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This is our Coastal Claims Fighting Fund fundraiser page – if you wanted the NZCPR’s regular donation page, please click HERE.

The NZCPR has launched a fighting fund to cover the cost of an appeal to the Court of Appeal of the High Court judgement of Justice Churchman in the Edwards case.

By ignoring the intention of Parliament and elevating ‘tikanga’ above the common law, legal requirements that were designed to ensure claimants met stringent tests that would restrict title to the coast to minor pockets, have been overruled – see HERE for full details.

Through prioritising tikanga and adopting a shared title approach, if the decision stands, few claims are likely to be ruled out and most of New Zealand’s coastline will fall into tribal hands.

The NZCPR supported the the property rights group, the Landowners Coalition, to oppose the Edwards case in the public interest. Along with the Attorney General, they were the only opposing voices.

The Landowners Coalition is appealing the case to the Court of Appeal in the public interest. The Attorney General will be involved in the case as an “intervenor” to assist the Court. 

Our fundraiser is aimed at not only covering the costs of  litigation, but also any adverse costs award, which could be substantial given there may be up to seven litigants, who were awarded Customary Marine Title, who may want to defend the decision. 

If you oppose the coast falling under tribal control, please support those who will be standing up for us in the Court of Appeal, by completing the form below. 

If you would prefer to donate by phone, using your credit card, we are happy to help – please call us on: (09) 434 3836 .

And if you would prefer to donate directly, here are the details – but please include your email address so we can send you a receipt:

Internet Banking: please credit ASB Bank NZCPR Court of Appeal Fundraiser account: 12-3099-0833814-52

Thank you for helping the NZCPR fight to save to the coast!

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Dr Muriel Newman
New Zealand Centre for Political Research
PS If you have any problems, please phone us on 09 434 3836 or email me at 
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