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Claiming Back Our Rights

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Over the last few weeks, while some have been celebrating their success at denying Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux a speaking platform in New Zealand, those who actually believe in free speech were outraged at the vile censorship.

Many of the leftie media, bloggers and commentators – who rely on free speech themselves – joined a chorus that included the Prime Minister, Auckland’s Mayor Phil Goff, and Massey University’s Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas in arguing New Zealanders should not be allowed to hear what the Canadian speakers had to say.

They seemed unmoved by the argument that irrespective of personal views, it should be free expression that is championed in New Zealand, not protestors whose threats of violence and disruption cause venues to be withdrawn. But as is typical of so many who subscribe to a socialist doctrine, the right of others to speak their mind counts for nothing when those views are contrary to their own.

In light of these considerations, there was a certain irony last week, when many of those who supported censoring the Canadians became victims of censorship themselves – when the Maori King banned the media from attending his ‘coronation’ commemorations.

In this case, the King’s ban was to prevent the media from focussing on an inflammatory letter written by his former advisor Tuku Morgan, allegedly in response to public criticisms that had been made about him at a recent iwi leaders forum. The letter, which raised serious concerns about overspending by the King’s present assistant – including using Trust money to fund personal expenses – was extremely disparaging about the King himself, portraying him as a ‘puppet’.

Putting aside this latest incident, the overall take out from six weeks of controversy over free speech in New Zealand, is that Kiwis overwhelmingly support the freedom of expression that is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. The outpouring of anger over the decision by Massey University’s Vice Chancellor to ban Dr Don Brash from speaking on the campus, bears testimony to that.

The whole debate also served to identify the  enemies of free speech and how they are manipulating the nebulous concept of ‘hate speech’ to impose their own views on society.

According to an opinion piece in the Herald written by Massey’s Vice Chancellor, “hate speech refers to attacks based on race, ethnicity, religion, and increasingly, on sexual orientation or preference”. She alleges free speech is a tool of colonisation and that speech challenging racial privilege is, in effect, “hate speech”. 

Trying to claim that anyone criticising things Maori is engaging in ‘hate speech’, is ludicrous. While criticism is a normal part of daily life, threats are not. It’s against the law to threaten, bully, assault, intimidate, harass, defame or slander anyone – or to incite violence against a group. With strong laws already in place to protect us against ‘hate’, New Zealand does not need more laws – especially as attempting to criminalise people for saying the wrong thing would invariably end up doing more harm than good.

The Human Rights Commission demonstrated this only too clearly in 2015, when it made its ill-advised foray into media censorship by ranking the country’s newspapers on their ‘racist’ content. A year’s worth of news about Maori was reviewed and categorised as positive or negative, but the resulting botch-up, included news-wire stories – that newspapers had simply republished – leading to them being classified as racist.

The whole exercise not only represented a sinister overstepping of their role by the Human Rights Commission, but it also had a chilling effect on media freedom in New Zealand as editors began to censor their content to protect their publications from accusations of racism. 

While the situation has improved to some extent, there is still a dearth of reporting on significant developments involving the quest for power by Maori elitists. One such example that barely rates a mention is their attempt to gain title to the whole of New Zealand’s coastline – including control of the entire Territorial Sea.

Another is last year’s mandatory imposition of the Maori Party’s radical ‘cultural competency’ requirements on all teachers in early childhood, primary, and secondary schools – a move that could well be contributing to the increase in the numbers leaving the profession and the difficulties in attracting new recruits.

A more recent development – which thankfully is being scrutinised by some media – involves a proposal to establish a new National Research Charter for New Zealand that could require all research undertaken in this country to abide by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. The project is being led by the country’s oldest research institute, the Royal Society of New Zealand, which was established through an Act of Parliament in 1867.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, veteran newspaper editor Bob Edlin, explains:

“The Royal Society has announced the formation of a working group to develop the charter with support from research funding agencies, bodies representing different types of research organisations and the Royal Society.

“Dr John Hay, appointed independent chair of the working group, says the task is to develop the proposed charter within 12-18 months.

“One aim of the charter ‘is to provide clarity to all researchers and research organisations on expectations for sound research practice.

“This raises a bemusing question: What expectations on foreign researchers – when they are working on New Zealand-based research – would differ from the expectations in their home countries?

“Hay’s press statement gives us a strong hint. He acknowledges that other countries have developed a charter, such as Australia and the United Kingdom. ‘…but rather than simply adopting one of those, it is important that New Zealand develops its own charter to include elements specific to the context of Aotearoa, such as setting out how researchers should meet their responsibilities under the Treaty of Waitangi.’

“A clear implication is that non-compliant research will be starved of public funding – and maybe of private funding, too.”

At the present time, in the absence of a National Charter, all researchers operating in New Zealand are informally required to comply with the Royal Society’s Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.

However, the Royal Society is in the process of replacing its code, with a new draft version which, astonishingly, prioritises race-based politics: “The Code gives effect to The Treaty of Waitangi through a foundation of bi-cultural ethical principles of partnership, protection and participation from which the standards of the Code have been developed.”

I wonder if those Royal Society members, who are responsible for introducing the new code, appreciate that in strengthening Treaty partnership requirements and implementing biculturalism they are embracing the political agenda of the radical Maori sovereignty movement.

The concepts of Treaty ‘partnership’ and ‘biculturalism’ are extremist political constructs contrived by tribal elites as a pathway towards power-sharing arrangements with central and local  government.

The concept of a Treaty ‘partnership’ emerged as a result of the 1987 Court of Appeal “Lands” case – between the Maori Council and the Attorney General – when one of the Judges, Cook P, used the expression, the “treaty signified a partnership between races”. He qualified it by explaining that “partnership” was used in the common law context of partners in commercial transactions acting towards each other in “good faith”. While this was reinforced by the other Judges in the case, the nuance was ignored by the Maori sovereignty movement, which seized and twisted the ruling to claim that the Court had promoted a ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown.

Former Judge and Canterbury University Law Lecturer Anthony Willy explained this misrepresentation in his paper Sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi: “On any careful reading of the Maori Council case the Court decided … merely that the Crown and Maori owe each other duties which are akin to those owed by partners to a commercial transaction. In the result Maori and the Crown are not partners in any sense of the word. Indeed it is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership with any of its subjects. The true position is that the Crown is sovereign but owes duties of justice and good faith to the Maori descendants of those who signed the treaty.”

What this means is that if the Royal Society includes references to biculturalism and Treaty partnership in its new code, it will be politicising research in New Zealand into support for Maori sovereignty. Is that really their intention?

And is this also what they intend to do for the country’s new National Research Charter?

It was Helen Clark’s Labour Government that encouraged consultation with Maori over research. This was driven largely, it appears, by the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Genetic Engineering, which had been strongly lobbied by iwi for greater involvement. 

As a result, Dr Jon Hickford of Lincoln University was denied funding for research on footrot in sheep because the outcomes for Maori were not considered strong enough. It was the same story with Canterbury University’s Head of Zoology, Professor Frank Sin who was also denied government funding for research into paua growth because the project did not have strong enough connections to Maori. In addition, he was knocked back on genetic research into paua and lobster because Ngai Tahu disapproved.

In a Herald article reporting on these matters, Ngai Tahu spokesman Mark Solomon defended the requirement for scientists to consult with Maori: “It’s so they can’t fob us off. We look at things in slightly different ways. Maori believe everything has a lifeforce that is a gift from the Creator and if you mix those lifeforces… that’s not natural.”

Why is vodou-like spiritualism directing scientific research? The requirement for Maori consent before any genetic research can be undertaken may explain why New Zealand now lags so far behind the rest of the world in this important scientific field. It’s an absurdity.

Race-based politics should play absolutely no part in research. All references to the Treaty ‘partnership’ or ‘biculturalism’ should be removed from the Royal Society’s draft code of practice.

If you feel strongly about this, submissions can be sent to consult@royalsociety.org.nz by 21 September 2018. The draft code can be seen HERE.

Meanwhile details of the people involved in developing New Zealand’s new National Research Charter – and the process they will undertake – can be seen HERE. We sincerely hope that those individuals have the wisdom and fortitude to do what’s right and steer clear of race-based politics. There should be no references to the Treaty or biculturalism in New Zealand’s new National Research Charter.

Finally, one of the important lessons we can all learn from the New Zealand visit of Lauren Southern and Stephan Molyneux, is that when it comes to free expression, we should not allow ourselves to be cowed by the bullies who are trying to silence opposing voices.

If we think it is wrong that the radical political agenda of the Maori sovereignty movement – to gain power, control, and more money – is being adopted by public and private institutions under the guise of biculturalism, then we need to say so. Not only that, but we also need to identify exactly who is responsible.   

The call is already out to the Massey University Council to ask them to sack the Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas, not only for her outrageous attack on free speech by banning Don Brash, but also for allowing the University become a puppet to the Maori sovereignty cause.

And that’s the message that should be sent to other Universities, research institutes and the Royal Society. Those responsible for forcing their organisations to adopt the radical politics of racist biculturalism should be asked to resign for trying to subvert research and learning along political lines.

In reality it’s only by having the courage to speak out about such issues that we can make a difference. Some people get disheartened and think that speaking out is pointless – but never forget how much worse everything would be if were all cowed into silence.

It’s now time for the silent majority to step up and claim back the right to speak freely in New Zealand.


Should the Treaty of Waitangi be included in the new National Research Charter for New Zealand?

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Ridiculous when the political agenda determines scientific progress Bernie
Definitely NOT. The treaty is banning equality in this nation. It’s past it’s use by date, many times over and has to be now consigned to history and shutting down all future claims – many of them revisiting claims already settled more than once. CM
With the Billions already paid to so called Maori Tribes for some sort of nefarious hurty feelings all it would do is to turn the circa 50 billion dollar Maori Economy to at least double. Or put it another way even half the lies will be classed as true. Tony
Partnership and biculturalism are recent inventions and were never part of the treaty. Bishop Pompallier warned his followers not to sign the treaty because there was no way that his Roman Catholics were going to give their allegiance to a Protestant Queen, and the giving of allegiance was the whole purpose of the treaty. The religious aspect has present day implications. Donald
The only way to stop the nonsense is to call a binding referendum, and place the matter of Maori nonsense to rest. Allan
No research should be constrained by any religious or cultural beliefs, that would inevitably handicap any full potential gains. Steve
The charter will become restrictive for all researchers who will be forced to become compliant with Maori anti scientific dogma. Wayne
A select few are putting an interpretation of the simplistic clauses of the Treaty into areas for which there was absolutely no comprehension at the time of signing Victor
Outrageous Maori myth and legend now going to contaminate scientific research, along with the Green party nonsense ideologies – when will New Zealanders ever learn? Malcolm Turnbull ex-PM of Australia was ousted because of his ridiculous Climate change policy on National Energy but you’ll never hear that from the left-wing media in NZ. Monica
Absolutely not. What does a stoneage culture know about themes of modern science? Ronmac
No surprise that the avowed Marxist Helen Clark should develop laws for a Maori tribal group seeking to own and control everything of value in NZ. The blame for this continuation should be laid at the feet of the National Party, in particular Chris Finlayson, Bill English and John Key for not controlling Finlayson and not repealing these insidious laws. Rex
One country, one people. Walter
The Treaty is already taken out of context, why do we need them to muddy the waters anymore Tony
Absolute nonsense David
Any research needs to be carried out free of politics and PC nonsense. Charles
I agree with NZCPR views on this issue Rochelle
If we are one nation and one people then the Treaty of Waitangi is no longer relevant in 21st Century, multi-cultural, New Zealand. Martin
Disband the Royal Society. Al
These so called royal charters etc have gone mad, Lincoln university has lost its way, having a Maori influence. It`s all a have and our dumb politicians are equally as bad. Robert
I Totally agree with Graham’s statement, I couldn’t have said it any better. We need to stop this treaty nonsense from interfering & controlling the running of this country. It is obvious to most that it is just a gravy train for both Maori .& a great deal of non Maori who have made a living out of it. Allen
No way. We will become the laughing stock of the world. Robert
Over 30yrs ago a full blooded Maori ,by the name of Norman Te Ata Tawhiao conveyed to me that the perfect make up of New Zealand is ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION . Norman was one of the most humble people that I have ever had the privilege to know . Sadly the Treaty of Waitangi has become a political and racist joke . I ask the question ?? Is respect and credibility for New Zealand gained through under hand greed and corruption or are New Zealanders above gutter politics ? Allan
Plesae stop dividing the Country. My family and loved ones are a mix of nationalities. Mainly Maori and other …. Let us be one. Charlotte
Absolutely not be included.!!! Monty
The Treaty has already been distorted by so many people giving a variety of opinions to suit their own purposes that to have a bunch of scientists prattling about with it will only add to the distortion. It’s none of their business anyway. Mike
Absolutely NOT Deb
The treaty was never envisioned to be all things to all situations. It was a specific agreement. Now it’s becoming a sci-fi fantasy Mike
The Royal Society is something of a toothless wonder anyway. Colin
If this is what eminent scientists are endorsing, one has to wonder how politicised ist the climate change debate? Wolfgang
No way.The Treaty has been denigrated into a racial tool for Maori to exploit with greed.It has no place in any go forward research.Maori and their racially promoted %u201Cour people%u201Dcause coupled with the wacky lefties have already gotten political dominance which if left unchecked will be to the detriment of this Country.Most assuredly a National Research Charter will expose the failings of the Treaty and the corrupt and criminal traits of Maori. Don
No. There needs to be a publication that exposes these facists ideals so the public can be educated. When I saw Pat Gower interview Lauren Southland and Stefan Moleneux, it shocked me how controlling and shallow the media is… facism came to mind. The public need to wake up!!! This whole thing is scaring me!! Jackp
The Treaty is now 177 years past its use by date. The treaty should now be treated as an historical relic and locked away in some obscure museum. Born in NZ of Irish immigrants I am sick and tired of the Governments pandering to every whim of the maori. How old will we all have to be to consider ourselves as one people. 200 years ,300 , 500, or 900 years, Its time the mqori elite grew up. Frank
Time to abolish the treaty and end racial discrimination Peter
When will this pc stupidity stop? Martin
The Treaty is a nullity – end of story! Scott
Definitely not! Elizabeth
The Treaty of Waitangi has absolutely nothing to do with 21st century research for the betterment of all. Sarah
How utterly ridiculous to even consider including the treaty in a scientific research charter. It won’t be long before we all have to consult Maori to blow our noses and go to the toilet. Gary
The original treaty of Waitang bestowed dequal rights for all citizens. What is happening today is creating an apartheid nation. Our taxpayer settlements could be better used to improve things like health, education and infrastructure.- It is also about time that the settlements be taxed unless they can prove they are indeed used for social rather than business purposes Kim
No place for it at all. Graeme
It is absurd that any race based notions should ever be embedded into science at any level research or otherwise Bud
Makes no sense. Andrew
Research should not be hindered by radical and racist cultural agendas. If we want research done in this country it must be allowed and supported in ways that do not restrict academic freedom. If research is hindered here it will be done elsewhere and New Zealand will be the poorer for this. We should see iwi leaders%u2019 demands for what they are – self-serving – and stand up against their racist agendas. It is well said that evil can only survive if good people do nothing. Laurence
How can a treaty signed nearly 200 years ago have any relevance to modern scientific research? We all need to tell our politicians & bureaucrats to get real! Rex
Before we give those Maory the right to speak about their rights let us first establish who is maori and who is not. It is my belief fromtalking to many people including maoris that a lot are just hangers on others are professional protesters and join in for the fun and to be seen. So if you ask me to respect what they stand for. You must be dreaming Johan
We are losing not only good research, we are losing our language and identity e.g. use of Aotearoa (untranslated) in Dr Hay’s speech Judith
We are a multi cultural society Bruce
The treaty is no longer relevant as it has been manipulated into a divisive document. Martin
definitely not Nigel
I don’t understand how the Treaty has anything to do with sound research practice? What the hell is going on here? Neil
It never was a partnership. between Maori & England reference the Treaty of Waitanga. Ian
What did Maori know of research prior to the settlement of this country by others?? The TOW is not, never has been and cannot except by official twisting and the rewriting of history by statute ever be a document of partnership. Alan
there is far to many race based platforms already Mark
never!! Gerard
Science should not be shackled in its research by cultural mumbo jumbo of any kind. I am not opposed to religion or a religious take on things but religion of whatever stripe must not be allowed to shackle open scientific research. David
Only in NZ, today, could apartheid be promoted as acceptable. Jeannie
Go back to the treaty as it was signed in 1840. It is concise, easy to understand and fair. Stop glossing over the breaches. Bring back some honesty and openness to this debate. Roger
Research and Science have to be separate from anything this TOW implies . In the four articles of theTOW there is nothing evident of what Maori separatists and their ilk are trying to conjure up in regards to these so called principles. That is nothing but treaty lawyer distorting every syllable of these four articles. And as far as this Vice Chancellor of Massey University is concerned: There we have another prime example of how this Pro Maori propaganda is turning more and more into anti white racism itself. Calling free speech a tool of colonialism is evidence of a utterly distorted perception of reality and a total lack of rationality. In regards to this so called ‘ Human Rights Commission’— This outfit has turned into a utter farce and does serve the Tribal Elite as a convenient tool to further undermine and destabilize free speech in NZ. Last but not least a word about the Royal Society: This ought to be a center of Research and Science and free of any political agendas. And here comes this ‘Dr” J Hay and waffles about ‘ researchers to meet their responsibilities under the TOW” That guy and his Maori friends have made totally clear where they are coming from.It is not about Science and Research anymore this institution is about to be hi jacked for some ominous agenda . So much for Professional standarts and ETHICS. Where are the concerned politicians in the Beehive to ask serious questions, where are the concerned Media to uncover these agendas in order to protect our democratic ways, It seems there are none! Michael
I believe that the treaty of Whinetangi should have been rescinded 100 years ago. Maoris are useless, and have done nothing for New Zealand. Peter
Once again we are having the treaty of Waitangi thrust upon us for no apparent reason other than to give Maori racial prejudice . Andrew
nothing to do with maori Graeme
Research should be based on science and establishing scientific fact and not influenced by politics or spiritual beliefs Sue
The treaty and all its racist followers should be thrown off the highest cliff!! Helen
its time to delete the Treaty. Don
We are multicultural now not bicultural Terry
Off Course not !! Its only Logical , something that seems to be sadly lacking in the halls of Government in NZ. Pierre
NZ is for New Zealanders. Maori’s are New Zealanders. The treaty of Waitangi is a Relationship Document , and in terms of Clause 14 of the NZ Relationship Act, agreements can be set aside ! It is time for this to now happen !! Pierre
Some people seem to have gone off their rockers Ian
Absolutely not! Gillian
Only those working towards a racist and divided New Zealand i.e. pro Treaty of Waitangi advocates want this; as they drive for their self governance at the cost and demise of 250 years of post James Cook New Zealand. Stuart
we already have trouble keeping NZ for ALL NZers Barry
Good science cannot be driven by politics or through a cultural looking glass. If we follow the proposed Royal Society approach, who will ensure NZ does not repeat the equivalent of creatilism over evolution or advocacy of a flat earth. Henry
Definitely not. Mel
Absolute absurdity. This is the tail wagging the dog Tony
We would be promoting our own demise even further if we paid anymore heed to this document. The original need that Maori had for this document should be discussed, and the nonsense that Maori say is written in there ought to be clearly published, giving the original reasons why the Treaty was necessary in the first place. Lloyd
Science should not be influenced by culture, or race. It is about FACTS Glenn
Science should transcend race and creed. John
Racist Cutty
Very definitely NOT. Graham
The Treat of Waitangi and it’s Tribunal should have been ‘put to Bed’ years ago. It’s seems to be the focal agitation point to back up Myths that somehow we still owe some Iwi hugh amounts of Koha !! Geoff
The Treaty of Waitangi generously gave all NZers the same rights & protection, under British law. The fact that the section of the community who have contributed the least to a civilized society, are given special privileged rights is deplorable. This can only lead to us all ending up in the lowest denominator category. This is of course the aim of the Globalist Agenda.. A.G.R.
Never, no way it is race based we are all one people . Clark
Never. It’s all part of the trendy leftie movement and should be totally disregarded. Don
At the risk of being called names….I am (like many others I am sure) are getting sick of the continuous push push to more and more MAORI on me (NZ towns and Cities, newspapers, our National Song, the Haka , etc–) They are 15% of the population and many cannot even speak English properly let alone their own language……We are returning to believe The Treaty is gospel when many times this has been found otherwise by both sides if we have any honesty. Marylin
Muriel says it all. The proposal is disgraceful. Wah
It has absolutely nothing to do with science. The treaty issue is the flaw in the house of cards regarding nearly every issue facing New Zealand. John
Research should be culture and race free. Ross
This is N.Z. NOT OWNED by maori & its time GREEDY,GRABBING IWI/maori spokespeople were MADE VERY CLEAR THEY DONT OWN N.Z. they SHARE. Cindy
The Treaty of Waitangi has no relevance whatsoever to modern day New Zealand Peter
kore rawa! (absolutely not!) David
The Treaty of Waitangi is now a farce. It is being manipulated and twisted to suit a myriad of agendas for the advancement of one race (I’d say Maori, but they are not even a race) over any other. In it’s reinvented form it’s a repugnant piece of paper that should be consigned to the waste bin forthwith Carolyn
“WHY” the hell should it be.???? Rik
NO>NO> NO. Absolute madness and too far down a slippery slope. DICK
Absolutely not! Albert
Hell NO! to the fascist regulators and controllers. Don
Absolutely not, the radical leftists and postmodernists should all be shot forthwith!! Jeff
No, We are one Nation, and Maori should have no more say than the rest of New Zealanders, After all we have paid our dues and Maori are still immigrants and not Indigenous as they say they are. The Treaty is a wrought after all. Wayne
Including such a requirement on scientific bodies/organisations is politicising science. As for requiring associated international bodies/organisations that are cooperating or collaborating in any research/development is ludicrous – what reputable organisation would wish to have such restrictions placed upon it? Research should be unfettered and certainly not constrained by any stone-age beliefs and or political objectives. The Society is already compromised by its acceptance that the discussion on Climate Change is over and the views represented by our Minister of Climate Change are sacrosanct. The requirement to embrace bi-culturalism and endorse a so-called partnership supposedly required by the Treaty of Waitangi (both a complete falsehood and fabrication) would be politicising the scientific body even further. The thought that such action could get carried through is alarming. “1984 Big Brother” would be just around the corner! I would wish that any INDEPENDENT Scientific body, that I contribute to through my taxes, and who has the responsibility of distributing research funding, is just that – SCIENTIFIC and INDEPENDENT! The Politicising of such a Body makes one question any findings or development they support or endorse and would justify them being cast into oblivion. Where does the Treaty even hint at requiring science, or indeed citizens of New Zealand to endorse the Maori World View [Everything in the Maori world has a life force, the mauri, and contamination or degradation of natural resources is seen to damage and diminish the life force (te mauri), and affect the well-being of people. Traditional Maori values contain the common Maori belief that all biophysical things and sites, plants, trees, animals and human beings have a certain amount of tapu, mana, and mauri.] If maori or those of maori descent hold these beliefs, so be it, but do not ask me or any other person to adhere to stone-age, non-scientific doctrine. Belief in spectres such as a Taniwha is a religion not a science! [You could also say that blinding belief that the accelerated release of CO2 is the sole cause of Climate Change also borders on religion rather than science but it is certainly political]. If the New Zealand Royal Society is to have credibility in the 21st Century and beyond, it MUST remain firmly wedded to Science and NOT Politics/Religion. Michael
The sooner we stop pandering to the bloody maoris and burn that piece of worthless paper the better this country will be. Lets become a republic and then see the bastards squirm. Graham
I cannot see any use for it there it will stifle proper research Nick
Once again this is New Zealand heading towards official bi-cultural obligations in an ever widening list of subjects Alan
It’s time all this nonsense was stopped. Bill
Definitely NOT. too biassed David
The National Research Charter should be completely free of any racial/cultural bias. Allan
Of course not it must be totally Independant of any interference from any specific group. No exceptions, for obvious reasons. Erin
There is already too much reverse racism in New Zealand. We should be equal “partners”. mike
Absolutely not Bill
Race based research and political, race based teaching in our schools, surely we all remember what comes of that. So No, No, No to Treaty of Waitangi included in the Research Charter. Think carefully before going down that road and remember what is at the end of it. Ann
It;s inclusion is potentially divisive. This would confine freedom to research and freedom of speech. Bruce
Definitely no there is too much interference from the T of W in this country as it is.. Its never ending . Rex
Absolutely ridiculous. Fred
The Treaty is a historic document and now bears little relevance to these greatly changed times. It should be consigned to history and all peoples treated equally under current law. John
Where will it end, I have had enough of the ‘TreatY’ Ditch it. Clinton
No, to race based decisions Ian
Research is research to discover or improve knowledge and should not be stifled by race or any other impediment. Once again, we have race attempting to dictate control of what should or should not be undertaken. Unacceptable to any level headed person. Chris
Certainly NOT. We want our research to be gained from an objective basis not influenced by any political motives or interference. Keith
No! For the very reasons set out by Muriel in her text. There never was a partnership between the Crown and the people of NZ, any more than there were any principles espoused in the Treaty of Waitangi. It is the modern PC brigade re-writing history to suit themselves and there desires. Richard
The Treaty of Waitangi has become a weapon to control. National Research for New Zealand will lose credibility. Sam
Race-based political agendas have no place whatsoever in scientific or medical research and should be strongly opposed Doug
People forget that they are New Zealanders with Maori heritage, no different to all of us who’s parents or grand parents came from other country’s to NZ years ago , & emigrated here just the way Maori did. Geoff
The maoris were already so far behind before NZ weas colonised; they didn’t even have the wheel! Now they have an automatic right to impede all future progress by application of their permissions, which is not exactly what Helen would have envisaged. She would have only included the tribes as a courtesy, not as providing permissions! Mika
Reserch should not have a racial slant Tony
Definitely not!!! Trevor
The treaty should only have relevance to land issues. Everything else is a false construct based on Maori Elites’ avarice and intent to grab everything they can while us stupid ninnies (the rest of New Zealand’s population) let them bully and bludgeon us – not because we are evil, but because we are fair and reasonable. Maori “Elites” who are basically a greedy bunch of self interested crooks,, are using our fair and reasonable laws and attitudes to beat us over the head. The same as the Muslim groups are attempting everywhere in the West where they have set up their bridgeheads, with a view to infiltrating and taking over. Just watch your backs people. There are all sorts of people coming into Western countries who have criminal and evil intent. Once they get a foothold, they will be ruthless and the people who have built all the wealth and resources, will be destroyed. Look what happened in Rhodesia! Look what’s happening in South Africa! Look what’s happened in Venezuela! etc etc etc Dianna
What has the treaty got to do with research Murray
Scientists should stick to science and leave the politics alone. Peter
The Maori elite are infiltrating al areas where they can gain some power and in the end we New Zealanders will be their servants. This current Government is promoting this type of behavior.This has to stop and i would suggest that we rise againgst this. Ken
Another cunning plan by”descendants”of Maori to keep their greedy fingers in the mix. Is this ever going to end? Allen
Of course not. It is a ploy for race-based control. And a very backwards step. Gina
There is too much notice taken of racial activity on so called racial history which is telling us we are not all equal New Zealanders, what a load of B/S, I’m a third generation Kiwi, what are you? IAN
Just more rubbish fed upon us to accommodate those whose contribution to the development of this country ranges between nought and zero Graeme
Never, never, NEVER! Jim
The treaty was signed over 160 years ago, how could this be relevant today. research is for the benefit of all so let it go ahead. john
The idea of race having an influence on scientific research is rediculous! John
When is all this nonsense going to stop its well past time we said enough. time to stop our kids being brain washed at school especially uni. What’s wrong with the people in power can’t they see where all this is heading Peter
Quite ridiculous, in fact outrageous. Barbara
One despairs for the future of NZ when scientists can actually consider this as even possibly appropriate. Stan
Biculturalism has no place in research. Mark
ABSOLUTELY NOT. The treaty by its title was only to stop the Maori wars and give equal rights to all. It never was and never should be called OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENT. Graeme
Absolutely not included. undermining NZ by stealth Jeff
The Treaty should be left alone and to avoid PC racism further dividing NZ. Laurie
NO NO NO. We are one country and overall ONE RACE. NEW ZEALANDERS. and proud of being one John
Science must remain above politics Keith
The Treaty’s meaning and intentions have been warped to the point of lunacy. THERE WAS NO PARTNERSHIP !!!!!!! (And no intention of any partnership) Alan
Politics can never intervene on research. Warren
Absolutely not, under any circumstances!!! Rod
Research should only be base on sceintific principals, not airy fairy tribalism David
No .. Research should be for all New Zealanders, and not hijacked by any self interest group, either for misguided ideals, or for financial gain. The Treaty industry is holding NZ back in so many ways. Kabe
Again we are being hoodwinked. Murray
Time to stop the gravy train Chris
No more Treaty causes its 178 years out of date Warren
Right-minded people who shudder at the suggestion. Jim
It is time for the treaty to be relegated to it’s place in history, and to form no part in the modern government of New Zealand. Murray
no never never that tangiwaitangi treaty is a load of part maori rubbish being used as a gravy train forever. James
The treaty is past its used by dateand is only used as a tool by the maori elite to gain power and money.They have their own agenda which is separation from the dreaded pakeha. Ross
We are all New Zealanders and the law of the land is not based on race. The test should be ‘is the research valid and of benefit to new Zealand’ not is it PC and racist. Terry
absolutely NO THING to do with the treaty or Maori privileges what so ever Brian
More racist activism Gareth
This would only strengthen the the ever increasing slide into the build up of absolute power of the Maori Elite Bryan
Research is for the benefit of all people, not one race or ethnicity or religious belief. The results of research do not necessarily just pertain to New Zealand, they can have worldwide benefits to people, animals, agriculture and horticulture, to name a few. Research should be apolitical. Sandy
Voodoo spirituality under the guise of multiculturalism has no place in modern society and should never ever be allowed to influence scientific research. John
No, this goes against all free research. How can it be ‘Edsearch; if it has restrictions? Roger
We are heading down a very dark road where Radical Maori are being emboldened by the support they are receiving from government and other sources. They are becoming ever more demanding and even violent,as evidenced by shots being fired at surfers who dared to encroach on ‘their’ part of the ocean. Allan
Research needs to be undertaken with a clear unbiased approach and if it is fettered by the need to take into account the treaty then it will be worthless and we might as well not refund research at all. Ray
The Treaty of Waitangi has long since served its purpose and should now be consigned to the annals of history where it belongs. For governments to provide special benefits and advantages to Maori, that those of other ethnicities may not receive, is pure and simple racism and as such should be abhorrent to all right thinking people. In addition to that it tends to promote a mindset among Maori that they are somehow inferior to everyone else and actually need this extra support in order to survive in today’s society which is, of course, nonsense. One Law, One Nation. Kerry
It is a perversion of the meaning of the ToW and much else that is shuld get any such mention Bruce
We all need to stand up and be counted. how I do not know, only that the stupid people we have in power making stupid decisions based on their limited intelligence are ruining our country! William
The search for truth should not be constrained by cultural agenda. Nigel
The Treaty completed its usefulness within 20 years of its signing. David
Scientific research should be free of any political or racial influence. We have already seen how political influence has affected the matter of “global warming” to try to convince the public that it is all the fault of humans. Gifford
The treaty should be ceremonially confined o history or burnt. Ian
The Maori sovereignty movement and Mao’s ill-fated Cultural Revolution have common features: meaningless slogans, mindless zealotry, and covert threat. The Maori activists have our politicians on the defensive: fear of violent demonstrations has made them back away from disestablishing the Maori seats in parliament; they soft-pedal action against gangs because that would be seen as racist; they fail to condemn threats of violence, as happened at Massey and Auckland Universities. What stuns me is the willingness with which otherwise intelligent people (as in the Royal Society) have acquiesced to this nonsensical group-think. Time will, undoubtedly, see things change for the better; but, as happened in China, the social cost will be, in the meantime, a very high one. Graham
Absolutly not. The treaty was never intended to limit research. The Maori “Elite” activists need to pull their head in and start doing something constructive for Maori unemployment and prison rates. Robbie
The ongoing absurdity of seeking to have the Treaty’s non-relevance applied where very non-thinking individual will be able to trip over it Jim
Absolutely not. It will also put scientists into the invidious posiition of having to provide results to research that fit what Maori want, rather than the facts and truth. Bremda
This is a ridiculous notion. Ken
Science should never be tainted by myth – all these trips into supposed cultural recognition are simply camouflage, cunningly being exploited for more sinister reasons. Wake up maori or you will find that you are just a few steps behind what is now rampant thinking in the African continent – you are very much better than that! Rob
Under No Circumstances should the Treaty Of Waitangi be included. If it is then the blasted greedy Maori Iwi Will be asking for more Money to get their approval for projects that have nothing to do with them. Colin
The document is not a “treaty” in the accepted UN description. It has absolutely no relevance whatsover to do with scientific research. Of course those not cringing to accept the blandishments of those dedicated to Maorisation of every aspect of NZ life will be denied research funding. Only “culturally acceptable” research will be funded in order to “prove” what the funders want to be proved. Andrew
This is a way to dilute scientific research and prejudice the outcomes. John
Where do these people get off. Do they think they are assuaging some universal guilt we should all share. Mike
Let’s have research based on scientific principles like the rest of the free world. David
Absolutely not. The Treaty of Waitangi which has long achieved its original aim should be put in the archives. It is driving so much racist nonsense and totally ruining out country. The Treaty has absolutely nothing to do with research and it should not even be considered. It’s time for us to all be New Zealanders. Helen
Research must be based on science and have NO political or racist influence to twist the outcome. Willy
This is maori rubbish and has to stop. Norm
No no no .. this is a slippery slope! We are becoming a frightening country and if this is the way of the future, god (?) help us all!!! Maddi
Power should be by being voted in, not by radical agenda Simon
It has no value save for parasites who milk the system dry. Richard
NOT relevant Steve
Back to the Middle Ages – Remember Galileo? Peter
Today & tomorrow should be our focus Doug
All this does is make maori more important which is racist Colin
All this does is put us further into the past, and gives more importance to maori Colin
Science needs to be free of external interference and politicisation. Lee
Stop giving unwarranted importance to an old and out of date treaty. Kevin
Ridiculous idea. When will we stop appeasing the separatists? Steve
The Treaty is going to ruin this country because it has been hijacked and revised and reinterpreted by the part Maori .There seems to be nothing that can’t be claimed under the Treaty e.g the plan by the part Maori to establish new $47 million complex on a defunct Catholic Maori boys school and guess who has to pay ? Yes you guessed right , somehow this is claimable under the Treaty . Jock
It is a ridiculous idea. Where does the link exist between what is a 178 year old settlement document and modern day cutting edge research policy? Nev
Absolutely NOT. Terry
Absolutely not, you cannot hobble research in any way to predetermine outcome, otherwise it is not research Kevin
The Treat is a historical document and should not be used for Bi-Cultural or political purposes. Time for NZers to stand up to the Bullies. Will it happen. No I don’t think so until it is too late Frank
This treaty rubbish has already gone too far .If the lefties; [ Buck teeth ] continue down this track , it will only take NZ further down to an unrecoverable level. Roy
Why? Jill
No way .I am 73 years old and I cannot get my head around what my great grand children are going to be born into Allan
I don’t like the divide and conquer that is happening in NZ Chris
A definite NO! Pam
We have already seen to much history re-written and this is another step in that direction by the Iwi Leaders Group and others with their own agenda John
The treaty has nothing to with research. Existing rules will govern “proper” research practice. Unfortunately this proposed action is a further demonstration of just how far the academic and scientific communities have gone off the rails. David
We have had enough of the treaty. its an old paper that has nothing to do with the modern world Jim
Don was really prevented from speaking? If our universities cannot protect free speech what hope is there for the general public to do so??? Lawrence
By the same token, Maori research should be scrutinised. This proposal is an affront to intelligence generally. Anthony
WTF? Scientific research should not be based on race or lies about a treaty! Larry
What a ridiculous suggestion. Richard
Definitely not the current version which is a misrepresentation of the intent of the treaty between warring parties. David
What has race or the Treaty of Waitangi got to do with scientific research? Nothing!!! Alan
Absolutely not! Gail
Absolutely not! Tribal politics should have no place in research. It is outrageous to think that it does. Susan
How ridiculous to include the Treaty. This is race-based politics at its worst. Andrew
Those people responsible for developing the charter must realise that those pushing the Treaty partnership agenda are really promoting Maori supremacy. Is this what they really want?  Roger
When Bob Brockie wrote that the Treaty has no place in scientific research, he was abused by all sorts of academics. What’s wrong with these people. It is common sense that politics should not influence research. Norman
We should all start speaking out and opposing the imposition of biculturalism and Treaty partnership principles as they are extremely widespread now. Yet I bet most people have no idea of the radical ideas they represent.    Murray