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Analysis of Submissions to the Constitutional Advisory Panel

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FlagA review of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements was one of the demands in the Maori Party’s 2008 and 2011 coalition agreements with the National Party. A Constitutional Advisory Panel was established in 2011, and a series of by-invitation-only events were undertaken between February and June 2013 to discuss the matters in the Review’s terms of reference.

Submissions closed at the end of July 2013. Altogether, 5,259 submissions were received and have been published on the www.ourconstitution.org.nz website.

Thanks to Denis McCarthy of the NZCPR Working Group Project, a summary of those submissions has now been provided. Clearly analysing so many submissions was a huge task and we are extremely grateful to Denis for the contribution he has made to open democracy.

The summaries cover firstly, the arguments promoted by Group Submissions, and secondly an analysis of the focus of individual submissions.

*To read the report, click the following link: