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A Cultural Con

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On Monday, Roy Morgan, Australia’s longest running independent market research company, published the results of its December poll of 967 Kiwi voters: “Now 50% of New Zealand electors, up 6% points since November, support a potential National/ Act NZ coalition government – its highest level of support since Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern came to power in October 2017.”

Support for Labour continues to slide down 0.5 points to 35.5 percent, with the Greens down 2 to 8.5 percent, while National increased 5 to 31.5 percent, ACT rose 1 to 18.5 percent, and the Maori Party fell 2 to 1 percent.

Confidence in the Government dropped 3.5 points to 98 to be in negative territory for the first time under Jacinda Ardern, with only 42.5 percent of voters saying New Zealand was ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 44.5 percent saying ‘the wrong direction’.

The survey breakdown shows that while younger women favour Labour and the Greens, women over the age of 50 and men of all ages support National and ACT.

The results show the electorate’s love affair with Jacinda Ardern is over. In spite of pro-government media and intense propaganda, New Zealanders are recognising just how incompetent and dangerous her Government is.

When Parliament reconvenes next Tuesday, unless there’s a U-turn we should expect a relentless focus on He Puapua – Labour’s agenda for Maori supremacy.

The Pae Ora Bill to abolish our District Health Boards, establish a Maori Health Authority with veto powers over the entire health system, and prioritise health care on the basis of race is already being considered by a Select Committee. And a Bill to implement Three Waters to confiscate local body water infrastructure and deliver control to the tribal elite, is expected in March. 

These law changes are being driven by Labour’s Maori Caucus. They are part of an unprecedented transfer of power – an effective privatisation programme that will undermine democracy and pass control of New Zealand’s public resources and services to corporate iwi.

So, who are the MPs behind this alarming agenda?

Five are Cabinet Ministers: Kelvin Davis MP for Te Tai Tokerau is the Minister for Maori-Crown Relations, Corrections, and Children; Nanaia Mahuta MP for Hauraki-Waikato is the Minister of Local Government and Foreign Affairs; Willie Jackson List MP is the Minister for Maori Development; Kiri Allan MP for the East Coast is the Minister of Conservation; and Peeni Henare MP for Tamaki Makaurau is the Minister of Whanau Ora and Defence.

Two have Ministerial responsibilities outside of Cabinet: Meka Whaitiri MP for Ikaroa Rawhiti is the Minister of Customs; and Rino Tirikatene MP for Te Tai Tonga is an Under Secretary for Maori Trade.

The other eight Maori Caucus members are Adrian Rurawhe MP for Te Tai Hauauru; Arena Williams MP for Manurewa; Paul Eagle MP for Rongotai; Willow-Jean Prime MP for Northland; Jo Luxton MP for Rangitata; Shanan Halbert MP for Northcote; Louisa Wall List MP; and Tamati Coffey List MP and Chair of the Maori Affairs Select Committee.

These 15 Maori MPs operate as a separate caucus, with separate meetings away from the wider Labour caucus, and a separate goal – to empower the iwi aristocracy. 

With these MPs making up 23 percent of Labour’s 65-strong Parliamentary team, and 25 percent of Cabinet, radical Maori are now over-represented at the highest level of government and, when acting as a block to further their separatist agenda, they are having a disproportionate and dangerous influence on the running of the country.

It’s for this reason that the 1986 Royal Commission on the Electoral System warned that the Maori seats needed to be abolished if New Zealand adopted MMP. They, correctly, believed fair representation would be achieved through the party list selection process. They, correctly, believed retaining the Maori seats would distort the democratic representation of the country and create race-based discrimination.

Given the clear evidence of racial bias, surely political parties will realise it is now time to abolish the Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll – and the Waitangi Tribunal, which has been radicalised and can no longer be trusted.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is clearly pandering to the demands of her Maori caucus to ensure Labour maintains a dominant hold on the Maori seats, even though, by acting as a collective to further their own self-interest, those MPs are dividing our nation and undermining our democracy and the Rule of Law.

Let’s be honest and call out this whole Maori rights agenda for what it really is – a cultural con.

The elitists pushing for control of the country try to argue that New Zealand is ‘bicultural’. But that’s a nonsense – we are a nation of many cultures from all over the globe.

They try to argue that Maori are Treaty partners with the Crown, but that’s also a cultural con since it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership to exist between a sovereign and the governed.

But unless we fight back, we risk New Zealand being turned into a disaster zone like Zimbabwe or South Africa, where cultural rights have been elevated above equal rights, and private land is taken without compensation.

When Labour was first elected to government in 2017, iwi leaders demanded a greater say in the running of the country. As a result, the Office for Maori-Crown Relations was established to enable unelected and unaccountable tribal representatives to influence government decision-making.

Little is known about the impact of this powerful Office, especially now that the mainstream media no longer investigates such matters. With the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund linked to a requirement for applicants to “actively promote” the Treaty partnership lie, journalists have largely abandoned their critical Fourth Estate role as watchdogs for the community holding governments to account, and are turning a blind eye to the dangerous agenda that is unfolding.

If we had an independent media, the membership of the interim Maori Health Authority would surely be investigated since it includes close relatives of Cabinet Ministers and executives of organisations that are expected to receive significant taxpayer funding.

With those pushing for the establishment of the Maori Health Authority insistent that the funding model should be based on Whanau Ora, shouldn’t that be examined too?

Whanau Ora, which receives around $200 million a year in taxpayer funding, operates three agencies with full commissioning powers to distribute funding allocated on the basis of Maori census data: Te Pou Matakana in the North Island with Merepeka Raukawa Tait as the Chair and John Tamihere as the Chief Executive, Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu in the South Island with Chair Mark Solomon, and Pasifika Futures.

When the Auditor General reviewed Whanau Ora in 2015, not only was almost a third of all funding being spent on administration, but the objectives were so vague that it was virtually impossible to ascertain whether the funding was being well spent.

At that time, the media still acted as public watchdogs, raising concerns about the scheme.

The ODT reported: “Mongrel Mob used funding from Whanau Ora to buy cannabis for drug-dealing”.

Stuff reported: “Rugby Club received $60,000 under Whanau Ora to undertake whanau development research”.

Radio NZ reported: “Whanau Ora a waste of taxpayer’s money, after $3000 was paid towards the cost of a family reunion”.

And the Herald reported: “Former radio show partners Willie Jackson and John Tamihere were knocked back in a bid to handle distribution of taxpayer funding because they wanted too much money in overheads. The pair put the total cost of distributing the Whanau Ora funding in the North Island at $21 million. But that figure is almost more than was planned for the entire country.”

It wasn’t just the wasteful spending that was highlighted, but concerns over basic accountability, since the Whanau Ora commissioning agencies, as private contractors, are not covered by the Official Information Act.

As well as questions over funding accountability, the use of bullying tactics by Maori health advocates over treatment options, raises concerns about how the new Maori Health Authority will exercise its veto powers, since they cover the entire health system.

In particular, Pharmac has been accused of institutional racism, and a breach of the Treaty, as a result of its decision to fund Keytruda to treat advanced melanoma – a disease more common in people of fairer complexion – instead of lung cancer, which is more prevalent amongst Maori. And, as a result of a new report claiming “The burden of obesity has been disproportionately carried by Maori and Pacifica” allegations are now being made that inaction on obesity also amounts to a Treaty breach.

Such controversies signal major problems lie ahead as the radical Pae Ora reforms, which were hastily developed without any public mandate to prioritise healthcare on the basis of race – and rolled out in the middle of a pandemic – create unintended consequences that could be life threatening. 

This week’s Guest Commentator Dr Bryce Wilkinson, an economist and policy analyst for the New Zealand Initiative, is extremely concerned about what he describes as the Government’s ‘incoherent’ policy agenda:

“So, what is going on? Why is rigorous official analysis of policy proposals so uncommon? The only answer can be that decent analysis is dangerous for constituency politics. If enough people knew what outcomes could really be expected, they might thwart the policy.”

Dr Wilkinson has hit that nail on the head. If New Zealanders really understood the dangerous separatist agenda being implemented by Jacinda Ardern, they would be horrified and would rise up in opposition.

Just this week TV One reported on a Three Waters poll, which found that while 40 percent of voters are opposed to the reforms, and only 26 percent are in support, a massive 35 percent didn’t know much about it.  

If they understood what’s at stake, it’s likely most would be opposed, and that weight of opposition may be enough to force the Government to back down on its proposal.

Another He Puapua goal – to teach Maori propaganda as history – has been delayed for a year following widespread opposition to the draft curriculum. A related proposal – to put matauranga Maori (Maori knowledge) on an equal footing with science – was in danger of being slipped through, that is until seven academics wrote a letter to the Listener explaining that while indigenous knowledge contributes to our understanding of the world, “it falls far short of what we define as science”.

Their letter unleashed an extraordinary furore, with Covid modeller Shaun Hendy and microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles – along with more than 1,000 supporters – making ridiculous accusations of “scientific racism” against the academics.

To bring rationally back into the debate, one of the seven, Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata, has written an article explaining: “New Zealand’s universities are at a defining crossroads. Do we remain a community of scholars developing knowledge according to the universal principles and methods of science or do we continue down the path of a racialised ideology?”

And that is the problem – under Jacinda Ardern’s Government, everything in New Zealand is now being defined and divided by race.

In spite of the fact that no successful, prosperous country has ever been built on racial division – our political leaders are attempting to take us down that path. It is truly appalling that New Zealanders are being subjected to the whole dishonest and racist He Puapua con job – at the behest of 15 self-serving Labour MPs.  

So, let’s turn 2022 into a year of action. Tell the Maori Caucus what you think of their separatist plans – including to racially segregate our health system through Pae Ora, and confiscate council water infrastructure through Three Waters – their email addresses are HERE.

And tell other Labour MPs that the separatist policy agenda they are allowing the Maori Caucus to force onto the country is responsible for their fall in the polls – and will likely result in the Party losing the next election and many of them losing their seats. 

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*Do you agree that it is now time for the Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll to be abolished?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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Stop the racist crime gang, at the Beehive from stealing our water, while they have us distracted, with the Covid vax, depopulation NWO/WEF , Psy-op !! David
THE GOVERNOR GENERALIN THE REALM OF NEW ZEALAND REQUESTS IN THE NAME OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN TO ALLOW THE HOLDER TO PASS WITHOUT DELAY OR HINDERENCE AND IN CASE OF NEED TO GIVE ALL LAWFUL ASSISTANCE AND PROTECTION. So here I am 85 years old with my only surviving family both NZ citizens being denied their right to return to their own country . Jacinder can you visit your Father or is someone saying NO even though you swore allegiance to THE QUEEN or is it your communist republican stance gives you the right to ignore your sworn affidavit or as historically you just lied ? YOU WERE AND STILL ARE unfortunately elected to represent NZ not AOTEAROA or MAORIDOM I am a New Zealander you were elected to represent New Zealanders not lie to them not deny them rights not make their country derisive racially TRIBAL. From 1300 to 1800 what a mess those tribes made of this wonderful country and you want to go back to that . GROW UP don’t forget the only answer you can give to any question is your OPINION and so far how do you think that’s worked. Vivian
He Iwi Kotahi Tatou. Now we are one people .We are one people, one citizenship, one democracy. Colin
its promoting separatism and dishonest parliamentary decisions Terrence
This country fought hard against apartheid, only to have it rammed down their throats a generation later. Jan
And include abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal at the same time Kevin
Any and all race-based policies are divisive and utterly wrong. TOBY
Should have happened years ago. Tim
Stop creating separatism and over representation of a minority group darelle
All race based policy needs to go. Stephen
If this government stays in power at the next election we will not have New Zealand as we used to know it. What else could you expect with a number of misfits trying to run the country. Ross
No. Why are we being so fragile about this? Geoff
We do not need special treatment for Maori since we have MMP. If they get voted in that’s great, but no special treatment. One country, one people. Dianne
New Zealand is a very immature place to still. believe in part-Maori myths, superstitions and largely lies manipulated by politicians such as Jim Bolger. John Key and Ardern to suit their own agendas and keep the New Zealanders off balance and socially controlled. Monica
It is not democracy with separate racial Govt seats. MMP is the problem. A country racially divided will fall. Shame on all politicians, they have done this to our country; New Zealand Sam
We must abandon the separist agenda being forced on the country ray
Should have happened years ago. We are a multicultural Country with other races coming to NZ just as the rest of the population did. It is my understanding that we did have an indigenous race but they were eaten when Maori came. Sue
This separatism has to stop , it’s ruining the country Ross
Alternatively, create separate seats for Europeans, Asians, Greeks, Japanese, Pasifika – and then see the division that occurs. It is time for New Zealanders to be One – perhaps Winston’s slogan should be enhanced to All New Zealanders First! Phil
Its a can of worms and has been proven so. Ash
Should have happened years ago with the introduction of MMP! Paul
Way overdue – the seats since the late 1800’s Russ
Well past the ‘Use By’ date! Should have happened decades ago. J J
We need to act now for the future of our country. Jane
These savages are up to no good. Mike
We are all kiwis Tom
should have happened years ago Neville
we need a balanced government , with maori being part of that , but based on capability as for all others in our population. arnie
should have been done when the serpent rared it’s head over the raglan golf course debarcle paul
no more disunity. graham
Should have happened years ago, bring back Don Brash.Equal rights for all NZers. Sid
We are all one country. Maureen
Still a lot of learning and understanding required by pakeha. Ken
It is also time to abolish all the other racist laws giving preferential treatment to Maoris. NZ needs a political leader who has the guts to say ‘enough is enough’. The treaty never offered partnership or co-governance to Maori. Perhaps it is time to ditch the treaty and replace it with a written constitution that treats everyone equally. Gary
Indeed. There is so much division and bad feeling between races brought about by this frivolous racist government. Megan
Time is now to change Greig
Absolutely YES!! Long overdue. Should’ve been done years ago. We’re ALL EQUALS. Tony
Undemocratic Nigel
long overdue David
For all f the reasons in the opening article Beryl
I am against racist policies. Graham
The seats are rort for Radical Maori their supporters and the succesive weak and dishonest Governments. The only hope might be David Seymour ( ACT ),going by his speech last week. Laurie
Maori have enough seat without having special rights Bruce
One Country. One people. All with equal rights! Andrew
should have never been allowed to get to the stage that the polywogs control through corruption our red toothy dictator but can’t see if the new leader of national will do it as so far the only party to stand up to this crap is ACT, while we are at it get rid of the polywog seats AND the so called treaty and allow NEW ZEALAND to be a decent and well run country for all races not a certain bent and loony mob. Richard
We, the people of NZ are the people of one country, ok, we are from many ethnic groups, probably as diverse as many ‘countries’. There is no way we, as a country, ie NZ, can entertain a single entity to run the show….unless we think ‘territorial-ism’ is the answer….when we know from evolutionary history this is not so. We have democracy, one vote, one law for all that mostly works. Ced
It is already years ( decades ) overdue. Peter
lets have a true democracy Allan
We need to become ONE country again, not this divided nation that is being forced on us bythus confused administration. John
Most definitely Marilyn
Its saddening to see that there are those who are considered ‘educated’ that support the continuation of post-colonial institutions. I bet anybody here in the comments shits their pants in confusion when they hear the words ‘equity’ and ‘restitution’. If you think this is fair, you’re an idiot. William
Absolutely YES. What a total turmoil this country has become and to make it far worse you should read the greatest con of all time ! This is in regard to Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci and you will ask yourself some very serious questions about vaccines, lockdowns, masks, alternative safe treatments, our government and the filth of Big Pharma This world is rotten to the core and this book is enlightening and we in NZ are part of a massive medical con. Great food for thought !! John
Maori have had nearly two hundred years to learn how to understand political policies, analyse the content of same, and then vote intelligently and responsibly. Bob
Already well overdue Kevin
We must curb this current agenda or I fear for the future of our once New Zealand happy country. Laraine
Yes because they are race based and have no place in a true democracy. Robert and Louise
The Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll should have been abolished many years ago Kevin
Many decades overdue Peter
Either abandon these seats or abandon MMP. Ray
Yes, like 40 years ago! Peter
it’s straight out aparthied Pete
Maori have proved they can do it on their own merits Bev
Long overdue ! john
Too much power wielded by the few. Liz
Those rights were established because of voting rights being connected to property ownership. That no longer applies. Michael
Essential the original decisions regarding MMP be implemented and the bias toward one race be removed Jennifer 
This is a dangerous time for NZ. Tell all your friends. Cheryl
And the Treaty…and the Waitangi tribunal…and of the useless ministries that consume taxpayers’ money for no benefit to the country…and pidgin English (I have never heard pidgin Maori spoken)…and so on! Gerard
I have just read a report from Don Brash, of a man he interviewed in Whangarei who had a conversation with a 20 year old male Maori who in the course of the conversation said that he was unemployed. He stated that the reason for his difficulty in finding a job lay in the fact that although he was fluent in Maori due to the fact that he attended an immersion Maori school, he spoke only just enough English to ‘get by’. Naturally no employer could employ him as English is the NZ business language. Now, apparently, all newly trained teachers will be interviewed by a Maori language expert and will only get their Teacher Trained Certificate if they are fluent in Maori. Already schools are turning out students with a poor standard of English, Maths and Science and if non Maori students are taught in Maori. the school graduate in a few years time will be even worse. Ardern’s plan following the urging of her 15 Maori MPs operating as a separate caucus and with a separate goal -to empower the iwi aristocracy to control the country for the benefit of themselves. This is just a policy to indoctrinate the population into accepting what the elite call Maori equality. It has to stop. Chris
We want equality of ability brought back leigh
It’s time that democracy should be accepted by all New Zealanders as the only way to govern this country. The insane appeasement of militant ‘treaty’-ists should be stopped immediately Patrick
It is unfathomable that this beautiful nation is being conditioned/brainwashed into believing that our founding Document (Treaty of Waitangi) has been incorrectly interpreted after 182 years. This is nothing but a blatant power grab driven by revenge-driven Maori activists who want claw back power by floating a false premise to make us feel collective guilt for past indiscretions. Under Jacinda Ardern’s Government, everything in New Zealand is now being defined and divided by race. We are one nation and one people. Stop this nonsense! Robert
YES, and not before time Athol
should never have been instituted clive
Yes, we are all equal. Jane
Maori have never been denied access to education or medical services so it is time for them to take responsibility for themselves and their people. maureen 
When Don Brash first raised this issue he come within a whiskers breadth of National being elected since there was so much concern about the elitist Maori agenda. In the years since they have become blatant in their determination to seize power from the majority of NZ citizens and Ardern is complicit in this campaign. What I can’t figure out is why? She isn’t maori and will end up being dominated by a racist minority, just like the rest of us. We are in danger of losing our democratic rights on one vote per person. Kerry
Absolutley . If they stay NZ will fail in many respects. Ray
Definitely Bob
…and the Waitangi Tribunal! Grant
Its too late.NZ is stuffed. It’s a totalitarian state but the masses don’t know it ….yet ! bill
They should never been established and the sooner they are banned the better Sidwell
Should have done so years ago – at least when MMP was introduced. Sarah
Absolutely James
Its time for representatives to be elected by their merit and ability, not for the many other reasons representatives get themselves elected – ‘who knows who’! Andrina
New Zealand cannot be allowed to be divided by race New Zealand must be kept as one Nation Karen
Yes they have enough elected through standard electoral rolls. With the current setup they are over represented in parliament. Fraser
Yes time to go. But the real problem is that the whole system is broken. Who would have thought that New Zealand is a possession of the “Crown” which encompasses and owns all the countries in the world. Fancy that? So all the MPs in NZ are just board members of the “crown” owned “Government”. Pull it all down.. They are all criminals. They all need to go to jail or even pay more dearly for their crimes against humanity. The world id run by an Evil Cult of Death and Enslavement. Neil
I want New Zealand to adopt a zero ethnicity policy for ALL Government activities and agendas….We are ALL New Zealanders..Full Stop. Bill
These racist maori seats in parliament should have been tossed out decades ago! Newspapers no longer print my letters. There are lo prizes for guessing why. This communist government must go now. Communism and Democracy do not go together. They are betraying the people who put them there. Kevan
Definitely time for this historical anachronism to go. Retaining the Maori seats is holding the whole country back including Maori. While Maori expect special treatment as a race, they are limiting their horizons as individuals. They need to learn to sink or swim along with everybody else. Greg
Everyone should be voted in – whatever the situation. No-one has a right over and above anyone else. Susan
one country one people Mel
No one should be in parliament unless democratically voted for!! Gillian
There is no need for seperate seats in parliament based on race either may have been many years ago but the members of parliament who claim to be Maori or part Maori who are elected in parliament through standing in other non racial parties show that in fact all and any person can in fact be a member of parliament regardless of race Allan
An anachronistic policy well past its time. COLIN
Racial discrimination will destroy our country. What about all the other races within NZ? Tony
I do not think this is the correct solution. The real solution lies in providing complete, unbiased information to the electorate on which they can make informed decisions. The current practice of granting Maori special consideration is, in itself, RACIST and needs to stop. Simply allow Maori interests to be represented as part of our civilization. They are not and must not continue to be treated as special. That is RACIST and should not be allowed. Gary
I am a Maori voter. Denis
As well as the Waitangi Tribunal Ken
& include the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived its usefulness & is just a Maori gravy train. (As Quoted by a Maori Chief. ) Bruce
Also time to get rid of Tribal charities its lining the pockets of a few Errol
We are 1 country & multi cultural !!! Nicholas
I’d also like to see a % put on the amount of different ethnicity put on any caucus Robin
Keep things simple, we are one country and one people. Grant
We must return to a liberal democracy and stop this move to a race base society ruled by anomalous tribal elites Brian
maori were settlers to this country as were the English, they are not indigenous. When they arrived they observed peoples already existed on this land. They have no special rights. Roger
let’s have equal rights and responsibilities for all citizens John
I am a 5th Generation NZDer but get no help as a 5th Generation Maori gets all. Gary
Totally – they need to go Matt
Archaic – they should be gone before breakfast Warren
Long overdue Francis
Yes yes yes Richard
This separatism was introduced to give Maori a voice when they had none. Jacinda says ‘we are one’, so allow us to be one and not separated by race Heather
Should have been abolished at the same time the fist past the post was changed to MMP Roy
Not before time Andrew
Yes I do , we need to be told what is going on. Pamela
Let’s get back to being a country of common concerns – appropriate health and welfare for all people in this country equally. I am aghast at the divisive nature of this idiot government, as are a lot of people that I’ve talked to about the issue Trevor
These Maori seats should have been abolished years ago and never have been allowed to have them get so strong in parliament. Digby
Many New Zealanders are of mixed heritage including every single “Maori” This should unite us, not divide us! A special electoral roll and seats for those who can claim some Maori ancestry, is ridiculous in this day and age. Trudy
The backlash against elite Maori is underway. Ian
More than past time to get rid of this segregation. Apart from being arrogantly racist, it fails to recognise most, if not all, of our people who sign up as Maori are actually Maori-Pakeha or Pakeha-Maori, whichever way you want to see it. Maori and European, and other ethnicities, have had no problem mixing it in marriage, and outside marriage as well, and in personal friendships, so what is all this racism really all about?! Jack
Maori are well over reprensented in this government and clearly use bullying tactics. We must go in the future multi-cultural, one man, one vote. Rosalie
A no brainer. Should have been done thirty years ago. Mike
This is ONE country Doreen
The seats were introduced to give maori a say, when the only people who could vote were land owners. As Maori owned the land as a tribe, individually they had no vote, so the seats were created. As we no longer require voters to be land owners the seats need to be abolished and we all be treated equally.. Al
We are ONE people NOT 2 John 
totally agree raced based seats should be abolished. Mike
Why should Maori be separate?? It’s a complete waste of Government funds. Gary
We are one Nation !!!!!! Danny
They should have been abolished when M MP was introduced why weren’t they? Arthur
I agree that we are 1 nation with a multi-cultural population , all with EQUAL rights . Ian
Well overdue Marilyn
Not before time Rob
Well overdue Marilyn
hell yes norman
Maori seats was racist from inception and recognised as such outside of New Zealand. Voting according to race is anathema to any democracy. michael
Time for push back, by New Zealanders before it’s too late, racisim which is dividing the Country needs to stop and can the so called TREATY at the same time Geoff
Yes. definitely. Mary
Long over due Mary
Having Maori seats is racist in itself; they should never have been introduced. If Maori want recognition let them have the same rights as everyone else. Peter
Should have been abolished years ago. Elizabeth
This is so disproportionate, it is totally unacceptable. Doug
Well overdue Joseph
It’s over a hundred forty years overdue! Mark
They are distorting the representation in parliament. Just another attack in democracy in NZ. Laurie
On top of agenda in the new coalition Govt in 2023 Thomas
definitely!! Sue
This has been talked about for too long time to abolish both of these divisive items Iain
New Zealand is one country with one population consisting of a diverse community. Pakeha New Zealanders defined by their English, Scottish, Irish, etc heritage, Asians, Dutch, South Africans, Indians, etc. And then 16% of the population defined by their mixed European and Maori heritage. To have seperate Maori seats with a separate electoral roll is creating separatism and promoting Apartheid. Ursula
Maori supremacy means NEW ZEALAND would be written off the Globe. Jasmine
A minority of 14% maori electrol roll should not control a majority of our country . Our country is diverse in races so should our electoral seats be represented christina
Maori are only 15% of the total population They aren’t special and not deserving of special treatment Ken
Yes I do !!! If it is not abolished, it then undermines the basic decency of New Zealanders and their commitment to the law of voting for representatives to parliament– on their experience– to represent us fairly and truthfully, not to be elected behind closed doors Jenny
You cannot define rights and obligations by RACE without being racist. Maori were given the same ‘rights’ as other British citizens by the Queen. No more, no less! Calvin 
one country one people Noel
It was recommended from the start of MMP and should have happened then! Long overdue. Mark
what does its existence achieve apart from separatism. Jason
This government has used the pandemic as a smokescreen to hide their true agenda Chris
absolutely Arthur
I will not be voting for labour, because of their race based policies. Warren
People should be voted on on their ability to do the job, not by the colour of their skin or heritage Bridget
Should have been abolished with the introduction of MMP. Chris
These are way o/due for a permanent spot in file 13. Will it happen? I very much doubt it, there’ve been overtures before, it seems no gov’t has the fortitude to do anything serious about it otherwise at the least, some public discussion on it would’ve been out there for us to consider. IMHO, it’s an anachronism and needs getting shot of. Bart
They should have been abolished years ago, however there is no chance of this happening under a labour Govt. Malc
Sooner the better we are losing our brains for work in Australia Toni
They were only temporary measures in the first place. Louise
The Maori seats should have been abolished back in 1996 as recommended but instead the major political parties have pandad to the bloody Maoris and you can now see what damage this has done to N Z and the labour party have promoted this further and given the likes of that bastard Willy Jackson and co more power..When the Government changes in 2023 and take the treasury benches they will have a major task in taking back New Zealand and will need total support from the public but dont count on Maori. ken
Its an indictment they still exist in 2022 they are a racist abomination.. No good deed goes unpunished. Richard
Let%u2019s be honest and call out this whole Maori rights agenda for what it really is %u2013 a cultural con. Geoff
The current structure is a racist and aparthied one that promotes Maori lies and the agenda of the Maori Elite. This nonsense has to stop right now! Greg
to start with they are not indigenous to new zealand,no body is, and why should they have special privileges’ just given to them,ardern and her crew have just opened the door to a racial time bomb in this country,if they cant get into these positions through there own merit then why should it be given to them. I just so hope this government is voted out in the next election, people need to just wake up. rodger
We should get rid of one of the first mechanisms that gave credence to Maori separatism, under the erroneous guise of Bi-culturism. Bob
It is long past time that this division was removed from NZ society. In the past year we have seen even better how this is creating a reverse racism in the country. Maori have become a pampered elite whose leaders demand ever more from the government. If this continues we could have other groups of society wanting special representation. Peter
Yes this is one country as Cindy tells us while her nose grows. She will never agree to it as she needs the vote from her cousins to stay in power at any cost to the country ??????? rod
The reasons the seats were created is long passed into history. They are now and have been for many elections, guaranteed seats for Labour, based purely on race. Where is the “equality” in that?? Get rid of them Michael Charles John
They pave the way to separatism, racial inequality and apartheid Rick
The MMP voting system should have ensured the end of Maori seats Jillian
Those who claim to be Maori are but 15% of the population. They are entitled to put forward nominations within any parliamentary party to represent them. We are supposed to be living in a Democracy. Let the polititions be elected on their own mereits not on RACE. George
Having Maori seats is racist and should have been abolished years ago. Bruce
It is well past time!! valerie
Too scary to contemplate. Judi
They are a complete waste of money and totally unnecessary. Dorothy
Well past time. This should have happened when MMP came in John
One people = new zealand Nichunter
We don’t want apartheid here. Pamela
This move is long overdue and represents vote catching mollycoddling of the Maori electorate. National are not innocent. They have shepherded in some of the most damaging wind-back of constitutional restraints on Maori claims, and who is entitled to claim rights as a Maori. Hugh
Supposedly we are a democracy and we should act as one, one person, one vote, one government elected by the people for the people – at all times. If Maori want their own government are they going to be funded by all New Zealanders or just those who elect to be registered only on the Maori roll? Michael
Abolish along with all race based benefits and positions. All appointments should be on merit not race. Get rid of Maori veto over health, 3 waters, race based university quotas, Maori seats, State employment quotas, State contract quotas etc. etc ad nauseum. I don’t believe National will have the cojones to front on this. They will dance all over the pinhead. Terry
Excellent, informative column, Muriel. The system of the 48 List seats – none of whom are voted into Parliament by the people – should be reviewed and abolished also! Paul
cannot happen soon enough Neville
These dissident Maori are obviously con-men and their victim is the NZ taxpayer , now and well in to the future — aided and abetted by useful idiots like Chris Finlayson and Jacinda Adern. bruces
The existence of the Maori seats reinforces the idea that (part Maori ) are somehow separate & inferior. Historical events show that this idea has now been transcended. bruce
100% New Zealand is ONE country. We are all equal. Neil
Privilege has had its day for Maori N. Royce
Should have been gone years ago at the next election after MMP voted for. Graham
All I want for NZ is unity we are one people so interbreed now we need to have equal rights and voices and put an end to this new cultural division that is being imposed upon us – 1 people 1 nation -1 voice and then we can protect ourselves from communism /socialism and idiotic war possibilities Jane
It is decades PAST time! Selwyn
Deffinatey aganist any form of raceiciam David
Should have been done when universal suffrage was adopted in this country. Now it has turned into a political hot potato Bruce
We have more Pacific Islanders residing in NZ than Maori. Should they be given the right to have their own seats?? The Maori seats are racist and divisive of our overall population and nationhood. Get rid of them and let us all move forward together, without special privileges for whining minorities. Vic
the quicker the better tony
Why was it not dune years ago. It is hard to imagine a greater waste of tax payer money than the present system. john
It is racist, it is undemocratic, it is Ardern Jamie
This farce has gone on long enough John
I though we are one is the slogan of labour. What a complete disaster for NZ. I despise Adern and labour party. The worst government this country has ever had. Pauline
We should one as a nation Sherryle
Having in the past been on the Maori electoral roll myself and experiencing nothing positive for the Country or personally I changed to the General roll where I felt my one vote had more chance of making a difference. Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll propagate separatism and abolishing them both are long overdue. Gary
I have always thought that. Jillian
I am a NZer and cannot just turn up and get on to a Town Council or Regional Council because I am white so why special treatment for Maori. Maori Incorporations wouldn’t let a pakeha come on because they are white and they need DIVERSITY. Maori Allblacks …all we need now is the “white” all blacks team. Oh yeah that’s aparthied Murray
Well passed its due by date. Douglas
Absolutely Terry
Maori can stand for any seat and be counted like any NZ’er dennis
we need to be one Nation all as equals David
This must happen as soon as possible so the general public can have faith restored in the political system Roy
Abolition of the Maori electoral roll is very long overdue Bryce
Absolutely no question. Mark
I’m going back on the general role. Bruce
There should be one system for all New Zealanders only Michael
Absolutely-they should be abolished!!! Derek
Jacinda is driving NZ into a marxist regime, for the maori to benefit. This is herr klaus schwab’s driven direction (jacinda is from the class of 2014 of schwab’s “young world leaders”) to take NZ to a controlled and divided society, based on race. There are no true maoris left, we are all NZers. Lets all stand together, and make NZ what it was years gone by. NZ is a divided and unhappy country, and as an NZer stranded overseas by auntie jacinda’s dictate, I see (from afar) my country being split and divided by a government (led by marxist jacinda) being destroyed. Time for change. Gordon
It was only supposed to be temporary anyway, with them being abolished in the early 1900’s (not too sure exactly). Graeme
REMEMBER: the 1986 Royal Commission on the Electoral System warned that the Maori seats needed to be abolished if New Zealand adopted MMP. RICHard
Yes, Yes and Yes Gail
Definitely have to go. Tony
We are all NEW ZEALANDERS. Ian
If you receive any documents that include parts that you can’t understand, just write across the envelope return to sender. Anything in the media that you cannot understand just ignore. Richard
WAAAY, overdue. Apartheid is simply the Afrikaans word for Separatism. This is what NZ has – Apartheid. Geoff
Am 78 yes old and all my life I have witnessed the Maori race become more and more privileged to the detriment of other Kiwis. Now the made up Maori language is being forced upon us particularly our children. It’s time for all this nonsense to stop Kay
Absolutely. The Treaty gave Maori equal rights to all New Zealanders, not superior rights. Maori demands for separate rights, is unsupported by the Treaty. So why should there be Maori seats. Privilege for any race simply on the basis of race cannot be supported. Racial considerations are divisive and completely against the concept of all religions – that we are all one under God. Not that some are more equal than others, Alastair
A separate Maori electoral roll is undemocratic and fits the very definition of institutionalised racism. Aaron
This should have happened long ago and the Waitangi Tribunal must also be abolished, it is a sham, it is fraud in the highest degree. Margaret
It’s been TIME since FOREVER. Universal male suffrage in NZ was established in 1879, so Maori men could vote from then. Women didn’t get suffrage until 1893, so just WHO was more discriminated against? Joyce
No longer relavent in a multi cultural society Graham
Overdue Robert
Yes a thousand times yes. gale
Overdue and the consequences of ignoring the Electoral Commision’s very strong advice to abolish Maori seats has left the door wide p open for corruption and racial division. Stan
Sooner the better. Mark
I don’t think it is pragmatic to believe we can abolish the Maori seats and roll. Better that they are educated to become part of mainstream politics, and be a part of New Zealand as a whole, not a separate entity. Colin
As well as the INDEMOCRATIC MMP electoral system. Currently only 30% of MP’S in parliament are elected.There should be a binding referendum on MMP at the next election!!! Greg
Causing the greatest divide ever amongst us Robert
Long overdue Ken
Past Hi Time! wally
well overdue allan
We are all New Zealanders. Gayle
Yes, it’s silly to have seats reserved for Maoris. Josie
we have worked hard over decades to bring unity ad now this . Labour must GO from office. I am volunteering in a third world country and am shocked that my home land is fast becoming a socialist but divided nation. HE
its a HUGE YES trish
Stand on their own merits as a person, as a New Zealander. Paula
in this good country we cannot be divided by race steve
It is totally divisive and ruining our country at a very fast rate.. The list of MP’s makes for very sad reading. A very dangerous precedent has been set. Laurel
Biggest con out. Martin
Long overdue. If it is based on representative numbers Maori are way over represented Marianne
We are supposedly one nation. To even contemplate that 17% of our citizens have the right to claim equal ownership right of national assets is treasonable. For this group to contemplate such privilege but have all associated costs borne by the subjective majority is ludicrous. The maori race may claim to be indigenous but four hundred years and their continued belief in their tribal home of Hawaiiki give lie to thjis. Whilst my forbears may have arrived 400 years later than the maori they are also immigrants JUST LIKE the maori. I am as much an indigenous inhabitant as they are. We certainly need to abolish race-based electoral rights and have all citizens and residents equal under the law and in voting right. Our Nation needs to urgently return to a colour/race blind status! Michael
C’mon! Unelected racist separatists need to go. We are all people of New Zealand. Jake
One race, one people, one country where all people are equal and valued, and not the race-based division destroying this country. Donald
The horse has bolted already Christina
All races have an equal opportunity to participate equally iin government – there is no reason to have a race based electorate tony
Hopefully its not too late. Lets hope Luxon and Seymour can get their heads together so that the country can get rid of the Red Plague. Urban
We are one people, stop the division Pauline
Absolute racial divide in the offing. Peter
It was time for this to happen about 90 years ago. Ron
Too right they should be abolished! They OUGHT to have been abolished decades ago. Ton
HELL YES!!! Tony
There are so many families that are of mixed eace, which one should kids support? Their Maori side or their other side.? We shouldn’t have a separate system for one race over another. One Country, One People Gail
We are a democracy and that means one person, one vote with no preferential treatment on any grounds at all Jocelyn
This has to stop. Gil
Hell YES. Long overdue. We are heading towards apartheid in reverse. It is madness to carry on with their ill conceived and radical agendas. I heard an old maori lady on talk back radio say maori have a role but not control. What about all the other ethnicities in New ZEALAND. People are getting sick of this maori b/s all the time, let’s be all equal in everything. Peter
Maori came on wooden boats with sails (The great Canoes) like the Europeans. People were already here so both Maori and Europeans are immigrants. both were given equal status by the Queen. Other races are also here with high percentages and we are all New Zealanders. There is no place for racial separation in this country due to inter marriage between the races. Edward
Maybe at one time they were necessary, but no more, its reverse racism david
Way overdue.,16% of the population is wagging the dogs tail jack
Should have happened years ago Leila
No more racist agendas from Labour Norm
I Totally agree with the rationale of the Electoral Commission who have been proved correct Michael
We are a democracy, lets ensure our representation is on a democratic basis as MMP was meant to be. merv
Because they are forming an elite, greedy group and all have some pakeha blood so why should they be treated different than anyone else ,it just creates separatism Paul
Absolutely agree Phil
Lets have only a Electoral Roll for New Zealanders.plus no racist Maori Seats peter
we have to dump this Corporate Govt System, and bring in the Declaration of Independance System 1835 Wayne
Looong overdue. Should have happened with MMP Rita
Jacinda Ardern says that we are a Team of 5 million. If that is so why do we need for that team to be split into two groups divided by the colour of one group’s skin? Leslie
Can never be equality in government with these seats still in place. It is a race based unfair advantage. Carol
This is something hat is well overdue. pdm
It is long overdue Philip
We are supposed to be a democracy but are fast becoming a marxsist state. tony 
New Zealand is in dire danger. Get rid of all the racism that permeates the electoral process and get rid of this awful dictatorship (“government”) that is destroying our country. Patrick
Should have gone in 1986 when MMP came in and every voter had a proportional vote. There was a need for a Moari party to have been set up however, but now it’s truly in place it must change . That way if the Maori party has enough strength it can lead the country democratically. The TOW was set up by Hobson to give all people of New Zealand a single authority / government and to eliminate slavery. Steve
This will Get rid of the chosen few who have heads, hands and feet in our ( taxpayers) pockets Nick
A thousand times yes Shirley
Democratic principles and a 16% of our population identifying as Maori, who as aside have a checkered and some what deplorable fiscal attitude toward financial responsibility Tony
Decades overdue! Carl
Past it’s best by date, well past Ian
And disband the waitangi tribunal and then consign the treaty of waitangi to the history rubbish bin forever. Darryl
Absolutely disgusting racism they need to go like Jabcinda Greg
It was racist to have them there in the first place sheryl
We are a democratic multi cultural country and there is no place for segregated race based policies. Laurence 
Definitely. The sooner the better before even more damage done to our country Dell H
Yes, the Maori Seats need to be abolished as was recommended by the initial proponents of MMP. No Nation has ever succeeded by being divided on any basis let alone a race based division. This is just another of my pet hates along with the whole MMP system. It also needs to be abolished and replaced with an electoral system that puts the electors in charge and NOT the party machines. MMP as a style of elections was forced onto Germany after the second world war and it was chosen because it is unlikely to have anything but coalitions and therefore ensured week Government. It was thought that under such a system there could never be another Hitler. My thoughts on the MMP system is that there is far too much power in the hands of the Party Machines and not where it should be, in the hands of the people. Is not democracy a form of government that is for the people and by the people. In other words, the people are supposed to be in control and not the Parliamentarians. Under MMP the Parties are the ones in control and this is because of two main reasons. One the promises made during the election are hardly ever honoured as it can be said that the coalition negotiations meant the any promise had to be abandoned to achieve agreement. Just blame the other party and forget the promise. The second major deficiency is that any good party member cannot be rejected out of Parliament. Take Phil Tyford as an example a minister who has failed to implement any real promises (Kiwi Build and Auckland’s Light Rail) but as he must be a reliable party hack he has been lifted up the party list and so if the Te Atatu Electorate vote him out he will just return on the party list. The Party has the control and not the people. Here is my solution a short version. Parliament should be split into two sections electorate seats and party seats as at present. However, the main difference is that the two sections are elected separately and the party vote does not have influence on the other. First the electorate seats should be 75% of the seats in Parliament and in New Zealand that would mean 90 of the 120 seats. These seats would be elected on the Australian system of preferential voting therefore ensuring the member elected would have over 50% support. The balance of 25% seats would be voted in on the Party Vote with this vote only being in relation to the party seats and not the overall makeup of Parliament as at present. This way minor parties who achieve say 4% of the vote would be entitled to a seat and therefore a say in Parliament but would not in normal circumstances get the control they do at present. Just look at NZ First with just over 8% of the vote at the previous election and no electorate seats had the control and or veto over the Labour Party and therefore the country. 8% telling the other 92% what to do. With my system you would not normally require coalitions and would therefore get a strong Government who would be expected to honour its promises. These could be good or bad but are always subject to the approval of the electorate at the next election. Take the control away from the Party machines and put it back in the hands of the people ROBIN
The sooner we can get rid of Labour & all of the Maori seats & electoral role the better! david
They have long ago fulfilled the purpose for which they were established, and it’s long overdue that this country was recognised as being multicultural. Biculturism no longer applies, if it ever truly did. Sonya
Long overdue. As I have quoted before ! New Zealand is fast becoming another Rhodesia . Maori are not Indigenous to New Zealand and they should be treated like any other citizen. Wayne
Definitely – long overdue Peter
This separatism should have never have been allowed in the first instance Gwenda
Yes as there is no partnership between Maori and the crown as it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership to exist between a sovereign and the governed. We are not bicultural we are multicultural with many multicultural taxpayers with residency. The 200 million a year taxpayer funding of Whanau Ora is even more alarming with the passing of the first reading of the Maori Business Bill which gives Maori entities full autonomy from whatever crimes that covers and other businesses have to abide by. The Treaty of Waitangi (article III) guarantees the same rights to ALL citizens regardless of race. Why is this being denied to the 83% and given only to mixed Maori. There are no true Maori in New Zealand this blatant racial supremacy of Maorimix must go before NZ is bankrupted. Brenda
An interesting question is; “How does the Maori Partnership fit into the Socialist ideology of Comrad Adern?” Frederick
Do now before it is too late!!! Dennis
long overdue Richard 
Absolutely YES. Should never have got to this stage. As a 100% white person, I feel like a person of less than second degree worthiness because I have no Maori blood. We never grew up with this apartheid feeling. We were all one – we are not now! What changed? Dot
I’m so scared by the way this underhand government is covertly pushing the Maori agenda. Ruth
Just look truthfully at the racial divide that now exists in New Zealand. if we as a people care, this Apartheid MUST STOP NOW Bryan
Disappointing and a worry where Ardern has taken the country, things need to change before it is too late. John
without delay, get rid of the radicals now gerard
Fully agree. Brilliant article. Thank you. John
Most definitely Pam
very dangerous Peter
Absolutely ! mike
Absolutely !!!! It is time to get rid of this treacherous Government and their agendas and take back NZ with an aim for one law for all — no separatism in any form whatsoever. The problem is a lot of naive NZ”s still think Jacinda is lovely. It appears however the American and Australian news people now realise what a dangerous individual she is. Get rid of He Puapua and any other separitist agendas. Alan
We are one country, one people. We need to move forward not backwards doris
No race-based policies. Repeal all the race-based policies made to date Tjaart
They should have got rid of them twenty years ago. IAN
one people – Kiwis Appeasement is always doomed to failing with dreadful results. Murray
Overdue by about 40 years. John
We are a country failing in our right to be heard. The minority are being given a voice over the majority, we need to speak up New Zealand Margaret
They are well passed their useably date. They were a failed attempt to solve a non existent problem when invented. 1 person 1 vote demands an equal playing field to function. avid
let us be ONE country Lorraine
100% has to happen or else this country will never achieve its potential and most likely join the third would grouping with a hand out for China. Neville
Yes yes yes…how many times can I say. Of course they need to be abolished Kristene
Race based electorates-does that sound democratic? gary
for all the reasons publicly expressed, but ignored by our racist gtvt. norman
Most certainly it should have been done at the introduction of MMP or earlier as originally proposed Gary
I believe in equality for all New Zealanders. I don’t mind money being spent on under privileged kids to bring them up to speed to enjoy our equality Marty
There is now too much tribalism being introduced turning NZ into a divided country Roger
Its time to overturn the powers of control this Government has given to itself… NOW Lyn
They should have been abolished way back in 1879 when all men got the vote and the reason for the Maori seats ceased to exist. Eric
Total agreement with your newsletter. We are nearing the bottom of a very slippery slope Tony
It was actually time about 50 years ago – better late than never. Alan
As soon as possible. Moyra
It is long past it’s use by date. The so called Maori elite have shown their true colours – they are nothing more than modern day but pirates and should be treated as such. They totally disregard all others in their quest for wealth and power. I make no apologies if this If appears harsh, but you just have to take a look at what has been occurring particularly overt the last three years. I believe you will also find there is consternation amongst other Maori groups over recent developments. This is not the New Zealand way, so let’s change it now. chris
It is well overdue. The need for this separatism has long gone. In the 21st century is is an anachronism, and a racial, apartheid nation destroying evil. Doug
I am distressed at the racial divide being promoted in this country. Diane
20 years too late Paul
They are racist and should have been abolished long ago. Alex
It is way past time for this relic to be consigned to the annals of history. Peter
They are passed their use by date and it is a racist policy paul
Yes, of course but it is too late. THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED . If you are placing your faith in National & ACT you have more faith than I have. Too little too late with them …..”a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” and if you can’t see several weak links in the National/ACT combo you had better go to Specsavers Bruce
Just to be clear, this is the question: “Do you agree that it is now time for the Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll to be abolished?” My answer: A very loud and unequivocal YES for all the reasons that Muriel outlines and the sooner, the better. By lunch time would be good. Dianna
Affirmative action is a pigs ear..it’s unable to be made into a silk purse. Racism is racism whatever you call it. Matt
Abolished along with appointed Maori or any other race appointed representatives appointed to elected councils and given voting rights. There is no place for privileged superior race syndrome in NZ. Brian
Should have happened years ago Bob
End apartheid in New Zealand now! Igor
united we stand divided we fall and are easily controlled though fear tactics Anne
definitely david
In fact it is not just time they were abolished but well overdue. We have been conned yet again by our brown brothers! Ron
absolutely. – (as John Key promised before each of 3 elections and failed to do.) Gordon
Elimination of all aspects of Apartheid is essential for a harmonious society. Ray
Maori deserve the same opportunities and influence as everyone else, not more. Chris
Way overdue. The system has well and truly run its course, however for them to be removed every politician would need to go to the electorate they represent and vote on the matter in accordance with the publics wishes. Of course this would never work under the MMP system as too many in the Parliament have no electorate ,( list MP’s ) and would vote on party lines. Why should those who are 90% European have the choice of what roll they can be on? Barry
we are one country and one people regardless. If you have an NZ Passport then you are a New Zealander not this and that robin
Way past time, ridding on the Nations coat tails. Grow up and join as part of the Nation instead of demanding special privileges’ while doing nothing but want. I do not put the older generation in this category, just the modern generations, want want want Ken
Should have gone years ago Keith
No need for parliament to have skewed representation, un democratic, based on a race having exclusive seats due to a separate voters roll. Horst
I am afraid for the future of New Zealand under this government Maire
All Maori seats should have been abolished, the day New Zealand went MMP reg
It should have been done years ago – and I can claim Maori ancestry ! Clem
Should have been abolished years ago. They are racist . Richard
Should have been years ago. In fact, once universal suffrage was enacted. Maori have been trested as election bait by Labour since the 1930s. Only in 1996 was the stranglehold loosened. Unfortunately it was to the Winston First mob. Ditch the lot. Philip
There is no place for them in a multi cultural society where they represent a minor portion of the population. Promotion of the current ideas by the current government is a giant con little understood by many. peter
It is way more than time. All parliamentry representitives should be voted in by registered voters, regardless of race and ethnicity. If the good people standing in an election are successful total democracy will be preserved. Ian
Without question. Well past time in fact. The existence of these parliamentary seats and the accompanying separate electoral roll reserved for members of one particular ethnicity is blatantly racist. By extension it perpetualises the proven fallacy that Maori are fundamentally inferior to all other ethnicities and therefore require special treatment to ensure their representation in parliament. Kerry
are maoris not kiwis any more ,that is they all have between 50 and 99 percent european blood what the hell is wrong with them ,,they simply want to ride for free the gravy train to see what falls off ,what they are too stupid to realise is that only the elite few would ever benefit they cant see that tyhe maori seats and the labour govt is really their worst nightmare totally stops them from having a great future as fully intergrated kiwis hone
Yes. We must stop this racist policy that maori are in some ways different from every other ethnicity in the world. Immigrants from overseas have settled in NZ and have been happy to become NZ citizens. This will all end if Maori think that they are somehow superior to every other Kiwi because of their part maori status Steve
The Maori seats clearly should have been abolished when MMP was introduced. But as unachievable as it was to have the government ‘turkeys’ of the day vote for Christmas, layer-on the cries of outrage one would face today with usual ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ accusations – not to mention tut-tutting of the UN.. Best to start by charging this minority of self-serving MP’s with sedition. Tony
It is vital that this happens sooner rather than later or even worse – not at all! Simonne
There is no future for the Maori Party here in New Zealand. Let it go. William
Were not the Maori seats introduced as a temporary measure in the first place? Garry
Yes, put simply we should have a government uniting the people of NEW ZEALAND and not creating sepretisim as this Labour Ardern led government is determined to do. Owen
That is just starters – in fact abolish the Waitangi Tribunal. That should be the starting point. Put it to a referendum of N.Z. voters. john
10 years late Bruce
They should have been abolished years ago, however I doubt if National and/or ACT have got the courage to do it. Roger
I am really concerned that our once democratic free speaking friendly nation is turning into one that is so racially biased that animosity is so prevalent. Jennifer
One country for all Brian 
How can we ever be one people with these divisions. Just a few radicals ruining our unity. Judith
They are a product of the early days of our Democracy when the interests of Maori were considered to be helpful in understanding their role in our Nation. Not any more. They are now occupied by mixed race Maori and not in a partnership with the Crown. Put your Maori candidates up along with everyone else for General seats and people will choose regardless of Race. Bev
Definitely time Dianne
The Maori seats should of been dismantled years ago Margaret
YES definitely! Along with an outdated Treaty, that has no longer much relevance, but has been twisted and manipulated to suit a small group. kabe
Long past time! Winston promised to do it years ago. We are sinking rapidly into a society of racial division, which will only end in bitterness, hatred and finally, serious damage. Hugh
Maori have proven they are more than able to vote in any general election, as such the archaic Maori electoral role has no longer any relevance and should have been shutdown decades ago. John
It is only intentionally BLIND political activists who push to divide New Zealand on a racial basis. Real New Zealanders of all races can live comfortably and peaceably together as has happened for so many years until today’s political and personal ‘unelected’ activists began pushing their racist philosophy. World history repeating itself !. Stuart
I totally support the abolishment of racial based electoral seats. Gavin
Enough is enough. Lindsay 
Better late than never !! Barry
It should have ben done when MMP was introduced. Grant
along with many of their ridiculous claims john
Well past there used by date. Chris
Along with the Waitangi Tribunal and every other race based piece of legislation! Brenda
Definitely, they have been in our Political system for much too long and should be abolished now. Dianne
They are well represented by their own party. John
Maori seats and electoral roll do not fit with a universal MMP system. Bruce
Maori are intelligent enough to foot it with the best of the rest- so now is the time to confirm this John
for sure ! mike
End racism now !! Susie
maybe there is a god!!!!!!!!! mike
It is great to see Maori having input but not to this extent … very dangerous and not being done in a democratic way. Susan
The abolition is long overdue. Maori seats are, and always have been, blatantly racist. Gordon
What happened to Jacinda’s team of five million or are we a country split into them and us. David
In fact that time is well overdue! Peter
Should have been abolished decades ago. Tony
Yes as Maori are already over represented in Parliament so don’t need these seats as of right. Helen
The Maori seats are now a gerrymander. Trevor
I hate the racial divide created by this government. Kathy
We are all equal Stan
Most definitely – they need to go ASAP and also take the so-called Treaty of Waitangi as well. Mike
We cannot be governed based on Race. Phillip
Otherwise soon, like Israel, we will be prosecuted by the ICC for operating an apartheid system. Steve
We are ONE country and should not head towards apartheid. gene
Definitely we are meant to be one nation Dianne
We are one people. errol
What else would you expect from this lot Allan
We are supposed to be one nation – there cannot be separate rolls for a minority population in a democratic society Keith
Maori radical leaders who are not even in touch with the best interests of the people they propose to represent – are heading in an unbelievably serious place to be. maurice
NZ has been held to ransom for far too long. Sheila
Long over due Henry
Absolutely!!!!!! Albyn
All parliamentary seats are elected to represent the people irrespective of culture, one elected representative to represent all people David
We are one people. DIANE
We are one people John
We are one people Sue
What percentage of Maori determines a Maori who is entitled to vote for a Maori and stand. If seats are based on DNA where is a the Indian, Chinese etc seat Rowan
Abolish race from EVERYTHING. Cultural & religious freedom is enough, in addition to equal basic human rights for all. Period. Maori have been bludging from the taxpayer for far too long. Handouts are simply making them even more useless. Mark
Maori need to accept they ‘are one of us’. Roger
How many more billions are we over taxed NZrs going to pay for this ongoing con by Maori pretenders with their small percentages of Maori blood. The Maori electoral roll is a joke and must be dumped along with the 19th century Maori seats asap followed by the Treaty Tribunal and everything else pertaining to Maori/iwi. ONE PEOPLE ONE SERVICE. There are no full blooded Maoris living. in this day and age. The Maori/iwi rort must be extinguished. Judy
The news is getting better every day in regard to this pathetic Labour government.1 Janet
I would like to think that Jacinda and her followers could read the results but when you cant read it can only be a challenge Garth
We are one people so why do we need two electoral rolls .or separate seats. Heather 
we are supposed to be a team of 5 million so getting rid of the maori seats and elect on merit might be the answer -we don’t need their misplaced ideaology stuffing this country up LesW
Was only a temporary measure back in 1800s so why still going? Colin
As usual Muriel has said it all. June
The time was 1986 Chris
I think we should either abolish Maori seats or amend the MMP electoral system Tim
Ha ….fancy new Zealand being led by a minority party. What absolute pandering!! Get rid of them!! rick
Well overdue. Period. Folkert.
Thanks for keeping us informed. There is not enough Governmental transparency with regard to these matters that affect the future of all New Zealanders. Carl
ABSOLUTELY!!! These are skewing the voting system. There is no shortage of Maori in either Parliament or Local Government. These should have been abolished in 1986 when MMP was introduced and should have been set up properly then! Sylvia
do it now! antony
one country one people peter
The need for Maori seats has long since past as we are a multi-cultural society, therefore all of us need to be equally represented in Parliament, and not by unelected minority bureaucrats with a racial agenda. Brian
The ‘Cheshire Cat’ clearly does not understand what the word “racism’ means. john
The Maori seats & electoral role should have been abolished, about 80yrs ago. A divided nation can never move forward & prosper, as has been shown in many instances. Zimbabwe as a glaring example. The descendants of Maori in the Elite bracket, have now, because of repeated hand-outs, become so financially influential, they can dictate through the Banks, as an example, who participates in sponsored events etc. They will play very dirty if their power is threatened. At the last election, New Conservative campaigned on ONE LAW FOR ALL. Candidates had advertising boards destroyed or graffitied with the words RACIST constantly. In some cases vehicle tyres were slashed, & property destroyed. This indicated just how angry that ethnic group became, with the slightest threat to their privileged position. With U.N.DRIP now fully entrenched, & ALL Parties currently in parliament determined to abide by The Great Reset / Agenda 2030; I can see no escape from our Nations predicament.. A.G.R.
I’m surprised it’s actually a question. One New Zealand. Chris
It,s way OVERDUE but is LUXON going to have the guts to do itSo all you NATIONAL voters contact Luxon & DEMAND he REMOVES ALL THE RACIST LAWS/ETC jacinda has done & return NZ to DEMOCRACYI read about his wife speaking te reo & he,s learning it too thats okay but ITS NOT OKAY FOR NZ BEING DEVIDED & OUR ASSETS BEING GIVEN TO IWI & IWI HAVING A SAY OR ANY VETO ON OUR HEALTH SYSTEM.Everyone is equal & skin colour should never be a right. Cindy
Definitely if we don’t abolish them we will accelerate racism john
don’t need to view your article to realise what is going on. John
And abolish the Waitangi Tribunal Donald
should have been done after the 1986 recommendations. Ian
MMP is giving us a cultural mix in Parliament hence we don’t need Maori seats. Reeve
It is WAY past time. The Waitangi Tribunal should also be abolished. DICK
It should have happened years ago. What has happened to the “one people, one country” concept? Barrie
We should be one people, or this will tear the country apart. Helen
All NZers should be equal. Stop creating this racial division Ivan
Sick of having it rammed down our throats. It would not be a good thing for NZ as a whole Kerin
Absolutely!! The maorification of NZ has to be stopped. Neville
Time, it is long overdue. These Maori leaders have been ripping the system for years one way or the other and now show clearly that they are out for themselves and not the country. The Maori electoral roll has to be abolished now. Tom
Yes, I do think it should be abolished along with Maori seats. We have a multicultural society here in New Zealand, and therefore we should be colourblind. There should be no ethnicity box to be ticked, only NZ Citizen, NZ Resident or Visitor. Absolutely nothing to show what your ethnicity is, we are all the same, and we all bleed the same. Heather
overdue…. gill
I’m 72 – years ago my understanding was that all residents of NZ were KIWIS without discrimination – we’re currently on a path to disfunction and racialism – NZ for New Zealanders whatever their history. Ian
A racist model well past its time . Basil
YES! We’ve had enough of the apartheid from those clowns. If they expect equal outcomes, they have to make some equal inputs that don’t involve taxpayer $. Mark
Just vote them out and watch out for Trump style electoral corruption and cheating. Sick and tired of Labors lies. David
There is only one race – the human race.. All New Zealanders born in this country are indigenous to this Country whatever it is called – NZ or Aotearoa or some thing else.. So there can only be one electoral roll for all citizens. John
We should be one people LGF
Time to ditch the Treaty as well. Graham
This idea worked when Maori were 100% Maori. But now the blood line has been so diluted by marriage to non Maori that the concept of Maori seats does not pass the “Pub test”. Gary
we are one Country giorgio
20 years too late Frank
I tentatively voted yes, but it is the underlying issue that we need to democratically agree on; what do we want NZ to be, a democracy based on equality or a segregated country. The answer to this will then lead to the answer to this weeks question Mike
We are wanting to be one unites country independant of race. Nina
And I bet I will be labelled a racist for agreeing to their abolition. It is the notions of separatism and colonialism that are racist george
Race shouldn’t define a modern democracy Let there be One rule for all…the same rule ! Peter
Can’t happen too soon Peter
Are we not all New Zealanders ?. Warwick
People should be voted in on their own merit, not because of their race!!!! Liz
Way past time, It was Supposed to be temporary when first introduced! No FREE Lunches anymore. Warren
Undemocratic & not relevant for the 21st century Tricia
They have served their purpose Alton
We do not want apartheid Harvey
Way past time Loraine
Yes, abolish them now! I advocated doing that 47 years ago through letters to the editor as ‘one law for all’. Also, Jacinda won’t be too concerned about losing the next election to a National government. She knows, as a young globalist leader, that a different incoming government will continue to take its orders from the UN, WHO, WEF of Davos and the Paris Climate Accord. Decoupling from those iniquitous organisations is a must and will enable NZ to return to Nation State Sovereignty in control of its own laws for the better rather than the worse. Don
Way past time, actually. Gordon
They should never have been introduced, remove them. Mike
Yes !! … a thousand times over russell
Yes absolutely. Let’s prioritize democracy and remove racial reference from government policy. Michael
A cultural con!!!! Where there is no “Maori” culture….. tribes have “tribal belief systems, so the only option is to con people that there is a “culture”! There was never a unified tribal “culture” in NZ. What we have with the so called “Maori caucus” is a temporary shot-gun marriage of convenience. Even Neumann should choose her words carefully because of their implications. A few percent of the population (I see that support for the Maori party has fallen to 1% !! ) represents a minor “belief system” such as Mormons (1.04% of the NZ population). No one is suggesting that Mormons should have “equal” political power with the other 99%!! charles
No race based govt. steph 
We are all one Roger
They should have gone years ago Peter
There has never been a better time to abolish all pacific positions for one race and needs to be done to let New Zealand get ahead at the rate we are going we will have nothing left all sold to overseas interests as this has been done before when this race have been given land etc and then sold. Where is the money to help their people instead of NZ taxpayer picking up the same tab again and again.. Julie
It is way past time! Phil
When I read through these NZCPR pages how many good Kiwis are looking at leaving NZ ,due to the current govt list of obscene moves to divide us as a nation ,I am saddened and angry . Dont leave, fight these self serving scum that are ruining our beloved NZ. I have written to any/all advertisers demanding the removal of this insidious form of bullying, in their e-mails , generally they quote the same old B S but let these people know we will stand up and fight . I havent bought a TV guide or supported the Ch-ch Press, for a year , both maori, biased publications .Stop supporting these parasites .I wrote to the Human Rights demanding Meng Bu-Foon ( sic) resign at his failure to protest at NZ introducing apartheid during his watch . The reply was farcical but we must continue to fight ,on all avenues . If people leave these shores the lowlifes win . Go National /Act . Ray
Well overdue. Graham 
Now has become essential John
sooner the better, 1 person , 1 vote steve
And roll back all the racist implementations. Zoran
Abolish the Maori seats, electoral roll and the TOW Now. we cannot wait for the next election, Adern and her Maori caucus will have completed their mission. we cannot wait for National to find a a person with leadership Skills, Luxon is a WOKE JOKE. He is learning maori,, to talk to Who.?? clearly he thinks us previous national supporters speak maori. less than 10% are more important than the 85% of “others” Appeasement never works Mr Luxon. We are sick and tired of these bloody lying, greedy radical opportunist in our current Govt along with the unelected hangers on who are more than happy to destroy democracy and New Zealand. We have had enough, We want our country back. and real politicians that can be trusted. I don’t see a capable honest politician anywhere across the parities, My vote is homeless. S
Not only time to do it, but a hundred years overdue! Dave
We are one country Knud
They are Racist, used for the wrong purposes and the Royal Commission when bringing in MMP voting said they should be abolished. We are a country of very diverse backgrounds and most probably there is not one Maori person in NZ that has even 50% Maori genes Hylton
New Zealand – NOT Aotearoa – is made up of a large number of races. Maori are not indigenous, having arrived here around 800 years ago from somewhere in the Pacific. The present government is dividing the country along racial lines, favouring a minority of about 5%. Democracy is being abolished. Peter
They should have been abolished long ago. I am afraid National have no intention of abolishing them as they are going to run candidates in each one next election. Makes you wonder when the population will think as one. Dennis
It should have been and was supposed to be under MMP what happened it%u2019s time real NZers stood up and made themselves look and understand what is happening before it%u2019s to late Peter
To have them is apart apartheid as far as I am concerned Brian 
One rule one people Rod
Absolutely! Too much power given to an elite few. All elected should be on their own merits. Gill
All New Zealanders are equal Murray
As maori are not indigenous it is a Racist law, no other race gets the same privelidge Colin
maori seats should have stopped when mmp started john
My wily Pakeha brother used to put himself on the Maori roll between elections, so he could take advantage of the race based benefits (like Maori only free accommodation overnight between hospital visits). Hawkes Bay hospital had an electoral roll on hand to check his identification status! So yes it has to go, what he did cheekily exposed the unfairness well and truely. Pamela Mary
All New Zealanders should be equal regardless of race. Why not asian or islanders seats as well? ron
Maori are quite capable of standing on their own feet. No need to prop them up. That’s insulting and paternalistic. Besides being undemocratic. Jenny
I agree we will soon be like sth Africa and that is very very scary. Amazing what people will do regarding covid vaccination but take no notice of absolutely destructive happenings in the country Lyn
This should have happened back in 1986, before MMP came in. How many times have e heard “oh it will be nothing to worry about” only to find when push comes to shove, we need to bloody well worry alright. steve
They are race-based and not relevant in a modern democracy James
It is long overdue, successive governments have ignored the recommendation of a Royal Commission in 1986 to abolish Maori seats if proportional voting was introduced – it has been Terry
It is depressing living in N,Z. now. Democracy ruined. Ann
Long OVERdue Bryan
long overdue David
SAP Eddie
The need for the Maori seats disappeared long ago with the event of universal suffrage. To keep them is patronizing and undemocratic. Michael
All citizens are New Zealanders and all should accept that. The problem is that there is money to be made by the Maori tribes by promoting this racial agenda. Shaun
Everyone has the same voting rights g
I have always believed that having specific Maori seats created division and racism and people should not be elected by race Pene
Well overdue. Should have been done after the first MMP election Kevin
Sooner the better Jeff
Should have happened decades ago !! Henry
We are one nation and one rule applies to all. Pradip
Time to Stop the separatist agenda Dennis
Absolutely. There should be no raced based parties in a New Zealand Government. John
I am Maori. I do not agree with Racism, seperatism, and Iwi Elitism. Tony
They were not the original settlers in NZ and well documented Daniel
There are no full blooded Maoris left in NZ Dave
Maori seats were only established in the 19 th century to give Maoris who did not own land the right to vote. They should have been abolished when all Maoris were given the right to vote, whether or not they owned land. Wah
Yes MMP they should not be here. Lionel 
The Treaty of WItagi clearly states all people in NZ are equal Gary
There is place for racism in a genuine democracy and therefore all racist mechanisms should be abolished Bruce
But who is going to get that done? Ido
MMP made this redundant john
Definitely – they are an anachronism Gerry
For legitimate representation and to protect democracy Maori seats and the Moari roll should be abolished. Margaret
To prevent outright civil strife New Zealand MUST get back to a path of common democracy. The Treaty Of Waitangi has become a heavy chain around our necks. And it has no significance today. It was signed by representatives of The BRITISH CROWN and the Maori Chiefs on behalf of all Maori.. It is a simply worded agreement which has been falsified and trashed over many years. It has little meaning today BUT is most definitely NOT our founding document. New Zealand did not become independent till September 2007. It’s time to abolish Maori seats Maori wards and this stupid Tribunal. Graeme
Lets Get The One Nation policy going richard
Because it will make this country one with many racial groups living in it. Geoff
Should have happened 20 years ago!! Bruce
They should of gone years ago Tony
Separate seats and electoral roll just encourage “seperatism”. We are one country. One people. MP’s should be elected on Merit. Marion
Now is not only the time, it is way past the time. Separatist, race based policies will be a disaster for New Zealand. Giving more than 50% of political power to a radical, race obsessed 15% minority is absurd. Johan
The radical Maori in caucus have shown beyond a shadow of doubt they are racist to the core, have only their agendas they cannot be trusted..they MUST go. Peter
Overdue Peter
should’ve been done yrs ago Pete
These should have been abolished when ruled unnecessary many years ago under MMP. starting Rodney
Should have gone years ago. Greg
Should have been done YEARS AGO//// Ian
They are racially biased and against fair representation. In fact one might say their very existence is related to racist ideals when they were created. All people are equal and MMP is the current Electoral system of this country. Called New Zealand. alex
Well overdue. Lets get back to a humanist attitude rather than a racist one. Richard
Long overdue! Owen
The recent big pot of money we don’t really have has gone to Maori for Maraes etc why what good are they. They are from the past. Barbara
It is well past time to abolish these racist seats. They should never have been allowed to continue after the setting up and implementation of MMP. Richard
They were put in place for a specific reason, and at a particular time in our history. They should be abolished, because they have led to abuse by Maori to gain a parliamentary advantage over all other NZ’ers. Labour know this, and NO it is not a thing that Maori should interfere with. The pendulum needs to swing again. Mike
We are now a multi cultural country. Government seats elected by race are over and should be abolished. Graeme
To continue down this road will result in a divided country. The majority of New Zealanders want a united country, going forward as one people. Mel
We do not want apartheid in N.Z. Also we do not want divide and rule. We have no place for racist to take the place of a true democracy. Stephen 
Surely we want to be a multicultural nation rather than bicultural – one vote per person Gerhard
One law for all. One government for all. One heath system for all. No Trough of Waitangi. The money saved here would fund them all????? Peter
Most ordinary Maori are happy to live as New Zealanders with all other races in New Zealand. It is only the radical separatists who are obsessed with Maori power and the stupid Labour Government lies back and lets it happen. Doug
Abso-bloody-lutely….in fact it is time to change the whole governing system away from central government to regionally operated provincial authorities with people who are qualified for their field of professional expertise and the Leaders of each province would form a central caucaus or senate which makes the more major national decisions, doing away with all this maorification nonsense…! It doesn’t make any sense that 15% of our NZ population (Part-Maori!) has a major decision making right over the other 85% especially in the Health Sector. We are ALL NEW ZEALNDERS, not separated by race, ALL UNITED as ONE! Bruza
Yes And not before Time, they are destroying this country . Ron
They should never have been reinstated. Christine
One country one system Bradley 
We’re all New Zealanders Linda
got to be done – its now outdated and the maori seats are ;longer relevant Dick
Equal Rights for all New Zealand citizens. John
Well actually I believe they should have been abolished long ago. Mike
Why on earth do we even have this separate electoral roll and seat for Maori? The very fact they exist is an apartheid and separatism seed. We don’t have separate electoral seats/rolls for other ethnic groups. If we are to truly be inclusive then a separate roll and seats for Maori needs to be abolished. Likewise for Maori wards. Glenn
Long overdue Geoffrey
very divisive to our country and i guess that is what the PTB want divide and conquer and it seems to be working great so far ?? Good work Peter
Well overdue. Max
Long Long over due jeff
This country should be ONE team not divided by race, religion, or elitist groups Eric
Get rid of all Maori seats and electoral rolls ,and let everybody stand on their own ability. Ken
By DNA the Maori are possibly about 7% of the population. So proportionally Maori should only have 7% of a democratic government. Jacinda’s policies and intents are divisive and are ruining NZ. Jim
It was time to abolish them YEARS ago. They are REVERSE racism at its worst. I would like to think that we are all equal NEW ZEALANDERS and we all have equal chances provided we WORK. I found that the harder I worked then the LUCKIER I got.  Brian
Long overdue. Owen
It suggests that Maori are an inferior race in that Maori themselves signal that they cannot succeed without special preference. Peter
racism is leading to destruction end ALL forms & reference to race in govmnt bud
Way past time Terry
agree we are one country and one elected government warwick
Absolutely!!!! Joe
We don’t want apartheid we want to be one nation with one people and one voice. Brian
I have felt that this should have happened 20 or more years ago. Also He iwi tahi taro. We are one people. One person one vote. Malcolm
If Maori want to be separately represented in Parliament they now have the Maori Party. But Maori are adequately represented in all the other parties. Andy
The Maori Electoral Roll is way past its use by date and be abolished John
We are a multicultural country & do not want to be racially divided. Remember Jacinda’s words “WE ARE ONE”!!! heather
Way Past time!! John
too right Rex
Let’s stop this ridiculous division in the country!we are multi cultural now and same rules for everyone,we are all emigrants!! Chrid
it’s well overdue Chris
This was suppose to happen at the introduction of MMP david
we are one nation made up of a homogenous group and no New Zealander of any ethnicity or colour should have superior power over another. Beverley
It is past time , the treaty settlements process is pretty much at an end the tribes have been empowered financially. All new Zealands should have equal rights and equal access to state resources regardless of race Vincent
Maori Seats and the Maori Electoral Roll are in themselves RACIST and created the foundation for segregation we are currently experiencing with the Adern Socialist Idealist Government. Abolishing them is the only path forward for equality for all New Zealanders. How can any Government Govern honestly and fairly under the current situation. One country, one people!!! Gary
Apartheid is alive & well promoted by these radical criminals!!! Ron
Totally racially biased towards Maori. June
Urgently Eleanor
The Maori seats should be abolished. Maori can have their say by being elected by their constituents, or by being a list MP. Frank
It is racist – full stop Richard
Maori are not Indigenous to NZ and shouldnt have special rights Tony
This has been a disgrace for years. The first party to act on this has my vote. What happens should this illegal bills are past into law ,the tax take will decrease significantly Maori businesses dont pay a ny tax. Wendy
Race based electoral systems are anti democratic Geoff
They were only meant temporary when first introduced Janis 
it should have been done years ago. Clive
Yes please I have seen what it has done to South Africa .We Need One Race One Country ! Michael
These members are not looking out for EVERY NZ’er judith
Complete Racism Robin
Should have been abolished years ago Laurie
we need to be one NZ bruce
This is race based representation so is undemocratic and has no place in modern NZ. MMP has shown very clearly that Maoridom is more than adequately served by that system and there is no need for an additional overlay of separate Maori seats in parliament william
Yes some one years ago should have dump all the so called Maori carry on the few radicals have just been walking over a soft Govt we are one country so all Maori privalages need to be gone post haste russell
It is well past time for those anachronisms from the past to be gone. Pete
They should have been abolished decade’s ago Brian
The Maori seats have become a major source of racial division John
State sanctioned Racism based and inappropriate in 2022 Rob
Past time. Garry
most definitely, should have been done a long time ago. We are all New Zealanders. Richard
No more racial ideology driving the ruination of this country. We are one. nikki
Any Law that is not Colorblind is a Travesty. Bruce
Now, more than ever. It should me done expeditiously. By legislation where necessary but certainly by a reversal of the current governments unjustified handouts and continual appeasement; scrapping the Waitangi Tribunal is long overdue! Frank
i have maori neighbours iam sworn at called white trash or honkey I am 72 years iold will they be free to take my land etc if they want or just continue to harass me cops do nothing Gillian
An outdated and divisive idea. No longer relevant. Logan
Well overdue Bryan
We are now a multi cultural society so ALL voting should be one vote one person Derek
Yes, Yes, Yes. LONG OVERDUE Maurice
Time to wake up and realise we only need one vote per person on only one electoral roll We need none of this racist crap from the current government and its cohorts Kevin
Long overdue, I am sick and tired of being promised actions by Parliamentarians and then getting them reneging on them after they get back in power. John
Total over representation of Maori in current labour Government Graeme
Critical to ensure NZ remains a non-racially divided country Graeme
It is race based on ancestry Judy
They should have been abolished years ago. Diane
This should have been done when MMP was introduced, although MMP is itself a disaster that has been unsuccessful wherever it has been utilised, since t merely serves to bloat the numbers in parliament and allow unknown list members to obtain positions of influence, such as the current PM. Richard
It should have been done years ago when we moved to MMP Paloma
The Maori seats and electoral are racist and always have been who do these people think they are Warren david
N.Z is being tragically divided. by race. Look to Africa. We must stop this racial inequality now before it is too late C. Hawley
It is well past the time for the abolishment of these racsist seats. Some one should ask the leaders of the other parties if they would support the abolishment of these seats. William
! person 1 vote = DEMOCRACY Bruce
Essential if apartheid in NZ is to be avoided. Peter
We are ‘one country, one people. This governments divisive agenda is dangerous and ruinous to New Zealand. It is of course part of Arderns Marxist agenda. John
Should have happened when MMP was introduced. Rod
This is not democracy and Maori seats and the Maori Electoral rolls should be abolished as they are outdated and separatist inclined. We are ONE people in a modern society. Margaret
Rather than uniting us, it divides the country further. Jane
The number of Maori MPs in Parliament demonstrates that Maori electoral seats are no longer necessary Lynton
Totally support the Maori Electoral Roll and Maori Seats being abolished in time for next year’s election. Graham
As it is MMP is a far cry from a democratic system. Under this electoral framework, extreme left and right wing parties have an opportunity to become king-makers and leverage their extreme ideals into government policy. How is this democratic? The largest number of votes should dictate the party that forms a government and all other parties exist to collectively support or oppose any tabled policy changes. Extremists have too much power under MMP and can introduce extreme policies that would normally never be considered. Do away with MMP and Maori seats. Everyone should be elected on merit, not hand outs. Martin
Democracy might not be perfect but it is better than all the alternatives Peter
The special Maori seat structure is being totally abused with the appointment of Maori-activists to these seats who are using them solely to push Maorification. These problems are being further very seriously exacerbated by the MMP list seat structure and proposed ward seats being promulgated / promoted by Government ( for Maori control and rule purposes) in local body politics . They are all a disaster , lending themselves, as we now see, to tremendous political abuse.  Hugh
Well overdue. The racial separation causes way more trouble for New Zealand than it is worth. John
The majority of people say we are one but with a separate electoral roll and seats we are anything but one! mike
I dont speak maori all these new names is very confusing and hard to understand – let alone spell. We dont need two names for everything. Diane
yes get rid of them & the bullshit Waitangi Tribunal, No political party based on race should be legal. Nigel
You say it all, Muriel chris
It is way way overdue. The Royal Commission on MMP advised that special Maori seats would no longer be needed to secure a level playing field. Glyn
Apartheid in any shape or form must be stopped, now, not when Civil War breaks out. This Labour Govt is losing its voters. julz
cannot happen soon enough lance
As a minority ethnic group the maori have too much influence over the majority of the population.. They have been playing the “Trump tune” (we were robbed too long. They have the same opportunity as the rest of the New Zealand citizens. All governmental departments and organisations should be abolished. Tony
Sooner the better. Brian
Well overdue Dave
It was time to do this when the Electoral Commission suggested this course of action some years ago under a National government, but their advice was ignored. Neither Labour nor National have the guts to implement this. Rod
we are one country that will not be run by a very racist minority group of one eyed maori , what the hell is Adern doing to our wonderfull country ? graeme
It should have happened years ago. Maoris are no better than colonists and do not deserve special treatment.They are the Albatross around the country’s neck. Peter
tIts time we all accepted we are ONE NATION and racially defined electorates are in the way of this Phil
They should NEVER have been established. Des
They were supposed to have been abolished years ago when the Royal Commission Review into MMP was carried out. Trevor
Should have gone years ago. Frank
seperatism is a Big NoNo!!! arthur
Well past time to abolish the Maori seats. Bolger to blame for this as he over ruled the Electoral Commissions recommendations that the Maori seats be abolished when MMP was introduced. Bolger was intensely presurred by the Iwi elite not to follow the advice of the EC. Now look at the disastrous effects this decision is having on democracy in New Zealand. Chris
It is past time for this to happen But I doubt if we will see it happen until NZ is more unified Mary
We do not want a <DIVIDE AND CONQUER POLICY> from any government party to turn our NEW ZEALAND into another Zimbabwe or South Africa for that matter. Nick
Yes they should. It’s rorting the system now., but then what’s new.Unless Maori still need that ‘eternal’ helping hand Seems they are doing very well already with their over representation in Parliament Carolyn
Long overdue. Maori have proved very well they are perfectly able to gain seats as part of an honest election campaign. Roseanne
50 or 60 years ago they should have been wiped. Ian
Abolishing both Maori seats and Maori electoral role is way, way overdue. We are one country and one people regardless of race. Kevin
Long past time on the on the roll but as important on every thing else. Aren’t they just part of the human race. ie health, law, education. Ranald
either abolish them, or start chinese seats, samoan seats, german seats….. let’s give all minorities a go !! Louis
The Maori representation in our Parliament is dangerous, Their sense of entitlement outrageous. National must come out strongly and promise to abolish the Maori seats and they will fly into Government. All Labours Maori based policies are the most divisive tool they could have picked up.our democracy is at stake, wake up NZ ! Claire
Absolutely. Penelope
Apart from anything else, the Treaty itself would cease to be, because our democracy would be made up of different classes of people – some of whom, unelected, would be elevated above the rest of the population. Paul
All race based agendas and instruments of government should be abolished. We will never advance as a nation until this happens. It is time to rid our nation of these deep seated corrupt structures and move ahead in harmony. Mike
Yes, One people, one Nation. Timothy
Long overdue. Tony
Well argued in your Column and your contributors. The Govt had no mandate to proceed in the proposed manner Alan
We stand together or divided we fall. Darag
The time for abolishing the Maori seats arrived with the introduction of MMP Terry
Remove all reference to race from legislation in the name of equal for all Opportunity is there for all Special requirements are across the board no just related to Maori Bruce
Well overdue – time for Maori seats & any other Maori con to go Kevin
I’m absolutely sure that the separate (read, separatist) Maori seats and rolls are racist anachronisms which no longer serve the purpose for which they were set up in the late 1800s. We should never have allowed them to continue under MMP, as they have resulted in a distorted level of representation, as the 1986 Royal Commission correctly saw. They need to go! And the sooner the better! Will a future government have the will and gumption to do it? Laurence
Probably wont happen – the Nats & Act haven’t got what is necessary. Neville
Yes! – should have happened years ago. Scott
So called Maori (majority not pure Maori) are able to achieve electoral success without special conditions. Neville
Its long overdue Joseph
They are racist pure and simple. Lynne
No race-based politics, thanks. Linton
Oh my god yes and, do it now!! David
About time. Ross
There is no justification for separatism. Jane
Is it time for a binding referendum to abolish the maori seats??? Ian
Aparthied policies arise from such race-based seats being retained. Pieter
Definitely, along with a scrapping of He Puapua. Far too much emphasis on a very small minority to the long term detriment of the majority. Tribalism will kill NZ. Warren
Wonder if it%u2019s too late, the sleeping dead are snoring!!!!! Raewyn
No Govt has the balls to do it Allan
Maori are quite free to get a seat in parliament with any party they support like everyone else, why should they have their own party and electoral roll? a white person isn’t able to to form a white only party, this is racist in the extreme. Laurie
new zealanders should be ONE nation without giving a priviledge to a particular race.! George
Every New Zealander should have EQUAL rights – no one should be defined by their race or their skin colour. Terry
Yes, before they divide the Country. Iain
Absolutely…why would anyone think they need different treatment Alan
One Country NOT Two Peter
The yes/no answer options over simplify the argument. The underlying problem lies in the formal designation of the term Maori. If one had to prove 50% Maori blood to vote for a racist political division then the numbers would be so low as to be meaningless. Victor
Not democracy!!!! Lourens
We are supposedly a team of 5 million peter
Yes sure , but who will dare to speak up. Seymour and Luxon are political landmines, they will blow up in our faces. Not to be trusted since they are more than lukewarm when it comes to the real issues in this country. Another concern is that Peters will get some political benefit from this unholy mess. And this will not amount to much. Too many voters will be deceived by this muppet and nothing will come from it. The only hope is the New Conservative Party. They are unblemished and not corrupted by decades of political graft. michael
We cannot support such public exploitation by the Maori Caucas of proposals that will destroy the democratic rights of all New Zealanders and promote self serving control by a minority – Rose
This would stop the trend of making this country racial, which is the worse thing possible to descend this dastardly trap that some other countries stooped to, and look where it took them!!! Roy
Should have happened at the onset of MMP Doug
We are one country with many races but one humanity Eddie
We should be a country of people who have equal rights and freedoms. Maori seats remove that right and create a seperate set fo rules for the two groups. Michael
Your marae has sat too long in in our house of democracy… in the name of God, GO! kevin
yes, but it wont happen. jes
We are one country, one people Anthony
An anachronism that has outlived its intended purpose. John
Ridiculous system. Race based seats should be abolished. Graham
Abolish this present government too. Ardern has destroyed NZ. Ronnie
Should have been abolished years ago. But the 5% threshold needs to be reduced to 0.83% allow better representation. If a racist party gets enough votes for a seat, good luck to them. antoni
The Maori seats where only established in the 1850s because the voting franchise (based on individual wealth and money at the time) could not find a way around Maori common land holding custom at the time. The solution was to establish Maori seats that took into account this peculiarity, and it also meant that Maori Men had the right to vote well before many of their non-Maori peers. With this in mind Maori seats should have been abolished once all New Zealand Men became eligible to vote based on citizenship criteria and without any wealth or land franchise. Brenton
I am Maori and this racist agenda of Labour appals me. Mike
It is decades overdue. Russell
Well overdue john
Definitely. Should have been done some years ago. Chris
Actually it is LONG past time and they should be abolished asap. They are a sign that we have yet to mature as a nation. The day that our laws contain no reference at all to race or ethnicity is the day we shall start to actually move foreard as a nation. Roger
A big fat YES YES YES YES Alex
yes NOW Pete
One voting system for all (111) 1 country, 1 law, 1 people. sven
one set of rules mike
Yes I – Separation by race surely would be answered by a big NO NO from the UN .I think is apartheid in the making. However that organisation is not exactly an inspiration on many matters,. However it should be quoted by them. Philip
It’s long overdue. John
The time to abolish these has long since passed. They were only originally intended to be temporary anyway! Murray
They should have been gone years ago, as should any reference to race within government, education or health care. Laurie
I suspect that the Maori caucus is not fully aware of its key role in implementing the Marxist agenda of the PM and her deputy for NZ to become the Democratic Peoples Republic of Aotearoa. Paul
I agree that for the benefit of ordinary everyday Maori that the special Maori parliamentary seats need to be done away with along with the the Maori Roll itself. The ordinary Maori needs to ensure that their children are properly educated and that they replace any of their so called leaders that are incompetent and do more damage to their life aspirations than they receive in long term social and economic advancement. it’s the leaders who will line their pockets while the ordinary Maori population will be left to their own devices as is usual. Garry
Should have been abolished years ago! Ray
We are ONE New Zealand and NOT as Labour WANT divided. New Zealand has Never been so divided. Carl
I too will vote for the Party which will vow to get rid of not only the Maori Seats but also the Waitangi Tribunal which is approving claims based on reinvented history. This country is rapidly becoming another Zimbabwe. We have many people of Maori descent already running our affairs so definitely don’t need the divisive Maori seats. Helen
Way past its time. But it’s become very entrenched so will take a brave government to get rid of them. Will we get one brave enough ? Andrew
The initial purpose of the Maori seats has long gone, and the mere existence of Maori seats is fundamentally separatist. Roger
I endorse the views of 1986 Royal Commission on the Electoral Systems recommendation. Their predictions have proven to be accurate. Murray
50 years too late, too much damage has been done already. Its pay-back time. Henk
We are one country. Gavin
I’ve believed for many years this should be abolished, since the premise behind Maori seats hasn’t existed for decades. Graeme
lets abolish this agenda and return to democracy murray
Should have been abolished when recommended after introducing MMP. Why do we tolerate weak Government? Barras
The pendulum has swung to far. We do not have a democracy in this Country anymore. Even with this uneven playing field the Street Maori do not seem to be and better off Health wise monetary wise. All being soaked up by the Maori elite Willie Jackson John Tamahere and Co. Frank
Should have been done years ago. We cannot let 16 percent of the population have any dominance in the governance of our country called New Zealand. Graham
Absolutely – way past any ‘use by’ date. fred
We are one people. Bryan
But I cant see any change in the future David
One person, one vote, with no preference given by race. Laura
Should have been abolished long ago, so that we can truly become ‘One People’! Graham
A nation wide referendum would fix that. Irena
One race, the human race, one set of rules based on fairness and common sense covering our 150 or so different nationalities and cultures. Simple really but not what a bunch of loudmouth maaaori taxpayer funded activists want and our leader is either weak or hopefull it will further her communistische ideals (which will not work) Leonard
If the ongoing nonsense was stopped the majority of Maori would be better off Jack
Maori seats should have been abolished as a condition of MMP implementation. Bryan
With all due concern for brown brother, I am totally sick of this. Tell the buggers to grow up and accept the same responsibilities as everyone else in this country. Rob
Should have been done years ago Jill
This should have been done 40 years ago. Maori as a true race no longer exist, due to mixed breeding and intermarriage . The Treaty was for ONe people with equal rights. Don
With the large number of Maori in the general seats, indicates that the voters are happy to vote for other races. Jon
But there is no hope for this under an extreme Left wing [Comunist] government. We must get rid of Comrade Jacinda and Comrade Nania atc. David
After the Christchurch massacre this Government, through the Police launched inquiries to try and find white extremists in this land. They didn’t find any. The Prime Minister on the other hand gave Islam a wonderful tick of peace. We now find there are over 200 radical Islamists under observation in NZ. If you want to see cultural wars in NZ. Then keep pursuing this racial divided policy. When the general population, wake up to what has happened, we could have racial wars, just like we see in other Nations around the world. Dene
way past use by date and now just a channel for the radical Mike
Political representation based on race is an abomination. Political representation should be based on sound verifiable knowledge and “real” representative abilities. Race has no part to play here. charles
They should have been disestablished years ago. We are one people! Florence
A great article keep up the good work Bill
Past its useful date. There is no longe justification for it. A small subsection of the population wants to create an exalted position for itself, for its own benefit and not fo r the nation John
It should have happened 150 years ago but better late than never. Bruce
Yes and about time, getting rid of these quango’s is imperative, James
Well overdue Bryce
And about time too! This should have been done decades ago. Various “governments” have promised to abolish or at least look into it, and nothing has been done. Do it now! Sheila
I do not understand how we have people in parliament, paid for by the taxpayers of NZ, only there to represent 15% of the population. Maori seats should have been abolished when MMP started Adele
There has to be an end to this separatism now. Penina
Long past time. Robbie
As there are no full-blood Maori left, it is way past time they were abolished. Andrew
About time David
All NZ citizens must be treated as one people. To hold a politicle office of any type that person must be appointed through the election process. Robert
we are all New Zealanders Wiremu
this is long overdue , National and Act must make this one of their election promises Chris 
Totally and absolutely> Rosemary
Separatism is not an agenda I wish to see followed. Divisiveness in one form or other seems the unstated agenda of our Labour govt. Chris
It has been racist from the beginning. Cam
One nation one people Mat
I have Maori heritage and was proud of, Not anymore. Paul
Out with any racially based division Calvyn
Luxon, needs to draw a line in the concrete, & have all racial agendas gone in NZ by 2030. John
It’s long overdue Graeme
Also abolish All aparthied based sport and academic achievement. Phillip
As stated in your columns we are a multi race society not a bi race society john
Absolutely. They should’ve been abolished years ago. It’s simple really – if we as a country place any value in democracy we’ll get rid of them asap. Bryce
Complementary to Ardern’s elitist covid genocide program, her Maori separatist kleptocracy are indulging in full frontal sedition against the nation of New Zealand. Ditch the bitches. Robert
The Maori cabal dominating an ignorant little girl PM are traitors and should be lined up and executed! Alan
I am part Maori but truly believe we must go forward as one people and stop this dangerous and secret agenda that will divide our country and people Alan
This is a priority fo any government. chris
Yeasterday was late. Alexandra
Totally racist. Brent
There are NO MAORIS any more, they are now a mixed race with totally different lifestyle to the old original Maori. These people are now a totally different race . Maoripeans, Pakehamaori, what ever they may wish to be called…BUT they ARE NOT maori’s. helen
There shouldn’t be “Maori” anything. Are we a Democracy or not !!! John
Totally agree. Abolish the seats ASAP. Sherin and Jim 
no comment, its gone beyond reason. Sharron
Should have been done years ago John
They should have been abolished when MMP was introduced! Brian
New Zealand is now a country which comprises of many different racial groups and as such we should be moving forward as one nation without divisions on racial grounds. Gifford
Mahuta is driving this Maori agenda. Who will want to live in a country where unelected representatives from 20% of the population have ultimate control. This is not a democracy. Steve
I have thought that for the last 20 years! gail
Abolition of this blatantly racist construct, which was intended ONLY as a temporary measure back in the late 1800’s to encourage Maori to participate, is more than 100 years overdue. The Waitangi Tribunal is a long-running festering sore and needs to be removed as well. Derek
Its too dangerous to true democracy – we are heading for apartheid (or seperate development, the pasteurized PR version) Rob
Long, long overdue. Mike
we are all one new zealander-otherwise why isn’t their asian seats etc mick
This should have been done many years ago Gareth
Gone by lunchtime. Peter
It should have been done years ago Alan
About time and as an 1/8th Maori Mark
The existence of Maori seats is institutional racism at its woke worst ! They need to be scrapped soonest. Derek
No Apartheid in NZ please. Robert
Absolutely, this farce can no longer continue in what was a democratic society. Lawrie
One people working together.. period. Keith
should have been done years ago peter
Well overdue Collin
Vastly overdue. Maori should be promoted to equal status with allotted racial partners and become responsible tax-paying citizens. Edgar W.
We are a multicultural country now. Equal opportunity for all. It is the essence of a true democracy Ian
The reasons put forward in the ’80’s Report are as valid today as then. Maori seats 100 years ago had some temporary merit in giving tribal people a voice. In 2022 all such reasoning has long gone. Alan
Long overdue ! Vic
Coming from Africa one has experienced all concerns being expressed on active racism, bias & pandering to tribal minority. NZ is doomed unless the trend is defeated. Dane
Unite all the people not segregate. One nation one vote. Linda
Maoris not only have the opportunity to enter parliament via the list or as electorate representatives, but actually do so. The historical need no longer exists. Harry
What are National doing to ensure that the Public (taxpayer, ratepayer & others) are made aware of what is happening? Their silence says it all, or is it that their policy stance is not being reported because of the muzzling of the media? Where do they & other parties stand? Brian
time to stop the tail wagging the dog John
100% yes get rid of the calculating bullies & bludgers. Allen
There are many Maori who claim ‘rights’ who have very little Maori ethnicity. Some of my grandchildren are as little as 128% Maori but could still claim rights.. We need to ask, Who is Maori? Few would be over 50%. The aim must be to be ‘one people. It is long past time to abolish Maori preferences wherever they exist. Catherine
They were introduced 140 years ago for a supposedly short term, they have now outlived their usefulness and should be abolished. If the majority of Maori were on the Maori Roll it would be a totally different scenario. How can you have a Maori Roll when a large percentage are on the General Roll and another large percentage don’t even bother to vote James
It has worked well in the past and providing we keep the same Westminster style government then it should remain Lindsay
It was supposed to be abolished as a condition of voting law change when MMP came in Nick
why why why has no politician been strong enough to promote this – – have they not faith in the average New Zealander to back this call on the voting paper john
These dedicated Maori seats are well past their use-by date. Maori are very well represented through MMP and quite capable of standing/voting on their own two feet without being patronised in this way. David
Essential for NZ’s democracy. mary
How you will get Luxson to agree to that is a hope. He is frightened to appose the racist card. I have already asked him in Blenheim and he hedged on it. Andrew
we are one people so no need for seperate seats David
Yes, Yes Yes !! Pierre
Yes Yes Yes should have been done 20 years ago. Neil
Separatism will fail and lead to massive civil unrest. Murray
Long over due, cannot have an equitable society with race based parliamentary representation. T
Apartheid. No less than maoris arrival in nz and attacking and dominating the indigenous people who were already here. By their own admission prominent maori leaders state maoris are not indigenous to nz. There were people to greet them when they got here. FACT. Chrysta
Most definitely. The NZ we know and love is fast falling apart, driven by the policies and general intent, of PM Ardern. Watch Out NZ. Grahame
It is not democratic. Kevin
The Maori seats & Maori electoral role are outdated and not fit for purpose in a unified nation Nosmo
Why should a group of people have voting privilege over another.. If you don’t get off your butt to vote why should you be represented! Representatives of any group must be chosen on level field. Peter
One Country, one people, anything else is Racist Peter
Absolutely, unaccountable, money wasting and it forgets they are New Zealanders first and foremost Reg
Because we have one race over represented in our political system and it is being used to destroy the rights and lives of over 80% of New Zealanders Ann
New Zealanders must be treated equally not a racially divided country similar to Zimbabwe and South Africa with an elitist few controlling everything. Graeme
Absolutely – enough is enough. Jenny
What Labour’s Maori MPs are trying to inflict is an atrocity. It is to be hoped that a huge backlash and charges against them will follow. Jim
Long overdue! Gail
The “maori seats and maori electoral roll” Con Game is finished. When they leave the building, New Zealand will have it’s true future pathway on track at long last. Christopher
Long overdue. All special treatment for (part)Maori should be done away with. Graham
Division will be the fall of this country.. We should be one people standing strong and united. If it wasn’t for colonisation, moari would not have risen out of the stone age and would have wiped themselves out with their tribal wars. Michele
Nothing about us without us john
Absolutely…the whole situation has become a farce bolstered up by Maori Elitists thinking only of their own greed to line their pockets. Robyn
Its well past time they seem to get what they wont so don’t let them have any more power or they will still continue to GRAB Alan
Long overdue 16.8% of the population,does not need special entitlement.Not even indigenous,an immigrant arrival,just like me,you,etc Rick
Given that there is no such thing as a pure bred Maori ,these race based seats are well past their use by date . Hamilton
Yes, I voted for Winnie to do just that, but of course he was just lying. My husband has never let me forget it!!!! Marianne
All racist voting systems must be abolished Peter
Well overdue. Racism is so bad. John
This reform should have been enacted with the introduction of map as recomended by the electoral commission. This just shows the lack of fortitude of nz politicians. Willy
abolish the treaty chris
Absolutely David
Voting for Luxon is not the answer. He will no doubt have a good chance of winning the election but from my observation we will only get more of the same. A new, fresh start needs to be made with a new party. I am going to support a minor party as all change starts somewhere. Yes, it will take a while but I think it will be worth it for our future generations. Don’t forget Peter Dunn, David Seymour and Winston all started small. I think the climate is right now for minor parties, if they have the right policies, to reach the 5% threshold. I believe the political landscape has to change in order for change to be enacted. These main parties are not listening to their electorates. Janine
Just some figures Population of NZ 5,084,000 Maori population 850,500 or 16.7% of pop Maori who speak te reo 141750 /- or 16.6%or2.78% of total pop Maori on Maori roll 273,663 or 32% of maori or 5.38% total of pop Maori on General roll 576,837 It would appear that at least 68% of the Maori population are satisfied with democracy as they are registered on the general roll and want to live a life they choose. Not one under tribal rule. Therefore, it would be logical to assume that at the most only 5.38% of the total population would be likely to be under the impression that the governments Maorification/apartheid is acceptable. So that would indicate that not more than 5.38% of New Zealanders would find apartheid as an acceptable way of restructuring the health, or any other government department, to be forced upon the other 94.62% of the population. What bloody planet is this authoritarian government living on? What is needed now is a general binding referendum on. -Introduction of Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda. To enable the voters to have a voice in the governing of their country to prevent the passing of ridiculously controlling legislation.  -Repeal of The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. Thereby abolishing the racist Waitangi Tribunal and the non-existent principles. This to remove all influence of the tribal elite on the governing of the country. -Removing Maori Electoral seats. No longer required as there are only 32% of Maori registered on the Maori Electoral Roll. -Repealing ALL racist legislation that gives preference to ANY race over others. This to include the likes of The Marine and Coast Area Act 2011. I’m fairly certain the majority of Maori would vote for a colourblind country and for the government to stop treating them like children who cannot look after themselves. Terry M
The Maori seats should have been abolished when MMP came in. It is ridiculous that they have been retained for so long.   Roger
Absolutely the Maori seats should be abolished – the problem is persuading National or ACT that they need to adopt the policy for the next election. Whichever one does it is guaranteed of huge support. Ivan
What a disaster this Labour Government has turned out to be. Imagine allowing 15 of your MPs to hold the country to ransom so they can give the country’s publicly held assets and resources to their elitist mates. Unbelievable.   Glenda
The Maori seats and roll should be removed ASAP before the country is stuffed. And the sooner the Waitangi Tribunal is abolished the better – it is dangerous now that the Government is accepting their findings as kosher. John
I will vote for the party that promises to remove the Maori seats – they have long outlived their useful life and have now become dangerous. Bruce