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A Betrayal of Trust

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The Labour Government has betrayed the trust of New Zealanders by changing key constitutional conventions without any mandate from voters.

When they took Office in 2017, equality of citizenship and the Rule of Law were constitutional cornerstones of New Zealand democracy.

Now, five and a half years later, New Zealand is no longer a society of equals.

Labour has elevated the leaders of multi-million-dollar iwi business corporations into a privileged ruling class. On the basis of their race, they have been given the power to influence Government decision-making. As a result, a Maori world view is now being imposed onto the country.

The effects are everywhere. Maori has replaced English in the name of our country, government departments, streets and towns, and now even road signs. Throughout the workforce, public servants are being forced to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi, undertake cultural competency training, learn te reo, and even stay overnight on marae.

Similar requirements are also being imposed on the private sector in companies that rely on government registration or funding. A Labour Party Private Member’s Bill, the Companies (Directors Duties) Amendment Bill, has even proposed that private companies should honour the Treaty.

Nowhere can the takeover be seen more clearly than in health, where an Equity Adjustor Score has now been introduced to prioritise Maori patients over others in greater clinical need.

As the Herald reports: “Some surgeons said the new scoring tool was medically indefensible. They said patients should be prioritised on how sick they were, how urgently they needed treatment, and how long they had been waiting for it – not on their ethnicity.”

Surgeons were said to be “disgusted” by the new ranking system: “It’s ethically challenging to treat anyone based on race, it’s their medical condition that must establish the urgency of the treatment.”

The public outcry following the revelation that an Apartheid health system has been imposed onto our country, sent Labour’s PR machine into overdrive as they flailed around to release a flood of reports and announcements – some before they were even ready – to distract the media and the public away from their blatantly racist health policy.

To achieve Maori control of the health system, the District Health Boards had to be abolished and replaced with a centralised system jointly controlled by a Maori Health Authority. The Pae Ora legislation not only prioritises “improving the health sector for Maori”, but it also ensures Maori control the Health Minister. To accomplish this, a permanent ‘Maori Advisory Committee’ of eight members has been established with such authority, that any advice given to the Minister that is not accepted, must be publicly notified.

In addition, the Minister must not only “have regard to advice of the Maori Health Authority when determining a health strategy”, but “iwi-Maori partnership boards” have also been established around the country to influence health delivery.

The legislation requires both Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority to have expertise in the Treaty, tikanga, and matauranga Maori – and by requiring both bodies to “jointly develop and implement a New Zealand Health Plan”, Maori have been given the power of veto.  

And just to be sure, the Government Policy Statement on health prioritises Maori: “The new system design must place Te Tiriti o Waitangi at its heart. It will strengthen Maori leadership and… improve the responsiveness of general health services for Maori…”

Under Labour’s race-based health system New Zealanders are no longer equal.

It’s a similar story with the control of water. Despite widespread public opposition, Labour is pushing ahead with Three Waters, which iwi leaders see as a stepping-stone towards gaining ownership of New Zealand’s freshwater.

With lavish establishment expenditure of $1 billion more than forecast already blowing the budget, the shear insanity of Three Waters is becoming more evident by the day. This is especially the case following the news from the UK that Thames Water, which uses the same highly leveraged debt funding model as Three Waters, is facing a financial crisis and is literally drowning in debt.

And that’s the reality – Three Waters is a financial disaster waiting to happen. If it is not reversed by the incoming government, it will create a major financial crisis for New Zealand in the future.

The Water Services Entities Amendment Bill – which increases the number of water entities from four to ten and sets an establishment date of 1 July 2024 for the first water entity for Northland and Auckland – is now in front of a Select Committee. While the Bill introduces “community priority statements” to appease concerns that Three Waters delivers control of water to Maori, they are no more than window dressing.

Under Three Waters, iwi control of water is all tied up: a Maori advisory board controls the water regulator; regional co-governance boards give Maori the right of veto; Te Mana o te Wai statements give local Maori the power to dictate demands to the Boards running water services.

Submissions on the Bill close on July 5 – full details can be found HERE.

Not content with controlling health and water, the tribal takeover has also engulfed education and the tertiary sector, as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata, explains:

“Decolonising and indigenising all government institutions, including the education system and the universities, are retribalism’s strategies…

“Justified by retribalisation politics with the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi used as the mandate, the aim is to insert traditional ways of being, thinking and doing into all areas of the university. The commitment to a revisionist historical treaty can be found in universities’ strategic plans.

“Curriculum initiatives along with research ethics and funding are also required to demonstrate a treaty commitment. There is some dissent, but accusations of racism and the response to those who have spoken publicly have silenced opposition.”

And that’s the problem in a nutshell.

Whenever anyone speaks out against the iwi takeover, they are accused of racism. That’s why so few speak out. Furthermore, in the absence of warning voices, many New Zealanders are still largely unaware of the serious danger to our future that totalitarian tribal rule represents – if allowed to continue on after the election.

The mainstream media must bear some responsibility for this travesty. To be eligible for a share of Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, the media were required to support the Government’s narrative that the Treaty is a partnership. That’s why they don’t speak out against co-governance and have largely shied away from reporting the tribal coup.

So, what is the back story – how have we reached this situation? 

The cause can be traced back to the imbalance that’s being created in Parliament by the reserved Maori seats.

These seats are a relic of a by-gone era. They were established in 1867 as a temporary measure to give Parliamentary representation to Maori men, who, along with other men who failed the property ownership requirements of the day, were denied the right to vote.

Although all men gained full voting rights in 1879 and women in 1893, the reserved Maori seats were retained.

When the 1968 Royal Commission on the Electoral System recommended the introduction of MMP voting, they warned that the Maori seats would need to be abolished otherwise they would lead to an over-representation of Maori in Parliament. And that’s exactly what has happened.

In a representative democracy, maintaining proportionality is crucial. If the electoral system results in an over-representation of one group acting in its own self-interest, then the democratic representation of others is diminished, and the system itself becomes discriminatory.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the seats that at one time preserved equality, are now undermining it.

In 2017, the Labour Party won all seven Maori seats. In addition, two Maori MPs were elected in general seats, and four came in on the list. Altogether, 13 of Labour’s 46 MPs were Maori, and at 28 percent, they made up the largest Maori caucus in the history of the New Zealand Parliament.

It was during that three-year term that the foundations were laid for iwi control. In collaboration with iwi leaders the Office for Maori Crown Relations was established in 2018 to drive the process of change throughout the public and private sectors – and He Puapua was developed as a secret blueprint to achieve tribal control of New Zealand by 2040.  

The 2020 election delivered Labour majority rule and 15 Maori MPs – 6 elected in the Maori seats, 6 in general seats, and three on the party list. Making up 23 percent of Labour’s 65-strong Parliamentary team, and 25 percent of Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet, radical Maori were over-represented at the highest level of Government. By fast-tracking a radical separatist agenda, these MPs have had a disproportionate and dangerous influence on the running of the country.

Ironically, while that small cabal of iwi leaders anointed by Labour claim to be acting in the best interest of Maori, they do not represent all Maori.  

Instead, most Maori are as horrified as the rest of us at their power grab. But the threat of intimidation if they speak out, can be extreme.

In fact, over the years, the oppressive nature of tribal influence has driven many Maori to leave New Zealand for Australia.  

A study carried out by Te Puni Kokiri in 2007, found that one in six Maori were living in Australia, with many having moved there to escape tribalism: they expressed an overwhelming sense of relief on being ‘free of Maori culture’, of being able to ‘get away from the rigid beliefs of our elders’, of getting ‘away from tikanga Maori and whanau dynamics and pressures associated with being whanau’; and ‘you know the story marae, whanau hui, whanau politics, continuously fighting each other but still whanau in the end. It feels like we are able to live our lives without being answerable or having to think is this good for the rest of the whanau’.”

The majority of Maori are just like every other New Zealander. They live in the real world, and have real world concerns about good schooling, good jobs, a decent house, and aspirations for a better future.

The former Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox revealed as much when she said: “90 percent of our whanau don’t live in that kaupapa Maori environment because they live in the mainstream society we all grew up in.”

And before he became a Government Minister, Labour MP Willie Jackson concurred, criticising “elitist Iwi leaders” for the fact that “21 years after the first treaty settlement close to 90 percent of the Maori population have yet to see any benefits from the treaty settlement process.”

It’s only a radical minority who are focussed on tribalism, power, and control. It is they who have been empowered and are now being enriched by Labour to impose their separatist demands onto the country. 

So, what can be done to remove this threat to New Zealand’s wellbeing?

There’s only one answer – the Maori seat power base of these radical supremacists has to be abolished. If they are not abolished – as the extremist Maori Party, which holds the seventh Maori seat and wants full Maori control of the country demonstrates – New Zealand will never be free from their divisive treachery.

What’s worse, is that instead of Labour’s newly released review of our Electoral System recommending that the Maori seats be abolished, they want them entrenched – to make it harder to remove them! Submissions on the review are open until July 17 – full details can be seen HERE.

With the Maori seats now leading to the undermining of equal rights and the Rule of Law – in violation of Section 19(1) of our New Zealand Bill of Rights that guarantees all New Zealanders freedom from discrimination based on race – surely it’s time they were removed so New Zealand can once again become a country of equals.  

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Definitely. Grahame
REMOVED Why are they needed in a system were if a citizen you get a vote Not only should Maori seats be abolished but all legalisation referring to race should also be abolished form the NZ statues. Equality doesn’t come from identifying ethnicity and then legislating for it All that does is marginalise those not identified who are equally on the fringes of society The pandering to the Maori has to stop. There are the equal in society who are not Maori but have the same needs National needs to address the issues discussed by Luxon at the Ratana church early in the year and bring about a return to equality. Bruce
Let Maori vote them in if it is important enough for them they will vote Justin
There has been no justification for them for years and there are numerous Maori occupying non-Maori seats in Parliament Terry
Equal rights for all in N.Z. Ann
When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination – Thomas Sowell. When Proportional Representation (MMP) voting was introduced in 1996, the Maori portion was out of kilter already. Now it is ridiculously biased towards them. What was the use of changing to PR. Shame on then PM Jim Bolger and Doug Graham – they are the architects of this racial mess. Monica
A relic of the past…get rid of them. Rhys
In accordance with the Royal Commission%u2019s recommendations. (1986) Graeme
When the electoral commission looked at mmp. They said if it is adopted then the maori seats must go, because they will have an unfair advantage. John Kerry Government did not take that action. In fact did the opposite and coalesced with the maori party, when they did not need to. We see the fruit of it today, Maori now heading towards a separate sovereignty. Their argument they never seeded sovereignty under the treaty, they are therefore partners and will get 50% of the tax tase to run their own Nation. I have had dealings with this movement, through the courts and that is their aim. It is represented by what they call Co-Governance. To fool the public into thinking it is just consulting with Maori. No Political Party will say what it is. for fear of being called racist. There is none so blind as those that cannot see. All the decisions of the Maori Party are based on race. So who are the racists? Follow the money and you will find the motive. Dene
Maori seats must be abolished now that we have MMP voting system and a Ti Pati Maori to balance indigenous rights. Glyn
I see you’ve fallen into the trap of not posting comments that your disagree with, or that stand outside your limited paradigm. Sadly, your censorship undermines your work and exposes the intrinsic limitations of your collective Weltenshaaung. You’ve lost another reader PERMANENTLY after repeated attempts to have my comments posted. Shameful, but entirely typical of the echo chamber of “academia”. Jasmine
I am very concerned over this, as there are no Maori’s left, we are now are country on mixed races. They should abolish the word Maori. Fiona
We are leaving this country soon. Aside from us our entire family has left already and they are not coming back!!! There is nothing here worth staying for. Elle
Maori are over represented in Parliament they can stand in electorate seats or on the list like everyone else does. We are one people Susan
Definitely removed. They are not only dividing the country but are in contravention of democracy. Keith
Of course but It would appear the nation is doomed. What a sad miserable bastard place this is becoming. How did we ever reach this stage !? Well sadly you reap what you sow. Being soft, gutless, spineless et cetera is now showing the quality of today’s Kiwis. You have almost lost control. Will people fight like their forebears or dessert like rats on a sinking ship. ? What a disgraceful shambles, John
Having these racial seats had purpose when they were created, but under today’s democratic system, they need to go. Anything including law which has a racist outcome is not wanted in New Zealand. Ian
It’s well overdue for some strong parliamentarians to get rid of these unnecessary and divisive seats. These reserved seats have NO place in a democratic Parliament. They Must go along with the outdated idea of a Treaty Partnership. There was NO PARTNERSHIP and never will be. Carolle
Go to the nation and vote, otherwise our nation will never be united as equal before the law. Henk
They should be removed, Maori can win a seat like anybody else.  Kate
These seats are race based which has no place in our society. They are also hurting the people they supposedly represent for a variety of reasons eg electorate size. Angela
There is no justification at all for these now. Paul
Removed immediately for the better oof the country Martin
Should have been done when MMP came in and the recommendation was with a new electoral system the need for them would go. Their presence distorts electoral equality Jennifer
Removed of course; however there is a risk that the majority of votes would then go to Labour’s general seats Peter
Grew up with apartheid. It does not work. Get rid of it fast or we all will be paying the price. The Labour Party is clearly disconnected from reality and is running the country to the ground. When you live in New Zealand you are a New Zealander no matter your race. We had enough of the minority pushing and forcing their agendas on us and the useless corrupted mainstream media that has no backbone to be independent and report unbiased news and keep people accountable to the truth. What can you expect when they dip their hands eagerly into the government’s cookie jar? Wake up NZ. Your democracy is under attack. Heckno
The seats were appropriate and served their purpose in another era. Under MMP they are no longer required. Martin
With MMP representation these racist and elitist seats are no longer necessary. Current Maori representation in Parliament is way above the percentage of Mapro living in NZ. Margaret
We are subjected to this government’s efforts to divide the country, it is beyond a joke. Murray
Theoretically the Maori seats will only be abolished once the goal of “co-governance” i.e Maori sovereignty, is achieved, by which time even the illusion of choice that elections cynically provide the sleeping masses will be a thing of the past. Many people think the WEF’s “Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory, but time will wake those people up soon enough. If the globalist goals are met, then by 2030 the era of elections will have come to an end, being replaced by elite feudal global overlords who rule unopposed over the short lives of the heavily culled slave class that remains. So Maori seats are little more than a distraction from far more important issues facing, not just our little nation, but all nations. Simply the latest iteration of “Divide et Impera” – the Roman policy of Divide and Rule. And we appear to be falling for it “hook, line and sinker”. An abyss stands before us, yet we quarrel over the pebbles on it’s edge. Jasmine
We have allowed a small elitist group of Maori to gain control and influence this hopeless Labour government. Allan
Democracy matters One rule of law for all is what treaty established. John
I am a Maori voter. Denis
Plus the Treaty of Waitangi should abolished apart from the retention of the documents for historic purposes. With the mess we now call NZ; how is an agreement struck in 1840 going to improve a broken state. Frederick
what right have they got to be put in this seat of power, i agree that not all maori want this, this labour government with the help of jacinda has changed things, if they are not voted out New Zealand is in real trouble, people need to research the truth maori are not indigenous why does this never get mentioned, they have no right to try and control this country, I do pray that they will be kicked out rodger
Of course they should go, as they should have when all men got the vote way back in 1879. No doubt the party of that day that was getting their vote wouldn’t let them go and that has continued on to this very day. Tis true power corrupts. Eric
Removal is long overdue. Leaders need to have the stamina to get these eliminated Peter
Labour is wrecking our country causing real problems for all People Ian
We do not want an apartheid situation in our country or Tribal rule and New Zealand is multicultural. Further no one race should have seats in Parliament for that reason June
Definitely they should be removed. The antics of the Maori party members have shown that they can not be trusted to make sound decisions that benefit all of society. In other words they want apartheid where the power is in the hands of a very small cabal of tribal -ists. Derek
I am tired of hearing about outcome equity when I’m not sure there is an equity of input into education, health, employment etc Bev
There is no place for racially based seats in a democracy Philippe
Labour Party have been an utter disaster they’re corrupt liars & hopeuall e employed in Oct at Election time Gretchen
They are racist and if national act and DMNZ had any balls they would announce that they would abolish them if they get into government Greg
one county, one people noel
The Royal Commission recommended this many years ago and now is the time to action it ! Nev
They are racist Alan
They should be removed and not in retaliation for what they are being used for but because it is right to do so Jeffrey
So that NZ can become multi cultural democracy! Frank
Removing Maori seats was part of the reason we voted for MMP in the 1990’s. Every Govt has reneged on this. Additionally we should remove all Census use of the race question to determine Maori seats – total BS given it is a cultural item, not a race based item Mark
no racism in democracy bud
There is no place for systemic racism anywhere Peter
As soon as MMP came in maori seats should have been removed. It is good to see some maori ( part maori ) on this platform are on the same page as the majority of NZrs. Hopefully more will stand up to the few radicals causing all this anger and frustration Kevin
Remove all racist apartheid from New Zealand Peter
Voting should take place on a area which everyone in that area votes for the same people standing. Gary
As per the commission report Mike
These days this is a totally racist system … No question about it .. racist ! Naine
Its racist, other ethnicities do not have electoral seats Fiona
I think labour has led us on a slippery slope,, and given so much over to Maori in the name of following the treaty , it has all got out of hand , so much so if Maori don’t get their way they blame it on colonization! Jeanette
Maori seats are a relic of a by gone era and need to be removed. They are a danger to our democracy. We are one people to which these seats are undermining that. We have worked so hard for equal rights which we need to protect. Labour has created the division and the racism that this Country has never seen before. We don’t want the Elite Maori running the Country we have built. Maoris own people are fleeing their Country. Remove these seats sooner than later. Anne
They are no longer necessary given the number o Maori MP’s we have. Time to do away with using race as a discriminator in anything. Graham
democracy now or the country is finished Anon
long overdue mike
1968 Royal Commission on the Electoral System or 1986? anthony
With urgency. NZ today is a nation of many ethnicities. The treaty of Waitangi is not enshrined in law – it needs to be parked as the intent is from another error and simply being used my a Maori elite to future their power and financial outcomes without ever having to work for it. Maori have been fully recompensed for any wrongdoings previously perceived or real! Paul
Should have been removed when MMP was introduced. Martin
The Maori seats just support further apartheid and neglect the large portion of non-Maori ancestry. Mark
We are all New Zealanders Bryan
If we are to be one and a united New Zealand the Maori seat need to go. New Zealand should not have choking elements in parliament but one that works together for all. Actually I recall John Key bringing the subject up. Owen
An extremely anti democratic way of voting , which favours Maori tribal rule. Iain
REMOVED they are racist,. They are long past what they were made for and when we made the mistake of voting in mmp they were recommended to be abolished to avoid exactly what is happening now. Get rid of them and that will clean out some of the shit in our parliament. Peter
Removal of the Maori seats is the only way we can eventually ensure a democratically focused government. Sylvienne
Bury them. Lyn
One person, one vote. Remove the racist seats. Neil
Ethnicity prejudice at it’s best! Rod
I would like a main nz news channel. With the stipulation there is no Maori words other than existing 1990 place names Jan
As someone of Maori descent I feel that the time has passed for Maori to be coddled by having their own seats. Maori are clearly quite capable of being represented in the mainstream electoral system without the need for special treatment. Gary
Absolutely they must be removed particularly as Maori in the current system are well represented Sidney
For the good of all New Zealanders they must be removed. John
There should be no seats based on race. Mike
There is no place for them in our total society. Tom
The sooner the better Armand
No need for them, we are meant to be a democracy. How can you have seats for Maori when there is no 100% Maori left in NZ. Alex
As your newsletter article says that the concept of having Maori seats in Parliament should have been abolished back when MMP was being considered because of the potential of an over representation in proportion of part – maori to total population of NZ. Bruce
we are all equal, that is the only way bob 
Sooner the better !!! Mark
Dump them as no longer required Ken
Should have been removed years ago. Brrie
Jackson said “when we own the water, we will own Aotearoa” . Stealth is how you do it ! gary
100% removed Alan
No preference for any citizen equality for all Gaye
My understanding is we are all equal but this understanding is being undermined by a minority who have no mandate to do this Roy
Typical labour bullshit Allan
The Maori seats should have been gone long ago. Michael
enough is enough peter
They are an obsolete anachronism Gerry
Theoretically the Maori seats will only be abolished once the goal of “co-governance” i.e Maori sovereignty, is achieved, by which time even the illusion of choice that elections cynically provide the sleeping masses will be a thing of the past. Many people think the WEF’s “Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory, but time will wake those people up soon enough, whereupon they will plaintively cry “why didn’t somebody warn us”, in much the same way as the Branch Covidians are beginning to do now. If the globalist goals are met, then by 2030 the era of elections will have come to an end, being replaced by elite feudal global overlords who rule unopposed over the short lives of the heavily culled slave class that remains. So Maori seats are little more than a distraction from far more important issues facing, not just our little nation, but all nations. Simply the latest iteration of “Divide et Impera” – the Roman policy of Divide and Rule. And we appear to be falling for it “hook, line and sinker”. An abyss stands before us, yet we quarrel over the pebbles on it’s edge. Jasmine
Getting rid of these seats is the first step in the massive process of getting our freedom back in NZ Ian
For sure, they must be removed. But who will have the courage to to tackle the onslaught of vitriol and racial abuse that will follow. Does anybody have the you know what’s? Rob
enough of this separatist nonsense john
WE are supposed to be all one. Irene
certainly well past use by date. Colin
To move forward as a democratic society these seats must be removed and all citizens should have equal voting rights, the Maori seats encourage racism Raymond
Time for maori seats to go Astrid
REMOVED, that way any maori who wants to be in the beehive can put their name forward just the same as other races and earn that seat by votes NOT BY THE REASON OF BEING maori. If winstone had done what he said he would do to get rid of them he might get back some prestige which he has lost for good. I dont trust luxton to do it so it leaves David of ACT to get us out of this mess, so we NEED a REFERENDUM to A. get rid of the maori seats, B. get rid of the treaty crap, C. get rid of labour, D.get rid of all this maori signage thats being used all over the country and STOP calling NEW ZEALAND a made up stupid word. One man/woman =one vote, not based on race/color Richard
Get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal also, the promoter of much of the current Maori untruths and straight out lies. Donald
GOD {or Winston Peters) SAVE US Rob
Remove the lot of them. Why should there be specific MAORI seats? Why should there be anything that is labelled Maori. We are New Zealanders, First and Foremost! We should be ONE people. There should be nothing labelled as anything specific, as far as race is concerned. We should be colourblind as a Nation. Heather
Maori seats are undemocratic and should be removed. Gavin
This is obvious phil
Why aren’t the opposition parties hammering the racial government in the house. Get rid of the indecent members that abuse parliamentary privilege. The ones that wear hats, tattoos and promote ludicrous native ceremonial war dances in our high office. They have no respect for their fellow New Zealanders and are quite useless at anything constructive. Dennis
Take back our country from the Maori radicals Alison
Maori seats are racist and there for a minority group of maori. stewart
Equality for all Patricia
The thought of tribal rule in this country is truly unbelievable in 2023! Such a backward step is unthinkable. It is time New Zealanders put a stop to this dangerous farce. Sarah 
One New Zealand! Jill
For heaven’s sake get rid of those anachronous “Maori seats” before they drag the country down, drowning. What sort of democracy can you have if one tiny percentage, in reality less than ten per cent, has voting power above that of the remaining 90 per cent? It’s time for the Maori supremacists to grow up and face the real world. ROB
Removed. 2% radical Maori have taken advantage of this. 98% of us have been betrayed. I see the gangs want Labour back in so their crime spree can continue. Says it all about this disgraceful govt. Allan
vote in the best person for the job, regardless of ethnicity or gender john
Well past their use by date. Allan
Removed. Equal opportunity. Caren
now Graeme
Racial Privilege, Apartheid, separatism alive and well thanks to weak politicians of all stripes. We the people must insist on removal of these out of date seats. Vote carefully in October. Sam
Definitely need removal. Tony
long ago, as National promised, then U turned… Giles
Equality of opportunity not outcome! Andrew
Otherwise NZ will become worse than Zimbabwe John
Spineless politicians have gone against the recommendations of MMP creators. As a result we now live in a Marxist socialist country. This has to be stopped or NZ will be gone and the good people will be the first to go taking there wealth with them. Barry
Anachronistic and patronising, they are a blight on the mana of every part-maori person who is able willing and capable of succeeding as a citizen on their own merits – which is the overwhelming majority of ‘maori’ who live in the mainstream population Francis
I am going to fill in a submission. Maori men were given t the right to vote after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. They have proven than some are in it for their tribes/iwi. If a maori politician campaigned for what I felt was good for New Zealand and I liked what their policies I would vote for them whatever ever gender. Best person for the job and democratically voted for. I am going to fill in a submission saying I want to see the maori seats removed. Jackie
This edition is terrifying. Stop the rot David
Maori seats need to be removed and all other references to special maori treatment like renaming everything need to be scrapped immediately as does the outdated and redundant treaty and let’s just get on with being new zealanders. Flip
The sooner the better Alex
Removal of the Maori seats Allows MMP to work. Mike
Should have been gone 50 years ago Alister
It is divisive and totally neglected 80% of New Zealands population Philip
The maori seats must be removed for the safety of our country & all citizens We have become a very racially divided people & somehow people must be made to be aware of what is happening & of our future if Labour should get back in . Loretta
Get them out before it is too late and they become absolutely and permanently entrenched in control of New Zealand. Maurice
We are all human beings, all the same, we al breathe, hopefully most of us anyway. Alan
Un democratic David
They should have been removed a long time ago. Chris
They should have been dropped years ago. Totally undemocratic. Colin
It’s a travesty! They should be null and void! Dianne
Have always felt they should be removed Gail
No argument, they should be removed We are one people living in New Zealand. It is time that those troublesome Maori leaders were put in their place or imprisoned as traitors to this wonderful country Tom
I have campaigned on this in the past three General Elections. It is blatantly racist. Where are my Irish seats? Indian seats? Pacific Islands seats? There are none and Maori preference seats should disappear to match. Philip
This removal essential. To make that happen soonest, vote two ticks for National in October !! David
Maori seats are undermining the rule of law and allowing discrimination on the basis of race. Dorothy
One nation one people. New Zealand is our name Glyn
A balance based on population numbers equates to proportional representation which is fairest and democratic. Peter
Detonated rapidly with high democratic approval. Stupidity of government seeking approval at the ballot box. I guess they are poisoning all new immigrants with their deceitful policies as they arrive too. What an undercurrent of political hypocrisy we have tolerated to be kind to each other. Time for this present government to go along with the Maori seats . terrence
All communities have equal ability to enter parliament irrespective of race which makes theses special seats irrelevant. Added to that MMP has turned parliament into the mad house! Tony
Race based policies are tearing the country and people apart. Maori people are more than capable, without the need for any tokenism. This racism is 100% evil. Donald
There should be no need for them . We are as one. New Zealanders Rob
MMP negates the need for Maori seats Heather
Definitely removed Rita
Or we risk losing more brains to Australia Bruce
There are no Maori, they are all mixed race just like the rest of us Ian
Under MMP, there are adequate parties where Maori voters as well as other voters to make their votes count on a nonracial basis. Maori Seats are a thing of the past. Gifford
had their time. No longer viable. Charles
Do it now Bill
all for one and one for all. Separatism must stop. fred
Absolutely however I despair about the unholy haste that the current govt is using to ramrod their ideology into our once wonderful country Mike
Long overdue for removal Terry
They must be removed! It is totally wrong that they have been retained! Totally unfair. John
Maori seats must be removed.We must return to total democracy. No more Maori anything. All New Zealand citizens to be treated the same regardless of their ethnicity. Steve
There should be only 1 class of citizens and all are equal as citizens of New Zealand. new Zealand for New Zealanders. Allan
Maori seats must go please Michael
All this b/s has got to stop Kay
The Treaty (in any form) never provided for specific Maori seats in parliament. In fact it never provided for any specific Maori involvement in NZ government except that they were treated as equal citizens. Their self determination relates to their own way of life, not all NZ citizens, yet here we are being forced and controlled to read, speak and think the Maori culture. Maori could claim the same as we are a Western society, but imposing a minority culture back in the majority will on end in social unrest. It’s racist and wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right. Duane
Having just viewed DocEdge documentaries, the power of political choices and their manipulation was plain to see. Disenfranchising choices inevitably result in an accumulating pattern of escalating violence. Beware !! Peter
Once again we see the so called elite Maori (what ever that is today) behaving no better than the WEF, their behavior is going to put back Maori relations, fifty years, as more and more ordinary NZ’rs are turning their backs on them. These misfits need to be knocked back, the majority of their ancestry is anything other than Maori. Racism, an over used word, that has become to mean nothing in my opinion. Merryl
As per Royal Commissions statement Alan
Should have gone a very long time ago. Apartheid! Elizabeth
Long live democracy! Jenny
Remove Maori seats. Tribalism is like communism – rule by a few over many. When those who produce the wealth of a country are told what to do by those who don’t, you will know that you are well on the way to servitude and slavery. Co-governance it will not be. There cannot be two bosses running one castle. Donald
Decades OVERDUE for removal. Just another race preference for undeserving Maori. Tony
May God help us. Gregory
And as soon as possible Terence
now chris
nothing extra need be said don
This should have occurred a long time ago when it was first recommended. Marga
Racism, driven by a very few highly vocal Maori shit stirrers is rapidly becoming the number one source of discontent in New Zealand. THEY HAVE TO GO. Urban
Well overdue. John
Can you imagine the rants if we had “white only” seats or for that matter, health system! Colleen
best we all focus forward as one people New Zealanders Richard
ASAP Robin
wake up NZers, this is very serious and maori take over is on its way graeme
New Zealand is entering into a very precarious social and economic tribal break down structure so similar to the South Africa and Zimbabwe situation, where it is reported now, those countries, just to ‘survive’ financially and socially, are seeking external knowledge and leadership to avoid widespread internal social and tribal devastation. I wonder how long it will be before internal tribal battles will break out in New Zealand – that’s how Maori ‘governed’ less than 200 years ago! Stuart
Common sense has failed for decades on this issue. My sons left NZ years ago and I have suggested to them several times that returning would be a bad choice because of the racist Maori sovereign propaganda and gutless Labour MP’s and media, to deal with it democratically. Vic
Let’s do away with Matariki holiday (who wants another holiday in the middle of winter?) and transfer it to the closest day to November 16, the day that New Zealand became a country in its own right in 1840, or the closest Monday to that date with Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent, and transfer another holiday (perhaps Kings Birthday), and celebrate a four-day weekend. People who have come to make New Zealand their home could celebrate with food, song and dance from their countries of origin. It could also celebrate the coming of summer with sport, etc. and the start of the Christmas season. If that makes me a racist, I would wear that label with pride! Kevan
We need to grow some spine. We can even do some small pushbacks like painting out new road signs. We need to be more proactive ie major street marches etc Alan
This labour faction government is a totally criminal government, they should all, including the opposition party factions be tried for crimes against humanity, ie, New Zealand citizens. Not one law they think they’ve passed is legal! Hopkin’s puppet master, Schwab must have given him a pat on the back and a scratch on the head, as a reward, the other day at the wef chat,(like a good little puppy) for the division he and the labour faction are causing. People need to wake up and look at what this criminal faction are doing to this country! peter
Past their use-by date. Yvonne
obviously elitist must go, so must all the totem poles on our highways! Ian
Democracy John
To entrench the Maori Seats is outright discrimination and (like other Labour actions) has NO mandate from the population who have not been consulted (as usual with this Government), Carol
Removing the Maori seats is only partially effective. The major problem lies within the fact that this country has lost its sovereignty a while ago . Just look a t ‘chippy rubbing shoulders with the Chinese dictator and Klaus Schwab. That is what I would call ‘ keeping bad company’ but to that bunch of morons in the Beehive this is state of the art politicking.. And they are prepared to sell us out even further at every step of the way. God have mercy on us who are caught in this quagmire . Michael
Also, all cogovernance rules and legislation should be abolished, so as NZ can once again be a truely democratic country, All the changes the radical maori have tried to entrench into our society mush be altered or removed from government policy. PETER
17% of the population should not control 50% or a total takeover. Laurine
Have any parties promised to remove them? Someone should Pam
The Maori seats are an anachronism. They are racist and of course, as you have outline, outlived their justification many decades ago. Get rid of them immediately. et rid of Public Service Maori-ization and get rid of any compulsion re Maori anything at all. Dianna
As Maori are only 15% of the population. there is a great imbalance between the rest of the population and Maori. We need to restore the correct balance in parliament. And reduce all the Maorification of NZ as has occurred these last 5 years. We are supposed to be a democratic, multicultural society , with equal rights for all, not based on race or colour of our skin. Theodora
We are one people and with one vote each there is on need for separate race votes Robin
Compulsory for democracy that they are removed. If not all Kiwis and immigrants will follow the old English feudal system and become Iwi Elite surfs/servants controlled by the gangs metering out their own vigilante justice. We will enter hell on earth. Anzacs please forgive us for our cowardice allowing this to happen. Brenda
Any seat based on race is racist and discrimination. They must go. Peter
Most definitely have to be removed before its too late. lyn
Most definitely removed. Lee
They served their purpose 156 years ago and then were overtaken in the next decade and finally with universal suffrage in 1897. There is now no need with MMP. John
Representatives should be elected to office on their merits, not on their ethnic identity. Athole
Absolutely removed. They make a mockery of democracy in New Zealand Gregor
Well researched and written article. John
Definitely need to abolish Maori seats. The radicals are driven by greed and power for iwi not their people. Heather
get rid of trouble makers, we should all be equal. gerard
their abuse is wrecking the country. kieran
Undemocratic Don
put on the fire where they belong. Erin
Sooner the better. This country is on a one way trip to being Third World!! Brent
The most stupid racist thing to happen in govt laurie
And not a minute too soon!!! brian
Long overdue!!! Wayne
South Africa here we come. Sven
There is a definite inbalance forming. What about all the other races living and working in NZ are they to be ignored? Anne
Removed! It is a no=brainer but beware there are plenty of voters who have no brain. If you think things are bad wait until after the election if the Maori/Labour/Green Combo have a majority. THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED if that happens. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND. Bruce
We should all be on one electorate. Ted
Maori seats are racist Martin
Past their used by date. Ian
Definitely removed – over all this racism that has developed these last few years. I cannot recall being so concerned about our NZ and the direction it is taking us before Lesley
They are well past their use by date, and as there are no full blood Maori they should be gone. There are enough Maori in Parliament on their own so shouldn’t need special seats. Andrew
We need a free democratic country, this entrenchment will lead to dictatorship by Iwi leaders. Trevor
Absolutely past their ‘use by date’. An anachronism. Fred
One person one vote John
I have a friend with 3 percent Maori is he a Maori, and entitled a full Maori vote. Arthur
If they want entrenchment, find a full blooded Maori then use ONLY MAORI TAXES to pay for what they want. m The will soon change their stance. Bluey
They are way past their use by date, of course the radicals state and continue to state that they must have total control. It is unbelievable how much control they already have. Fraser
There is no place in a democratic society for members to be elected by race , it is bad enough that we can not influence party lists. Peter
NZ should be colour-blind with equal rights for all. How can Labour ignore the NZ Bill of Rights which “guarantees all New Zealanders freedom from discrimination based on race? Mary
anachronisms. Lionel
As a New Zealander I am now a category 3 person due to the elevation of pacific Islanders and non IWI Maori In spite of the fact I am 4th generation NZ er Arthur
Racism at its best – for Maori Gordon
The Maori seats should have been removed many years ago. The vast majority of Maori are wholly in favour of democracy. The rest are incapable of governing themselves let alone the rest of New Zealand. Whatever future this minority intend for the country without doubt will be fully funded by hardworking taxpayers of which they are but a few. Bruce
Absolutely removed. Maori are more than capable of getting voted in without being treated like a pack of dummies who don’t have what it takes to achieve success on their own. Christine
Democracy is at an inflection point that needs to be addressed right now before, as a country, very serious consequences will fall upon society as a result of this total sham that Labour is enforcing upon us. Make no mistake, this will end in a revolution in the fullness of time. John
removed as fast as possible, what a cheek to want to have special seats for one small group of no hopers. james
Should be done ASAP—as recommended with introduction of MMP > Jacqueline
They mean nothing to most New Zealanders. Graham
Apartheid is running rife in New Zealand (NOT Aotearoa!) and should be eliminated. One person – one vote. All should be equal under the law. Sandra
All govt should be elected by citizen votes Dave
removal and individual Maori standing in their own right under the bill of Rights is the way of the future. Karen
They were recommended to be abolished when we changed the system to MMP but it never happened. Look at the end result – total maorification of everything and a ruling class based on ethnicity. Democracy has gone out the window. Kerry
One rule for all please. Tim
once again–the maori seats are control by stealth and should be completely abolished Maori are not indigenous to this country Their ancestors came by waka, and settled in NZ,, other early settlers came by boat and settled in NZ, so the maori have no more rights to try to govern by control –than anyone else. We all are equal NZers jenny
I am totally against any system which proposes rules based on race. Until recently I thought we were all New Zealanders irrespective of our ethnic backgrounds. Anthony
Anything other than one set of rules for everybody is in direct violation of the Race Relations Act. Norman
Definitely removed Graeme
One people one vote Dan
Insidious corrosion of the balance of power is driving NZ toward civil war. Civil War not only between black and white but also between warring Iwi intent on gaining control of assets land and power. I Marshal
The seats could stay on if only people with majority maori genes can vote for them. It still would not be democratic, if that still exists so my believe is one vote for one human who has not a serious crime record. Leonard
Universal Suffrage One person One vote No variations End of Murray
Blatant racism by the extremist Maori Party could never be controlled by this Labour government who realise that without Maori backing they have no chance of being the government after the next election. Ralph
Return to all people are equal. Ray
Maori have the same rights as any other New Zealand citizen to get into Govt by their own lobbying. Not by race or being so called indigenous which they are not. Wayne
NZ is supposed to be a democracy which is being totally undermined by these totally stupid politicians. Wake up New Zealand before it’s too late. John
Equal rights required 4 all! John
the sooner the better outdated. Chris
There should also be a definite definition of who can be classed as “Maori”. If their proportion of Maori blood is less than say 25%, they shouldn’t be classed as Maori. Ted
Removed !!!!!!!!!!. They were only a temporary measure in the first place and should have been gone by the end of the 19th century. Alan
Its VERY URGENT that this newsletter is sent to as many of BOTH ACT & NATIONAL STANDING OR NOW MP,s so they can see what needs to be done.Whats happened to our BILL OF RIGHTS? Time the $55 million payment to media was REALLY EXPOSED & CHALLENGED IN COURT as NOT protecting NZEALANDERS. Cindy
Abolish Neil
Maori are quite capable of standing on the own 2 feet. beverley
There is a greater proportion of people in parliament who identify as Maori than in the overall population. It is patronizing to Maori to say they require special Maori seats to be represented in Parliament – they can more than hold their own in getting elected without this anachronism Trudy
Vital Hugh
I do not understand why they were not removed in 1879. They are democratically an enigma. Rob
I am of Maori descent. I don’t speak Maori or understand the culture. I see that it is harmful. resent the changing of names to Maori. English is our first language and we all understand that. The change cannot be anything but an attempt to cause confusion and division. Why? Harvey
one people – one vote! Patricia
Maori seats have no place in a fully functioning democracy Grant
should have been done years ago and would have if the Nats had had enough backbone to do it when mmp came in!! Helen
If they want to stand by the sword then they must die by the sword.One person one vote Stephen
absolutely! Gerhard
QE ARE ALL NZedders. John
THey should have been removed years ago at the start of MMP – Maori have eld the balance of power for too long and now they are totally arrogant when it comes to democracy and equal right for all – who would have ever thought it would come to this. mike
We will never have equality in New Zealand whilst Parliamentary seats are reserved for a specific race. Dennis
Minority groups should be catered for in a single universal system of voting. Hugh
No longer fit for purpose Andrew
This is long overdue, and entrenches a non-democratic right on a racist basis. Surely New Zealand can do better than adopt, develop and retain an Apartheid form of Government. Robert
We are all one nation. Not divided. Maori have the same rights and opportunities as non-Maori. Lesley
They should never have been reinstated Christine
all race based seats should be removed from government and council. All references to race and treaty should be removed from all legislation. Evan
The Maori seats were always only supposed to be a temporary measure to provide more inclusiveness to Maori in NZ society at a time when most Maori did not bother to vote. That time is long gone decades ago. Greg
In order to stop racism we need to stop dividing people by race wayne
I must know 100 Maori. Many think it should be removed, a lot don’t much care either way, but the I don’t know any of the activists. Ian
equality craig
were meant to be removed after MMP came in Terry
As soon as possible Peter
We are all one Nation; we are all equal and it will stay that way. I will not tolerate radical racism which the stirrers are promoting. Ken
Now and October the latest! Colin
Absolute racism!!! Ron
I was never racist and STILL have many maori friends.This government has caused me to have very anti maori feelings with strength they given a few very radical maori. Cheryl
We are supposed to be one people. According to that useless ex prime minister Ardern. Peter
The Maori seats should have been eliminated with the introduction of MMP, they are undemocratic, racist and dangerously vulnerable to fascists. Terry
We need to go back to the 1968 Royal Commissions Recommendations regarding the removal of maori seats in parliament under MMP. If this stuff isn’t set straight soon, I predict that anyone who has the chance, will simply sell up and leave New Zealand. We will all be the poorer for it, as once-proud New Zealand slides inexorably into third world status, turning out like Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, a condition that the country will never recover from, particularly if there is a sell-off to Chinese interests. At that point, all New Zealanders, regardless of their affiliations, will become second class citizens under chinese rule. Enough said! Trevor
There are more MP’s of Maori decent that have been voted into Parliament than ever before, its time to abolish them to the history books along with an out dated treaty which was never a partnership agreement Brian
Democracy must survive, labour is taking N.Z.down Avery dangerous pathway with their separatism agenda why would you do it, history shows clearly what happens when you have apartheid! Chris
we are becoming what south africa was with aparthied in reverse Mel
Absolutely obvious that they should be removed Alan
There is no room for racism. Parliamentary seats reserved for maori (pretenders) is racism. They are an abomination and a travesty. Anti democratic in the extreme. Richard
Maori seats became redundant in 1879. This factor was confirmed by the Commission recommending MMP. That they have been retained is an affront to democracy. More so now that there is a race based Maori Party to promote re-tribalisation. Imagine the outrage if a Settlers Party were to be floated to protect the heritage and cultures of the Europeans, Chinese, Indians etc who civilised these islands. David
We have to get back to democracy – not tribal rule Richard
I no longer live in New Zealand because of all this Iwi racist bullshit and if I did I%u2019d likely be in jail for activism. One law for all Trevor
Get rid of them forever Jim Bolger had the mandate back when he was Prime minister being the coward that he is and to stay on side with his Maori mates nothing happened. We are now paying a HELL of a price . ken
Current government policy is dividing New Zealand into another South Africa – with apartheid in reverse – to the detriment of ordinary Maoris. Ivan
Sooner the better !!! Henry
They are an unnecessary relic of the past Peter
The imbalance must be rectified. Too much Maori influence even to place names and other signage with no referendum supporting these changes. Even to RNZ announcements and greetings in te reo. Lois
Along with ALL Maori names of government departments lindsay
They should have been removed years ago! david
Because it’s RACIST !! Geoff
They should have been removed years ago. All seats should be equal and accessible to anyone willing to stand Roy
Reverse racism is entrenched. Peter
We must all vote for the NEW party in waiting….NEW ZEALAND LOYAL… and rid ourselves of these pretenders who seek only power ,profit , and control. fred
Definitely be removed Noel
Should never been set up !! David
The fact that the half breed (or less) maori are so set on destroying the fabric of our once wonderful New Zealand, the seats must be abolished along with the apartheid based agenda ,it will take very brave and determined politicians to withstand, and remove the seats, and repair the ridiculous situation we are now in . Sadly the voters have much to hold their heads in shame ,whilst Kiwis Maori and European have been known for their non-confrontational manner ,its time to wake the hell up and support any /all politicians in Oct ,and yes even Ole Winston ,if he can be trusted after selling out to Labour in 2017 . Thankyou Muriel for keeping us informed the media are so biased that I no longer watch any TV news ..I note Stuff the biggest pro Maori antagonists are asking for people to subscribe to their biased news , perhaps if more no longer purchased ,TV Guide ,CH-ch Press and any other unprofessional 4th estate lefties, maybe hitting them in the pocket may change their woke ideals. Ray
One rule for all please. Tim
Racial seats have no place in a democracy. Get rid of them. Clive
Do we want New Zealand to remain as New Zealand or to be some country that cant get past Go to collect their $200 Warren
The current situation is ridiculous and apartheid by any other name Andrew
definitely removed david
Immediately! Philip
Remove them immediately. Kevin
They need to be removed to bring back equality in the electoral system Lynne
Sooner the better – please for the sake of our country. Ross
The only fair system is one person: one vote; And health access based on medical needs-based priority – nothing less! Nola
Those seats are unfair to the rest of us. Andy
And they should have been even before MMP all former governments are to blame no one has had the guts to do anything about it it’s no wonder people are leaving the country in droves as I’m about to as well unless National/ Act win this election anybody left deserve what happens if they don’t Peter
It has been shown that Maori are able to participate and be voted into Parliament on their own merit. These seats are no longer needed. Murray
No way entrench them they are racist Shaun
We should all be New Zealanders with everyone having one vote There is no need for Maori seats Bob
What will National do to resolve these problems, if anything? Rex
For all the reasons stated in your article today John
If not we become a more divisive society. Brian
Long overdue! Mark
If not – I too will return to Australia (pending a no vote in the Voice referendum) Skarlett
I agree with all you say. We must get back to all are equal Diana
100 years over due Ian
It’s pure racism to retain those seats. Part maori are well represented in all the general seats. bruce
Yes, for sure. We need to remove any and all things that create racial division in our society! Hugh
NOW Wiremu
Definitely! Our country has gone downhill in Labour, we are well divided, its apartheid now. To say Maori have more privileges in health is disgraceful. How has it come to this? We are ALL equal, not Maori first then the rest. I am ashamed of how this country has become. Kerin
This liebour government is the worst and most deceitful government NZ has ever had . We must get rid of it this election. Wendy
We desperately need to somehow get back to equal rights for every person Robin
They must be removed so that we can get rid of racism. Bruce
Should have gone years ago Nigel
All Maori seats MUST BE REMOVED as must all Maori privilege that is written into law and it must be mandated that ENGLISH be the ONLY language used in parliament, council and ALL public meetings. The whole purpose of language is to ensure people understand. In NZ 96% understand English whereas only about 5% understand Maori, on that basis using Maori in public meetings, government department names, and public meetings is totally indefensible. Maori now have disproportionate power in government and that MUST be stopped. Everyone MUST be treated as an equal. One person one vote, one law for all. Labour has been hopelessly corrupted by extremely corrupt Maori, who are trashing our democracy. Steve
No longer fits the purpose. John
At all costs, these seats must be removed for New Zealand to survive as a First world country. To leave them as they are, will have New Zealand slipping/cascading into third world status. Neville
these seats must be removed and labour has to go what a bloody mess no wonder every one is leaving. Barry
real democracy demands it. norman
apartheid needs to be stopped in NZ immediately Wayne
Should have been removed years ago remembering they were originally introduced as a temporary measure. There is a Maori party which can be voted for which can fairly represent peoples views Gary
– and I’ve submitted so for years at every opportunity. Deaf ears, of course! Gail
Apirana Ngata was right all those years ago when he said the Maori seats should be abolished. He also said that Maori had ceded sovereignty to the British crown. Duncan
If we want a true NZ for ALL Nzers they have to be removed. One Nation please. Maurice
Please Please remove the seats!! Murray
over representation of Maori in Parliament compared to the 13% in population means to much racially based authority. bryan
The tail has been wagging the dog for too long Clearly representation through the other parties is working Bruce
Definitely removed. I am sick of the Maori take over of NZ. All because they arrived here first.I hate all the Maori words in news reports, radio and government departments. I speak English and the Maori language is not fit for the twenty first century and is stupidly adapted with everything being a waka! Laura
Not only are they patronising, they are unnecessary, by their own endeavour to embrace democracy Maori are very well represented. Len
A person of Maori descent has the same opportunities to win a General seat as anyone. Add to that the fact that there are now no full blooded Maori, indeed the Maori King is only 50% as is Mahuta, which part is objecting to the other part? Roger
Well over due. The parliamentary seats have passed their intended use and are now being used as a tool to gain political power by a few “elite” Maori over the country. An absolute disgrace encouraged by a totally inept government.  chris
Race has no place in any society Tony
No need for these with proportional representation. Should have been removed when MMP was introduced. Philip
This archaic practice is seen no where else in the modern real world.It needs to go to referendum.Labour do not want to loose them, and national do not have the courage to go thru with it.Avery sad indictment of politicians mind set.Perhaps Act can force a change.. gale
They served their purpose so are overdue for removal Edgar 
This is the only way forward in what used to ne a great country with “Equal Rights” Russ
As part of the introduction of MMP the Moori Seat were to be removed David
I am against an apartheid New Zealand. Karenza
All for one, one for all David
They need to go as they are racist and undemocratic – they here outlived their original intent Ihaia
Vote two ticks blue David
They should have been removed when MMP came into being. Mary
The biggest impediment to progress in NZ is racism. We are all equal. Jenny
They should have been removed when we changed to MMP – itself a disaster as Maori are over-represented in Parliament and have a disproportionate influence on government policy and lawmaking. The Waitangi Tribunal has outlived its usefulness and is now racist in extreme. Its judgements are slanted towards the Maori elite who reap the benefits. The Tribunal has got to be closed down ASAP. Will any future government dare do this? It’s got too well entrenched. Laurence
Should never have been there in the first place. Sheer dammed racism. WAKE UP New Zealand before it’s too late. Don
We ought to be asking Why? The maori ‘elite’, with their divisive and openly racist demands have, unlike the majority of maoris, made themselves into a deeply unlovable body of people. What hidden power have they been able to exert on Ardern and now Hipkins in order to make them take the treasonable steps they have taken, and are still taking, towards introducing apartheid as the system of government in NZ? Why are they intent on destroying the country? TOBY
Removed – no brainer. This is decades overdue. Scott
Democracy demands one person, one vote Keith
Should’ve Gone in 1879. There is NO need for separate seats. Dick
Remove them – for ever! Bruce
Equality is the key to NZ going forward!! David
Remove the seats. Further, many of our government ministers should be tried for treason. Treaty settlements and claims have been going on for over 30 years and the Iwi agenda is they will never stop claims and wont be happy until we are all tenants to them in our own country. This land has over 4.5 million non Maori, pakeha, asian, indian and other ethnic races from all over the world. Not all Maori agree with this coup that is being allowed to take place, but the ultimate outcome will be vast civil upheaval sadly and degeneration into 3rd world living. Leon
Under ‘democracy’ there can be no defensible need to retain separate seats (Asians next? They are a greater portion of our population !) michael
These seats should be removed. These seats are a “Gimme” for Maori. They don’t need allocated seats as I think the Maori race are intelligent enough and have enough voter support to obtain these seats in their own right. steve
The Maori seats were supposed to be a temporary solution to ensure Maori votes in New Zealand as there was a property ownership condition and Maori would be unlikely to meet that condition. Later it became convenient for both parties to continue with them. Labour because they were guaranteed four seats and National because in seats like Rotorua the lack of the Maori vote would more likely mean a National win. Today the seats are an anarchism as all people have a vote. ALL VOTES MUST BE OF EQUAL VALUE. And the race basis of these seats is wrong COOKIE
We need to be one people treated equally, and with equal rights. There are no pakeha, Chinese, Indian or any other race-based seats, and there should be no Maori-based seats. Jeffery
The whole concept is racist, they have to go. Kathryn
The Natives once blamed the white man for division and treachery of their people, now they are doing it to us. Pity Cook didn’t let them kill and eat each other out of existence in the 1800s’ reg
Forthwith Richard
We are one Nation. Ian
One people ,One Country, equal rights for everyone. Don
The Travesty of waitangi. towards Anarchy. By Stuart .C .Scott 1995 Well worth Reading for the truth about the Treaty Of Waitangi. peter
We are all equal under the law. Ian
Parliamentary democracy is essential for the well-being of all New Zealanders regardless of ethnic origin. One New Zealand was the message when we first migrated here and it should be again. James
Who has the guts to do it ??? Geoffrey
In a democracy the choices of all voters should be equal. Party vote is equal for everyone. The electorate vote should be on location and not over arched by a larger Maori Electorate. Mark
Who is being racist? What happened to freedom of speech? It’s to be hoped NZ doesn’t degrade down to the retaliation that is occurring in France! Helen
Of course it should be removed. This is the 21st century and this is New Zealand NOT Aotearoa!! John
no question should be gone steve
All peoples to be treated equally Garth 
They are well past their use by date. Kevin
This Govt has ruined this lovely country of our with making it separtist and look sideways at our Maori people when we really just want them to be part of our society, it is so unfair. All we hear is how Maori are treated badly but my Maori friends just live their lives like me. Barbara
These seats are a long standing anomaly. Please vote for politicians sensible enough to get rid of them. Graham
We have been living under the MMP voting system for many years now. The Maori seats should have been abolished when MMP was first introduced. as Maori have been free to vote for fellow Maori since then if they wished. Peter
Also abolish the Treaty. Let’s move forward as NZ. There should be no room for RACISM in the World. Doug
Parliamentarians should represent all New Zealanders equally and not racially. Mark
There is only a small % of Maori in this country & now want to take over it is a shambles Ann
Was born 76 years ago in a free New Zealand and will now die in stone age land…..!!! Chris
Passed their used by date. Definitely not useful in today’s NZ. Extraordinary divisive. Derek
Should have been removed years ago Maurice
Should have been removed decades ago. Where is the Party that will do it? Sheila
Obviously not required in the space age: mike
The reason for their establishment no longer exists nor is there any current imperative Stuart
They should be removed, and the treaty with them. Neville
no question anthony
because they are racist pricks. bob
They are race based seats that should have been abolished a long time ago. Ted
We are one nation no one should be treated any different to anyone else, we are a mixed nation. Jo
Yes yes yes remove those Maori seats and get back to sanity reason and equality! Bev
There is no future in NZ for an apartheid parliament. bob
No need for them Hone
They are well past their use but date LesW
Should the madness of Labour win the next election, I, my family and my Company will leave NZ and move to Australia. Thus a loss of a Company that gave so much to NZ and its revenue. Joseph
They served maori fairly by giving them a voice when they were established that need has long gone…get rid of them as they are now are being used destabilise our democracy Roy
It’s rubbish David
Definitely, and giving govt. entities Maori names are they performing any better ?? I would suggest definitely NOT . Look at the state of the roads, health etc. to name a couple . Logan
Get rid of them and this lunatic govt, also the misconstrued, bastardised out of date Treaty of Waitangi, or else NZ is history along with our democracy Andrew
All references to Maori in government should be removed. We have a apartheid country looming Gareth
no longer relevant. Representation can be achieved in the general seats where they represent the whole electorate population and as proven Maori can be elected by the general population. Richard
Should have been done straight after MMP came in. Graeme
Maori seats are being used as a springboard for tribal rule and it needs to be nipped in the bud Colin
They are being used against democracy John
one rule for all barry
Each NZ’er has a vote – it doesn’t require racial identity Bob
bring back democracy Margaret 
One people. Graham
asap – disastrous tony
There are NO MAORIS anywhere in the world anymore…they are ALL mixed race. They never were Indigenous, they are just Immigrants like the rest of us in NZ. This new Race of people are just Pakeha-Maori, and this new gibberish language is of Pakeha Maori…and is being made up on the run. Helen
One country, one people. Jim
This is apartheid. Maori are places 1st, pacific 2nd, Asian 3rd and European 4th. When we saw the ranking system on the ministry if health Web site we felt sick. Chaquila
Successive National government’s or coalition partners have said they would abolish Maori seats,but once in power fail to do so.We live in hope but don’t hold our breath. Peter
One rule for all please. Tim
Should have been removed years ago. Robbie
How long does it take for anything to happen! Winnie was goooooing to do it, wasn’t he! Marianne
One country, one system Raymond
We should all be equal. Lois
Not relevant Kim
Most Definitely, We Are All supposed to be New Zealanders with equal Rights. Richard
Absolute no-brainer. No need for them in an equal and fair society Dave
Democracy must prevail one rule for all NZ ers. Jan and George
No racial divisions across New Zealand. DAVID
The movement that has attempted this to be locked down – MUST be repealed, the incoming NEW Government will have a big workload to get NZ back! Peter
Democracy needs to be permitted to reign supreme and this would be a good start as all members of parliament would have been voted in on merit and not race. Sue
To protect democracy… if this is still possible. mary
They are a racist anachronism being used to hijack and destroy the country by treacherous tribal elites serving their own greed and self interest. John
Not democratic Stuart
I am maori Tony
Should have happened many years ago Alan
Sadly all maori do is prolong decisions so they can get more money out of the Govt who always give in to them . David
Of course they should along with the TOW. They won’t be though until we get someone with big enough cojone to come forward and get the country to stand unite on it. While they’re about it get shot of the apalling system of MMP, Peter Shirtcliffe warned us what would happen, wow, was he ever right about that?. Bart
The need to have separate Maori electoral seats since the implementation of MMP is no longer equitable and they should have been abolished in 1993. Wayne
They want equality. We give them equality. No preferential seats. robert
Most defiantly they should be removed, with this planned Co-Governance garbage as well. One person one vote. If not we are on a sinking ship. Allen
It is essential that any new Government Party set about this immediately they get control! Ron
Separate Maori seats in Govt. is racist and undemocratic. Its apartheid in reverse. They have to go, at the earliest opportunity. Peter
We should all be equal and achieve anything in life through education, hard work and being a functioning person in our society Peter
NZ needs to remove any racial bias from our parliament. This election is just so critical for our future economic stability and social order. Like many, I am switching my party vote to ACT and hope they are in a strong bargaining position to force National who appear stuck and unwilling to remove Treaty crap from the statute books and Maori seats. Creed
got to go noel
Equality for all. Derek
NZ needs to be for ALL New Zealanders Trish
now…. Graeme
What proportion of Maori ancestry makes anyone Maori and therefore privileged – full of whom there are none, half, quarter, eighth, 16th, 32th, 64th, 128th etc? All these could have more power than 5X and 6X NZers born of colonists. Catherine
They should have been abolished in 1893 Geoffrey
NZ is now a sad divided country. As we live in precarious times the extreme left may well tip us all into chaos. Is this the end of democratic NZ as we once knew it? Paloma
Definitely remove them other wise we will be a divided country fed up with everything Maori creeping in everywhere Barbara
We need to do away with all the Maori division that has occurred over the last 3 years, change all the Maori names back to English, every department/business that has been given a Maori name is an abject failure Claire
I am one of those part Maori who has not seen any benefit from treaty settlements. To have a separatist elite governing our country is obscene Rod
YES, come on kiwis lets vote this whole bunch of wankers out in October and if we don’t we are all sure as hell going to wish we did, and if we don’t vote them out we sure as hell should drive them out. New Zealand has NO PLACE for this lot and never will. COLIN
They were justified when enacted but are now an anachronism which create an electoral imbalance in favour of an ethnic minority. Terry
The Maori seats are an undemocratic anachronism and a gerrymander of the MMP system as the 1986 Royal Commission recognised. trevor
Removed as they are irrelevant. Steve
This was the agreement that was understood Why was it not followed through?? John
Maori seats are just another form of racism, they need to go. Tony
They should have gone when MMP was foisted upon New Zealand. pdm
One nation one people Mat
We are one nation and one people. No rationale now exist for these any longer. Tony
Removed to help NZ return to a NZ where we are all equal Morrin
Bring New Zealand back to “ONE country, One people” Douglas
Of course they should be removed as they should have been over 100 years ago. When the toxic leftist losers are finally thrown out of office in October, there must be a concerted effort to expunge every reference to the T.O.W ‘principals’ from all Government laws and regulations along with all Maori Manglish. The inflated bureaucracy installed by Labour needs to be cleaned out and legislation introduced such that tribalism can never infest government ever again. John
Long Overdue BRUCE
The need for any unelected seats in parliament should never ever be. Kevin
Maori are not our first residents. They got their way through bullying tactics, same as they are gaining power now. NZ should be one with its varying ethnicities recognised but not at the point of a cheque book. Sharron
Needed doing years ago Charles
No longer required. Kim
It was to have been done when MMP came into effect, but it didn’t, but now it is time. Wendy
Removed. I am tired of this rubbish. We need political courage to shut this take over down ASAP before its too late Roy
Unequal unjust and against democracy. Carol
Should have be done decades ago. neil
They should have been removed many years ago. Robin
Essential that they be removed, for the good of all of us. Lee
Look around within politics if you want to make it and you are Maori then there are existing clear pathways. Phil
Removed with the rest of their tribe. Kevin
along with those in Local Government as well.. under the treaty they get the same rights as everyone else and should not have special seats based on race. jason
Remove them or NZ will become another Zimbabwe or South Africa. Nothing good has ever come of tribally based dictatorial governments Charles
They should never have been allowed to continue under MMP. Bolger was bullied into allowing their continuation when MMP was being introduced. We need to change MMP back to STV system and return democracy to New Zealand and make all MP’s accountable to the electorates. Chris
Yes, yes, yes. They need to be removed as soon as possible David
If not removed it is blatantly obvious NZ is finished as a democracy Peter
My understanding was that the Maori seats should be abolished when MMP was introduced and this hasn’t happened! Ray
We must continue as an equal society in New Zealand. RICHard
While the rest of the world pursues abolishment of racist policies, in New Zealand we have a Government actively implementing it. Mike
It’s obvious they should be removed but I’m still dubious anything like this will happen. I think this country has now become far too entrenched in the Maori world view. Lawrie
The fact is that democracy is based on one person – one vote. Any priority given to one sector of a country against the majority is separatist and racially discriminatory peter
yes get rid of them & make it illegal for any party to be formed based on race nigel
Asap Anthony
Co Governance was never an option- not in 1840 when the Treaty was signed and not at the 1860 Kohimarama Conference. Sovereignty was given over completely and forever to the Queen. Read Article the First. The revisionist version is a lie. John
MORE reverse racism which is f..king our wonderful (was) country – NEW ZEALAND. STOP it NOW.  Brian
They have no relevance in New Zealand today. James
One rule for all. Terry
Should have been removed as recommended by the Royal Commission but PM Jim Bolger failed to do so!- he has a lot to answer for Hylton
Removal of the Maori seats has been part of the policy of both National and NZ First in the past, yet we still have them. Politicians cannot be trusted, and we, the citizens, need to make this a major election issue. Rod
Absolute necessity David
Removed – we are all equal.  Jane
new day the issues are not the same as when these measures were enacted graham
Absolutely they should be removed. Their existance is anti democratic and racist Robert
Long overdue, and promised if we voted for MMP Graham
Equality for all regardless of race Russell
One electoral roll, one person one vote. Mal
It’s a no-brainer! Jan
It is racism Brian
Lets return to liberal values – but first lets articulate them so people understand what they are as they have been lost and eroded by the National Party John
One person one vote all people with equal rights. Lex
Maori have proven they are quite capable of competing in a general election, therefore the reason to have these seats in the first place is now obsolete & is in fact just an out and out racist policy John
New Zealand needs to be united for everyone%u2019s sake. If the majority of Maori and Pakeha want to move forward as one nation, why is a minority being allowed to divide our country? Mel
Should have been done years ago Frank
No seats should be given on ethnicity all seats should be stood for and won on best available for the position. Colin
Apartheid Murray
These seats are a clear breach of our human rights legislation which makes everyone equal irrespective of ancestral ethnicity. John
Continuing the Maori seats and any other racial privilege is contrary to equality of rights for all NZ citizens and in breach of the Bill of Rights that clearly makes it illegal to so Impinge. Time to stand up the law in front of those illegitimates pushing for tribalistic rule. Stan
The country has evolved; humanity has evolved. Tribalism, like any other arbitrary division of society, is toxic and destructive. Robin
We are becoming another South Africa Peter
The Maori seats are nothing less than APARTHEID. MMP was supposed yo make them redundant. So why do they still exist? Geoff
Race is an artificial construct, in reality there is only genetics and culture. Bruce
Under MMP, the Maori seats were recommended for removal and that should have happened then. Maori Representatives should be selected on merit, not on privilege. John
I agree, as a new zealander, everyone should be treated equally. Andrew
Of course they should be removed. Well overdue. Should have been removed with the introduction of MMP which was always the intention. I do not think Luxon will address this problem if he gets into power. I see the right got a wonderful pushback in the States with the Supreme Court rejecting affirmative action in the colleges. Race laws in NZ should also be abolished. They make for legalised apartheid. How can you legalise apartheid action? Remember the commies are still in charge, just trying to maintain a lower profile as far as law changes are concerned. They would like it better to be able to change laws without using parliament. Which of course they have been trying to do also by inserting additional “accidental” clauses in late night sessions. Terry
Maori extremists are a real danger to NZ and its citizens. peter
We are a mixed nation, one person with one vote, everyone equal & valued the same, not by race. Paula
One person-one vote(representation) JC
No longer needed John
Equal rights for all people living in NZ. Neil
The Maori influence has become too strong. Paul
We are all New Zealanders and should be treated as equals Margaret
No longer necessary in what should be an egalitarian society Ian
Maori descendants can and do get voted into parliament and councils. Entrenched seat treats Maori as incompetents needing assistance. Where the reality is some of all races need assistance at times. So, all races, should be assisted to get votes, not be given seats. Bob
This racist anachronism is a blight on the country and must be removed. David
Removed Removed Removed Restore one person one vote and REMOVE unelected Representation And remove and Prohibit the VETO from all administration. Richard
Not required in a free and equal society Raymond
The country is clearly heading down a path that will not sit well with the majority. Trouble will enviably follow. Bill
We are all together as one nation equal. Ronald
MMP provides ample representation for Maori Nick
It is racist Graham
It’s way beyond time that New Zealanders grew up. If we don’t stick with a full liberal democratic system then we the people of New Zealand most certainly will deserve what we get. If we lose our democracy after October 14th then it is no use complaining. We will just have to bear the brunt and go with the flow. So it’s up to us. Therefore vote for the right. It’s that important. Garry.
An historical anachronism; get rid of them as soon as possible. If we wait too long, there’s likely to be civil unrest. Greg
We are all New Zealanders, if we do not go forward together how will we ever get there. Ross
Of course the Maori seats should be removed. This country is in a terrible mess and I know many will leave our shores for Australia, who can blame them, it will be the stupid who don’t know whats really going on here who will remain. The future for this country is bleak and sadly I have no faith in my fellow New Zealanders to do anything about it. It is frightening. How many ordinary Kiwis I speak to who have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and just keep believing in what they hear from the Main Stream Media. Paul
Maori seats should be removed along with any race based systems. We are at the crossroads now, another 3 years under this bunch of racist muppets will just about completely stuff what was a great little country. So come on National and Act, get together and promise to remove Maori seats and all other racist crap. (there’s plenty to pick from) ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE brian
It is apartheid, nothing more, nothing less. How many Maori stood up against apartheid during the Springboks tour. I believe those same people would stand up against this. Sally
Part of MMP recommendations was for these seats to be removed. Richard
they should have been removed when that dreadful system, MMP was instigated. They give a disproportionate number of seats and clout to a race who are abusing the system. The current Maori caucus is a prime example of absolute power and absolute corruption. They need to go – asap Carolyn
The Waitangi Tribunal as should go. David
They are an anachronism and give Maori too much power relevant to their small population. Lynne
Without a shadow they MUST be abolished PDQ David
Remove these outdated seats and return this country to democracy again. Vote this racist government OUT OUT. OUT Graeme
Absolutely the Maori seats should be removed. Race-based anything has no place in a modern society. It is a disgrace what Labour has done to the country. Stephen
Tribalism and all of its trapping will destroy NZ unless action is taken by the new government.  Roger
Yes the Maori seats MUST be abolished otherwise our country is doomed. And the Labour Government needs abolishing as well! Kathy
New Zealand is at a turning point – unless all race-based measures are removed from legislation and regulation, this country risks sliding into division, decline, and violence. It is unforgivable what Labour has done to the country and equally unforgivable that the media hasn’t been holding them to account. Don
If Winston Peters had forced the referendum he promised in 2017 on abolishing the Maori seats – we wouldn’t be in this dangerous position. Douglas