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A Cultural Takeover

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The Maori Party has rejuvenated itself since its election defeat in 2017 by becoming more radical. With little chance of winning a place in Parliament, it is releasing extremist policies to try to get noticed. In so doing, it is revealing the divisive separatist agenda that underpins the Maori sovereignty movement.

To coincide with last week’s Maori Language Week, the Maori Party announced they want New Zealand to be officially renamed “Aotearoa”. Not ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’, just ‘Aotearoa’.

They regard all English place names as ‘cultural oppression’ and they want the present-day names of cities and towns to be replaced with Maori names by 2026. Not dual names, so non-Maori speakers will understand what they mean, only Maori names.

Asked why shouldn’t there be dual names, the founder of the Maori Party and former co-leader Dame Tariana Turia said, “Why should we allow dual names? You came to our country and changed all of these places and names to suit yourselves. This is our country. We should be entitled to have our place names – the names we believe are important.”

Questioned on whether the Maori Party was worried their policy would create a backlash, she replied, “Of course it will risk a backlash because we have a lot of ignorant people in this country.”

The Maori Party candidate Rawiri Waititi said renaming New Zealand and its place names would be a bold move that “elevates te reo Maori to its rightful place” – in other words, a dominant position over English.

The Maori Party’s Maori language policy states, “It is the duty of the crown to do all that it can to restore the status of our Reo to where it was when they arrived on our whenua.”

Accordingly, they want significantly more resources poured into resurrecting the language – presumably paid for by those taxpayers Tariana Turia describes as ignorant.

As Marama Fox, then a co-leader of the Maori Party explained back in 2016, the Maori language is a key to part of their long term plan to take over the country: “In her vision, New Zealand would gradually move to its own unique form of governance, one that would abandon the Westminster model in favour of Maori customs, principles and values.”

She had ‘plotted it out’: “It would take 36 years – 12 election cycles – for a Maori sovereignty party to share government… it’s a radical vision… but if we believe in it, then we need to march towards it. The critical step in shifting New Zealand thinking is to make the Maori language a core subject in the country’s schools.”

Marama Fox argued that “people look at things differently once they’ve acquired te reo. The Maori world view is different and that’s expressed in the language. The language unlocks our history and our thinking.”

In other words, the compulsory teaching of the Maori language would enable Maori culture to dominate. It’s no wonder Maori sovereignty advocates are pushing so strongly for the compulsory teaching of the Maori language in schools. It’s a pre-requisite for their march to power.

What is disturbing – if news reports are to be believed – is that those New Zealanders who are enthusiastically embracing the learning of the Maori language appear oblivious to the underlying threat to our Kiwi way of life.

The Maori language is already being used as a weapon of control by the cultural police who are everywhere – vigilant and nasty, abusing people if they criticise, mispronounce, or, it seems, even use the language.

Signs of such problems are often dismissed as political correctness gone mad, but they are real – and serious – as this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, veteran journalist Bob Edlin, explains:

“A leather shop in Wellington apologised after coming under fire for unwittingly taking its name from the Maori word huruhuru. The owners of the leather shop removed their store’s Facebook page after being sent abusive messages, insults, and racist slurs but said they couldn’t afford to rename the store…

“Aynur Karakoch who owns the Huruhuru leather store in Wellington with her husband Ercan said they had chosen the name in a bid to ‘embrace’ the Maori language and culture. ‘We do not have any intention to offend anybody regardless of nationality or religion, and we are sorry if some people got offended’…

“The store had opened just a few weeks earlier and its name had been registered with New Zealand’s Intellectual Property Office, which cleared it with a Maori committee beforehand.”

In other words, the couple had done everything right by getting their intellectual property application signed off by IPONZ – the government agency that provides advice on whether Maori words and designs can be freely used, or whether they might offend Maori and need to be evaluated by the Maori Trade Marks Advisory Committee.

This vetting process should ensure that such businesses avoid accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’ – attempting to gain commercial benefit from Maori culture. But in addition, the ‘official’ status of the Maori language should mean it is freely available for anyone to use.

This view is shared by Dr Steve Elers, a senior lecturer at Massey University’s school of communication, journalism and marketing, who says he no longer believes in the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’: “I don’t have a problem with anyone, anywhere in the world using Maori names, imagery, and other cultural signs. Previously, I thought it was ‘offensive’, but I no longer hold that view.”

As Bob Edlin explains the problems the leather shop faced were caused by the activist Te Hamua Nikora, who objected to their use of a Maori word in their name: “Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation. It’s that entitlement disease they’ve got. Stop it. Use your own language.”

Mr Nikora, who runs the vigilante Facebook group ‘Our Culture is Not Your Paycheck’ promotes violence against non-Maori businesses that use Maori words: “This group has been set up as a place where we can share such businesses as we find them, then as a united front make a move against them to get them closed down.”

He lists the sort of messages that should be sent to such businesses: “On behalf of the Maori people I demand you stop!!!; My culture is not your pay check!; My culture is not yours!!!; You are now on a watch list; You will be watched, you will be hassled, you will be cajoled until the day you cease and desist your disgusting appropriation of my culture.”

Back in March, the Kapiti Coast makers of Indiginous Gin were also victimised by the group – even though the targeted product had been on the market for over a year. Accused of cultural appropriation and violently attacked on social media by those same culture bullies, they binned their officially approved brand name and carefully designed label, saying, “We unreservedly apologise for any offence. It was certainly never intended”.

Such threats and intimidation are unlawful.

Threatening to harm people or property is an offence under section 307A of the Crimes Act. The penalty is up to seven years in prison – if the threat causes “significant disruption of the activities of the civilian population” and creates a risk to public health.

On-line threats are also against the law, with perpetrators facing up to two years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000, under section 22 of the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

In addition, using a Facebook group to threaten and intimidate others is a breach of the company’s rules – it should be closed down.

Claims that Maori language and culture are being inappropriately used to offend Maori have led governments down the rabbit hole of “cultural training”.

This form of indoctrination gained official status when Helen Clark’s Labour Government adopted ‘cultural competency’ standards into law.

The concept has been expanded over the years – including when the former National Government forced it into the education system.

Now, under Jacinda Ardern’s administration, it is being infiltrated across the state sector.

The lead agency is Te Arawhiti, the Office for Maori Crown Relations that was set up to give Maori leaders a greater influence within government.

According to their website, the Maori Crown Relations Capability Framework is key to coordinating ‘capability’ building within the government service.

Their objective appears to be to elevate the position of Maori to a privileged status through goals which “enable New Zealanders to recognise the place of Maori, as tangata whenua, in New Zealand”; “acknowledge the significant contributions of Maori to New Zealand”; “enable Maori to exercise rangatiratanga”; “ensure racial equity and address structural discrimination across the public service”…

One of the key proficiencies identified for state servants is “Understanding racial equity and institutional racism”.

The framework requires that staff: “Can describe the difference between casual racism, internalised racism and structural racism; Has knowledge of structural racism and can locate self within it; Understands the cumulative impact of structural discrimination”.

Staff are also expected to recognise the evils of colonisation: “Read research or commentaries on institutional racism, critical consciousness, colonisation and decolonisation; Attend anti-racism training or work through anti-racism programmes; Understand the ongoing impacts of colonisation for Maori; Understand how the impacts of colonisation may affect people’s attitudes and behaviours today.”

Their indoctrination even promotes Maori activism: “Understands the history and importance of Maori activism in shaping and building the Maori Crown relationship.”

The framework suggests that public servants should be “Open to unlearning western style models and approaches” and be prepared to “Attend residential immersion programmes”.

Is such racist brainwashing imposed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern any different from the so-called ‘cultural training’ that communist dictators have forced onto citizens throughout history?

Costing millions of dollars, these programmes are ‘training’ government workers to believe the divisive anti-New Zealand propaganda promoted by the radical separatists in the Maori sovereignty movement. Based on ‘critical race theory’, which is the Marxist doctrine that also underpins the Black Lives Matter movement, they are taught that all white people are deemed to be guilty of racism, whether they intend it or not.

Such indoctrination not only divides Kiwi society, but it runs counter to the fundamental belief in equal rights upon which our nation was built.

It’s a similar situation in the United States, where Federal employees are being forced to “attend trainings where they are told that virtually all White people contribute to racism or where they are required to say that they benefit from racism”.

This led the US President earlier this month to order the White House Office of Management and Budget to eliminate any trace of “critical race theory” in the Federal Government.

He has condemned far-left theories that “defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children” and wants to end any involvement in such theories by the federal government.

As a result of the directive, the White House said, “The days of taxpayer funded indoctrination trainings that sow division and racism are over. Under the direction of President Trump, we are directing agencies to halt critical race theory trainings immediately.”

Federal agencies are required to identify and terminate all contracts that relate to training on “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” or any other propaganda that suggests that either the country is inherently racist or evil, or that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.

The full memo, which can be read HERE, concludes, “The divisive, false, and demeaning propaganda of the critical race theory movement is contrary to all we stand for… and should have no place in the Federal government.”

With New Zealand now in a recession, do we have a political leader committed to reducing unnecessary government spending, who will terminate all taxpayer-funded cultural training programmes and eliminate the racist indoctrination that is being forced onto our country?

A cultural takeover is well underway in New Zealand. Modern-day Marxism is marching through our institutions, academia, and the media. It is largely funded by taxpayers. If it is not stopped, it will threaten democracy itself.

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Absolutely ! James
I most heartedly agree. Brian
Its a joke.. Brooke
Divisive nonsense. If Maori want it, they can pay for it. After all, there has been enough given to the under the Treaty. Grahame
Enables division and fosters inverse racism which has become more evident in our rural and regional communities. There are inequities that Pakeha living in these areas experience or witness but feel intimidated in speaking out about. Jocelyn
We need a referendum on what New Zealand’s name should be; no dual names. I intensely dislike the sound of the maori language and will never use it. Many of the cultural aspects such as tribalism, haka, tattoos are brutal, backward and divisive. Of course, the leftwing Marxists such as Comrade Ardern need this division to advance their revolting policies. We need our own MAGA – Make Ardern Go Away.! Has Judith Collins got the courage to make a Don Brash-type Orewa speech on all this mumbo-jumbo cultural propaganda? Then she would be in government in a flash. Monica
Absolutely disgusting waste of money Roger
Legislated divisions based on race inevitably end up causing mayhem. Is this what Maori leaders actually want? Alec
new zealand for ever graham
This type of cultural racism is like something nasty growing on something rotten. Richard
Enough tax money to these radical racists. Successive Governments with no ethics or honesty prostitute the tax payer for votes, promoting racial division with no thought to the civil unrest that will come. How can it not with maori language nonsense being fed daily to every facet of society, racial indoctrination in schools, RNZ/TVNZ B..S. Tariana Turia; what a sad example she is spewing her bile. New Zealand ceased to be a pleasant society long ago. Contact with Govt/councils becomes cringe worthy; forced to be assaulted with a B..S language. Press 1 for English, press 2 for maori. Every other country in the world offers a language choice, but not New Zealand. Why??? we will get what we deserve. Sam
We need to get back on track with the philosophy that we are “One Nation” The Treaty of Waitangi is a ploy for Solicitors to make money out of the redundant treaty Wayne
Also we’ve given them too much. If my business goes bankrupt that’s that. But is maori cry hard up the government cheque book comes out and away they go again. Tax now that’s a good one, maori trusts don’t pay tax. Rates there’s another way we’re ripped off, their rates are rebated. They don’t face the real world. They have just as much opportunity and more possibilities than the rest of us. So why should we continue to pay them to financially abuse us? Robin
We’ve given them (moari) too much already. This is not their country it’s our country. I hate some of my taxes being used against me. Robin
Absolutely ! James
Most Maori have european blood in them we should all be NZ ers !! Ross
It might stop the brain washing? Dawson
ASAP or sooner…… wayne
Totalitarian Society NZ, here we come, with us all speaking Cuzzy Bro Language and attending brainwashing indocrination training programmes in Aotearoa………”The Land of the WRONG WHITE CROWD…..!!! All of what the activist maori are wanting to, or have already implemented actually contravenes the Treaty of Waitangi which includes ALL Kiwis, not a select few radicals who would like to dictate to us all how NZ ought to be run……yet another farce and with the Sars-Cov2 debacle still simmering along, I wonder how many of the “SHEEPLE” will vote for “Jacindarella”, The Smiling Assassin, Nazi-Adern, Stalinella……etc., if they do, we can KISS goodbye to Democracy as we once knew in NZ. The maori people are NOT indigenous as they immigrated here themselves while other civilisations occupied the land and a very contraversial book “Forbidden History” by John Dudley Allworth may well have many of the answers along with “Skeletons in the Closet” on You Tube, which I imagine will never make it to our TV screens and book list at schools for compulsory reading, as we can’t possibly allow the TRUTH to come out. In fact, I believe that most of the maori people are “Spiritually Bankrupt due to the fact that they refuse to recognise that any other civilisation has lived here before them and until they do admit it, they will struggle in all aspects of there lives because of that concept and they will never allow DNA Testing on any bones found, as they may belong to another race altogether…!!! bruza
yes chris
too little too late. The maorification of NZ (not aotearoa) is well under way bill
We had enough of cultural handouts! Nancy
We have too much violence and thieving already which appears to be part of Maori culture without teaching more of it peter
We need to all become ‘Kiwis’ – Maori activism is divisive. Gerry
Of course we shouldn’t stand for these brainwashing programmes. No politician has the guts to do the right thing. Brent
I still hold onto the ideal of what New Zealand was when I immigrated here as a child, a land of opportunity, populated with races from all over the globe, racism in general did not exist as we were all Kiwi’s. Unfortunately this Socialist government, ably abetted by academia and radical maori are creating racism by their very actions, so no we must stop this trojan horse of “cultural training” if we are to save our country. John
Most definitely. It is completely inappropriate and a further example of the creep of racist policies. David
I am curious about what culture they are talking about? Is it the 18th Century stone age cannibal culture, with no written language and no wheel? I like to ask Maori cultural promoters one simple question: If after the Maori arrived in NZ, NZ had been hidden in a mist or whatever, do you think today Maori would have cars, modern medicine, computers, etc.? The best thing would be to get over the past and all New Zealanders get together to solve the real problem of declining freedom from a bloated high taxing over regulating socialist government fast becoming totalitarian. Larry
Absolutely! Carol
This cultural training nonsense has been gaining momentum for some time and unless one of the major political parties has the balls to put a stop to it just as trump has this country will become a very dark divisive society. dave
New Zealand heading to be an Apartheid country? Mike
Care about NZ’s future peace and prosperity? Vote New Conservative for a party committed to democratic values. Fiona
What the Maori party want is very similar to what the Nazi party wanted in the 1930s. This is frightening stuff. we should be afraid. Very afraid. Alison
All racist moari practices should stop immediately. And while we are at it, I want all moari references (statues etc removed because their ancestors were cannibals and it is unacceptable today that they are recognised like this. Mark
Immediately Dennis
There is no place for this BS in our society where everybody is regarded as equal under the Law Pete
Absolutely , I am 75 years old and I am watching OUR country go down the gurgler with this Maori BS I grew up in Morrinsville before JA was a freckle in her mothers eye and my 2 best mates were both Maori . I ate at their table and they ate at mine.I long since gone but have never forgotten my maori mates Racisim ???? We never heard the word because we were all one people Allan
Yes it should, we are all Kiwis whether brown or white, same laws for all. Theo
Hell yes.’ Do it by lunchtime ‘. Comrade Cindy needs to pull her head in. Anyone with half a brain can see that following that path will eventually spell big trouble for this country. The state should stay out of it and let nature take its course. Peter
I consider racial appropriation by far the greatest threat facing NZ. The snowballing effects of cultural ascendency are already of avalanche proportions. Cultural privilege has already overtaken our cherished equanimity. Notwithstanding the massive concessions already made, new demands surface daily. If you have any doubt as to where this is leading, go live awhile in Africa – I have just returned from 30 years there. Keith
New Zealand for all New Zealanders. The “democratic” government is elected to represent all, not just a few. Gary
It has gone to far and now is a great opportunity unfund it John
When Europeans first found NZ the inhabitants were illiterate, stone-age cannibals. European colonisation lifted them out of that Geoffrey
It should never have started in a so called non racist country. Once again The labor and National parties are responsible for imposing Marxist dogma on the population mainly through the education system. This is creeping socialism and if you support it vote for the two responsible political parties. Rex
We are all now New Zealanders. Maori are New Zealanders, Europeans are New Zealanders. Other immigrants are New Zealanders. Because all race groups have come to New Zealand to make it our home. It is long past irrelevant who came here first, the important thing is that we are all here to stay, that will never change – and more will be coming. Facts we must live with. Let%u2019s just get on with it, as New Zealanders. LUKE
I’m absolutely sick of the Maori-isation of everything in New Zealand as if there has been no contribution over the last 150 years by non-Maori. Now, it seems all the central and local government ministries, departments and entities have been told to adopt Maori names (eg. the new name for the NZTA). Why? NONE of these entities existed before later arrivals (ie. non-Maori) came to NZ. The vast bulk of modern living originated overseas. Auckland is a city based on overseas concepts. It was largely conceived, designed and built by non-Maori using techniques, tools and materials that were conceived, designed and used overseas for centuries. So, why should the name Auckland be changed just because the Maoris knew the LOCATION of the city by another name? I refuse to be a second-class citizen in NZ. I refuse to diminish the contribution made to NZ by non-Maori. We are forever told the lie that the Treaty of Waitangi signalled an equal partnership so why do the Maori extremists keep attempting a King Canute approach to rolling back the tide of everything non-Maori. Gary
This website needs a makeover. It could become the opposition voice to MSM John
Absolutely – complete waste of our money Dave
WE should be funding the poor and homeless not racial policy and we are in a recession Barry
It has got my haggles prickly….. RICHard
the poll is 2 value logic, but given thin end of wedge , who drives the agenda? The Crown historically has not kept many deals with Maori, the bank Cartel debt-money system, oppresses all New Zealanders, not just Maori. I get sick of Maori names for modern concepts. They dredge up weird analogies that probably 1% of NZers can even guess at. I Don’t get me started John
This is similar to Maoist and Stalinist cultural purging programs. It is marxist, divisive and dangerous. It should be opposed tooth and nail. JJ
Government racial training is in itself racist. It should be stopped. Clive
We are, supposedly, a team of 5m and therefore there is no need to treat anybody differently. In fact, we have a special act that covers just that, the Human Rights Act. John
Of course not. The media have a lot to answer for. Martin
Let the different cultures fund their own cultural training, for Governments to do it, it is racist!!. Boy! that would stop the Maori racists as without Government funding they would get no where, Eric
Most definitely yes! Read a 164 page Tross Publishing book called BLOOD and TEARS. It is a memorial to those killed by tribal and related violence, if you can stomach it. It is the great untold story of New Zealand. Don
The president of a nation comprising approx 2.5 million and 13 different ethnicities one said: “When you leave your house , leave your culture and beliefs at the door, because then you are no longer a,b,c,d, etc. you are a X like everyone else. What language you speak Etc. In your house is your business. Outside it is everyone’s business.” Elsie
Sooner the better wayne
All forms of seperatism should be stopped. Jens
Very worried about the direction NZ is headed. Adele
What they are really promoting is Maori spirituality, but calling it Maori cultural values. Using their values Willson the country down really quickly. Martyn
I am utterly sick of maori forcing their culture on 80% of kiwis we are not Maoris we are New Zealanders Ian
This is not the time for culture-talk when the world is in the state it is nor do we need racial arguments being fuelled when we should be working together Maureen
How can Maori, none of whom are pure Maori, then demand total inclusion of the culture when they themselves are only part Maori but want to ignore one side of their culture. They can’t have it both ways!! Tim
We are developing a racial separatist nation god help our future generations and thank god I will not be here as I will be too old to face the music. Step government and reverse this addenda before it%u2019s too late Andrew
Time for the majority to stand up & say enough. Signing the United Nations Declaration of the rights of Indigenous People, sent us down this rabbit hole. I was at our local hospital recently, & the signage was all written in English & Maori. I asked several in authority, to explain the contribution Maori had made to the establishment. None were prepared to even acknowledge the question. Truth is, Maori have contributed NOTHING, yet expect free admission, like everybody else.. So why do we pander to these RACIST light brown people. We must not offend, these people, we are told repeatedly. Yet I am offended every time I hear W H being pronounced as F.. But I’m white, so it does not matter. As for colonisation. Can you imagine New Zealand if civilisation had not been bought to these shores? Maori were a tribal people & still are. Which means they would have hunted each other until extinction, or at least until every species was hunted to extinction, like the mighty Moa, as an example. So grow some back bone fellow Kiwis, & challenge these part Maori separatists before it is too late. A.G.R.
Should be left up to each individual to seek cultural knowledge if they wish, not government forced. Owen
yes and the sooner the better, of course this will not happen as the die has been cast by the enemy within who with the consent of the labour led outfit, and the polywogs in power will most probably win the day. james
we are all one race NZ,ers barry
Separating us is part of the globalist agenda. Keep us busy fighting each other so we can’t see them sneaking around the back. Darag
I have been warning people for years that maori were after separate sovereignty . They want a maori equivalent of every Government Department . Including their own courts police and justice system., To do this they want a huge share of the tax take. Dene
Racism in form of Maori favouritism is firmly entrenched for all the wrong reasons. Better to insist all short-comings be faced up to.  
This has been going on for years and and is unfortunately only going to get worse unless we ALL stand up to it! If it wasn’t for the generosity of the European population Maori would have very little in the way of a decent standard of living! Janet
they keep talking about how we are one people in this country,it is the biggest load of tripe ive ever heard,all we ever here from the Maori is how hard done by,they are,by should i dare to say colonialism, its as if there culture is the shining light of new zealand,do they ever look at there own faults through history,there warfare on there own people the cannabalism,and in this day there terrable family violence kids die in there care and they close ranks so nobody gets punnished,now they want to change all place names and the name of new zealand i have no problems if they join names,iill never learn maori i have no reason to and if i want to learn another language ill choose it my self and wont be told by this flee bitten government what i should think or say rodger
Yes I have had an absolute guts full of this socialist crap, its high time New Zealanders grew a pair and stand up to the politicians and radicals and send them packing once and for all Jeffrey
Why should the long suffering tax payers pay for this indoctrination and promotion of apartheid Laurie
Enough is enough Bev
apartheid here no come. it could be said to be racist david
Yes, it goes against human nature and must be stopped! Neil
The Maori language was written by the English as they had no written language so why are we being “forced” to learn it as a written language. June
Another waste of Tax payers money! John
We(taxpayers) persist in funding an “own goal” which is going to further racial division and embolden anarchists Richard
Sooner or later New Zealanders will wake up and put an end to this cultural crap. A change of government is sorely needed; bob
Sooner or later New Zealanders will wake up and put an end to this cultural crap. A change of government is sorely needed; bob
Do Maori wish New Zealand to be separate from the rest of the World? No inter Country trading etc.? To rename all place names and European laws into a Maori base will isolate us. Better we encourage our schools to teach Mandarin Peter
Language as a means of communication with other evolves over a long time, as English, which incorporates words of French, Latin , Greek origin, and others. Cultural training or language enforcement at taxpayer expense is not democracy. People have a right to learn whatever language they choose, within the appropriate cultural sources. English is an International language, even used by pilots of international aircraft. Can you imagine a Maori qualified pilot of the future who has been indoctrinated into only speaking Maori, trying to get landing clearance in an emergency? On a second issue, that of renaming all European (English?) place names into Maori, many of the original settler sites were native bush or swamp land that were not actually inhabited by Maori, but passed through. I have trouble considering such land “taonga” just because European settlers turned them into thriving towns and cities and they want a retrospective slice of the pie. Maori separatism must stop. Inter-marriage between Maori and European, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and any other cultural society member has enhanced our nation, yet the moaners of mixed race continuously and conveniently omit their mixed heritage and percentages, hanging on to multiple Iwi and Hapu ancestries that bear very small bloodlines. Vic
This is more racist propaganda perpetuated by Maori radicals Gareth
Maori culture going to far in nz weren’t the first in nz Greeks were read book to the ends of the earth by maxwell c hill foreword by prof David Bellamy David
Definitely as the leftist programme contributes to the breakdown of democracy freedom and sensible benefits of the western way of life. Ray
For too long we have had the tail wagging the dog and their unsubstantiated mythical mumbo jumbo being touted as facts. . Vernon
We are a very diverse people, but we are one nation. Mieczyslaw M
Waste of money how many hip operations for pensioners would this money fund? KT
We should all be New Zealanders and have a NZ culture and language(which will include words from many languages adopted by common use age) Arthur
We do not need to be taught that any of us are different from the other. We should be taught the values of meritocracy and being being who we are not what extremest want us to be. Peter
Why after Maori language week are all the broadcasters still using Maori/English. e.g every mention of the NZTA STARTS with Waka ???. Did Maoris have a “Transport Agency” or has the Maori name just been made up. Loads of references to AUCKLAND are now just using Tamaki Makaura. English is NZ’s language. The Maori language is YES part of our history, but does nothing to enhance our childrens futures. Time that we understand NZ is multi cultural, respect each others beliefs and cultures but understand New Zealand is a christian/ free society. Rita
This makes me so angry. The language nonsense must be stopped, we are being forced into something most of us are totally NOT Interested in learning. TV brainwashing, govt department brainwashing, schools indoctrination must all be ceased. This is part of our communist b***s plan, total control of the sheep as she leads us towards the UN and agenda 21-30. And what is the settlement with Fletchers and Ihumotao please? Carolyn
vote new conservatives Ian
Must be all ethnic races if any Beth
Equality for all is what should be taught and promoted. Brian
What utter racial twaddle. Let those advocates use some of their own vast amount of treaty settlement funds to advance their cause. Tony
It has been imbedded for years for any workplace that accepts government funding. Totally against it. Where are my civil rights that I am not willing to partake to do this training??? Erin
only trouble is no party will stop it. terry
No brainers. The hypocrisy is staggering. Charles
over the years the governments have dished out billions of dollars to maori , if they want to bush the language down our throats let them pay ,NOT the tax payer maurice
Public-facing government staff should indeed have cultural training – we are a multi-cultural society. It is helpful to have staff with knowledge of Indian culture, Chinese culture, European culture, and pasifica culture – maybe others too. The problem is that what is happening here is not cultural training, but political indoctrination. Gail
Should I wish to donate my hard earned $$$ into such activities I should be able to make that decision for myself. Chris
we don’t see any cultural training to forward European cultures , this needs to be recognized as this is very important for ethnic cultures to learn to gain respect for all of the advantages European culture has given them . at this time they show absolutely no respect for our laws and systems that have helped them so very much. so never use tax payers monies to advance this destructive initiative. Roy
English is our written medium communication in law and culture, stop this racist procedure. IAN
I will fight if necessary to rid this country of the Marxist government that is destroying the genuine Kiwi way of life. Chris
It is selective and devisive Laurel
Taxpayer funding should never have ever been given or even cultural training for that matter. Maoris are yet to become civilized and many are still carrying like savages after 180 years of being given special treatment above all other nz citizens. I am so sick of Maori being rammed down my throat every time i turn on the tv or read a newspaper. Des
Excellent article Muriel. We know but the young are so indoctrinated already it will be hard to stop but it must be! In the US, those racing to back BLM are called “apologist Whites”. Young and dumb. Diana
A full blooded Maori approx 45yrs said to me that there was only one future for Maori and the European and was . ( “ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ” ) His humility and mana along with his prophetic insight would bring shame on alot of Maori people especially the young radials who think that the world owns them every thing !!!!!!!!!!!!  Allan
Without hesitation. Fred
What a waste of money! Simon
Not all Maori people are members of the Maori apartheid movement. It is important to treat others as individuals and not as members of groups. K
Racism in the extreme……. We should all be striving to call ourselves New Zealanders of equal status Annette
Flying the Maori flag is an act of treason. Maori gave up their ‘sovereignty’ by signing the Treaty of Waitangi. The BLM movement has no place in NZ. It is organised by white marxists & anarchists. The Trump administration proves correct time & time again in its judgement on economic & social issues. bruce
Had experience today of subversive action in naming a government dept. Neville
It is time this absolute nonsense was stopped for good! Ron
There is no place in a multi cultural society for deviceive superiority addenda inside or outside of governments Keith
Maori activists are the real racists, seeking to divide New Zealand to the detriment of Pakeha. The treaty of Waitangi is not New Zealand’s founding document for the sole benefit of Maori, but rather a document that grants them the ability to become, and enjoy the benefits of becoming, British subjects. It also states ‘we are now one people’ not two peoples with special privileges solely for Maori. Wake up white liberal New Zealanders and things for what they are. Jonathan
There has been too much money given already under the Treaty. Has this filtered down to the poor and struggling maori or has it ended up in just a few pockets. ido
stop the funding, stop the not-so-subtle invasion by the militant racist marxists Patrick
This country is going down a distinctly racist path and conning many people who don’t think for themselves that it is the true path. Our history is being re-written and our children are being taught false history. Partnership with Maori is highlighted at every turn when in fact there is no partnership and never was. It was an invention of Sir Geoffery Palmer as are the Five Principles of the Treaty. So much is wrong with our country racially and those trying to take us down the wrong path are getting more vocal and cunning as time passes. People need to wake up or one day when it all turns to custard they will be asking ‘how did this happen’? We need to stop the Maori language being foisted upon us. Those who want to will learn it but I’m so fed up with having it in my face all the time on TV. There are Maori channels for that sort of thing. Pidgin English seems to be taking over. Helen
I endorse all Dr Newman’s remarks. Sue
Terminated forthwith. This nonsense has no place in a democratic system of government. Peter
Why is this not a party policy ? Paul
Thugs. mike
Totally it is apartheid. Graham
Time to remove Dame from Tariana Turia’s name as well. She obviously has no respect for European values or culture. Rod
absolutely Geoff
i spent most of my working career travelling to the major cities and countries of the World; in not one of them did i find anyone who spoke or understood Te Reo/Maori Bob
Propaganda in the likeness of China Louise
No because all medical reference books and overseas medical papers and references will have to be translated into Maori and instruments recalibrated likewise so our brilliant Maori students at Auckland and Otago are not disadvantaged further. Bruce
Taxpayer-funded cultural training should be reserved for new arrivals and part-maori to educate them in the majority culture in NZ. Cherry
No brainer Until we are what was stated when the treaty was signed (That we are one people) we will never achieve what we must. These radicals are all part Maori and with their antics are denying part of their own ancestry Robin
Immediately along with all race specific legislation and race based committees, advisory groups etc. It is an abomination and an assault on democracy and equality. If someone does not grab a hold of this scourge, as you say Muriel, our country is on the road to hell and perdition. As far as I can make out, a move to Maori culture and practices, would reintroduce slavery, rape, murder, and property destruction on a grand scale. They are of course trying valiantly to paint Maoridom as a culture of conservation and Aroha, which is in fact an absolute misrepresentation of a warring, murdering, thieving breed of viciousness, as experienced by peace loving tribes prior to the civilizing influence of the early Missionaries. Of course this idea that Maori and the Crown are in partnership is nowhere represented in the Treaty Documents and is of course all lies. Why a lady like Queen Victoria would go in to partnership with scattered bands of illiterate savages is incomprehensible. Since other groups of people arrived in New Zealand, many of the supposed original inhabitants have had the opportunity to benefit from the amazing developments in trade, commerce, inventions and technology, medicine etc etc etc. We now have any number of brilliant, educated and successful people of Maori decent, who want nothing to do with the evil rabble promoting rangatiratanga. Such a bizarre and dangerous situation for all New Zealanders. Dianna
Without doubt. Robyn
Absolutely OR NZ could rapidly becomes a lame duck democratic country being dragged rapidly into radical racial anarchy – like America. And there seems to be a common denominator! Stuart
Not in my opinion any more so than any other race. Maori are not the indigenous race of NZ in spite of their overture to the contrary. While they have a special place in our history it is time to move forward. chris
we are one people no more race based bull shit nigel
Yes, it is but one point of view, and not a balanced one at that. Donald
Yes definitely. What a waste of money. Kate
we need to get rid of labour now jenny
money is to be spend on more important matters. paula
Definitely. Tony
The maori language is only a hobby , it will never become a language of commerce so should not be funded by taxpayer Colin
never, what happened to ONE country ONE people?? gerard
I don’t see any significant difference between what is happening and brain washing. These people pushing this have clear goals of wishing to replace our democracy that was formed over 800 years with some sort of tribalistic rule and they know clearly who is to be in charge. This is the MOST important topic of our age here in New Zealand. Roger
There are far too many people in New Zealand sewing division. The intent, seems to me, to divide and conquer. If this continues, it will not end well, unfortunately. David
Definitely, Benjamin
If people wish to keep their cultures alive they should be paying for it themselves not the taxpayer muriel
Right away Mike
It has already divided the country! Govt vote seeking promotion! Academic Socialism! Ron
Good luck getting this done, this movement is a runaway train hugely enabled by successive snivelling compliant govt’s. Bart
Totally !!!!!!! Alan
We need to stop Racism Hone
Do they want to go back to the way they were prior to Pakeha arrival? Brian
Can someone please ask this question of the Prime minister in a public forum? Liam
absolutely and promptly William
I work for government and I feel they are trying to indoctrinate me. We have to say karakias before meetings, our organisation values are in Maori, I receive important documents with Maori words that I don’t understand. shouldn’t we also accuse Maori of cultural appropriation. We are not allowed to say Maori words with an accent, but they have accents when ,they speak English. Any thing we say is constructed as racism, but not the other way around. The more they try to force Maoridon on me, the more I recent it. I love my Maori friends and I respect their culture, But I don’t want it to be forced on me. I should my kids and I be forced to learn Maori. . Actually many Maori parents forced their kids to speak English in their own home, because they could see that this is the way of the future. Often we are supposed to bring into our strategies the Maori way. The Maori way is the way to the past. The world is moving on.. I want my kids to learn the global way, I want to make them global citizens that will be able to live and work anywhere. I want then to learn about multi-cultures, speak other languages that are common in other places, like Chinese and Spanish. I want the school curriculum to focus on things that will help them achieve their goal. I want to stop positive discrimination. Why a MAORI PERSON NEEDS A mAORI DOCTOR. oUR BODIES ARE THE SAME, THE MEDICINES WILL BE THE SAME. Maybe our antecessors did the same, but when two wrongs make one right? Lulu
Cultural training is a farce. Why does anybody have to learn a culture they are not interested in. Dennis
Glad we left NZ 44 yrs ago. They are not indigenous, they are immigrants like our forbears. They came from Taiwan and the same Maori words are used there today in the indiginous village I went to Noelene
I have watched quite a few Maori candidate speeches of late and the most commonly used words seem to be “We want” Geoff.
Archeological evidence embargoed until 2065 prove Maori are not first people on these Isles. L
time all this Maori rot stopped they are just ruining our lovely country they could not care less if the country goes broke with all there silly antics they should remember respect is earned not taken Russell
We are one nation, one people. Learning language is a personal choice tony
completely and immediately Gordon
Leighton Smith has been warning us for years that they are taking over by stealth but nobody really listened because Leighton is a redneck —IS HE Allan
Of the divisive type described in your article, yes. However, training that teaches core values and how to improve relations between cultures is important and should be encouraged. It is not difficult to tell the difference. We are ALL tangata whenua: All born of this land are of this land; all who sleep beneath the mountains of this land are of this land, and all who come to this land and call it home are of this land.Te Wananga o Kahu Kura, in Song of the Old Tides Bill
Maori agenda is getting too much traction. it needs to be stopped now. We are all New Zealanders, but these Maori have 2 bites at every cherry. Kevin
Why is NZ not waking up to the APARTHEID that has been foisted upon us increasingly over the last 15 years? Geoff
We are meant to be a multicultural society .. not one that favours Maori wannabes Rob
Maori language is a dead language. Those who want to learn can do so in their free time AND out of school hours. sheryl
most certainly – cultural agendas are not the responsibility of the taxpayer russell
Yes all govt funded cultural programmes should be terminated immediately. I am sick of having Te Reo pushed in my face in newspapers and in new bridge and road names etc, etc Frank
Cancel all cultural or race based funding now. How can a culturally based training system be Non Racist? Nigel
one thousand percent yes – we need to go forward wit the concept of one New Zealand. They are not the indigenous people of NZ they simply arrived on an earlier ship. Larry
Certainly unproductive David
Unnecessary June
It will only get worse if Labour are re-elected. Especially if the are able to Govern alone. Winstone Peters did this Country a huge dis-service when he put Labour into power. At the last election when the Maori Party were dumped by Maori even the Gang leaders said “What had the Maori Elite done for them. Nothing” Look at everything that is funded by the taxpayer for Maori hardship. Just a mess results. Frank
Maori have to acknowledge they were not the first inhabitants in New Zealand: they do not not have special privileges: the treaty’s original wording gave them equality, not supremacy. Maori language in schools is robbing children of precious hours of education leading to a good career. AND they have no right to change the name of our country – we are part of the British Commonwealth of Nations with The Queen as our Sovereign. All attempts to change our culture, our name and our identity could be best described as treason against our membership of the commonwealth. Grow up and know equality is the best you are entitled to, not supremacy! CMM
Have enough if it on tV. Michael
Cultural training, another word for brain washing which matches red cindy and her brown mates too a T so the sooner we get rid of her and hope to hell Mrs Collins boots all the brown noseing parasites down the road and gets rid of the treaty crap and all the hand outs, the better this country will be in the future. Richard
Maori have no written language. They can call place names what ever they like but it is cultural appropriation of the European lettering to render it written. Mervyn
The big danger here.A Socialist control freak in Ardern can/would control cultural groups through doctrinisation in that Government training.God help Nz if Ardern goes back in. Don
The Maori activists pushing for, for example, replacement of town and street names to revert to their culture should desist from appropriating pakeha names, customs and mores. Anything less would be hypocritical. Furthermore, if Maori are not going to abide by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, the Treaty should be abolished. Graeme
Very soon we will have compulsory Maori language in our schools. We are forced to tolerate it from virtue signalling TV presenters, so why have a Maori TV channel? John
At a time when business and the public are being told to tighten their belts there is no room for this racist, unnecessary piffle. Gavin
Keep up the good work. You need to make bigger waves Tim
If this theory is correct all those settlers coming to NZ from 1769 would have adopted the superior culture they found here. Malcolm
Unbelievable David
Appreciate by now that it is probably too late to change what is a gradual transforming of NZ based on handing NZ back to a tribal way of life that will set back NZ decades and create a back-wash country a little like a South Pacific Island. At the cost of so many hardworking tax payers who struggle year in and year out to lift their standard of living for what? Many are however are happy with the ability to own several property and holiday homes – and in that vein its all good whether NZ is transformed or not, So long as their property wealth continues to grow. Bob
Muriel is absolutely when she says a cultural takeover is underway. She shows a great deal of courage in standing up to this insidious attempt to demolish our democracy Wah
Yes, stop it Peter
You can see where this country is heading under this government and on its current course we are doomed .When we refer to the KIWI dream thats all is just a dream and the new generation are the dreamers and losers .Too late to wake up N Z . ken
So what’s the difference with what China is doing with its Cultural brain washing and so Called Learning Camps.. This is what so many of us are aware of in NZ but already we are so far down the road we cannot even comment for fear for retribution .The Politicians of NZ are actually Traitors to the rest of the population for allowing this to happen. Henry
Absolutely Mark
YES, most definitely!!!!! Trevor
Creates two societies instead of one john
THis is based on RACE ALONE – WRONG Carl
This is a scourge on our democracy – should never be there in the first place. Just another nail in the English speaking societies coffin in NZ. New Zealanders, WAKE UP!! Don
We are one nation and one people under one law. Signatories to the Treaty dearly wished the country to be ruled by British law, not as partners but as loyal subjects. They express this very well (in the most excellent English) in contemporary documents. The current activism pollutes those original motives. Activists claiming to have been ‘colonised’ forget that it was their forbears who were born into a stone-age society. The activists were fortunate to have been born into the subsequent highly advanced society. Richard
Next, we will have china based re-education camps established here. What a shame that Captain Cook arrived here when he did and stopped the maoris from eating themselves. Had the racist maoris kept eating themselves, we wouldn’t have this problem now. ROD
Maori strategies to discriminate against other New Zealanders are racist. All New Zealanders should be treated equally under the law, irrespective of race or creed. tony
Give the taxpayer a break !! Coral
The Maori language is there for anyone enthusiastic enough to use it… but it should be forced on no one. English is a language of world wide communication and it is far more important for our students to be able to speak it clearly and without the Maori words which are becoming common even in our News. If you want to speak Maori, speak Maori .,.. to those who understand it. Otherwise speak English, and not some mongrelised pidgin English that is not understood anywhere but New Zealand. Robbie
Too bloomin’ right.! Kev
This “cultural” training is intellectually arrogant and racially biased. Being a Ngati Pakeha I am much more interested in my own ancestral culture than one that was only founded in the 14th century. Let’s learn about the French and Scottish cultures please. John
It is all right to be right bryan
The problem seems to be that no govt has had the guts to say “NO” and stop the problem. They are too scared of a backlash by the leftist press, which seems to be all of them. Richard
Any cultural training Within government or any agencies should only be voluntary and in their own time. Keith
Appropriate funding can recommence at a later time. NZ, like all countries, has evolved whereby Maori comprise part of its population. Now a minor part, so it’s absurd to suggest all places should be renamed. Shane
Absolutely. The party that comes out against the growing racism against “white ” people in NZ, has my vote. Bruce
It is totally wrong. Why should taxpayers who in the main are people other than maori fund operations destined to replace their own individual cultures with the savage maori culture. As for Nikora’s ‘Our Culture is Not Your Paycheck’, isn’t that a cultural appropriation of the language of our English speakers? And why is that site not in the maori language so that HIS culturally correct people can better understand it? Alan
over my dead body John
Not all. It should be multiple not singular, but scaled back. The current focus is wrong. neil
It’s wasteful. Thomas
I am up to the back teeth with Maori culture. Only hope Judith will do a Trump and get rid of it. John
Absolutely Jenny
The whole (under privileged maori fiasco ) is designed to split the country and create racism David
I am sick of it everywhere, in the media, on letterheads on the radio Who is driving it? Digby
Of course it should, there is no place in a civilised country for such BS. Unfortunately we collectively are so afraid of being labelled “racist” that we keep quiet.. I don’t recall who or exactly what was said, but it rings true for our situation. ” For evil to flourish, good men do nothing” Future generations will blame ours for everything that is to come. Ray S
This is a very sad direction and certainly not equal for all. Do we have to attend slavery and canibalism training as well? Anon
This is creating more racism. Oh that’s right, it’s not racism if the Maori speak against the white. We have or are heading to an apartheid county. Heather
STOP THIS LANGUAGE WAR. Let Maori speak their own Te reo and everyone else should be free to speak English. I am sick of this force feed Te Reo on our English channel TV. Let common sense prevail. No more force feed of Maori language on TV or the Public Services. Graeme
Total waste of taxpayer money more especially now the country is borrowing to survive. This cultural brainwashing must be stopped now! Chris
Definitely Graeme
While I respect that we have many different cultures, I’m beginning to feel that something is being pushed on us with no choice. We are more than the colour of our skin and Government is perpetuating divisiveness. We have Maori Language week & the Government channel incorporating Maori into everyday use on TV. TV 3 also starting to. We have a public funded Maori TV Channel. There is something very insidious about this. Kalakanthi
Absolutely! My heritage is European along with 70% or so of other New Zealanders. We do not expect the government to fund our cultural heritage interests and expectations, why then should those same cultural aspirations be granted to New Zealand’s early settlers from the Pacific? And early settlers they are – not indigenous people. European colonists are evermore referred to as “pakeha” which in its mildest form means alien, something which Maori academia has been scrambling to sanitise in recent years in order to gain acceptance. David
Deeply divisive and racist John
had gutsfull of maori take over of NZ Graeme
Yes of course. All racism must be eliminated. Jenny
Biggest issue we face Annabel
It is being used to give preferential treatment to Maori and Pacific Islander in the health system Arthur
Pity these activists seem to have no respect for all other New Zealanders no matter what race From my point of view they are out an out racists and no doubt first to demand hard earned taxpayer dollars bunch of losers probably Kevin
Comment deleted because it may fall foul of Ardern’s hate speech. chris
To call themselves Maori they should genetically be 50% or greater of Maori descent. All South Island Maori are Europeans who happen to have a distant Maori ancestor. Peter
NZ needs to at least learn from the mistakes of overseas countries today, let alone history itself. Pity our politicians and citizens refuse to do so. Pavel
Maori grievance industry is out of control Graham
Politicians introduce “virtue-signalling” policies to garner votes in the short term. The nation pays the price in the long term Pat
It’s way past time all this racist bloody nonsense stopped the government need to get some balls and say enough we are considering abandoning New Zealand because the way things are going we will be governed by radicals within 10 years Peter
Racial preference is tribalism and its time some stirrer Maori stopped the Te Reo and Maori culture imposition on civil servants and all citizens of NZ. We are all kiwis not long white clouds. Time we all became colour blind and true racial equality needs to be implemented. MACA and Maori preference has to stop, its just divisive tribalism and reeks of Marxism.. Stan
For how long have we been watching the increasing demands from iwi? From “Just an apology”, to money, to more money and special privilege, to reverse discrimination, to indoctrination of our children in our public schools, total control, including speaking their language and controlling the roads. And yet WE are called the Racists! They want to erase us and OUR culture totally. They want an Oligarchy where THEY are the small group that rules the rest. Just like Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe is a mess. We need to get back to the ARTICLES of the Treaty, not the recently made up Principles. I despair. Joyce
This is a very dangerous time in NZ and the world. I am sick of radical ferals being egged on by white woke idiots. This country is now multicultural…we cannot pander to one ethnicity at the expense of all other cultures Jenna
Tariana Turia, whoever she may be, apparently said… %u201C You came to our country and changed all of these places and names to suit yourselves. This is our country. We should be entitled to have our place names…%u201D Calm down Dearie, let me explain something to you. We came to your country and it then became our country because you were incapable of holding on to it. It is no longer yours. If you want it back – although God knows what you would make of it – then take it! Your sneaky, underhanded approach will get you nowhere, and should be a matter of some major embarrassment to all your maori “warriors”. On a related matter, just try to carry on a conversation relevant to the 21st century in your so-called language. See how far you get without lapsing into English, or some other real language. Yours is, at best, a pidgin, a mish-mash of noises, “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!” TOBY
I have had a gutsful of RNZ and TVNZ pushing Maori language down my throat. I don’t have any interest in their culture because for me it represents violence, dishonesty, baby killing and closing the ranks so that nobody is accountable, bashed-up women, and P labs run by gangs. Why in hell should I be interested in a culture like that? I despair for my grandkids and great grandkids who are being fed this BS, particularly when I see them buying into it and when I speak up, I’m told I’m racist!!!!!!! Kerry
The treaty of Waitangi CLEARLY SAYS WE ARE ALL EQUAL WITH ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE.Its VERY PLAIN NO mp has EVER read the treaty.NO WHERE does it say “partnership with govt.” But DONT forget jacinda is a Marxist from her teens & she will give Maori anything & yet there are MORE Indians & other races in NZ who NEVER put their hand out & want MORE & MORE. NZ will not be OURS if we let jacinda GIVE AWAY OUR TAX MONEY.Alot of us have NO ancesters who 200 years ago were in the British army that came to NZ so WHY is OUR HARD earned tax money given away instead of being used for ALL NZ things needed.We are now in dept for the next 15-20 years so jacinda needs to look after ALL NZealanders NOT JUST25% so EVERY-ONE email her & remind her WE ARE ALL EQUAL & SHE NEEDS TO READ THE TREATY OF WAITANGI. Cindy
Yes, ALL TAXPAYER-FUNDED “CULTURAL TRAINING” WITHIN GOVERNMENT MUST BE TERMINATED. It is stupid, it is divisive. It will destroy our country’s position in the world and destroy also all that is good about our great country. Ultimately it will be destructive to those of Maori descent (by the way, there are NO full-blooded Maori still in existence) as well as those of other origins, all of them being genuine New Zealand citizens with every right to enjoy their lives without the threat of racial war. In your article above Dame Turia says: “you came to our country %u2026” Well, I say this to you, Ms Turia: I have no Maori blood and my ancestors came here five generations ago. At that stage Maori in New Zealand were, mostly, living the life, and often the strife, of their stone age ancestors who had never invented the wheel or even the bow and arrow. Amongst other things against your claim of this being “your” country, Ms Turia. Maori were NOT the first people in this country, which as far as I know is still officially named NEW ZEALAND. It was MY ancestors and the basically European folk who followed who made the roads, railways, telephones, radios, electricity and other conveniences we enjoy today. Apart from labouring work Maori contributed little to this. So you, Ms Turia, would like us all to go “home” now, wherever that could be, and you and your friends who also claim to be “Maori” will sit back, speak a largely artificial language made up of many modern European language words (because there were no original Maori words for these items) and pretend to be Maori %u2026 complete, no doubt, with cellphones! Yeah, right. Rob
maori activism is racist (not the white majority)..Maori attitudes and ideas will if accepted destroy our society 9including business) and make NZ a poor , useless polynesion country Gordon
Goodness Me. This new industry of using racism to argue for eliminating it requires woke analysis or or the irony of such a position engendering a good belly laugh. If it wasn’t so serious for the continuation of colonial democracy in the face of reverting to stone age tribalism. RIchard
what this government is doing and the CCP is doing with Uighurs is similar excepting government employees are not imprisoned and abused. The Nats are too weak to do anything about it either Trevor
NOW ? SOON ????? Absolute hogwash. This is a country of many multiples of origins. …Get with it…………, join the 21st century. Do you really want a racial disaster just as some are trying to create in the US OF A. ???? Sure, black lives matter…so do pink, white, shades of brown, yellow or tan, or a melange of any of the above. Personally I do not care if people are Caucasian. Asian, African-Americsan, HIspanic or Polynesian, or GKW else. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata Trsnslated = it is people, it is people, it is people. Get back to the Golden Ryle if you can remember what it is. Do unto others……..etc. MABEL
Heaven help us all if it’s not stopped. Cultural training will destroy New Zealand. Carl
Absolutely Fine if they want to preserve a prehistoric dead useless language But Let them do it In their time At their expense On their pa ground The agenda he is not only dangerous for health and safety reasons ( ie , the bulk of the population don%u2019t understand it) And is very worrying Also The way the pronunciation is now , to 60 years ago when I was a child , is very very different God help us Murray
Absolutely. This movement is Socialistic Marxism at its finest, disguised as Maori Cultural Improvement etc. Approx 6 % of New Zealanders are Part Maori and of those possibly only 2 % are active in Politics. So they want to run the Country and think everyone else will follow. Totally delusional thinking in reality. Geoff
Unbelievable to learn that this is currently going on here in New Zealand. Stop it! Robert
Yes It is racism. Annoying it%u2019s so strong in the Anglican Church. Allisson
Cultural training for a minority! We are multi cultural . We are New Zealanders! Chris
ASAP..! Peter
maori culture is the problem, not the answer!! Allan
Scary stuff! Before colonisation Maori tribes were at war with each other, I understand killing hundreds and practising cannibalism. They’ve been paid millions in reparation by the tax payers. We need to be one nation, one people and not be forced into the ways, language and doctrine of 16% of the population. Just my thoughts. Cecilie
Racism Greg
Immediately! William
Maori is not the only Culture in NZ, and the Tax Payers should not be required to Fund one or any culture in NZ. Pierre
They are not even the first people here. Go to the website of Ngati Kahungunu, you will see the comments that people were already here when their canoe arrived. (if not now deleted) Hone
I said years ago (1970s) that we should all learn te reo so that this situation would NOT occur Ian
Definitely. Other than ACT no political parties have the courage to address this devisive issue. willy
It has already gone too far. It is time that the Maori leadership actually addressed issues with their own people instead of this false claim against colonisation. Also get rid of this token Te Reo on TV and change all Govt Depts name back to English. Peter
I cannot possibly conceive how cultural training can get this country out of its current fiscal debt or be of any benefit to the economy in general Bruce
Damn right! Grant
People can educate themselves in terms of ideology and cultural learning. Graeme
People should be free to evolve naturally. Melahi
It’s a patent absurdity that government should have nothing to do with. As far as Maori wants, demands and “grievances” go, it seems that the more their wishes are indulged, they more they seek to try to gain. It’s got to stop. Indulging Maori to the extent we have already done so has cost us the image of being “one people.” Jim
Stop it at source Warren
Cultural propaganda should be eliminated from ALL institutions,from schools,business,sport,etc etc.Let people make up their own minds what is right or what is wrong. Sid
We must firmly reinforce the principles that all citizens are to be treated equally by government and the law. We cannot relinquish our democratic rights with threats from Marxist extremists masquerading as a disenfranchised ethnic minority. Lee
If Maori were the indigenous people like the Aboriginal people of Australia then I could understand their frustration. But they aren’t. They committed genocide of the existing people and then claim New Zealand as their own. Disgusting. Dave
Without doubt the threat is serious but until the New Zealand public actively rebel it will continue unabated. Victor
certainly Colin
This sort of nonsense has no place in a democracy. But — this race radicalism spreads like a disease and I would not be surprised if that devious lot is starting to copycat what BLM is staging in the US. They are so hellbent and will use violence to push their agenda no matter what the consequences will be. NZ is moving close to a new civil war and woke idiot politicians will do continue to do their part to fan the flames. Michael
I am sick of all this clap trap, a primitive language, and beliefs that should have been consigned to the trash can years ago. The Maori people who believe in this are digressing, typical of beneficiaries who think the world owes them a living., after all, why work when some sucker will hand you the money to sit on your lazy backsides, eat yourselves silly and blame the other bloke. Been going of for far too long, and it’s about time that the rest of Maori society told them to get a life.. Perhaps the trappings of modern western society should be taken back, and let them live their primitive lives. As for the so called PM well you have to have the ability to think intelligently, and I’m afraid that’s not possible, I haven’t heard one intelligent thought yet. Merryl
Full Maori culture would included tribal attacks, cannibalism and slave taking. Rod
Zimbabwe and South Africa repeat, and look what has happened there. They need to read and understand that communists will never let any minority group have control, only use them to keep themselves in control. John
Such training is simply another name for brainwashing and has no place in a democracy. It is a shame that a gang of radical Maori (and that doesn’t even mean all Maori are actually being encouraged by our government to try to take over the country – a country where the full complement of “Maori”, which means mostly White Maori who are lucky if they have 5% Maori ancestry. is only around 16% of the New Zealand population. The desire to take over means that they do not believe in the Treaty that their ancestors signed, so we may as well get rid of that straight away … leave it much longer and the activists will have twisted it so far that they will be claiming the British Crown! Elezabeth
Absolutely YES … They have reverted to being but a barbaric Cult-ure. Their language included. Alan
My tangata whenua are my ancestors that broke in land built schools churches and communities and rightfully claim the status currently by those nomads that came before. Hugh
I can’t believe it’s been allowed to go on for so long. Terry
Those that endorse racism under the falsehood of cultural equality should pay for it Bob
Maori are not indigenous. They are not native. They are by happenstance here a few hundred years before Europeans. but after the Melansians (they have no say – all eaten or enslaved). Their wonderful ‘culture’ of stone -age, cannibalism, infanticide, constant warfare, short life expectancy, slavery…you can just go on and on…has no place being celebrated in NZ let alone promoted. Mike
‘Cultural Training,’ hate speech,’ these are the tools of authoritarian dictatorships. Comrade Cindy is a dangerous unit. John
Once again I am going to say, who is a Maori? Florence
absolutely no need for it Merv
Definitely David
And it progressively gets worse. Only serves to deepen the divide. Tony
Hell yeah!!! John
A resounding Yes. A resounding Yes from me. How many fullblooded Maori are there here? Very few and this push by Maori to have everything back to where it was before Capt. Cook arrived is what is causing division and racialism. and it must be stopped. Diana
Unless, of course, it is truly representative of the population. As it is, it is indoctrination by the Ministry of Truth, Max
Thought the OWG wanted us all to be a person of the world with only one culture and one language!!!!!! Raewyn
Too much emphasis on maori so-called “culture”.I am sick of hearing or reading the word “maori” Henry
BUT it should be ALL CULTURES represented in NZ kelvin
Absolutely it should be axed – cultural training is another name for Marxist propaganda. It should not be funded by taxpayers and has no place in our society. David
Labour is funding cultural division. It is a scourge on society and should be eliminated. Nigel
This cultural nonsense is now dominating the education system and should be axed before it indoctrinates children beyond repair. Doris
It is wasteful and dangerous and should be eliminated. Graham
It never ceases to amaze me that seemingly intelligent politicians can be sucked in to such an extent by radical separatists, that they introduce their propaganda programmes and force taxpayers to fund them. There must be a purge – Crusher Collins needs to take a lead!  Tim