Category: Maori Issues

Anthony Willy

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

In New Zealand in 2022, we are witnessing a coup designed to dismantle our democracy and the Rule of law and replace it with the worst form of tribalism coupled with the greed of those who want what they have not earned. Well, the gloves are off and more and more New Zealanders are waking up to the need to protect all that we hold dear in our way of life.

Dr Muriel Newman

Time to Oppose Three Waters

All in all, a disinformation campaign promoting the need for reform of New Zealand’s water services has resulted in the Three Waters Bill that is now in front of Parliament. The Bill passes control of the governing entities to iwi. Water quality is controlled by new regulators that give the Minister’s sister the final say. And tribal members are being given control of water services at a local level.

Frank Newman

Three Waters – Many Lies

What we have seen is false advertising and orchestrated ‘news’ items on mainstream media to promote a perception that there is a need for reform. We have been given false assurances that the councils will retain ‘ownership’ of their water assets despite councils having no benefits of ownership and a report prepared by the Internal Affairs Department for Standard & Poors admitting water entities will have “limited Local Authority oversight”.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Danger of Co-Governance

Jacinda Ardern’s path to co-governance and tribal rule, has barely got off the ground, but is already proving to be a recipe for Maori privilege by an inherited elite that will divide and weaken our society. Their end goal, of course - as outlined in He Puapua - is to ‘take the country back’ to tribal rule by 2040.

Anthony Willy

Fairy tales for the gullible

It is beyond question that nothing in the case suggests that the Treaty in any way creates a partnership between Maoris and The Crown or brings into question the legitimacy of our democracy. To argue the contrary on the basis of this court case is either ignorant or wilfully dishonest.

Dr Muriel Newman

Splashing the Cash

Labour needed a circuit breaker to arrest its decline in the polls and regain control of the political narrative. But turning the country into a nation of beneficiaries is not the answer!

Dr Muriel Newman

Time for Change

The ideological call for “diversity” - embraced by the Public Service’s supposedly politically neutral agencies - is now undermining the traditional objective of hiring ‘the best person for the job’, which has long been the foundation of human progress.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Toxic Co-Governance Agenda

So how on earth have we reached this point in time where democracy is being undermined by our own Government through a bizarre attempt to transfer democratic power and public resources from all New Zealanders to representatives of billion-dollar tribal business development corporations that pay little or no tax?

Mike Butler

Willie’s Tricky Maori Engagement

It looks like the Minister of Maori Development Willie Jackson has just visited the next stop on the He Puapua roadmap to achieve, by 2040, two overlapping governments in New Zealand, one for Maori and the other for everyone else. While doing so, he is denying that the He Puapua plan is the plan.

Dr Muriel Newman

The Crisis of State Overreach

It’s time Kiwis found their voice and defined the line between personal freedom and state control.  Do we want an authoritarian regime that believes every problem can be solved through regulation - or do we want a government that will enable us to do the very best we can for ourselves and our families?