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Dr Muriel Newman

Reform NZ.

Reform NZ is a project to transform our future through enlightened policies that enable New Zealanders to take more control over their lives, and generates higher living standards for all.

Former Labour Finance Minister and founder of ACT New Zealand Sir Roger Douglas has outlined the plan in his two-part Budget 2024 series HERE and HERE.

Our accompanying NZCPR article makes the case for reform HERE.

Sir Roger’s reform proposals provide a solution to the systemic problems associated with the escalating costs of an aging population. His vision to introduce a personalised superannuation savings scheme funded through tax reductions, would transform New Zealand’s economic future.

As a postscript in the second paper, he says:

The reform ideas outlined in these two Budget Papers are powerful, and, as they have done in other countries around the world, would help give New Zealand a prosperous future.

If you would like to join us in developing our Reform Project into a movement for transformational change, then please sign up below – if you haven’t already done so. For those who have already signed up, we will be back in touch shortly, asking how you would like to help and indicating a number of possibilities.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Roger and Muriel

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