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A Changing of the Guard

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On Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he would be stepping down as leader of the ruling Conservatives in the face of mounting pressure from the party.

While he will remain prime minister until a replacement is chosen, his resignation has triggered a contest within the party to find a new leader and PM.

Boris Johnson had led the Conservatives to a landslide election victory in 2019 on a platform of delivering on the Brexit referendum and orchestrating Britain’s departure from the European Union.

But, dogged by a series of scandals – including the holding of illegal Downing Street parties during the Covid lockdown along with claims that he lied about the promotion of a party ally accused of sexual misconduct – calls for his resignation gained momentum.

Even though the Party was haemorrhaging support and losing safe seats in byelections, it was the resignation of nearly 60 elected members of his government that finally forced him to abandon his attempts to hold onto power.

As a result, Boris Johnson has become the third Conservative leader to have been forced out of office by his own party in the past seven years. David Cameron resigned after calling for and then losing the Brexit referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, while Theresa May stepped aside after three years of trying and failing to pull Britain out of the EU after the Brexit vote.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator British journalist Melanie Phillips provides insight into these developments and outlines what the Conservatives will need to do if they are to have any chance of winning the next election:

“If the Conservative party is actually thinking straight (not something that can be assumed at all) it will understand that it won’t see off Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour party unless the Tories elect a leader and prime minister who will understand two key things about the majority of the British electorate. 

“First, whatever view that leader may take about anything, what the public want above all is a government that is competent and run by a prime minister they can trust…

“Second, those who voted for Johnson because he had actually ‘got Brexit done’ became terminally disillusioned and withdrew their support because they saw him squander the chance for Britain to use its newly restored independence to take off economically and free itself from what had held it back for so long.

“Instead, Johnson embraced higher public spending and a bigger state – straight out of the Blairite playbook – while also forcing the elderly and the poor to choose between heating and eating as a result of his lunatic Net Zero policies, which catastrophically drove up fuel prices while threatening to turn out all the lights.”

Crucially, Melanie Phillips believes that the new leader will need to do what Boris Johnson himself did before he ‘crashed and burned’ – and that is, make Britain believe in itself again and give it hope for the future.

There are many lessons for New Zealand from the events in the UK.

Importantly, Boris Johnson owed his electoral success to traditional Labour supporters voting for him and Brexit – just as Jacinda Ardern owed her electoral success to traditional National supporters voting for her management of Covid.

However, while the new Conservative leader has an opportunity to retain Labour supporters at the next election if they are successful in building a strong independent economic future for the UK, the prospect of Jacinda Ardern winning support for her Covid management has now disappeared.

As predicted, once the harsh elimination restrictions imposed by the PM were relaxed, with no natural immunity against this highly contagious virus and a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection nor transmission, New Zealand has suffered escalating case numbers and a mounting death toll.

Both Boris Johnson and Jacinda Ardern have suffered a loss of public trust and confidence in their leadership. For the former British Prime Minister, it was largely the result of a series of missteps, while for our ideologically-driven Prime Minister, government incompetence is largely to blame.

Who could possibly have imagined when Prime Minister Ardern announced at a World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland that New Zealand was leading the world in the use of “wellbeing” as a measure of government success, that under her watch public services would fail so badly that an elderly woman would be left to die while living in a car parked on the side of the road in a residential suburb of Auckland – even though concerned neighbours had contacted authorities on many occasions.

Or that a woman suffering from a severe headache would be effectively turned away by the Emergency Department of Middlemore Hospital at 1am because it would be many hours before she could be seen – only to arrive back three hours later in an ambulance, unconscious from such a “massive” brain haemorrhage that she died the next day.

Such shocking stories of the State failing the very people it should be serving, are just the tip of the iceberg. Right now, all across the country, thousands of scheduled hospital treatments are being cancelled, patients are being sent home, specialists are being overwhelmed, doctors are unable to cope, and staff shortages are threatening services at every level.

No rational Prime Minister with genuine empathy for the public wellbeing she spoke so proudly of in Switzerland would do what Jacinda Ardern has done and authorise a $500 million overhaul of the entire health system in the middle of a pandemic – just to satisfy the ideological demands of her Maori Caucus for co-governance.

It is scandalous.

By disestablishing community health boards and sacking health leaders, our Prime Minister has left the health system rudderless and in meltdown.

Meanwhile, the new power-hungry Maori Health Authority, which intends prioritising health care in New Zealand on the basis of race rather than clinical need, is swamping health staff with bureaucratic demands, instead of allowing them to focus on managing the crisis.

The incompetence of the Ardern administration is not only confined to the health sector.

Remember Kiwibuild? After promising to build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years, to enable first-home buyers to enter the housing market, after four years, only 1,366 homes have been built. At this rate it will take another 288 years to reach their target!

Meanwhile, over $1 billion has been spent on emergency housing, and the waiting list for a State house has escalated from 5,000 in 2017 to over 27,000 today.

Then there’s Labour’s wasteful spending – including $53 million on planning, announcing, and then cancelling, a cycleway across Auckland Harbour.

Or, the massive $1.9 billion that was announced with great fanfare to address problems with mental health, that seems to have disappeared almost without trace, even as demand for assistance skyrockets.

And how about the Ministry of Transport’s plan to spend $197 million by 2024 on road safety and education campaigns to support their ‘Road to Zero’ strategy – instead of spending the money on fixing roads!

Rather than removing the red tape and bureaucracy that’s holding the country back, Labour is busy creating more.

And while other countries are now abandoning extremist Net Zero commitments, our Prime Minister remains more obsessed than ever – even though her carbon tax is now fuelling inflation across the whole economy and putting huge pressure on household budgets.  

Ever since being first elected, Jacinda Ardern has been big on promises and expensive public relations campaigns, while often failing to deliver results. Hers is a government fixated with what the PR strategists call “optics”. For our Prime Minister, it’s all about headlines and photo opportunities, rather than substance.

That’s why Labour has put so much emphasis on funding the mainstream media – including through their $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund – to ensure their support. It’s also why they are planning to spend over $370 million merging Radio NZ and TVNZ into one ‘captured’ State-run organisation.

The reality is the Ardern Government can only get away with ‘solving’ problems through press releases and new committees as long as a friendly media turn a blind eye to their litany of failure.

For instance, their announcement of a new Grocery Commissioner has conveyed the impression that the Government is dealing with food price inflation – but any journalist worth their salt would soon discover that Labour’s Net Zero policies are largely to blame.

Or what about Labour’s announcement back in 2021 that the long-running Ihumatao dispute was being resolved through the establishment of a new committee – when any investigation would reveal that no progress has been made over the last year and a half because Maori can’t agree on the membership of that co-governance committee!

In the end, it’s not just the lies and broken promises that’s causing a loss of trust in Jacinda Ardern’s Government – nor the wasteful spending, the cost-of-living crisis, the housing crisis, the health crisis, the crime crisis, or even the education crisis.

While all of these are damaging and justification enough for this failing government to be ejected from the Beehive in disgrace, an even greater disgrace is the way in which they have divided our nation by race. That’s the greatest act of shame that they must be held accountable for.

Clearly what matters to Prime Minister Ardern is not defending our democracy and standing up for the Rule of Law, it’s cosying up to the iwi elite, introducing tribal rule through co-governance, and rebranding all of our government departments with unpronounceable names “gifted” by Maori.

In education it doesn’t seem important to the PM that school truancy is at record levels, or that New Zealand is leading the world in declining standards – with more than 40 percent of school leavers now unable to read and write properly – what appears to matter most is that those attending school are indoctrinated with a sanitised view of New Zealand history.

The race-based ‘capture’ of education is now so advanced that even graduating students at our tertiary institutions are being held to ransom – forced to submit to compulsory Maori cultural propaganda in order to receive their qualifications.

In hindsight, the erosion of trust in Jacinda Ardern can be traced back to the 2020 election, when she deliberately failed to inform the public that if elected, she would be prioritising co-governance and tribal rule – which are central to He Puapua and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

With the power to govern alone, instead of working in the best interests of the country, Jacinda Ardern has abused the public’s trust by cementing in radical changes that have undermined our economy, weakened our democracy, and endangered public wellbeing.

With the media in their pocket and Covid on the loose, the elite cabal that are dictating so many aspects of our lives with brazen arrogance, are responsible for the essential character of New Zealand being transformed from a relatively happy-go-lucky country that was doing well by world standards, to a deeply divided society that is in decline.

It’s therefore not a surprise, to learn that the latest consumer survey from MYOB shows that more than a million New Zealanders are actively considering leaving the country to seek a better quality of life – with some 200,000 having already made concrete plans.

Under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership, those with get up and go, are getting up and going… overseas.

While Boris Johnson was an asset to his Party in 2019 when the Conservatives won the election in a landslide, now he’s become a liability, he’s been forced to resign.

Jacinda Ardern is in the same situation. She was an asset to Labour in 2017 and 2020, but with a million people so disillusioned with the state of our nation that they are considering moving overseas, she too has now become a liability.  

For the sake of New Zealand’s future Jacinda Ardern needs to go.  

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Irresponsible in my view to implement health reforms when there is no decisive plan in place to do so. Envisage the health system will get worse not better as a result. Virginia
This government is incompetant – it has proved that many times! It must be voted out of office> David
water running thru tents at north shore hospital whilst patients waiting for emergency treatment because the hosp was full you must be joking cliff
Get rid of Brown Racists first. Halon
Absolutley no confidence. I am extremely worried. At a time in my life when I may need the Healthcare system, I no longer trust any part of it and being hospitalized feels like a death sentence Elizabeth
They cannot do anything properly it seems. Lois
No confidence at all ! The whole regime is now a total shambles overall. But you reap what you sow and this country has been weakening for many years.. Today’s world is all talk and little action. If everything is as bad as reported then serious measures would be implemented to swiftly solve this creeping, seeping pox on the nation. It’s all talk, no action against the Government or Fourth Estate . This is a far different race of people today than those I grew up with What many of my age group think is unprintable ! This is summed up nicely in your article with ‘one million Kiwis considering leaving the country for a better life’. How bloody weak can you be and that sums up NZ today. Talk about a lack of spirit . STAND FOR NEW ZEALAND ! John
It will cost far more and produce less results. More Government is what we DON’T want & need. Andrew
Ardern’s infantile marxist belief cult will only allow central government control system and Health is the latest one to fall into bureaucrat’s incompetent hands. It will fail. Monica
Its an act of sheer incompetence driven by Arderns obsession withe UN agenda. To do this during a pandemic is nothing short of sabotage . Jacinda Ardern is a loose cannon .Her behavior is classic Dunning Kruger Syndrome. John
Labour and Ardern are absolute useless fruitcakes when it comes to improving anything in NZ let alone the health system. The best thing she could do is stuff off out of NZ to some waffly ineffectual PR job where outcomes are not relevant. Her and Labour have wrecked the great NZ I have known for many decades. She is an embarrassment to our country. Good Riddance Cindy Gteig
Do not trust the government Nigel
Lies and deceit are the hallmark of this government! Lynda
No way! Mark
all stupid actions, it should never going ahead. gerard
zero improvements of course, let the professionals get on with it, what do Maories know about health?? Paula
She has to go Doreen
Another shambles can be expected!! DAVID
Not likely to work more beauracrats and not enough front line workers Margaret
Despite all the publicity and apparent high spending by the Government, the Health System is still failing at an increasing rate. Robert
There were too many DHB’s and the number needed to be reduced to around 6 in order to improve efficiency however centralising and making a separate race based Health Board as well is a recipe for disaster and a blow out of costs. There is no way that anything will be improved by these reforms. Another failure by this incompetent bunch of individuals pretending to be the Government is in the making. What a bunch of absolute muppets. Allan
Absolutely Zero confidence – another cluster to appease the Maori Elite. Every Government department that gets tarnished with a Maori Name very quickly goes to rack and ruin – Kainga Ora, Waka Kotahi, Te Kupenga … the list goes on. Leave the structure alone – provide some proper funding and start improving health outcomes for all!! Rick
Not a time to be making these changes in the middle of the biggest health crisis NZ has encountered for a long time. Dave
Until we acknowledge we are ONE NATION needing greater taxpayer dollars to be directed to LIFE SKILLS health education, hospitals / clinics / medical doctors, nurses and caregivers who should be at the top of the health sector pay scale – no reform will be sufficient to improve the health of NZers Leeanne
Division by race has never solved a single problem John
Too much emphasis on delivery of racist agendas Ihaia
No confidence in anything this government plans or does Colleen
Cancel the vaccine mandate discrimination – accept for training the thousand applicants – get the Nurse Practitioner’s on board. leigh
No confidence, it will be another disaster. Lynette
100%confident they will NOT improve things, and equally, 100%confident things will get much worse. Rob
It’s hard to put into words how disappointing living in New Zealand has become! What’s next?? I pray Kiwis will wake up soon, our rights are less & less by the day and Maori will be no better off as a race. People are now so reliant on government hand outs, its caused a massive lack of inspiration to get off ones ass & have a go. It’s a crying shame a once hard working country has turned into a welfare state of bums!! Geoff
Bloody disaster waiting to happen Wayne
The proof is already there for those that want to see – even normally “moderate” medical professionals are screaming for help as the system falls apart, with the front line of staff bearing the brunt whilst doing a great job trying to help those in need Michael Charles John
Not at all!! The cost of running two health systems will be impossible for tax payers to support!! Gillian
A pack of idiots are running this into racial division, hatred and economic chaos, so I have absolutely no confidence in Adern and her band of pathetic ministers. Claire
It is racist, divisive and undemocratic. The money spent on administration will enormous Allan
What KIWI would feel confident, with a ‘selected’ NWO/UN/WEF impostor, masquerading, as an elected PM? The mind boggles !! David
I don’t think it will do JACK just look at everything else they have tried to change or fix, has it worked (NO) this bunch of idiots couldn’t arrange a row of shit cans to fall in a straight line let alone try to fix anything, if they just stopped wasting money on other bull shit like the cycle ways on the harbour bridge, and to the ( I WANT IT ) tribe ( IWI) covid, motor bike gangs, $ millions given to the media to lie and just report the bullshit the government want you to hear, just to name a few, and God knows what else there’s been that much money waste i can’t recall them all but if they had just put all of that money into health we wouldn’t have a problem. It’s no wander the health is in the shit $169 billion on covid, nurses and doctors sacked, the lies and bullshit about mandates etc the list just goes on and on, it’s time they just shut there mouths pull their heads in pack their bags and do us all a favor and piss off. COLIN
Labours health policy is destroying New Zealand Health system. Deliberately I believe Beau
Health should be a universal right, not the situation where the rights of 15% subjugate the rights of 85%. This racist division of the health system has achieved only the creation of a bloated bureaucracy where the rights of maoris overrules the rights of all others. A nightmarish red tape tangle imposed by an arrogant, wasteful, racist totalitarian administration. Not one extra doctor or nurse from this government. Gavin
Little is an idiot. Bob
not a chance!!! Gregor
Little by little ! bryan
Chronic waste of tax payers money. The sooner the whole Labour Government is ousted the better anita
The timing of this change is extremely suspect. All the cash going into organising a new Health Authority seems to be completely undermining our ‘on the ground’ needs. It’s so sad. Leslie
Like everything else this bunch of halfwits in gov’t have done it’ll be unmitigated and abject failure to join all the other failures. Flip
Soon you will not want to end up in kiwi hospitals!! These will soon be the new ‘INTERNMENT HOLDING CAMPS’, like Germany in the 1930″s !! No ESCAPE !! David
It won’t improve the health system at all. A lot of money will be wasted with setting it up. Also will be racially divisive! Valerie
Will never happen, they need someone who can organise and support the nurses and doctor. Not more administrators. Jacky
Will damage it terminally Tony
How in their right mind would try and reform some thing that is now working to start with. Any one with common sense apart from a fish and chip wrapper upper (Cindy’s Chippies) would even think it. The first priority would be to sort the health system out and get it running then amalgamate???????????? Plus why divide the company totally by forming a racist system to help people who do not even try to help them selves!!!!!!!!!! Time to get some one with some real business qualifications to run this country and to spend money on priorities. Instead of cycle lanes, electric cars and stupid road safety communist adverting’s talking down to us as if we are 2 year olds. Time we followed England and get rid of the red’s in Wellington now. rod
Won’t make an ounce of difference on the frontline. Why the hell would you do this e in the middle of a so called pandemic David
money that should be spent on the existing health system and staffing jean
The health system will decline further. I have no confidence at all. steven
Where is the box for absolutely NO Confidence. Another family that may be forced to vote with their feet and run to the nearest airline office. What future will be left when the music stops. Richard
This is one of the most idiotic & incompetent things that this useless pack of morons has inflicted on NEW ZEALANDERS – forget all of the Aotearoa bullshit. david
Labour have bungled everything they have attempted to inflict on an unsuspecting population Peter
Another backward step to a small percentage of people’s advantage sheryl
sorry jacinda, brains do beat bullshit every time !! norman
Labours “reforms” will be an unmitigated disaster guaranteed. Richard
No confidence at all. mike
The first thing Labour will do is appoint a very large number of advisers. The advisers will be paid outlandish fees and some will be appointed for their knowledge while others because they are of Maori decent.What they need is one small team of specialists and administrators for the whole country. Each hospital service will be lead by them. Their will be no individual hospital budgets, how can you put a price on health? Steve
I think the reforms will make things worse. William Clive
I would say I was 100% unhappy with this reform. Our health system is not getting along very well at all at the present time, in fact it’s almost third world. I base this the experience my daughter had in trying to get my granddaughter seen who was very unwell with high temperature, very sore throat and vomiting. After about 2 days of trying to get her seen to the consultation was asked to be done from their car. She did not have covid either. Laraine
Just race based nonsense. Health is needs based. Steve
Picking a number from 1 to 100, my choice would be zero. They have made attempts on many fronts, and failed miserably. Labour has started out by saying they would be a free and open Government, but they have become society of secrets! Biculturalism will not work in a multicultural society. What’s your agenda, Jacinda? Labour has betrayed trust of the voters who put them in to govern. Kevan
She has ignored problems for years and now passes blame from the Deb to the new system and takes no responsibility ..mmm as a now unemployed psychiatric specialist ..psychopathic and narcissistic personality disorder are only a few diagnoses that come to mind Toni
We need more nurses and doctors not more race-oriented bureaucrats John
It’s akin to Nero’s playing the violin while Rome was burning. The “reform” is nothing but a new huge, Maori-centric bureaucracy that will not do anything to alleviate the huge problems which the health system is presently facing. Let alone dividing the nation even more on the basis of ancestry. Democracy is fast being eroded by a PM who is anxious to please her Maori caucus. Laurence
It is run by a totally incompetent ex Trade Unionist blinded by ideology, and the timing is appalling ed
I am running out of adjectives to describe just how appalling this Liebour Govt is, as there are SO many aspects to there actions which are taking NZ in many directions that Kiwis do NOT want to go, especially 3 Waters Bill incorporating co-governance to allow an unelected maori authorities to have power over 85% of NZers….! As for all the cover-ups of Covid Data from the MoH now surfacing via their own websites along with RNZ’s removal of data & graphs of inconvenient, uncomfortable TRUTH about DEATHS from this “Killer Jab” Bruza
Great article Muriel. It covers it all. Pity mainstream media don’T REPRINT it, as is. And a pity the 4 million sheep don’t read it. Makes me weep for the outcome of New Zealand. Trouble is those leaving will be the sensible ones and NZ will be filled with those from other countries. Valerie
Centralisation will not cater for areas where Wellington public servants do not understand unique demographics etc. Separate Iwi Health system does not make sense DARREN
I shudder to think what a mess it is going to be. Gay
Define “improve.” Better health outcomes, for more Kiwis, delivered more quickly and effectively? Not a chance. Mike
How could anyone have confidence in a government that runs on corruption, lies and a record of failure to deliver. They have consistently shown that they are completely incompetent and their idelogical aim is the destruction of democracy in this country. Until a system of recall or citizens initiated referreda is introduced we will forever be dictated to by complete numpties as we are at present. Terry M
not while they are being managed by those appointed by race and gender ahead of merit and experience. Gordon
My confidence couldn’t be any lower. Everything they touch turns to you know what. I lose sleep at night wondering what further damage can they do before they implode. Bryce
I have every confidence they will cock it up. Stevo
Covid management is Pathetic and overblown !! Pierre
Total waste of money for a minority at this time when health care here is a shambles! Meredith
Great leaders know that tribalism has no place in politics. It creates a narrow allegiance and sidelines accountability, transparency, standards and merit based selection. So quality of governance will freefall and we are already seeing examples of that. A Maori Health Authority will add cost not value – it will neither be effective or efficient – how could it be otherwise when it disenfranchises the larger part of our population. Keith
Nothing Labour has done has improved anything…why would this be any different.NZ Health system needed better staffing numbers,better hospital capacity,better cancer treatment, attention to long waiting lists and space for coping with winter sickness. What have they provided? Judy
More bureaucracy, fewer front line staff. This is a policy that will severely damage our public health service. Doctors and nurses are need – not more bureaucrats. Kelvin
This government is building a reputation of poor performance and this will be another one added to the list. Chris
unfortunately 16% of population is going to get priority focus and funding from the health system Noel
This expensive need does not exist and is not supported by any plan and accompanying benefit cost analysis. It is a complete waste of money with no improved health outcomes and a massively divided mono/MULTINATIONAL population john
it will be like every other project mooted by this Government and will be an abject failure. Ian
Not a hope in hell. All that is going to happen is that the new Maori Health Authority will in a very short period of time, deliver absolutely no improvement in health outcomes for that sector of our society and will have used their entire budget in so called management activities and then demand and be given increases in funding to stay in business. Barry
Like everything else they have done it will be a disaster. More resources needed at the coalface & drop the vaccine mandates for health workers would provide some short term improvement. More levels of bureaucracy will do nothing but waste money. Rex
Hell no!! Gary
NO confidence at all. Kath
No confidence at all in anything this government does! Scott
complete disaster Peter
There should be a choice of “NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL”l Bill
She must drop the mandate on the health nurses and doctors for a start and immediately. Jenny
0% confident. But it will absolutely succeed in dividing NZ more! Sheila
No confident in labour at all. Susanne
She has destroyed our health system. Andrea
I have reasonable confidence that the the health reforms will set health backwards significantly. The new health authority has achieved: changed the logo, introduced Maori names for a the majority of departments, and nothing else. Is it really days? I don’t know, they have had close to a year, and nothing concrete to show, not even a glimmer of improvement to justify the costs racked up I hold little hope for improvement even for Maori. Murray
Apart from reviving witch doctor style healthcare and enriching a select few of the public trough diving self described ‘maori’ elite and relatives the only possible positive is increased employment in the funeral business. Carl
If you had an option “Not a snowball’s chance” I would have picked that. Janet
It is impossible to get to see a specialist and it is only getting worse. Nikkie
The reforms will give NZ a third world statis for our health system Kay
Don’t be silly, of course it will not improve it. And how many doctor, specialists and nurses will join the exodus to Australia and elsewhere? Geoffrey
We are already suffering a collapse in the system – personally our family can not get a response from our Doctor he is overwhelmed. Jane
We’re going from bad to worse. Mark
Bloody hopeless Elizabeth
Too much bureaucracy, no accountability. Dianne
ALL labours reforms are based on social division using race-based ideas central to a maori take-over.NZ is in tatters as the result of an undemocratic response deliberately by this labour govt…..they shoiuld be dismissed and held accountable for treason against the people and the state. mark
A labour success is a rare and fragile thing. Wont happen anymore than all the other promises from the ‘pulpit of truth’. Fred
We are on a very dangerous experiment seemingly led by Union wisdom !! Maurie
How crazy are they? I’m a retired nurse and I’ve never seen our health system so run down. They shut down immigration of nurses send wouldn’t give Doctors already here residency. They are totally incompetent. Annette
There is no chance you have Mr. Do- Little in charge or any Labour Minister for that matter! Frank
Not very confident at all is not a true indication of how devastating I believe this policy is becoming. Graeme
It is a rort to finance a bunch of elitist and racist “PART” maori con artists. The health system will be a lot worse off if this is followed through. A complete waste of OUR hard earned money. Bruce
The disruption of the already chaotic Health Service Bureaucracy will only extend the unacceptably lengthy waiting lists further preventing and delaying the frustrated surgeons, doctors and nurses from treating their patients. I confidently predict that they will enroll even more paper pushing jobs-worthies soaking up the funds which ought to be spent constructively. Ron
It’s just another deliberate step in the destruction of NZ society. WEF will be very pleased. Ronmac
These changes are simply racist propaganda rather than beneficial policy. The P M should go!,,,,, Keith
No confidence at all. Alison
No chance at all. Andrew
Any governance along tribal lines, particularly when they do not agree with each other, and not on sound economic policies is doomed to failure as proven with so many countries in the world. Their tribal cry for decolonisation ignores what colonisation has brought to them: hospitals, education, services & infrastructure. What have they done for the welbeing all in NZ to deserve this race based apartheid now prevalent in NZ? Dane
Labor is destroying our beautiful country Quilla
It will end up a costly disaster. The so called Maori will not get a better service as predicted by the government. Derek
Another racist tyrannical law Will make it worse Greg
it will get worse through a bloated beauracracy!! Dave
In fact I am appalled at the thought of race based health care. This must be strenuously apposed. Evelyn
Going on their achievements so far , I can see a disaster coming. Just how incompetent is this government? Cindy and her government would have to be the worst in our history. We need to get rid of these idiots pronto before it’s too late. Peter
inexperienced, incompetent labour ministers playing with tax payers money, health , education and legal systems. this government has absolutely no idea what they are doing and our beautiful country and New Zealand citizens are being rubbished jenny
More people needed for everything starting with Nurses and Doctors David
These so called reforms will be like everything this government has done since the gullible voted them in%u2026. a complete disaster and add to the massive cleanup a change of government will have to deal with that will take years to sort out. A strong leader with vision and a commitment to working for New Zealanders is needed to get New Zealand out of the massive holes dug by Adern and her band of incompetents and cohorts Heather
A disaster happening right in front of us. sven
Just another bully tactic to make the majority pay for the few!! Glenda
I can’t tick any of those boxes, as believe it will be an absolute disaster, it wouldn’t let me vote/ comment unless I ticked a box. I am very confident it will fail. Jeanette
She has to go!! I have no confidence in Jacinda Ardern or the Labour Party and their underhanded ways. Over the last few years under their rule New Zealand has rapidly slithered down a slippery slope. Heartbreaking. She has to go!!! Marilyn
Splitting the new health systems into two groups, to provide an effective service, can not work. Peter
15 % of the population don’t have the right to demand or be given 50 % of the voting rights – totally undemocratic !! Ross
This is the worst government ever, Janet
Labour have NOT managed to do anything, deliver anything, complete anything! They have divided N.Z. by race, colour, rural versus town, vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked, the employed and the unemployed, business and worker. Name it and it has been used as a tool for division! Mixed race N.Z. Maori health and mixed race N.Z.Health. Is now become the latest tool of division. Huge amounts of money given to mixed race Maori elite to waste. They have changed the name and now we have two hospital systems. One for mixed race Maori N.Z.res- 17% and one for mixed race New Zealander%u2019s -83% How can one physically tell the difference except one skin colour is white and one is pale brown? One healing scientifically, one by the culture of sun, moon, and stars. United N.Z. Could succeed Divided by ideologically driven, power hungry elite with no care for the money they waste or the people who they are charged to govern in good faith for. We are doomed to fail. They will destroy N.Z.  John
This is complete madness, the health treatment you receive dictated by your skin colour. How could this possibly improve the welfare of all New Zealanders. Allan
They are intent on destroying the health system, it%u2019s that simple. Rod
you cannot improve a broke system by shuffling incompetent management from one place to another. bruce
They dont have a s@#t show in hell T
Putting the racist “maori elite” in charge of anything always ends in a disaster for everyone, expect those maori elite. They just get fatter. The whole system is broken and needs to be taken down. And national, what a joke! Time to wake the controlled from the “MK Ultra Mind Control” techniques being uzed to make you “comply”. Neil
She full of BS Les
This Labour Govt are talkers but they are incapable of walking the talk Ian
If we think health services are bad now, wait until Labour’s reforms are implemented. Might as well start digging the grave now. Jacky
In hospital I was told I could not be put in a quiet room which had 3 empty beds because it MIGHT be needed for a Maori man Arthur
This government has no business sense and skills to get the population of New Zealand to support or help everyone to get the medical attention that they need anything that Andrew little gets involved with will also be a disaster Bob
Ludicrous in so many dimensions John
This is like getting a Leopard to change it’s Spots. Labour’s Track Record would indicate a total lack of progress on anything. Geoff
This country is sick. A pack of racist morons in charge. Last one out of this once beautiful country – turn off the light Patrick
Already been refused a knee replacement so no confidence at all Andrew
This is the most dishonest government ever. I think electoral rules should be changed so that parties have to announce their policies before the election. The blatant nepotism of minister Mahuta beggars belief. I lament the lack of robust questioning by the news media. Of course they have been paid to keep quiet. It is very interesting to listen to people like Sean Plunket and Michael Laws. Most of their interviewees never make it to the mainstream media. Warren
Based on the past several years in my opinion the health reforms will be very costly to our nation & the people of NZ. I believe WHERE THERE IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH, FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL, the fact that the government have only ideas & no strategies, structures, procedures etc in place is very shortsighted & incredibly irresponsible!!!! And the racial divides with some wards & floors in hospitals for only Maori with the right amount of Maori blood, is very insensitive & unjust, who makes the rules about who are entitled & who are not?? It’s totally unfair to ALL New Zealanders, we are a multi cultural society, who live & work together in our country!!! This reform is so divisive & is causing great harm!! Where’s the Aroha in dividing our nation in our health care? Are the government honouring all of our human rights as New Zealanders, re: respect & equality of care in our hospitals? The government seems not to care that the are dividing our nation at its very core, OUR FAMILIES & COMMUNITY Karmenne
It’s blatantly obviously that improving our health system is NOT one of the Labour Government’s aims. It’s all about control, & communist-style centralization. Elizabeth
No Confidence in Labour. Their only goal is to racially divide the country and implement governance no matter the cost in money, well being or safety for the citizens of this country. Jacinda does not care a fig about New Zealand or New Zealanders, it’s all about her and the radical maori caucus. What the heck does it take to have them removed as they deliberately hand over power and money to a bunch of radical selfish entitled people undermining our democracy of one person, one vote, none of which was declared prior to the 2020 election. If they can remove Boris for lying why are Labour MP’s not crossing the floor. what a sorry bunch of morally bankrupt individuals. Do they really think they will not be affected by a racially divided system/country or has Jacinda promised them a ticket on the last flight out to greener pastures? Sam
Only an idiot would change a health system in the middle of a pandemic. And as for her comment that maybe nurses don%u2019t want to be nurses in NZ, as a reason for not changing the immigration rules- what a crap- head. She cares nothing for the people – sorry the Euro based people here, only The Maori elite like Mahuta. She MUST be forced out. Laura
Designed to fail. Centralized for control, not for better care Matt
I’d have preferred a 4th option “Not at all confident! saly
Disaster in the making!! Norma
Jacinda Ardern Labour Government is the very worse Government NZ has ever had, it will never be able to get back to what we had like in the 1950-60-70. Also there is the experimental gene therapy injection and its Bio-Weapon Spike Protein problem, lots of illness and deaths. Don
Healthcare should NEVER EVER be about race/ethnicity but about NEED. Sylvia
You have to be joking Ted
more meddling wayne
Like three waters this has nothing to do with health — it’s all about Iwi and control by Iwi. The labour party are intentionally destroying our way of life in favour of indigenous and leftist liberal bullshit !!!!!!! Alan
We are in a very big mess! Jan
It is all a disaster Bev
Its already a gigantic mess – the new health regime will i fear implode and we will all suffer third world healthcare – this government’s obsession with racial seperation comes before anything else – hence the lack of achievements. Selwyn
Even today there’s news that the health minister is ignoring simple front line nurses advice to improve the current desparate situation. Casey
As a member of our health service they have made the situation far worse than before. They blame everything bar themselves and their mandates for the destruction of the health service which is on the verge of collapse in all areas! There has been no information about how this new health service/s will work and staff are completely burnt out. Helen
The health system has been in bad way for many years. Successive governments have tinkered with it but not one has fixed its problems. Until staffing and wages are remedied, more hospitals built to cover the rising population will things begin to improve. What political party is going to put their hand up and say they are going to fix the problem. I know for one, labour hasn’t. Dennis
There needs to be another answer category. Reforms will damage the health system beyond repair. David 
They wont – simple as that, particularly when the country is being divided along race lines for the few (brown) elite – and at the expense of the rest of us, how can it possibly work? Trevor
Total and dangerous incompetence driven by a very greedy Maori elite dianne
Two health systems will double the cost of health and further stretch the ever reducing numbers of available health professionals in NZ. The maori health authority is going to be a huge drain on the country so the poorer it does, and that will happen, the more hardworking, taxpaying kiwis will have to pay to prop it up – madness ! Glen
The Health system is crumbling and will now be using apartheid to decide who can receive treatment. I foresee many of our health professionals leaving for Australia or further away from such catastrophe. Jan
There’s not a chance of any actual reform occurring in the health sector. First of all the mandates need to go. Sylvienne
Nothing else this govt. has said they will do has worked, so why will health reforms. They are good at creating racial issues, and putting 16 % of the population first. Peter
I would like to think it will help. If it doesnt they cant blame anybody else Lindsay
All the money will be wasted on more management and consultants Iain
absolute rubbish pat
One Comment: “Your Joking!” Michael 
As a 50yr old husband & father of 3 young men, whos run a business successfully for the past 25 years. I find myself in the unusual position of feeling absolutely hopeless. How can I plan for a future when I can’t plan for the next few months. I feel held to ransom by an incompetent government which is lead by an even more incompetent Prime Minister that fails to acknowledge the rest of the world is moving on fro covid restrictions. In addition to this, how can we expect a functioning democracy when a minority portion of our population has a hugely disproportionate say in how its run. Could anybody really be surprised that so many people are considering leaving ‘no hope NZ’ Ross
There is no way that changes made by this government will improve the health service. How would that be possible when everything they have done up to now has been a total failure. They just do not have the combined ability to succeed in anything they do. We have to get rid of them before they do more damage. Action needs to be taken Tom
If it’s like all other changes they have/will change it will be another total disaster. Ann
not a hope in hell greg
‘Not very’, is nowhere near strong enough! I have NO confidence in this government rabble, to achieve anything! They are destroying this country! Ardern is nothing but a puppet of Klauss Schwab and new world order crowd. Ardern and co must Be tried for treason and genocide, minimum!!! Peter
What a gross waste of taxpayers money. Gayle
It all depends I understand maori are now wanting tax payer funded stone age medical options . Perhaps the Mahuta clan can provide a witchdoctor , Nania already resembles a giant Borneo bush pigmy, only requiring a bone through the nose to complete the look ,and what a look !!!! im sure Adern will make the nose improvements free under culteral requirements as per Treaty expectations . God help us . Ray
We continue to head to Third World Status Neil
Maori health problems are mostly the results of the life styles that the 16% part-Maori choose to follow. They reap in benefits far more than they contribute to the Public Parse Bryan
How can an organisation that has now been sent “into the wilderness” be an improvement on its predecessor which at least had not quite lost its focus. Pieter
flying pigs tony
I frankly have no confidence in any of this Govts mandates ie Housing, Health ,Transport ete. ross
Clearly, no. Peter
Most things they have implemented have been a failure, so can’t see Health being any different Colleen
To be honest, I do think that in the area of health at least, Maori dealing, and providing for Maori and Pacifica peoples would do a better job, than our European approach, and this comes from living an working in Papua New Guinea for 15 years, However, the funding needs to be proportionate to the number of people being served! – Or as Bob Jones once said, (or similar) – Let the Maori have their own Parliament etc., but let the Maori corporations and those on the Maori role pay for it! Ted
where has democracy gone? D Glenn
Not at all confident – in fact confident it will be a huge step backwards – thank god for health insurance Chris
It will never work and is racist. Richard
Not a hope that it isn’t a backwards step Sharon
like everything they do the problem gets worse disgusting government jo
Dream on! The problem is not with our existing health system, which needs more staff anyway, but with getting Maori and Pasifika to the hospitals, and doctors. Is anyone looking at why they don’t avail themselves of help? Help is there for everyone. sheila
Labour gvt is a disaster Susie
Zero confidence in seeing any improvement in our restructured Health system. It will be neither cost effective nor more efficacious in health deliveries. Peter
More pressure on emergency departments removing personal responsibility. Karen
It will fail Ray
Hahahaha! It can only make our so-called ‘health system’ more expensive, less effective, less efficient and more costly. And all those in the midst of a supposed pandemic. Alan
Stalinda & Little fail to admit the Health System in in a Crisis … they have buckleys chance of fixing the mess – Career Politicians with no practical solutions …. the bunch of them are liars David
Money thrown at a new management structure, the bulk of which will never get near the health system, will enrich some, but produce not one additional Dr or Nurse. Will not see any increase in medical procedures or diagnostic tests….. Lionel
How can the reforms possible improve delivery of health to the average kiwi, when you are setting aside doctors staff I see they have appointed 2800, just for one section of the population. I see already 100 million has been set aside for Maori alternative Potion. I wonder if there is a “Love potion number 9 as the song went.) It is unbelievable that they can get away with it. This is simply a continuation of the Maori sovereignty movement. Eventually the aim if 50% of the tax take for 50% of the population. It’s called grand larceny in high places. The general population has no idea what is going on. One day they will wake up and say how did this happen? Easy, the treaty has been put into a constitution and is now law. Maori will have a permanent cash flow by law. Dene
How can the money allocated by Government to New Zealand’s health systems now cater and finance yet another medical organisation for Maori? Will there be a main door for Maori to enter and another main door (same or separate) for all other New Zealanders? Whose the racist here? New Zealand Government who pays the Maori medical arrangements and facilities? Stuart
If Labours past 5yrs is anything to go by it will be a disaster. Very concerning and scary for the elderly Paul
Labour/Maori reforms will destroy what was once a good health system Peter
Labour in vain. Robert
why fix something that was not broken and only needed more staff and government support Barry
I am totally opposed because quite simply they are NOT improvement reforms. They are simply stealing local assets to be put into the hands of greedy iwi. Graeme
I do not trust maori to work together, let alone working with any other race in New Zealand. JILL
get RID of jacinda asap jack
They cannot manage a booze up in a brewery, it’s all about sounding nice and doing nothing of any useful purpose. As long as the queers and Maori are getting preeminence Labour is achieving all it set out to do. Divide and turn us into a socialist state worth nothing on the world stage. Kevin
Tract record of other failed policies gives zero confidence of success. The cynic buried deep in me says all this mess has been done on purpose to bring this country to its knees, ripe for a takeover. Cancel passports and review the Treason Laws. Ray
Lunacy. God help us all. Mark
NOTHING that this Marxist/Globalist Agenda government achieves is beneficial to the population. It is not intended to be. All designed to collapse the current economic system, & allow The Great Reset to be implemented. The reason we have this disgusting government, is because the voters of our nation, are too mentally lazy to research before they vote. Prior to the last election, I met idiots who voted Labour to keep the Greens out. I met idiots who claimed they had never voted Labour before, but certainly would on this occasion, because “she has saved all of our lives”. Even though our once proud Nation is being deliberately destroyed; truth is, we have the government that we deserve. If our government does change at the next election, it will be led by the phoney cino Luxon, who like Boris, is a FAKE conservative, with no intention of repealing the racist legislation that is now being implemented. Boris was only the face they used as the Party Leader when it came to Brexit. The real work was done behind the scenes by a skilled campaign team. Once in power, with the arrival of Covid, Boris soon referred to the common expressions of the Globalists, such as “Build Back Better” etc. Will be interesting to see if a REAL Conservative replaces Boris. My guess is ; probably not.. A.G.R.
It’ll be a shambles. Larry
This ridiculous reform is another nail in the coffin of democracy in NZ….Ardern is hellbent on destroying as much as she can in the shortest timeframe possible Sam
Why did you not offer the option of “Absolutely no confidence”? Please tick that box for me. Philip
I always quote Rodney Hide who said if the government took over the baking and distribution of bread would the service get better or worse? The answer of course is worse! Errol
Nothing this government has done has given me confidence going forward. They have to go! Neil
After all jacinda’s Lies and absolute failures, I can have NO Confidence in anything labour does. Bruce
Looks like more bureaucracy and less dealing with health problems Colin
It will not work I have spent 30 years in health management .It will make problems worse Hugh 
They will destroy it Tim
I can’t wait to see Jacinda gone Kerin
They announce great things that cost a lot but don’t come to anything. Although I do admit up from where I live in the state housing block where two of the houses were torched by tenants the are rebuilding two storied units. One property with 5 where only one house was there before and the other with 6 all joined together like Coronation St. Eric
The health care portfolio is given to the politician who is the biggest threat to the PM. Reason? Heath care will always be a mess until the incentives are for keeping people well, rather than fixing them up. Phil
More of the health funds will be spent on so called administration with very little left to improve the health of Kiwis. I truly disappear for our future. Heather
in fact I have NO confidence at all. Paul
an absolute disaster jo
Very confident it will be much worse Mike
Total failure all round. Allan
Not at all! Labour couldn’t be trusted to run a fish & chip takeaway, let alone our beloved country. FloJo
Just another race based power grab, with layers of bureaucracy and huge spending. Leaving actual health outcomes of real tax payers to go backwards. Kahn
How many times must centralising everything have to fail before we stop trialling it – massive loss of money Peter
Positively sure it will not work. colin
Not just ‘not very confident’, but absolutely convinced that everything Labour touches, deteriorates into an absolute disaster. Thank goodness that at last the polls are showing a steady drop in support for Labour. People are starting to see the disaster developing as each new blunder progresses and proves to be worse than the previous ones. The waste of taxpayer money, the growing enormous borrowing for useless schemes, the growing second wave of covid, more serious than the first, and the desperate state of the hospital and nursing care. All brought about by an inexperienced, disillusioned and misinformed female who thought she could rule the World. CHRIS
Another bout of reinventing the wheel ! This is the third centralisation of health brought about by ideology , once again huge costs and no gain Peter
Even without the medical professionals shortage, the broken down buildings and loss of trust, a huge bureaucratic health centre will divert monies into paperwork only. The ‘powers that be’ know this full well but dig in anyway So it begs the obvious question, what is the hidden agenda behind this nonsensical and malfeasant Highway to Hell? Helen
The reforms are only concerned with giving more power and resources to Maori. Nothing left over for employing more nurses and doctors who are so badly needed. Dorothy
Any reforms from this treasonous government just makes things 1000% worse. Sri Lanka anyone? neil
The health system is an absolute disaster. They need to do something! Wendy
History tells us that the Govt isn’t competent to change anything they say they will. Di
Further undermining of law and order by a bunch of crooks at the top of the heap. Hope National can get their Act together. Edgar W.
This going to become a huge financial burden and deliver less. There has been a separate health system By Maori for Maori in operation and that has failed just like this new system being pushed through by COMRADE Andrew Little ex union organizer. Don’t think he could. along others in this administration, organize a party in a brewery. I also know of several people who have and are moving to Australia with earning of 50% higher wages John
Too racist/separatist Ray
This govt has set NZ back in a big way. A change in govt. is sorely needed to make N Z great again. Robina
totally appalled by all Labour’s reforms Jillian
Labour’s health reforms will have two shows – a sh*t show and no show. What it will do is degrade our health services even further. Third World anyone? Brenton
No chance!!! Is the TAB taking bets? We have been hijacked again Richard
Zero confidence Hilary
Minus100% Derek
Everything they touch turns to a disaster, student unionists trying to be adults in an adult world, that they can’t manage, having no experience of the real world. We are being run by a bunch if incompetent idiots, aided and abetted by the old cast aside party hacks, they all have to go, should be exposed for their stupidity and never let near the levers of govt., again. All yak and no do. Merryl
I work in the supply chain of health product mainly to hospitals and what we see is a total lack of transparency and hidden agenda that will reduce the free market approach were some racial groups will receive at least 12.5% of all supply to government departments and when you consider to Iwi the now pay no tax they can only get stronger and stronger feed ing off the rest of the country alan
What a disgraceful waste of public Money. by an incompetent Govt. Robert
None at all. diana
Just more race based crap! If maori want their own health system let them build and pay for their own. Do not steal our Health infra structure like you are trying to do with the 3 Waters Assets. ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE!!! brian
It is just shifting the deck chairs on a sinking ship Allan
The entire system is in shambles and only getting worse….. Hilary
I do not trust Labour’s so called reforms. Brian
Labour’s health reforms will get worse. Never forget what the architect of AGENDA 21/2030 and the ideas underpinning the WEF said many years ago: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialised civilisations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about? – Maurice Strong Klaus Schwab’s lot, and Jacinda is one of them, are bringing that about now. EVIL! Don
Are you kidding? How can cutting a piece of string in half and knotting it back together, make a longer piece of string??? Bryce
Delete the word ‘very’. Only confidence I have is it will be a bloody disaster… kenn
They are rushing it through at the worst possible time without consulting the right people and at the same time causing yet more racial disharmony when possibly our current system could be be given a desperately needed boost in resources and staffing. Patricia
Ardern has been the worst PM new Zealand has ever had. Her arrogance will spell the demise of the Labour Party as we currently know it. John
Even if the health reforms overflowed with excellent ideas, given the government’s record on other centralised policy implementation, the reforms would still be a disaster of mismanagement. Dave
Knee jerk reactions and overnight decisions of passing or modifying law amendments is not the way to go. All the Labour spin doctors should be swept out and the PM (and mentor, Helen Clark) held accountable for the last few years’ fiascos. rosa
Better to have ploughed that money into the DHB Chris
No confidence whatsoever. This “alleged” Government has not only deceived the TOTAL population, they have repeatably proven their inability to govern at all. Unfortunate that we are compelled to wait another 15 months before ejection can take place. David
You must be kidding!! Ian
Biggest stuff up since Adam was a Cowboy Graham
she has got to go for the sake of all NZers graeme
The so called reforms will leave the whole system(s) in a total unholy racist mess. David
It is racist, definitely not “we are one!” heather
Appalled at the state of NZ. Would leave if we could !! Susan
It appears nothing is being done to support and improve the current situation in our hospitals. Any changes based on racial lines are of themselves reason for the PM to resign as she is condoning them. Kalakanthi
should be an answer absolutely b. all confident chis
Only have to look at Labours past record to see how well that has turned out. Can’t say I can blame more kiwi’s looking to move overseas as I would do the same in a flash if I was younger. Lawrie
Watch our health system go downhill from here. Helen
They would not know what to do Warren
Little looks like chimp and acts like one. Who in their right mind would (a) prioritise health according to race and (b) increase the health bureaucracy without adding one coal face health professional? Alan
A government comprising nobody with management or leadership skills. Chris
It won’t happen, period Nigel
In fact – very unconfident as the Maori agenda is so much to the fore russell
Has any of LaBOUR’S promises worked? David
Watch this space a disaster in the making!!! Chris
It will be an expensive disaster Dave
I cannot think of anything that the Maoris have run that has been successful. Why would this be different. Warren
Separatist propaganda Stephen
A wicked waste of money and time. Only staff numbers will improve our health system. Dick
Failure everywhere. Janet
It will just be a continuous shambles, worse than it is now. Plus the change is a concentrated effort to divide our country even further, why can’t people see it for what it is , a surrender to the WEF. JOHN
Raced based governance is abhorrent. A new system is needed based on firstly coal face workers namely surgeons specialist doctors nurses & paid in line with their Australian counterparts. No race based priorities but on need. Warren
labour government are traitors to the nz people ,why are they not being looked up for treason paul
It will have big overheads and no output or improvement Lyn
They have done nothing they said yet, so no change Rod
All I can think of is what actually the $500million could have done. sue
where are the extra experienced staff going to come from eric
Absolutely no confidence whatsoever with improvements in the health system or any other system, education, legal, immigration, transport etc. etc. etc. Kate
It will further conflict and divide the service along racial lines. Resources, already in a woeful state, will be wasted with bureaucratic maladministration and delivery of services. Christopher
They will fail like everything she touches has Norm
Not confident AT ALL Marilyn
Race should not come into the picture at all let alone be driven by a small minority that over populates the prisons and benefit holders Garry
they could not organise a p…up in a brewery jack
Maori do have some health benefits using native plants Etc. But to give them priority over the rest of New Zealand citizens is just plain and out racism. Nothing but pain will come out of this crazy idea. Wayne
Will just result in another costly layer of officials! Achieve nothing for improved health for any portion of our society. How can this be justified in any way! Pure racism. Hugh
The money spent on this re-set would be better spent on more beds and more money for nursing staff. Without nurses and beds there is no good health system Wietske
absolutely NO confidence anne
labour’s policy will destroy the health system – and life as we have known it in New Zealand. Get ready for a return to the stone age. Rob
No confidence whatever! Ian
Jacinda has stuffed up the health system like every thing else in this country but we still have a lot of people with scales on there eyes that can not see what is happening said right from the start she was a dangerous woman not to be trusted in any thing let alone our once bueatiful country Russell
Health should NOT be race-based, it never has been to date. The problem is that some folk take no responsibility themselves -easier to blame others. The money that has been thrown at the “reforms” is a disgusting waste, consider how many Doctors/nurses and even hospitals it could have paid for-for all of us. Carol
The Maori elite will take over and spend all the money on management and reduce the medical needs of New Zealanders except Maori who will exploit and abuse the right for service.I have witnessed with my own eyes the behaviour of some Maori and the demands they put on Hospital staff. The reason that they are there is because they neglect themselves and then demand full attention when it comes to treatment. Our health systems was under threat before these changes and now you watch the system self destroy. Bring on 2023 and the change of Government. ken
Everything this hopeless Labour government touches turns to s#&t,the whole lot of them should be washed down the drain, stench and all. Athol
Health and social needs should be colour blind Nikki
Dr. Muriel Newman,thank you so much for your excellent articles. They certainly make me and others think and do more research into the subjects you explain about in your columns. Deidre
Their track record of promises versus outcomes gives no confidence of achieving anything. Couple this with ‘Co governance’ with the Maori caucus who both remain unable to agree on anything and have no accountability on any of their decisions, it is very clear it will be on great big mess. Mike
With the example of $100 million set aside for primitive voodoo-ism, we don’t stand a chance. Everything in this country is going backwards. This woman needs to go NOW. Let her go and wreck the UN, they deserve her. Jenny
Not a chance! The “reforms” will result in another ineffectual, expensive bureaucracy cursed with a manufactured Maori name. I am surprised Maoridom continues to allow Maori titles to be associated with failure. Terry
Just another part of health governance to be given Iwi control and advantage. Peter
just more buruecracy david
look at the record to date Dave
I won’t live in New Zealand again because I don’t want to live in anger at what’s being done to the wonderful country I grew up on. Trevor
History has proven time and again that the centralising of local services does not work and will be an unmitigated failure costing more tax payers money peter
Too many Bureaucrats. Too much talk with a lack of agreement will stagnate any positive action. John
Change in Government cannot come soon enough. Ann
It’s a path to destruction for our precious health DHBs, the same route that Urewera National Park/Lake Waikaremoana took when entrusted to Iwi elite/co-governance, taxpayers assets trashed by gangs and non Maori blocked from using park and lake. The health system is what we, the gullible public have been guilted into destroying for not fighting the co-governance lies and corruption. Goodbye democracy. Brenda
Labour’s reforms are already damaging our health system, and it will get worse and worse as maori make more and more demands on the health system at the expense of everyone else. Trev
Totally without any basis to improve the existing health system john
I am not confident at all! I remember the old Dept of Health, and the geriatric pace of delivery of services. This was replaced with 20 DHB’s four of them in Auckland. Auckland only needed ONE; but was saddled with an unworkable non cooperating bureaucracy of civil servants and incompetent elected and appointed board members. Bob
Why distract the focus on health during a pandemic and create mayhem when all resources should be poured into improving outcomes for all New Zealanders, regardless of race, religion or ancestry. Pieter
While there may be some benefit in doing away with DHB’s the timing is very bad while we are dealing with the Covid pandemic. Also the establishment of a separate Maori Health Authority is diverting scarce resources into more bureaucracy and further dividing the country along dubious racial lines. Les
This is straight out Racism to divide all New Zealanders in to two different groups Alan
They will only harm what we have with this race divided system, only doomed to fail for all non Maori population 84% of us. Laurie
The health system wasn’t broken. Due for an overhaul yes no doubt, no doubt ! But with, throw your toys out of the cot, raving Andrew Little the health minister, leading the charge. I’m not putting money on any great change. Although one would hope to see significant benefits and increases in clinical areas. With small compact effective administration teams Not confident that the above mentioned will happen with a labour government Regrettable there is nothing they have done so far that would lead one to believe they are capable. Will live in hope Bruce
Just another disaster Dianne
There will be more layers of management and less nursing staff. More management means slower and more costly decisions George
You poll categories miss the last which should be -absolutely no confidence.. Terry
In spite of all the ideologies indicating why they should be beneficial and save costs centralisation/mergers almost never do – Auckland Super City is a prime example and is one of Rodney Hyde’s rare failings. Add to this the separate Maori system and we have a pending disaster on our hands. Race based health has been tried in Canada and resulted in a much worse outcome for the indigenous population – mainly children – than existed before. mark
They’ll make the health system worse – of that I have no doubt! Dave
It will only get worse Carl
The Health System is already rapidly declining with hearing of several of my friends appointments being postponed/cancelled. There will be no Health System only bureaucracy, as what has happened in all that Labour do. Jackie
Liebour can’t get anything right Dave
It is a disaster waiting to happen Adele
They will do what they do, sabotage the entire portfolio and claim a false credit for ‘fixing’ things. Christina
Having spent 7 months with a knee that is extremely painful, so that I cannot walk on it, I haven’t even managed to get on a waiting list for a replacement. We have no doctor in our rural area, cannot get a hospital appointment, private hospital, surgeon there told me their waiting lists are around 12 months, and a knee replacement approx $30k, each knee! I have no Maori blood so it is unlikely the new public system will be looking after me. Dot
Layers of bureaucracy and a separate part Maori health entity will add enormous costs and erode funding available for health care. A disaster. chris
I’m expecting the health system to collapse. It’s very nearly there now. I’m quite convinced this is not incompetence but strategy. They are aiming to collapse our society. Robin
When they have English and one language for all, we will start in the right direction samuel
Muriel has addressed the issues very clearly in her headline article – we also have many nurses and doctors unable to work simply due to their vaccination status. Ridiculous! John
The health care system will be worse. I cannot understand how it can be better now we are so short or nurses and doctors. Frank
In fact, I believe the changes are ill advised and will harm the delivery of health services Geoffrey
Like everything else she touches , goes backwards Roger
I would be very confident if I were suffering from facial tattoo inflammation; gravel rash from falling off my Harley Davidson; obesity; drug addiction; overindulgence in alcohol, or any similar ailments that seem to afflict a certain portion of our population. However, as none of those things are likely to affect me, I have zero confidence that the planned, race-biased ‘health’ system will be of any benefit to me, ever! TOBY
Absolutely no confidence in any of the current health reforms. NEIL
It will be a bloody disaster Tony
This Government has wasted so much of our hard earned taxes which must amount to hundreds of millions of dollars and is now wasting hundreds of millions more in making a massive error in making such stupid changes to our core health investments. Their hard left socialistic ideolog methods have failed in other counties all around the world. This system just does not work because of the limited knowledge and wisdom within any government verses the far greater collective knowledge and wisdom that is the combined public domain. Too much power in a country’s bureaucracies is a sure path to the destruction of any society. High taxes and big Government must be eliminated by the public ASAP while they still have a chance before total destruction becomes a reality. Garry
will be a waste of taxpayer money, and people will die needlessly because of their incompetence Muriel
I am changing ethnicity on my health records to Maori. I have no desire to be discriminated against, which would happen if I was labelled N.Z. European. There is no legal definition of “Maori” so I feel I must qualify. To separate New Zealanders into two groups based on ethnicity is crazy. Are all Maori suffering from poverty and ill health due to a racist health system? Are all other New Zealanders wealthy and enjoying expensive private health care? Surely clinical need has to be the only measure required when delivering health to New Zealanders. Louise
Sack all failed & incompetent ministers then resign en masse. Horis can drink kowhai juice as used to: mike
It has nothing to do with Health it is simply all about maori Control. A coup by stealth. Henry
The whole Wuhan flu issue is a conn game to which millions of sheep have been propagandised into believing!!!!! Baa Baa Honest Dave
Work in health, its a total waste of money leon
What a debacle Bob
It will be an expensive disaster like every thing else this government has tried. Judy
They never follow through with anything unless it is to do with maori Colin
Any system based upon racial lines is doomed to fail. William
Surprise! Rodney
Strengthen the coal face not the administration Ian
I have not seen anything about improved delivery of patient outcomes, just $Ms going on management and co-governance!! Kevin
The Health system is going backwards. It should be able to be run efficiently alongside the Covid outbreak. Instead this Government is blaming every failure of the system on Covid. The Health Minister is a joke. John
In fact there should be an option for faster deterioration john
100 million for using the moon and stars to help with mental health shows how disastrous it will be!  Lynne
What a mess this country is becoming. How would the Maori radical cope if all opposed to their take over of the country up and left. Michael
The one hat fits all approach is a communist theory for control. A large city for example Auckland has a wide cultural ethnic groups. Therefore a one hat suits all approach will have its challenges in seeking fairness to all groups. Owen
You forgot to mention the mandated nurses able and willing to work but not allowed to. A new group of us started 2 weeks ago and has already grown to 630 in number. Imagine how they could help this beggared health system. Not to mention all the other medical professionals still mandated for not taking a jab that doesn’t work. Mary
No confidence at all this change will lead to any improvement in meeting the health needs and outcomes of New Zealanders. Raymond
In my opinion this Labour Government is totally incompetent and exceptionally dangerous with the majority they have! Frank
Just more bureaucracy john
with maori in charge it will quickly deteriorate into a total shambles and unfortunately many death, Jphn
All part of comrade arderns marxist ideology;Central control. Sid
Not confident. She does not have the right people making the decisions Rita
Prioritising by race is a disgrace. John
Swapping one bureaucracy for another and giving control to 15% Lindsay
it is on the path to demolition. We will soon have a fourth world health system Ann
Just another restructure disaster unfolding before our eyes. Just dont get sick in New Zealand unless of course you are maori. Preferential treatment will then be available if you ticked the maori box on your electoral form. Chris
3rd world reforms for a now 3rd world country. Labour are reaping what they’ve sown. A party which are far cry from the staunch party that represented to working people. Time for them to go and bow their heads in shame! Jason
Have no detail on how will save on costs or how long to see results leo
Absolutely not confident Dianne
Race based decision making is not equality for all. Lay out the plan so we can see what is going to change. Paul
no confidence Ethne
It will be a disaster Heather
“Not very confident” doesn’t even begin to describe the way I feel. I am now approaching my 6 score and ten years and I despair that the health system simply won’t be there when I need it most. Phil
Look at their track record Alastair
Central government control never works, just more bureaucrats and money waste. John
Our health system has always been dysfunctional and inefficient. It has become increasingly so and “reform” a la Labour – is only going to make it even worse. Alex
As an elderly pensioner stranded in New Zealand watching the decline of our nation is a sad final runway for sure. Chris
I am not confident that Jacinda Arderns motives towards New Zealand are healthy at all. The lies she and her government have told all through the Covid crisis lead me to believe that their motives are quite sinister. They seem to be using certain hand picked ‘experts’ to continue the fear among the populace so that it is the people who are doing the ‘Police work’ with such expressions like ” We owe it to each other to act’ responsibly’ by obeying all the rules to protect everyone else’s health . There is now clear evidence available to see that the mandates were not necessary and indeed have been harmful to the country. Yet they are still persisting in maintaining that stance. Common sense tells us that we should preserve the principles of democracy yet the Govt is acting against this wisdom in the health sector and in the Three Waters proposal. Their pressing ahead with measure which clearly are against our best interests can only be described as ‘sinister’. Harvey
A pity there is no fourth option for a “Zero – No confidence at all!” Grant
They are a useless lot of no-hopers, everything they have done in the last 5 years has turned to crap Laurie
It’s all about tribal elite getting more power. Peter
Doomed from the start. Distracted by division into a “Maori Health” service and the “rest of us” health service, delivery of services will be delayed & fail, meanwhile more staff will leave in frustration. Donald
As a twice- elected member of the West Coast DHB board I witnessed the continuing consequences of ignorant bureaucracy supplanting medical people in the running of public hospitals. Another agenda of “reforms” – more like reforms – will only make it worse as long as political dogma and bureaucratic empire-building continues. Add the agenda of apartheid-based division of the health system and one is forced to the conclusion that this government wants to destroy all that was good in New Zealand. All this to further the prime minister’s ambition of climbing the U.N. power structure. David
For maximum happiness levels good health is our most important asset more important than money. Be kind says this woman. Meantime, they had secret plans to implement all this hidden agenda which does nothing for 85% of the population. ACT seem to be the only party with a strong voice and a bit of courage. Boris is a clear example of a conservative leadership who, although manage to get elected with the help of the left, ultimately betrays their conservative values and get dumped. Fence sitting does not make for strong leadership and provides short term gain but long term losses. Janine
Everything is such a mess I reckon a first year med student could do a better job. What we need to do if we have a new Govt is borrow heaps of money get everything fixed with it then work like hell and skimp for awhile to pay it all back as quickly as possible. At least we could carry on with some good in our lives. Barbara
It will be added to the already long list of failures that this government is responsible for. Bruce
With a health Bureaucracy which is over paid, overstaffed and full of theorists and underpaid and understaffed front line professionals the system is set to fail. David
No health needs should be based on race. We are all human beings, colour of skin or ethnicity should have NOTHING to do with health care priorities. We need to be one nation, one people irrespective of where our ancestors came from. English is our main language and if people choose to speak Maori that’s their choice. Maori language is only spoken in NZ and won’t do anything for NZs international relations, and force feeding it on us causes people like me to turn off media who insert a lot of Maori in their dialogue. Cecilie
zero confidence Mike
This so called health reform should never have happened. Valda
Jacinda’s failure to Perform on promises and buying of the media to Look the other way !! Pierre
It will predictably deteriorate further. The Maori health Authority Budget will balloon out of control with no accountability conducted, and Maori health will remain unchanged. I am all for aM.H A provided those on the Maori role Fund it ,without any further assistance. gale
Zero, Nil, Nada… Caren
There is no chance. Centralization combined with the Maori split will not deliver services to the communities all over the country. Look at the polytechnic centralisation if you want and example of failure. Danny
Another labour total disaster get rid of them Gareth
It’s a great rouse, wasting huge amounts of money on bureaucracy, name changing, deleting systems and buildings already in place. I can guarantee it will not end up with a positive outcome! Splitting our health system into two on race base is a sad day for New Zealand. Chris
If you are in need of help in this country and not maori you are stuffed. Richard
Institutionalised racism never fixed anything. Poor Maori health outcomes can only be fixed by Maori themselves starting with lifestyle changes around smoking, drinking, gambling and tattooing. The first concern of the Brown Round Table and its Treaty ‘settlements’ should be the welfare of its people in addressing these problems. Personal enrichment and dismissal of their own people’s problems as those of losers and that that is the state’s problem shows a pretty callous attitude to your own. David
If the maga polytech is already in trouble How do labour expect this vastly more difficult change to work? Patsy
The reforms will eat up precious health resources, with no improvement in health services. John
Doing all these so called reforms are not reforms… especially when we are in a pandemic. Why do it now !!!there so called reforms are a waste of tax payers money. Disgraceful Ali Clay
It is about time we went back to basics ie on the job training in the Hospitals for all tentative Doctors and Nurses.Not this wishy washy training that they get at the Universities.It is not the medical staff that is at fault but the bureaucratic useless administration. john
These reforms entrench NZ APARTHEID further and NOTHING this government does EVER improves anything. Geoff
It will only improve when every Labour member is confined to the Hell that is the Public Health system for a term of not less than 3 months Dave
The country cannot afford the remnants of our present “health” system ! Much of Maori health problems are self inflicted _obesity drugs, alcohol ,gangs , multiple pregnancies . The remnants of what was regarded as a leading health system are being destroyed . Barrie
No confidence. As with ALL Labour policy changes it will be a disaster Bill
I wrote a submission simply saying, health was a universal right for everyone and could not be prioritised based on ethnicity. Graham
all the stats show our health system will continue to decline if present policies are continued Trevor
As I understand it Maori and non-Maori have the same physical body, just a different colour. So why do they need different medical attention? mike
This racist split of the health system that has cost millions of $ has achieved one thing. $Millions spent on setting up a system with not one cent actually achieving any health benefits for any New Zealander. Rita
To try to push such radical changes when the system is under such strain from the COVID pandemic is plain lunicy Bryan
Can you believe that they will make a success of it when not one thing they have promised has come to fruition they are a bloody disaster eric
Another bloated bureaucracy will only benefit the bureaucrats as they will suck valuable money away from where it is needed alan
just rebranding and paper shuffling with nothing going to show on the front line Peter
This will end up a top heavy bureaucratic nightmare and drive our health system further into the ground. Murray
Wasteful, Racist, Arrogant, Totalitarian govt has got to go. Now. Odds are Jacinda will bail before the next election anyway. Andrew
Labour’s “reforms” will destroy New Zealand. What else could be expected from a puppet of the WEF “Global Young Leaders”. Leading us to nowhere except their control. Phillip
NZers of all races should be treated according to need. 16% should not over rule the remaining 84%. Undemocratic at the least. Add to that the fact that moari and tribal interests come before anything else, the moari health authority will be in a shambles which will take precious money away from general health. Michele
It’s under stress now it’s heading for disaster People young and fit with a little Maori in their genes will be given priority in health care instead of health care been given on a needs basis Lorraine
Waste of time and money! Mike
I have absolutely no confidence in the health system now, and it will only get a whole lot worse with Labour’s reforms. God help us! Jude
won’t happen the heads will fight amongst themselves & get noting done but charge more & more exorbitant prices. Nigel
It’s a complete shambles and a disgrace. Mel
its doomed to failure because of an al ready overloaded beaurocracy becoming more and more of a political football john
Centralisation did not work for education. Reducing the Health Boards under the Simpson proposal made sense. This doesnt. Cliff
Its a shambles Simon
We need less beurocracy. We need more technology, More clinics, More Doctors and Nurses. Whilst there are ethnic differences that affect people’s health differently, it is a complete waste of time and money to build a parallel beurocracy to handle this. Should we now have another Health Beurocracy for Mediterranean people who have specific red cell disorders we don’t get here? Centralised health has been trialled and failed in the past. Ardern’s Central health management is a disaster in waiting. Tony
This government as well as being Marxist is also grossly incompetent and so NO they will not be able to improve anything-except the country when they are gone! Roger
I would rather click on “completely without confidence”. Simonne
No confidence whatsoever. Our health system is already on a slippery slope, and now, placing it under cannibal rule with not a Witch Doctor in site … it’s completely buggered. God help New Zealand. Des
It is a disgrace that our health service is in such disarray. To be ignoring the call for better paid nurses, and more of them, is largely to blame & more GP’s to relieve the Emergency Depts overloads. To have abolished the DHBs is sheer madness especially at the time of a pandemic! Wish I could leave this mad country that was once a haven for enjoyment and sensible outcomes and is now divided by race. Marg
There is absolutely no doubt that improving the nation’s health services is low in priority relative to advancing co-governance and centralised totalitarian control to better be able to impose Ardern et al’s neo Marxist decolonisation ideals. Ron
This Labour Government under Jacinda Ardern have taken this country into a 3rd World Country. We are NOW at a point where Racist division is rampant and NOT wanted. Get this government gone NOW before a revolt happens. Carl
why a them and us system? aren’t all human bodies similar inside? Leon
This reform of the Health department especially in the middle of a Pandemic is completely obscene . The complete hospital staff throughout NZ are struggling to do there jobs and to try and bring this ridiculous Maori lead health and nonsense is crazy. Wendy
It seems natural for people to project their own morals onto our political and business leaders. Natural assumption arising would be, for example, that their PM will be more truthful than not and do their best for the country. Such assumption has turned out to be badly flawed as we witness now a malevolent attack on the country on myriad fronts by this avowed communist. To label Ardern as merely incompetent is rather too flattering. We should indeed be relieved that the government is as incompetent as it is because that’s all that’s sheltered us so far from the full force of this evil-incarnate individual. Best hope at this point is that some of the Labour MP sycophants who give her power by way of block-voting for lunatic legislation will start to break ranks – per UK Conservative Party MP’s take-down of Boris Johnson. Tony
Don’t be so silly. Labour’s efforts will make it even worse. Paloma
to me It all seems too broken to be able to be fixed. Alan
No chance it will not make any real difference Philip
It appears to be all about control being race divided Sandra
Firstly, by introducing a racial perspective, it is not dealing with health issues head on. People of all races get sick and the clinicians don’t care about their race when trying to fix them. The wasted $s on setting up Health NZ should have been spent on front-line services – doctors, nurses, medicines, not on committees. PR spin, and consultants. This government has a shocking record of delivery – I can’t think of a single thing that they have promised and then gone and delivered it. Kerry
Under the guidance of the inept Dr.Andrew Do-Little, the new health structure change will be the answer. Yeah right?? And all of these changes during a staffing crisis and without having consulted OR informed those on the front line?? Incredible!! There%u2019s been some very good practices that could have been refined and used… Here’s the history. With each change, a new set of organisations to fund and deliver health services: 1983-1993 Area Health Boards (AHBs); 1993-1997 Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) and Crown Health Enterprises (CHEs); 1998-2001 Health Funding Authority (HFA) and Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) 2001-2022 District Health Boards (DHB’s) 2022 A planned UTOPIA!!! Two Racist Structures Tony
Health, like education, is being welded into the framework of Separatism, not Need.. They could wire Michael Joe and Big Norm into the electricity generating system they must be spinning so fast. alan
It needs more financial support and investment in equipment and infrastructure – not a divisive ‘fracture’ based on race games. Chris
Will result in consistency throughout New Zealand John
Nothing else that this Govt has implemented has worked. More frontline less Bureaucracy needed. Francis
Not in The least confident Gail
It can only fail by trying to push it through while the country is in the middle of a health crisis. Brian
I am actually very confident that they will do the opposite. Tony
Not at all. Their incompetence is only beaten by their inability to do anything. Talk is cheap but doesn’t get the job done. Peter
Health based on race is bound to fail all New Zealanders. Shaun
It will be a bottomless money pit and and administrative quagmire Brian
We have become the most apartheid country in the world under this manic woman and her cohorts. Michael
There will be too much infighting by the various maori factions involved. The maori health system will be swamped as soon as it is in operation. It will run over budget in six months and demand yet more money and resources. Failure. Darryl
Money being spent to keep the Maori vote Jimmy
It wont work because you cant have two separate health systems. Les
She has well and truly stuffed up our country on every level!! Barbara
None of their other schemes have worked – apart from the propaganda one! Why would this be any different? And the timing is stupid. Allan
Disasterous comes to mind Louise
My bet is that the MHA will seek additional funding before the 2023 budget Dave
Performance in all labours undertakings have failed or never started no confidence at all only despair Petrr
While we continue to have separatism forced upon us we will go backwards. The Health system was in need of help and staff, not a Maori health system and another for everyone else. Elizabeth
More like total failure and in the pocket of big pharma John
These so called ‘reforms ‘will come to naught. The massive amounts of our tax payer money will not be used to improve Maori health, but will be syphoned away by utterly corrupt Maori radicals and spirited out of the country before this whole show collapses into itself. Michael
It’s a disaster about to happen, in the making, and sadly to say I hope the disaster happens quickly before they can do too much damage, and that it all gets turned around. People are going to die if this new arrangement is allowed to carry on. People who can’t get the treatments they need because they are the wrong colour (white). Brenda
Top heavy with overpaid Exc types, same as the DHBs system previously used. John
The health system is a shambles, so placing people based on race to oversee the health boards doesn’t make any sense. It will turn to custard. Jacqueline
Rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. No good will come from this Bryce
Not just ‘not very confident’ but ‘totally disbelieving’ Natalie
It will be unoly bloody shambles with an increase in bureaucrats and a recution in Doctors, Nurses and other front line medical specialists. A sure indication of the incompetence of `Angry Andy DoLittle. pdm
Failure! Pete
Just another unnecessary change. Mo New
I would not want to need an operation. Terry
Health should be based on need, not race. No part of government operations, National or local, should race based or related to a dubious reinterpretation of an old treaty. Peter
Bring back hospital based training. Allow un jabbed healthy staff back to work Rosa
Another great article. It is very, very seldom I don’t agree 100% with what Dr Newman writes. This article is once again absolutely spot on! However the unfortunate fact is that these articles are probably only read by those of us in the same camp. Those who NEED to read them, don’t or wont. (And the way education is heading in NZ I could maybe add can’t!) Graham
Too much waste not enough expertise Mike 
Labour have no idea how to run our health sector – or anything else for that matter. Lois
Labour has got to go – incompetent in all respects. Jenny
This will not work. After being a professional health worker for 20 years. This has not got a chance and is very wasteful dollars. Peter
Useless bunch of communists, that’s all labour is. Ian
Check out htpp://tepukenga.ac.nz. Te Pukenga are governed by a Council and 17 subsidiaries. The Council is informed by five other organizations, including Komiti that is six maori representatives. Is that over governed or what? Money for bureaucracy and nothing left to teaching! RICHard
Ardern is an absolute disgrace, she has destroyed the fabric of our nation and left our country in taters. She should be tried for treason David
Not a possibility at all Graeme
Should have been a forth option to tick – “Positively confident that it will be another massive failure.” Thank you Muriel for your perseverance trying to get the message out. This article should be printed in all the MSM outlets, but sadly as we know it will never see the light of day there. Roy
Our health system should be the same for all new Zealanders and not reformed based on ethnicity. We have spent a fortune on the Pfizer experimental vaccines that are not working and causing serious side effects for people. Contrary to the media narrative An excellent video documentary on the history of Ivermectin can be viewed https://tv.gab.com/channel/redvoicemedia/view/the-story-of-ivermectin-and-covid-19-616c94440723dd1355d2877f This unnecessary expenditure for an experimental vaccine to counter a virus with over a 95% survival rate could have gone towards reforms to our health system by adding a Dental subsidy to our health system.  Carl
History demonstrates all Socialist Utopias mandate centralisation of all functions of government, it has nothing to do with improving the health outcome for Kiwi’s or making the service more efficient, why would we expect Jacindy’s version won’t be any different given the track record of her government to date ? John
It will never work it’s only dividing our country by race Barbara
Are you allowed to go below 0%? OK – let’s give Ardern the benefit of the doubt and just stick at that. Derek
No faith in politicians anymore…. Debs
Disaster David
Apartheid Matthew
Zero confidence would be an appropriate response. Charles
The people of NZ need to wake up and rise against the tyranny happening in our country! Politicians are corrupt and cannot be trusted! We the people,need to find grassroot solutions to the problems. lisa
They are playing with a health system that has developed over time of many governments. It serves to treat all and will never be allowed to serve a select few. Ken
Confident that the ‘reforms’ will waste huge amounts of money on superstitious witch doctoring and copious hand-holding and bribes to get Maori to their appointments and to cooperate with treatment programs, to little final benefit. Aside from the damage caused by racial division and resentment at the economic exploitation of those who pay most of the taxes. Yeah, great stuff. John
I predict the health system in NZ will become Third World in status. Pammie
The Maori Health Authority is a racially biased, money-wasting abomination. Yes, the DHBs needed to go, but lumping all the resources together under a centralised body – communist style – will result in an unwieldy mess. I guarantee it. Graham
It was never about health delivery it was always about co-governance. Peter
A load of bollocks Doug
She must be dreaming! Dave
The so called health reforms, like 3 waters, have nothing to do with improving outcomes for all New Zealanders. Their only reason is to hand control to people claiming to have some moari ancestry. Apartheid springs to mind. Francis
I don’t think that reforms to the health system will do anything to make health care more accessible to people. We need to get away from a sickness paradigm and move toward a wellness emphasis. Janet
Just another ill thought out calamity. David
not a snowballs chance in hell! wally
NZ is in free fall to a third world country Liz
Command and control will bring the most inefficient and corrupt outcomes. It’s Soviet style doomed to fail. David
Frontline staff needed not excess management and clipboard types Phil
I have no confidence in this disgraceful government on anything at all. Anytime Ardern announces something , it is usually a cover for something she does not want the voters to see or she obfuscates the objective. This is not the country I was born into. People want a Western democracy , not a half arsed commie state leaning toward tribal control where a sector of voters have votes that are worth more than everybody elses. Instead of taking direct note of China’s moves in the Pacific we are led to believe our front line defence will br drones with a range of 10km. Are front line should be the Kermadecs oif better still New Caledonia but the French might have something to say about that. We could do worse than develope Macauley island in the Kermadecs as an unsinkable aircraft carrier and bugger the Greens. Give the people back the hope that they too can succeed with hard work and a dream in a country of one man, one vote. Give the farmers a break and remember new industries such as gaming do not have to fill export containers to make a bob. Terry
More bureaucracy, more wasted expenditure, more division, more central control…!!! Vic
An extremely negative move for the country. The Health system was not broken – it will soon be on live support Peter
No confidence at all in anything Labour does. Bryan
It is such a disgrace that this Ardern led government has put our country into such turmoil. Why in heaven can’t the opposition parties do something to put an end to this tyranny Rod
Ardern must go before she obliterates NZ, Where dos she get her traitorous proclivities? Why does HM Loyal Opposition keep silent? Kevin
I have no confidence in any reform Labour pulls out of the Maori hat chris
It’s a bad time for any change Gaty
more hopeless than ever Don
Huge amounts of money will be poured into bureaucracy rather than being applied to front line services. Steve
Like everything else this Govt touches it will be a disaster. Claire
There should of been an option for, Will get worse Greg
NZ seems to be in free fall and Kiwis are fearful, alienated from each other and disillusioned. Stuart
a failure before it starts Graeme
I do feel the heath system needs a major overhaul but don’t feel that the current government has the right people to institute any effective reforms. Sheryl
We have so many aging hospital buildings many over 60 years old and starting to fail. Tauranga, whangarei for example. We need massive funding into replacing them. Laurie
Total chaos Maureen
Labour’s so called reforms have so far been very consistent in one regard – consistent failures. Why would their health reforms be any different? Rod
It simply does not matter anymore. Soon, this country will not need hospitals anymore. It will inevitably revert to food shortages and cannibalism, such is the effect of tribal control destroying this country. Scott
Caring and competent CEO’s have been removed already. The whole deal is a complete shambles and a disgrace. Don
Labor has no interest improving the lives of every day kiwis, JA is a globalist shill in place to help usher in the great reset Jason
The can only be one sun in the sky not two like the way we are going in almost everything this govt are doing. Anon
Absolutely disgrace. Spend millions on changing names on a system that in any other country would be labelled apartheid David
They are an incompetent rabble so how could they fix anything! Tony
Total fail peter
When has any centralization, ever, resulted in real world efficiency? It doesn’t in the Corporate world, and it certainly won’t when run by an incompetent government Aj
There should be a fourth choice ‘not at all confident’ which would be my true choice. Fletcher
They have gotta go. Peter
Elderly are suffering waiting for treatment Jan
There was a picture in the Weekend Sun of 15 new directors for the BOP board, all of them maori and all but one female. In other words: None of them were chosen on merit. Watch this lot crash and burn. Jan
Shifting the management to central will not solve anything. Its the weak and have nots that clogg the systems by not taking care of themselves getting into fights drugs smoking inactivity unhealthy diets over crowding etc, Nothing will change except more office staff. Margaret
WOT Wiremu
The reforms will do nothing to improve health services for anyone especially Maori. Anything that separates and divides our nation is abhorrent and must be curtailed. John
This governments track record so far has been abismal, therefore I have no confidence that this government has the ability to put in ace any plan that will improve what we have now. Especially if it is centralised and run in Wellington. Peter
Thanks to the government sponsored lies around covid and vaccines, at age 70 I have disengaged from the health system. The reforms will further bog the system down in new beaurocracies instead of reforming covid response and incentivising staff. Piet
One cannot help but think, that as with all of their other projects , that ,this will be another monumental failure ; at huge costs , once again to the tax payer . Roy
NO they never will. ERIC
Need not race Roy
There is no chance that a race based dual system can work. Gareth
More bureaucracy mainly supported by the Mahuta Family Job Creation Bureau. No more essential staff seem to be in the immediate plan. Just more talk and photo ops. John
An absolute disaster is my opinion will be a bureaucratic nightmare run by incompetent people Martin
Not 10 days into the new Health System, all urgent and general surgery has been cancelled. Hospitals are struggling to find. beds or Nurses to care for the overfull wards, Doctors are exhausted, and people are dying because they cannot get the care they need. I will only get worse without some radical changes and improvement to the system Labour have created. This was never going to work but Labour knows best! Yea Right!! Robyn
There will be a queue of Maori “elite” waiting to be part of the governance of the Maori Health. They will take big salaries, as done) and enforce Maori remedies. This move will have absolutely no affect on the current situation in the health sector rather it will cost the country more. Tony
The Govt’s policy on Health can only lead to failure ! Adrian
This is a bad move and we will end up with no health system Val
Absolutely positively NOT confident at ALL Jacque 
Covid provided the perfect opportunity to finance improvements in the health sector but was ignored by Labour in favour of buying votes from the electorate and on pet projects. We can’t expect any changes to their policy, merely a prioritisation for specific groups. The money has been spent in any case! Martin
More jobs for their dead beat mates to set up a base in Wellington. With preference given on race not clinical based. Stephen
Jacinda is buying votes and instituting apartheid based health care, reducing quality for all Iain
Arderns consistent litany of lies has has earned her ZERO trust from me. Please make her go away before she does any more damage! Glen
ZERO hope for arderns hopeless bunch improving ANYTHING in NZ. Coral
All she is creating is a bloated bureaucracy with the patient, as in covid, a distant incidental. There is no heart. Tony
Not only “not very confident at all” – but pretty sure it can only be outright harmful. Andy
It will be an utter disaster. Anything this Ardern Government does is and will bring New Zealand to the cusp of destruction. Folkert
It will be a disaster Andrew
Soft options for this poll. A suggested 4th Option, which I would Tick – Abject disaster Sharen
Ask the humans who are living in serious pain on a daily basis, because their surgery has been delayed or canceled. Ross
The deck chairs are out and the vessel is beginning to tilt Robert
No confidence Kevin
Zero confidence in Labour/ Maori coalition. Norman
Absolutely no confidence it%u2019s a total disaster & a shameful disgrace Lorraine
A system which gives advantage to one race over others is un acceptable Peter
Having a racially divided system will not benefit Maori. The way for Maori to improve their well-being is through personal responsibility, improving their level of education and imposing self-discipline. Parents need to focus on how to bring up healthy, happy children ready to live in a modern, rapidly changing world rather than dwelling on past grievances. Lynne
An APARTEID system in Health defies all the “equality” principals which NZers prided themselves in. The so called “Maori elite” promoting an Aparteid Health system are in fact anything but elite. The road to tribalism is clearly a road to pre-european chaos. charles
Time will tell Don
I have zero confidence in this or any Labour Govt being able to execute anything successfully. Ardern is just another communist wannabe Tony
Labour has ruined the health system, just like they have ruined the country. We are already making plans to leave the country. Why stay here when it is all going from bad to worse! Bruce
The health system is in a desperate situation. We have friends sitting at home in pain – their operations cancelled yet again. They have no hope of having a decent quality of life under this government. Andrew
Many people can’t even get registered for a doctor. It’s no wonder emergency departments are full, they have no-where else to go. Health is a key service and yet this government is destroying it. Olive
Jacinda Ardern doesn’t care about New Zealanders – she only cares about being important. Winston Peters has a lot to answer for by inflicting her onto the country.  Nigel
I have no confidence in anything this government does. It is amazing how quickly a bad government can destroy a country. Is there no way we can get rid of these people now before they do even more damage?? Jason