Category: Economic Issues

Dr Muriel Newman

Last Chance to Oppose Coastal Claims

The Marine and Coastal Area Act is flawed in many respects, but especially in its failure to define a critical legal test. As it stands, unless the law is amended, it will be Judges rather than Parliament that determines whether Maori interests will own some of the coastal marine area or most of it.

Dr Muriel Newman

Deepening the Dependency Trap 

Under the guise of ‘compassion’, the agenda is all too easily captured by vested interest groups that are promoting welfare policies that will increase dependency on the state, rather than reducing it.

Dr Muriel Newman

Defend Your Beach

As you and your family head off to the coast this summer, you might want to consider how long it will be before Maori tribal groups are dictating access rights to your favourite beach. Few holidaymakers will realise that ownership of the beach they are visiting is under claim.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Dangers of Dependency

Welfare reform requires great care. Of all policy areas, the unintended consequences of getting it wrong can be devastating, especially for children.

Dr Muriel Newman

Improving Productivity and Wellbeing

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has promised to address New Zealand’s flagging productivity growth. According to the Productivity Commission, the country is being held back by our persistently weak labour productivity growth, which was the fourth lowest of all OECD countries between 1995 and 2014.

Michael Reddell

Looking for a successful outward-oriented economic strategy 

The government says it want to increase the export orientation of the New Zealand economy. Early in their term of office, the previous government adopted an explicit numerical target for lifting exports (as a share of GDP). Unfortunately, no progress was made towards it.

Dr Muriel Newman

Capitalism Under Scrutiny

The country’s new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have claimed that free market capitalism is failing New Zealand. Their comments indicate that they intend blaming areas of government and policy failure on capitalism.

Dr Muriel Newman

Creating a Legacy of Growth

Winston Peters, the 2017 General Election ‘Kingmaker’, is yet to choose New Zealand’s new government. The widespread speculation that the coalition negotiating window set by New Zealand First was too tight, has turned out to be correct.

Professor Richard Epstein

We Need Flatter Taxes, Cleaner Rules

The Trump administration released a thumbnail sketch last week of its much anticipated tax plan, which has generated opposition and support from all the usual suspects.

Dr Muriel Newman

A New Parliament and the Labelling of Food

This week’s newsletter is being sent out as the polling booths for the 2017 General Election are closing. Since we may not know the final shape of our new Government for a while, let’s look at what needs to happen before the 52nd Parliament can begin operating