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Aotearoa New Zealand

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Signing the Treaty of Waitangi February 6, 1840.

 Waitangi Day is an appropriate occasion to reflect on the Treaty of Waitangi.

“The treaty cannot be any kind of founding document. The court of appeal once, absurdly, described it as a partnership between races, but it obviously is not. The signatories are, on one side, a distinctive group of people, and on the other, a government which established itself in New Zealand and whose successors represent all of us, whether we are descendants of the signatories or not. The treaty cannot even resolve the argument among Maori themselves in which one side maintains that that you’re a Maori if you identify as such, and the other claims that it’s your links to traditional forms of association which define you as Maori.

“As our increasingly dismal national day continues to show, the treaty is no basis for nationhood. It doesn’t express the fundamental rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and it doesn’t have any unifying concept. The importance it has for Maori people is a constant reminder that governments in a democracy should meet their legal and moral obligations, but for the country taken as a whole, that is, and must be, the limit of its significance.

“The treaty itself contains no principles which can usefully guide government or courts. It is a bald agreement, anchored in its time and place, and the public interest in it is the same as the public interest in enforcing any properly-made agreement. To go further than that is to acknowledge the existence of undemocratic forms of rights, entitlements, or sovereignty.

“The treaty is a wonderful stick for activists to beat the rest of us with, but it could never have assumed the importance it has without the complicity of others. It came to prominence in liberal thought in the seventies, when many who were concerned about the abuse of the democratic process by the government of the day began to see the treaty as a potential source of alternative authority. It’s been the basis of a self-perpetuating industry in academic and legal circles. Many on the left of politics who sympathise with Maori aspiration have identified with the cause of the treaty, either not knowing or not caring that its implications are profoundly undemocratic.”

If these comments had been made today, the speaker would, metaphorically speaking, be crucified by Maori sovereignty supporters.

Just look at their extreme reaction to the recent comments by New Plymouth District Councillor Murray Chong who, elected on a platform of ‘saying it like I see it’, was viciously attacked for admitting on Facebook that he was ‘ashamed’ of singing “The te reo version of the NZ national anthem”.

Imagine the furore that would be unleashed on someone committing the cultural heresy of saying the Treaty of Waitangi is not our founding document, that it did not establish a partnership between Maori and the Crown, and that it has been transformed into a lucrative gravy train to enrich those who use it.

Yet when former Prime Minister David Lange made those comments in November 2000, they barely caused a murmur. That’s because back then, everyone was at liberty to speak the truth. You were not abused for doing so – even on controversial matters.

How things have changed during those intervening years – thanks largely to three terms of Helen Clark’s Labour Government pandering to the Maori sovereignty movement, and a further three terms of National appeasing iwi leaders.

In fact, when David Lange delivered his speech no-one would have imagined that renaming New Zealand to become Aotearoa New Zealand would even be possible, let alone probable – with barely a whimper of opposition.

Yet, here we are.

Everything David Lange warned against has come to pass.

In schools children are now taught that the Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document, even though it’s not.

The Treaty, signed by Queen Victoria’s representative Governor Hobson and 512 Maori Chiefs on the 6th of February 1840, had only three main provisions. The first established the Queen as our sovereign. The second enshrined private property rights. And the third introduced equality under the rule of law.  

At the time, New Zealand was still part of New South Wales. It wasn’t until the 16th of November 1840 when the Letters Patent (commonly known as the Charter of 1840) was signed by the Queen, that New Zealand became an independent British colony. The Charter vested the power of the British Government in the Governor, who was then authorised to form our first Government – which occurred through the New Zealand Constitution Act in 1852.

It is therefore the Charter of 1840 that founded New Zealand as an independent nation, not the Treaty of Waitangi.  

It’s the same story with the notion of partnership – while everyone is now told that Maori are in partnership with the Crown, that claim is also untrue.

When Justice Cooke used the expression, “the treaty signified a partnership between races” in the 1987 Court of Appeal ‘Lands’ case, he qualified it by explaining that the word “partnership” was used in the common law context of partners in commercial transactions acting towards each other in “good faith”. This interpretation was reinforced by the other Judges in the case.

However, the truth was conveniently ignored by Maori sovereignty activists, who seized the word ‘partnership’ and took it out of context to fraudulently claim that the Court had ruled that Maori had a Treaty ‘partnership’ with the Crown. This is in spite of the fact that it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects.

Using the well-known propaganda technique that if you are going to tell a lie, make it a big one and repeat it often, claims of a ‘partnership’ are now commonly used in the narrative of politicians, government officials, academics, lawyers, and the media. These supporters of Maori sovereignty each have their own motivation for becoming party to the deceit, but they are using the fabricated partnership claim to advance their own self-interest.

In other words, while honour, respect, and redress are the public face of claims, self-interest is the driving motivation. That’s why it is fraud – they are profiteering from deceit.

The fact that so many people are now being taken in by it, shows just how widespread Treaty indoctrination has become.

On the present path, there is no doubt at all that New Zealand will become Aotearoa New Zealand – and, not too long afterwards, just Aotearoa.

So, what will the country be like when it is Aotearoa?  

New Zealanders should take a long hard look at what’s happening in Zimbabwe and South Africa, to see the dangers associated with elevating cultural rights above the equal rights of citizens. There, policies allow the compulsory taking of private land without compensation, and in Zimbabwe, where land seizures have been underway for years, the redistributions have largely been to the ruling elite.

Unless things change, cultural extortion looks set to become the name of the game in Aotearoa, and the constitutional rights that protect New Zealanders – including democracy and the rule of law – will increasingly be undermined and destroyed.

When first elected to government, the Minister of Crown-Maori Relations Kelvin Davis hosted consultation meetings with Maori around the country to formulate their Maori-Crown ‘partnership’ plan, spending in excess of $280,000 of taxpayers’ money on koha, catering and other expenses.

lwi leaders demanded status in official decisions made by the Government – and expected to be richly rewarded as a result. Labour’s decision to create an official partnership between Maori and the Crown, through the establishment of an Office for Maori-Crown Relations deep within the heart of Government means that the pathway is now in place.

The new Ministry, Te Arawhiti, which has replaced te Puni Kokiri as the lead Maori agency for the Government, will also take over Treaty settlements, and Crown engagement over Marine and Coastal Area Act claims. The unit, which will have widespread influence throughout the State Sector, including through the appointment of specialist Maori advisors in key Government agencies, may end up with over 600 staff – compared to Treasury with around 400 and the Ministry for the Environment with 300.

The new agency is expected to lead the way in resolving contemporary Treaty claims over issues as diverse as intellectual property and fresh water. The role of the Waitangi Tribunal is also being questioned since, in this modern claims era, the emphasis will be on ‘partnership’ not grievance. What this will actually mean in practice, remains to be seen, but the indications are, that with regards to fresh water, for example, a royalty arrangement would be the desired outcome, so that every time a Kiwi turns on the tap, money pours into the bank accounts of our iwi ‘partners’. 

The Maori-Crown Agency will introduce a Maori world view into policy-making, and it appears likely to become a state indoctrination agency, to ensure that public servants are adequately ‘trained’ in issues like “unconscious bias” and “cultural competency”. 

Of particular concern is the fact that those behind this agency want it to be consulted on all law changes being proposed by the Government, to advise on whether they would benefit Maori.

If they are given the power of veto over Government legislation, the first stage of the tribal co-governance of New Zealand would be complete. Unelected and unaccountable tribal representatives would have ultimate power over government decision-making, making a mockery of democracy, citizenship, and the rule of law.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, veteran newspaper editor Bob Edlin, who now runs the Point of Order blog, has been questioning the Minister for Maori-Crown Relations:

“Empowering iwi leaders in the name of ‘partnership’ is a matter with profound constitutional implications, of course.  But when Point of Order raised questions last September about the government’s co-governance agenda and the constitutional  impacts on all Kiwi citizens, we received no answers.

“We also asked:

  • Will the promotion of co-governance arrangements be among the objectives of the newly established Maori-Crown relationship agency?
  • Does the Minister have any concerns that New Zealand’s democratic institutions and systems are gradually being altered by co-governance arrangements to devalue concepts such as one citizen, one vote, and to put some council decision-makers (appointed, not elected) beyond the reach of voters?

“Davis said Maori had wanted his portfolio to have its own agency with its own ‘mana’. This portends the insidious continuance of shifts of power and authority in our governance arrangements without informed public debate and approval.”  

The way things are going, unless the public starts raising concerns about these sinister new developments, cultural tyranny will be the result.

Is this the sort of country that we really want – with an elite Maori ruling class, and everyone else as  second class citizens?

If not, then it’s time to say enough is enough. Because if there isn’t a groundswell of public voices in opposition, as sure as night follows day, the future will be divided, elitist, racist and culturally based.

In his speech, David Lange warned about the march of Maori sovereignty and the danger it poses:

“Democratic government can accommodate Maori political aspiration in many ways. It can allocate resources in ways which reflect the particular interests of Maori people. It can delegate authority, and allow the exercise of degrees of Maori autonomy. What it cannot do is acknowledge the existence of a separate sovereignty. As soon as it does that, it isn’t a democracy. We can have a democratic form of government or we can have indigenous sovereignty. They can’t coexist and we can’t have them both.”

The first article of the Treaty of Waitangi says, “The Chiefs assembled including Chiefs not present at the assembly hereby cede absolutely to the Queen of England for ever the government of all of their lands.”

The concept of indigenous sovereignty is nowhere to be seen!


Do you support a change in the name of New Zealand to Aotearoa New Zealand?

*Poll comments are posted below.


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Never Bob
change for changes sake only. Rob
This depresses me. Joyce
The name New Zealand has credibility with wider appeal. The 15% minority is ruling in our undemocratic land. We will become the land of the long white shroud. No government of either colour is willing to prevent our end. Sam
No, absolutely not! Heather
Including the name Aotearoa has no tangible benefit to the country. It is simply a part Maori ego trip, like many other of their demands. Donald
I already feel that i am a second class WHITE New Zealander and i do not need any more Maori crap rammed down my throat by Maori immigrant overstayers! Des
unthinkable Edward
NoNoNo not on your sweet nellie born in nz been here for 80 years ayu teearower along with all the part maori radicals can go to hell,nz has become the land of the long brown cloud. james
Aotearoa is not the name for Nz. Tony
NO, the name New Zealand is known all over the world. There is no need for a name change. Laurent
This nonsense must stop now. Tim
Totally undemocratic and creates elitism for iwi………who will not even be able to control their own! Joe
Wake up nz to Maori domination in all areas of government and it is time the iwi owners paid taxes Sidwell
No! The thought sickens me. I migrated to NZ as a child in the 40’s. I’m proud of my NZ citizenship. My children are New Zealanders. Our nation’s naming by a Dutch explorer is something to celebrate and to retain. It will be a sad day if we have to contend with that mouthful! Walnetta
Racist, Aotearoa was a name given by an english missionary Bryan
No, it is unnecessary! Tim
just a load of B/S Barry
Since the late 80s we have had a parade of spineless, sycophantic self serving politicians, unable to view the future beyond their own tenures. National and labor are equally to blame and equally unable to resolve the situation they have created. The Chinese will take advantage of this situation to create further dissension and I see a civil war in the very near future. Rex
No way NZ name should be as is with no exception…Where will all this be going in the future ie .the public will have to bow down to maori take overs in business, foreshore, inland water which can go into power stations, agriculture & forestry.. The treaty of waitangi is an open cheque book from the govt to all maori : “never ending” Rex
Emphatically NO David
The A. word is the most revolting sounding name I have ever heard and I will never use it until my dying day. New Zealand is already a long name with two words and often shortened to NZ, We are New Zealanders and it’s time for one citizenship but expect no relief from the virtue-signaling PM with her identity politics progressivism. Kelvin Davis, the most incompetent minister ever, manages to set up this monster Maori bureaucracy before he steps down. Also sick of Simon Bridges raving on he is a Maori; – we don’t care. Monica
This country is heading down the dunny if this goddamn Labour party push that ridiculous notion through . The name of this country is New Zealand and should remain so until there is a referendum by the entitled people of NEW ZEALAND Neville66
What about New Zealand Aotearoa? Marlene
Like hell, wake up New Zealand before these greedy bloody Maoris take over our country. Athol
Definitely not !! June
Nobody seems to read these comments, I’ve been informing commenters for ages that the Royal Charter/Letters Patent of 16-11-1840 is our true founding document and no one has caught on. Thank goodness Muriel has, at last, joined in to save our country. Thank you Muriel, thank you thank you! Aotearoa is an English word, not Maori. It first appeared in an English, romantic novel about New Zealand in 1897 and the reason it could not be included in the Treaty. BUT propaganda will win in the end. What Muriel wrote in this weeks letter is all true, I know!!! A patriot indeed. George
Another attempt to extend the enforced deluge of exclusivity of the Maori language, which is recognised nowhere else in the world Bob
Absolutely ‘No’! It was the early European influence which set the correct democratic course to make NZ great. The ‘Aotearoa’ iwi influence of the pre-1800’s did nothing to progress NZ as they were too busy fighting & killing each other. Donald
I’m sick of all this crap Laurie
there is no basis whatsoever for change bryan
Absolutely not. It is an abomination put forward and championed by a few “elite” iwi. We used to be a proud democratic country but sadly this has already disappeared from our constitution. Such a move must be taken in a binding referendum with a three quarter majority to enact such a move. chris
More racist crap – time to kill it. Kevin
God, what next?! Pete
Under NO WAY should we be other than NEW ZEALAND ! Roy
I think our politicians are thick as a plank and will do whatever to get maori votes,Purely self interest. lorraine
No bloody way, another move by Maori to take over all of the country and then we will become like Zimbabwe and South Africa and like them we will descend into anarchy and failure. When will the government ever listen and wake up. Fraser
Absolutely not. Jim
I don’t think that there WAS a name in the maori languge refering to aotearoa. And no-one in the world would know where that is. Peter
Absolutely not! John
Another big step down a racist path Graham
Most countries who have had a name change are now almost invisible. Our long term name is well recognised with distinction around the world Peter
Never Will. Have had enough. Wayne
Aotearoa New Zealand acknowledges Maori as the more important people of New Zealand. Maori are, in fact, a small percentage of the population. So how can they be the more important? Ursula
Absolutely not. The socalled indigenous peoples of New Zealand are not indigenous, they floated here the same as we did. Sam
How does a long white sound have any useful part of Godzones name – claude are present over many land forms si it added nothing unique. Stan
It is just another step to towards joint sovereingty in this Nation. They want all departments to have a maori equivalent. Their own police courts justice system included. I asked the head of the south Auckland movement, who was going to pay for it all. With a big smile he said, you are Dene. We get 50% of the tax take, the government will call it joint management. Which they do now. Dene
Sliding further & accelerating down the slippery slop! Rex
We ALL live in N.Z. & it,s WAY over time it was made VERY CLEAR “ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE” & NO PARTNERSHIP IS IN THE TREATY. Cindy
New Zealand is a big name and it has worked well. Why would we make it longer? Adrian
It is a slippery slope NZ doesn’t want to go down. Roz
NZ has never being Aotearoa the word Aotea is a Moriori name of their canoe Ian
It is just unnecessary Pat
certainly not Charles
It would be one more nail in the coffin of democracy in New Zealand Ian
Why don;t we just rename New Zealand. OLD SOUTH AFRICA, because that’s where we are heading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rod
Eventually New Taiwan and then New China. Why consider going backward in order to go forward? Wayne
It is absurd tautology. And Aotearoa is just a made up word from all accounts anyway. Pamela
No name change! The English Rule-of-Law along with private property rights, no matter how debauched it has become today, remains far superior to anything else on on this planet. It’s what defines the Western way of life. E.g., Look what happened to Rhodesia when it got “independence” and changed its name to Zimbabwe. All people living under ONE law and no partnership apartheid. Immigration laws that select people on merit that benefit New Zealand’s industry. National Capitalism – not National Socialism! Don
It was the Dutch who named this country after their province of Zeeland way back in 1645. The name has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the present inhabitants. Richard
NO No NO – Its just plain ridiculous willy woofer nonsense Carolyn
The rise of Maori fascism places trust in our national Anthem “God Defend New Zealand” into a new context John
That Aotearoa was the name given to NZ oby the first arrivals is a myth. There is no record that early Maori used this name. It was dreamed up much later. We should strongly resist Maori persistance into our predominant and superior culture, by their primitive one of stone age cannabils. Roger
We have a strong Identity through our name New Zealand is OUR home, we have history, recognition and patriotism that is deep rooted. That we have to have this vote is very sad, the few that wish to tear us apart through separation, segregation, and re-identification should be very ashamed of themselves. Carolyn
why? Richard
The most difficult aspect of this is the disbelief some people have that such changes are happening. They say you are exaggerating and over reacting and I’m alright Jack. Oh well, you can only do so much. Barbara
Another little step towards Maori Sovereignty, and another nail in the coffin NZ as we know it. Maori Sovereignty is like Bowel Cancer, quietly but surely eating away at our insides. Urban
Barend Vlaardingerbroek and Frank Newman have raised a point related to this which is of far more political importance. But the name of this country – recognised worldwide – is New Zealand, not some gobbledegook in the language of a stone age people who had no written language. Sure, we have a brotherly feeling and the highest regards for our part-Maori fellow citizens and we New Zealanders truly enjoy hearing Maori language and Maori place names. But let’s grow up about the name of our country on the world stage. It’s New Zealand. Rob
There is no point in doing this. It is only another appeasing move towards we know who. And all the while our princess is throwing hundreds of millions at all sorts of Maori projects ( on top of all these Treaty ‘settlements’) Jacking up refugee numbers to 1500 a year – for now- ( which costs another 181 Million over the next five years for 1500 refugees alone — that figure multiplies exponentially with every annual influx. I wonder why there is not a word from the so called Maori elite . That massive cost is money not available for them . Or are they so stuffed with money by now that they can suckle no more?? All in all — this name change business is basically a thin veil over massive brooding problems in this country. And all what princess and her minion Jones is capable of is throwing ( as socialists love to do) other peoples money at real or perceived problems . I dread the future of our country under this dodgy leadership. Michael
NEVER!!! – The subtle insertion of the “A” word on our passports and money over the last few year or so is infuriating attempt (by a few radical people in power) to normalize its use and brainwash the public into thinking it is acceptable. People control the government. It is becoming accepted that the Government and Local bodies are there to dictate policy yo the people. That is communism and the attempt to remove our name from the country is an attempt to control the people! Bruce
The current trend for using “Aotearoa” in contexts that have not Maori context of specific relevance it troubling, to say the least. Laurie
Absolutely and unequivocally no. Liam
Just go straight to XIN XI LAN which is coming, and we must be politically correct and take account of the rising numbers of “others”. Ian
Definitely NO Alan
Leave well alone Laurel
This country is heading for hell on a hand cart. and I don’t like it. Bill
keep as is,that is to respect earlier explorers Gerard
It is just a fanciful idea by some random. Kate
Why, why, why ! Alan
New Zealand is the name of this country. A ficticious name, Aotearoa, dreamt up by an author in the late 1800s can not be used. Peter
too many reasons to quote Peter
It is a load of rubbish. I already hate to arrive at Auckland airport and having to listen to the wailing and crap on the speakers. They ( maori descendants) did’t even HAVE a name for NZ. Peter
not at all Kman
Absolutely not! We couldn’t even approve a new flag so how can we endorse a name change? Graeme
Absolutely not. And I am offended at the way that taxpayer funded organizations are being given maori names, so that non-maori speakers have no idea how to find any department, or what, for e.g., a news article may be referring to. Jeannie
unfortunately it will probably happen Sonia
Is this a joke? Who was the dimwit who even thought of the idea. Im a New Zealander not an Aotearoa New Zealander. Kevin
Like it or not this country has a history, and as a country that history began with the name New Zealand and so it should remain. Kynan
The word Aotearoa is a made up name dating Beck only to the romanticising of the ‘noble savage’ concept of nineteenth century writers and anthropologists ( like Elsdon Best In The Children of the Mist) ‘Maori’ too is merely a construct of early European settlers and explorers – the tribes at that time identified ONLY as members of their own Iain such as Ngai Tahu or Ngati Awa. John
Foolish thought Bruce
Absolutely NOT. I was born in New Zealand and will remain a New Zealander not some Long White Clouder!! Jim
No no no no no no……….. David
there is no such word as aotearoa, except in the small minds in govt and those on their shirt tails. Benjamin
It’s more creeping Maorism and anyway nobody knows fore sure what Aotearoa actually means — it is known however it has nothing to do with any naming now or in the past regarding NZ. Alan
This whole move to pander to Maori is madness. It is extremely divisive and can only cause trouble down the track. Are we no longer all New Zealanders? Angus
I will never accept that the name of New Zealand is anything but that. How can we address this? What can I do to stop this? Andrew
I admit to being biased in this – the ‘Zealand’ comes from ‘Zeeland’, thereby invoking my native country’s role in NZ history, and I wouldn’t like to see that connection being dumped! Barend
If it happens, I’ll migrate to Australia. Mike
Its part of the Maorification of placenames & Govt Departments that is going on. Peter
New Zeaand is fine, keep it as it is. Aotearoa is not the original Maori name anyway. Bryan
Definitely not. It is part of my European culture and heritage of which I am intensely proud in spite of its denigration by those fashionable touchie feelies who should know better. David
Insane Ken
Fatal mistake Russ
Why are people listening to that guy who is proposing the change?! Char 
wake up and…. pay attention Peter
I dislike this Claire
What is happening is very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany in 1933. The so called oppressed are used to take over the so called oppressors. Facism. I wish people would wake up!! Jackp
to many words.The name is New Zealand and it must remain that way Barry
No .. no .. NO Maddi
In a word .. ‘NO’. Paddy
Absolutely NO it would be the total downfall of NZ Andy
New Zealanders who are not maoris, or who have no desire to become maoris, must fight this tendency toward granting political superiority to a very inferior racial group now, and fight it hard; or become forever second class citizens with no hope of regaining a democratic government in which we all can play a part. TOBY
Absolutely not this country we call New Zealand was built on Hard work by our forefathers and Mothers shoulder to shoulder with many different ethnic people including but not exclusively Maori. Aotearoa means nothing to most of us, Dennis
Oh my gosh, what next?! Barb
this is just another nail in the coffin of what is left of our democracy since the labour led govt pandered to Maori in the 70’s. The name is meaningless when applied to the whole country. Let us stop this march to indigenous rule now. we sorely lack a centre right media. irvine
There is absolutely no need to change the name of new Zealand. It is time we ordinary citizens stood up to all this nonsense. Bev
Definitely not. There was no name for New Zealand before the Europeans came here. We must retain the name we have. Robert
Only a referendum can do that !!! Brian
The change from the name New Zealand has already been made without any consultation with us, the general public. It started with a National Radio news reader Guyon Espiner spouting a spiel in Maori at the News on the hour. Now, within a matter of months, it has increased to making a pronouncement at least every 15 minutes or less. The TV weather reader no longer uses the name New Zealand at all. We don’t wish to hear this, which we don’t understand, don’t wish to be forced to listen to and find discourteous. Where has this change come from and why, and why were we not given some say in the change. They haven’t even made the change gradual with a duplicity of label, they have just changed the name of the country to a label, which few people outside NZ recognize and we do not wish to support. That’s not democracy! This Labour Government and its provincial gift of millions of taxpayer money to Northland Maoris, is simply buying their vote at the next election. The Prime Minister on hearing that a waka couldn’t afford to be paddled to Waitangi, replied why didn’t you tell me I could have done something about it. Any other request from a non Maori would have been met with, ‘So what?” Kiwibuild is the laughing stock of NZ. Thirty houses in 15 months and most of them are not wanted as they are too expensive and in the wrong place. Anyone want a nice new holiday home in Wanaka. Going cheap! Maybe, maybe not. Chris
Aotearoa does not mean New Zealand or “the land of the long-white-cloud”, it means “long-white-cloud” the sort of cloud one could expect to see over any land-mass viewed from the sea. Murray
Never! Maureen
So what will I be called-an”aotearoian”? Margaret
NZ is famous through the world for what it stands for. Aotearoa only stands for maori greed for attention and money. George
If it happens, it will be the beginning of the end of New Zealand as we knew and expect it to be – One for all and all for one. Pierre
Personally I am sick of things being changed for changes sake, There are more pressing things that need doing in this country, than to pander to a minority people, with greed on their minds. Merryl
racism Donal
over my dead body Bob
I am so furious with our gutless politicians I am now prepared to go to WAR No Option now Bill
Why can’t they leave things alone to whos benefit is it to change the name of our country this re witten treaty certainly wrecking our country fast how do we stop it Russell
A proposed name change would require a binding referendum. Anything less would be undemocratic Alan
absolutely not. NO. NO David
New Zealand is known all around the world for individual heroics, Sports heroics. Maori are not indigenous and should have equal rights as every other New Zealanders but sadly this is not the case as radical Iwis, Maori Lawyers and pandering Govts over the years have changed the balance. I am proud to be called a Kiwi or a New Zealander. Wayne
absolutely not John
We are already seeing the use of Aotearoa in the media (and especially on TV) which makes me really angry and I know it is only a matter of time and it will become the norm unless we all speak out about it until such time as a poll is taken Janet
I have predicted for years that this change would be promoted and note a significant undercurrent of concern over Maori separatism,but so far no action. Barry
Just stop it! I’m so sick of all this greedy grasping bull shit! Elizabeth
NZ is known as New Zealand all over the World. It is a silly idea to add or change it to Aotearoa. Clive
My understanding is that Aotearoa refered to the North Island only,. perhaps another case of convenient re-interpretation by the elite? John
Why don’t we all just give up now – as no longer does anyone know who they are or where the belong? Choose the sex you want to call yourself; probably accept infanticide before long; anything you have, I want; and I want it as of right – now – because (I know) I am right and you are wrong! What a crazy political mess! Stuart
Hell No! Reuben
Apart from a nonsense in changing our name, most people would find it impossible to accurately spell it! Peter
Most people over seas would know where New Zealand is however they would not know where Aotearoa is !!!! Ross
One Country – one people – New Zealanders Ross
Just another step to being a third world country. No first world country has ever changed their countries name or flag….except Canada’s change of flag. Kevin
Inch by inch as the saying goes? Shirley
Aotearoa was a name invented for a school journal article. Maori had no name for NZ as a whole, only for each island, just as they also had no name for themselves as a race. maori meaning common as opposed to white uncommon person. Peter
Yet another step towards apartheid. Peter
No, no, no ,no no! Graeme
Totally not required Mike
I believe both names have a place in our society, but that the name New Zealand must remain paramount John
we are not known in the world as new zealand being o small – do not dd another name that know one can recognize – !!! Beth
Thin edge of the future sword! Tony
Hell no. Never. Bruce
I, at 79 years old, am totally ‘sick-to-death’ of the ‘elite Maori Group’ manipulating events to take control of this Country. Their interpretation of a ‘so-called Partnership’, which is wrong and deliberately misleading, of the Treaty, is a grand scheme to dominate the governance of NZ, and to “bleed as much $ $ $ out of the national purse into their own pockets”,. They do not care one iota for the many genuine Maori in this country, and with the help of the last National govt, and the guidance of the present Labour/Greens/W.Peters parties, they are going to get richer, and severely DIVIDE this nation on racist grounds. MervB
Apart from getting us in ahead of Australia at the Olympics, there is no other benefit. Patrick
Never, never, never, change the name of New Zealand. The P.C. brigade always want to change everything. The treaty is not a founding document and as such has no grounds for partnership with maori or anything else. Frank
Enough of this rubbish! Stuart
Whilst I have no major problems with Maori people as a race, I do have problems with Maori taking over NZ and changing the name is totally unacceptable. We are a country of many cultures, Pakeha & Maori being only two of them Greg
nz has got major problems ahead if this happens , we must stand up and stop this Graeme
With what’s happening in our Governance of this Country, Sovereignty by stealth for Maori Elite, we are edging closer to a Civil War. This all needs to STOP NOW. Geoff
NZ is a minor country in the World and even after years of massed communication, we are NOT a well known country. Becoming Aotearoa is going to further diminish our significance and for what advantage? Norm
Not bloody likely and to think any other way is the sign of total incompetence and stupidity. This article should be published in full in every national and local newspaper. Tom
Just bloody no! This madness stops, right here, right now Terry
I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the way our MINOR Race is forcing their so called “rights” on us.. and so is it appears our one eyed Gvt Parties. Marylin
Definitely not no way hosay!!! Jeffrey
Maori ceded there rights to the crown Murray
NO Don
This is once again a pandering to the Maori Elite If a stop is not made and made soon we will governed by an unelected Maori elite with them putting themselves first and every body else (including most Maori) second. The Treaty did form a partnership it created equality between the races which must be the basis of a prosperous happy New Zealand Robin
What’s wrong with you lot? Got an identification Problem? Ian
remember Jim Hopkins used to write for the Herald, a number amusing articles about Outer Roa (For years Outer Roa’s been a boring little backwater)etc… and that’s where most of us will end up if the Maoris have their way, because they will be in Inner Roa, and we will be the ones on the Outer. So why don’t we all stay in New Zealand and hope that some politician with common sense and guts, will finally combine Inner and Outer Roa back into a decent and democratic society where all have equality under the rule of law as promised in the third provision of the “Treaty”. Alan
It would be another take-over bid! Neville
never, never, never in a million years, the Maori creep into our society is forever at work ! Erin
There is no point in confusing the rest of the world. David
Maori have become too strong. They don’t want partnership. They want control. I say no way! robert
Six vowels and two consonants! No one can pronounce it. It would turn NZ into a 3rd world state. Jenny
No, just silly. Colin
No definitely not. Not only will it be confusing for Tourists to find this country but we are New Zealanders and proud of it. Maori are only a small portion of our country. This would be race based if they change it. John
A very costly waste of time and effort for no benefit what so ever. I see no reason to pander to potential racist power grabbing dictators Kirke
What a mouthful!! Isa
Our men and Women fought under this Name , have been proud of this name , and if it gets changed it will cost a fortune and confuse the world, also it is only a minority of PC NUTTERS that want to change so they can make money out of it Colin
No, No, No, no, no,no Albyn
We are all New Zealanders, it is bad enough that non maori born in our country have been made to feel we do not belong here by this crap. Abide by the Treaty as it was signed. We are going to end up in a race war at this rate. nigel
Absolutely not. To change the countys name is just another step along the path to total maori control. Muriel used Langes words to describe to possible future for us. Is the time approaching when some sort of revolution is needed. Probably. Unfortunately the majority of the population is either unaware of what is happening, are afraid of being labeled racist or just don’t care as long as they are OK, Sad really. Ray
We are New Zealand Graeme
As Maori are only a tenth of New Zealand’s population, the change is not warranted. Roy
The whole world knows our country as New Zealand, so why change just to appease a few separatist power seekers Kabe
no more racism into NZ, quite enough already Bud
Outrageous!! Noelene
Pilot program is underway in Rotorua . street names to be in both Maori & english. 2 Iwi members of council appointed not elected . watch for english to be dropped from street names etc in not too distant future. John
While I am proud to be a New Zealander, it is going to be difficult to be an Aotearoa New Zealander or an Aotearoaer. Also, given our high dependency on Tourism, the change could create a great deal of confusion around the world, not to mention the millions of dollars changing official papers, logos, etc,, especially for Tourism NZ, other Government departments and agencies, travel brochures, maps, etc. The list is endless and expensive. John
They are getting to much already Dave
No change unless supported by a 70% vote by National Referendum. The option should be either “New Zealand” or ” Aotearoa”, Avoid an unnecessary mouthful. David
Just another creep of Maori take-over. they have the toe-in-the-door now but will soon have a leg in also. It all needs to be stopped somehow, but how that is the big question. Peter
Just silly Murray
No no and no. We are one people with one vote. As long as we have a racially defined Maori Perth we’ll have this nonsense going on. Politicians will sell their souls to stay in power. Trevor
While a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, a name reflects a soul. Aotearoa is an adjective as is New Zealand no more soul in one than the other but…More people have lived under the New Zealand name than the other one and therefore is the elected name in use. New Sea land is appropriate in so many respects..it is not just a comment on the weather. Roger
Keep it simple stupid for both local & international audiences! Cyril
Absolutely NOT! The name of our country does NOT need changing. Leave New Zealand alone! This country is already on track to become another Zimbabwe. We do not need special rights for Maori and the politicians are to blame for the emboldening of the Maori sovereignty movement. Pandering to their every demand and throwing money at them has made them more ambitious and they will not stop until they rule this country. The government needs to focus on helping the disadvantaged through doing the basics %u2013 ensuring that all children get a good education, ensuring that all able-bodied adults are in employment, and creating a society that rewards hard work and enterprise. Derrick
No, why do people have to keep fixing things that are not broken? Dennis
It has always been New Zealand, why are we changing EVERYTHING to be Maori, why can’t it all be left as it has been for years. Nan
I am 75 years old I find changing the name of our country repugnant and what know part of it John
Absolutely not. When I came to NZ the Maori I knew referred to the meaning of “Aotearoa” as the “land of the long brown bottle” Tom
Cultural Tyranny is already alive and thriving in OUR country of New Zealand. We are already bi-cultural – Maori and others. Cultural cringe is being set into law. David
NO NO NO NEVER in a million years. Mike
No!! Alastair
New Zealand Maurice
Aotearoa is a “fictitious” name invented by a European author for a NZ based “adventure” book & perpetuated by a few others. Apart from sounding “Maori” t has no meaning in fact. Nick
There is a high chance that the name New Zealand will rapidly change to Aotearoa New Zealand in the same way that a multitude of other non-maori names have been changed. That is by the NZ Geographic Board, who have been changing names at an ever increasing rate and always into a maori name. By this means the general public never get a say in the matter. So much for democracy! John
Another step to apartheid mike
Certainly not. The Maori language is only understood by relatively few in New Zealand and by nobody elsewhere in the world.I note the Blackcaps have Aotearoa blazened across the front of their uniform.Useless anywhere else.Stupid. David
Definitely NEW ZEALAND. The name Aotearoa was supposedly cried out by Kupe’s wife, so legend has it. Kupe is said to have visited this land in 950AD, then again some Historians say Kupe came with the Great Fleet in 1350AD. Maori have no written History, therefore is Kupe just a legendary myth a long with the name Aotearoa. James
its the start to the end. Derek
No way we are New Zealand and DON’T try to change the Name Carl
I am fed up with lies Jamie
Just Plain No Our Country is called New Zealand thats what it is. Les
Everyone should definitely vote no to changing the name of New Zealand. And everyone that receives this mailing should forward it to all the M.P.’s in Government, not just once but continue to do it daily. Frank
The expense would be horrific, The world knows New Zealand it does not know Aotearoa NZ and many people are unaware that we exist. This is a move in the direction of Maori trying to claim the country back, and including the Maori language in all facets of life is a insidious way of achieving. Also our socialist govt aids and abets their wants for more and more. My advice, get off thine backsides, get educated and join the world of now and not two hundred years ago. Elizabeth
Clumsy name and merely shines a spotlight on how APARTHEID exists in NZ. Geoff
This is just another example of pandering to the minority. Peter
I was born in New Zealand and that’s the way it should stay.Stuff this PC b——t. Jim
Think – If there was a change would we then be called Aotearoians? Barrie
Definitely Not!! Graeme and Jean
We are an english speaking country, so just because some maori radicals want their language to the fore and everything else to be maorified; do we really have to bend to their will!!!! Darryl
Nothing wrong in the name New Zealand Nevkath
Aoteroa is simply a fake name, not even in the Treaty of Waitangi Bruce
I will never accept any name change. We live in New Zealand end of story. Allan
Definitely not New Zealand was never called Aotearoa Maori did not have a name for the whole of NZ . IT was a Fanciful name for NZ byS.Percy Smith 1n1890 John
Most emphatically NOT. It is a ridiculous suggestion. Arthur
Absolutely not. Aotearoa was never meant to cover the whole of the country, and like the Maori version of the Anthem is a made up concoction. Murray
In 1643 the country was named New Zealand by the Staats – General ( Parliament of Holland ) after Abel Tasmans’s voyage here in 1642. It has been this name fot 376 years. Pre European inhabitants had no name for the whole of N.Z. as they had no sense of a Maori nation – they were just separate warring – with – one – another tribes.Aotearoa was a fanciful name for N.Z. invented only in 1890 when S . Percy – Smith used it as a make – up name for the whole country in his fictional story of Kupe. Nu Tirani appears on the treaty Aotearoa & the name Maori does not, it was not invented until the early 1850’s. Unfortunately this is not taught in our schools neither is in factual history on N.Z all the books I read at school have been deleted from all levels of institutional education they are not even in many libraries anymore, I remember Hitler doing the same thing in the 1930’s. As long as the SHEEPLE of N.Z. continue on this path of total apathy being brainwashed by the Govt & the media this change will come. I certainly do not want N.Z. to follow the path of Sth Africa’s reverse apartheid but we are already on the slippery slope. Allen
Absolutely not better still do without it altogether, when working a group of us never acknowledged the day. Clark
Definitely not,NewZealand was named by the Dutch that bought Maori here from fort Zealandia Formosa (Taiwan) Mike
Why extend the name of a country and add a name that does not relate in anyway to the rest of the world. The changing way the country is progressing is absolutely not the best for democracy. The unfortunate thing is the attitude NZ has is we want to please everyone, and those who shout loudest fir their own benefit, rather than the people as a whole, will win in the current climate. We need a stronger voice for ALL peoples if NZ not just one sector, democracy is dead. Audrey
Of course not – PC racist nonsense! The views expressed in Mr Edin’s article are an eye-opener, why are these facts on Maori power play not publicised more widely in mainstream media?? Anyone who can offer an explanation will have my grateful thanks, someone in the media perhaps??? Andrew
The word Aotearoa, I gather, is surrounded or veiled in myths and so naming a country using that mythical word seems to be childish (self indulgent) and childlike. Furthermore would the abbreviation for New Zealand then become ANZ … I’ll say no more. Michael
when will we see someone with enough strength to tell our maori population that they are a minority, and as such, they DO NOT control our NEW ZEALAND William
After several attempts, I have had to delete all because of the degree of anger expressed in each and every one . Vernon
no no no! Allan
Sadly no specific argument was evident in this week’s NZCPR articles concerning a name change. A name change is in itself a benign way to show respect for an indigenous people still suffering in many ways from adjustment to a non-Maori dominant culture. It will be important to guard against such dangers as race-based government and the erosion of democracy, but to imply that a name change equates to such matters would be propaganda every bit as dishonest as that concerning ‘treaty partnership’ claims. Hans
It’ll lead to more kiwi’s moving to Australia and NZ will be populated with more Chinese and Indians !!! Mark
Leave things as they are. people know were New Zealand. I am sick of people wanting every thing to be Maori. When over sea people come here then they can pick up on the Maori name for New Zealand. Changing the name going to make the country any better ( NO ). Robert
Did Maori ever say they lived in aotearoa or is it a pakeha construct from the 19 century. willy
What happened to Nu Tirini? Selective application of the Treaty? ANZ? Brett
Just another example of how much undue influence the part Maori now have . Aotearoa first appeared in the 1920s in a movie . What I can’t understand how 15% of the population can dominate the other 85% ? Why do both parties continue to cowtow to the part maori ? 8% are on the Maori roll and on past experience only 50% will bother to vote so your only talking 4% of the vote . Why are the major parties so concerned about what theses half breeds want ? Jock
New Zealand is the name of the country our forebearers build and developed, when Cook arrived the Maori population numbered around 40,000 and were heavily devided among themselves, they didn’t create NZ nor did their decendants, people who now relate to being Maori are on average at least 75% or more pakehe, doesn’t that count anymore or is that a form of racism? Time to form a proper set of rules by starting a media campaign to justly and fairly represent the facts and inform the sheeple, I mean the naive uneducated majority who let our country slide into this swamp but hey, I am only one voice with little funds. Leonard
Never was the original name Owen
The Maori separatists – who are nothing more than brown-skinned racists – and their enablers amongst the liberal wets, may have misjudged the public mood. Intoxicated by their own success, they are pushing too far, too fast – and there is a strong prospect of a public backlash. This isn’t just wishful thinking on my part: look at what’s happening in France, and developing in the United kingdom, for example. Ordinary, modest people will only take so much before they are stirred into action. Once, the National Party would have spoken out against this social engineering, but we’ve heard nothing from them under the last, and present, leadership. Graham
Absolutely not. Leave the name of our country alone. We are New Zealand. I’m utterly furious at how our country is being Maorified at every turn. Also, no-one from overseas can pronounce all the Maori names and words. Maori need to get over themselves and join the rest of us. Billions are being spent on race-based issues, which could be put to better use for all. Helen
No, we don’t need that. Kate
Absolutely not. WE are New Zealand, nothing more or less. Chris
Thin end of the wedge if we allow this to happen Lawrie
What a mouthful! New Zealand may not be a great name for a country but in the eyes and ears of the world that is what it is. Too late to be changing now. — Aotearoa? Where the hell is Aotearoa? Peter
The two names are interchangeable, like Eire and Ireland, depending on context. Together, they are nonsensical tautology, and to overseas buyers of our products, confusing, Terry
The name of this country in English is New Zealand which is actually derived from the Dutch language. The name of this country in the Maori language is Aotearoa. Nothing needs to change. Given that foreign tourists are very good at butchering the Maori language. They pronounce Mangere like it was Tangere. K
How many other countries have named their country from a name taken from a book of fiction? Mike
Leave things how they are. There’s no reason to change it ( just like the flag ) Kevin
Translated it would say New Zealand New Zealand. How stupid is that! David
‘Aotearoa’ is a myth, taught at schools at least 60 years ago. If, in times past Maoridom was unified enough to have one word name for this land, perhaps there would be a place for it. However, as Maoridom was a widely spread people with tribal boundaries,(and woe betide trespassers) my vote is for New Zealand as our name. Jill
Enough!! Stop the insanity of Maorifying everything in this dear country of ours and pandering to this vocal minority. Tony
Certainly not, it has no status in law, being based on a myth. Maori never used the name until recently, preferring to use names based on another myth. Terry
Dont worry about the Maori,in 30 years time the Indians will have taken over NZ.Just go to Mangere at 3 in the afternoon and watch them coming out of their own schools Allan
No. Why on earth adapt a maori word to label this country when maori themselves had no name for the whole country?? In fact before colonisation this country did not exist as a political entity. Alan
Absolutely not! Ron
I hate NZ being called Aotearoa, particularly by broadcasters on National Radio. I was appalled to see that on the Black Caps shirts last night. The problem is that the NZ public is so apathetic it’s likely to happen. Kerry
Sounds very much like “the flag” debacle repeating itself. Peter
The problem is not the name. It is the race based shape of a future New Zealand that it represents and attempts to legitimize. Frank
Do not support it being officially recognised in association with New Zealand either Kelvin
How can we come so far forward to go so far backwards. Chris
It has no dignity or recognition overseas Richard
We are not living in a pre 1840 time zone and the attempts by maoridom to rename all place names is not the will of the majority of NZers. Nev
Key and finlayson are now in the political garbage bin….and along comes Davis another undercover ‘traitor’……New Zealand is descending into a future of chaos… My advice is get a one way ticket out of here….. CHowes
I’m absolutely sickened by this whole Maori sovereignty cause and know that I am witnessin, day by day, the demise of what was once a great country, but which is fast becoming a basket case. Greg
NZ Sickness apparently affecting Canada thanks to Helen Clark and iwi Norman
Fed up with them Jan
This is a more major change than the change of flag. No public consultation on all these far more important issues. MPs are the biggest problem now. Laurie
A change in name will only perpetuate the Maori industry gravy train. Frank
Absolutely not. Leave matters of this nature as they are. Grahame
thanks for latest column including David lange’s comments on the Treaty – what it is & what it isn’t/ Annis
Definitely NO. NO. NO. Jim
Its not Waitangi day it’s give to Maori day this is a joke Jimmy
name change is more PC drivel Collin
If this comes to pass, we would leave the country. Tony
Doesn’t Aotearoa mean NZ in Maori – so calling our country New Zealand New Zealand!? Ben
Whilst the Name New Zealand has its origins in Dutch naval exploration, it is the Name we were born under and it is fitting to retain it, exclusively and without adornment. Neither do we want secret assignations or Unmandated Native Partnership arrangements being thrust upon our administration or regulation as the underground pathway to unelected tribal control, as a preview to a surrender to NWO Richard
Hell no! Mark
Absolutely NOT! The name of our country does NOT need changing. Leave New Zealand alone!  Gordon
No, No, No. We do not need a name change for our country.  Penny
The politicians are to blame for the emboldening of the Maori sovereignty movement. Pandering to their every demand and throwing money at them has made them more ambitious. They will not stop until they rule this country.  Robert
New Zealand is on track to become another Zimbabwe. Where is a Kiwi Donald Trump when you need one, to end this government sponsored race based division of our country. Paul
We do not need a name change for New Zealand. We do not need special rights for Maori. The government should focus on helping the disadvantaged through doing the basics – ensuring that all children get a good education, ensuring that all able-bodied adults are in employment, and creating a society that rewards hard work and enterprise. Gay