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An Abomination of a Bill

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Last week I received anonymously, a copy of a Memo the Environment Minister Nick Smith had written to his caucus colleagues, defending his Resource Management Act reforms. Dated 26 January this year, it advised National Party MPs how to respond to concerns raised by the New Zealand Centre for Political Research about the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.

The Memo starts off, “The Bluegreens Caucus and Local Government and Environment Select Committee members suggested I circulate some crisp messages in response to some of the claims from Muriel Newman and the likes about the Government’s RMA reforms through the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.”

Nick Smith’s Memo is a clear indication that not only is the Government listening to what the NZCPR has to say, but it confirms that we are making a real difference. However, it is also a shocking revelation of the scale of the misrepresentation that a Minister is prepared to feed to his colleagues.

Before we look into the specifics, first a recap on the progress of National’s RMA reforms.

The National Party has been candid about the need to streamline the RMA. When first elected to Government in 2008, a two-phase reform process was mapped out.

The first phase relaxed rules around cutting down trees, shortened consenting timeframes, stopped the RMA being used for anti-competitive purposes, and established the Environmental Protection Authority to fast-track consents of national significance.

The second phase centred on rebalancing the RMA through changes to Sections 6 and 7 – the purpose and principles of the Act – to give economic development the same weight in law as environmental protection.

However, in 2012, the lead Minister Nick Smith, resigned from Cabinet: “I have tendered my resignation because I made not one error of judgment but two”, and Amy Adams took over. In 2013 she released a consultation paper outlining the second phase of reforms. However, since neither United Future nor the Maori Party would support the proposed changes to Sections 6 and 7, National did not have the numbers to pass a bill, and the reform programme stalled.

During the 2014 election, National again campaigned on RMA reform, and in early 2015, the Environment Minister Nick Smith outlined his proposed amendments, which again prioritised the key changes to Sections 6 and 7. With the support of ACT, National had the numbers to pass a Bill.

However, nine days later, National’s Northland MP Mike Sabin resigned, and the Party then lost the seat to Winston Peters. That meant National again needed two votes to pass a bill, and with United Future and the Maori Party both still opposed to any changes to sections 6 and 7, the reforms again stalled.

That is until November of that year, when Nick Smith tabled the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill and made the surprise announcement that he had done a deal with the Maori Party to support the Bill to a Select Committee. The problem was that the reforms he introduced into Parliament were not those the Party had campaigned on. The crucial changes to sections 6 and 7 had been dropped and replaced with race-based Iwi Participation Arrangements, a concession to the Maori Party, that required democratically elected councils to seek the approval of unelected tribal representatives in all major decision-making.

The Bill attracted almost 1,000 public submissions and remained delayed in the Local Government and Environment Select Committee for most of last year – until just before Christmas, when, in another surprise development, the Bill was returned to Parliament with no change. Since National has a majority on that Committee – and therefore controls its activities – the move was clearly designed to enable the Minister to introduce yet more concessions to the Maori Party, in return for their support of the Bill back to the Select Committee.   

The new changes replaced Iwi Participation Arrangements with Mana Whakahono a Rohe – although in a deliberate act of obfuscation, no doubt to disguise the real danger of the new agreements, they are also called Iwi Participation Arrangements in the Bill.  

Mana Whakahono a Rohe are central to Nick Smith’s plan to give iwi control of fresh water, in that they facilitate Maori co-governance with councils over “plan-making, consenting, appointment of committees, monitoring and enforcement, bylaws, regulations and other council statutory responsibilities”.

Ngai Tahu spelt out their benefits in a submission on the Bill, explaining that while Iwi Participation Arrangements were limited to iwi involvement in planning, Mana Whakahono a Rohe were more comprehensive, also covering “the handling of resource consent applications, notification decisions, monitoring and enforcement.”

A report from Iwi Leaders last year provided details on how the changes came about: “The Iwi Leaders Group (ILG) in partnership with the Maori Party is advocating for the changes in the RMA area to be consistent with the aspirations of Iwi Maori. Key areas of focus for the ILG have been revised legislative drafting for Mana Whakahono a Rohe arrangements; ensuring that a higher benchmark is established for Iwi engagement with councils.

“For some Iwi co-governance and co-management arrangements have been negotiated through Treaty Settlements or through direct negotiation with regional and district councils. However for many Iwi, these co-governance and co-management arrangements do not exist and there is a clear lack of engagement from local councils on matters of decision making on resource management. The ILG is working with the Maori Party to jointly advocate for our proposed amendments with direct discussions with Minister Smith jointly held in July.”

Their negotiations were clearly successful and since the Minister’s changes to the Bill were substantial, the Select Committee had the opportunity to open them up for public consultation – but it chose not to do so.

The Select Committee has now reported the Bill back to Parliament and the Second Reading debate has been completed. All that remains before the Bill becomes law is for the Committee Stage of the House, followed by the Third Reading.

However, while the path ahead is now clear, the Bill doesn’t have to become law. Many Bills that get to this stage of the Parliamentary process are quietly abandoned by Governments.

With only 15 sitting weeks before Parliament rises for the election, National will be extremely sensitive to the views of voters. With Nick Smith’s Memo clearly indicating that they take a great deal of notice of what NZCPR readers have to say, you now have an opportunity to help stop the Bill.  If you believe that Nick Smith’s Resource Legislation Amendment Bill should not proceed, then please share your views with the Prime Minister and his MPs – the email addresses of all MPs can be found on our NZCPR.com website HERE.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, freelance journalist and outspoken critic of racial privilege, Michael Coote agrees:

“NZCPR readers must urgently contact their members of Parliament to protest over the racist ambush sprung on New Zealand by the National government in cahoots with the Maori Party under the guidance of Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith.

“National government MPs who do not support racism in New Zealand should abstain from voting or cross the floor to ensure that the Bill is defeated at its third reading. Those National MPs who continue to vote for the Bill are at best mere Parliamentary careerists, and at worst wilful facilitators of racism, in thrall to anti-democratic Maori tribalists who want to roll back the Crown and the Treaty of Waitangi as far as possible in order to restore pre-Treaty Maori tribal hegemony in New Zealand.

“In pandering to Maori racism, National deserves to lose the next general election, with the excellent result that Dr Smith will never again hold a ministerial warrant.”

Nick Smith’s Memo was also sent to Legal Expert and former Member of Parliament, Stephen Franks, who takes great exception to the Minister’s ‘deceit’: “I’ve been sent an astonishing memo to caucus from the unfortunate Minister now carrying this Bill.  In my opinion it treats caucus with contempt. My corrections to it are set out below.”

For instance, in the Memo Nick Smith says, “An assertion she [NZCPR] makes is that the iwi participation arrangements will impose onerous multiple consultation requirements on councils and consent applicants. That is not true”

Stephen Franks says that the Minister’s claim is “False – there is nothing in the new provisions to protect councils and applicants from multiple consultation requirements as a practical result of iwi participation agreements.”

We would add that not only is there no requirement in the new law for Maori tribal groups to combine their Mana Whakahono a Rohe agreements, but the Bill allows families or hapu to set up agreements as well. If they want to retain their autonomy, councils will be forced to deal with each group separately – and by way of example, the Northland Regional Council Chairman recently told Radio NZ that there were 190 hapu in their area!       

Nick Smith claimed in his Memo, “These arrangements are not compulsory and councils design the details, in consultation with iwi, on how to facilitate the participation of iwi.”

Stephen Franks says “This falsehood is Orwellian. The engagement is not ‘consultation’ with iwi. It is forced agreement. The provisions require Councils to enter agreements within 18 months after initiation by iwi, as a matter of law, unless otherwise agreed. Further, there is a threat of binding arbitration or direct stipulation for the agreement, by the Minister.

“New provisions make it clear that a Council may not withdraw from or require amendment of an agreement, so they are permanent.  There is no sunset for these intended delegations of coercive power of local government. Even if the voters of a local authority elect majorities on a platform of ridding the Council of the incubus, or requiring changes to end corruption or paralysis, or extortionate use of resources the law would protect the permanence of the agreement reached now, apparently forever, with no power for anyone to terminate it. The rights given to iwi may be perpetual, even if the relevant iwi cease to exist, or their competent descendants all live out of the rohe.

“Binding a future council who may not agree conflicts with the constitutional principle that a current government should not bind a future government unless it is follows a conventional process for entrenchment that reflects the constitutional  significance of the entrenchment (like the super-majority provisions of the Electoral Act). Even the Treaty is not entrenched so why should Mana Whakahono a Rohe?”

You can read the full details of the Minister’s claims, and Stephen Franks’ responses HERE.

What is very clear is that the Mana Whakahono a Rohe provisions in the Bill will be a disaster. They will pass control of New Zealand’s resource consenting process from democratically elected councils to private Maori groups, creating a whole new revenue gathering industry – in perpetuity. Is this really the sort of legacy that National wants to inflict on New Zealand?

What’s worse is that this latest concession to the Maori Party is not the end of the matter. They want to extract even more from National as the Bill progresses through the final stages of the Parliamentary process.

The issue for the National Caucus is whether they intend to allow their Minister the unfettered mandate to make these ongoing concessions – after all it is the National Party that is being taken for a ride by Maori interests and it is Caucus who will ultimately pay the price at the election for implementing a Bill that Stephen Franks describes as entrenching “permanent racial privilege and corruption as a canker in local democracy”.

So, once again, if you, or anyone you know, feel strongly that National will be inflicting permanent damage on New Zealand by passing this abomination of a Bill, then we urge you to contact Government MPs and share your views – before it is too late. And when they reply, please make sure you have read Stephen’s responses to Nick Smith’s twisting of the truth, so you can see for yourself whether it’s a genuine answer or whether they are simply parroting the Minister’s propaganda!


Should National pass the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill into law before the election?


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This would cause mistrust in the political state of activities in NZ. Allan
Water and access for all new zealanders is the most inportant issue we face. Graham
If Nick Smith is ever remembered at all in the future, this crappy arrangement to permit Maori control will be his sorry legacy. Carl
This is racism and the emergence of the Kingitangi movement in NZ. is becoming increasingly apparent. Laurie
I also am unwilling to support clearly race based legislation as political expediency to ensure the continued support of the Maori Party. Ginny
I cannot understand National’s continued efforts to turn New Zealand into a maori country. ALAN
This is just the thin edge of the wedge on how far National is prepared to go to secure Maori Party Support. Unfortunately what are the alternatives. Urban
Utterly deceitful and totally against what the RMA is designed to acheive. John
This is garbage. John
Once an election is called all new laws planned should be put on hold untill the new government is elected, but Smith and his Maori mates want to screw this country as much as possible. Richard
Maybe after the election they might not have to rely on the Maori Party (with their related demands) to get a non-compromised version through!? Laurie
The whole bill should be abandoned. Malcolm
I feel very strongly that RLA Bill is wrong. It panders to Maori demands and interests as well as entrenching racial privilege. And the demands will not stop there. It sounds as though the Councils will be required to conform to conditions which will not be able to be changed by future councils.. These entrenchments will be there forever. Nancy
This Bill will cause a fundamental change in our “Constitution” and as such must be subject to the approval of the Electorate as a whole in the form of a referendum. If the Nats want to put the matter to the Electorate at the General Election so be it (They will lose) but it must not be passed before general approval. If it is I will never vote National again. Robin
This bill entrenches permanent race privilige and corruption,a canker on local democracy. Guus
There’s too much of Maori running the country. Brian
It should throw it out! Christine
It is a disgrace what Nick Smith is trying to do, which basically amounts to selling out the majority to the minority. Ursula
Enough is enough. Bryan
Yet another example of Govt’s crawling to Maori – a form of racism in its own right. New Zealand needs to be governed for the advantage, or disadvantage perhaps, of all people regardless of race or religion. Smith’s bill should be shelved asap. Sadly, I believe Labour will continue to court Maori and sell the rest of us out. Where to place a vote then? Alastair
But it will, after all this is an election year and the year to please everyone. Wrong! A year to please an ethnic minority which enables the political party to govern. How long have we to put up with an election process which places minorities before the majority? More to the point, and “CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!  Brian
Definitely no. Too much hasty bad legislation has been passed allready. Especially if it has racial advantages. Norm
Another example of Govt. not listening to the people and trying to hoodwink them. Barry
Any legislation that contains race-based components that confers special privileges upon a specific ethnic group should not proceed, let alone even be conceived and put before Parliament. Tony
This trend to divide NZ in to 2 is unhealthy and undemocratic. We have to put a stop to this growing trend of having one set of rules for anyone who calls themselves Maori and the rest. It will ultimately divide the nation and is a recipe for a civil war. John
It gives environmental and economic concerns equal weighting whereas environment is for ever and economic may only be short term. David
It is too racist. Alan
With its complete capitulation to the tribalist Maori Party’s ‘identity politics’ policies, National deserves to lose the next election. Monica
It’s unconstitional and as you point out, passing power to a small one eyed minority. Chris
No, not ever, National will loose my vote if this goes through, maoris have been given way too much by this National lead Govt. and it must stop. Who will get my vote is my issue, New Zealand lead by cullen and clark was the first country in the world to be dragged down into recession in 2008 so we don’t ever want the left or the greens in control. Winston Peters, the borball boy. Say no more, wash your mouth out with soap!!! Gerald
They need to curtail the nonsense of bestowing rights in water to Maori. As for that creation of a river with a person rights that is plain idiotic nonsense. Go Winston!! Brian
Privilege of any kind accorded to Maori. or any racial group, is completely unacceptable and bound to be divisive. Rod
If National pass this Bill before, or after, the election then I will pass my vote to a party that supports one law and one government for ALL. Frank
An appalling piece of legislation that is so race-privaleged – if passed, National should be shown the consequences at the election in no uncertain terms Craig
THIS RESOURCE LEGISLATION AMENDMENT BILL gives absolute control to Maori and deny’s the rest of New Zealander’s their democratic rights creating an apathy state in favour of Maori. Harley
Under no circumstances! If they pass this bill it wiill be written into law forever, just like a constitution that they want based on the Treaty of Waitangi, another farce! Lets not forget that fresh water is still on the menu! Kevan
Absolutely not! It is racially biased towards Maori our water in this country should be free to all Not a covert way to allow Maori to rip the rest of NZ’s off That’s all Maori are after – forget all the Maori words/bullshit – they see it as an income stream and a very strong bargaining point. Fraser
NO! NO! NO! Anthonyandlois
They will lose the election if they do!! The National Party are going to lose anyway as they have lost touch with what is happening out there in New Zealand. The normal people of NZ have had enough Brown vs White bashing. Wayne
Unfortunately NZ is not a Democracy – it is a Socialist Hybrid System. This enable MP’s like Mr Smith to introduce law without repercussions. The Voter cannot remove – Mr Smith – if the government is defeated he just sits in a different chair on the same deck!!! National interest decisions are not a priority. Crappy legislation will always be a consequence of MMP. Take the “Anti-smacking Bill!” for example… Give us back democracy and a small Upper House of independents… Frederick
Disgusted. Get rid of Nick Smith. Dona
Same treatment for all. Richard
The R.M.A. needs to be streamlined, making it easier and quicker to obtain consents, but if the proposed amendment is being used as a back door method to give Maoris the control of all matters relating to the present process then it is a misleading, illegal betrayal of the rights of the majority of us as Kiwis. No wonder the amendment has been introduced with much secrecy as this is the first indication that we have had of the unexpected agreement of the Maori Party and no wonder. Get rid of the Maori Party and M.M.P. and place the R.M.A. where it should be to approve building consents not to hand control of all matters relating to land and water with the ‘gimme ‘Maoris.’ Chris
It is deeply flawed, as it contains racist provisions. Craig
As a voter I see no way to get rid of race based politics. No party is willing to take a stand on this as policy. Who can I vote for to make a difference? Lesley
Indeed not at all in this form. Anthony
Certainly not, if it’s going to include race-based preference requirements. Graham
Non elected people and organisations should not be part of the consenting process. Much less a group put in such a position of authority on the basis of race. Murray
At their peril. Barry
Politicians who support this bill should be exposed so that voters in the September election can decide whether to elect them or their party. Peter
Pending disaster.! Brian
Time for a change of government. This abomination of a bill is racist to the core. Oh how I worry for my children, grandchildren and more. Neville
No, do not pass the amendment. Two actions are required. Firstly, Nick Smith needs to resign, or preferably be fired; the latter course of action would show that Bill English really is the man for the job and can make tough but necessary decisions. Secondly, a new minister needs to have a completely new amendment drafted in line with fairness, practicality and what the majority of New Zealanders want. Peter
Definitely NOT. This is one of those many occasions where I believe the voting public should have the opportunity to decide ALL major issues by binding referendum. Tony
It would seem the tail, AKA the Maori party, is once again wagging the National dog. Chris
As I have said in the past, a stake should be driven through the heart of the R.M.A. . This country has a very bleak and turbulent future if multiculturalism continues at its current pace. Imagine for one moment, a law for Europeans, a law for Maori, Sharia law for Muslims and the dominance of a communist China hovering over us with ever-increasing bullying demands with little or no restraints. The worst scenario is the culmination of a totalitarian dictatorship. It is not inevitable and direction can be changed. It’s in the hands of each and every one of us to make that change. Remember Vaclav Havel and “The Power of the Powerless” ! Don
Why would Nick Smith sell out the majority of Kiwi’s? There must be a massive back hander or he is totally mad. Jono
National should leave the resource legislation alone so as not to stuff it up. Ray
It is a racially unbalanced mess. Ross
Such blatant racism cannot be justified under any circumstances. Michael
Any laws like this are racist and have no place in NZ. Stop allowing all unelected Maori to sit and vote on any council boards. This must stop now!!! Terry
The resources of NZ whether they originate from the sky or the earth are there to be shared equally by all citizens and no Bill of Parliament or Legilation should be enacted which in any way annuls that basic right of democracy. Phil
Coinsultation with all affected groups is necessary, but no unelected group should be given any power to influence any ELECTED council’s decisions. The proposed RMA directly contravene our precious non-racist laws, and if passed, after supporting National since 1951, I shall not just abstain, but will vote for another party. It will be suicidal for the Party I’ve supported for over half a century. I’m not joking. Bill
Nothing should interfere with NZ having democratically elected District and Regional Councils. Racial ancestry has no place in local government. John
The amendment Bill clearly needs to be taken back to the drawing board. Then, because of the Constitutional implications, this needs to be put in front of the voters of New Zealand. If this is left until after the election, then National will find out just how their arse has been kicked, and they will be a severe minority to Winston. As a previous National supporter, I will do all I can to make sure they are not in this obscene alliance of stupidity with the greedy maori party. Neil
Nick Smith never should have been allowed back in parliament. He is just bending over backward to maori to gain more money for himself. Peter
Better not!!To let that one slip will be disastrous for NZ’s democracy.Another shining example of political gang culture and back room deals It is crystal clear that these politicians in charge could’nt care less for the people who voted that lot in in the first place..I really wonder how much these traitors get paid by the tribal elite to clear the path to establish Apartheid in this country. this absolute rape of our democratic values has to stop once and for all.We need government by referendum, we need decent education and sound unbiased media information for the general public to raise public awareness and sweep this country clean.I f this is not happening soon our country will go to the dogs in no time. Michael
Gov is not listening to the people of NZ. Maori have not the capability as seen in the last 26 years of the RMA. S
To create laws similar to those of the Medes and Persians can only end in disaster. – even if that may take many years. This whole raft of changes are a fraud on the people of NZ and should never see the light of day. John
Nor after the election! Frank
Dr.Smith’s arrogant and cynical dismissal of public concern over water issues , particularly in Canterbury is not befitting for a Minister of the Crown and he should be sacked ignominiously and immediately, before he is able to do more damage to NZ. Barrie
As you say, an abomination of a Bill. Win
They are elected to Govern not pussyfoot on the whim of anti’s. Warren
More outrageous privileges given to Maori – we are meant in NZ to be ‘one’ people – will this racist non-equality nonsense stop? Hylton
Apart from the deviation from injustice of that one law for all, continuance of this seperatism policy by National can only have one ending and that is Winston being in the driving seat as he above all else offers racial blindness. Richard
No! No! No! Bugger MMP when bribery and corruption rule the day! Peter
Too many people unhappy with this for very good reasons. Melva
The “Treaty” is essential all shall be equal This is divisive bill
Racism at it’s worst. Garry
The articles by Dr Newman, Dr M. Coote, and Stephen Franks say it all in absolute clarity. In will certainly be emailing my area Minister of whatever she is, cc to the Prime Minister letting them KNOW why I am voting NZ First this next election. MervB
This Bill must be dropped in total. Andrew
Why can’t our Government do what is right for right for all New Zealanders and pull back from the brink. This if passed would do nothing for race relations. Alan
Racist Crap. Peter
No way. Seems National has simply got to go – they have fallen into the usual symptom of many governments who have had their day – they have lost touch with reality. David
Definitely NOT. Ted
Another treasonous act from a desperate party…bring on the election! Brian
Nick Smith has already shown that he is incompetent probably the only one in the national party. Terry
This is a racist bill and will only divide the country further. Ron
The control over resources should not be transferred to other parties with future consequences. Ron
Anyone would think that there was no fresh water in NZ prior to Maori arrival. They should have no more say than any other New Zealanders! Helen
Absolutely NOT! National’s infatuation with the scheming Maori Party has helped it dig a hole big enough to bury itself in for good. I have voted National all my life but, sorry Mr English – I can’t wait see the end of you and all your duplicitous patsies, come September. Brian
Maori should be represented in the same way as all other new Zealanders, 1 person 1 vote. This country is turning into a basket case because of politicians with no common sense. Bob
Nick Smith is a disgrace. Peter
I have always resolutely opposed any measure which would give any racial group (including Maori) special powers or influence above that of the general public. To introduce any Bill to Parliament giving Maori special powers over the control of our waterways (apparently to obtain Maori support in Parliament) is a crime against democracy. and against the people of this country. I would never support nor vote for a party or a member of Parliament who supported such a Bill. DOUGLAS
I am a National vote and have been all my life I am appalled at the deception being used by this Minister to pass this bill. I think this next election I will be voting differently. Wendy
If National doesn’t scrap the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill or puts it through Parliament, I and people I have spoken to about it will NEVER vote National again, and that’s a pity, because National has over all been very good, this is how strongly the people of NZ are feeling, and by the way, I have voted National all my life. Athol
This is why the Prime Minister wont impose on a fee for the export of our water. Because though it has been said , no one owns water, it is actually is owned by the Nation, every Citizen. Not special interest groups which is attached to race and joint soverein ty in NZ , which the Government under Atorney General Chris Finlaysons watch has been negotiated behind closed doorts, without any knowledge of N.Z public. Wake up Nz. The problem is the other Mob Labour Greens would be even worse in this area. Wake up NZ. Before you have Maori 12% of the population having 50% of the Tax take and equivalent gov. departments in all area. Also representative sports teams at Nation and games level . Think I am exaggerating, think again. I have been involved with the Maori Sovereinty movement and this is there aim. I just can not believe that this has happened under a National Government. They are absolutely spiritually deceived, just watch this space. Dene
How can this sort of underhand, deceitful skulmongery be supplorted knowlingly by the National Goverment ? I’ll tell you: Only a Government that is oblivious to blackmail by our ‘indigenous, self-seeking, greedy species’ intent on destroying the moral fiber of our country,; and supported by a deceitful, vote leveraging Minister for his good and no-one else. This needs RMA Reform Bill to be ‘killed’ right now and the Minister removed from Office !!! Robyn
It is undemocratic. It gives unwarranted power to a sector with the public’s rights over run and “set in concrete” to avoid change or discussion. Valerie
This is horrific it must be stopped. Bryan
Absloutely not, we must do all we can to prevent this. Terry
It should NOT pass it at all!!! Maddi
Just racist against any person of European descent. Peter
Surely the Race Relations commissioner can see this is a racist step and should be stepping in to stop this process!!!! Murray
Absolutely no – the idea shows so much racism it should be removed on that basis alone. What are they thinking?? Bridgette
Absolutely no! This is a total betrayal of the voters who elected the current government. It is an attempt to change the NZ constitution without any consultation with the electorate and without a proper debate in the chamber. Assuredly this should become a major issue in the next election. Should it become so and National campaign on pushing these ‘reforms’ through they will certainly not be elected to government. Paul
NO! NO! NO! If National does this they will be thrown out of Parliament by a majority so huge it will take decades for the party to recover, if ever!!! This is the last straw! Their message is that NZ is no longer a democracy. God defend our nation from National and from Nick Smith. Shame also on the Maori Party for supporting him. CM
This is a significant constitutional issue and should be treated as such at the next election. Wendy
It is, indeed, an abomination of a Bill. Terry
I have voted National for all my 50 odd years voting life but will never vote National again until all race based legislation is repealed. Maurice
I can not believe that to stay in power the national gvt. is giving away our birth right. i will vote for ANY party that is going to stop this from happening! Barry
No. The legislation should NEVER be passed. Richard
Absolutely Not! JC
It is appalling legislation – the National Party MPs should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such unconstitutional rubbish. Robin
Any legislation containing further race based forced consultation is fundamentally morally wrong apart from adding further beaucracy requirements to local bodies-councils that are already inefficient in carrying out their tasks. Bruce
The bill should not be passed in its current form we are one country all of us one has to wonder how many back handers goes on for self gratification. Roydon
I am fed up with the continuing action of giving unelected Maori on Councils and now the RMA when all they want is a continuing gravy train og income for no benefit to the nation. National will not be getting my vote this election after 50 years of voting for them. Garry
No need for such legislation. Steve
No never. Phil
Inverse racism! Stuart
Much more debate is required on the proposed changes and should be done without the pressure of the 2017 election. David
No. Too many concessions made to the Maori Party. The Bill will make completing an RMA application more expensive and onersous adding mroe cost to land development and therefore the cost of sections. Frank
I am totally against any form of race based law. Gov passed law has to be for all NZ ers – grow up NZ gutless poitics is making us all frustrated. Maurice
Certainly not in the current form. Kevin
It is once again handing over the oppurtunity to frustate ands extort, to unewlected members. whose agenda seems to be little more than the forgoing. Steve
Yet again we see politicians caving in, and in the interests of votes, the tail wags the dog. Paul
We can not make any arraignments With MAORI. Any arraighnments should be made with Maoriori who lived in this country before the Maori Full stop! Theodorus
Listen to the people you’re on very thin ice. Morris
Absolutely not. Nick Smith has gone too far. Dave
Winston for PM if the Nats continue to deceive electors. If the RLA is passed and the Nats continue to break previous election promises they only serve to prove that they do not respect the mood of the electors – and consequently will reap those rewards come September. Fred
Under no circumstances should this bill be passed unless the government want to be consigned to the opposition benches for a very long time! Ed
IWI is”I want it’ David
Enough. Only elected representatives should should be making decisions on our resources. Maori must not be allowed to have more say than any other citizen. Sue
Nick Smith has reached his used by date. Jim
National has compromised its own principles for short term political expediency. Unacceptable and I would rather see national lose the election. Ian
For the national govt. democracy is for sale in favour of tribal minorities who with their exaggerated claims have already cost the nz taxpayer in excess of $6b. Peter
It’s a racist disaster. Robin
I certainly will not be voting for National if they proceed with this racist rubbish. Selwyn
This is the thin edge of the wedge, when will it ever end. The whole country is being held to ransom by a few. It is not a country I love anymore. Benjamin
It’s just another step towards Maori rule of N.Z. Effectively a bloodless ( so far ) coup and a great leap backwards to a pre-democratic age. Colin
The and all other race based bills and laws must be repealed if New Zealand is to remain a democracy. It’s passed time for all Maori to become ordinary New Zealanders and not whineing racists. Graeme
I am aware that Mr Nick Smith put before the the National Party detail of a his caucus colleagues being advised how to respond to concerns by the the New Zealand Centre for Political Research .This involved with the Maori Party and Appeared to be Racial in its context and defending his handling of the Resource Management Act Reforms.???? Lance
Nick Smith is full of S–T & needs to be thrown out of Govt forever.If he can’t see what the results of his scheme will do to an already divided N.Z. he must be blind or just dumb. Allen
The Amendment Bill needs to be reworked before is passed into law. All references requiring maori approval must be deleted. I don’t believe the maori race is the master race in New Zealand, so why do we have to get their approval to carry out the running of the country. If this bill is passed before the election it will be a classic case of the National Party shooting themselves in the foot. Dennis
Morally and ethically how can any raced based laws at any level of government ensure equality for all New Zealanders.. There is something terribly wrong when elected politcians are able to racially divide a country without regard to the potentail outcome. Sherie
I have believed for some time that the National lead gov’t are preparing for a maori gov’t to take over the administration of our country from our current Westminster system just as has happened in the majority of countries in Africa, South Africa being well noted as we in NZ played a big part in getting rid of the nasty aparthied system. Jacob Zuma President of S Africa wants to bring in a law where all white owned land will be confiscated without compensation as in Zimbabwe. We know that Zimbabwe is now an impoverished nation While Mugabe lives a very rich lifestyle .Is this the outcome that the National lead gov’t wants for New Zealand where the iwi elite control our lives while living the lifestyle of Robert Mugabe .? Do we face a future where were maori will get owner ship of all property while us whites will live in impoverishment.? or will have to move to other countries.? The National party are selling us out,traitors. Don
Absolutely not. Brent
Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burma etc etc John
Racial preferences again??? SAD movies from people who should not legally be able to make these decisions for NZrs. IAN
It is immoral and undemocratic. Geoff
If bills like this continue I will not be voting for National in this election. I am totally over their racist policies. Elizabeth
National should absolutely not pass this bill which makes fundamental changes to the RMA, privileging Maori, & about which most people are blissfully unaware. Jenny
The Bill in its present form is completely undemocratic in what it is foisting on New Zealand. Requiring Local Authorities to enter into agreements with iwi, giving those iwi management rights without having the authority of all the citizens within the Authorities boundaries cannot be considered legal or justified in any democratic society. The Bill should be cancelled in its entirety and any clause requiring maori to be consulted, subject to a binding national referendum.. If the Parliamentary Leader and his caucus allow this bill to go forward in its present form then they deserve to be banished from the treasury benches forever!!! Michael
One country for all with equal access to resources for all races. Adrian
Doing so will change NZ for the worst, bad enough that some councils, Ours here in Rotorua, use Ratepayers money to pay unelected Maori to form advisory boards, to ensure their Tribes wishes are upheld by council. Ian
Maybe they want to lose the election like the democrats did in the states. Owen
Don’t make bad law worse. If they can’t pass worthwhile reform then leave it alone till such time they can. Shame on the support parties that they did not support such necessary reform. Willy
Absolutely not! John
The entire developed world reviled South Africa when they engaged in apartheid. Why should we knowingly go down that route? Would it be acceptable because it puts the white race at a disadvantage, as opposed to the way it operated in SA? Tony
It should NEVER NEVER be passed, we are supposed to be ONE people. If National passes this they will live to regret it. Rod
Race based legislation in any form is abhorrent and evil. Ray
Certainly not. It will be a racist leglislative disaster. We have to stop pandering to Maori’s continuous and ever increasing, demands. Keith
Ever since the disastrous innovations of Geoffrey Palmer, New Zealand has been on a path that will ultimately lead to the demise of the constituitional framework and democratic process that it has enjoyed for nearly 150 years. This is just the latest “red flag”, that regrettably is likely to be ignored by voters. Ian
A great BIG NO. Bob
The guy must be a total racist himself. Neville Kath
Pure unadulterated racism. Donald
Abysmal decisions have been made. A foolish call to give away rights to the water etc. with persons gaining great benefits . Another race game of gain for the few and hang the rest of the population who supply the funds for government to run’ .A sad day when they allowed indiscriminate removal of trees. .There was the case not long ago allowing a land owner to remove a old Kauri to build his house where he wanted rather than alter the plan to suit . A number of trees are being removed with no need to gain approval. I consider Nick Smith needs to look at the damage to the community of NZ that he is creating and pull his head in go into retirement and withdraw the bill as he goes out the door. John
Non elected iwi voting rights acceleration of a slippery slide. Harry
I believe that the Mana Whakahono a Rohe provisions in the Bill will be a disaster. They will pass control of New Zealand’s resource consenting process from democratically elected councils to private Maori groups, creating a whole new revenue gathering industry – in perpetuity. Tony
Smith has a odd view of democracy, a view apparently shared by other National MPs. Bruce
There has been insufficient information on the implications of this bill. Richard
I think I will vote for Winston as he is the only one to oppose the scourge of race based legislation. National are the Maori party in drag! Murray
We got enough with racial issues and their greed. Gail
In the damage it would do to NZ and relationships between its peoples, it sits comfortably with treason. Fiona
What happened to government by the people, for the people? Laura
Where has democracy gone? The RMA needs to be abolished and replaced by legislation which respects private property rights and equality before the law. Elizabeth
Like a never ending circle it will go on and on. Arthur
I Have written to Maurice Williamson to object. John
This should be the acid test that determines whether Bill English is strong enough to remain P.M. of this country, or is he no more than a continuance of the Smiling Assassin who hoodwinked the voters for far too long. Any LEADER of any ‘Party’ should be judged by the calibre of the Ministers that are appointed to portfolios of importance. Nick Smith is not worthy of a back-bench position.. A.G.R.
Not in its present format. Is National doing this deliberately to help the opposition form the next government.? This law change is going to lead the way to civil unrest. Carl
Apartheid legislation! Peter
Let them put it up at the polls and see how they get on. Arthur
Absolutely not. When will the National party stop pandering to racist Maori party. These greedy sods want control of New Zealand’s resources and the bleeding hearts in this country for the sake of peace give in because of the crazy MMP system which means we will never have a government that can make hard decision. Colin
Another piece of devisive legislation being sneaked through. What is the problem with this government. It is becoming more like an apartheid society. Race based privelidge supported by law. Brian
Anything at all that is racist one way or another should be banned in any level of government , controlling body, government owned or controlled corporation. I.E. TV NZ. I have had a guts full of it and certainly will not vote National if Smith gets his way. Note There are other countries to live in. Wayne
Decision on this racist bill must be deferred hopefully for ever! Jim
That iniquitous mishmash of undemocratic and racist amendments and additions should NEVER be passed into law. If National tries to push this Bill through before the next election they’ll surely struggle to achieve the numbers they’ll need to govern when the votes are counted. As far as I’m concerned, they’re toast! I shall be voting for NZ First and hopefully enough people will vote outside their usual pattern and upset the smug and short-sighted Nats. They really need to be shown the error of their ways. Martin
Governments (plural) are lying when they say the Treaty is our founding document. It is not. The Treaty was ratified by the borders of New South Wales (NSW) being extended to encompass “all of the islands of New Zealand” and from this moment we became ruled by this State and Maoris made British subjects. It is unlawful for a British subject to be in partnership with their monarch, fact! Quietly held in the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand, Wellington, reference number. ACGO83411A19R21434434 and entitled, Charter of 1840. Constitution of the Colony of New Zealand into a separate colony 16 November 1840. Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, ratified on 03-05-1841, authorised our split from NSW allowing us to become an independent British colony in our own right, gave us our first constitution, English law only and with this our official English language (now in dispute), our own Courts to administer English law only, authorised Hobson’s promotion from Lieutenant Governor to be our Governor and eventually our own flag (which is older than Australia’s. Yes, their flag is like ours and not the reverse as flag change propaganda led us to believe). As you can see the existence of this Royal Charter proves Maori became British subjects like everyone else, there is no mention of the word “Treaty” in it. Enough of the lies, enough of apartheid. George
Absolutely not. Tom
It will be political suicide if they pass this Bill before the election and I think it is time for Dr Smith to depart the scene! Alex
What I cannot understand is National’s continued efforts to turn New Zealand into a maori country. If it is only to maintain the National elite in power for the short term, then what hope for the future? Michael
Absolutely not. Nick Smith should have been dumped many years ago, he is doing irreparable damage to NZ. John Key couldn’t see it, but surely Bill will! Graeme
This is a very racist move and must be stopped prior to the election. The thought of binding arrangements that cannot be cancelled is disgraceful. Ann
Frank has outlined the danger we face if the NP is elected in Sept. Albie
No way! Rob
Power to Molegate….keep the pressure on. Rosa
If not before then I believe it will be attempted after the elections. From the moment the Nats repealed the seabed and foreshore any chance of me trusting them went straight down the gurgla and the situation has continued to deteriorate since. Donald
I am unwilling to support clearly race based legislation as political expediency to ensure the continued support of the Maori Party. Colin
You can’t blame the Maoris for advancing the interest of few of their kind, but could certainly put the blame squarely on the present government for advancing the interest of the Maori ahead of the NZ tax payer. Roll on the election where NZ can have a say that influences the future by casting a vote in the right direction that promotes and advances their interest. Frank
I do not want to live in a country where we are held to ransom by unelected Maori groups. Nick Smith must be held to account for his misrepresentation” Lewis
Devious wee fella ain’t he?!! Helen
This National Govt will eventually be responsible for a civil war. Leonie
Most undemocratic. Adrian
Keep race out of ALL legislation! David 
Nick Smith needs to be demoted. I have always voted national but am considering a change..discussed with Niki Keyes behaviour. Margaret
Great long-term damage is being to the Maori by this nonsense of preferential rights over the majority. Edgar
This “Bill” is nothing more than one of the most racist pieces of legislation that the current govt are attempting to hoist on to the NZ people, being led by waste of space nick Smith. The country is already overflowing with racist policies to patronise the maoris and in particular their racist advocates. The govt’s attempts to stay in power by employing the maori party as supporters comes at a price, which will only be of benefit to the maoris and not the majority of NZs population. The National party and their politicians need a long overdue wake up call and a number of changes to a selection of “ministers” who are clearly unsuitable and replaced by those who display a measure of competence,.If that is possible !!! David
Have given too much away already. Ian
Can’t quite believe it but Winston is really starting to look mighty attractive for September! Tim
It’s time National good at least Nick Smith. Neil
If National ever passes a Bill like this into Law and forever ruin our country, I predict that National will never run NZ ever again. The beginning of the end for NZ is also the end of the National Party. Bill
It is clearly apparent that Nick Smith got his doctorate at The Warehouse! Rod
This is a continuation of racist based laws which is not democratic and is dividing the nation. Barbara
No way. Anne
Absolutely – NO WAY. Elayne
A racist society will occur. No thanks John
Who are the members of the Iwi leaders group who appear to hold such power and dictate to the Government? Joe
Not in the best interests of all New Zealanders. Peter
This Racism will destroy the reputation of New Zealand as one of the fairest multiracial countries in the World. Brian
Not in its current form. Michael
Nick Smith should be replaced immediately . Barry
Nick Smith is a idiot and should be fired. Ron
Absolutely NOT! Dr Smith has made a fool of himself over other issues of late and its time for him to go. Another MP who is appointed to his position must be neutral on this issue, until after the next election. Ron
The RMA Bill should not be ammended, but instead scrapped. The RMA has all but destroyed our Country and caused nothing but grief! Gavin
This Government is unbelievable — to think I used to vote National! NZ First is the only party that has the policies to stop the rot. Alan
No no no leave it alone. Whitty
Totally racist legislation which seems to have been conducted by a Minister who is DESPARATE to have it passed. Give it time and there will be all hell break loose. Where is the mainstream media??? Anthony
Unfair. David
Any legislation which requires consultation with unelected Maori on all major decisions made by Local Bodies is bad legislation. Doug
The whole bill should be taken out of Nick Smith’s hands and be re-written without any racial advantage to any sector of the population. Peter
I have always voted National but now although I fear what the future would hold I feel like voting otherwise next election just to get away from this tail wagging the dog that we currently have with the Maori Party. I cannot believe the deception from Nick Smith is pulling to appease the Maori Party for support. This is MMP gone mad! Manipulation, compensation, control, is this democracy? Why is the treaty being so manipulated, it is leading to more and more greed and control by Maori. What gets me is that if it were not for colonisation they would not be where they are now, infact none of them would even have been born. Why are they so greedy and ungrateful for what they have? ‘More, more, more’ seems to be their motto. Apartheid reigns! Peter
Nick Smith this a disgrace – shame on you I have no time for race based decisions. Robert
Keep up the good work. Roger
No contentious law should be passed before the election: the most any contentious Government law can have in the way of majority is 3 Rochelle
I believe if National pass this Bill they will lose the next election – I will certainly NOT vote for them! I also blame the media for their non-reporting of this issue which I believe is a deliberate ploy. Janet
This is blatant racism. Gareth
No law favouring one section of society over another or giving one section of society power or priviledge over another is ever right whichever way you dice it. Porus
Fire Nick Smith. He is a liar and is out of control. Nats are heading for an election loss if the RMA Bill is passed. Pete
Definitely not, wake up New Zealand. Barbara
Sounds like some incumbent MPs need a fright at Election time and will probably get one!! Geoff
This is promoting racism at its worst. Lloyd
Yet another attempt by the “Ngati Gimmee Gimmee’s” to divide and weaken the New Zealand brand. Kabe
In its proposed form Racist in the extreme. Peter
No race advantage in any bill. John
This is racism. Mike
This bill has no justification whatsoever and would saddle NZers with an entrenched version of race based rent gathering, graft and attendant corruption for generations to come. Peter
Racist Donal
Time to stop race based legislation. Bryan
No legal entitlements to unelected race related decision makers. Goodbye National government. Marie
This is showing a Racial Privilege to one sector of the Population, why can I not have this I have been living here in NZ longer than some of the current Maoris, & I get nothing I want to claim back all the Houses I have sold over the years. Geoff
I agree that this is a racist ambush. The RMA is complicated enough without Further delays through the requirement Of consultation upon consultation getting nowhere fast. Maurice
The National group could well consider its options regarding passing the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill into law before the election. Pass it and lose the election! Rob
No, it would be racist and an awful result for future generations. Keith
NO, NO, NO. Smith and others have failed to listen to what NZ wants. National will fail at the polls if the Amendment Bill passes in its current form. We need a new voice in Government who can reverse the stupidity of this proposed disaster.. RICHard
Nick Smith should resign. Chris
Nick Smith should not be a minister of anything he is totally untrustworthy. Digby
Just tell the moari fecking regards to feck off back to hawaiiki and take all of their RACIST APARTHEID with them. Mark
This bill will simply entrench APARTHEID in NZ. The opposite should be happening with the immediate abolishment of separate Maori seats in Parliament and certain privilege for those with even a smattering of Maori genealogy. Geoff
Comments I have read are disturbing. JayJay
Control of our water must stay in the hands of the government. Carolyn
Just another sop to the dam maori gravy train. Nick Smith is WAY PAST his user date. He should be GONE GONE… William
Any bill should be for the benefit of all New Zealanders..not just to benefit one race..Maori have too much control now..God forbid what they will do if they get control of our fresh water!! Ray
It is time that we New Zealanders stopped pandering to the money making Maori schemes and worse seperatist law and authorities – real Maori can and do stand for public office and this is the means available to them to promote their perceived rights. Frank
Not a good thing to do. Claire
Please ,The original Bill was bad enough. Mr Palmer should stand back and take a good look in the looking glass.He would possibly see an image of Nick Smith John
We should not proceed with changes to the RLAB in its present form. We, as a country should lead the world by NOT pursuing racial discrimination. We are antiaparthied NOT favouring the Maori over all others, regardless of their claims of being here first. Charles
Cowardly vote seeking from the National Socialist Coalition. Hugh
Damn I am rapidly becoming an ex National supporter. Graeme
I am opposed to unelected persons making descissions of this nature. Ian
This is the very reason that I am not voting for national again in the next election. Dave
A National supporter who will have to look elsewhere if this abomination of a Bill goes ahead. Jim
They should not pass it at all, not ever! it is mind blowing that a government can be so unconcerned about the welfare of the majority of the people! Brenda
National lost my vote years ago over this sort of nonsense. Peter
The voting public needs to be better informed on the implications of these disastrous amendments. John
If it does it will find its self in a situation entirely of its own making…having too jump according to NZ First rules…if it is lucky!! How stupid can they be? David
No environmental legislation should have any racist bias. The environment is for everyone equally – always has been, always will be. Alan
An election issue and more should be aware of what this insidious legislation entails. George
It is apparent that the democratically elected New Zealand government (National) has chosen to disregard our democratic principals. If the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill is passed into Law in its present form there will be repercussions far greater than the simple downfall of the National party. Every New Zealanders democratic freedom is at stake. Bryan
This would further promote serious Racism in this country. What is this government doing! Roger
The iwi gravy train needs to stop before this station. Mark
Why do maori have to have special rights. The Treaty is way out of date and has been used to give too much power to too few. Barry
Emphatically Not! It is ridiculously racist and is very unwise. Gordon
Nick Smith and Bill English are buddies. Any other leader would have sacked Smith.he is determined to pass this bill by any means, which is deceitful. It’s up to the people of the Nelson to STOP voting this idiot back into parliament, before he hands more rascist “rights” over to the rascist, money grabbing, power hungry so-called Maori, most of whom have more mixed blood lines than Maori. Carolyn
Being a National voter most of my life, I am thinking very seriously of voting differently, I think that it is past time Nick Smith was gone, and I live in his baliwick Bill
Many objections but especially that any power at all should be given to anyone I/we have not elected. Deals like this with the Maori Party are most distasteful. Diana
Too much power being given to unelected people. Ronald
Too much pandering to maori elite. John
It’s just wrong National, you’re doomed. Bryon
Yet more Maori racist demands! David
IWI ” I want it ” are holding the Govt. to ransom on this bill. Is it at any cost to remain in power,. give it up Nick. Many years a National voter. Peter
It is undemocratic. David
No race based laws should ever even be consided. There was world wide portests over south Africa apartheid. Time NZ work up to what is happening here. DON
It is a failure to separate primitive belief from ancient culture. Tom
It seems that everything Nick Smith touches is a disaster. He is an unelected List MP and should not be in Cabinet. National has proven to have gonei completely insane in their efforts to placate and keep the support of Maori, even giving a river the status of a real person with rights, privileges and responsibilities of a real person. English defends this insanity by saying that there isn’t anything strange about that, because Companies and Trusts are treated in the same way. This is just doubling down on the insanity, there are significant differences between a company and a river. I really struggle to get my head around the ridiculous, insane and asinine actions of the vast majority of our politicians, especially National. They have gone way too far and will not receive my vote this election. Allan
Mr Smith is not honest he is a liar. Dave
They have been a very disappointing government. The only reason they will cling to power is the other lot are worse. Ian
I have no faith in Nick Smith and will be advising my local MP that he will be losing both my votes at the next general election. This pandering to the Maori Party has got to stop and it seems that Winstone is the only one prepared to stand up and call for a halt. Murray
Nick Smith has become a total embarassment to New Zealanders in general with his agendas. Mike
To many anomolies to be thoroughly debated in short time. This has an effect on everyone and shouldn’t be the whim of a minister. Elizabeth
I don’t agree with the proposed changes. National should not proceed by selling there party member out. Paul
Smith’s habitual dishonesty will bring down National. The only option for thinking voters who place a high value on democratic principle is quickly becoming a vote for NZ First in September. John
The bill is not based on democratic principles but gives extra powers to only a part of our society. Douwe
This just another maori party bid for more money and power for unelected maori interests. Murray
Unbelievable treachery by the National Party. Corruption at its worst! Would ensure future generations of New Zealanders have a life of servitude. An abomination indeed – entrenching permanent racial privilege in local democracy. In days gone past, Nick Smith would be impeached and his scrawny neck would be guaranteed to swing for such treason! Paul
The Bill in its current form is nothing more than an attempt by racist , activist Maori to gain complete control of New Zealand. If that were to ever happen New Zealand will be stuffed. John Key certainly has left this country in a mess. No wonder he got out. Stop this Bill going through. Mike
Absolutely NOT !!!! James
Definitely not. It would be a total disaster for our country. Has everyone in Parliament taken complete leave of their senses?!! Helen
It is wrong wrong wrong to be even contemplating legislation based on race.It beggers belief that it is a National administration that is doing this. John
A disaster. National will lose the election over this Hamish
We urgently need binding referendums in NZ to control parliament!! David
It is an attack on democracy with Iwi given ridiculous new powers. John
How any politicians can truly believe that this legislation could ever be good for New Zealand is beyond the reality that any legislation that places division instead of mutual cooperation is doomed to failure and is the sort of stupidity that leads to racial disharmony. Rob
Stop racism we are all Kiwi. Richard
Smith is both inept and arrogant. When aparthied was kicked out of Sth Africa it found a new home in New Zealand. K in Kiwi comes before Iwi. Kelvin
NO. Absolutely not. They are being hypocritical to the philosophy, the very principals on which the National Party stands. I wouldn’t trust Nick Smith for one second. Stuart
Heartily disgusted with this Minister – does he think of the mischief he is sowing for future New Zealand? Delia
Once again we see the undercurrent of racially based legislation Nick Smith is getting a back handler from the Maori party. Andrew
This is unacceptable racist pandering and should be dumped forthwith.! Peter
The country needs to move forward, not backwards! Giving unjust power to one section of the population in the way proposed in this Bill has several major and damaging results. It makes future decision making by Councils massively more difficult and costly. It gives power to one small portion of society thhus depriving the majority of their rights. It deepens once again, racial division in our country! NZ spoke out against apartheid’s in South Africa. Why now should we allow more and more such division here?? Hugh
This amendment is so insidious and shows Nick Smith’s true colours. Rayward
Emphatically “No!” They know that after the general election, they are likely to need the support of New Zealand First to govern, and so they’re trying to push this through whilst they still have the support of the Maori Party. It’s an appallingly racist piece of legislation, and it has profoundly adverse implications for the democracy of this country. Graham
Nick Smith’s proposals are nothing less than treason and he should be hung, drawn and quartered. Alan
This bill will only increase racisim in our country! Brent 
Just another abuse of provisions of the “real” Treaty. “All New Zealanders” – Yeah Right! Con
Get rid of Nick Smith he is hopeless. LIONEL
Definitely not – and Nick Smith should go. K L
I’m a long time National party supporter – if this passes into law – they’ve lost my vote. Steve
If it helps speed up the process. Definitely. Graeme
This is crunch time for National. If they pass this bill they will never get my vote. Bryan
What a disaster if this goes thru!! Clean rivers in the Waikato now before council has the hall marks of this bill. NZ is asleep. Ross
I think we need to start again. Colin
Nick Smith is a complete dick head and should be baned from opening his mouth and letting the wind blowing his mouth. Think before you leap Nick Smith. Jim
Governments like ours here are in a big rush to push through legislation with out looking at the facts. They need to listen to the people. Were do Governments think they have mandate over all thing once they are in power. Robert
It would be a long term disaster for democracy. Murray
Have Smith and the National Party taken leave of their senses? The legislation is patently undemocratic and racist. Graham
Not now – not ever! Ian
Nick Smith needs to be expelled from parliament. Charles
National is showing more and ore it is a tin pot dictatorship. Collin
Nick Smith has totally lost the plot. Murray
It will further entrench racial discrimination in New Zealand and will result in huge costs on ratepayers. Brentleigh
Special arrangements for ethnic communities is incompatible with the philosophical and political tradition that is part of the western tradition and the heritage of modern civilisation. The RMA amendment bill takes this country down a path which will have deleterious consequences for the character of NZ society and for the economic development which the proposed amendments were purportedly intended to promote. Ian
I am appalled. Kaye
The enduring impression an informed Voter gets as we observe the various administrations of MP Nick Smith, is that Nick Smith is National’s Go-to -Guy. Yes he appears most outstandingly to be the Guy National goes to when it wants to push some action that reeks of insider interest, pork barrel politics or downright insidious underhand backroom dealing (except in foreign politics that Guy is McCully).The wholesale handover of resources in particular water to un-elected Iwi interests is nothing less than Treason. Treason used to be a hanging offense, in France it was once a guillotine offense. notwithstanding claims by TOW elite interests it is no less a treasonous offence. It is nothing more than underhand theft of the Nation’s Commons property. Note however its being done with the consent off the NWO because there is no place in that matra for commons property or private property. Upholds the sovereignty of the commons, Dispatch Nick Smith to the graveyard of history where he belongs, National need to act with national leadership or suffer to follow on labors footsteps to oblivion. The maori party are a non entity they would not exist without Nationals coalition, dont give that self interest air, field genuine reform, field honorable and capabl candidates and put the decision to the people. Open the Public to the real issues and trust the people. If National cannot Trust teh people to speak in the age of trump and Farage, they dont have balls enough to govern. Richard
What exactly makes this Smith clown tick, or does he not have a bloody clue as to what ios good for this country. Having unelected representation on a controlling body will sure enough just produce racism of the highest order in this country. The guys a bloody idiot. Sam
National disgust me for trying this on. Robert
Worse than the Clinton administration in the USA It is a complete sell out of democracy. No party in this country has even contemplated such treason. Michael
Nick Smith’s deceit is beyond contempt and openly proposes the the equivalent of apartheid in NZ. Peter
There is no place for racist privilege in New Zealand. This will lead to corrupt clipping of the ticket on a grand scale and stand over tactics to get any agreement – already a big problem in some areas. Bill
This bill is stupidity at the highest level. Power to delay,procrastinate, and charge councils/rate and tax payers by unelected people is the way to opposition benches. Bryan
No need for the bill. The interested parties that are already getting special treatment are doing very well already. Ray
It is undemocratic, sleazy & immoral to entrench racial privilege in NZ. The Government has no mandate to do so. In fact the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders have repeatedly rejected it. This will likely be a deciding factor in the upcoming Election. I will not vote for any Politician or Party that seeks to divide & destroy the fabric of our society. After voting National in the past 12 elections, I will not be voting for them this time. I see a solid defeat for National ahead. Derek
We the people shall decide. Smith has to go. Alan
Pandering to a minority for purely your political survival is morally abhorrent and creating a apartheid nation. It reflects a lack of political and moral backbone. Thomas
When is this going to stop, no race based governance is acceptable. Apartheid was not acceptable in South Africa & it is not here in New Zealand. Nigel
….if they do they are Traitors to the Nation of New Zealand… Chris
More dirty tricks by Smith ,Finlayson and Maori.I think National have had their day and it’s time for a change! William
Absolutely not! The whole Bill is a disgrace. National should abandon the Bill and dump Nick Smith. Ron
The Bill will do so much damage to NZ and the fact that there were no public submissions on the racist changes means that it is error-ridden and will be a disaster. Thomas
The Bill should be dropped like a hit potato. Surely Bill English is sensible enough to know how dangerous all of this is. Barbara
This will be one of the worst racist pieces of legislation ever inflicted on this country. National should stop now before they have to pay the price at the ballot box.  Mike
The new PM should drop the Bill and remove Nick Smith from the portfolio, Chris