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Claims Tsunami Hits Foreshore and Seabed 

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Claim CVI-2017-485-182: Taking of kekeno (seals), penguins, dolphins and whales …

Over the years, the NZCPR has taken a lead in raising concerns about the race-based demands of the tribal elite as they seek legal privilege at the expense of other New Zealanders.

On many occasions we have found ourselves head to head with the Government of the day – most notably with National over law changes to the foreshore and seabed, and more recently, the Resource Management Act.

In the case of the foreshore and seabed, we opposed National’s repeal of Crown ownership back in 2011, raising concerns that the Marine and Coastal Area Act could open the floodgates to a “land grab” by iwi.

We warned that giving Maori sovereignty over large tracts of New Zealand’s coastline and Territorial Sea would expose the area to exploitation through mining and the uncontrolled taking of wildlife.

We raised concerns about extortion and corruption – through demands for royalties from commercial operators using the coast, and the vetoing of proposed developments … until suitable payments are made.  

We worried that demands by iwi for the law to allow the appointment of Wardens and Fisheries Officers to patrol ‘wahi tapu’ areas – imposing fines of up to $5,000 and reporting ‘trespassers’ to the Police – signalled their intention to prohibit public access. 

We were accused of scaremongering – with National even gloating about how few claims had been lodged.

Well, all of that has now changed.

The six year window for lodging foreshore and seabed claims closed on April 3rd, with a tsunami of last minute applications pouring in – as many as 550, according to some media.

Hundreds of claimants are opting to go through the High Court – as anyone reading public notices in their local newspaper will testify – while others have chosen the alternative path of direct engagement with the Crown.

While, over the years, tribal leaders have promoted themselves as selfless – great conservationists who only seek control of resources because the government is not doing a good enough job of protecting them for future generations – the claims now lodged show that to be a grand lie. A review of what is being sought reveals the true agenda – the biggest resource grab in the country’s history, and the largest ever exploitation of New Zealand’s conservation estate.

In addition to claims for “the entire foreshore and territorial waters of New Zealand”, there are multiple, overlapping applications, that not only cover the coastline out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit – including all “islands, reefs, tidal rivers, tributaries, estuaries, springs, wet lands” and the “airspace” above – but also extend to the edge of the “200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone”.

Some of these great ‘conservationists’ are planning on “taking” “dolphins, whales, penguins, and seals”.

Many intend ‘taking’ “seabirds” – and their eggs.

All species of “fish” – including “deep sea” varieties – are being targeted, as are all “shellfish, oysters, snails, kina, paua and crayfish”.

Some are claiming protected islands like the Poor Knights – home to the endangered tuatara – with plans for “recreational uses” and the “gathering of natural resources”, while others want “the right to derive commercial benefit” from their areas.

Many claims prioritise “mineral extraction” – the mining of “sand, peat, shingle, aggregate, rocks, stone, and ochre”, while others specify control of the “landing, launching, anchoring and mooring” of vessels, all “boatsheds”, and all “aquaculture” developments.

Many claimants state they intend imposing “rahui” – to ban others from fishing – and most are planning to declare “wahi tapu” to prohibit public access to the coast, especially sand dunes: “all the sand dunes of our foreshore are wahi tapu…

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Dr Hugh Barr, the Secretary of the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand – who has registered as an interested party in opposing some applications through the High Court – explains what is being claimed:

“In the Marine and Coastal Area Act, the main type of privatised title is called a Customary Marine Title. To qualify, a tribal group must show that it has “exclusively used and occupied the coastal area from 1840 to the present day, without substantial interruption”. It gives major private property rights to any tribal group that meets this very stringent condition.

“There is also a second type of tribal right, a Protected Customary Right. This also has to have been exercised since 1840 and continue to be exercised in accordance with tikanga (Maori customary practices). An applicant group does not need to have an interest in land – as is normally required for Customary Marine Title. An example of this Right is the collecting of hangi stones from the beach, the selling gravel etc – and not being subject to Resource Management Act requirements or payments.”

We would urge anyone who plans to object to any claims to register their intention with the Court without delay, as the closing dates for applications run from May through to July. Public notices are being posted on our website and can be viewed HERE.

So, how did this massive resource grab come about?

Until 2003, the ownership of the foreshore and seabed was vested in the Crown through settled law affirmed by a Court of Appeal ruling in 1963.

But in 1997 South Island Maori – in a dispute with their local council over a marine farming application – lodged a claim for ownership of the foreshore and seabed with the Maori Land Court. The Crown argued the Maori Land Court had no jurisdiction over the foreshore and seabed, but the case was found in favour of the claimants. The Crown appealed the case to the High Court and won, with the Judge ruling that the foreshore and seabed were beneficially owned by the Crown and that the Maori Land Court had no jurisdiction in the area.

However, the case was appealed to the Court of Appeal, and in a highly controversial ruling, Chief Justice Sian Elias overturned the 1963 Appeal Court decision, finding that the Maori Land Court could hear foreshore and seabed claims.

Under normal circumstances, such a rogue decision would have been appealed to the Privy Council, but Helen Clark’s Government had just ended that right. So, with foreshore and seabed claims flooding into the Maori Land Court, Labour rushed to legislate for Crown ownership through the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act – which also provided special rights to any Maori tribe that could prove their customary interest in the High Court, namely through owning the land contiguous to their claim and providing evidence of uninterrupted and exclusive use of the area since 1840.

National opposed Labour’s law change, with Nelson MP Nick Smith stating, “Anyone who wants to divide up the shoreline for one exclusive group of citizenship must be stopped”.

The Party ran newspaper advertisements opposing Maori rights: “Holders of Customary Right Orders will have the power to ‘veto’ resource consents…. You know what that means. You want to build a boat ramp. But local iwi says, Not so fast. Your ramp will have a ‘significant adverse effect’ on our customary rights. You then have two choices. A court case (bound to be long and expensive). Or a bribe (merely expensive). You pay the koha.”

The ad concluded: “This legislation will divide our country, not bring it together. This is not the way to build a better future for all of us. National says the foreshore and seabed is Kiwi property. Not iwi property.”

With iwi struggling to meet the high test for customary rights under the Foreshore and Seabed Act, once National was in Government, it didn’t take long for the Maori Party to persuade them to repeal Labour’s law.

The Iwi Leaders Group pressed for replacement legislation giving Maori title to the coast, but they were worried about “scaring the horses” and wanted to avoid alarming the public. However, they relished the prospect of controlling the ‘jewel in New Zealand’s crown’, with Ngai Tahu’s chairman stating, “Maori stand at the gateway of a golden opportunity”.  

National’s unprincipled hypocrisy over this debacle couldn’t have been more obvious. For the sake of a political accommodation, their commitment to Crown title of New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed, was ditched in favour of appeasing Iwi Leaders.

The foreshore and seabed is by far the richest natural resource in the country. At stake is 10 million hectares – a third of the land area of New Zealand – with the coastal marine area covering the distance between the average spring high tide waterline and the 12 nautical mile territorial limit, along with the airspace above, the water, and the subsoil, bedrock and mineral wealth below.

At the time, TV3’s Duncan Garner sought clarification over whether National’s law would enable Maori owners to sell their coastal rights to third parties, asking Minister Chris Finlayson, “So would it allow an iwi with a customary title to do a partnership deal with the Chinese government who come forward with a 100 million dollars and say we want to build a number of resorts on your land, lease it to us over 100 years – would Maori with customary title and iwi be able to get away with that?”

The Minister replied “Oh yes” – subject to the Resource Management Act and other relevant legislation.

Duncan then asked about “mining”, saying “Maori would like minerals wouldn’t they”, to which the Minister replied that apart from those that are nationalised, including petroleum, uranium, silver and gold, “I’m prepared to listen to other people on those other minerals.”

So mining was not ruled out, nor the ability of tribal groups to sell such rights to other parties – including foreign interests – on 100-year leases. 

Local Government NZ opposed the law change claiming it would “trample on democracy”, by giving Maori owners superior powers to ride roughshod over coastal planning laws and the rights of citizens to have their say on how the country’s natural resources are used and protected.

At stake are ports, wharves, boat ramps, marinas, roads, structures used for river and coastal flood protection, and land used for reserves and future urban development – and while the new law specified that some of these cannot be influenced by customary right owners, a great deal of uncertainty remains.

For this new law is going where no law has gone before – as an iwi leader explained at the time: “Until now there’s never ever been such things as customary title… it’s a new one for New Zealand legislation and it’s untried and untested. We know lots about customary interest… but never before has the state gone outside the Westminster paradigm to create a new form of title. So for us it’s new territory and I’m sure it is for the government – we have to really feel our way into it.”

With the claims application process now ended, deliberations are underway on the hundreds that have been lodged.

Altogether around $15 million has been allocated for the claims process, with some earmarked for Crown Law to assist the Court by assessing whether the claims are valid and comply with the law. While other funding is available for claimants – up to $412,000 for those with complex claims applying for Crown engagement, and $316,750 for the High Court – no financial assistance is available for anyone objecting to claims.

So at a time in the country’s history when Labour’s Treaty of Waitangi claims process – that has privatised billions of dollars of state assets to iwi – is finally coming to an end, thanks to National’s Marine and Coastal Area Act, the bulk of foreshore and seabed claims are about to begin. This time, at stake, is not only the wildlife and resources of the sensitive coastal marine area, but free access to a part of the country that New Zealanders hold dear.

Winston Churchill famously called for the British to fight on the beaches to defend their country’s liberty. Literally, in New Zealand right now, the battle for our beaches is about to begin in earnest. Is this something you are prepared to fight for? 


Should Crown ownership of the foreshore and seabed be restored?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.

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The Socialist (read communist) government of Red Nell completely blew it. The ownership of the foreshore & seabed should never been divested from the Crown in the first place. It MUST be returned!!! David
Definitely. It should never have been moved from Crown ownership. Angela
Yes it certainly should. The Foreshore and Seabed belongs to All New Zealanders, and should never have been taken for Maori to own exclusively, Through this corrupt National Government!! Michael
Unless it is restored to Crown ownership, Maori will continue to try and claim it. Lynn
Since Maori killed and ate the Mariori population their plan now seems to “get rid of the white man” With their limited management skills this would be “THE END OF N>Z> AS WE KNOW IT> Graeme
As per Governor Hobson “we are one people”, that should be the starting point. As per Dr. Elizabeth Rata, Tribalism and democracy do not mix. Ashley
Stop this racist land and sea grab. Norm
Should stay always under the crown and and give access to all kiwis always.. Dener
It belongs to every New Zealander. When will this madness stop. Nigel
But that’s of little use if the crown are going to give parts of it away to Iwi. More or less what they are contemplating at present. Mark
Definitely YES! John
Yes Yes Yes Margaret
I don’t trust National, I wonder if Winston would pressure National to restore it? Eric
Enough is enough. All the iwi do is GRAB. Deborah
Have the Nats all gone off their rockers ?? Ian
Sovereignty is at stake. Avid
Yes , absolutely! It belongs to all of us, not a bunch of quaintly called Maori! Brian
Maori have shown there true greed and and they are not Tangatuwhenuwa as they say they are “Guardians of the land “More like “Rapists of the land”. If this act gets passed it will divide the nation like it has never done before and could lead to great civil unrest. Wayne
All Kiwi’s own the foreshore and seabed not just the bloody greedy maoris. Jim
Labour got this right originally. A
It’s time to stop all Iwi claims, they have been more than compensated. This country must become one people or there will be dire consequences before long. My vote is for Winston and his common sense no longer will I go with National. Patricia
Without question. The foreshore, the water (fresh and sea) and the seabed belongs to everyone. It is in the public domain and not to be used by a political party for getting the Maori vote…. Ian
National will never get my vote ever again. Who will I vote for? I am prepared to ‘throw’ my vote if no one better comes along which is quite on the cards Gordy
Watch out NZ the Maoris are coming, it could end up being a civil war. Athol
We are going down that rocky road again, we as New Zealanders should have access to our shoreline. If this madness continues we will be held to ransom by maori tribes. Murray
Logically and quite properly they belong to the people of NZ – not any individual entity advancing and usurping our shared national heritage Russell
No one race should have any ownership over our foreshore and seabed! Also none over Marine Reserves which should be as stated Marine Reserves not to be fished by anyone but kept pristine for our future generations to enjoy! Everyone should strongly object to this latest greed by certain Iwi! June
It never ceases to amaze me the depths politicians will go to and the walking over New Zealanders that they will go to to remain in power. National has been a disaster in this respect. Graham
What the HELL are NATIONAL doing to even consider this grab by iwi over ordinary KIWI,S.SHAME ON NATIONAL Cindy
We are all New Zealanders. No particular group of us should be given an unfair advantage over the rest of the commnnity.ANY POLITICIAN who votes to give one group an advantage over the other should be sacked at the next election. Carroll
Absolutely! Fraser
Should any of these bogus Maori claims be upheld then it is probably time all New Zealanders join the fold and embrace age old Maori culture of pillage. If our Government cannot uphold the Treaty of Waitangi on treating all NZ citizens as having equal rights then we must ensure separatism is stopped by whatever means we think fit. Unfortunately, that is how Civil Wars start! Hopefully it won’t turn to bloodshed. Martin
It’s a no brainer. Either restore foreshore and seabed to the Crown, or forever entrench tribal based law in addition to the westminster system. John RL
A National MP wrote to me that National’s about face on Crown ownership was “to correct an error made by the Labour govt”. The National government are unprincipled rogues and have lost my vote. John
Renew the call for One Nation, One People. Colin
This is the thin edge of more claims! Peter
Claimants need to be under the same laws as all New Zealanders Their claims must not privy one ethnic group by not having to abide by the Resource Management Act. Blair
Absolutely and without a shadow of doubt. Tom
Immediately. The sell-out by National reflects the depths to which political hypocracy has sunk in NZ. National’s utter contempt for non-maori is racist and a disgrace. They have lost my vote for 2017. Steve
It’s there for everyone for goodness sake. Why should ownership be with anyone else? Peter
We all own the seabed and foreshore no one ethnic group should have rights. Barbara
Absolutely! Time to end this nonsense once & for all. Rex
Foreshore and seabed is not the Government’s to give away. This is ridiculous, cynical and very scary. We need politicians with enough backbone to stand up to this rubbish. Steve
This is outrageous! If this fore shore claim goes ahead we will very soon be second class citizens in our own country! Andrew
Yes, Crown ownership. Anything else is treason. Bruce
Time to close down the Treaty Claim business before the country becomes morally and financially bankrupt. John
Absolutely. This is a potentialcdisast er and who knows how far it will go before there is any pushback – from citizens or the courts! Laurie
It is scary. Pam
It should never have been repealed by National in 2011. Richard
I am voting yes, to retain shared access for all New Zealanders. To vote no will result in serious racial disharmony. Ian
Same old story again. Gimme, gimme, gimme. This topic has arisen again when we probably all thought it was settled. Get rid of MMP, the Maori Party and the Maori seats. Chris.
It MUST be held for ALL New Zealanders Christine
This nonsense must stop. Hugo
With such a mix of races and cultures within NZ, one would expect, no, the World would expect, that NZ would be a beacon of democracy and unity. One nation, sharing equal values and respecting each others freedoms. National has buggered that and will never get either of my votes until they grow some balls and cut this Maori separatism agenda. Vic
Kiwi not iwi. Chris
This a take over by stealth The government needs to rectify this anomaly urgently, as they are the ones who allowed this to happen. Wendy
It is KIWI, not IWI. David
I am just about over this national party and their sucking up to the maori party polis. I think its time to put my vote elsewhere. Les
Given the apparent belligerence and habitual dishonesty portrayed, any other decision would be treasonous. Fred
No to any rights except for all nzers. Barry
Wonder what the Japanese and other countries think of this.what realy cheeses me off is these so called natives chased, murdered,most likely raped and ate the real natives of NZ and with all the brown noseing whites in nz thinking they can be like and dress like the minger maori its time to shut this type of crap down and get rid of the polys that suck up to the brown so and so’s. Richard
I would be prepared to defend my rights to foreshore and seabed and I would think that many other New Zealanders would do the same. If this goes ahead I see it fracturing New Zealand and even pushing us into a Civil Rights dispute or worse! Rosemary
May the Maori Partyy be decimated at the forthcoming general election. Jock
Absolutely. If National renege on this they will never govern this country again. It is time they showed some real spine and leadership. they have played the maori tune for too long. Frank
Never should have been given away. Steve
Yes it should as it is every where else in this world. Peter
Should never have been taken from Crown ownership in the first place! Helen
Thanks to John Key and his national mates ie Finlynson and smith these claims now lodged will destroy National this coming election and devide the them and us.Good Kiwis are being shafted by Maori and the National Government. I hope Winston has a plan to restore common sense and dignity. Ken
I’m furious about the shambles that is developing following all these claims for the foreshore and seabed. For God’ sake wake up New Zealand. Wah
Nick Smith is a liar and a cheat who is screwing this country and Bill English is no better for allowing it to happen. Race based politics i.e iwi before Kiwi is taking over and it is just so wrong Pete
It must stay in public ownership except any area where there is a Marea Bryan
Yes, Crown ownership (preferably guardianship) of the foreshore and seabed should be restored in the meantime. Incidentally, New Zealanders collectively DO NOT OWN the foreshore and seabed. In principle, ownership without the owner’s full control is effectively, non ownership ! The same applies to a tribe or tribes. The Crown should be the custodian until a private purchase with private funding of an agreed portion can be arranged with no tax funding. Yes, I know this is a long way off but it shouldn’t be. Don
The coast line is for all Newzealanders not not just the favoured few. Tony
In the interests of ALL New Zealanders. Ross
It should never have been removed and the sooner it is restored we may start reversing the current cringe our politicians demonstrate when Maori claim rights removed by the Treaty of Waitangi. Irvine
If Maori are not happy with modern New Zealand, they should get back into their boats and return to their ancestral land that obviously still belongs to them. Steve
This is supremely important Gordon
But none of the parties have the guts or fortitude to opose the racist demands of the Maori elite. Unfortunately the great majority Maori will not benefit from the foreshore and seabed giveaway but don’t seem to realise it or they would be oposing it also.. John
Make it watewr4 tight to prevent the Maori from wanting more and more Warren
All foe one one for all. We are all New Zealander’s not a Country of separate races. Iam
Blindingly obvious! Colin
Apartheid, in South Africa, a former policy of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination. Kevin
Most definitely yes. It should never have left general Crown ownership in the first place. The foreshore and seabed belong to us all. Sheila
Absolutely ! Crown ownership should never have been removed, under any guise at all, in the first place. Murray
I course the foreshore and seabeds should be in Crown onwership. No political party has the guts to standfast on this issue. I’d like to see National team up with New Zealand First and ditch the Maori party, 99% of New Zealanders don’t want the Maori Party, If National had the guts to do the right thing by all Kiwi’s they would get plenty support. Brent
Ho-hum, no difference, Same thing year in year out. Get rid of Finlayson and vote for a radical white anti-Maori and the Maori’s would run for the hills, or the UN and they are as useless as two tits on a bull too. Phil
How can we let New Zealanders know what is happening before it is too late? Barbara
No one should own the foreshore and seabed – it must be for all the people of NZ Liz
Some how these outrages claims have to be stopped I cannot belive what this govrnment has conceded already to Maori this is now getting unbeliveable in what they are now wanting it has gone too far. Digby
Where is this country heading to under the National Party’ criminal direction. It has to be stopped. Neville
If this part Maori rubbish doesn’t stop this country will be economically and socially stuffed .You cannot give one group of people special rights over the majority . Jock
When is the Government going to wake up to the fact that Maori are greedy racists. Selwyn
Absolutely.!! We do NOT need to be held to ransom, restriction or payment over access to our natural resources. Restore to Crown ownership and let’s rid ourselves of this part-Maori thuggery. Tony
If it doesn’t there will be major ramifications for the Country and will divide the Population over all issues! Steve
And at all costs !!!! Mark
There should be no question at all. The Crown should definitely own the seabed and foreshore. New Zealand must surely , at the moment, have the most weakest and pathetic bunch of MP’s that this country has ever seen. John Key, Chris Finlayson, Nick Smith plus the Waitangi Tribunal should hang their heads in shame as regards the way they have disrespected the wishes of the average normal New Zealander. It would appear that Winston may be our only hope for this country. Mike
Dangerous, dangerous territory we enter at our own peril New Zealand. Mark
Should this debacle continue as is, we are on a very dangerous path indeed. I thought i was too old to take up arms again but to protect what is mine as a New Zealander I would again. Trevor
A.S.A.P Carolyn
Irrespective of dubious and reckless opinions and rulings of various self serving groups,, the Seabed ad Foreshore of all Territorial Seas, Lakes and Rivers is, was, and always will be, the “PUBLIC COMMONS”, owned exclusively;y by the people, ALL the people indivisibly,, through their Custodial Agent, the Crown. As these are cOmmons teh Crown has NO power to tranfer any part of the Commons or divest any part of teh Commons to any specific group. Claims to do so a Fraudulent. Any Minister of Justice, Minister of Lands, Prime Minister who fails to recognize this constitutional fact and allows and form of fraudulent attack on the Commons, needs to be relieved of their Warrant and their seat instantly. Hopefully this will demonstrate the real value of leadership by witnessing an immediate cessation of such fraudulent action by ruling the claimants without any legal standing due to the fraudulent nature of their illegal endevour. Richard
If this gets through, we will be stuffed as a nation. The end of national sovereignty as we know it. John
Yes is urgent Peter
The Treaty bestowed equal right for all citizens! Kim
Most definitely Lynnette
Absolutely Colin
This is the most ridiculous legislation the National Party has ever passed. Now we are about to suffer the result. We should violently oppose the whole thing. Make it a big election issue. Bob
National sucks still even without Key. Russell
This whole set of iwi applications and the likely chance that the National Govt will fail New Zealanders has to lead to a change of Government. Hopefully not a Labour Government though. New Zealanders need to say enough is enough to Maori greed. The first party that stands up and says the treaty and all claims before the Waitangi Tribunal, the Maori Land COurt and any matters pertaining to Treaty claims are null and void 24 hours after the election would win the election witout needing any Maori support in Parliament. So many ordinary citizens are horrified at the greed of Maori this must be the case. Alastair
We are one country, and we should all be treated evenly. Rex
—and while we’re about it stamp out APARTHEID in NZ by dissolving the separatist Maori seats in Parliament. This madness is going to end in civil war in NZ. Mark my words. Geoff
This is Europe but in another form where a group takes over a country by pillaging and other means much of which is subtle and also not so subtle. Wake up NZers and be aware of what is going on here. Kevin
We, if we are to be ‘one people’, must not allow elite members of one group to gain paramountcy over our coastlines. These areas belong to us all and must be overseen by the government of the day – NOT Isi!! John
Hell no!!! Now we are having to cough up for getting these preposterous claims lodged in High Court This is like paying the executioner to chop your head off. It is no surprise that the so called Tribal Elite is jumping at this massive opportunity to lay their hands on the ultimate price. If this comes to pass we will face a situation where civil unrest will be a very real possibility. And dubious characters like Finlayson and his ilk are the main culprits in this massive treason towards all citizens of NZ. Tribal Leaders do not give a fiddler’s fart about either the , common’ ‘Maori or us non Maoris They will sell out to the highest bidder to flog off what is left of our country after these evil ‘ Treaty settlements ‘ have been done. Michael
The forsehore and seabed cannot belong to any one person or tribe, it can only belong to the crown. Bill
It should never have been removed. Terry
National has become real turn coats and won’t get my vote this time. Margaret
It should never have been changed from Helen Clark’s Act. One New Zealand for all is the bottom line in my world. Is this why John Key jumped when he did? Di
National should never have let it go. Teflon John Key told everybody that if ” you don’t want it, we won’t do it ” and then 3 days after the second Canterbury earthquake shoved it through under urgency. Come on the election!! Peter
There are some things that should be set in stone that no governments can change without a 75% agreement in a public referenda. This is one of those things. Dennis
Restore crown ownership. Sherie
Yes for god sake yes lets get back to sanity James
Is there any Political Leader, current or waiting in the wings. Who can reverse all the harm done by the Current National Government. in regards to all the Key & Finlayson inspired, “non legitimate Treaty of Waitangi Claims” ? Also, what motivates all these “minority Maori blooded” persons. i.e Often lees than 25% Maori Blood. To want to pursue this “Reverse Apartheid Policy” ?  Percy
Of course the foreshore and seabed belongs to all New Zealanders. Richard
Definitely. No group should have control of the foreshore. Administration of the foreshore and seabed must be vested in the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders. Tony
The complete stupidity of politicians beggars belief – what a mess they have made of the whole situation.most of it as a result of MMP whereby Maori support has resulted in a form of bribery exerted on the government of the time to keep them in power.What a hell of a way to run a country.Key,Smith.Finlayson are all to blame for this ridiculous situation we are now in. Keep a look out for what the politicians will say how they will fix this as the election approaches. William
The proposal as it now stands is nothing short of treachery by the current government. Democracy in this country no longer exists in real form. It appears that the National party, whom I have voted for all my life, is hell bent on dividing this country as we have not previously seen. This action will not unite this nation. For pitys sake listen to the majority of it’s citizens. Chris
All New Zealanders own the foreshore and seabed equally and thats how it should remain. Ken
These people must be stopped otherwise there will be war. It is NZ 1st not Maori 1st. Jennifer
Is Hugh Barr standing for NZFirst in this election? He may have a very good chance of making it into parliament this year to enable informing the NZ public on what is really going on with this land grab. Monica
Pointless exercise. National is not interested in democracy, as shown by the RMA recent changes, they will happily disenfranchise the rest of NZ in a vain attempt to hang onto power. Bruce
A simple no brainer. Graeme
Absolutely! Gerard
Maori tribes should not have any more rights than all other non-Maori citizens. The claims should all be rejected and the status quo should continue. Michael
Only fair way to go… John
Absolutely, definitely, and without delay. Michael
The Crown should be the owner on behalf of all New Zealanders. The Minister is hell bent to do the opposite. Phil
Stop this RACIAL inequal bipolar nonsense. All for one people as NZr’s . not this illeagel racist sickness. Ian
Best interests for all. Ray
The Crown means all NZ citizens. Peter
Most definitely long overdue. Iain
Where is my country of equal right gone? This new activity comes on the heels of the race based rights granted under the RMA. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. When will we have a government that affords equal rights to all of its citizens? Michael
It is outrageous that in our democracy one race should be allocated such very special privileges. Patrick
#1. The treaty was ratified by the borders of New South Wales (NSW) being extended to encompass “all of the islands of New Zealand”. At this point Maoris were made British subjects with no more rights than others. #2. Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, ratified on 03-05-1841 the day New Zealand was born. #3. 13 chiefs wrote to King William of England on 16-11-1831 stating, “We are a people without possessions. We have nothing but timber, flax, pork, and potatoes. It is true Maoris never owned land, it was taken or lost by force according to their law of “ahi kaa” (the land is theirs until the fire goes out). #4. During the Clark Labour Government the Maori bid for the foreshore and seabed failed as Maoris could not maintain a fire under water, “ahi kaa”. #5. The International Law of Nature states, “By the Law of Nature things are common to mankind, the air, running water, the sea and consequently the shores of the sea”. Emperor Justinian, 500 AD. www.historyguide.org/ancient/justinian.html The Law of Nature has existed since Roman times, and was first articulated in the laws of Emperor Justinian 1500 years ago. In its early form, the idea of the public trust sought to protect the publics rights to access certain resources, particularly navigable bodies of water. Public uses of water resources were to be protected by the state, which, as a trustee, could not grant exclusive rights to any single individual or entity. George
Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rod
National has proven to be absolutely gutless and have sold our countries democracy down the drain. They will pay dearly at the next election. Only NZ first dare I say it stands for one rule for all. Anon
Absolutely. The alternative is unthinkable. Roy
Absolutely !!! Dick
Definitely! Ted
God help us all if theses claims are successful. Findlayson is traitor to democracy. Denis
The seabed and foreshore is the birth write of all NZ citizens both now and in the future. These two great assets must remain open to the public to enjoy both now and in the future under the total control of the crown . Robert
Definitely! This is an anomaly which should have been sorted out with a referendum. It was not for the Government’s (our representatives!),or the Chief Justices prerogative to give away any how. The hipocrisy of both Labour and National Governments never cease to amaze me! Kevan
To own you must buy. Or be given. Or create with your own hand.No race can just take our beaches. Beware NZ! Mary
There is no way on earth iwi should have the right to the foreshore – no one owns it, we the people, and I mean all New Zealanders look after it and don’t abuse it. Why should anyone battle for it and all it encompasses – it does not belong to any one person or to any tribe. Keri
Maori claims of having racist ownership of the foreshore and seabed must be stopped at all cost. Crown ownership must retained. Also simmerly mountains,lakes and rivers. Laurie
The media need to get out of their p.c. little offices and do their job of presenting the facts to the public about this nonsense. Peter
If not then maori are going to grab the lot. Rufus
This is all reaching level of silliness which , a few years ago, I would have believed impossible. I am just grateful that I will likely not be around to see the final end to these injustices to those of us who have been browbeaten by Governments into endorsing these illegal and irregular follies. Now tell me, please, what are we bequeathing to our grandchildren? Mabel
National will lose my vote if it tries pacifying Maori over this and other claims! National needs to tread very very carefully on this subject! John
Maori do not exist in law. How can 1/2 breed individuals claim anything except NZ nationality. The Watangi treaty was agreed with full-blooded Maori not watered down half-castes. John
If this is the only way to keep it out of the hands of the Brown parasites (who never owned anything in the way we perceive it today) – then yes, by all means. It is the birthright of all New Zealanders – not just the greedy minority whose only claim to fame is that their ancestors arrived here (probably by accident) a few hundred years before ours. Scott
What a mess National has led this country into with the Foreshore legislation. I see Winston Peters as the only hope for the future of this country and look forward to September!! Janet
The Maori greed has to be stopped. Barry
This could mean the end of the Nationl Party and the rise of New Zealand First. John
Common sense not tribal nonsense. Lance
Obviously. Graham
Australia does not look so bad after reading this. Robert
The foreshore and seabed should be owned jointly by ALL NZ citizens, not a greedy minority group who holds the rest of NZ for ransom. Michelle
Definitely!! MAORI CLAIMS MUST END. Bryan
Like it or not, NZ is a multi-cultural country , the Foreshore & Seabed belong to all New Zealanders, regardless of race or culture… it was there long before the ‘coming of the Maori and those who where here long before them, and will still be here long after mankind has gone from these shores…… Jim
No one has ownership to the Foreshore and Seabed, especially the Maoris. We are all here on this planet for a short period of time, so we are only looking after it for a while. Never ever let the Maoris get their hands on this. Graham
Immediately! Alan
We want a united NZ. Lew
Well Muriel, you tried to warn Kiwis what was at stake with National’s bowing to the Maori Party and introducing the MACA Act. It just proves once again that the average Kiwi would not know if their back sides were on fire. The only way to stop this rot is to have binding referenda made the law of the country. There is no way we can rely on politicians to do the right thing. Vote Conservative at the coming elections and make binding referenda the law of the country. Bring back democracy and put the people in charge. Ronmac
Key stuffed up badly. Bill
All lands that are in the public domain must be owned & controlled by the crown for all people, not a select few chosen via that groups race. That applies to any race of people. Tracy
I didn’t have much time for Helen Clarke when she was Prime Minister, but I give her credit for realising the importance of public ownership of the seabed and foreshore. If there’s one legacy of John Key’s time as Prime minister, it’s the betrayal of that principle: aided by the unscrupulous Finlayson, he sold out the nation to racist, scheming Maori. They claim to want only to be the stewards of the land and shores, having styled themselves as “tangata whenua”, when in fact what they really want is to get their sticky fingers in the till. To think that a National Party has done all of this: our only hope is for New Zealand First to get enough seats to be able to reverse this gross quasi-apartheid. Graham
It is one thing for land that was confiscated or given during the world wars and not given back to be reinstated. It is quite another for our useless pollys to legislate us as tenants in our own country. Wayne
New Zealand’s foreshore and seashore must be owned by the Crown on behalf of ALL New Zealanders and no part must be given to the part Maori corporate organisations known as Iwi. This is not negotiable and any government which attempts to give away the property of ALL New Zealand citizens to these corporate interests will suffer the consequences. Rob
Where will it end? As a National supporter for many years they have now lost my vote. I believe Winston is the only one who has the balls to stop this fiasco. Ian
It should never have been conceded as part of an overpriced and over valued political deal without principle. Peter
Public apathy has allowed all of this iwi rot to happen. The National Government has found it so easy to appease a mixed race minority, who have been encouraged to claim indigenous status, when the public are hoodwinked into believing everything could not be better & no other Political Party or Parties could do any where near as well. After being told [dumb down process] for more than a generation that to be critical is to be offensive, the majority of the population are happy to go along with the corrupt leadership that we have. Forget the P.C. B.S. before all of the freedoms that our forefathers fought for are lost forever. Send the cross-bred iwi leaders a bill for [1] The use of machinery & technology that has been provided with no contribution or invention from them, for the last 150yrs. [2] For the medicines & health treatments that have been used to save their miserable lives. [3] For the free board provided in the prisons that they persist in occupying. That will do for a start, then once that account is payed, we might consider some of their claims.. A.G.R.
If it is not restored to the Crown then you can kiss goodbye to NZ as we know it. Bruce
Although I vote Yes, there is a chance that Chris Finlayson will then gift it to IWI. He has ;ready supported the Maori King taking Auckland so he is most likely to make the way for IWI to take the NZ foreshore. I think I had better go and buy a gun cabinet etc just in case……. Dave
No one other than the Crown should have control over these areas Donald
It belongs to all NZ’s. Chris
The Nat’s are going to be punished for this come September… Neil
No question about this. It must be owned by ALL of NZ, i.e. the Crown. Except for parts that already have private title. Andrew
Maori – the great conservationists -ha bloody ha. This is a betrayal of ALL New Zealanders rights and NOBODY WITH HALF A BRAIN should vote for this Government EVER again. It’s high time Bill English grew a backbone, promised to ABOLISH the treaty, and put these greedy buggers in their place – ONE LAW FOR ALL. And get rid of Finlayson, the little creepy thing! Carolyn
Absolutely!! We are charging down a very slippery slope should these “claims” be upheld. Andrew
The country can’t afford the continue cost of change. Crown ownship is there for a reason, so all may benefit, not just a few, this is true democracy. Priorities for the Government – Central area of Chrristchurch still remains a distaster zone. Hundreds of buildings in the wellington areas and NZ are earthquake prone. We live in the ring of Fire, for Petes sake! This is an urgent matter, for Government to be serious about, it effects everyone! Jas
The greed of Maori knows no bounds and future generations will be deprived of what should be a National resource for everyone to enjoy . The damage National has done just to further their own interests in staying in power is enormous.With an election soon it is time to right the wrongs National bestowed on New Zealanders. Gail
Most definitely. Rob
Most reasonable Kiwis have had a guts full of this continuing Maori greed which they flavour with so called rights.The danger now is just how much will this biased National Government capitulate to these rediculous claims.All reasonable Kiwis will object but will this do any good given this Goverments track record of ignoring wider public opinion in favour of their own arrogant agenda.Finlayson is pro Maori and cannot be trusted .This Government has shown itself to be secretive and corrupt and must be booted out.Please all reasonable Kiwis STAND UP and make a change for the better. Don
One country for all citizens – no privileged group. KISS Doug
As an ex-National Party member I now vote against any more insane buying of Maori votes at my and my grandchildren’s expense. C’mon Winston – sock it to them. Graeme
Totally. Philip
The Law of Nature should prevail. Arthur
It should never have been released in the first place – although ‘ownership’ is a misnomer – nobody can ‘own’ land anywhere, you can simply use it during your lifetime. Alan
Of course the foreshore and seabed should be in public ownership. This current debacle is going to result in bloodshed and it won’t be far in the future. The fact that taxpayers cash has been allocated for claimants only and not equally to objectors is apartheid of the most obvious order. I don’t hear any noise from Susan Devoy. That race relations office should be destroyed immediately. It is another tool of division and oppression to be used against the majority in favour of minorities and as a mechanism to destroy the cohesive fabric of Western Christian based societies. Donald Trump is one of the few significant individuals fighting this “political disease”. He is like one of those brilliant thinkers of History and it is clear that the fools who inhabit bureaucracies and political posts all over the Western World, are simply to thick to grasp what The Donald is saying and doing. The fools include nearly all those disconnected psychiatrics that pass themselves off as movie stars and entertainers. That group that is over supplied with money and spends half its’ time drunk, drugged or in rehab. Pity a few more of them don’t OD. Dianna
Foreshore and seabed belongs to all citizens surely. Joseph
The time has come to exclude two words from our venacular – ‘Maori’ and Pakeha’ – and we need to all become kiwis with a common interest to all foreshore and state own territories. Gerry
We NZers have got huge problems coming if this claim by Maori is not stopped. Graeme
For all the reasons stated in your article. Anthony
The current law is an ass. Allows the potential for maori to control a resource that should be shared by all New Zealanders. Finlayson must fall on his sword as he is responsible for this racially devisive fiasco. Chris
I don’t trust the alternative. David
It won’t happen though. Barbara
Yes indeed. Sheena
It for everybody. it for all the people in nz not one race. no one owns the sea or air or water we all do. Owen
Yes, absolutely. Lorna
It should never have been taken out of Crown ownership. This nonsense is costing the country far too much. Too much money and too much in damage to race relations. Brenda
Definitely. Barrie
This country is fast becoming an international laughing stock by its headlong rush to generate a class of citizens with superior rights, purely so they will (it is hoped) prop up the political party giving them those rights. I have never harboured a great admiration for the intelligence of politicians, and this is total justification for that stance. NZ, RIP. TONY
These claims are not in accordance with the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi as recorded in the original instructions from the Crown to Hobson. David
No control by individual races please. PETER
This cannot go ahead polys putting their job ahead of the populations democracy. Bryan
It’s about time any & all NZ Governments acted on behalf of the Majority of the peoples of NZ wishes instead of pandering to Maori & their outrageous claims. David
Enough of Maori theft!! Mike
And while we are at it lets extinguish the Waitangi Claims Tribunal which continues to exceed its mandat and is well past its use by date. Kevin
Surely no one group can claim to own a piece of natural land/water. Barry
Should NEVER have left Crown ownership in the beginning. Peter
Let’s put an end to this nonsense about one sector of society ‘owning’ the foreshore and seabed. We are ALL New Zealanders and it belongs to EVERYONE. Sylvia
No individual or racist group owns the foreshore or the sea bed or should be able to claim exclusive rights over any part of it. Therefore it MUST BE returned to Crown ownership and control. Graeme
Without exception, Crown ownership must be restored. Would like to see NZCPR to post National newspaper advertisement exactly as it is for all New Zealanders to see and understand the corruption and dirty dealing that has resulted in National’s present treasonous position. Neil
The current changes proposed are just encroaching apartheid by a small group of cunning elite Maori. Peter
This is the beginning of the end for democracy in NZ. ( Coupled with Maori rights to local body voting as per the recent RMA amendments). Michael
Chris Finlayson and Nick Smith leading the rest of the of the National Party by the nose have a huge amount to answer for. History will not treat them lightly. Unfortunately they will be gone from politics before the full effect of their hypocrisy is understood by the nation. Richard
Absolutely. It seems that some parts are already being gifted as part of settlements. Can we be shown exactly which parts still remain in Crown ownership. We have had great difficulty trying to determine this, being fobbed off time and time again. Linley
When will this nonsense finally stop? Tim
It is for the use of all NZers equally, and its management should be undertaken by the Crown without exception. Dave
One land for all. Pete
Yes Crown ownership should be restored and without compensation of any sort. David
Is Maori trying to take over NZ for their own greed. Where I live one doesn’t see too many Maori out there restoring the dunes or any other part of the coastline. However we do see buckets and sacks being carried from the beaches to waiting vehicles – exploitation!! I would rather my tax went to the restoration of our beautiful coasts under a controlled method of a Govt guided supervision. Elizabeth
Enough is enough. Willy
RESOUNDING YES. But with this Government, or any other Government , it will not happen. There is too much fear of the mighty Maori machine that creates the imoression that they repressed and need to grab all they can. This only creates separation in this country. Maori have no will at all to unite, even though most of them have very little Maori in their DNA. So one can only say, what do they want next? I did not the change made by Key, attended the hearings, gave submissions but the whole matter was like a farce. The decisions were made, the law overturned. What one has given to them is too hard to take away. Audrey
Stop the Greedy Bloody IWI from getting there way any more. New Zealanders will wake up one day when they go the beach and some Bloody Maori IWI will either demand money from them or say you are not allowed on “our Land” It will be too late then. The quicker we tell them to get stuffed the better. Colin
Bloody oath. Clark
This should not even be a question – the foreshore and seabed belong to all New Zealanders equally. This is a betrayal by the National Party and an vote decider for me. Fran
Should never have been released. David
YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!! Laura
yes,yes.yes David
My worry is can our crown be trusted !!!! Certainly not at the moment. Bryon
The crown ownership of the foreshore should be restored back to full control of the crown and not iwi. Frank
No race based legislation. Gaz
Legislation based on race is unacceptable. Terry
If not, NZ should prepare for decades of opportunistic Maori claims for race-based more ownership, control and power. Colin
If it is not restored, our country’s citizens will be exposed to generations of IWI ‘management’ by a very few individuals with a very high interest in feathering their own nest. SACRILEGE. Carl
That supercilious, arrogant and pompous politician, Mr Findlayson, will never allow the legislation to be changed as it was his idea and he will never, ever, want to lose “face”. The only way forward is to change the government structure, get rid of the Maorii party as a coalition partner and return to reality. Foreshore and seabed, water rights etc show just how grasping and influential that party is and they represent such a small number in Parliament. There was an uproar when the bill was proposed and it didn’t make a scrap of difference. With the same people in power we will have the same result. Get them out of there!!! Mike
My view is that the foreshore and seabed and all rivers and lakes and mountains are not the governments to give away every person on the planet have the right to enjoy all of the above. Bruce
MAORI stop winging and wanting everything for nothing you are ruining this great country of OURS get out and do something for the good of all Kiwis. John
This government has a lot to answer for, and if these latest claims are given any credibility, their lasting legacy will be that they sold out the whole country! Dennis
Of course. John Key, Finlayson , Smith and, probably, Bill English should all be tried for treason. They have sold this country down the river to retain power with the prospect eventually of knighthoods and personal agrandissement. Alan
Most definitely! Barry
Crown ownership of seabed and foreshore should neverhave been relinquished. Roger
It amazes me that the current government can’t see where this going. Where’s the BINDING REFERENDUM ??? Graeme
It should be for all NZers not just a small group. Let the past stay in the past. We have already given Iwi settlement for their claims. No more let them live in the present. Cherryl
Absolutely. No tribal claimant will have 100% Maori blood ! Some (or many?) probably have very little tribal blood – but after having received so much for so little from weak politicians why not go for gold! What is happening to ONE NEW ZEALAND? Bad! Stuart
Most definitely! Should never have left Crown ownership! The Foreshore & Seabed belong to all NZ’ers. !!! Valerie
High time to deal seriously with extremist/nonsensical racially biased tripe-of whatever stripe. Phil
Of course. It’s for kiwi not iwi. I like that! David
Kiwi citizens are the rightful owners of seabed and foreshore, not some elitist prevarications who have fact or established right to our natural assets. John
Inept political meddling causing a very serious problem yet again!. Financial resources will get wasted with all the wrangling,( although some will enjoy the benefits!!!.) A further legacy of bad feelings will be created and Joe public will suffer the aftermath in every respect. Thanks National! Delia
New Zealand belongs to all of us. Not a small minority of 15% John
Who does the National Party represent? Graham
Racist thieves. Greg
Please can we all just be kiwis together and look after and enjoy our beaches together.. Would there be any other country in the world where beaches and oceans are not able to be enjoyed by all the people? Hilary
Yes and urgently. Wake up people! Elizabeth
It’s me first –greed greed greed. Richard
…as usual what a bloody “sell-out” by C finlayson……LOW LIFE … ChrisH
This would go some way to restoring non-racist democracy in NZ. Roderick
I am a Kiwi I was born here, I had no choice in it, why am I not allowed as with the rest of the non Maori population to be able to feel that New Zealand is our home land. This consistent claims for whatever they can get there hands on & bugger the rest of the population has to come to an end. This country is heading to a race war & we are being forced into it by all the things that the government are giving up to the Maori claims. What will we the non Maori New Zealander have when it all comes together NOTHING we will have to pay to go to the beach whats not mined & it will be where I live. To the National Parks. To tap for water. What do they want next. IWI: I Want It & they are getting it. No party should be allowed as a political party that is based on race,very bad. We don”t protest hard enough in New Zealand. In France they would have hung these traitors on both sides for treason. Nigel
Yes, together with adequate funding for the Department of Conservation. Carole
Disgusting to hear how selfishly dishonest the national party have been on this one. John
Yes return the foreshore and other things back to Crown Owner ship. There just to much Maori in the estate of this country now. Maori should come under the crown and New Zealand laws. No one group people should own the foreshore or rivers. It is time all this shit was stop and it been going on for too long. Robert
The foreshore and seabed must always belong to all New Zealanders and not to a race based minority. Paul
When are the Govdrnment going to wake up to this “grabbing claptrap” ? This is supposed to be ‘one people’s, one country’. If this is allowed continue our beautiful green country will be destroyed and all attempts to save it will be lost. Robyn
At the time submissions on the act showed that over 80% of the people wanted the ownership to remain with the crown. So what did National do…gave it away. Roll on September 21st! David
Definitely. Colin
This is about Socialist Politicians illegally spreading wealth without the consent of the people. The NATIONAL Socialist Party will pay dearly for this but only if MMP goes. Waynet
Aparthied is well on its way into New Zealand 10% (Maori) seeking control and precedent over 90% (the rest of us). Kelvin
Then it would belong to all of us… Graeme
We don’t have to pander to these maorie or any one who think they have the right to our land. It’s for all of us to enjoy and we should defend our rights to it forever. Jim
Most definitely the foreshore should never got to this situation put it back in the crown and stop all this rot. Russell
This whole business of conceding the foreshore etc; to one so-called ethnic group is pure insanity. Even the Moaris should be against it!! In a global world which is already in a state of collective dementia, this Act of Parliament passed by the National party leaves me speechless and makes New Zealand the laughing stock of the entire planet. Chris
Maori should focus on building prisons. Jon
These claims are a rort. National should never have passed this stupid law. It should be repealed and Crown ownership restored. Andrew
Absolutely! All New Zealanders own the beaches and the sea – not Maori. This appeasement by National is the last straw – I won’t vote for them again, until they stop pandering to Maori.  Keith
Why did the Party that used to stand for one law for all impose this racist legislation on the country? It’s a betrayal. Marion
Yes, yes, yes – the foreshore and seabed should never have been removed from Crown ownership. The National Party needs its head read!  Ed
This debacle just shows that thanks to the cowardice of National politicians, Iwi are running the country. Jason