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What makes a country great?

It’s a timely question to ask, because over the last few weeks, with ferries running aground, air force planes breaking down, and electricity pylons falling over, we’ve all had cause to question whether New Zealand can still be regarded as a highly developed western nation, or whether we have become a struggling backwater.

The truth is that first world status must be earned. Regrettably over recent times we’ve taken our eye off the ball and fallen badly behind. We can no longer say, hand on heart, that we are a world leader in education, healthcare, infrastructure, or any of those other foundations of a civilised society.

Fortunately, the way to build a successful society is not a mystery. It’s just unfortunate that too many of our leaders have been blinded by their own agendas to be able to see what’s needed.

There are a number of core principles that underpin highly successful societies. The first is individual freedom.

Freedom gives us the ability to think and speak our mind without fear of retribution. It gives us the right to participate in our democracy at every level.

A free society is one where different values and cultures are respected, and where everyone has a right to live according to their own beliefs.

New Zealand’s Bill of Rights goes some way towards protecting those rights and values, but as we found out to our cost during the Covid pandemic, it does not go far enough.

A second principle underpinning successful societies is the right of individuals to enjoy the rewards of their own effort. Motivating people to work hard to improve their circumstances is the key to building a better quality of life for future generations.

But let’s not forget that governments exist by consuming the wealth created by others. Light touch governments, like Singapore, which consume only around 20 percent of a country’s annual income, are considered to be free market economies. It’s no coincidence that the most prosperous countries have light-touch governments.

At the other end of the spectrum, heavy-handed governments dig deep into the pockets of their citizens. In extreme cases, societies effectively become servant states where citizens are forced to kowtow to the demands of a privileged elite.

The point is that personal reward is the incentive that drives the wealth creators and risk takers in a society to innovate and create economic growth. That’s why socialism is such a catastrophic failure.  

A third principle of highly successful societies is having a mindset firmly focussed on the future. History is for memories. What matters is not only what’s done today, but what is planned for tomorrow.

And that’s why the agenda of the Maori elite, who seek to gain power by dragging us back to the past, is so damaging.

Those seeking advantage from race, are obsessed with the past. They not only re-write history to bolster their claims of racial victimisation, but they indoctrinate children with their poison.

This backwards looking race-based approach, has now become a serious handbrake on New Zealand  society. Ever since the passing of the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act by the Kirk Labour Government to establish the Waitangi Tribunal as a permanent commission of inquiry into Treaty breaches, the country has been focussed on the past.

Former Labour Justice Minister Sir Geoffery Palmer exacerbated the problem in 1985 when he extended the Tribunal’s mandate back to 1840, and then in 1986, when he inserted undefined “Treaty Principles” into legislation through the State-Owned Enterprises Act.

His Resource Management Act, that required anyone requesting a resource consent from Councils to consult with Maori, has been a disaster. As a result of 20 years of on-going extortion by Maori, RMA compliance costs have significantly contributed to the unaffordability of housing and other services in New Zealand.

The reality is that as long as we remain mired in the past – tangled up in the politics of race and the Treaty – New Zealand will continue to fail.

We will become a racist backwater – a divided nation where the tribal elite call the shots and all other New Zealanders become second class citizens in their own country.

In fact, this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, research historian Dr John Robinson, believes that New Zealand has already become a racist society:

“We live in a strange world, not the one I was born into in 1940, the year of the hundredth anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi.  This is not the same country; there is no feeling of national purpose and unity, of a fair go, or of working together with and for one another in a friendly community.  Young people are alienated; they, like the country, lack a moral compass.

“The foundations of New Zealand were laid down by those British who had just put an end to slavery.  They would never have written, or agreed with, a Treaty that divided the country into two unequal races, having asserted the very opposite, that all New Zealanders were equal British subjects.  This was a precious legacy for the new nation, to be safeguarded and never be taken for granted.

“New Zealand has paid the price of ignorance and inactivity, allowing a determined minority to build a tribal, ‘indigenous’, race-based division which destroys the claim to equality and liberty of all others.”

Dr Robinson is right. History shows that divided societies fail. No nation can prosper when one sector advances at the expense of another.

In fact, since New Zealand is an immigrant nation, with our ancestors arriving at different times and from all corners of the globe, it makes no sense at all to draw a line at some arbitrary point in our history and say some are more privileged than others.

Societies only work for all citizens when everyone is valued equally – irrespective of family background, the colour of their skin, or any other attribute. That’s not to say everyone will end up with an equal status, but in a free society, the poorest have an opportunity to become rich, the weakest can become strong, and even those who are the most disadvantaged can become leaders.

That was the vision of Martin Luther King: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

His call for equality and freedom, which was delivered during a march to Washington in 1963, became a defining moment in history.

Who could have ever imagined that here in New Zealand the elite of Maoridom would be attempting to turn back the clock, to replace equal rights with race-based rights in order to take control of the country.

That’s the overarching ambition of this influential clique that has been on a 40-year journey to seize power. The problem is that the serious threat they pose to our society has been dismissed as fanciful and few elected leaders have had the courage to take the matter seriously.

The division accelerated after the 2020 election when Labour empowered the tribal elite to move into overdrive to progress their agenda. Their blueprint, He Puapua, revealed that their grand plan is to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040.

To achieve this goal, the media was bought off through a $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund that required recipients to promote a fake Treaty ‘partnership’ agenda to justify tribal rule.

The public service and influential agencies within the private sector were captured through legislation and regulation forcing commitments to Treaty principles and co-governance.

Even the Judiciary has been ensnared: by declaring that “tikanga”, or Maori custom, is part of New Zealand’s common law, they have undermined the Rule of Law, enabling it to mean whatever Maori activists want it to mean.

Nor are the elite of Maoridom taking the Coalition’s promise to remove race-based rights from legislation lying down. They are doing everything they can to preserve the framework for tribal rule they established under the Ardern-Hipkins Government, so that when a coalition with Labour is again elected, they will be ready to replace democracy with tribal rule.

As a result, they are fomenting racial division and disharmony at every opportunity, using the Waitangi Tribunal whenever they can to do their dirty work.

Perhaps their intimidation is working, because even though the Coalition was elected on a promise of removing Treaty principles and race-based rights from legislation, two Bills that are now in front of Parliament contain Treaty principles and co-governance – just as if Labour was still in Government.

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Protection Bill not only includes a Treaty principles clause but it establishes marine protection areas that ban fishing for everyone – except Maori. And the Fast Track Approvals Bill allocates a statutory co-governance role to the tribal elite through one of four positions on the Expert Panels established to assess whether projects should proceed.

So, while our elected leaders are dragging their feet over their commitment to equal rights, our once proud egalitarian society is being fractured by an emerging elitist cult of entitlement and superiority that was epitomised by the claim made to a Select Committee by the Maori Party MP Mariameno Kapa-Kingi about children in State care: “They are not New Zealanders. They are Maori children.”

But the Coalition should never forget the fatal flaw that lies at the heart of claims by the Maori elite that the Maori race is superior.

The world’s largest ever biological research collaboration, the Human Genome Project, which was launched in 1990 to map human DNA, found that humans share the vast majority of our genetic makeup, proving, without a shadow of a doubt, there is only one race — the human race.

In other words, there is no genetic basis for race. There is no Maori race. Being Maori is a political construct used by the tribal elite to gain political advantage and swindle New Zealanders out of public resources that belong to us all.

With no genetic basis for race, the tribal elite can be exposed as frauds. They use bullying and intimidation to get their way, calling anyone challenging their supremacist agenda a racist.

If this is to be stopped, the Coalition needs to do more than just pay lip service to their election promises. They need to take this situation seriously and put a stop to the division and destruction that’s happening right now under their nose.

They also need to face up to the reality that New Zealand will never be safe from the threat of a tribal takeover until all references to “race” are removed from legislation.

In fact, it’s an indictment of successive governments that in spite of the revelation of the Genome Project that classification by race is political not biological, such categorisations have remained in public policy as a mechanism for awarding privilege.

This scam must stop. All special rights by race must be removed from our Statute books. That includes the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori seats.

The tribal elite are using their past to enrich their future. Regrettably, this bandwagon is supported by half of the political parties in Parliament.

But the cost can be counted in the erosion of New Zealanders’ living standards as our country fails to prosper. And as long as New Zealand remains mired in the past, we will continue to flounder.

If we are to become a successful nation like a Singapore or Switzerland, the myth of racial superiority must be replaced with an overarching commitment to equality – valuing all members of our society equally and ensuring no one is left behind.

New Zealand needs our elected leaders to step up and refocus the country on building success, where those who work hard and demonstrate initiative will be rewarded, while those who undermine equality and demand racial superiority will be condemned.

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*Do you believe that as a nation, New Zealand is sufficiently future-focussed or are we too mired in the past?


*Poll comments are posted below.


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It didnt start with Gas chambers.It started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into “us and them” and calling on their supporters to harrass them. It started when good people turned a blind eye annd let it happen. WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND AND FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY.GLYN J
The Land march of Whina Cooper started all this backward-looking nonsense of the TOW instead of looking to the new technologically future. We need a politician like the Aboriginal Australian Jacinta Price who is attempting to get Aboriginals to step up and out of the past.Monica
And sadly with a coalition that can’t see past the current month / week. Concentrating on pathetic small stuff and ignoring how the country is feeling and it’s not happy with the situation. Sort out the WT and Treaty. They are so divisive.Elizabeth
But how will this be remedied?Maxine
Forget the past. ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE ONE LANGUAGE Re election 2026 – in my opinion the situation will be the same as 2023,Do not vote for Labour Green maori. Hopefully more of the hairy masses will be better informed by 2026 and the swing will be to the right. Ideally Luxon will be gone and a new National leader will emerge. Ideally ACT and NZ 1ST will come out the winners and form a strong 2 party co alition.Brian
It’a about time we started looking forward,not back !!Mark
With some things we are mired in the past and in other ways we are focused on the future.Kate
Time to get rid of Waitangi concord fraud forever, also we need to dump M.M.P in exchange for S.T.V. Remove RACISM from our voting system, as well.David
We are all New Zealanders, whether we are first or tenth generation, we either were born or came here. This is a country of multiple ethnicity, we need to move forward and not look backwards.Paula
Ban the word tribe and iwiBeverley
We have to look forward not back.Murray
I dread Labour getting back in with their Maori caucusMartin
Ridiculous, suicidal and wastefulKevin
An excellent article and another good one from Dr.John Robinson. They cover all that is wrong in NZ and shines the spotlight on the inactivity of the Coalition to begin the changes needed. Have the Coalition been intimidated by the Maori noise & threats? They will have to make sure that military resources are loyal.Terry
Why is Luxon supporting co-governance and Willie Jackson’s bill?Denis
Most people will focus on the past, we are no exceptionPeter
NZ is embedded in the past and there is no indication this will change. Co-governance is entrenched in our laws and institutions and there appears zero will by National to reverse Arderns Apartheid. NZ can never move into the future with the TOW controlling every aspect of our lives.Sam
It is appauling that our Government back in 1994 did not abolish the Maori seats as was reccommended by the Royal Commission after voting in the MMP system. There are two big lies that Maori would have us all believe, one they are indiginious to NZ and two they are our Treaty partner. Maori came to NZ on boats or Waka and Queen Victoria never made Maori her Treaty partner, it is all based on lies.Paul
The majority of kiwis are future focused but the Maori party are too mired in the past.Dianne
I am part Maori and I believe we should remove all racist rules, laws and privileges. We are one people.Dave
Does the current Govt read this or are they too clever to notice the concern of many New Zealanders?bill
Politically this is the case. In many other realms it is not. There are future facing enterprises (Like Rocket Lab, other tech industries, our farming industry), but these are strangled by politiciansMark
I certainly hope so Forward thinking and not looking back is the preferred way.Cyril
The treaty needs to be abandoned now. It has served its purpose.Kathy
The elite of maoridom will take over the rest of the citizens will become slavesSteve
DEFINITELY mired in the past.Ian
I am saddened by the decline of NZ living standards, race devision, crime etc. All the negatives stand out in the statistics but few positives shine for our future.Peter
Maori now are holding NZ to ransom with any projected project proposed even charging companies who are forced to contact iwi through emails and also for their replies. Each email is a cost to any future productivity.Jacqueline
Getting worserichard
We are an unjust society and we are focused on utu or revenge. It is sealed into our laws and the way the laws are applied. If you support the utu cause you are soft handled. If you resist it, you are deemed to have shown that you are due punishment even if there is no proper evidence against you.RAY
Its a load of rubbish, the earth has cooled and warmed many times in its history. Focus on harmony instead.Mat
Yes far too much looking back instead of focussing on and planning for the future. Our lack of infrastructure proves this. Also, our selling off of so many businesses.Janet
self evidentfred
Any socialism is too much socialism. We now find ourselves living in a socialist driven pandemic of woke madness with the sickest people running the show.Richard
Yes looking back is costing us dearly and we need to stop the race based nonsense, we are all New ZealandersColleen
New Zealand has lost its ability to use the number eight wire mentality like our forebears did in the great Wars- we are to frightened to call out what is happening to our country in the fear you will be called a racist by the socialist or Tribal elite who are dragging us back into the past are doing- until our Politicians realise we are a multi cultural Nation we are doomed to become a third world backwashJohn
Driven into the past by racist Maori elites, academics, judiciary and mainstream media.Peter
Disappointing to see that the coalition Govt cannot reframe the policies from the Labour downward directionJohn
As a country we cannot move forward until we get rid of all reference to the Treaty and separatist ideas. We could be leading the world but we have a major handbrake holding us back.Carole
The national government needs to grow a set of balls and get rid of ALL race based legislation. They seem afraid to do what is right and are not fixing the maori problem. Only the Act party seem to have that problem sorted, but, they can’t do it on their own – come on Chris, get on with the job the electors trusted you to do.Don
Maori have deliberately corrupted our country’s governance at every level, local and regional government, the judiciary, the Race Relations Commission, the Waitangi Tribunal, the Ministry of Education, and even the NZTA. IT MUST BE STOPPED! All race based seats must be abolished immediately as must the Waitangi Tribunal and the Race Relation Commission. All race based privileges must be removed from our law and the government MUST make it abundantly clear to all Maori that they are NOT SPECIAL, they are not indigenous (just the first immigrants) and will be treated exactly the same as every other citizen of our country. That was after all what they agreed to when the treaty was signed (we are one people) forming one country, New Zealand, nor the fictitious Aotearoa tripe.Steve
For NZ to prosper we need to focus on moving forward as one people, with no single identity being superiorNoel
every New Zealander needs to have equal rightsRAY
Maori radicals are dragging us down Past is past, we need to move foward and improve our country for all. Not for just radical maori whom have only been here arond 6 hundred years, they are not navtive to NZ. Aboringinal peoples have been in OZ for around 26,000 years. That is what you call native inhabitants. Mori Ori wrer our eariest inhabitants whom maori slaughtered. Maori have always been at war with other tribes and Mori Ori. Maori are settlers here like the rest of us. Immigrants same as rest of us. All have equal rights under the law.Allan
The Waitangi Tribunal continued relitigation & rewriting of the past should be proof enough that we aren’t looking to the future! The sooner we consign this continued victimhood of Maori by Maori to the annuals of history the betterJohn
In order to lift our country out of the current mire and improve our standard of living for ALL we must pull together as a team. Sadly, we have become a dysfunctional team dragged backwards by a select few who care little for the good of the nation and only have greedy, opportunistic, self-serving goals based upon mythical, racially based agendas.John
Too much baggage from labour/green govt plus Waitangi Tribunal corrupt practices need to go.David
We are mired in the past because of one group of people! A past, that none of us alive today, are responsible for. These falsehoods are holding us back as a nation and as a people. It is time for us to move forward.Heather
These so called maori have to be stopped and the treaty should be disregarded as a passed wrongLes
Our State Government is future focused in driving us into the dystopian New World Order, as dictated by the UN. It’s a Technocratic control freak future if we the people continue to allow our politicians to betray us.neil
We have to ensure that we are all equal or the country is doomed.Janet
Politics in N.Z, with the 2 red and blue parties, that dominate… this pattern never changes ?? It must be time for new parties to be in charge, but only the KIWI VOTER can change this!! Stop voting for these two !!!David
We are definitely being pushed by Maori backwards, and i dont believe Luxon with all his talk will do anything to reverse this trend. Luxon is too weak, and he will bend to the whims of maori, to the detriment of New Zealand.Peter
We need to unshackle from race based issues and align all NZ’ers to a growth agenda based on equality.Gavin
Great article, although very sad, Maori elites have no interest in our country moving forward, which is the reason many NZers are moving out.Linda
Well the Maoris certainly areSheena
There has never been a more important time, in the history of mankind, for everyone to forget the past and to show the world that we can all live together equally, as long as we control the politicians, not them controlling us. It is the only way to stop total annihilation of mankind, and time is not on our side.john
Everybody knows that Maori as a group are costing everybody else a heck of a lot of money and are dragging NZ down. I would not be proud to be part Maori.Bruce
NZ is sadly a failed nation state. It started with the Kirk govt, accelerated under the Lange and Clark years and went into full on overdrive with the socialist ardern regime. In between those disastrous labor govt’s were a succession of pink national govt’s and of course the disastrous mmp system which we can also thank a labor govt for. Pretty much without exception all of these govt’s mentioned have had a hand in the disaster NZ has become, can it be turned around well I’d hope so but It seems the current lot are becoming pretty similar to the rest in that they’re there for their own grandiosity and the money, they’re becoming increasingly drunk on it. We need a Donald J Trump, the greatest President of the 21’st century.Flip
We are disappearing backwards very fast.. It’s already too late in some rural parts of the Far North.William
How do we fix this . Our politicians are cowardly little traitors, our news media wants closing down and they should be made to pay their bribery money back.Sydney
i DO HAVE MAJOR CONCERNS ABOUT OUR insistance on celebrating everything Maori, it is very unnerving and not needed as I beieve we accommodate Maori very well in our society.Barbara
We keep being dragged backwards by a section of the community which refuses to take responsibility for its own actions.Mark
The National Party don’t seem to be able to see what is happening – still going down the Co-Governance path. They have to get out of it!Colin
co governance must be stoppedAllan
I feel that we should be ONE nation.Wendy
You will have an accident if you attempt to drive forward by permanently looking in your review mirror.Martin
The sooner people realise what is happening to NZ now before it is too late, our chances of a better future will be achievable only if everyone aactively works to change things for the better.Marga
W.E.F / Globalist Agenda, Great Reset politics are relying on the collapse of Western democracy, to implement their Marxist based future. Ardern was a recognised Marxist/Communist, as are the Greens & Maori Party. Luxons support of this agenda is driven by his lust for power & personal wealth. Consequently the Part Maori Elite will not be stopped from destroying society as we know it. This is not conspiracy theory. Just open your eyes & watch it happening at an ever increasing rate.A.G.R.
Luxton is a wimp – he simply does not understand the depth of Maori ambition.Ron
Drop all racial policy from nowBarry
When will government work out we are one country with a mixed race population that needs to get on the same page and make some thing happen for the good of the country. We are spending too much time navel gazing and wasting time, money and resources on a minority group with too much say. Get over it all and move forwards together.rod
You can’t live in the past, but you can learn from it and plan for the future. We have ALL been conned by a Myth which is sadly destroying and dividing our country New Zealand, it’s sad to watch because we have lost the will to fight for all our collective freedoms, Racial privilege does not belong here, it’s beyond sad.Colleen
The past is just that !!!!!! We are totally absorbed in the past associated with so called “grievences” — in fact ALL have never had it so good.Alan
Maori partnership is rubbish perpetuated by MAORI activistsIan
One nation, one rule for all.Jeremy
Far too mired in the past. Remove Maori seats, remove the treaty of Waitangi and its involvement in our laws. And get on with it, stop talking, just do it. And make it stick so that it cannot be reversed by the next government.Paloma
New Zealand must get back to We are one nation all New Zealandersleo
As long as there is still treaty b.s, New Zealand will never advance. Read the book, Who Really Broke the Treaty? By John Robinson. Its disgusting how any govt keeps pandering to these radical people.Sharron
Couldn’t agree more with anything that you have written. This B/S has to stop now. Iff my reading of the room is correct ,there is an underlying sense for some sort of uprising by NZrs and as suggested by one business man he would start by not employing any more Maori workers as a means to stop the Maori elite from constantly moaning.John
The National Pary will rue the day if they continue to be naive about matters of race. It will be too late for all of us. Strong laws, with no pandering to the “Maori”is required.Elizabeth
Back to basics NZ never Aoteroa to be equal rights for all Scrap all race based laws and legislation. Scrap Waitangi Tribunal immediately.Carol
We are continually being dragged down by this constant barrage from these Maori activists, always looking at the past.Fraser
Unfortunately we will never stop this and I am so glad that I am 83 and only have a few more years to put up with this. I fear that my children and grandchildren will be living in a racial society and the privileged race will dominate and NZ will not be the land of milk and honey it once was.Andrew
We all should be regarded as New Zealanders and have equal rights. Scrap all reference to the treaty.Bruce
I’m in my 90s and despair for the future of my country being held back by Maori victim focussing instead of looking forward as equal NewZealandersSidwell
but its changing with this new govCraig
Time we put a stop them for good.Dave
Whilst the polls show little support shift to those parties like ACT from National and Labour we will see little change to race-based policy. Informing NZ (the middle ground) and elevating Race issues above other concerns such as Cost of living is crucialGlenn
The chinese were here first by many thousands of yearsbob
Just get on with the job of cutting out all the racial bullshit laws and regulations. Cut out the whole Waitangi Treaty set up, remove the words race, religion and gender from every rile , law or public sector. Let’s focus on building a robust economy and society where equality is paramount. Fat chance of that as our population and politicians are weak, badly educated, shortsighted and ignorant.Leonard
The country needs to stop going backwards into tribal rule and go forward and plan for all New ZealandersAnn
I put down ‘No’ because NZ is not sufficiently future focused. Politically political parties are forced to act in three year cycles because of the system. The current Government is trying to look forward beyond that – but it is an uphill battle against the media and its own Civil Service.Brenton
most important issue facing NZ is not the economy but race based policy.Annie
Acts bill on the Treaty sadly will not progress as Luxon as with co governance will continue. Act needs to force the issue with NZ First & if Luxon won’t budge force a general election.Derek
We are definitelyi too mired in the past. On top of everything the Treaty is mentioned in virtually every sentence, when it was viewed only a simple little document that achieved its aim more or less immediately. Today it definitely doesn’t mean what it meant in 1840 and that is how we should view it. You can’t change meanings of words 184 years later. Meanings chanage. File it away and let’s do what the Treaty said and be one people.Helen
It is ludicrous that small fractions of Maori enables someone to claim special rights when they are better off than many citizens of other nationalitiesivan
we are being dragged backwards by greedy Maori ??? lets do a DNA test on them, how much is too much??? Willie Jackson only 20% he did a test on TV years ago. what a fraudulant lot they are.erin
Yes we as a nation are future focused. But who’s future are we to be beholding to? Either we have to overcome those who want to destroy our current free democracy or let them win. It’s really up to us as to the future’s outcome.Geoff
Tear up the treaty.Paul
There are many that consider that they live in the past and wish to enforce what they regard as their entitlement to some genetic basis for control and yet they also consider that they have an overriding right to all the benefits that the current developed society have progressed to. An attitude that is clearly a progressive grab and effort to the control of the society as it is today. . The majority of such thinkers have not participated with the hard work to make current achievements, not all ! but those more aggressive argue from the basis of tribe or ethnic classification that is wrong and is grossly subversive and will not solve anything. We as a nation are one peoples and together we can only survive on that basis with combined energy and not undermining the intentions of our current government in its attempts to rectify divisive attitudes.John
we’re going backwards, all right. There are still people waiting in the wings to see how this govt turns out and if continued reference to things like 3 waters are used, thinking people will start leaving in droves.Trevor
Get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal We are one people – New ZealandersJohn
We should not look back too much – we are not going that wayGerhard
It is ironic that the National sector of the coalition is already backpedalling on promises. The two other coalition partners less so – and these have Maori leaders. New Zealand is so sadly mired in the past with the Treaty of Waitangi holding the nation back. Time for leaders with stamina to stand up, take a referendum and see it this is what the people want. Until that happens we will continue to deteriorate in world status.Peter
Mired in it for sure rather than learning from it. Luxon and the Nationals still have their heads firmly up their derrieres in this respect and there are none so blind as they who will not see that if they fail to act, He Puapua will be back before we can blink (if it ever left as the public service seem to be charging ahead with it anyway in a complete emulation of “Yes Prime Minister”)Doug
Absolutely. You can’t live in the past, learn from it and move on. The sooner the so called Principals of the Treaty are debated, the better. The Maori seats should also be abolished like they were supposed to be when we adopted MMP as our voting system. New Zealand is no longer the great country it was and we all need to pull together as one people to ensure a brighter future for all who called it home.Bev
Departed NZ 1975 and returned 2009…. Maorification was rampant, wealth destruction was in progress big time and was amazed that the dried up ink stained treaty garbage was some kind of holy grail’. Luxon and Team.. “Slam the door on the past or NZ will be forever a stoneage swamp.! “Chris
its gotta stopRobbie
The coalition government is weak. They need to address the Articles of the ToW and not the made up principles. They’ll be a one term govt if they don’t sort out the mess.Elizabeth
We must stop the rot. It has been going on far too long. The Coalition must get their act together and oppose this racist nonsenseErrol
We are doomed / civil warIain
Muriel’s comment are dead right. The country that built a superb hydro-electric power system as an example needs to be rediscovered.Kevin
We keep rewriting and replaying the past. It is so totally self destroying.Donald
Where is our leadership headed??Tony
This govt needs to be held to account.Raif-David
NZ is INFECTED with a nasty disease. I.e. APARTHEID.Geoffrey
If we fail to heed the warning signs and leave the past behind we will have no future as a nation!Scott
Its time we looked forward not back. Ban the use of word tribe.Beverley
We can and should learn from the past, otherwise we will likely repeat mistakes and miss opportunities. The past provides a moral framework and foundation which should guide us a a society, and individuals. We ignore moral principles at our peril. Nevertheless, no society should be shackled to racial ideology.David
Too much interreferenceCarl
Live in the present leave the past behindBarbara
Please get us out of the sad and destructive concrete of separatism before it sets any furtherJanine
I believe there needs to be a finite date for all claims Kiwis are fed up with paying for the past we had nothing to do with. Let us all move forward to a future where we are all one country. I lost my business in 2004 I started at age 21 years I started in Real estate at age 42 years after losing everything, a broken marriage with 3 young children, but with hard work I now have financial freedom and can take my family of 21 on the odd overseas holiday. I took risks borrowed money built 4 rental houses providing shelter for people who couldn’t afford their own homes. I am tired of hearing sob stories from people who are unwilling to work hard we all have equal opportunities whether we are Maori or Pakeha. No government saved me from losing my business, Rogernomics had a hand in destroying mine and many others, who helped us get back on our feet I ask. We need to focus on the positives and the future of this beautiful bountiful country there is plenty of opportunities for all of us.Kay
Muriel, your column is so informative. When you explained about the genome proving that there is no Maori race only the Human race, they can no longer claim that they are unique and demand special treatment. We are one country and should move on as one people. I would like Chris Luxon to get some b**** and do what his voters want him to do. He is worried about upsetting the Maori people. Now it has been proven that we are all the same lets get working togetherDianne
Come on Winnie its now your chance to cut this cancer out and you only have 2 years to do it.. It has to be or the country is stuffed.Neville
Even national is too scared to take on the maori elite this must be changed and remove all race based policies.Clive
Getting better. Will take time. Now government policy changes moving in the right direction.Neil
Our democracy is under threat because of the agendas of a minority of Maori elite who are using co-governance as a means to their end, of creating a tribal race-based society.Mary
One of the strings the Maori elite are playing, is the absolute falsehood of them being Indigenous when they were just early immigrants!Ted
When the dark night comes, the light will be gone, chaos will rain like meteors, as was the past.Sven
This country is going backward, which happens when you focus more on the past than the futureChris
What… the title subject to this vote has changed from the newsletter page…. what happened?Bruce
Until NZ gets rid of racists policies we will not progress,Sheila
This question is not very clear would be easy to vote for what you don’t believe in .If we are not all for one and one for all this country will not survive.Pete
As a country we are living in the past. Things change so the Waitangi Treaty must give way to change.William
Quite correct in that we have become ensnared in the victim roll perpetuated by tribal Maori elite and the Tribunal by looking to the past and not the future.wayne
Too much division, too much crime, not enough education and training, we are patiently waiting to see some progress from coalition to take the bold steps that we voted for.Richard
You can ony build for the future, not the past.. This is axiomatic. As a Ngai Tahu descendent who makes no claim on resources due to ancestory I’m constnatly disappointed by Maori who leverage apparent past ‘injustuces’ to enrich an elite who make big statments about ‘ our people’ but do little to actually share the spoils. In the longer run biological integration will make a nonsense of Maori bloodlines, but for now let’s stop all special treatment for ‘ Maori” . Not to do so is rascist.Graham
time to be one race in one nationalastair
Dump all the Maori crap starting from 1975Judy
The problem is most maori refuse to recognise that in most cases they’ve less maori blood than any other. Hence I think it%u2019s time to highlight this and we call them Maorakeha.Trevor
When NZ citizens have to bow to Maori myths and ideology, we are a doomed once democratic nation. Scrap the Treaty as it well run its course.Wayne
we cant be looking behind at the past we must move forward to the future. Get rid of maori elite and move forward.Barry
Absolutely too mired in the past. This is evident in the amount of people leaving the country. Not just chasing better paying careers but because of racial division that is more evident in our daily lives.Lawrie
Surely the parliament could remove the word”race” from all law in one A4 new piece of legislation? But we need to face it that political immigration is burying the country and driving debt based growth.Frederick
Looking forever in the rear view mirror, does not give a clear focus forward and see clearly what need to be done. Call it navel gazing if you like.Henk
the only way forward is colour blindBrian
We all belong to the one race, the human race.Wietske
Indoctrination by the Maori Elite has reached epidemic levels and needs to be stopped before NZ is blighted for good.Ian
I think there is a bit of bothanthony
We have to move forward!Kelly
We should be known as one people working together to make this country function successfully. The more division we have the more damage we are doing to this countryJanet
Only because if this new governmentHilary
Thanks Muriel for commenting on this problem, which is being ignored by Mr Luxon, who needs to sort out the main priorities of New Zealand, instead of nibbling around the edges by solving less pressing matters!Marianne
This anti colonialist BS Is driven by intellectuals and racist activists seek ever increasing power and self wealth. It will ultimately cripple the country , perhaps cause civil warPeter
We need to rise above polarity. Understand we are human first. The rest is just culture and belief.Alethea
Maori wars will be back again. we’ve all gone madPeter
Time for action. It’s a pity the national government won’t back the Act party’s referendum policy on the treaty. Once again it’s the party first the people second.Astrid
Division is wrecking the countryJanet
wrong way to go but thats what is happeningLeon
Until we are but one race and the Treaty is past history we will not progress to be a “Future Positive” nation.Doug
Iwi leaders must be stopped in there march to tribal rule and made to realise the true meaning of the Treaty. First step should see the Waitangi Tribunal disbanded without delay.Graham
These PART Maori Corporate’Elitists’ should be made to pay Tax like the rest of us !! Now , because of some of our weak Politicians, they gather momentum with their dellusional dystopian Agendas. These Folk really need to lay off the’ Electric Puha’ !!Geoff
It has to stop!!David
Luxon may be a good administrator but he is bereft of ideas and not the leader we need for this country. As a former CEO he was answerable to his board of directors and was bound to follow their instructions. It was not his place to have vision and foresight. That is clearly lacking in his so-called leadership.Alan
Actions that should have been taken years ago include the abolition of the Maori seats in Parliament. The ratio of Maori MPs to population is already out of quilter. The bribe of $55 million to the news media is a disgrace. No wonder reporters are critical of the present government.. The Treaty grab and gimme, gimme attitude is sickening, the threat to the general population that the whole of our coastal waters and beaches will become out of bounds for Kiwis is so sad. Perhaps the most dreadful possibility is the prospect of the Maori Government set up to take over all decisions for the country with our Parliament becoming an empty museum.CHRIS
Lies about the past are dragging us down. We need a concerted campaign of correction.Perce
Time we looked at the real treaty again and not the rewrtten treaty that will only benefit a small section of the Maoris All peoples in NZ must be treated as equals.Ian
All reference to race should be removed from NZ legislation apart from stressing the equality of all citizens. Maori seats and the Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished.Shaun
NZ is in a downward spiral, and will only get worse unless we do an about turn and start to look ahead to the future instead of backward to the past. The first step must be to create a race of New Zealanders .. ONE PEOPLEkabe
We need one electoral roll and no Maori seats.Margaret
We absolutely MUST start looking FORWARD and stop dragging our heels and kowtowing to those who can only look BACKWARDS!Sylvia
We need equal rights for all people.aurice
All claims have been settled, you cant keep making new ones.Matthew
Luxon is the biggest stumbling block to the future of NZmike
Feral maoris are ruining the countryChris
We are being hamstrung by far to much reliance on the gray area of observing Treaty obligations.Terry
I just feel too angry to say what I really think. This govt needs to pull its sock up and do something for those of us who seem to be propping up the losers, bludgers, whiners, and the greedy so-called Maori elite. Personally I’m sick of them, all they seem to be able to do is leap around, sing, and commit crimes against the rest of us. They are an embarrassment to the human race.Merryl
One nation one set of lawsPeter
WE use history for the futureWarren
It is past time that Waitangi Tribunal and race based seats in Parliament and councils are discarded. There are no Maori to protect, Part Maori of today are totally capable of standing on their own two feet without patronising handouts.Robbie
We need to accept there is no Maori race just fundamentalists and activists causing racial divides. We are a colonised country from all over the world and we need to look forward together.Diana
AS long as we are tied to the treaty through lies, deceit and spineless politicians the country will be always be heading backwards.Warren
WE are no longer one People who can work and play together. WE arenow a split nation. Maori are not True kiwi’s , but a racloving ton the pastDon
If the coalition government does not stick to its election promises, we will quickly become a banana republic – without any bananas!!Dennis
We need a coalition Government that has the courage of its convictions. Their inaction and commitment to do the right thing for all New Zealanders is very telling. They obviously cannot discern right from wrong. God help us all!!Dianne
As a country we are too mired in the fabricated history which claims some communities are indigenous when the historical facts show that all New Zealanders are immigrant settlers and colonists. The sooner we focus on moving forward as kiwis each doing the best they can the sooner we will resume our rightful place as world leaders and the best country in the wordIhaia
The facts in our face, inescapable at this point in time and disappointingly, the coalition have failed to grasp the big stick. Strong leadership is required and not the meely mouthed process we are experiencing.neville
Maori Maori Maori.Wayne
Only minority tribes seem to live with drum banging focus of their past. In a thousand years the same drums will still be beating and the same cupped hands will be outreaching.Hugh
Name and shame those M%u0101ori tribal elite. Singapore succeeds as it has no tolerance to drug use unlike NZ. It has good laws to stop these drug pushes destroying NZMike
with any govt be they national, labour or god forbid greens and maori having a so called treaty minister this country will continue to go down the plug hole as luxon is gutless to stand up to the corrupt senior hori mob while the mostly decent maori are locked out from receiving any benefit from the govt that the controlling corrupt elitist hories hold onto and will continue as long as the govt caves into there demands, GET RID OF THE BLOODY TREATY AND MINISTERIAL DEPT and all the parasitesRichard
As long as we have an appeaser as Prime Minister we will never be able to progress. Christopher Luxon is like a diluted version of Rishi SunakTrevor
We are getting dragged into the past, dividing the nation. 2000 years ago Jesus said, A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. How true!Laurence
The sooner we all stop looking backwards and dump this Treatybullshit,the sooner we will improve matters for ALL Kiwis.!!Bruce
Time to scrap the tribunal, put the treaty gravy train to bed and move on.Ross
I would prefer our government read and absorbed your latest newsletter prior to taking any further legislative action that reinforces any notion the treaty is worth fretting about or that Iwi and the notion of co governance have any relevance to administration at any level..Peter
The Coalition government need to scrap the unfair & unrealistic ‘Waitangi Tribunal’, scrap the stupid MMP voting system & have only one set of standards in educational qualifications, health, benefits etc for ALL NEW ZEALANDERS. They also need to make English an official language of NZ & stop forcing all of this Maori culture, language etc on the rest of the population that do not want it. Stop using Te Reo on the main television channels & keep it for the Maori channels & the Marae.david
Stamp out Maori separatismTerry
We are 100% backward focused and NZ will become a singular south pacific backwater unless we turn our gaze to a united future where we are all equal.michael
We step forward only to be dragged back by radical minority groups with outspoken leaders who want endlessly. We are one nation yet various governments fail what they promised..Ken
To move forward we must first return to being a democratic country where everyone is equal. Years ago thousands of New Zealanders opposed the the Springboks tour of NZ and yet now they want to divide our country by giving Maori special privileges based on their ancestry .This must end now.Steve
WE must learn are past though. Our true and inclusuive history to know our future they go hand in hand. We started with mining.. We must continue as that is our product. use one example.charlotte
As a nation we are rapidly descending into an apartheid state. This cannot and must not continueGlen
Equality for all citizens is the only way to have a free, liveable country.James
The minority of climate warming greenies still dominate the news media & our school education system with propagandaMike
Slowly but surely the tide seems to be changing. Luxon et al need to read the room, but will they? If they don’t their fate will be the same as the Conservatives, nd the result for our country could be the same too! Wake up Nats!Sally
Racism is miring us all down. We are one country and we are all New Zealanders. We should speak only one language and stop turning us into a hick country by haveing Maori words interdpersed into English.Errol
need to change to future focusColin
We are mired in a mythical past, a past where tribal rule caused so many terrible things to happen and yet now people believe it was some sort of paradise. Rewriting the past has become a national pastime and it must stop.Roger
The maori “elite”, for want of a more accurate term, are using their version of their ‘Poor me, I was colonised by the white man’ excuse for their inability to take their place in the modern world. They are then permitted to project this into their future plans, which are based on complete control; political, financial and social, of this poor benighted country. New Zealand, WAKE UP !!!TOBY
Unfortunately I dont think National are capable of fixing thisDavid
We need to ditch the Maori focussed gravy train. It’s wrong and certainly unsustainable.Grant
I believe that MMP is holding NZ back big time!!!Les
The trouble in this country is that our leaders in the past have been a gutless lot who have not driven the country to be united as one and kept the race problem to the fore instead of abolishing it. Abolish it now, immediatelyTom
The HUGE dollars spent to show an indigenous culture exists, is destroying us all – in debtPeter
Too many maori radicals dragging us down for their own personal rewards. All race legislation must be removed along with 50 year old waitangi tribunal and maori seats. We need to move forward, not in reverse as we are at present.Allan
Coalition needs to make good on its promise to rid ourselves of Maori superiority. One law, One Nation.Lesley
And I think it is getting worse every election no matter which side winsRoy
The past that suits one race.Gary
It seems no government is prepared to tackle this problem and if they do they are called racist which then spooks them. Roll on the arrival of a new political party who have as their core policy the unification of all New Zealanders regardless of race, creed or colour.Andy
Just look at what luxon is doing now-he,s making co-covern policies with maori/iwi he,s NOT removed any of labours policies giving maori MORE ewquality than most NZealanders despite hi s promises of TAKEING BACK OUR COUNTRY & MAKING ALL NZEALANDERS 100 % EQUAL.If you really care about NZ do something email BOTH NZ FIRST,ACT & NATIONAL MP,s he,s ignoring the mugs who believed his lies,the 50,000 people who left NZ told their neighbours luxon,s promises were lies & nothing in NZ has improved so they are leaving. DONT GIVE UP EMAIL.Cindy
It’s very sad that the Tribal Elites have so much control over the MSM .Even one presenter has gone to the trouble of have a mojo Tattooed on Her Chin.proves to me that’s how confident the lady feels that Maori are dominating Society.Michael Andrew
All race – based anything needs to stop before it all ends in bloodshed. Needs to be nipped in the bud.Dave
Mirted only because political parties think the scam by those who want to overturn our democracy have ANY credence whatever.Kenneth
The division by race and history are having a profound negative effect both on our forward progress as a nation and our society in general. While the current government has shown some signs of bringing change, they have disappointingly not gone far enough. Tip-toeing around the edge of the problem is not going to cut it.chris
NZ Maori so called academics during the 1970s hijacked the Treaty and rewrote it to suit their own agenda and have been pushing their racist agendas more & more and NZ as a nation has been suffering ever since.Greg
Improving ,how-ever,still a long way to go.Ann
but that won’t change as the National govt do not have the fortitude to stand up against it. Unfortunately the coalition partners are not strong enough either.mike
National Pm needs to focus on removing the racism and control of so many of our important constitutions and our way of life.Heather
We are moving alarmingly towards iwi control based on fictitious beliefs regarding the Treaty and destruction of democracy. Too many people are pushing towards this and reversal is now going to be almost impossible as any actions against the push will be resisted as inflammatory.Graham
Racism needs redefining.Alec
Apathy, alarming consequences surround the futureBrenda
Act and NZ First must honour their promise to reestablish Equity and remove all race based rules and Maori focus groups in the many ministries. They must place NEWZEALANDERS as the first choice in the census. If Not then withdraw and go back to the Nation and allow the people to have their say as to the future rules for our countryStan
The TOW should have been buried on 21st May 1840!!Bruce
Forget the Treaty nonsense as it is so misleading in its made up translations. Maori forget English wrote and translated it Maori didn’t even have a written language.Steve
Stop the Apartheid agenda!!! We are all NZ’ers AND immigrants. DNA tests for all who claim to be indigenous. That’ll help “Stop-the-Rot “Honest Dave
The outstanding post by Dr Muriel Newman and equally excellent and insightful accompanying article by Dr John Robinson should be compulsory / MANDATORY reading for all our Government / political leaders and politicians . They provide an outstanding analysis of and insight into our problems as a Country and a Society and provide equally clear insights and guidance as to what we MUST DO to correct the situation . And it is a VERY SERIOUS situation . These are EASILY two of the best articles I have read concerning our problems . Please ensure they are read and are as widely shared / distributed as possible . Hugh
The treaty document signed 1840 would have had no idea how the future would unfold. In 184 years the world has changed, that’s a fact. People living in the past are dreaming. Only the greedy want to live in the past, but only to pick the cream, the best bits for the Maori elite. No one can forecast where this country will be in the next one, two, or five hundred years. So how could the Treaty be signed by people who could not read and write, but just used e thumb print?Chris
We live in a globalized competitive world. We must compete to achieve economic and socially just success. In taking our eye off the ball, we’re falling further behind Australia in GDP per capita (not to mention Singapore). We must refocus and get our country ‘back on track’.Ralph
The treaty was more for the development of Nz under British rule – it was the founding document by which thousands of non Maori immigrated here. For the benefit of Maori we as settlers developed this country into what it is today. attempts to corrupt the treaty can be seen as fraud to all non Maori NZer who have moved here.mike
Yes the maori mafia has total rule and whatever financial benefits they gain from that is ok We must fight at any/every level to stop these insidious greed based half caste (,maximum) bottom feeders from destroying our once wonderful NZ .Little disappointed in the coalition , a great start ,now they appear to be wavering . Successive government’s have taken the easy road and bowing down to woke public servants and of course the highly left wing media scum . We cannot allow any further rorting of our hard earned gains by hard working innovative Kiwis ,maori gains sadly are reflected in their prison attending, baby homicides and violent nature . The haka is based on violent historical dealings with other tribes , ban it Now .Ray
Wake up Kiwis before it is too late.Don
Maori have been given substantial payouts by successive governments in an attempt to redress greviances from the past but even Helen Clark said it has to stop. They are bankrupting our country.Janet
All references to any race in any legislation MUST be deletedGareth
Increasing disapointment from our new Government on this issue and the overtly racist Agendas of the Maori elite.. agendas which continue to be supported both directly and indirectly by a Govt that was elected by the people on a platform of equality for all. The problem is (and mirrored by what is happening in the US) What options do we have?Rob
Race emphasis is the path to strife and mediocracy.David
I just hope this Government does face up to this situation. It’s no coincidence that our country has become poorer with all the tribunal unfounded claims being paid outsandra
This was probably the best article i have read on the great tragedy that is coming our way unless it is stopped, without apology but qualified by the Statement “We are all New Zealanders “.Philip
The general public is not mired in the past. A bunch of Maori radicals promoting de- colonisation is using falsified history to destroy us as a nation. Like locusts they will ravage the field ( our country) until there is nothing left and then what.?? locusts in nature move on to the next field . But these radicals have nowhere else to go when they have accomplished what they set out to do.Michael
Too much is being held back by looking to the past. We have to break the shackles.Andrew
Sadly, we are fixated, through the MSM, on ethnicity. Change is long overdue and looking unlikely…Giles
Some changes are happening but theres way more to be made. The sooner all traces of the treaty of Waitangi are removed from legislation the betterChris
You can only go forward as one equal people.Mike
And the mire is about toset firmly with no out!Michael
Particularly as regards maorification of everythingAlan
This government must stick to its election promises.Laura
Without any shadow of doubt .Hylton
Trying hard to get things moving though. Need Chinese money – not that that will happenjill
Racist local and centralGreg
The lack of action from this government to remove all racial reference and priveledge is very frustrating and will be the downfall of National if they dont wake up and do what they promised before the election.Gail
There are two future Focus aims. Both negative. 1. Maori separatist future with tribal governance. 2. World government a la WEF/UN totalitarian control. Neither good, both evil.Bryan
More of our politician’s time and effort is spent on Maori / Pakeha /ToW issues than the very things they were put in power to do … Law and order, Education, Housing, Health, Roading etc. I think a decent PM should be able to say “Enough of this nonsense, Wwe will waste no more time on it, from this day forward NZ will be run as per Governor Hobson’s words when the ToW was signed “He Iwi Tahi Tatou” …. WE ARE NOW ONE PEOPLE”Tony
Already left the once thriving beautiful countryDoris
Governing the country effectively has been overridden by supporting racism.Gaye
Well covered in Muriel Newman’s article, nothing further to add but my support.Colin
I have seen for years that New Zealand has become mired in the past. I agree tat we have to look tothe future, not dwell on the past.Norman
I believe with this government we are looking at the future and they are trying to undo the past which I feel is dividing the country. From Kerikeripatrick
The resurrection of Tribal warriors being acclaimed as being lauded on a stage is something to be applauded is nonsense stop Maoridom from spear waving and in in warlike past.David
Thanks to a certain minorityMichele
We need to forget and put aside all so called past injustices between races/ethnicities ( pre and past treaty ) and concentrate on building a prosperous, equal New Zealand for all citizens, no matter what skin colourAlec
This article by Dr Muriel Newman is so on the mark!!!!Alan
The myth of Maori ethnicity is just a ploy to obtain advantageGeoff
Our so called ‘Leaders’ are just fiddling about and still pandering to these activists who are using a false history to claim rights there is absolutely no historical justification for. Time it all stopped, we accepted the true Treaty’s article of ‘we are all one people’ and moved on. Together!Lee
Muriel’s closing paragraph sums the situation very succinctly. Please send this paragraph to all our current MP’s.Chris
Treaty settlements were to be completed 8 years ago and the country is still dragging its feet. Until we can all go forward as a unified nation of the world, and not a 19th century tribal society, we have little prospect of a prosperous future.Willy
At some point we need to move on from conflicts that happened in the past. Maori tribes have reconciled about the previous tribes that inhabited areas of NZ. For example, Ngai Tahu is the principal Maori iwi (tribe) of the South Island. Ngai Tahu originated in the Gisborne District of the North Island. Several iwi were already occupying the South Island prior to Ngai Tahu’s arrival, with Kati Mamoe only having arrived about a century earlier from the Hastings District, and already having conquered Waitaha, who themselves were a collection of ancient groups. Other iwi that Ngai Tahu encountered while migrating through the South Island were Ngai Tara, Rangitane, Ngati Tamatakakiri, and Ngati Wairangi – all of which also migrated from the North Island at varying times.Kent
Muriel, you are so right. Thank you for your enlightenment. The Waitangi Tribunal must go.Kevin
Successive Governments Policies have been giving too much control to Iwi consultation and also allocating taxpayers funding for every made up cultural issue they want. There is no sign of anyone in Government putting an end to the Treaty gravy train either. People who don’t want their taxes going to their Treaty gravy train are leaving this country in droves and the indoctrination of their lives and children’s future. This has got to end now!June
we should keep pushing the coalition about this. Seymour was most vocal, is he scared of tribal retribution.Joyce
We are a failing nation and have been sliding backwards since 1980. We are now Third World with First World trappings and getting worse. Maori will not rule NZ, China will as the corrupt Maori elites of the future sell out for the Chinese muskets and blanket trinkets. This country is doomed and my advice to the young is leave while you can.John
We are being bullied into living in the past by MaoriIan
Sadly kiwi ingenuity and that no 8 wire no use has been killed off and we are now dominated by the Ardern dumbed down morons and sheer losers who are dependent on government support and solutions to all their problems alongside a multitude of benefit abusers and bludgers.Then we have the Ardern driven maotificagion of the country which has divided the country leaving a minority of honest decent hardworking kiwis but a majority of bums and losersDon
One of the best articles from Muriel….john
How do we get this simple principle of life rewarding those who work hard and condemning those who demand racial privilege. implemented again?Jane
The biggiest worry I have is not so much being mired in the past but the Maorification of New Zealand by stealth which was blatant by Labour and obviously still supported by Christopher Luxon. The country will pay a price for this.pdm
There is no future in the Treaty. It is a historical curio, and should be treated as such.Trevor
Yes we going backwards fast, a swing to the left nest election and it will be all overFiona
It’s like driving down the road only looking in the rear view mirror, we will end up crashing!Kevin
I would love to believe we are all future focussed and pulling together as one nation but the reality is that the majority has become supplicant to a raucous, lying, minority with vested interests.Ross
And the pace of this travesty is gaining momentum daily. If this is not brought under control, and soon, there will be no stopping it – and then heaven help usMarilyn
the current bullshit needs to end & the so-called government brains need to stop throwing money at problems. they need to generate jobs, & let people with future vision get ahead. less playing the same record over & over. enough already!!!Chris
Definitely stuck in the past on certain issues.Kate
We are ALL New Zealanders, race should play NO part in government decisions. Co governance will lead eventually to violence.Pauline
Need to remove Waitangi Tribunal and all other race based legislation asapTerry
ONLY when we are all treated as HUMAN BEINGS will NZ begin to prosper.Douglas
Mired in a modern construct of the past with a dangerous re-interpretation of history. I am a non-maori whose ancestors settled in NZ prior to British sovereignty being declared. Therefore, like maori, whose ancestors settled in NZ prior to British sovereignty, I also could claim to be ‘indigenous’ – so what. It’s the 21st Century and we have a nation to save from sinking into an abyss of mediocrity and racial divide? I like the French model – you are a “French” citizen with no racial/extraction qualification allowed, by statute. All New Zealanders, whether citizens by birth (native) or naturalisation should be able to proudly claim to be New Zealanders, plain and simple, without the racial tag that our governments insist on making people identify with.Francis
Tribalism – The Gr8 Leap Backwards. Lets see, pre the Greeks in our civilisation history?Dick
I voted to get rid of race based privelege because that was promised. Most of the coalition has turned out to be weak. I see a similar result to the G B election occurring here where a far right influence strengthens. I don’t want that.Graham
The actions speak for themselves.Raymond
To our detriment. I just wish ONE govt would,have the strength (and guts) to stand up to thisGail
The current state of New Zealand is a joke. That is why we have now purchased a house in Australia and will be moving permanently.John
We have to get a goverment with the will power to stand up to maori and start penalizing them for their disruptive behavior, ans the only ones last election that had the balls was NNP and ACTColin
There is only one race the human raceGavin
The maori elite, in order to be relevant, have to harp back to perceived injustices in order to indoctrinate their youth and gain financial advantage at the cost to NZers in general.Carol
I am Maori and I detest the separatist agenda of self appointed spokepersons supposedly representing Maoridom. I want a single society based on equality.Mike
We must accept that unless there is unity we are doomed. ACT and NZ First have been making the right noises, but National will never commit to equality for all. Where is our Nigel Farage?Rod
We need to stop focusing on the goddam past especially pandering to supposed misdeeds to Maori expecting never-ending reparations.Tony
We have to look forward, 1 people 1 country. There will be no winners if we keep looking backwards, we all loose.john
NZ is irrevocably damaged by racist Maori tribal elites and their toadie MSM enablers and political flacks. Unless there is some radical turnaround forthcoming in the near future New Zealand is rooted. Don’t look to Luxon or National to fix the problem, it’s obvious they are both part and parcel of it despite being elected by us to fix it.John
Population has been brain washed, 20% live in the past, 30% have been brainwashed to feel guilty about the past, 30% are just busy to care, 20% are involved in maintaining a forward looking societyRob
Media need to better understand and allow free debate on all matters. Media opinions need to be challenging in the Media.RICHard
Maori treat the Treaty as sacrosanct as if it is a Maori Bible. In doing so aided and abetted by all Maori in Government . Therefore they continually force others to be concerned only about the past. Their population figures are now said to be one million, so they are a growing influence probably by submitting false ancestry figures to duped public servantsAlastair
Sadly I think it is too late unless we want a significant civil struggle. Therefore our kids will just leave a third world country.john
Stop the divide and conquer and all work togetherDeb
Until our true past is told and indoctrination starting from kindergarten is stopped we are going to slide into totalitarnism another reason not to lower the voting age !!wayne
The Treaty Nonsense has to be sent to the dustbin of historyPhil
No- our forward thinking as a Nation has diminished hugely in the last decades. Lazy Governance with Self protecting anti-Entrepreneurial views has grown disproportionately. MMP??? The Privacy Act??? Over Regulation in General??? The treaty debate is just another symptom of inadequate leadership derived from a weak political system.Andrew
our country has progressed in providing necessary social services for all. We have provided national highways and national rail services national health services and education services. We have provided port structures and development for foreign interchange of tradable goods . We have developed airports and commercially operated airtravel to and from this country. We have established local government to control our community development and maintain orderly structure of our communities. In short the people of this country have by elected authority provided for the development of this country from a wilderness of forests into a modern civilization for all citizens to benefit from and raise families, find employment and prosper. This can only succeed if we remain focussed on the future. If we allow our focus to turn to the past from whence we came we can see that the native peoples of this country are too able to benefit and prosper from civilization which has been brought here. They are not denied the right to travel the highways or participate in all the developed modernisation and derive the benefits of modern medicine and advanced education. Yes we are future focussed and are not prepared to return to the past that our forefathers endured. Much has been achieved and there is more to achieve and future proof this country for our future generatiions. There are those who are mired in the past but who choose to take benefit from a modern society and all it offers. They are not truly willing to forego the benefits of modern society and return to a past with no future. That can’t be achieved now. A true test would be if they were denied the rights to travel our roads and shop in our cities and live in modern dwellings. How many would truly return to living in a pa with no rights to access the benefits of civilization or obtain employment to support their families according to modern culture. A recent statement in parliament by the Maori Party about receiving 20% of government income to enable them to govern themselves points up the naiivety of such thinking. If they truly want to govern themselves then they must survive on what income they can derive from their traditional practices. There are too many european standards that they have enjoyed in all areas of their daily lives for them to return to their native lifestyle. Any attempt to achieve that would result in small groups intent on maintaining their tribal traditions with no younger generations to perpetuate the lifestyleterrence
It is not our past it is a manufactured story made up to suit the greed and failings of a so called superior race.Our future will be very bleak if it is shaped by the Maori narrative of the past if you think all will be treated the same think again.The hate they spread now will pale in comparison to the evil hate that will prevail when they suceed in taking over this countryOwen
We need some politicians with ballspeter
Until the Treaty is consigned as a museum piece and bears no relevance on today’s society and democracy then they will continue to twist and contort it’s meaning for as long as any sitting government allows. It must be labeled a document of historical value and nothing moreAnon
It’s time we put the past behind us and focused on the future.Marlene
Not only mired in the past – but enslaved by a false past. Falsifying history is a communist trick – unworthy of a free democratic peopleAndy
Too many fear being called racist to oppose what is currently being forced on us about paying for the perceived past wrong doings.Lee
I thoroughly agree with John RobinsonGerry
One never get anywhere looking in the rear view mirrormerv
You only have to read the vitriolic posts on Facebook in response to anyone who challenges the Maorification of New Zealand to realise that our young people are being indoctrinated with myths and legends that have no historical basis. Why would anyone want to live an 1840 lifestyle today?John
Far more cuts needed!Penelope
NZ is far too obsessed with the past. We have been dragged down by a group that are seeking personal gain. It is appalling that that they have not been stopped already.David
Christopher Luxon is future focussed but he is ignoring the anchor that is weighing down the country. Until he fulfills the promises made to remove race-based privilege in NZ, we will not succeed. He needs to address this ASAP, so NZ can finally move ahead. Murray
We should be able to look forward in a positive way, but fear that separatists will take control of the country won’t go away. The government needs to prioritise fixing this.Pauline
It is appalling that the situation has got so bad. Jacinda Ardern needs to accept responsibility for the damage her government has caused through He Puapua. James
The best change the Coalition could make is to remove race from our Statutes. Sweden did it recently – as has France, Germany and much of Europe. If they can do it, so can we.Simon