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Thank you for supporting the work of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research.

Our latest project is to produce a New Zealand version of the hard-hitting video “If I Wanted America to Fail”.

Please watch the video here:

                                                                                                                 CLICK TO VIEW

It would be a 4-minute or so YouTube video warning New Zealanders of how dangerous the path is that this Government has put our country on.

Our aim is to produce a video that is so compelling that it goes viral, and changes the way that people think about the direction that the country is going in.

If you would like to support the NZCPR and help with this ambitious project, then please complete the Donation Form – or use the direct donation details shown below.

If you would prefer to donate by phone, using your credit card, we are happy to help – please call us on: (09) 434 4224.

As you know, to maintain our independence, the NZCPR accepts no government assistance. We can only undertake projects like this through the backing of our subscribers. 

Thank you so much for your support – we will keep you informed of progress.

If you would prefer to donate directly, here are the details – but please include your name and email address so we can send you a receipt:

     * Internet Banking: please credit ASB Bank NZCPR account: 12-3099-0833814-00
     * Cheque: please send the donation and form HERE to NZCPR, PO Box 984, Whangarei

Thanks again for your wonderful help with this extremely important project. 

Warmest regards,




Dr Muriel Newman
New Zealand Centre for Political Research
PO Box 984
PS If you have any problems with the donation form, please phone us on 09 434 4224 or email me at 
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