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Countering Coastal Claims Campaign

Coastal Campaign

This is the campaign page for our battle against the hundreds of opportunistic Marine and Coastal Area Act claims that have been lodged for our coastline. 

Please scroll down for the Claims Register – for those who want to help oppose the claims… 

Background Information

You can read our concerns about National’s proposed law change in a 2010 article Maori Ownership of the Foreshore and Seabed HERE – these concerns are now becoming a reality. A recent NZCPR article outlining what’s going on is HERE and Dr Hugh Barr’s article is HERE. The “Archive” link on the top navigation bar of our website will enable you to browse articles – alternatively, you can type “foreshore” into our website search function. 

NZCPR Newsletters

We provide regular updates on developments regarding the claims process through our free NZCPR Weekly newsletter – you can register for the mailing list HERE 

Claims Funding

The NZCPR is supporting a group opposing the claims in the public interest by helping to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in Court application and legal fees that are being incurred on behalf of the New Zealand public.

While Maori claimants can receive over $400,000 in taxpayer assistance to prepare their claims, those opposing them have to pay $110 to the High Court for each of the almost 200 claims that have been lodged.  If you would like to help those who will be standing up for you in the Court, opposing these claims, please click HERE – and please be generous, because the task these groups are taking on in the public interest is not an easy one. 

Website Resource

This comprehensive resource of information on the Marine and Coastal Area Act claims process, will have new information added as it comes to hand. Please note that if the links appear problematic – try changing browser to Chrome or Explorer.

    • Newspaper advertisements of the claims can be seen HERE
    • Claim applications lodged with the High Court – by CIV number – can be seen HERE
    • Maps of all of the High Court claims to the coast can be seen HERE
    • Spreadsheet of High Court claims by Map Area can be downloaded in a searchable format  HERE
    • Claims lodged directly with the Crown can be seen HERE

Find a Claim

To find a claim, there are two steps:

  1. Click the link to the maps and find the map that covers your area of interest (we have provided a link to Google maps to help since the maps do not have place-names on them). Also note, if you click the claims Map you are interested in and click it again, it will be magnified..
  2. Identify the number of the claim that covers your area of interest then download the High Court spreadsheet HERE (as outlined in orange above), which allows you to cross reference the map number with the actual application lodged in the High Court.

The High Court case number (CIV number) is the key identifying factor for each claim.

Register a Notice of Appearance With the High Court

The time frame for registering a Notice of Appearance with the High Court to oppose a claim has now passed, but late applications may be accepted. There are three steps:

  1. Identify the High Court case number (CIV number) of the claim by locating the claim’s reference number on the maps, and matching it up with the CIV number on the Map/CIV Spreadsheet – download it HERE
  2. Fill in the Notice of Appearance form HERE
  3. Submit the form to the High Court along with the $110 fee for each claim – the details can be seen HERE. A late fee will be payable.  

Register Your Interest in Helping to Oppose the Claims

We would like to encourage everyone who is interested in helping to oppose these coastal claims to register their interest in the form below. Our aim is to ensure that whenever a coastal claim is being considered by the Court or the Minister, locals will be able to help to counter any misrepresentations.

When you fill in the form, if you have concerns about particular coastal areas, please let us know, and if you have historical evidence that you feel will be useful in refuting opportunistic claims, please share that as well.   

Further, please help to spread the message by letting everyone who is concerned about these claims know that they can help to oppose them by registering their interest here.

Thanks for your interest – we will be in touch soon. 


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