Category: Regulation

Dr Muriel Newman

A Lurch to the Left

On October 23rd last year New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announced that he’d chosen the most radical left wing coalition in this country’s history to become our new Government.

Dr Muriel Newman

Global Warming Groupthink

With the Government’s climate change policy agenda set to impose huge financial costs on households over time, it is little wonder that global warming scaremongering is now being ratcheted up.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Tax Sham

Last week submissions opened on the Government’s tax review. In reality, it's a twelve month long $4 million political charade designed to deliver the capital gains tax policy that Labour botched during the election campaign.

Frank Newman

The Future of Tax

Those who expect the Working Group to produce a comprehensive and impartial review of our tax system will be disappointed. It's not that kind of project. The Group's role is to provide options within the government’s agenda.

Dr Muriel Newman

Will President Trump bring down power prices in New Zealand?

Will the President of the United States be responsible for lowering power prices in New Zealand? That question has been raised because this could be one of the unintended consequences of Donald Trump’s latest move “to make America great again”.

Bryan Leyland

The Future of Electricity Supplies in New Zealand

The New Zealand electricity market has given us ever increasing prices and there is an increasing risk that a dry hydro year could lead to extremely high prices and blackouts. Major changes to the industry are needed – and quickly.

Dr Muriel Newman

Political Correctness Threatens Free Speech

It is said, that free speech is a sign of a healthy democracy, but are people really free to speak their mind in New Zealand today? At one time it was OK for someone to be offended by what others said. They were told to toughen up and get on with life.

Lindsay Perigo

Fottles, Fatwas and Free Speech

The Fascists of the Left (FOTLs, pronounced “Fottles”) have won. Free speech in New Zealand is dead. It has been throttled by Fottles. The Fottles have been frenetic. One, Mullah Marvelly, issued a Fatwa via Twit-Witter. Then a second Fatwa was launched in the form of a petition…

Dr Muriel Newman

Child Poverty: Real or Rhetoric?

The Prime Minister says she intends making child poverty a priority for her administration. However, it’s not relative income measures that are needed, but policies to end intergenerational welfare dependency.

Dr Muriel Newman

Last Chance to Oppose Coastal Claims

The Marine and Coastal Area Act is flawed in many respects, but especially in its failure to define a critical legal test. As it stands, unless the law is amended, it will be Judges rather than Parliament that determines whether Maori interests will own some of the coastal marine area or most of it.