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Animal Farm Democracy

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New Zealand is one of the oldest democracies in the world. This system of government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ – that treats all citizens as equals before the law – has been a liberating force of human endeavour throughout the ages. We have indeed been fortunate in New Zealand that successive governments have faithfully upheld policies to protect our democracy as sacrosanct.

That is, until now.

Before Jacinda Ardern swept into power with an outright majority at the “Covid” election in 2020, it was unthinkable that any political party that had been democratically elected to government would even consider introducing policies that would seek to deliberately destabilise the democratic foundations upon which our relatively free society has prospered.

Yet destabilising our democratic foundations is exactly what Jacinda Ardern is now doing.

As a result, it’s decision time for New Zealanders. Do we uphold the foundation of our Westminster Parliamentary democracy, namely one person one vote, where all votes are equal, or do we go down the path towards an Orwellian Animal Farm democracy, where all are equal – but some are more equal than others?

Unfortunately, this is not a trivial question. It’s time for a national conversation about what we want from our democracy, and in particular, whether we want those New Zealanders identifying as ‘Maori’ to be guaranteed greater rights and privileges than everyone else.

The Ardern Government claims Maori do have greater democratic rights than others. They allege those rights arise from a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown, that was created by the Treaty of Waitangi. They maintain this partnership guarantees the iwi elite the right to ‘co-govern’ New Zealand through 50:50 power sharing arrangements.

But what they don’t reveal is that by giving iwi veto rights and therefore control, ‘co-governance’ is just another name for ‘tribal rule’ – by unaccountable representatives of multi-million dollar business development corporations.

A key problem New Zealanders face is that the partnership the Government is using to justify what amounts to totalitarian tribal control – through the transfer of democratic power and public resources to the iwi elite – is actually fake. Since it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership to exist between a Sovereign and the governed, it represents a massive deception of New Zealanders by the Government.

As the former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy has explained, “Emphatically there is no partnership as known to law between the Crown and a subject… All people claiming some Maori inheritance are entitled to the sum of the rights enjoyed by any other New Zealand citizen no more and no less.”

Yet, in spite of the partnership claim being fake, it underpins the He Puapua agenda for Maori supremacy that Jacinda Ardern’s Government is rolling out.

The new Maori Health Authority, which is being established through the Pae Ora Bill that is currently in front of Parliament, that will give the iwi elite veto power over New Zealand’s entire health system, is part of He Puapua.

The Three Waters proposal, which will give the iwi elite veto rights and control of New Zealand’s entire water infrastructure and services is also part of the He Puapua agenda for tribal rule.

And, as if that’s not enough, Labour is now using the fake partnership claim and co-governance to quietly pass through Parliament a law change that could set a precedent for the widespread undermining of democratic voting rights.

Using a Local Council Bill, they are planning to replace the one-person, one-vote, all votes are equal principle upon which our Westminster representative democracy is based, with Animal Farm democracy, that elevates the influence of some voters above all others.

The Bill in question – the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill – is also straight out of the He Puapua playbook. Introducing the concept of co-governance, it will have the effect of giving Maori a disproportionate influence over the makeup of the local council in Rotorua – and is likely to become the model for the next phase of local body reforms being planned by the Minister of Local Government, Nanaia Mahuta. Once entrenched into local government, central government elections could become the next objective.

This fundamental shift in the governance of local authorities was set in motion by Jacinda Ardern straight after her election with an outright majority in 2020. One of her first law changes was to abolish the right of communities to hold a binding referendum on the creation of Maori wards – a democratic safeguard that had been introduced into local government by Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark to prevent councils from gerrymandering the voting system in their own favour.

By removing community veto rights, the pathway was opened for local authorities around the country to introduce Maori wards. And many have done so at the behest of powerful iwi lobby groups, without properly involving their local communities.

The number of Maori wards that can be created by a council is governed by Schedule 1A of the 2001 Local Electoral Act, which calculates the number based on the relative proportions of the Maori Electoral Population and the General Electoral Population.

In the case of the Rotorua District Council, the matter of whether or not to introduce Maori Wards was initially referred to their Maori advisory body, which recommended 3 Maori seats on the council of 10. Since the General Electoral Population of Rotorua is 55,600 and the Maori Electoral Population is 21,700, their request for 30 percent of the seats, was proportional.

One might have thought that the Rotorua Council, which traditionally elects a number of Maori Councillors – sometimes a majority – on merit, might have preferred to retain the status quo of 10 members elected ‘at large’, but the Council’s Mayor, former Labour MP Steve Chadwick, saw this as an opportunity to pursue co-governance.

Using the Orwellian double-speak objective of ‘voter parity’ – which sounds like it means that everyone’s vote is of equal value, when instead it significantly elevates the value of Maori votes – Mayor Chadwick proposed an ‘ideal’ co-governance arrangement. This consists of 1 Maori Ward with 3 councillors to represent the 21,700 Maori who live in the district, 1 General Ward with 3 councillors to represent the 55,600 non-Maori who live in the district, along with 4 councillors plus the mayor elected at large by those on both rolls.

Using the Electoral Commission’s records for voters registered in Rotorua, this ‘co-governance’ arrangement would see the 8,210 voters registered on the Maori Roll electing 3 councillors, and the 38,831 voters who are registered on the General Roll also electing 3 councillors, giving voters on the Maori Roll almost five times the voting power of voters on the General Roll.

Since this outcome would clearly contravene not only our cornerstone democratic tradition of all votes being equal, but also the principle of proportionality under the Local Electoral Act, the Rotorua Mayor and her Council have asked Parliament to change the law.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator former Cabinet Minister Barry Brill shares his concerns that this Bill will set a precedent for the manipulation of electoral law throughout the country, by allowing a minority of voters on the Maori Roll to gain a disproportionate influence over the majority of voters on the General Roll. He also makes the point that since voters on the Maori Roll overwhelmingly support Labour, an iron grip on power might be their ultimate goal:

“The Labour Government has surrendered to a terrible temptation. The glittering prize of perpetual power has swept away their traditional respect for constitutional conventions, their political ethics, and even their commonsense. They know that people on Maori Rolls will almost always vote for the Labour Party. They do not – ever – reflect the same voting patterns as voters on New Zealand’s General Rolls.

“The Rotorua Bill is a spearhead. It tests the waters for plans such as He Puapua which seek to transform this country into a Tribe-dominated ethnocracy. Nobody sees the Rotorua Bill as a one-off… We have recently heard multiple Maori voices undermining the concept of democracy, and demanding an ethnocracy in its place. The Maori Party says that ‘majority rule does not work for Maori’.  He Puapua, which is being pushed strongly by Minister Willie Jackson, relies upon majority rule being set aside.”

The truth is this Bill should never have gone before Parliament. It’s a local matter for the people of Rotorua to decide.

The Labour Government should have honoured the commitment they made in their 2020 Election Manifesto: “Labour will ensure that major decisions about local democracy involve full participation of the local population from the outset” – and refused Mayor Chadwick’s demand for Animal Farm democracy.

Instead, the Council should have agreed to options that complied with the law and let the local community decide which arrangement they wanted through a binding referendum process. In fact, an important part of New Zealand’s democratic convention is that to be legitimate, constitutional law changes – especially those affecting the electoral system – should be decided through a binding referendum of voters. This is to safeguard the public interest and ensure those in power cannot unilaterally make constitutional changes for their own advantage.

Barry Brill asks, “So, is this type of ‘partnership’ the future?  Will the voting public rebel?”

We most certainly hope the public will let Parliament know what sort of democracy we want in New Zealand, by rejecting the Bill – especially in light of the Local Government Commission’s recommendation of 1 Maori Ward with 3 seats, 1 General Ward with 6 seats and 1 Rural Ward with 1 seat for Rotorua.

The timeframe for submissions on the Bill is tight – only two weeks – since co-governance advocates want the new law in place for the October local body elections. That means it would need to have received the Royal Assent before 1 June. With the Select Committee still required to engage in a proper democratic process -including hearing oral submissions – we would suggest that anyone who shares the concern that this Bill could set a precedent for Labour’s co-governance agenda sends in a submission HERE opposing the Bill and asking to be heard before the deadline of 20 April.

Those who live in Rotorua, of course, have the power to transform their council in this year’s local body elections by supporting candidates who believe it should be the public who decide the makeup of their council, not Parliament – and are committed to a binding community referendum process.  

The media, which has traditionally played a crucial role in our democracy, by acting as a public watchdog and holding the government to account, is largely turning a blind eye to the Government’s attacks on New Zealand’s democratic foundations.

To their shame, much of the mainstream media have allowed themselves to become ‘captured’ by Jacinda Ardern’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, which requires them to promote the fake ‘partnership’ that underpins co-governance and the whole He Puapua agenda. As a result, public trust in the media is plummeting as we witness our Fourth Estate transform itself into State propagandists.

While Jacinda Ardern promised on election-night to govern for all New Zealanders, by attempting to impose tribal rule onto the country, she is instead taking away our freedom and democratic rights. Claiming ‘co-governance’ is about fairness and equity, we now know her real agenda is to enable privileged Maori to seize control of public resources and services for the private benefit of the tribal elite. 

With her ultimate goal the establishment of an elite iwi aristocracy, that bestows privilege on those of Maori descent, the Rotorua Bill and the precedent it will set can be seen as a significant step towards her objective.

It will also assist Minister Mahuta, with her planned reform of local government and its voting system – changes that will no doubt create a pathway for the further erosion of democracy.

And if anyone is unsure about where all of this is heading, the iwi leader of Tuhoe, Tamati Kruger, spelt it out in a recent interview.

In the wake of a disastrous co-governance deal with Tuhoe over the Urewera National Park in 2014, where funding has vanished, huts have been vandalised, tracks have been closed, and the public has been excluded, the Tuhoe chairman said, “Co-governance is not our term. I don’t see it as the final destination. I don’t see co-governance as the answer. But I think it’s the next bus stop in a journey that has to be made. It’s everyone’s journey. It’s like gravity, you can’t defy it. It’s on its way.”

What he’s talking about, of course, is full control.

Is full tribal control really the future we want for our country?

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It is high time to abolish the Maori Electoral roll. It is nothing but racist anti-democracy. Prof. Elizabeth Rata’s 4 recommendations to restore a strong democracy are excellent. Ms Ardern needs to be severely criticised for her socially-engineered destruction of our social and political cohesion. She is entirely responsible for the apartheid divide to meet her ideological, woke goals of communist control. Monica
This is the thin edge of the wedge. If passed into law, it sets a precedent for every other town or city’s governance and policy making. vic
Tribal control of anything is definitely not on. This move must be stopped. How? Vote Labour out at the next election …….. Democracy at work! David
Leave “1984” in book form !! Ross
The people should have their say, not some person that thinks they know better. Viona
Mayor Chadwick is a complete stranger to DEMOCRACY and TRANSPARENCY as we understand it! She pretends to refer controversial things that SHE wants to happen. No matter how many of us ratepayers write in, appear etc., at the end of the day whatever was Mayor Chadwick agenda ALWAYS happens. Sylvia
This is yet another disgraceful attack on our democracy. I have objected to it with a petition from Hobson’s Pledge. Mary
As a resident of the Rotorua District I find this appalling. The Takeover and power grab continues unabated.Shame on both the Council and the Corrupt Government.along with the IWI Cabal . Laurie
They proposed system is racist and a biased power grab by the IWI elite Arthur
What a curse this horrible woman has become upon this fair land in a very short time ! This dangerous ***** is like a green slime spreading uncontrolled into every facet of our daily lives. Dark days lie ahead. This sort of nonsense and incompetence will end very sadly. Why is there not a huge disruption to Wellington right now while she is absent in Japan ? The whole world right now is in turmoil,. Opposition here seems seriously weak. Democracy is under attack but no one does anything but talk ? Putin continues his blood-lust. China gets ever closer as history starts to repeat itself with the ‘West” as weak as ‘weasel ‘and bloated with debt . What a dismal outlook for us all. John
As a democracy, 100% it MUST be the electors. The creep of tribalism MUST be stopped!! Laurence
must be thrown out in its entirety Stan
1 person – 1 VOTE!! TONY
All NewZealanders should be the same Gordon
All Electors with no Parliamentary interference David
One person, one vote Margaret
The people who get directly effected by decisions made should decide who makes them Paul
Definitely NO to tribal rule Rayner
If it is one person-one vote style of democracy I am all for it. Jacinda is undemocratic and creating a racist state. Mark
One vote for one man or woman who qualifies. Let’s end the apartheid push. Neil
Democracy states one person one vote and by elections not by any co governance agenda leo
Keep the system of 1 man one vote, electors appointed proportionate to the number of voters in each ethnic group. pierre
Our government is a disgrace and have betrayed all New Zealanders. Lois
We do not want or need parliament to interfere with the concept accepted for generations “one vote for each individual”. If this system is changed to give a racial group more control then it is goodby democracy. We must not allow this to occur. Brian
We must protect proper democracy and equality for all. Kevin
Isn’t this blindingly obvious? Jenny
So this racist separation of our democracy continues. If Jacinda gets re-elected this country is heading into a very dark period which will possibly end in violence. Richard
The makeup of EVERY district council should be determined by those living in it. christine
if adern and her bunch of corrupt cohorts get their way and destroy peoples RIGHT to elect who THEY want just shows how far the labour party is hell bent to destroy this country and not a peep out of the opposition parties saying they will reverse all these dangerous laws that our dictator has and will bring in over the next 18months, pity the queen can’t quell the powers cindy has manipulated for her own power trip to give the polywogs complete control of NEW ZEALAND Richard
Of course, lets stop this stupid co-governance model once and for all. Fraser
All of Rotorua’s electors. That is how representative democracy works. When I was reading law decades ago, one of my professors said this very issue would lead to civil disruption, maybe civil war. At the time we thought he was a nutter and just laughed at him. Although he was far to the left, he obviously knew something. Who would have thought that for Maori to advance, the complete denigration and denial of non-Maori culture/people was required and would be enabled by our socialist prime Minister Mike
Ratepayers deserve the representation that is long an accepted normal Giles
they need a referendum Colin
Should be the people! Len
Our true democratic rights as free and equal human beings are covertly being undermined by this labor govt. Time for all Nzers to wake up and stand up and voice their concerns. Lest we wake up too late to the loss of our freedoms completely, under a rule of tyranny, a rule of an “elite” few Liane
this should not be a parliamentary question, but Also Steve Chadwick clearly doesn’t understand the implications…or does she? Philip
The majority of Kiwi’s oppose this unashamed and undemocratic power grab Jacinda is attempting in Rotorua, this is not a decision the government can make without first going to the country and making their want to introduce co-governance with Maori a binding referendum John
This whole thing is becoming farcical when are we going put a stop to it all where are the opposition?? Peter
The question is, how do we as New Zealanders change the perception that we all hail Jacinda her cohorts and their misguided thinking. As rational people understand our main stream media are helping disseminate this racist agenda and that this is going lo lead us down a very dark hole. Something that most of our younger indoctrinated aotearoaians have little understanding of given they have been educated in the past 30 years under a Ministry of Education whom are using the slow creep method to instill this sort of thinking into our younger generations. Our equality thinking populous has to work out how we reinstall the concept that we are all equal and you do not have equality if we all have the same rights but then others have a secondary right because of there ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs or whatever must be viewed as unequal or elitism. Larry
Without a doubt the electors in Rotorua should decide Any thing else is dictatorial comrade Arden Perhaps the matter should be tested in the courts Anon
Centralised government is anathema to Democracy. FULL STOP! Gary
the more i read about this co governance the more concerned im getting, this government is just making a mock of democracy in new Zealand, the maoris should have to earn there vote just like every one else, soi hope people wake up, so many want to be maoris in this country,its bloody sickening,we just seem to have no opposition to this tidal wave of maori propaganda that is flooding our air waves, I don’t watch the news on tv any more, the reporters and the media, are sold out little puppets, to this socialist stinking government and all its partners,i hope people realy think before they vote next year, rodger
Centralisation of control is a cornerstone of the socialist mantra Peter
It should be their choice Mark
Democracy in New Zealand will not survive while Jaspinda is at the wheel. Wake up NZ and get rid of her. Logan
it’s a no brainer. Ian
this bill is racist Gerald
One person one vote Alan
Referendum only N. Royce
It should be but the “Labour team” have other ideas of course. Andrew
Rotorua electors have already had their say. The Mayor did not like the result, so is now trying to circumvent democracy. Mark
THis proposal is just the tip of the iceberg of the ruination of this country, hello Zimbabwe. John
People’s vote O ly Carl
one person one vote Paula
The empowering of these claims extend was past what they claim the treaty gives them. m That is joint sovereignty. Example the claims made for every beach in NZ. is going through the courts. The courts ruling was they had to show continually use since 1840. But in the claim for the beaches down the The whole sovereignty of the Nation and all the laws which established that are under attack from Maori Taonga,. mystical supernatural beliefs of what Maori believe. Passed down verbally through the tribes. There is no foundation to any of it. Yet Maori Taonga has become the power for this Government to make legislation. Over riding those principals of law which have founded Western Democracies. In other words we have to believe what they allege was passed down to them by their ancestors, verbally. When they began the claims for all the beaches in NZ. The courts decided they would have to show continual use of them since 1840. The Wairoa claim has been decided. The judge said they only had to believe they had used the beaches continually since 1840. How by word of mouth. Any myth passed down can now be evidence in our courts. We are in real trouble. Dene
it speaks for itself robert
A no brainer. A failure to uphold real democracy will result in more than a brain drain and kids OE out of this country. Who wants to live in a country where its citizens are not equal? Lindsay
It is time to STOP the machinations of this present government. before we lose it completely. Helen
Stay out of local politics, Labour. Marilyn
Why is this current Labour Government and its sycophantic “elite unrepresentative maori rabble” so hell bent on destroying the democracy that has benefited from the closes working together of all races since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.. To me these actions are bordering on treason, and those responsible should be named and shamed. Timothy 
The Government should stick to their Knitting. Governing the Country as a whole . Mind their own business General Economic Stability International affairs World outlook. Otherwise mind their own bloody business. Look at the mess they have created over the last 5 years Destroyed the Kiwi way of life. for what. Total control from the Kremlin Henry
Every citizen of New Zealand has the right and opportunity to put themselves forward to become elected representatives for either Local Government or Central Government.. This is sacrosanct to ensuring and upholding our Democracy. Tony
we must stop this dictatorship apartheid movement Brianb
Without a doubt.. the country is going to hell in a handcart… It’s a disgrace we should even be discussing this Jock
Chadwick should show some leadership . It’s been spelled out for her. She knew what the government response would be. Under no circumstances should government make these calls Mike
Local people should decide local outcomes with no racist agenda Ihaia
I am so angry about the way this destruction of NZ is being done behind the publics back!! Brian
One person one vote Elizabeth
The people should decide if course otherwise yes democracy is at risk, the lying cow must go. Gaz
The only right and just way. it should not become a parliament Bill which rides roughshod over local citizens. Too much of this with this dictatorial government. They’ve lost the plot – and they know it. Laurence
I guarantee there will be big trouble in NZ if this govt passes this bill. WAKE UP NZ Cheryl
Don’t the electors get a say any more. Governments Know best, We pay the rates & salary’s of the Councils. Richard
One-person one-vote for all = DEMOCRACY carolyn
Obvious democracy at work! Colin
This. Is the thin edge of the wedge before the full intent is revealed Les
Common sense Gordon
A pox on the current Labour party and all who support them, they have just about destroyed this country and all it used to stand for. Roy
the less parliament is involved in local government the better, let the locals be informed & decide. mike
Totally unbelievable to try to take control of the council with tribal rule. Kiwis need to vote with their feet, and not to be too complacent. Stand up and be counted. Ken
Steve Chadwick has been a DISASTER for Rotorua – spending Ratepayers cash as though there isn’t a tomorrow, twisting the rules, not allowing ELECTED COUNCILLORS to speak or take a meaningful part in decisions. Sylvia
of course Barry
Democracy dictates obviously….the electors decide!! Tony
Basic Democracy determines that any District Council can only be VOTED by Locals, NEVER decreed by central Government. To go against this, is, a New World Order Agenda, plain and simple. The big Picture is where all this is headed. Geoff
Local residents should have a say NOT others from outside the the local electorate John
we are not a communist state yet robin
Maori have been under complete control of their leading class for so long that they don’t question their ruling class on matters pertaining to their personal welfare and economic outcomes. it’s a tragedy that their leaders have and still are making decisions that ensure that they, the ruling elite, will be enriched and gain even further undeserved power ruling class power over all of us. There are many New Zealanders who can identify as being Maori living and working in Australia who are pleased to have a life of their own without the complications of tribal shenanigan’s. This is an example that Maori can thrive outside the clutches of the so called tribal leaders and be fully well adjusted people who get about their lives with more freedom and happiness. Come on New Zealand lets free the ordinary Maori from the yoke of their disastrous leaders and help them to obtain a much better way of life that most New Zealanders accomplish. Garry
This is definitely the thin end of the wedge. New Zealand should be governed as per our democracy, not being devolved down to the priveleged few Trevor
Jacinda should be impeached for what she is doing to this country Roger
So had a guts full of this Maori bull shit that is being thrust upon us!!!! Murray
A government undermining the majority of its voters deserves oblivion. Chris
That is what democracy is. Tony
Always thought I was living in New Zealand but I nor realize that I am living in China. Johan
The General Voting system has to apply otherwise we’re doomed! Frank
Parliament has no right to become a dictatorship by trying to force things on to the public, just look what happened in wellington with the mandates. Voting is a peoples choice NOT THE GOVERNMENTS COLIN
Keep our country democratic Steve
Its time to put the Treaty bullshit to rest. The REAL Treaty was written and signed in good faith read it here http://www.treatyofwaitangi.net.nz/ReadtheTreaty.html Alf
Unbelievable deception and arrogance by Labour that must be exposed to the voting public. Peter
Piss off parliament out of local elections David
We must tell this government that the division of NZ by race is not going to happen. Those who identify as Maori only look backwards and strive to live the life of their ancestors. Most other inhabitants of this planet strive to improve their lives and move forward embracing new technologies. They will never relinquish their tribal ways.The outlook for NZ is not good. Steve
We’re mean’t to be a democracy….. Smon
I look forward to the day that a more sensible and even handed government merges. For that to happen Jacinda the devil must disappear. Derek
For the people by the people. Democracy I fear we are about to lose it. The courts must declare, one person, one vote confirming NO partnership between the crown and the natives ever existed. Politicians will not save democracy, we must do it ourselves. Sam
There is no special case for Rotorua to have a disproportionate bias toward its Maori population. That has been clearly confirmed by the Local Government Commissions review. Nev
Shaking my head in disbelief! Coffey is so charming that many people are easily fooled. However it is the MSM who have fallen for the ‘partnership’ scam that is the problem. Unfortunately anyone who has been subjected to ‘compulsory’ in-service Treaty training as part of the job, with yearly refreshers (I worked for a DHB) will see the reason. Even to get the job one has to answer an interview questions demonstrating understanding of the partnership aspect of the Treaty! At the time I didn’t think I was compromising democracy, I just wanted the job! Say what they wanted to hear, and work the system. Prostitution in retrospect. But the MSM used to have a reputation for pursuing facts and the truth above all – sadly no longer, because they just want to work the system and keep the job! The term ‘presstitution’ comes to mind. Long live truthtellers! Pammie
You are very slow Comrade, our Glorious Leader, in cahoots with her followers, will make the big decisions round here now! Seriously though, I hate to say it, the country is stuffed. I may have mentioned that before. You better believe in the “tooth fairy” because I don’t see any parliamentary opposition coming to the fore. Bruce
Absolutely, undermining local residents rights to vote their local representatives, by stealth totally wipes all democratic principles. Karen
Not Parliament! we are governed by socialist idiots promoting apartheid Laurie
Obviously electors Richard
one vote per person -no special racial privlages clive
What blatant skullduggery by a dishonest and devious incompetent group, aided and abetted by woke councils who mistreat their constituents. John
Why are we letting Ardern and her gang of power hungry racists do the bidding of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Bildeberg Group and other wicked leaders to turn NZ into a socialist country – one step away from communism? Why is Ardern so cosy with China? Why are we being forced to become a cashless society? Democracy as we know it is under extreme attack. I fear for the younger generation as we are bullied and lied to and our education system is deliberately changing the history of this country. Merit, not skin colour should be the basis of all positions of authority. Wake up, voters; it’s almost too late. Pauline
Yet another potentially disastrous move by Aderns government! Dragging NZ further and further into racial inequality! Hugh
Any changes should be made by referendum Neville
1 person 1 vote tony
Unbelieveble attack on our democracy Has to be stopped Jennifer
I am so disgusted in this Government with its lies and deceit. Dianne
Local elections are for the local people’s perogative. Parliament has no say in that. Sadly we have already had their interference with the Maori wards – this is just more of the same apartheid spearhead tony
Gerry Mander would have been thrilled if he could have pulled off something as blatantly undemocratic as this stunt! Henry
of course it is up to the People of Rotorua Elsa
This is a big concern for everyone. When I came here years ago I believed we had a democracy – now we don’t. We are told what to do, what to say and how to say it. Very disturbing Kerin
We must stop this nonsense which is based on a lie . The truth must out !!!!! Jacqueline
After all it is the Electors who most effected. Denis
We sadly have the most disgusting revolting party ever to control our country. Lead by a nasty distinctive Communist hell bent on destroying the democratic process in NZ. The absolute prejudice by Maori and every other Kiwi group is clear for all to see. The animals are showing their true colours. The greatest CON of them all is to refer to them as indigenous when they are not “of this country”. They sailed here, ate the residents and started the claim process. Europeans arrived and as is the case with the English failed to complete the job. A tragedy currently destroying thus country today. Ant
Democracy as it should be Gavin
The citizens of Rotorua must be given the right to decide the council makeup. Dennis
This is indeed a sinister development. It is a tragedy the media has been bought off and will no longer hold the central government accountable for this. The ratepayers of Rotorua should select the entire council. These developments — maori wards, no binding referenda in this matter, and “co-governance” (whatever that means, given there is no description of it anywhere) leave a feeling of foreboding. Gavin
The new Maori new health system should have funding from Maori taxpayers & not from us our system is shot Lynne
You don’t know what you’ve lost till it’s gone – Joni Michell (In this case, local Democracy). Barry
Parliament. After the next elections must bring back democracy with one equal vote for ALL. This trumped up Maori caucus must go before New Zealand sinks so deep in a bureaucratic jungle it may never recover from. Graeme
Absolute no brainer. Problem is the labour caucus if filled with brain dead individuals who believe the Animal Farm model is the only way forward for Iwi. Chris
It is chilling seeing Ardern and her henchmen (henchpersons) carrying out these corrupt policies David
What a shambles NZ is becoming. Shame on the Adern Government. Norm
Yet again the labour leadership shows a dictatorship bias peter
If the electors in Rotorua leave it to parliament to decide the make up of the Rotorua District Council, what hope would there be for the rest of the country? This current bunch of (ahh) individuals banned the country to have a referendum on Maori wards on councils. Do you call that democracy? I call it deceit, a common practice among both of the major parties. The Government should cease this abject racist rant and concentrate on running the country and making it better for ALL of its citizens! There are no such things as Principles in the Treaty of Waitangi, nor is there anything resembling a Partnership. It would be interesting how much Pakeha blood runs through the veins of those Maori who think we owe them something, rather more than Maori, no doubt. My Maori relations and friends are happy that we should live as one. Kevan
Labour has to go. National are not much different. I will be supporting Democracy NZ. Kath
Labour Party represents apartheid Paul
That is the ONLY democratic way. Dianne
Stand up and reject this proposal and preserve democracy Noeline
He Puapua is nonsense. Jacinda has gone too far. We must vote this Government out. William
No sane person would ever accept that the Monarch would enter into a partnership with a stone age cannabilistic society. barry
It is disgraceful how the media have been bought off and not advising the populous what is going on and hold the government to account. This is what happens in Russia with their media spouting Putin’s PR propaganda lies all of the time and keeping their populace totally ignorant to what is going on in Ukraine. This is how communism creeps in – we know Adern’s background don’t we! Graeme
People who know the local conditions, who live in the area, should be the ones to decide their outcomes. It’s a local issue. Sheila
This is another step in the slide from “one vote one person” to being ruled by a minority that has shown through the Tuhoi settlement that they are not fit for this role. Another nail in the coffin of democracy. k
The people are the most important in a democracy and should be listened to before any policies or rules change. Barbara
one person one equal vote must prevail Peter
pEOPLE need TO CONTACT anyone THEY KNOW IN rOTORUA & LET THEM KNOW cHATWICK IS TAKING their VOTER RIGHTS AWAY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS also email Luxon & David Seymour about jacinda going to give elite iwi VETO rights to the WHOLE health system so it will be race based no longer health needed,they can have a say on OUR health system BUT we cant have a say on theirs.CAN A VETO BE REMOVED does anyone know. I,m National but David Seymour from Act seems to be the ONLY one with GUTS to talk about DEMOCRACY ETC now I,m wondering if my vote should be for ACT as I wonder if Luxon is going to backflip & continue to give iwi much more than the 85% of N.Zealanders who have been ignored.They say thell do this & that but once in power do NOTHING they,ve said they will do. Cindy
Very disturbing. Harry
Please please keep informing the public of what Jacinda is doing. she needs to stop! Joan
Where is this country heading under liebour? John
Anything else is tyranny. Stuart
Don’t give into these racists Alan
Currently we live in a Democracy, NOT a Dictatorship Raymond
Apparently foolishly, I thought NZ had made its anti Apartheid feelings well known in the past. Bob
I’m feeling more and more alien in my own country by the day. The big question though, is Luxon going to rescind this whole mess that Cindy has us in or will he bend to the whole Partnership rubbish that is being touted. Only time will tell but I do have my doubts. Joseph
Of course the same as every district, this is just the begining of her communist rule to take over NZ and if the sheep dont wake up soon it will be to late so she has to go NOW one way or the other eric
I am afraid that by the time kiwis wake up to what’s happening in Rotorua we will no longer be a democracy. Jasmine
Our left wing news media is not letting these developments appear before the public,this the most serious challenge to NZ democracy in our life time,bloodless coup of this countries democracy maurice 
More communist scum racism Greg
Absolutely the Electors in Rotorua! Trish
We dont need or want Labour partys power grabbing over the voting rights of the local people of Rotorua or any where else. Brian
Of course David
Democracy 101 John
is any one awake out there? Muriels readers are the converted! What about the rest of the population!! Marianne
Obviously an open push by Marxist controllers to remain locked in power using Maori to block other voters & opinions out. Peter
Let’s draw a very clear line in the quick sand of democracy Murray
This is the tip of an iceberg that will destroy nz as we know it. The msm are doing us a grave injustice as it seems the average new zealander is unaware of this treason. Willy
Very frightening what’s happening in our country. As an older New Zealander I fear for my grandchildren and where this is all heading. Lawrie
To say I am disgusted with the pathetic excuse we have for a media is an understatement. They challenge nothing! Jacinda Adern was NOT voted for by me and she certainly does NOT govern for me and neither does she govern for all New Zealanders. She has her own agenda and she must be stopped before she fully destroys our country. Any government coming into power after the damage that has been wrought by this government and controller with a hidden agenda is going to have one hell of a time cleaning up a mess that will take years and adversely affect our children and grandchildren. She has got to be stopped along with the madness this unhinged woman is hellbent on bulldozing through. Wake up New Zealand!! Heather
Always the local people ! Mike
Anything other than voters electing is quite simply NOT democracy. Doug
How much longer are we going to allow this communist ***** to destroy NZ, before action is taken to remove her from NZ? Oh wait, no other country (except Canada maybe) will allow her in to create more destruction. Carolyn
This Parliament is warped. In their minds they matter – the PEOPLE don’t. Doug
See it as it is – the 1st step to total Maori tribal control of NZ. A disaster for New Zealand including the majority of Maori ! John
Not the government. gale
Councillors, like politicians, are voted into office by the electorate with the mandate to administer the affairs of their station. Altering the electoral system oversteps the boundaries of administration and opens the door to manipulation for personal gain or introduction of an alternative agenda. This is a legal arena and should be challenge in a court of law if due process is not followed. Permitting this behaviour at council level, sets the precedent for parliament to make the same changes without consulting the electorate. This is Ardern and Labour’s testing ground for how New Zealanders will respond to their dictatorial leadership. Martin
What else. ! If this destruction of democracy continues, people will soon wake up to a very different situation where oppression and corruption will be the ‘new normal. We had many examples in history where this led to civil unrest if not civil war. Is this what these radicals want to provoke????? michael
Democracy is one person one vote. Tribalism is a takeover and wont stop until NZ no longer exists as we know it and becomes a waring faction of tribes all vying for power Laurine
Undemocratic Claire
I can’t believe we are even talking about this. One person one vote. I am not convinced the treaty of Waitangi says anything beyond every one is equal and we all work in partnership. William
No attempt to enable disproportionate representation is acceptable in a stable liberal democracy. Helen
I can’t understand the apathy of New Zealanders towards this issue of Co Governance and the manipulation of the Treaty Principles.My advise to anyone reading this is to get off your butt and put up signs at every entrance to your town,I am doing it at the Katikati entrance to Tauranga, and surely there is someone amongst us that could organise a one day rally at Parliament Doug
Democracy says electors of course Sidwell
We near to retain some local control and not be dictated to buy a government whose next step could be global rule and decision making. David
Jacinda and her cohorts are following Donald Trump in America with his outright lies and demands that he be put back into the White House now. Politely this is just idiotic. John
Absolutely the voters of rotorua should decide the makeup of their council. One legal voter, one legal vote, that’s it first last and always Flip
Another communist nail into the heart of a democratic New Zealand. With the internet no one in the future will be able to deny or dodge their responsibility for the actions or statements when account is taken of these Commie subversive actions. And subversion it is. One would have thought there was a set of actions in law to be taken in the case of a subversive Government like this or is it to be left to the populace? Terry
Certainly Not this inept Government. Maurice
Ardern is just Putin in a skirt. She MUST GO! Steve
Get the guillotine ready Peter
You cannot trust this Parliament it is the most corrupt government I have ever known in my 82 years as a New Zealander! Eric
They live and work there Laurel
1 person 1 vote Jocelyn
Herr Schwab and his WEF graduate, Jacinderella, of the Young Global Leaders program, are certainly working on the “Great Reset” and the destruction of democracy. Phillip
Time to call time on the bunch of undecametric Labour MP’s and Minsters. Time for Labour to quit. Time to call a snap election NOW…. Carl
That%u2019s democracy Lyn
What are these people doing to our country and who do they think they are. Warren 
There is only one answer to that question in a democracy. The electors. Anything else is by tyranny . Carolyn
Electors subject to a fair and representative election process of one citizen one vote Richard
if maori take control it will turn into a lollyscramble among the tribes Jack
WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME PEOPLE! Come On Mr Luxon, show us some leadership that you think you have got. What about you Mr Seymour, Show us what you have got! William
It seems strange that up until a couple of years ago co- governance was not on the agenda. We all were equal and the Treaty bestowed equal rights on all New Zealand citizens. It is incumbent on the legal fraternity now to ensure all this co- governance is consigned to the scrapheap. It is also up to Kiwis to vote for whichever party spells out equality for all otherwise they reap what they sow. Janine
This is such a shame, a put up job to gain absolute control of the council and eventually the country. We are being hoodwinked. Carol
No way should Parliament be involved in local government. Pam
It is the Rotorua’s electors right to decide to vote in a democratic election Norm
New Zealand is well down the slippery slope of autocracy. Ardern’s aim seems to be to destroy our democracy and then bugger off to some plum UN role. Good riddance Philip
Democracy in New Zealand is being eroded by this Marxist woke government so quickly that it will soon be a thing of the past. While kiwis sleep on Adern and her comrades are wrecking our country. Colin
I have one question. Why the hell is the Opposition not all over this during question time in Parliament? Rod
Let democracy rule and our freedom of thought and free speech prevail over our socialist leader before we are tied down and not able to return to a true democracy. Owen
There should be no racially based councillors, MPs or any other roles like Boards in this country. This nonsense has to stop. Mike
It’s a no brainer. The local people elect who they want. Its Aderns aim to cripple this countrys economy so as to turn it into a socialist state, pure and simple to see. She is evil. Peter
What a stupid woman is Jacinda Ardern! She could have had a third term if she had not got into bed with the radical Greens and Maori Party hell bent on overturning our Westminster democracy for tribal apartheid! David
The way things are going I can see our next election being cancelled and a one party state being installed, robbing us of the chance to get rid of this evil lot! Brenda
Tribalism is not a peaceful path, but one of violence Tony
Democracy gas to remain at all costs James
Not the communist government. Hopefully enough sheep can see through clearly enough to stop this agenda. Let’s pray….. Simon
I believe that a large number of the local part maori, wouldn’t have a clue and are not interested in their local councils. Darryl
Apartheid is the future of NZ with this labour government – even worse the battles fought for one man one vote is being destroyed Leeanne
This gvt is dangerous. Susie
For goodness sake isnt this about all the people? It is has been 180 years since NZ was colonised. To turn the clock back now ?? How utterly ridiculous Lindsay
One person….one vote. Simple really, isn’t it? Martyn
if this gets through the flood gates will open & this country will go straight to hell. Nigel
Democracy 101 John
Democracy is fast being lost under this government. Anon
I think the Queen would have something to say about “OUR” Parliament. Chris
iwi to keep hands off paula
control by locals gerards
The fact that this question is actually being raised, shows how far we are along the road to perdition! Scott
The government is manipulating the electoral vote to suit its agenda of tribal control (and we all know why they chose Rotorua). What I fail to understand is why so-called co-governance is even being discussed and the PM’s comment that she will open it up to the electorate for discussion. There is no mention in the treaty or any where else that co-governance was ever intended. So what is there to discuss??? It is a sham. chris
jacinda and putin are tared with same brush murray
Our democracy is under immediate threat and yet much of the population slumbers on-either indifferent or oblivious. We all have the responsibility to make sure that as many as possible see and hear what is happening and join the fight back. Roger
Voters all over New Zealand need to get involved to over turn this proposal. Will we see civil unrest in years to come? Quite lightly I have lived in Rotorua for 63 years so know how the tension is building Gary
Democracy must prevail.We must somehow get rid of this abomination of a government led by Jacinda Ardern before it is too late.People must ensure everyone they know is alerted to what is happening – because the media will not! Gail
In a Democracy there can be no other way. Kevin
all must be equal in this country. .Where is democracy almost gone! Ann
Government needs to keep out of it otherwise people really have no choice. Nic
Racist. Evan
This new bill is an absolute disgrace and must be stopped. Louise
Who can trust Jacinda Ardern and the labour Government? David
We are one of the worlds oldest democracies. It is ANZAC weekend soon. Our Anzacs died for democracy. Maori caucus, Iwi, elite and gangs are disrespecting their supreme sacrifice. I hope they do not show their traitorous faces at Anzac parades. Peter
What Coffeys Bill will lead to is an Apartheid situation in New Zealand. It should be knocked on the head right now. pdm
FFS !! What is our country coming to…Oh! I know , the CCP !! Trish
Typical Labour BS sooner they are voted out the better Tony
As you pointed out it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership or co-governance to exist between a sovereign and the governed. Also Maori are not indigenous as descendants of a tribe here before them have had DNA confirmation of Egyptian and Peruvian ancestry. Partnership and indigenous claims are outright lies fabricated by Maori caucus/Iwi/Elite billion dollar Industries. Act and National why are you letting them destroy democracy??!! Brenda
Total no-brainer,I would have thought11 Henry
Here we go again – the Labour Party buying votes to ensure that they retain power in parliament. Hopefully the next general election will sort things out and keep Labour in opposition for a very long time. Tony
Certainly not this government, they have proved clearly not to know right from wrong. The future of this country is in the hands of all the electors, not in the hands of a cunning greedy few who call themselves Maori, when in fact most are not even part Maori, hell bent on stealing all they can from a stupid Prime Minister Tom
I am Maori. Tane
This government is highly dangerous. The answer may be to join with Australia! Shaun
One person / one vote. That’s democracy. Otherwise we’ll be heading down the same path as Russia, China and North Korea. Peter
What sort of a question is that. I am gradually becoming racist Mike
The sooner this pack of useless Bast**** go the better david
Just like Tauranga, get this government out of local politics. Ken
One person one vote. Charles
Please! Wake up New Zealanders! See what is happening right under your noses. “Co-governance” sounds innocuous enough if you don’t really pay attention. In reality it is a very sinister development. We can no longer depend on the media. To their eternal shame & despite their protests they have been bought off. What will NZ be like for our children & grandchildren? This is the most deeply worrying time in our nation’s history. Please – realise what is happening, speak up, & do not vote Labour next election! Heather
What is our Gov General doing? Kevin
Comparison with Animal Farm is flattering this government. It’s ‘take-over’ and bribery of our media and big business leaders is akin to the actions of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis. Paul
This action by Jacinda Arern Government is all part of the UN Agenda 21-30, the white people of NZ voting for this Government need their head read, just crazy brainless voting. Don
Otherwise they end up with a dictatorship which I feel is happening in New Zealand even now Logan
The PEOPLE must be the ones to choose. Get rid of MMP and Maori Wards One is bad and the other is not needed COOKIE
Westminster Democracy must prevail for the future of all citizens in NZ Phil
More pro Maori racist unacceptable rubbish denying the principle of democracy of one person one vote Hylton
And if they progress this a taxpayer revolt should bring them to heel rather quickly with the snouts in a trough without money Phil
APARTHEID continues unabated in NZ. Why is the International community not outraged at this? The way they were against Apartheid in South Africa. Geoff
I believe that, only those who live in Rotorua have the right & power to transform their council in this year’s local body elections by supporting candidates who believe it should be the public who decide matters such as the makeup of their council – NOT PARLIAMENT. This Bill is intentionally devisive and should be thrown out; along with the ‘Three Waters’ & “Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bills. How do we initiate a ‘No Confidence’ vote in this Government and call for an early election! John 
Ardern is stealing NZ under false pretenses. Trevor
I still believe in oneman/woman 1 votr not passing power over to a very significant minority due to their ethnicity. Totally wrong, totally unjust & undemocratic. Don
Everyone should be equal. Graeme
This can’t happen.. if it does New Zealand as we know it is finished. Clive
ALWAYS the voters in the Council electorate District. NOT the Government RICHard
Tribalism Jeff
No one can trust this Government Warren
The electors have not called for change. There is no valid reason for any such decision to even be contemplated. Roger
It makes complete sense for locals to decide their council members Terry
democracy paddi
The Government should ensure that local government systems are consistent throughout New Zealand John
This government is totally out of control and NOT working for its people…very frightening. I feel doomed. Our beautiful country has been turned upside down and not for the better. Debs
Isn’t this the only just course of action?? Pieter
One vote per resident no matter what ethnicity! Meredith
One law for all .Maori no longer exist as a race there are only part Maori.Those with other ethnic ancestry can not claim to be Maori, Don
We are being herded down the Governments corrupt, non Democratic pathway. Adrian
Speechless..Hope citizens rise up and protest like in Wellington Bev
The electors are the whole reason for parliament. Charles
The problem with Maori rights that I have who is a Maori? Take Willy Jackson, he is 50/50 so is he a Maori on Wednesday and European on Thursday. I believe that we need to redefine who is and who isnt Maori. Les
All councils in New Zealand should only be decided by the electors. Councils are already overloaded with idiots who don’t know what they are in there for, and we certainly do NOT want or need to further compound the greed already displayed by council rates by placing unelected power grabbers who are put there because they claim to have a fraction of Maori blood in them. New Zealand is already being screwed over by special treatment for Maori by this Ardern government. Des
1 person,1 vote Nikki
NZERS are equal Roger
This is pure racism introduced by an utterly deceitful government. Alan
For the People by the People..always. Our Way or the Highway ! Chris
So obvious Graham
The answer is so obvious. how can our parliament pass a law like this?? Bruce
Labour’s first step was forcing the Maori Wards onto us by refusing to accept complaints or referendum about the undemocratic introduction of Wards for Maoris. This despite the majority of local councils being told in no uncertain terms that Wards were not wanted. Since then we have learned of the hitherto secret introduction of the Maori controlled Health service, the Maori controlled water supply and drainage, The bribery of our newspaper publishers, the granting to Maoris the right to veto any proposal they dislike, and now the planned destruction of local body democracy which will no doubt be followed by the same treatment for parliamentary democracy. I would describe Ardern as the smiling assassin along with many other unprintable labels. Please could some of our legal minds be turned to answering the question, ‘Can the next NZ Government undo some of this insane damage which no doubt will all be rushed through in the dead of night over the next 12 months?’ The second plea is ‘Can the present Opposition Parties be much more vocal in what they are planning to save NZ Democracy?’ CHRIS
Democracy should be our default not apartheid. Bryan
Central Government should stay right out of local politics. Prime example is the 3 Waters debarcle Graham
Obvious!!! Isa
How can the animal form be eliminated? Arthur
As a third generation former Rotorua resident, overwhelmingly it should be a democratic ONE vote per person. If not I see a future Maori ‘Government’ taking it’s seat of power in Rotorua. Christine
Its already decided. Ardern has no right to attempt to change it. It is unlawful and unconstitutional. She should be dismissed without any elections to verify it just as she is attempting to do to the electors of Rotorua. There must be a procedure to initiate this action terrence
Got to boot this govt before they ruin this country entirely..will take 2 plus generations just to undo some of the shit they’ve done. Barbara
Kick the trouble makers out russell
The door has been opened, who is brave enough to close and lock it for ever, national are chickens who are happy to crow but will never lay the golden egg needed to save our country, act is to small easily run over, the media are maggots who will feast upon anything worthwhile till there is nothing left, then move onto the next victim. The only way we will get any real positive outcome for all New Zealanders is for a mass uprising , again are we prepared to be involved in such a major even, maybe in life changing time will tell. Sven
Divide and rule, JACINDA calls democracy, I call it subversion. Claire
What am I missing here? Is “repeal” not in the politicians dictionary? What is the National parties response to these things. Give the voters the tool to control these political extremists because we can’t reply on political parties to support the right thing for democratic rule. Give us Citizen Initiated Mandatory Referendum. Rex
Any pretence of a democratic, transparent, honest government by this labour cult has been completely voided with the insidious introduction of totalitarianism under the convenient distraction of covid. This treacherous PM is intent on setting us up for eventual tribal rule. There must be changes made to the electoral system to prevent future autocratic politicians, such as the PM, from undermining our democracy, by passing legislation without the voters having a 100 Day Right of Veto. Without some form of restraint, as at present, we find ourselves trapped in a dictatorship until the next election, during which time the damage will be huge. Terry M
No Maori seats, only general seats. One vote per person irrespective of race or anything else. End Apartheid. David
this should be thrown out Stan
Terrible- vote Jaspinda and her Maori cohorts out. We must have total democracy in NZ. Laura
Two weeks ago I sent every National party minister my concerns about this Bill. They obviously don’t care or are not on top of this forthcoming catastrophe. My response from these ministers so far is crickets. I’m still waiting. Rob
It is a disgrace.. Donald
More gerrymandering by Labour Mike
This just may be the catalysis for the start of a civil war in NZ Neil
Until there is accountability for politicians who are not held responsible for their wrong decisions. Let the people decide. mike
Typical labour bullshit Allan
Local Councils must be controlled only by the locals. It is imperative that He pua pua is fully disclosed to the public. Many have no idea what it is!! Elizabeth
The people need to decide who is representing them. Lyn
OMG, when will voters take off the blinkers? Sharron
No brainer . John
Another three years of this and New Zealand is irrevocably stuffed. dave
The electors in Rotorua are obviously the ones who should decide the makeup of the Rotorua District Council, on a democratic basis of one vote per elector regardless of ethnicity. ROB
The sanctity of Local Government must be maintained and not subsumed by an arrogant Central Government. Colin
This is the thin edge of the wedge. John
Local govt democracy mary
Of course they should Graeme
What is the point of ‘local bodies’ if the locals themselves can’t decide representation? Mike
It’s absurd that local residents are not being aloud the opportunity to decide the make up of their own council. It’s clearly going to parliament because they have the majority to get it passed. At NO point is ANY if this process democratic! Wally
If Labour do not get what they want they will probably invade Rotorua. Kevin
This madness must stop. I’m really getting worried now. Ray
NZ is a democracy isn’t it ?? The Govt should not be overruling the people’s votes Kevin
This Labour Government cannot be trusted to do what is right for NZ. Caren
It should be a democratic election but this extreme leftist and indigenous obsessed government will have the agenda of removal of all Councils and replace them with Government appointed “committees” such as in Tauranga. Alan
We live in a democracy Philip
This is the start of a slippery path to end democracy in New Zealand and to enable 16% of the population to dominate the 84% majority! It is a rort by the wealthy tribal elite and must be stopped! Lynne
Must be fair and equal. NEIL
One person, one vote. Period. Neville
This is a very sinister development. it sets the scene to allow the value of votes to be manipulated. Is this how they see the future – a minority of voters on the Maori roll having equal power to the majority on the General roll? It must be time to move to Australia! Dennis
It is an awful feeling that the government cannot be trusted to be looking out for the public good. Manipulating our voting system is the last straw! Mary
Jacinda Ardern is ruining the country. She MUST go! Gordon
It is shameful that the media are not interrogating what is going on an holding the government to account. It feels like we are living in Russia with our main media spouting government PR lies all of the time. Don’t they care about democracy?  Murray
It is time the opposition ramped up their attack on the government over He Puapua and this tribal agenda. Where’s Winston when we need him!!! Charles