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A Tiger by the Tail

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When it comes to climate activism, Greenpeace are market leaders.  They are well-funded, and their stunts attract wide media coverage.

That was certainly the case last month when two Greenpeace activists scaled the 29-storey Majestic Centre in Wellington – where Austrian-based oil and gas company OMV has offices – to publicise their opposition to offshore drilling: “It is time for an end to big oil. They have plans to drill 22 wells in NZ, making them our biggest, and last, international oil villain”.

The pair, who were arrested once they reached the top of the building, certainly achieved their media objective. However, it turns out that the drilling rig they were protesting against is not in New Zealand to search for oil, but for natural gas.

Natural gas, of course, is a low emission fuel that is increasingly being used to replace coal. In New Zealand it is widely used for cooking, heating, and powering industry.

It’s a vital resource, but as a result of the Prime Minister’s rash decision to ban new exploration licenses, OMV, which operates our gas fields, says there are only enough reserves to last seven years. Without new discoveries, production is expected to start falling away from 2021. If this current round of drilling fails to result in a commercial find, without the option for new licenses in new areas, OMV says there is unlikely to be any further investment in exploration.

That means that unless other domestic sources are found, New Zealand would need to import gas.

Methanex, which uses 45 percent of all of New Zealand’s natural gas, would also be hard hit, with production expected to be cut from 2026 unless new gas deposits are found. The methanol they produce is a vital ingredient in a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to building supplies. It plays a key role in the manufacture of solar panels, wind turbines, and bio‐diesel. The demand for methanol-based marine fuel is likely to increase dramatically as new international fuel pollution standards force commercial shipping to replace oil-based fuel.

If natural gas supplies reduce, power generators will be forced to use coal for peak loading. But thanks to the Government’s antagonism towards the West Coast coal mining industry – led by the Green Party Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage – coal is now having to be imported from places like Indonesia.

Since most other countries do not have the same strict environmental standards that New Zealand has in place, by closing down our clean energy industry, the Government will not only force up prices, but if gas, coal or oil needs to be bought offshore and shipped to New Zealand, greenhouse gas emissions will increase, instead of decreasing.

The Greenpeace activists who climbed the Wellington building justified their actions with the doomsday prediction that, “We’re living through a climate emergency. If we don’t halve global carbon emissions in just a decade, we’ll be locked into extreme weather and heating that will threaten all life on Earth, including our own.”

Such alarmism over climate change, has now reached dangerous proportions. People are literally afraid for their lives. Many do not realise that they are victims of a hyped-up political propaganda campaign driven by the likes of Greenpeace and those former environmental activists who now reside in Parliament, who are pushing the view that the world will end unless capitalism and its reliance on fossil fuels are destroyed. Such scaremongering is now widespread throughout all levels of society, from school students striking for climate action, to local councils declaring climate emergencies.

Some media outlets are complicit.

As the fourth estate, the media has traditionally held a ‘trusted’ role in society as the fourth pillar of our democracy, alongside Parliament, the Executive, and the Judiciary. By holding the Government to account, their key objective has been to provide balance in their reporting, so the public can make up their own mind.

However, that no longer seems to be the case as once-respected mainstream media, increasingly appear to have made up their mind. 

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy has been incensed by the approach taken by the Fairfax Media company Stuff to ban any views that challenge their alarmist reporting on climate change. He explains:

“This is what passes for ‘balanced journalism’ in the death throes of Fairfax Media.

A note on Balance: Some respondents used the survey to deny the scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activity. Many objected to Stuff’s refusal to give airtime to climate change denialists accusing us of abandoning our journalistic principles by not giving ‘balance’ and showing ‘both sides’.

Balance is an integral journalistic principle. It’s relevant where there are competing views that have merit. But matching fact with fiction isn’t balance.

The evidence for the existence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming. This is not a good-faith debate of two equivalent sides. As the saying goes you are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own facts.

“This poorly written and extraordinary mishmash of ideas purportedly comes from the pen of the ‘Stuff Editor in Chief’, if so it is no wonder journalistic standards at Fairfax are at an all-time low.

“It is difficult to analyse writing so impervious to reason or fact but try one must.”

Anthony goes on to explain in detail why the newspaper’s stance is so misguided, reminding the editor that scaring people by telling them that the world is going to end is extremely irresponsible and may put lives at risk.

Critics argue that Stuff’s refusal to publish news, articles, and letters to the editor that question man-made global warming, is a breach of their basic commitment to the journalistic principles espoused by the NZ Press Council: “An independent press plays a vital role in a democracy. The proper fulfilment of that role requires a fundamental responsibility to maintain high standards of accuracy, fairness and balance and public faith in those standards. There is no more important principle in a democracy than freedom of expression. Freedom of expression and freedom of the media are inextricably bound. The print media is jealous in guarding freedom of expression, not just for publishers’ sake but, more importantly, in the public interest.” 

A controversial article by the outspoken American author and journalist Matt Taibbi, recently published in the Washington Spectator, reveals how, as a result of the changing business environment, many of the new media models no longer rely on impartiality and balance but on brainwashing and conflict:

“Pick up any major newspaper, or turn on any network television news broadcast. The political orientation won’t matter. You’ll find virtually every story checks certain boxes. Call them the 10 rules of hate. After generations of doing the opposite, when unity and conformity were more profitable, the primary product the news media now sells is division.

“The problem we (in the media) all have is the commercial structure of the business. To make money, we’ve had to train audiences to consume news in a certain way. We need you anxious, pre-pissed, addicted to conflict. Moreover we need you to bring a series of assumptions every time you open a paper or turn on your phone, TV, or car radio. Without them, most of what we produce will seem illogical and offensive.”

Perhaps it is this brand of journalism that Stuff has now adopted, rather than the ideals expressed in the principles of the Press Council or Stuff’s own code of ethics.

As if Stuff’s current over-heated reporting and refusal to print a balance of opinions on climate change is not enough, they have now announced that they intend taking an even stronger pro-climate change stance. The editor in chief says that, in the lead up to the United Nation’s Climate Action Summit in September, they plan to ‘reframe’ climate change coverage to make it feel “urgent, tangible and unignorable for New Zealanders”.

The New York summit, which will gather together people from all over the globe, will now consist of two meetings instead of one – there’s a meeting for young activists on the 21st, to be followed by the main meeting for world leaders on the 23rd.

It will be interesting to see whether Stuff and other media report on the carbon emissions produced by New Zealanders attending these events. According to the carbon calculator described by Frank Newman in his Breaking Views blog “Flight-shame about to touch-down in NZ”, each delegate taking a round trip to New York will be responsible for emitting almost double the carbon emission that an environmentally conscious Kiwi family of four would emit in a year.

However, Kiwis don’t need to worry that this army of climate change jet-setters – the politicians, bureaucrats and activists who frequently fly all over the world attending UN climate conferences to discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – are blowing the country’s carbon budgets, because international air travel is not included in the UN’s Paris Agreement calculations.

In what seems like a rather self-serving and hypocritical move, the UN omitted international air travel from national climate change targets, because they said there was a lack of agreement on how emissions should be attributed to particular countries!

However, as Frank warns, this situation is likely to change as a result of the growing momentum of the “Flight Shame” movement. This, along with the activist campaigns to stop people eating meat and dairy products, have the potential to significantly impact on New Zealand’s economic future as our tourism trade comes under threat, as well as our agricultural sector.  

In fact, at the present time, Parliament’s Environmental Select Committee is hearing first hand about the economic upheaval that will be created by the Zero Carbon Bill, which sets into law New Zealand’s commitment to the UN’s Paris Agreement. Submitters included the Climate Leaders’ Coalition – a group set up by the Prime Minister to promote business leadership on climate change. They warned that by largely restricting the carbon credits that can be used to offset Emission Trading Scheme taxes to only those generated within New Zealand, the Government will be responsible for driving major land-use changes, as high emitting industries buy farming land to plant pine trees to offset their emissions.

As NZ Steel explained, there is no commercial process for making iron that does not produce carbon dioxide. And while research is underway around the world, low carbon steel is still decades away. By forcing NZ Steel to pay high ETS taxes, when their international competitors do not, the Government will be responsible for making New Zealand-made steel less competitive.

Furthermore, it will be companies like NZ Steel, where no technology is available to reduce their emissions, that will be forced into to buying farmland for trees. 

Land use change was also a major concern of Local Government New Zealand. It relayed the fear that exists in rural communities that once productive farmland is planted in trees to offset emissions, there will be fewer families, fewer kids, smaller schools and rural depopulation.

Fonterra and Dairy NZ told the Committee that the New Zealand targets for reducing methane emissions by 24 – 47 per cent by 2050 are too ambitious, and that they too will need new technology to achieve those goals. In their case, while new genetically modified feedstocks are being developed to reduce methane emissions, the GM restrictions that New Zealand has in place, means they cannot be used here.

One of the submitters was Generation Zero. The crowning achievement of this youth-led climate activist group, that has campaigned on public transport in swimwear and led climate strikes, is that they drafted the Zero Carbon Bill.

They started promoting their Bill, which was based on the UK’s legislation in 2016, as an effective way of achieving real political change. They gained the support of the Green Party and Labour for their policy ahead of the last election. As they say, the rest is history.

The scale of the social and economic change that climate activists are forcing onto New Zealand should not be under-estimated. They literally have a tiger by the tail.


Do you have confidence in the New Zealand media when it comes to reporting climate change? 

*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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They have an unhealthy interest in blaming NZ’s No. 1 income earner(farmers) and expecting them to pay for every one’s transgressions in polluting over the years.. Tunnel vision in according blame and actual lack of knowledge of actual climate change Rayna
Unbalanced reporting. or inability to properly understand what the science is telly us John
I feel that nz media coverage is one sided. It seldom relates the costs proposed to the effect they will have on our 0.17% global contribution Graham
Selective and untrue reporting is the order of the day. The real reasons for climate change remain unstated because it is not PC to focus on world population growth which is being driven by coloured poor countries. Derek
It is all leftist propaganda used to scare the public to help force the UN’s globalist Agenda upon us. Look up the UN’s Agenda 21. Climate change hysteria is part of bringing that to fruition. Climate change gives governments the power to add all sorts of crazy taxes and increased cost of living on to its unsuspecting public under the guise of saving the planet which they don’t really care about. Look at our Prime Ministers ever expanding carbon footprint on travel Has she heard of a phone or skype? Answer: One rule for thee, but not for me! www.climatedepot.com shows the information and truths the MSM will never tell its audience . Maree
No. They have swallowed this bull-shit hook, lime and sinker. We need evidence that the planet is cooling to shut them up!! Bruce
There is no such thing as Climate Change. It is just a money making fraud for the UN. A few years on it will be the biggest joke the world has ever seen, an expensive joke that will bankrupt a lot of smaller Countries. Chris
All they do is write what they are told so that the papers can be sold. Bill
Another hoax perpetrated by the far left and anti free-market Marxists whose objective has always been to destroy the western economies. Too much credibility has been afforded the Greens whose left wing extremism is aligned to communism. And where is the pathetic National parties stance on these left wing morons, Has anyone been heard to utter repeal? Freedom is not free. Rex
Having been in the Media industry for some 10 years or so, (1982-93), I know that the integrity of the newsprint, and TV media has deteriorated substantially. Even then, newsprint media and TV ‘lied by omission’ in their ‘stories’ and misleading by intent, whilst covering their ass by adjusting the interpretation to suit their requirements. Nowadays, they just blatantly lie, not even bothering to disguise the fact. Still, so do our Politicians at all levels, so who taught who that they could get away with ‘the bent Truth’? Power over-rides Truth AND Integrity. We all see it, every day. MervB
The media are a pack of ratbags who have been employed to tell lies to the NZ public.they receive cash backhanders to publish these lies. I cancelled my herald subscription because of their bias. Since then they have offered the herald for free but I have declined offer. More rubbish for the recycle bin Allan
I have no confidence in the NZ media to report anything truthful. ROBERT
None whatsoever. There must be a lot of backhander payments being made. The Green Party already has the blood of the Pike River miners on its hands. George
bring back Truth the Thursday publication where there was no political blind siding. Stuff is stuffed. Bob
We are read the left’s narrative not the news on the main TV channels. Journalism is dead in this country so I mostly watch American cable TV, Fox news and talk-show hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham & Mark Levin who conduct powerful interviews from the right and the left side of politics. The media here also suffer from TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. Monica
Fairfax Media are a dishonest organization pushing their own view Stan
If you regard all MSM as lies and propaganda you will put yourself in a position to have a much more realistic view of what really goes on in the world. Ronmac
That is a big fat NO John
No Confidence at all. No longer watch news/television or read main stream media. The Radicals /government are in charge and happy to led the sheep into economic poverty. Man made global warming is a SCAM. Young people especially young girls are very susceptible to this scary propaganda. Sam
have not had a real fee media for years Barry
We rarely watch the news or visit NZ news sites because of the imbalance that their coverage gives and the incredulous nature of some of their stories. Ingrid
Lots of words to describe her —none polite Nevkath
absolutely one sided reporting particularly in printed media. Brian
Absolutely not. Most of the media is lazy, chasing easy and sensational news. The over use of the words climate change in the media are akin to brain washing. David
this myth is driven by the marxists at the UN in order to destroy the developed world and establish their “new world order” It would be nice to know exactly who owns” stuff” Bill
NO The so called journalist reporting in News papers and TV news are so biased , I don’t watch now a waste of time. Wendy
It’s all Hype. Mostly without Fact. Don
Climate change philosophy Is being used as a form of Fabian socialistic control. Pollution is a major issue and as a nation that is what we should address for ourselves. The interesting thing re tree planting, as I understand, if the wrong trees planted in the wrong situation, emit more methane than they absorb! The hypocrisy of the climate promoters beggars belief. Adrian
Blinkered or biased, call it what you like, it’s mostly rubbish! John
Much of the media is socialist and therefore has a political agenda. The full facts are never given. Eg. The Greens shut down oil exploration because of the fuels that are produced that generate greenhouse gas. (Even though CO2 is not a Pollutant). However, the facts are that oil is the base product for thousands of items we use in everyday life!!! Follow the Alarmists to your peril!!! Frederick
Stuff is one of the worst offenders but at least they are honest in terms of actually openly admitting their blatant bias. Glyn
Media so tend to sensationalise Jenny
Absolutely not, there has never been any balanced, researched reporting on this matter. The MSM should hang their head in shame over this, good journalism went out the door many years ago. Allan
No I don’t. The silly part about all this is, I have not seen any real climate change myself to say that there is climate change taking place!!! Eric
Sensationalist. No data Clive
All part-of-i, Agenda 21 Peter
the socialists are ramping-up their tried and proven methods of attacking democracy and free speech by taking over the learning institutions and brainwashing our youth , now with the help of our largest ( one-eyed )news media . John
MSM are only looking at money for THEIR pockets from Climate Change. They don’t give a toss about reality. Creating a Tax from stopping Cows Farting, Belching, etc etc. Get real. How the … can a Tax fix things?. Bloody bureaucrats. They blame CO2. We need more of it, not less. Sorry humans , we are …………………….because of the d….heads in power. Unfortunately, you can’t do bugger all. So, sit back, have a LARGE single malt whiskey and hope all those A..holes die a horrible death. shane
Hell NO! They’re the biggest pack of manipulating a’holes that are destroying this country – God’s Own! Paradise Lost…. Simon
Absolutely not. Alan
There is to much Alarmism over climate change. A lot of Climate change is nature doing it thing. Change in climate has been happening for over 1000 years. Some parts of climate change has got bad. Due to more cars and bigger planes around that ever before. Warmers are to full on and should be told to stop it. It has got very political and dangerous. people are adopting to much in to this and need to hold back and slow up. It is becoming a big cult show of Divison. I have part of my family I should stop eating meat and think of the climate. Its time this shite was stop. Lets stop having babies ??. Robert
Only Nature can control climate whatever. IAN
Both the written media [stuff] and national radio media {morning report especially] are openly biased toward nonsensical hysterical pro climate change bull! Ron
I have very little faith in NZ media nowadays and actually spend more time viewing Australian news media outlets – not perfect but better than NZ Janet
The Fairfax Media policy appears to be against free and fair speech on this and other matters. The best remedy is to cancel subscription tho these types of publication. William
I don’t have confidence in NZ mainstream media to report anything much objectively these days. Climate change is a standout though. Stan
What has happened to “Granny” NZH? The impartiality of years ago has gone. I find it hard to even read the so called lead writers. Maybe I am a dinosaur Douglas
Basically yes. Long-form journalism is needed. Rochelle
Their fear promotion is grossly exaggerated !! David
purveyors of ignorance that is only surpassed by their arrogance Peter
Seriously, do you expect me to believe a cow fart is worse than the pollution from a jet airplane !!! Bryan
NZ media are left wing, climate alarmist mouth pieces Trevor
The News media are looking for the SCOOP be it truthful or otherwise. Little credence is given to the cyclical habits of weather and that so much is recorded which would enlighten people if they would read and look at history. Elizabeth
In one word … NO. I don’t trust them, nor do I trust US news sites. They are all tarred with the same perverse brush! Diana
The media are not only not reporting a balanced picture – they are not reading the concerns of so many thinking adults who are looking for strong arguments based on ‘real science’, not modelling of assumptions of future climate Heather
THE TRUTH is that CO2 and Methane is beneficial and is plant food; very important to RAISE it as the solar minima reduces growing opportunities as we COOL. It’s Globalist LIES and mass hysteria obfuscated pseudoscience; man has zero influence on climate.. 1000 FROLLY PHD on YouTube……… Zoran
Alarmist yes but ANY action NZ takes is doomed to failure by the actions of India and China and their daily energy expansions. However the real climate is due to interplanetary events, not humans. Bryan
they seem to be very anti any comment that opposes climate change .we will become a third world country soon controlled by distorted facts Anthony
I lost confidence in the New Zealand Herald and tour TV reporting and many documentaries many years ago. John
Far too much fear based nonsense . Colleen
TV 1 news should be renamed “Climate Change News” as we get propaganda every night, most of which is fake news or opinion. John
have no confidence in mainstream media full stop bill
They repeat mainstream rhetoric without seeking alternative viewpoints Dave
They do not report a balanced view. Jo
Sheep following sheep without any self taught intellectual reasons to follow Stu
I only have experience of the STUFF media group. Bill
More trying to rule the world with fear Bev
The media don’t question any doom and gloom information on climate change, and then when information comes about something they are saying is not correct it is side lined. Mark
The media, especially Fairfax, is disgracefully biased concerning climate change Wah
No bloody way! Scaremongers the lot of them. Fraser
Unfortunately, NZ media have long-since abandoned any semblance not only of balance, but of any critical examination of important issues. Newsrooms full of young journalists who want to be influencers rather than reporters. Fewer sub-editors and no Back Bench to exercise control. What could possibly go wrong? John
I have noticed that when they report something they do not give the correct facts or leave something out and it sound like something it is not Cherryl
NZ Media biased and one sided. Shameful. Robert
Most of our “newspapers” are full of puerile garbage..and are poorly edited and often have grammatical errors.. So why would their reporting on climate change be any different? Donald
Fairfax won’t publish letters even remotely critical of current climate hysteria I suggested that recent school children protests about Govt. inaction might better be directed at the Chinese and Indian Embassies, in view of the proliferation of new coal fired power stations in these countries, which will dwarf NZ’s miniscule contribution to pollution.! Not published !! john
I have no confidence in the NZ media when it comes to reporting ANYTHING – except sport. They speak political-pidgin and spew out government propaganda at any opportunity Al Jazeera supplies my news these days. Gail
Facts and common sense seem to have been thrown out like ‘the baby with the bath water’ – and like many other issues the climate change one seems to be more driven by emotion than sensibility and practicality. Margaret
The media have bought into the climate change hysteria and promote it to the exclusion of alternative views. The Greens, traditionally environmentalists, have hijacked our lives and livelihoods in their migration to and rapid exposure as a marxist political party. Brian
NZ media is now so light-weight and unbalanced. I give TVNZ & TV3 about 1 minute at 6pm, The diet of Trump snipes, Indonesian floods, US car crashes, animal stories, (including Sonny Bill) and highly edited interview bites are just utterly pathetic and an embarrassment. Or oversees friends don’t understand why we have so many young blond female respondents all with helium voices and no in-depth knowledge of ‘stuff’ David
Media nowadays appear to print sensationalism. The only way to maintain profits. Dennis
I have cancelled newspaper delivery and restricted television news Brian
They are one of the main players in this insidious deceit. StevoC
The media in NZ and world wide are so bias to the socialist left I personally do not believe in half of what they portray or tell. Wayne
Look at the patent rush now on for LENR.. CO2 lags temperature. They are replacing hope with scaremongering. Kevin
Absolutely not They just keep on reporting how bad things are are only getting worse. You never hear the opposite side of the story. A Recent prominent weather scientist said the present range of temperature is in the normal range. I think I saw this on the internet But not on the TV or the newspapers. We are being sucked into the biggest con since Ponzi Colin
I have NO faith in the NZ media to represent ANY issue fairly. There is ALWAYS a slant, a liberal, left-wing bias, IF both sides are represented at all. Joyce
Climate change has been happening for millions of years. Bernette
Reservations depending on future activity. Jim
Since the greens have been in government it has become the new religion. You don’t dare say you disagree with man made climate change. They immediately tag you with climate change denier. How stupid, that’s like saying the earth is still flat. Since the dawn of creation, there has been climate change. What they are saying, is it is all caused by carbon. Yet there has been climate change when there was no carbon. No cars. Science has shown if you eliminated all carbon it would make little difference to the climate. The greens put trees plants animals before people, but are quite happy to abort children. They are a deceived lot, and unfortunately climate change has become the new religion. As with all religious deception it is extremely deceptive and power full. A whole Nation had been deceived by it. Dene
Not at all. They the media have scared people so much that the readers are now unable to think for themselves Tom
They are pathetic Norman
Whilst it is not silly making every effort to improve our planet, we are at the mercy of the sun. History has shown that due to the sun, we have hot and cold variations, so let us have some balanced information. Peter
Its very biassed and unbalanced. Opposite views are not welcomed. Peter
There has been NO robust investigative journalism – just repetitive chanting of the matras of this new religion. The Editor of The Press, in a recent letter to subscribers, has even stated that The Press will not publish ANY material that calls into question this “Settled Science”! Brian
They are following the media giants around the world. The good way of life in NZ is over. Hone
More CO2 means better plants. Buy a V8 today! Howard
They don’t do ANY homework … simply report what they are told to report! Andy
We have a weather pattern, always have climate change is nothing but propaganda to enable the UN to take vast amounts of money from he stupid. Chris
absolutely not. KEVIN
You cannot believe anything reported by main stream media because it is propaganda and not in ordinary Kiwis best interests. They are the terrorists we should be looking at more closely. Keith
We can have very little confidence in anything the largely left NZ Media reports. Geoff
Press and TV have, by their biased and careless reporting, forfeited all claims to being a trustworthy news reporting operation. TOBY
I don’t have confidence in all the political hype that we are getting flooded with,i think that the fear mongering that is going on over climate change is just a world wide political scam and its all about money Rodger
It seen all too one sided and I have yet to see balanced (Both sides) published together side by side…. I live in HOPE Carl
We are being brainwashed Dennis
The often used phrase that “the science is settled” is a lie. Nor do the majority of scientists agree on climate change, yet the media present it as hard fact. They are as biased and self-interested in this as they are on most other political idealogies. Brenda
Definitely not John
The climate will change as it always has changed and we can do nothing about it. Bryan
The MSM have been reduced to a propaganda tool. There is nothing left of what was once called responsible and investigative journalism based on facts and evidence. This whole climate change issue is nothing but a hoax and a massive Ponzi scheme to redistribute wealth into the hands of a few. In other words: part of a global scheme for a world government. All these useful idiots (from school kids to local councils to politicians) who are too brainwashed to even think straight, have become enemies to everybody (and their own worst enemies for that matter) who can see through this body of lies and deception. Michael
I have no confidence in the nz media to report anything Anthony
What used to be the bastion of balanced reporting and a true representative of the Fourth Estate, the New Zealand Herald has now for some years accepted the view “the discussion on Global Warming (Climate Change) is now over”. The Herald may not have approached the matter as rabidly as “Stuff” has but it is difficult to remember when it last published an article which support a view contrary to the views of the PM , the Minister for Climate Change, Ministry for the Environment, The Royal Society of New Zealand, and NIWA. The last I remember was the printing of a submission by Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Duffy. I personally have had Stuff censor my letter to their Editor when I asked the question as to what scientific proof they had supported (1) the claim that over 50% of warming was anthroprogenic; (2) the sea level rise around New Zealand is accelerating and will exceed 490mm (19″) by 2050; and (3) extreme weather events are increasing due to anthroprogenic influences as it was considered it would be helpful for ALL New Zealanders to understand the basis for the alarm that was being displayed. No acknowledgement band never published and certainly no evidence ever presented. Surely if the Discussion is Over they would have the evidence at their fingertips, and I’m sorry but the IPCC say so will not suffice. I commend Mr Willy’s dissertation for its accuracy and common sense, so ably presented by his most erudite and succinct capture of the facts. Our Committee for the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, the Minister for Climate Change, his party, his staff and his supporting Department, the Ministry for the Environment, and our PM should have it as compulsory reading (every night before bed) Michael
Before the 2nd world war it was found to be an excellent means to misinform the general public who overtime swallowed and believed everything they were told. The result was that anyone not confirming to this opinion could, with little resistance of the public, be dealt with as the ruling class determined this was the right way. Nothing has changed. Control the media and use this to manipulate the population so the powers that be, can do what they have decided is right. Democracy in word only. Ido
The Press has always been an uneducated unelected bunch of fascists. Gert
I no longer read the newspaper nor believe the TV news and so do not have confidence in their messages on climate change (nor other aspects of so called news including what the president says or means). Derek
They appear to be totally confused Laurel
The NZ media is so biased in all matters global. They only regurgitate the views and narratives of the global alarmists and socialist ideology. They censor open debate and never give any balanced viewpoints. I don’t even watch the news any longer but rather search out different opinions in the alternative media to inform myself. Helena
Haven’t for years. There is minimal true journalism any more. Young so-called journalists today just are the mouth pieces for the radical, loud minority. Sarah
Absolutely not. How can you counter closed minds? Michael
There are NO 2 sides reported & if something doesn’t fit THEIR agenda its NEVER mentioned.They are a DISGRACE & there don’t appear to be any REAL journalists left so you cant trust anything you read now like you USED to be able to do a few years ago. Cindy
Absolutely not. TV1 in particular is ‘infotainment’ – news, current affairs and the weather are all sauced up and the prompt readers are cloned in TV1s charm school. Yuk! As to climate change – remember David Bellamy? Flora’s answer to Attenborough’s fauna? He dared to question the science and has been sent to Coventry by the scientific establishment ever since. And not a peep out of the media. The world has gone from one climate extreme to another throughout its long history as it wobbles along its orbit a round the sun. Perhaps our schools should make ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ compulsory reading. They would then learn that planet Earth was blown to smithereens by a passing asteroid at 2:30 one afternoon. Think about it. David
they lie more than all the politicians that suck up to the likes of Murdoch and co and the bunch of septics that have arrived in NZ which as they don’t like the way the usa is run so arrive here with all there shit and cause ardern and co to run around like a chock with it’s head chopped off. Richard
Absolutely Not – Any mention of weather, hot, cold, dry, is accompanied with the obligatory use of the words “climate change”! Often the media actually goes out on a limb in order to sneak in the term. The public is being brainwashed by continual repetition of the term by Radio TV and the newspapers. We are being conditioned to accept the false ideology. Bruce C
Shameful – the media should be embarrassed.- Henry
communists at their best, deceiving and using ordinary climate events and turning them into calamity. The co-alition Govt thru the daft carbon credit system and the ETS is taking a wrecking ball to our economy for NO identifiable result David
They just regurgitate stories from elsewhere carefully selected by their brainwashed (brain dead!) journalists to promote their own ult left opinions). Stuff IS stuffed. Alan
I have very little confidence in anything they report. 90% of it is absolute garbage and 50% of the remaining 10% is doubtful so the remaining 5% is probably truth. It is all reported in relation to their editor’s political bias. Stuff can get stuffed. Kevin
The so-called journalists are too ignorant to be able to assess the science, which clearly proves that CO2 is nothing to do with climate change. Mike
The so-called journalists are too ignorant to be able to assess the science, which clearly proves that CO2 is nothing to do with climate change. Mike
I wish ” journalists ” would read Leighton Smith’s blog last month on the subject Catherine
They publish what they think will help sales while they totally ignore the truth. Around 1980 we had two kids in the last ear at high school and they were being told the world was going to soon because of nuclear bombs. We are getting the same nonsense about climate change. John
After 50 years I cancelled the Press as it was full of crap, if it’s not Crump it’s climate bullshit Graeme
I don’t have confidence in their ability to report anything fairly or accurately. Graeme
Their bias has been obvious for some considerable time. Tony
They put what they like no what we think richard
Anyone who still says the science is settled on climate change have obviously not done even a basic level of research and instead are lost in the fear devolution Darag
I have stopped watching TV1 news because it is so pro climate change rhetoric EVERY night of the week. I am over all the lies and half-truths. Ralph
STUFF’s ban on Climate Change Mo
I have no confidence in the New Zealand media when it comes to reporting anything. All they report are their own opinions not fact. But then you never let truth get in the way of a “good” story. Terry
Stuff and the Dompost are insane! Peter
Climate change,the facts,2017 A series of articles by acknowledged experts in their fields is a must read for the naive and misinformed John
They are gross bull shitters, Are they in the same world as me? Tony
The media is definitely biased with their own agendas and it’s of extreme concern. NZ was the best country to live in but it’s now getting very difficult and soon we will soon be overburdened with taxes and legislation fed by the media. Robyn
Re climate change What are all the rockets blasting through the atmosphere doing?? Greenpeace over the years have been caught falsifying information – like recently caught dumping all the plastic waste to photograph and give false info about.. It is a moneymaking sham Anne
IPCC is driven by politics not by science. 97% of BS is still predominantly BS however you look at it. On Earth climate changes, and we don’t understand how. Models are little better than useless. Just look at a daily weather forecast for this day next month or for that matter this day next week. We just do not know, media are irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Dave
Balance has long gone Graham
No confidence or trust in the media reporting climate change or anything else for that matter. Carole
They manipulate the agenda towards a leftwing world view. John
totally unreliable Steven
Gross Misinformation Tony
I have absolutely NO confidence in anything in the press these days! Everything is so left-wing and there seems to be no balanced reporting – DISGRACEFUL! Sylvia
I don’t believe any thing the media says. I make a point of finding out for myself. Jan
Its not to control climate its to control you! Don
They take no notice of recorded data and rely on rhetoric Terry
This current Government has fallen for the ‘Giant Ponzi’ Scam, Global warming caused by CO2. We breath out a form of that !! Media would appear to just do what they are told.. Our News consists of ‘Trump Bashing’, Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, legalizing Marijuana, and subtle Maori Sovereignty through Te Reao.. We are slowly going to Hell on a Hand Cart. Geoff
I have no confidence in the NZ media to report much at all, why should climate change be any different?. Barry
All are swayed by the hysteria. I suggest everybody look up what REAL scientists are saying and it’s not what our alarmists and media are saying or reporting. Alan
Of all the NZ media we consider that Stuff & The Dominion Post are the pits. If it were possible to have the Auckland Herald delivered we would cancel our Dominion sub. From being a top paper it is now the pits. Brian
Fake news Greg
global warming, 1080 are just a couple of things the media don’t report fairly on, are they in the pocket of the govt Neil
To mislead the general public on issues of this magnitude is potentially catastrophic just as Hitlers propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels lied to the German people about the evil Jews were causing!! Brian
Man-made/caused Climate Change is BS. Al Goofball and his mates are just after (and making Trillions of cash) out of a Hoax Shane
Too often report the left side of the argument and nothing as to what would happen if we stuck our heads in the proverbial sand as the Greens etc wants us to do Greg
The media in New Zealand generally speaking could not find its own rear end without someone to show it to them, in fact I think that is world wide Hugh
I don’t have confidence in the New Zealand Media, full stop! When I see lies like “The evidence for the existence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming” being perpetuated and ramped up, it makes me think it is time for a real change. Exit from the UN is a must if we are to survive, yes survive! When I hear terms like “dirty coal” (James Shaw) and “Oil Villains” and that we are causing “extreme weather and heating” and that there is a “climate emergency” and that “global carbon emissions” are a problem, when they clearly the scientific evidence based on the TRUTH is to the contrary. The media is pumping out LIE after LIE. Where is the money coming from to keep the LIE rolling and who is complicit in perpetuating the LIE. I see that a NZ Imam shook hands with President Trump. Wonder who financed that trip? We know who financed he Muslims from Christchurch of to Mecca. Suspect there is a lot of “money” flowing in the “deep web” that cannot be traced, and we are faced with a difficult task. Neil
Maybe a few decades ago, but not when the media is basically acting like an activist political party with a heavy bias for personal ideology. Pavel
No – there is no such thing. Lyn
I have little faith in the media reporting anything in an unbiased way. Phil
Absolutely not. I completed the survey mentioned on stuff and was one of those who said there needed to be more balanced reporting on Stuff which include both sides to the climate debate. I feel let down by the editor of stuff who has basically said they’re not interested in my views. I fell the science on this matter is far from settled. This current government is driving our country into economic oblivion. Across the Tasman a more enlightened government is happily using and exporting their fossil fuel resources while we get left behind. totally hamstrung by our inept coalition government. I don’t think Stuff is alone in their one-sided reporting either, I don’t see anyone giving balanced reporting of the differing viewpoints on any print or TV media either. And don’t get me started on the ridiculous moves by councils declaring “climate emergencies”. They’ll start burning witches next……… Dave
Over the years I have noticed that the media do not give balanced reporting on climate change and it is getting worse. There have been also very few articles in local provincial newspapers and national ones if any on the Foreshore claims, or water claims, or land claims by Maori activists etc. Frank
If anything appears regularly on the News media like Climate Change, forget it. This was Global Freezing in the 70’s later changing to Global Warming and again to Climate Change presently. All these changes make such a farce of the myth it’s amazing this propaganda still seems to be believed but boy, it’s really raking in MONEY. George
Our stuff news paper is a disgrace I have been bared for being a denist the whole news industry is out of control with the wacky ideas they need a good kick up the back side for making people scared with there rot Russell
The media too have to survive. In order to survive they must adopt the contentious, be seen to be the darling of the colourful, the correct and the goodie two shoes brigade. Gone is the consideration that extremest policies such as the Govt’s ban on new permits for hydrocarbon exploration, such as the much touted fart tax for the nations dairy cows, such as the the Governmental pious frowning when mention is made of furthering the dwindling stocks of natural gas resource. Great to be a Goodie Two Shoes nation but mention should be made that the pious policies are fast sending us to the poor house. New Zealand can’t afford to be global good guy leading the way to climatic salvation…We just don’t have the resource. Marshal
We declared a “Climate Emergency” in our house over a week ago but nothing seems to have changed. Are we doing something wrong? Disillusioned
It is obvious to anyone with even a scintilla of common sense that the whole CAGW project is in fact an enormous crime cartel. The pushers of the climate hysteria will go in the history books as the useful idiots that they are. About $1.5 trillion per annum – follow the money. Dave
Humans can’t control the weather! Sam
The media is as mislead as those who espouse it – just not quite as rabidly involved. Jim
If climate change is so critical why are councils and the government still allowing development in prone areas. Robert
The media has been a big part of the problem for years. Terry
Has the “Fourth Estate” evolved into the “Fifth Column”? We are seeing any views not sanctioned by the media mogul as being rejected and ignored. If we have differing views we are not allowed to be part of the narrative. Colin
The media does not report both sides of the story as they should.  Kim
We must speak up. Silence from the thinking public will be taken as acceptance by the Haters/liars. Brian
There’s a least 1 headline a day on climate change. Thats propaganda and indoctrinating, not news. A forecast of wet weather is a disaster story. Maureen
No!!!! Marianne
Global warming maybe real and I think it is,l but the reason quoted that it is man made is a hoax. If man is the cause of global warming then were they also responsible for the ice age? It is madness and a giant hoax fuelled by the Press, politicians and the looney left to name a few. Max
Absolutely NOT! They only report a one-sided viewpoint and give no commentary to the growing swell of those who’re skeptics or non-believers. Tony
To make a comment in the Local Papers one has to be a member of the Neighbourly outfit. I am not because I refuse to give them my first name preferring to use my initials and surname. So I am effectively silenced because I refuse to let them decide how my name should be printed. K
I have absolutely no confidence in the NZ media when it comes to accurately reporting anything, full stop! As I have neither a parrot, whose cage needs regular lining with newsprint, nor a puppy which requires house training, there is no purpose in subscribing to any daily newspaper. As for the TV – that went West years ago! Scott
They have no interest in presentation of basic truth – only in pushing some ideological band-wagon that they have been deceived into supporting because they have lost all ability to be objective and honest. Russell
For a start, the Herald is so left wing they may as well be an organ for the Greens. You just need to look at the cartoonists efforts which totally ignore the shambles of this government and still pick on John Key. Rod
I have no confidence in them in reporting anything! Norm
load of chap owen
I don’t have any confidence in our socialist media full stop. Richard
Media opinion pieces are strident and insist on leading, or leading astray, public understanding on matters of of climate. Much as in the story of the sky is falling on my head. News media have enormous influence. Leo
The Media in NZ are becoming the enemy of the people by refusing to publicise both sides of the story. There is growing dissent about human-induced climate change among hundreds of highly distinguished scientists – but that is never reported by the MSM. Why is that? Journalism should be reporting both sides of any story in order for readers to form their own conclusions. The NZ MSM is now little more than an outlet for propaganda which favours the globalists and the Left. The more likely scenario for our immediate future is global cooling, which will be far more of a threat to life on this planet. Julia
Most certainly not Peter
Disgust and suspicion about every stance they take is a more accurate description. Kevin
The agenda is on the side of the left. Graeme
We are being misinformed and mismanaged by the chaotic mishmash of a government. David
I have zero confidence in the media on most issues these days, but particularly “climate change” (where was Al Gore when the dinosaurs became extinct?), and also a host of other issues that NZers have a right to voice opinions and dissenting views on. The NZ media, with perhaps the exception of Peter Williams and Sean Plunkett, has become little more than endless indoctrination and force-feeding of propaganda. KATE
The views of the various media outlets are completely one-sided and alarmist. One wonders about hidden agendas because the earth’s cooling and heating has been going on for hundreds of millions of years in a never ending cycle. Mary
Totally one sided and getting worse Gareth
I have no confidence in the media whatsoever they have turned into nothing more than propaganda machine for the UN. I now change the channel every time they start bleating on about climate change. Thousands of scientists and research studies have questioned the seriousness or feasibility of climate change predictions, but you won’t find them being interviewed by the main stream media! Frances
It is a fraud perpetrated by the media and politicians for their own purposes. The so called scientists are in general graduates in geography and meteorology and have no understanding of the basic physical assumptions, merely repeating teh mantra of illiterate ‘journalists’ John
New Zealand media is pathetic we do not get any news on the rugby cricket tennis basketball. Absolutely sick of it Mike
Continued unbalanced reporting on climate change will result in financial disaster for New Zealand! Ian
Frankly, I have no faith in any NZ Media to report accurately ANY news as they fail to understand the difference between collating and reporting facts and giving their opinion . Coupled of course with their overuse of emotive language and a lack of basic comprehension skills. Vernon
There is certainly climate change happening but balanced reporting of what is causing this is very hard to find. Keith
Only this publication ! Dick
It is becoming a religion and as with all religions you dare not question the “truth” as the religious extremists present it. Frank
Facts?? RICHard
I have no confidence in any reports on any article they cover as the are so bias on most of the articles they report on .As the saying goes (if it bleeds it reads if not we make it) David
You must be joking – trust the media? Bruce
The U.N.’s policy of anthropomorphic global warming is a fake front to control mankind into how he will live. The idea and plan initially called AGENDA 21, now 2030 AGENDA belongs to the late Canadian socialist and U.N. bureaucrat Maurice Strong (1929-2015) who spent his last years in commufascist China returning to Canada to die. The climate will do what the climate has always done – change, without any significant help from man. The flora on this planet needs carbon dioxide. It is a proven fact. To oppose our leftist media, the rallying cry to counter their false narrative and help save us from a fascistic global tyranny should be: MAKE CO2 GREAT AGAIN ! Don
The media only seem to present opinion and not the truth. Glenn
TV1,The Maori /Greens/Climate Change Channel, would never show bias would they? Bruce
NO. All media seems hell bend on all the negative, so called news. Anyone with a gripe or grievance is fully reported with no balanced reporting of the true state of affairs. The govt has its head in the sand over the ridiculous catch cry of a climate emergency which NZ will pay a heavy price to satisfy these unwanted list Green MP’s. The Greens have a strangle hold on the govt. With good, productive farms being sold into forestry for useless carbon credits. The govt must step in to stop this nonsense. Graeme
All greenies should have a listen to one of their own founding stalwarts, Patrick Moore, and consider what he has to say about climate change. Just visit YouTube. Kris
I don’t have confidence in New Zealand media full stop! vic
As a former senior journalist both here and overseas I have absolutely no faith in the accuracy, balance and reportage of facts by the New Zealand media. Karl du Fresne’s article in this week’s NZCPR column explains clearly and accurately how this has come about. Our recognised sources of news no longer publish news but rather a collection of opinion pieces written by their own staff or by contributors with carefully selected views. Rob
MSM NZ is so far away from understanding the the workings and causes of climate changes it is better they do not comment on it. NZ Govt controlled NZ Media with NO rational thinking of the subject are twisting the story for political gain. Ced
No confidence at all. Just about all of the media people are politically left or stupid greens or both. They have been brainwashed by the academic elite, who really are nobodies, and the really wealthy people who can see a huge opportunity to make easy money Mike
The media have simply created mass hysteria and really would most of those vocal in the media have the intelligence to realistically evaluate all of the relevant information, emphatically NO Don
Reminds me of Lord HAW HAW’s speech for the Nazis Brianb
Open debate is being silenced by suspect forces stifling anyone who doesn’t agree with the alarmist propaganda Graham
I’m fed up with all this brain washing as it’s all it is anyone with half a brain should be able to see through all the nonsense that a few are preaching they even teach it in the schools how irresponsible is that Peter
NZ MSM has been taken over & honesty has been destroyed, by an indoctrinated, generation who have NO regards for FACTS or REALITY. The age of investigative journalism has long gone, & been replaced by; WHAT I SAY IS WHAT YOU MUST BELIEVE. Not much longer & democracy will just be a memory in the once proud Western civilized society.. A.G.R.
Feelings appear more important to our very left leaning media than a balance reporting of the facts. John
100percent no! Cyril
I do not have confidence in anything from the NZ media let alone climate change Sue
I have no confidence that the mass media cares about the facts, let alone both sides of any issue. Fiona
God no! It is all scaremongering. Human’s cannot influence the weather. Jane
One must NOT let the truth get in the way of a good story. Bullshit sells.  Brian
The NZ media like most is totally biased. There is no room or desire for rational debate. Climate change is being used worldwide as a smokescreen for progressing socialism/communism. No politician in NZ has the wisdom/guts to expose this. Robert
Comment by all media is completely one-sided on this subject. Opposite opinions are not portrayed. Graham
Certainly not on climate change, in fact I would not trust the main stream media in this country to accurately tell the time. Rob Robert
they seem to be compliant in pushing this nonsense. Chris
Seemingly, we have to assume that all news is untrue until we do our own personal research. Denis
These people are a disgrace. They appear to be brainwashed – why don’t they research the subject before adopting a position instead of simply joining up with the climate idiots? History will leave them with egg on their faces eventually, but how much damage will they do in the meantime.? Roy
Selling newspapers is more important than reporting what is actually happening. Gary
Fairfax are not alone on this – sadly. Lawrie
absolutely facile level of analysis in any media John
It is almost constant exaggeration, and alarmist reference to selected weather events in a way that implies they are “climate change” caused by the way we live and work. As King Canute learned, the idea that man’s little efforts can change the world-wide climate of the living planet is preposterous. Most the MSM is just using biased alarmism to sell papers, and, politically, it is just another scam to keep the people frightened. Gordon
None whatever ,personal points of views of media talking heads are not news and biased editing serves only to further favoured causes . Max
A farce. A natural change Brian
Stopped ready Stuff and its family some time ago….likewise stopped watching the two TV news channels.. Get what I need from ODT, The BDF Media, Breitbart,, Sky News and Fox……the rest does not matter and if I miss a day it does not matter either. Its not just Climate Change I don’t trust them on!! …….and I would bet in a decade most will be gone……but lets just say they will be gone before we all perish from climate change. Neville
They are dangerous Alan
No balance and no science involved Russell
Man made climate change is a farce and a scam. New Zealand should have absolutely no part in it in any way whatsoever. maurice
The responsibility lies less with journalists and more with editors or should I say idiotors!. I no longer have confidence that New Zealand newspapers will print unbiased well researched articles and therefore no longer waste my money in buying newspapers. Peter
It shows how far objective journalism, especially in NZ, has sunk. I agree that the “fourth estate” should be giving us a variety of viewpoints to enable us to have a balanced view of issues. Stuff does itself no favours by shutting down debate on climate change issues, as there are many scientists of repute who do not believe that changes in climate are caused by human activity, but rather are cyclical in nature. When we’ve travelled we’ve seen other newspapers which give quality and balanced coverage on many topics – not so here in NZ. Stuff should be held to account on its closed policy. Laurence
No. They are essentially tree hugging socialists who never do any research just espouse the same popular (with other idealogues) myth. Mike
NZ media follows the lead of overseas media and is poor at reporting on such issues that are really no issues at all! Ray
I have little faith in the New Zealand media – period. As for climate change, it seems to have become the latest quasi-religion, which one is forbidden to question. Political correctness at its very worst. Graham
Same all round the world, Socialist agenda. Graeme
They appear to be part of a world wide media drive advocating globalism or world without borders and one dictator (George Soros) assuming the role of supreme leader. Cindy Ardern will be just one of his many hand maidens. Nick
The media are brainwashing us that climate change is a fact. I want to read counter arguments so I can make up my own mind as to whether or not climate change is a fact. Clinton
The bulk of the media is populated by youngish people with warped attitudes towards the really important and factual realism that dictates how an economy functions and the consequences of introducing policies that damage the industries that provide New Zealand with it’s income. Most of them are entitle brats who have never produced a single dollar of productive surplus in their lives. As far as I am concerned they are to man, ridiculous creatures who should be forced, as part of their education, to undertake some training that will educate them on the downstream effect of their stupidity. This cohort includes Jacinda Adern who has never held a productive job in her life. Also includes all of the Greens leadership and all of the Labour Party’s representatives and of course all of the modern media. The oil and gas ban is a prime example of their stupidity. Dianna
I don’t have confidence in anything the media reports. They are liars. Jenny
Not only that they’re preventing criticism of this current government by their readers. Trevor
The news media allover the world is in the wrong camp. Michael
Actually, I do not have any confidence in the NZ media on any issue. They display a complete lack of balance in reporting on any matter. Mark
Hell no. This is just something to fill the pages and get people buying the papers. What climate catastrophe? For decades and probably centuries there have been part of the British Isles that have disappeared under the sea, and I am sure that has happened in other counties too. I reckon every new reporter gets told to fill up a page with anything, and if you want to keep your job, get on with it. What do you think? Mabel
Don’t let the fact spoil a good story. My letter, a summary of historical climate change over the last 4,000 years, was rejected. Our local paper is full of climate hysteria. Alan
They are all complicit in some way but STUFF especially are simply appalling . How any organisation can call itself a ‘news’ organisation when it refuses to give any space at all to an opposing view is beyond me. They have also severely cut back on the space they devote to any comments and have various ways of shutting down the few spaces they do give to reply. they deverse to fold up if this is their idea of ‘freedom ‘ of the media. Disgusting people!! Roger
Nope. No debate, therefore no confidence. Robin
Real science based on the earths known history , that does NOT evidence man made omissions does not get reported in NZ – unless I look it up U/Tube. or NZCPR . My biggest Question is just why, what IS going on. Maurice
So many now “toe the line” and want to be politically correct. Andrew
Very biased toward extremist views David
LOL, you jest of course, I don’t have confidence in anything our MSM outlets “report” John
Totally one sided and report everything as causing climate change. often reported events lack common sense when related to climate change. One can see that the events are not tested. No investigative journalism under taken on climate change. Martyn
I have yet to see a NZ print media show alternative views. NOT just “climate change” but on many other topics too. Freedom of speech to name one. Nick
Most definitely not. They are scaremongering. Any one of us who has been around for a long time can just look at the weather and know it has been much much worse and much much better. Man can do nothing about the actual weather but we can do something about pollution which usually gets tied up in some way in amongst climate change when in fact they are two completely different unrelated things. Helen
fake News Fred
All media seems to biased against the deniers so how can one have confidence in a balanced view. Graham
all are leftist leaning outfits controlled by watermelons’ You know green on the outside but very red on the inside John
90% of news via all media is fake to suit their political leanings especially TV1 6 News Allan
Fake news Alan
These alarmist appear to have no understanding of the history of the planet or how climate change works. Ian
There is no open, informed debate on this topic. There are scientists who disagree with the IPCC, why do we not have their research evidence reported too? That way we can make up our own minds rather than being preached to from a particular mindset. Philip
nutters John
Scaremongering So princess fairy dust Can scam more tax out of us For her socialist agenda Murray
Confidence in the NZ media? Hahahahahahaha, breathe, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Alice
I have no confidence on N.Z. media reporting on anything unless it is a pro lefty B—S— I won’t even watch TV one or three & I throw my local Kapiti Rags straight from the letter box to the recycling bin. I hope the Kapiti Coast Mayor reads this because the Kapiti Observer no longer has a letters to the Editor column, he thinks erosion of parts of Paraparaumu’s coast line is caused by rising sea levels. I have lived here for over forty years & high tide & low tide are still static. Allen
Definitely not. No scientific proof is ever put forward when attributing extreme weather to Climate Change & no proof is ever dealt with to show any Climate Change is anthropogenic. Michael
I have absolutely no confidence in the impartiality of the NZ media on any subject . They show complete bias on all Maori issues , on women’s issues and climate change etc . I repeatedly write to our lovely NZ Herald with counter points of view and guess what they never get printed . Forget climate change that is a naturally occurring process on our planet . The biggest danger to our planet which is real and measurable is plastic pollution. Jock
When it come to Climate Change – which has been happening , cyclical warmer & colder for millions of years Tye Media in general are uneducated, biased, single minded AND unless you realize it adequately, are pushing a well thought out left-wing agenda to demolish Capitalism, destroy economies, and tax countries and citizens via stage where their financial existence will be put in jeopardy. If the climate change zealots – who cannot even distinguish between pollution and climate change- took time to understand the science they might pause for a moment and wonder. They accept that the Moon influences the tides, but refuse absolutely to believe and accept that the main determiner of climate and its changes is the SUN and the huge forever altering electromagnetic waves around it. We have a crisis of immense proportions on out hands, created by zealots who do not wish to even discuss the matter – just scream and yell until the minority who take the time to try and understand the reals is cs climate change just have to give up in order to try and even sleep at night. What a tragedy for the world is happening, and becoming worse every day. Even allowing child abuse by having 12yr old crying in public because %u201C the workday is going to end in 10 years%u201D! Hylton
I have no confidence in most New Zealand now blatantly socially biased media. My personal ‘NIL climate change’ experience – my accident (taken to hospital) which occurred on the tidal water’s edge at Waikanae Beach, Gisborne – first week February 1953 – 66 years ago. Two months ago,, simply to check the media promoted tidal rise, as promoted by Left Wing United Nations, I returned to this very same accident point, to see NO discernible change in sea level – including Gisborne’s ‘normal’ tidal highs and lows! We also experienced massive storms – Bola, Wahine and others; crippling droughts; earthquakes lifting East Coast sea beds plus Mount Ruapehu’s eruption ash etc! I see all those as natural (recorded) Climate Change occasions. Yes, I see a hyped-up media and political propaganda machine at work. Stuart
Banning open and honest discussion by the dominant National Media outlet is indoctrination of the worst kind. Andi
I have zero confidence in all mainline news media in New Zealand or oversea as well for that matter. Roger
Because they do not like skeptics to challenge them. Paul
I am fed up with the alarmist propaganda spewed out daily. We urgently need loud voices of reason. Megan
I have nil confidence in the NZ’s reporting of climate change’ I keep tabs on: blogs climate science coalition (NZ), Jo Nova (Australia), Climate Depot (USA). I wish you would give a critical analysis of these blogs & encourage others to get the truth or facts on this issue. The key goal for the Marxist left-wing is replace capitalism/free markets with radical socialism! Fox New (USA) & Sky News (Australia) are true bastions of freedom!Check out Heather MacDonelle Manhattan Heritage. WE need real leadership from the National Party on these issues! Cyril
I have had no faith in the NZ Media for some time now …. sad really as I used to be part of it when working for TV. John
It’s all alarmist and pro climate change with no thought to the consequences. I want to see and read both sides to this so I can come to my own decision. I feel like we’re being fed socialist propaganda which is very scary Vivienne
I have had no confidence in anything NZ media “reports” for the last 10 years. Rick
Some media are political based. IE : The AM show with Duncan Garner & Mark Richardson both one eyed National supporters. Their presentations are so heavily biased, I change channel Kevin
Hi. I do not have any confidence in them reporting anything objectively regardless of what it is. Wayne
The NZ media has been lacking for some time now in what I would refer to as honest balanced reporting. I often question if some topics are censored by our “administration”. It is generally bias to the view of the journalist reporting an event. Which in effect is self serving as your news letter has also covered. What happened to “honest” balanced news coverage and professional editing? Chris
Climate Change is a rout by extremists. David
I am doing an Msc in climate change at Victoria. The media do not even report mainstream science that awkwardly goes against the alarmist narrative. For example, the last major IPCC assessment report (AR5) stated: “It is very likely that temperatures will continue to rise over New Zealand [note this is not a cause of concern in itself]. Precipitation is likely to increase in western regions in winter and spring, but the magnitude of change is likely to remain comparable to that of natural climate variability through the rest of the century. In summer and autumn, it is as likely as not that precipitation amounts will change.” The MFE are equally complicit in hiding material that goes against the narrative – we have not had a change in flood events or heavy precipitation or drought. Sea temps are the same since we started measuring by satellite in 1992. Sean
“…Lies and more Lies …” Honesty is a Lonely Word these days. CHowes
The bias reported in the media has the potential to derail the nz economy. Start looking for caves to live in now! Willy
No, TVNZ and other media are rigged and biased, towards The Labour Govmnt and Greenpeace. They have become a climate change propoganda organisation and no longer provide free and objective news to the NZ Public. Pierre
I have personally had articles on climate change rejected by the media on the basis that my comments were “too controversial”. I have given up. Ronnie
I don’t have confidence in NZ media to report the truth full stop. The days of objective reporting appear to be over. Brooke
As a trained scientist all I seem to hear these days is students and Arts graduates claiming to know it all from their emotions – bloody idiots. Graeme
Absolutely no confidence the media will honestly report both sides of the discussion. Donald
No. In fact since most “news” is now attached with biased commentary I have no confidence in NZ media in reporting any news. As such I no longer watch, listen or read “news” through traditional sources. George
How much methane is coming from dormant volcanoes? Maureen
Left bent and sensationalism seem to attract more sales. Promotion of Myths even more so. We can no longer trust Politicians and now we no longer have trust a neutral unbiased media. Who do we turn to now? David
Just the same as the “Y2K” scam Martin
Absolutely not – the media are the ones hyping up this climate change rubbish. In doing so they are really affecting young people, making them think there is no reason to live. It is appalling what they are doing.  Larry
The left wing media is a big part of the problem. All we ask for is balance. People are not stupid. If they are given both sides of an argument, they can make up their own mind. At the present all they get is socialist propaganda. Murray
NO – the media CANNOT be trusted on this issue.  Chris
Like Judge Willy, I have been appalled by Stuff. Fairfax Media need to sack the editor in chief. The paper has gone downhill since he started on his alarmist campaign. It is impossible to read their exaggerated reporting. And to think they plan to ramp it up! Eeek! Megan
Most media are showing their true socialist colours over global warming. “Balance” and honesty are things of the past. William