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This is the Treaty Book Project DONOR ORDER PAGE

As a public good project, the NZCPR is publishing and distributing to New Zealand households as many free copies of the English translation of Sir Apirana Ngata’s 1922 “The Treaty of Waitangi: an explanation” as funding allows.

The book is being printed as both an A5 booklet as well as a quality newspaper insert for mass distribution into over 1.4 million households.

If you would like to donate more to the project, please click HERE.


If you have donated over $20 (to cover costs), please fill in this order form to receive ten complimentary copies of the Treaty booklet. Additional copies are available on request. 

*Please note: Once you fill in the form, please only press “Submit” once then wait – your order will be registered and you will be taken through to the ‘confirmation’ page … it just takes a while! 

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