Category: Guest Posts

Frank Newman

A Budget of low expectations

The one thing I hope for from the annual budget is a government that says it will do less, not more. I’ve been hoping for that from every budget for the last 40 or so years, and each has been a disappointment.

Anthony Willy

To be or not to be Republican or Monarchist

Teetering as we are on the brink of tribal Marxism should this government be returned to power I can think of no worse a time in our history to be considering abandoning the Monarch as our head of state. Republicans take heed.  What you are proposing will be a disaster for the survival of our democracy and way of life.

Frank Newman

Chiefs at War

There is also now clearly emerging inter-generational conflict within Māori between more moderate iwi elders intent on working within the system and a younger generation of activists intent on destroying the system. The real question is whether any politicians are brave enough to confront these issues.

Anthony Willy

Naked Greed

It is no wonder that Ngai Tahu are content to let their water grab rest unresolved in the High Court when they have a cast iron legislative right through Three Waters (Affordable Water) waiting in the wings.

Anthony Willy

Who Owns Water?

The ownership of water is coming to the top of the political agenda with sinister connotations that it can be bought and sold and allocated on the basis of race. It is therefore timely to revert to first principles and consider just what it is the politicians are dealing with.

Heather du Plessis-Allan

You Can't Take the Politics Out of Climate Change

One of the last things Jacinda asked of us in her valedictory speech was that we “take the politics out of climate change”. Let’s see this request for what it is. It’s a play to get good international headlines, and a bad idea that we should all ignore.

Chris Trotter

An Ugly Demonstration

Keen-Minshull’s rally was over before it had even begun – victim of the Thug’s Veto. Her right to free expression had been illegally and violently curtailed. Why, in the face of credible threats to her person, was police protection denied to Keen-Minshull and her followers?

Anthony Willy

Who Guards the Guards

The three pillars which underpin our way of life are: Democracy, the Market Economy and The Common Law. These pillars are being eroded by the present government with the push for a tribally based society and the backlash which has forced a Prime Minister from power and replaced her with a trick cyclist who is displaying impressive skills of back peddling.

Dr Greg Clydesdale

Stopping the Woke Wave

A number of writers have noted that the woke ideology is now so entrenched in our institutions that it presents a genuine threat to Western culture.  The term 'woke' is now associated with intolerance and over-righteous zealots who believe they are morally superior.

Dr John Robinson

Our choice for the future: Equality or tribal rule

Never forget that this is our country, our future to decide. Politicians, and the political system do not serve us well. It will take a considerable effort to turn back from racism as the normal and accepted state of affairs. Getting rid of co-governance would be a good first step, but only a first step on the long road back to equality.