Category: Economic Issues

Dr Muriel Newman

The Great Global Warming Awakening

Before our eyes, the climate change movement is morphing into totalitarianism. With the State intruding ever deeper into our private lives will New Zealanders stand by and let them take more control, or, as a nation, will we too push back to defend our freedom and way of life?

Bryan Leyland

Wind and Solar Power Need Storage

Given that the CEO of Transpower has warned us of the risk of blackouts this year, when the lakes are full, it seems to be inevitable that if it was a dry year, we would be in serious trouble. Quite obviously, the electricity market is unable to ensure an economic and reliable supply.

Dr Muriel Newman

Labour is the Problem

Labour employs an army of public relations advisors and communications experts. So, it’s really no surprise to find that contrary to Labour’s record of abject failure in virtually every area of governance, a narrative of success and sound economic management is being run.

Frank Newman

A Budget of low expectations

The one thing I hope for from the annual budget is a government that says it will do less, not more. I’ve been hoping for that from every budget for the last 40 or so years, and each has been a disappointment.

Frank Newman

Chiefs at War

There is also now clearly emerging inter-generational conflict within Māori between more moderate iwi elders intent on working within the system and a younger generation of activists intent on destroying the system. The real question is whether any politicians are brave enough to confront these issues.

Dr Muriel Newman

Labour Delivers Control of Fresh Water to Maori

In reality, Three Waters was always a trojan horse used by Jacinda Ardern to hide the fact that Labour was passing control of water to Maori. Since Chris Hipkins’ Affordable Water Reform does not change that, Maori control of freshwater is set to become a major election issue.

Dr Muriel Newman

Questioning Climate Change

Labour has pushed the country too far down the climate mitigation rabbit hole, and that what the cyclone and the floods have shown us only too clearly, is that as a nation, our focus instead should be on adaptation, so we can build greater resilience to the natural disasters that will undoubtedly confront us in the future.

Dr Muriel Newman

Lessons From a Cyclone

Cyclone Gabrielle was a tragedy that exposed life-threatening frailties and failures within our infrastructure network. Once the immediate problems have been addressed, a comprehensive review will be required to mitigate the effects of potentially damaging natural events in the future.

Barry Brill

UNFCCC: Mission Accomplished!

Net Zero is a dead man walking. Professor Roger Pielke’s Iron Law of Climate Policy - when policies focused on economic growth confront policies focused on emissions reductions, it is economic growth that will win out every time - will inevitably prevail in democracies.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Test of Strength

This toxic situation, where democracy is being replaced with ‘apartheid’ must be unwound. Turning New Zealand into a “colourblind society”, where our team of 5 million Kiwis are all equal under the law, is surely the only way to build a strong and united future.