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A Climate of Authoritarianism

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The pandemic traffic light system has gone.

Masks have gone.

Mandates have gone.

Life is going back to normal.

Or so we have been led to believe.

But that’s not the whole truth.

By Government decree, you are still required to isolate for 7 days if you contract Covid-19 – but not if you catch the flu.

Masks must still be worn in some places including medical establishments and rest homes.

And mandates can still be applied under ‘health and safety’ guidelines, so the professional bodies regulating doctors, dentists, and nurses, for example, can still exclude the unvaccinated.

In Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand, if you stood against her Government’s coercion, you may never be able to practice your profession again.

Nor will we ever be free of the threat of authoritarianism. It not only hangs over us as a precedent, but sinister new levels of surveillance are now in place. It’s the norm for the ‘misinformation’ police to monitor what we say, and who we associate with. And anyone daring to challenge Labour’s agenda – by speaking out against co-governance and He Puapua or the mantra that climate change is a man-made crisis – risks public vilification.

If we look back to the Prime Minister’s Speech from the Throne following her 2020 election victory, radical change was signalled: “The scale and pace of the recovery offers an opportunity to reshape the way things are done in New Zealand, to innovate and improve our position and our economy.”

She promised to build back ‘better’: “New Zealand’s response to COVID would be insufficient if it were to simply return us to the way we were before the virus. Recovering and rebuilding entails determined and connected action by government. That action can, and will, be used to reshape the economy to be more productive, more sustainable, and more equitable… We can be better than we were. This government’s mission is to make it so.”

Jacinda Ardern identified the ‘global climate crisis’ as a priority: “The Government is committed to the shift away from fossil fuels in order to build a new low-carbon future.

Like the pandemic strategy, her Net Zero climate change response is being driven on a global scale – not only by the United Nations, and a myriad of environmental groups, but also powerful lobby groups like the World Economic Forum.

In fact a sophisticated campaign for radical action is being orchestrated by a world-wide ‘army’ of climate activists. Many have been trained by former US Vice President and World Economic Forum Trustee Al Gore – the architect of the alarmist film “An Inconvenient Truth”.

That 2006 masterclass in climate propaganda, claimed that by now there would a 20-foot sea level rise and 100 million climate refugees.

The passage of time has not only confirmed how absurd those predictions were, but also how wrong all of the alarmist projections over the last 30 years have been.  

Jacinda Ardern is, of course, no stranger to the World Economic Forum. In 2014, six years after entering our New Zealand Parliament as the President of the communist movement the International Union of Socialist Youth – a position she continued to hold for a further 15 months after becoming an MP – she was selected as a WEF Young Global Leader.

As she explained to the world’s elite attending the 2019 WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, she’s using her time in office to entrench their agenda into our legislative and regulatory framework in such a way that it will lead to permanent change: “This needs to be something that we embed in our national cycles, in our political cycles, and in our actions and it needs to endure beyond us as individuals.”

One such WEF initiative is the use of “wellbeing” to replace GDP as a measure of economic progress. Another, of course, is the campaign for Net Zero.

Just as fear was used by the Prime Minister to convince the population of the need to comply with unprecedented Covid restrictions, so too she’s using fear of a man-made climate ‘crisis’, to create the urgency and justification for massive government intervention.

On 2 December 2020 Jacinda Ardern moved a ‘Declaration of Climate Emergency’ motion in Parliament, alleging New Zealand is in the grip of a climate emergency: “In order to avoid a disastrous 1.5 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures and beyond—a rise that would see increased risk to human health and livelihood, civil unrest, mass drought, disease, loss of lands and homes, increased fires, increased tropical storms, mass human displacement, and globally exhausted resources—we must act with urgency to ensure global emissions fall to net zero by 2050.”

Her motion passed by 76 votes to 43, with Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party voting in support, while National and ACT were opposed.

The Prime Minister’s fearmongering appears to be working.

With the media promoting an endless doomsday narrative, most New Zealanders appear either indifferent or accepting of climate regulations – even those that will undermine our economy and cause living standards to fall.

Nor do they seem concerned that the apocalyptic predictions are fabricated.

Looking back through history, the truth about the climate is plain to see. Planet Earth has been on its current warming path since it emerged from the peak of the Little Ice Age around 1700, when ice pageants were held on the River Thames. Before that, around 1000 AD during the Medieval Warm period, Vikings farmed Greenland. Earlier still were the Dark Ages, a cool period around 500 AD, and before that, the Roman Warm period – and so it goes on.

During its more than 4-billion-year history, the planet has been far warmer and far cooler than it is today. And carbon dioxide, the gas the activists claim is ‘pollution’ and responsible for the planet heating up, has, for much of that time, been present in the atmosphere in far greater concentrations than today.

The reality is that warming and cooling are part of the natural cycle of planet Earth. These cycles are driven by the sun, winds, clouds, ocean currents, and a myriad of other complex factors – but not carbon dioxide, which is known as a ‘trace gas’ because it is present in the atmosphere in such minute quantities.

Yet climate activists have captured the narrative and are scaring the public into thinking the world is going to end – unless the government takes control of the economy and imposes regulations that will cripple our productive sector.

It’s a truly bizarre situation – especially when China, Russia, and India, which are responsible for most of the world’s carbon emissions, are only paying lip service to the West’s obsession with climate change, while continuing to build coal fired power stations at pace to satisfy their energy needs.

By adopting the United Nations’ radical Net Zero goal, Jacinda Ardern plans to make New Zealand ever more reliant on “green energy” – energy that is, in fact, neither ‘green’ nor reliable.

Not only does the construction of wind and solar farms use vast amounts of fossil fuels for mining, transportation, and construction, but some parts of the supply chain – including cobalt mining for solar panels and the batteries that power electric cars – use child labour. Yet the politicians – and the environmental movement – continue to laud such products, conveniently turning a blind eye to the inconvenient truth of their manufacture.

Brushing aside the fearmongering rhetoric, Net Zero is a totalitarian plan to enforce UN mandates onto New Zealand that will destroy the viability of farming – along with many other industries that rely on the fossil fuels.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former National Party Minister Barry Brill, the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, has analysed the situation we are in and points out some glaring anomalies:

“The 2022 Budget took more taxes from working New Zealanders than any before in history, and at a time when real wages were plummeting at record rates.


“So that Labour Ministers could spend billions of extra dollars on their vanity project – the quest to lead the world in Climate Change spending; so as to realise the advertised ‘nuclear-free moment of the Prime Minister’s generation’.”

Unfortunately for New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s climate policy is all about profile – being seen as a world leader in climate change.

And sadly, the huge economic sacrifice she wants New Zealanders to make will achieve nothing – as Barry points out: “Our greenhouse gas emissions are less than one-fifth of 1% of the global total. They are a fraction of a drop in a bucket. They can make no conceivable difference to future global average temperatures.”

He highlights how harsh the PM’s restrictions actually are: “Our current emissions-reduction pledge is FIVE (5) times greater than the global average. The mean 2030 figure for 193 countries is 9%, while New Zealand’s figure is 50%.”

Barry also points out, that if our politicians were honest, they would admit that because New Zealand is a rural country with vast areas of forests and grasslands, all of our so-called ‘human induced’ carbon emissions would be completely absorbed many times over by our plant life, leaving no excess emissions at all: “New Zealand has already over-achieved the Net Zero target. Right now, our country is a net carbon sink, and the vegetation in our National Parks alone absorbs more than four times our annual human-related emissions… Alas, as a result of artificial, poorly-negotiated rules, our pre-1990 native forests are ignored in counting our National Inventory for UN purposes. But the scientific fact remains that, while politics sees us as a net emitter, science sees us as a net sink.”

In his article Barry outlines 20 reasons why New Zealanders should no longer tolerate the PM spending precious taxpayer dollars on her vanity project – “to lead the world in climate policy”.

Isn’t it time we collectively pushed back against this dangerous obsession – one that is wasting precious taxpayer funding that should be invested in health, education, and other policies to build a better future?

In light of the fearmongering that Kiwis are being continually bombarded with, there are two simple facts that need to be understood.

The first is that anyone calling carbon dioxide a “pollutant” is either a climate activist or is totally uninformed about science.

Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. It is essential for photosynthesis, which allows plants to trap the sun’s energy and convert it into the food that all living things need to survive.

And the second fact is that throughout most of the Earth’s history, the planet has had carbon dioxide levels significantly higher than they are today – up to 20 times higher – and since it did not cause catastrophic warming back then, it’s not going to do so now.

The reality is that nature controls the climate, not politicians. The most sensible thing we can do is learn to adapt – as humans have always done throughout history.

In fact, a new paper from the INFN, an Italian national research institute, has analysed extreme weather events from around the world, including floods, droughts, and cyclones. The scientists found that in spite of all the hype and predictions of a climate Armageddon, there has been no appreciable change in the intensity or frequency of extreme weather events: “None of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events… On the basis of observational data, the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet.”

The reality is that for politicians, like Jacinda Ardern, the ‘climate crisis’ is a convenient vehicle to manipulate the public into accepting revolutionary change towards a more controlled society.

Surely, it’s time for the public and opposition politicians to call out the climate crisis as a political device that’s being used by socialist politicians to exert more control over the lives of others.

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Having done research in Antarctica some 50 years ago, and learning something of the special importance of US weather stations, staffed by US Navy personnel, I have various strong reasons to suspect that such installations were, and are involved in weather manipulation for warfare. Brian
No, no and no! Categorically not! NZ is not in the grip of a climate emergency and the sooner Jacinda and her following wake up to the fact the better. You name it, she’s hellbent on being its world leader. Walnetta
If you don’t believe in made made climate change like me then do something about it now by not voting for those candidates that spouse it and get some sanity back into local politic’s. Geoff
I never have. If something originates from the United Nations, is driven by the United Nations, creates fear amongst the masses, causes the West to dump even more hard-earned money to the corrupt and impoverished (once-thriving) socialist/communist economies of Third World countries (mainly in Africa), I don’t believe the problem exists at all! Start with the computer crisis at the turn of the century and list all the others since!! They all bled the West of money but, surprise surprise, never the communist countries!! Gerard
Absolutely not Jenny
We need to have a mass distribution of information to the public. We also need to March before it’s too late. Alan
Last winter Antarctica was seeing temperatures in the minus 80s. This apparently was “weather”. It seems that even when Antarctica has melted away it will still be prone to minus 80 temperatures. Barbara
The climate is fine, just leave it alone. But man cannot do that (check out Geoengineeringwatch.org to see the skies over America and ask yourself if that is having any effect on the climate). You can guarantee that if man interferes with the climate in any way, he will STUFF (excuse the pun) it up! One US President said that he who controls the weather controls the world! Is that where we are at? Kevan
Yes, human activities have impacted on the climate but we are not in a climate emergency. Gavin
just utter rubbish dished up by climate lunies championed by jacinda the irresional John
The BS has to be stopped. Lindsay
all politicians’ lies russell
Global climate changes over time we as human consumers have an impact but will not be able to change what nature does. Gregor
NZ is in the grip of a political emergency. Steve
JA, the Lying witch… back from another lecture, by her fascist/commie bosses, on phase 2, for the next part of their GENOCIDE program… the covid train-wreck, should stop her commie lying tongue ! we won’t comply with COVID LIES ! From the GENOCIDERS! David
How will Ardern and her global warmists deal with sun? The whole thing lacks common sense. Monica
This Government once again is fear mongering, and have not given NZers both sides of the equation! If people weren’t so lazy and did some research instead of believing the BS fed to them they would see they have been lied to yet again!! Just unbelievable! Gwneda
Fear mongering to assert control of the sheeples Linda
No. It’s an elaborate ploy to sell off our precious farmland and country to communist forestry control. Jacinda’s comrades are rubbing their hands with glee at NZers herd like stupidity and gullibility while waiting in the wings for Jacinda and the looting Iwi elite to destroy democracy and bankrupt us so they can step in and rule us under communism and tyranny. Wake up NZ. Peter
our PM just wants to be seen as the leader in the climate scam. Weather patterns have been changing forever. Lets dump her and her cronies who just want to control other people’s lives. Dianne
Being forecast by those chasing power and high places but are complete idiots and probably are members of the Flat Earth Society. John
I cannot believe how most of these younger ideologists believe that mankind can control nature. If we get rid of Co2 emissions we’ll all become extinct as there will be no plant life and we won’t be able to grow food anymore. Frank
New Zealand is not. The world environment is changing, but it is difficult to determine if human activity is the cause or even a significant factor in the change. This difficulty is because the protagonists of decarbonization are mostly on the left & routinely dishonest about just about everything else. Why would a non-scientist trust them and their taxpayer funded scientist supporters? There is no balanced argument. Where is the open debate? Mark
The political fear mongering is totally baseless in facts. William
Because it is all made up by brainless politicians and Greenies. We have to get off this lot in a hurry and throw a few into jail for ruining the economy. Predictions made by computers are utterly useless. So, the 2050 target is BS. Peter
The facts are exactly as you say and as Barry Brill and numerous other very well informed scientifically inclined individuals say. It’s very easy to see how our current Prime Minister is working her way through countless appalling pieces of legislation and some silly slip of girl on TV last night suggesting at the school kiddies rally that we need to get rid of half our cows. Stupid brainwashed child. It’s a great illustration why children should not have access to voting rights. I’d be inclined to move the voting age to 21 or even 25, by which time hopefully most individuals will have fully developed frontal lobes. Dianna
It’s total & utter bollocks. They’ve obviously thrown out their bible & choose to believe lies instead. Liz
No.. This whole CLIMATE SCAM is in fact a GIANT LIE. The lie is so big that it has blinded most Kiwis, to the much bigger theft, of our SOVERIENITY & COUNTRY!! David
Muriel has said it all June
Govt is absolutely nuts .How can anyone believe this constant line of rubbish from Adern and co.Totalitarian policies at there best dave
If the world was warming you would see it everywhere in sea level rise and in my 82 years I have not seen the tides coming in or going out any further in all that time. Subsequently until I do they are talking rubbish. Eric
There is a critical need for an Economic Terrorism Act in Western Nations to be able to bring the doomsday cults to our courts. Cults that use hypothesis and theory to build a foundation stone not based on truth – but based on deceit and fear. Deceit that transforms into the de-industrialisation of democracies should be able to be challenged by the law. We should be able to bring these cults before the courts and force them into delivering quantitative evidence to prove their case. The courts being the last bastion of truth. Their actions are equivalent to War Crimes against humanity that drive society into poverty. As Scientist Dick Reaney has stated after decades of research in the Arctic, the Himalayas and the Antarctica, Human Induced Climate Change is the biggest and most destructive fraud of the 21st Century. The doomsday cults strategy has been to build a foundation stone that is based on CO2 being a harmful gas, when it is a harmless gas. Then get out-of-work socialist scientists to invent un-pronounceable definitions based on fear. The next step is to gain the global support of socialists in the UN to declare that the planet is doomed because it will overheat! Once this is accepted by socialist politicians and propaganda based media outlets it is time to move onto the doomsday weather climate change scenario that the first two steps are responsible for creating. Then the power base is set! We can fight back by simply proving that CO2 is a harmless, tasteless, odourless, motionless microscopic gas that is consumed by us every day and has no ill-effect on the planet at all. Then the first foundation stone would be shattered and the other building blocks would come tumbling down. Indeed, without carbon-dioxide (CO2) the food sources of the planet would not be able to be produced as plant life would die and like the Dinosaurs we would die out!!! In fact, without Carbon the world would not exist. A truth that is not understood is the cycle that could be called the ‘Carbon Transfer Cycle’ and it is owned by Mother Nature and relentlessly applied 24/7 globally. The importance of the transfer cycle is that it prevents the calculation of carbon in CO2 from being quantified as carbon is continually being transferred into plants and new plants to grow more food!!! At the end of the day when irresponsible government governs without truth the effect can be catastrophic and that is the case today. Now a caustic economy has been created that feeds upon itself giving the impression that it is creating economic growth when the reverse is underway. Add the driving force of government socialist law making that builds a shield around a corrupt, inept and regressive group of politicians that are progressively shutting down industrialisation and the path is set for a Depression. Frederick
The climate is changing. If we think we as humans can stop this we are deluded. This is a cycle which has been going on since earth was being formed. The Labour governments actions are destroying New Zealand. Gregor
This is an ambiguous question. We do in fact have a climate related emergency – eg the vain costly fake virtue signalling actions of Ardern Peter
I see IAG is working with government on the huge increase of climate events so that needs to put insurance premiums through the roof. This claim is based on 10 years (only) of data. I’m sure if they used 100 years their model wouldn’t work. This is getting to the point of insanity with the claims being made and Kiwi’s just accepting it. Our beaches all just come up to the same spot they came up to on the shore 30 years ago. Nothing has changed. S
The biggest emergency we face is to continue to be governed idiots sucking up to the UN Laurie
She has to be got rid of . Good job she is quitting in November. No doubt to scuttle off to the UN where she will do far more damage Harvey
It is all a scam and we should ignore it Derek
We are in the grip of a Political emergency. peter
More scaremongerings by the Labour Govt Barbara
Do not believe it is climate crisis. Climate is cyclic and is always changing and adapting to other impacts like the magnet pole shift and how much the sun is flaring as a lot of scientist have already given evidence of. Jacqueline
never never never ever Mike
No, not at all ! We have endured climate changes many times during my long life. This seems to be historical and I see massive disruptions in the future over which we have no control. Politicians cannot even run the country successfully let alone control the climate. It’s about time they woke up and got back to basics and replanted all the bald ridges we see in advertisements on TV, in native trees. Attract moisture there and in the gullies.. Don’t gripe about droughts every summer on what appears to be totally denuded land. Change the whole concept of farming in N.Z. to organic–good for the soil, animals and human health. Help to keep people out of hospitals. Increase trade overseas. Expand production dramatically not reduce it ! Utilize all the seaweed we have been gifted and fish waste. We haven’t even scratched the surface of production yet. We want natural food not plastic food. Get rid of the toxic past as well as politicians. Swim or sink ! John
It is all government bull shit John
It is all B. S. Mo
Why is evidence of ancient civilizations in the mediteranian being metres under water not accepted as evidence of a natural rise in water levels continuing over centuries. But today it must be modern man made? Nonsensical! Barry
Follow the money Sue
no i dont there has been huge climate happenings over the century’s its just more fear mongering by our elite,that know that through keeping the people afraid of everything, they will be a lot easier to control,the young are easy to brain wash with there ideals starts at school and unless they have family around them that question the stupidity of these politicians they will be easily lead. rodger
The science says otherwise. Science conducted by trained intelligent people not self-interested politicians. David
I am not a natural climate change deniar. John
Communist lies again Thomas
Bullocks Evan
The continual bleating about man made global warming/climate change is one of the main planks to keep the population in a state of semi fearfulness., In this state people are much more easily led, and its working, sadly… Dave
Because so many just don’t think for themselves just go along with what the media spins out. Yvonne
No we’re in the grip of a government gone made emergency not a climate emergency Christina
Fear,, Bogus science, disastrous policy, with the goal to impose an socialist state John
No way!! It’s a political emergency. Chris
The science says so! The Great Barrier eef is improving, not dying. the Pacific islands are not going under water, they are “lifting”. Giles
Absolutely not. it is a financial scam to scare people particularly the young. it’s all about power and control. It will not end until the people stand up against these corrupt people who spin this nonsense. Sam
Another guv scam. Excessive driving and flying all over the world by leaders not caring about global consequences they spout about. Not caring about their ‘green’ agenda. If they want to suck people in they should lead by example so they prove it is a con. All their meetings etc could have been done by zoom. Chrysta
There never has been or ever will be a climate emergency. This is all politically driven BS Lyn
Labours leader posing for her overseas friends. Causing our living standards to tumble. Now a 3rd rate country. Allan
we should have a nuclear power plant in Huntly bruce
Facts don’t support it Tony
The only “climate emergency” gripping New Zealand is the grasping narcissist, arrogant, lying and dismissive grasp of a woman who, if God is a a woman, will be gone from us, forever, by the end of 2023. Vernon
We are in the grip of a bullshit emergency — it is coming at us from all directions and none of the parties in Parliament is innocent. It is mass hysteria Philip
50 years of hype (absolute lies) is convincing to me , but doesn’t seem to have the same effect on the masses. The climate of fear people are definitely winning at the moment David
Just like there is NO covid virus (never isolated and identified) there is certainly NO climate crisis. These wackos are delusional with their WEF propaganda and it is not working. We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, and we know they know that we know they are lying. And they continue to LIE. Time for them to go. I will not play this stupid game any more from these wacko lunatics. They are quite mad you know! Catch Tony Heller on Rumble to see the truth these lucafarian scum are propogating. Neil
absolutely not ! Mike
It is a scam that will bring world economies to their knees, exactly what the elites want!! Chris
NZ is in the terrible position of having to kowtow to a egomaniac. Ardern is set on ruining this country because of her self-centred ambitions. My heart hurts to see the gradual downfall of this country which once held such high values and was led by leaders with basic christian principles. Ardern and national must go to save NZ from these extreme ideologies. Marilyn
No I do not believe we are in the grip of a climate emergency, however I do believe we are in grip of a political emergency. It appears to me that the hot air being released by the beehive is a bigger threat to New Zealand than anything the climate could throw at us. Rob
As you point out in your article, climate change is a natural thing. How arrogant to think humans can control the climate. Gifford
I am a believer that the world is in a natural long weather cycle nothing humans can ever stop leo
It is all political HYPE Maxwell
It’s all scaremongering and control Jan
The socialists DEPEND on the rampant ignorance of the general public. Since they control education, they are able to maintain the ignorance which empowers them. Gary
The PM is a psycopathic liar Russell
I consider that we are being led into uncharted waters with regard to so-called Climate Change. In history the climate has been always changing, often due to reasons outside our knowledge. Brian
Neither is the planet. Alan
Climate just following age-old habits !! Ross
NZ has climate change daily,This is all bovine excreta, is that a gas? Ewen
Sea levels may rise by 5 metres by end of century. No rational planning being done and NZ is extremely vulnerable to sea level rise. Far better to build resistant infrastucture than deny the risk. I cannot understand why a right wing “think tank” denies this very real risk for New Zealand. Lack of action could be catastrophic for the country and all of us . Of course “Old people don’t want to pay for something only having worth after they are dead” Is that the philosophy of NZCPR and Muriel Newman? John
The climate has been changing for millions of years. NZ should focus on coping with climate change… not trying to stop it. Doing that is like trying to command tides to stop flowing and ebbing… or the wind to stop blowing. Peter
Sorry guys but I believe have a climate emergency, but we are not going to fix it by flicking your fingers & telling everyone to behave. It will take years of calculated changes Lindsay
Absolutely not. We have hoodwinked into believing this climate by zealots and Jacinda. It is all total rubbish Errol
No. We are in the grip of a political emergency. The looney left, the lifeless right and propaganda of a bought media. God defend NZ Bruce
WEF driven BS to achieve their socialist/marxist agendas for the world. Jerry
The only emergency for us is to get rid of Jacinda and her team. Carole
Absolutely not. David
The only real threat that has emerged is our power hungry politicians and world leaders trying to convince us there is a climate emergency. This is about control. It is pure political deception to believe our leaders know how to control the world’s climate. Leave Mother Nature alone. Robert
NO! [And] it is notable that both National and Act Parties buy into the nonsensical and ruinous swindle Peter
Totally wrong and costing NZ on an incredible scale. NEIL
No. This is NOT science it is globalist nonsense. New Zealand is “in the grip of” WEATHER not climate. Learn the difference. Let’s ignore the fact that anthropogenic activities account for just 15 ppm of the 375 ppm atmospheric CO2, and that water vapour (a greenhouse gas) accounts for 7000 ppm, then logically, shouldn’t we be focused on preventing oceanic evaporation rather than stopping people from going for a Sunday drive? Looking at long term data from ice cores shows the Earth is still warming from the last Ice Age. In 30 years the average global temperature has risen by less than 0.5%. Aren’t we supposed to be underwater now? Are we supposed to believe that the essential elements of life Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen are now a threat to us? If already low levels of CO2 drop further, then many plants will be unable to complete photosynthesis, this means a collapse of the food chain. “Zero Carbon” means zero you. Make no mistake: this is a war on life. Jasmine
PLANET OF THE HUMANS can be viewed on YouTube. Watch it. Al Gore and his ilk have made a fortune out of this theory. Like a huge pyramid game. And the forecasts have all been wrong. Not even close. Allow for nature to take its course but some believe that humans are powerful enough to influence nature. I agree with clean energy but not at any human cost. That’s why you should watch PLANET OF THE HUMANS. The fact that there has been a rebuttal tells me that it contained many truths Mike
You are being screwed like the rest of Western societies!! Yvonne
It is a giant manipulation which actually has nothing to do with climate. Linc
Absolutely not. The whole human caused climate change idea is fraudulent. John
Just more bullls**t created by a socialist regime to keep the masses under the jackboot!! Henry
Created by our government John
A climate *policy* emergency. Coker
Its all bullshit Chris
It’s all BS. Neville
Even if we were in a climate emergency, which we are definitely not, there is nothing humans could do about it; climate is determined by a plethora of wide-ranging natural events any one of which we mere mortals have little or no significant influence on. Ronnie
We are in the grip of false information, get that sorted first please. Henk
Lies and propaganda Gaz
The real emergency is New Zealand is being governed, if you want to call it that, by dishonest, incompetent politicians! David
If they were worried about climate change, they should stop spraying chemtrails globally. Chemtrails or global engineering is doing more damage than us. Using this technology, they are pushing their climate agenda. this climate emergency is just another way for them to funnel more money from us. I would like to see an itemized balance sheet of what our money is really spent on. check out https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ Jes
It’s total BS John
when Julias Ceaser was alive the co2 level was 7000 ppm and the Earth was cooler Stanley
NO CLIMATE HOAX!!! just smoke and mirrors, for PROFIT AND CONTROL, by the same GANG. now they are coming for our FINANCE, FARMERS AND OUR FOOD !watch for the WHITEWASH FOLKS !!! gather the PITCHFORKS. David
Bizarre. Tony
I agree with you that climate is always changing . David
Never have been. Never will be. Climate change is one of the greater hoax’s ever thrust upon us. Elizabeth
And never has been. Denis
New Zealand is not in the grip of a climate emergency. That said, reasonable steps to avoid polluting air, soil and water will be good for the planet. Peter
as chair of Tropical Fruit Growers of New Zealand I grow many plants that require warm climates to survive bring back the time when we could grow Kumara in Rangiora and cape palliser Hugh
socialest control fear mongering Raymond
Absolutely NO! Hilary
Absolutely not, it’s weather that’s all and it’s a changeable thing. The myths of climate change is just that, it’s driven by nature. Always has been always will be. It’s a fact that a great number of people around the world are making a great deal of money out of the climate change myths and a great number of people children included are living in misery and deprivation under the boot of the CCP to provide raw materials and building of solar panels and etc. All these things are ‘dirty’ green.and also interesting to note china and India etc are flat out building coal fired power stations Flip
Believers use lies, ban alternative views, cherry pick crisis that have always existed, and time has proven their predictions are no more accurate than the daily weather forecasts Richard
Future generations will wonder why their forbears were hoodwinked so successfully by scientific fraud into believing that CO2, a trace gas absolutely essential to all life on earth, could be demonised to the extent that people would pay trillions of dollars in taxes to lessen its effects on the climate. Insanity beyond description! Dave
But we need to keep quietly doing our individual best to help minimise plastic use which I feel is one of the biggest polluters. Laurel
Any politicians who used the phrase “build back better” need to be tarred and feathered. Regarding climate change, it is a way to move money from the average person to the political elite and well connected businesses. There are massive holes in the narrative and astounding logical failures that seem to elude most of the public who are too busy trying to live their lives. Net zero will be achieved by reducing the population, which if you are listening to some corners of the internet is what the powers that be are planning on doing. Kris
New Zealand is in the grip of the destroying policies of this current government! We need to be able to move forward in all aspects of a democratic administration, as soon as possible. Heather
Whether or not there is a climate crisis, really, what unbridled arrogance New Zealand’s benighted politicians have to think that .06% of the world’s population can save the planet! David
ABSOLUTELY NOT.people are like sheep to the slaughter , by FEAR driven, sick control freaks. Such people are Soo dangerous. trish B
We need more CO2 not less Brian
To get the “low-down” on all of this, read Ian Wishart’s book, “A ‘Very” Inconvenient Truth”, in which he relates, how a group wanting a “One World Government” said that they could never achieve that, unless they could “unite” everyone around a common cause. They chose “Global Warming” which became “Climate Change” when they found the globe was actually cooling slightly! I know a person who was a delegate to a UN Conference a few years ago, where the UN folk were quite open about the fact that they want to be ‘The one World Government”. It is all a means to an end, and all our local politicians who are pushing it, are actually working themselves out of a job, though I don’t think they realize it! – On the UN being the One World Government, I say very reverently “God help us”. Ted
Please look at the science rationally. Your work overall is excellent. Keep it up BUT please rethink your science. The facts of climate change are so obvious Colin
NZ is an insignificant contributor to the global climate. If our Government is so concerned, then why have they not banned trading with Countries that are the worst polluters…. Because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Leslie
What garbage! Jenny
weather is weather no matter what man thinks or does. alan
This is a pure political load of garbage Bruce
The weather is cyclic Paul
The emergency that we are facing is head girl and all her strange thinking to totally destroy and split NZ. If we do not have a civil war we will starve to death. The answer to global warming is the world population. Simple stop breading and all will revert to what it was. The following should be applied. If you can not feed it do not breed it, the government is not your child father!!!!!! rod
Political football. so many untruths. Rod
We will be a world leader in climate poverty Neil
The climate change “crisis” is a scam. Charlie
And the Emporor didn’t have any clothes! I honestly can’t believe supposed intelligent people believe this nonsense being peddled in the world Anne
The idea is ridiculous and it’s not backed up by science or the evidence. She will ruin our country on this as on all other things she touches. Brenda
Agenda driven drivel. ardern ruining the NZ economy for a falsehood. Charles
Absolutely not. Over millions of years nature has always changed climatic conditions. Earthquakes and volcanic activity constantly influences rising and falling sea levels. The moon also influences the ever changing tides. NOTHING is constant! Try blowing into the wind. It’s like wearing a mask – it has little effect – except you get your own back!! All the while politicians like to cause confusion AND reduce education standards. Stuart
The Adern Trojan Horse at work yet again spreading her calculated lies. Pete
What we are in the grip of is a fanatical, slightly unhinged, political group who are intent on preventing us from thinking for ourselves, and maintaining their grip on power by any means necessary! It is no help to find that they themselves are in thrall to, and under the control of, a race-based sub group with their own agenda which pays lip service only, to environmental matters in order to claim some sort of relationship with, and therefore ownership of the land! TOBY
No and I’ve always thought this. Why is it that scientists who have studied the climate for 40 to60 years of their lives are saying the complete opposite to the woke politicians. Who would know best whats going on? Climate change is a great big con, and comrade Cindy knows it, but she is using it to get her job at the UN. Just like Helen did. We have to get rid of her fast as labour is ruining this country. Peter
hell no, its a natural thing that has happened throughout history !!! evan
what Muriel wrote is the best yet Climate Change is just a total con. Ross
I’m concerned about Arderns direction using climate change a natural historic phenomena to destroy New Zealand. As New Zealanders I believe we are being used by Ardern to fulfill her own ideology with no common sense and to secure her a position of power as a Global Leader WEF UN – you’ll own nothing and be happy Maree
Whatever is happening it is natural not caused by C02, not man made, it’s weather! Valerie
Whilst there is a number of heat, water, sea and air events happening there is always natural disasters throughout the world/ As mentioned CO2 is a gas required for vegetation to grow and the amount in the atmosphere changes with the vegetation levels. To me the main issue is population growth and the drive to increase our local population as the means to increase our economy. An artificial method of creating wealth driven by a group of politically misinformed idiots who are doing us all a disservice. Get rid of the fish and chip wrapper & her mates. She like Helen just wants a plum United Nations job Alan
Its nature, NOIT mankind. Norma
But so many people have their snouts and wallets in the climate trough getting them to move out is not going to be easy, too many agendas Anon
Financial Emergency …YES Climate Emergency …NO Bryan
NO…no such thing !! another SCAM… arranged by the same LYING TYRANTS,!! that have claim to RULE OVER US ALL!!! Time for us all to say ..ENOUGH !!! David
This has gone way beyond a joke! Wake up NZ. Grant
Definitely not — even Nasa now agrees there is no climate emergency and ask the REAL climate scientists such as Patrick Moore, Tim Ball, Bjorn Lomborg, Ian Plimer, Willie Soon and many many others including the 500 worldwide scientists who have written a long letter to the UN stating there ISN”T ANY EMERGENCY and the planet is OK Any so called climate change is cyclicle and mans contribution is about.9 of 1% — in fact absolutely minimal (The scientists wanted to talk to the UN but of course did not even get the courtesy of a reply.) It is political and money orientated and to demonise CO2 which is the lifeblood of the planet is reprehensible. Alan
But we ARE in the grip of the lunatics who are presently running the country! Sylvia
Agree Fearmongering about Climate change is a SCAM. Jackie
I am about to read a book called The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate change by Marc Morano explaining Climate Change and how and why we are being scammed. Jackie
Yet another example that this B— in POWER does not give a damn about the people or NEW ZEALAND. All she is doing is blowing her own bloody trumpet for her own benefit. Nothing that is done here will make a scrap of difference when the major countries don’t give a damn!!!!!!!!! david
Just a big scam Graeme
Just a continuation of Arden’s control tactics and look at me theories aren’t I great. Really sickening to watch Sidwell
it is all about control , yet again.. I fear for my grandchildren, they will not have the freedoms, which I have had. Juilanne
Zero Carbon is absolute nonsense Michael
The whole argument is absurd. Nature will look after nature. John
Build back better is a myth – groceries, petrol, crime, no way of voicing dissent, homelessness, Govt debt – the list goes on. Climate Change is a myth- Plimmerton Beach has remained the same since early 1980’s. Tuvalu is probably sinking – not being deluged with water. Rod
The climate is always changing Phil
It’s crystal clear from my own research that there is only minor warming attributable to humans. Climate alarmism is entirely nuts. Indeed, whilst I’m not a religious person, the unlikely existence of fossil fuels is surely a gift from God that we reject at our peril. Ron
The only Climate Emergency are the Clowns in Government at the moment. Climate warming or change is the biggest hoax this century, nearly as bad as the con on electric cars. Wayne
the climate is doing what the climate has done,that is change john
Never have believed in man made climate change Ian
What Barry Brill says has been known to be the truth for decades. Maybe not enough people are willing to look at the science and history of natural climate changes and think our fame-seeking PM actually tells the truth. She doesn’t and she hasn’t. She is a socialist now and a communist always. Poor blind NZ; so ridiculous when we should be leading the world in self-sufficiency. What a shameful waste of our productive farms Pauline
The amount of CO2 produced in New Zealand is so painfully minute that this government pressure to lead in the world climate change only makes the labour and green partie look pathetically rediculous Shaun
The World Climate goes in a cycle. Every 6000 years there is a mini Ice Age. william
NZ is in the grip of a dictatorship. Terry
Its a giant money scam. Leonie
Hell no and I have been saying this since the very beginning of this farce. It’s quite evident that past CO2 levels far exceed those of today yet the temperature did not blow the tops off the thermometers. It’s time to fight back. Chris
Common sense tells us that we as humans can make little difference to climate change. Graeme
They want to scare us to implement their political agenda or maybe they have been scared as well. Douwe
Absolutely not! there is no such thing as a climate emergency. James
Climate change is a reality. Human induced? No. Tony
I’ve followed this issue for 20 years; nothing has changed my view. It is a HOAX Mo
Don’t make me laugh, the climate has always and will continue to change. its more to do with that big fire in the sky than mankind. Jason
its a normal global weather occurrence and yes, the excess pollution in some cities overseas can be trimmed down for their own health. If NZ had smog issues too we would also trim back to suit. Carless days again?? Sharron
I am just so over this Govt and its continual stream of political spin and Bull dust. This next 6 months is going to be soooo long. Richard
No I do not. We are in the grip of a political disaster in the shape of Jacinda Ardern and her Labour MPs, not to mention the idiotic Green Party. Thank goodness for people like Muriel Newman and Leighton Smith who are bringing sanity, common sense and truth to us. The mainstream media is breathtakingly pouring out lies and downright character assasination of anyone who dares to question the woke agenda. Rosemary
The world’s climate changed five times before man was a tickle in god’s underpants so how is it that we are to blame for a natural event? Tom
There’s a climate of greed emergency amongst politicians though – that’s for sure. Christine
You probably have read Patrick Moore’s book “Fake invisible catastrophes and threats of doom” which mentions your points and others – polar bears and Great Barrier Reef thriving and what is happening during “bleaching” among others. A great read. steve
It was bullshit when it was first put forward, and it is still bullshit. Sven
The historical evidence speaks for itself. Gordon
The planet changes there is no clear evidence that CO2 is to blame. Politicians are undoubtedly using climate to progress their own political agendas. Everyone wake up and make a stand against Jacinda’s kind of politics or New Zealand will be lost forever Stewart
Just an excuse to get more Tax Colin
yes Called Jacinda someone. peter
In a single word, no. Climate is constantly changing. A massive volcanic eruption tomorrow would change the world’s climate for decades. Man-made climate change within New Zealand is a nonsense. We contribute a tiny proportion of what are allegedly greenhouse gases. In return, this country generates much of the produce the world demands. Socialists are using fear to control all aspects of life in this nation and around the globe. Prime minister Jacinda Ardern fails to understand history or science. She follows an ideology driven by the United Nations and World Economic Forum. The media, now fearful of biting the hand that feeds it, fails to challenge this sham, and there are few, if any, politicians with the courage to debate this and declare they will repeal the regulations over this nonsense. Gavin
its a load of rubbish rex
Never never. Ian
Thank you for this great summary of the climate hoax – please spread far and wide John
Climate Change is a massive fraud. Kenneth
Climate changes every day, woke politics are promoting this fallacy about co2, there is nothing to worry about. Clive
Global warming is a hoax.Climate change is constant. Fear mongering is strategic behaviour for Marxist/Socialist governments like ours. Ian
I’m much more worried about the dumbing down of our society. School kids are leaving school unable to read or write coherently, but very “educated” about this climate bollocks and “colonisation issues” Dave
It is in the grip of a loathsome leader emergency though. Charles
The world is warming up at an alarming rate. NZCPR should split into two bodies. On democracy you make a lot of sense. On climate you are out of touch with the harsh reality David
climate changes all the time. Graham
But even if we got rid of the current govt, would the next govt be any different? Maurice
All about reducing or removing the economic and military power of the western democracies Hugh
Foolish people are being led because they are too lazy to think for themselves gay
For the last 8000 years ( since civilisation as we know it) commenced there has been only a 5* range in average temperatures. Peter
Follow the real science of non government funded climate scientists. Look at actual versus real outcomes against the doomsayers predictions – zero accuracy! Colin
Not in the least, as you have correctly pointed out, this is another scam by by Klauss Schwab and his protege politicians to take control of the world. The only emergency is to get rid of these lying politicians. Peter
Just part of the ebb and flow of a couple of dozen parameters that make up the climate of our earth. CO2 is a RESULT not a contributor to climate. Lionel
Activists push “Man-made Climate Change” with a level of religious fervour – driven by belief, not fact. Sadly, they’ve created millions of believers. Mikeq
Where is the evidence other than political talk ? Warren
It is unbelievably silly of people to believe in something that doesn’t exist, and in that regard Climate Emergency has become a religion. Pam
Never was, never will be. Bloody lunatics running the asylum that is the Beehive. Frank
This gvt is crippling this country with their ideologies & nonsense Susie
I certainly do not believe there is a climate emergency. It is just more fear porn in order to add further controls on the unsuspecting and gullible population. Jude
bs once again!!!! wayne
We have to get of these pricks Allan
I think it’s faier to say, we are in the grip of a socialist emergency. Brent
Nonsense Warren
Real science refutes the ‘climate emergency’ status promoted by Jacinda as a virtue signalling vanity project. Peter
Anthropegenic climate change is simply a Trojan Horse for global governennce. We must reject it at every turn and defeat all those who market this lie, including Ardern, Luxon et al. All major NZ political parties are in on Agenda 2030 and the end of Freedom as we know it. Chris
As stated, NZ is a carbon sink! John
Only in the minds of the truly uniformed or manipulated FloJo
How much extra tax will we be paying and where will that tax money go? Ross
No real evidence to support the argument. It is a natural cycle of the planet through cooling and warming as it has done over thousands of years. If you believe what is being preached by our government, theoretically my house would be under water by now. I’ve been around now some 70 years and all the beaches we played on have not changed. Believe me, we are being lied to and deceived by our government. Chris
Fabricated nonsense. Part of the fabrication comes from GeoEngineering, which is a topic the Climate Crazies are unwilling to address. Bill
I totally agree with your well written article and as a farmer i will refuse to do my GHG number which we as farmers are supposed to have done by the end of the year and i will be asking for multiple data sets if we are forced to complete this virtue signalling nonsense hugh
A load of codswallap pushed by the UN and certain other associated agencies (such as Arderns regime) designed to redistributed wealth, create a world government and deliberately impoverish western nations. Unfortunately it’s working. Roy
The most dangerous organisation on the planet is the WEF (World Economic Forum) whose agenda includes human machine integration and other manipulation of humans. The USA under Biden is currently in the process of spending billions of dollars to set this up. The WEF also says that the planet is overpopulated and needs depopulation. Their plans talk about the “great reset” which favours the Elites of the world and not the general population. Jacinda Ardern knows exactly what the WEF global agenda is but she won’t admit it. NZ voters need to get rid of her and her Labour MP’s at the next General Election. Ardern is leading NZ down a very dark and dangerous road. The sad thing is that most people don’t realise how dangerous her authoritarian government really is. Colin
Change, yes. Emergency, no. But whichever it is, it is not caused significantly by CO2 Trevor
We are in the grip of propaganda. DOUGLAS
Climate change is just a rort for our communist leader, to throw her weight around. Wrapping fish and chips doesn’t prepare a person like her for the responsible job of running a country, her ineptitude and ignorance is constantly on show. it will be a great day for NZ when she is deposed in a very ignominious way. The worst Govt and leader the country has ever experienced. Merryl
It is a Natural cycle of climate. Look back at history. Neil
The claim that 97% of scientists support these nonsense claims is a lie. A lot of those who say it is lie still believe that AGW is real to some degree but it is not an emergency. Chuck
The climate is the climate. It has been in constant change and evolving from that day the planet earth came into being. Frank
Climate is forever changing and you and I can not stop it Geva
We are such a green country and with clean water and air Russ
Total falasy Mother Nature will always rule Stephen
Just planned bullshit Phil
There has never been a climate emergency. Decouple from the U.N., W.H.O. and the Paris Climate Accord. Understand the tactics of Globalists, their power, control and world domination. It is a fact-based conspiracy. Donald
Of course NZ is not in the grip of a climate emergency. Nor is the rest of the world. Just like the covid ’emergency’, this is being used to enable the aim of the WEF to have total control of everything. It stinks. Liz
The only emergency NZ has is to get rid of Jacinda! ASAP!! helen
the planet is just doing what the planet has always done Lorraine
This government is treating us like kids. Having paid for a favourable media Jacinda is feeding us LIES AS FACT. She is repeating her scare tactics from Covid into the so call Zero Carbon myth. Which may well put us out of business. graeme
This is solely political and the earth is simply doing what it has done for millions of years. Ian
we can not control Mother Nature – just have to live with it LesW
Need to adapt e.g build higher, build away from the water, construct better run off of water away from properties. NZ has lots of machinery and materials that could achieve whatever is required. jim
Definitely not Jan
Climate emergency? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Jacky
Never have believed al this trash. Gloria
I’ve always believed that Climate change has been perpetual from the beginning of the planet – and always will be! Geoff
There is nothing that man can do to change the natural cycle of the planet. Jan
I’ve been around the sea all of my life so far surfing sailing diving and swimming and have noticed no sea level rises in fact I haven’t been able to find any one who can tell me what sea level rise actually is.the only crises is our terrible ideological so called leader. Warren 
Totally believe just evolution Julz
Only in the imagination of those who buy our pms rhetoric. Willy
Its just another con bought to you by the same crowd that bought you the covid con The Club of Rome, WEF and the UN.. Ronmac
AGW is politicised rubbish. Terry
Very dangerous rhetoric that will ruin our country forever Bob
Its clear just by travelling and seeing the evidence Ian
It is the weather – or more accurately nature doing what it has done since time began. pdm
Climate change is over reported and over analysed. Notably, few, if any counter arguments are reported. John
I cannot understand that the myth of perpetual fair weather and of species not evolving or becoming extinct but that nature was static has lasted so long as history simply proves these zealots wrong. Richard
Let us pray that our politions will wake up and get some sense in their heads over this climate issue. Robert
It is called govern by fear. The climate warming is a natural cycle. refer to the under water volcano melting greenlands ice. How many more underground volcanoes like the tongan one. Bev
No not NZ. There may be some extreme weather patterns here and there but as expressed we need to be more resilient in living with them. It is definite that NZ has no effect on the planet’s weather conditions. If NZ was the only land mass in the world as it currently is then this planet we call earth wouldn’t even know it existed. We are already at a net zero carbon effect if Garry
The article sums it up factually and correctly. Fee
This govt is brain washing people. We have to change the harmful information spewing from politicians & the “experts” mouths. Unteach it in schools or show pupils the alternative facts. Judith
More bent filth by Labour. Alan
JA just wants a flash job at the UN Lynn
Totally political. Derek
It has always been a Political ploy. Scientific evidence never has supported it. Elaine
we are living in a period time of extremely low levels of co2, the planet has thrived at levels above 4000ppm. PlaNTS DIE AT LEVELS BELOW 150PPM. wE ARE CURRENTLY AT 405PPM.Having looked and studied all the evidence co2 plays no part in climatic warming bernard
I do not and never have. Most New Zealanders are ignorant about so called climate change and follow the Government’s edicts like sheep to the slaughter. Mary
Created by minorities as a way to get their way, create future concerns while creating budgets for their wants. Ken
This is the Labour Government’s idiotic policy for their own agenda. Wendy
For all the reasons outlined in this excellent article. This socialist government and its disgraceful leader has to go. NOW! David
Absolute madness if it wasn’t for the frightening prospect of using the hysteria for the introduction of communism. Evelyn
We are being told a load of porkies! J J
it`s bullshit Don
We have always had seasons, some good some bad but the sun still shines and the sea levels are the same , give or take a few mm as they were hundreds of years ago. Nothing we can ever do will make one iota of difference- government is all about fear and control- vote Labour out and get David Seymour in. Kevin
No,not ever !!! Mark
It’s all a huge scam, which benefits the elite and aims to reduce the rest of us to the status of 14th-century peasants. Or worse – at least THEY weren’t expected to liveon insects! Gail
No No and No There is no climate emergency Yes the climate is changing it always has and always will ALL WITHOUT HUMAN INFLUENCE. When have any of the so called doomsday predictions come true. Ie Sea level rise. Polar bear extinction. Millions of climate refugees. NONE and none will We have had ten years to save the planet for the last thirty or more years. From my reading and understanding this whole global warming scam came from a so called think tank set up in Rome in the late 60’s Their premise was that the worlds population was too high and needed reducing. To achieve their goal they needed an international crisis and they chose Man made global warming caused by mans CO2 emissions. The planet has failed to live up to their predictions as it has failed to warm for the last 12 to 15 years with increasing emissions. What should be done is give the third world property rights and cheap energy thereby moving the vast majority into middle class and so reducing the birth rate (As happened in Europe) Problem solved We need to learn to adapt to the changes and not spend a fortune trying to change something that we can not control Cookie
No , it is. Completely unscientific BS Peter
Great summary by the NZCPR Stephen
There is no indication of this David
We are in the grip of a population crisis. People are being forced to live in areas too close to flood plains and crowded into ares prone to flooding. Cities have paved over vast areas of what was once land that a capacity to absorb vast amounts of rainfall. Not to mention housing being crammed onto unstable hilly land in cities. Tim
We are simply virtue signalling and at great economic cost Keith
Politicians can’t control the weather ,volcanic activity, or the like. Logan
It’s all nonsense. Ardern is part of the problem. Steve
Absolute rubbish Neil
There might be an emergency if you believed the models. Actual global warming over the last 30 years has been around one third of that predicted by the UNs models. Tony
It never has been! Norm
I find it extremely concerning that so many New Zealanders can actually believe all the garbage that is spouted about climate change, not only by Jacinda but Greens. Roy
A load of cobblers. Pauline
Never did! Margaret
Manufactured nonsense Graham
Its all propaganda nonsense and another way to tax us – where does all that money go? Cycle ways! We are in a madhouse and sadly the National Party and Industry are all in on the act!! Tony
The Climate Emergency is simply called…THE WEATHER. caren
The climate has always changed, more CO2 and slight warming are hugely beneficial. The “climate emergency” is an invention of lying politicians. John
you’ve got to balance climate versus people and right now people seem more important to me Gerhard
We are in the grip of a population crisis. People are being forced to live in areas too close to flood plains and crowded into ares prone to flooding. Cities have paved over vast areas of what was once land that a capacity to absorb vast amounts of rainfall. Not to mention housing being crammed onto unstable hilly land in cities. Tim
Absolute political agenda to control the masses – What the hell would that muppet Jacinda know about science – my guess – bloody nothing. mike
Everyone needs to read Patrick Moore’s book ” Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats Of Doom ” There is no climate emergency and we need more CO2 in the atmosphere. Over millions of years plants and marine animals put CO2 into the earth and it fossilized into limestone, coal oil and gas. We need to put this lost CO2 back into the atmosphere and luckily for us the industrial revolution started to put CO2 back into the atmosphere. It really is that simple ! Leith
It is ridiculous to assume we have any control over nature. It is ridiculous to use our money for this travesty when the money is so badly needed elsewhere. Jacquetta
Events which happen within the earth have a far greater influence on the climate on the earth than events happening in the atmosphere above the earth; eg the endless winter of 536-538 AD and the recent volcanic eruption near Tonga Peter
It is the.most ridiculous claim I have heard. What alarms me most is that so many humans are naive enough to actually believe it. Peter
I agree with everything that Barry Brill has said, and I have been saying the same thing about climate change and global warming for many years. Anyone who says co2 needs to be eliminated or reduced, doesn’t understand basic science that is taught in primary school. Richard
No and never has been carbon dioxide is a gas that is needed for nature and for us to survive and coming from a farming background this has always been the case. This government and the Prime minister have hi jacket New Zealand and holding the public to ransome .The young climate change activist are totally ignorant as to what is happening around them and because thy demand the latest gagets and life styles that they are in cases the major polluters. of the planet. ken
I believe we are going through a natural cycle Martin
co2 levels are at the low level of 480ppm. Plants need in excess or 1000ppm to survive. Try controlling volcanic eruptions! David 
It is only a ‘tool’ which has been invented as a means of global control Harvey
No but perhaps a stupidity emergency. Do what the scientists advise for Covid but take no notice in this beat up. colin
Definitely NO! Richard
It’s natural John
But we ARE in the grip of an ideological emergency. Vic
We have elected a profoundly foolish or profoundly evil Govt. Either way, we cannot afford to do that again. Russ
Political rubbish- who is benefiting from this worldwide emergency – always follow the money Terry
just nonsense allan
Pure bs Robert
This is part of a broader agenda and we need to get more publicity on this issue. john
We are in the grip of a politically contrived emergency. Geoffrey
It’s about time people woke up to the science and recognise that Jacinda has her own agenda to impress the world! We need to actively refute her mis-information and call it for what it is – the election is next year and she’s trying to impress and scare voters! Marg
Global Warming Scam Les
There is no emergency. This government’s fear-mongering is absolute madness! Joyce 
It’s nature taking its course. Ross
simply read Muriel Newman’s NZCPR 20September 2022 Alain
It is a natural change of the earth’s climate over tens of thousands of years not caused by humans. John
Never have done. It is very arrogant to think that man/women can change nature Gareth
CO2 is necessary for life. David
Farcical policy, ignoring the reality and true science. John
It’s not a climate change emergency but rather Jacinda Adern using fear of one to implement World Economic Forum “RESET” agenda, that all. Kathy
The Mosque tragedy and the Covid scam were gifts for Ardern to become the Prancing Princess of Valour come to save us from the dragons. Now she needs another dragon to slay so low and behold she will change the orbit of the planet around the sun. God save us from her machinations but the equally foolish Luxon and Seymour are cut of the same cloth. They also seem to be not for turning. Helen
According to NASA research article it is solely to do with the earth orbit around the sun. Graeme
What a load of Bullshit. bruce
No we are more likely to be in the middle of a political shamble, from which we may never be able to escape.I wonder what the next scare tactic will be from this red fed govt, James
If an ex Greenpeace President puts it on the line to speak up saying there’s no climate emergency. There isn’t. Ray
We’re all being taken for fools. Will
The globe has forever changed. Maybe China, India & the USA could address some of their smoke stacks but Ardern and her disciples buggering our farming sector which is going to have zero climate effect, is bordering on criminal political interference on the NZ economy. Maybe give our prison population some experience in sea wall construction if we are about to be inundated. Creed
Basic Science states that what we breath out is Carbon Dioxide, so, continuing on with that, Zero Carbon would imply that we can no longer be alive, for this Agenda to proceed. Another grand Hoax at work based on JUNK Science and another Money Trail. Geoff
NZ is definitely not in a climate emergency, we are however in a national leadership disaster with Jacinda Ardern and her government destroying the economy and the nation’s future to grandstand before the UN and WEF. Never has so much damage been done to the nation by so few. Donald
And its all being driven by Jacinda and Labour/Gren/Marori MP’s. This should/will become a major point in the 2023 elections and will be the driving point to Jacinda’s and Labours DOWNFALL. Carl
There is no climate emergency – we can’t control the weather. Jane
I agree that CO2 was significantly higher in the past eras. Lou
Climate control in N.Z. a waste of time .China ,Russia,& India will never comply. Ann
Hahahahaha!!! Absolutely not! Main emergency will occur if govts succeed in reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide still further – plant life will all but cease. Alan
It’s a total control con job. Allan
What about the Milankovitch Cycles!!!! Ian
You cant beat nature in the marathon of life jim
Totally agree with Barry Brills article, the ongoing effect of Aderns policies will not only cripple farming but the population at large will be devastated. Neville
dumb PM, typical of her, she is very communistical, big problems coming with her at the top graeme
Scare mongering. I am sick to death of them. We have to get rid of Labour or our country and our way of life will be destroyed. albyn
Absolutely not!! The PM’s fearmongering about this is solely for her own self-image, and the image she wants to project for herself overseas. Her policies are killing the NZ economy, especially agriculture, and are greatly increasing the gap between the haves and the havenots. Laurence
That human activity has influenced the climate is a fraud and diverts us from the environmental and social destruction that is far more critical, Murray
Why are people so scared to read the science. It is all there in back and white and you do need a science degree. Wake up NewZealand we are being sold down the path of no return. Get your heads out of the sand and read what is happening Rod
There is no doubt that so called global warming in New Zealand is a scam perpetrated by the greenies with the support of our socialist government. Al Gore has made millions from this scam as he flys around the world in his private jet. Roger
I don’t believe that the Country has any climate problems; however, I do believe that the current government and its policies are developing o climate emergency yet to emerge. Sue
The Earth controls what goes on, She will do what She has done for ever. A volcanic eruption, just one, will create more carbon dioxide than man has, in all the time of his existence. This Government just wants to screw the Taxpayers once again, and to further terrify people into complying. Heather
An absolute nonsense. Murray
But individually, what can we do to stop this crazy evil bitch. Collectively, the public needs to deal to her and her idiot collection of stupid followers. Graeme
The emergency we are facing is being in the grip of unscientific climate alarmism. https://www.daragrennie.com/climate/ Darag
The climate change agenda (was global warming) is a construct to bring about their policies of economic vandalism. This is the only agenda the woke left understand. Destroy our economy to give them control over everything. Chris
It’s going to get very cold instead. Andy
Natural World evolution in progress John
I have never believed it is in a climate emergency. Great to see that all the native forests absorb all our emissions. Greg
Recommended reading: Colin Tudge’s ‘The day before yesterday”. Peter
There is no question the climate is changing, science proves that conclusively, but where is the conclusive proof that climate change is caused by or even exacerbated by human activity? The fact remains that most scientists are employed by governments, and if they want to keep their jobs they have to toe the government line. Corrupt governments like Ardern’s Labour government are deliberately manipulating the population with mis-information to force their extremist socialist agenda onto the nation and NZer’s are either too intellectually incompetant, or too dependant on government welfare handouts to stand up and demand the corruption stops. Steve
Climate concern yes but not an emergency Deryk
Only communists and other dick heads would consider us to be in the grip of a climate emergency Tom
No – we are in the grip of a Jacinda Emergency! The sooner that we can achieve Zero Emissions from her, the better. I have got to the point where I do not care how it is done – simply that it gets done as soon as possible. I do not wish to spend the remainder of my”golden years” trying to deal (in vain) with the fallout resulting from her misguided policies! Scott
NWO/CFR/IMF/WEF, Led us all down, deception street, pulled their well planned hoax, wet dream , they’ve had for over 70 odd years,on all of us GENOCIDE, DEPOPULATION! David
It is all part of the UNs plot to take over the world and make us part of a one world government eric
Saw through this a long time ago Gail
How anyone could possibly believe a trace gas is the control knob for climate is bizarre. Chris
Without Christ things will get worse yet. I don’t think National will be steers better. Act probably the best of all the bad Don
Read ‘Not for Greens” by Ian Plimer to understand the complete absurdity of Climate Emergency Andrew
But it is created by past and present human stupidity. We are still building in flood or disaster prone areas. We are allowing rivers to fill up with rock but prevent it being quarried to keep the river beds down while carting metal many miles by truck to maintain roads. We are importing coal from other countries because we have stopped mining it here. The list goes on. As the graph shows climate change is a natural procession. We just create the problems. Robert
It’s a load of bollocks of course the climate is changing and has done so since time began Man made certainly not we need everything that’s in our air the world has been a lot hotter and a lot colder sea has been higher and lower I believe it’s a case of follow the money it’s a wonderful way of taxing us imagine if the world was thought to be becoming colder even thought to be going into another ice age wouldn’t that be interesting Peter
It beggars belief what this narcissistic woman and her government are doing to this country Michael
I think the climate is changing which it has done over the years but this Govt is using it to frighten people, they should be more honest in everything they are doing. Barbara
I believe that mankind cannot effect the climate. It is God who created the world, He is in control of the climate! Theo
I am not sure really. It’s shoved down our throats so much that there is an emergency that we can’t think for ourselves. but nature controls it not Jacinda’s government. The temperature has always changed throughout history Kerin
Science and world history proves otherwise. Barry
Political BS driven by ideology and desire for total central control of all aspects of our life Peter
I should put YES as the emergency is being caused by Politicians, not mankind. Dave
The PM is slowly but surely completely destroying our beautiful country and the vast majority of Kiwis seem to be unaware of this Kay
Political & alleged environmentalists pushing their own Ill-educated agenda Des
I have read the NASA report which puts doubt in anybody’s thoughts. So I am now a total believer that there is a need for us to look toward science and history before following a world of ill-informed tosh. John
Al Gore has much to answer for! Bill
The climate changes from time to time. Does anyone remember the monsoon like rains we had in Auckland at the end of the 1950s? No one claimed the end of the world was coming. Paloma
complete political BS. The science is very clear, CO2 is not the issue Alastair
Climate = bullshit Gill
I never have believed it. I don’t understand how the media can get away with one scaremongering headlines of sea level rises. It,s just propaganda. Peter
The predictions are massively pessimistic and serve no worthwhile purpose, not anything beneficial anyway. Keith
The temperature increases and then the carbon follows. Under the Govt narrative the carbon increases and then the temperature Derek
I think most people don’t actually understand the role carbon plays in the health and make up of the planet . Meriel
The climate has been changing for that last 4.5 billion years and it will continue to do so. You might as well try to stop the tectonic plates from moving or the universe expanding. John
Its about time that National and Chris Luxon accept this and recind all this climate crap. We should focus on pollution !!!! chris
We should be concentrating on reducing pollution of the seas, land and air. We should also be stopping deforestation and planting more trees. We should also be protecting species habitats and many species from becoming extinct. Iain
It is just a political gab for more control over the population A do as I say policy at which Madam is good at. You know Jacinda John
It’s just bullshit to tax us more..! Peter
Suffering mainly here from ’emergency fatigue’ Tony
no ,no and no bill
It is an emergency but it was and is to be expected!! Isa
The hype is all BS. We should be focusing on processing rubbish more efficiently and cleaning up our waterways David
have been since Clark coined the weasel word sustainability, and have since listed the word partnership to my list.. wayne
Load of rubbish valerie
Nature controls the climate. It always has an always will. The ’emergency’ is leading to control measures that will not change the climate whatsoever but will change the lives of us all in line with the WEF Agenda and Ardern’s quest for fame. June
We have mostly renewable power and massive areas of forest and farmland that absorb carbon While it%u2019s still smart to get off the dependence of oil and gas , it has to be done at a gentle pace to not affect the economy The ETS is a massive inflationary disaster that we cover our beautiful farmland in carbon forests. This will be viewed in history as our greatest mistake of our time Luke
Not now, not ever Colin
And it NEVER has been – listen to real science not politicians who are too scared to step out with the truth, or non-evidence media reports. Maurice
The book , ” Mirrors and Mazes”, is a must read,by Howard Brady,a scientist who really knows his stuff.Jacinda would benefit greatly. gale
One cannot ignore the obvious! Graeme
Political BS Bryan
I have lived on the Kapiti coast most of my 70 years & have aerial photos of the Kapiti coast from Otati to Paekakariki taken in the early 1950’s & nothing has changed. When we were kids my parents would take us Toheroa digging on Waitarere Beach. At high tide we used to dive off what was left of The 1878 Hyderabad shipwreck into the sea.What remains of that wreck today are now covered by the sand hills some 50 meters above the high tide mark. In the mid 1800’s sailing vessels used to sail up the Foxton River during the flax trade period that river is now a stream. It was about 10,000 years ago that the sea was lapping against the hills where State Highway one is today,that is because we have been gaining ground for thousands of years caused by tectonic movement. The Kapiti Coast (ie) Waikanae to Paekakariki is built on what was an ancient forest that is now turned to peat covered sand. That is where Para – Paraumu ( now called Paraparaumu) got its name( Paraumu roughly translated means black sand-peat)..The KCDC keep talking about rising sea levels but they don’t understand anything about Geology .If rising sea levels are such a threat to humanity why has Barack Obama just bought a fifteen million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard in Nantucket!!! The climate has been changing for ever & this get rid of Co2 is utter B.S. it is one of the most essential gas on the planet. There are 85,000 molecules in the earths atmosphere.33 of these are Co2 just 0.04% of the earths atmosphere, ,with 32 produced by nature alone & those 32 essential for all life on earth & 1 is produced by Humans, and this is causing catastrophic global warming,NO IT IS NOT! Temperature alone sets Co2 levels not the other way around.This climate agenda is nothing but a controlled money making scam.Did you know the Nazis even had a crack at it. . Allen
Climate change always has and always will happen. It is NOT predominantly anthropogenic in origin. Geoff
Climate change is the religion of the left. Martyn
But I wouldn’t call it an emergency but we should take the loony left concerns seriously just in case they are right for once. K
The article on this confirms the fact Alan
its a manufactured fallacy follow the money jimmy
It’s all bullshit Ian
Absolute rubbish. Plants need CO2 to grow and they release oxygen in the process which we breathe in and live and we all breathe out CO2 AND THE CYCLE GOES ON . Ardern and her dopey green WOKE admirers are beyond teaching because they won’t read the science in case they are proved wrong – which would be the truth. GARRY
Can anybody, anywhere point me to the facts supporting a climate crisis? If CO2 is a problem, it has historically 10 times higher than it is now. If our current CO2 levels drop by just 30% plant life on earth will be adversely affected. No CO2, we all die. Any of these climate change nutters want to show me the error in this logic? Ian
I believe this country has more pressing issues that need addressing Adhern is a very dangerous camera chaser who uses climate net zero etc as a smokescreen to hide her more sinister agenda Dianne
Misinformation is the problem Peter
The whole “climate emergency” narrative is just another scam to convince people that only a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT can save us and national sovereignty should be destroyed. Well if national sovereignty should be destroyed, why is this local cabal of Labour, Greens and Maori acting as though THEY have the authority to force us do anything? No, these irrational thugs (and their disgracefully captive media) must be resisted strongly — NOW. Another year of these idiots will do us in. Sue
Absolutely NOT! the alarmist rubbish has spread around and will take considerable effort to repair with logic. Children are being indoctrinated and this must stop. Roger
The world is facing a changing climate, however mankind’s influence on this so marginal as to be a irrelevant, however it is another opportunity seized upon by the insufferable, virtue-signalling, self-righteous left wing politicians and bureaucrats John
I find it strange that the New Zealand society has in many areas has dropped the use of the traditional and correct word “Weather” and replaced it with “Climate” The latest is all the insurance companies now refer to “climate related events” which indicates that the weather has nothing to do with floods and the sea level rising. If your home is on a cliff top overlooking the ocean, then you will be charge thousands more in case the sea level rises about 3mm over the next 100 years. Ask the question, who is getting rich from this propaganda? Barry
for a good read, go to Green Murder, by an Aussie scientist Ian Plimer, an expert in the history of the earth and climate change. Says much the same as in here. hone
The emergency is spiritual. People who need to grind others down in order to validate themselves need to sit down and do some thinking. Or maybe just to do some real work for a change. Mark
No, definitely not Ive said it before, and again its not about what is good for NZ It’s about what’s good for Ardern. Like an out of control adolescent, its a look at me syndrome. It’s unfortunate that one has to attack the person as well as the policy, but when your personal ambitions trump the financial well being of the nation you are a zealot Bruce
More worried about Nov22 digital currency plans Alethea
THANK YOU for the brilliant article – says it all really. People need only fear what our supposed leaders keep rolling out. The grandstanders do not care about us at all… Debs
When reputable scientists holding informed but opposing views in respect of climate change are vilified because of political expediency then you have to recognise the bs being presented to the public by Liebour and the Greens Rob
I believe it’s a way of control and pushing into a particular agenda Ayden
If it is then science would have told us. No one should be persuaded by hysteria and a bunch of meaningless adjectives! Len
It’s a global SCAM. The real scientific evidence shows NZ is a Carbon sink! Net Zero is all about Political Control – that is it! John
It’s mostly about a PM who is both a comrade of the worst kind and chasing a UN climate top job for her future Time to remove her mob from the treasury benches of power Kevin
There is no evidence of an emergency or any appreciable change in climate. Climate change is a kooky cult religion for the brainless, the hopeless and the ignorant. John
An ongoing political bullshit. Barry Brill has it right. Robbie
Climate change is another bullshit control tool Barbara
Just another beat up by Socialist Ardern and her cronies. Ardern is a narcissus, needing worldwide attention. Ardern will be remembered throughout New Zealand’s history as our very worst Prime Minister Darryl
Chicken Licken lives. Brett
We are certainly in the midst of a socialist emergency Greg
Man made climate change is simply a hoax latched onto by unscrupulous politicians to use fear to control the population in the absence of the old tools like the religions. Mike
This is politics not science! Andy
It is all a big scam to get our money. That’s what they are after- money and power!! Climate Emergency is used to frighten us. Fear is their method of obtaining that power. The climate is not controlled by humans. Rosie
We are in the grip of a vane and deluded PM. Neville
Absolutely not & it’s time this dangerous lie & those exploiting it were exposed. National & Act must start speaking out against it they may be surprised at the support they’d receive. It’s all about control & it must be stopped now before it’s too late. Loretta
Even if it was, the climate is subject to only natural forces and we humans have no effect. John
No. This is a contrivance from the ruling elites to enslave the people in every increasing poverty. A massive wealth transfer. Lee
There has never been a more richly greened world, carbon dioxide is a measure of population and a life cycle gas. When are we going to talk about carbon monoxide the actual measure of pollution. Are our politicians dumb? Nikki
Its all self-promoting rubbish Trevor
The only disaster is of the governments making Mike
Definitely not. As pointed out carbon gases were much higher in previous non industrial centuries. Definitely a liebour plan to gain control and destroy democracy while the antidemocracy communist countries rub their hands with glee and wait for us to crash and burn so they can take us over. Wake up NZ before its too late. Brenda
More absolute rubbish from our “Govt” Edgar W.
So much for our idiotic PM pushing for climate change. She has to go! Dawson
A thousand times NO. Marion
Absolutely NOT! A recent scientific paper published by the GWPF demonstrated by experiment that varying the concentration of CO2 from 300ppm (the level at the start of the industrial revolution) to today’s 400ppm results in a miniscule 0.2% increase in long-wave radiation absorption which is nowhere near enough to account for the >1C temperature rise we have seen since the start of our current warming. Further, increasing from 400ppm to 600ppm, sees a further 0.2% increase which is completely out of touch with the UN’s computer predictions. In truth, CO2 is a very weak greenhouse gas which is not capable of materially changing the planet’s temperature. The Royal Society declined to publish – says it all!!! Derek
The Real” emergency is the present Government. Freedom Loss of New Zealanders is the real threat to the future of NZ….not CO2 Chris
Smoke and mirrors from WEF puppets Neil
Resources should be applied to mitigating effects of climate change rather than carbon emission reduction Wilf
Distorted use of stats makes us believe in it-must be a political agenda Bryan
Neither is the rest of the world. Richard
Candidates for local body elections should be asked where they stand pn Climate Emercency etc. Dick
We are coming out of an ice age and the world is naturally warming up not CO2 Morrin
Definitely not – its all a bullshit UN/WEF Global Elite narrative pushed forward as a justification to regulate & control the people & reduce the peoples freedoms – same playbook as the Covid19 scam. Wake up Kiwis !! Mark
Prove the so called warming trend. Warwick
We could do better on pollution discharges but an emergency???!!! Sally
An excuse to tax us, and take heat off the real problems, like law and order 3 waters etc. David David
Well done on your interview on the Bolt Report Hone
New Zealand is not. The Sahara Desert was once a jungle … thats just nature and we just have to accept it. Life goes on! Des
One big con act by the tooth fairy – not impressed. Don
It’s a massive con job, perpetrated by our incredibly dumb media Iain
No amount of money thrown at this bs climate change will make one iota of difference- they are idiots Claire
No, but we are in a political emergency. Not only us but a large portion of the Western world due to leaders like Macron, Tudeau, Biden and our own lovely Ardern. Graham
climate is always changing and there is little evidence to show man made CO2 is the control knob Daniel
to reduce pollution should be a world wide goal but not at the expense of our economy. Spend the money on health and education, 2 huge failures at the moment david
United Nations driven hysteria to enable more taxes to be implemented on fossil fuels. Lawrie
Been here before. Phillip
I am a geologist and the whole argument is complete crap, there is no emergency Ross
Climate, is a way of describing the constantly changing weather patterns, such as El Nino and La Ninja. Brian
the only climate change we need is changing this bloody govt. GET RID OF THEM Jack
Anthropogenic global warming is a myth. Nature has forces at work which will always be far greater than anything we humans can create. Bruce
Dr Newman’s Climate of Authoritarianism is spot on. Sally
I continue to be alarmed at how easily the majority of the population are sucked in by the propaganda. For any initiative to be successful we need to remove the brainwashing children endure from pre school to their mid 20s Norm
The Sun is the biggest influence on earth’s climate. 2000 years ago people believed priests could control it. Now politicians would have us believe they control it. We haven’t learned much. Frank
No, it’s a total fabrication to enable a radical socialist agenda. Trevor
God help this country from the scam of climate change. Deb
Absolutely not, and if we were our 0.17% contribution isn’t even measurable. jan
the only emergency we have will be getting rid of this crazy lot in charge at the moment. Bring it on Erin
Read “Global Warming – a Counter Blaste to the Man-made Global Warming Hypothesis” by Dr Kevin Duncan. It lays out the case against CO2 very clearly. Michael
Its our PMs baby to help get reconision over seas , bugger us Kiwis’s Paul
Been there before in my lifetime. Ranald
One way ( possibly the only way to the general public) is demonstrate outside all Local Council Offices against any “Climate” policies when they are to be voted on by your ELECTED representative . Colin
Climate change is a daily planet process. The govts are perpetrating another scam for more control of a communist nature. Mark
She will cling to anything the UN says in the hope she will get a seat next to old helen clark David
Stick to politics, most of what you produce is common sense, but your grasp of science is infinitesimal. Climate change is a crisis. Laurence
The emergency is to get rid of the current government and all of its hangers on! There is neither a climate nor an energy emergency. These are fabrications and have neither scientific nor observational foundations. charles
The greatest scam and money grab of all time how can they measure under 1mm of sea level rise what a Croc. We all need to wake up now ? Peter
Global Warming/climate change is the biggest most egregious scam in History. Jacinda Adern and her feckless minions are the real crisis. John
It’s a proven nonsense and relies on the ignorance of the average voter to be forced through. Time for a politician with courage to come out and say so. Kathryn
We’re in the grip of a mis management crises, that is causing more problems to our economic model than anything else Sharon
It is obvious we are not, so why are we acting like sheep and tolerating the false rhetoric of this government? Rod
why is it taken every else so long to wake up richard
Absolutely not! Valda
Climate emergency is all about eliminating people’s rights and nothing about the environment. Linton 
Read some of Tim Flannery’s books and the work of the IPCC – for a start. john
It’s the most gigantic con ever swallowed by an ignorant, ill-informed government. Jim
A Jacinda emergency. Thanks for the courage in opposing. Kevin
I am more fearful of the government than so called climate change Peter
Look at history. Things go in cycles. A lot of people will believe anything the media puts in front of them, garbage in garbage out!! Our media are as corrupt as this government. Chris
Its a great marketing campaign by the idealists Mike
But we are heading for a sudden drop in global temperature, my completely subjective forecast is for a fall by 2028, give or take 20 years. Geoffrey
Definitely not. Alarmist rubbish and a global scam. AL Gore needs to be vilified for the liar he was. Mike
Just earths cycles Deb
Volcanoes erupt more CO2 than man ever has Mandy
As a scientist the evidence for man induced change in atmospheric CO2 is not conclusive on a long term global timeframe. However since the industrial revolution & the advent of atmospheric monitoring CO2 levels have risen – is this rise fatal to humanity is unknown it certainly would not appear to be driving the earths climate given historic evidence. Alan
First , it was dying forests due to ‘acid rain’ in the late 70’s early 80’s. Then , it was the ‘ozone hole, next came ‘global warming’ now they call it ‘ climate change’. They never run out of schemes to scare the wits out of misguided people and make a lot of money on the way. Anything goes and this ” Agenda 2030 ”will be pursued regardless. It is all about reckless execution and pursuit of power. Nothing else. But all this will come crashing down into a big pile of rubble and unfortunately sensible and enlightened folks will be caught up with all these lemmings going over the cliff. The end of days of civilisation as we know it have truly arrived and it is only a matter of time now. Michael
This is another fear strategy to advance the New world Order! We need to round up these globalist scum and put them on an isolated island far away! Then we can tidy up the mess! lisa
Another Orchestrated political event to keep the sheepie in order frank
It’s so obvious. It’s purely political lies. Nathan
hell no Paul
She needs to go, destroying the country John
Over the centuries climate fluctuates from warmer to colder and presently we are on the warmer side of average. YES we do need to be wise by NOT abusing our privileges’ – moderation !! Graham
It’s fiction rubbish Niall
We are in a climate policy emergency. Matt
Gross manipulation for particular political ambition. Graham
Also anyone in parliament who can’t see through the endeavours and hipocracy of that Bozo Al Gore and his acolytes need to be shown the door Phil
There is no climate emergency. Government driven for control of the masses – just like wearing masks. Remember the Y2K bug – another example of government manipulation for control. Simon
And neither is any other part of Planet Earth. The corruption of Elites like Al Gore started this money-grab for his wealthy mates in the States… sad to see it’s become a worse plague than the Covid scam. READ: Bjorn Lomberg’s book “False Alarm – on Climate Hysteria” he has consistently published Scientific Journals (he IS a true Scientist too, not a Media Hype specialist) that have clearly, simply decried ALL the nonsense portrayed through the MSM. It’s long-overdue that the worm turned! Graham
Gov’s miss spending is causing stress on areas of the wealth/food producing economy jean
Its a load of crap ,the weather is just a bit worse than normal Graeme
Sensible adaption, when required, if required, and after solid scientific and engineering consideration is always preferable to being subject to a political and ideological knee jerk. Peter
CO2 concentration follows atmospheric temperature, not the reverse. What the govt proposes will shortly give NZers a miserable 3rd world existence for no purpose except totalitarian control. Charles
The planet has always been influenced by the 2 huge weather blocks that circumnavigate the globe. El Nino and La Nina. Colin
If government stopped chem trailing there would be no crisis. Climate change has been created only due to governments interference. Sel
Absolutely not. There is not one shred of hard evidence. Plenty of could be’s but not one solid piece of evidence that we are in the throws of Greta’s climate emergency! DAVID
We need to be smarter. Evans
What is happening with our climate has nothing to do with CO2 emissions and the scaremongering has to stop Nev
Climate change – yes, natural- probably, man made- don’t think so. Politically motivated- almost certainly. Graham
The only emergency is that “We the people” are still asleep to what is really going on behind the curtain. If we don’t wake up/rise up and push back soon, you will own nothing ,eat bugs and be happy. neil
It is patently absurd and should be called out at every opportunity. Neil
It is in the grip of a political emergency though. Mike
Climate has changing hot &cold for billions of years nothing to do with carbon Hylton
Its all about control & taxation Steve
Just more BULLSHIT from the COW. Brian
Ardern must go! Scott
I believe there is a hidden agenda Christine
The emergency is purely a political construct Phil
Study history it all happened before nature takes care and adjusts.Just another tax grab. Stephen 
www.watchdogforrodney.nz Anne
NO, we are in the grip of a communist dictatorship. Scott
97% of co2 is from natural sources, this is tru science!! Ian
Yes we are warming but earth has always experienced these variations. See NASA Report on Global Warming. John
It never has been, and never will be! Multiple times this subject has been aired on NZCPR by educated, well researched data compiled and presented by truthful, well respected NZ contributors. Why then do the people still believe the rubbish Lycinder pumps out? 2023 can’t come quick enough to get rid if this Disaster of a Government. Which is hell bent on destroying us all in every way possible… Robyn
Arderns government is a climate disaster. New Zealanders are gullible if they accept the misinformation Ardern preachers Jeff
Not now and never was. Chris
We’re in the grip of an epidemic of something else entirely; corrosive nonsense. Chris
Blind stupidity Laurie
at is all BS. Bruce
Never did. Liz
The Marxist scum are using every lie in the book in their naked lust for total control FIGHT BACK! Lance
It is a myth Richard
Manufactured nonsense. A control mechanism Bryce
It’s a load of bolicks Colin
God no. It is a normal cyclical weather pattern. We do however need to reduce our levels of pollution and rubbish that are going into the environment.  Kate
Of course we aren’t. It’s another fallacy being peddled by the regime to keep everyone fearful Kristene
Nature changes. Dave
Scientists who claim the “science is settled” know nothing of the scientific method. They are charlatans. The science is never settled. Richard`
As Barry Brill points out, the world endures climate change as the result of natural impacts. Not man made. Douglas
Climate change is a politically driven ideology. It is delusional and falsely presented by the IPPC summary for policy makers which misrepresents the science and scientists who produce the peer reviewed papers on all aspects of concern. The government and press never back up their claims with scientific evidence but tend to quote ‘experts’ who are anything but. We are beginning to see countries destroyed in the attempts to cut carbon emissions and fertiliser use which owe more to UN agenda 30 than science. The implementation of agenda 30 has a lot to do with other things happening in this country too I think. Peter
Never has been and never will be Naomi
Heat fluctuations come from the sun . Co2 is the result of photosynthesis and is productively used in plant growth . We are so lucky not to be sliding into an ice age and should all embrace the relatively mild changes around us rather than grooming a fake industry and our own egos like our corrupt politicians do! Roger
No. It’s in the grip of apartheid and Marxism. That’s why I left. Elliot
Good article. Better put it into MSM somehow. Neville
Absolute rubbish Ardern is the emergency chris
These Climate Change half-wits are really become a cult outfit, they are just bloody crazy and brainless buggers. Don
It’s just more Hitler type control Donald
If anything it just cycles that the earth is going through Alan
A load of drivel! One only has to look at the climate history to realise this. NZ is turning into a racist, Totalitarian nation under this deluded leader. Andrew
A UNB Political Agenda based on a lie by Al Gore and a fear ridden, autistic teenager. How do they expect to change the path of Global Sea Currents??? David
NZ is only in the grip of a political emergency caused by Labour and the Greens. CO2 is a trace gas, necessary for all life on earth. Mark
No NZ is not in the grip of a climate emergency not with all our farming & trees Brazil is a country that is concerning with their deforest program plus Russia & China burning coal. Roydon
But there is a fear campaign about this false premise/ mary
Like the millennium bug it%u2019s another con. Mat
Boyle’s law applies to CO2 just as it applies to all gasses Anon
The climate will do what the climate will do, as it has done since time immemorial and Govt’s throwing money at ‘it’ will certainly make a difference won’t it. well it will for the elite. who can afford their virtue signalling EV’s (I suspect they will on sell these before their batteries fail in about 10 years and let the ‘normal’ folk buy a new 10,000$ one. Just look at Europe , they are racing to back track on ‘green policies’ before winter blackouts arrive. When the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow, these hugely environmentally damaging monolithic structures will not work Aren’t we importing coal FGS from Indonesia to run Huntly power station – oh the hypocrisy. Green climate policies are just pure stupid madness on a monumental scale. what are we .001% of the world’s .04% of co2 emissions FGS . Get a grip people Whatever this Govt mainly the Greens, legislate to make us do will have no effect, nil, nada on the world climate. It’s more about control control what we do, control what we say, control how we live, control control. the authoritarian socialist NZ Govt. Welcome to the meow society of the future. Follow the money trail folks We need to take back control of our democracy as a people Carolyn
The climate had been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more. It is a natural phenomenon. Any emergency arises more from the gross over-reaction to it and the wasteful spending on some plainly stupid initiatives to change the inevitable. Graham
weather manipulations have been going on… for years ! This is a well known FACT. If they were doing this 30 yrs ago….. imagine what they can do now !! NO. David
The only climate emergency is totally government propaganda generated Richard
No way, no how – just another fearmongering aspect of this govt. Look at what is emitted by India, China for example. NZ’s so called contribution is sweat FA. Let’s get real. It is the WEF trying to control us – yet again! Michele
The government response to climate change is a greater emergency! Neil
The climate emergency is pure BS murray
No – the whole global warming theory is a massive scam. Driven by socialists, they are using fear about the climate to control every area of our lives. Where are the politicians with the courage to repeal all climate change laws and regulations?? Simon
The climate crisis is a nonsense. Julie
The media are largely to blame for the fearmongering – they no longer report the truth but peddle activism. They are a disgrace. If they had properly challenged the politicians over their ridiculous claims, we wouldn’t be in this mess.     David
Surely the truth will come out eventually. Bruce
Declaring a climate crisis shows how shallow Jacinda Ardern is. She clearly doesn’t understand history nor science and is simply following an ideological agenda set by the UN and the WEF. It will be a disaster for NZ.  Harry