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A Media Reset

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The declining fortunes of the mainstream media has been dominating the news over recent weeks. The industry is waning, and the weaker players are facing closure.

While this is grim for those who face job loss and financial uncertainty, there’s not a lot of public sympathy for the media sector these days. And, if we have a quick look back, it’s not hard to see why.

A standout occurrence was the extraordinary emergence of “Jacindamania” in 2017. The fawning across the media landscape was not only unprofessional, it was embarrassing. But instead of dying down once the first blush of the love affair had worn off, it continued on. As a result, the mainstream media neglected their Fourth Estate duty of holding the powerful to account. In their eyes, Prime Minister Ardern could do no wrong, in spite of a growing litany of stuff ups and failure.

In fact, for six years, the mainstream media acted as a cheerleader for Labour – a literal echo chamber for their propaganda. At the same time, they focussed on hunting down and vilifying anyone critical of Labour’s agenda – especially those challenging their approach over Covid and vaccine mandates.

A key factor during that period was taxpayer funding. Under the Ardern administration, the media received well over $100 million.

The last $55 million was the most controversial, since it came with substantial political strings attached. Known by the Orwellian name of the Public Interest Journalism Fund, it was announced early in 2021, not long after Jacinda Ardern had won the election and the right to govern alone.

Unbeknown to voters at the time, the PM was planning to roll out Labour’s ‘secret’ He Puapua agenda to transfer democratic power to the iwi elite through co-governance and a Maori veto. This was to be justified through the fabricated claim that Maori were 50:50 Treaty ‘partners’ with the Crown. PIJF recipients were therefore required to sign up to this fiction, as a condition of their funding.

Under such circumstances it became exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for the media to criticise the Treaty partnership, co-governance, or He Puapua.

By taking the money, they became advocates for Maori sovereignty. Maori language and culture began to infiltrate news stories, with anything critical of the tribal takeover effectively sidelined. It’s no wonder that public trust in the media fell through the floor.

Even though new PIJF allocations stopped almost a year ago, the funding continues to be rolled out until 2026. Until then, any media outlet adopting a critical approach to ‘Maori issues’ risks being asked to repay the money.

But it wasn’t just over politics and race where blatant bias has driven public and advertiser revenue away from the mainstream media. Obsessive scaremongering over climate change has undoubtedly played a part.

Jacinda Ardern, of course, led the way with her extremist claim that climate change was her generation’s nuclear free moment.

But the media themselves crossed a line when they decided to stop providing a balanced approach to this highly politicised issue in favour of fearmongering – as Stuff’s Editor explained in 2019:

“Despite the alarming evidence of the need for urgent action, climate change still falls victim to a shrugging complacency. Quick! Save the Planet – a long-term Stuff project launching today – aims to disturb our collective complacency. With insistent, inconvenient coverage, we intend to make the realities of climate change feel tangible – and unignorable…

“We’ll feature a wide range of views as part of this project, but we won’t include climate change ‘scepticism’. Including denialism wouldn’t be ‘balanced’; it’d be a dangerous waste of time. The experts have debunked denialism, so now we’ll move on.”

And with that, they stopped reporting anything critical of their alarmist view that climate change is an existential crisis. With most mainstream media following suit, instead of challenging the radical policy agenda being proposed by the climate extremists in the Labour Government, as a voluntary response to the United Nations’ Paris Agreement, the media parroted their propaganda and discredited anyone questioning their narrative.

As a result, the media failed to hold Jacinda Ardern to account for her recklessness in attempting to lead the world in combatting climate change – by imposing regulations onto New Zealand that were far harsher than those being introduced in other countries.

In fact, some of the requirements of the Zero Carbon Act are so punitive, they are crippling industries and undermining New Zealand’s economic wellbeing and living standards.

Nor did the media point out that on a global scale the emissions produced by New Zealand are infinitesimal – dwarfed in an instant by the big emitters such as China, India, and Russia. Instead of penalising growth, these countries are amongst a raft of others that are expanding their energy sector – and their economy as they seek to improve the lives and living standards of their citizens.

The media didn’t even challenge the Ardern Government for breaching Article 2 of the UN’s Paris Agreement, when they introduced their Zero Carbon Act. That section requires countries not to do anything to threaten food production: “This Agreement… aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change… in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

Yet, Labour’s Zero Carbon Act specifically cracks down on farmers by requiring the methane produced by cows and sheep during digestion to be reduced by 10 percent less than their 2017 emissions by 2030, and 24 to 47 percent less by 2050.

This is a huge penalty on farmers, since, in spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on research to reduce livestock methane, the only realistic way to do so is to reduce livestock numbers.

With agriculture a key export industry, and New Zealand farmers the most efficient in the world, it seems extraordinary that Labour was able to impose massive penalties on them – in breach of the Paris Agreement – with little or no scrutiny by the mainstream media.

In contrast, rather than emulating the punitive approach used by the Ardern Government – that’s undermined the industry and damaged New Zealand’s economic outlook, our major trading partners have taken an incentive-based approach to farming that upholds the spirit of the Paris Agreement.    

In April 2023, Treasury released  their Climate Economic and Fiscal Assessment report, outlining the cost to the country of Jacinda Ardern’s attempt to lead the world in combatting climate change. It revealed that 70 percent of our climate targets would need to be met by purchasing carbon credits through offshore mitigation schemes. And they estimated the cost could reach an eye-watering $23.7 billion by 2030 – an amount that would consume “28 percent of all new operating expenditure through Budgets 2024 to 2030” and create a “significant financial risk” to the country.

Why didn’t the mainstream media hold Labour to account for the massive economic damage their Zero Carbon Act was going to cause New Zealand? Why wasn’t this a big scandal at the time?

In a further development – one that has huge consequences – the UN has now admitted its methane calculations are wrong: Instead of methane causing 28 times more global warming than carbon dioxide, it only causes seven times more warming.

Since almost half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are methane, and because our climate models are all calculated using a factor of 28, if the correct value of 7 is applied, New Zealand’s emissions problem would virtually disappear overnight. Expensive carbon levies on food, petrol, and power, could be removed, easing the cost-of-living crisis. But because the mainstream media has failed to report on this, first Labour and now National politicians are dragging their feet.

Furthermore, why hasn’t the media considered it newsworthy to report that a key underlying assumption being promoted by the Ministry for the Environment and adopted by local councils and government departments, that grossly overstates sea level rise, has also been discredited by the UN.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator Barry Brill, the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and a former National Government Minister, outlines the serious damage being caused by this discredited measure:

“The great majority of the Ministry’s false prophecies are based on a single imagined storyline – RCP8.5 – an obsolete 15-year-old scenario which is now almost-universally recognised as being highly unlikely, if not wholly impossible.

“RCP8.5 rests on assumptions that global emissions are sharply increasing, that no country anywhere has ever or will ever adopt a climate policy, that the world’s population will double and that coal-power will be dominant by 2100. All this is plainly nonsense.

“New Zealand planners and engineers…  base their analysis on the ‘worst case’ of 8.5. Consequently, there is a better than 99% chance that their forecasts will turn out to be completely and expensively wrong.”

Last October the public delivered a crushing blow to Labour, sending the message that things must change. But some in the mainstream media appear to be in denial, as they doubling down in a partisan way, undermining the new Government and acting as a de-facto political opposition.

So, what can be done?

For a start, the mainstream media could review its approach to issues like climate change. Instead of adopting the mantra of global warming alarmists, they could take a balanced approach. In fact, a balanced approach may well have prevented the damaging policies that are now in place.   

The reality is that by ignoring the need for balance in their reporting, the media is failing to uphold its own industry ideals. These are clearly expressed by the Media Council – a self-regulatory industry body that promotes the highest professional standards of journalism – in its Statement of Principles: “An independent press plays a vital role in a democracy. The proper fulfilment of that role requires a fundamental responsibility to maintain high standards of accuracy, fairness and balance and public faith in those standards.”

Their first principle states, “Publications should be bound at all times by accuracy, fairness and balance, and should not deliberately mislead or misinform readers by commission or omission. In articles of controversy or disagreement, a fair voice must be given to the opposition view”.

These are admirable aspirations. The problem is that there’s now a widespread perception that the mainstream media has failed to uphold their own principles. The public believe that many journalists have become activists instead of reporters – which surely points to a failing at editorial level to rein them in.

This lack of professionalism has eroded confidence in the media and – most importantly – public trust.  Without that trust audiences have shifted their attention onto the many alternative sources of information and news that are now available.

Realistically, to survive, the media needs to restore public trust. To keep their traditional media channels alive, they will need to demonstrate professionalism rather than merely claiming it.

Despite the clear message the public has sent to the mainstream media, they are now being called upon to support a campaign to ‘save’ TVNZ programmes and staff. Launched by the journalists’ union E tu, the campaign is being led by ‘Negotiation Specialist’ Michael Wood – the former Labour Party Minister who described the Parliamentary protesters as a “river of filth”.

Their open letter includes the line, “When it comes to building and protecting a strong media landscape, every single New Zealander is a stakeholder.”

But instead of sympathising with the plight of those high-profile presenters fronting the campaign, many New Zealanders will be of a view that the media is now getting an overdue reality check. Some will say the media is getting what it deserves.

Democracy is undoubtedly enhanced by a strong media landscape. But if New Zealand is to return to having that, there needs to be a reset. The media needs to commit to their own principles to “be bound at all times by accuracy, fairness and balance, and… not deliberately mislead or misinform readers by commission or omission.”

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 *In the last five years, has your trust in the media: increased, remained the same, or declined?


*Poll comments are posted below.


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The mainstream media are the authors of their own misfortune. It would be marvelous if we had US Fox News here. I have been watching them since Jan.,2016Monica
The lies and twisting of the truth Particularly with the existing government is disgusting. Continued Propaganda and racism is rife with this mediaJan
They lack credibility as the majority promote their left-wing ideology and Treaty nonsense.graeme
when liebour put out the money trough and the media got their snouts into it and adern said the truth comes from her we all knew the media would never say anything against her or her corrupt gov and the snouts are still able to pick up the blood money untill 2026, pity luxton didn’t have the balls to pull the funding in the first 100 days, so hes nearly as bad as the media.Richard
Labour bought the media and still isGeoff
They are supporters of left leaning parties and try andi inflence only part of the story we eneed to knowBarry
Carry on and cut all funds to Greens Labour relating to climate changeAlan
I completely distrust tv news nowRoy
I tried to get the Herald to show some balance on climate change. The MSM pays for the Media Council so they are totally bias.Chuck
Absolutely declined to the point where I can no longer watch the news.Rob
The media has become a group of socialist, bilingual, woke, multi-sexual wowsers that are scientifically illiterate.Ross
With more and more opinion being expressed in so-called ‘analysis’ pieces and less and less attention to facts, i have been increasingly exasperated at the nation’s press. Basically, i no longer even bother to read any of the daily newspapers as I don’t trust them. They seem to cater to innuendo and ‘showy’ stories, rather than incidents and situations which actually make a difference to peoples’ lives.John
Paid to promote sustained propogandaRuth
Declined to zero.Graeme
My opinion wasn’t very high to begin with!Wal
We have stopped buying newspapers and no longer tune in to the 6 o’clock news on TVNZ 1 because of the blatant bias outlined in your article. The media are now facing tough times. They are now victims of their continual BULLSHIT.Richard
Left wing mouthpiece. Smirks when anything anti Government is said.Ann
I used to watch the news and believe what I was hearing but now I very rarely watch any of the 6 pm news due to the attacks on the new coalition government when Labour done exactly the same but were never questioned or run downChris
Completely biased – Dominion Post a classic example of this. Majority of articles continue to fawn on the Left and with monotonous regularity attack the the current Coalition – eg the daily cartoon almost exclusively lampoons/attacks one of the parties or groups supporting the current Coalition The latest attacking Winston Peters – Thu 21 – borders on slanderous (bile) NZ is hamstrung by the media it currently has and as a consequence our international image is becoming increasingly laughableJulian
Reached zero level and still falling.Bryan
Can’t stand most of the biased news,cancelled Stuff SSTimes and hate having Maori language forced on me all the time.Shirley
declined bigtime due to the conversion of genuine reporters into left wing activists.michael
Non existent. Don’t watch or read anything main stream offer.Keith
We don’t need the mainstream media.I have lost all trust in them.Patrick
MSM is owned by Billionaires. MSM tells us lies!Chris
MSM are dangerous to average NZ person. Lack of quality journalism. No code of Ethics. Overpaid Puppets.Mary
I do not trust the ‘media’ at ALL. Have in the past 12 months stopped watching TV1 and TV3…. listening to the ‘news’ such as it is, and do not, and will NOT, read the Auckland paper [ ? Herald is it ? ]…stuff, indeed and NZ newspaper; Not worth the paper they are written on.Lorraine
I consider that there is too much junk being published now. I delete most of these as I consider they are a waste of time to read them.Brian
There appears to be to much confusion in many of the medias printing articles. I tend to ignore or delete these.Brian
Declined to the point of going purple in the face ! What a wretched state the nation has stooped to. I would like an immediate clean-out of the media; an end to this ridiculous funding and a stop to the constant bias against the coalition. The media in general have lost all respect.John
The media to me are left wing and totally biased. The public want the news not the opinion of these radicals. They need to look in the mirror at themselves.,Allan
Thanks a lot… lying M.S.M !! for all of your COMPLICIT LIES that you told, during the FRAUD PANDEMIC GENOCIDE. All of you were Bought and Paid for BY THAT LYING WITCH ARDERN and her Gang of Murderers… that didn’t mind killing off innocent Kiwis..There will be lots of RED FACES, from your LYING MEDIA when you are ALL FOUND TO BE COMPLICIT with the crimes of DEMOCIDE!!David
Don’t trust the far left wing biased MSM in NZ since my eyes were opened up by the Posie Parker misrepresentation by MSM. Even now, the failing MSM industry doesn’t even it admit that their failing industry is due to their heavily biased reporting which is really only opopinions rather than news!Jane
My trust in the media has declined, and it wasn’t that high to begin with.Jamie
Huge decline. The main stream media are abusing the power that they have and are constantly trying to manipulate the New Zealand population to follow the far left wing wokeness that the infested New Zealand. The mainstream media corrupt the news, they donot report the news. I would like every last one of them to loose their jobs for being complicit in this appalling corruption of what was once an honorable and useful profession.John
These days I’m inclined to believe very little of what mainstream media says. They are a disgrace to the profession of journalism. They need to take a good, hard look at themselves.Jacky
Thet swallowed the big lies of covid and climate changeJohn
Money talks liesKeith
My trust in ALL main stream TV, Print and Radio has declined to literally zero or even less if that’s possible. So called journalists and reporters just seem to nothing more than left wing activistsFlip
The media of which most people relate to is TVNZ, however most others track the same with left leaning reporting views. For all this the election pulled the carpet from under their feet, giving a mandate for the coalition government to go through the main stream media with a sword. I’m sure Winston would be up for that to happen.Owen
Experts Quoted in our Media continuously. X is an Unknown quantity and Spurt is a drip under pressure, sums up half of the MSM news articles in recent years followed by Assumption. To Assume: Makes an Ass of you and me generally. All these reports of supposed science in the media Assume (rcp8.5 is just one example). One cannot base policy on assumption alone as seems to happen far to often, let alone report on it. I can think of many more in the last few years in particular.. As you say Muriel, balanced reporting may bring them back some level of trust but I doubt it.. They are too far Gone. Factual informative articles is where MSM need to be. Less opinion from them thanks.Dave
The MSM has proven themselves to be leftist prostitutesEd
MSM in the western world has been infiltrated by the Socialists. In a properly functioning democracy – the media maintains the balance but once it’s been infiltrated and paid to “tow the line” – there’s no balance left in the system. We’re screwed unless the MSM alter their direction. Not likely to happen.Simon
The media are extremely left-wing, and extremely The media are extreme left wing, and totally untrustworthy!!David
Disappeared is more accurate!Margaret
MSM is all propaganda, lies and half truths. I switched off years ago and now I only listen to RCR or the Platform.Rose
After I cancelled the Herald 3 years ago, they offered it to me for 6 months free of charge.. I explained that even supplied at no charge, the Herald would still be poor value.Geoff
Horrified by the current corruption of so-called “News sources’ – the first evidence that democracy was being destroyed in NZ was when they accepted the political media bribe….when real journalists left the jpb/country in disgust.Susan
Our present media are generally lacking in plain common sense, NO Fact checking is carried out and the treat the NZ Public as all drongoesGeoff
Media performance over that time has been sickening.Russ
Absolutely horrified. Really despise them now and should be up for treason, just like the previous governmentCorey
The media cannot be trusted!!David
declined hugelynorman–
The MSM spout propaganda. If you don’t listen to the news you are uninformed, if you do listen to the news you are misinformed!Naomi
Don’t see much difference in the should,,could, might opinions, But I am more discouraged by the product placements in current affairs programsJustin
WE stopped buying a newspaper over a year ago and now rarely watch the news on television. Both appear to be based on sensationism rather than news. Reporters appear to give comments rather than report the facts.JOhn
Have been laughing at these media reports for a long time. Unfortunately, like many other challenges being faced in this country we are going backwards at a fast rate of knotts.Tom
Sick of the pro maori, pro left, anti government agenda spouted by MSMChris
– and has now reached zero. Let them all fail – they’re only propaganda machines, and we will be better without them.Gail
Belive nothing that you hear and only half of what you see, Public Media can not be trusted and and the truth is never rpublished.Don
That the MSM is so biased in it’s reporting, I have nor watched, read or listened to it since the start of the plandemic.larry
Hardly ever watch the news as the lefty views of promotion still and the way they have of over emphasising some words to promote their view even moreSHERYL
Journalistic bias and a total advocacy for Labour Party ideology has totally destroyed my confidence in the media.Martin
Not impartial, but thankfully not as bad as the ABC in Oz. let’s complain now before it becomes worse.Peter
We are still getting biased media reporting on public issues and left leaning political reporting.Amy
More than declined, It has completely vanished.Brenda
amazing anti national biasIvan
Have very little faith in the media last 4yrs. Will take a lot to win my support back. The lies, the doctored photos printed. Disgraceful.Christina
Amazing how the reporters can do their primary job of REPORTING the news, but they then castigate any coalition MP about it, then finish with an opinion piece. Jenna Lynch(mob) and Dominc ?? from TV1 are a disgrace to their professionRUSSELL
So much of the media is blatant lies and disinformation/misinformation that anything they say or do is 90% unbelievable with 50% 0f the remaining 10% questionable and there may be 5% truth. there is no need for a reset as that will not solve the problem; there needs to be a total replacement.Kevin
They no longer seek to engage with the public on matters of public interest. ‘Quality’ is a word that has long disappeared from their editorial thesaurus!Roger
I have never seen such biased reporting from these so-called journalists. They are so anti government. I say go the same way as TV3. Clear them all out. TV 1 is a disgrace. Still speaking Maori when most of us have no idea what they are saying and they give their own personal opinion on everything,not sticking to the facts. also get some decent presentersDianne
Most biassed leftwing reporting I have ever seen, especially by Jenna Lynch. The sooner she and those like her are replaced the better.George
Massively declinedWinton
NZ media is rotten to the coreAlwyn
Main Stream Media are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.Gregor
There are few trustworthy media outlets left. And they have themselves to blame for covering up truth for so long and blindly promoting lies. You can kill truth, but truth never remains buried – truth will always resurrect.Jin
The Jacindamania years caused a collapse in my level of trust in NZ mediaRoger
I cancelled my newspaper subscription.John
the media need to be held to accountBarry
living in Australia the ABC used to be a centre left broadcaster, but is now a left wokish super greeny , lbgtv or what ever it is media organisation. Pathetic.Stuart
Markedly . Bias freely admitted by some Opinion Writers. Oh for a factual summarycliff
They are experiencing the very treatment they deserve, as they have been conned into becoming Liebour’s Propoganda Publicity Machine, being greedy for the PIJF…..follow the money…!Bruce
The Media have been bought by Jaciderella and het Labour croniesROB
Declined heavily lack of balance and research.Tom
Go woke go brokeBoris
Because they are paid Minions of the Deep State. Paid to follow the Governments narrative given to them by Kill Gates, Klause Schwab, Anthony Fauchi WHO Darvos, etc. There is so much evidence of this treason why on earth are these people still in the drivers seat. Wake up New Zealand. I told you this 4 years ago but all I was labeled was a conspiracy theorist or an extremist. We create our reality. New Zealand is asleep sheep mostly. ISitting back and doing nothing about it only empowers the wrong agenda. Jacinda Aderns Agenda. Luxon is no better. He too has been groomed by John Key and the World Economic Forum. Remove you eye masks peoplesky
They constantly skew the truth with their biasShirley
Every intelligent Kiwi was able to spot “News” as outright Ardern-fawning propaganda. Personally, my trust in TVNZ TV3, and even Prime News impartiality will never be restored.Phil
It has become increasingly left leaning, we have stopped buying the Herald for that reason. There is no longer balanced reporting and its still very noticeable now that The Nats Act and NZ First are in power.Judy
Trust is completely destroyed!Ian
We don’t watch the News any more as it is so biased. They have themselves to blame for their demise.Daphne
The fear mongering is just so OTT as it sells news. So over itHilary
Strong left wing bias to the detriment of balanced and fair reporting. The Heralds love affair with Labour continues to thrive and it continues to denigrate the coalition government at every opportunity.Karen
So many lies and deceptions over the past 5 years!!!Merv
Thanks CindyWarren
Can it get any worse? I think some of these ‘journalists’ really think they are investigative, whereas they just regurgitate the common narrative without question.Peter
In fact trust is non existentRichardus
Where have all the investigative journalists gone? And why are the news readers asking reporters for their opinion rather than reporting what they see.Rob
It has declined massively, to the extent that I have not watched TV for 3 or 4 years if not longer, all my content comes from onlineJeffrey
Great summary Most New Zealanders totally lost any respect for the Labour promotion of nonsense. Most could not watch TV1 the co- governance TV Broadcasting channel. Disgusting. RESET is an understatement!!!!Julz
I have no faith what so ever in the mainstream media, if I want to know whats going on I listen to the platform & X & overseas commentators via you tube & judge for myselfNigel
There is an appalling lack of respect for differing views to those held by the Labour Party and the Green Party. The media allows very little commentary on the real problems besetting New Zealand as a result of the ineptitude of those partys performance in the last 6 years. It beggars belief. The fact that the media in just about totality could be bought off so easily and have no checks and balances bodes ominously for this country’s future. I have one child that i convinced to move to Australia, and I hope the other two will leave after they have gained some more work experience in the not too distant future. They are all tertiary educated and unlike many have not fallen victim to the media spin of the last 6 years. They remember Auckland lockdowns, for no good reason, well. I no longer trust the future of this country as a result of the last 6 years. I cant imagine why any potential investors from overseas would ever bother to set up businesses here in the future, there is now no trust in the legislative pushes should the left be in power again. To ban oil and gas exploration, shut down all mining, have everything scrutinized by iwi, not support Marsden Point in its hours of need, and the list goes on and on. The media has woefully let this country down. The declining tax take will become more and more evident in years to come. The flight of our country’s brightest youngsters will become very evident.Alana
Declined, Have no trust in them to give our new govt any positive feed back. Labours, greens, maori partys puppets. STOP THEIR TAX PAYER FUNDINGKevin
cindy bought the media & the media were to gutless to bring her to task. over her lies & deceit. good job they now have no jobs. karmarick
I no longer watch or listen to New Zealand Media. I consider them Leftist Propaganda peddlers, akin to the Fascist filth in the 1930’s in Germany.Heather
TVNZ is so biased to the far left with a total lack of professional journalism that promotes misleading reporting.Trevor
Most markedly. Lots of what is offered as news is just journalist activist opions.william
Remained the same. Because even five years ago my tust in the media had already reached zero!Brian
Since we got rid of our TV about ten years ago (having tired of the “river of filth” that spewed forth from it constantly) I was almost prompted to tick “remained the same” since I have studiously ignored the MSM ever since! However, over the last six years, given that the media have descended to even greater depths of depravity, I decided that “declined” was a more fitting response. It seems that those with the financial wherewithal are no longer prepared to “grease the wheels” of these dysfunctional “news” outlets, so consequently they have ground to a screeching halt, accompanied by the wails of anguish emanating from the so-called “journalists” who are now out of a job. I am normally sympathetic to those who find themselves in the same situation, through no fault of their own, but in this case, all I have to say is – suck it up – you earned it! The chooks have come home to roost, at last.Scott
I have never trusted them because everyone knew they had a hidden agenda which sadly the majority of Kiwis couldn’t see.Marga
Haven’t watched TV1 News for over 10 years, stopped watching TV3 News approx 1 year ago, cancelled ODT Sub 18 months ago.Murray
Evaporated would be a better descriptionJohn
They lie by omission. They lie about science. They say things are proven when it turns out that they are not.Margaret
Pathetic investigative journalism, if the media cannot take their responsibilities seriously and print well researched, balanced, reporting them our Democracy is at risk.Bryan
Mainstream media in NZ is deplorable.Paul
I turn off when the media speaksGay
I stopped trusting them totally nine years ago before that I took everything with a grain of saltNoel
I can’t watch the news anymore, it’s all rubbish.Rachel
Spectacularly declined!!caren
never reports both sides of a storysusan
I have no trust in local media and everything I read I try and verify via overseas media.Steve
Completely unbalanced reporting.Roger
And I believe the once free media have bought their demise entirely on themselves by, it appears, their accepting – what is the expression “Money is the root of all evil!” New Zealanders are now seeing through the much debated propaganda of declining and deprived education, abysmal divided health structures, incompetent roading maintenance and construction, advertised devastating rate rises etc,, yet this collapse in standards is NOT appropriately exposed nor taken to task by today’s compliant ‘do as I say’ media! And what is new Leader Luxon doing to urgently correct this shambles? One could but ask: “Is he complicit in continuing with this weak and forlorn media’s ‘support’ and now demise?’ IF PM Luxon does not reset New Zealand’s media urgently he too could continue, as polls indicate, his own decline in support! A massive lost opportunity goes a begging!Stuart
I dont watch or listen to mainstream media as it is so woke, left leaning and propagandist that I just cantmark
I agree with Muriel. Even some of my pro-Labour friends became disgusted with its bias and fear-mongering under Jacinda. Even with clear public disfavour, it seems incapable of any self-reflection. We need real investigators and honest reporting – a new broom…Carla
Declined to the point of considering them “out right biased, brought, and private agenda driven” As a business you would be mad to advertise and alien yourself with this. Obviously the loss of “mega bucks” of government propaganda advertiseing has put the nail in their coffin.Anon
They are woke and biased towards the political left. Let them fail and allow a new breed of real journalists to arise.Pete
The fourth estate are a bunch of scumbagsGary
They don’t tell a truthful story I have found that they lie quite oftenEdna
The left wing bias and support fair the last Labor government was deplorable. The media should be there to give all points of view and not portray their own agenda!Barbara
Many media journalists are biased towards the left. Why? Is it because if their training?Liz
When MSM are totally biased you seek other news outlets. I think TV1 should be left to fend for itself, why should taxpayers bail out such an organisation. Report the news, good and bad, left and rightWayne
You have never heard the truth unless about labourColin
they are corrupt beyond belief and intertwined with the labouyr party and woke and maori elite groupsrichard
They cannot be trusted. COVID proved that!Philip
The media do indeed need to greatly improve the quality of their reporting and cease giving their own opinionsWayne
Traitors !!Joe
It’s the pits !!Mark
The media produce nothing but self serving opinionated lies.George
Once upon a time I earnestly sought info from our media, over past few years they have been a microphone for previous Labour govt. Now they have become utterly irrelevant.Christins
Declined? It has plummeted!Mike
TV1 is a leftwing propoganda outlet, haven’t watched it for the last three or four years now.We trust some talkback hosts on Newstalk ZB.Malcolm
In the bucket with them!Kevin
I can’t watch or read NZ media anymore. It is woke left leaning drivel with lots of moari words jammed in for good measure. There is already 2 tax payer funded moari channels. Of course the bribe has removed any credibility.Darren
D4finitely so much so, I have deleted my subscriptions for Newspapers and do not watch any “news” on TV or listen to MSM radio stations.jackie
I find the Media in NZ to be very left and very frustrating. They seem to always make it a contest to put down any right thinking politicians notwithstanding sound and logical reasons they are putting forward to improve the state of the Nation. I stopped reading the Herald and watch current affairs TV years ago because what was being said negatively affected business.Paul
It has hit rock bottom.Tony
A lying pack of bastards, time to see them squirm, then dry up like worms in the sun on hot concrete.Sven
Having worked in radio and TV, years ago, it was blatantly obvious that media had been bought when Labour won on their own. I have little sympathy for media that lowered their standards to such a level to lose the trust that former peers fought hard to attain.John
My trust in the mainstream media has been declining for well over a decade, but the last few years were the last straw. The way it reported on COVID and endlessly applauded the previous government’s COVID policy was totally biased. And the promotion of climate hysteria, both here in NZ and around the world, has been ridiculous. But now — at last! — people are now getting angry rather than just sitting complacently and accepting whatever they are told. We need to actively promote alternative views. Thank heaven for voices like the NZCPR and also The Platform.Marla
when agreeing to govt funding they also agreed to ‘conditions of reporting’ and only printed what the govt permitted.noel
I have no confidence in the mainstream media. Rather than simply reporting the facts, they push their own opinions. Clear thinking people are able to form their own opinions, based on the facts alone.Gifford
Never again.Charlotte
I cannot trust the media to give either a fair and balanced news or both sides of an arguement. Their blind obedience to the last Government and their very visual left leaning reporting leaves me no alternative but to distrust all that they report on.Leslie
Your article is correct, people have lost trust in the mainstream Media, and that is why Reality Check Radio has been able to start up and thrive.Ted
Never watch it anymore. Podcasts only for TRUTH.KiwiKerry
Mainstream media is a leftie woke jokeSteve
I completely distrust our mostly foreign owned & controlled MSM. Haven’t watched TV1 or 3 News since the Covid debacle. Our news comes from online sites.Rex
It is surprising what money can buy.Dennis
The (all) media have become Socialistic opinionated bullshitters still operating under Jacinda’s auspices and have lost what little integrity they still had.John
The media seem to be involved in a love affair with Labour and havent seen they are no longer in power.Arthur
Trust has to decline if the media promotes principles that have been proven to be wrong.Ursula
The media can now be boughtAndrew
Not only declined. We have absolutely NO TRUST whatsoever in media, government or government departments and services. Zilch.Bryan
Maori is now so entrenched within the media and Govt statutes and departments that it will require a mamouth effort by those aware, to push it backDoug
Turned off NZ media more than seven years ago. including all papers. Why? we could not understand the language and don’t believe in fairy tales! It’s worse now apparently. Why would one knowingly listen to propaganda & hysterical so called journalist; life is too short. During covid the mention of the podium of truth confirmed our take on the media. A military grade indoctrination.Sam
The media are full of shit!Des
they are a bloody disgraceRobert
I no longer engage with local news.Paul
Left wing biasGraeme
I have been appalled at the lack of balance within much of the mainstream media over the past few years. There is an obvious bias in their political leanings and this has been clearly illustrated since the National coalition came to power.John
I only schemed through Stuff news and never listened to mainstream news media as you said, they are paid to publish news and articles.Eliseo
they are not reporters but opinion writers Their opinionsArthur
No trust at all. only get a newspaper once a week now. Only watch a very select number of local and overseas news web sites.steven
Woke left wing media are scumDerek
I have no trust in Stuff, TVNZ, or the Herald. Even RNZ is unbalanced. I’m inclined to say they are corrupt and unbalanced.Donald
I rearly listen to them any more. They are a discrace and should all be ashamed of themselves. If you want the truth now days you have to dig for it yourself and this site and the BFD is a great place to start.Paul
It has been Labours propaganda machine. Don’t bother.Ian
Only watch sky news nowLenise
I have stopped buying my Stuff newspaper. If I watch the traditional 6 oclock news, it is only for the sports and weather (and some of that is tainted). I listen now, to some radio, select podcasts, and other sources, including Sky News, Australia. And while feeling some sympathy for the families affected, I’m quite happy to see much of our MSM go to the wall -; they deserve it.Rodger
Declined is not strong enough – fallen through the floor is more like my assessment of the media. Bought off by the last labour govt. to promote He Puapua and maori sovereignty in general (as well as the fictitious “treaty partnership” with the crown). Quite frankly the news media of this country deserve what they get – I think it’s called Karma. Their attitude has been disgusting and shameful. So, no, they’re no longer to be trusted with anythingTrevor
totally unbalanced bias Cannot be trusted to report news as it is full of woke nonsenseJames
They are payed off lyers.Rod
The absolute low point is STUFF which daily dishes out complete rubbish and is surely due to go belly up soon- one can only hope.Roger
There is nothing the MSM comes up with that can be trusted.Murray
The bias media have much to answer for, treating NZers like muppets feeding us utter BS during Labour’s reign and pushing it via every avenue open to them not once questioning and giving balanced account on Labour’s divisive lying agenda, now the tables are turning ever so slowly, the many media are squealing like stuck pigs. No doubt Thousand of thinking NZers believe the media are now getting their just desserts. It along Long overdue,and hopefully with more to come .. They owe NZ a huge apology, I bet that never occurs.Gwenda
My trust in the MSM is so low as to be virtually non-existent. I avoid the MSM like the plague.Richard
The commie media can’t be trustedIhaia
The NZ main stream media have been just terrible people, they and the past NZ Labour Jacinda Ardern have totally wreaked NZ, they have been just crazy brainless woke fools of people.Don
I stopped watching any news on TV in 2022. Alternative internet sites with strong references demonstrated that NZ MSM did not provide a balanced viewpoint.Jennifer
Woke leftists are looking to discredit this government.Clive
Declined dramaticlyRob
My trust has declined dramatically, as I have witnessed MM outlets fabricate stories and create misinformation.Liz
one sided propaganda everyday it’s uselessKaren
continued supporting a failed labour party and still supporting incorrect climate chance policiesjohn
Your and other recent articles on this issue read totally correctly. News hasn’t been news for a long and for a while there TVNZ even had the audacity to tell us in their news program advertising we analyze the news and tell you what to think… Now that is arrogant at least or Orwellian at worst!Ross
Only exception would be the NZ Herald & owner NZMEDon
There is little news and too many opinions ( with bias)Greg
You can’t trust a person or an organisation that tells lies! To have trust we must have the truth! The Media is so corrupt if we were being invaded, they would tell us it was a movie production! Trust is earned, not given, and while the media is the puppet propaganda wing of the government, big pharma, and the so called elite who are trying to enslave us the will never earn trust! I gave up reading the papers and watching mainstream media years ago, and I’m not about to change because a few liars lost their jobs, they all need to go!peter
Atrociously poor depth of investigation, journalists foisting their personal or media body’s ideological viewpoint on their audience & never asking the tough, necessary questions. Legacy media in NZ is an embarassment. It is squarely responsible for its own demiseDavid
Media just seem to be the puppets of Labour, Greens and Maori party. Have no trust in todays media at all. Obviously they need to be told about their principles.Allan
I have no faith in mainstream media at allGavin
they all need to be sacked. As they have no interest in the NZ public and NZ Furturestephen
I have just about given up on reading or watching much of NZ news.Bill
True journalism dictates that the writer report the story, without personal bias, this is not the case these days.Sam
They are an abysmal, politically inspired failure totally biased to the left and unworthy of being taken seriously.ed
The trust I once THOUGHT I had in accurate reporting that informed me of our nations state of affairs, has been seriously(and quickly) eroded to the point I longer watch the News. If I feel I need to be informed (and mostly now, it seems, I dont) I google topics I am interested in, and sometimes will watch snippets by reporters off-shore. So Local and National news doesnt get a look-in for me. I’m guessing there are plenty of other Kiwis who do the same! Sad for our news outlets, but at least I can search out balanced International News now. (I guess its balanced)Mike
SO Biased toward the left.meg
Stopped delivery of the NZ Herald and very seldom watch any news on TV anymore.Wayne
The news is not worth watching on TV anymore.William Clive
Very disappointed that they have not provided a balanced view, especially over the last 6 years!!Caroline
Journalism used to be a profession where they reported the news. Now they are trying to make the news under the guise of opinion. Journalists now go to our universities to get a degree and are lectured by left wing professors and lecturers who have never worked in the real world or done a days work in their life. I went to Otago University which is now the cemetery for failed Labour MP’s. Universities have become dens of socialist propaganda and the degree courses they provide should be reviewed and those that don’t add to the productivity or health of New Zealanders defunded.Robert
Very little objective journalism.Murray
Delivery of news to support one side of the narrative became increasingly apparent. Shut off to MSM some considerable time ago and hold very little sympathy for their current plightPhillip
Can’t trust what they sayKim
Sack them allErin
I have never trusted the mediaRuss
Pure propaganda, not fitting for a democracy.!Shary
Over the last 3-4 years I have become very skeptical at what the media say. I seldom watch TV news as it appears biased. As for TV one, heads need to roll at the top.Chris
Surely the coalition government can stop the payment for misrepresentation of the Treaty!Percy
Drastically!!! Bought, body and soul. If it had one, I would have included “brain”.Philip
Not just declined, but vanished almost entirely. There are a few good presenters but most are just Labour or Green Party hacksMark
There propoganda and left drivel has driven and shred of belief away from them. As a whole the lack the ethical or moral fibre required to give a blanace FACTUAL reportRobyn
The MSM just get worse and worse. Their disconnection from the reality of most of New Zealand’s people is massive and growing. They exist in an elite echo chamber pontificating and preaching to the converted, the political and middle class elites and their colleagues, while the rest of NZ shakes its collective head in anger and frrustration. They need to be washed away by the flood of reality, their tainted ground burned clean and their profession rebuilt on its founding principles.John
Massively declined, now it’s zero.Vic
No trust in our politicians, no faith in our doctors, and less faith in our media.Paloma
They are all so biased, can no longer be trusted.Neville
The msm has been the same for the last twenty years, attacking any conservative and fawn over anything from the loony left.Hugh
Trust the media? Certainly not all based on their performance these last few years.Mike
We stopped buying the Herald and listening to news on TV1 AND 3 over 6 years ago as it was no longer trustworthyGarry
We can no longer trust anything the mainstream media says! Sick to death of the crap they are spewing daily!Brian
6 yrs of total; left wing propagandaStanley
We still get two sides to a news items. The item and the reporters opinion, which has become so left as to be out the door.Steve
Had little before, have NONE nowmike
We stopped watching / listening to NZ news readers 4 years agoSally
Hardly look at news on tv or rarely read newspapers. They are a disgrace to the fourth estateGail
The concept behind a free press model is that actual news articles should be unbiased and that, we, as citizens, should be able to make decisions founded on fact-based journalism, provided by MSM. Journalists are allowed to have opinions, but opinions should be confined to the editorial pages! If someone says it is raining and another person says it’s fine, it’s not the journalists job to quote them both. the journalists job is to look out the window and find out which is true. Now that is exactly what should be happening but is demonstrably not happening! I don’t know what it is with many journalists today. A huge sense of self-importance seems to over-ride integrity and objectivity. There is an abundance of an unreasonably high sense of their own importance.John
Voters may have elected a new government but the media reporting continues to reveal an agenda and ideology clearly left of left. Socialist and woke behaviour are still promoted, although not quite as blatantly as was previously encouraged. Our family no longer watch the news or read newspapers in New Zealand. We prefer to get news updates from external sources that appear less prejudiced.Martin
It’s difficult, no impossible, to rely on msm to provide truthful and unbiased reportingRochelle
The state of current media is an own goal.Brian
I have always taken everything with the pinch of salt maxim.Christina
the mainstream media can’t be trusted; they appear to have no scruples when it comes to presenting a one-sided argument or report.Eric
There is no middle ground reporting, with most journalists being left leaning.Ian
All lies and driven by the GlobalistsNeil
We need a good cleanout of the media, similar to that which Labour received at the last Election, which should also include deportation en masse pcreferably to Auckland Island.Peter
They have sold their souls for moneyMaurice
My feeling is that the media just became spokespeople for the Labour government.Alison
No news is balanced it is all one sided against the new Government.Media on TV is Pro Labour and Pro MaoriCoral
Precipitously, from an already rock bottom lowPeter
Thank goodness for Net Fix-Neon-CN news- etc-Bill
I am appalled with the left wing bias that has enveloped the TVNZ news programme in recent years. I rarely watch it now. Maybe their recent financial woes are a case of go woke go broke.Grant
The media has lost its way, and I simply cannot trust or believe most of what it says. I look for alternative sources of news as do many other Kiwis.Ken
The bias media in this country has continued with their ways and are now turning their attack on the coalition government who are, trying to rectify the disastrous state of our economy, left by the previous government. Putting aside the economic impact will have on some of the staff involved with the current situation, I have little sympathy given their unprofessional behavour over the past few years. Time for a clear out and back to true journalism.chris
I don’t trust them one bit… all standing on their soap boxes, spouting thir own radical ideas as fact.Toni
New an honest system of facts.Jill
I don’t read or listen to any NZ news anymoreDi
Go Woke, Go Broke, is particularly relevant in this case. The Marxist Left know the formulae to success. Own the media, and indoctrinate the children. Why the likes of Fonterra have bought into the climate scam is beyond my comprehension. The most efficient dairy industry in the world is being penalised to appease the pack of lies that the W.E.F is promoting, just to gain the control of the world population. The truth is, the world flourishes in warm periods. Two or even four deg-Celsius increase would increase crop yields, in a larger proportion of the globe on which we live. Also the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is almost dangerously low, compared to previous periods in history. So parents, tell your children that they are being lied to at school. And continue to NOT support the Woke news media that have betrayed their 4th estate status that served us well until Government funding, & indoctrination replacing education, destroyed their independence..A.G.R.
About methane issues dont they realise there is more methane gas being released from the sea bed around the world than on land. Look at the results who indicate huge amounts of the gas come from the Bumeda triangle and around Sweden and Norway.Peter
Their bias is very clear. We need good neutral reporting. The good neutral reporters stand out and are refreshing!Rose
It is very left leaningTED
Declined big time. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the media.Trevor
Trust in the MSM was rock bottom 5 years ago and it has subsequently declined even further to sub-zero.Kevin
I don’t trust ANY information created by NZmediaRichard
Glad some might become unemployed in the clean outs.Jan
they took our tax money by the truck load an tried to brain wash us on only one view they are reaping what they sowedpeter
Its certainly not like it used to be!Murray
it is hard to believe that the media still has not got it that the people have spoken and this Govt is now trying to bring a change for a better country before all the good people leave.Dennis
Totally biased and untrustworthy Watch every item with jaundiceGeoff
I should say remained the same as my trust in the media was gone well before the last 5 years . I am very, very happy that the pigeons are coming home to roost now and have no sympathy for those that lose their jobs and hope there will be many of them.Murray
No balance, no worthwhile investigative journalismlindsay
The far left have actually been disgracefully appalling .Craig
How can it be otherwise, when derogatory labels are routinely used for those who didn’t accept the Covid narratives/mandates; those who think a trans woman is still an XY man, etcRochelle
Don’t bother with either news on TV – so biased.Chris
I can’t get over the prejudices still being shown by the media. Of particular note is the parliamentary reporter on TV1Jane
Definitely lost any trust in N Z media. It has become too left wing and this is still going on.Heather
The standard of accuracy in journalism in NZ completely tanked. It seems we have a 4th estate will to accept every thing spouted by minorities who have an agenda to promote with out questioning some of the rubbish being touted as fact when it is clearly not fact.T
Time to put an end to gutter journalism. no sympathy from me. Lets start reporting the truth. Mike.Mike
I have never trusted the media. But lately their behavior is unforgivable. It shows they think they are the opposition to a government which was voted in legally. How dare they!Jenny
The media have slanted left wing veiw,Rod
I have no trust in the media at all and they have only themselves to blame.Vicki
I cannot believe the river of lies that the media continues to pump out on a daily basis with absolutely no balance to reporting an alternative view.Rob
Declined? No, vanished.Frank
The news media is totally left wing.Geoff
MASSIVELY declined. Still watch One News for headlines but find I can’t stomach more than about 3 stories before I want to throw something at the TV.Max
Not only declined, I don’t believe much at all they spout now. I don’t care if they lose their jobs. They were complicit in the lies and treatment the New Zealand public has had to endure.Elizabeth
They are still enshrined in left slant reporting and pro Labour activism. No longer watch TV news casts.Hugh
My trust in the media has declined markedly. I no longer believe what I hear. I’m totally fed up with the Manglish we now hear all the time. I have no idea what they are talking about half the time. It is imperative the media is unbiased and reports fairly on all issues instead of trying to indoctrinate us to their way of thinking. I get my news elsewhere these days.Helen
Media reporting is less factual and more opinionated.Jan
I have links with Australian and UK relatives and subscribe to Spectator magazine. Also many online sources/podcasts fill in the gaps. I find both main tv channels presenters feeble and uneducated. Similarly NZ MPs are a mediocre group and local councils are pathetic! I agree with Justice Willy comments.David
Totally declined. They, are THE FILTH, along with that useless moron Michael WoodZoltan
Our mainstream media with the exception of ZB, is highly motivated to project the Woke agenda and discredit anything opposing it. I liken our media to that of a George Orwell novel or that of a Marxist regime. It’s terrible. I feel the slant by TV1 news has not decreased since the change over Govt. So I have to wonder why?John
Never had trustNoeline
No faith in their reporting.The Press features are one sided and often I have wished to terminate my support of over 60 yrs. Hopefully they get the messageDavid
The events of the past few years and our news media’s very clear political position resulted in my mistrusting anything they published. Perhaps more alarming than what they published on the topic was what they chose not to address at all, which appeared to be a deliberate attempt to conceal information from the public on the govt’s behalf. Whatever happened to investigative journalism in New Zealand and holding govt to account?Helen
When they continue to push the safe and effective narrative it’s blatantly obvious the contempt they hold for ordinary New ZealandersMarc
Gave up listening to the so called “news”Margaret
They can not be trusted to present unbiased and truthful news. Socialist puppets, bought out by the Adern Gov’t and paid for with tax payers dollars so effectively we funded Labour’s propoganda machine.Gary
We watched in shock as they took the bribe.Peter
Now disgustingly ignorant of the duty of the 4th estate .stuffs refusal to publish anti climate change is sickeningStephen
The essence of good news reporting is to record the facts and to let the viewer assess their own opinion, not to insert a prejudicial bias.David
bias by omission is the name of the media’s gamefred
It has become increasingly concerning that the MSM often omit to report or question reliable findings such as those noted by Barry Brill. The dependence on the interpretations of modelling are also a concern. For example, similar to the climate modelling, our PM based her Covid strategy on the worst-case-scenario model that tens of thousands of people would die, which was based on the assumption that the status quo would continue ie no border closures, no social distancing, no masks, all business as usual. This modelling was never questioned or made public by the media.Jen
When I watch the TV1 news I am appalled by the total left wing bias and the Maorification of the language. I don’t trust them at all but due to my age I am only watching becaus of habit. Also I Mysky it and fast forward the ads so no benefit there to TV1Cookie
The media are hell bent on disparaging the coalition government at every opportunitywarwick
Are there any independent NZ media? The last few cartoons in our newspaper are all ante or make fun on our elected coalition.Keith
An inquest is urgently needed,accountability for bias reporting explained.Brenda
I don’t read The Herald anymore after 54 years, watch no TV 1,2 or 3, resort to alternative news now, it’s the truth.Diane
it is readily apparent that the Labour Govt have used massive Govt Funds to support dominant Maori views in the media and also required govt departments to follow Maori ambitions as part of their departmental operations… this has been undertaken in a non-transparent and underhand fashiondavid
When I read 1984 as a 60’s schoolboy, I never thought that I would ever be forced to undergo that dystopian experience here in NZ. but I have, and still am. Mainstream media deserves every brickbat being thrown at it .Brian
3 Years ago cancelled the NZ Herald The Local Beacon is next on the listJim
Obviously leaning towards Labour’s beliefs. Even now their reporting is against the present National coalitions policies.Mark
My trust in the MSM is Zero. I get my information from a range of sources so I can cross check them. The MSM is a Leftie echo chamber.Grant
MSM is crooked and biasedJohn
Serves them right, they have failed. Won’t listen to their Maori indoctrination and trying to change the name of our country.Carole
I do not believe one word from the MSM which includes both TV and Radio, in fact we now do not watch any NZ TV.Ross
Disappeared entirely. I trained as a journalist. It’s astounding there is no balance. Unsurprising NZ is leaving MM in droves.Kate
PIJF – Jacinda “Goebbels” Ardern’s greatest crime! I no longer watch New Zealand TV news channels or buy The Press. The sooner they sack John Campbell, Tova O’Brien and Joanne “Mihirangi” Forbes et al the better! As a minimum An English language news service needs to be reinstated. In England America and Australia there are media with a right of centre narrative so lacking in New Zealand.David
I Have become disillusioned mainly because of how the mainstream media became so obsessed with pushing and never questioning Labor’s agenda.My worry is that those people at the top leadership roles in the media are those who have themselves become indoctrination.It appears that those who did have a balanced view have long since either given up and moved on or have been forced outBryan
Apart from the climate change issue and the biased reporting of unproven climate change principles, The media have and still are reporting with a heavy emphasis on the Maori World View and including Maori content in most news and sporting event opinions. The media should have the PIJF discontinued and no further contributions to the media made. It would be interesting to see their reaction and how quickly their opinion would change if a fund was established that required them to promote a completely contrary viewpoint than that of the P.I.J.F.terrence
The Govt should removethe board and CEO of TVNZ and Radio NZ and replace them with people who will require staff to report NO MORE WOKE stuff.David
Declined like an elevator straight to the basement.Matt
Happy to see them disappear, apart from the few who still have integrityPeter
I refuse to watch TV 1, 2 or 3 …or buy a Herald. I hope they all go broke! All reports, journalists editors lose their jobs…hopefully fair, open, unbiased people will replace themGillian
I do NOT!!! Watch TV news Read NZ Newspapers Listen to radio news. 99% decline. ” Bought-off lamestrea fake media”!!!!!Honest Dave
Too much scaremongeringMerryn
Since the last labour government was in control, we have not been able to believe anything or everything we have been told – and heartily sick of having the Maori language rammed down our throats every news-time on TV, so much so, that after The Chase we tend to watch the headline news items and then turn it off!Dot
It is now non-existant.Ronmac
NZ journalisim is something that would make Stalin Blush. It still remains unchanged with its Marxist socialist outlook & agenda.Derek
Finally seeing Kiwis saying no to the Media parasites with their woke Left wing agenda .So pleased that Newshub is being closed down ,may Simon Dallow and TV1 follow suit asap . Force feeding us all this maori stone age language that means nothing in 2024 . They have simply run out of words . I see the Christchurch Stadium is named the same as a Warship ,you couldnt make up this stuff .Good riddance to all these media wankers ,Stuff being a total bunch of dropkicks . Well done Winston you are becoming my favourite politician mate , finally giving the media some grief .Ray
There is so much unbiased reporting that one would think that Labour is still the government. Quite frankly I have no sympathy about loss of the likes of Newshub and TVNZ news. They have brought it upon themselves with their inaccurate reporting.Ross
I was actually told in a face to face conversation, with a well known radio journalist, that management forbade them to give any air to people not supportive of the governments covid programme. Antivaxxers banging on 24/7 would be boring radio, but surely they were allowed to have their say from time to time!!Lynda
I have no time for them at all and think the new Govt should take a big broom to the lot off themGlyn
That is why we need you to continue your good work. ThanksJohn
I have stopped reading newspapers and much of what is reported on TV as it is still unbalancedGeorge
I actually couldn’t watch mainstream media even if I wanted to it makes me feel ill. Bias political reports and the use of the Maori language turns not only the television of but me as well and yes they deserve everything they don’t getWarren david
They are controlled by the government.Jim
They are openly left wing biassed with no regard for the truth, and only seem intent on pushing a false Maori, climate and untrustworthy agenda. They deserve the pain, and need to change their ways. We the public deserve higher standards from themPeter
Everywhere I read is strongly left and anti the new GovernmentBrian
Zero trust is the media!Vic
I am not sure my opinion of them could get any lower.John
These Mainstream Media Outlets should be indicted for Aiding and Abetting Criminal Activity. They are the Propaganda Wing of the WEF, WHO, UN and any other delusional Oligarchs that want to run the World. The Effulent they publish most of the time would more than achieve the highest Joseph Goebbels Award.Geoff
NZCPR WEEKLY: A MEDIA RESET By Dr Muriel Newman Says it all. I no longer trust the mainstream media and get my news elsewhere.Robyn
Media stabbed us in the back. Shooting themselves in the foot. May their demise be as painful as their dishonesty to us will be. When we finally pay off the bill, they have given us.Bob
Declined to the point that I DO NOT follow MSM at all. I seek out independent reports backed by sound and accurate data.Bryan
Our MSM have become extreme socialist propaganda outlets The best outcome for democracy is for people to continue to turn their backs on these organizations.Petyer
At present my trust for the media is totally non-existent!Michael
My opinion of the media was very low prior to 5 years ago, so it has remained the samePeter
Until the press resets itself, a Rgulator/Arbitrator need to put in place.Ken
So sad this is the case when you cannot always believe what the media is telling youRoy
Don’t trust a word they say, don’t listen to or watch the news as a result. Bunch of self serving bottom feeders.Russ
not only declined but in my case evaporated.Brian
Declined. Such a shame what has happened to journalism in New Zealand.Lynn
I believe history will view the PIJF as a shameful episode for NZ media.colin
They have become so biased and journalism seems to have gone out the windowAvril
There is almost total absence of balance in “reporting” and aggressive denigration of anyone suggesting an alternative to the major issues we face. Facebook is a powerful and dangerous opponent of free speech. It initially limits any critical postings – 0nly allowing a very few people to see these posts, and then deletes them saying, that they don’t comply with Face Book’s standards.Duncan
Its like a comedy showFiona
The Media has in effect been blackmailed by accepting the govt handoutVelma
Completely gone.Wayne
I no longer watch the news or read newspapers. I research my own information and as a Christian know God is still in control and He will have His way.Kath
Since 2020, I have largely ignored the propaganda being pushed by the legacy media on behalf of the Government. They are no longer trustworthy. The fourth estate is supposed to hold the powerful to account, instead they target individuals with dissenting opinions (on behalf of the powerful). Our march towards communism and an Orwellian future will continue until we start holding our public servants accountable for their decisions.Mark
They still promote Labour’s left wing agenda instead of affirming the new coalition’s attempts to restore our nstion.David
It was pretty low at the start but now is rock bottom. In a word Parasites!Collin
I have little faith in the media at this time!!Janet
It’s disgusting!Sharron
I have no trust in the Media and source my news from more balanced and open sources. The N Z media and these leftist journalists deserve what they are getting and i was rapt to hear Winston Peters give them a big swerve. Long over due.ken
the MSM has been totally corrupted by the Labour govt. bribery fund. Control ofthe media is an essential part of the road to communism!!!Brian
Media have always taken selected comments to enhance their news presentations. they do not present whole stories under the guise of time allowance.John
The frustrating and blatant show of total arrogance from media and the pushing of narratives that are incorrect and damaging only divided and hurt nz. Media is are complicit in the very tactics used by global tyrants of today and during WW2. World events only reporting on what we need to know basis is not good enough. We observed this in the news coverages with misleading headings behind reporter night after night of same old repeated indoctrination eg, Russia invades Ukraine. No other study research investigation of the political history of these two counties – only one has to be the culprit regardless if true or not. Same with Israel and Palestine. The dismissing g of kiwis views on mandates vaccines etc created a divide and a very u easy unsettling environment and it was fun wring how easy people just believed what they were being g told. The trust of others media and the medical sector has never been so low ever. Media did this. Media council and nz medical council need thorough investigation on the directives they were vice . Jacinda and her cronies then need to held accountable table. The fawning of her overseas needs to be stopped and truth revealed. A study into Jacinda herself will reveal some very interesting and disturbing details. Who is game to do that?Ange
I don’t trust any of them–the bias is so strong and slanted.Janet
The cost of receiving the lies is outweighed by having Muriel tell it the way it should be that being the truth. Thanks Muriel.Warren
NZ Mainstream Media are a propaganda machine for Labour, Greens and MaoriPeter
We cannot watch the TVNZ1 News – as it seems to be a totally Union & Maori controlled outlet for their unchallenged vehemence to the Current GovernmentPeter
TV NZ and Newspapers in NZ need some competition. What is happening with news today, is due to a MONOPOLY !!Pierre
most of them I regard as a jokeJudy
I have cancelled my newspapers’ because of the large bias shown by a number of their journalists towards fairness to all the political parties.John
It’s hard to trust anything they report as news, plus all the specials they have on Maori projects is so OTTCath
Declined bigtime. I gave up buying newspapers long ago. The old adage is true: you reap what you sow. They only have themselves to blame. Shame to see Fairgo and Sunday go,they were good, get rid of Seven Sharp and Breakfast in the morning, they are both rubbish.Peter
I can’t believe their lying eyes.JOHN
Local political news is all not the truth as with a lot of the global print. I am contemplating cancelling my NZ Herald subscription.Denis
I don’t understand Maori and only a small minority in fact do, i have changed to alternative means of getting current news.John
I used to read newspapers, listen to Radio New Zealand, especially Morning Report and Midday Report, and watch TV1 news daily. Not now. The rot started early. I turned away from Stuff after that fawning apology to maoris. The Herald is equally bad now, as is the ODT. It is unfortunate that RCR and The Platform are not more widely available — although they offer pretty much the only hope at the moment. The current mainstream media is totally untrustworthy.Gavin
Totally declined. We have become a nation with engendered with extreme leftist views pushed by WEF proponent Jacinda Ardern and our media only promotes views our journalists feel applicable to them — which is of course leftism. We are left with Jacinda’s legacies and agendas and Heaven help us. We see no overseas news that may upset the views the media want us to see and we are in fact bereft of international news. I subscribe to a daily national paper but are thinking getting rid of them — many I know will not subscribe to the leftist crap we are being subjected to. Also of course the many local untruths expounded by our media.Alan
TVNZ, Newshub, RNZ all MSM is now corrupt, end of story.Stuart
Vry little has changed from my perspective, almost like being largely run by gay people with unreqired restrictions on perpetuating them as newsworthy.Ian
The MSM in NZ definitely needs a reset in order to bring credibility & public confidence back, – to their WOKE, biased profession.Leon
I reject the assertions that the climate changes experienced are mainly down to human activity. Climate change has been a reality for millennia and prior to humans being able to have any possible effect. Net Zero is not a sensible or sustainable proposal – it needs to be rejected and the MSM is not acting responsibly on this serious matter as costs continue to rise. The other element leading to reduced trust is the Treaty partnership continually being pushed along with pidgin that reduces the quality of both languages involved. My view is the MSM has done the damage to itself. Taking the PIJF, subject to conditions as they did,, was a fundamental error. It would be another error to bail the MSM out no matter how much fretting there is about the MSM role in a democracy. Reality is the bulk of the MSM has not acted without bias for so long that I am no longer using them as a news source.Peter
It is non existentPeter
I have not watched TV nor received a newspaper for over a year, and have no intention of watching TV News or reading any printed news. It is biased to hell and not worth the time, or paper it is written on!Robyn
I no longer trust what I read in NZ media. Under the Ardern govt it was at best biased and worst it was outright propaganda.Louise
I have no faith at all that what I hear in the msm is trueBarbara
I have absolutely NO trust in the media now. Their bias is sick making obvious. The Judiciary don’t rank much higher either. A bit of life’s experience away from University in the real world may have improved the outlook of both groups GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND and man has he got a job on his hands!Bruce
And it’s still myopically left wingSteve
Radical, leftist, so called journos, that think they are the story, and everyone on should believe them and their woke viewsTony
Clearly biased reportingBruce
dont believe a wordsusan
The Demise of New Zealand’s 4th Estate is a massive blow to democracy. Corruption in high places will control our world forever…freedom is just another word for having nothing to lose.Chris
It is at the lowest level as totaly biased one eyed to the left needs a urgent resetleo
There’s a reason journalists call their reports stories, they are stories, complete works of fiction devoid of facts and deliberately designed to misinform the public and coerce the public into the medias distorted version of reality. Every presenter on TVNZ, excluding the Maori channels, who add Maori words into their reports is proving beyong any doubt that they are in fact pathetic, unintelligent, puppets prepared to roll over like a dog on their bosses command. I often hear the weather forecast when I’m not in sight of the TV but one presenter in particular puts in so many Maori words that it is impossible to know what they are talking about unless you are a fluent Maori speaker. This sort of abuse of their audience is indefensible and all the TVNZ executives deserve to be sacked. The NZ media also fail miserably to deliver international news, much of which does affect our country, instead they have made their programs and webs sites into some sort of gossip magazine, brim full of mindless drivel. The NZ media deserves to fail and must NOT be given a single cent more by the government.Steve
We have not watched the TV mainstream media nor subscribed to the Herald for about a decade. The last few years have validated our decision as the bias has become worse.Max
I avoid all mainstream media reporting. All seems to have an underlying message or propaganda-like slant.Lesley
Incredible that there are some people who consider the mainstream media have any credibility when it comes to government policy, climate change etc.Henry
Declined by 98 %Petrea
Can’t trust any media in NZHeather
Generally they are a disgrace to their professionChris
Media are more interested in maintaining their own importance rather than reporting on matters that should be important to us all.Sue
The media are extremely bias – it’s as plain as the nose on your face. Willie Jackson declared last Friday when on the AM show that Newshub was on their side and thanked then for the coverage on the Labour retreat. Never a more true word spoken!!Glenda
Absolutely no credibility and a tragedy for NZ’s democracy – and I am a retired journalistTom
The media have been so biaised they deserve to be brought to account.Susan
Watching the TV news is very disturbing to me, I keep shouting at it “left wing barstards. We are NOT getting the news as such from this media, but a left wing version of it and anything which does not fit the mould is simply not read. Very, very, very bad and the “more rightous than though” attitude of the news readers is more than my stomach can cope with. Tv is a very good media being abused by these people with sinister intentions.Don
I believe this newslette NEED TO BE SENT TO ALL PARTIES IN GOVT.Cindy
Mainstream media has become little more than a joke.Bruce
Media who accepted the bribes from the Communist led Ardern government should return their money back immediately. Media today continues to tout Maori propaganda that is trying to rewrite history by ignoring the atrocities inflicted by tribal leaders during the Maori wars.Steve
Declined absolutely.Ann
The opinion pieces that are slanted just keep coming, we have lost true journalism.Paula
Biased reporting has no place in NZC J
Far too partisan with a left wing agendaGavin
In accordance with your article AND they need to stop speaking in MaoriMike
But what can we expect from a Labour Government all they do is lie, cheat, waste money, even pay the media millions of dollars to report and print what they want them to, and how well did that go for them,NOT, the people voted and out they went. Lets hope the current Government can fix most of there crap and get this country up and running how it should be.COLIN
Clearly a bunch of lefties!Doug
The MSM seems unable to overcome its left wing bias.John
I find that the media (all) are decidedly biased towards. WOKE style changes and have NOT done due diligence. by covering both sides of the argument.Carl
My trust in MSM has plummeted to zero long ago. I don’t listen or watch their completely left wing bias – much of it lies and nonsense! Big problem for them is they can’t accept that New Zealanders have voted in a Coalition Government for major change and so far have continued their love affair with the worst Government in this country’s history!John
Biased wokeJeff
NZ media is a joke. I hardly ever look at the news on TV or listen to the radio. For the past 3 years I go to other far more honest reporting sites. National and International.Chris
Has been biased for years and recently has upped the anti govt stance, as you point out “acting as a de-facto opposition party” No wonder no-one bothers to subscribe to the our papers despite the lure of “free gifts” etc.Heather
Go woke Go brokeMike
To much labour patry BS and far to much maori crapLes
Too many bias reporting and propaganda.Maria
Bias to the leftjeremy
Most definitely declined! The bias toward the left is most noticeable in the reporting of social and/or climate change issues on the mainstream media outletsJohn
Reading/watching news is not very enlighteningGareth
Definitely DECLINED!! They’re just a bunch of left-leaning wokesters who need to start dabbling in what’s transpiring in the real world.Tony
There is nothing more corrupt than the MEDIA.Emmanuel
They have betrayed the standard of balance and fairness and continue to berate the government as though they are the opposition. Balance has gone out the window and there are no signs that they have learned any lessons from the election result.Kerry
almost zero trust anymorerichard
Racist MSM have ignored, or been against any criticism of racist IWI and cogovernance. It has taken people like Julian Batchelor, Don Brash, Muriel Newman, David Seymour, Winston Peters and others to tell the public what has been going on behind our backs. The previous govt has a lot to answer to along with MSM.Greg
It was zero and remains zero.Alan
I consider them amusing fictional entertainment onlyTony
It has -to me anyway- become so bad I don’t bother to watch tv news. It has become more of a Sesamy Sreet production.Warren
My trust in the MSM, and any confidence that I once had in the accuracy of their reporting, has now declined to nearly zero. Media senior management. presenters and journalists all need to take instruction in the difference between FACT and ideologically FICTION.Bob
I ticked declined as I couldn’t find the box that said severely declined.John
I am convinced some of the media is hell bent on destroying. this new coalition Government. A few high-profile media journalists are obviously left-wing Lackys with an obvious agenda.Albyn
Declined to zero.Howard
In the Last 6 Years the trust in the MSM has total Diminished .Watching the TV News was like a propaganda message for the Labour Greens Government .. And it’s still continuing .Michael
Now below zero!Garrick
shame , NZ went from being a leader to a third world follower [ they took the money ] now will never get the TRUST they had BEFORERoger
Mainstream media is dying. They are the puppets for the New World order cult. They have been indoctrinated instead of educated. They believe it is for the good of humanity but unknowingly, or in some cases knowingly, they are propagating pure evil. When or if they awaken from their spell will they be forgiven? Truth will always prevail as all evil will always fail.Alan
they should be reporting on a politically neutral basis -regardless of their own viewsLesW
Blatantly refuse to accept the election result. We get our news from more independent sources.Phil
Wouldn’t trust them as far as i could throw the lot of the commiesLaurie
Totally biased and too much Te Reo that the vast majority don’t want or are interested at allRuss
Still obviously promoting divisivenessSandra
This current media mob should be and are being regarded as an enemy to NZ and its democracy.robin
Used to be in the media. Nobody over the age of 13 in it now.graham
Dont believe a word they sayBeverley
Knowing something of atmospheric physics and gas absorption spectra, the rhetoric around CO2 and methane vs water vapour did not stack up. It sounded like a scam. It was. Why listent to idiots?Peter
Media – self-inflicted injuries !!Mike
The NZ media are totally biased & completely untrustworthy. I no longer watch, read or listen to any of their propaganda. The government funding they received should be cancelled & they should be forced to repay the taxpayer. They are a disgrace.david
Haven’t watched tv for nearly ten years. Stopped listening to radio when Peter Williams was kicked off Magic Talk Radio for wanting to talk about vaccine injuries and excess deaths. Reality Check Radio, internet radio, is the only way to go now. It’s irresistible.Donald
absolutely no faith in their biased propagandajohn
The media were/ are a far left and racist mouthpiece.Bruce
The media still appears to have a strong bias to the left and a dislike of the new government. I always thought it was supposed to be unbiased and present each party with a neutral view, leaving the public to make up it’s own mind. Seams to me, the media is still being bribed and listening to some of the interviews on T.V. leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.Josephine
Definitely declined. We get nothing but propaganda from the mainstream mediaBarbara
Just academic numptieschris
I haven’t got the time to read opinionated biased rubbishSimone
The media has maintained the status quo since Ardern bought off the left reporting of the news and continued use of Te Reo being slammed down our throat at every presentaion.Rick
Declined so much I don’t bother with MSM any longer. Haven’t for the last few years and I’m one that believes they are now getting what the deserveDavid
The intellectual quality of our radio announcers is a serious cause for concern. Talk back radio is dominated by the personal opinions of announcers.Cliff
They are deadGraeme
Ther is evidence of biased reporting on a number of issues by looking at articles supporting something and thiose opposed, e.g.,cannabisGeorge
Stuff is extremely biased so I won’t read any of their rubbish, TVNZ is still in the Ardern government mode, and I have given up on the 6pm news.Ross
NZ Media especially state run & funded media, is appalling. I gave up on it a long time ago, I tend to get my news & up dates from independents like News Talk ZB and other independents. As far as the grossly expensive state funded TV like TV3, Maori TV etc, etc it should be let go or privatised so they can ‘earn’ their public support like any other private business.Greg
declined rapidly.Bill
It is hard to see any credibility of main stream media when they are still accepting millions from struggling new ZealandersPeter
pathetic woke leftist lotChris
It was already LOW but somehow they managed to drag their credibility lowerMike
There is a real lack of investigative journalism. Constant one signed narrative for example their lack of questioning anything to do with transgender ideology to name one.Inger
Don’t watch any MSM any more. They have betrayed us and are they arrogant enough to think we are all stupid??Patricia
Any thinking observer can see clearly the track NZ media has been bribed to follow and it continues to January 2026, election year, unless the government wakes up and stops the PIJF dead in its tracks.June
To rock bottom. I look overseas for international news and newspapers; and to the internet for local news and transparently declared opinion.Michael
They are bribed spin doctors, through central govt funding and local govt advertising. There is no balanced truth, only radical atements provided by radicals.Raymond
Thank God for the rise of the small independent providersWilliam
Gone right through the floor.Jim
Definitely worse – e.g. their biased “reporting” on the new government.Giles
Muriel’s opening article in this newsletter says it allPeter
Declined significantly to the extent I do not watch or read NZ media reports now. NZ media ignored us, insulted us and totally deserve being distrusted by us.Grahame
massively. Always favourable towards Labour but blattenly in the last 6 years. Even the Herald which we stopped being delivered, siting the cause in our cancellation notice. And of course the changing of regd Company names to Maori illegally.judy
at last!Wiremu
No longer watch or read MSM can get more accurate news elsewhereGail
Not just declined but disappearedbRUCE
When is MSM going to learn that we don’t want propaganda and lies. They have destroyed their credibility and trust. Tell the news as it should be with honest journalism and maybe one day New Zealanders might start watching the news again. As an ex-journalist, I have no sympathy for the collapse of MSM.Richard
You know when Reporters are lying – when their lips are moving.Colin
It started with the banning of Michael Basset in the Northern Age .Pete
We don’t even watch the news anymoreido
The mainstream media in NZ have unashamedly become the media arm of left wing politics. I am one who has no empathy for failing mainstream stream media, they need a reality check.fred
I barely read the paper anymore and treat anything said by TVNZ with great skepticisms.Murray
Honest, impartial and unbiased is what they are meant to do but the men at the top are writing the agenda and there are now no honest reporters left in MSMAlastair
BUILDING POLICY ON LIES? As has been said these climate change policies are pedalling the biggest fraud of the 21st century and the perpetrators should be brought before the courts under an Economic Terrorism Act. Certainly, those that were crushed by the Adern government and lost their jobs by challenging vaccine mandates have little sympathy for the media. The TRUTH is that virtually all of CO2 has a shelf life. Being brought about by nature%u2019s natural processes. These processes regulate the amounts of the CO2 gas in the atmosphere. The quantification of CO2 is barely credible as it is almost impossible to arrive at an accurate figure because of the shelf life and volcanic activity. Man%u2019s contribution is said to be 5% but as with all quantification methods in an ever changing atmosphere such claims are only scientific guesses! So what happens at the end of the shelf life of CO2? Mother Nature’s carbon transfer cycle, called photosynthesis, removes the carbon atom from the CO2 molecule and transforms it to another gas? So what is this new gas called? It is called OXYGEN! The structure of the CO2 molecule is made up of three (3) atoms. One atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen and when the carbon atom is removed the two atoms of O2 remain and this gas is called OXYGEN. So the bigger question is; How did we let the CO2 Monster rise to give unrivalled power to politicians and the public sector abuse machines, including mainstream media through the PIJF? At its zenith the belief that politics could control weather patterns is a nonsense only surpassed by the acceptance of it by unintelligent Voters!!! Like CO2, Oxygen (O2) is also needed for ALL life on our highly populated planet so here we have the two major harmless natural gases that we need to survive being demonised and twisted into toxic gases that will destroy – after the planet of course! Finally, there is no escape from accepting that many western economies, including New Zealand, are now on the verge of failure because of the impact of forced climate change policy on our democracies. This new economic structure is unsustainable and will ultimately cause severe recessions and widespread poverty.Frederick
Some what and continuing to do soJan
I was once an avid news reader, I now don’t bother with traditional publications as they don’t represent balanced or unbiased viewpoints.LC
The media is willing to do anything and every thing for the $$$$ shame on them. When will they learn the kiwis will not buy into their propagandaGraeme
I’d trust my dog to look after a chicken dinner before I’d trust the mediaChristine
Didn’t think it could get any worse – don’t watch NZ television or read NZ newspapers anymore- long overdue to show respect for the population’s general intelligence. Can’t fool all of the people all of the time!Jan
I cannot read or listen to any mainstream media as I have no trust that it is correct, honest, unbiased or fairGeoff
Very left wingGordon
Light weight, generally lacks depth, and relevancyTom
Facebook reporting! Where are the traditional journalists?Philip
We no have little trust or respect for journalists. You are quite right in the article. Also there is far too much journalist opinion coming through trying to sway also reader’s thinkingFelix
I have stopped reading, watching or listening to most of it as it can no linger be trusted or is shamelessly biased.Tony
The media has openly become left leaning to an embarrassing obvious level. I hope they go under.Steve
The media have lost all credibilityGeorge
I was once allowed to write letters to the editor of the main newspaper but in recent years have not had one letter accepted,no reason given.Peter
Msm still act as if labour is still in govt. Giving them way too much air time. Don’t listen to MSM anymoreKaren
All media publish what their bosses tell them to; who owns NZ media outlets? Investigation needed…David
The Media sold their souls for a few pieces of Ardern silver. Begone.Kevin
My trust five years ago was declining, now the rate of decline is accelerating. We no longer have newspapers in New Zealand, only opinion papers. Television is a poor medium for news, being overloaded with sensationalist opinion mongering. A classical example was the coverage of Waitangi Day, where the opinions as to what might happen could be construed as inciting violence; indeed a thoroughly shameful performance.Peter
Disgusted by MSM’s lack of honesty and integrity.Hohepa
I no longer consume ANY news from any mainstream media source. I have zero trust in MSM now. I have watched, read, or listened too and MSM news (aka propaganda) for almost four years now. I have no intention of ever using any MSM service ever again.Grant
No trust biased media dont read msmPeter
Far too many articles appear to be based on journalist opinion rather than be supported by verifiable facts.Bruce
“Power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot through the ages”. This quote from Stanley Baldwin truly describes the NZ news media who have prostituted themselves in uncritical, indeed, slavish, service to the worst, most left-wing, PM that we have ever had, without being held to account for their misrepresentations and distortions. The PIJF obviously helped this along, but they were plainly biased toward the left well before that. Now that their bias has proved to be unprofitable for their masters, and they are being shown the door, a new unbiased system of news reporting may evolve. I certainly hope so.TOBY
Shocking, it is very biased. Kate
the decline is appalling…peter
They don’t report it, they give us their own angle on it.John
After 55 years of having a Wgtn daily paper delivered I stopped 18 moths ago. Wrecked by Stuffs shameless left bias.John
declined – not the word for it. i do feel sorry for the minions, but NOT the editors in chief. Politics has no place driving the media, Media should be able to feast and slaughter (metaphorically) politicians as they deserve.. no one public figure should be fawned over by the media. This in itself creates mass servitude, something I grew to hate very quickly very early onal
Mosty academic wankersMURRAY
Now so unbalanced its painful. Why would you pay to buy propaganda?Geoff
People need to realise that the woke are still workingChris
How would t not with such blatant disregard of the truthGeorge
The media is still failing badly in honouring the commitment of the Forth EstateBryan
Co2is not a pollutant.covid does not existRob
There is no sense of balance or fairness in reporting. The mainstream media are devasted that their “darling” left-wing Labour government has been decisively voted out. The media have “sowed the wind and are reaping the whirlwind”. The only way to turn the tide is to go back to the traditional journalistic principles of accuracy and fairness. Further, train journalists on the job, rather than in academic institutions. Reporting standards have dropped by “degrees”.Laurence
Our main stream media support deceit and lies, waste of time watchingGary
Just so biased to the left. We are craving balanced reporting.jill
The main media outlets have failed to honour their basic principles of fairness and balance. Interestingly their historical refusal to isolate and ignore all aspects of New Zealand First has changed when they turned up at Winston Peters State of the Nation standing room only the other day. BUT they spewed out with spin what they considered as the main newsworthy part and forgot about reasoned balance so maybe nothing has changedStan
The power of the off switch remains in my hands, and I opted quite a while ago to completely ignore the lies, half-truths, opinions and agenda-driven reports espoused every day by the MSM in this country.Vincent
Absolutely no trust in MSM, I have switched off RNZ six years ago, TV1 at much the same time, TV3 three years ago, never read Stuff articles, and hardly read NZ Herald articles.Graham
Trust in NZ media has collapsed completely over recent years. It is partisan, parochial and politically correct, all from the perspective of the socialist left.John
Declined drastically and plummeted at an even faster rate since the 2022 election. Why are the media locked into contracts regarding the $55 million taxpayer-funded bribe, yet the new government hasn’t moved to obliterate such contracts. Luxon sitting on his hands!Colin
I want news, not views.John
Don’t watch or listen to any NZ media.Jean
Look to Al Jazeera, GBNEWS even Russian RT for what is happening in this world. NZ media…… too WOKEGill
I hardly bother with them anymore.Janet
Anal preoccupation with the Tooth Fairy and her nefarious ways has addled all trust by an outraged public in the mainstream media.Marshal
as your article says reporters have become activists.Errol
I cant believe it is as bad as it is and declining further by the day! not one sign of any self-reflection by any member of TV3! I have no sympathy for any of them!Ron
The media have lost my trust entirely . I have noted that Stuf, in particular, has been deliberately a servant to the labour government.The ‘hatchet’ job they did on V.F.F and its march for freedom was disgraceful and showed how partisan they were in the Government plot.Harvey
It is now woke & permanantely tilted leftBrian
Totally. They have failed their own journalistic ethics and as such it is good riddance. Time for them to find a real job. Pot hole repairers maybe.Noel
The entire industry needs to be cleaned up. It went down the gurgler long ago.Audrey
Stuff’s climate change editorial policy was the most egregious failure to provide a balanced and fair approach to newsTerry
There is no Journalism anymore!!!! Just reporting what they are told to report!Andy
The NZ media self appointed controllers of public opinion.Frankly if TVNZ or TV3 didnt exist it wouldnt matter as the money is better sspent on say hospitals not propgandaPhil
The bias has now become so blatantly obvious its quite frankly embarrassing to watchMargaret
Actually remained the same as had no trust in these leeches on society for years!Andi
I gave up on NZ media at least 20 years ago.John
I assume you mean MSMRoger
Declined drastically!!Lizzy
It became apparently obvious that certain journalists (Simon Wilson) springs to mind were merely pushing the Labour government narrative. Goodbye to them and the sooner the better.Lawrie
I have almost no faith in the New Zealand media today. It is sad that almost every article published in the two main newspapers needs to be fact checked. Don’t even start me on TVNZ.John
No TV, no newspapers, no mainstream media. Opinions and beliefs are no substitute for measurable “facts”. That said, sorting fact from fiction involves a lot of work / time and effort. Time we don’t always have.Charles
Declined hugelyNigel
all rascistIan
Avoid MSM at all timesCaroline
I actively disbelieve anything they say.Mark
Definitely decreased to the stage that I don’t watch the news on TV at all; it’s so biased and so Maorified that it’s not watchable or trustworthy at all. The reporters and journalists have only themselves to blame for their failure.Lee
Nothing but a mouthpiece for the views and values of the political and lifestyle Left. What a bloody shower.!Peter
Let’s do thisMilan
It has declined to the point where I have no faith whatsoever in main stream media.ross
What ever happened to investigate journalists?? Money is the root of all evil!!Nick
This weeks Newsletter is so true I can only hope it is read widely across all New Zealanders. It is great to read the FACTS for a change. Thanks.Alister
My trust in MSM has actually never existed. Why on earth they keep paying them until 2026 is a mystery to me. Contracts can be cancelled and in this case we need to rid ourselfes of that marxist lot immediately. They are nothing to us but parasitic propagandists .Let them fend for themselfes and we will see how quickly they will disappear. We need a free press run by true unbiased and investigative journalism. Not these mass produced opinion piece scribblers.Michael
Seriously declined. Only read or listen to it to see what the extreme left view currently is. As a powerful influence on the population they are about as accurate and responsible as Dr Goebbles.Robbie
Massively declined…..John
‘Declined’ is not a strong enough word to describe my disgust at the depths the mainstream media have reached in their reporting. They couldn’t even spell balanced.Terry
The MSM has become a voice of the left and totally unbalanced.John
The NZ media are worthless, pushing their left wing bias. I dont want some journalists opinion, I want the facts, presented in an objective manor. Let them get what they now deserve.Brett
They have always liedPeter
N.Z. M.S.M, really is THE PITTS!! yes, T.V N.Z … has to go!David
It’s really sad, the serious loss of integrity by an organisation that we thought was just untouchable with fairness and unbiased reporting. I’m not so sure it’s recoverable as we are yet again proven to be creatures of habit. I for one look else where for news and current events. In doing so I have become much more discerning and careful with what I read or listen to.Ian
I cannot stand our mainstream media they are so biased they deserve what they get . We definitely need a more balanced media . They do not care about a balanced view they only have their own opinions.Denise
Very low standards and biased left wing writing: Never view TVOne or three news now days. Mostly rubbish. Don
Only listen to Newstalk ZB with Mike Hosking. Media is so left, woke and broke.PJ
I do not watch the news anymore because of the liesMargie
Once the media started receiving govt funding its independence was fatally compromised . Such funding must stop immediately if the media are to regain public faith.William
Disgustingly dishonest and they even believe their own bullshit. Huge egos have taken them out of reality. Sort them and sack them – NOW – before it is too late. Brian
I spend hours looking for truthful reportingJane
Lies, racism, paid by government to enhance their narrative etc doesn’t keep or get listeners!Jennifer
The media is now infested with weird woke racial communists and general trust in them is gone.I recommend the cancelation of any newspaper or other media subscriptions so to put these morons out of a jobDon
Bias and unbalanced. The girls are the worst and seem unhinged by the election result and the roll back of Labours divisive secret agenda.John
Stopped watching decades ago.Leon
Very much so.Graham
I am probably one of many who choose to get my news and weather from overseas media. Yes, weather too. The BBC weather doesn’t interject distracting real or pretend Maori language. Hearing a whole message in a language I understand tells me t what I need to know.Ian
I no longer read anything in the MSM as it’s so one sided nothing is researched properly or reported honestly they deserve to fail and all government funding should cease immediatelyPeter
at a time of huge upheaval and the supposed incoming killer disease hundreds of nurses and doctors were fired for not taking Jabcindas poison jab – not one news story about their plight so i have no sympathy for their (medias) plight now. some of those doctors are lost forever one i know now raising calves in Canterbury and will never go back – where were the feature stories on these badly treated professionals? We all knew went to alternative media to find out what was going on and quite frankly i cant see us ever going back to sop up the lamestream media lies.Anna
maybe now they have a wakeup call. unfortunately good programs will go as well!Chris
It is hard to believe how most media have become so biased and openly left wing that they appear to have mental health issues just watch TVNZ one news if you need proof.Kevin
Can’t trust the self-serving bribed biased idiots!Mike
Gone completely Just like government. Police and medical doctorsGreg
They are corrupt and have been bought and paid for by the puppet masters, are getting their ripened Karma.Terry
MSM are beyond hopeless.Des
How can a media by unbiased when paid (bribed) by a government with funding to promote the government.Peter T
Complete failure by msm – the utter fawning to the ‘one source of truth’ was sickeningRosalind
When news is now opinion pieces of self styled celebrity talking heads.Max
Dropped like a stone and remains very sceptical.Ray
They are no longer capable of factual unbiased editorial – they are simply a faddish sycophantic mass of self appointed social influencersMike
My trust in the media is zero. Period.Scott
First the accepted bribes from Ardern and Hipkins.. Now their anti government bias borders on extreme!!!!pdm
How can we trust the media to report fairly & equitably when their recent reports have been so damaging? Why haven’t we seen reports on the protests overseas – in Germany for example?Vern
Apart from scores reported from sports games I have zero confidence in anything currently reported in the media.Chris
There should have been a fourth option:- ‘Gone into freefall”Derek
Absolutely mistrust mediaDennis
They are left wing and woke. Nothing is balanced. The media are no longer trustworthy. Indeed many don’t appear to be all that intelligent.John
You are right the MSM have become activists! They are not credible! And practice SIN of OMISSIONDianne
Media outlets today are filled with opinion pieces and rarely feature any accurate or truthful articles, being full of propaganda and utter lies. I can never fully trust any form of news outlet again.Trevor
It’s no longer media but simply a mouthpiece with editing powers It needs a serious overhaul or better – be replaced to those who learned the truth and to speak and write truthsJohn
Mainstream media is clearly biased. They are woke and left leaning and appear to be doubling down against the current government.Geoff
I never trusted them at any timeDavid
They are now acting like spoilt kids. They are their own demise. They are not truthfulDeb
The NZ media are surely the worst and most biased in the world outside North Korea.Trevor
In actual fact my trust in the media has disappeared altogetherRoger
Trust has declined, as there are virtually no headlines now which do not have a woke, left wing slant.Rod
Your column expresses my view perfectly.ALAN
I ignore newspapers if on the table when I have a coffee and TV1 andTV3 are turned off at 6.00. I would rather watch a rerun of Dads Army.Andrew
The Government should drop all funding for the media. If they are good enough they will stand on their own. We need a SKY News Australia here.Darryl
J.A. bought and paid for the media, with her Labour party…. paid them millions $$$, so as to enable her W.E.F/WHO Agenda 21/50, caused the present financial mess that N.Z. is in…. WHY IS THIS WOMAN STILL AROUND ???David
They aren’t journalists, they’re simply propagandists for the extreme left and have made themselves irrelevant.John
Absolutely, they are so biased these days, they have no sympathy from me. Get back to reporting facts.Janine
Declined to the extent of taking no part in their nonsense.Terry
I used to believe everything I read or saw on the news. Since it became apparent during Covid that the media was just singing from Arderns song book and stopped reporting balanced articles, I stopped believing and that trust will never return. While I don’t like to see people losing their jobs, the majority of media could not have cared less that people were in fact losing their jobs during and after covid. Now they are crying wolf. Well sorry, it’s too late. Media made their bed, now they need to lie in it.Teresa
Decline. It is shocking now and going to get worse.Len
Can’t stand the nonsense, it made me so angry how they also forced maori language down our throats. It also seemed presenters needed undeserved moko to get a job… I get all my news off the netCat
Definitely declined. So biased.Kim
They are outright dishonest!!!!Ian
Should be a 4th option: Become non-existent. They are a lying bunch of mongrels. I can’t wait for all of them to fall over!Jan
They tell liesSue
Communist type reporting. Still in zlanours pockets. Doesn’t deliver the truth.Jill
The Press now looks more like left wing propaganda.Laurie
Incredibly declined- more like 10 I would say! The so called main stream media have needed this re-adjustment for many years. Their productivity has steadily dropped to opinionated propaganda with only a very few still having the courage (or integrity) to use a truthful and investigative approach. I hope those few do well. The media, alongside several other NZ institutions, seem to have forgotten who is actually paying for their very poor performance.. New Zealand taxpayers.Andrew
More than declined, it has now evaporated.Bryan
Media became Jacinda’s cheerleader, never holding her or the Labour Party to account. I have no sympathy for them.Mel
Their behaviour over the last 6 yrs has disgusted me. I have canceled my subscriptions so look forward to them all going broke . Serve them rightHarvey
The mainstream media carrying water for Labour’s disastrous mismanagement of Covid & the anti democratic & racist Maori co-governance are only but 2, albeit enormous examples of why one trust the mainstream press to be as wanton a bunch of liars as is any Labour minister !John
There is no longer any objective, balanced, and unbiased journalism. It is all headlines first, most of which are completed twisted out of context. Can’t trust them whatsoever.Phil
Paid off. What did you expect?Tony
I know that for the last 7 years ,at least, they have been misleading the public by lying and omitting the real factsN
Declined? Totally inadequate. I have nothing but rage, loathing and contempt for these smug entitled state funded propagandists. Metaphorically I want their institutions razed to the ground and the ground salted.Ross
Very biased towards labour and global warming.Wendy
The media were openly biased. I have no sympathy for them.Vonne
Definitely left bias and still isDominic
Woke bias – no balance. Mostly utter tripe. So-called journalists and media commentators covered in self-inflicted love bites.Philip6
Untrustworthy simpering puppets. Bought and paid for by unscrupulous public servants.Kaylene
They deserve all that is coming to them, “you reap what you sow” I have no sympathy at all.Brian
As a farmer this was so hard to deal with at the time, with so many against us through media input – lets hope Nat get it right and we get supportDiane
Never watch or read mainstream media now. It is simply Government propaganda.David
In politics alone all MSM have shown a complete bias towards Labour regardless, and have lost any claim to be independent. In this respect they should be ashamed.Alastair
I have spent a lot of time in the Communist world, and frankly our propaganda is worse, even less trustworthy, and even more dangerous.Greg
Once upon a time we were told the facts, and expected to make up our own mind. Now we are given opinions, not factsDave
Can’t stand most of the tv reporting done by obvious left wing fan boys and girls who have zero credibility in my eyesMike
Greatly declinedMurray
Watched the news and read the Herald everyday until about 5 years ago. Never buy a paper or put the 6.00 o’clock news on anymore. Now get my news from other sources.Margie
you reap what you soMark
Not worth the paper they write onKen
I no longer use mainstream media as it can no longer be trusted.Alan
Like a lazy puppy content to roll over and be endlessly scratched to no avail and no end other than self satisfaction.Murray
Fed up with all the fear mongering on T/V about climate change and the introduction of so much Maori language the presenters now speak and why don’t they put the English underneath so we can understand what they are saying. High time English was an official NZ languageBarbara
95% of the media has a socialist agendaRaymond
Puppets of socialist dictator Cindy!John
Main stream media have been blatantly biased and remain so. Unprincipled and untrustworthy, the architects of their own demise.Margaret
Full of racist , Orwellian type dribble. I refuse to be bombarded with labour party dribble espoused by our msm. They have become an ad riddled disgrace.Andrew
Biased against Israel, right wing, Russia. Don’t report on BIG issues like war in Sudan, war in Myanmar, farmer protests in EU, Portugal election. Hand wringing over one kid in Gaza that died, ignore 16,000 kids that died in Myanmar.james
I waited and waited for criticism of the Ardern regime, but it never came. I could see it’s blunders, it’s folly, it’s Marxism and so could my mates, but so-called journalists could not.William
The MSM have turned into a bunch of ill informed idealistic lefty shills!Grant
This distrust applies to the MSM, not all media.Helen
Haver been incredibly disappointed with the media in recent years. Have come to the point that I refuse to accept what is being reported.NEIL
They have had their day. The were noingly accomplaces to the damage being done by JA and the Labour GovtFrank
The media skills have waned.Gene
NZ can only prosper when all the corrupted media are log gone.fred
They have fallen victim to the mighty dollar, though for many it has just enabled them to show their real colours.Laurie
Stuff and Radio NZN should be dismantled immediately.anthony
I have stopped getting my regular Nelson Mail – after 50 years!!Andy
We still watch and read mainstream media as means of monitoring their bias. Mainstream media has lost our trust and we derive most our information either, directly from parliament or,from alternative media outlets such as this platform, RCR and The Platform,to name a few. Mainstream media has brought their woes on themselves by continuing to slavishly adhere to doctrine that shows absolute bias and demonise New Zealanders who hold views contrary to their narrative. They have a lot of work to do if they want to win back our trustWilliam
NZ’s pravdaPeter
Stopped listening to MSM and there biased opinions (not facts) years ago. I no longer even watch TV it so full of one sided leftist propaganda. These activist for the left all deserve to go under and lose ther jobs. I for one won’t shed a tear.Barry
In over the 50 years that I have been regularly reading a daily newspaper, and watching daily TV news, I have never seen such a blatant extreme level of bias being displayed, especially on subjects such as race, politics, Covid 19 mandate and education, to name a few. Opinions, rather than simply stating the facts seems prevalent and it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine whether an article in the press, or on the TV News, is simply opinion, accurate information for the reader to form an opinion, misinformation or the now called disinformation, for which I am somewhat confused as to the difference between mis- and dis-.John
They now have no integrity as they put money ahead of human values.David
Most reporters are obviously biased, racist, left wing supporters who are openly anti-coalition govt. criticising every move they make.Koreen
We have no mainstream media anymore, just arrogant propagandists or activists who must be made accountable, which won’t happen of course.Leonard
As soon as media parroted Te Reo on an ever increasing basis then everything else came into question.Bob
My distrust has remained the same for many years – the abysmal level of integrity and balance displayed by the MSM means my vote is the “remained the same!john
I stopped listening to the MSM when Jacinda Ardern started having a 1.00 pm pulpit session daily and declaring that she was the only source of truth. I had never heard so many lies from a politician before.Mark
I avoid paying any attention to their woke propaganda.charles
Declined so much, we never listen, read nor watch them. Pack of woksters they are.Mary
Kelly Jay keen, the river of filth, trans ideology, propagand, bias reporting, treating the public with contempt, Maori language so we cannot understand the new. No brainer kiwis do not suffer fools!Chaq
Zero trust in mainstream mediaViv
They are red.Evans
They are a pie eyed Labour lying machine with the arrogance to think they’re OK with it.Carolyn
My trust in the media has increased given the pressure coming from right wing populist trashBruce
They only spout proogander.,Michele
Always been very low so remained the sameRay
Declined to ZERO years ago. Corporate MSM in ‘propaganda lockstep’ with one another around the West by design. Anyone still partaking of it is still asleep.neil
I lost ALL faith in nz main stream media in 2018geoffrey
A disaster.mary
I am embarrased to admit I once worked as a senior journo. I’ve now reformed. NZ media cannot be saved, nor should they be. They must be allowed to fail. They no longer have a sustainable business model. Alternatives like NZCPR are already taking their place.Juliet
Climate change isn’t the only topic that Stuff censor. Included in their Terms and Conditions is a statement that they will not enable comments on stories concerning 21 other subjects, including the Treaty of Waitangi. In other words they refuse to print comment on our founding document, a fairly fundamental subject of public concern and one which was heavily canvassed elsewhere in the last election campaign.. Is this the sign of responsible balanced journalism? So why should I trust their remaining content for balance and even accuracy?Colin
My trust in the Media has completely disappeared.David
The mainstream media are shocking now. I can’t stand State media even though we used to religiously listed to Radio NZ’s Morning Report and watch TVNZ news. We will only think about returning if they drop their disgraceful advocacy of Maori and start treating everyone the same! Donald
I have no trust in the mainstream media anymore. They have totally lost their way.Murray
Our family have no sympathy for the plight of the media. They have brought their plight on themselves with their shocking bias and vindictiveness. Thank goodness for the alternatives including the Platform, RCR Radio, and Sky News. We need a NZ version of Sky News here. Brian
Watching TVNZ is just embarrassing. They are so biased. The way they treat the Prime Minister is shocking. The Coalition should cut their funding – and Radio NZ too. Hilary
There is no ‘balance’ and ‘fairness’ anymore in most of the mainstream media. They have brought their demise upon themselves. They do not deserve to be supported. Especially a campaign headed by a man who was so nasty to the public concerned about vaccines. He should be ostracised! Francis