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A Masterclass in Propaganda

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“It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”
– President Abraham Lincoln

When Jacinda Ardern took office in 2017, she promised her government would be the most open and transparent New Zealand had seen.

In her first formal speech to Parliament she pledged: “This government will foster a more open and democratic society. It will strengthen transparency around official information.”

Since that time, the Government’s “iron grip” on the control of information has tightened and it is harder now than ever to get information.

This is the view of one of New Zealand’s most experienced political journalists, Stuff’s Andrea Vance, who last weekend explained, “In my 20-year plus time as a journalist, this Government is one of the most thin-skinned and secretive I have experienced. Many of my colleagues say the same… It’s now very difficult for journalists to get to the heart and the truth of a story. We are up against an army of well-paid spin doctors. At every level, the Government manipulates the flow of information… Even squeezing basic facts out of an agency is a frustrating, torturous and often futile exercise.”

She explains that since “the current Government took office, the number of communications specialists have ballooned. Each minister has at least two press secretaries. Ardern has four.”

The team assisting the Prime Minister to shape her public image is headed by her chief press secretary, Andrew Campbell, with former Stuff business editor Ellen Read as his deputy. Essentially, they handle incoming questions for the prime minister, help with speech writing, set up interviews and press conferences, and accompany the PM through media engagements.

In addition, the prime minister’s office not only controls what other members of the Cabinet are saying, but they go to great lengths to “make sure their audience is captured, starting the week and cementing the agenda with a conference call with political editors”.

It is not just politicians that have press secretaries – so too do government departments, and under our PR-savvy Prime Minister, the number is skyrocketing.

In the year Labour took office, the Ministry for the Environment had 10 PR staff – they now have 18. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade more than doubled their staff – up to 25. MBIE blew out from 48 staff to 64, with the New Zealand Transport Agency, which had 26 communications staff five years ago, now employing a staggering 72!

With this PR army promoting an image of government benevolence and attempting to block unwanted scrutiny, even basic requests for information are now being denied.

Andrea Vance describes how attempts by two senior journalists to interview Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta, at a time of intense interest in the China-Australia-New-Zealand relationship, were refused – not because of geo-political sensitivities, nor a diary clash, but because “the paranoid and hyper-sensitive minister objected to taking questions from two journalists at once.”

That same Minister, with her local government hat on, had released radical proposals for ‘three waters’ reforms that would essentially centralise the management of drinking water, wastewater, and storm water operations from local councils to mega-agencies, with 50 percent control allocated to private sector tribal corporations. Yet, she “refused to answer detailed questions about the proposed changes”, agreeing to only one interview – with a ‘friendly’ state broadcaster. The whole debacle represented “a serious blow to accountability”.

It turns out that journalists who ask hard questions and challenge the Government’s spin are increasingly being side lined – refused interviews, excluded from press conferences, and ignored at media stand-ups.

Government departments are also being obstructive, refusing to answer Official Information Requests unless ordered to do so by the Ombudsman. As a result, queries that should have been responded to within 20 working days are taking months to answer with much of the information, when it is eventually released, heavily redacted.

These are not the actions of the open and transparent government promised by Jacinda Ardern, but of an increasingly totalitarian regime.

In her article Andrea Vance asks why the difficulties faced by journalists should matter to the public: “Why should you care?”

She then explains, “Because the public’s impression of this government is the very opposite. They see a prime minister that has captivated the world with her ‘authentic’ communication style, intimate social media postings, daily Covid briefings and proactive releases of Cabinet papers. It is an artfully-crafted mirage, because the reality is very different. This is a Government that is only generous with the information that it chooses to share.”

Jacinda Ardern is, of course, a public relations graduate, with a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations and Political Science from Waikato University.

As a result, when faced with a pandemic and an election in 2020, Prime Minister Ardern’s confidence in the power of PR led her to employ an army of communications experts to help her win the Covid-PR war and the election.

As George Orwell said, if you control the language, you can control the mind, and that is certainly how it all played out. Using carefully crafted lines like “the team of 5 million”, Jacinda Ardern was able to persuade the nation that she was saving lives – and deserved to be re-elected. 

Official information revealed that by the end of May 2020, the cost of the PM’s public relations campaign – which had built a formidable propaganda machine involving 28 advertising, marketing and communications contractors – was a staggering $16 million dollars: “The majority was to two firms who are listed as communications directors by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Clemenger BBDO was paid $3m for its role, which involved the clear and concise messaging such as ‘stay home, save lives’. But the biggest earner OMD, a multinational advertising firm… was paid $12m for its role in the response.”

It turns out that everything from “go hard, go early” to the “be kind to each other” messaging was carefully planned, tested, and executed by experts.

At the time, Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking was scathing that so much money was being spent on ‘spin’: “Extraordinary, isn’t it? It shows just how much we got played by a government that was as desperate to score points as it was to actually address a health crisis. Is communication important? Of course. But do you need to pay $16 million for it? No. This wasn’t simple instruction that any government can come up with, this was clearly a highly planned, seriously worked over piece of strategy designed for maximum political impact.

“And the irony is, from the advertising agencies point of view, it worked. We got sucked in, followed orders and came out hailing the Prime Minister with a 59 percent share in a poll. Value for money then? Or a master piece of fantastically expensive spin? Again, we were played like a fiddle.”

Stuff’s Political Editor Luke Malpass agreed: “The Ardern Government has been delivering a masterclass in propaganda since Covid began. It has presented the plan that it formulated as the only feasible option, set up rules and language to prosecute that agenda and rhetorically crushed all opposition. That was buttressed over the months by the fact that the Government’s plan was sound, effectively carried out and delivered comparatively very good results. Labour won a crushing election victory off the back of it.”

Indeed, the $16 million of taxpayers’ money bought Labour a masterly election campaign – by keeping the country’s focus on the virus, and constantly repeating the mantra that it was our team of 5 million that defeated it, they communicated a powerful party line: by sticking together we won the Covid battle and by staying with Labour we will win the battle to rebuild our nation.

Labour’s regular election year focus group polling would have told them that to win over ‘soft’ National voters they needed to shift into the political centre ground and temper their socialist ambitions. As a result, Labour based their election manifesto on their 2017 agenda, and used conservative slogans such as a ‘strong and stable’ government and a ‘steady pair of hands’.

Their PR machine was evident on the campaign trail as political commentator Richard Harman explained at the time: “On the road with Ardern, they had a much more experienced and substantial team. They had two press secretaries with the Prime Minister; National had one. Labour had a professional video crew for social media; National had a staffer with an iPhone. Labour had its former party president and Minister, Ruth Dyson, as its advance person carefully setting up events that Ardern was going to and checking them out to avoid pitfalls. There was little evidence of any advance work [by National].”

After the election, Jacinda Ardern acknowledged that her support had come from across the political spectrum, “To those amongst you who may not have supported Labour before… I say thank you. We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you, we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.”

In a media conference the next day, she specifically reassured New Zealanders about the agenda she intended to roll out, saying, “None of it will be new, because we laid the foundations for these next three years in the previous three years.”

But the truth is that much of what Jacinda Ardern has done since the election is new to the public. Not only was her He Puapua report – which provides a blueprint for Maori sovereignty over New Zealand by 2040 – not disclosed to the voters during the campaign, but it’s public release was deliberately delayed until after the election.

It is in this politically-charged environment, that this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, journalist Graham Adams outlines the difficulties in holding a Prime Minister to account, who is PR-driven and, it seems, is prepared to ‘bend the truth beyond breaking point’:

“Jacinda Ardern has offered herself as a hostage to fortune by repeatedly denying that the doctrine of ‘white privilege’ is being taught in schools, or that the teaching curriculum mentions it anywhere, or that it is part of her ‘government’s agenda’.

“She has conceded that white privilege… might have been taught by a teacher somewhere at some time in some school but insists it isn’t official policy.

“In denying that discussing white privilege is an approved part of teaching in schools, evidence shows she may have been bending the truth beyond breaking point. The official education document Te Hurihanganui mentions ‘white privilege’ in its opening paragraphs. The government has funded the programme to the tune of $42 million. Launched in October 2020, it has now been established in numerous schools in Nelson, Te Puke, Porirua and Southland, with more to come.”

Graham points out “For someone who prides herself on mastering the details of her government’s policies, it’s impossible to believe Ardern is simply ill informed or forgetful about Te Hurihanganui’s existence or what it recommends.”

He wonders whether the motivation for the PM’s repeated denials – that leave her open to charges of lying – could be that Labour’s polling is showing a high degree of public disquiet over anti-racism programmes in schools and the imposition of the He Puapua plan for tribal rule.

Perhaps this means the Ardern Government’s “artfully-crafted mirage” that Andrea Vance so eloquently describes, is finally starting to fracture.

Certainly, the fact that the Government is rolling out the radical He Puapua in secret, instead of openly, indicates that even Labour supporters are becoming concerned. If they really understood the truth – the serious threat to democracy that the PM’s separatist agenda represents and the deeply divided society it would create – their opposition and sense of betrayal would intensify.

On this issue, we the majority have the mandate – Jacinda Ardern does not.

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She is deceitful and believes it is Ok for politicians to lie for the good of the people! leng
I just do not trust her! She’s like a corkscrew made of jelly! And she plays the New Zealand people like a one-string banjo! David
We are heading for a totalitarian regime Beryl
It comprises mainly of lies and deceit as we watch the gradual demolition of our treasured democratic system. Its unbelievable that we are witnessing the very opposite of what we were expecting! We won’t repeat that mistake! Paul
This Govt is firmly tied to UN Agenda 21 and therefore, it is impossible for them to be open and transparent John
Absolutely not. Very much the opposite. Loaded with ugly personal agendas using Hitler-like techniques to creep them in Jack
No.I do not consider she knows what the truth is.I have no confidence in her at all. She is betrayal personified. gale
following orders from her Bosses in Strass burg, and New York, has been bought and paid for, Is a total treacherous traitor, and is not to be trusted. A sell out!! Impostor. David
She lies through those rather large prominent teeth of hers Richard
One of the contributors below hit the nail on the head pretty well. He said we don’t have a country anymore but a patchwork of ethnicities. Furthermore we have the police, NZSIS, media employees and a dearth of other Government employees all collaborators to this Marxist Government. You can bet your boots the NZSIS will be trying to identify all contributors to this site whether by computer hacking or search warrant from an apparatchik judge. Terry
She takes her lead from Maori which is what she promised in 2018 John
She obfuscates every time you see her, she reminds me of the master Joseph Goebbels and we all know who he was? Mahutu is no better. Martin
No, the most dishonest and deceitful Govt New Zealand has ever had. Corrupting the media and language has disenfranchised many citizens who cannot understand the rubbish words spouted. Every aspect of New Zealand life has been corrupted with lies hiding Maori take-over under our noses. Racial privilege and division continues daily based on lies. Time to push back hard people. Sam
Understandably, people are distressed and frustrated at this deranged kindergarten of adult brats and traitors. We all agree on the heartbreak that’s occurring; and yet, the biggest problem is actually getting these messages, information and news events, to the eyes of our own multitude. There appears no White wind of intellectual cleansing, so in the meantime, perhaps we could consider the only avenues open: I still believe that sustained, repetitive challenging and sheer hounding by phone calls, letters and emails, to all the M.P.s of National and Act, will not be a wasted exercise. But it has to be relentless–they must hear continually what the public of NZ see as destroying our land and corrupting our free lives. If National and Act for a time, dropped any plans for their future road-maps of NZ, and concentrated on hammering, challenging and driving into a corner, this obscene political dragon, then Ardern and her marshmellow soldiers would begin to tire and fracture. Every possible blemish, impediment, mistake or act of orchestrated deception, that this urban club of prize failures are acting out, needs to be thrust right out in full daylight with demands for accountability. Seriously, the obscene, sick image of the super conceited Ardern taking a selfie in front of all those worshippers, is pure perversion; she’s supposed to be a democratic leader, not a little-girl model. I’ve never seen another politician manage to frame their face in front of so many cameras–the woman, all joking aside, is pathetically deranged. I don’t believe these sentiments are incorrect of unfair. If Act and National can’t or won’t rise to this most urgent call, then they are clearly showing that they’re only there for the ride and the money. Again, a new party birthing out of a blend of people linked to the NZCPR and the Taxpayers Union, may well create some bow waves–worth thinking about. Here’s one more idea to roll around. New Zealand is a great name–Aotearoa has a rolling feel to it, but isn’t Maori anyway (and no doubt, not indigenous either) and only being used as a cannon ball at these times. If they’re clamoring for new name, throw a rock under the tracks and start a new movement, with–“Zealandia”! It would be a great replacement title and certainly had links to the continental sublevels of our country–our own continental mass. It has a clean, fresh appeal, original and has a popular feel to it; it just might catch on, too. Alan
You got to be kidding. Colin
I never believed it in the first place I wouldn’t be surprised if Maori are just being used to divide the nation it could just as easily be pink and purple people eaters instead it doesn’t matter because when communism comes home to roost well all be eating cabbage and lining up for our ration of bread regardless Of what colour or creed we are Elaine
Adern schemes. She is so far way from open, honest and transparent that the words should never pass her lips. All buzz words and a set Colgate smile with earnest hand gestures included are wearing thin. Perhaps that’s what she means by transparency!! Mike
Ha! Mark
I agree with the columnists. All of Jacinda’s comments are formulated by her spin doctors. History will show that she operated one of the most secretive and sly governments of all time. Bryan
The extraordinary promotion of unelected tribal leaders over our official representatives is the most direct challenge to our democracy since the Nazi jackboots of World War II. Jacinda Ardern and her fellow plotters, far from asking our permission, gave us no warning of their intended loathsome devolution during the election campaign. Perhaps if this publication of their perfidy does not lead to an uprising we’ll have a miracle to celebrate. Richard
In fact it’s the total opposite. I think it’s the most secretive, least transparent, government ever. Ruth
You couldn’t get an honest answer out of this government if the world was about to be hit by an asteroid and wipe us all out. Its more communist than the CCP. Bazza
transpose open to closed and transparent to blacked out and you have our pm the liar of the first order plus a groveling media who hang on to every lie that she and her cronies spout, even the news that she didn’t want to be involved with the so called Christchurch film and book about her is crap as if the film went ahead we would see reruns close to the next election so she could be thought of as a angel not of the Satan that she is and hell bent on destroying NEW ZEALAND not the rubbish name that her and the other mob keep calling this once brilliant country. Richard
She needs to go. Pat
bullshit Chris
I agree that this Government is emeshed in a culture of “spin” which is playing voters as too stupid to understand. Vicki
Ardern is deceitful and completely dishonest when it comes to confronting the public her hand movements are a good give away and her face movements are a complete fake .As a person she would not be trusted and i would steer clear of her. ken
no she and her polywogs lie like flatfish. james
Hell NO Roy
Definitely not! Jen
How can we bring this radical Socialist/Communist regime down. Surely it is time for a serious movement to grow with the single minded vision of destroying this government once and for all. Albyn
Te Pua Pua is a classic example Bob
This is by far the most non transparent Government we have ever had. It has hidden agenda that are being cleverly enacted and largely go unnoticed by the public, except by the astute. Diana
All part of the relentless push towards Marxism Michael
The whole Labour/Green coalition has become one of almost dictatorship. Do as I say, not as I do. The spin doctors will already be planning “the WEDDING of the century” to divert the attention of her followers from thinking for them selves. Barry
She has deceitfully lied to the team of 5 million. Rod
Of course not, the opposite seems to be intensifying Terry
Lying is an important aspect of Marxist governments such as ours. Not only does it mislead the electorate, but it also confuses, leading ultimately to chaos Sharen
No. This is the start of history repeating itself John
We seem to be headed for a civil war. S
and, as it has transpired, she never intended to. It is the classical approach of a dictator. Make the population at large believe you ‘re gaol(s) is one thing while you persue another. Terry
This government is the the least open and transparent ever and with the non delivery on all policies the most non performing government ever. It will come out that Adern will go down in history as the worst pm ever Ron
A Masterclass in Propaganda is a brilliant description. Catherine
See all their guidance is based on fear. Not fear of being wrong but fear of being exposed. These people are NOT leaders and how can you tell? They played it safe. Leaders weigh the risks against the benefits, face obstacles head on and if they fail they’re willing to take the fall, HOWEVER not this false lot. Monica
She hasn’t delivered anything apart from heartache. Christine
Its anything but! Martin
Jacinda is such an accomplished liar she even starts to believe her own lies John
Clear as mud. Christine
The dishonesty, deceitfulness and barefaced lying to create deception is phenominal by “Vacindajabarella” I know not all Govt’s tend to stick to their promises at elections time, but this “Taxcinda” or “Jacsinister” has broken ALL the “RULES” of a trusted PM, even her voters are starting to “desert the sinking ship”, hence her vote grabbing Budget by “Red Rob”…!!! Bruza
She is dangerous and two-faced. I do not trust them Denise
That is just nonsense James & Elizabeth
Are we 5 million or should we double that number to 10 million, work it out and observe around you, all part of the present Govt master plan Geoff
It’s all spin and the number of PR employees is well over the top. Too much money being wasted here. Diana
Anything but open and transparent! Brent
She is a brilliant liar and fraud who is screwing peoples minds and creating fear in New Zealand to the point where the general population does not no what is fact or fiction, what do we see today she is now apologising for the dawn raids of the 1970s she will steal the show again all those Pacific people will open their hearts to her the international press will go all gooey over her. Unlike Bert Potter who was jailed for screwing with his followers minds and bodies when she finally leaves office she will still be held in super high esteem by her supporters and the UN, the shit that she and her party has created will not go away it will stick like shit to a blanket, the younger minds have already been tainted. sven
Jacinda Ardern promised to government NEW ZEALAND has she is she will she well so far NO in fact she believes and has stated so NZ should become a republic with governance by MAORI .No We are still a democracy to change that you need to ask NEW ZEALANDERS .The governments stance on climate change is a joke but not a funny one .Tell me of one place that has recorded a rise in tidal height and don’t bother to quote pacific islands that are experiencing natural erosion just remember that all the oceans and most sea are interconnected so if measurable tidal differences occur it will affect all of them. Oh and by the way during school holidays traffic decreases by 30% get students out SUVs well good luck with that they protest but continue to persuade their long suffering parents to taxi they to school .It’s time to wake up there is no free lunch oh! dear yes there is . Me personally I had to sit an exam to get a scholarship to be educated beyond 13 and then cycle 14 miles each day to get it. Vivian
She is Totally off the rails , I doubt she has ever told the truth at any stage. a terrible lot of damage has been achieved against NZ she is dangerous alan
No way would I trust her. Employs an army of spin doctors to blindside the public. Peter
She is the personification of deceit. She only comes out when she perceives she is being ‘kind’ and giving out taxpayers money to help her socialist agenda. She is by her actions our most racist PM we have had and I hope will ever have. Dawn
She is destroying this beautiful country called New Zealand Not enough people are being informed as to her true agenda! Anita
Can i ask your viewers/readers to NOT use words such as Traitor/Terrorist/references to Nazis. This exactly the feedback that this Government will throw back in your faces when election time comes. Reject her policies and use of PR Spin, but don’t lower your own selves to her level. We must hold our Heads up high, for when the time comes to expose all that she/they are doing to this Country and its Hard Working Citizens. White, Brown, Yellow, or whatever race. Those who call themselves KIWIS first ! Stewart
Seriously .. who is the idiot “1%” who blindly thinks they are open and transparent???!!! Maddi
Dear God .. she is the biggest liar I’ve seen in years. Underhanded. Cunning. EVIL in my view. Maddi
Jacinda (Magabe) Ardern’s days are number, I hope. Her lies will catch her out Ken
Keep pushing the “HARD” questions to the PM & Govt.Officials & eventually the Public will “wake-up” Colin
The current administration, is carrying out a communist agenda and because of the emphasis on Covid 19 not many are seeing what is happening. Allan
The government is many things, honest and transparent isn’t one of them. John
Deliberately misleading! David
She’s simply lying through her teeth (insert pun), like every communist tyrant before her and every homo sapien who assumes to hold any authority over another Rich
I’ve found, instead, that the Ardern government is delivering spectacularly on Saul Alinskys communist playbook. Lee
How has Ardern been able to make this separatist agenda without public knowledge.. This should be put up for discussion by the people of New Zealand, and we all know what the results would be. Labour supporters should look beyond the smiling face and see her for what she really is. The smiling assasin Dianne
What a joke. She is a full blown socialist intent on destroying Gods own and lies through her teeth and they are big lies. Neville
She%u2019s a professional liar and still the dumb public believe her Christina
Not even close – She is no longer in charge of PR Maurice
The Truth will always win through – It Must! As Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money! That time is here – but we don’t really know because Debt Levels are either not released or effectively blended…By the SPIN DOCTORS. We must corner this hollow propaganda machine with the use of truth… Frederick
She is the biggest liar we have ever had as a Prime Minister and is covertly changing the future of NZ probably forever. We are living in very dangerous times and I don’t mean the threat of Covid. It is rather the threat of Jacinda Ardern’s vision for NZ Pauline
It is beyond irony that if Jacinda Ardern and her acolytes had been around in 1981 they would have been marching against apartheid. Cathy
Most of what we hear in the media is absolute brwonstuff especially when it comes to government policy and achievements. There is no doubt in my mind that we need to get rid of this gov’t ASAP. Many of the people I have contact with agree so lets get it done at the next election. Kevin
She is a brilliant liarer and fraudster and unlike Burt Potter who ended up in jail for screwing with a few peoples minds and bodies this prime minister will still be held in high esteem when she and her brain washing group leave office even though they have screwed thousands of New Zealanders mind young and old brown and white, along with putting fear into our country. sven
Goebbels would be proud of her Les
Is the question meant to be a joke? We have had some very dishonest Leaders in the past, but none can match what we have now. Congratulations Jacinda you have won first prize in the dishonesty contest. The problem the country has now is; the indoctrinated Millennials will out number the Baby Boomers at the next election. This could mean we are stuck with the racist Marxist idiots for enough time to watch Aotearoa { no longer New Zealand } turn in to the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.. A.G.R.
Donald Trump is studying her techniques of lying and, unlike him, getting away with it. “Experts” agree she lies three times more than him and still gets away with it. Kevin
She is not a good communicator but a skilled talker. Good communicators listen, ask relevant questions and answer closed ended questions with a yes or no . When required succinct and to the point explanations are given by skilled communicators not information irrelevant to the topic. Kathleen
To withhold information she had before the election on he puapua is pure deceit. Labour has betrayed the voters who elected them to this position of authority. They are past their use-by date. With apologies to William Shakespeare I say “Out Damned Labour Government!” Kevan
Dont listen to what she says but watch what she does., if you can see it Harvey
It used to be said that New Zealanders are the most trusting souls but are we now the most gullible and duped? Ray
I have never believed in Jacinda or this govt. Robina
Like hell, a bloody joke. Yet she has captured the people as you say in your article and sucked then all in. The sooner she goes the better. I once used to believe in Labour but not anymore. Fraser
When you run the meaning of Te Hurihanganui through Google translate it reveals a startling but not unsurprising meaning. Te Hurihanganui translated into English means ‘The Revolution!’ Tells us a lot about the govt’s intentions. Ardern is a snake in the grass. I pray we have long memories when the next election cycle comes round. There will be kisses and cuddles and warm promises of a bright future with rainbows and unicorns. Beware! Robert
Very evident that this is a secretive conniving non transparent Government Terry
All we get is spin. Kevin
Lying is a common signature of the left so why are people always surprised? A political party that requires truth manipulators (spin doctors) to tell their lies should be enough to gauge their credibility. Don’t forget their enormous salaries are paid by the taxpayers who are being lied to. Rex
Spin galore. Douglas
Andrea Vance’s telling article in the Sunday newspaper confirmed what we already suspected John
I have for long privately declared that Jacinda is a very proficient liar. I find it sad that the news media has been so completely taken in by the very proficient propaganda machine surrounding her and who have openly supported this as if they are conscientious NZer’s. I also question whether the same media have the where with all to see their own culpability and back away from their ;obvious socialist views; for the good of NZ. Barry
Yeh right, She couldn’t lie straight in bed. Dennis
In it’s present state New Zealand is not a place I am Proud of anymore. My home of birth is proceeding down a total black hole of corruption and lies….. Christopher
NO! The very opposite is true. caren
Ardern is simply a spin doctor with no substance, no background in taking risks that the citizens of NZ take every day. The real problem for me is that her agenda has been hidden from the apathetic public and she has so far refused to answer the questions that journos like Andrea Vance and Mike Hosking have put to her. Is that being “open”? I don’t trust this government for a moment as I watch them attacking democracy and removing the rights of non-Maori NZers layer by layer until it will all be gone and we find ourselves an apartheid state. Kerry
NO,again I say sent a copy of HePuapua to ALL media editors,especially to Andrea Vance (who seems to have the guts to hold jacinda to account) National MP,s,ACT MP,s the more people who know what jacinda & iwi are planning in secret the better.Most maori are on TAX PAYERS BENIFITS there are ONLY afew who try to improve themselves so WHY is EVERYTHING given to maori who also came to NZ in wakas & murdered,stold other tribes land,ETC given OUR tax money when they have shown they are NOT building or repairing houses the money was given for (no questions asked) ETC this report of He Puapua should wake people upto jacinda so PLEASE MURIEL sent copies of it to all you can. Cindy
She has her own secret agenda. John
For a start, the PM should be required to explain her extravagance with taxpayers money on PR since being re-elected. Paul
no way Grant
In fact the total opposite! gary
Absolutely no doubt she isn’t. John
Far from it Bryan
She has lied to us. Harvey
Given she has a PR degree it is not surprising she is a master of spin. So were the Labour voters who were sucked in during the last election Lawrie
I doubt that this government understands what the words mean or could even spell them Hugh
Yeah right Richard
She thinks people are idiots. Paul
She is lying through her teeth with “white privilege” Carl
This would have to be the worst government this country has ever seen She is a liar, like the rest of her circus performers God help us….. Murray
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Peter
“Open and Transparent” it certainly is not. The number of PR people in this Government is alarming as is the arrogance of the way journalists are refused answers to very valid and important questions. Main stream media appears to be shackled. Jenny
Most dishonest david
They never have been honest and transparent Mike
Such a racist and undemocratic government. Chris
Ardern is the queen of spin and one very dangerous woman – cunning and divisive in everything she does. Never has our country been in such turmoil. However I believe there are many who realise they have been duped and the tide is turning. Dell
She is so two faced. Les
I believe nothing that witch or her two-faced cronies say Mark
No! She is not interested in the people she governs. She is only interested in a tired old baseless ideology, that throughout history has failed to deliver freedom and prosperity to those who want to work. It serves only the ruling minority and their apparatchiks – totalitarian socialism, with its two faces, fascism and communism. You will lie as a means to achieve that end, won’t you comrade “Jacsinister”? – it’s part of the communist playbook. Don
Time to defund everything Maori bruce
Never has Graham
Of course, any intelligent person will agree with No to this Poll. That is, regardless of colour or ethenticity and has not been indoctrinated with the lies in the new version of the Maori history mandated to be taught in schools. Furthermore,, clear thinking citizens are becoming aware that we, as New Zealanders are losing our Democracy in our Prime Ministers hidden plans. Ian
Too much spin and news media not asking the questions. Gaire
Definitely not. Far too many denials and little honesty. Peter
How could anyone answer “yes” to this very simplistic question? Heather
It was clear from her COVID-19 controls that she kept a tight rein on her “trusted” Ministers (only she and two others were permitted to make pronouncements) and held her “team of 5 million” in complete disdain when she issued the edict “Do not put Minister up for any interviews on this. Because the public have confidence in what has been achieved and what the Govt is doing there’s no real need to defend.” She and her party also issued the statement that “THEY WERE THE ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH”. Her continual lying about the inclusion of White Supremacy and the need to overcome it within the educational curriculum and system. Her behind the scenes support for the removal of democratic rights of her country’s citizen in respect of the creation of maori-only local body wards. Her failure to disclose the agenda of He Puapua until forced to do so by external pressure despite her having access to the document for at least four months. Her continual lying in respect of the Treaty being a partnership and that it provides for co-governance. She obviously believes in Might is Right (Hitler, Goebbels and Stalin would all agree) and her promise of running the most open and transparent government that New Zealand has seen rings as true as her statement that she will govern for ALL New Zealanders (or should we be saying Aotearoeans given that she is forcing a name-change to our country without reference to its citizerns). All PR spin and lip service. Could it also be said outright lies?. It is no wonder that Car Salesmen rank higher in trust value than any politician. Miss Ardern would rank at less than a common thief! Michael
How much damage will be done in the next couple of years Joan
The PM has used the basic law abiding goodness of the NZ people to promote a sinister and selfish agenda. What a fortuitous tool the Covid distraction has become. The shambolic roll out of the ‘covid jab’ by her health ministry is a classic example of the inefficiencies and contradictions that even all the communications spend to date has not been able to manage or contain. Rosie
Jacinta has only read two books. Chairman Mao’s little red book and George Orwell’s 1984. She is trying to rule NZ based on her infatuation with their content. She has to be removed along with her brainless Ministers and caucus. Steve
No way! Definitely not. Her govt is, in my opinion, the most under-hand, deceitful, deliberately dishonest, instigater and spreader of alternative facts, outright liars, that I know of in NZ history. Trevor
No she and her government are very underhanded Carl
You would have to be out of your mind to think she is running an open government. She clearly stated in prior to the election, that she would have a government for all New Zealanders and that we were all one people. This is not the case. john
Of course not. Never has, never will. Gregor
Definitely NO NO NO. She’s teaching the exact opposite. We need a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this government and have a new election. National will be way better with the help of Act to show equality for every NZ;er and bring maori to accept and acknowledge they ARE NOT THE INDIGENOUS people here. We all know this but they keep demanding the return of land they legally sold to the Crown with full value paid to them many generations ago without having to buy it back. CMM
She appears to be taking Richard III for her model with the emphasis on “I can smile and …” She is, of course a politician and thus no stranger to terminological inexactitudes. Paloma
not even close Donald
She is a communist Vaughan
She’s just a pr mouthpiece with no real political policies. They are determined to bring in extreme labour policies by the back door. Laura
I believe she runs the least democratic, most dictatorial and secretive Govt this country has ever known. Rod
She is a liar!! Same cultural tactics as used in the Cultural revolution. Ray
Jacinda is working on propaganda to tell us what a great job that the party and her are doing. william
This is the most deceitful and obstructive Govt I have seen in over 50 years as a voter. Bribing the news media with taxpayer money should be an indictable offence. Graeme
What a cunning piece of work she is! Dell H
I cannot believe the amount of people who have been completely brainwashed by Jacinda. Shelley
A truly closed shop these days ,spin doctors only release that which is very positive for the government . The media questions seem to be prepared by the same spinners . Peter
Blatant lies every week from this Govt. How can anyone trust what is said. They must have all gone to the same Socialist -Communist school. I don’t believe that the bulk of the public are so stupid to not see what is going on. The association with the Greens will be the death of this Govt at the next election. Doug
They are just completely dishonest as well as completely incompetent in their management of the country Robert
More and like North Korea every day Raymond
The most arrogant government since the final Muldoon regime. Barry
No Doubt Jacinda is hell bent on tuning New Zealand into a Socialist Nation.l Don
She is a despicable, duplicitious fraud. She is a traitor to our Democracy, and to 90% of New Zealanders. If We the Sheeple don’t fight back, let OUR voices be heard, our country is destined to end up a dictatorship. Socialist countries that achieve socialism by Dividing and Conquering NEVER succeed except through force. Speak out, People. Time is running out. Joyce
We are growing further apart rather than becoming one nation. Ardern is leading only left thinking people who want to to be taken care of by the government and told what they can say, think and feel and be relieved of any personal responsibility for themselves or their families. It wont be a Utopia, it will be hell if we don’t stand up for ourselves. Lots of secrecy in this government. Lorraine
What next Peter
The dishonesty inherent in, and necessary for the operation of, the doctrine of ‘Socialism’ means that disbelief of her statements is automatic and immediate. TOBY
She is just a lying communist. Her comrades like Mahuta are a disgrace to democracy. Hopefully the USA will send troops here soon to restore democracy. Mike
How hippocritical can anyone get. The sooner that Jacinda Ardern is replaced the better it will be for our nation. Brian
Absolutely NOT Pam
What a joke!! As the saying goes – you never trust a liar! Janet
Adern does not know the meaning of the word transparent. I read Andrea Vance article and emailed and congratulated her for not being in labour%u2019s pocket and not looking to the rose coloured glasses that labour wants us to view the world thru. Adern does not front up to pertinent questions that Mike Hosking does ask. She refuses and only will front media that she agrees too. How transparent is that she’s a joke. Mary-Ann
Far from it by deceit she is hiding facts and policies never before mentioned and as a result is causing separatism that was not existing previously Alan
absolutely not !!!! Bev
what is happening is sickening. these people were held under control by Winston but once he went they have snubbed their noses at the majority with the support of the media and woke are out of control .judith has sounded de flated the past 2 weeks and apart from 2or3 others in national, the party is silent -where are the opposition portfolio minister at least having a go? greg
The only thing this %u2018person%u2019 is capable of delivering, is the propaganda that gets delivered from the huge hole under her nose Lorraine
Promises are hot air. Results are showing the blow-back. When you ‘own’ media stations/newsapers – they are only allowed to broadcast ‘approved b***t. rosa
Twisting to the point of lying Malcolm
Certainly NOT! That woman(drama queen) and that treacherous party I would rate as trustworthy as Putin, Trump, Mugabe, Assad, Hussein, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping. When they leave after the next election the incoming government is going to have a hell of a lot of legislation to repeal to even get the country looking like a democracy. How about the other political parties have a look at New Conservative policies. I did not vote for them at the last election but then the media never gave them a chance to get their message out there because they were sucked in by propaganda. Terry
Everything Jacinda does is crafted to present her in the best light. As things start to go wrong she leaves it to Ministers to field the questions and take the blame. Owen
And escalating weekly Barry
She is fooling the people of NZ. It’s time we all woke up to the deception and lies Trevor
Her arrogance and prevarication, lying and deceit is indeed masterful. To say I hate her is a good example of litotes! Frank
She and her cohorts couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery !!! Henry
Not in a zillion years. It is all ‘spin’. Consider the currently proposed film to feature a lookalike PM pushing her post-ChCh shooting actions. All she has done is grossly affect lawful firearms owners with the so-called ‘buyback’, whilst ignoring the major fact that the NZPolice utterly failed the country by not fully checking on the offenders actions in purchasing the rifles involved. If the film DOES go ahead, all the film will do is cement in the public view the need to NOT vote for Labour at the next election. HOORAY! Carl
undisguised communism John
It is my opinion Jacinda Adern is the most deceitful Prime Minister this country has ever had. There is no doubt a secret agenda she has driven by sincerely held views but which she knows are not acceptable to average New Zealand voters. Richard
Definitely NOT, this government has caused more separatism in this country than there ever has been. This government is dishonest and trying to pass things under handed, which she knows NZers wont agree with, instead of allowing a vote by the people of NZ , I also was dragged in like a dim wit to vote for her, but will never do it again. Nancye
I cannot BELIEVE how sly and underhand Ardern has been! The cost of her spin doctors is ASTRONOMICAL at $16million! What is happening to this country? It is getting like Hitler’s Germany or Russia! Sylvia
Ardern’s govt is the worst govt that I have ever seen…and I’m 80. David
This government has told more lies than all the previous governments of NEW ZEALAND combined! Murray
Why aren’t the teachers en mass coming forward with this obnoxious plan and complaining? john
Frustrated!!!…. Don
she is false Dave
Just embracing communism as fast as she can Peter
Certainly not as she hasn’t a clue about anything apart from look at Me Sidwell
This dictator in the making is delivering nothing of that sort. What we get is a socialist / communist/ globalist agenda forced down our throats and this so called ‘ team of 5 million’simply does not exist. There is no national pride or identity, no recognisable culture or anything what would really identify this patchwork of multi national groups of people living here as a true nation. NZ is in such a sorry state that it is only too easy to do what the Covid queen does to us.. She has enough willing and fawning minions to help her along in her destructive work Michael
She’s just running true to the Neo-Marxist propaganda machine. Ced
No. They are the worst in recent memory. Andrew
She is the most competent liar we have ever experienced.If she is allowed to carry on our beautiful New Zealand as we know it will be ruined. Lets hope that she loses her grip on power so she can run off to the UN And cosy up to the commies. Ross
NO! Kerin
Deceitfully and consistently lies whilst offering a very toothy smile to her unsuspecting and blindly obedient followers. Colin
Definitely not. JA & n Mahuta are spin twins. A total disaster for our country. Adhern is controlling the news and the twins are hiding racist policy behind closed doors. They must go before the rot gets beyond repair. Graeme
Definitely NOT. Tony
quite the opposite anthony
She is a scheming liaring commo @#%% and will not stop till she has us in her comunist state eric
She does not know what the word open means Warren
I doubt she could lie straight in bed!!! Helen
Local government is being run the same way – WBOP has numerous PR people to sell the myth John
Arrogance will come back to bite Labour and the sooner the better. Ian
Quite the opposite in fact. Andrew
She believes in her own lies! John
The biggest of many broken promises. Better described as secretive and devious. Neville
Thankyou Andrea Vance for stating so clearly the Ardern governments lack of transparency John
I agree with Graham Adams article in this months news letter. Going back to my Primary and Intermediate school days we were taught a lot about Maori civilization and culture so whats to change. Is there an agenda here to undermine and discredit European and other groups that have contributed to the building of this country. Owen
This is the most secretive, corrupt ,frightening government ever seen in this country, the decisions being made with no knowledge by the majority of folk have huge consequences and they will not be realized until it’s too late. Carol
The obverse is the case Michael
My thoughts on JA are rapidly changing to the negative side. Mark
The annoying thing is with all these lies no one is able to keep the Govt accountable , they are brushed aside or not even reported . Thanks to Andrea Vance !, Mike Hosking , Barry Soper, Heather and a few others must be a thorn in labour’s side . My concern is by the time we hear about it it’s to late !! Karen
Jacinda Ardern is a bare faced liar. Allan
Of course not – that was never her intention. NZ voters as a whole, need to realise that we have been duped by a highly organised group of spin doctors and snake oil purveyors. Unless we acknowledge our folly and put sound policies in place to reverse the current downward trend, our rights and freedoms that we value and cherish will be gone for ever. Scott
Absolutely NO. Gary
Having lived in the UK during the Blair government’s ‘grin & spin’ there are so many similarities – coincidentally the spin manager at that time was Alastair Campbell – family connection? The wheels inevitably fell off eventually but it took such a long time…. No transparency, just quite deliberate obfuscation all the way along the line. Martin
She is dividing this country with racial bias and it is going to be very hard to turn it around unless opposition parties and the media start speaking up. Unfortunately, most of the media are far left and will not publish the truth of what ifs happening. Phil
The exact opposite. She is being dishonest and closed to any questions Dianne
Jacinda is the master of propaganda. While other governments have been bad, Jacinda tops the list for secretively controlling information Murray
Hell no! This government is very busy covering up it incompetence with lies and in every way possible. Long past time they were chucked out. Roger
So scary Maggie
Absolutely not Bryan
It is breath taking how she is introducing separatist policy’s and laws with no accountability or public debate or challenge from our media Kevin
When we can no longer be confident that we are receiving news and information from our media sources across the board with impartiality and journalistic integrity as opposed to Govt funded instruction and control, we should all be outraged and worried for what else lies ahead unchallenged. Carol
The outright straight faced lies told by this government astound me. Or am I just being too definitive? Frank
Andrea Vance is to be congratulated for opening up this festering wound of propaganda rolled out by this underhand government. The wake up by all New Zealanders of this deceitful PM can’t come soon enough for me Heather
They are crafty – voter alert Campbell
But no use trying to tell the Jacinda converts, ‘there are none so blind as those who refuse to see’ Richard
A very dangerous lady for New Zealand Jan
probably the most twisted / naive /communist orientated / parasites that I can remember since the 1950’s. and that’s a fact ! Roy
Labour and Ardern want to take us down the Chinese Communist road of permanent one party government Brian
Her He Puapua report should ring the alarm bells for every citizen. Get educated and vote! Hilary
Very hard to be transparent with smoke and mirrors Mark
At last, the word propaganda is being used, to me this has been blatantly obvious since Ardern took office, during the COVID show last year,I found that show utterly sickening watching the rubbish and lies being told to the nation, in the meantime the risk to the country through their incompetence was frightening. There are startling similarities to the behaviour of the regime of the 1930s in Europe, I just wonder when we are all going to be sent radios to make sure we don%u2019t miss out on any of this crap Jim
Time for her and her communist government to go. Astrid
The complete opposite unfortunately Jacque
What a question, when the obvious is clear. This Marxist agenda is a copy of Animal Farm. Two songs spring to mind – Eve of destruction (of democracy) and the ultimately inevitable Do you hear the people sing if this madness is not stopped, and some bad legislation reversed. Folkert
Socialist Dictator Patrick
Sooner they’re gone the better off ALL New Zealander’s will be. Kaye
She has been transparent. She openly stated she perceives Maori will co-govern eventually. What she does not disclose is how she takes guidance from United Nations directives in priority to economic growth, wealth and stability of NZ. What is stunning is that despite even that disclosure, very few of the people of NZ objected or raised up in protest as to democracy going wrong. Beth
This is the most opaque, non-transparent, I government that I have ever seen John
Open and transparent, anything but. Fawned over by the lefty media who can’t even answer the hard questions Alan
She smacks of Nazi propaganda methods. A student of Goebbels. Denis
Is that a question that even needs to be asked? Isn’t it obvious? Michaela
If one looks into Jacinda Ardern home up-bringing you will find the real true about her, she is very dangerous person. Don
JaSPINda and her cabinet have no hesitation in telling porkies to mislead the public Alister
Are we now a white maori nation? Ken
When do you know Enid is telling a lie? When she nods in approval (and her lips are moving). Philip
She is an absolute traitor to the people of New Zealand Siobain
She most certainly is NOT! We’ve seen disappointing lack of transparency from some previous governments, but Jacinda doesn’t ‘ring true’ for many of us, and her use of expensive spin doctors has unfortunately pulled the wool over too many tax payers’ eyes. The sooner New Zealand wakes up, the better, before our economy, social structure and democracy are destroyer beyond repair. Heather
Deceitful new age anti Christian and pro animism, a death knoll to democracy Mark
We are being conned it stinks NZERs need to wake up to this Labour Government now Ian
Dimwitted, foolish and cunning she’s stuck in her own rut which will be her undoing. Can she hold the prices as well as ash can talk? Kevin
She is the most divisive and according to this article evasive PM we have ever had the misfortune of holding government riegns, these sooner their tenure is over the better. What would be the icing on the cake if we could cut their time in much shorter. But whom do we vote for as National at this stage are following in Labour’s trail With so called climate change which is a bloody hoax, also now pandering to one group! Gwenda
Communism rules!! Richard
The Prime Minister has no mandate for many of the changes to our governance and is promoting interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi that are not shared by a vast majority of New Zealanders or supported by them. Arthur
The complete opposite Brian
On the contrary this Ardern Government is running an agenda that promotes the supremacy of the state, and promoting a United Nations socialist agenda which will be an economic and racial disaster for our country. Individual responsibility, the free market and capitalism which has served us our current high standard of living are being systematically destroyed. Furthermore the education system is being now designed to indoctrinate our children. Mao would be very impressed. Stephen
She has been looking to much to China and just doing the same where possible. Suppress the media in censoring what can be answered and what not. Of course, not many people believe this. That is the problem, or are they just too lazy to read instead of watching Netflix, without having to use their brains for a change. Peter
The only promise Ardern has fulfilled his her promise to United Nations. Any promise to the New Zealand people has been broken. With the racial divide she is implementing she should be removed from office for treason Kay
Sly and cunning, a smiling tiger. Colin
I believe she is in fact doing the absolute opposite. I don’t trust her whatsoever and the constant spin put on everything is of great concern. She’s following the script to the letter and it doesn’t read at all well for the people of New Zealand. Shelley
Open and transparent government – are you kidding. She has been manipulative from the beginning and we are being continually brainwashed. She will ruin this country Gail
He PuaPua came out of nowhere. While redress for past deeds is necessary, this goes to far. Ian
The government is a closed club open only to like mined invitees only. Everything the PM promised at election time is the complete opposite to what is being delivered. Fools gold. chris
However with any luck as a consequence of all this she may learn that those who have created and endorsed the mirage may turn on it as she reaps what she has sown Phil
the most dishonest and deceitful govt.ever john
This is the most deceptive government I have known%u2026 Clive
Definitely not! Who is Jacinda’s puppet master? Who pulls the strings? Elizabeth
I despair at the incompetence of the Lab Gov. Importing coal when we have our own has to be the dumbest idea imaginable, not to mention the gas debacle. All this talk about EV’s, has anyone thought about charging points at all? Just saying. 🙂 Ken
Her active socialist belief system still controls her decisions. William
Who would believe the secrecy, denial and lies perpetuated daily by this Government. It seems like a nightmare from which we are never to wake up. Mothers even teach their children not to lie. Bruce
Certainly NOT David
Heading down the same marxist root as the USA.Watch Fox News and you will see the same happening here as over there under Biden. Malcolm
Absolutely not, a born liar in my book . Craig
I am becoming very concerned on the direction Labour is taking NZ. They need to be gone Janet
Pull the other leg Tony
Lies more lies and slight of hand deciet lies again. mike
What pifall wally
its been obvious from Day 1, why didi it take the media so long to out it ? john
We MUST not forget lessons of the past!!! Populist dictak. Thought police. Re education. All done before by one tyrant or another Colin
The exact opposite in fact! Brenda
Ardern’s is the most controversial, disruptive, anti-democratic & racist government I think we have ever had and I can see them thrown out at the next elections,their retrograde policies reversed and we can start moving forwards again, not backwards. Eric
It should now be clear to all “thinking” NZers that Ardern & her government are the exact opposite of what she promised they would be. They are stealthily introducing damaging, divisive policies but sadly so many people still cannot see beneath the surface or the flashing smiles. Please, please wake up NZ!! Heather
Words, words, words – worthless and devious. Broken promises all the way, with an agenda to divide New Zealand (BTW, its official name). Open and transparent government? No!!! So much is kept hidden from us. Democracy is thrown out the window. Thanks to Seymour and Collins for exposing the lies and hidden agenda of JA and her government. We’re fast becoming “the North Korea of the South Pacific”. Laurence
The opposite is what is happening!! Lyn
Too many agendas Peter
Definitely not – but of course this poll is preaching to the converted, and therefore not much use Geoffrey
She is the master of the concerned frown and pout and has hoodwinked even her own supporters with her duplicity Kevin
Quite the opposite. Murray
Definitely not. She’s actually telling bare-faced lies. It’s not bending the truth-it’s lying. Our Prime Minister is also our Prime Lier. Rosemary
I totally agree with Andrea Vance – we are being lied to every day, led up the garden path, and expected to believe the complete bullshit from Arden, Labour, and many of the supposed impartial gov. departments dave
She is an unconscionable and continuous purveyor of deceit Bryan
Absolutely not. I challenge anyone, no matter what their political persuasion, to prove otherwise. Kevin
A liar. mike
She’s deceptive and elusive when questions are asked. It seems to me that she has a ‘hidden agenda’. This is probably a result of her immature life skills and idealistic world – one where we are resolved of managing ourselves. If she told the truth she knows she’d be on shaky ground. Her quick lip, being feminine and hiding the real truth just keeps her supporters going. And of course she’s bought off the media! Once upon a time we had opposition parties that made the headlines like Winston Peters did. Unfortunately even if there are questions asked the media won’t promote them…. Simon
emphatically “no” John
She a Joseph gobbles deciple David
Propaganda big time. Geoff
A true communist tjerk
she is a disaster for nz norman
Even Stalin would be impressed. Next is iwi control and who knows who will be eaten first jack
Anything But John
Lies lies and more lies. When there are hard questions, PM hides. When people ask her hard questions, PM refuses to front. Lionel
and she is lying in a ditch Graeme
Lies galore jim
Definitely NOT, otherwise why was it needful for National to use the Official Information Act to find what is going on? Ted
Ardern is a habitual liar and would promise anything to stay in power. John
The Adern government “open and transparent?” Yeah, right! The lady does not fall short of being an outright liar. Rob
A deceitful government with a smiley “be kind” facade. Leanne
Not sure why you would even need to ask this question..! Pamela
Not at all! So much subterfuge , hiding reports, no consultation etc. Aided by a large portion of the media who only report what they think is Jacinda’s interest! Hugh
Nice article . We were deluged with messages about only believing in the government when it comes to COVID. Media revealed they were not credible. Now we are deluged with messages about waiting our turn for shots ; but they didn’t even have the vaccines. Incredible waste of millions. Thanks for nothing PM. Peter
totally not, she and her team should be over thrown now gerard
How can that question be asked when she ran for the last election she focused totally on the Covid issue and made no mention of He Puapua, Agenda 2021/30 or her socialist bent. So underhand and secretive and it wasn’t until He Puapua was forced into the public domain did she acknowledge it. A sad example of open and transparent. Vivienne
She is the worst thing that has ever happened to NZ & the sooner she goes the better! david
No Way Arthur
Its called fake news, not an invention by Trump, by Socialist Governments throughout the ages, and goes on without challenge at an ever increasing pace and impunity. And PC Media is at the forefront. When and How do we expose the flagrant use of PR and Media bias to construct a Socialist Two Class State divided along Race profiles. Isn’t that what we despised aparthied for, and now we create our own. NZCPR does a great job in exposing all this, but the vast majority of New Zealanders have no knowledge of these clandestine strategic manouverings at all. The National Party needs a kick up the arse for not taking up this challenge. I despair for my NZ family and all that ANZACs fought and died for. The tyrant is within us, cloaked in terms such as racial inequality, discrimination, predjudice and bigotry. The vast majority of New Zealanders I know are none of the above, but we are all painted as such just because we are European descended KIWIS. Where is our voice ??? Silent 🙁 Stewart
The labour/Greens abomination is the worst most incompetent and oppressive govt ever Richard
100% PR spin, and the gulible NZ public is falling for it. Merv
Absolutely and categorically NO. She is an absolute disgrace and must be held to account. Preferably well before the next election, before she is allowed to do more irreparable damage to our nation and our democracy. David
Taxcinda is a liar in every respect who is working her way to get to the UN like Aunty Helen, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself , she has to go Alex
Are politicians ever transparent. However this Government are the worst of the worst. David
Absolutely not, exactly the opposite is the case. Tony
What a betrayal to the vast majority of this country, to be hoodwinked by a government who professes to be open and honest. Ken
Hellno Willy
It is all lies Gareth
Far from it – this country is becoming more like Hitler’s Germany of extremist dictatorship Carol
She wouldn’t have a clue what “open and honest” means. It is all about her agenda with the UN – thanks Aunty Helen who is mentoring her. Michele
What we are seeing is a carefully crafted socialist propaganda campaign to keep the present lot in power. Such lies and broken promises, housing, transport, poverty, openness must be revealed. NZ needs to realize that we have true socialists in power. They will not listen or be open to discussion. They will be deaf to all but their sycophant believers. Godfrey
The evidence is overwhelming noel
NZ is becoming increasingly totalitarian, although the PM said it would be delivering a ‘more open & democratic society”. There is content in the Covid Health Response Bill that is secretive and frightening, especially as she rushed it through last year without input from National or others and during the time when we were in lockdown. By the government’s buying the media, we are not being kept informed of what is really going on. Also alarming is the amount of censorship that is going over Covid issues, He Puapua, water issues etc. I do not feel comfortable at all with this government and its leader. Also since we lost Winston Peters, no-one is really keeping watch on what is going on, apart from yourselves (NZCPR) Theodora
Anything BUT transparent!!! Bruce
Pigs might fly, has a better chance of possibility than JA’s propaganda machine being true. Robyn
A big resounding NO from me! This Government is a Government of Lies, and behind closed doors decisions, which totally reeks of Communism. This is the worst Labour Government that this country has ever had, and I’ve lived through a few of them. Never has there been so much racism, antagonism between peoples until now, and in particular this last six months, which I think are totally the worst. Not one of them seems capable of making decisions without having to consult other groups of people, or look to their spin doctors. They have cost this country inordinate amounts of money, and for what? It’s time they were gone! Plain and simple…..this country can’t afford these idiots! Heather
Ardern is a practiced liar, leopards never change their spots, she absolutely disgusts me. Arrogant, conceited, ignorant, and a liar. Merryl
Kinda a rhetorical question really. fred
I’m Really worried with the direction this (Communist) Government is leading all the ignorant uneducated New Zealanders. Ian
No she is only interested in her public image. She is very divisive and plays to the gallery at every opportunity. Laura
What is more important is the fact that most New Zealanders are blissfully unaware of just how they are being duped. Max
The government, spearheaded by Ardern, is running a very slick propaganda campaign. It is very persuasive and has sucked in many who would otherwise have voted against this green-aligned administration. Gavin
she is useless Dave
The Labour party culture is that the end justifies any and all means of achieving what they want everyone else to do. Charlie
Bare faced lying witch. She is a very dangerous person Tom
The real news is highly censored and biased with a total lack of transparency Judy
No, she is delivering the exact opposite. Shades of Orwells 1984, where words have a hidden, not to be verbalised , opposite true meaning. Ardern is a fake incompetent leader, in fact doesn’t know how to lead. Just waiting for the day when she or her daughter are asked by the proponents of He Puapua to apologise for her white privilege. Karma is a bitch, well deserved in her case. James
It’s disgusting how secretive she has been. We saw this propaganda with Hitler Judy
Her teeth should be black? RICHard
Only interested in her Socialist manifesto to divide NZ via her secret Maori agenda. Derek
There is no doubt that this govt is a hostile govt. Never has censorship been so extreme. Never have so many things been hidden from the public. Never has a NZ govt changed the law so many times to suit it’s agenda without consultation. Sarah
Things are done under urgency with no discussion and she never gives an answer Colin
She’s a communist and therefore, a liar. Bill
The completely opposite!! This is by far the very worst govt inflicted on this dear country for their secretive dealings invariably for the enrichmnent of the part-Maori elite and to the detriment of the remaining 85%. Tony
How NZ has been sucked in by this dreadful labour organisation Transparent? Transparent my arse!!!! Martyn
She speaks with a forked tongue Murph
She would not know ‘open and honest’ if she saw it; and she is patently blind to the truth. Mark
Not by a country mile. She wouldn’t know the meaning of “open” or “transparent”. And she hasn’t the faintest clue what “government” means John
Exactly the opposite Neil
The spin perpetrated by Ardern%u2019s myriad advisers is truly appalling Wah
She is a liar. Alan
She needs to be exposed Christine
No, Ardern is without doubt the most manipulative, dishonest PM I’ve seen in my 76 years. 58 as a voter and proud New Zealander. John
shes a liar liar your knickers are on fire neil
Jacinda Ardern is the most deceitful MP New Zealand has ever seen as an elected representative. The gloss has faded and now the flakes are starting to fall off. Can NZ afford another 30 months of this incompetence and dishonesty? I say no but but we must all unite to ensure they are never in charge of the treasury benches for decades after the next election. Chris
she is a liar true n simple Greg
preference should be governed by need not ethnicity Barrington
This is a bit of a daft question. How could anyone answer yes? Cherry
what a joke..!! peter
I have said several times to friends over recent months that I see Jacinda a champion in deceit and deception – just as the Biden team are in the US. Propaganda is their life line having worked their masterful propaganda witnessed by the blind following so many ‘believers’ added to which the media deliver much in support of this propaganda push. Very very scary for New Zealand’s future! Stuart
She is like the Emperor in the fairy tale , and the labour voters are the peasants. Glenys
we need a snap election to rid us of these LYING SOCIALISTS Les W
Transparency is not in their vocabulary ! sheryl
On the contrary this government is the most devious, obfuscating, Marxist, racist, divisive government ever in NZ%u2019s history. Geoffrey
She has blatantly lied to the people of this country, apart from being a Government for the people, she just didn’t say which people. Darrel
Just the opposite, underhand , lying and stealthy paul
No definitely not they are masters at lying, deceit, and being covert in all things they do. The introduction of the name change for this country is an example of their underhand stealth Kristene
This woman is an absolute disgrace and in my opinion is a traitor to her country. She is continuing her evil attack on our democracy and seemingly there is no way the general population can do anything about it for at least another two and a half years, by which time untold damage will have been done. The former statement of course assumes that she will be thrown out at the next elections. – However, going by her previous modus operandi I suggest she is likely to come up with another diversion to distract the voters and lie her way back into power. I am angry, depressed and feeling overwhelmed by what is being done to our country, and am not optimistic that it will be stopped in time. The country has gone mad. Roy
She is unbelievable…hides away planning her wedding Lynn
No, she is only concerned about herself. Time to get rid of her. Tom
Jacinda is one of the most dangerous PM we have ever had certainly a closed book Russell
Absolutely not. This is the most arrogant, deceitful, separatist, social government we have ever had. I am seriously concerned for our future if they are not stopped. Frank
She lies Ron
Jacinda is forcing through divisive policy by stealth. We should all be very very afraid! Sheila
Complete bollocks Tony
Find anything they promised in 2017 and 2020 elections that has actually been fulfilled. Go for it – I dare you. You won’t find a thing completed in full or even well over half way. Adrian
The exact opposite! Andy
We must get rid of her and her government before she stuffs the country up completely Mike
What happened to freedom of Speech dge. Only if you are promoting White Privaledge J A is leading this Country down a dangerous path. She is Almost a Terrrorist Frank
I believe she is sinister, intentionally duplicitous and a serious danger to the essence of our New Zealand way of life. Gordon
She is a communist, why would she tell the truth Allan
Transparency!! Not from this lying, cheating socialist led government. Darryl
Far better than National … Kevin
this govt is full of lies and misconceptions and bad surprises for small businesses Ewan
What do you expect? She’s a politician!! Richard
Blatant lies!!! jim
And she never intended to be “most open and transparent”, however her actions to the contrary are very transparent. John
So much is “new” policy! John
Quite probably the most secretive. two faced and dangerous politician that any country has ever experienced. At least Trump didn’t try to hide who he really was. Dave
Definitely not !!!! She is the typical socialist politician and we MUST get rid of her and her ilk. Good to see Labour in the UK has collapsed to 8% and they had similar anti capitalist and anti democratic principles although they claim to be liberal — same here. Alan
As NewZealand quietly gets signed over to Maori in meetings or hui as they call it,the generations of hard working non Maori citizens our fore fathers that actually built NewZealand provided power,housing basically technology are now being labelled white privilege or land theives.This government is the most corrupt one in NewZealand History & will create civil wars.I don’t vote never have never will this country is an entire joke run by people that believe fairytales are law or moral history…. Mike
Definitely Not. We are being conned! Graeme
We have some great People and organisations who need to combine and show a united front against this Government and its deceitful and secretive policies Henry
Bluddy liars Gillian
She is all spin Ken
You can believe what a politician says IF you take the statement and turn it 180degrees to get the truth.e,g If they say they are going to be open and transparent they mean we will do anything to let harmful information out Robert
I worry for our country and what is is becoming Colleen
Not even close! Gordon
The number of spin doctors behind the scenes is appalling. Openness and honesty do not need them. jill
I am totally disillusioned. Sadly disillusioned that we should find ourselves “lead” by such deviousness. Jill
Hiding hate speech law reform Suddenly mandating Maori wards He Puapua = Maori sovereignty Tebs
Just simply NO<NO<NO.. I’m afraid for the future of my grandchildren and their children. What will they think of us if we let her succeed. Sonia
And New Zealand People need to be ALERT. Jacinda and Labour are very dangerous. Carl
Definitely not. This government is full of spin doctors and dishonest inexperienced unionist politicians hell bent on changing our country to a socialist environment. Maori has been overly appeased against all others. She and her government are destroying our country through money handouts to those who are life time beneficiaries. Steve
Wake up people. The totalitarian government will destroy us. Helen
The school debating team is running the country (down fast). Shirly Temple and her 5 million extras. Who would have believed our current situation even 4 years ago? Ian
We knew from day one this was a lie. Cindy is a Communist. It is undeniable and communists “use and manipulate ” information. They share what suits them as she is doing with multiple spin teams. Great work Muriel. Hope you got my donation. TC
More cover up and subterfuge than ever before! Alex
This govt seems set on dividing the country starting with maori health Iain
I have lived in NZ for over sixty years. It was a delight growing up here and I and my family went into business and have worked with every government since the late fifties, but this lot take the cake! I would trust any of them as far as I can spit, which I might add, is not far! We desperately need to lose these leeches, before we are all bled dry. J J
Hell no. That couldn’t be further from the Truth. This Government is creating Racism on a huge scale to the point where, if the Radicals lose their Heads, there could be a Civil Way. This is the derisive way of Communism. Geoff
This has become a very scary government -feels like Orwells 1984 is happening. Gary
In her eyes and the Maori eyes Jimmy
Believe PM Ardern? Not for a moment! The only-recently revealed He Puapua with its ‘tribal co-governance by 2040’ plan is aimed at destroying the democratic rights of the New Zealand people. This, along with the absurd geographical name-changing that is being called for, should be put to a referendum, as was the national flag issue – which was of far lesser importance. Gary
The country is in the worst state ever and seems bent on dividing the races. Gods own country!not any more! Chris
NO! She is a one trick pony (Covid) and we are getting the other end of that pony now. How we get to muck out the stall is beyond me. I’ve seen the best years and there are none ahead> Bruce
Why should she with all her spin doctors around her, pity all this doesn’t get heard. Ann
Ardern is a two faced liar, who should be arrested immediately and charged with treason. She is governing only for (pandering to) the most loyal 20% of NZ who will always vote for her, the other 80% of NZ are being stolen from to fund her utterly corrupt agenda. Time to rip up the Treaty, its been corrupted to the point where it is destroying NZ. Steve
No way whatsoever !!! Not even remotely. Jim
Ardern and her monkeys are the most deceitful people in government, that i have ever seen in my 70 plus years. To be spending so much public money on PR and press secretaries to promote all the lies that she is spitting out is beyond belief. They must go before they have totally destroyed NZ. Des
Had read the articles you mention and concur completely!! Sandra
Jacinda Ardern would be the most dishonest prime minister this country has ever had the misfortune to have. Tony
She is a liar Alan
It’s like the old joke: when do you know when he/she is lying? When his/her lips move. Fits Spinderella perfectly. In fact she is absolutely treasonous and should be tried along with her main henchmen in a court of law. Incidentally, I suppose that we, the taxpayers, largely funded the spin in which was essentially her election campaign. Isn’t that illegal? Alan
You’re kidding right?? Everything rushed through in the midnight hours. People not even knowing what’s being rushed through. It will ALL be exposed. Pack of liars! Helma
She has no idea about being PM Graham
Biggest liar ever. stephanie 
Just the opposite she must GO! Alan
She’s better than Joseph Goebells peter
No way. That would be the joke of not the year but the history of new Zealand!!! Brian
Marxism is creeping into the system as is racism and division as we have never before had in NZ (Not Aotearoa). Gerry
Nothing could be further from the truth. Sue
Socialist morality – do whatever it takes, WE ARE RIGHT! Would be interested to know the extra $ this Govt expends on PR (deceit)?! Graham
Absolute opposite Robert
she and her lot are a disgrace.. Donald
What a disgrace! All that money spent, essentially to promote hate, and to cause unnecessary anger that will serve no one. That will be the result of many of the policies that they need to remain so tight lipped about Nicola
Not even any where close to being open and no way honest! Rita
I did not appreciate what I perceive as duplicitous or diversionary responses. We have had them in relation to He Puapua and the Education Ministries efforts in Schools. I did not appreciate the Christchurch outcome as it became a look at me parade. Transparent but not usefully so. I am not OK with the drive using taxpayer funds to increase votes from Maori or to paint the government in a positive light.. Peter
She is the most dishonest, controlling PM we have ever had the misfortune to have. Barbara
“Words are one thing – deeds something entirely different. Fine words are a mask to cover shady deeds…” Joseph Stalin who went on to say “A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron”. Jacinda Adern is but dry water. Tony
History will show that this government is the most deceitful and hypocritical of all time, led by a leader who is a master of spin and smiles. vast numbers of the NZ public have been sucked into the spin and yet seems transfixed by the lies we continue to get spun. Barry
Could not be further if she had actually really tried to be open and transparent. More closed mouth than Russia Shaun
When erstwhile Jacinda fan Andrea Vance comes out with the article she just wrote, this illustrates just how secretive this government is. It is not only totally untransparent; it is actively promoting falsehoods. Rod
They have captured the media. In depth reporting is virtually nonexistant Nev
The worst PM in my lifetime.Lies like a flatfish, is a control freak, NOT at all KIND – in fact quite the opposite – when will the people wake up!~If they want to live in a Communist state run by Maori Radicals we are heading fast down that track! She must be stopped! Gail
The budget proved that this government is not thinking “Post Covid” with no real policy towards encouraging innovation and new enterprises. Howard
As transparent as a window painted black. Martin
do you believe in Santa Claus ? beryl
she is committing treason – on several levels: using public funds to betray and lie to the very same, an illegal shutdown and its subsequent human, economic and ecologic disaster, and now commit ting a “vaccine” crime, intentionally maiming and killing citizens under the pretext of health … the only way to “freedom”. .. gabriela
She is a “smiling spin doctor”, with a communist and racist agenda.. She is a worry…… Peter
No – she is deceiving, conniving and only has her agenda to push, not what is in the best interests in NZ – hence why she passes law quickly or with a very little consultation period (due to Labour having the votes) and uses deflection (like her wedding or her daughter) to distract from what is really going on. An extremely dangerous and narcissistic individual. Rob
This PM is the scariest thing to ever happen to New Zealand. Don%u2019t think I have ever been so frightened for our country and my grandchildren. Labour are pure evil Claire
Muriel has explained it very well. June
The main problem is that the National party did not run a good election campaign and are an ineffective opposition. It’s not that the Adern govt is so good, it’s that National is so useless. It’s time for wholesale change in National. Vic
Obviously NOT. The question is, will New Zealanders wake up to what is happening, or be led like sheep ? Bryan
The evidence against transparency and democratic use of power is mounting, becoming undeniable. If the rising awareness continues it will become Labour’s noose. Michael
You would have to be half-witted to even believe that statement. Murray
She’s a Marxist taking us down the Agenda 21/30 road. Evil! jan
The whole expensive circus the government are running is a absolute betrayal of democracy. They take the majority of New Zealanders for fools. peter
The exact opposite – actually the Agenda is frightening & totally unacceptable Hylton
It’s the same old story when a left wing government comes to power – your freedom is the freedom to comply with its agenda on the basis that it knows what is good for the country netter than non left wing citizens. If ever a country needed Swiss style Direct Democracy giving citizens the power to constrain politicians it’s New Zealand. The question in my mind is will enough citizens assess the situation and kick this lot out next election? Denis
She is leading the LEAST transparent and open NZ government ever Anton
This current Ardern Labour Government are proving to be masters of double speak ,obfuscation and deceit. Max
Only delivering if “open and transparent” actually means “closed and opaque”. Orwellian! Stan
Worst government in NZ ever! Adele
Remember zimbabwe Chris
Absolutely the opposite because she would lose momentum if she was up front. & honest. Geoff.
Dr Goebbels had nothing on this sweet talking Matta Hari imposter. Roy
Complete rubbish  
I am truly and deeply concerned…indeed i am sickened to my very core by the actions and agenda of this extraordinarily deceitful dishonest and duplicitous dictator we have lording herself over us. She is creating a culture of disturbing , dangerous division and separatism in this country, exploiting the trust , naivety and goodwill of its people . I am both saddened and fearful for our future and freedom under her …… Colin
The advancement of Maori seems paramount. What is the angle? Dave
Absolutely, 110% NOT! Terry
“Pigs might Fly” Ranald
She is a snake in the grass, hiding from telling the truth and actively promoting separatism in New Zealand where we are one people that democratically deserve equal opportunity regardless of ethnicity. A sad, backward step that is possibly heading towards communism. It will not work for a democratic New Zealand. Steve
Precisely the opposite. Big sister is watching YOU. Terry
Her lies will come home to bite one day soon, we hope. Betty
Just the opposite Graham
Comrade Jacinda is the most destructive Prime Minister NZ has ever had grant
Worst PM we have ever seen ivan
Never has and just another broken promise. Mike
Thank you for verbalising and articulating my thoughts so eloquently that I have had for some years. John
That was a pr spin Liz
She’s a lying communist POS Greg
Jacinda Ardern’s speeches are so ‘artfully’ written that they appear false. People who lie try too hard to convince the listener that they are being truthful! Evelyn
We are now oppressed and suppressed in our own country there is NO team just division Gaz
Just another spin doctor lie. She would do well in Hitlers government. Robbie
not at all Anon
Absolutely not Prue
Of course not. the information she gives out is what she thinks we want to hear. It is a said reflection on our society that it seems that this satisfies a lot of people! When will this nation wake up and use its collective voice. George
There has never been such a wasteful, devious, manipulative, socialist and divisive government in NZ history. It could be argued we no longer live in a democracy. Maurice
Comrade Ardern wouldn’t know open and transparent government if it bit her on the arse. Igor
But you’re preaching to the converted 🙂 Chester
Quite the reverse actually. Kerry
more like totalitarian in my opinion tracy
The Empress with no clothes, the blinkers are now in destruct mode and peoples eyes are now opening. jack
There’s too much smoke and mirrors for this Government – definitely not transparent!!! Cath
TV history from the 70’s and 80’s is not going to be digitised but destroyed. It conflicts with the current mantra Derek
Couldn’t be further from the truth. At least some journalists are waking up to the fact. Now to inform the public. Bev
The truth was detailed in Andrea Vances excellent recent article on this secretive and deceptive government. Graham
this Govt is an absolute disgrace to say the least !!!!!! trevor
What is hard to understand is that people still believe her David
The last time I voted labour was for the Kirk govt. Then the academics took over. Nz was never the same. Russ
sneaks new laws under the radar does it with a smile maybe even a hug cherryl
Spin more spin and smiles!! Ian
very savvy at side-lining difficult issues Mother Theresa bryan
She is not worthy of a comment from me,I am just amazed how many people are blind to her politics and secret policies Allan
She is a very accomplished liar. Trevor
Speaking as a School Chairperson with 23 years Board experience the Revised NZ History Curriculum is a one sided mis-representation of our History., Aaron
Open and transparent don’t figure in this Govt’s ideology Graham
You just have to look at all the policies that weren’t in the manifestos, from eroding property rights to replacing farming with monoculture pine to all the examples of child abuse. Many of them are not well publicised (thanks NZ media) so the public has no idea what is going on. Barbara
Jacinda is a communist. This government is the least transparent of all time Ray
Absolutely positively NO. It is frightening what Jacinda Ardern is doing/planning Shirley
Never have we been treated more like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on? and the lies keep coming I just hope the damage can be undone what were the labour voters thinking Peter
Clearly NO. More obfuscation from the power crazed, sycophantic, Marxist control freak who is temporarily the prime minister. Peter
Maori who are ONLY 15 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION should NEVER EVER have any thing to do with running this country. We will be totally Fucked if this happens. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Graham
She lies like a flat fish Peter
Totally not transparent Ardern is dangerous and needs to be ousted along with her tribe now . NZ will be ruined totally if she stays till next election Dianne
Taxinda is the master of spin She is all about herself and Labour If she could she would turn this country into a socialist paradise A total misnomer if there ever was one. Fortunately for Taxinda the main opposition party is not performing well and ACT has a long way to go before they will be a credible antedote Robin
That has to be one of the biggest jokes ever;) Darag
Comrade Adern is a liar, Alan
Hahahahahahahaha!!! Really? How could you even ask such a question? Alan
The most deceptive govt I have ever seen, and I’m over 75. Aided by the worst speaker over the same period. Geoffrey
He Puapua is the epitome of Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government deceit. Kaewyn
Vote for the Act Party!! Maureen
She has become a puppet. A puppet can not think, a puppet can move unless someone is pulling the strings, and that is what is happening with Ardern, Alan
She cheated and lied her way into the Beehive. She is manipulative, dishonest and divisive. She will go down as the worst PM this country has ever had. Jenny
She is manipulative and unable to admit any errors by her government Janie
Absolutely NOT! Dick
All smoke and mirrors. John
liar liar pants on fire !!! mark
Jacinda is running a well oiled propaganda machine to maintain power and since the election, the government is increasingly discouraging open and transparent debate on many issues affecting the country. Democracy is under great threat by this Labour government and the Greens. Anyone who does raise concerns is being vilified, labelled racist and attempts made to silence them. Virginia
This is about the most closed govt ever seen in NZ. And the only privilege Ardern is promoting is brown privilege. Liz
far from it shows up her lack of intelligence we are not all sheep David
Far less sophisticated propaganda worked well for Hitler Peter
She hasn’t even tried to deliver on that promise! Ron
She is following her leader. The god of this world is a liar and the father of lies. Allan
NZ now seriously in trouble. We need to concentrate on equal rights for all. Encourage personal responsibility. Spend all of our environment funds in NZ. Get rid of the burden of climate change myth. Neil
Its been a little like Jacinda asking us to believe Pravda is telling the truth. {Pravda is the Russian government controlled newspaper. Pravda means truth in Russian Michael
No way, Jose! Ardern is a born dissembler – not surprising from someone who specialises in Communications and PR. Politics has a way of catching up with public figures who lie so readily when pretty much everything they say is preserved for public record. Refreshing to see a Stuff journo, and a left-wing one at that, being so critical. Maybe there are some experienced reporters who are struggling to live with their consciences. I hope so because when the media turn on you it can become a feeding frenzy – let’s throw some more bait in the water! Derek
What a joke Mike
Where is the “Hell, no!” option? 🙂 John
Hell no Faye
I don’t like being told to do by people I don’t trust. Vincent
You have to be kidding Mike
No the shutters have come down Philip
A government of Lies! And the corruption continues. Even my National MP is mixed up in it! Neil
Zero confidence in her & her government Bill
Quite the opposite. this is the most controlling, non transparent Govt I have know in 70 years.Ruining the farming economy, horticulture, and a string of associated industries. Phil
And National are not doing a good job of pointing this out Don
The most disgustingly evil POS ever to be PM chris
She is anything but transparent and open. In fact she is a total disaster for our country and I really fear where it is all going to end. Treason is the word that comes to mind when I think of the Labour Party and its cohorts. If only Judith could get some unity in National but it’s not looking good. They really MUST unite and sound positive so that we can have a chance of getting rid of ‘the current lot’. ACT are the only ones impressing me at the moment. Helen
Hidden agenda , I think , pander to the NON INDIGENOUS people who just beat the rest of us , but still only 15% population Simon
This is the most sneaky, underhand dishonest Government we have ever had. Ardern must have been in the master class for Das Kapital. She would give Goebbles a run for his money propaganda wise. Even Grant Robertson on being asked if he had broken hi word on the brightline test said he “had been too definitive” originally. What sort of double talk is that? I note Madam Mao has delivered another imperious decree from the Taniwha Throne on climate change. Has anyone else notice her mask has been slipping lately? Terry
sack them all duplicious liars! chris
Absolutely not – what Jacinda Ardern is delivering is a massive betrayal of New Zealand. She should resign.  Pete
I hate to admit it but I was one of those people who was sucked in to voting for Jacinda. I have regretted it ever since. I also blame National for not doing better when the country needed a strong and united opposition. The latest debacle over colonisation, reveals their MPs are still as divided as they were before the election. For goodness sake, Judith Collins should insist on unity and discipline, otherwise, she deserves to go. Chris
I agree that Labour is supporting a Maori sovereignty coup. It is unbelievable. The whole Cabinet should be convicted of treason. Roger
Jacinda Ardern is an expert with words and promises, but a disaster when it comes to delivery.  Gay
This government is the opposite of open and transparent – it is a totalitarian regime. Kevin