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Dr Muriel Newman

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

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PohutukawaThe NZCPR would like
to thank you for your
interest and support
during the year


… and we wish you and your family a very
and a happy


Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for your interest and support over the last twelve months and best wishes to you and your family for a great Christmas and New Year – and to those kind readers who have already sent in a donation to help keep the NZCPR going for another year, our grateful thanks.

Each week throughout the year I work hard to pack our NZCPR newsletters full of the best research and commentary possible – and I deliver them to you free of charge. This week I am asking each newsletter reader, to please consider returning the favour – by supporting us with a donation so that we can continue to operate next year.

To protect our independence, the NZCPR does not run advertisements, nor do we take government funding – we are not even eligible for charitable status, since the strong political advocacy that is at the heart of what we do, rules us out. That means we rely entirely on individuals – like you – who read our newsletter, to fund our work.

Regrettably, while readers value our newsletters and many engage in the campaigns we run – few support the on-going work of the NZCPR.

2014 is election year. If we are to have influence and a strong voice, we need to be better resourced.

That’s why your donation is so crucial – the NZCPR can only operate effectively, with your support. To help us make a real difference in 2014, please visit our secure donation page HERE – or print and post the donation form HERE.

There will be many challenges in election year where the NZCPR’s leadership is crucial:

  • Ensuring the Treaty is kept out of our constitution
  • Promoting equal rights and opposing preferential treatment based on race
  • Challenging the claim that 260,000 New Zealand children live in poverty
  • Supporting on-going welfare reform
  • Monitoring political party manifestos ahead of the election
  • Promoting sensible economic reform and assessing party economic promises
  • Exposing the Emissions Trading Scheme as a bureaucratic money-go-round

Here are four outstanding reports that we published this year – to remind you of why the NZCPR is worthy of your support … and to provide you with some interesting summer reading!

So there you have it – my message to you is that the future of the NZCPR is in your hands: your donation is essential if we are to be able to carry on with our crucial work of helping to shape the future direction of New Zealand.

To support the NZCPR so we can make a real difference in 2014, please visit our secure donation page HERE – or print and post the donation form HERE


Our very best wishes for the festive season – and thank you once again for your on-going interest and kind support.

Warmest regards,

Signature MN



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