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A Rejection of Woke

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‘Oppositions don’t win elections, governments lose them’ has long been conventional Westminster wisdom.

What is remarkable about Labour’s election defeat is how significantly they lost. It was an historic turnaround from 50 percent support at the 2020 election to just 27 percent three years later. What caused them to lose so much support – and are there any lessons for the new government?

First of all, Labour’s defeat was Jacinda Ardern’s defeat. While Chris Hipkins was able to make some changes at the margins, by the time he took over as PM in January, the damage had already been done.  

In effect the election was a rejection of the radical woke ideology that Jacinda Ardern had imposed onto the country with complete disregard for the fundamental rights New Zealanders had come to expect from our democracy.  

From the time she first became Prime Minister in 2017, the former world president of the International Union of Socialist Youth embraced identity politics. Under this Marxist agenda, the struggle for social justice shifts from its traditional focus on the working class, to the so-called ‘oppressed’ groups in society centred on race, gender, and sexuality.

New Zealanders were no longer regarded as equal citizens, but were fragmented and divided, categorised according to our differences – including deeply personal characteristics such as the colour of our skin and our sexual preferences.

The 2023 Census epitomised this change, causing such widespread offense, that many thousands of New Zealanders refused to fill in their forms.

Some declined because they objected to the ethnicity question, which yet again, failed to provide an option for them to state they are a “New Zealander”.

But many more rejected the new gender question: “What is your gender?” it asked, where the explanation stated “Gender refers to a person’s social and personal identity as male, female, or another gender (or genders) that may be non-binary. Sex at birth refers to the sex that was recorded at a person’s birth (for example, on their birth certificate). A person’s gender and sex at birth may differ.”

This divisive idealism has been embraced by the public service – including in education, where our young children are being imbued in the culture wars. It’s reached a point where in many government agencies employees are required to include gender pronouns whenever they sign their name.

As the identity juggernaut rolled on, Kiwis were increasingly labelled as victims or oppressors, the exploited or exploiters. And if you were a white, straight male, you were effectively discarded as no longer useful in Labour’s new woke world.  

New Zealand had a first-hand glimpse of where this was all heading in Albert Park back in April, when a surging mob of thousands of howling rainbow rights activists threatened to crush British women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker, as she attempted to address a gathering of supporters – while the Police stood by and did nothing.

The violence and anger on display that day, will be an enduring reflection of the damage being caused to our society by the Ardern-Hipkins Labour Government’s championing of the politics of identity and division.

It served as a reminder of the incident almost 12 months earlier when New Zealanders from all walks of life, concerned about the effect that vaccine mandates were having on careers, families, and relationships, converged on Parliament for answers. But instead of meeting with protest leaders and resolving matters, Jacinda Ardern looked down from the balcony of her 9th floor Beehive office, as senior members of her government bullied and denigrated the doctors, nurses, Police and Armed Services personnel who were amongst those gathered, calling them a “river of filth” before Police in full riot gear were ordered in on what became one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

It was a turning point for Jacinda Ardern’s administration – her “kindness” was exposed as a mask hiding socialism’s innate cruelty and malice. 

Nowhere, however, was the politics of division more visible than through race. With Labour’s political agenda aligned with the demands of the tribal elite for control of New Zealand, their language and culture were forced onto the country.

Three Waters was steamrolled into law – tribal control regarded by iwi as a first step towards the ownership of freshwater. An Apartheid health system was introduced that ensures anyone claiming Maori ethnicity gains priority treatment over those in greater clinical need. And dangerous criminals now roam our streets, let out of prison to ensure Maori are no longer over-represented in the incarceration statistics.

All of this was mapped out in Labour’s He Puapua blueprint for Maori sovereignty by 2040 – an agenda kept secret from the public during the 2020 election campaign but rolled out at pace after they won majority rule.

A fictitious reinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi as a 50:50 partnership was used to justify co-governance and tribal rule. And to ensure there was no negative publicity, the media were “bought off” through Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, which required recipients to promote their ‘partnership’ fiction.

Any attempt to object to the iwi takeover was met with accusations of racism, and there was widespread bullying and intimidation by tribal activists determined to remove any obstacle on their path to power.

So while Kiwis strongly objected to the dangerous He Puapua agenda that was being forced onto our country – with no public mandate whatsoever – most were in no position to fight back.

Until, that is, they were in the privacy of the polling booth.

And then they changed the government.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, leading leftwing political commentator Chris Trotter, believes Labour’s focus on race led to the loss of their working-class voter base and was a key factor in their electoral defeat:

“Neither Ardern, nor her successor, Chris Hipkins, had the intellectual or ideological sophistication to argue either For or Against the revolutionary ideas contained in the He Puapua Report.

“Labour made no case for co-governance because it couldn’t. For the previous 40 years it had put ‘all that Treaty stuff’ into the too-hard, or the too-scary, basket. When the sovereignty hand grenade finally exploded, in the second term of the Sixth Labour Government, the best Labour could manage was to blame the resulting injury to the New Zealand body politic on the ‘racism’ of the people whose votes it would need to go on governing.

“Unsurprisingly, it didn’t get them. Almost accidentally, Labour discovered what it would take to make the working-class stop voting for it. Making those citizens feel as though they had, somehow, to justify their right to participate in shaping their nation’s future: that was the crucial catalyst for electoral defection.

“Like their European and American counterparts, the New Zealand working-class has completed its historical journey from Left to Right.  

“And it ain’t going back.”

The backlash from Kiwis sick and tired of being vilified and sneered at whenever they spoke their mind is what helped change the government. But it wasn’t just over identity politics issues either.

In the post covid era, with the public even more distrusting of self-acclaimed experts preaching a prophecy of doom, Kiwi patience is running out over the whole woke climate change agenda. While some people remain terrified of the future as a result of the frightening indoctrination they’ve been subjected to – and disgracefully that includes school children – there’s a high probability that increasing numbers of New Zealanders, like citizens in other countries, are becoming sceptical.

In the US in March, a Rasmussen survey revealed three out of five US voters believe the climate change propaganda they are constantly bombarded with is about political power and control, not the climate. And in Germany, a similar trend could be seen in April, when a “Berlin Climate Neutrality By 2030” referendum was rejected by 82 percent of voters.

In other words, if New Zealanders were given a choice of whether taxpayer funding should be used on questionable schemes to reduce global emissions, or on improving the country’s essential infrastructure to make us more resilient to adverse weather events, it’s highly likely most Kiwis would prefer to spend the money on adaptation.

Furthermore, given the huge financial stress on families struggling with the rising cost of living, it is surely incumbent on the new government to urgently review Labour’s climate models, since, by setting the carbon levies too high, they have been forcing Kiwis to pay far more than they should for petrol, food and everything else.

The suppression of free speech was another of Jacinda Ardern’s woke objectives. She not only proposed an oppressive ‘hate speech’ regime that would have criminalised anyone criticising groups defined by identity, but under her tutelage truth was increasingly suppressed and labelled as misinformation or disinformation.

In fact, our former PM’s paranoia was revealed in a speech to the United Nations last year where she described free speech a weapon of war: “The face of war has changed… The weapons of war have changed, they are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.”

She targeted those questioning the climate change extremism that’s central to the woke agenda: “How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? The weapons may be different, but the goals of those who perpetuate them is often the same. To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves. But we have an opportunity here to ensure that these particular weapons of war do not become an established part of warfare.”

Given her socialist DNA, was our former PM planning to criminalise anyone questioning climate scaremongering, which has now become a prime weapon used by the left to retain influence and impose authoritarian control? Is that what she is now championing on the world stage?

Jacinda Ardern was the embodiment of new-age socialism. In true Orwellian style she divided the nation but claimed we were a team of five million.

We, the “team of five million”, became her guineapigs – the woke agenda she thrust onto us, the same ugly failed socialism of old, a regime that represses freedom and perpetuates failure.  

Labour’s decimation in the polls represents a rejection of woke. New Zealanders do not want to be divided by race, nor by any other categorisation, and nor do they want to be threatened by exaggerated climate predictions to justify authoritarian control.  

So where does this leave the new government?

Without a doubt, the new National-led administration has a big job ahead of it, undoing the damaging changes that Labour introduced, and that the public so resoundingly rejected.

All laws and regulations that have led to divisions based on identity need to be removed. As must all of the changes introduced under the He Puapua framework.

This is crucial.

What was orchestrated during Labour’s last three years was nothing short of a tribal coup. Governance power and authority was transferred from publicly elected officials to the totally unaccountable representative of multi-million-dollar iwi business corporations, who were acting in their own self-interest, not the public good.

Unless all remnants of those He Puapua changes are removed from both the public and private sectors, there is a grave risk that at some time in the future, iwi will be empowered to pick up where they left off and finish the job.

What New Zealanders now desperately need is a focus on unity and equality. An opportunity to get ahead and build a decent life for themselves and their families as proud Kiwis living in a free democratic society that celebrates success and is characterised by opportunities for all.

If they are to become more than a one-term government, the new coalition will need to firmly close the book on the Ardern legacy.

Putting right the damage that has been done and setting us on a new course, is what will be needed to gain the respect of voters and win their support for another term.

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Arderns woke agenda is divisive and done u told damage to NZeople whom believe in democracy. It was the ongoing lies as well. She dcertainly does not deserve the honour bestowed in her and she should be stripped of it.. If our Governor General is jus5 a figure head in name only, them that too must alter. So they can sack any PM or government that lies and undermines our nation to the extent that this last Labour government has done. It is going to take some time to reverse all the wrongs.Gwenda
It’s very seriously damaged this country!David
YES but its more than damaged our country its almost completely stuffed it!!! However I think we can save it but it won`t be easy or quick as to quote John Banks we need a 180 degree turnaround. We also need people to stand up and fight for this country and to do this they need to be here in NZ and not in Australia.I think its worth fighting for. When I say fight i do not mean as in physical confrontation but using the idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword” So is there one thing that has been one of the primary causes of the situation we now find ourselves in. I think so and its the MSN (main stream media) buy out to keep anything of a controversal nature from public scrutiny. i.e 3 waters,he pua pua,coastal and foreshore and many many more. We need to combat this by fighting fire with fire. Where Jacinda`s bunch of dropkicks kept information from the average Kiwi and therefore keeping them in the dark as to what and how the maorifacation of NZ was being installed . We need to set up a right wing pro democracy TV Station to inform people of what has been going on for the last 6 years and this needs to run for at least the next 3 years so to inform people of the real situation and of the treachery of the Ardern/Hipkins govt. Once people are informed there is no way any Kiwi will vote Labour Green Maori ever again. This will give the current coalition the time required to get our country back from the woke/racist clutches of the former Labour coalition. My thoughts re how to do this are at this time centering on the fact that the govt i.e the people own TV1 and maybe 2 so cannot the Govt commandeer one of them,fire all of the woke staff and re employ using good old fashioned kiwi sorts. This is where I will have to bow out as the setup of this is way beyond my reach as far as age 76 yrs and general health,quite ill but hopefully I have planted the seed of an idea that the Muriels, Plunkets,Trotters,Brash`s, Brennans,Williams and many more might like to have a brainstorming session over. I sincerely hope so. Cheers B.S.Brian
Can you have a list of the he Pau Pau changes Adhern put in place & then keep ticking off what’s been removed by new Govt . Or not removed & hence what we the public can put pressure on Govt to remove?John
Unfortunately, yes.caren
I consider this proposal to be one of the most dangerous for our beloved country and my family of 6 including myself are totally against it.Brian
There has NEVER been such a divisive government in NZ. The mood has changed noticeably towards Europeans by our new rulers, the 15% adern has placed above the rest. Quite uncomfortable and very unforgiveable of that moronic woke, lying POS.larry
The Labour government was the most destructive government NZ have ever had and it will take many years to repair the damagePeter
So sad, the damage done to NZ, by an impostor tyrant, that was paid by a foreign overseas entity! How much damage JA. inflicted, she has to be held to account!! There will be JUSTICE !!David
NZ is slowly waking up to this ideological Sabotage. Is it too late ?John
Do I what!!!Mike
I would love to know just how much Taxpayer money went into the change of name for NZTA – not to count the confusion – It arguably would have would have benefited a lot of roads and perhaps all of the potholes.Maurice
Woke Ms Ardern replaced lots of things – Colourblindness with race-obsession. Ideas with identity. Debate with denunciation. Persuasion with public shaming.Monica
Yes and the damage is still ongoing.Donald
100% returned to the crowntrish B
In prctically every walk of life.Denis
People are afraid to say what they think in a public place for fear of being racist or sexist.Jean
Yes, and more to come if T.P.M and Silly Willy, don’t get their way, with the referendum on the treaty!!David
Your comments, Muriel, are exactly what I have been talking to my friends about for the last 3 years. However, it is very difficult to change all the woke peoples minds if they are too scared to speak the truth in fear of being called racist. All New Zealanders now need to be told the meaning of the He Puapua report and the damage it has done to New Zealand. Perhaps make it a subject for high schools so our children can learn and understand the full extent of how their future was being robbed from them under a labour led govt. All people that voted in the National, Act, New Zealand First coalition Govt must keep pressuring this new govt to keep their pre-election promises to repeal Three Waters, Seabed and Foreshore, Co-governance and any other racist or separatist agendas that were introduced during the labour govts 6 year destructive tenure. Thank you for continuing to try and educate New Zealanders about the real truth though your newsletters. Unfortunately the woke people are probably not getting or reading them. It will take a few of us readers to pop them into letterboxes around our cities?! I don’t think that is against the law yet?!!!!Heather
The ratbags get booted OUT…!! The ministers’ that sign us up to the INTERNATIONAL NWO /UN thieves, manage to slip down ratholes, and escape!! Where is GOFFLER…???David
Woke comes from attending All the UN groups WHO, WEF, WTO, UNESCO, all of them Where leaders get indoctrinated and weaponized against their own citizens,Hitler-like propaganda, almost subliminal conversion. They want sovereignty over all country’s!, we must cut our agreements/ties with them and their evil agendas.Petro
Jacinda Ardern a very very dangerous woman, she saw the writing on the wall and scarpered leaving Hipkins to be swallowed up in her mess.Kath
Yes socialism is great till you run out of other peoples money. Lets hope the majority rule from now on.Justin
it has set new zealanders against each other and divided the country. especially on racist lines.wendy
Of course…! and what a lying weasel Chris Hipkins is. After a total drubbing,in the election, sausage roll man, has promised a wealth tax, in duh…3 years time, wishful thinking. Hipkins and his bunch of losers will be out for another 20 years, Chris should do his research….totally in LAH,LAH land, nice try though ……David
Why are the coalition 3 parties, dithering, on the formation of stable Govt….??? Do they ‘feel threatened,’ by the threats by opposition Radical T.P.M and Greens, comments about stirring up violence, and war by Silly Jacksons; MINORITY, comments on the proposed referendum on the treaty?? Bring it on….14% !!!David
almost beyond repair..Deb
I believe that climate change is a natural phenomonamRuss
the labour government has done unrepairable damage to our countryKeith
Yes it will take a big effort by the new coalition to eliminate the racist policies. Labour deserve to disintegrate for what the tried to do.chris
Definitely hi-lights New Zealand is split and will take a smart government to heal it, if at all now the gate has been left open. The horse is out of The coral.Owen
yes… the radical T.P.M are threatening lots of trouble, throwing their toys out of the cot, unless they get their way with the referendum proposed by ACT, on the treaty !!David
I believe damaged beyond repair!Gillian
Printing money devalued the dollar hence higher prices. I predicted that the moment it was declared. I am not an economist. Its simple logic.Barry
The Labour party has diminished this country and that is evident by the number of past Labour supporters who said they would not be voting for them in the election just gone. They are socialist, but the people have spoken. We don’t want that.Annie
Absolutely, judging by my own reaction to all that I’ve heard in the media since Covid and what I have seen my grandchildren go through at their previous primary school. Initially, overwhelming shame because I am Pakeha and my several greats-grandfather fought in the NZ Wars, and then increasingly, anger.Heather
More like total destruction of our country..!! Will any of the criminals, that got booted out, going to be held to any account for 7 years of CARNAGE, WITH MORE TO COME !!!David
cult driven not a unifying modus operendi – I suspect by incompetence and poor management as by design.Francis
Beyond words!!!Alex
Yes the Woke brigade has certainly hijacked NZ and helped along by more than willing labour goverment. Although the Woke movement is a global Thing infiltrating all areas of politics and the business world there is nothing more destructive to pit nations and communities against each other, with minority groups no longer happy with just being accepted but want to tell the majority how to think and live. And this is in all aspects of life.Nigel
Absolute disaster.Keith
And it must be absolutely and totally expunged from every corner of government and its agencies and strongly discouraged in the private sector.Gordon
Ardern’s socialist agenda had been exposed in 2022 but the vast number of Kiwis believed the crap that they read on social media, didn’t listen to those who knew what was going on and still buy into her “version of the truth”. It’s going to take a concerted effort by te new administration to undo that damage and expose the Labour lies. With Seymour and Peters pushing for truth around the Treaty we may see a break in the hold that the iwi elite gained.Kerry
In a very dangerous way. introduced ‘Racial Separation’.Rod
As Winston Churchill said of Socialism; The philosophy of Failure, The Creed of Ignorance and the Gospel of Envy drives this doctrine that has destroyed many societies throughout history. Another line could be added in the 21st century and that would be The practise of Deceit. As Margaret Thatcher said; The trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s Money! The power and control through the Covid years of massive expenditure has brought western democracies to the brink of economic failure – including NZ. We continue to bounce from one crisis to the next in NZ and elsewhere with the most threatening being the current cost of living crisis. No doubt the Voter has finally Got It! and removed one of the worst governments in NZ history. The question now is can the Voter last the distance and pain of the years that it is going to take to pull the country from the brink of economic collapse back to functional democratic economics? That means MMP must be replaced with a functional parliamentary system. A system that promotes democratic politics rather than the massive circles of mute activity and socialist public sector policy that takes place under MMP. The MMP examples following this election include the return of many politicians that were the cause of the problems that now exist, through the LIST mechanisms – back to govern us! Is politics the only profession that does not have a DCM (Don’t Come Monday)! The Voter overwhelmingly voted for change and the same people keep coming back to prevent it from advancing by pedalling the same policies again in Opposition! But perhaps the best example of the failure of MMP is the fact that Jacinda Adern was swept into Parliament without a single NZ Voter electing her!!!Frederick
Yes, So much so, our young family packed up and left NZCam
The new government MUST eradicate the never ending Treaty/ He Puapua business and define into Law what it actually means. This should then be accepted or rejected by a binding referendum or a General Election.Keith
The bullshit policies have pitched families against each other, friends and village the same. Broken the framework of the wide of our countryRobin
absolutely yes and some of the damage may be irreversiblejohn
Its just propaganda socialists bull shit. The more socialists shit they feed to people some will beleave in whats being feed to them. Thats what Adolf Hitler was doingAlan
Labour’s woke agenda has damaged our families, our childrens education, their futures, taken away all trust in the health services, ruined many business and employment opportunities. Over the past 6 years our country has been under the control of incompetent, self-serving foolsKathy
Damaged but, one hopes, not brokenLenice
This now defunct labour party will not hold the treasury benches for some years as New Zealanders are to wary and want a stable future which is why their was a major swing to the right ..Winston better be careful that he doesn’t annoy Luxon when serious talks take place.ken
If the national Lead Govt don’t change Labours woke laws then there will be a civil war. Maori against the rest. and Maori are far outnumbered. Heaven help them because no one else will.Steve
Without doubt.bob
It ‘s all been said more eloquently than I could. Roll on David Seymours referendumPeter
Critically. It may take a long time for us !to healDICK
Absolutely ! But overall we are now in it right up to our lugs. Mismanagement by feeble politicians over many years and the total disaster of Ardern/Hipikins has turned the country into disarray. You reap what you sow. The future is looking very grim unless we have firm leadership.John
ToW Tribunal outserved its usefulness decades ago, and now is just a gravy train. New Zealand must pull out of UNDRIP so that we all can run our country without UN interference. We are all equal and there is no Indigenous Species in NZ.Greg
Sadly, ‘the woke virus’, is going to get a lot worse, so many people ‘fast asleep’, and distracted, by woke propaganda, politics, racism, and woke culture, LBGTQ, all of these are highly infectious, and contageous !!David
It is so obviousBarrry
absolutely wake up NEW ZEALANDERS kicking out labour was a good start this new government coming in are going to have to be strong to fight this and change things back to some normalityRodger
Very fortunate that the gutless coward slithered away before armed conflict broke out.Doug
Worst most destructive government in our historyIan
It’s pervasive and is being fostered in our institutions of higher learning.Tony
100 %mike
6 years of damageJin
It’s amazing to think that in 6 years the Labour government achieved so little in addressing the issues they harped on about (housing, poverty etc) but managed to stir up division on racial, gender and minority issues. Respect for alternative views was actively discouraged and those that held them were alienated.Graham
Damaged beyound repair in many areas. Racism being the worst one.HELEN
Absolutely it has and it will be a long way backRob
Oh yeah Jacinda, chippie and their woke commie mates have destroyed our democracy in NZIhaia
There is so much confusion that has been sewn in children’s minds.Glenn
Most definitely, and needs to be undone ASAP before it gets set in concrete.Mike
Adern(Stalin) I read the book gulag that was probably next on her agendaRussell
it destroyed businesses families and racial harmonygeoffrey
But, I have doubts that National have the “balls” to cancel all the laws etc put through by labour.mike
Yes, anything that provokes more feelings of racial division is damaging.Hugh
100% it has damaged New Zealand. Let’s hope it’s not irreparableJohn
Yes, for sure. And we hope that people remember how bad they were and never vote them back into power ever again as they have been the worst government this country has ever had.COLIN
Undoubtedly. Sadly, so many teachers have not recognised the Refreshed NZ Curriculum as a blatant propaganda tool. Incoming government – please stop its implementationRichard
Yes, so let’s work hard to get it back on track. Forgiveness and work.Cat
Absolutely. At least the masses are slowly becoming aware. It may take generations to turn it around.g
Absolutely. No question about that!Albert
New Zealand has a really bad vibe at the moment, ‘us’ and ‘them’. Let’s hope we can get back to feeling united again. Lily
But you need to face the UN, WEF and WHO face on. It seems that your National and ACT supporters do not want you telling New Zealanders the truth. The time has come for you to give the WHY to your articles.Anne
Adern what a dangerous naive woman with very little regards for kiwis…I was never happier than the day Labour lost.Dawn
They achieved nothing except make us more divided as a nation. 3 waters, He Puapua, removal of referendums on Maori wards, creating an apartheid health system – the list goes on. Ardern will be remembered as a narcissistic tyrant!Rex
Labour & their coalition partners have created a country of division and skepticism and hate. A country now where the small business owner has been vilified for their hard work and long hours over many years. Not at all the New Zealand my ancestors and our generation worked so hard to achieve.Pam
It would take too long to write all my thoughts on these issues.John
Lets have a poll on letting our woman Prime Minister be given a Knighthood. She sould not get it for all the damage she has done.Philip
More damage done by Labour & Co in the last 6 years than in the previous 180 years!Murray
massively divissiverobin
Kiwis are basically good folk and the “woke” agenda is an insult to our humanity.susan
Yes yes yes yes yes yes to infinity and beyondAlfred
… damaged in many, many ways !Donald
And all people i speak with on this -many-agree that this has been deeply damaging. Surely our hope lies in that. Is Chris Luxon up to this great burden that the new govt has been left?Gillian
I am Canadian and we are living the same WOKE lies with Trudeau. They must have fed off one another at World forums and Climate Change confrences all on the public dime. Good for you getting your country back. Hopefully our turn is coming.Norm
Nowhere in the history of the World, has race-based policies succeeded. Equal Opportunity – NOT equal outcome. Small government: secure borders, law & order and equal rights & opportunities for ALL citizensTjaart
In some cases by underhand tacticsRob
Absolutely!!! And it will take a lot longer than a 3 year term to put it right. At least having a new government is a step in the right direction. The new coalition need to come out wirh guns blazing by showing the woke/maori bunch of fizzwhistlers they mean business by for example revoking this crap foreshore and seabed idea and returning all coastal areas back to Crown ownership (i.e. all Kiwis not just a few early settlers) This to be done before Xmas. This will give a small boost to your average Kiwi of any skin colour to see the new government are prepared to do what needs to be done. Then shift into high gear after Xmas and start on all the other racist bullshit installed by Labour. I would suggest to Chris Luxon that he pass a lot of this on to David Seymour,Winston Peters and maybe Shane Jones. Chris L.Can then devote more time to looking at new business innovations for export etc,in other words playing to his strengths. As for some of the other ministries, Police,Health,Finance and Education i`m happy with so some hope there. The next 3 years will not sort it all out by a long shot so if the coalition show us they are doing good things then we need to vote them back in for another 2 or 3 terms,hopefully longer as I cannot see any alternative in the forseeable future. In closing many thanks to Muriel for another good one.Your efforts are appreciated.brian
Excellent summary Muriel. I fear however that National lacks the guts to do as you say needs to be done and rid the country of this radical racist Marxist agenda. However we can live in hope .Ian
Never seen it so bad. If they had got back in, we would have gone back to AustraliaPrue
I also have faith we can resume our previous happy cultural relationships because that’s what we all want.Jane
It will take many years to undo the damage Labour’s divisive policies have produced buy hopefully they are so decimated that it will also be many years before, politically that party recovers!Sheila
Hopefully not beyond repair. It is still surprising and depressing to me how many people still voted for the divisive greens, labour and tpm parties.Mike
It has brought devision to our democracy. It will take a lot of work to repair the damage but hopefully this new government can do just that.Myrna
Maori names used for everything needs correcting into English which most New Zealanders speak even maorisSidwell
100% and the damage is close to distruction. One people, one law for all, services based on need. Truth about “the treaty” “climate” and where our taxes have really been spent.Rita
I have seen in this country when things bad have happened that affects a community or communities, New Zealanders no matter their background come together to help each other. The damage Labour has done, not only the monetary cost but the New Zealand cost via division is not the New Zealand I grew up in.Jackie
Absolutely, and it will take 6-9 years to fix it. through strong decisive leadership. Strong & decisive means “non- appeasement” Mr Luxon!bruce
Labour’s woke agenda has severely affected our citizen’s ability to look after themselves.Bill
I’m very relieved that Labour are now on the back benches! Well deserved I say.Paul
definately lets hope its not terminal as a previously proud New Zealander of 74 years i fear for the future of our young who live in fear that the planet will self destruct the planet has been around for 4.5 billion years and it will around for at least another 4.5 b SOS save ourselvesdavid
I believe woke and Political correctness has been hugely underestimated as to just how damaging it was all going to be. So many people on the left seem to feel it is the right path way to take. I think too many of these people are misguided fools.Paul
And I can not see that Luxon will have the balls to change it. He will try to be nice to te pati and leave most of what has been put in place. Mark my word this man is not good for this country he is also wokeAndrew
Seriously Damaged, especially re the many Maori issues like Separatism, Co-Governance, Language etcFrank
tHERE IS NO ROOM FOR RACIAL SEGREGATION. Tinkerbelle has tinkered with NZ so much that I think much of the damage she caused is irrepairable now in many different ways. She came to realise it and scuttled ship like a rat would and left the little ratlings to drowm.Ray
I believe labour has divided NZ and left the sort of damage that will be decades in the fixing.Phil
Although not sure if National will be any different – hopefully NZF & Act will encourage change- particularly from Governnent departments.Felicity
am i racist to say this past labour govt was racist towards usMALCOLM
The Ardern legacy will eventually see her totally unwelcome back in this country MEW ZEALAND…Kenn
Tremendously so.. Reject all mention of those regulations forthwith starting from tomorrow.Cyril
Very much so. We now have hope that the National Govt with Act and NZ First will bring NZ back to a true democratic country. WOKE is SO damaging.Robina
Definitely damaged the country, hopefully it can be turned aroundLawrie
very much soduncan
The damage to this nation has been massive and we all need to encourage our politicians to be stand up for democracy and end this co-governance for ever.Marga
We need to go back to one nation one people with no favouritism due to race.Mat
The question is can all the damage be reversed – I say it just has to be closed down. The MMP recommendation was for Maori seats to be abolished so do it. We can only be one people respecting each other under democratic rule.Maurice
More than damaged…… TOTALLY RUINED AND DESTROYED……Which of course was the Idea !! ARDERN IS A TRAITOR !!!David
Demonstrably so!!Carolyn
‘Woke’ is the worse thing that has happened not only to NZ society but world wide. It is a killer without being with a gun, a threat to all good living people.Roy
And it will take some time to repair that damage. Ardern’s government will go down in history as the worst ever and Jacinda should be tried for treason.bRUCE
Without any doubt whatsoever.Dave
Yes…. The evidence of the last 7 years, damage left by LIEBOUR, is evident…. WHAT A MESS… it will take years to heal. ARDERN/HIPKINS need to be held RESPONSIBLE, as well as the party, good riddance to them.David
Words fail me to describe the evil that they unleashed on this once incredible nation.Leon
set us back 10yrsgary
Damage don’t come close to describing her stupid interference in our lives.Tim
Labour has certainly damaged not only our country and culture but has betrayed the name of the Labour party and all it stood for. Good ridence to them.Warren
I only hope that our KIWI integrity can be brought back.william
yes completelychris
Absolutely agree with your article Muriel, but I fear that Luxon is also a globalist.. That a referendum is ‘divisive’ This country is already divided, can he not see that? Of course he can!Peter
I guess it depends upon your DNA make-up as to whether yay or nay and how radicalised you have been indoctrinated with the wickedness of the west’s oppression to others as a consequence of their past destruction of indigenous peoples way of life. But I for one believe that the seeds of destruction of New Zealand’s democratic way of life have been sown many years ago. The outgoing Labour Government simply have been very obliging useful idiots who have enabled the radical warriors to somewhat undermine our Nation’s democratic ways. However, New Zealand is caught up with the global lefties movement of getting rid of all white European systems of government, especially that of the Anglosphere and Israel. So unless the Nations that are under attack, (more so from within) can recognise what is happening then I think that our new government may be able to shift some systems back to commonsense ideals but only for a short term period. It’s all an illusion in the minds and which ever group can win this battle has an inside edge to winning what is an ongoing long time war that currently has no end in sight.Garry.
YES. Beyond repair. The Master Race and the Media are going to have a field day. So much for equality in our beautiful country. God Defend New Zealand… and I know it is at the stage that he cannot help!Bruce
It’s glaringly obvious!Bruce
I believe an indoctrination programme had been established similar to Hitlers behaviour in Germany.Vivienne
And the Votes agreeWarren
Racism, Sexism, ageism are weapons of the woke left, to suppress any opinion contrary to theirs.Geoff
clear departure from democracyGerhard
It is hard to justify that word ‘woke’ in relation to a party that administered nothing but lies and disinformation, but that seems to be the definition of the word that is accepted by the ‘woke’ people. It is, however, not a definition of them personally as their largest need is for them to wake up and stop believing the lies.Liz
It was also damaging to any conservative with a moral conscience.Ian
Most probably, irretrievably, unfortunately.Alan
We’ve become a country of wimps. The old adage of sticks and stones comes to mind. It’s so pathetic. And children are full of mental health issues because they’re too afraid.Pauline
New Zealand needs to shed the shackles of Apartheid and return to a democratic society.Allan
Totally, NZ has become very divided.Elaine
Worst Government in the history of New ZealandElaine
Sindys government has be the most disasterous in NZ history.Dave
100%, will it change with a new government? Not much, the deep state has an agenda driven by UN protocols that will hamstring reversing Labours abhorrent policies,, two steps forward one step backJason
Just been in Australia for a few weeks and there is a completely different vibe over there.Jake
Not only New Zealand: the whole “western” world!Peter
Socialism is a failureJohn
The Labour left socialist communist govt led by the commo Ardern has left this beautiful country that I grew up damaged for life as they have created so much strife and wokeness into the country that is going to take a lot of repairingeric
Yes, Labour has caused so much division in our society.Kimberly
Not only the woke agenda, but the draconian covid laws have have been a disaster here in New Zealand and I expect it will take more than a generation to restore. The labour government has destroyed ‘Trust’, period! People have lost trust in everything, especially government, ( if ever there was a government to be trusted!), even neighbour against neighbour, (Ardern encouraged neighbours to spy on neighbour, very Stasi like!). Labour party politicians, members and voters should hang their heads in shame over the damage done to this Nation!peter
As an 86 year old New Zealand woman i am horrified at what has been done to our country. Instead of a happy harmonious ‘team of 5 million’ we have become a them and us society. I believe to be called a maori one should be able to prove that they have at least 50% maori blood. also they forget the people they complain colonized them are their ancestors too.Lee
We have been lied & dictated to in uncertain terms that suited all labour govt politicians here in NZ.. an appalling display of communist propaganda directed from the UN to unsettle our kiwi way of freedom for all who wants it.Rex
In my eighty years I have never seen the country so divided and confused and in many cases, desperate.Duncan
Ardern and Hipkin’s Neo- Marxist ideological agenda is the most dangerous political interlude in this country’s entire history and was basically an act of blatant sedition. In hijacking the traditional Labour Party they have damaged it’s support base in a way it will likely never recover from.Murray
They have followed the instruction from the UN/WEF and taken New Zealand down a bad rabbit hole. Reversing the damage done must be a top priority of the new government.Iain
Absolutely yesRuth
Most definitely it has.John
Public servants swallowed it hook line & sinkerKen
An local example of ‘wokism’ is the appalling cost to businesses with the roadworks along Cameron Road in Tauranga. Roadworks blocking access to businesses in the vain attempts to get people out of their cars , into buses and onto bikes.Jacquetta
an absolute disgrace!John
The damage will be life long for our young people who have embraced this culture. Live and let live – let’s not push it on mainstream nzVanessa
Yes the damage is huge but not reversable .If like myself a feeling of hopelessness as overpowering during Aderns reign of deceit , with the media supporting every woke move she pushed and not noting all the lies and,agenda of maori supremecy,the outlook was very grim .Since the fantastic election result I feel we can reverse her impact and if Labour dont see that they are destined to remain on the opposition benches for a millennium ,good job thats what the wankers deserve . Roll on treason charges you low lifes .Ray
We are one country, therefore one democratic system for all. There is no place for elite, no matter where they come from or who they proport to represent.Raymond
worst govt ever…..bad and totally incompetentmark
Hugely. I just hope it is not beyond repair.Frank
This could take decades to fixChris
Good riddance to Labour !!Joe
Divided, permanently victimised identity groups will forever now blame their oppressors instead of looking to their own failings. Marxist Ardern is the devil.John
Labour trying to appease the Maori caucas for votes has caused huge disease with a lot of the NZ public. Luckily Maori contrariness has given us a reprieve as they flee Labour for Te PatiDoug
Also their bungling financial agenda has bankrupted NZDavid
Without a doubt! The new government has a mammoth task on its hands.Alastair
The evidence is everywhere, if in doubt look at the election results. The incoming government needs to learn from this evidence. They must listen to what the voters are saying qt all times.JOHN
New Zealand has been utterly broken by the Ardern government. It’s depressingHelen
Most definitelyBrian
Irrepairable, unless National has the courage to make courageous decisions.Joseph
Without DoubtNoel
Such appalling division, lying, propaganda and manipulation. The most evil government we have ever had.Christine
Oh so good there gone,now we can move forwardPeter
But is National going to reverse the damage caused by six years of Ardern and Hipkins.Peter
if you dont you are retardedjimmy
Without questionColin
Yes, unbelievably so!Heather
It is so sad. It will take a long time to recover our pride, which has been eroded by the former PM’s woke regime. I cry for my grandchildren.Robert
NZ is so divided now with racial privilege and bias, the media can’t be trusted anymore, my health provider will look at my ancestry before looking at my health and all the brainwashed and indoctrinated Wokels are in lala-land wearing a halo believing this nuttiness is normal?Karen
Possibly beyond total repair as Luxon hasn’t got the balls to do what is required to reverse the situationgill
The woke agenda is only part of it. The complete Marxist package they tried to force us to accept was an even bigger threat to the harmony of our lovely country.Derek
Definitely, we have been divided by race putting our democracy under great threat. So much has been written into law without the knowledge of the majority.Democracy to most New Zealand’s is extremely important.Heather
most definitely.william
Absolutely. They have destroyed the essence of New Zealand pitting us against each other to engender a rift between us. Divide and conquer comes to mind. While Labour have been in power the spending has been frivolous and extreme to the detriment of the majority of Kiwis.Vivienne
John Key continued the destruction of our country and Arden carried it on. Many kiwis are living happily overseas, since the 1980’s. The govt should not run our lives, but kiwis let them.Chaquila
More importantly our youth.Carol
Do people realize Chris luxon is a WEF puppet also? He worked as a CEO for Unilever for 10 years, Unilever is a WEF partner. National are not going to undo what’s been done. Chris luxon priorities are climate change. Climate changer is a hoax. It will be used to land grab.Hana
This has been caused by ARDERN.. I hope all people who voted for her have seen her for what she is. A RACIST. Ruined this country. Hipkins took the fall for her. Thank God we have a change of governmentDianne
Without doubt, Adern and co have reeked havoc on our beloved New ZealandNeville
The country will struggle to ever get over the Ardern yearsJohn
The “yes” reply says it all as far as I am concerned.Michael
Along with almost EVERYTHING else they didCharles
Divided , destroyed and bankrupt one of the most beautiful countries in the worldBeau
Hard to believe how woke this country has become thanks to JacindaTony
Damaged but not beyond repair. NZ is for ALL NZersIan
And it still is.steven
Without doubt. Actually appalled by the lack of discernment of this years ago by many more people.David see C C
Well and truly!JUDITH
Separation of people into aggrieved groups divides a nation.Andrew
I believe the outgoing Labour government has almost ruined our country and the new administration is almost too late taking over. It will take a lot of determination on the group to make things go in the right direction, again.Josephine
Exactly as stated in your commentary. The new government will have to remove all of He Pua Pua and all of the woke. We are not racist we want equality for all. Te Pati Maori are only interested in themselves and that is what we will get if Labour gets back. If any one is racist in this country it is the Maori elite who believe Pakeha have no rights in this country. The trouble is that all Maori here have pakeha blood in them and the true indigenous people, the Morioris, no longer exist because Maori killed them all. The sooner Maori realise that they have no ownership rights in this country, the better. We are one people with equal rights.Warren
Very frightening to see how Ardern and Co used their power to implement a Marxist agenda- tit felt like Ardern and co were intentionally bringing New Zealand to its knees to allow for further elevation of power and control- it was frightening to see how propaganda immersed in people to comply- even the police. Lest we forget. Hope we get our NZ backMaree
heart of rock in steel vestmurray
very much sogerard
Has it ever!!! This would have to be the worst most disastrous government New Zealand has ever had. I just hope this new government unite together and get this country back on track and stop pandering to the tribal elite.Peter
Not only that I will never be convinced this whole special. votes out come is not the result of the most corrupt voting system introduced under MMPin the world since the Berlin Wall was built.it makes the actions the accusations against of Donald Trump supporters look almost benign.Max
Yes it has , if it’s not reversed we are leaving nz .Dean
Absolutely! I was getting to the point where I was truely worried for the future of our country and where it was heading. I was concerned for our children’s future. So many people I know felt the same.Megan
not damaged but destroyed and now with the election results out now we have to put up with the likes of winnie and that jones idiot being in govt so its realy up to David to keep them in line as I dont trust luxon to refverse any of liebours bent laws that adern put in place, so the whole of liebour,greens and hori should all be charged with treason and jailed for years.so luxon needs to grow a pair of balls and get together with David and get this country of NEW ZEALAND out of the shitRichard
Unless the new government can control the part Maori extremists then NZ will never be the same again. Every NZ citizen must all be equal in every aspect .Steve
Without a doubt!Laura
I’m not sure exactly where to start on this issue as there is a huge list of the damage that the ex Liebour Govt have done & YES, this Right Coalition has a huge job ahead of them before they even start to introduce any new legislation into Parliament….GOOD LUCK to them, presuming that NZF are definitely joining the RIGHT & NOT going back to the left….God forbid….!Bruce
Yes it has, beyond doubt. It will now be up to a National-led government to try and rectify what has gone on before for the good of all New Zealanders. are they up to it? I guess only time will tell. To some degree, I consider them just as bad as labour was. They’ll have to work really hard as a coalition with ACT and New Zealand First to restore my faith in the democratic system.Trevor
Our country is called New Zealand, this Aotearoa crap pushed by the bought off so called media is part of the Marxist agenda.Paul
Yes Most definitely it has. Now is the long haul to put everything right again !Evelyn
Perhaps irreversably!Bruce
It certainly has and the new government needs to turn it around, and quickly.Andrew
do you really need to askRob
100%Jan and George
No doubt about itChris
Without a doubt.Phil
Possibly irreparably. I do not see amongst most of the alternative outfit just elected many with the balls to turf out all that woke nonsense, especially the ridiculous climate hysteria. Fingers crossed.Philip
Absolutely. Family and friends overseas are horrified, asking whats going on down there! sadly National (Luxon) appears not to be able to read the room, Go WOKE GO BROKE, we are over it with both Governments and private companies who think woke; it is a major turn off.Sam
So much misinformation from Woke Labour, leaving young people (in particular) with the wrong message as to how to debate and think critically for themselves.Stuart
I believe we should be clear on who set Labour’s woke agenda. Labour are too dumb to think all this stuff up by themselves you know. Once you undsrstand who is pulling the Corporate strings, you will understand that a National led Govt will be “told” to follow the same line by the Global Cabal. So will Winston be up to the mark in defying the globalists? Especially when you are sitting around “their” boardroom table!Neil
most certainlyColin
Divisive and disrespectful.Tony
At no time before has this country been so divided on many lines, racial, secual, vaccination status … Financially we have never before been so indebted on a local council level as well as central government level. All areas are failing and the woke and ridiculous rewriting of the curriculum will mean current students will not have the ability to question or think for themselves if an end to indoctrination is not forthcoming.Carol
YES & YES!clive
Divide and Rule was Ardern’s agenda. Everyone has been classified into a group, pitting one against the other. Many who were friends of Maori now look suspiciously at them, and many Maori are terribly upset by the division.mary
This Govt has to get rid of Maori preference, hopefully NZ First and Act will put some steel into Luxon. This is the biggest problem facing NZ.jOCK
Labour has destroyed NZ as we once knew it. Thousands have left and gone to Australia, thousands more will join them if the new government doesnt change the socialist agenda. Thousands of immigrants are pouring into NZ as part of that agenda, to make us a third world country.Alan
Absolutely, totally.John
But it started with the WOKE people voting Labour in to power, even though they had very little experience to justly run our country for the greater good of it’s people. ALL people.M
Frighteningly so, and can only pray the new govt will get it right, but there is a huge job ahead of them. I say damn JacindaGail
Most definitely, and we must encourage the government to undo all He Paula’s legislation post haste.Jacky
Once unified we are now divided – somehow we need to regin the unity and oneness we have losttony
First time ever I have been so concerned about the way our government has operated. The last 6years have made me appalled at the way NZ has been damagedsandra
YES some one with balls needs to stand up and say NEW ZEALAND is one country and every one is equal regardless of race or colour. This is a priority and has split the country and needs to start ASAP. A nice job for Winston to get his teeth into. If this does not happen the exodus from NEW ZEALAND will grow and the M%u0101ori will then need to learn how to maintain the infostructure and the running of the country as there will be no one left for them to thieve from to fund their life style.Jeff
Not the same country and accusations of racism when it’s just discussion.Janet
The country has really changed for the worse in the past 6 years, it is noticeable.Kelly
Most Defenatily They have Ruined the Country, It will Take Years to Recover.Richard
For decades to come – maybe irreparablemary
The damage is significant and potentially irreversible. We have a rising generation that have been indoctrinated. That will be hard to address.Mike
we have a very divided and racist country. So mcu for the team of 5 millJohn
Racial division is not the issue but Maori activists versus the rest of we kiwis is the issue.Helen
Race based agenda is really destroying NZ.Stuart
Yes Most definitely it has. Now is the long haul to put everything right again !Evelyn
Absolutely. However, the National Government has to get rid of ALL the Labour gunk. I doubt it will – especially in relation to the Global Warming nonsense.Ray
Why would you destroy a wonderful country full of wonderful people of all races working in its best interests for its Children and future. This opinion from an Irishman – settled here for many many years and also a ‘New’ New Zealand by inclusivity.Philip
Very much so. Needs complete removal by the new Government.Lee
The worst Govt in my lifetime !gary
The Labour Government has done a great disservice to all the citizens of New Zealand and should be indited forthwith.William
Absolutely damaged our country. Divide & you conquer was her constant agenda. NEVER once UNITE NZ sad & shocking legacy from Jacinta Adern.Christina
the worst government in historyBill
It has been extremely damaging.Dianne
Even those with half a brain would agree with this statement!Peter
Almost irreparably I believe. Far too many with a self interest will continue to push this barrow and threaten anyone who challenges them.John
Unbelievably Ardern was trying to brainwash the people of New Zealand into accepting, believing and living according to her woke agenda. Regardless of their status in our society she believed she could enforce acceptance of the woke agenda on all citizens and still maintain office. It became apparent when she absconded and dropped the ball in Hipkins lap that she knew that the people of this country did not agree and were not prepared to change their birthright and that the forthcoming election would result in FAILURE. It is likely that she was pushed out of office as her party could see failure coming and Hipkins tried vainly to recover some traction by changing some of the perpetrators but the momentum against the brainwashing had already grown into a tsunami which swamped her Woke agenda at the ballot boxterrence
I believe it is downright evil and results in the death of defenseless babies who are left in the care of unfit families because Maori culture is more important than the safety of the child.Louise
The nonsense about gender and the divisiveness over race will cause continued problems. Let us hope the new government — which now (as of this afternoon)– will need Winston and NZ First! — can undo the damage and help unify us as a people.Marla
It’s important to keep in mind that Ardern’s woke agenda stems largely from the UN Agenda 2030. Ardern stated publicly she wanted NZ to be the first country to adopt this woke agenda fully. I pray Chris Luxon will reverse this plan, but unfortunately I am not confident he will. If he does not then perhaps we may see some minor adjustments but overall our once great country will continue down the same path. (in my opinion) RossRoss
Such a shame that Arden will never be held properly to account for this.alan
Of courseSteve
We are more divided as a country than ever before thanks to the rampant Marxist rule that Arden and her lap dogs were forcing upon NZ. Thank goodness the silent majority spoke up a few weeks ago!Mark
Let’s hope the new coalition will put it right!anthony
YES! The Labour party were strangers to the truth!Sylvia
The large sway against Democracy – manufactured by the last Labour Government was distasteful and wrong. Thank goodness their ideal theories can now be cancelled by the new government, and we can quickly return to a Democratic regimeFrank
What worries me is that Luxon and his team have not distanced themselves from the woke agenda not He Puapuajohn
The saying “Go woke go Broke” seems to apply hereNeil
we have to trust the change of Govt have the guts to implement the rejection of the many policies put in place by the previous eyewatering socialistic idiotic left wing one.bob
Yes, I believe Labour deceived New Zealand – with it seems their staunch desire to divide and rule the genuine people of this free country. My continuing concern is whether PM elect Luxon will be any better! I would like to hear Mr Luxon state clearly his principals of who and what is actually driving him. “Is he unequivocally FOR New Zealand? Or is he ‘playing’ another political game?Stuart
Luxon must listen to New Zealanders and shut down all the woke ideologies destroying this country. Our farmers deserve better. Our children deserve better. We all deserve better. Maureen Pugh deserves better. God save us from a woke National Party.Peter
Calling Labours agenda woke must be the understatement of the year! Ardern, Hipkins and their disguising excuse for a government should all be arrested and charged with treason, because they deliberately set out to destroy our country and its proud democracy in order to pander to unelected, unethical, corrupt and downright dishonest Maori tribal elite. When Maori signed the treaty they agreed that New Zealand was one country and that were were to be one people equal under the one law. Those Maori who still refuse to accept that relaity should be told in no uncertain terms that they are not special, they are not indigenous to NZ, and will not be allowed to pervert our democracy and bankrupt our country through their selfish greed for power and our money. Lets have a New Zealand where everyone who bother to go to school, get educated, get a job, and work hard can get ahead, and everyone who chooses not to get nothing and are ignored (by that definition people who are genuinely incapable of working are not included, they deserve our help).Steve
the truth of Labour and the Greens damaging Marxist reign is here for all to see,so the answer has to be YES.JOHN
I would like to think all the damage done can be undone but some of it is so outrageous that people who rely on msm know very little about a lot of issues and then can’t believe it is actually true. Case in point the transgender ideology being taught as fact.Fi
Absolutely, Labour The Maori party and the Greens combined have done so much damage to NZ in the last 6 years much of that damage done can never be repaired, this period in our history will forever shamefully hang over our nation, what they did has changed the lives of many forever!!Robin
the agenda has fragemented and blown up our society. In my 66 years I have never seen NZ more divided.Mark
And cast a shadow of pessimism over the whole country. For me they made telling lies and not being accountable almost common place indeed anticipated!Allan
So much so that I’ve been living overseas away from it and after a recent visit I won’t ever live in New Zealand again.Trevor
In all my 72 years of memory I cannot recall a political party that has caused so much disharmony, Racism to this once proud country I call New Zealand. They have lied to their citizens and have tried to stop freedom of speech and behind closed doors introduced Co-Governance that no New Zealander wants. Liebour party does not stand for the working man.Wayne
Equality for all, no separate agenda for the iwi elite.Peter
God help us with a 3 party coalition and more maori seats in parlimament..this country is stuffed….chris
Absolutey divisive rhetoric was preached from Arderns pulpit of falsehood.Christia
Absolutely and with the worst Prime Minster this country has had in the last 50 yearsJohn
Labour’s agenda, yes. Personally I thoroughly dislike the term “woke”, the meaning of which evades me completely!Jonathan
Absolutely no doubtNoeline
He Puapua, apartheid, Jacinda Ardern & her incompetent, agendised muppets have wrecked NZ. Let’s hope it is fixable.Geoff
More than we realise!!!!Ray
Damaged is an understatement. They have crippled the country with a socialist stroke so bad the country will have to learn democracy all over again.John
100% I saw a brief interview with Arden on US tv a couple of weeks ago in New York she was asked about the election and its results. She grinned like a Cheshire cat and said”I did what I had to do for New Zealand” In other words Im alright Jack set up for life and ****** Nz up in the process.KT
The problem will still remain unless the parties can de woke Luxon. He is Labour dressed in blue as far as I am concerned,a spinless week coward a John Key spin off, a WEF stooge & a climate apologist .Allen
It has divided our country and we are opposed to any thing Maori because they keep wanting more and more at expense and when they do not get they throw their toys out of cot as Tau Henare has done with the Auckland CouncilArthur
No doubt about it. The woke agenda is just another bunch of falsehoods designed to further division in the community. Divide and conquer is the premise the left is pushing. Unite and stand is where we should be headed.Kevin
Definitely, disgracefully, disgustingly and dangerously.Grahame
Labour has seriously damaged the country and let the race genie out – the question is can we re-establish sound relationships again. Looking at the make of the new government in opposition it is doubtful.John
Absolutely!!. Worst Government ever in our historyErrol
Yes, it is shocking what has happened to our country. I would leave if I could.Kim
Definitely!they have succeeded in creating such division between Maori and the rest of N.Z.racial harmony is now non existent,bring back equality for all with no reference to raceChris
No question that Labour’s agendas have damaged New Zealand. What is now of huge concern is the question of whether the incoming government has the will and fortitude to undo the damage caused by Labour!Graham
Definitely. Labour deliberately caused division and chaos to New Zealand way of life style. Choosing to control our people instead of working in the peoples interest and benefit. Told people they were entitled to share in the Country’s prosperity without contributing to its creation. There are no free lunches.Frank
Certainly has damaged NZ. I hope the NZ led government has the guts to reverse all the legislation past in recent years that favours one ethnicity over any others. We are to all be equal in NZ. The public service is to treat all NZers as equals especially in their interpretation of the law AND their employment of public service staff. The National led government needs to commission a project that informs the public of what the Treaty of Waitangi actually says and means.Keith
I was always of the view that to upend/disrupt & cause anarchy in New Zealand you only had to use the race agenda and that is what Adern & her corrupt party have doneJim
What Cindy did in 6 years will take a generation to repair – if it can even be fixed.Dave
Indescribable damage. ARDERN should have her Damehood revoked and be incarcerated for treason.David
Most definitely.Trevor
Absolutely – I cannot find the most powerful words to truly express my agreement.Carl
I suggest the last six years have been the most damaging in New Zealand’s history.Rod
Damaged our country is an understatement. Will the new government turn our country around? Only time will tell. I have little faith in woke-globalist Luxon. We have to hope that Nationals coalition partners will have enough influence to ensure ALL race-based legislation is removed. If the new government is serious about repairing the economy, then industries that have always contributed must be encouraged, and our energy self sufficiency must be restored. If this comes to pass, only then will we be assured that National is not just another Globalist/W.E.F puppet.A.G.R.
irreparable Damage, no less.John
It has been ruined almost beyond recognition and will take many years if not decades to recover. If we can at all.Steve
I’ve moved to Australia primarily because of the tribal takeover and the wokester agenda so beloved by the NZ loser left. They say people get the government they deserve.John
Our country is no longer called NZ by the lawmakers and the media. Our country is an angry place. Our country is divided as never before.Ray
The evidence speaks for itself to the enormous damage Labour has done to Kiwi’s in dividing with their woke (corrupt, illegal, abhorrent, nonsensible, apartheid, etc.) policies, rather than unify Kiwi’sJohn
Good riddance to the left, woke labour party and repel all Acts, law and any bs hiding in the corners that will make us LESS THAN ONE PEOPLE.Ray
Agree with Muriel the damage done to this great country was/is massive and will take considerable time and effort to remove. There have been many treasonable acts to this country and those responsible need to be called to account.Trevor
Massively so. In many respects it divided our nationAudrey
In a word,YES.With luck,the hopes of most NZ’ers will be fullfilled, that is unless Luxon goes back on his pledge to reverse all Maori co-governance laws passed by Labour for all local and central govt bodies and give those whites who prefer to be Maoris the 16% vote that their population% requires.Peter
Hopefully not foreverRichard
Absolutely, as did all the other BS forced upon us without any democratic process. Time to repeal everything en masse and start again.Jn
It goes way beyond damage. It amounts to almost total destruction and will take years to recover from. I just hope the new incoming Govt has the balls to address the damage.Ronmac
Even overseas friends are now seeing that Jacinda was a front, for the marxist stuff she was hiding from plain sightPeter
Only 18% describe themselves as Maori and far too many of these are non productive.The country can con sider them irrelevant.C
I think the matter is complicated and not amenable to a binary solution. However, in answer to a binary Q: Yes.Tony
It certainly has changed our country by dividing the people. I only hope that the new incoming government will be strong enough to remove all the WOKE nonsense that has been imposed on usGraeme
We are now so so racist and certainly never used to be.Chris & Viv
100% YESKenneth
It will need a concentrated effort by the Centre / Right Government to rectify the damage Ardern’s govt has done.Ann
the ideology was communist through and throughgraham
The majority of New Zealanders have had a guts full of the Radical Changes forced onto New Zealand without any Mandateleo
There is whole mindset in this country that is leading to the countries demise. It will take a lot of turning around.Willy
Yes – without a doubt – the sooner Christopher Luxon and the incoming National government identify and deal with the obvious causes of the damage that has been done, the better. This must never be allowed to happen again!Scott
The last 6 years of Labor has turned many New Zealanders against Maori. So sad, as NZ never use to be that waychris
Beyond repairGreg
Beyond dispute. They have done enormous damage to the unity of our society not only because of Ardern’s ideological obsession with Maorification , but also by the dominance of Labours one-issue only Maori cabinet and their external tribal-elite collaborators / co-hatchers and plotters . Ardern was / is the pits. A devious, manipulative, dishonest , self-adulating , self-promoting , narcissistic traitor to her Country of birth.Hugh
Most definitelyOwen
We were one country but now we are a number of broken up groups all going in different directions amax
I Never want to se another Labour Goverment of any sort for the next 20 years. And as for Jacinda Ardern II hope she wlll never be welcome in NZ againarl
Ruined our unity in every wayKiki
I am 75 and have never see our beautiful country so divided by race. Unbelievable!Graeme
Absolutely it has.. non mandated racism and anti democratic behaviour by Ardern and her mostly brain dead cronies has damaged New Zealand and created division that is un precedented. The scope of liebour’s transgressions should result in greater accountability than just what the electoral system can provide. People like Ardern should be held criminalky accountable for treason!Rib
Yes it has damaged our country as discussions with Australian friends who have a similar problem. I believe it has been generated from United Nation bureaucrats.Roydon
One can only hope Luxon has the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to get done what needs to be done. AND listen to his co-alition partners!!Helen
Very much so the damage is widespread & divisive. !!Andrew
Thank goodness the majority of New Zealanders could see the damage the Labour government under Ardern’s stewardship. We need an unbiased media to ensure the truth is published on all political decisions that affect us as New Zealanders.Dennis
I am 69, so I’ve seen a few things truly Kiwi. We had friends as children irrespective of race. We experienced sexual attractions naturally, with no input from teachers. We applied for jobs with employers who were not interested in our sexual, political or religious preferences. We held Telethons to raise money for charities that benefitted by need, not race. And we went through life together, helping each other equally. Because those were our traits as proud New Zealanders. And the rest of the world admired us. A strong, independent nation of #8 wire belief in ourselves. We rallied against apartheid in South Africa. We introduced the first voting rights for women. Rutherford split the atom and Hillary and Tensing climbed Everest. We excel on the sporting stage with athletes of all ethnic origins. We do not need authoritarians to define us. Because we are Kiwis. And we are proud of it. It is time that everyone, from the young child to the elderly citizen, restores that pride and respect in what we are, not what a controlling minority want to force us to be. Because this is us.DAVID
Our democracy, leaves a lot to be desired. We let politicians take more power than I ever want them to have again. To have a true Democracy the People must have THEIR say on all issues. We either agree, disagree, or need a better model. Aree but we need a better model. Disagree, but need a better model. Or keep working on it. Or fail, drop it. We need to control those we elect. Not the other way around. So far, we have lived in a dictated democracy. The parties dictate who they choose to stand. for election. Put out the party selection for the list they choose. So only half are accountable to the voters. But with the list they can overrule those who are accountable. This has to change. We need Democracy. In our Democracy. Jacinda and the rest of Labour and it’s supports have finaly shown us what we have always known. Politicians are totally untrustworthy at best. And downright devious at worst. The parties say they represent x sector of the population. None represent us all. Wake up New Zealand. Bob
National have to work fast, very fast to reverse this.Raewyn
Woke and Racism must be put back in their box and the lid firmly locked. TINA.Grant
I agree with David. Fixing Labour’s mistakes is a huge challenge. I hope the new government is up to the task, and strong enough. As I can see a lot of Iwi calling it “WOKE” bashing.Bruce
Comrade Ardern and her Maori ministers should be charged with treason as they perpetuated a coupLinda
Most definitelyDominic
No doubt in my mind, only hope we can come back from all the damage that has been doneRosanne
I have never seen so much discontent in NZ in my life & I am 85.Lewis
Of course Labour’s policies damaged our country any thinking person could see that, but they are gone now and our long slow recovery can begin.Eric
Such a waste of money and so unfair.Josie
Absolutely we have to work hard to get back to normalityGary
It has led to widespread confusion and division. They have acted on the age old principle of divide and conquer.Brian
Labours woke BS has disastrously damaged NZ’s society and social cohesion in innumerable ways. We must remain eternally vigilant and never forget.Richard
Yes, some damage has been caused, though time is a great healer and the left vote will rebound in due course, hopefully not in three years!Peter
Labours woke agenda has cause division and damaged democracyGeoff
Yes yes no doubtBeverley
Has set back social cohesion decades.Eric
And this so called new Government will not have the balls to change it. Just another shade of Purple.Kevin
wokery is now at last seen as divisiveGill
Definitely through the He Puapua doc and co-governance. If they had carried this out democratically maybe they would have had more support from the public. But as they did it via stealth, the election outcome is the result.Rose
All aspects of Labour’s & Greens woke agenda were divisive & damaging, must be stoped. & then reversed by the incoming government. All reference to co-governence must be eliminated in laws & in the public service. Justice & Corrections must be given a new direction.Don
Very much so.Pam
Also too much focus on the LGBT.. agenda as in the USGeorge
Absolutely, Damaged pretty much everything they touched. Thank God they have gone. Fingers crossedVaughan
Hoping that this new government will be able to restore what our lovely country once was before we lose anymore of our young people and our talented peopleClaire
Let’s hope the new administration has the balls to roll back ALL the divisive laws/policies introduced by the Labour/Greens government, including the ETS , and work to bring ALL New Zealanders forward together.Kevin
Is the Pope a Catholic? Of course the country has been damaged. Seriously. Hopefully not terminally but it is in urgent need of surgery to ensure its recovery. Let’s hope the new government is up to it.Mike
It’s going to be hard to convince people we are one when they have consistently been told they are separate and special.Jenny
Thats not even a question. A matter of fact.Fred
Perilously close to destroying or country & starting civil unrest, at the least.Tracy
You only have to look at the “brain drain” phenomena to realise just how damaged.Peter
Yes. Extremely divisive especially generationally: the young are being successfully “educated” in the woke agenda re race and sexuality. And Authroity are allowing its extremist manifestations [as re the “Posie Parker” women’s rights campainer and Court Judge decisions] The “Anti-vaxxer” label on anyone against the Govt.’s response to the pandemic continues [and Nationa/ACT were complicit in Parliament during these years with all the Covid responses including mandates make me pessimistic about a good change with the new Government.Rochelle
The tentacles of the adern government are all entwined through our daily lives the new government is duty bound to completely eradicate everything she put in place and legislate accordingly to stop it ever happening againWarren david
I am sure that the threat of Sir John Key’s suggestion of hikois from Hell and the maori party’s uprising of hikoi of all hikois will make sure that a National led government will make only minimal changes to the rapidly deteriorating racial situation in New Zealand.John
We have suffered horrendous damage to our social and economic situations as a result of the past 6 years, and we must never forget that.Bruce
I weep at the damage the Marxist party has done to our beloved countryLouis
Most definatelyBarbara
Without a doubt the very fabric of our new zealand way of life has been destroy by Ardern and Labour Moari and Woke agendaJeff
Almost beyond redemptionLes
So badly damaged I fear it will take decades, if ever, to be restored.Jane
Without doubtHylton
All but Destroyed our great country. Let’s hope our New Government can turn it around as soon as possible.Alan
Go woke – go broke.Brett
There is only one place for garbagefred
It is going to take a long time to restore trust in most government or semi government statements. Many of us will simply look at them and say they are lies.Paloma
Irrevocably as the Maori radicals, including the gangs are going to turn to confrontation, even violence to further their cause. I question whether Luxon led govt. has resolve to reverse the damage that has been dcaused.Ken
Catastrophic changes. Racism reigns. But all is not lost if the Coalition leaders rediscover their spines!Paul
It has wrecked the country to the degree that I can’t see an easy way back to the reasonable reality NZ society enjoyed for generations previously.John
There is absolutely no question about it, and the task of fixing the damage will be huge.James
One needs to question the guidelines for the 6 Monthly Honours lists. Awarding Jacinda a damehood really a farce.Terry
Hopefully their (“her”) agenda can be turned around so that we’re one country, one people, without regard for ethnicity. Labour under JA and “Chippie” have deliberately divided the country in ways unimaginable, with the connivance and pressure from the Maori MPs in the Labour caucus..Laurence
In the past a new govt has not wound back much of such insane and damaging policy. There is only a thin strand of hope that our new govt will do that unfortunately.Grant
Taken over by a minority of elite Maori and stupid young leftist idiotsmike
Possibly beyond repair. The new government will need every tool in the box to turn this around. For ALL New Zealanders, I will support them in their eforts and wish them well.J J
Entirely predictable…….Andrew
An unmitigated bloody disaster and thats praising it.Don
Close to destroying it altogether.Kenneth
Absolutely! I just hope the new govt. has the courage to do what needs to be done!Brenda
It has caused massive damage and while take a long time to correct.Bruce
Maybe beyond repair !Murray
stuffed itIan
The most divisive and destructive government everWilliam
Yes It has ruined our once beautiful, democratic kiwi society, by ugly divisive policies.Alister
NZ was a microcosm of Canada under the idiot Trudeau. Thankfully the voters of Canada are waking up And will turf the woke arrogant Liberal socialists next election.Alwyn
Bloody oath it did.Pete
Absolutely. However a referendum is not the answer to solve the problem and should be used as a last resort if the Maori Elitists choose to to hold their current entrenched view. Dame Salmods analysis and recommendation as to a rational debate as to the true future df NZ as to what we hope to have created in 100 or years is a mutual objective. If that is unachievable and a referendum along with the years and years of discontent is to be our lot then so be itStan
We need to move aggressively to undo the damage done by Ardern and Co. National need to get the job done ASAP.Derek
Yes DefiantlyTony
Hugely. National/ACT/NZ First MUST put it right. I’ll be behind them all the way.Sheila
Absolutely. My concern is that Luxon as a PM will try to be the CEO of NZ and believe he needs to keep both Maori and the woke brigade onside. Fact is they don’t like him so he doesn’t have to like them back. They are not his voters so don’t worry about pleasing them. The gang plan is a really encouraging start. Lets go NZ lets retake our democratic country back.Ken
Absolutely !Patrick
Yes most definitely. Go woke, go broke, she has broken our country. My fear is that Luxon is spineless and won’t reverse this woke disease.Clive
YES, and it will remain woke until state education is defunded. Start with our universities – the head of the snake.Donald
Absolutely. A nation divided cannot stand. We must now excise the tumour of woke ideology, reunite and rebuild.Geoff
I just hope the new Government will have the balls to get us back to a country that we can all be proud of.Rod
Aderns governments are the foulest regimes ever to stain the pages of NZ history (Churchill)Ray
their Agenda has nothing to do with the real business world of today–they do not have a clue on how to run a country-LesW
Only a little bit. The damage will be repaired by the majority that care!RICHard
Without a single doubt. These are tough times and we need strong leadership and decision making to correct the social distress & distrust of the past 6 years. Marxism socialism communism = Ardernism. Thank god she’s been assigned to the history books.Mike
It must be reversedLindsay
absolutely discraceful underhand socialist deceptionthat needs to be corrected asapMichael
I’ve lost work with local government due to my European lineage. My children are now taught a false history of NZ at school. My ethnically blended family all collectively despise where this country is heading and can only hope that things get better.Kris
The little cow should be in prison.Harvey
New Zealand is terribly damaged, economically, democratically and ethically – but not so badly that our new government cannot begin to repair the damage in the next three yearsAndy
It will take a very long time (if ever) to repair the damage and ill will created by the labour government under Arderns leadership.Fritz
Destroyed so much! Woke, racist agendas dragged New Zealand backwards.Godfrey
We’re screwedMerryn
the country has been divided like I have never seen before. The word personal responsibility has been replaced by I wantDavid
Absolutely, without a doubt!John
Certain sectors of New Zealand’s society have had a significant change in attitudes with regards to what is acceptable to every New Zealander – just watch the headlines.Glenda
This may be the last opportunity we have to put matters right. If Luxon lacks the strength or the political will to destroy all Adern’s treasonous works, we will become a tribal-led nation. A ‘Zimbabwe South’ future is what we will face if he fails.TOBY
Absolutely !bruce
Absolutely at every levelDavid
I hope it’s not too darn late to undo their damage.Sharron
It will be a hard road for the new government, they will be vilified by the left and bulk of the media, for the outcomes caused by this labour debacle. The die is cast, the business failures and unemployment are already there to see, only to get worse in the short term.Lionel
Most definitely . So glad the voters got rid of them.Chris
A well written article, I agreewarwick
racist and insaneGerhard
Time to become a colour-blind society. Time to say no to funding climate activists. Time to be proud of a democratic New Zealand.Pamela
All references to race need to be removed from the statues. It should be part of the Bill of Rights that no-one can be classified in Statutes based on Race or ethnic origionsTony
We don’t need the imposed ideology of either the left or the right, what is required for democracy is an honest continuous public debate about our future, not the hiding or distortiing of the implications of documents such as He puapua.Alden
We hope the new government has the courage to undo the Adern legacy. Otherwise, we are stuffed.David
Just about irreparably. Unfortunately, unless Seymour can wield a fair bit of fire power,, Luxon doesn’t have the guts to redically change anything. Just tinkering around the edges on this specific issue.Russell
I hope Luxon is staunch enough to reverse all! However I suspect he is a WEF WHO & UN supporter that Key and Ardern has put our country under their unelected dictate without our authority!Pauline
A truer word has never spokenDavid
We are poised on the abyss of irreparable degradationKevin
Without a doubt and it will take a huge determined effort to correct itTom
Ardern, given a Damehood? She should have been given a prison sentence for the damage she has done to this country.Hugh
The country was run by an airhead, brainwashed from childhood, thank heavens she has gone, and taken her disparate lot with her. I always looked on most NZ’rs as level headed and sensible, the modern education system leaves a lot to be desired, teachers willing pawns in the next generation of brainwashed idiots. Useful idiots comes to mind. With the high suicide rate is it any wonder, with small children s minds being pumped with woke garbage about global warming, your’re evil if you have a white skin, having to apologize for the colour of your skin, having to learn a defunct language the list is endless. With 8 grandchildren we have experienced the whole lot, so much so they all attend private school or are home schooled. All I can say is thank God she and her sidekick hippy have gone, and long may it stay that way.Merryl
It has made people wary of making any comment publically for fear of being ostracised.Patricia
Labour’s has divided the country favoring one race over all others. That has to be reversed.Gavin
New Zealand citizenry has become entranced by Maori wonderfulness and lost its way in the western world. We have become gutless and soft.fred
We endured almost 6 years of Fascist govt under Labour!!Jon
Beyond any doubt.What a disaster of a no govt.But I have my doubts about Luxton saying he doesn’t want to split the country when it already is.Where has he been,open your eyesMr LuxtonROSS
If Maori were to gain control it would be an absolute disaster for New ZealandRon
Even some thinking Maoris, have said, what has happened to our country? – previously, we were just mates, but now there is division!Ted
Yes, for sure! Society has changed a lot in the past few years – for the worse. Kate
Hopefully not irrevocably!Ian
this is so obvious it does not require a comment!!!Merv
Yes. To the point that it will take a decade to re-instate and repair.Roger
But the damage imposed by Labour can yet be reversed by the new government. They will swiftly have to show the resolve and the means to do so.Eric
Let’s work for and hope we can get rid of all aspects of the Labour Government. However this is not the first time Labour have nearly ruined NZ.Trevor
And she had full knowledge of what she was as doing. A traitor to New Zealand.John
And it was all by design,as it was in all other western democracies. If you can’t see the globalist lockstep agenda behind this wanton destruction, then you are still asleep at the wheel.neil
A total dogs breakfastJimbo
Expunging the woke agenda needs to be the new National-led government’s priority. The key lesson for new PM Luxon is to avoid similar situations. He has had the opportunity to see at close hand what led to Labour’s downfall, and he must not make the same mistakes. The woke agenda has divided the nation and turned people against each other. One does wonder whether Luxon is up for it. Hopefully Act and Seymour will put some backbone in to the new administration.Gavin
I can’t believe how different NZ feels since Labour took the reins 2017. I very much doubt many of the changes will be reversed. But, I’m hoping!Brent
We hope the country will return to what it was prior to the Ardern Disaster!Graham
Badly, but hopefully not permanently.Phil
The Six Year experiment has done nothing but turn New Zealand into a Country of Law breaking out of control Juveniles that have no respect For Police & authority !Michael Andrew
Absolutely !!!!!! It was deliberately started by Jacinda Ardern and continued on when she left. Her various agendas she started have actually increased but being New Zealanders we won’t do anything radical enough to stop the nonsense we are facing.Alan
I agree whole heartedly with Dr Newman’s article ” A Rejection of Woke”. I am tired of being considered racist or spreading misinformation.Helen
Without a doubt. I fear it will be a long time before this country can be described as “the land of milk and honey” as it was in the past.mike
Labour has turned our country into a very divisive one. It doesn’t feel like the NZ I grew up in.Carolyn
Huge damageDavid
Unlawful. Waikakto trickery pulling the wool over Arderns’s eyes.Kevin
Led to a rise in thuggery by the minoritychris
We have to be on the way to reclaiming success. It is up to the three parties to now set priorities and work together as well as take notice of what some those small parties were concerned about. I have no doubt that in an attempt to bring about the much needed change, many would not have voted for their preferred party on the understanding they would not pass the 5% threshold.Catherine
Ardern’s woke race based agenda certainly badly damaged NZ. Sadly many young Maori now falsely believe they are “entitled” because they have some Maori ancestry.Greg
No doubt about it……john
If Jacinda and her racist comrades wish to cite their crusade in terms of Warfare, they should be held accountable as War Criminals.Terry
The expression “Go woke, go broke” is now being expressed on a national scale with central and local government being peopled with these “followers” who only stand in front of the ‘cart’ instead of getting behind and pushing.Richard
Your article Muriel is Brilliant & succinct.Derek
I definitely believe it has !Barbara
Absolutely. It has promoted division and a sense of hopelessness that will take some time to recover from. It feels like a weight has been taken of our shoulders getting rid of the far left government. At least now there is hope.lone
One more thing – lets target the future National and Local Governance voting rights to those 25 yrs and over through to 65 yearsJim
Most divisive and worst government in NZ historyJeff
Labour have not just damaged NZ, they have totally destroyed it. The new incoming Government have a long hard road ahead of them.Des
I believe it has destroyed our country and diminished respect for authority and others.Geoff
Let’s hope the new coalition government quickly reverse the trend and remove all references to race from legislation. After that, a rewrite of the history and science syllabus for schools needs to be done.Mark
Even calling itself Labour is woke, because it is a lie. They have indeed firmly turned their backs on the workers.Mark
And is it reversable ? I certainly hope soBarry
Absolutely. Ardern should face a charge of treason. The damage done by Labour is nothing short of criminal. The new National led government have a massive job correcting the damage. I’m sure the public will be watching closely to make sure this is carried out.Chris
When does the civil war start??Paul
Tremendous damage has been done to race relations in this countryRay
Very seriously damaged.Dan
I just hope it isnt irrevocable.antoni
here is absolutely no doubt that the last lot of Labour governance has damaged the countrytony
I can’t believe the NZ public we’re so gullible that Labour got a second term to really bugger up the country it will take generations to get back to where we were and pay back the horrendous debtsPeter
Absolutely. We are now the gut-hole of the Pacific, drowning in the browning of the language, health and finance.Murray
their lies and covert objectives have damaged race relations irreparably and wock teaching at schools horrifies mecarl
Absolutely it was an every day conversation for at least the last two years on the “Division” of this country by raceRuss
Explain why He Puapua was not mentioned before the election?michael
May it never rear its ugly head again.Audrey
New Zealand is now characterised by it’s division, not it’s unity – we were all connected by something before the Ardern government. We are now struggling to find the commonalities through the bullshit of separatism.Meg
So damaging I think could be irreparable especially the race division now.Neil
Hopefully not beyond repair. The ongoing problem will be the indoctrinated who will despise any corrections as white middle-aged male control. It ain’t only Government Departments that are woke either. Read most NZ public company current annual reports and see the “look at us” devotion to wokeness. After years of facilitating scholarships with Outward Bound, this morning I received their email from Wendy (not her real name) with the notation of (she/her). Wendy, I am not at all interested what you are, nor do I need to be instructed by you. Just be a New Zealander with no agenda, do your job effectively and all will be lovely.Creed
It remains to be seen whether Chris Luxon has the balls to undo the damage done to this country by the Adern government. I am extremely dubious. That is the reason I voted for Act.Roger
thank GOD that Labour has gone now the hard work begins ! graemegraeme
Hopefully it can be repealed and repairedlindsay
Damaged our country immensely!!DB
Absolutely. Just all nonsense. Also NZ is not aotearoa. Auckland is Auckland. No more no less.John
Absolutely. Jacinda mania has put this country back 100 years. This is not the country I emigrated to 60 years ago.Gareth
If National doesnt reject all of Arderns Woke damage, they need to be resolute in this area. Maori elite will be really agressive, but Hey the average Maori will be totally supportive on these mattersclint
Absolutely and a clear strategy to divide usMike
The red queen even used the maori population in her attempt to wreck the New Zealand Nation. She filed economically with finance under her policies. Also by forcing unauthorised mandates upon our Nation. She should stay in russia.mike
Completely and absolutely and that damage is going to be extremely hard to repair.Shirley
Labour. Not tough, just nasty. A blot on NZ’s historyMichael
Without a shadow of doubtKen
Absolutely. Labour have “irrepairably” damaged New Zealand Society. In their two terms in Government they have created social damage that may well take a generaion to repair, if at all.charles
It certainly has not helped. My grandmother was Maori but I identify as a New Zealander. We all are born the same and it is the choices we make that allow us to have a good education,, find a good job and live a happy life, not suck holing on the tit of the GovernmentAlam
Certainly do.She was a vile creature whose public sympathy image was false.Always felt she was nothing more than a Communist without a gun.Tony
Certainly – a way must be found to re-establish our democracy as a nationGraham
Changed beyond belief. Lies, deceit, bribing the media and muzzling free speech. Here’s hoping the new government will place their first priority to dismantling the damage caused by former administration.chris
Absolutely and millions of peoples lives.Ann
The big three should be suedNatalie
Damage beyond repairPaul
We will be lucky to EVER get our country back to the place it was prior to the meddling of this woke govt the last six years.Laurence
Very much soRex
It is going to take years to undo the damage they have done to the New Zealand economy The same applies to the racial division they have incited.pdm
They new everything and wouldn’t listen to the people They are a DisgraceRay
Absolutely wake up NEW ZEALAND it is imperative that a urgent referendum be held which will get NEW ZEALAND back on track.Steve
New Zealand is now a 3rd world country. Poverty and loss of personal freedon is being replaced by a Police stateDon
Beyond belief, the most dangerous and corrosive government in our history!Giles
Your article is spot on Ardern needs to atone for the damage that she has causedDavid
Yes and getting rid of Woke must include all the BS about Global WarmingCookie
Absolutely! Very sad what has happened to our country and Luxon needs to listen to what the majority of New Zealanders are saying via a referendum.Catherine
Pity we cannot hold them to account in court and see them locked up!! Will Ardern ever come back to NZ ???? I hope not. She and her woke rubbish are a disgrace. Good riddence.Bev
Without a doubt Labour has done grave damage to our society on multiple levels.Natalie
I worry it’s irreversible now. Let’s hope ACT and Winnie give National a spine.Maddi
The new government has to reverse all labours changes and prioritise getting Nz back to being the prosperous proud nation that we once wereDianne
Very Definitely So Happy that most of NZ thought the same on the electionRodger
It goes without saying!Brian
The proof is in the pudding.Sandra
Divisive damage on every level, from personal relationships to almost every part of our society. Unless NAT/ACT/NZFirst dissolve the Burea-rats power across every Govt Dept, remove the Treaty and all reference to it in our Legislation and way of life, and sort out Judiciary/Police and Education curriculum, we are doomed to increased division and despair. Continuing with band-aids will cost in developing the country as well as wasted $$$Mark
It has been incredibly divisive!Marg
I fear the damage may be irreparable.Janet
Our whole country is worse off in just about every area Poverty crime transport racial relations health education and the big one the murder of our babies. I say our babies because they are not only Maori babies they are the responsibility of the whole country and we need the best trained most experienced professionals to change it. For goodness sake how long do we entrust the safety of babies to an ideologically based group system.It fails it always will fail. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a cultural input but it has to be tempered with training and professional knowledge.Lorraine
Big time, Let’s make certain this incoming Government sorts it out! Majority of Kiwis have had a gutsful of the woke nonsenseJohn
Absolutely. It has created racial division where previously there was none. I am part Maori but made my own way without resorting to cries of I was hard done by society. You are each your own person and act accordinglyNorm
God bless the new National government. What a huge relief.Heather
It’s been devastating to everyone except Maori. I can only hope that the damage that has been done to the youth of NZ can be undone.Cath
We now have a new generation of brainwashed people who are scared of their own shadows and expect disaster from climate change. Our collective mental health seems more fragile than it’s ever been, due to a Labour government who bombarded us with negative, racist, woke ideology using a MSM complicit every step of the way.Derek
I just hope it is not beyond repair.Michelle
And it looks like the incoming PM also has a woke trend. He is a left leaning Natroger
About time we can speak the truth without being in trouble for it. Ranald.Ranald
The most recent Labour government (x2) are the worst in the country’s history and Arden a lying cheating dishonest hypocritical politician bested by no one before her.Gary
Worst racist go t in the history of new zealand Good riddance to bad rubbish but as before I havi have no faith in Luxon or the national govt to right this evil systemMorrie
Absolutely. Wokeism now permeates NZ and is responsible for a signiticant portion of the current division in our nation.Simonne
Yes it has. National must undo previous wrongs done by Labour who pandered to Maori. Maori are not the only inhabitants in NZ. They are approx 15% so how about looking after the other 85%. One rule for all New Zealanders !!Kevin
Damage that I see may be too hard to fix. New Govt. doesn’t appear to want to tackle the hard problems caused by Labour.Graham
Equality for all New Zealanders.Grant
More than damaged. Unless we start reversing all race based legislation the country is lost,. Control is being done more and more by a minority. They are even prepared to threaten if they do not get their way. Disgusting.Scott
Absolutely categorically yes!!Joe
Damaged is a bit of an understatement. Nearly destroyed it.Mike
BEYOND REPAIR! I’m selling up and leaving!Andy
Pandering to Maori has pissed of an awful lot of people. More than the Labour Government ever wanted to hear, but then again they were deaf and pandered to Maori anyway. This must stop, and wrongs need to be undone.Kevin
The tyranny of the majority has been reversed to the tyranny of the minority. Crazy.John
From the second Labour and Ardern were government in 2017 they betrayed tNew Zealandersvonne
Most definitely, wake up people and take New Zealand back!Rick
To the point it is unrepairableMark
Absolutely – and the reversal will be slow and painful.Gerry
Labour laid out a clear pathway for radical Maori to take control of OUR country. I’ve been saying for at least 2 years we are heading for racial civil war – that frightening prospect is little reduced with the WOKE government booted – Maori radicals and extremist are hellbent on civil war if OUR country is not handed to them on a platter. The Maori party need to be declared a terrorist organisation as soon as the new government is sworn in.Colin
this is going to take many years to remedy . and this is just one of the numerous ; in fact ; every policy the naive labour people tried to implement has been a total failure , if every thing political heads in the correct direction , maybe , after fifteen years , all of the issues could be remedied ….sadly , it will not happen !Roy
The last government were a bunch of incompetent fools.. !Brian
What the Labour Party have done in it’s time in Office, is nothing short of high Treason.Their judgement may not be on this Planet BUT know they will all meet their final appraisal before God when they pass from this Earth, even if they don’t believe in him !!Geoff
Very definitelyMurray
Absolutely. Hopefully not beyond repair, but this new Govt will be possibly the last bastion to prevent this.Heather
Labours woke agenda didn’t damage New Zealand it destroyed it and a lot of businesses as well. They must be brought to trial for treason and Taxcinda stripped of her damehood, she has never deserved it,Norm
So rapidly and deceitfully. That the general population was not fully aware of what was happening.Lynne
not just damaged but ruined it for many years to come. the new PM had better reverse the bad policies quickly or face the rathe of the people. Labour’s top MP’s need to face the courts charged with treasonNigel
The last Labour government was the most harmfull New Zealand has ever hadKevin
Big timeRon
Hugely and extensivelyPaul
bloody right it has Worst thing for this country everRobert
Woke has ruined our country –not only damaged it. The new Government has a massive job at hand doing damage control . And this can and will take years to get done. In three years time these rotten marxist /activist /wokies will turn around and blame the Government of not being able to fix things ( which that lot has destroyed in the first place) and use that argument as a basis for their election campaign. My biggest concern is that people tend to forget and are easily influenced by clever slogans. And hence- instead of looking at the big picture here- getting caught up in being deceived again. Now is the time for National and Act ( plus NZ First) to put their money where their mouth is. And I will sit on the fence watching ———–Michael
Possibly irrevocably.John
It will take a number of years before the country finds it Mojo again. I only hope people do not forget what happened and we unite to stop it ever reoccurring.Gavin
Do you really think that Luxon and hi mob will really change much ? I don’t.Alan
It’s an absolute farce sponsored by a bunch of leftie lunatics and fanaticsBruce
Undoubtedly it has damaged our country, its going to be a hard road backDenise
Yes – without doubt. Your comments about needing to push back all aspects of the concept so as not to return to this position are also valid and necessary.Andrew
I FIRMLY THINK EVERYONE NEEDS to email ALL the MP,s who will be in govt. to have ALL the policies arden/hipkins changed to include tikana (maori) REMOVED & the REAL treaty made English law NOT the treaty maori activists say is the treaty It NEEDS removing NEVER to cause DIVISION AGAIN,WE ARE ALL EQUAL & the iwi MUST IN FUTURE pay for maori needs NOT THE TAX PAYERS after all all the treaty money iwi got was supposed to be shared with everyone in that tribe BUT THEY KEPT IT ALL FOR IWI ELETE So EVERYONE EMAIL ACT,NZFIRST & NATIONAL MP,s the cost is nil & the addresses are in this newsletter.Cindy
Most definitely and Luxon will continue under the guise of “Co-management” history will tell the sad story of NZ’s slide into apartheid by corrupt politicians and judgeswayne
I hope as much as possible can be reversed as so much damage was done to New Zealands democracyPeter
Most definitely.Murray
Very much soJohn
Without doubt … still worse to come 🙁Bryan
Luxon worries me,i hope he proves me wrong!greg
Yes it did lets hope not irreparablyDavid
Absolutely! The woke agenda has divided NZ and changed us into a country that is hardly recognisable. I just hope that if the changes are reversed, we can return to being the country we knew and loved.Barbara
Ardern and Labour are the worst things that have ever happened to NZ. Good riddance!Murray
The main lesson from all of this is that Christopher Luxon must NOT be woke. Now that he’s had a chance to understand what led to Labour’s downfall, he needs to make sure that he does not make the same mistakes.Pete
Fixing Labour’s mistakes is a huge challenge. I hope the new government is up to the task.David
Getting rid of woke, and unifying the country should be National’s priority. I hope Labour remain in opposition for years to come – atonement for the damage they have done to the country.Graeme