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2024 – a Year of Reckoning

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It’s traditional to start a new year by reflecting on the past and contemplating the future. With that in mind, we can confidently say that New Zealand is in a far better position at the dawn of 2024, than we were a year ago when Labour was in charge.

What we didn’t know back then was that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was preparing to abandon ship to avoid the ignominy of a crushing and career-damaging defeat at the election.

With plummeting popularity and support for Labour in sharp decline, it must have been obvious to the Party that with her at the helm, they could not win the election.

Nor, it turned out, could they win it with her replacement Chris Hipkins in charge. They had done far too much damage to be able to regain the trust and confidence of voters.

In effect, they had alienated the public, not only through reckless spending that had fuelled inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, but also through their divisive obsession with identity politics and gross incompetence in the delivery of public services.

Furthermore, their authoritarian approach to government deeply divided society, exposing the ugly side of humanity.

With the mainstream media funded to champion their cause, it was only through the hard work of tens of thousands of Kiwis warning others about what was really going on that National, ACT, and New Zealand First, were able to win the election.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Anthony Willy, a former Judge and Law Lecturer, suggests we may well be witnessing the end of the era for the “broad church” political parties that have traditionally dominated New Zealand politics – and he celebrates the election of our first genuine MMP Government:

“There is now reason to be optimistic that our political institutions can return to implementing the policies upon which they were voted to office, and it will be our first truly MMP government which will make that possible. No longer will it be  necessary for a government to  have to distort or abandon policies on which it was elected in order to appeal to a noisy minority. With a policy platform agreed to by all three parties, and in the public domain the coalition can simply ignore the wishes of those who did not vote for any of them and govern with principle and common sense.”

Ignoring the “noisy minority” might well turn out to be the very best advice anyone could give the new Government in 2024!

So, what’s in store? Will National, ACT and New Zealand First be able to sort out Labour’s mess, and will National have the fortitude to tough-out the inevitable barrage of criticism from those who are still grieving the loss of their socialist ideals and self-interested agendas?

Certainly the Coalition’s 100-day plan launches the renewal in a definitive fashion with 49 initiatives that range from repealing Labour’s disastrous co-governance measures – including Three Waters, the Maori Health Authority, the new Resource Management Act, and the meg-polytechnic – to getting rid of misguided policies including Fair Pay Agreements, the clean car discount, prisoner reduction targets, fuel tax hikes, Auckland Light Rail, the Lake Onslow pumped hydro scheme, Industry Transformation Plans, and He Puapua.

They are starting to crack down on gangs, reduce public sector expenditure, and restore education not only by requiring primary and intermediate schools to teach an hour of reading, writing and maths a day, but to redesign the primary school English and Maths curricula.

The 100-day plan includes ‘strengthening democracy’, which, in the first instance, no doubt relates to local government: “Restore the right to local referendum on the establishment or ongoing use of Maori wards, including requiring a referendum on any wards established without referendum at the next Local Body elections.”

But in light of the uprising of radicalised opposition to the Coalition’s plan to remove Labour’s race-based initiatives, a much greater emphasis on ‘strengthening democracy’ will be needed.

To understand the quantum of the problem we face, we need to cast our mind back to 2020, and remind ourselves that it’s the public mandate a government receives from voters for their policy agenda at the election, that gives them the constitutional legitimacy to govern.

That’s why Labour’s entire He Puapua agenda, which aimed to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040, was totally illegitimate. They had kept their policy secret from voters during the election, only releasing it after winning the right to govern alone. That means Labour had no public mandate whatsoever to transfer democratic power to iwi leaders through co-governance.

50:50 ‘co-governance’ was also a fraud. It gave representatives of the 17 percent minority of the population who identify as Maori the same voting power as representatives of the 83 percent majority of New Zealanders. By giving the tribal elite almost five times greater influence in decision-making than the public, co-governance grossly discriminates, undermining the one-person, one-vote foundation stone of our Westminster democratic system.

Furthermore, through the power of veto, co-governance effectively replaced democracy with tribal totalitarianism.

To justify all of this, Labour claimed the Treaty of Waitangi was a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown. Despite that being constitutionally impossible, they forced it not only onto the public sector, but also those private organisations that depend on the government for registration or funding.

Through their unmandated He Puapua agenda, Labour effectively gave the iwi elite unrestrained influence to advance their tribal control agenda across the country.  

The 200 staff at the Office of Maori-Crown Relations – an agency established in collaboration with iwi leaders – were instrumental in fast-tracking co-governance and a commitment to the Treaty throughout New Zealand.

There is no question that huge progress was made by iwi over the last three years towards their goal of tribal rule and they will fight hard to keep those gains. Rallying “their people” to the  Kīngitanga hui at Ngaruawahia no doubt laid the groundwork for what is to follow. 

But the rhetoric from iwi leaders is dishonest. They claim the Government wants to change the Treaty when it is the recently invented Treaty principles that are up for debate – namely should they continue to be defined in such a way as to divide New Zealand along racial lines, or, like the Treaty itself, should they be redefined to promote unity. 

Without a doubt, last year’s election mandated the new government to deliver a reset. Voters resoundingly rejected racial privilege – elevating one person over another, purely on the basis of ancestry. It’s a notion that should be abhorrent in any modern democracy.

So, while removing Labour’s unmandated He Puapua framework is a vital part of the reset, the Coalition needs to recognise just how fragile our democracy has become as a result of the on-going attacks by tribal leaders.

At the heart of our democracy is our Parliament. Established in 1854, it is now one of the oldest continuously functioning legislatures in the world. It consists of our Sovereign, King Charles (represented by the Governor-General), along with 120 or more Members of the House of Representatives.

They are, of course, elected under the Mixed Member Proportional voting system, which was recommended by the 1986 Royal Commission into the Electoral System. The Commission warned, however, that if MMP was adopted, the Maori seats must be abolished and replaced with a common electoral roll in order to prevent an over-representation of Maori in Parliament.

Accordingly, when Jim Bolger’s National Government first introduced the MMP legislation in 1993, there was a common electoral roll. But in response to another national hui at Ngaruawahia, National caved in and provisions for Maori seats were retained.

As predicted, our Parliament is now no longer representative of the country as a whole, but significantly favours Maori. While Maori make up only 13.7 percent of the voting-age population, they hold a disproportionate 27 percent of the Parliamentary seats and 35 percent of Cabinet places.

This massive over-representation of Maori in Parliament – that now discriminates against non-Maori in breach of the guarantee of freedom from discrimination in our Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act – is the result of National’s weakness.

To restore democracy, National now needs to put right what they got wrong in 1993 and introduce a common electoral roll for New Zealand.

Such a move would not disadvantage Maori since more Maori are now elected to Parliament through General Seats than through the reserved Maori Seats. It would however disadvantage those radical activists who are now using the privileges the Maori Seats have given them to undermine democracy itself.

Another important cornerstone of democracy is the judiciary. Their role is to uphold the Rule of Law by ensuring the law is certain, foreseeable, easy to understand, and applies equally to everyone. But that too has been undermined. Activist judges have interpreted references to tikanga in the law in a manner that legitimises Maori preferences never intended by Parliament.

The NZCPR’s long-running campaign to prevent a tribal takeover of New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed highlighted the danger.

When National repealed Crown ownership and opened up the coastline for tribal claims in 2011, they promised no more than 10 percent of the coast would end up controlled by Maori. But – at the behest of the Maori Party – they foolishly included “tikanga” in the new law.

As a result, claimants seeking a Customary Marine Title under the Marine and Coastal Area Act not had to satisfy a stringent property rights test – that was expected to rule out most opportunistic claims – but they also had to have held their area according to tikanga.

Given National’s clear intention that only a minority of claims should succeed, it therefore came as a shock to discover that Judges in the High Court and the Court of Appeal were prioritising tikanga and tribal rights, over the intention of Parliament, property rights, and the public interest.

Because of those tikanga provisions, unless there is an urgent law change, Maori will gain ownership and control of virtually the entire New Zealand coastline and Territorial Sea.

Our case revealed that the inclusion of ‘tikanga’ fatally undermines the Rule of Law by transforming the outcome of legislation from what Parliament intended to what iwi want.

Another important component of a properly functioning democracy is the Fourth Estate. Tragically, Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund – which continues to run until 2026 – seriously compromised the integrity of the mainstream media by requiring them to not only promote the Treaty partnership fiction, but to embed a commitment to the Treaty and a Maori World View within their business operations.

As a result, they have become a propaganda arm of the tribal elite – and the media coverage of iwi leaders bullying and threatening the Coalition over the last few days attests to that.

So, what needs to be done?

Firstly, we need the new Government to recognise how vulnerable democracy has become and to commit to strengthening it.

To remove discrimination in Parliament, they should finish the job that National started in 1993 and enact the Royal Commission’s recommendation for a common electoral roll.

And to restore the Rule of Law, all references to tikanga should be removed from legislation.

Furthermore, the taxpayer-funded Waitangi Tribunal, which has fulfilled its original purpose but has now been radicalised and weaponised to promote disinformation and division, should be wound up.  

Without a doubt 2024 is going to be a turbulent year. All of the limbs of radicalism – including in Parliament, the media, the public service, and academia – are aligning to attempt to undermine and destroy the Coalition Government. 

But the Coalition needs to remember that they have been delivered a strong mandate to reset the country and get us back on track. That means ignoring the pleadings of noisy vested interests and standing firm to deliver on the promises they made to the majority of New Zealand voters at the 2023 election.

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*Should all references to Treaty principles in New Zealand legislation be retained in their current form, amended to promote equality instead of racial privilege, or removed?


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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There are NO Treaty principles!!David
The Treaty is well passed it’s used by date and should be laid to rest once and for all. The new Coalition should also get the UN Indigenous signed by Sharples nullified as Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand.Wayne
REMOVED ! What a shambles this beautiful country is in. I am very glad to be old. I just shake my head in despair.John
Given the huge changes in our society since 1840 the Treaty is redundantMalcolm
To Anthony Willy of “A Time and Tide”. Donald J. Trump was a fine President and will be again. If the DemoRats get back in, then America will cease to exist as it is now, and the Western world will be f–cked! There is simply no other choice!!Monica
Let us all be one people and stop using the Treaty as a weapon to promote Maori superiority.Sylvia
NZ needs to be a fully democratic nation with equal rights and opportunities for all individuals .Greg
Remove entirely all and any references to the treaty or racial groups. The treaty serves only to make victims and hold New Zealand captive. Now can we please have some real Politicians who are more concerned with fixing the country on behalf of all, than themselves; eg John Key, classic case of me first.Sam
Democracy cannot function in an undemocratic society.StevoC
The treaty will be 200 years old very soon. I think it is time to review it. what was appropriate wen it was signed may now not be the case!!!!Les
The original Agreement – freely misnamed as a Treaty – has been damaged beyond repair by the self-interested persons on the Waitangi Tribunal. It is now time to call a halt to racial division in NZ and allocate everyone equal rights.TOBY
The new government has to fix this problem as they got a very strong mandate from the voters to sort this shit out and they need to do as the said or it will be a short term government and we will go back to another term or two of the same as we had, and that’s very bad for the country.COLIN
Definately removed ASAPBarbara
The Treaty’s real meaning should be set in stone, so that it doesn’t need further mention in legislation intended for ALL New Zealanders.Phil
Amended or removed. Amendment should not be necessary if original treaty was honoured. As long as equality is mainainted, amended is fine if it appeases people, but should not lay way for future litigation , in which case it might be better to remove them. Process of democracy to decide?Helen
There is no mention of “principles” in the treaty.Jeremy
I think it is too late to wind back the clock and I believe tribalism will take hold in NZ over the next 30 years or so. NZ will become just another corrupt, basket-case country. The question I ask myself is whether I should move now to a country that upholds democracy or wait in the hope that NZ can, after all, wake up and change direction.Gary
What we must remember is the Treaty (original one)was written with out the knowledge of or the thought of what the advanced world would look like, hence the Treaty is left wide open to manipulation and therefore needs to be amended to ensure equality. Unfortunately the growing number of activists, this includes those who like to be Maori but wish to ignore their other ancestry will do whatever they can to disrupt the need for change for their own selfish outcomes. I think we all know what the country is heading for.Owen
Be done with this falsehood!Norman
There’s no question of the facts. Its constitutionally impossible for the Crown to be shared. We should stick to the truth.Jaedra
As per the original intention of Hobson. Maori be guaranteed protection (mainly from them selves, and French) as equal British citizens all under one law.Alf
They should definitely be removedJeffrey
No apartheid for nz,one person one vote.50 years of compromise has led to Arderns tax a d Control rag tag lot.Get rid of the Maori seats filled by radicals.Morrie
Our legislation is legitimised by the sovereignty of the Crown granted by the Chiefs under Article 1. The purpose of that legislation is to implement the Royal protection granted in return under Article 3. These are not principles but facts. Any debate should therefore be restricted to what exactly does the Crown “protect” which then begs the question of why does any law need to be passed in the first place if not to protect the people. And that has nothing to do with the Treaty.Colin
All reference to the treaty and treaty principles should be removed immediately and the treaty filed where it should have gone long ago. Much has been invented in recent years and the treaty has long since served its purpose.Gavin
The Treaty is quite clearly worded – why do we need to have ‘the Principles’?Alan
All references to any specific race in any law must be removed as a matter of urgency. Racism must not be tolerated.Richard
There were no principles listed in the treatySally
The Treaty is creating problems for us in NZ, not resolving anything. It has served its time !!Pierre
Past its use by dateBeverley
Get it in a language that cannot bre construed to the wishes of some part Maori academic, or any other part Maori that has the intentions of a nit wit.Sam
Remove completely otherwise the radicals will twist it for their own ends again!!John
Amended is the logical choice and needs to be done quicklySidwell
There is way to much confusion now, get rid off it!Jonathan
A principles is little more than an opinion, every one could be different.George
So called treaty principals must be clarified clearly by Parliament as to what those principles are. It is the failure of both Parliament and subsequent Governments since 1975 who allowed vague undefined wording to go uncontested for more than forty years is a appalling and negligent. 1: Define the principles based on the 1840 Maori version Articles as agreed by Referendum (Binding). OR 2: Remove all reference to seriously Bad/Vague principles from all law and legislation. 3: Disband the TOW tribunal. Further claims must be settled ONLY with verified hard evidence, not hearsay. Politicians created the hot racial mess we now have. Remove the maori seats and all reference to race. Mr Luxon you wanted to be PM, now do your job for all New Zealanders and stare down the noise.Sam
i want one set of rules for everyone , i’m sick of tribalismRobert
REMOVED as if its amended it will cause more trouble than its worth while if its retained look out for maori war #2. one man/woman=one vote as we are all kiwi’s but some think they are the chosen few,and that mob are causing problems and unfortunately luxon is up their backsides so far up you can’t see him.so its up to David and hopefully Mr Peters and dread to think jonesRichard
we are all KiwisKaye
Removal is the only logical option. There are three articles to the Treaty of Waitangi, THERE ARE NO PRINCIPLES. If there are no actual principles then these made-up principles should be removed.Richard
there where no ‘principles’ mentioned in the original treatyRay
Removal is the only logical option. Amending applies that the amended references to the treaty could be easily reversed whereas removing all references altogether would be much more difficult to reverse.Rikaad
We are all New Zealanders. different races, culture & creeds. But, all New Zealanders. Anything other is divisive.Linda
Removed of course. They were introduced by Labour to help Maori and were biased from the start. If anyone can’t understand what the original Treaty meant then they are blind.Eric
Sick to death of hearing about it !!!June
Any form of racial privilege needs to go,any form of racism needs to go,maori seats need to go,the maori party needs to go as it is racist in itself. If we just follow David Seymours 3 step plan we will be moving in the right direction. The MSM needs to be dismantled and consigned to the rubbish bin along with its management and senior staff minimum.No more one sided news,bulletins or interviews. In my experience far too many of the great unwashed still do not have a clue as to what has been going on in regard to the lies and secret plans being laid over the last 6 years especially. Too many people when asked for example what he puapua is have not got a clue.This is just one example of many. The people need to be educated as to the skullduggery which has been going on. But how to inform them? The MSM are completely far left and pro racism so no help there. Let me quote an item which I think has merit. Quote from Breaking News Anonymous said … If the alternative media were able to put together an unbiased news broadcast morning,midday and evening on a TV Channel,I believe it would knock TV1 and 3 for a six. Food for thought methinks.Brian
May common sense prevailDoris
The Treaty is not a set of treaty principles. The Treaty is not a partnership agreement. It is a treaty. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else. The truth lies in what it says. As such, it records the decisions made by the parties at the time in the context of the time with the support of all parties/ signatories. This means the truth lies in documents and (primary) evidence of the time, not in subsequent revisionist documents, reinterpretations, and add-ons that fail the full context of the time. The longer the timespan from the actual events, with lost and sanitised context, the more divergent and corrupted the discussion becomes. For this reason alone, all discussion should be limited to the circumstances and facts of the time. Subsequent meanderings and constructions should be set aside. There are plenty of books and documented evidence from close to the time.Jack
Te Tiriti o Waitangi, signed by over 500 Rangatira made NO reference to ‘principles, forestry or fisheries. In 1975, Robyn Coooke, at law, (in my view,) perpetrated “A Grave Miscarriage of Justice” when allowing activists and bleeding heart liberals to ignore the only document accepted, and signed by a majority of Chiefs/Rangatira.Maureen
Time is up…..No more B.S. time for a PUBLIC BURNING. The treaty is OBSOLETE, OUT OF DATE, AND NO LONGER WORKS…IT HAS TO GO…David
Restore democracy urgentlyJan
The Treaty of Waitangi should be assigned to History, where it belongs.Susie
All references to the treaty should be removed immediately and while you’re at it ditch the whole thing, consign it to a museum as an historical oddity with no application to NZ today. It’s been throughly corrupted, hijacked and weaponized by marxist radicals and is now being used as a weapon of oppression and a way to dispossess people of their rights to freedom of thought and expression and the pursuit of happinessFlip
Get rid of them all together, look forward, move on.Graham
Sadly even the Feb.1840 Littlewood treaty with its 3 principles of equality, British citizen rights and the Queen as our Sovereign must be removed as the Iwi coup/takeover of NZ will never stop even if this true treaty is ratified/endorsed by Britain. We must adopt the colourblind legislation of the European countries that was made to prevent Nazism and dictatorships from ever happening again.Brenda
get rid off itROB
The so-called ‘principles’ are a fictionRoger
We want to be united not divided. One person one voteDenise
most certainlyColin
Sentimentally I’d like to have the ‘principals’ removed, but there are some redeeeming aspect that just need revision. Ro remove them completely would on;y, in my view, further antagonise the radicals.Adrian
Only one class of citizenship and one rule for all.Francis
The Treaty has no relevance today except as an historical document. For a few people backed up by the unemployed, the lazy and the indoctrinated who are at least 6-7 generations removed from the signatories, to purport to know exactly what the Treaty entitled them to, is ridiculous.Bruce
I was going to say Amended but if you leave any reference to Maori having some sort of participation the Maori elite and activists will take advantage of them being stated and continue on the racist rants which only continue to split the country. Because of a pathetic Labour government NZ is at a crossroads, a country for all citizens or anarchy for years to come that will end up destroying this country. This government needs to stand up and be counted either as leaders for the future or gutless politicians who bow down to a minority of activists.Robert
Get all references to the treaty GONErod
The Treaty arguments over the last several years have sickened most of us beyond belief. It has no relevance to the arguments that Maoris say should determine today’s law. At least if we can’t lock it away in a museum removing it from legal standing, determination and influence could enable Parliament to get on with running the country instead of the rubbish about who owns the seabed and foreshore or minerals or anything else Maoris dream up that has nothing to do with an historic document that is getting close to 200 years old.CHRIS
The treaty has outlived its purpose,Brooke
Amending is likely to create more dogs breakfasts.Mark
Now – before it is too late!Roy
Time to leave this back where it belongs-in history and move forward as all New ZealandersJess
NZ should return to democracyDiana
Treaty Principles were a product of the Waitangi Tribunal, they can mean anything, everything or nothing, depending how they are interperated. Principles must be precise. The Waitangi Tribunal is a sham, it is fraud in the highest degree, and should be abolished immediately. It is important that we are all aware that the first sitting of a New Zealand Parliament was in 1854, fourteen years after the Treaty was signed. The New Zealand Government had nothing to do with the signing of Treaty. The place for the Treaty is in the Archives, and that is where it should stayMargaret
How come Treaty principals can be amended when 540 Maori Chief sought then and duly signed the Treaty for ‘one people – one vote amongst all New Zealanders – including all Maori . General acceptance and tranquility resulted – until politicians got involved!Stuart
The Treaty Principles were a political construct with no relationship to Te Tiriti wording and its literal translation.Roger
no raceism in legislationbud
This gravy train has to stop!Derek
Unfortunately we are in for a long hard fight for equality in New Zealand. It wont be pretty but it is a war that must be won for the future generations to come. A loss will be perpetual slavery.Alan
The prize for biggest cojones. so far, goes to Winnie, surpisedly and ably backed up by Shane Jones. Luxon looks like a limp marshmellow in comparison. Mind you we all knew Luxon wouldn’t upset the brown canoe. Mind you the economy appears to be in better fettle so the mix elected by the voters under MMP may well work. Time will tell.Terry
Time to move onJim
The Treaty ceded sovereignty, get over it, we are now one people of mixed ethnicity with the same opportunities if we choose to take them up..David
As soon as possible. Luxon and his caucus must act on their mandate or it will be one term for themMaureen
Unfortunately Luxon does not appear to understand the seriousness of the situation and does not exhibit that he has the stomach to sort the Maori question out properly. It is essentail that this is dealt with. I justhope that Seymour and Peters (stranngely enough both Maori who realise what the Maori extremists are up to) can drive Luxon to do what is essential.Ron
The Treaty does not govern the country – simply makes all citizens equal, and therefore requires no inclusion in lawstony
They should be amended or removedPaul
These “principles” are a work of fiction. They have no place in laws of the land.Doug
The Treaty does not need to be included in legislation. This just creates bias. Kelly
The “principles” were never a part of the Treaty and were created by the government in 1989 called The Principles for Crown Action on the Treaty of Wairangi. The Waitangi Tribunal adopted Sir Hugh Kawharu’s reinterpretation of the actual treaty text and then pushed the government into adopting them. The NZ parliament makes the laws, not the Waitangi Tribunal, not the courts. Our legislation has now been riddled with racist clauses that are totally undemocratic and have no meaning if you are not Maori.Kerry
There are NO principles in the treaty only three clauses 1 Sovereignty granted to the crown ( Governments right to govern) 2 Property rights guaranteed and 3 Equality for allRobin
One Nation, One People, One Vote.Roy
Labour has done much to damage our country and promote apartheid in NZ. we are all 1 and most people of any race attest to it. United we stand divided we fall applies hereSheryl
Amendments would result in “interpretations”…Say what we meanRobbie
All people in NZ should be on an equal footing legislatively.Wilf
I’ve been beating this drum for years now. The threats and intimidation from Maori activists are becoming ever more strident as seen by the recent Ratana utterances. It’s time to tell Al these race-hustlers to Foxtrot Oscar.John
Along with the treaty.Neville
We live in uncertain times, our society is weak, and scared, not sure what is true or false re the bloody treaty.Sven
There is no other way for NZ to remain a democracy.JOHN
The articles are basically fair and reasonably sound by any ones standards.the trouble is,they need to be tightly defined,so as to prevent manipulation as has been done by invoking Tikanga and allowing the judiciary to bend the meaning of words,to meet their political agendas.gale
There are NO Treaty principles! Neither is there partnership between Crown and citizenry. Sir Apirana Ngata very clearly explained the meaning of the treaty as accepted and agreed upon at the time, and at a later date by the stakeholders.Dennis
I have been concerned ever since Helen Clark introduced the “Treaty Principles” when considering legislation that the so-called Treaty Principles were never defined.Roger
Geoffrey Palmer, without a mandate inflicted them on NZ – remove asap!Giles
The Government has the majority. It now needs to act, and do what the majority of people want.Bruce
Back to the original Treaty’s 3 Articles. Sovereignty was ceded to Britain and one law for all. One Nation – New Zealand.John
We need a fair society.susan
I believe that to totally removed all Treaty references — at least at this point of time — would further social division as much as the current wrong interpretation of the Treaty does. If we seek to foster social unity, Parliament must take care to avoid such an outcome.Marla
It just needs to be written in clear and plain English. Kylie
Or removedRICHard
Removed. Go back to the treaty, treat all people equal.Carolyn
tikanga is a word of unclear meaning, and should not be present as with principles. What principles and where are they. It need to be plain English..Rob
It’s all made up.Steve
One country, one people. End of story.Brucee
Stand up to the activist. Or destroy our countryBarras
This is urgent.Ronmac
These are superfluous to democracyPhilip
National needs to realise they were elected by a majority who want all Labour’s Maorification moves reversed. No more public service Te Reo names, no more co-governance., just equality for all. If National can’t do it, let’s vote again and give ACT our vote.chris
It will be a big job but principle before difficulty.Ian
The sooner the better.Tony
The whole Treaty and it’s procedures have been warped and exaggerated beyond recognition since Matiu Rata and the 1975 Treaty Bill was introduced. It is lies and fraud and possibly treasonous what happened and what is continuing to be used. The Treatyists must be got rid of and NEW ZEALAND go back to the way it was when we a peaceful nation.Alan
a treaty in the 1800s is not fit for 2024, we just need 1 person, 1 vote.Andrew
Dig in the Coalition partners, you were given a mandate to get rid of all the adical Maori rubbish. Stand firm, New Zealanders are behind youClaire
Key point is there is no partnership, there is one government and all are equal before the law. And yes, one electoral roll at both central and local government level.Peter
I would like to say removed but I dont think the powers that be would go for that.Barbara
Removed and as soon as possible.Darrell
Racial differences don’t belong in any legislation one law for all peopleClive
The original Treaty and it’s principles for all in New Zealand promoted unityJoan & Don
I personally think it should be removed. Otherwise the arguments over meaning and untrustworthy elite will constantly try to pull the wool over our eyes and prohibit this country from moving forward, these people have proven time and time again that they can not and should not be trusted.Paul
Get rid of them altogether. The treaty is very clear in what it says, fullstop. Maori are turning into a pack of moaning whingers, want everything but not work for it. Get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal for a start.Peter
Fast pleaseLaurie
The treaty is part of History. Today we live in a country of equal opportunity. that our fore bearers paid dearly for. Lets get on with it with everyone chipping in, instead of some trying to profit at the expence of others. That means everyone pays tax including Maori and Church businesses.Paul
If Maori are ” special”, what does that make the rest of us? Any division according to race needs quashed as soon as possible.Alastair
The treaty is now a farce and a weapon for corrupt Iwi radicals. It’s a rot and a festering sore on NZ society, a cancer. Like all cancers it needs removing.John
We should not allow separatism in New Zealand. We are all one people, under one law and one flag.William Clive
there is no place for any race based priveledge decision ever,galem
make a clear sweepgerard
Treaty should be torn upAnthony
Get rid of them.Mike
honesty and unwavering adherence to one vote/one person 18 & over,!murray
1 person 1 vote irrespective of ethnicityLionel
The Lefty minority activists and racist Liberals need to be put in their place in order for NZ to regain being a Democratic country.Dane
The law must be very precise, clear and unambiguous so that it cannot be subjected to misinterpretation by activist Judges.Chris
ASAP! RemoveBrenda
After 200 years the Treaty of Waitangi has been rendered obsolete by being wildly abused by Maori activists and propogandists.Colin
One people one nationKerry
It is a historical document that should be treated as such, it is not relevant or required in today’s society.Cath
one law for allJohn
Amended to preserve democracy, equality for all New Zealanders, and to eliminate racial privilege.James
Amendments would then be subject to interpretation leading to more confusion. The Treaty is beautifully simple. It just has to be adlministered according to what the Engish Language saysPerce
Removing references to the Treaty would be less ambiguous.Sheila
Time to get removed. HistoryBeverley
There is no such thing as treaty principles so they should not have any place in legislationFrank
The vast majority of New Zealanders are sick & tired of the Maori ‘elite’ promoting their racist views & claims, even owning water!David
The treaty is no longer relevant to New Zealand today. Remove all references to it in New Zealand’s laws.Paloma
colour blind is the only way forwardBrian
Not all tribes signed the treaty and some were claiming financial advantage by such assertion. Others wish to gain advantage over other New Zealanders. I am of Maori descent but I believe all New Zealanders should be treated equally and fairly. The Treaty should be archived without further consideration. Government should be elected by the peopleHarvey
The Treaty is irrelevant. It is being distorted and abused by a certain elite group in their own interests.Russ
As stated, there is no “partnership” and therefore should not be in our legislationJennifer
The Treaty of Waitangi is a simple agreement signed by Maori Chiefs representing their tribes, and the British colonialists who wished to live in harmony under British government styled rule. The ONLY principle was one of equality for all. Now we have MIXED RACE descendants of their stone age ancestors, still calling themselves Maori, but somehow demanding control of government, thanks to the indoctrination provided by Marxist influenced schools and universities. This current National Party leadership is showing the same gutless tendency of the previous Bolger & Key led governments, with promises of more handouts, even though the Maori corporate wealth is now $70billion , and next to no tax is paid from generated income. Luxon is a WOKE low-life. We are fortunate that ACT & NZ-First should provide some back bone, which gives some hope for the future.A.G.R.
Let’s all be equal and work together for a better New Zealand.Paul
lets get democricy working againIan
End it nowStephen
While reference remains then the Courts will continue to favour the mowriesJohn
Promote equality amendment Urgently and get rid of the Media fund to stop this radical divide and get democracy back as one nationleo
Total democracy eliminates any form of privilege or racial bias.Peter
along with race based Parliament and Council seats. One law, One government.Lionel
The Treaty was a founding document useful to set up a new nation. However we have moved on many years since then and the country has run very well without having to make recourse to the treaty.Dennis
This must happen now. Not in 3 yrs time.Roy
Remove, and hold fast!Bill
all references to treaty principles should be removed, why is there a need to refer to the treaty in any shape or form in a democracy that should not single out race based policies/legislationlorraine
New Zealand needs only one electoral role for all it’s citizens to allow for the implementation of one person one vote, i.e. a simple democracy for our nation. This is inline with the TOW and thus is the only legitimate method of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shell not perish from the earth is as Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg, 19th November 1863. The rules must emanate from the bottom-up, not from the top-down. We cannot let a mangy mob of reprobates become socialistic dictators of our country. It is just be too awful to contemplate.Garry.
Please be strong n do the right by all New Zealanders.Natalie
Today’s Government clearly has the mandate to get rid of all this maori rubbish and get NEW ZEALAND back on course to be a proper DEMOCRACY. If they fail it will be on their heads, and I don’t even want to contemplate the future for New Zealanders.Don
There are NO principles in the treaty, just three plain and simple articles. ALL other interpretations are phoney!!Tony
Best treatment for cancer is to cut it outMatt
The coalition government were elected on their promises to have a major overhaul of Labour’s policies so they have to be strong and deliverChris
If Joe NZ wants this change, then the Maori elite will be further exposed to champion their privilegeBob
It is bullshitAllan
Need to see the amended ideas before voting for amendedRowan
There were NO Treaty Principles in the Treaty of Waitangi. The Principles were made up in the 1980s by left wing zealots. The original Treaty had an introduction and three ARTICLES, that’s all. Further, ALL [people live better in Democratic societies than in divided ones, or under Communism. The Globalists just want 7/8 of humanity dead. What is happening now, worldwide, are the steps to achieve that. Wake up and THINK, people. FIGHT for your Democracy, the only fair system in the world.Joyce
Treaty is not our country’s founding document, but an agreement between people. The Queens charter which followed is our founding document.Phil
The treaty is a simple and clearly written document. The desire for these words to be altered by the addition of new interpretations and the addition of unwritten utterly invented principles and spirits is nothin but an open door to corruption. As has been proven resoundingly since their introductionDominic
Time for true democracy … keep our heads out of the sandPhil
The treaty has historical significance and should be retained only if equality is clearly accepted, otherwise remove!Reg
Over the Treaty… more more moreRose
The Treaty is just plain out of date. We need to have a refeendum on this. The Maoris can just toe the line like all the rest of us do.Graham
Equality must always trump racismIhaia
Get rid of it altogether now. It has done its initial jobMichael
I personally am sick to death of all the threatening comments being made about this by certain radical elements with maoridomNick
Ever year more immigrants arrive on our shores. They could be the gel between the present factions created by labour’s racist policies. Dismantling the Treaty would be a huge step for democracy and equal rights for a unified populationKeith
NZ should have kept the originals unedited, unamended, uncompromised, and exactly as was intended (discussed by riginators)M
Lets get on and have proper democracyMurray
The Treaty should have been discarded once its objective of protecting the peaceful iwi grom the violent rampaging murderous iwi had been achieved. The Treaty is no longer relevant.Trevor
They are an undemocratic anachronism as presently embedded in our legislation.Bob
Enough is enough…. Maori are a conquered race – very lucky the British got here first.Simon
Since Maori did cede sovereignty to the crown, and the Treaty contains no principles, all reference to Maori sovereignty must be removed.Duncan
Let’s get back to the real Treaty and original meaning.Hugh
There are no ‘principles’ in the 1840 Treaty which is the true and correct version. The invented, false ‘Treaty’ is the one that should be done away with altogether. It’s just being used as an excuse for the activists to get control.Lee
Absolutely, as soon as possible.Laura
There were NO principles in the 1840 ToW, the current influx of “principles” and partnership is disastrous for Democracy, and must be removed.Greg
It is causing to much greed from the maori and should be removedColin
The Treaty is a historic relic. It should not define principles for governance in this day and age.Ralph
Must get back to the real TreatyChris
The ToW has 3 clear Articles. Time to stop the reinterpretation of them.Grant
There were never any principles!Grant
All references should be removed but I have doubts that this will happen given that Luxon is already showing lack of support for Seymours treaty principles bill.Lawrie
Equal rights for NZ whitesArthur
The sooner the better.dyyan
All citizens should have equal rights under the law. No-one should be able to claim special rights because of ancestry. Also, we should resign from UNDRIP as NZ has no indigenous people – all of us are “imports”.Laurence
The Principles in play right now are in breach of the Treaty and Tiriti, and the Bill of Rights, by awarding unequal rights to different races.Richard
The ‘principles” are meaningless – they cannot even be defined, so scrap all references to them, stop all the messing around and get back to the original wording of the treaty. Once its meaning and purpose is fully understood by all, then have a national referendum along the lines of David Seymours’ proposal and put the whole matter to rest once and for all. Oh! – and if Wily Willy and his ilk still want their “war” if things don’t go their way – then let them bring it!Scott
There are no principles in the Treaty of Waitangi.Paul
Should never be able to happen again every time Labour is elected!!!!!! They promote apartheid!!Julz
Amended is a method to allow retained, just remove the concept of the amended treaty.Alan
we are one poeple ‘new Zealanders’bruce
sooner the betterIan
There was no such thing as “Treaty Principles” in the Maori version of the treaty written by Henry Williams and signed by the Maori chiefs of the various tribes and Governor William Hobson on behalf of Queen Victoria in 1840.Peter
No-brainer !!Bruce
Consigned to the dustbin.Eriin
A great way to start 2024 Muriel!! A question that needs an answer who are Maori? How are these people identified? I would say a great % of the 10000 at the hui would not qualify the identity!!! Luxon has nothing to thank the Key Govt for & now needs to grow a couple, operate per the mandate given by the majority & shut down the noisy vested interests! Those with no vested interest ie the Morgan’s & Harawiras of this world squeak the loudest!Ron
Question not particularly clearJohn
There are no principlesDAVID
Most Maori in NZ do not support the radical views being expressed by some tribal leaders. Every NZ citizen must be just that. A NZ citizen.Steve
It was never a partnership. This was a huge con job foisted on NZ back in the eighties. It is historically stupid. I said so at the time but nobody seemed interested.Daniel
Dont break what has seemed to be workingLindsay
The only way that democracy can prevail in NZMichael
The election result gave a clear mandate to the coalition government to actually govern for all the people, not just a noisy minority.Mark
At least be amended, if not removed altogether.Andrew
it should be removed,and sort it out that there is no race ruling over another,especialy a race who are not indigenous to NEW ZEALAND,and are living a complete lie in this country,the maori want complete control,rodger
Totally removed, no argument.David
Yes, we are all equal and the Treaty is outdated.Kim
All reference to Treaty principles should be removed immediately and the Treaty filed away where it should have long gone. Today much has been invented and the Treaty served its purpose almost immediately. Today all the reinventions are doing an enormous disservice to the rest of us. We should all be treated the same with no reference whatsoever to race. Full stop!!Helen
We are one people not an aggressive bunch of competing tribal interestsTerry
We are all New Zealanders.Kaye
Separatism is destroying our once integrated society, the envy of most other countries.Murray
Ammended will just mean further “reinterpretation” downstream by radical left wing members of the JudiciaryRobert
We are supposed to be one country, one people, one Government according to the Treaty of Waitangi. Let’s go back to that premise in all legislation.John
There are no principles in the TOW accept ‘We ae now One People ” Which means we are all equal under the LAWGreg
The treaty is of no further use, it’s just a money cow to use for funds and air false grievances they have shown they don’t want to recognize the original treaty but don’t mind eradicating the English “original” version at Te Papa.Laurie
There are no principles that can be identified in the TreatyDeirdre
Should never, never been there!Michael
The Treaty is just a treaty no more. It is simply just an agreement, no more. It is NOT an NZ Constitution. If NZ ceased being a monarchy and became a republic. The Treaty would become null and void.John
The undefined words were included in the SOE Act to protect Maori who had signalled but not initiated a claim for compensation for alleged breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi. It was a very lazy way for parliament to preserve the opportunity to claim compensation which would have been lost if land had gone out of crown ownership. There is now no need for the so called principles to be included in any legislationTerry
the sooner the better graemegraeme
By removing it we have a better guarantee it won’t be rebornWarren david
Removed, sooner the better.Alan
No more racism in New Zealand, pleasePeter
there should be no mention of the treaty. when government pass laws and the treaty document should be rendered to history .If the current coalition stands its ground with the support of the Majority we will get rid of the radicals and the Maori elite.ken
The Treaty exists. Its elements should be easy to interpret, without deception or bias. NZ legislation needs to be transparent, equally without bias.DAVID
NZ needs a constitutional review, to ask, what do we want as a country, independence, constitutional, legal, and treaty arrangements.gary
Any agreement based on ethnicity is counter intuitive to democracy. If one wants true democracy then any such race based agreement must be left in the annals of antiquity.BRYCE
The games must be stoppedfred
Just stick to the original Treaty, Job Done. Not the “amended and twisted one”Russ
Firstly welcome back Muriel ,its great to once again have a voice that can remove the greedy iwi s and trendy lefties , I join in the huge relief that democracy has prevailed albeit against a determined mob of journos . the coalition is a welcome relief to the bottom feeders who wish our country ruined .Ray
Strike while the iron is hot…Peter
Remove totally. 1Law4all. Tribalism is collectivism which is another variant of non productive socialism, which leads to scarcity, poverty, bloodshed and to the death of an otherwise healthy nation.Donald
As soon as possible. But do you National doing it.Harvey
The history of accommodating Maori tribal preferences has proven poisonous, as it is based not on equality but power, and power corrupts unless carefully mediated. The accumulated wisdom of centuries reveals this in every culture. A preference for wise action at the political level requires maintaining democracy by removing all reference to tikanga and racial privilege.Peter
All citizens should have equal rights under the law. No-one should be able to claim special rights because of ancestry. Also, we should resign from UNDRIP as there are no indigenous people in NZ.Laurence
Education of the population is Paramount. Amend the vague existing “principles” into a “all equal statement” set into a statuteDavid
This is what National were elected to do. Chris Luxon needs to man up and do what needs to be done to correct past National mistakes.Derek
Removed, as it is now interpreted as a partnership and as a tikanga or way of Maori. NZ is not Maori land.Ray
As a Maori electoral voter I have many Maori friends but I feel there are some in commanding positions that are my enemy.Denis
We are all New Zealanders first. I identify as such. The fact that there are many Maori members of Parliament on the general roll shows that we are not a racist society. I am part Moari but a New Zealander first. Unfortunately, if any group is racist, it is the tribal groups whose leaders are in my view looking for easy income with no real effort.Alan
I WANT EVERYONE to email{they are FREE} ALL govt.NZFirst,Act National,to end division they MUST remove ALL maori seats & return to a ordinary election of seats,ignore all activists REMOVE the waitangi tribunal which IOS ONLY for MAORI NO ONE ELSE so tax payers should not pay for it,REMOVE TIKANGA & make our law for ALL NZEALANDERS we ALL need to do this to get common sense back & remove maori division for good.We then will be EQUAL.Cindy
The Treaty’s work was done when the tribal leaders affirmed their allegiance to the crown at the Kohimarama Conference.Gerry
Retained. Without question. Maori activism has become the most divisive obstacle to racial harmony in New Zealand.Rob
No need to tinker with the Treaty, just remove it and consign it to history, it’s had it’s day.Rod
Amendments will only result in backtracking in future, The Treaty is fine, but the so called principles are a blantant misinterpritation of the treaty clauses, even the Maori version.john
One law for all.Don
Absolutely it has to be removed.Katee
Universal suffrage democracy replaces any need for an outdated treaty – which has been too easy to distort by activist Maori for their own ends.Laurie
Should be amended but the Country is Stuffed! Parliament is a fancy dress competition amongst the children Their followers want the leadership positions in society withoute having to have the responsibility (or equality of qualification and experience. Things are going to get very unpleasant. the country is stuffed. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND.Bruce
All references to Maori in legislation must be removedGareth
Whilst the Treaty is part of our history, it shouldn’t be a tool for radical Maori to create an apartheid state, as all Kiwi’s should be equal !John
All references to the TOW needs to be removed from legislation and the Waitangi Tribunal disbandedRod
Have only the four Maori electorates & consequently only 4 Maori seats in ParliamentMaurice
Otherwise we face a possible civil war.Paul
One law, One rule, One voteSamuel
We need to go back to true democracy. One man one voteDignpa15
I thought the treaty advocated equal rights when it was signedSue
The principles were invented by Geoffrey Palmer and mean Nothing. Remove. My full support goes to David Seymour, Peters and Jones to carry out the wishes of the voters. Woke Luxon needs to Man-up or he’s toast.Carole
The Treaty is irrelevant now in a modern society and constitutional democracy. Principles are flawed and must be removed from all legislation. In addition, using words such as “Honour the Treaty is puerile, has no place in legislation and must be removedBRUCE
Even an amended version of treaty references will pave the way to give privilege to one sector of nz based on race . All references should be abolished.William
We are a multicultural liberal democracy. By definition, this must exclude any race based legislationJohn
“Treaty Principles” is a fake concept, nothing whatever to do with the actual ToWBruce
Treaty principals have been ill-defined (Parliament’s fault) and left up to activist courts to interpret. Ideally there should be no principals other than those three self-evident in the Treaty – that the Crown is sovereign, that all Kiwis have absolute rights to their property and resources, and that all Kiwis are equal before the law. Anything else should be removed and all decisions made up to now by the courts should be annulled.Brenton
At the end of the day the treaty put the crown in charge, protected property rights and gave equal rights to all. I now needs to find its place in the annuls of history so we can move on.Mike
Cut the head off the snake, poking it with a stick only guarantees more spitting of venom.Helen
New Zealand have gone backwards with democratic represenatation. Labour have changed everypersong right to voice their Opinion.Carl
Redefining the so-called “Principles” is going to be necessary to enable retention of democracy.Graham
One country one system for all of the 200 cultures in this countryKathryn
Without this move NZ will not move forward, Democracy will not be achieved, and the Maori elite will continue their march to achieve their abusive claim fior control.Robyn
for everalan
One country one peopleRita
We should proceed the legislation proposed by ACT and both National and NZFirst parties should not only support it but also work with ACT to ensure the best legislation possible.pdm
Let’s get back to a former democracy life we were enjoying in the 1980’s!!Dominique
Treaties are not designed to last too long. We need just one NZ.Colin
Sick and tired of pandering to these racist imbecilesChris
as a non maori I am dicriminated against as I cannot claim $24 housing grant even though I qualify as a non maoriJodi
They were never part of the outdated treaty anyway.Kirke
N.Z. Is now a country with many ethnicities for us to succeed in the world democracy must prevail,one law for all!Chris
support what NZCPR promotes to correct where we have got tojean
We must correct this abuse and re-interpretation of the ToW.john
Removed for ever.Leonie
The Treaty should stand alone as originally written according to Sir Apirana Ngata.Terry
What are today’s activist and aggressive Maori hoping to achieve? Seems like total control so to determine the future for ALL of New Zealand society. Their staunch activism and aggressive attitude seems reminiscent to pre Feb 1840 cannibalistic tribal warring days whence 540 Maori Chief sought and signed the Treaty of Waitangi with the Crown so to change their wild ways! It would seem the revamped present aggressive and staunch activists now clearly indicate their desire to return to pre 1840 traits! Does New Zealand have the intellectual and astute leadership to quell racial separatism now? The NZ electors voted for ONE New Zealand. Did PM Luxon ‘hear’ the vote? Or does he have an alternative agenda – continuing on down the previous disastrous Labour party path?Stuart
there are so many interpretations on the treaty that is time that there was a referendum on having the treaty written in to todays English or abolish the treaty completelyjohn
Very few maori will have 50% or more bloodlines. The only way forward is to all be Kiwis with equal rights. To vote in maori electorates it was required to be 50% maori blood. That should not have changed.David
Firm and decisive action required now or we are in for real trouble.Graham
Lawyers and politicians have no right to interfere with the people’s Treaty that recognises our rights as free men and women, subjects of King Charles III with the ancestral and traditional rights of the British peoplechris
The removal of the reference to the Treaty will return the true meaning and intention of the treaty i.e. one people principle ceded to the crown.chris
This is a no-brainerRonald
Second thoughts .present legislation should be removed… treaty cannot be repaired, too far gone. new draft and constitution is what is needed for ALL!David
If Thayer are retained as they are there is no future for our democratic rightsBryan
New Government new start.Murray
The Treaty of Waitangi is a historical document that has no relevance in modern New Zealand and should therefore be discarded as any form of binding principle.Peter
The treaty was never a partnership.John
Clean it up. We are all equalJeff
The sooner divisive, privileged legislation is removed the betterben
Promoting Equality is always a better way to mend what the last Dystopian Clown show enforced. One Nation One People.Geoff
You are going to have to change the math question…..I know it by heart nowOwen
This week if possiblePhil
To remove racial privilegeBruce
It’s time to bite the bullet and follow the will of the majority of Kiwis who are sick of paying for something that they had no part in and which is racially divisive.Sally
STOP all the REVERSE racism in NEW ZEALAND. We are ALL equal, provided we abide by the law. Then ……. Brian W.Brian
In my opinion there is no place for the Treaty of Waitangi in NZ LegislationTrevor
The “principles” are a fabrication that were not part of the original treaty and have never been established in parliament, therefore they must goAlister
Race based greed.Stuart
I won’t hold my breath while waiting Te reo Luxon to take the necessary action, unless he is forced by his coalition partners. Luxon should already be added to the list of previous PMs who did nothing to stop the rot caused by radical part Maori and their interference with the treaty document. The sooner he is replaced the better. He has all his MPs under control, just another Ardern, waiting for his gong.Carolyn
The Attitude being on display at the Latest Hue is nothing total disregard for NEW ZEALAND’S Freedoms & Democracy. If this is allowed to continue We are well on the road to becoming another Zimbabwe .No wonder productive People are leaving New Zealand .Michael Andrew
New Zealand is a multi cultural society where everyone should be treated equallyPeter
Removed for sure should never been allowed to be inventedPeter
Long overdue. Too much OXYGEN given to moaners for too long. Crit Race Theory making moaners into VICTIME forever has been running too long And a POSITIVE statement elswhere in legisaltion re equality.Gill
And remove the waitangi tribunal.Ian
well overdueCollin
There is NO future in going down the current path – the ELECTORS have clearly spoken.Maurice
One human, one vote. Race or ethnicity has no place in a democracyGrant
Abolish Maori seatsTerry
The sooner the better!Ron
Ideally removed, but that would cause a shitstorm and National would never go for it. Even though there never were any principles in the original Treaty. Probably more chance of success in setting out new principles promoting equality and highlighting the racist and unfair nature of the current principles. Also. it needs to be made clear there is NO partnership.Derek
ASAP – they never had any place thererussell
One Nation, One people, Same common law applies to all.Colin
As a law graduate it was alarming to see all the Acts change to incorporate tikanga. Under the RMA it is used to stop business in New Zealand for the sake of scared land and Maori myths. I believe it needs to go so this country can get itself to an economic standard that is fit.Chaquila
Removal is probably the most straightforward option, but I would also support Act’s proposal.Trevor
New Zealand is on the verge of a “Cuban Crisis”….if the treaty principles are not removed ASAP this country will be no more a Democracy but facing it’s Armageddon ….Chris
Forget about the treaty, even though it says quite plainly that everyone shou;ld be treated equally. Instead, we should be promoting New Zealand’s Bill of Rights, which covers all of this and also allows people to make their own minds up about what they will or won’t accept (ie, medical interventions). That’s the hallmark of a true democracyTrevor
The official Treaty with its three Aricles covers all that is needed.Gilbert
While National recognizes the Treaty as NZ’s “founding document” amendments will create too much ongoing division and confusion. But removing the Treaty altogether it unlikely to be a realistic option.June
There are no principles, and any reference to them is misleading the citizens of New Zealand.SGoudie
Equality was assured within the original TOW as British subjectsBryan
Enough of this rascist dribble. The majority pubic has spoken via the last election, now Goverment needs to act. Found them quite impressive, so far…….Andrew
If I was younger I would be out of this country, anything to escape the part white, make believe Maoris who are taking over the country. We need stronger government now before the battle is lost completely.Peter
Drain the swamp.Evans
Please lets try and save New Zealand from this Maori destruction of our beautiful country.KT
Retaining any legislation that provides privilege to any person or group of persons over another is undemocratic and provides a door for radical opportunists to challenge the democratic rights of all New Zealanders.Martin
All we have ever wanted has been equality.Brian
Amended to promote equality.chris
Any racial based laws should be abandoned because it’s against the principles of democracy.Deb
We need to move forward as a united country.judith
Removing all of these Treaty references is the ONLY way to fully restore our Parliamentary Democracy.Peter
Any so called founding document should enshrine equality fans self determination for all as the core principle. I would argue the actual founding document is the first bill of sale of land by Maori to the first settlers and the treaty. Can agreement with the crown o n the behalf of allMax
The whole treaty interpretation and waitangi tribunal is a fiasco – it is simply now being used erroneously to promote Maori above all others rather than provide for equality under the Crown’s purview. Shame on our successive politicians who who have created this mess of pandering and entitlement thinking.mike
There are only INVENTED principles – invented and never voted on by the NZ public. ABOLISH them!Roger
For a true democracy to work, all references to treaty need to be removed altogether otherwise NZ’s constitutional democracy will always be under threatGreg
Race should have nothing to do with how people are treated, we are all humans. Kate
One law for all people.Gavin
Unity is what it is about.Tony
It is time to remove all reference and treat all as New Zealanders with the same laws and rightsChris
The treaty should be resigned to history! It no longer has a place in a democracy where its intentions continually get misrepresented!!!Andy
It is probably now time from what we can see how deep the socialist ideals have invaded areas of influence in New Zealand that the Treaty of Wiatangi be asighned to history and be completly done away with,the damage that Jacinta Adhearn and the Labour party have done to this country is breathtaking,it seems as though these people have been infected with some anti social virus or they have just read Mien Kampf by Adolf Hitler and they believe it.Kevin
No place for treaty that was never ratified!Peter
let us, as a country, move forward. traty documents are historically relevant but no longer fit for purposejohn
In line with the Act Party.Murray
Ensure Treaty principles are historically valid, that is, factually valid.Linda
If they are not then civil war will start as I like many of the 87% will not stand by to be classed as a 2nd class citizen !Derek
1 people 1 CountryJohn
Our weak and history ignorant successive Governments since 1970 are responsible for the apartheid mess we are in, so it is up to this Government to fix it, before the MAJORITY become noisy! Over 500 Maori chiefs agreed on behalf of their people to become British subjects with the same rights as the people of England when they signed the Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840. No more, no less. No Principles, No Partnership and No Co-governance!! Queen Victoria’s 1840 Royal Charter/Letters Patent was our true Founding Document and First Constitution which made New Zealand into a British Colony with its own Governor and Government under one flag and one law for ALL the people of New Zealand, irrespective of race, colour or creed on the 3rd May 1841. So of course the Treaty Principles should be removed from Legislation, along with ALL other apartheid statutes, which give explicit recognition to the Treaty of Waitangi.neil
No need. Treaty is clear.mary
The Treaty does not contain any reference to principles. It does reinforce the notion that all New Zeanders are equal under the law, with equal rights and privileges. Go David Seymour – wake up Luxon.Rodger
definitely totally removed. They have been used to tiwist the truth of the original intentions which were quite clear but that hasnt stopped the Maori lefties trying to change everything to gain more advantage. There were NO principles in the original treaty until labour got hold of the agenda through Ratana and Palmer. They are a disgrace and Maori are unbelievably crass in trying to gain advantage through deceit.Carolyn
The Treaty has never been matched, with our founding Document, The Declaration of Independence, and flag… both are equal. Both have to be matched !David
one person one vote irregardless of racechris
There are no treaty principles, just three articlesken
The Treaty principles have all been invented – the whole lot should be removed.David
There should be no racial privilege in legislation – end of story. There should be no ‘official’ categorisation of people by race in this country. The whole thing is totally abhorrent. It’s what Hitler did, for goodness sake!!! We should follow the lead of European countries and take race completely out of our Statutes, so this sort of thing could never happen again.Murray
The principles of the Treaty should be changed to promote equality – just like the Treaty is an agreement of unity. Pauline
Just get rid of the principles and stop the arguing!Hugh
There should have been no Treaty principles in legislation anyway, because the Treaty didn’t have any principles. Best to get rid of them otherwise this debate about what they mean will never end.Simon