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A Recipe for Disaster

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NPDC“Is it a pre-requisite to be an idiot to run for local body politics? New Plymouth’s Mayor Andrew Judd has dreamed up the idea that the law should be changed so that half of all councillors are Maori. He’s already wanting to create a Maori ward. He bases all of this on the Treaty – yes, the same Treaty the Tribunal suggested hadn’t ceded authority to the British.

“Top tip for the Andrews of this world: firstly, councils are in the business of mowing lawns, collecting rubbish, not for social and historic engineering; secondly, no country’s future is based on segregation – or giving one race a false hope, or false start, or false advantage based on nothing more than skin colour.

“This is a recipe for disaster and acrimony, and New Plymouth – not to mention the rest of the country – deserves a hell of a lot better.”

– Mike Hosking, co-host TVNZ Seven Sharp, 24 November 2014.

Not content with forcing a Maori Ward onto his district at the next local body election, New Plymouth’s Mayor, Andrew Judd, is now calling for a law change so that half of all councillors in New Zealand will be Maori. Little did the people of New Plymouth know when they elected their new mayor in 2013 that he harboured a radical agenda and would use the Office of Mayor as a platform to progress it.

His call for 50:50 co-governance follows the self-serving finding of the Waitangi Tribunal that Maori did not cede sovereignty to the British. Mayor Judd says, “The reasonable interpretation of the Treaty is that you would have fifty-fifty representation around the table. We should be incorporating the Maori perspective around council tables, and ultimately that would mean up to half the representation each.”

He has called on the Minister of Local Government to change the law so that half of all council representatives are Maori.

Unsurprisingly, the Maori Party enthusiastically endorsed his comments. They are calling Mr Judd a visionary and commended his “courageous challenge” to the government “to consider changing the law to allow for 50-50 representation between Maori and non-Maori on local authorities to reflect the Treaty of Waitangi partnership”.

In Parliament last Thursday, Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox questioned the Minister of Local Government Paula Bennett about what initiatives are underway to ensure greater Maori representation on local and district councils.

The Minister replied, “I am always willing to look at how to improve representation overall with local government, but I do not currently have any plans to make changes to the current settings. However, in response to submissions made about Maori representation during the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 3) this year, the then Associate Minister of Local Government directed officials to work with relevant parties, including Te Puni Kokiri, and report back to Ministers in March next year with advice about Maori participation in local government processes, and I will consider that advice when I receive it.”

The Minister rejected the idea of a law change: “I do think the right settings are currently in place. I am not sure that it is a piece of legislation that Parliament should actually pass to change the representation that is on councils.”

She also rejected the call for greater resourcing for local councils to increase Maori representation: “I will not be supporting resourcing councils, so we will not be giving them any other funding so that they can go out there and increase Maori participation, but what I will say is that we actively support and encourage Maori participation on councils.”

The Minister explained that over time, there has been a huge increase in Maori participation in Parliament and that a similar pattern was feasible in local government: “I would like to see more [Maori] standing, but I would like them to get there on their merit. I think that there is a power machine behind our iwi, particularly our iwi leaders as we see them now, and if they were putting a strong campaign together behind the right candidate, then they could get there.”

And that’s the way most New Zealanders feel about Maori representation – they don’t need special rights or seats based on race, they just need to work hard and stand on their merits, like everyone else.

With regards to his demand for 50:50 Maori representation, Andrew Judd needs to explain why he didn’t reveal his agenda when he campaigned for office. The people of New Plymouth should feel seriously aggrieved to find their new Mayor is now promoting nationwide segregation.

Mr Judd should do the honourable thing and stand down, then put himself forward in a by-election – this time openly promoting his plan for co-governance. If he doesn’t step down of his own accord, he should be asked to resign for bringing the Office of Mayor into disrepute.

All around the country powerful iwi groups are pushing to change the rules to increase Maori representation. They are saying they need to be at the council table, “but should not have to rely on voters’ whims to get there.”

Many have tried to force their councils to give their unelected iwi representatives seats on standing committees with voting rights. Such a move, however, would fundamentally alter the democratic makeup of a council, and by convention, any major constitutional change should only be undertaken with the express approval of voters through a public referendum process.

For a council that wants to go down the separatist path, Maori Wards are provided for in the Local Electoral Act 2002. Under the Act, councils are regularly required to review their representation arrangements to determine whether changes need to be made – such as to their voting system, to the number of councillors, or whether they want to introduce Maori seats. The details are set down in the Act: a council may resolve to divide the district into one or more Maori wards for electoral purposes if the resolution is “made after a triennial general election but no later than 23 November of the year that is 2 years before the next triennial general election”. Any such decision is open to challenge by electors – if they gain 5 percent support within a given timeframe, a referendum of all voters must be held that is binding on the council. If the Maori seats are approved, they would stay in place for the following two elections.

Last month, the Tauranga City Council unanimously opposed the establishment of a separate Maori seat on the council, with the Mayor Stuart Crobsy saying that establishing a Maori ward at this time would damage the relationship between Maori and non-Maori in Tauranga. He said Maori were going through a renaissance with their history and a Maori ward would be a big step backwards.

The attempt to give unelected iwi full representation and voting rights on Rotorua District Council standing committees earlier this year has not led to the establishment of Maori seats on the council. That proposal was rejected unanimously by the full council, with Councillor Merepeka Raukawa-Tait saying she detected no mood in the community for a Maori ward or wards.

The Far North District Council has voted to hold a non-binding poll on the issue of designated Maori seats, to take place early next year. According to the Mayor, former National MP John Carter, neither he nor the council has a position on the issue, so they want some feedback from the community. This marks a change of heart for Mr Carter who campaigned against Maori seats during the local body elections, calling them a form of apartheid.

The Maori Ward that was narrowly approved by the New Plymouth District Council, amid a furore that saw the resignation of a long-standing councillor, is now being challenged by locals who are seeking the support for their petition of five per cent of the district’s registered voters – about 2,700 people – by 28 February next year. If they succeed, a binding referendum will be held to approve or reject the Maori ward proposal.

In 2012, 79 percent of Nelson voters rejected their council’s proposal to establish a Maori ward, and in the Wairoa District, 52 percent of voters opposed their council’s Maori ward proposal – even though 46 percent of the electoral population in the district are Maori, one of the highest percentages in the country.

There is a widely held view that areas of high Maori population will be overwhelmingly in favour of race-based rights. But as the Wairoa poll showed, it is wrong to presume a majority of Maori want separate Maori seats.

The reality is that a growing number of Maori are opposed to race-based privilege. They regard the way that successive governments pander to tribal chiefs as sickening, since by enriching the iwi elite, those who have turned their back on tribalism are being effectively disenfranchised. They consider race-based representation to be patronising, and they want an end to Maori seats at central and local government level. They also want the Waitangi Tribunal, which they see as a gravy train fostering division and apartheid, abolished.

One leader, who is prepared to speak out, is David Rankin of Ngapuhi – this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator.  David explains:

“It may surprise many New Zealanders, but a growing number of Maori are fed up with the Waitangi Tribunal, and the entire Treaty gravy train.  There is a stereotype of Maori collecting millions of dollars in settlement money and living the easy life.  The reality is very different.

“Let’s be clear. The Tribunal exists to make lawyers, and a few elite Maori very rich, and to give the impression that wrongs are being righted. We all know the Crown breached the Treaty in the nineteenth century. But by the time of my parents’ generation, this was behind us as a people… until the Tribunal dragged it all up again.”

The final words in David’s article are chilling: “I will finish with a warning.  If you think the claims are nearly at an end, think again. Hundreds of new claims are being planned right now. These will challenge the Crown and seek compensation for the handling of the current settlement process.  Too many people have too much at stake for the claims process to end.”

The recent announcement by the Waitangi Tribunal that Maori did not cede sovereignty to the Crown clearly indicates just how far the Tribunal is now over-reaching. It has transformed itself from a body of inquiry into the mouthpiece of those radical Maori supremacists who are seeking to divide the country along racial lines. If David Rankin’s warning, that large numbers of new claims to the Tribunal are currently being planned is correct, the sooner the government cuts taxpayer funding to this dangerous body, and closes it down, the better.


Do you think New Plymouth’s Mayor Andrew Judd should resign and stand again so voters can have their say on his co-governance agenda?

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A typical hypocrite. Ian
Race based seats are democratic. Charles
No more apartheid in New Zealand. It is alarming and sickening. Eira
I think this is a form of race baiting. I think he wants to create an us and them mentality between the general public. People are people, full stop. You get voted in on your merit. We are all the same. Human. No separation. Darren
This is just going far too far. If a Maori person wants to stand for council, just let him put his name forward like every other candidate and let the voters decide. Frank
It saddens me to read such apartheid style suggestions being mooted for New Zealand. Get rid of the jerk. Vic
His views should have been advised to all voters before they voted – not after. Keith
We don’t need people in public office with hidden agenda’s, he should be tossed out with the rest of the dirty water. Stevo
He is clearly past his use-by date. Harvey
David Rankin has said it all. Deborah
Yes Yes yes…. To me he is playing to the galllery and trying to make a mark in history…. Be elected on your merrits not the back door or coat tails. Bob
It is high time all kiwis are one people, with such extensive integration over hundred years. There is no better way way then democracy even Dr. Elizabeth Rata mentioned, tribalism does not work in 21st century. Ashley
This Maori gravy train has gone beyond a joke but who is going to have the balls to stop it before ruins the country. John
Idiot. Noel
What a bloody idiot! Bill
What does democracy mean? Anyone who wants to be part of the city council and to work for the people of New Plymouth should apply in the usual manner and hope that he/she will be voted in. John
We need to abolish the Waitangi Tribunal before we have apartheid in this country. Peter
He clearly has lost his sense of perspective! Hugh
He certainly should resign but I’m not sure about allowing him to stand again. The danger is that he may be re-elected and we just do not need an idiot like that anywhere near the levers of power. Jim
Maori think thay are ” GOD’S CHOSEN ” race. William
A lovely city like New Plymouth should not have such an overtly racist, divisive Mayor. As he has not been honest about his agenda,, Andrew Judd needs to be removed from office. Monica
Separatism is a nice name for apartheid. Bob
This guy is out of order and must be stopped. Graeme
Andrew Judd shouldnt be mayor if he cant even understand basic concepts like apartheid and racism, or perhaps he just supports it. Either way he needs to go. Eddie
Words fail me. Dave
Judd, hidden agendas will be your downfall. Don
What Treaty of Waitangi partnership? – There never was one. Anyone who thinks there can never be civil disobedience on a major scale in NZ needs to think again. We have been inching towards this conclusion for quite some time. Andrew Judd is simply speeding up the process. Gay
What an idiot. Delwyn
This nonsense must be stopped. Russell
The while local government structure should be reformed to be like the national Westminster-style government. As it is the local government structure which is more like the American-style presidency vests near absolute power in 1 person – the elected mayor, and open to abuse of power such as in the Auckland city mayor and now the New Plymouth Mayor. Alla
Just another piece of self serving, idiot crap which seems to be cluttering up our country and sending in to hell in a hand cart. Russell
This is clearly a major issue so let him campaign again on this issue and we’ll see what happens? Peter
He got in by not stating his true intentions so yes he should resign. Eric
Yes. Toss the brown nose wanker out on his arse. Mark
Yes. He should stop trying to rewrite history. John
This Mayor, should be made to resign for not allowing the Ratepayers of New Plymouth, to have a vote as to whether or not they wanted a Maori Ward! This guy is obviously following his own very biased Maori agenda, and should be dismissed! from office! Michael
Dangerous dreamer. Graeme
That bloke is an IDIOT !! Graeme
This disgraceful man is in the position of Mayor of one of our sizeable cities, drawing a fat salary from his ratepayers for the work involved; and he is there in that office on a cheat, in that he did not disclose his poisonous agenda during the run-up to the election. The citizens of New Plymouth, and the elected councillors, are the ones with a responsibility to themselves and to their city to insist now that he resign although free to stand again provided he does so on the basis of an honest and open agenda. Rob
He of all the council should be preserving democracy. Judith
There is no other way, if this country is a democracy. When are we all to be New Zealanders. john
If I was living in NP I would be demanding he resign. Full stop. He acted without ethics and mislead the public. People do not want separate Maori seats or special representation etc. One People One Nation!! Andrea
If Maori want a place on Council they should select a candidate and stand for election like everyone else. Walnetta
Staggering that apartheid agendas are on a roll. Owen
He seems to have deceived voters. Would they have voted for him if he had been up front with this proposal? Gordon
When wars are being fought elsewhere on tribal and racial grounds some silly idiot here seeks to introduce such discrimination because he has learnt nothing from the course of history. Elaine
A ridiculous suggestion. Ian
Yes he should resign. Not so sure about the standing again bit though 🙂 Russell
What an absolute imbecile!! he needs to to be dragged from his council and have some sense betten into him. Shank
Yes, in fact Andrew Judd is so far out on the thinking of the average NZ.er that he should resign, fold his tent, ride off into the sunset, and not cost everyone a lot of money by standing again. Richard
The man obviously had a hidden agenda. One has to ask though, what are the rest of the councillors doing. Surely the Mayor only has one vote. Ronmac
What a tosser, represent the people who gave you the mandate, be their voice, otherwise go. Anne
What a terrible person he must be to not let the people know what his stance on this issue was in the lead up to the election. He would not be the mayor now if he had let that shit be known. Dayal
Yes resign. Neil
Andrew Judd has no idea of the amount of emotion his Racial Segregation Ideals are stirring up among the voters in and around New Plymouth be they maori or European. If he is so convinced he is doing the right thing he should confidently step down and find out the real truth. Urban
Do not pander to Maori. Davikd
Just resign! Neville
If these ideas are allowed to take a hold, we can kiss goodbye to democracy in this country. Any person, Maori or otherwise who wants to represent “their people” should stand for election and become a councillor that way – the democratic way. Gifford
Where would it stop? With special seats for Roman Catholics and also for Protestants? The man’s a fool! Jb
Deport him. Donald
Voters did not give Judd a mandate to promote such a stupid suggestion. What sort of a fruit-cake is he? Don
Go judd great stuff , don’t take any notice of those anti Maori red necks. D
“All for one, One for all” Antony
Sure do. ONE NZ!!!!!!! Lorraine
He should also fund the election, apologise for being such a “dick” and tell his electorate what other gems he has on his agenda. David
There under false pretense. That is a major step that should have been on his manifesto prior to the election of council. Owen
These types have hidden agenders and when given power their real character appears Sack him and start again. Ken
If your desire is to make a radical change as an elected official, you should be honest with the electorate and make your proposal part of your election platform. Henry
Surely the other councillors have a vote too. Dianne
We are all one people. Or should be. Enough of this Separatism. Stand down Mr Judd….
This is not on the sooner we get a government that has a policy of on law for all the better. Barry
He should definitely and publicly withdraw those comments. It’s the voters who decide the make-up the local councils, even if that sometimes could produce a majority of Maori members. Cornelis
What an idiot this man is ! Wah
Is this guy an escapee from a mental health facility? Paul
He’s a bloody dickhead. How could any one vote for his policy or him. Ian
People of all Races should obtain election only upon their own ability. Roy
Thankfully it seems that most of NZ Mayors/Councils have their heads screwed on properly – Andrew Judd and all the other Maori [Pakeha educated] activists should be dumped on an isolated island and left to “govern” themselves. Elayne
Some people will do anything to get their name in the news. New Zealand can do without idiots like Andrew Judd. Stewart
What century are we living in? Race based government should NOT form any part of government in a democracy. David
No place for a racist mayor in NZ. Steve
Non Maori officials like Andrew Judd are the real reason for this so called Maori renaissance, the Maori must be rubbing their hands in delight as a result of someone like Andrew Judd making such outlandish statement on behalf of all of us. What next I wonder. Frank
How did he get to be Mayor? Is he half Maori? Jim
Crime stats reflect poor parenting & Maori figure disproportionally. If they can’t run a family successfully why would any reasonable person want to trust them with civic responsibility?Open your eyes Mr. Judd Anthony
Get rid of him fast. David
It would be better if he were to resign permanently. Barrie
What planet does he live on? Tony
He should be removed from office permanently. there is no placefor people with such ideas in governing positions. Ray
We have more than enough radical self serving egotistical Maori and others with out elected official using the power of their office to force their personal agenda on the public. That must be stamped out before the Treaty lie becomes an imposed truth on the nation. Thank goodness we have a thinking New Zealander (Maori) prepared to speak and stand up for the truth. John
We are, or should be, one people. Any person of any race is able to stand for council. Winifred
If he had a decened bone in his body that is what he should do resign & stand again. Geoff
Mr.Rankings comments are correct..A maori-elite-gravy-train costing all tax-payers already close too 2 billions,is pure introducing “Apartheid in N.Z.”Lets stop it now,before we destoy the NZ-Democracy. Guus
How on earth did New Plymouth vote in a ‘wally’ like him!!!!! Peter
He is an evil man. Raewyn
Imagine in you wildest dreams (nightmares) The British Empire entering into a partnership with an aboriginal group of stone age tribes who only knew the terms of farming was the next door tribe. Poor man is beyond help, but how do you get rid of him and what kind of councillors are behind his ideas?? BLOODY HELL Jack
Should have declared his position prior to election, very devious…. Bruce
Maori people are quite capable of being elected by their own merit. Carroll
Seriously. Why do we get these wallies in positions of power. Scott
I believe the Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished we are one country and one people and we should all be treated equally in every respect. I believe the immigrants to New Zealand over the years have made the country the way it is now. Peter
Mayors should stay within their mandate and concern themselves with the welfare of the city or region that chose them to govern there and not use their position to promote private views. Pieter
Get rid of him traiter. Marian
This sums it all up! It may surprise many New Zealanders, but a growing number of Maori are fed up with the Waitangi Tribunal, and the entire Treaty gravy train. There is a stereotype of Maori collecting millions of dollars in settlement money and living the easy life. The reality is very different. %u201CLet%u2019s be clear. The Tribunal exists to make lawyers, and a few elite Maori very rich, and to give the impression that wrongs are being righted. Maurice
This is a separatist move and must be avoided at all costs. Ralph
Never mind just standing down, New Plymouth people should be boiling there tar and getting their feathers ready. Brent
Mayor Judd has LIED to us rate payers in New Plymouth when he stood for the Mayoralty. HE SHOULD BE SACKED FORWITH. Harry
Disaster all round. Owen
Its amazing how many have hidden agenda.  Or is it just head in the sand syndrome. Carl
The mayor is a racist idiot! Selwyn
He should just resign – full stop! Brian
How/Why do these dishonest idiots get themselves elected. Allan
Outrageous nonsense. Hylton
Sick of Wiggers. Christopher
This is madness New Zealand is 100% pure bullshit. Dave
Where do we as a nation keep getting these dickheads from?? Sam
Let the voice of the people be heard by having a vote on this issue. David
Absolutely! Ken
Local politics are no place for this. We have enough on the gravy train as it is. Simon
Another racist rant by an idiot. How do people like this clown get voted into office? Bruce
What a racist idiot. But then NZ continues with separate seats for Maori in Parliament, thus maintaining the framework of APARTHEID that exists in NZ. Geoff
He should not stand again,he is obviusoly biased and not doing the job he is tasked to do by his constituents. Steve
He’s an idiot, but entitled to speak or not speak as he wishes. No politician makes unfavourable suggestions before an election. Owen
The Maori people should stand like any other person that is voted in. The treaty of Waitangi has had it time and is a thing of the past. The world has change over the last 200 years. Robert
The local residents must have their say in this unethical proposal. Sam
He’s another nutter. Les
Racist lunacy! George
A Mayor with such racist views cannot be allowed to remain; unlike Aucklands Brown (pants down) who is just clearly insane. Paul
The man’s an idiot. Dave
Where is this man coming from, I think he needs psychological help as he does not understand how dangerous his ideas are for the rest of us. Laurie
The guy is an idiot and needs to go. Too many people are standing for politics with hidden agendas. Steve
Councillors should be elected on merit not race. Ross
Please define Maori. Could I be one? My ancestors have been here since the 1850’s, 4 generations on both sides. I am therefore an indigenous New Zealander. How many Maori can claim this genetic history? Richard
Madness. Gary
The call that he makes is preposterous and should never be heard again in this country. Lex
As a ratepayer, definitely. His perception of the Treaty is quite misleading and he certainly did not refer to this in his pre-election platform. Dex
This man is not fit to be mayor as I believe he has mislead the people of New Plymouth by not declaring his attitude towards Maori before the local body elections. William
A dangerous, divisive and devious tactic – and in fact an insult to Maori, implying they won’t be elected unless they are given special treatment. Gina
I am in the South Taranaki District – not too far away from this idiot. It’s a worry as I thought we were immune from this sort of nonsense down here. Kevin
He’s out of touch with reality, just a tosser. Paul
Does Mr Judd not remember how long the South Africans had to fight to abolish apartheid? Its representation not favouritism that we need. If the Maoris want better representation let them put the suitable candidates forward. Peter
Yes. The man is clearly a short sighted fool if he believes that division along racial lines is the way of the future. Les
Not only should he resign but he should be banned from standing again. New Zealand society doesnt need these one eyed racists. Ralph
If we are going to have race based politics then the mix of politicians must be in the same proportions as the general population, that is if only 20% of NZ are maori then no more than 20% of politicians can be maori. On that basis it seems that there are too many maori politicians already. Steve
Popular vote is the only choice. Judd’s idea is ridiculous. Gary
Andrew Judd has totally misread the mood of the NZ public, who are totally fed up with the Maori input to or lives and affairs, forced upon us by a bunch of semi-educated and ignorant individuals, who are more concerned with making public speeches in their own lingo, instead of being able to accurately debate the current issues. Shame on Andrew Judd and his followers! Mike
Maori are notorious for not being able to run business, look at the history of some Maori enterprises. they should not be able to hold the city to ransom, they are minority. Edward
A duplicitous egotistical rat bag. Mike
Just resign .. period. Kabe
I would love to know how big the backhander is he is getting. Athol
Will the Chinese people now living in NZ soon be demanding an equal say on local councils too? Why stop there? John
Highly improbable that he could be forced to make such a move. Some of us have constitutional rights too, even those who are a little touched by Whatever-it-is he seems to be suffering from. Maggie
AS THERE ARE NO FULL BLOOD MAORI LEFT, ONLY 1/2 AND 1/4 ETC THEY ARE NOT Maori but New Zealanders and thus we should vote for a council that reflects all of us. Hence his statement is wrong and the Traty Tribunal should be thrown out. Graeme
The watermelon socialists and their traveling friends the chocolate colored toasty leeches are hell bent on finding the weakest asleep Council and jamming this socialist redistribution scam over them, to be followed by an infectious spread across the whole country. This is not true to any treaty this in not a genuine redress of any wrong, this is simply a power grab to bleed the long suffering ratepayers of yet another tax, a race tax which would generate a wholesale wealth redistribution to certain iwi officials. Judd should not have the luxury to resign, He should be Impeached for (treasonous) Criminal Malfeasance and Violation of Public Trust. and indict supporting Councilors along with him. Richard
Mayor Judd was elected by the citizens of New Plymouth on the basis of a false agenda which now is so extreme that he should be kicked out of office. If New Zealand is to ever become a first World nation we must get rid of all legislation that permits people, on a race basis, to enjoy benefits over others who are not Maori. Ernest
This Judd twerp won’t have the balls to resign so the rest of the Council should give him a hint by passing a motion of censure about his crazy racism. John
He should resign and leave the country.  What an idiot. Bob
And be charged with being a criminally negligent idiot. Paul
Sick of this bloody Maori stuff. Democracy means outing for councillors. Maori are only a small percentage of the population. Lenise
Because he is using race as a standard by which to judge people. Wayne
All representation should be on merit and not skin colour.  Abolish the treaty for as long as it is there people will use it for personal gain and not what is best for the country. John
This proposal by the mayor is unconstitutional and undemocratic.. He should resign and GO! John
Better still, just drop the madcap nonsense and save the cost of a new election. Bruce
The guy is clearly nuts or perhaps he is being paid by maori. When is it going to end! Steve
The Guy must be an idiot. Trevor
It is total crap. Peter
The concept of ‘recall’ should be built into our local body system so that such people who display a secret agenda can be held to account. Roger
But not stand again as we do not want idiots in politics. David
A stupid idea on his part. Rob
All councillors should be elected on their merit not on their race. Dennis
What is wrong with the man local body elections are open to all we do not need to put people on councils with out being voted on more pc rubbish. Russell
Racism!  John
He needs a good pair if glasses to correct his vision . It has got out if focus and needs corrective lens. Perhaps he should see an optician! Brian
Wish the nz born chinese and indians would demand seats for themselfs,then see what the half wit of a mayor would do,even getting rid of the title lord may stop the likes of judd acting as if he lords over the general poulation,sack the usless b*****d.and a whole lot like him in other councillrs throughout nz. Richard
If half of the positions were reserved for part-Maori only does this mean that to maintain the balance anyone outside of the chosen 50% who has Maori heritage would be ineligible to apply for the remaining seats? Obviously Mayor Judd has decided that democracy has no part in the NZ way of life. Time for a change. Mitch
Why would local residents vote for such an idiot. Allan
There are provisions under the mental health act to commit persons found wandering at large in the community who may be a a danger to themselves or others. Gordon
Social engineering at the extreme. How can sensible citizens elect people of this ilk? Alan
All kiwis are equal irrespective of colour race or creed. Dene
A Mayor’s job, like any politicians, is to serve the people based on the people’s mandate. Let him establish the people’s mandate, not his, by stepping down. David
Let’s stop racism. David
That the Treaty is our founding document is complete fallacy, after the last signatory was witnessed the Boundaries of New South Wales (NSW) were extended to cover ALL of the islands of New Zealand. Our True founding document, Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, split us from NSW, gave us our first constitution, own Parliament, English law only and eventually our own flag. At this point the Treaty was superseded and laid to rest in Archives as an historical document. Not only was the Waitangi Tribunal founded upon a superseded document but the English Treaty only which states, “Done at Waitangi on 06-02-1840”, wasn’t written until March 1840 and was used as a piece of paper on which to catch the overspill of signatures to the Maori Treaty. In other words a worthless piece of paper “in itself”. george
What is wrong with the man.What race was the man who said “we are one people” Richard
What a racist !!! Peter
He is taking things too far, does he not think things have gone far enough to split the country we are all kiwi’s and should be treated as such which is not happening. Harvey
How does the Mayor Judd think his idea will lead us to a nation of one people, where skin colour, ancestry or sex will not determine the future of all citizens? Brian
There is no reason to have race based represation. One people one law. Don
Some people obviously learnt nothing froSouth Africa’s Apartheid policy.  Get rid of this idiot! Neil
Strange that the councillor that resigned (horse McLeod) when the bill to have maori ward in new plymouth passed was Maori. Michael
We don’t need segregation we are all fthe same and should bode treated that way. Richard
Judd has hit a judder bar with his divisive ideas. He should face his citizens with a referendum if he is honest. I would think that if he had brought this subject up during his campaign he would have been defeated. Brian
Why are so many people advocating an apartheid state! Paul
Enough is enough? Absolutely not! But too much is already far too much and has been for far too long. Walter
Pity he didn’t mention this before the last election so the voters could have decided then, why now? Kevin
His ideas are a disgrace to all who were against apartheid, we don’t need this type of idiocy prevailing anywhere in NZ. Brian
He’s a traitor to democracy. Russell
The Maori seats in all levels of local and political Government should be abolished as they now have I would say have more than equal rights. Wayne
Hold a referendum, have the issue defeated and unable to be brought back to the table for 6 years and let Andrew Judd put up with the consequences. he is an optician so goodness knows which glasses he was wearing when he saw this vision. Or is this a reverse view that he wants the people of New Plymouth to kick the idea for touch and he will be seen to have “done the right thing” and its non-acceptance is nothing to do with him. Mike
I am sick and tired of this whole Maori business. Anyway, none of them is a Maori – there are no full-blood Maoris – they are Europeans with greater or lesser amounts of Maori blood in them – some of the “activists” don’t look as if they have any Maori blood in then at all. Peter
Definitely, the man has no mandate to change representation principles does he? Call for a by-election. Terry
As Mayor Judd thinks he understands fairness for all New Zealanders, then I presume he agrees that his philosophy means part Maori will be double dipping on representation around the Council table. If the rule only allows Full blooded Maori to be the other 50 percentage Councillors then we have nothing to worry about as there are no Full blooded Maori in existence. He should also consider that if Maori are entitled to 50 percentage representation then they should pay half of New Plymouth District Council expenditure and that is not likely to happen. Anarchy will prevail if New Zealand does not unite as one nation. Martin
Let him resign and do not let him stand again until he discovers the true meaning of the word “democracy”. Scott
He should certainly resign. I’m not sure in my own mind that he should offer himself for reelection. David
This is a sick brown joke! John
I agree this is not what his voters expect from there mayor. This is a National issue not Local body. If this was his agenda I wouldn’t vote for him. Phillip
Creating this kind of division is not a sensible idea. Peter
Let the people decide! Mark
There are too many loose cannons coming up with ideas which can only lead to greater separation and disputes between those calling themselves New Zealanders and Maori. It is time we became one nation with equal rights and opportunities for all. Keith
Does he also play the drums. Why can he not stand up and answer questions asked by media commentators,so that all of us in Kiwi can understand his concerns that have led him to this idiotic idea. Does he really believe that this will in any way make local government councillors more intelligent, and business savvy than the bunch of pillocks here in Aucklsnd. Look at the state of this place. The Town Hall of late has been used more for Playboy Mansion type antics by our elected main man here than the core business interests of a large city. In the last election there in New Plymouth, was this discussed as a platform issue. Because if it was’nt then I will bet you, he would not have his feet under the table now, unless he was on all fours. Are candidates subject to any kind of sanity review before being able to stand. Well we do have Len, so doubt it. Wiremu
Third column? Colin
Dork !! Peter
This man campaigned on greater participation and consultation. He has flip flopped on so many issues since getting his backside in that chair, as well as engineering the resignation of one of his strongest allies in Council. Peter
Same thing is happening in Gisborne with our mayor. Have Mike Butler look into it you would be surprised whats going on here. Terry
All citizens are eligible to stand for council positions Ian
Racism. Peter
What a potential disaster! Certainly, voters must be able to reject the mayor and his proposals before he does real damage. Anne
Racisim personified. Murray
No one should hold Public Office in New Zealand without being individually voted in by the Public they serve. Ken
He should resign and not be voted back in. Ron
A shameful attack on democracy which should embrace equal rights for all citizens regardless of race. Sarah
Now Andrew Judd Which part of PART MOARI /European do you want them to co govern again?? Their is no MOARI its a religion, a scam a money making machine built on a pretense of a lie that MOARI are indigenous. They are not, as we all know, they came on a boat like everyone else What a flip you are Andrew and should be given medication. Ron
Damn right – resign forthwith but be thrown out of the Country too, as this plonker doesn’t deserve to live in New Zealand, let alone put his name forward for Mayor again. Stand up and be counted you good people of New Plymouth! Gene
Race is no guarantee of clear thinking. Jill
Government should legislate to totally prohibit election to public office, in both Governmenr and Local Bodies, based on racial qualification. Essential to hold a Referendum beforehand. PLUS – dump the Waitangi Tribunal. Bill
What an idiot. Jim
I am ashamed to say I voted for this idiot. Had I known what his hidden agenda was he would not have got my vote. Murray
He’s a b racist. Nevkath
The man is an absolute idiot. I wonder if he told New Plymouth voters any of his pro maori agenda before the election that voted him mayor? It’s this type of thinking that has sent us on the slippery slide to part maori descendants’ thinking they are on a higher level than everyone else in every way. Time for our government to use a bit of commonsense and sort these people out. Lorraine
Totally yes! Special representation on the basis of race is not only racist, but against the treaty itself. The same treaty that gave maori the same rights and obligations as british citizens no more, no less! The same treaty signed by most maori, where they signed away their sovereignty to the crown. The british crown. Go figure. Caroline
This is rascism at its ignorant worst. Dave
Preferably he should just resign full stop, But if he sincerely believes his own dangerous propaganda he resign and stand again as suggested. He is clearly deranged. Frank
There is no place for race based representation in local government. Les
Judd is a FOOL. Trying to take race relations to the depths of stupidity and YES disaster. Get rid of this money hungry, power mad, one sided Waitangi Tribunal. Graeme
He is pushing his own agenda which is right against the growing opinion that there should be no special seats on Local Bodies for Maori and no special rights in any other field. Of course the Mayor should resign. Robert
Just a dictator..resign or kick him out.. Frank
There are too many people in local politics with hidden agendas. How can we weed them out and find their true colours before they get voted into office? Lloyd
He is going against the previous decision by his council not to create a “Maori” ward. His plan for50/50 representation of “Maori’ on his council is bloody ridiculous.. “Maori” are 14.1% 0f the NZ population (Stats NZ) so why should they have 50% representation on any council, or in Parliament. Rog
Maori should earn the right to be on Councils, or in Parliament as do the European New Zealanders. I am fed up with hearing that the world owes them a living, we have had to work our way in this respect. The chance of a better life is not to be given everything, a helping hand in the beginning yes, Afterwards it is your own responsibility. Patricia
What a prat Judd is. John
A sad day for New Plymouth. Keith
Why do the halfwits of the country continue to try to divide us racially. Diane
With fighting and dissention in the Middle East demonstrating the result of tribal and sectarian division, how can Andrew Judd contemplate the creation of a form of apartheid in New Plymouth. The voters in that city should demand his immediate resignation. Irvine
His suggestion is ridiculous, just look at the percentage of Maori in NZ, it most certainly is not 50%. Ken
Agree with Mike Hosking. No problem with Maori representation on any governining or quasi-governing body, but they must be freely elected, not appointed. Ron
Maori are not half of the population so do not deserve a greater representation than other people in New Zealand. Gary
This idea of Andrew Judd’s is crazy as there is not a 50/50 split of Maori/European people in New Plymouth let alone the whole country!!! Laurel
Most definateley, – he is away with the fairies. Laurence
Hell yeah! Reuben
What Planet does this man come from? Doug
Are your polls being sent to MP’s and Ministers? If they are, do you get a response. David
Hell yes. Why suggest 50 – 50 ? Why not give them 100%. His suggestion is the most insane I have ever heard. If NP votes him back in they are idiots. John
Send him to Waitangi and force him to live with his brother hand out collecters. Better still find an island soemwhere pu them on that make sure they canot get of and tell them to be self sufficient. Johan
That would be the honourable thing to do; he has deceived the electorate of New Plymouth. Of course, he may not be an honourable person…. Graham
If it was not part of his election manifesto then he is mayor by deception. Let’s get rid of this racial based pandering and become the amazing multi-cultural country we can be. Liz
All those that call them selves Maori should have blood test to prove they are Maori. John
Send him to Syria and cancel his passport as well. Henry
The bloody idiot needs to be impeached and never hold public office again. We are NOT South Afrrica but what he is proposing is leading this country down that path. Mike
This is how to divide people and create strife instead of uniting us. Ian
This local government and undemocratic scheme can be traced back to its origins in our Parliament’s racial Maori seats. Abolish them as they should have been years ago and it would send a strong message to the local government that Maori Wards, and even more so, 50/50 seating is not wanted. I live in Nelson and clearly recall the furore and rejection by 79% of voters of the attempt to foist a Maori Ward onto the Nelson City Council. Chris
Who the hell do he think he is. He is not fit for the purpose, get rid. John
The sooner the better, I say! Cyril
I’m absolutely disgusted by this man’s views. There is no hope for this country if people like him are allowed to progress their racist agendas. Appalling! Trevor
If he’d come clean at the time of the election he’d not be in a position to make his ridiculous proposition now. Barry
This is stupid total racism – only voted members should be on councils ! Our family, like most in NZ is of mixed background – we are all equal ! Resign ! Alex
Definitely. Lynnette
Is a do gooder any less of a separatist when their clouded views reach the other end of the spectrum? Neil
He should resign and NOT stand again. Peter
If intending to do this it should have been declared as part of his Mayoral campaign. To not do so invalidates his right to be Mayor. Terry
Let us abolish the Maori cringe in New Zealand. John
Half-baked idiot! Graeme
All central or local government seats should be held by individuals who have been VOTED in. No one has the right to be there by ethnicity. Dave
Unbelievable! I cannot believe such racist views exist and that a society leader should be so blatantly racist! I am part Maori and I am embarrassed by such old-fashioned, patronising pandering to a small group of greedy and grabbing Maori. I strongly believe in unity and not separatism, so to hear such incredibly racist views from someone in a mayoral position is shocking! It’s the 21st century Andrew! Wake up to forward and progressive thinking, not regressive racism!!! Raelene
Yes, he is out of his depth ! David
Just when NZ’rs thought that NP was doing all the right things to promote itself, this left-field swing by the Mayor is set to undo so much of what has been achieved. Wayne
This man is a dangerous idiot. Digby
It introduces yet another race based policy, Not on merit but colour of the skin, which is abundant in this country and with the presence of politicians such as this mayor, it will continue to be so. Time for the people of NP to demand his resignation and return him to whatever planet he came from David
The ones who are thrifty and law abiding are to be dismissed as unworthy in the democratic process? They, it appears are to be replaced by a racial agenda. The Mayor should be sacked forthwith. Roy
Ridiculous! Barry
We don’t want/need separatist govt in NZ. Dave
Bloody oath he should go. Clark
Once again we see the race card being played , this time by what appears to be a local body politician who has had a secret agenda consisting of sneaking maori representation in to council by the back door, instead of on their merit. Get out, stay out and do the Taranaki people a favour! Don
He is an idiot. Glen
Un democratic and biased. Elizabeth
It raises the question of whether or not NPDC is an elected democratic entity – or is on the road to being a run by a small non-elected pressure group. Andrew
He has deceived those who voted for him. He should resign immediately and satisfy his ego in some other field. Isobel
He has forgotten that we are one nation not two. Cherryl
Apartheid is the last thing the ‘Naki’ needs. Bryan
This suggestion is pushing people away from NZ. Too much maori high up getting our taxes and lower hard working maori. Barbara
The people of New Plymouth have got the leader they deserve. Frank
This man needs to be marched out of office (through democratic action) so quickly, his feet do not touch the ground! Paul
He should put his stupid proposal to the ultimate test and let the people show what they really think about it. Colin
Not only should he resign, but he should sign himself into a psychiatric institution at the same time! Charles
I simply cannot fathom how Mayor Judd & others pursuing the implementation of some form of apartied is good for new Zealand. This is simply creating animosity & division in this country & is simply not required look at all the people from different ethnic backgrounds including maori that stand on their own merit and succeed. Tracy
Is the population of New Plymouth made up of equal numbers of Maori and Pakeha? When that happens perhaps might be the time to look at this again. Shirley
Sounds like an idiot to me. Richard
What a dick head, and hes in a posiiton of power, scary!!! Chris
He is in under false pretence. Colin
Councilors are in their positions by the votes of the people to represent their issues. Mayors are not in their positions to run their own agenda. A binding referendum must be held on the issue of Maori Wards and representation of Maori on Council. Sue
Sick of this PC rubbish. Gisborne has 5 Maori elected councillors. Maori can get there on merit Jim
Like that will happen. Nz’ers do not have the courage, nor the will. Phil
Pure preferential treatment and racist. Stui
Just resigning would be enough. Geoffrey
Racist Greg
Let’s just identify him for what he really is: ‘a racist ignorant dickhead’ who should not be in politics. Tony
How can 20% of the population of the area have a give way seat and what about a seat for Duch,chinese and other races. Jim
What a muppet. People who voted for him need a mirror. Tony
What do citizens have to do these days to be listened to? WHAT?!!! Where on earth do these nutcases come from? Was this ‘Andrew Judd’, a well known long standing member of the New Plymouth Council or did he just suddenly appear on the scene a short time before the elections? WHo is he? I agree with Mr Rankin that not all Maori are behind this Treaty rubbish. I was speaking with an elderly chap who informed me that he had been told by a Maori friend of his that he had had enough of the Iwi and the Treaty rubbish. He too wanted it abolished. It was the first time I had heard of a Maori critical of it all. Maybe with more and more New Zealanders speaking out against it we are giving Maori more confidence to speak up as well. Trina
Let the people decide. Keith
There should be a complete/over all realection and all those who put their name forward be asked where they stand. It would not end in any meaningfull accurate proportional representation. In other words maori do not make up 50%of constituants in any area except perhaps the Mahia peninsular or in the darkest areas of The king country where the treaty was NOT signed therefore it has no significance. Brian
Of course he should resign especially on such an important issue…the public should be entitled to have their say and vote …ae we a democracy or not…but like other Mayors who should resign …they won’t because they like to have the power. Audrey
He is a troublemaker of the highest order. If anyone, regardless of ethnicity, wants to be a politician for local or national seats, should do so on merit not any other way. Benjamin
So stupid it raises suspicion of bribes going on behind the scenes. Russell
No question, he should definitely resign. A co governance agenda or promoting race based representation has no place in local body politics. Peter
Absolutely. Stuart
Where did this nutcase come from? The government needs to show some balls and give us leadership away from separatism. Willy
Reason I can give is that its simply not democratic to take from one group to give to another by rigging the constitutionally set up ruling body. Ray
Andrew Judd is beyond ridiculous. Liz
After 12 1/2 years in NZ, we moved back to the UK in April. This racial apartheid in favour of the maoris, (none of whom are pure bred or indigenous) is one of the main reasons we did. God help NZ! John
We certainly do not need this type of person in any form of Government, local body or central. Frank
Read the Great Divide by Ian Wishartee Graeme
..David Rankin’s version of the facts and present situation is the ‘civilized one’ thank you David….say no more before it’s a bloody war… Christopher
Absolutely. Why are local bodies, such as NPDC playing with fundamental human rights while not addressing massive cost burdens of administration and loss of investments value? David
This man is actually surprised at the level of opposition! Roger
Can we have this happen in Auckland. Arthur
No to seperatism. Ross
How on earth did he get elected in the first place? Peter
Definitely. He obviously came in with a hidden agenda and if it had been known I would be amazed if he would have been elected. He’s taking this country backwards and contributing towards the virtual apartheid that we now have and which is increasing. I hope he’s voted out post haste before he does any more damage. People with his views are a danger to our democracy which is rapidly disappearing as it is, courtesy of this Government. Helen
Andrew Judd lives in x-box, well that is how it appears when he thinks he can do anything he fancies. New Plymouth needs a real Mayor not a puppet of ultra reality. Dave
Do I need one???? Warwick
He requires a mandate to propose such a crucial change to our perceived democracy. Tony
Andrew Judd is clearly morally, and maybe more, corrupt!! Peter
Like most residence in the New Plymouth coucil region, I believe this proposal is the most damaging & devisive that any-one can recall. I have emailed council members & have yet to receive a reply, which indicates uncertainty even amongst those in favour of such nonsence. Other wise I would have surely received an explanation as to why such a measure was required. I asked the question, why should Asians not request seperate representation as they own the majority of succesful small businuses even though the Maori descendants {there are no Maori} have been handed millions of dollars, & have not bothered to buy these businuses when they come up for sale. I can only come to the conclusion, that these so called Maori need a seat at the administration table, to ensure that the hand outs keep coming with out having to adopt the work ethic of the Asian shop keepers. Allan
Mr Judd has been too quick to adopt the views of the (treaty) Tribunal re sovereignty. The pathway for the Maori voice to be heard at Council table is via voting and representation on own merits – as should apply to all NZ citizens.. Peter
Its a pity that our political leaders appear ignorant of your commentaries and the comments of your readers! Or, are they simply not convinced that a sufficient number or their electors are sufficiently concerned to take any action against them? It may be that in the end we will need a revolution or at least a campaign of civil disobedience. Alan
Political grandstanding under the guise of PC madness. He needs to resign and then the people of NP can consign him to the political garbage tin. Graeme
Why is this country wasting time on this sort of crap. Abolish the treaty and let’s get on with being one people. There are no full blooded maori left, all are only part maori any way. Ron
He should resign, too often politicians at local and government level campaign on a series of issues and when elected introduce their hidden agendas. Local council should be pretty straightforward, he needs to go. Robert
Along with all the other councilers who agree and voted for a seperate maori ward and his scheming his co-governace agenda. Bryan
Resign and not stand again. James
Rotorua Mayor Stevie Chadwick should stand down also for suggesting the same thing. Mark
Accepting that race-based politics are legitimate opens the door to white anti-Maori extremism. We should all stop thinking of ourselves as lbelonging to any athhnic group. Don
Yes, put his money where his mouth is. It’s crazy that he thinks he has the right to say that. Has his council voted on this even? Andrew
This is deceptive, racist nonsense, and Judd should have campaigned with his agenda in the open. Gavin
Come on New Zealand wake up how much more of this racist action are you willing to take. Lance
Also it should be properly defined what makes a person a ‘Maori’. We pretty well know why a person is called a Fijian or Swede. So can we define better who can be called ‘Maori’. Sue
An absolutely ludicrous proposal, we Hat an idiot. Graeme
He is dreaming if he thinks the majority of voters would agree with him. Reverse racisim !! Mel
Get rid of him.. Donald
Although, I am tempted to vote No, so that Judd has the opportunity to generate the most feedback negative to iwi apartheid. Rod
While Andrew Judd is on his 50:50 crusade, perhaps he could also argue that only those with more than 50% maori DNA should be considered to be of that race. In that case the number of maori in New Zealand would be well below 1%. John
The New Plymouth Mayor has duped voters by getting himself elected under false pretenses and should resign. Graeme
Having a mayor promote a separatist agenda whilst in office is completely unacceptable. He should be forced to stand down. Wendy
What Mike Hosking said is exactly right. Andrew Judd is a fool who is being played by iwi. John
Judd is a racist. Stan
What the Mayor is promising is unbelievable. The voters were duped into electing him. It is disgraceful. Karen
The people of New Plymouth should call for his resignation. Tony