Dr Muriel Newman

Attacking Free Speech

The freedom of expression is a bedrock New Zealand value. The last thing we need is the chilling effect of Big Brother watching - policing our speech and monitoring our every utterance, telling us which words we can and cannot use.

Karl du Fresne

What No-One Talked About During the 2020 Election Campaign

It’s no exaggeration to say that Western civilisation and Western democratic values are under attack as never before in modern history. The breadth, intensity and viciousness of this attack is breathtaking.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Covid Win

Labour has been given an historic mandate to govern alone. They have committed to rebuilding the economy through economic growth. How well they can achieve that goal will determine whether they deserve to govern in three years’ time. 

Frank Newman

Election 2020 Reflections and 2023 Projections

Labour will be solely responsible for its achievements over the next three years, and fully accountable for its failures. Those who believe in the merits of a free market economy will have a historic opportunity to reaffirm the long-proven truth that the socialist ideal of a utopian society is a myth.

Dr Muriel Newman

Election 2020 - final thoughts

It was Labour’s handling of the pandemic that has played a central role in creating the country’s worst economic outlook in nearly a century.

Bruce Sheppard

Decision 2020 – Average Or Inspirational?

Arden would have you believe this is the Covid election. Collins would agree and say it is the Covid mismanagement election. But like all elections, it’s about the future you want.

Dr Muriel Newman

A Contest of Ideas 

Labour and the Greens are proposing higher taxes because they believe they know best how to spend your money. National and ACT want families to keep more of what they earn so they can use it to build a better future for themselves and the country.

Sir Roger Douglas

Unfunded Liabilities

Governments will need to remove the blinkers of self-interest and look to implement imaginative policies that are focused on the medium to long-term, rather than the toxic desire to hold onto power for three more years.

Dr Muriel Newman

Spotlight on Covid-19 Response

This result is a bombshell. Essentially it means the huge sacrifices New Zealanders made during the lockdown had little impact on the virus because it was imposed after our infections had peaked - Labour’s response was too late!

Professor John Gibson

Killed by Kindness?

There are at least two grounds for concern about the New Zealand strategy. First, the people making decisions are the same ones who botched the preparation for the arrival of Covid-19 and so there is little reason to have faith in the wisdom of their choices...