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A Covid Farce

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The Covid-19 restrictions in New Zealand have become a farce.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is now looking foolish after thousands of people took to the streets in protest action on Monday, thumbing their nose at her Level 2 lockdown rules, while the Police watched on doing nothing. Nor was there any talk of prosecutions, despite the event being heavily broadcast on social media.

Penalties for breaching the Level 2 rules, which restrict public gatherings to 100 and private gatherings to 10, include six months in jail or a fine of up to $4,000.

The official non-response is typical of our politicians and their agencies, talking tough but when confronted, their authority often dissolving into nothing.

What the protesters have done is highlight the farcical nature of the current lockdown restrictions. Everyone knows it – apart from government politicians. The country needs to immediately go into level 1. Next week is another week too long. It’s another week of businesses bleeding money and laying off staff as they follow ridiculous rules. The restrictions killing small businesses are the same ones the protesters totally ignored and suffered no consequences whatsoever for doing so.

This double standard has been evident throughout the lockdown – especially when it has anything to do with Maori. The roadblocks run by tribal separatists were a glaring example of law breaking that was allowed to continue throughout the whole period.

Tangi too appear to have been exempt. According to documents released to the Otago Daily Times under the Official Information Act, Police allowed 50 people to gather for the tangi of a Black Power member in Dunedin during the level 3 lockdown. Many travelled from outside the area, even though inter-regional travel was banned and gatherings for tangi were limited to 10.

An internal email from the Police said that trying to stop the tangi would “only create a worse situation for all”, but when asked by reporters what they were concerned would happen if they had broken up the gathering to enforce the lockdown rules, the Police refused to answer.

The question we need to ask is whether the lack of lockdown enforcement action is more about avoiding conflict with Maori than maintaining law and order? Is that now the new standard – and if so, are the Police acting under government direction? 

Is that the real reason why the Police turned a blind eye to the protesters last Monday?

And what were the protests really about? It seems unusual that an incident in the United States would lead to such large-scale demonstrations here.    

On the face of it the local protesters were acting in solidarity with Americans rallying against the killing of Minneapolis man George Floyd. While some were advocating that cause, the reality is many, perhaps most, were protesting other causes. There were vigils for victims of racial injustice, condemnations of institutional racism, protests against police violence, and opposition to the arming of police – the so-called ‘militarisation’ of the New Zealand police force.

Others claimed to be marching against ‘white supremacy’: “The same white supremacy which has led to disproportionate killings of black people in the US exists here in New Zealand.”

While the protests themselves were peaceful, the messages that many were conveying about New Zealand are alarming and show there is a rising tide of resentment, principally from young Maori conditioned into believing they are victims of white supremacy.

This is the narrative of Maori separatists, whose agenda has inexplicably been embedded within the state sector and our educational institutions. As a result, while every adverse statistic is now blamed on colonial oppression and institutional racism, the real reasons for Maori deprivation, namely poor education, single parenthood, and intergenerational welfare dependency, rarely ever get a mention.

Those fostering Maori sovereignty are even proposing to extend their race-based indoctrination to new immigrants. The Green Party MP Jan Logie has drafted a law change to force Treaty propaganda and the Maori sovereignty agenda onto all new citizens.

While her private members bill, the Citizenship (Acknowledgement of Te Tiriti o Waitangi) Amendment Bill, has not been drawn from the ballot and so is not presently being considered by Parliament, it is nevertheless indicative of the divisive intent of the Green Party, since members bills can only be submitted with the approval of the whole party.  

Jan Logie’s bill would amend the Citizenship Act 1977, so that after swearing the oath of allegiance to the Queen, new New Zealanders would be informed: “In becoming new citizens of New Zealand, you are joining a nation whose foundation is a Treaty between the indigenous tangata whenua (people of the land) and the Crown. This Treaty, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, offers citizens the opportunity to participate in the ongoing journey towards honourable relationships that are founded on the articles of Te Tiriti agreed to in 1840”.

They would then be given the details of local tribes, to no doubt facilitate their on-going ‘education’.  

The reality is that radicalism in all of its forms is extremely dangerous. Not only does it detract from a cohesive society that looks to a progressive future, but it fuels the anti-establishment subversion that was on display at the “Black lives matter” march.

It requires courage to stand up to this destructive influence.   

The former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark understood this. In 2004, when a hikoi opposing foreshore and seabed law changes arrived at Parliament, she not only refused to meet the protesters, but labelled some as “haters and wreckers”.

When in Parliament it was claimed that by not meeting the marchers she had created ripples, Helen Clark responded that meeting them would have caused “a great deal more distress to most people who want to see the issue moved on. We hear the concern being expressed but my method is that we must govern in the interests of all New Zealanders to get a fair balance which is what we are striving for.”

In other words, Prime Minister Clark had the national interest at heart. Her desire to retain the electoral support of Maoridom was a secondary consideration. We do not see that sort of courage in the current Prime Minister.

The gross flouting of the law on Monday and the inaction of Police have exposed the travesty of the lockdown. It was enacted by a Prime Minister who panicked, spooked by now-discredited computer models that grossly over-exaggerated the estimated number of deaths. As a result, the balanced approach that was being taken to manage the pandemic, which also considered the social and economic impact of regulations, was abandoned. The outcome, which involved the loss of life – including of mothers and babies – has been devastating for New Zealand.

For many businesses, the consequences are catastrophic. Tens of thousands of former workers, face a bleak future. However, the design of the wage subsidy schemes and other support measures that have been put in place by the Government through the $50 billion worth of borrowing announced in Budget 2020 – including an unprecedented $20 billion slush fund of unallocated spending devised to keep everyone happy until after the election – means that the real economic impact of the lockdown is unlikely to be felt for some time.

Now that we are on the verge of ending the lockdown it’s time that Jacinda Ardern stopped trying to appear decisive and started to use some common sense. Her two recent ideas to boost the economy – namely another public holiday and a four-day working week – show just how much out of her depth she really is.

The Prime Minister’s focus should be on repairing the damage her lockdown has caused by returning the country to level 1 without delay.

So, what would a level 1 lockdown look like?

Essentially life would return to normal under alert level 1 except for international travel and border controls, which would still be tightly restricted with quarantine and testing requirements. 

All limits on gatherings would be removed, as would social distancing requirements. Sports and domestic travel would resume, and hospitals would aim to clear the backlog in services caused by the suspension of treatment over the lockdown.

The special powers of the police which allow them to enter your home without a warrant would end, and the new positions of ‘enforcement officers’, recently created to help the police, would presumably be disestablished.

The Prime Minister has indicated that the decision on whether to go into lockdown 1 will be made on Monday with 48 hours’ notice given for the changeover. However, those 48 hours would not be needed for a transition down a level – it should be immediate.

Once we reach level 1, that would be a good opportunity for the Prime Minister to announce a full inquiry into the way the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled.

A key question will be whether the government breached their legal requirement to protect us all from the actions of heavy handed and incompetent politicians?

The point is that in just over three months, New Zealand was transformed from a thriving and free society into a totalitarian State. Our constitutional rights were trashed and our economic future remains in tatters as the Government seized control of virtually every aspect of our lives.

It now appears likely, however, that what was possibly the harshest lockdown in the world, had no proper legal foundation. Jacinda Ardern’s “go hard, go early” response to the Covid-19 pandemic may have been unlawful.

The legislation used to detain us all in our homes and close down our businesses, included the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006, the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002, and the Health Act 1956. But it turns out that they may not have allowed for such a widespread curtailment of civil liberties by the Director General of Health after all.

Essentially the concerns of those questioning the legality of the lockdown includes whether Parliament intended the single-sentence quarantine powers in the Health Act, that enables public officials to order individuals to isolate to avoid infecting others, can be applied to an entire nation. If not, then by using those provisions to order a lockdown, the Government most certainly over-stepped the law. 

These matters are now being considered by the High Court in the form of a judicial review. This move has the support of Justice Stephen Kós, the president of the Court of Appeal, who believes that since the lockdown reached so deeply “into the liberties and pockets of the New Zealand public”, its legality should be examined.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy has also expressed grave concerns over the government’s lockdown, describing it as “an unprecedented assault on our civil liberties and personal freedoms, conferring power on faceless bureaucrats backed by the police, to invade our privacy without a warrant and effect arbitrary arrests for breaches not of the criminal law but a set of arbitrary rules dreamed up by the Director General of Health and his political masters.”

His informative article then goes on to discusses the important role that Judges play in upholding the Rule of Law: “What this highlights is that when a government acts outside of the law during the term of a Parliament only the courts can hold them to account. Only they are the custodians of the Rule of Law. But this will only be possible if the Judges pay strict adherence Rule of Law and the common law on which it is based, setting aside personal beliefs and political or social fancies.”

Some would ask, why does all of this matter? It matters because the government must act within its own legal framework. That is what protects citizens against dictatorial or reckless administrations. It appears that by acting hastily and going beyond its mandated authority, our government has caused significant economic and social damage.

Let’s not forget this will not be the last “national emergency” our country faces. It’s important that the way governments respond to these crises are properly scrutinised so that they can make better decisions in the future.

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It’s difficult to assess whether this has been the right or only approach as there is very little published that doesn’t come from the daily briefings. Ross
Whatever it takes to attach Ardern’s name to the overblown LOCKDOWN and subsequent economic DAMAGE to our country so she will be vilified, justifiably, for the remainder of her life which I hope will not be in govt. or even politics. She had no qualifications for the job, is a radical leftist believing in apartheid and other race-based laws and certainly was not elected. She never was my PM. Monica
definitely Thomas
It’s time NZers standup against this socialist government. The idea of “it can’t happen to us” has now been shown up. It CAN happen to us and did. Elsie
There was no pandemic Alan
Yes, there should be an enquiry but the chances of it being independent or unbiased must surely be zero. Arden is way out of her depth, as is the rest of the Government. Fortunately for them the vast majority of the voters are too stupid to see this and will happily vote them back into power in September as long as the the Government continues to throw money around like there is no tomorrow. Gary
While governments make laws they are also subject to those laws. One of the cornerstones of our democracy is the Rule of Law which should be upheld and respected. Laurence
Yes, and also the Government should be made accountable….stepping down from their position as Leader of our Country…. Ish
The Govt needs to be held to account. to ensure future Govts follow the existing pandemic protocols. Panic is contagious particularly when inexperienced poorly educated PM/Govt partners lack real world practical life know how. JA’s agenda got in the way of closing the boarder and quarantine in February that was the most crucial first step not locking up healthy people. Gold standard is the reverse, isolate up the sick. Sam
Seriously, what will an independent enquiry do? The politicians are a law unto themselves, the only way forward I can see is without them. NZ’ers should get together and debate the structure of a new system which removes the politics and corruption. Brooke
The spotlight needs to be shone on the phone and poseur that is Ardern and her bumbling acolytes to protect NZ’s hard-won values. Cargill
Time to move back to Normal and an election. John
This would be appropriate at the best of times. Even if only to learn how to do it better next time, since errors were made. Pieter
I support this – and removing the covid bill which permits govt totalitarian rule Kate
Emphasis on “Independent”. Phil
A full inquiry and a full independent medical one as well , we have to know who died and of what causes their deaths were attributed too as well. Philip
Any control and removal of our civil liberties with or without good intent must be scrutinised thoroughly and in a court of law. Maori must live by NZ law and its enforcement also. Carol
Most certainly, the bunch of ruling MP’s are not to be trusted.A second inquiry should be held into the Maorification of NZ Peter
Absolutely, cannot understand how pm got away with locking us all down. Lorraine
We had very few cases by international standards, hospitals standing half empty with elective surgery postponed to the detriment of the health of many people. And we have far too many small businesses wrecked. Too many people out of work. One good thing – homeless people off the streets, but for how long? Paloma
It needs to evaluate the decisions made and set a criteria for any future outbreaks. Maurie
Citizens are entitled to this to protect their future. Jasmine
What is the point now? The good done by the early lockdown is clearly evi=dent to all. Yes,. the bug is still in the community and we need to be told when it is no longer visible on a microscopic test. (if you know what that is?) What is also clear is that the ignorance of your articles and apparent lack of knowledge about infection, cross-contamination, incubation times, and general good health are all clearly evident to those who can read and write. Ardern has had a job you and others would not have necessarily been able to handle had it been thrust upon you in similar circumstances. She has taken all the relevant advice possible in the face of a medical emergency from which New Zealand has most fortunately emerged relatively unscathed. Do you read the papers about he US of A and the thousands of victims over there? And the rest of the world. ? It’s bad, out there…. Our island status is our great blessing. Thanks Jacinda, for doing your best under impossible circumstances in the face of great ignorance and political posturing. We can rebuild our economy, goodness knows, it’s small enough! Why do the complainers not just shut up and get on with it?? OIf course we can do it….takes time, but get off butts and get on with the job.? Have your enquiry, by all means. but the answers are clear as a bell. NZ has survived well….. Mabel
Words fail me. I am so angry with this incompetent/dangerous government. Roy
It had to be done. Clark
C19 is being hijacked and used to bring in totalitarian rules and laws that go against our democracy. It needs to STOP. Janet
Yes. All its done is destroy NZ’s economy. Also believe the Chinese Communist Party deliberately spread this virus Kay
When seeing the Police stand down at the protest rally at the behest of the Labour Govt why would I think that the Judiciary will be any different? Alan
even though it will be rigged and the people hired will have been told the outcome before the inquiry starts. Charles
This need to be done outside of government control or interference . Suggest NZ Law Society appoint a panel of non political retired trusted judges and fund it by public donation.. We need a peoples court. Neville
Things could clearly have been done much better to have reduced the economic carnage and unnecessary emotional stress around important aspects of every day events such as family deaths.There were too many things that were too inflexible and hypercritical which looked to me to be as a result of a very lazy and incompetent government . Marty
All they had to do was close boarders earlier. Lock down and keep safe, my age group the oldies like me, 81. Dene
We were scared into submission. Lockdown happened so fast no one had time to think. Levonne
IMO, lockdowns anywhere have potential to destroy democracy. Isabel
Great idea Ian
We have to get labour out of Parliament. Or it is the death of NZ as we know it. Please God help us Mary
IT is essential, and the national party needs to bring this about gale
The whole reaction to covid is nothing more than an expensive farce peter
Yep. Let the chips fall where they may! Rob
The lock down was a disgraceful, unnecessary and illegal action. The science does not support it. The economy has been wrecked. Jacinda and the govt should be sacked. Kate
Covid 19 is an extremely serious disease. Even if you survive it can cause blockages in the blood vessels of the brain, extremities, lungs and kidneys which has lead to people having strokes, their fingers being amputated, breathing problems, a life time of dialysis etc. K
unfortunately it will never be a “independent” inquiry as there will be appointed mates of this commie govt and even if it goe’s against them adhern and her cronnies will ignore the findings, just lets get rid of this corrupt gov in sept and hope the other mob act with honesty. Richard
The economy has been destroyed along with the livelihood of thousands of New Zealanders – all for the sake of what? Sure, 22 deaths are 22 too many but a shot of reality wouldn’t go astray! Tony
Yes I support the establishment of an inquiry but the questions to be asked and answered need to be the right ones. If this is left to the Socialists now in power thanks to Winnie we wont ever get to the conclusion that is needed which is to prepare properly for the inevitable next pandemic to arrive on these shores. I wont hold my breath Robin
It could of been managed not needing lockdown, or heavy handed tactics, with the use of fear & lies to control the people Lynda
Why where maori able to illegally stop people Moving through our country this is extreme and totally wrong gutless politicians Did nothing to stop this lousy situation Labour National Goutreens .All pollys No one spoke out. Ian
Yes Immediately william
Totally unnecessary. Covid 19 was less dangerous than the common flu. Only those most at risk such as the elderly should have been isolated. Troy
A great percentage of NZ people are going to put COMRADE ARDERN back into power without realising what they have done. God help all NZer’s ROD
Yes but we all know nothing is ‘independent’ in this current socialist state. Interesting to see our Police are essentially to be dis-armed (current socialist agenda) – we only need Jacinda’s law enforcement troops – house arrests included of course as democratic Police forces are of course far too ‘independent’ for the likes of a socialist state. (Communist actually). It’s great we got to see her personal law enforcement agents out in full force during public Level 2 public gatherings (by the 100’s) – I noticed church services and funerals were still banned and would be enforced by the PM until the Police pointed out doing so would be unlawful. Move over democracy law and order, brutal barbaric totalitarianism here we come. Hannah
It would be too easy for another government at a later date to implement the same take over. wendy
Ardern acting like a dictator and relishing every tv appearance. Jeff
It is a farce, putting in draconian laws. Trudy
As long as it is balanced across the board with MPs from all sides (could do without those loopy greens tho). More of a concern is the $20 billion slush fund which will be used before the election as a lolly scramble to buy votes. There are plenty of gullible idiots who will be bribed for more handouts. Please, voters, vote to get rid of these destructive idiots. Carolyn
covid was a hoax. We need to know the truth niki
As a country we need to focus on moving forward into Pandemic recovery. Colin
I want to see what lengths the current government will go to to defend their position. It won’t be believable but could be entertaining Mike
Absolutely YES. The PM and the government must remain accountable to the electorate or we risk becoming a socialist dictatorship. Take a good look at where we are currently heading and use your vote wisely. Frank
What will an inquiry do, Successive governments will still do the same things next time. An inquiry will not hold anyone to account, just cost the tax payer pore money and will give highly paid jobs to the old boys club Murray
I voted yes, but of course it wont happen. Here are a few predictions, if Labour retains power, post 2020. {1} The official name for New Zealand will become Aotearoa. {2} A written constitution, as proposed by Geoffrey Palmer will be enforced, with the rewritten version of The Treaty of Waitangi stating people of Maori descent will have 50per-cent governance, & their own justice system, which will empty the jails of light brown people. The signing of the UN DECLARATION of THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE by the previous National Government, ensured this would be the outcome. So if you think things are bad now, think again. The brain dead Sheeple of NZ will probably return The Communists now in charge, & ensure what I have mentioned will happen. A.G.R.
I absolutely support an INDEPENDENT INQUIRY into this COVID-19 LOCKDOWN or HOME arrest. especially when it was the sick or potentially infected people who ought to have been Quarantined, not the whole frigging country…!!! So now, Labour will just love the fact that SO many Kiwis will now be dependent on social security or DOLE Benefits…!!! Bruza
There has to be questions asked and laws clarified. We need to know what we can do in the event this happens again. Despite opposition parties questioning the legality of all of this there seemed to be absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop the craziness. There must be a higher authority people can appeal to when they see govt acting outside the bounds of human rights and basic human freedoms. Kelly
yes, this farce has gone on too long..hopefully the election will get rid of this comrade adhern and her dimwit cronies and Dr gobbles james
Great work thx Muriel Daniel
We desperately need to maintain our democracy. It’s the most valuable and precious thing we have. Angela
Waste of time and money. Alastair
It’s over and the people have won. Most by being adherent. We could let this fester for years – why bother Peter
Its already done and past Bob
There certainly MUST be an independent inquiry. Further the inquiry Terms of Reference MUST NOT be defined by the Coalition Government. It needs to address the falsehood, so continuously quoted, of “going early” and the effect this failure has had on the extent of damage incurred to the Nation’s economy, given that it took 43 days after the first case was diagnosed and 15 days after the Police State was created and all citizens and residents were placed under house arrest before the borders were effectively controlled [all persons entering NZ from overseas points of departure were placed in supervised isolation. Taiwan did go early [in late January they introduced enforced protection of those persons most vulnerable to the disease, the strict control and monitoring of all persons entering their country from an overseas location, and an aggressive population testing programme]. Whilst there were some restrictions imposed on restaurants and cafes, the country never shut down its economy, its education establishments, and its parliament and yet, while having a population 478.3% greater than NZ, they have experienced 28.77% of Covid-19 infections and a death rate of 31.8% of those experienced by New Zealand! The next point that must be examined is the number of race-specific considerations given to those persons identifying as Maori, whatever the proportion of their DNA being Maori. Also the uneven-handness in the enforcement of the laws and regulations created by the coalition Government, examples being: 1 the approval by the Government, the Police Commissioner, his Deputy Commissioner and his Area Commanders, of the illegal road-blocks and check-points established through all Levels of Government imposed population control, by those claiming the right to protect their Maori people within their pre-Treaty of Waitangi tribal boundaries; 2. Despite persons being arrested for gathering in groups greater than 10, a Maori Tangi of 50 persons, many of whom were not normally resident in the area, being permitted to proceed, the reason stated as being stopping it would only cause more trouble. 3. The protests mounted in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin purporting to be protesting against the death of US Citizen George Floyd while in police custody, all exceeded the 50 person gathering limitation imposed by the Coalition Government for Level 2 – not one admonition of the organisers, the protestors from the Government, its Health Advisor, Dr Bloomfield, and the Police Commissioner or his respective Area Commanders, nor one arrest by Police. 4. the allocation of $56M specifically for assisting Maori to overcome the effects of COVD-19, these monies being in addition to the monies provided for all businesses and employers. 5. Maori and Pacific Island registered with a GP attracted a COVID-19 funding of $4.50 whilst non-Maori/Pacfic Islander only attracted $1.50. There are many things that the COVID-19 “crisis” has highlighted, and perhaps the most important is how the coalition Government was able to suspend Parliament and enact laws that created a Police State without any reference to the Electorate. The Nazi control of the Reichstag and the nation actually took longer than what Miss Ardern was able to achieve. This Government’s actions in respect of the COVID-19 “crisis” certainly must be the subject of a truly independent inquiry! Michael
Absolutely yes. The country must know that the government acted lawfully. By being an avid socialist Jacinda could use the lockdown as an excuse to introduce her socialist ideals etc on the country. Surely the populace of NZ must see how shallow and inexperienced she is. An inquiry is a must for now and the future emergencies that will come. You can bet she’s dead against it. Peter
It is needed to produce an unbiased report about what was done right and what was done wrong, the consequences of the lockdown and lessons for coping with any future pandemic. Clinton
the lockdown seemed to be “over engineered” Gerard
Start with the Farce of “We went Hard and Early” and move on from there…..Why wasn’t quarantine started earlier, Why was voluntary isolation even contemplated. etc etc Lionel
I have been suggesting this from the start Hugh
I believe the Covid-19 Pandemic, to be a farce and a lie. this was pre-planned years ago to force socialist/communist ideals on the whole world. Do as we say, not as we do!! John
There are things that could have been done differently. Marilyn
In view of what has been allowed to happen and what is currently happening (delay in Level 1) I am beginning to feel that we need to look at this carefully. Sylvia
Jacinda wants everyone to hang on to her words. She Ian playing with us. Let’s just get rid of her at the election – problem solved. Luke
Of the 5, ie USA, Canada, UK and Australia we are the only ones not insisting on a full enquiry. Of course we don’t want to offend our Chinese so called “Friends” !!!!! Alan
It was a farce from the get go… transparently so even Aphrodite
A “royal inquiry” at the very least ! We did NOT go hard and early and we certainly did NOT close our borders as early as we should have ? It took a petition to insist that the Govt. completely close the borders except for returning kiwi’s. As for the self isolation that was also a farce! We MUST have an independent enquiry. Andrew
And not in a year or so Shirley
We must reject communism by stealth. Philip
The rules were made up as she – Captain Jacinda – marched on to a totalitarian rule Sheryl
We have to determine whether the Govt had the legal right to do what they did. Richard
Absolutely we should identify the errors that have been made. Catherine
Presumably the Government will do their own and present it as impartial. An independent version may help to expose the ineptitude in both pandemic response management and post event reporting. TomSpratt
I support an independent inquiry but it simply won’t happen. Any inquiry that does take place will be a complete whitewash. Lee
It is History, and nothing will change that. John
You bet I do, Taxcinda Ardern is a progressive which is another name for communism, so watch NZ if Labour and the stupid Green go back in you will have a 100% social government, and that%u2019s another word for TOTAL control. Athol
This is the only way to bring justice and equality to our nation. Allowing Maori to claim superior rights is unjust and has to stop. They claim indigenous rights when THEY ARE NOT THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE HER. It’s way past time for apologies to be given to the TRUE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE – MORI ORI FOLK FOR THEY WAY THEIR ANCESTORS WERE TREATED BY THE ARRIVING CANOES WITH MAORI SETTLERS. When will truth and honesty become normal here in New Zealand? CTM
An enquiry is an absolute necessity. Bruce
Absolutely, the sooner the better and preferably before the next election and the result made public. As mentioned, Covid 19 will not be the last issue facing the country. Internal strife is not too far away, issues around race increasing and are likely to boil over in the not too distant future. I fear the current government will look at the lockdown and see how easy it was to have the public respond and obey the rules. The police need to look intently at themselves and their reaction, or lack of, when faced with rule breakers of all races. The $50 billion must be the biggest election bribe ever seen, almost anywhere. Ray
The lack of trust was disappointing RICHard
I have no words to sufficiently translate the distain with which I hold Jacinda Adern and her minions in. They, because of their ignorance and ambition to be “Stars on the world stage”, have caused misery to the people of New Zealand. The trouble is though that, as you point out in your newsletter, too, too many of us don’t realise this.. and it’s very worrying. Heather
Bloody important to identify so called “Captain Calls” before they become the norm in New Zealand. Jim
Damn right, but of course will it be allowed to happen by our total controlling PM. I bet not just like she will fight tooth and nail to keep us at Level 2, she is loving this role and prancing around in front of the world media as the darling that save NZ, yeah right! What a crock but then most people totally believe her, Worse luck she is dangerous. Fraser
They would have another East Germany with us if they could get away with it. Wayne
Ardern and her choir of bafoons have damaged OUR Country forever, and MUST stand down immediately before they do MORE damage Mike
But I’ll wager there’s not enough money left to run an inquiry. This country is stuffed thanks to Jacinderella and her commo greenie mates Russ
Waste of Effort and precious Time…the Pain of Humanity is always with us in some shape or form. Let’s just move on to another new day and be happy that the Sun will rise again…. ChrisH
For Ardern to follow and adopt the lockdown panic, it exposes her Marxist ideology perfectly. All the more reason to engage with her ilk to ensure with the utmost energy, that the law be changed, to render a recurrence of such abuse of power impossible. Pwter
yes , most of all of what Dr Muriel has written , all being true and factual ; is and will become more dire as time goes on …..56% of the public appears naive and blind…We are going to NEED a direct democracy system to eventually bring NZ out of the Cactus , as it were . Roy
Should include detail of what the PM was doing & all the PM’s correspondence from 30th Jan 2020 when WHO announced that COVID-19 to be a Public Health Emergency Graham
we must get rid of this useless govt before the country gets into a bigger mess Graeme
Sooner the better Francis
Our liberty and freedom as a democratic country have been horribly abused Sherryle
quicker the better Barry
The lockdown has been too costly Theo
It would be great if this article appeared in every newspaper in the country. Phil
IF we did have an inquiry, and the outcome was that the lockdown was illegal, what are we going to do about it. IF we do have an inquiry, WHO is going to pay for it. WE are now in debt to the tune of Billions, HOW do we pay for it? Bill
Our so called leader overstepped the mark and now we all suffer, and the the present government do not have the expertise to get us out the mess. John
The question will be, can we find independent judges, the bulk of them seem to have a political agenda, and like the members of the govt., have forgotten that they are public servants, OUR public servants, we pay them to represent us and in my opinion, none of them do a terribly good job, there needs to be a big clean out of the judiciary and govt , perhaps a six year term, then off they go, find out how the real world works, this also goes for the Unis also, a good clean out of the staff there every so often, they all behave like squatters, over paid ones I might add. Merryl
Needs to be done and preferably before the election so people (or should I say) the “Sheeple” can see the damage she has caused already as another 3 years and the Socialist state of Aotearoa will be real. Graeme
Govt has overstepped itself should be held accountable John
It is NEEDED Isa
An independent inquiry is most needed due to our Prime minister over use of power that has caused personnel and financial damage that in some cases can not be recovered. ken
Any action that has so far reaching ramifications must be scrutinised if we want to continue to have a free and open society. Tom
I think they can use it as a learning experience as to what can be done better or differently.  Jim
don’t waste more money. Most NZers can see this farce for what it is bill
our prime minister had her own socialist or communistic agenda with reducing new Zealand to the dark ages and has no idea of commercial sense or economics david
It is very evident that Cov-19 is a con. There is now a ton of evidence to support this. With all their resources the COL should have known this BEFORE taking the steps that have wrecked our economy, unless the situation was custom made to fit their socialist agenda to overthrow Capitalism. Ardern is taking the credit for the success of their tactics to holding the fatality rate to such low figures. She had very little to do with this, instead it had everything to do with NZs isolation and the fact that the bug arrived at the end of our summer when natural vitamin D3levels were at seasonal highs for anybody that spent a bit of time out in the sun. There is a high probability that we will see a serious spike in infections as we go further into the cold of winter. Ronmac
At once! Randall
Whilst the lockdown most certainly saved many lives and is admired in US and Europe compared with there dithering and inaction it has gone on too long Alan
With no scope limitations! What an arrogant, stubborn, pig-headed, progressive, destroying idealist she is proving to be. They can’t have taught commonsense at Morrinsville High and Waikato University would deem it ‘beneath’ academia. Come on Muller … get a profile…urgently. David
YES,but it MUST be INDEPENDANT of this govt. as they would white wash it,so judges (with no ties to any labour mp) experts & other qualified people NOT THIS GOVT. or anyone who has ties to it.NZ DESERVES TRUE ANSWERS. Cindy
Yes! definitely an inquiry. Bloomfield is ex W.H.O. Hmmm. Who is controlling WHO now? Don
If you want to see the full text I referred to in my previous comment search on Humair Hague New leader of the free world. geoff
We as a nation should have gone into Alert level 1 last month or before. David
I can’t believe the stupidity of people to put jobs and money making before the lives of citizens. It is patently obvious that if the virus was left to run rampant through New Zealand it would have killed the economy anyway. Businesses would loose custom and the economy would suffer and the recovery period would have taken much longer to come right. I for one believe the government have done the right thing. Take a look at the rest of the world, have they done the right thing? Dennis
Essential because the government did not manage/close the border at a critical time and put the nation at risk. Roger
The Govt were panicked into lockdown based on some people%u2019s assumption. I find it hard to accept that so many people were duped into believing that total lockdown was the answer. Bev
Here we go again, wise in hindsight. If we had many more deaths we would have been asking very different questions. As for the stupid protestors, it is more than likely that the police did not interfere because they did not want another riot similar to that of 1983? I n this case an independent expensive inquiry is not necessary, lets spend our energies on rebuilding the country. As the years go forward those running the country can look back and learn from the past, whether or not the decisions made in this period were right or wrong . It will be very obvious Tom
They make the laws & should be the first to abide by them. Doug
absolutely. It has to happen Kate
There is no place for dictators in NZ Bud
I think the lockdown was too severe. We must learn from the past etc. Errol
Yes definitely. Our government does not have the right to impose any old thing on us without checks. Sheila
It appears that the harsh lock-you-up laws put in place by this government, using Covid-19 as an excuse, is nothing other than a test-case to see how easy it is to establish a Socialist state. This government’s time has expired! Helena
The woman PM is a megalomaniac. Never tells the truth. Will never admit fault or liability. Total flake. No integrity. Robert
this would be welcome claire
Here is Cinda the witchs chief covid19 response advisor https://www.bitchute.com/video/YcxkUlzDH6dt/ Steve
YES – No Government should be able to use a state of emergency to impose new laws that deprive the democratic population of their freedoms. She has done this twice in her dictatorial charade! once with the Christchurch incident and now with COVID. Those advising the Government should not be allowed to use their political affiliations to manipulate the response. They should know that, after the event, they will be held accountable for any transgressions from good practice! Bruce C
Sure I would— BUT — look at the Royal Commission enquiry re the CHCH incident and what came of that ? NOTHING— except punishing Licenced Firearms owners. So– in short— with that devious lot sitting in the Beehive — and that includes this rather useless opposition ( under a new wet sock type of leader) –anything of that sort of enquiry will be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Michael
By all means YES. But it won’t happen under this regime – too busy with Socialism and Marxist theories. Don
It is long overdue. Pierre
Go and live in other countries if you think they have overcome the problem like we have. Michael
jacinda went too far, she has no real business savy at all. norman
We need to know the truth. NZ mass media cannot be trusted. The government cannot be trusted. Richard
Yes not only has it gone on too long it has also been aged based. Anyone over 70 not allowed out at all!!! Many 70 year olds are fitter than 50 or 60 year olds! Margaret
There have been so much dishonesty by the PM over how well we were prepared (when we were not) that the true position and the legality of the lockdown needs to be judicially examined. Neville
It was too heavy handed. Especially after the hospitals were prepared to handle many patients but got only a few. Most cases were from known clusters and were controllable. The huge cost will be felt for years. Many lost their jobs and businesses due to Govt’s too harsh conditions. Graeme
But do we have enough justices with enough balls left to do the right thing? that’s the real question. Norm
Lets not waste any more money on anything.Ad the Police could do nothing about the protest crowding otherwise a riot may have occurred.. David
We must have accountability for all decisions and actions affecting the people of this country. Roger
It must be independent though! Sarah
An independent inquiry is absolutely essential for our future as a country! Ron
Democracy must prevail. Dictatorial actions of the present PM must be checked now before they become empirical. Fred
We need not one, but two inquiries, of Politics and Health. A contrived health scientism is the fertile soil of a plandemic. This goes to the heart of our civilization. If we don’t fix this, we will never get ahead. Robert
The govt acted illegally and now must bear the consequences John
yes by all means ,if you can get non bias agenda free, truthful individual/s to head up any inquiry!!!! are there any left out there!!!??? wayne
I don’t blame the Prime Minister entirely as she was reliant on what was supposed to be the best medical advice.Whatever decision was made had the possibility of error. We must learn from this catastrophe and put in place more realistic plans for future similar situations. The inquiry should particularly look at the way Sweden handled this crisis and study the balance of costs and gains in this country. Denis
It is high time that NZ citizens held their employees, politicians and government employees, to account. Alan
I sincerely believe our Government is doing an excellent job and much of this article is shameful. Would you prefer to have a situation like America when many well meaning citizens have grouped together. Yes it was against the spirit of the current level 2 status but turning a blind eye in these instances were in my mind forgivable and the Police recognised this. Peter
Most definitely. Our economy has been utterly trashed – and for what?!! I’m sure the virus would have been contained once our borders were locked except for returning Kiwis who would go into immediate quarantine. I’m in total disbelief how so many people could even think of viewing our PM as a saint. She’s quite the opposite. There are definitely a lot of Sheeple in our country. Helen
Would be a waste of yet more “public” money. I would not have mattered what action the Government took or didn’t take , there would have been a politically motivated outcry that it was wrong. Let’s consider ourselves lucky to have survived and let’s get on with normal life! David
Double standards from this current government Lawrie
The whole world is facing Covid-19 consequences. I am happy with the way the gumming responded, after viewing the health system overloads overseas. If they hadn’t done this, our death toll would have been much higher. (Not a Labour supporter). Lesley
We badly need an enquiry into Covid as the Prime Minister has pulled the wool over our eyes Tony
Yes, as long as it’s not too costly nor drags on too long. Jenny
It’s a must do Trevor
Thanks for highlighting the hypocrisy of the PM An Inquiry is urgently needed! Ian
This should never be allowed to ever happen again. The government acted unlawful. Peter
And it has to be Independent of any Political Bias or Interference, because I have a feeling that it would influence the outcome of the next General Election. That’s of course if it was done before the Election !! Geoff
The question of legality of what this government has imposed upon us all needs to be reviewed. As we now know it was based on incorrect information so to this needs to be examined to avoid a repeat of this tragedy. Chris
Yes if that is possible. Cyril
I think this would be a valuable safeguard. Bryan
Even governments need to be accountable What happens if the Covid 19 is gone and the mess is left and we want the answers John
If mistakes were made they need to be acknowledged so as to avoid repeating them. Mark
The terms of reference should not be set by the government, nor by the PM Ross
Should include the timeline and ask why the government did not not choose to keep out the virus from early February when it had all the information about the potential economic / health disaster. Totally agree it is a 4-act farce and sadly he current NZ government is now racing to be a leader of the global surveillance society Aleandrina
It is imperative we control our future Governments to do what we the people voted them to do otherwise Dictatorship and racism will thrive and ruin NZ Brianb
This is essential we can’t afford to lose our minds like this again. The entire response has been an unmitigated stuff up – the Govt has a deathgrip on a single course of action and are now so invested in it that they will drive us all off the cliff. So much for being guided by ‘the science’. Whatever happened to amending your hypothesis when faced with contradictory evidence???? Jeff
There are too many instances of overlooking people%u2019s rights Gareth
149 corrupt countries signed the same coronavirus deal and the other who didn’t sign the deal don’t have the virus . So the virus arrived on a pen Trevor
It will decide if Jacinda was on the right track to protect the health or the wealth of NZ Warren
But the govt will not take any notice. They have many times shown their intentions to follow their own agenda Maueice
NZ HAS to turn the dangerous proliferation of APARTHEID around. Geoff
Totally political power play Ian
Absolutely not.. I am surprised that in these times the guardians of the right would even dream of wasting taxpayers money on yet another junket. The government has done the right thing with Covid – get over it. David
For sure it was extremely harsh we should have just shut the boarders and quarantined any resident returning Peter
I agree with an inquiry as long as it considers the balance of keeping all the population healthy against keeping all workers in work. Jon
Under National Government we would be seeing deaths in the thousands. The power to isolate dates back over 100 years – keep an eye out for my forthcoming paper in the NZLJ. National did nothing to amend the Health Act 1956 during its time in office and now cries fowl! Or should that be bat? Michael
The whole affair is a carefully orchestrate scheme to disrupt elections & the spread of REAL news worldwide. Just ask why the chinese sealed wuhan off from the rest of china but allowed the airport to fly 40,000 odd infected people out of china to spread the virus????? More people die of the common flu than this chinese import!!!! Honest Dave
A waste of money. We have been one of the luckiest countries in the world regarding Covid-19 due to our Governments quick action It is better to be sure than sorry. Jan
It is quite clear our freedoms have been arbitrarily removed by a Stasi-like government. This woman must be held to account. Jenny
The lockdown, while apparently very successful in suppressing Covid-19, has caused excessive long-term damage to New Zealand’s economy Terry
I support an inquiry. However there will not be any action until after the general election by which stage will may well be subjected to another 3 years of the present disaster regime. Peter
But I seriously doubt such an enquiry would be sanctioned by any of the political parties that sanctioned the lockdown as, if truely independent it would expose the whole political system in new Zealand to the charade that it really is. Victor
The real question is “why not”? (What can possibly go wrong?) Mike
Consistence in approach is important and it must be seen as being fair and justified Harvey
The lockdown has succeeded in basically eliminating the virus and businesses and the economy would be badly affected whether we had a lockdown or not as this is global and if many people were ill the economy could not function. Lynne
I agree that the PM panicked and used a flawed analysts info on the likely number of possible deaths from this virus. I think she used this opportunity to impose her socialist ideology on NZ. Shame on her. Murray
We are proud of what we have achieved now let’s concentrate on pulling together to get the economy moving again Liz
And not only the action taken by the Government but also into the individuals that promoted , with alarmist jargon aimed at the elderly and social dependents. What occurred on Monday , condoned by the PM and her Government, (all three parties) indicated the strength and belief of the Socialist element working inside our Government .The Opposition need to stand up and not continue the PC rhetoric with fear of being pilloried by the social media. Barry
There was no need for a lockdown in the nature of what NZ has experienced. In fact had NZ had a competent Minister of Health, and a competent Minister of immigration the NZ border would have been closed to non isolated arrivals from February, when it was apparent to the rest of the World: that the Coronavirus was a very unknown disease. Bob
We must have an enquiry, certainly before the election too.  
So we can finally find out some of the details behind the police involvement with iwi in the the roadblocks and what really happened. Roger
All major moves made by this govt. should be investigated. William
Ardern is deliberately ruining the N.Z. economy for her hidden agenda for a socialist/communist government. I want to know from whom is she borrowing all these billions. Maybe China? Denis
In some ways the whole thing was a farce. We have 500 people die from the flu every year. True this appeared more contagious but did it cause more deaths in proportion to the normal yearly seasonal flu epidemics? Because of the devastating effects that this whole pandemic on NZ there needs to be an independent inquiry as to legality and relevance of what has happened, Kevin
Waste of time & money. Jacinda & her mob wouldn’t pay it any attention. Bob
5 million healthy people were quarantined for 5 weeks because of a flu that the bodys immune system naturally fights. Toni
Yes Jacinda has to be held accountable for her decisions Robbie
This Governments knee jerk reaction wrecked my business. I want compensation. About Level 1. For my business I need this stupid Birder Quarantine rule lifted. If Asymptomatic, then I should be able to do managed isolation at home. About Testing. NZ should be testing or Antibody in the population. Instead they focus on Antigen testing. Why has this government banned the import of Antibody test kits? Tony
Socialist Cindy & her cronies are doing their best to follow the the new left order by destroying the economy & running the country like a police state dictatorship, she is borrowing billions from China & put N.Z. in a no win situation. An inquiry is needed & she needs to GO. The lock down was a farce. Allen
Although I support a Lock-down enquiry I have to ask what it would ultimately achieve. Would anybody be held to account? Knowing our current crop of politicians it would be a blah blah blah fest costing lots of money but with no final actions! Graham
Was it done legally and responsibly or with autocratic basis, poor effects model research and consequence – economic ignorance/chaos. Stan
This lockdown appears to be the part of some oppressive agenda to erode rights, lessening people%u2019s autonomy over their own bodies and cause economic situations that make more people reliant on government assistance and control. The fact that from very early on in the pandemic it became apparent that there was no sound and scientific reason for such harsh measures is why I believe we must have a robust and independent inquiry. Shelley
What can it possibly achieve that waiting for a world wide post Covid=19 analysis won’t. Kirke
She is still lost with no clues except a plan to splurge and borrow. I feel absolute dread for my children who will never get to experience the New Zealand that I grew up in and will pay for her mistakes for years to come. Mike
Even if a government acts “for the benefit of all of its citizens”, its actions are and must be subject to scrutiny. That is how out system operates. It is a basic function of New Zealand’s system of government. The behaviour of some of New Zealand’s citizens during the Covid19 outbreak has been very questionable. Michael
Jacinda keeps quoting we went early (no) & we went hard (yes) but she had plenty of warning from China USA Britain etc to little to late finally February Jacinda sends a busload to Whangaparoa 14 days isolation which is correct but then allows self isolation no checking when you go to the supermarket. A lot of lives could have been saved if Jacinda went early & hard when the signs were all too obvious. Ronald
Ridiculous – the present government has done a great job with the covid-19 lockdown. They have also taken medical/health advice and made intelligent decisions. This is just electioneering nonsense. Jan
also want answers why the Maori’s could lock down roads but we were not allowed protesters could march in their hundreds we were only allowed10 Cherryl
What has happened thanks to “Her Majesty” JA is outrageous. Kind?!!!! Louise
Absolutely 100% YES. We need a review dealing in facts & not the emotional defensive justifications we are being bombarded with by Cindy & her idiots. Mark
Just another waste of money, get rid of the cause …. the present stupid government ! BRYAN
Who would set the terms of reference? This is critical. Allan
But the world still only has rose coloured glasses when seeing Jacinda. Umair Hague writes on the Eudaimonia web site an article which will raise her status to a living Saint , including ” New Zealand did something that’s still understated, beautiful, and funny: they age the middle figure to the worlds’s strong men, collectively and elected a…… Young woman from the left” It seems that his fact checker was taking a day off when he wrote that. Geoff.
She is continuing to look foolish with every utterance, deflection and obfuscation John
I think the total lockdown was correct. No time to wait for law changes to allow what happened. But we need to go to level 1 immediately. Heather
Which MUST include establishing any blame and subsequent liability for the effects of the decisions made. Vernon
It’s a MUST, if for no other reason than to know what not to do next time. Maddi
Absolutely! This socialist Government needs to be held to account for bringing this country to it’s knees and to creating a separatist society based on race Darryl
Yes, even though Comrade Cindy and her Govt will probably just dismiss the results. John
Would waste money on a junket for participants producing a pointless report which everyone will ignore. Michael
It’s a must Graeme
Even early front line data showed covid-19 to no worse than the flu. Latest shows even less than – total farce. Gary
The actions of this government have been devastating to the country. The Govt has destroyed the fabric small to medium business, the life blood of the country, and turned a huge number of people into being “dependent” on welfare. I believe this is part of a deliberate plan and the bacterial virus released on the world was an excuse to push UN agendas. Like the abortion law change with no public conflation. I believe this has been done illegally, and must be repealed. The whole Govt approach to the issue stinks of corruption. Neil
JA destroyed NZs future due to her ineptitude Jeff
Lock down destroyed so many businesses and lives. We haven’t even seen the start of what’s going to happen to this Country and Society until after the elections and 10 yrs further on. Colin
an inquiry is a start, a plan for future incursions is needed now. Not just this government but previous ones have neglected new zealands bio-security for too long. Customs is an underfunded joke just like MPI’s governance. ambulance at the bottom of the cliff policies that penalise the innocent. Mycoplasma bovis is just one example of this that ruined alot of farmers. More needs to be done for this country’s bio-security. With covid the government was dilatory and should have quarantined international travelers in hotels at tax payer expense back in january. We should never have gone into lockdown in the first place. The red mare needs to go back to the fish shop instead of flaunting it in front of the cameras. Mark
transparency is all. Piet
Yes. “Go hard and go early” policy as marketed by Ardern was in reality “start too late, go too far and for too long”. Dragging this out further is a farce. Tony
about time Ian
The terms of reference will have a significant effect on the outcome. Terry
But only with wide ranging powers to consider all aspects of the Govts response to Covid 19. Not the narrow based conditions that predetermine the outcome robin
An inquiry into the greatest scam and egregious abuse of power on the public of New Zealand must be investigated and one can only hope that Jacinda and her band of Socialist can be held accountable for locking up all law abiding citizens and destroying peoples businesses and live. John
Ardern wants the maori vote Jimmy
I agree so that in future situations like this, we have learned valuable lesson on how to deal with then. Not just for one party’s political benefit frank
Independent? You must be joking: any inquiry will be stacked with Labour-Green toadies, as that’s the way this government operates. Graham
Commonly known as ACCOUNTABILITY and most definitely for the huge REVERSE racism we have suffered during this period which has been TOTALLY condoned. Brian Walker. Brian
Ocean borders to close small population to manage we should never shut our economy down. Shocking thing to do Gail
Our leader is a sheep in wolves clothing and has her own agenda Laurie
This is a must if we are to have any hope of returning to any semblance of of a society which allows personal freedom within reasonable bounds based on common sense Gordon
Absolutely – Jacinda’s socialist agenda has destroyed our economy Dave
Definitely. I think we closed our borders too late. Graeme
The cost to individual freedom and to the economy cannot go unchallenged. David
We have done well to get this far. Diane
Absolutely. Our Country will never completely recover.:( Robyn
I would like it to commence right now and be concluded if possible before the election. Chris
It was a move to communism do what Jacinda says mentality Liz
especially as it was not enforced on some segments of the community erin
Jacinda has made a fool of us all with her socialist agenda she saw the opportunity to make us all like pawns in a chess game and is in no hurry to let go this is the cost a of a pretty face running a country with no regard to all of us truely as left wing as you can get Russell
Ardern and her cohorts need to have their actions before and during the unlawful, lockdown investigated thoroughly by an independent group of people. That is the only way that they will be held to account for their undemocratic, dictatorial actions, Allan
The captain who’s call led us onto the rocks really needs hauling over the coals. Roger
YES!!! Of course, no one should be able to cause all this damage to a nation without investigation. We haven’t seen the true effects of the handling of Covid 19 yet, wait until we do. It is going to be ugly. Grahame
This Labour infringement on the social fabric of out country has been dictatorial in its reach. Not only on our civil liberties but also has wrecked out economy, where we have gone form having a ordered and productive into one where we have NO GDP and businesses and companies NOT to mention their employees are NO having to support themselves with welfare handouts, and on Benefits (If our WIN’s operators deem you to be able to receive one. With WIN’s there are two groups depending on RACE but in most cases its the bias of the person you are assigned to, it depends on the person involved. Carl
Labour is keeping NZ’rs alive & safe Kevin
all governments must be held accountable to their actions and not held above the law. Without an independent enquiry a message is being sent that says Governments can do whatever they like with immunity. Gael
Yes the Princess ,her Mandarins and the Police all need to Need to be held to account for their actions and words DrPhil
I agree with Amy in that so many think she can do no wrong and as for Ashley well he needs to be sacked for his rubbish dished out to us all along with the new police chief who is a political puppet Allan
why waste money judges are rich enough Michael
I feel like it’s a big piss take now! Shane
It’s a CCP scam Greg
Stupid not to look under the bonnet Collin
Pigs will be flying by before this inquiry is commissioned by the fellow comrades of this govmint – betcha! Dick
The lockdown has turned into a disaster for NZ. Sure the disease has been contained, but that would have happened anyway once the borders were controlled and testing and tracing got underway. There was no need to destroy the economy and people’s lives. Tim
Jacinda Ardern acted unlawfully. And yes, an inquiry is needed into how on earth such a thing could happen. Brian
By ignoring the law, Ardern and her mob have been free to destroy the economy. That so many people regard her as a saint is unbelievable. Amy
Definitely an inquiry is needed – to hold back a whole country on the basis of one CONTAINED case is ridiculous beyond words. Those who are losing their businesses and homes should be able to sue. Chris
An inquiry is definitely needed. The government acted illegally. Phillip