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A Surveillance Society

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“In a world of propaganda, the truth is always a conspiracy.”

Free speech used to be something we all took for granted – being able to say exactly what we thought, sharing politically incorrect jokes, watching outrageously funny and highly popular TV programmes like the Two Ronnies, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Nor was it all British humour that captivated the nation – Billy T James was a Kiwi hero, as was Barry Crump.

All that is now gone – not because we have lost our sense of humour, but because someone somewhere said they were offended.

We now live in an increasingly dystopian world, where saying the wrong thing can get you ‘cancelled’ – fired, socially ostracised, even jailed.

Worse, under Jacinda Ardern’s regime, New Zealand is morphing into an Orwellian society, where things no longer mean what they say – ‘lies’ are being called the “truth”, and the real ‘truth’ is being re-classified as “misinformation” or “disinformation”.

This was on display during the Prime Minister’s recent address to Harvard University – as journalist Graham Adams explains, in an article in The Australian:

“The 8000 graduating students at Harvard who listened to the Commencement address delivered by New Zealand’s Prime Minister probably found her defense of democracy inspiring. But few of those hearing her warning that ‘Democracy can be fragile’ would have any idea of her stealthy and persistent attempts to strangle it in her homeland.

“While she was more than happy to pose before a receptive audience in Boston as a staunch defender of democratic ideas, she is far more equivocal about the topic at home.

“Perhaps that should not be surprising as she bends to the will of her powerful Maori caucus to insert ‘co-governance’ with unelected iwi members into a broad swathe of New Zealand life — from health and education to the conservation estate and planning law.

“The concept of ‘co-governance’ – based on a radical interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi as a contract that mandates 50:50 power-sharing between iwi and the Crown – is, at heart, a form of ethno-nationalism, and completely antithetical to true democracy.”

And that’s the problem with our Prime Minister, who says one thing when she is overseas but means another when she is back home – which is why it is so important to examine her speeches carefully.

In her address, the PM stated, “The foundation of a strong democracy includes trust in institutions, experts and government – that can be built up over decades but torn down in mere years.”

She then claimed, “We are at a precipice, and rather than ask what caused it, today I want to talk about how we address it.”

It’s not surprising that the Prime Minister doesn’t want to discuss what has caused the fracturing of public confidence and trust in the Government – the “precipice”, as she describes it – because she and her politics of division are the cause.

Until Jacinda Ardern became PM, New Zealanders were largely trusting of their Prime Ministers, secure in the knowledge that if they deviated too much from the straight and narrow, the Fourth Estate would hold them to account.

Not so anymore. Labour’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund ‘bribe’ has put paid to that.

As a result, through her own actions, Jacinda Ardern has gravely undermined trust in the Government for many New Zealanders.

To refresh our memory, two incidents stand out.

The first was her claim on 19 March 2020 that her Government is the ‘single source of truth’: “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quashed rumours that the Government is set to announce a total lockdown across the country to combat coronavirus. She stressed for people to only trust official Government sources as misinformation only fuelled public panic. ‘I cannot go round and dismiss every rumour I see on social media, as much as I’d like to. When you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth’.”

Four days later she announced the start of the world’s most stringent nation-wide month-long lockdown.

Her lie marked the transformation of New Zealand into what at times resembled a totalitarian regime – with the PM’s Orwellian call for “kindness” used to disguise the cruelty and heartbreak that was being caused.

Not only was her lockdown against Ministry of Health advice, it was also illegal. She hadn’t even bothered to ensure she had the legislative authority to impose the dictatorial restrictions she had announced. Those restraints not only crushed basic human rights, but, by calling on “the team of five million” to ‘dob in’ neighbours, family, and friends flouting her draconian rules, Jacinda Ardern divided society.

The PM then used the world stage to paint herself as a hero in saving lives, ignoring the human cost of locking down New Zealanders for weeks on end – denying urgent health care, preventing social interaction, and destroying businesses. The resulting “excess” death toll was thought to be well over 1,000 – people who died as a consequence of her lockdown.

The second incident was the scandal of vaccine mandates.

On September 9th 2020, just five weeks before the General Election, Jacinda Ardern promised there would be no forced vaccinations. She said those who chose to opt-out wouldn’t face any penalties at all: “‘No, and we haven’t for any vaccination in New Zealand applied penalties in that way,’ Ardern told The AM Show, after being asked if there might be sanctions for refusing a Covid-19 vaccine.”

Her subsequent introduction of vaccine mandates turned that promise into a lie. It also made a mockery of her “be kind to each other” mantra, as again, she violated human rights, created serious financial hardship, and further divided society.

When the High Court ruled in February that vaccine mandates for Police and Defence Force staff were unlawful, they also revealed that the Ministry of Health had advised the Prime Minister that mandates were unnecessary.

In spite of that, Jacinda Ardern deliberately deceived the ‘team of five million’ into thinking mandates would limit the spread of Covid-19, when in fact, they had nothing to do with health, but were being used as weapons of coercion, to force compliance with her vaccine strategy.

New Zealanders were also told the unvaccinated were more likely to spread Covid than the vaccinated. This was another distortion of the truth, with research confirming that those who are fully vaccinated can spread Covid just as readily as the unvaccinated.

Perhaps it was the fear of being caught out and exposed for the disinformation she was spreading, that caused the Prime Minister – in contrast to her approach at Ihumatao where she went out of her way to end the occupation peacefully – to not only refuse to meet Parliament’s anti-mandate protesters but to go to great lengths to malign and discredit them.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Waikato University’s Professor John Gibson, has been investigating vaccine mandates, finding not only that the health advantages from the trials of the experimental Pfizer vaccine were seriously overstated to New Zealanders, but that the costs of the mandate policy far outweighed the benefits:

“Whether in hope or in ignorance, politicians and public health bureaucrats overstated the testing criteria used for the vaccines. A trusting public believe what they are told, and so expect the vaccines to be effective in protecting against SARS-CoV-2 infection and in reducing mortality risk.

“Politicians who rely on focus groups and internal polling when considering things like vaccine mandates then find that a misinformed public supports these interventions. The imposition of mandates is likely to have further added to the misunderstanding because, surely, a kind and caring government would only mandate something that is in people’s best interests because it is ‘safe and effective’.”

In fact, Jacinda Ardern has deliberately attempted to close down any critical assessment of her vaccination strategy, including by labelling criticism as conspiracy theory.

And conspiracy is clearly a matter of such great importance to our Prime Minister, that she raised it in her Harvard speech: “When facts are turned into fiction, and fiction turned into fact, you stop debating ideas and you start debating conspiracy.” This then led her into a discussion of the “scourge of disinformation”.

It turns out that Jacinda Ardern has numerous taxpayer-funded government agencies investigating conspiracy and disinformation. These include the Ministry of Health’s Disinformation Assessment and Response Team (DART), the national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ), the New Zealand Police, the Department of Internal Affairs, and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), which operates the National Security Group, the National Centre for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, the COVID-19 Group, COVID-19 Modelling Aotearoa (run by Professor Shaun Hendy with Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles) – and an associated agency, The Disinformation Project.

The Disinformation Project, which is headed by a principal investigator at Auckland University’s Te Punaha Matatini, Kate Hannah, defines ‘misinformation’ as “false information that was not created with the intent to harm people”, while ‘disinformation’ is defined as “false information that was created with the intent to harm a person, community, or organisation”.

A key part of their work is monitoring “information disorders”, which apparently occur whenever anyone shares so-called ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’. This ‘disorder’ is considered so serious that it is identified not only as a threat to social cohesion, but also to “the country’s democratic fabric and electoral integrity”.

It seems the Department of Internal Affairs is well advanced in preparing for sweeping regulatory changes to increase protection against the sharing of such “harmful” content across all communication channels including previously unregulated websites, social media, print media, as well as radio and TV.

They define ‘harmful’ content at three levels. The first is content that can cause harm to individuals, the second is content that can cause harm to communities and identity groups, and the third is ‘content that can cause harm to wider society’ – “this might look like individuals or communities losing trust in, or access to, key public institutions such as the legal, health and education systems, freedoms of identity and expression, and democratic participation.”

Harm is, of course, highly subjective and, in practice, can be attached to virtually anything, which is why “losing trust” sounds suspiciously like anything opposing Government policy!

Does this signal the impending wholesale regulation of free speech platforms in New Zealand – under the pretence that they could be causing harm to society?

Is this the beginning of a new age of authoritarianism – an attack on anyone who challenges Labour’s dogma through any forum, including protest action?

Without a doubt, as a result of Jacinda Ardern’s authorisation, New Zealanders are under surveillance as never before.

Just this week, Herald Business Journalist Kate MacNamara confirmed this state of affairs in an article investigating social media surveillance: “Controversial social media surveillance commissioned by the Government analysed New Zealanders’ private messages to government sites without their knowledge, and contrary to the officials’ descriptions of the work. Private company Resolution provided the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with some 231 ‘social listening’ reports over a period of two years, at a cost of more than a quarter of a million dollars.”

In some cases, Kate explains, the reports “contained both excerpts of individuals’ comments from social media as well as the commenters’ profile pictures.”

While such surveillance has been described as “shocking” and “unethical”, is it, in fact, a glimpse of our future?

The reality for New Zealand is that through ignoring ‘official advice’ and making her disastrous “Captain’s Calls”, Jacinda Ardern is creating an Orwellian society where the ‘single source of truth’ has become the source of ‘untruth’, and a ‘Disinformation’ agency is likely to become a source of ‘misinformation’. As if that’s not bad enough, she then has the gall to prance on the world stage presenting an illusory façade of virtue.

Fortunately, more and more former Labour Party voters are waking up to the damage to the country that’s being caused by Prime Minister Ardern. From replacing democracy with the toxic Maori supremacy agenda for ‘co-governance’, to undermining free expression by turning New Zealand into a surveillance society, the real question is how much more carnage will she be allowed to create before the 2023 general election?

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*Who do you believe is the biggest perpetrator of “disinformation” in New Zealand – citizens or the Government?


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Without any doubt whatsoever Peter
Really it is both but this government is worse and showing it learned from J Gobbells marketing inc Ross
No brainer ! Propaganda is everywhere ? Andrew
And it is getting more invasive in our daily lives – take the Anti Money laundering and counter terrorism Act ‘compulsory’ reporting- John
Jack Cinder… Is the biggest perpetrator of disinformation, with her bought and paid for MSM,lying bolshevik/liberal media Liars, Their lies get bigger every day!!! David
Transparent lies are still lies Glen
The government spreads misinformation and more. They need to go. Viona
Have been since the 2017 election. Vonne
Ms Ardern was lying from the first day she was appointed in Oct.,2017 and has continued with massive disinfortmation and propaganda – Goebbels would have been proud of her. Monica
Govt, without doubt!!! Neil
Without doubt, the corrupt anti New Zealand government Neil
This Ardern woman, constantly exposes herself, for all to see, as treacherous and evil. Peter
Manifestly worse since Jacinda came to power Mo
No doubt about it. It is an “engine” of disinformation that, greatest irony of the known universe, you and I pay for it! When a majority going to wakeup and call for “it” to go? Far too much damage will be too far underway by GE 2023! Kerry
The Government has been caught out time and time again in lying to the citizens of NEW ZEALAND Tim
without doubt Trevor
The Govt is operating a self-serving marketing exercise which is a fabrication of the truth. Gavin
everything the govt says about,just about anything, is controlled narative, therefore disinformation by definition. chevvy
We need to get rid of the lying deceiving little bitch and all her supports plus the Greens and Maori Party who are damaging this country so bad, that it won’t be worth living in. Reg
Consistent Socialist confusion tactics Simon
This is something of a loaded question because there is no qualitative measure of non governmental disinformation Peter
In the last month I have visited the National Socialist Museum (Nazi Museum in Munich and the Museum of Terror in Budapest. There is a saying that history does not repeat but it often rhymes. I would classify the current state of NZ is somewhere around 1935-36 Germany. The propaganda of the last 5 years of labour government (with crisis events playing right into the Red Queen’s hands) has unfortunately been “successful” to date. When I make these comments to others they reply that we are nothing like Germany but of course people only think of 1939 onwards. It took Hitler 15 years to get to 1939, If we dont act now to stop her, Jacinda might just do it in 7. Greg
We all know that politicians lie to get easy access to vast amounts of money and power/control and once in power they never want to lose it and will lie and deceive to retain it. I will never trust another politician or government ever again..if you can’t see what they are trying to do by now you are either too young or too stupid.. why do you think they want to lower the voting age.? Get them while they’re young and they’re yours for life.. John
Almost agree with everything every one says below. With one difference. They are placing all the blame on The Labour Government. The fact of the matter is the whole Parliament at the moment are a disgrace and should be removed. Anyone who can stand up there and agree with the evil rubbish going down should be removed. Remember they are there for us New Zealanders, paid for by us, to do what we want. Not their stupid WEF, WHO, CDC and others, mates. Kevin
And the control given to internet and social media. Nick
Misinformation generated by Government entities is just the beginning. Where is the critical press? Bill
I have never known such an underhand Government at pushing through their agendas completely ignoring our wishes as what we have now Colleen
Vote of no confidence She has to go as well as the rest of her useless mob of untrustworthy public servants Eugene
I would expect in an ideal world that governments at national and local levels would be honest and transparent however self interest and politics are drawn to one another like inappropriate bed mates. Gary
The Ministry of Truth is a sick joke ~ only Jacinda could announce that with a straight face Tony
THIS government particularly. Founded on lies & reverse racism. Peter
The NZ government is manipulating the general population over its so-called partnership agenda and its increasing suppression of people’s right to freedom of speech over many issues. It is indeed Orwellian with its double speak and suppression of truth and refusal to listen to those who strongly oppose what they are doing such as the 3 Waters issue. It’s very frightening what’s happening in NZ to undermine democracy and I fear for the future of this country. It’s crucial that those opposing what is happening make their vote count next election and the opposition parties must be a viable choice. Virginia
Currently it will not be long before Chinese influence is felt in NZ. Jacinda must go before more damage is done to our democracy. Donald
Criminal use of the taxpayers money is being carried on with the left wing press favourites covering it up. Graeme
55 million dollars worth of proof Graeme
The downhill race to becoming the most lied to population in the world is speeding up. Steve
Ardern and her crime gang are the worst perpetrators of communist / marxist disinfo fake news lies!! All strait out of Frankfurt school commie manual!! David
Thank God for Social media Sheena
Clearly, democratic rights in NZ are being trampled by the Labour Government and its insistence on co-government with the Maori monority. Keith
This Labour/Green/Maori government lies constantly in order to control our population through fear. Peter
Ardern is doing her best to destroy democracy in NZ . She is devious and cannot be trusted Michael
Too many lies and agendas from this Labour government. They cannot be trusted. Teresa
Well that’s definitely the “pot calling the kettle black”, where would you start with cataloguing this government’s continuous stream of disinformation against the majority of Kiwi’s, lets start with the biggest Covid, going t kill 10’s of thousands of Kiwi’s, so lethal we had to close NZ to the rest of the world and destroy our economy….. And all for something no worse than a flu, need I say more ! John
they got themselves into govt with a secret agenda – how is that democratic??? Mike
Control of the media by the state lindsay
Quite clear and evident. Tony
This government has been the least transparent I have witnessed in five decades. When Ms.Ardern spoke at Harvard hers was projection. She should have said I have made it it my business to spread disinformation, and big business at that as I squander taxpayer money on building my brand as saviour of the Nation. I can only pray we will be saved from her and her minions spreading lethal lies. Christina
I am speechless when it comes to this terrible ghastly labour govt, that’s what I think!! Ian
Without a doubt, the NZ Government now rivals the worst mis & dis information excesses of the most rabid private social media outles – which are voluntary and not coercively funded by unwitting and often opposing taxpayers (as government is). Shameful Mark
Stalinda by bribing the media is nothing more than a dangerous propagandist authoritarian. This creature and her toadies are destroying New Zealand. John
all lies, very dishonest dealings Paula
You cannot trust what Jacinda says in her diatribes. It is wordy and vague. She a great spin doctor and as such you cannot trust anything she says. John
They are the biggest liars of all, from start to finish. She really is the smiling shark. Fraser
Roll on election twentythree Mary
My trust in government has gone forever%u2026%u2026 John
Has been all along Lynette
Jizz is like a cancer. Scoop her out out dispose of her and her toxic agenda for NZ. Scribble face is dangerous too. Ned
If the government propoganda machine didnt say it, then it isnt true – there is only one truth and that is from Jizz’s reporters. Nic
Govt all day, seems everything they say is a lie one way or another and especially the liar in chief, arden but also with the able help of the whole labor govt. They are an absolute disgrace and they have brought the once proud party of the working man and women of this country into enormous disrepute which’ll take years for the party to recover from, if ever. National party, (labor light) are hardly any better. Trust any of them at your peril. Where do we go from here, I don’t know. God help the lot of us. Flip
Yes, yes, yes. Head girl could not lye straight in bed on a good day let alone the rag tag followers of witch. They made the protesters look good, at least they wore their tin hats on the outside of their heads. rod
I have never felt so worried about our democracy in my whole life! Labour is ruining this country and putting us in so much debt! Lesley
Aderns government is a result of Marxist teachings. If NZrs don’t learn from her Marxist leanings they will suffer an unreversable future. The recipients of Aderns bribe should be published frequently. Rex
I believe there is equal disinformation from both sources. Both government and fringe group what to spread there agenda and in many cases mistruths. One has only to read twitter to see claims and counter claims Alan
Thanks Muriel, particularly for your comments on the Harvard address. Michael
Govt is very reticent with the truth as Ardern is in cohorts with the Maori MP who develop the criteria based on lies about treaty of waitangi Sidwell
liars liars liars john
The most dishonest government we have ever had. Allan
It is not a partnership we are one people Ike
LIARS Andrew
Hands down! Forrest
has been done to attempt to cover incompetence and and the determined attempt to turn NZ into a communist country morgan
By far Rod
This has become very obvious over the last 5 years. We now have a PM and her Government, including the Green Party, passing laws and making announcements that turn out to be total fiction just to get a response from others which gives the impression that they know best and are in control. I notice that this week, Iwi Leaders have announced a nation wide “Co Governance Conference” which will undoubtedly be funded by the Labour Party. As the scout moto says, “be prepared”. Barry
Govt lies thru their teeth to keep NZ in ignorance John
No contest! Alistair
Government has the larger pulpit so it HAS to be the main perpetrator – bit it does NOT have to use it !! Michael
Having an original copy of the Treaty there was never any mention of Partnership. The Queen is Sovereign, and does not enter into partnerships. The Maori wanted this, as it de-escalated the Maori Wars which were decimating their numbers. Elaine
socialism or communism depend on such! Barry
not only govt lead by pinocchio adhern and her bunch of brown with bar codes mates but just look at the crap that stuff news put out asking for donations to help them keep telling the truth even though they get blood money from our dictator and they remind me of the truth paper that was in NEW ZEALAND years ago and all that they printed were lies just to sell their paper, so the media is just as bad even then and now the likes of air nz,, mobil oil co, and others and ALL the tv stations using this useless wog lingo just to crawl up the backside of adhern to keep getting funding. Richard
What an appalling example of a prime minister is our Jacinda Ardern !!!!! Brian
The Government is ignoring or suppressing published, peer reviewed medical articles that do not support covid vaccination. Alternative treatments have been suppressed or banned completely. Jacinda Ardern lies constantly. Mark
This totalitarian is certainly guilty of this thank to Comrades Jacinda and Nania David
This country was good place to lives until Ardern popped her head up with socialist ideas Ross
The sooner Jacinda and her traitorous mob are thrown out on their backsides in 2023 and relegated to history the better it will be for this country and its dispirited population. This “government” are a bunch of incompetent communist muppets who should not be allowed to be in charge of anything that matters let alone a country.. Roy
JA is the most frightening PM New Zealand has ever had, working against the citizens of the country. Jacinda Ardern and the media are the perpetrator of disinformation. New Zealand is corrupt. it will take more than a change of Govt. to restore democracy. Why do we have a Governor General?? No Hope for the future of New Zealand. Sam
what Horrendous harm Adern has done to our beautiful country so rapidly with her Bolshevic arrogant regime is a disgrace. Will we ever see the truth again ? Karen
It all centers pretty much the state owned enterprises and the taxpayer funded press. All taking their lead from our dumbed down education system. results = confusion. maurice
Comrade Ardern has been caught lying so many times, she should’ve left the country. She will never be safe from verbal abuse and worse on the streets in NZ. Where are the powerful leaders who could get a revolution started and then arrests of Ardern and others for genocide on the population with her continual insistence to get the jabby jab. I despair at the ignorance of NZers. For Gods sake NZ, wake up! Carolyn
Collectively community could but have a variety of views, whist a govt can but have one view Tony
Truth? What is “truth” in today’s world? It seems to be whatever those with power deem it to be. It’s not science – it’s ideology. Rodger
Ike’s hiding a racist agenda Ihaia
The Government is definitely the biggest perpetrator of disinformation and our media is complicit by not fact checking and providing us with intelligent unbiased journalism.. Trudy
Ever since co governance was to be introduced it proved to me that the government was governing by disinformation. It certainly a good news government. Dennis
No doubt the government is the main source of disinformation in NZ, and there is so much scientific evidence to prove that now regarding the harmful CV19 jabs. Phil
No ifs no buts. Ardern is the the queen of disinformation Steve
Under Ardern the lies and obfuscation primarily from her and repeated by her disciples, are appalling propaganda designed to control us. Mary
we have had a constant barrage of lies and lies by ommission john
Getting a lot of hot air and rubbish on a regular basis Ted
no contest, they are experts at it. Janya
People forget or refuse to learn the lessons of history. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot have all acted in this way and citizens did nothing. This one dresses her lies in “kindness” which is obscene. David
Simple really but I am still surprised by the gullibility of the general public and media. I believe democracy using mmp is no longer viable. The people of NZ should demand a fair constition based on one race, the human race with equal rights and obligations, only to be adjusted by referenda showing clearly the pros and cons of the alterations ptesented by independent objective non political institutions. Good luck with that and I am a New zealander. Leonard
the Government. No doubt whatsoever meg
I cannot understand what they expect to gain from the changes which will remove control from their ranks Rob
Evil comes in many forms and often is inherent within people whom you would ordinarily trust.. Larry
Ardern is the most dishonest Prime Minister This country has ever experienced. It truly is time to get rid of her and her govt before they cause any more harm to this country. And you can tell her I said so. Peter
with many governments seemingly following the same trajectory , even using the same words , i feel this is more than just a NZ problem . i don’t think the National party will behave any different . we have a serious problem Robert
Lies ,Lies & More dammed lies The classic Comrade Ardern tactic. John
without a doubt, Adern returned from the States claiming a sucessfull mission when she acheived nothing apart from decieving harvard students Stanley
Lady Haw haw has learnt her trade well Jill
If the government was telling the truth, there would not be any misinformation. alan
This government is immune to truth. Allan
What a sad situation this is for such a previously great country of law abiding citizens, all willing to help each other with no ‘strings attached’. WAKE UP NZ – we all need to fight this lack of truth and say ‘No’ to the PM’s lies. The rest of the world thinks she’s wonderful – yes a wonderful convincing liar of the 1st degree! Marg
The Government puts out disinformation, the Media propagate and trumpet the story and the unsuspecting public swallow it. Disaster. Helen
Any government that tells it people it is the only source of truth and refuses to listen to anyone who disagrees with with them, even creating a smear campaign against those who speak against them are corrupt to the core. Alla
Both are perpetrators of disinformation but it in the fullness of time, it is extremely disappointing the amount of Government information that has subsequently been found totally lies/incorrect or huge exaggerations of the truth. We should be entitled to a better service – especially knowing the huge increase in public service employees. Keith
There has been so many lies in the last 2 years put out by the government and its so-called medical/other experts, I have lost count of those lies. I have no confidence in this Labour government. Theodora
A tiny minority of a tiny %age of the population have contributed 95% of the disinformation, the Govt. the rest- largely through mis- and dis-info. dave
Orwellian Govt! Thomas
While citizens distribute lots of info and views that are dubious if not deliberately false, the Government is historically presumed to be acting in the interests of all kiwis and honest in its publications. Sadly the current Govt has proved it is far from honest and clearly deliberately obsequious and dishonest. Robert
Government is supporting the coup for tribal rule using deceit, corruption and reverse racism. Honesty is now racism. We are doomed as it has gone too far. The despots are winning. Brenda
No contest. It is the Government. They even pay the very willing “free” media to print, read and act. their disinformation. When I have saved up enough from my pension I am going to pay for banner headlines in our national (as in countrywide!) media. It will read “THE COUNTRY IS STUFFED” and that is not disinformation. Bruce
Co-governance will not work. Maori Iwi cannot agree amongst themselves and decisions will be drawn out by the need to consult and have Hui after Hui. John
She runs with hares. & hunts with hounds Stan
Interesting that my previous comment not posted. I read from many sources not like many on this site who say they don’t. I have no problem with difference of opinion but I have big problem of promotion of non factual information And this site is fill of such content. You could actually be constructive but presumably that is not the objective John
Single source of truth. Yeah Right!. Neil
they do not know the truth sure arent telling Public Barry
Unbelievably so……. Sooo wrong…. cheryl
This Ardern Labour Government is the most divisive, authoritarian and controlling Government in NZ history. George Orwell has warned us not to accept it, the future of our country is up to us. Greg
Voters must take responsibility, but they continue to refuse to act in the national interest. So the socialist mess will continue to grow! It will now take many terms of responsible government to FIX it! To make socialism work you need a socialist PM and the NZ voter elected Comrade Adern. Then you need a finance minister with no values and the NZ voter elected Mr Robinson. The current government’s continual massive borrowing programs to hold power are unsustainable and the growing issues of rising living costs are only the beginning. Not to mention the propaganda machine that has been built to manipulate information. Equally as unsustainable is the emerging crisis in the supply of goods that continues to take the economy towards the cliff edge of depression and ultimately to a depression. This Socialist and brainless PM is like a Leopard sitting in the jungle trying to rub off its SPOTS! As Mr Musk said, You can have a Degree and still be an idiot!!! In this case, a dangerous idiot. Frederick
The simple truth IS THE GOVERNMENT HAS PUBLICLY CHANGED THE MEANING AND WORDING OF THE TREATY OF WAITANGI. This simple agreement must be PROPERLY interpreted and then put back in it’s place. . THE PAST. Our PM speaks with forked tongue. Her “government” is not that of a Labour party. It’s an ad hoc collection of dangerous radicals. Graeme
Branding herself as the single source of truth is arrogance at it’s extreme. NZ is renowned for thinkers, investigators and creativity and you’re telling me it’s wrong to trust those who can ferret out the real truth. I’m with real kiwis on this one! Our government elected unopposed, has taken this country’s parliament into corruption, racism and untruths like no other. Another year of them is too scary for words. Cecilie
Ardern is a true master of dis-information….traitor extraordinaire, Luxon won’t be much better though….we are screwed. Paul
when a government can stand up and say they are the only source of truth, you think that would get alarm bells going, if people don’t start waking up to what is going on in new zealand things are only going to get worse,its not just new zealand either with cindys new best friend in australia things are going to get very interesting.at least the aborigines are indigenous to australia and deserve being looked after rodger
A pack of socialist power seekers who support gangs, control police and foster crime on all levels do not have my support. Ken
No contest Warren
It would seem that what ever happens in the U.S.A will in time happen in New Zealand. They are setting up a federal department to combat Disinformation so are we it would seem who is pulling the strings? they lied about Trump and there lying about Russia time will prove this and I’m talking weeks I don’t trust or news media Noel
This govt is corrupt like we have never seen before in NZ David
Have no trust in this government they have lied since day one Iain
Told nothing but lies since they fluked the reigns of power. Ross
Government for sure. Kate
The New Zealand Media will never again be trusted to provide truthful reporting. Denis
This ‘government’ has been caught out too many times – tell a lie lots of times & it becomes the truth is SCARY! Peter
The Labour govt are manipulating, divisive and down right lying to Kiwis. Disgusting! Jan
The sooner this government is ousted the better this country will be Gareth
Jacinda, Jacinda , Jacinda. Pierre
Communism Claire
stop cogovernace it is the worst possible outcome for NZ Jenny
I doubt all NZ’ers believe that we have a govt which is economical with the truth but there you go. Peter
I have said this from the start of her dictatorship. This current Government is pure evil but unfortunately they have managed to convince so many people of how wonderful they are. They have pounced on the opportunity to Govern with a bunch of no hopers in their party and have identified the fast changing make up of New Zealand society is ripe for brainwashing to the Socialistic society they yearn for. Wake up and fast NZ!! Ken
her statement on 19 march 2020, ‘we will be your only source of truth’ alerted those awake folk. words of a dictator. Jenny
Roll on the elections when we can dispose of this crazy bunch. Neville
Most definitely Kerin
Wake up voters at the next General Election…we cannot let the current Ardern Government continue to destroy the New Zealand Democratic way we have always had and continue to slowly but surely turn New Zealand into a controlled Socialist country controlling everything in our lives if we let this Ardern Socialist Government along with its unelected Co Governance members continue. We also need to say  No  to allowing the voting age to be lowered to age 16. Mary Lou
The last part of the article where Labour voters may be waking up to this government gives me some hope. However there are still a lot out there who believe she is the single source of truth. Lawrie
An known liar should never be believed about anything else they say. Howard
There are soooo many instances where the public are told ‘the only truth’ is from the government. It’s disgusting Phil
Big Brother !!! Mark
Anything to remain in power. These people are pond scum. Charles
This an interesting question. I’m sure the government held information back for reasons best known to themselves. With Ardern’s track record I would not trust her as far as I could kick her. However, one thing for sure social media played a big part in misinformation. Many people latched onto information they read on social media as gospel. Population of Scotland is 5.5M, covid deaths = 12,400. Ireland population 5.05M with 7,400 covid deaths. NZ 1,250 to date. Interesting stats. Covid caught the world by storm, countries grappled with the virrus in their own way, NZ was no different. In hindsight there were mistakes, no doubt. As for businesses, yes tough times here and around the world. Tough for everyone. I don’t trust the news media and I don’t trust this government. Chris
Absolutely disgusting. Keith
This government is built, and comprised a group of compulsive of outright blatant liars. Led by liars in chief Ardern and Robertson. Peter
Also newspapers. steven
A democracy is only as good as the truthfulness of the information that it’s citizens have available to them. Darag
2023 election can’t come fast enough! Jan
Given the current government’s record of being caught telling outright lies , backflipping on promises and general covering up of their incompetence – this actually isn’t a poll because there is only one answer! Graham
Trust me, I’m from the gummint, DOH! Bart
It’s a no brainer isn’t it? Larry
And of course all the fools who believe them Mark
How gullible we are Doug
While government might not be the biggest by volume, it is vastly more critical in it’s implact. Murray
Absolutely no doubt about it!!! Dennis
Lunatics running the asylum Bernie
You should start investigating what the single source of truth is doing to rig the election. Progressives around the world increasingly don’t trust voters to choose their governments. Matt
Government and their paid partners the Media. There are still people who believe their lies. I work in a customer service industry and the blind people out there just amazes me. I don’t understand how they cannot see what’s happening.  Sharon
This woman should be dragged before the Hague criminal court. peter
Information and actions by a Government should be beyond reproach, something lacking in this Government. Gail
It is so brazen that there’s no possibility that it is not an intentional strategy to deceive and manipulate the public Aj
Sick of govt. spin. Stephen 
Whilst on balance, after reading the Gibson paper, I must nominate the government in this “narrow termed” vote, I don’t believe there was malice in the government’s intent, that was surely intended to protect us from harm… we have to believe that at least. What else can we rely on? Kevin
Of course. The PM is adroit at manipulating words to fit her message. She uses double speech to make right, wrong. To me lies truth. To make fantasy fact. Kristene
Mahuta recently trumpeted about democracy and its virtues. Galling, after she has denied me a vote in Tauranga, in October’s local govt elections. Labour must be ousted in 2023. DAVID
Never has a government been so untruthful in my 7 decades of life. I do not trust them one iota. Kevin
The sudden emergence of Maori funding and huge departmental handing over to Maori after the elections (which she did not tell her voters about before the elections) is a huge deception. She needed those extra Maori votes to pass anything she wanted through parliament so she sold her soul for that power. Eric
They are spreading disinformation all the time, The greatest is the pushing that the treaty is a partnership Bryan
The last 2 years have been nothing but a SCAM! Lies, lies, and more lies Annie
The 3 waters claims by government are either gross exaggerations or downright lies to support their co-governance agenda Chris
It’s no brainer of a question. The Government of course Vivienne
Labour has taken lying to an art form, supported by a government bureaucracy either stacked with woke simpletons who have been sucked in by Labours lies or good people who are now too scared to speak out. Warwick
Closely followed by media which is fed by the government. Kate
Before 2023 elections we won’t HAVE a government or political parties, we will have been taken over by an international gang of Elites. Thanks WEF Young Global Leader graduate 2014. Robert
It can’t be the citizens, because there are no publications in New Zealand that would publish anything a citizen(kiwi) would say. william
NZ looks less like a democracy everyday I voted twice for Adern’s government I’m horrified at what she has done to the people of this wonderful country. John
This Labour Govt has perhaps forever changed our belief in our Govt through deceit with lockdowns and mandates to pushing co-governance as a Treaty reality when it actually is no such thing. Can you believe in 1840 Queen Victoria really was signing a co governance with canibal natives….no way. So co governance is a fabrication and distortion of reality Laurine
Only the brain dead believe anything that comes out of Arderns mouth. She’s lied her way through life and lies daily now. Tony
As an Ex clinical pharmacist I have been appalled at the disregard of health professionals and scientists with any view opposing the governments narrative. The complete ignoring of data, the perpetuation of pushing trial papers that have been shown to be fraudulent and or misleading. And the abandonment of due process with a new medical procedure. Robin
Repeat lies often enough and soon those lies will be accepted as truth by the ill-informed. NZ is in deep trouble. Patrick
The trouble is that many of the citizens are so uneducated and gullible they believe everything this government says and are happy to sit back and take the handouts Tom
The PM and her inner circle are not just liars, the are pure evil. Russell
The bigger the lie repeated more often and loud enough becomes the truth Joseph Goebbels Arthur
The Government is the actual problem. They are so quick to accuse the public of dis-information, when in actual fact they are the ones who are responsible for it in the first place. And by constantly using the phrase” I reject the premise of the question etc.,” rather than giving some answers to some quite legitimate questions and concerns, it just comes off as them (the Government) playing us for fools. Enough is enough…..they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, WE pay their salaries, it is time they actually did their jobs, and worked for the people and the country and NOT AGAINST IT. Heather
The co governance being an obligation from the treaty is the biggest error being pushed upon us. This is a destructive demolition of democracy, by the current government. They need to be tossed out in 2023 if they do not fold earlier. Peter
Jacinda Ardern is a traitor to WeThe people of New Zealand. Pauline
Lots of lies, three waters is the best example Andrew
Almost everything emanating from this racist administration is disinformation. As a good friend of mine said, “More spin than a tumble dryer.” Critics of the Government are accused of spreading lies, but in reality most are truthful. The covert use of surveillance is reprehensible. One recalls the outcry when Solid Energy used Thompson and Clark to keep an eye on protesters. Quickly forgotten by the public and conveniently ignored by this racist regime. Gavin
Well it can’t be the citizens…! Olive
This NZ Labour Government under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern will go down in NZ history as the worse lying Government NZ has every had in its life time., Don
It’sy Orwell’s Ministry of Truth come to life. David
Absolutely without question, the government has withheld information that all New Zealanders have a right to hear, digest, and discuss. This Labour Government under Adern has been the worst in New Zealand’s history, and the most divisive. New Zealand is NOT a better place because of Adern. She needs to be replaced NOW. Take a look at the 3 waters, the Health System, NZ food production and Farming. Good farmland being sold to overseas interests to plant Pine Trees ! Have you seen any good recipes for Pine Needle Soup ? Bryan
Just note the lies Ardern told 8,000 grad students in US last week!!! Jennifer
In my view , Ardern is the most corrupt dangerous politician NZ has ever seen. It worries me that the public largely don’t realize what she is doing . Martyn
Lies lies and more lies. Call it for what it is. Bev
When I commented in Grounded Kiwis that the government in NZ was Orwellian my comment was removed. Aderns government is clearly mirroring the Chinese CCP with all of its draconian, ill considered and inhuman actions. This government is destroying what was one of the best places in the world to live. Charles
We can no longer trust anything they say or do. Our country is divided like never before & this government is pushing apartheid & separatism as fast as it can. Jillian
They are such liars from the prime minister down. Pack of propaganda artists. Rosemary
Without a doubt, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Antonio Gramski, the initiator of ‘political correctness’ would have been proud of Ardern’s bunch of incompetents, who appear to be their natural successors TOBY
The ardern government is in lock step with the Biden regime with strong indications anyone who does not agree with the current government policies is “an enemy” of the government and must be shut down. Freedom of speech is in peril, so very very sad. rhonda
disinformation from citizens is easily seen through from the government it is well orchestrated to be made believable this heinous government needs to be removed from power immediately Nigel
Since Winston took the hand break off, this government has been full steam ahead sowing misinformation, with their cohorts, the so called elite iwi. Neither have shown any mora fibre in doing so. The lies and false interpretations keep coming. The PM’s speech at Harvard pretty much sums up her falsehoods. I am frustrated that a good proportion the NZ public still don’t seem to grasp what is happening to their country. chris
Jacinda is the new Stalin Warren
Well that’s a no brainer lol Jan
when the govt points to disinformation in the public realm that’s probably true at any time but by Henry 
Labour all my life. Sorry not any more. Democracy is being desimmated Norm
No government has previously been stupid enough to proclaim itself ‘ the sole source of truth’ on any topic previously. The sign of true potential dictatorship I believe. We live in dangerous times. Roger
No doubt about it Gail
I say again, why can’t someone insist that the Governor General as the Queens representative disband the govt and call for a general election. It’s been done before so it could be done again. mike
It should be enshrined in our statutes that no government funding should b provided to any media organisation regardless of the political party in power Robert
I have ceased to watch TV News in any form for the past 4mths, as it is all lies and coercions, all slanted to protecting the current Govt. from any criticism, not that the current lot of reporters would dare to comment otherwise for fear of losing their ‘silence’ money. Bring on the Elections! She’s a gone scone!! Robyn
Without ANY shadow of a doubt. Bryan
They’re building the foundations of an authoritarian society in NZ. Shane 
Undoubtedly the govt. because it is run by and for the benefit of the maintenance of the power of the incumbents, which is a misuse of the democratic process. Ray
They have continually lied to us. Filling people with anxiety and confusion Janet
Worst lot of twisters of the Truth ever.. Donald
Oh yes!Disinformation from the Labour department of savages . matt
By a country yard !!! Gill
The one source of truth… really Brett
Have been from 2017 Vonne
Without a doubt. Sue
Always has been. Allan
Covid/co-goverance/media etc etc carolyn
A Communistic-based program from a corrupt “Government” Edgar W.
Obvious Leith
Without a doubt. Gavin
Jacinda Ardern employs ‘dis’ and ‘mis’ information, along with partial but incomplete truths, without shame – in fact she uses it as a tool to discredit dissenting perspectives by accusing them of doing just that. She is everything New Zealand is not – deceitful, dishonest and evil. She is like a virus attacking and destroying a nation from within. If foreign forces were to invade our shores intent on enslaving the majority of the population under a minority lead elite leadership, the solution would be obvious – we would fight this invasion to the last man or woman (as in Ukraine). Unfortunately our invader lives among us but, nevertheless demands the same response if we are not to succumb to tyranny. Kevin
A pandemic of the unvaccinated! steve
No contest there…………. this country’s in serious trouble. Cindy’s US speech was sickening. Dave
The Pulpit of Lies is responsible for many lies.. Clive
The Queen of Spin is without shame. Kevin
Everything evil Ardern and her govt of incompetent does and says is a lie Richard
They are political and do what ever they need to do to keep their jobs at the next election. Andrew
Overall the main messages from the Government are more likely to be plain wrong. Citizens do not know differently and so spread mis-information (not knowing it is false and harmful), whereas the government filters information and only allows information that supports their narrative to get through – much more likely to be dis-information. Katy
Politicians use truth and lies for the purposes of holding their power. They don’t adhere to truth – only to interests.The government never tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They have a euphemism for their lies – it’s called spin. Michael
There’s only one answer to everything in New Zealand – get rid of JA and her socialist racist party. Laura
Government and MSM rick
Since the Government has the biggest forum for perpetrating it’s ideology, then it has the greater potential for spreading disinformation. However, although the majority of New Zealanders have appeared in the past to be acting like sheep in many instances, they cannot be blamed when alternative information is either not readily available or is deliberately blocked. I am reminded of the quote of Michael Crichton “One of the greatest challenges facing mankind, is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy and truth from propaganda”. What is badly missing in the print and TV media in New Zealand is honest, informative and thoroughly researched information which addresses all sides of the issues of major concern, so that New Zealanders can be fully informed and thus be able to make their own considered opinion. Ronnie
Specifically The LABOUR coalition government. Geoff
this government is the biggest pack of bullshit artists we have seen in many years -they would not know the truth from outright lies Les W
As I have said before, who controls the money controls the narrative, who controls the narrative controls the power, the socialist pigs are rooting our democratic garden, all that will be left will be poisonous weeds fighting and killing each other. Sven
frightening nearly impossible to combat as media is captured murray
The “I will govern for all NZers” while setting about giving one group of people, Maori, advantages, through her co-governance agenda, over everyone else. is one of the most outrageous lies she has stated, along with We will be the most transparent Govt ever” Yeah right what a load of unmitigated BS She is traitorous to NZ and should be asked to leave/stand down immediately., through a vote of ‘no confidence’ Carolyn
The COVID debrief reveals much that was only suspect before. David
Nothing that labour says can be trusted Carl
And all who are employed by Government. Charlotte
It is blatently obvious that the Govt. is the biggest perpetrator of disinformation, that should include blatent lies! Ian
Sadly the Ardern Government has gone off on a bizarre and divisive racial tangent and official perspectives and advice can no longer be trusted as representing the best interests of the majority of citizens. Furthermore, Govt sponsored media has developed a tendency to sanitise Govt information releases and fails to effectively hold Govt to account. Symon
It has now become very obvious that what this Government is doing is the New World Oder Agenda Reset to a One World Government. The Public announcements, Laws and Education Protocols by this Government, are in ‘Lockstep’ with other World Governments. That surely tells us that there is a lot bigger Agenda going on. Wake up People it’s almost too late. Geoff
We need to resist this slow creep of what those familiar with ‘The never ending story’ might refer to as ‘The Nothing’, not only through politics but also on a personal level. Bruce
This diatribe is distilled paranoia. EG false that vaccinated spread virus more than unvaccinated. Totally untrue because if vaccinated probability of being infected is reduced. I would prefer political research to paranoia John
Willful blindness on both sides ! There is no hope for the old NZ. Rob
Ardern can’t have more time, a vote of no confidence is urgently needed. Helen
further disinformation not limited to Ardern is concernng “climate emergency”. Books such as Fossil Future, Apocalypse Never and Unsettled give the real picture. The problem is “designated experts” who are selected on the basis that they present the required view. Anyone involved in any form of science knows you can find an expert to fit your view point. Steve
This government is so full of bullshit. They have to be replaced. Robbie
Speechless at what is happening!! Marianne
More arrogance from this Liebour Govt. I am beginning to run out of descriptive words to describe the many aspects of how Liebour are changing the very fabric of NZ Society. Bruza
Created to operate their hidden agendas of Democracy destruction. Chris
Without a doubt! Elizabeth
We all know that it is the Government. Politicians lie all the time. William
Undeniably! Don
Yes Muriel, it is an authoritarian attack on anyone who challenges Labour’s dogma through any forum, including protest action? For “Jacsinister” and her lot, it’s their need to surveil and CONTROL us. Extracted from Churchill’s larger quote on this topic. “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police. They are afraid of words and thoughts; words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home – all the more powerful because forbidden – terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic. They make frantic efforts to bar our thoughts and words; they are afraid of the workings of the human mind.” Don
It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that any “information” emanating from The Creature, her minions and the Government in general, should be regarded as agenda-driven untruth. After all, the Ministry of Propaganda, headed up by Dr Goebbels, worked for Nazi Germany in the ’30’s – why should something similar not work today in NZ, given that we have the same sort of people tasked with running it? The only things missing are the Swastika flags and armbands! Scott
No grey areas there. Jacksie and Co lie flatter than a bath mat. Mick
The Governments claim to being the ” one source of truth” should have warned everyone Mike
The worst aspect perpetrated by the government in my view is ‘buying’ the main stream media. This in effect emasculates its freedom of expression- the hallmark of totalitarianism. Douglas
This unquestionably is an evil regime which must be got rid of. I do hope that Harvard has been made aware of this evil woman’s true agenda. Peter
I agree with every word!! Hendy
As per Muriel june
Arden reeks of hypocrisy of the highest order. She should be charged with political fraud and removed from office Rod
Led and promoted by our Prime Minister. Peter
they open their mouths and lies are about all that comes out. Lionel
We are now a Communist Dictatorship!!! Noela
The Labour Party are practised and accomplished liars who have no shame Ray
Very dodgy to say the least. Mike
The most glaring instances are those of government origin but social media shows a large number of citizen initiated instances, so it’s a toss-up! Terry
1000% government Neil
comrade ardern’s marxist ideology in full cry Sid
Without doubt this is the only thing this government is good at. Adele
The Government have far more resources and opportunities to promote their message. Unfortunately social media, as with the Wellington protesters, is riddled with weirdos who, by their vitriolic and stupid comments, swamp the genuine communicators. I have an inbuilt radar which beeps as soon as a Labour Ministers begins speaking. Start from the premise that what they say is not credible and work forward from there Mike
Need you ask?….all of them!!! Raewyn
This socialist government and their maori caucus along with the waitangi tribunal. Darryl
This Labour Government and Jacinda Ardern are the biggest seat of disinformation. And this is being fed to us through Mimisteries and Agencies set up by this government. TIME for an election NOW…. Carl
The govt have proven themselves to be dishonest and not to be trusted. Clive
We are living in 1984 – Jacinda reads it morning and night to ensure she is on track ! sheryl
Jacinda Ardern is the biggest propogater of mis- and disinformation in NZ and about NZ Joanne
Both in equal numbers.  Kate
She should have been awarded a “Doctor of Hypocrisy ” degree. Geoff.
the sooner Labour goes the better it will be for all NZers graeme
The Prime minister and all her those in her party who key positions are corrupt when comes to telling the truth and so are her Maori mates likes of Willy Jackson and Mahuta and co.I would not trust any of them and as it stands i have never seen in my life such group of scum bags running the country. When jack boots Jacinda made the speech in the U S A to that gaulable crowd i thought what a bear faced lier she turned out to be. I have just read Mathew Hooteens article in the Herald and he states that Jacinda needs to go and be replaced with the likes of Grant Robertson God spare us . It appears that their is nobody in the Labour Party capable of taking the top job. Roll on 2023. ken
Never has this country been so divided I wonder if we are better off in North Korea !! Russ
They have done nothing but lie ever since they have ben in power Colin
sad when only lie are believed and truth no longer is believed russell
Everything that comes out of Labour’s mouths lies and more lies. Mary-Ann
The biggest perpetrator of this disinformation is in fact Goebbels Ardern. Chris
I do not like the Labour Govt in N.Z. David
From the start. Continuing. Leading to division of families and communities. Punishing dissent .. ongoing., Rochelle
It starts at the top. Terry
Shocking Shocking !!!!!!!!!!! What else would one expect Ross
Unprecedented disinformation from an NZ government – scarily so!! BEWARE and REACT. mark
Ardern speaks with a forked tougue Collin
Words fail me – i did not serve my country defending democracy to have it taken away from me !!!!!!!!..  Warwick
It works because so few people are not prepared to think about what they are told by so called experts, the UN and the government. Probably people starting to think is what they fear the most.  Hugh
Maori supremacists indeed at the head of this Marxist push by Cinders’ leftist government. Wee Willie, Ma Hooter, Dildo Davis and those who make up the Maori caucus are leading New Zealand down a dark ethno-nationalist rabbit hole. Paul
Cindy is a Tyrant Ross
I’m about to change to National Kevin
The sooner this lot is removed the better Frank
To quote JA: The foundation of a strong democracy …that can be built up over decades but torn down in mere years. This is exactly what she is guilty of. Jan
Problem is so many young people are brainwashed. Critical thinking is no longer taught at school only zero carbon nonsense and socialism. Darren
It’s not just central government that is creating an Orwellian Society. John Holyoake, the CEO of Western Bay of Plenty is having a good crack at it too. Most of the local newspapers have run stories quoting the CEO: We have a very clear demographic sitting around the Council table and we need diversity. And We need to recognize other things besides the traditional privileges of being wealthy and white. While the proportion of Maori Councillors around the table is very close to the proportion in the district, that is not good enough for Holyoake. We need more Maori at the table so that we can hand on heart work in partnership with Tangata Whenua he said. But while it appears acceptable for the CEO to be critical of Councillors, it is not okay for elected members to criticize him. All elected members in the district have received an email from Council’s General Manager Strategy and Community part of which reads: I have also become aware of an allegation that the Chief Executive is influencing certain community members to stand for Council and/or the Mayoralty. This allegation is untrue. Against the background of this allegation and other comments shared widely in a recent email thread, I wish to advise that Council will not tolerate personal comments being made about the Chief Executive (or any staff) that could be construed to be defamatory in nature. Such comments serve to disparage and impugn the competence of the Chief Executive, including his ability to properly carry out his statutory responsibilities. Should such a situation arise again Council will consider the full suite of legal remedies available. Keith
This government specialises in disinformation and rarely considers the truth, unless it conforms with its own warped agenda Derek
Jacinda actively promotes three major frauds. 1. Her climate Fraud 2. Her treaty of Waitangi fraud, and 3. Her Anthropogenic global warming fraud. She should be jailed for her role in each. John
Jacinda’s huge communications team controls the narrative in order to ‘Jacinda wash’ all the message from the bully pulpit. we must be vary careful of this government’s agenda to disenfranchise us through deceit. and the media which holds ‘government to account’ has become the maidservants to her lies. Baden
In just 5 years we have gone from a decent caring society to one where political treachery is destroying all that was good about New Zealand. There’s a quote on my fridge; When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty”. I only hope it can be a peaceful revolution David
Close the news media “bribe bag” and see how the truth suddenly appears. kabe
The current Labour Government is perhaps the worst and most treacherous outfit that has ever ruled our country — we have to get rid of them and all their disgusting agendas. Alan
Whether in hope or in ignorance or in malice, politicians and public health bureaucrats overstated the testing criteria used for the vaccines. (Suggested edit.) Robert
Prof. Joanna Kidman is leading the Centre of Research Excellence for preventing and countering Violent Extremism! The very one whose mantra must be ‘A disagreeable person is one who disagrees with me!’ Sylvia
The Ardern Government by far. Destroying New Zealand. Folkert
Ardern’s Harvard speech was a disgrace.As an 80 year old NZer I find most of the speeches she makes are not based on fact. NZ is well down the road of of being a Fascist state. David
Look at the rubbish that they present through the various media”s Rob
They have lied so many times How can you believe them Ray
Not the most transparent Govt ever, but the most dishonest. Chris
She and her government have to go before they completely destroy New Zealand as we know it. Kevin
This government is neoMarxist in its thinking and in its actions- in accord with the PM being a Past President of International Socialist Youth Hylton
Socialist States are all the same, pro Chinese loving government tossers Tom
The Ardern Government regime has encouraged deceitful spin to deliver outcomes that will radically change NZ’s historic culture and prospects. We face alarming pressure to adopt co-governance without due process, re-writing history, damaging decision-making impacting our economic survival, ineffective policing and gun controls, weak education results, deteriorating homeless and mental health issues etc. at a time of rising costs and unhealthy reliance on Government dependency. Sadly, we appear to shortly witness the departure of too many of our finest and most valuable people to achieve better prospects Overseas. Peter
She cannot stand up to her 15 strong radical Maori caucus members, they all need to go. Sharron
Frighteningly so! Simone
Individuals have to beheld to account Anthony
I despair of the rate we are hurtling towards state control. Even the Treaty is now being ignored, and should be abolished as being abused on a racial basis. Anon
17% of the population being given 50% of the say is not democracy Warren
Who have been brought and paid for by the world order elite. neil
By a hundred country miles! Patricia
If the info comes from the NZ Govt. now I don’t believe it. We have never before had a Prime Minister who seems unable to tell the truth. She has taken terminological inexactitudes to a new level. Paloma
The Maorification of New Zeaalnd agenda is the most insidious disinformation campaign New Zealand has ever seen. Casey
So many lies Susan
Jacinda Adern in particular Ann
This Government and it’s quango allies are a tragic enforcement of unrelenting totalitarianism on ALL decent hard working tax paying New Zealanders. But I fear that a very large majority of my fellow national citizens as mentioned above have not the slightest idea of the dark surreptitious nature that is gradually engulfing our freedoms of thoughts enterprise and even our dreams of a bright successful future that should be the equal opportunity for ALL of us New Zealanders as all for one and one for all. Some how sooner or later the parliamentarian opposition must take a strong stand in the house against this dark fog of unpalatable antidemocrat separatist nonsense. This clandestine war by this well organized separatist movement has been ongoing now for over 60 years. Over this time it has infiltrated selected Government Departments with the aim of gaining positions of ideological power and to sow the seeds of guilt through their training by disseminating throughout the targeted infiltrated organisation much “disinformation”. They spread their hidden disingenuousness dark dogma extremes cunningly step by step like a long term cancer until like we now can see for what it is as being no more than a grab for unbridled power and unearned riches in the current game of their disinformation. This must not be allowed to succeed for it is not in the best interests of our country nor is in the best interests of ALL New Zealanders who uphold our true democracy as the best method for our freedoms to flourish as we want it to be. But even so we still need a NZ Citizens Binding Referendum Party as they have in Switzerland as a true method of maintaining any part of our democracy. Is anybody interested in getting this up and going? Garry\’s
Aided by a willing fourth estate. john
The Gov push the false info to get the public to conform, this is how commies starts start louise
This labour / green / Maori conglomerate of university trained ideologues are literally nuts. They are driven by UN and WHO hair brained schemes, all copying each other. We need to vote them and their whacky ideas out and vote for a party that will give NZ a point of difference on the world stage. Don’t follow others down the rabbit hole of poverty, famine and failure- NZ stand up and stand out from the crowd. ACT seems to agree with this principle. Kevin
Starting with the Big Lie – that the Treaty was a “partnership” agreement with Maori, the last five years have seen a continual stream of spin that is better described as lies, rather than disinformation. Kerry
The Government, no question! They are deliberately destroying the fabric of our society. Why? We all have theories I’m sure. Brenda
division instead of unity. We prefer a new PM Ian
Simple logic confirms that a single source of information is always unreliable and contrary to sound reason. Brian
I would believe very little of what Ardern and her cohort, Mahuta says on any subject whatsoever Doug
Lies are we hear from thisGovernment and especially the Prime Minister David
Sick of this traitorous PM & her clowns Linda
Their lies are endless Ed
It goes without saying! Graeme
Like peters before her the baubles and perks of office have gone to her head. Max
The Labor Government of NZ is totally out of control , they are not listening to the general public. Democracy is being eroded daily and the refuse to have referendum’s on major subject. Wendy
As is said, the difference between disinformation and truth is a few weeks. Everything that has been seriously proposed and has been classified as disinformation has later been verified as fact. Alan
totally norman
No doubt about that!! This Labour govt is the VERY WORST at dispersing lies, falsehoods and being downright traitorous, devious and misleading with their hidden agendas. Tony
As would be expected in a dystopian country Peter
We can’t believe a word that comes from Arderns mouth. Robin
Definitely the Ardern govt more than any other NZ govt in the past. mark
Never in my 70 years of living in New Zealand have I ever experienced such Racial Divide and dissatisfaction with the a Prime Minister and the Government. Roll on Election Time. Urban
Liebour need to be exposed Richrd
Obvious Bryan
Jacinda Ardern is the biggest liar I have every know to be the PM of our Country. I am part Maori and if Labour get back in next year my hard working family will leave this Country dave
Ardern has passed the boundary of disinformation, misinformation,untruths and straight lies intoTreason! Clearly our system of voting, and Parliamentary Government must be rethought to ensure that this never happens again. What is the point of having judiciary and a Governer General if they are unwilling to act against deliberate policies destroying our democracy. Peter
The government is a malignant perpetrator of misinformation and uses it to attack the well-being of NZ citizens on myriad fronts including health, education, culture, science, agriculture, and fiscal matters. It feels as though the totality of the extra 20,000 public servants they have hired has been put to work to destroy our country. Tony
It is under this Ardern Government that disinformation has become politically correct. ron
Please New Zealand wake up to this government before it is too late. Laraine
The Govt has it’s own agenda that was not proposed in the elections Bob
Pretty obvious to ” thinkers”. lorraine
They have been getting ‘stronger’ since 2020.I trust God,but not this government. Dick
No confidence in this Ardern/Mahuta Labour Government Julz
Jacinda in particular. She would struggle to discern a lie from the truth! Alan
This so called “transparent, honest” Government disgusts me- they are anything BUT, and certainly have no intention of looking after anyone else but their own selfish selves, pity this country for what they have done to it in such a short time. If we were in a different country there would be an uproar and they would be thrown out-permanently… Carol
However i do think The media blow everything out of proportion and are not truthful. Catiez
Just take the Climate Change Commission. The CCC say the Capital can expect a sea-level rise or 300 mm between now and 2040. That is an average of 16.7 mm per year. Where does the CCC get this misinformation to add to their other scaremongering statements? RICHard
She has taken the Labour Party and turned it into a Socialist Party. Catherine
All lies ever since she got into government Gordon
There’s just no doubt. The lies, conflicting advice from different arms of Government. Evidence everywhere – until it’s taken down of course. Robyn
Time to vote Labour out of government. Arthur
The government narrative justifying lockdowns and later mandatory vaccines (including the ongoing mantric repetition of “safe and effective”) are so blatantly anti-logic and anti-science (in the sense of “science” being “free and open inquiry”) that it has to be by far the government as the biggest perpetrator of “disinformation”. What is most distressing is that all the institutions (health, education, justice,…..) have gone along with the stupidity. This does not give one much hope for the future of this society. If I were a younger man, I’d be looking to emigrate. Dean 
Have never lived my life as a Kiwi and seen the division this Govt. is causing.?? will national if in power reverse this.Looking at some of the faces who are to benefit and hope to rule us,were doomedas Kiwi’s Raewyn
Police carrying out this governments intention of support for Maori, above the rights of other New Zealanders. Abuse, intimidation and threats to non Maori individuals is being ignored, or worse, blaming and prosecuting the victims. Sandra
No further comment. Peter
One source of truth has over time produced an Everest high pile of lies! Wally
A dangerous position must be stopped but how nola
Citizens want the truth. Government want to suppress the truth. Simon
Citizens are not allowed to disagree %u2014 Chris
They tell lies and there seems to be nothing anyone can do to get publicity about it as media Brough and paid for Pauline
Without a doubt the biggest source of disinformation in New Zealand is Jacinda Ardern and her government which seems to be one big lie factory of fake people seeking to create a fake world and guess who ends up with all the money !!!! Donald
A very dangerous situation need more people to take notice leo
I really worry about my family and all families if this Govt continues in this vein, Co Governance is dangerous and I wonder if it is even legal? Barbara
Ardern’s claim to be the source of truth is laughable. James
Jacinda’s socialist agenda is not acceptable to the majority of New Zealanders, no more than the co-governance by iwi . Peter
The govt may have its issues but there is no way it is the greater perpetrator on this one John
There is a culture of blatant deceit and lying eminating from this government, stemmed from the top! This Labour government has destroyed it’s own credibility and probably future governments too! People need to wake up! Unfortunately the saying is true, ‘That for evil will prosper when good men/women do nothing’. Whoever is credited with saying it first, it’s true! Peter
I can no longer believe anything I am now told by the govt a very sad state of affairs Geoff
The agenda is clear. They do not even hide anything anymore. And why?? Because the majority of people do not bother to ask the right questions and are absolutely not interested in what is really going out there. Bread and games ,like in ancient Rome ,is all they want. It is hight time that this whole charade comes crashing down. Learning by suffering seems to be the only way to wake up this inert and amorphous mass. Michael
The fact they are trying to hide it . . . John
At a time when racist, apartheid culture deems those who oppose it as “racist” for doing so, no other conclusion can be made. Nick
Single source of truth my arse Skarlett
These miscreants are so evil,Jacinda the most toxic. gale
Ardern and her cabal are promoting division and otherness at every turn. Trevor
The current Government is one of the worst purveyors of false or missleading information that are currently operating in New Zealand. As Rowan Atkinson once said the only answer to bad free speech is more free speech. There must be an absolute right to express personal views (subject only to liable etc) in any free and democratic society. Neither of which is the plan of our current PM Cookie
Without any doubt this Government is the most deceitful lying sons of bitches that this country has or hopefully will have. Cannot wait to get rid of such a pack of bastards! Roy
I have a facebook video from JA in which she actually lies on two occasions about M I Q. Michael
Most definitely the Government. They wouldn’t know disinformation if they fell over it. They are obliterating the truth and we should all be able to speak the truth. This is the worst Government ever and we are rapidly becoming a Third World country. Helen
Who has the power to arrest Ardern for treason? chris
Ardern’s socialist and her Maori Caucus Steve
It is completely obvious that we have been force-fed a litany of lies by the Government, but what is extremely concerning is that the Opposition has to a large extent backed them in this. Rod
They are a bunch of racist liars Bruce
Dictatorship Evans
This government is completely dishonest and not to be trusted. bruce
spreading fear karen
I personally do not believe a word that Ardern and her Coalition Government say and the same goes for the woke Govt bought Media. Wayne
This government lies but citizens are passing on rumour and unsubstantiated information. It’s a close run thing as to which is the most dangerous. Graham
I am appalled at what has transpired through this Labour Government. To walk around you local township without a mask makes you feel like a criminal. The no facial recognition can be quite over whelming and to try and make the old smile and good morning or afternoon is a thing of the past and certainly not the NewZealand I was once proud to belong all 76 years. This Orwellian society has to end along with this co governance charade. Rod
always has been, 1970 my 1st taste of US propaganda on our only TV channel, with Philip Sherry the lead man…. wasn’t awake but could smell BS. Then in the army same year, the weekly films in the theatre with the B52’s bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail, in Laos from 50,000 feet and did not succeed, the gung ho US troops with the very brave South Viet troops winning the ground war, hell the SV were more corrupt than the US. The theatre erupted in mirth with some of the US claims..we know BS at least, then they want us to go over there to fight communism…LOL. Col Allan Olds on US interview with Johnston the Pres. The Pres asked him how was it going over there, Olds said let us attack Hanoi Mr Pres and we can win this thing. Hell we cant do that Col, then we would have to declare WAR, note they the Govt called it a conflict… and been fiddling around there since the French left in the 50’s. From what I can understand it was all about drugs out of the Golden Triangle. Wayne
Too many Kiwis have followed this woman like a shepherdess leading “lambs to the slaughter”. Kiwis MUST WAKE UP AND prevent this deception. Must vote in a government who have the [political will and strength to reverse to many lies being enacted into pseudo reality and law. Ian
We must reverse her treachery. John
Jacinda must go … and the sooner the better Bruce
Witness the deliberate distortion of vaccination figures, RAT test availability and Nania Mahuta’s fictitious “Crown Law Opinion” Terry
Obvious really!! Isa
Govt has been grossly complicit since the mosque tragedy and probably earlier than that Paul
So disheartening to see the antics of this regime and what they%u2019re doing to our once beautiful country. Lawrie
Ardern’s communist beliefs are being enforced on NZ with increasing stealth Bruce
This disgusting government has created a media that can no longer be trusted to tell the truth. I have lost any respect for the media, our education system who now brainwash our children, all businesses such as Air NZ, Vodafone etc … who believe that all communications need to be written and spoken in maori. The list is endless. Des
It’s way pass time the citizens of this country open there minds and eyes and sees this Government for what they are, a bunch of laying back stabbing picks and they sooner they are gone the better off we will all be, just look at the Covid-19 balls up,the three water cock up, the health system, the education sector, the list just keeps going on and on what ever they have touched has all turned to carp. So come on people lets get together and lets get rid of them and vote them out. COLIN
‘Transparent’ will be the next word that disappears from the English lexicon in Jacihunta Land…. Mike
This government wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face Jenny
So many statements from the government, then a backtrack. Unreliable, & untrustworthy David
I don’t even listen to the news that is racist and paid for by the Government Peter
She must be charged and then shot Norm
socialist govt nev kath
All acts passed by the present govt MUST be undone and possibly reconsidered. Tim
It is open, blatant, and the government think they are perfectly in the right to do it! They have absolutely no idea of true democratic government! Ron
A lot of the propaganda around Covid has been proven to be wrong. Paul
Every time this Govt opens it’s mouth it lies. If you disagree it is disinformation or right wing. I thought surveillance could only be done with a court issued warrants. Roll on the election. Addrianne
Definitely, overwhelmingly, absolutely, shockingly, consistently, intentionally, and undoubtedly. Claire
The are. of course being, prodded (by either threat or bribery) by citizens who will gain more money and power from this fiasco. Laraine
The government wants control without debate. They are destroying personal responsibility. NEIL
As has been proven many times over, when ‘conspiracy theories’ have eventually shown to be truth. Don
My comments are unprintable, I am disgusted at how the public chooses to be so ignorant. merryl
it is not about THE truth, it is about forces the views of the government onto people. Nina
we are under an authoritarian regime already in NZ Dominique
Government all need to stand down now or face legal action for what they are doing. Why did they not take pay cuts during lock downs!!! John
They lie through their teeth, and it’s quite intentional. The sad part is that so many people still believe them, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Graham
Without a doubt why do they have to lie knowing they will be found out shortly no one with half a brain would vote for anyone who is caught out lying Peter
Illuminati at work here. Black Rock! Chrysta
By shutting down the 4th estate Ian
I believe that this Government thought that most of the people were stupid and they could do as they pleaded. the recent polls prove this is not so. I also believe that the current PM wont be the leader by the next election. Les
What a disaster we have on our hands with this lying deceptive government. Wake up NZ. Fight for our democracy. Jenny
Labour Government by a huge margin. Peter
They clearly, intentionally, had their marketing & advertising group play with the English language Elle
Lies, deception, propaganda, mis-truths, corruption, brainwashing – this government specializes in them all. christine
We do not have a MSM that looks after the interests of Kiwis therefore independent sites have popped up which give citizens alternative viewpoints and allows them to have their say if they so wish. This can only be a good thing.as we are finding out now, much of the information the government feeds us is wrong. Foe example many vaccinated people are getting covid. Arderns speech to Harvard seemed totally “at odds” with the reality we are experiencing in New Zealand regarding freedom of expression, cost of living and the crime rate. Janine
Ardern is the biggest liar and most dangerous person this country has ever had in Parliament. She is the single biggest threat to democracy in this country and in fact the biggest threat this country has ever faced including the Japanese threatened invasion in WW2. The fact that she is working against the citizens from the inside is even more insidious. Have you heard of her latest move in anti-democracy. Yet another department called “Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism”. Apparently the violent extremism in the name is just a red herring to get this department up and running and over the line without protest. One of the new people appointed by Ardern for this department is Prof Joanna Kidman of Victoria University. Check her history out. If you are one of the thousands of people who still think they are voting for an old fashioned Labour Party, the best thing you can ever do for this country is to disabuse yourself of that idea as quick as you can. Stalins imp is knocking at the door. Terry
Everything the Ardern Government says is disinformation. They simply cannot be trusted. It is all lies and spin. Don
Anyone criticising Labour is being accused of spreading disinformation, but most are telling the truth. It is Labour that is the serial propagandist. They wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it.  Trevor
I thought there were laws to prevent the surveillance of ordinary citizens unless search warrants were issued.  Brian
What a stuff up that whole vaccine programme has been. The vaccine didn’t provide the protection the politicians promised and yet you were threatened with losing your job if you didn’t accept it. It was so cruel and heartless – I could never, ever trust Ardern or Labour again.  Carol
When you look at everything, every time Jacinda Ardern ignored official advice, she stuffed it up. There should have been no lockdown and no mandates. We should have gone down the same path as Sweden, but done a better job of keeping the elderly safe, and let natural immunity build up with non-genetic vaccines for those that wanted it. Masks and PPE should have been available when needed. Andy