purpose was to “ensure the continuity of public services.”

But given the relatively small number of affected staff, even that justification did not stack up.

With Jacinda Ardern pushing for New Zealand to become a world leader in vaccine uptake, mandates were used to coerce staff to accepting the vaccine – even though high-quality protective equipment (PPE) could have been used instead by those who were anxious.

Mandates divided society.

It was ugly politics.

With tensions rising and the Canadian truckers’ protest in the news, on 6 February 2022 a ‘freedom convoy’ opposing mandates set off for Parliament – from Cape Reinga in the north and Bluff in the south. By the time they arrived in Wellington protest numbers had swelled to thousands. But MPs refused to meet them, and with no-one willing to deliver their message to the Prime Minister asking for an end to the mandates, they pitched their tents on Parliament grounds and stayed.

At its height, some 12,000 people supported the protest – 55 percent were women, 45 percent Labour-Green supporters, and 27 were percent Maori.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Alistair Boyce, the owner of the iconic Backbencher pub and eatery located across from the Parliamentary precinct, provides a revealing insight into some of the attempts made to end the protest:

“To break the ice and in the absence of government led dialogue a significant sitting politician needed to enter the fray and MSM needed to report impartially the true state of the play on the ground at the protest. The NZ public needed to hear the full story and from different perspectives. The occupation protest could be de-escalated with a gradual, staged withdrawal from the streets around parliament, but only on the back of sincere, meaningful and concerted communication from politicians and police.

“The wider public environment and messaging to achieve this required an impartial news framework from MSM to reach the hearts and minds of mainstream NZ.”

Alistair describes how the media, briefed in good faith about the meetings being held between protesters and ACT MPs, delivered a ‘hit job’ instead of a balanced report of developments. 

Labour MPs too denigrated those affected by the mandates calling them “ferals” and a “river of filth” instead of displaying empathy.

But in spite of opposition from the media and politicians, public support for the protest continued to grow, reaching 30 percent, making it impossible to dismiss them as fringe.  

At dawn on March 2, 2022, Police in riot gear advanced on the protesters in what was to become one of New Zealand’s darkest days. It was a turning  point in Jacinda Ardern’s tenure as Prime Minister.

To date, New Zealand has had 2.6 million reported cases of Covid and more than 5,700 deaths. At its peak there were almost 25,000 cases a day and upwards of 70 deaths.

There is no question that New Zealand, like many other countries that adopted similar policy responses with lockdowns and mRNA vaccines, has experienced “excess” deaths following the pandemic.

Waikato University’s Economics Professor John Gibson has been investigating this trend and has just published new research showing that in 2023, “the excess mortality rate is averaging just over eight percent; corresponding to about 3,000 more deaths than would be expected.” 

It is bizarre that little is being said about excess deaths – 3,000 more lives lost last year than predicted is not insignificant. Surely there needs to be an inquiry. If the management of the pandemic has contributed to this alarming situation, New Zealanders need to know.

And the Royal Commission most certainly needs to know whether the Ardern Government’s response to the pandemic is now resulting in thousands of excess deaths of New Zealanders each year.

There are many more questions that need to be asked.

On whose authority was the Ministry of Health’s Pandemic Plan abandoned? And why was Jacinda Ardern able to lock down our entire country without any official advice, nor even the legal powers to do so?

Was medical treatment to patients with cancer and other serious health conditions suspended during the lockdowns – and if so, on who’s authority and why?

What hold did the Government have over the media to prevent them from acting as an unbiased Fourth Estate? And why weren’t opposition parties able to act as a true opposition, challenging Labour’s decisions – what hold did the Government have over them?

Why weren’t alternative Covid treatments and preventative measures that were proving to be successful overseas made available to New Zealanders?

Who authorised the undermining of the medical independence of our GPs?

Why was an experimental mRNA genetic vaccine forced onto the population without a proper process of informed consent including full disclosure of possible side effects?

Why hasn’t the Pfizer purchase agreement been released? Did it absolve the company of legal liability for vaccine injury? Did it force the Government to continue promoting boosters even though there are now serious concerns about their safety and efficacy? Did it prevent other remedies from being recommended by the Ministry of Health?

What impact did the government’s abolition of District Health Boards and restructuring of the health system in the middle of the pandemic have on the performance of hospitals?

And we haven’t even mentioned the impact that the Government’s Covid strategy has had on children and their education. Nor the serious concerns raised by the Auditor General over Labour’s ‘splashing the cash’ on Covid, and their appalling lack of accountability for the spending of vast amounts of taxpayers’ money.

One would hope that such questions form part of the investigation into Covid by the Royal Commission as New Zealanders deserve to know the truth.

There are also questions over the performance of the Director General of Health. Instead of providing independent and impartial advice to the Government, the statutory role appeared to have become highly politicised, raising serious questions about the impartiality of the public service.

The Royal Commission wants to hear from New Zealanders. Full details on how to make submissions to the Covid Inquiry can be found HERE. The deadline is March 24.

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I guess without doing a full autopsy of every single death we won’t really know for sure, and even then it could be inconclusive. Lilly
We need to know the TRUTH about how the Govt. managed the outbreak so that we can learn lessons.Sylvia
Yes, it would be good to know if all these deaths can be attributed to covid, the vaccine or whether it is just bad luck!Tim
Yes. Along with excess deaths, other post covid statistics make interesting reading – one example; that high does vitamin D would have been more effective at reducing deaths and preventing infection in the first place and be far safer than the vaccine but it was never considered as an alternative – i wonder why? Possible because there would no massive profit for the pharmaceutical companies. However it is unlikely that any inquiry will look at this.Richard
Everybody else is, why shouldnt we?Robert
We need a true account of how many people have died from this experimental mRNA gene therapy injectableJoyce
The P.M. Labour Govt, and Civil services Knew exactly what the plan was…..! Pre-Meditated cold blooded… EXTERMINATION OF THE UNWANTED!David
A quote from Klaus Schwaub. “One must never let a pandemic go to waste”. The experimental, synthetic DNA MRna ‘vaccine’ was another tool. developed to help depopulate the planet. It neither stopped infection or transmission of the disease, yet millions lined up to get it, again, & again, & again. Now their immune systems have been seriously compromised.A.G.R.
Absolutely 100 percent….what do they have to hideRichard
Winston, and NZ. FIRST , said that they were going to initiate the COVID inquiry.. this needs to be FIRST PRIORITY….before the NWO/UN pandemic Treaty. !!David
The hysterical Ardern politician, and the radical she is, was always going to control healthcare. To control healthcare is to control the people. In ‘8 steps to topple a nation’ by Saul Alinsky, healthcare control is No 1. Covid was a gift to a radical socialist like Ardern to stuff the country up.Monica
An honest investigation without the disinformation narrative that is force fed by legacy mediaAnn
Yes without a doubt Without wanting to say there is a conspiracy afoot it would seem there are a elevated level of myocardial injury post covid I myself had 5 covid jabs and ended up with Afib ?? Now medicine is not a perfect science but where there are high post covid events the science and authorities need to take up the issue. The questions are endless. life tells us were there is smoke there is fireBruce
wasting moneyrobin
WE want the hidden truthLeon
A.S.A.P. Covid Inquiry, long overdue will not be allowed to Go Away! EVER.. Ardern and her Mob, complicit with lying paid for M.S.M are Guilty of Crimes against Humanity..The Blood of Innocent Kiwi Lives cry out from the Ground… Now.. produce the Pfizer Hidden JAB CONTRACT!!David
The Labour Govt’s approach to COVID was all about spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to control the population and push their own extremist agenda for New Zealand.Gary
But will it, really?Christina
We need to know 100% the truth of the excess deaths and hold people involved accountableJohn
So many questions. So few answers and nobody held to account.Laurie
Jacinda has a lot to answer forDianne
Refer : Ministry of Health data drop via Barry Young : The data is anomalised and irrefutableVicki
The Labour government must be prepared to accept that they are responsible for the deaths of those who died after having an untested vaccine.Steve
It is vital that any inquiry into excess deaths should examine the history and statistical record of similar episodes throughout NZs history and not just the reent outbreak.John RL
the previous Govt (labour/green) is responsible for this genocide and will answer for it.Rod
This is vital..so much evidence coming to light,too many fit young people die-ing.Peter
It’s sad that it’s not automatically investigated. Political influence has gone too farRebecca
The USA has confirmed that the Covid booster shots are killing people, something to do with attacking the immunity system.Rex
Also look at the number of unexplained heart attack deaths of fit and healthy people and if this could be linked with the vaccine.Lindsay
Absolutely. A comprehensive investigation with urgency and a decision made in the shortage time possible. With a bribed Fourth Estate don’t expect any sensible response from those organisations.Cyril
We will all recall that thousands lined up in cars for hours on end to get the mandated covid up the nose test and not one government member ever stated that the outcome, positive or negative, was only ever going to be an indicator at that precise point in time. Yet thousands drove away believing that they would always be safe having had a test. The entire Adern response was a total disaster.Barry
Outside independent inquiry. Include failure to investigate sudden death and deliberate military indoctrination and fear mongering of the population by politicians following out side instructions. It will be a slow reveal. Zero trust in both medical profession and Government.Sam
Of course!Catherine
Decisions and consequences of the decisions made by the Gvernment of the day Labour must be exposed and learnt from.Norm
The Adern Govt. took control not listening to the medical fraternity as to the way the Virus would best be handled.. Jacinda Adern was determined to run NZ her way and control the population. SO, we the people suffered.Robina
and the criminal Vax mandates!John
It will change little and the costs associated could be better used within today’s medical system where so much future work is required to assist all involved.Paul
Definitely – The government and especially Jacinda Ardern should be accountable and publicly. She/they have ruined many lives and health.Valerie
The cause of deaths due to Covid should definitely be urgently under-taken.Marg
Jacinda WEF a criminalnancy
I would like to use the money from all these investigations into things thats not going to make a bit of difference to anyone, put back into not repeating these dumb things that happenBarbara
Yes, as i was all most one of them, it was NOT a very nice place to be in, and i am still having lung and heart problems today, and there is a chance that i could still be on that death list.COLIN
But not a’ rigged inquiry.’… Just remember.. not one politician , at the protests in 2023 came out to speak to the people. Has anything changed????David
Gain of function research in the Wuhan Lab was funded by American taxpayer dollars under the direction of Dr Fauci who should be in jail for crimes against humanity. The sick Media have failed us.bruce
Absolutely. This is crimes against humanity.Anna
Pfizer has a lot to answer.Mark
Ten times the annual road toll, and nothing but crickets. Ministry of Health with their 11,000 staff who received vaccine exemptions is a complete joke. What’s Maori for ‘Ministry of Death’?Tony
Essential if Government is to regain its lost credibility.John
Definitely. It should be a crime if if nothing will be done in this regard.Gregor
The ones still pushing Pfiser’s injectables have to be locked up. Including DAME ????? Jacinda and the restPeter
The public need to know if the covid vaccines are associated with the excess deaths so that they don’t follow a similar pathway if we have another pandemic.Helen
Yes this is far over due. I would go as far as saying a criminal investigation needs to be doneRod
Huge left political cover upAlan
Yes, definitely! We, the public, need to know just how much damage has been done to us ALL.Heather
We need to know why to enable the system to be corrected for future cases.Denis
I’m astounded that we need to vote to have this investigation launched. 100% it should. Although I suspect they don’t want the truth to be revealed.Stephen
Amongst others i know that had a negative reaction, both of my children, in their 40’s, now have heart problems that started the day they had the first and only jab. I refused to have it. Those who authorised this whole debacle are murderers. Simple and unequivocal.Mike
The Government Mandated vaccinations for Covid-19 so should be completely open to a thorough investigation of excess deaths down the track which may possibly be linked to their mandate.Peter
The government MUST do what we, the People want and NOT what who, wef, or any of the psychopath blackrock, etc. wantmike
This is urgently needed.Brenda
Yes, a proper investigation – not a whitewash!Joyce
A responsible Government would launch an investigation. Its all about disclosure and transparency.Grant
An investigation certainly needs to be undertaken, just not by the government or their quislings. Drs Bailey would be a good choice to convene such an undertaking. “He warned there would be severe consequences: This virus will have caused more economic damage, loss of livelihoods, increased suicides, disruption to our education system, inhuman treatment of our elderly and irreversible social changes than actual deaths.” Whether you believe it or not, this was the plan from the government’s lord and masters.larry
And also into the side effects that in some cases appear to be for life, for which our GPs can only offer kind words and a pat on the shoulder.Paloma
It’s About time The tribes lost there tax free status.Dave
But it needs to be indepedent and honest.Tony
I still call the so-called covid “pandemic” the covid PANIC.Peter
One thing the Commission will not need to enquire into is – Why did Jacinderella bolt? It is obvious that her purchase of the news media’s subservience, and her attempt to re-arrange the nation’s economy into a socialist (communist lite) paradise, will be exposed. She would be well advised to remain outside NZ in case her illegal actions result in prosecution.TOBY
Are all sudden or unexplained deaths examined by a coroner, if not why notGaye
At the same time the part government controlled media played in delivering Labour government propaganda which played a role in the deaths of thousands of NZrs.,and the culpability of those in charge of the media.Rex
Ardern Bloomfield and Hipkins, must be held to account, brought to trial and have to testify ‘UNDER OATH” HIGHEST COURT IN OUR LAND…!! Justice…David
Just another legacy of the terrible Jacinder variety. She didn’t fool me as I rejected the jab and refused to wear a choking mask. Thank god she has gone, but the damage is done.Don
The nz public deserve to know just why this is happening and if it is as a result of some of the decisions that the Adern government took in response to the covid out break should she be somshow held accountable.Bryan
It should also report on the causes of excess deaths and all forms of severe adverse effects.Nik
The true facts need to be ascertained in a proper enquiry.John
Arden was not only a control freak… she is downright evilPeter
Too Right! 3000 extra people dying in one year is diabolical! If people had died like that for any other disease, the government would be all over it! They reacted with a heavy hand over Covid 19 itself, incredibly so!Valerie
I think that it would be inconclusive and largely a waste of time and moneyPeter
As a democratic country we need to be seen as trustworthy and investigate where needed. My own son only 29 years old died of what I suspect of vaccine induced epilepsy. i will never find out but when so many people die and they still promote the vaccine and now put it together with the flu jab, we need to know.lone
Yes, absolutely. But will they, that’s the questions? Of course not because it would expose their corruption. However, this will not save them, this is a biggest crime against humanity in human history and it will be corrected. What’s been done is unfathomable.peter
Aderns co-culprits in this debacle were the media, without whom most of the lies would not have been able to surface and terrify the population. There needs to be a part of the Royal Commission that looks into how the media was coerced and they too should be held accountable. A free press..what a joke!Viv
To restore faith in our institutions there must be a public investigation into the causes of these excess deaths.George
excess deaths will be related to the Jab.Vivian
Whatever the cause is it’s killing more than COVID did in a year and even a gunshot death was reported as a Covid deathJohn
And of the dead Covid vaccination status should be identified.Christina
Absolutely .Especially as other highly vaccinated countries like the UK and USA also have much higher excess deaths ( non covid ) than is normal. A full investigation and explanation is well overdue and the fact it hasn’t already happened eroding trust in give and medical authorities . The statistics are alarming.Melanie
Absolutely has to happenDave
The first step should be to identify deaths ‘due to covid’ as from deaths ‘with covid’. The distinction is vastly different to the public perception, as promoted by the Ardern regime of ‘experts’; now mostly discredited except by the media.Bob
most definitely yes, the covid thing was a fiasco from the startjohn
The New Zealand public need a better understanding of the consequences of the lockdowns and the effects they have had on many other New Zealanders and there health and well being some of whom have died because of our lockdowns and lack of medical attention.Larry
the number of excess deaths in nz, to date, is alarming and continuing to climb. it is imperative that our govt investigate fully the reasons why so, in the hope, something can be done to prevent further excess deaths in the near future.Louanne
Things need to be done better next time! People should not be forced to have medical procedures or locked out of their own country. Livvy
Of course; it is vital for post-covid society in New Zealand.Gavin
How much money did Ardern receive, directly or indirectly from Shares purchased in Pfizer Inc This is a serious question!!! Especially the dividend paid out the November before her resignation.Julz
There are things to be learnt for the next pandemic definitely! It was a terrible time. Pete
Yes, for the sake of all New Zealander’s both short and longer term health a thorough investigation into the cause of (mostly unreported) excess deaths in New Zealand – with the encouragement of, I would like to think, New Zealand’s caring Government. IF this Government doesn’t implement a broad and thorough investigation ,it could be deemed this new Government is NOT caring for and about genuine New Zealanders. many of whom would have voted then into Parliament.Stuart
Yes, already way overdue!Geoff
Without delayPETER
I have just come out of hospital after a 2 week stay, the whole health system is so causal, unrecognisable from 30 years ago, the quality of the nursing is not the best, again comparing to 30 years ago, over all our whole society seems to be causal, every day seems to be mufti day, no wonder the younger New Zealanders see know real future.Sven
People need to be held accountable.Geoff
Should have been done a few years ago!Murray
If Winston’s Royal commission is anything to go by it’ll be a charade how can you appoint a guy that was responsible for the longest lockdown(Melborne) of a big cityWayne
Yes there should be an urgent investigation into excess deaths but the Government shouldn’t be involved – nearly the whole damn lot of them still there in the house are complicit in the whole scam! It should be lead by medical experts, especially those brave doctors who spoke out against the mandates & coercion of employees who were forced to get the jab.Rex
It beggars belief that an investigation has not being started and that the covid jab is still being recommendedSue
Yes, but is the government the right organisation to do this? Do they not have vested interests in the outcome? A totally independent Royal Commission needs to be instigated so this type of dictatorship can NEVER recur.Alan
Jacinda should be held accountable . Shamed to the world . Now nobody trusts doctors , parents wont get their kids immunised as they dontr trust whats in the vaccineRoger
Whats done is done. No point in looking at the past at great cost. Lets work towards a better future. and deal with problems we now have. Look forwards instead of backwards.John
It is essential that an investigation into excess deaths is made in order to regain our confidence in our health system and the Government. We need to understand the reasons for these deaths and what actions might are possible to try and prevent them.Jo
There are still too many people who have been ‘brain-washed’ and are getting boosters. These should be stopped.Peter
I hope they have independent scientists and not Labour Party followers otherwise we will never get a balanced reportChris
Definitely, however the rats that ran the whole covid s*it show are fast abandoning the ship to greener pastures. And I suspect that if an inquiry comes about, there will be lots of people saying .”..I don’t recall”…Wayno
This is an imperative and a primary responsibility of Govt. Every New Zealander needs to know. It is OUR health & lives that are at stakeIan
I agree that there should be a thorough investigation into the excessive numbers of deaths and more to find out how much and many were due to side effects caused by vacinations. This should be urgent and on the Governments 100 day agenda.June
The population need to know the outcome of an investigation. However, will anybody get their hand slapped.Dennis
They definitely should as there are available several peer reviewed papers that explain what was known statistically about deaths following vaccination from the initial trials including the flaws seemingly deliberately incorporated into the trials themselves.Peter
Lets no forget Lets hear the real truthAndrew
Just make sure no academics are involvedchris
But they probably won’t.julie
What’s done is done. Why waste the money. Just ensure a plan is in place for next time.Phil
we need to know the bextent of the lies that were forced onto the new zealand populationkeith
They are still deny any excess today. How many sudden or unexpected deaths every day in the paper!Gaye
Absolutely, But will we get the truth.!Ann
It would do as much good as all the investigations and resources that have been poured into our horrendous road toll . Better use of time and money could be spent on Policing the not insignificant number of New Zealanders shocking “manner of driving” which leads to these annual statistics and or funding free dental care. The consequences; sometimes fatal (heart disease) of unaffordable dental care should not be ignored.Gary
The NZ. Govt.. Health, Med. Welfare and other Civil Services… Knew’ exactly’ what the plan was, and knew how they would implicate the whole W.H.O EVIL GAME!David
Leave no stone unturned pleaseMarie
The attempts to shut down any investigation mean there is clearly something to hide,Tom
Of course we should, to ensure that the same mistakes do not happen again. It is only common sense.Tom
All these sudden deaths are worrying. Lil
NZ needs to change present review and change to have full investigation review of every aspect of Labour policy from day one of pandemecleo
But we are still unlikely to get the truth are we? Depends on the parameters and who is selected to do the investigating.Fletcher
Without doubt, it must!Allan
There should be an enquirie.Jacinda Arden told people to go on a benefit & now well over covid they remain on a benefit thats why there are firms struggling to find workers.The benefit ALL us tax payers pay for should be means tested & all those fit for work should have their benefits removed.labour let some much damage & everything run down(just look at mouldy etc police stations,the ferries ETC they spent OUR money on other things like buses for maori things WHY isint the MILLIONAIRE IWI paying for maori things after all they are ONLY for maori & luxon is weak & his TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY & END DIVISION is a LIE,David Seymour is trying to make the treaty just how it was siyned & remove all those extra princibles labour has added but weak luxon wont support him & he,ll leave ALL the added princibles there unless ALL OF YOU take the time to EMAIL HIM & remind him why he ,s in govt.Cindy
All about depopulation & control. One World Government.dona
Yes, well overdue. some holding the perpetrators to account is essential.Giles
But they would NOT have ther Guts to do this because it would totally expose the Link between the ‘Jabs’ and those Deaths. And of course the real reason for these ‘Vaccinations’, part of the bigger Picture of ‘Depopulation’ as prescribed in the Book ‘The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab.Geoff
If there is nothing to hide,there cannot be an adequate reason NOT to impartially investigate!Michael
Yes but, it has to be intensive.It is important for unpleasant facts not to be avoided and sidestepped… The real truth must be exposed, most of all is The huge DATA DUMP presented by BARRY YOUNG the BRAVE WHISTLE-BLOWER, Govt. Data Analyst. MUST BE EXPOSED!!!David
An abuse of trust regarding the nations health for political gainrobin
the sooner it begins the better before more people die from the effects of the so called vaccineGay
The ripples from Jacindas “Concentration Camp” will cause grief for a long time!!Glenda
Bring it out in the open please.Tim
Not only into deaths but into the way the whole thing was managed. Why did the government not learn from the previous pandemic and adopt recommendations? Trying to be a “world leader” in such circumstances is stupid. That fact should be widely known across the world.Sheila
Adern must be held accountable on so many counts . not only on her record of grandstanding with covid ,which belies belief inc disdust with the so called media watch dogs of balanced reporting . hah bloody hah .Surely she will be held account not only on covid mismanagement but all the bullshit and taxpayers money wasted on a failed attempt to introduce a non-mandated tribal system . i will never forgive both those Labour parasites and msm who failed to provide outcomes for the betterment of New Zealand , shame on both of you ,hopefully kiwis will never again vote labour and stop supporting news paper sales and TV1 and TV3 news bias .Ray
Absolutely. This equates to 57 per week, the equivalent of a domestic (route) aeroplane. If we had one a week go down, sure as hell there would be an anquiry.Jan
The truth is of paramount importance.Harvey
Long, long overdue.Jim
Yes, we need to know why and who/what is responsibleCHRISTINE
Out in the open please…..Tim
Yes, we need to know what’s going on! This is quite scary. Kate
Hell yes… she has ruined our countryFiona
And I believe it will only get worse Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield and all Labour MPs need to be held to accountClaire
The result will reveal what we have known from the beginning. The vaccines were resonsibility for many more deaths than the past government has told.joanne
everyone who panicked & suspended bill of rights should be put on trial.Chris
Reality and politics should never be mixed. The labour government was a mix of stupidity and lies to get their way. No moreKen
It is past time for a full and comprehensive analysis of the covid debacle and hold those responsible accountable.Charles
Totally agree with the article.John
Too much has been hidden for too long on this topic. by the last government. People in the medical world appear restricted.in their ability to speak out about this so called vaccine.Phil
But we all know anyway it was an absolute abuse of powers and this will be a whitewash as usual to protect the bought and paid for by pfizer politiciansAphrodite
The cover up of excess deaths likely caused by the mRNA fakecine must be investigated and the corrupt officials and politicians held to account.John
This disaster is being swept under the carpet. With around three thousand excess deaths per annum one would expect the science and medical institutes to be falling over themselves to find the cause(s) but all we get is crickets.Peter
Somebody should, but i don’t know if this government is any better than Ardern’s one. I believe our new leaders are part of the WEF and the New World Order, as well. They are all undercover Globalists.Joyce
There was a pandemic plan and it wasn’t stuck to. It went well beyond any mandate and has caused serious damage economically and socially.John
Too many people dying. We have to be their voice.Deb
Most definitely. The real value of the vaccine needs to be known.David
A appoint new commissioners for the investigation, not the Labour ones.Alan
Yes absolutely launch a public investigation leaving no stone unturned however and unfortunately for us all of labor and all of ACT and National were fully complicit and in lockstep with the ardern, hipkins, robertson et al regime of tyranny so none of them are wanting to end up with egg on the face. Don’t hold your breath for any meaningful truth to come out of any enquiry that Gov’t sets up. It’ll only ever be a whitewash in their favor and hell, probably show what a great job they did instead of painting the shambolic disaster that they actually did create and the socialist ardern gets equivalent of a knighthood which of course has made a complete mockery of the so called honor’s system for evermore.Flip
Duuhhhh yes!!!Vicki
The commission is a whitewash.Mark
Every aspect of the pandemic from the first restrictions, the advice given to those in the Beehive, all payments made to all parties, injuries, deaths, ongoing suffering, exemptions, and why exemptions were declined to those already vaccine injured. The investigation must be done by completely impartial personnel who have the authority to interview every individual from the decision makers down to the youngest person who wishes to tell their story of the effects of the last 4 years.Pam
It most definitely should. Unless we know the true figures of those deaths, we will not know the full extent of what that captain’s call cost the country. Interesting to see her cabinet deserting the sinking ship one after another now, isn’t it? I think very few of the Ardern government were in the job out of any sense of duty to the country. Lining their own pockets was the primary objective. Truly sickeningHelen
Your essay ably shows the many reasonsGina
Excess deaths are not caused by hanging out washing although a friend did die while doing that.Ron
Government really should want it to know themselves!Rina
Total waste of time and money. We need to funds to rebuild NZ. No 2 pandemics are alike. See the differences between Sars and Covid.Jacqui
Excess deaths ranging from 10% to 15% above normal are being experienced in USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, as well as in NZ. – through 2023, and now into 2024. These increases can be seen on the Oxford University ‘Our World in Data’ websitebruce
Ardern is responsible for this. She wants the world to think that she was so wonderful in keeping the covid death toll down. The lowest total of deaths for any country. Now the true effect of her dictatorship is coming to haunt us. Lets add the 2023 total of covid related deaths to the number in the earlier yearsDianne
Of course it should. Its amazing how many New Zealanders are totally unaware of “excess deaths” following the Ardern Government’s radical response to the C0vid pandemicKevin
Yes it should, asap, but due to all the things in your newsletter, none of which came as a surprise, I’ve lost any trust I once had in governments and medical people to tell us the truth or to do things honestly and with integrity.Brenda
Yes, yes and yes!Mary
A quick, cost-efficient one, please. Not a lengthy, excessively remunerated job for the favoured boys and girls club.Fiona
yes and the persons in cabinet who mandated the country into being locked away should be held personally responsible and barred from ever holding public office again as they do not have any sense of responsibiltydavid
This is urgent with so many excess deaths each year. Why are they not being discussed and investigated?Barbara
Truth needs to be told. They inflated “cases” to promote fear and drive uptake of the ‘clot shot’, yet now continue to dismiss or minimize excess deaths.Vanessa
You promised big changes what say you do something about thatRob
We need to find a way, to be able to trust politicians again . if that is possible .Philip
Inquiry should investigate every sudden death file, from the date of first injection and be checked for : 1/ Who signed the death certificate and determined cause of death.. 2/ Was their an inquiry/inquest requested. 3/ What was the result of either of these. 4/ What special training have pathologist had to cover the reported unusual findings of embalmers and undertakers since the covid-19 injection rollout. 5/ Have any of the above, Doctors, Coroners, Undertakers or Embalmers received any instructions from Government or Government Agencies, Medical or Legal Associations regarding sudden deaths Also with the new coroners act it is much easier for details of a death to be swept under the carpet. This is a very serious issue and the act need to be reviewed.. A good place to start would be within this investigation. I submitted in person [zoom] on the new act and was surprised to find only 5 of the 9 committee members were present and chair was missing as well. Of the 5 present only 3 appeared interested.Neville
Absolutely they must think we are all stupid . We need to have the bank accounts of the politicians exposed and see who got paid by big PharmaGreg
Absolutely, asap. The fiasco should be scrutinized throughly. All aspects of it should be examined to decide whether it was effective and if it need to be done again if a pandemic hits us again. Why would you use a mortgage that hasn’t been fully tested to see if it is OK to use with no side effects. Adern has a lot of blood on her hands. Fancy making her a Dame after what she’s done to this country. Unbelievable.Peter
Some serious questions need to be asked of public SERVANTS & people who are in positions of responsibility!Graham
Most definitely, if not as part of the Royal Commission then as a separate exercise.Kevin
Absolutely yes an urgent investigation should be launched asap. The report should seriously look at the health stasticts of increased cardiac, canncers , sudden deaths, unexpected young people dying and yhe effect on the unborn and pregnant moyhrrsto be.Graeme
Long overdue!Scott
Yes, we need some answers!Kelly
The problem is, we Know what has caused them, Stats exposed by Barry Young and NZDSOS prove what has. No investigation is necessary. Just straight out prosecution of those responsible is what is required.Bryan
Yes, But they won’t , It will all come out in the end & some should go to jail.Gil
Most definitely there are serious answers needed for explanation plus all the cardiac related illness that the health system is having to cope with.Dorothy
We the people need answersLynette
Most definitivelyWilliam
There should be an independent investigation. I say, independent, because anyone even remotely connected to Government have no credibility! I’m not sure it’s possible to govern a country when they have lost the trust of the people.Elizabeth
My son died as a result of vaccineAlf
I know of people still seriously affected and possibly one dead. But the medical profession have to be involved.Maurice
Why did they deny the use of alternative treatments (eg Ivermectin etc )Derek
This is a trend all over the world. We the public want answers.Murray
When a government can react so vigorously to anyone who thinks differently to them there is something drastically wrong. What price democracy and freedom of thought .Keren
There were no excess deaths in 2020, Covid diagnosis replacing that of ‘Flu. The excess deaths began after the rollout of the Pfizer “vaccine” and have continued since, with increasing booster jabs. Of course there should be an enquiry .. but who would be in control?Rochelle
absolutely it should be part of the covid enquiry to look at the excess deaths, vaccine injuries and compensation and unlawful mandates placed upon the coerced populations.Bridget
It is costing NZ in education in future growth and in economic performance.Lionel
No brainer.Tony
Absolutely. It has been a travesty. Government is or should be a servant of the people.Dianne
The question now needs to be asked of Luxon: why has he NOT stopped all further jabs? Why has he not demanded accountability from the media? Why has he NOT demanded a refund of the $55million handed to the media to follow Labours narratives, by Hipkins and Robertson? Why is the MoH trying desperately to cover the data released by Barrie the whistleblower? Something very smelly by the previous govt, and continued on by the present National Govt, Mr Luxon. What is wrong with you? People are dying while you refuse to widen the scope of the enquiry presently getting underway. Why have you employed a communist leader of the destruction caused by Dan Andrew’s Govt in Melbourne (at almost $2000 a day)?Carolyn
And add, the 80 % increase in Cardiac issues, plus the 70% increase in cancers,47% increase in acute kidney injury and all the other massive problems that are and have kept showing up.Dave
I also think some of the stats have been down played and that the chosen few medical advisers had conflicts of interestRobert
Of course they should! There should be NO Question that excess deaths are caused by the previous Governments handling of the botched pandemic lockdowns and restricting the publics movements with family, etc. Criminal would be a better AdjecttiveM
Lockdown was obsceneJanet
Preferable by an independent body with no attachment to the no health service or the no Labour Party. Arden Hipkins Robertson and Bloomfield snd the then serving Minister of Health should be challenged over this in court.Rod
the Covid era was a very dark period in New Zealand’s history. Never again must a govt be allowed to wield such dictatorial powers over it’s people. Ardern, Hipkins, Robertson and Blomfield need to be brought to justice for their role in it.Rod
Excess deaths correlate with covid shots. This stuff kills and maimes the sick and healthyChris
The government was incompetent in its dealings with COVID investigations should be done.Clive
Yes, I think it is warranted. Kim
They might start with a a fully investigation into the untimely sudden death of Efoso Collins. Nothing to see here? Tui ad coming up.Philip
It is urgent that an investigation into excess deaths be conducted. The labour government has set in place laws to cover up the deaths from the jab. Coroners are not allowed to list jab status on death certificates, nor are they required to investigate cause of death for sudden deaths. This amounts to a cover up of causes of death! Every MP that allowed these laws to pass should be charged with accessory to a crime. As for pfizer’s contract, we are tied in to 5yrs of telling lies about their toxic jab, or else pfizer will cry about loss of profit and reputation and sue NZ gov for any amount they think of, which will have at least 9 or 10 digits in the amount, and when we can’t pay they will take assets, like the Maui gas field, or our hydro or geothermal generators. They will own us!peter
It would seem that all vaccinated countries in the Western world all have been experiencing excess deaths since the vaccine roll out kicked off. Here in NZ it’s high because we are a heavily vaccinated country. I also believe that “safe and effective’ was untrue.Paul
But every single MP is stone deaf and blind to the issue. Not one will reply with any comment or concern on the issue. It is obscene and heinous.Tony
If they don’t it proves they are either all woke, or under control of the WEF.Kath
Of course – no question We now know the Pfizer vaccine was not tested correctly, was rushed to the market and its now known it does not stop the spread, and has some really bad side affects. So yes of course those people who were affected by this vaccine need answers. and then the people of NZ were coerced into taking it.Carolyn
A full and open inquiry is required and if the result proves that the Labour government deliberately lied to New Zealand and thereby caused excess deaths and serious harm to many New Zealanders the opropriate politicians should be charged with crimes against humanity.David
What killed Efoso?Pam
New Zealanders of all persuasions have been blind-sided by rapacious pharmaceutical companies, who care not for the welfare and wellbeing of everyone. Instead, their primary concern is to their shareholders and the profits they can pass on to them. the result of this is products that have been brought to market which are not fit for purpose. No real testing was done prior to the vaccine rollout, those who were vaccinated became the guinea pigs in the system. So yes, there should be a commission of enquiry into excess deathsTrevor
They are trying to cover it up , but it has to be exposedColin
They took away the rights of New ZealandersRay
The MRNA jab is a bioweapon which was coerced onto our trusting population. Those bureaucrats, medical and otherwise, who knew this and still promoted it, are traitors to their own country.Susan
An investigation needs to be done but perhaps an impartial organisation needs to back and implement itAdy
No doubt the Covid jab contributed to these deaths!!!Barbara
The harm this vaccine has caused is unprecedented. The deaths caused is one thing, the people affected and still living with disabilities is another. It cannot just be ignored whatever the truth is. We want the truth.Andrew
The sooner the better.David
It is imperative that ALL NEWZEALANDERS know the truth about how Covid virus was created by the Chinese to reduce World populationDominique
We also need published the complete & unredacted contracts Ardern signed with Pfizer, Moderna etc or the whole enquiry will be nothing more than a whitewash.Hazel
What has happened here is a criminal matter. Knowingly mandating what is in fact and truth a bio weapon which has caused untolled death and harm is criminal. Hold those responsible to account.Neil
An urgent investigation is well and truly needed… anyone with half a brain cell knows when this started and what had just been mandated. And while we’re at it, get us OUT from the WHO Pandemic TreatySue
To not investigate shows the governments both past and present, have something to hide.Ian
Definitely ! The whole program was designed for control of the Nation.!Michael
Of course…but then dead people don’t vote.ken
Of course there should be. Shouldn’t have to ask for one.Charlotte
No Jab – No Death.Coral
It needs to be an independent investigation led by our people. Nothing to do with any govt investigation whatsoever.Jenny
Yes, absolutely they should. The fact that there have been these excess deaths is a cause for concern Why is this not on the urgent list for this government?Roger
Too many people around 50 to 65 seem to be having heart issuesKaren
Communists practices were forced on all New Zealanders. And they all ended up wit NZ Honours listings. Nuts.John
Unless there’s accountability for anyone involved, then what would be the point?Martin
The sooner the better!Ron
Launch investigations immediately and be ruthless in exposing and punishing the culprits. Public shaming, Jail and retracting all benefits will be appropriate.Michael
The truth has to come out. We were lied to and no one has been called to accountAudrey
There is no doubt these injections are dangerous.steph
The real results of they traitorous Adern & govt’s totalitarian vaccination orders/lock-down /lies need to be discovered and publicly released.Andrew
Ardern’s leadership of a lying, deceitful govt, seems to have been particularly apt!Frank
There seems to be a lot of sudden deaths lately so I think it is required. Kelly
Yes, I think it is necessary.Kim
The information that Barry Young produced would appear to confirm that the vaccine has been the cause of excess deaths. The Health Ministry’s reaction to his whistle blowing is obvious confirmation of information being concealed. There should also be a thorough investigation into the legality of the restrictions placed on other cheap and effective drugs like Ivermectin, and those responsible should face sanctions at the least and even prosecution, There have already been cases before the courts to show that mandates were not legal. So when is someone going to be held to account for all the job losses and financial hardship suffered by those affected? There should be a whole hell of a lot people dragged before some sort of investigative body and compelled to reveal those responsible for the complete debacle. .Terry M
They most definitely should but I doubt they will. There silence during Arderns reign of terror makes them complicit in her crimesAlastair
Most definitely. The whole charade was dictatorial, almost to the point of communism. Thank God she has gone.Tim
yes we have to get the truth out of thisDave
What was inflicted on the people of NZ was unconstitutional.Tony
Accountability and consequences should be a part of a thorough investigation and let the world see how it should be done.Charles
It’s far from the more important issues, suggested by Dr Newman, that the enquiry should investigate.Tony
Common sense tells us all that an investigation is mandatory.John
Yep Jacinda and Labour cocked up big time….Carl
Jacinda Ardern is the worst thing to have happened to New Zealand.Jan
Also into the blatant disregard of the 1990 Human Rights Act 18 Freedom of movement Every New Zealand citizen has the right to enter New Zealand. 1. All returnees were Suspected 2. Detained / Arrested 3. Tried (in absentia.. no Judge, no jury…no evidence) ..effectively by an abstract proxy, with no representation or proof of infection. 4. Imprisoned in quarantine with solitary confinement. 5. In the second instance people were charged for their internment. At the Holiday Inn Mangere.. on my first internment… I specifically asked how many cases had been detected in the previous two weeks. The answer was 2. Can we imagine interning all people between the ages of 12 and 20 in order to prevent ram raids? ? The mind boggles !charls
I am getting on in years and worry that I may become one of these statistics. Over and above that, it is our right to know what’s going on in our country.Sue
Helen Petousis-Harris, an expert on vaccines told Ardern of side affects to men 18 to 35 but Ardern made sure that was kept secret.Chuck
We lost too many people here in NZ.William
We need new independent people on the panel, not one who perpetrated lockdowns and mandates. Bleakest must go! We only get one chance to get to the bottom of thisVeronica
Most definitely. I think the whole pandemic was hugely mis-managed. Surely we shouldn’t have had the lockdowns and mandates. There needs to be a very urgent investigation so that how it was treated does not happen again.Helen
I am not sure how accurate the claim of “excess deaths” is.Mark
Absolutely truth should always prevailPeter
Of course they should hold a full inquiry into both previous government ministers, the Ministry of Health officials and the MSM.Simon
it is almost too late .Dick
It’s a mustChris
Absolutely! One of our local undertakers (one of three) has said they have 50% more funerals than before the “vaccine”.Jenny
Why not and to impose a mandate on vaccinations by Ardern was highly illegal so there needs to be a through investigation on all aspects of the Covid lockdowns and the deaths of those who died while waiting for urgent surgery.ken
100% yes! How many people died “of” Covid, and how many died “with” Covid – in other words, did they have some other condition/illness which contributed to their death, with Covid’s being “the straw which broke the camel’s back”?Laurence
There are so many unanswered questions to this whole pandemic scenario, especially in light of NZ now being asked to sign onto a so called global approach to similar with unelected officials at the WHO.Gill
The statistics are overwhelmingStefan
Yes, it is probably worthwhile. Kate
long over dueHans
Excess deaths have been a world wide phenomenon since the roll out of vaccines began, and it is no longer acceptable to ignore it.David
We need to learn from what happened with Covid 19 and plan for another epidemic learning from ALL our mistakes!Sylvia
So much hidden information on the intentional creation of the Covid disease and who promotes such killer illnesses.jeffery
Too many unexplained deaths … as a retired nurse , pharmaceutical drug detailer of GPs and as a retired Celebrant There have been FAR TOO MANY unexplained deaths … Sort it !Rainey
The problem to me is that the vaccine never really was tested like most other vaccines are before being certified. we were told that 12000 new Zealanders would die and that was nonsense because nobody was dying at that rate anywhere in the world! I almost dealt that this is or was a pandemic! its almost and form of the flu!!!Les
This is vital to ensure nothing simiar happens againTrevor
Only if there is conducted by people who are truly independent and not concerned about being blacklisted by powers that be. Preferably recently retired who don’t have to worry about future careers.Robert
Important to discover the truth.Glenice
Absolutely. And we need to know how Ardern was able to do so much harm to the country that was illegal. She needs to be stripped of her ‘title’ & should not be allowed to represent NZ in any way, shape or form. She is the worst disaster that has ever happened in this country & should be held accountable. How many people ended their lives due to the stress that she caused & what was the impact on mental health?david
Since ‘tested, safe and effective’ proved to be a lie, an official, thorough, public inquiry is essential. The excess deaths need to be properly investigated and thorough autopsies performed to establish an exact cause of death.Mark
Safety and efficacy should be on the investigation list. This is a crime against humanity.Max
Don’t forget to include population increase due to immigration. Adjusted calculations come in at 20 percent ref Guy HatchardJohn
Investigate whether our immune systems were compromised, by compulsory vaccinations and lockdown.Alison
Most definitelyClaire
Absolutely. The prevalence of excess mortality will be an ongoing concern if we don’t understand why it is happening.Darryl
It is need so that those responsible can be held to account and such a situation can never happen again. A must so that NZ proceeds with leaving WHO and the UN plus WEF immediately.Ian
I see the article Muriel has written as extremely biased. While the Labour government probably did make some mistakes rolling out the covid policies, I believe NZ essentially took the right approach. Muriel did not mention the horrific experience of southern Europe or the late response of the British Government. to the early covid waves. We need to be grateful for NZ’s early and decisive response to the early waves of Covid. If southern Europe is anything to go by it saved thousands of NZ lives, including my daughter’s. And comparing it to the swine flu pandemic is grossly misrepresenting the severity of the Covid threat.Anne
And take to task those primarily resposible for this disgusting situation. Our Labour politicians were not capable in any way and should not have been allowed to determine how the population would be treated and vaccinations administered. Ardern and her cohorts should be called out for what they are. Arogant and ill informed. They should be tried for treason.Dennis
Learn from what happened but stop having enquiries into every aspect of our lives that people object to. Above all respect the rights of an individual.David
And is the Covid virus OR the Vaccine responsible?John
Absolutely. We need answers, and not be kept in the dark.Janine
Probably everyone in this country knows several individuals who have had serious side effects from the so-called vaccine. I had a medical consultant lecture me twice that if I got Covid, I would “definitely die”. I got Covid so I presume I am dead. He wanted to use fear to make me get the jab.Catherine
Yes 100% Labour is hiding behind a cover up. Ardern and chippy need to be brought to account and prosecuted to the maximum law allows.Allan
Absolutely and also to include how long excess deaths may continue for. I suspect that tragically they will continue for a very long time.Karen
Hitler tactics by ArdernHeather
Arrest Ardern for her misuse of authorityKevin
It is time for facts, rather than a manipulated narrative, to be heard.Dougal
Most definitelyAnn
But there should be outside oversight of the process as NZ guvmint is totally untrustworthy.Collin
Considering all the deaths accorded to covid, one has to wonder if the vaccine worked at all. I didn’t have it, nor did my husband. We did have a mild case of the illness as did our daughter who was fully vaccinated and suffered exactly the same symptoms for the same length of time as My husband and I.Hilma
Anyone arguing against holding wide ranging review of the governments covid response has suspect motives and lots to hide.Richard
We need to get to the bottom of thisJUDITH
It’s history, time to move on.Anon
Absolutely- two members out our extended family have suffered life threatening complications from the vaccine boosters within the last 12 months-the medical professionals know about the side effects but labour have them covered up from kiwisIhaia
Illegal firing of doctors nurses dental hygienists defence force personal & many others needs addressing & reinstatement & compensation for this illegal act.Derek
Most definitely YES! There is so much out there to be revealed and to learn from but not from MSM. I commend your attention to these two urls: White clots – Dr John Campbell, England. https://youtu.be/4rAoqhTUU0g?si=8smPxzw6ohjyOMEJ The Silent Disaster of Bio Warfare Prions Infecting Humanity – Dr Kevin McCairn, Japan. https://youtu.be/eDxkyX1rF_0?si=_4tx6V81cCHI13iBDonald
Of course an urgent investigation should be launched!. How can it not be?Meg
Of course. And the commission should be able to recommend criminal charges where clear breaches of civil rights or criminal negligence are found.Dominic
Defiantly, Liebour has had far too many missteps and extravagant spending, all to bolster the 16.5 percent population of the CountryTony
this is an amazing article you have written Muriel – just the very . very best – says it all exactly as it happened. You are truly amazing thankyou so so much.anna
We need to find out just how St Jacinta the kind was able to wield such complete totalitarian power over NZ and make sure no other politician ever gets to do the same ever again. She needs to be called to account for her wrongdoing.John
It will only get worse from here unfortunatelyMichele
Absolutely, they should. My medical condition was halted by Covid, resulting in the need for me to now have my kidney extracted. Timely medical intervention would probably have saved me from my cancer spreading.Rob
Too many questions have appeared about the long term effects of the MRNA vaccines and the excess deaths reportedGeoffrey
Jacinda needs to be held responsible and accountable for all her activities during her rein as Prime Minister.Pierre
Lets just put the whole sorry saga of Ardern and her opportune Covid excuse to censor and control New Zealanders behind us.Mike
Absolutely, we were made to take an untested and unproved vaccination with huge consequences for many. Locked down locked up and intimidatedSharon
This matter is a huge priority and must be included in the enquiryJohn
This is a total no-brainer and something any government concerned for its citizens would do. There can be only one reason not to do so; a blant attempt at covering up illegal actions by the government and its officials. For justice to be done, there needs to be compensation for all that have suffered harm, and prison terms for those responsible for them. Ardern is on a similar level to Brenton Tarrant.Rod
As one who was VERY pro vaccine, having worked in this industry in the past, I was front of queue for the first 3 Phizer jabs. I now regret this and will NOT be having a 4th as STILL advised by so called Te Whatu Ora. My eldest son and I both had unexplained myocarditis symptoms which were not taken seriously when reported. It behoves all of us, myself included, to admit when a mistake was made. By contrast many of my relatives in a different country, sailed through Covid 19, using a combination of Ivermectin, Vit D, Vit C and antihistamine at a mere fraction of the cost of mRNA vaccines which have proven largely non efficacious against Covid.Geoff
But we know they wontRenate
Yes of course they should as it appears a lot of deaths were as a result of the vaccine itself, which was not fully tried and tested, and for which we were mandates to take to keep our jobsGail
we need to know…..Peter
Totally an inquiry should already be instigated! Total criminal liability to the fore front of all labour government unlawful decisions. Full extent. Thank you!Rodney
YES. And then prosecute ardern for her illegal actions.bRuCe
Covid is no longer news but it is still active in our society.John
If they don’t investigate then they are complicate.Deb
No point in an inquiry if it doesn’t look at everythingAnthony
More important than ANY other issueOwen
We need to know so the same mistakes aren’t made again.Andrew
Won’t change what has happened but to avoid future disasters it needs to be seriously investigated and Adhern and colleagues held accountableDianne
Of course . It is so relevant to the post vaccine debacle .Debbie
An absolute necessity…your current article is excellent and gives good reasons why. Pfizer is corrupt and has had the highest single fine in history – whilst living in the U.S.for 20 yrs helped uncover and expose Big Pharma dishonesty.Rowena
Absolutely. The Covid vaccine is the smoking gun in this regard. All evidence is pointing that way. If the Royal Commission refuses to include this then it is negligent. Without proper independent investigation into this aspect, the rest of the enquiry means little. What’s to stop another experimental vaccine being used and potentially killing many thousands of otherwise healthy people. The efficacy of the vaccine also has to be investigated. This appears to have been negligible.Derek
Not to look into excess death would be negligent, bordering on criminalTerry
Too much is not known, and we are not well informed.NEIL
I think it is a must!Murray
But we all know they won’t because they knew from day one what they were doing! And that means RESPONSIBLE!!!!Andy
Heads need to rollGordon
Definitely need an enquiry – but the right questions need to be asked, answered, and honestly released in full to the public.SC
Absolutely. Labour and Ardern so evil.Karen
It is only common sense to do so and good governanceMaek
Jacinda Ardern should be brought before the inquiry and held to account for the harm she inflicted on the country. and the Deaths and hardship suffered.DOn
Then following this enquiry, selections then arise as to who authorized all this? Ardern has made a mockery of her Dameship and she should be stripped of it before apologizing to New Zealanders for destroying their country.Sharron
I believe a court case was to begin yesterday (23/2/24) against Barry Young whom, I believe, is a whistle-blower on all the ‘wrongs’ of the Covid management.Michael
Mandates crippled nz. Control from Adern labour party was not democratic.Deb
Public scrutiny and accountability is needed to prevent corruption.Wietske
Too much denial about the injuries and deaths caused by these Covid jabs. These excess deaths have to be investigated by a truly independent agency.Janet
3,000 excess deaths per annum definitely should already have been initiated.Michele
Including other medical impacts that have occured because of the vacanation. (,ie. Hearing loss)Raymond
We can only learn from an investigation & I certainly was not impressed with the people at the podium spouting advise each day which we accepted. I assume they were experts as one was knighted & the othe made a dameRoydon
Of course, and anyone who wants anything different should, as those who are not Maori tell us regularly, pack their bags and go back to where they came from.I understand a DNA test will tell them that.Peter
We need to know what caused those deaths.Gavin
And Ardern, Hipkins et al should be held accountable.Trevor
Obvious adverse injuries and death from vaccinations as govt stats now prove!Trevor
If thousands more people are dying than expected, why hasn’t an inquiry already been launched? Are the politicians afraid that it is their mismanagement that is causing this disaster??Ben
I read that NZ had no excess deaths – unlike other countries, but Professor Gibson’s article explains how the ‘mistake’ was made. Are the deaths due to the after-effects of the disruption of health services due to the lockdown AND Labour’s restructuring of the health system to allow Maori control of health? Or is it largely the experimental vaccine? We need to know.Michael
This is the first I have heard of the fact that thousands more people are dying than expected. What a disaster. And yes, absolutely, we need to know what’s going on.Penny
The government should have stuck to the MoH Pandemic Plan. There should have been no lockdowns and certainly no mandates. Traditional vaccines should also have been available, as should early treatments that were proving successful overseas.Hugh
Why was Jacinda Ardern allowed to act like a dictator over the management of Covid – where are the checks and balances to ensure this can never happen again?Francis