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Climate Change Alarmism

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If the Covid pandemic taught us anything, it’s to be very cautious about the influence of modelling on government policy. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern used exaggerated predictions of potential deaths to justify the world’s harshest lockdowns.

The inevitable conclusion is that the underlying assumptions behind all modelling should be challenged – especially when they are being used by politicians to justify extremist policy changes. And just as it was with Covid, so too it is with climate change. 

It turns out that some of the assumptions underpinning United Nations’ emissions scenarios are so implausible that they have now been discredited and abandoned. Yet Jacinda Ardern’s Government is continuing to use them to develop public policy. The fair suspicion is that they are doing this deliberately to manufacture a ‘crisis’ that requires radical intervention and state control to restrict freedom and rights through massive new taxes, regulations, and spending.

To better understand how this is happening, we need to familiarise ourselves with a key feature in New Zealand’s climate modelling: ‘radiative forcing’ – a measure of how much energy comes from the sun, compared to how much is radiated back into space. In simple terms, if more energy arrives than leaves, the atmosphere will warm, but if more energy leaves than arrives, it will cool.

Radiative forcing was adopted by the UN’s Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their 2014 fifth assessment report to describe four trajectories of human induced greenhouse gas concentrations. Called Representative Concentration Pathways or RCPs, the four measures are RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6, and RCP8.5 representing radiative forcing of 2.6, 4.5, 6, and 8.5 watts per square metre.

The IPCC describes RCP2.6 as the “stringent mitigation scenario” that aims to keep “likely” global warming below 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures. Under this scenario, by 2100, the likely increases in global temperature would range between 0.3 and 1.7 degrees, and the likely sea level rise between 0.26 to 0.55 metres.

RCP4.5 and RCP6.0 are described as “intermediate scenarios”, with a likely increase in temperature from 1.1 to 3.1 degrees, and a sea level rise of 0.32 to 0.63 metres.

The fourth measure, RCP8.5, is described as a scenario “with very high greenhouse gas emissions”. By 2100, temperatures are likely to range from 2.6 to 4.8 degrees, with a sea level rise of 0.45 to 0.82 metres.

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NIWA, our key climate research agency, embraced RCP8.5 for its modelling work, describing this pathway ‘with very high greenhouse gas emissions’ as “business as usual”. It is used extensively in all government climate reports as a likely outcome.

So, what are the assumptions that underpin NIWA’s “business as usual” model?

The RCP8.5 scenario and its SSP5-8.5 successor assumes the world is going to massively increase emissions of greenhouse gases by intensifying its future consumption of coal by 500 percent.

It is actually an impossible scenario. To achieve it would mean that coal would have to be used to generate all of the world’s energy – replacing natural gas, nuclear, and renewable generation, as well as replacing all fuels in the world’s transportation fleet.

To do this would take more than all known reserves of coal.

In reality, NIWA’s “business as usual” scenario is actually an improbable “climate Armageddon” scenario. And it is this that our government officials and politicians are using to justify the “climate emergency” and the suite of draconian policies that are being implemented to address it.

RCP8.5 underpins a vast range of government reports including New Zealand’s first Emissions Reduction Plan, its first National Climate Risk Assessment, its first National Adaptation Plan, its coastal hazards and climate change Guidance for Local Government, its interim guidance on the use of new sea-level rise projections, along with all associated regulations and legislation.

While questions over the validity of this scenario have been swirling around for years, an important new development occurred on the eve of COP27 (the annual climate change talk-fest that is now underway in Egypt, where 35,000 delegates have flown in from all over the world to discuss how to reduce human carbon emissions) that changes everything.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Barry Brill, the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and a former National Party Minister, explains the significance of what has happened in the first of a series of four articles:

“On the basis of recent science, the UN has halved to only 2.5°C its prediction of global temperatures by the year 2100… The collapse of long-standing global warming expectations is largely the result of the UN’s belated rejection of the most extreme scenario of future emission levels – known as RCP8.5. This unrealistic input to climate models has for many years applied a massive upward distortion to the calculation of likely future temperatures.

“The UNFCCC has now banished RCP8.5 (and its successor SSP5-8.5) from all its policy-making at COP27. For good measure, it has also dropped the RCP6.0 scenario, and is now focusing on an envelope between 2.6 and 4.5 – a new addition, RCP3.4.”

Barry believes the abandonment of the extreme RCP8.5 scenario is the most important climate change story of the decade – especially for New Zealand, since it means that all of the runaway global warming scenarios that underpin our climate policy framework, will need to be replaced with measures that are more realistic.

The implications are huge, since all reports produced by the Climate Commission, NIWA, the Ministry for the Environment, the Department of Internal Affairs, and many other agencies, are based on the now obsolete PCR8.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios and will need to be redone.

For example, the key National Climate Change Risk Assessment report, states, “this NCCRA used projections based on RCP8.5, a high greenhouse gas emissions scenario.”

It then goes on to explain the disastrous consequences of their comically implausible predictions: “Temperatures predicted under RCP8.5 will likely cause the loss of 200–300 indigenous plant species; increase risks of invasion by introduced species; increase introduced vertebrate predators such as ship rats, and predation on subalpine birds, lizards and invertebrates by stoats, mice and hedgehogs.

“New Zealand’s low-lying coastal areas are exposed to ongoing sea-level rise and associated rising groundwater and salinisation, and extreme events. About 675,500 people live in areas currently prone to flooding. A further 72,065 people live in areas that are subject to 1 percent probability of extreme sea-level elevation. Inland communities are exposed to extreme events and gradual changes, which may alter the viability of crucial economic enterprises.

“Sea levels are projected to rise by up to 0.90 m by 2100 under RCP8.5 for all zones. Extreme storm tides, winds and rainfall are projected to increase in frequency and magnitude in all regions for 2050 and 2100 under RCP8.5. The intensity of tropical cyclones is also projected to increase. This will result in flooding, landslides and erosion that can have immediate and long-term implications, due to damage to households, displacement and trauma.

“Some of the most pressing needs in New Zealand relate to the impacts of sea-level rise, which includes rising groundwater and salinisation, erosion and more damaging storm surges. One metre of sea-level rise from the present day, which may be experienced by 2100 under RCP8.5 H+, will expose more than 49,000 buildings to a 100-year, extreme sealevel flood. These buildings have a replacement value of about $12.4 billion. Where managed retreat is the only option, significant investment will be required to support these communities.”

Our Prime Minister, not content, it seems, with using her Armageddon forecasts to drive more than one in five farmers off their land, is now planning to use exaggerated climate predictions to “evacuate” Kiwis from the areas presumed to be at risk of flooding, by relocating them to higher ground in what is described as “managed retreat”.

This concept is set out in New Zealand’s first National Adaption Plan. Published just three months ago, it uses the discredited SSP5-8.5 and RCP8.5 measures to justify widespread government intervention: “Under the highest emission scenario, sea-level rise in Aotearoa is projected to increase by 1.09 metres on average. We must adapt to both rising sea levels that threaten coastal ecosystems and infrastructure, and increased frequency and magnitude of extreme events – such as coastal inundation and flooding that can damage homes, roads and other infrastructure, and affect access to coastal areas.”

To progress this extremist central planning exercise, the Associate Minister of Local Government Kieran McAnulty has released a new report based on RCP8.5, that identifies 44 ‘vulnerable’ communities around the country deemed to be at risk of flood hazards.

In a Radio NZ interview Minister McAnulty explained, “We know that New Zealand is prone to weather events and we also know with climate change that those weather events are becoming more severe and more frequent. This report painted a pretty grim picture but it is also the reality and it’s important information for any planning going forward.”

He said a “massive conversation” is needed as the Government considers the options – including the “total abandonment” of areas of high flooding risk, along with “managed retreats” – and he noted that the costs of forcibly removing people from their land should be shared between homeowners, local and central government, insurance companies and banks.

The Minister also explained that some requirements needed for removals have been included in the new Resource Management Act, with the balance expected in a Climate Adaptation Bill next year.

The Department of Internal Affairs included Kaitaia in the Far North, along with the kumera-growing area of Ruawai in the Kaipara District, in their register of at-risk communities earmarked for possible managed retreat or abandonment. However, locals were not convinced.

Northland Regional Council councillor Joe Carr, who is also the chair of the Awanui River Flood Management Advisory Committee, said that millions of dollars had already been spent on flood protection work for Kaitaia. As a result, while July’s massive “one-in-500-year rains” closed State Highway One, the town remained unscathed. And he reiterated that while more could be done – such as constructing an upstream detention dam on the river – it was “not necessary to abandon the town in the face of flooding challenge”.

Similarly, Ruawai’s Raupo Drainage Committee chairman Ian Beattie said, “abandoning 8,000 hectares of flats protected by a network of stopbanks, floodgates and drainage channels was not necessary.” He believes any suggestion of the community “having to move”  was a case of “politics rather than science driving the debate”.

The new Mayor of Kaipara Craig Jepson also took issue with the Minister’s report, saying that a sea level rise of around 2.2 mm annually – or about 24 centimetres over the next 100 years – was nothing to get worried about.

Underpinning the Minister’s report is new guidance published by the Ministry for the Environment in August that states, “The upper-range scenario SSP5-8.5 and its upper likely range of 8.5 H+ should continue to be used”. As a result, it predicts an Armageddon sea level rise of 1.09 metres by 2100.

And that demonstrates the problem. A completely fictitious climate scenario is being used by politicians and officials to create alarmist predictions to scare the public and justify government intervention on an unprecedented scale.

Since the UN’s new global warming prediction of 2.5°C from 1850 to 2100 is only a shade higher than the 2.0°C target by 2050 in the Paris Agreement, in his third article Barry Brill asks, “Does it still make sense for the world to spend trillions of scarce dollars in trying to mitigate that last 0.5°C of possible warming in 2100?”  

The answer, of course, is no. This madness must stop, and that starts by challenging our politicians to explain why they and their legions of report writers are using extremist RCP8.5 modelling scenarios as the basis of public policy in New Zealand.  

All climate change policy based on RCP8.5 should be suspended immediately while the modelling is redone using scenarios with assumptions based on reality, not fantasy.

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The policy is based on a LIE. I agree with your take on Climate Change Alarmism Muriel. Nothing this regime is doing is to benefit our country. They are all Traitors and must be stopped and held to account. Neil
we are today being bombarded by Climate Change. In the history of the world there has always been climate change, so nothing has changed. The problem today is that excessive notice is being taken on this matter. Brian
The lying pricks pushing this, etc, etc, are what should be suspended .. you know who you are ! John
The hype has gone too far.. Stop the politics and face reality. Peter K
yes because nature has many other parts that influence our weather which are completely ignored, eg geophysics, astrophysics etc david
A global conn job. Norm
YES ! I have no faith in politicians or so-called experts at all. I view the world from long experience now of years lived, worldly experiences, studying nature, working in the great outdoors, sailing, coastal walking and listening to highly experienced opinions. I think humans are the cause of most problems and the climate has been changing in cycles all of my life. And will continue to do so. John
Tax tax tax the farmers off their land John
FYI there is no climate emergency. The climate has and always will change. Nature is constantly changing and we humans are fooling ourselves if we think we can control these forces. Rob
It is becoming exceedingly obvious that our Government uses every reason to justify centralisation and control – Climate Alarmism, Covid lockdown, now “Maorification” and move towards Co-Governance with a new “transformational” constitution based on ” Te Tiriti”. Rosalie
Amazing how these lying, power mad Commies have suckered so many, so easily ? john
The other thing that needs to be suspended is the money being handed over as reparation for other countries bad weather. Another way for Ardern to run New Zealand into the ground – besides the earth is cooling, not warming. Monica
There is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY! There is Climate Change as it has done for millennia – Humans have little or no effect. We are being conned by Schwab and his band of billionaire mates. Money and Control for them is the program!! John
Climate change, lie is the Hoax of the century, True science, shows that there has been climate changes, all part of the earths’ cleansing, ever since man has been on this planet, and also well before! David
Absolutely William
It is obvious to us all that the Public Sector no longer serves us – we are here to serve the Public Sector. This useless modelling is being “written” by public servants who would be in productive work in the private sector if NZ were a functional democracy. At the end of the day when irresponsible government governs without truth the effect can be catastrophic and that is the case today. Now a caustic economy has been created that feeds upon itself giving the impression that it is creating economic growth when the reverse is underway. Add the driving force of government socialist law making that builds a shield around a corrupt, inept and regressive group of politicians that are progressively shutting down industrialisation and the path is set for a Depression. Frederick
The science is NOT settled. Using FALSELY inputted data is CRIMINAL!!! FloJo
Sadly trust and truth have become playthings Wolf
Estimated maybe 300000 deluded in NZ obviously those who comment here largely in this deluded segment of the population .And will my comment be posted ??? John
Suggesting fact is fiction makes nonsense of a think tank when thought is prohibited from being presented or expressed John
I believe this is just another one of this governments scare tactics to gain control of people, our lives, and our country. David
They are all out of touch and seem to be working on their own agendas? Roger
Humans effect on climate is insignificant. John
what a bunch of twadle what about the science. We arent all asleep are we?? Peter
Give logic a chance and lose the loonies Wiremu
Let the specialist deal with the problems, not the politicians, they have trouble dealing with all the problems they have created in the last three years Pauline
Yes. Climate change is part of the natural order – nothing we can do about it. In particular nothing .06% of the world’s population can do about it!!! This government’s disastrous tinkering with the imaginery problem is nothing more than what the children call ‘virtue signalling’. David
shocking Robin
yes, of course…All NWO, tyrannical policies should be stopped, but first we have to find the INSIDE SELLOUTS, of our NATION…. that will be the hardest, task of all! Bunker on the hill…!! David
CO2 causing Global Warming is a total lie! All this nonsense has to stop, fullstop! Valerie
The climate modelling to justify alarmism over climate change has been a disgraceful ruse to gain more research dollars and to justify jobs for so called climate science. T
Yes, man-made climate change does not exist. Jane
It’s just a money-grabbing exercise fuelled by greed Sandy
Yes. But “climate related policies” should be annulled, not just suspended. The “science” proving “climate change” is completely false. That’s why it’s mascot is a damaged young Swedish girl who (having, somehow found her way onto the podium at the United Nations General Assembly, in spite of having completed no education, and attending a special needs school that allowed her to sit on the sidewalk in town in lieu of studying anything) made her name by turning red in the face as she angrily read her way through her prepared script, yelling at the adults to make them feel naughty, and to feed the “media”. Yes “the science” needs a mascot. But the truth is the Earth is cooling, and is on the edge of the next Grand Solar Minimum potentially as severe as the Maunder Minimum. The science is here: “Bicentennial Decrease of the Total Solar Irradiance Leads to Unbalanced Thermal Budget of the Earth and the Little Ice Age” by Habibullo I. Abdussamatov. Which can be found on the Semantic Scholar website. You don’t need to know the Maths, the graphs speak for themselves. Jasmine
If the current NZ Govt wants to get the population on board with mitigating some of the claimed negative effects of global warning, they need to do at least three things: base modelling or projections on realistic possibilities, not wild worse case scenarios; seriously take notice of the arguments, evidence and serious research documents that an increasing number of scientists put forward that challenge the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis; and finally, take into account the capacity of technology to absorb imposed changes without destroying economies, food production, and living standards. Rodger
It’s all BS…the man made component and all about socialism and this BS govt bill
Idiots with an agenda Malcolm
The climate change scenario is fraudulent to say the least. Humans have very little effect on climate change. more and more climate scientists not dependent on Government or biased funding are now giving an independent view rejecting the UNIPCC and other like organisations views. Graham
Come on team. I like your commentary but Barry is hardly any sort of climate expert… Phil
Absolutely. Climate is continually changing. This totalitarian administration and its advisors/modellers have always opted for scaremongering and put up the worst case scenarios. Gavin
Unfortunately, it’s the alarm that causes people to put feelings before facts. It’s the alarm that works, not the policies… Jin
Definitely agree Ewen
Please include the whole Labour Greens Maori shower in the suspension. They’re playing God butthey are not qualified for the position. Mick
They should focus on fixing things right now!! Cath
Never heard an apology yet from this Government, who instead just double-down when caught in a lie. Misinformation moves to Disinformation moves to Malinformation. Tony
It is all just part of this government’s slide to communism Michael
Just a l0ad of Climate alarmist rubbish Jeff 
Climate change it way too over rated Ann
” Computer Models are always wrong but are sometimes useful” Dane
It looks like the UN and IPCC are finally having to admit they are wrong, and have been for 3 decades due to the corruption of the science, and are back pedalling to save face. The level of disinformation being spewed has been comically outrageous at the best of times. Unfortunately we have a tyrannical govt that will stop at no ends to push their Marxist agenda down our throats, and a patsy legacy media payed off to fall in line with their demands to continue to push propaganda on the weak minded individuals and youth of this failing country. Stevo
NZ likes to show the world that we can be first, and this climate thing is one of them Mike
We are lead by a bunch of very stupid people Mike
People driving the climate emergency theory are ignorant of history and reality. Barry
The BIG LIE has been admitted by the UN. Time to reset all NZ projections and review ETS taxes on Farmers. Glyn
just another coastal land grab if they plan to forceably move people Rachel
See: 1956 Book US Dr. Walter B. Russell title: “Atomic Suicide” (Amazon) for clear understanding the dangers, the CAUSE of warming N. Royce
This Climate Change Alarmism needs to be stopped now. Peter
The sun 1,300,000 times the size of earth that controls the climate throughout the solar system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=marXhyDw3i8&list=RDCMUCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ&index=2 leslie
This communist lead by stealth government has got to go. The only people that believe them are their own. Not sure where their heads are but it is not on their shoulders but in a very dark place. The answer for the world is OVER POPULATION very simple unless you are on the government payroll and listen to ex science advisers who say what they are paid to say. rod
The whole Climate change scenario is politically driven by those scientiists who are getting backhanders Doug
All of these prediction’s are done on modelling and using the worst case scenario and don’t have any bearing on actual reality. This government if power crazy and wonts to control all facets of our lives. All the predictions that the government did during covid was way off the mark but don’t get me started on that. Allan 
Absolutely YES. This Labour Party gang make misstep after misstep – this cannot be any different. John
anything to do with climate change remove, and deep dive into geo engineering…to find some truth.. Wayne
And all the modellers and scientists feeding out of the trough paid off! Their biggest sin was using consensus rather than science. layor
the climate alarmists have been making dire predictions for decades,,non of which have come true john
YES agree. I recall in a public meeting about 10 years ago, Gerry Brownlee (National) stated the facts about climate change are irrelevant but rather what our German customers perceive to be the truth. National have never been known for having spines, and continue giving full support to this costly scandalous rort. I note ACT have discarded former leader Rodney Hide’s scientific guidance (read into Hansard) and have got the Green religion of climate change. So I do not know who is going to be doing the necessary removals {I thought the NZ Climate Science Coalition was now defunct because nearly all their members had died; the web site is no more} Peter
We truly have a Government that has lost the plot!!! Or have they!!! Excuse the pun. Dianne
Why the mad rush all of a sudden? Climate change is inevitable, and we should be adaptable to it. This government is hell bent on change before 2030. Will a change in government make any difference after the elections next year? Hopefully we will get a little more sanity. And while I am at it, stop scaring the wits out of our school children with nefarious nonsense.! Kevan
I am farming on low flats bounding on an Estuary with banks and floodgates on part of my farm. I moved here in 1976 and in that 46 years have plenty of areas of proof, that there has been no sea level rise at all. It is either my area is going up as fast as the sea rises, or it’s just a load of rubbish. Either way I don’t have any worries about staying here PETER
The whole zero carbon culture is a Scam PETER
YES,YES,YES. This climate change carry on is a load of crap,what is happening to world is called evolution and it’s happened before only last time was before human civilization and therefore now it’s called climate change and no matter what we do or how much money we as a world put into the pot it will still happen, because this is how the earth takes care of it self and it happens about every 30 million years or so, it maybe another million years or more away who knows but last time there were no humans on earth and it still happened so why just throw money at it for nothing, surely the millions of dollars around the world could be better spent to make life better for everyone, after all no one can change evolution. It’s not a HUMAN cause or a ANIMAL cause or an INDUSTRIALIZATION cause it’s EVOLUTION. It’s happened before and it will keep happening over and over for many millions of years to come, maybe long after humans etc are long gone.It’s about time everyone woke up to that and just got on with the life that we have and work with it. COLIN
Suspended and left to dry out and crumble .!. Yvonne
All of the current labour govt legislation should be abandoned. Keren
The political standpoint is to keep the public in a constant state of worry or alarm, in order to maintain control over people’s everyday lives. The news media assist this in the chase for a story. As one journalist said to me years ago, Good News is No News. Vic
Questions should be asked as to why a virtually untested nanotechnology vaccine should have been made mandatory for all practical purposes. Dougal
Absolutely , the whole climate change scenario is based on failed modeling. If you need proof look at the modeling done for cv19, mostly completely debunked and yet we were made to suffer their stupidity and climate change is no different. Sure the climate changes, it’s called weather. These politicians and academics pushing this marxist fallacy are completely mad and it’s all about centralized power and control and generating great wealth for the privileged few at the expense of us, the people. Many will say I am wrong, that I’m completely mad but I don’t think so. Any policies built on the computer modeling they are using are wrong and designed to strengthen Gov’t power, control and wealth. Not our wealth, it’s their wealth. All of the politicians and academics peddling this b-s need to go, pull them out roots and branches and cast them aside before they ruin us unless they haven’t already Flip
Absolutely! And this (UN abandonment of 8.5) should be front page news! But we know why it won’t be, team of $55M! Allan
We are all getting very tired of this climate change nonsense It has local politicians and people of Nelson completely screwed on this Murray
It’s madness and has always been madness, but it’s become a religion – anybody who points out any problems and inconsistencies is dismissed as a heretic. Coker
The inmates are in charge of this madhouse – and it shows in so many ways. Let’s hope the political climate will change soon Patrick
NZCPR calls itself a research organization and is disseminating blatant disinformation. I find it hard to believe that an apparently intelligent person can publish such dangerous disinformation. Fortunately, very few people believe this rubbish John
Its all a con created by those nutters who think the earth is round Framcis
there is only the earth’s natural cycle anyway steven
All climate policies should be abandoned as there is no climate crisis/emergency in fact it may get colder not warmer. Vaughan
while adern told lies about the amount of deaths this country would have if she didn’t isolate NZ from the world she still thinks climate change can be sorted by believing what the idiot child from Sweden, the septic that started this lie, the septic and Australian that go under the green label in NZ and quite a few other loonies in the other political parties overseas, so the sooner they drown in the sea level they forecast the better for this country and the world will be, I forgot its all lies so the lairs will still be around to continue sprouting their bs and gather their backhanders from their gormless believers. Richard
most climate change is natural Gary
All climate policies based on any of the RCP scenarios should be abandoned. There’s no actual data which supports any of these computer models. There is no climate emergency! Ian
This Climate type Alarmism has gone on for Decades all based on absolute Horse Dung and proven UNTRUE. Some of us have a feeling that the Climate Alarmism is also part of the World Control Agenda instructed by an old Nazi in the WEF. Geoff
Absolutely !!!!!! This is perhaps the greatest fraud pulled on the world ever. Climate change is natural and cyclicle and mans contribution is about .9 of 1%. Check the 500 world scientists long open letter to the UN explaining there IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY. They wanted to discuss the matter with the UN but of course got no reply. Since the mid 1970’s not one climate disaster forecast has come about. Note that the Middle Age Warming period when the earth was warmer than now was removed from graphs by the CRU and the IPCC. Check Patrick Moore, Willie Soon, Ian Plimer, William Happer, Dan Pena and many other PROPER scientists to find out what bullshit we are being fed. Alan
This nonsense of climate change or global warming calculated to reach 2.5C by 2100 is beyond laughable, where are these nutters getting this pseudo-fake science from….surely it’s the same modeller who predicted 80,000 people would die of CVD in NZ based on Prof Neil Fergusson’s modelling predictions for the WHO! They have been exposed by their own lunacy while trying to hoodwink the politicians initially & now trying it on us, the public…I don’t wear it & never have, climate has been changing for millions of years & we just happen to be going through another cycle that has nothing to do with CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas which is essential to life on this planet & it’s this gas which is causing a massive “greening effect” on our planet at present, but you won’t see that reported in MSM. In fact, it is the MSM that I hold totally responsible for all the issues we have globally, because, if they reported & questioned Govts worldwide with honesty & integrity the public would be made more aware of the real issues we are facing instead of only reporting on what “they” think we ought to hear or know! We need a TV channel to go rogue on the Public Interest Journalist Fund & expose the TRUTH….yes wouldn’t that be great to have that happen….& pigs will fly too…! Bruza
If climate change was a problem, we would have our political elites buying property well above sea level. Kris
It’s a load of rubbish to get total control to push Aderns WEF/UN agendas Mike
Suspended of course to allow for corrections but I don’t think they will do it. They believe completely in drastic climate change and the only sure solution is to vote them out at this coming year’s elections. Eric
Not based on science you can say anything and blame climate change without proof. Science does not support there claims Claude
The scenario is not “completely fictitious”, merely most probably overstated (the picture is not as clear-cut as either the Government or this article suggest!). As in most situations, moderation is always the safest approach: acknowledge the worst-case scenario (RCP 8.5), hope for the best scenario (RCP2.6) and meanwhile work in the expectation of a likely outcome somewhere between the two extremes. Anne
Proper considered and coordinated measures need to be taken not alarmist ad hoc ones. Tony
It’s no good pushing the Panic button. William Clive
It’s nonsense Stephen
rapid un checked movement is insane richard
It has become patently obvious that this ideological driven government listens to no one. Despite submissions, protests they will still forge ahead with their plans. Lawrie
Another slippery slope that is certain to create more problems and further deharminise our population Wayne
D0es any Government have a Legal mandate to interfere with the Weather?? BRUCE
Every ten years alarmist come up with some thing Brian
A giant fraud! DOUG
This government goes from one lot of madness to another. Ann
The big lie that Co2 causes climate change is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on mankind. Where I live in NZ the sea levels at high tide have not increased in 70 years. For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 50 predictions wrong. In other words on at least 50 occasions these so-called experts have predicted some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent…and never happened. Not even once have these alarmists had one of their predictions come true Here’s just a few examples from Mark J Perry on You Tube and Tony Heller “Real Climate Science” You Tube. 1988 Maldives Islands will be under water by 2018: 1989 Rising sea levels will Obliterate Nations if nothing done by 2000: 1989 New York City’s West Side Highway Under water by 2019: 1989 UN warns that entire nations wiped off the face of the earth by 2000 from global warming: 2002 Famine in 10 years if we don’t give up eating fish, meat and dairy: 2005 Manhattan under water by 2015: 2005 Fifty million climate refugees by the year 2020: 2008 Climate genius Al Gore predicts Ice- free arctic by 2013: 2009 Climate genius prince/King Charles says we have 96 months to save the world: 2014 Only 500 days before climate chaos. But somehow this time will be different, and the corrupt experts and 16 year old’s of today and ( Greta ) will suddenly be correct in their new predictions of eco-doom and eco-disaster? NOT. Greg
The world in its life time has gone through far greater changes with little change. Most changes have been caused by Volcanic eruptions which are not caused by Climate Change. Gary
Even the adjusted measures will be unlikely to happen….there are much bigger inputs that us. Lionel
What a mess we’re getting into.can it ever be corrected? David
The proposition of climate change has always been highly improbable. Gillian
Get rid of alarmism Graham
Just more lies. Ronmac
Climate Change has ben going on for millions of years and cannot be stopped or changed by taxes Peter
There is no verifiable, empirical evidence to support claims that any climate change is actually occurring Brian
We should listen to the ‘cancelled’ scientists. They are likely more accurate:https://www.daragrennie.com/climate/ Darag
And remove food production from the discussion Gavin
Yes, though this is a very loaded question. Peter
Yes to the question. The science needs to be thrashed out on a worldwide basis until we have satisfactory trustworthy empirical data for one side or the other. As at this stage there are just too many people who do not know but have been corralled into their being a huge human provision toward the cause of global warming. I don’t know and I’m sure that 90% of the world’s population don’t know for sure either. It has been, just been pick a side and run with that? The argument needs to be sorted out one way or the other by those who are the scientific experts in regards to this World’s climate and atmospheric dynamic conditions. ASAP please. No disinformation or misinformation we need the TRUTH. Garry
most certainly Colin
Agree 100%. This government is again using scare tactics to try to control the populous. Knowingly doing this is nothing other than deceitful. But this is what we’ve come to expect from this government – “lies, damn lies and statistics” to frighten us into complying with their illogical and over-the-top demands. Laurence
All climate change measures should be abandoned with only proven and cost efficient “fuels” being used as alternatives and let the populace decide individually whether they move to those “fuels” in their own time and cost. Graeme
This Government must be blind. Ian
Of course they should. Our planet has been warming and cooling over & over for millennia. It’s a natural process and nothing to do with puny humans. Climate change is a farce but it’s being used for population control. These politicians should be tossed out and fined for the costs they’ve caused for New Zealand. I’m not submitting to using Aoteaoa either. Made up language. Simon
An absolute MUST for NZ agriculture and utilisation of our energy resources Michael
How many decades do we have to see actual weather observations tracking WAAYY lower than ANY of these projections, before this farcical modelling nonsense is abandoned? Brent
I don’t believe there is enough water in the whole world to raise sea levels 1m. It’s all been total madness from day one. The zealots have been allowed to get away with it for too long Errol
Surely Ardern and MacAnulty must be up to date with the change in alarmism from the UN. How dare they continue this path of insanity. How dare the “Must Watch” Climate programme on TV1 last Tuesday was full of lies about sea level rises. Just more excuses to promote slavery of New Zealanders, forced vaccinations, lookdowns and ultimately prisons or worse for those who resist Pauline
So many lies are told and when they are shown to be such, no change results. The Govt continues on the same path regardless. The truth does not get a look-in Harvey
Yes,it’s common sense but then common sense is not that common.Ardern will leave the fear figure in place and declare a national emergency just to stay in control of the team of 5 million sheep Peter
Carbon Zero is nonsense The whole pack of cards was always going to fall down We have had many decades of it and the sooner it is stopped the better. Michael
During covid Jacinda said she would “follow the science” . It’ll be interesting to see if she sticks to that now that the science shows her up for the opportunist she is. Well she’s lied about everything else so who knows. Geoff
It was stupid right from the start and only demonstrates AGAIN that we have a bunch of mindless idiots in Wellington that have to go. Garry
And that means that new calculations must be done, and based on those policies will have to be re-evaluated. Unfortunately I suspect that we are not going to get this from this Government. Brenton
Yes, but it won’t happen. It’s too easy to fool people and people are happy to be fooled. The climate alarmist is a business to keep the population in a state of crisis to take our money and keep us under control. Follow the money. Sam
ALL climate change policies should be repealed. There is no such thing as climate change. It is nothing but a scam to allow fearmongering by a corrupt organisation that is interested only in a money grab and population control. Terry M
It was always BS, and I have always thought that. bob
climate catastrophe is the biggest fraud in mans history. Socialism at large. Rob
Climate change predictions over the past 50-60 years have consistently been proven wrong. Climate change policies such as cutting back on agricultural production, introducing wind and solar energy, and so on, inevitably raise food and energy costs that hurt the most vulnerable people. Subsidies on electric vehicles really only benefit the more well-off in out society. John
It’s the biggest SCAM in the history of the world !!! phil
It is all false but give Jacinda an other way to way to control our country. Heather
If they drop 8.5 because it was false how can anyone have faith in any modelling. Richard
Absolutely Valda
It’s the replacement scam after the “pandemic” Giles
Climate change is a total beat up and is a source of generating millions of dollars that can be spent on creating more jobs for the useless and create more fear to the public. The likes of James Shaw and his mates should go out and get a real job instead of blugging of the tax payer. ken
Absolutely John 
Absolutely. Eleanor 
There is no danger from climate change, it has been with us forever. There is however a danger from climate manipulation which has been going on since 1947 and needs to be stopped. Mike
This entire silly climate change theory is simply designed to terrify the gullible into succumbing to increasing government control over us all Peter
there is no proof that human co2 emissions are large enough to cause the climate change Stanley
most certainly and stop this madness of jacindas eric
Apart from the suspect validity of RCP8.5 modelling, the so called “carbon footprint” is based on the assumption that increased CO2 in the atmosphere causes global warming; whereas there is some evidence that it is a result of global warming. A warmer sea cannot dissolve as much CO2, so it gets released into the atmosphere. Hugh
Absolutely. Hopefully stop this corrupt Labour govt in its tracks. All the unnecessary grief and devastion it has caused NZrs is unbelievable. Bunch of scumbags. Your time is up hopefully never ever to be in power again. Dead and buried for their corruption. Kevin
I am alarmed. But also not happy with the Government’s response. We need fairness re emissions and mitigations. There are No carrots in Government’s suggestions Rochelle
We have had enough of these so called predictions. I sincerely hope this Political party will be well gone next election Ross
Just one big fat political lie – never did believe in climate change! Janet
We in NEW ZEALAND are not going to affect climate change. It’s just a big “Brownies Points ” for Stalinda and her racist mates and collaborators. Bruce
Need better proof than laughable modelling by boffins David
Totally agree. Wayne
Time to return to reality and immediately dispense with dangerous and innaccurate theory. Terry
Not just suspended, ended completely forever. The whole thing is BS. Those of us who have half a brain and have actually done some research into man made climate change know this. As with the Wuflu scam, just follow the money! Murray
Yes David
Base on fact not fiction lindsay
Alarmism is just another diversionary tactic by an incompetent government. Climate is doing what it has always done, constantly changing,and will continue to do so. There is no evidence that the changes we see are out of the normal range of climatic behaviors all extremely complicated,and largely related to the Suns activity, and very little to do with man.It would seem less costly to concentrate on adapting to these changes than to alter them,unless the powers that be aspire to controlling the sun.I will not hold my breathe. gale
Hard “evidence” is needed before we spend more. Has anyone proved that our current expenditure has been effective in ANY way ?? Michael
My personal, UNSUBSTANTIATED, opinion is that the world will start entering the next ice age in the next few decades. Geoffrey
All one can say is “… told such dreadful lies it made one gasp and stretch ones eyes.” Covid, Climate Change. All lies. The government must stop playing the fear card and crying wolf. Paloma
Same old globalist playbook carried out diligently by their minion Ardern – frighten the shit out of the romneys with fake ”expert” stats & TVNZ 6pm news propaganda – then ram thru changes to legislation at haste & by stealth. All clear thinking NZers with a few brains have had enough of Ardern & her devious & corrupt behaviours. MAGA (Make Ardern Go Away) !!!!! Mark
The fear mongering we experienced over Covid-19 is nothing compared to what is happening NOW with this Climate issue. Brian
The current political clowns calling themselves our government together with the misinformed and frankly uneducated opposition will not willingly give up their control of the population. I despair of having any logical well informed politicians in power who actually work for the people and country. Roy
This is typical of these FAD fanasties that are driven by publicity and attention seeking proponents to further their own uninformed misguided ideas . Whatever has happened to good old ‘Common sense”!!!! William
This climate change rubbish is a SCAM and that’s all !! Mike
Bad politicians need drama to cover their greed, hubris and incompetence. Mark
Read Global Warming by Dr Kelvin Duncan Also Unsettled by Steven E Koonin stef
co2 is not a pollutant’ rob
Barry Brill’s comments are interesting and government modelling is again a fraud (like Covid). Gerry
Remember that 30 years ago the UN stated that the Pacific Island’s would be under water, along with the New York, etc. None of which has happened so why did we listen to the UN as they themselves are the alarmists ! Do we need to transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources, yes but we can do this as new technologies are in general supply and a competitive rate ! John
I’m getting very annoyed that so much government policy is based on spurious assumptions. Bruce
YES! IT’S ALL BASED ON A LIE, designed to forcefully extract and redistribute wealth while enslaving us. Donald
Our planet is undergoing climate cycling variation detected to have occurred over many centuries. Wayne
Absolutely agree.. Rob
I absolutely agree. This climate alarmism is Chicken Little nonsense and a Trojan horse to introduce climate communist WEF control measures and the destruction of Western World economies. The fact even the corrupt IPCC is backing down on the nonsense is very revealing. The climate con house of cards is getting shaky. John
This government has demonstrated time and time again that their advisors/modellers are at the extreme end of worst case scenario thinking. Peter
Thx for a common sense, science prediction. A volcano or 2 & we could all be shivering. Neville
The climate is always changing. The ‘modelling’ is rubbish. Garbage In = Garbage Out david
Why do none of the other political parties in NZ do nothing to expose this fraud being perpetrated by Ardern and her phony Climate Change Minister? Using United Nations debunked modelling scenarios for NZ is typical of our totalitarian Leader and her cronies. This conning of the NZ public has got to stop. Colin
CO2 gaslighting? Mitch
I no longer have any faith in computer modelling. Garbage in, garbage out is the truism here. Mark
The whole thing is a hoax so they can get more money, power and control! Brenda
It’s a total fallacy, I have lived 10 meters from the sea for 28 years and the sea level has not increased one mm over that time!!! Stephen
Absolutely Vivienne
All climate related policies’ should be removed! bruce c
The whole thing is a jack up.If this current Government tells me they know best I’m against it as .Show me what they’ve done that’s produced and is credible… Alan
This whole climate change thing has been pseudo-science from the very beginning. Gary
Congratulations to NZCPR for bringing this to light. The silence by the so called main stream media, although not surprising, is deafening. Lee
The obsession with emissions has at last been shown to be the Emperor’s new clothes. Simple logic has been out there for all to see for years. But some scientists and many politicians it inconvenient. Here’s a simple test: Ask if it can be explained HOW CO2 creates global warming and you will get a variety of answers including ‘the layers which reflects heat back to the earth’, and the ‘carbon holds heat in’. For either of these to be true there would have to be a huge amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The current level is a massive (media words) 400 or so ppm. This is equivalent to less than a teaspoon in a regular 10 litre bucket. Methane is way less and for practical purposes, irrelevant. We need to press the current opposition to grab this wave of enlightenment!  Richard
Let voices critiquing climate alarmism be heard Charles
One in 5 farmers will he gone under comrade Arderns policy Just part of their big plan Make protein a luxury And all eating factory Artificial muck Smacks of soliant green Elaine
Climate change alarmism is simply part of the UN con. All about global control by the communists running the UN. Covid was a giant con and income redistribution just as Climate BS is. Tony
what madness is this ??? michael
I believe that all climate-related policies should be abandoned, not just suspended. Climate change is a function of cycles that we have been measuring for less than 100 years, when the cycles are over hundreds and thousands of years. And NZ is so small and the effect ofd anything we do, gets lost in the rounding errors of any possible scenarios. They are a nonsense and very dangerous Graham
Most certainly. These alarmist predictions have caused a significant increase in youth mental health issues Kevin
The blatant bad faith of MfE was shamefully exposed by its “Interim Guidance” less than 3 months ago. That document proposed not only continues use of 8.5 but also a new scenario of 8.5 . Not because these extremes are likely, o even possible, but because they produce the most scary results. This level of irresponsibility calls for a resignation. Barry
Our government is in LaLa land and needs to be able to use fear for it’s own ends in an election. Bruce
Sick of all this misinformation by this government Sue
We have to. This is crazy. Is here any chance we could use common sense and sort this out. Not with the current lot of course. Andrew
Climate change is not based on science at all. Its political nonsense that has no realistic bases. Chris
The politically motivated climate change should/must be abandoned and replaced by common sense. Maurice
Climate ideologists are ruining NZ. economy They are under the impression that measures they advocate have on a global basis eligible effect. They should focus their efforts on persuading the major polluters of the world China Russia and the US to take effective measures to reduce their carbon outputs Julian
100% Rita
The climate agenda is ONE BIG CON and millions have been conned, makes me kind of sick. alan
To right ROB
It’s hard to believe there’s so many gullible people in this world who believe the climate catastrophe hype. Dave
There’s a saying ” the truth always bats last” hence why IPCC/UN are slowly backing away from unsupported science ‘propaganda’. They’ll do this gradually, and then nonchalantly say retrospectively ” Oh well, that was what the science was telling us all back then…” Andrew
climate change is a natural phenomenon we cannot change nature gerard
Typical Spin by this Woke Government who won’t listen and continue to bulldoze legislation through, we need to get rid of them ASAP Warren
There’s no question that the climate is changing, science has proven we are now in a warming cycle and that the Earth has been through several warming and cooling cycles during its history. However there seems to be a lack of empirical evidence that proves that humans are exacerbating let alone causing the current warming cycle. It is unethical of politicians to omit that reality in order to “sell” their agenda as a climate crisis and use to to gouge ever higher taxes. Steve
I just don’t buy into the entire climate change scenario. The climate is always changing and has done forever. It will continue to do so and we will adapt, not panic. Elizabeth
Like religion climate changes as a result of human activity is belief without fact. There is no empirical evidence what so ever, only computer generated scenarios that are used by governments for dubious political purposes. Kevin
How can we convince the alarmist’s to wake up and look at the facts. Stop the propaganda machine. Alan
It’s a cult of pure alarmism, the climate cult, members of whom behave just like it is a religion. We produce such a minisicule amount of emissions that whatever we do will make one jot of difference to the world co2 levels. The planet is greening because of the co2 and more food is being produced so why the alarmism fgs. The pacific islands are actually increasing in size not sinking. The whole thing is all about money and the redistribution of wealth So we work hard and establish a great economy to benefit NZ and we will now have to pay money over to countries who don’t. No restrictions on how the money is to be spent. So we could have another Mugabe receiving outr money to spend on prostitutes or drugs and not a thing we could do about it. It’s the memo straight out of Agenda 21. By the way it will be dished out by the UN and who in their right mind would believe anything they said, while China does what it likes because it’s designated a ‘developing nation’ and belches out more CO2 in one week than Oz does in a year. No restrictions. Get real it’s a total scam. That’s the socialist way. spend everyone else’s money and put your hand behind your back and receive millions privately. The3 whole scam is sickening Carolyn
Alarmist say we haven’t got time.well they’ve wasted all of mine! Les
The policies of this government have always had an element of fear-mongering, to keep the populace off balance; a little alarmed, and therefore ready, if not eager, to rely on ‘The Word’ from Princess Cindy to ensure our safety. Far too many people have been willing to follow her lead, and this will take us to economic, social and financial disaster if not checked. There is election next year, (unless she finds a way to cancel it). Think before you vote! TOBY
I am concerned that the government is blindly considering farming emissions when even the UN is back-pedalling on some of its calculations. It makes no sense to me. Matthew
This LIE, and that’s what it is, is being perpetuated to further some so-called Green ideology. Making New Zealand the Pine Tree Islands to offset carbon and destroy beautiful and productive farmland is heinous in every way. Just one Volcanic eruption will emit more carbon dioxide in that eruption, than man has ever done, since man first appeared on the earth. Not to mention the fact that the Earth will do as she pleases, she warms up, she cools down. So STOP….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Heather
There is possibly no such thing as sea level rise as explained by one of your own bloggers,Ian Bradford.There is however plate shifts that might give the impression of sea rise and CO2 levels would have no bearing on these shifts.The UN,WEF and other organizations promoting the idea that CO2 and sea levels are related have a over arching organization that pulls the strings called The Council for Inclusive Capitalism. They have a website. Matthew
Yes – this whole climate change thing is just another UN and WEF money extraction scam to grease the wheels of their nefarious New World Order. The wellbeing of the world and its erstwhile inhabitants, is secondary to their best interests being served – nothing else matters to these elitist scoundrels. Don’t just suspend these policies – eliminate them in their entirety before we are eliminated! Scott.
I have never believed in that shit!!! Greg
It is criminal how our politicians are scaremongering and creating fear amongst the younger generations who know no better than to blindly accept their lies. Peter
We should acknowledge that the entire hypothesis is a FRAUD and people need to know this. Ken
Just scaremongering nonsense.get real and stop messing everyone around the sooner we get rid of her the better Barbara
Political outcomes rule. Treaty settlements. Radical maori want it back. or as much as they can get. Regional councilor 2007-13. mike
It is a gigantic hoax worth trillions to the globalists, who pocket the money fleeced from scammed populations. Susan
Global warming has finished due to the Tongan Volcano shooting hundreds of thousand of cubic kilometers of water 58,000ft into the atmosphere. The result; torrential rain and subsequent cooling. David
More nonsense from our so-called government bent on destroying our democratic life style Edgar W.
Yes doesn’t seem strong enough somehow. There should be an option end the madness Norm
More nonsense from the so- called government we are afflicted with trying to ruin our orderly democracy. Edgar W.
How to get this message out there? Margaret
Fear policies are being used by government to worry the electorate, and more so farmers who will be expected to pay for emissions, then passing it on to the consumer. Ken
Stands to reason that we are being manipulated into a state of anxiety with very unreliable government statistics. Carol
CO2 temperature increase is logarithmic not linear. Doubling of CO2 to 800 ppm cannot increase temperature in the manner claimed. IPPC have not asserted a relationship between increased CO2 and extreme weather events in their science. That claim comes from their summary for policy makers and is a gross exaggeration perpetrated by politicians and media. Peter
Never believe what this control, power hungry government says. Lies,spin, spin and more lies. Darryl
A MUST do David
A NWO agenda for wealth transfer, control and slavery for those that survive starvation and famine. neil
And a good start would be to abandon the intended farm emissions tax when most farms are already carbon positive. Geoffrey
absolutely norman
Total nonsense is being fed to the public led by Ardern Sidwell
It is common sense. Dennis
Anyone with half a brain would realize that this climate change nonsense is another push by this stupid government to gain total control, called communism Tom
Absolutely Ihaia
Not before time? Harry
I am very pleased to see you publicise the fact that RCP 8.5 is an impossible scenario that should not be used to make policy. I think the powers that be are aware that RCPs time is up, so they are introducing SSPs to replace RCPs. Once people start to realise SSPs are also crazy, they will introduce something else. John
in the trash this whole Climate change garbage Hans
The word has gone mad ! Iain
It should be all abolished. Warwick
Totally!! The new recommendations prove our current format is indeed, as several NZCPR Guest writers have stressed, the biggest Scam of the 21st Century. I hope all those free-riders at COP27 with their prepared doom and gloom addresses are shamed into silence, and more stabilised views are expressed.  Robyn
They are based on completely unscientific bs and ignore the real science which tells us the truth. We are coming out of a mini ice age which means of course temperatures will rise but no where near the alarmist levels promoted by climate alarmists. And who says that%u2019s a bad thing. As for CO2 driving up global temperatures that is unscientific nonsense Peter
It is only politics noy to. Doug
The climate change fear is totally misleading as no where do the stats define the difference between natural world wide climate change which has existed from way before mans history on earth and that climate change cause by mans inappropriate damage and pollution of our planet. Unless some-one defines both of these we are unable to exactly define what we cannot do to eliminate the issues and this in itself begins the formatting of what we must do to ensure mankinds continuity on earth. Graham
The whole thing is a Politically motivated crock of shit ! Michael
Interesting how labour is forcing the climate change con on tv and radio before the UN makes the shocking statement about the climate David
of course, its a no brainer ! mike
Unbelievable stupidity by the government David
This is a must if we are to have any economy, and such blatant mis-information by government should be enough for the Governor general, to sanction them and call for their resignation. Ian
Stop more Stupid decisions Mike
And remove Jacinda Ardern with all the Labour Government. Ann
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PblYr-KjOVY The literature is overwhelming for those with rudimentary knowledge of Physics and Chemistry and who bother to read it impartially and objectively. charles
All the IPCC modelling is hugely variable, not repeatable and as such cannot be relied on for any Governmental policy. Duncan
Alas – sweet reason and devastating logic will not move the alarmists. As Jacinda stated once, “We own the science”. Only her forcible removal from government next year will do the trick. Andy
Absolutely – this has been a long time coming and even now more of the climate science will be debunked as the real climate scientist get heard. FINALLY the pseudo NZ climate scientist/gravy trainer’s will be found out and sacked. Mike
Definitely. Climate change is being mis used for Political purposes. Sure, people are polluting the Planet and we need to explore renewable energies But not a but not at all costs for extreme ideology Frank
Just such arrant nonsense – the worlds climate has been changing -hot &cold for millions of years – and nothing to do with mankind. 150 million years ago Antarctica was green grassland Hylton
How did the dumbest people in NZ become the government? Russell
ABSOLUTELY – STOP NOW! Of course, Ardern & Co. won’t WANT to change course, as they had plans for more control of the people! Sylvia
Bloody idiotic this government. Why would anyone believe a word they say. ? Don
Without a doubt. The climate issue has been touted as fear in order to get control of the people. and remove democracy. Brian
When are we going to have a politician with enough sense and conviction to challenge the false doctrine, and media courage and honesty to admit the fallacies. It should not be left entirely to Leighton Smith and Muriel Newman. Bruce
Stop trying to scare people so that you can control them more easily!!!! Shane
The science does not support NZ climate change scenarios David
The U Turn by the UN is quite astonishing. I am imagining another U Turn which is on the cards as they always build in ‘just in case’ to protect them selves. It’s quite unbelievable. We need Science to run and manage the data and intelligence by Those Scientists to project- We need to change tack and tackle Pollution World Wide – that is the real issue. Phil
We need relevant information before any policies are made. Not be influenced by alarmists. David
The people that write these supposedly scientific articles should be made to front up to a panel and prove what they say. William
So-called global warming was meant to have had disastrous claims on our finances years ago. A study of climate from my 1950s text book shows the weather contribution to climate is just as erratic as it was then, and not only where I live. I get sick of hearing about “record high temperatures’ while there are plenty of instances of record low temperatures that are never made known through main media. It is a hoax designed to steal money from the populace. It is as if man cannot cope with climate changes be it warming or cooling. I am tired of computer models and data tampering. My records over the years prove the hoax. Catherine
Throw the lot out including the alarmists!!!! Raewyn
I don’t play Russian Roulette Jonathan
How are you challenging the Govt? Alan
absolutely Gerhard
I believe climate-related political policies are using the common ploy to create widespread distraction and scare tactics among the populous. Who is responsible for associated costs incurred by such political decisions if/when these scare tactics are found to be – as historical science has shown – the figment of their political imagination? Such politicians imposing such draconian requirements must be made financially responsible to compensate those adversely politically, logistically and socially affected. This Government has just anounced plans and money to build a large bank of new houses – in wold seen at or about at sea level – where it’s reported one metre and above flooding HAS occurred several times in the last 30 years! More than ‘3 Waters Deep’ will be needed to prevent this likely debacle !!!!!!!!!! Stuart
There has been plenty written to counter the hysteria. Books:Apocalypse Never. Fossil Future. Unsettled and others but the book I feel most should read isPatrick Moore’s Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Dom. not a big book and easily understood. Steve
Anyone naive enough to believe our – only source of truth – needs a mind reset. You will NOT get ANY honest info from our commie govt and that ***** running the show. More look at me narcissism from a vacuous puppet of Klaus SchwB and theNew World order. There is NO CLIMATE CHANGE?. We are being taken for a ride AGAIN. More scare tactics to keep control of the idiots. Wait, Christmas is coming and so is a so called Covid bug. Guess what could happen to spoil Christmas? Wake up NZ. She’s evil! Carolyn
Particularly when NZ’s contribution to World climate change is mere 0.17%. Nothing we do will change anything John
If the UN has changed it’s tune, it’s appropriate for our useless government to take heed and change it’s stance also, instead of crying that “the sky is falling” We don’t seem to have many politicians, or their advisers, who are actually competent adults anymore Trevor
They are certainly pushing there scare mongering from all quarters at the moment they are trying to fool most of the people so sad they fall for garbage Russell
If the entire population of the world were wiped out overnight there would be next to no change to current weather related events and the rate of global warming. Our planet would continue to go through climate cycles just as it has done for millions of years. Bruce
Absolutely!!!! Gregor
Nothing surprises me anymore with this greedy, lot, the power has gone to their heads, and the sooner they loose them the better. This policy is just spiteful and nasty, they have lost reality to reason, and continue to lie, that’s all they have really, a group of misfit poorly educated losers. in my opinion. Merryl
Yes should have happened years ago Barry
I wonder how many of the climate looneys own beach front properties? The UN has been lying from the start, the whole thing is about wealth redistribution Hugh
The climate will do what it’s always done forever. It changes no matter what. Climate change ? is a scam. dona
It is appalling that this government is using totally discredited data as a basis for our climate legislation. This information must be brought to the public. Again, this is central government control – the main aim of communism aka Arden and her acolytes. Laura
Climate policies are flawed. Scrap most of them totally. Sheila
This has been explained by Muriel June
It is just scare mongering they are doing like covid Colin
most of the climate policies are alarmist as well as highly suspect. Graeme
Typical controlling by fear of this rotten communist government. Lets get realistic. Mary
Most definitely Pam
Politions are alarmists because they are scared of being to blazey ialtmatly. David
I’ve always believed that man has not had a measurable influence on global warming I believe it’s a cyclical natural process just take a look at what the weather has been over past centuries I believe it’s a case of follow the money great way of taxing everyone it’s bollocks Peter
This gov knows the climate scenario is fake. They are using it to take further control of the population, and destroy farming according to WEF plans! Peter
and please dear LORD rid us of the Green misfits next election.. wayne
convenient ‘truth’ is NOT science graham
labour does not want to listen to any body but themselves LesW
This is another case of the tail wagging the dog. The Greens are promoting this scenario to make sure that they stay in the limelight The entire “science” of climate is a series of ideas using unproven formula to promote an upcoming disaster. The climate has warmed before probably more so that the current projections but there was none intelligent enough to record the occurrence Tony
It seems we should get rid of the current decision makers but will National be any different? Ernest
the lunatic totalitarian globalists have abused science to hell & back- as a tree hugger who joined his first conservation group over 50 yrs ago i’m beyond embarrassed by the lunatic fringe & would cringe at being called a greenie now. greepeace got my last donation well back- & our entire govt could do with stringing up. Co2? great stuff mark
Yes, especially as Ardern keeps referring to somewhere called Aotearoa. The effects on our country, New Zealand, will be moderate, by comparison. Frank
Duh!! Obvious to even the most dim witted! Makes one wonder how we ended up with the current mob! Martin
Whilst we do not need to be alarmist about rising sea levels and temperature increases, it makes sense to carry out preventive measures to slow down any climate issues Alan
The Labour Govt is bonkers, and very very dangerous. Trevor
How many suicides do we need leigh
The whole ‘climate crisis’ alarm is a scam, pure and simple. Yes of course the climate is CHANGING. Earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years. There is zero evidence either that (1) the present changes are anything out of the normal OR (2) that they are driven by carbon dioxide. The evidence is that they’re not: CO2 changes actually occur about ten years AFTER global temperature changes — Global temp changes are caused by changes in the sun’s emission cycle and then warmer sea ‘out-gases’ CO2. We are nowhere near a point in our current warming cycle that would be even vaguely catastrophic. GREENLAND USED TO BE GREEN. Sue
Deliberate falsehood by Ardern Thomas
Further proof that Ardern and her cronies cannot be trusted. Mike
The entire thing has been false from the start. Peter
Thank you for explaining what has been suspected ever since the scare mongering commenced and helping a small sector to profit from the carbon credit scam. john
All this alarmist stuff is off the planet crazy. Anything to give power to dumbass politicians.. there is no danger .. just the usual cycles of nature. Clive
Insane scare mongering is what we are getting from this corrupt government. They continue to ignore the latest scientific data! And there is plenty of data to show that there’s no climate ’emergency’. The climate changes as it has done for billions of years with or without human input. I’m sick and tired of listening to Politicians bullshit and outright lies. The scientific evidence is there for all to see, so why do they continue to ignore it – and at taxpayers expense spend billions of dollars trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist? John
I believe climate change is a constant and has been since time began. Live with it. This extremist thinking is just another unnecessary tax on society. We can do better to protect the planet. Get off your device and plant a tree!! Tony
Why has this newly adopted global warming standard received no other media treatment of which I am aware? Donald
Throwing money at small countries like the Pacific Islands is counter-productive. They are essentially the tips of volcanoes which are largely under water, and following geomorphic uplift, are slowly sinking. The sea is not rising. I also note that Jacinda Ardern and her partner visited Antarctica during the cyclical spring thaw. Jacqueline
I am tired of the lies and deceit coming from the prime minister and her hangers on. Denis
This ‘govt’ does NOT follow science at all…if it does not fit their preplanned vision based on un-real reporting. mark
All the modelling done is total BS but labour and the greens love it as they love to tax people and control them Laurie
Most definitely Shaun
Yes absolutely! This is idealistic madness to the extreme!! Margaret
It needs to be spelt out in English for Politicians to understand what they are doing Warren
More and more evidence shows the data is bias as shown by independent science Bob
What a scam! Janine
Yet another example of this idiotic, racist totalitarian, bungling labour govt and it’s equally moronic coalition partners. How much more economic and societal damage can they inflict on our once great country? I know many intelligent, productive people of all creeds that have, or are preparing, to flee this socialist nightmare, including myself. They need (this Govt) to go NOW! Andrew
Cindys nuts John
We all know taxcinda is an idiot Evans
About time the truth came out! Marianne
This government needs to come clean fast. Chris
Political BS to support new taxes to support this Government’s vote buying spending. Gary
This Government is using Climate Alarmist scenarios to control us. Pure and simple Annette
Absolutely! This is viewed by the political elites as an ideal mechanism to introduce the most draconian policies of control. Time for a complete rethink and find a mechanism to end this age of insanity. Lee
Global warming is all just a theory, unprovable in science. Bryan
They are making it up as they go. The whole climate scene is too complex for anyone to understand. Weather changes because that is what weather does. Judith
absolutely!! ! Roseanne
This new information gives Groundswell the information they need to take the government to court. Jenny
An independent review of the alarmist mantra should be considered (along with the NZ Government’s intended consequential actions), duly considering the rational views and action plans of the likes of Bjorn Lomborg (and many others). Continuing with the alarmist agenda will, in all likelihood, achieve little in terms of temperature reductions by 2050 (and it would not be until 2050 that we would find this out), by which time our economy would be on its knees. Len
It’s not about climate.It’s about power and control by fear bill
If you can scare enough people you will own them and control them. Sven
Along with all the idiots that spout all this rubbish! Jacinda on the first boat out!! Helen
Of course, it always total bull and an excuse to exert more control over us all. Fraser
Time to stop the madness John
Personally I think the climate is always changing and we are now in a warming period…this too will pass. Pollution is the greater problem. Louise
Not just suspended but thrown in the bin… The only good thing Covid brought was the pause of this man made climate change drivel Jock
Yes suspended Alarmist measure are part of the selling tool We have the worlds most efficient farmers in NZ And the the RED Witch wants to rip the guts out of 20% of the farming industry The fires of Salem are smouldering just as they are in Seddon, Sanson,Saint Arnard, and every other location that has a connection with, and relies on farming as a source of income be it on the farm or servicing the farm I don’t know who’s more dangerous Ardern or Putin Bruce
Get rid of the Bullshit load of rubbish that climate change is and start thinking more about the mini ice age coming. Harvey
Yes its all a load of bull shit. Ian
I am over the imposition by the PM of the children frightening “Climate Emergency” and that needs to be removed from any discussion Peter
I have always thought that the climate change issue was a lot of scaremongering and now it seems does the UN after all. David
Never going to be an issue based on where we are now as opposed to the theory where we would be when forecast some years ago Alan
Climate change is the biggest con job since covid. Francis
Eventually the destructive politically motivated disinformation that’s created climate change alarmism will have to be backed-off as it becomes increasingly obvious that nothing alarming is happening. A cynic might see this recent shift as something to do with the very real energy crisis in Europe, recently exacerbated by Ukraine war. Ron
Normal people like me and my family find it hard to get our heads around all the measures for climate change put to us by this Govt. But we are intelligent people so know a lot of it is crazy. We need more sensible explainations. Barbara
Definitely Graeme
Absolutely halted until the truth is discovered Peter
Cindy is as much an embarrasment as the wild predictions of the UN are. Probably why she wants to work there. clive
not only suspended but cancelled. The climate change hysteria is nothing more than a tax grab & a way of brain washing the young & stupid to achieve complete control of the population Nigel
It is high time for our beloved leaders to try and face reality – especially with elections drawing nearer. ROB
Sounds like this is becoming, a very costly, joke! Hugh
Why are we not suprised? Bill
The more alarming the outcome the greater the duty to be certain. The WEF have planned this way of getting theirs. Ardern has no mandate and if she does not know that she is even more dangerous. The Pacific Islands were thoroughly investigated some years ago for sea level rises. That was by Auckland Uni. Results: all natural-even fish can reduce islands by eating coral. Kevin
Absolutely they must be suspended. This is pure madness to continue with climate change mitigation measures! Colin
Make sure a copy of this newsletter is directed to ACT and National to help them prepare to govern next year Ian
It is just more deceit to add to the already huge pile of deception created by Ardern’s miscreants! John
we want the truth russell
Thinking man can control climate is like a man out finishing and has to relieve himself. If doesn’t urinate into the wind because he knows he will get wet. Dene
This Govt-led scam has been going on for ages as it suits their cause. Our beliefs and information have been severely criticised as being nutters – at last people are getting the real story so spread the word of common sense with this solid information., and question the politicians tirelessly! Marg
Climate Crisis is like the Covid plandemic is a man made so called emergency to control by fear and propaganda. End goal a totalitarian regime to fuel the elite and make life miserable for the rest. Ann
I have always been skeptical of how the information modeling was based and this latest revelation, now proves to be correct. Whole heartedly agree that we should scrap all present predictions and enormous cost implications until this is sorted out. At the same time reeducate people and the younger generation who seem to believe everything they are told, with the new enlightened targets. To quote an old saying “it’s not that we are well educated enough but are we well educated enough to question what we are being taught”. This fiasco would have to be a prime example. chris
The climate polices are put in place by alarmists who vote for their own cause. Thankfully they are the minority Ken
man made climate change is no issue at all because there is none. Other climate changes have happened on Earth as long as the planet had an atmosphere, so they are absolutely normal and we cannot influence them. One of the problems is statistics: Whereas within the current 30 years’ timeframe temperatures have risen for many years, during the last 5 years or so, due to changes in solar activity, they have been falling again, but this only the future statistic models will show. Klaus
Remove this government before anything else Grace
it has taken a long time – and is not finished is my prediction – We may have to acknowledge the CREATOR, the source of Life – the author of AGAPE. Maurice
This BS has been provable BS for years!!!! Andy
The sooner the better. But that wouldn’t suit the tooth fairy and her silly mates. WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND!! Don
Climate change and global warming are two terms that look obvious but lack common definition. They are also 2 seperate problems that have been conflated for political reasons. One is worthwhile and has a solution, the other must cost more but has no long term solution anyway. We need to stop confusing global warming caused by the movement of our planet in relation to the sun with climate change which could be mitigated by cleaning up efforts. Ian
Absolutely no reason to progress climate change measures using incorrect data. Mike
The climate will always change as it has always done since the beginning of time and throwing trillions of dollars at it won%u2019t change it one iota Claire
Yes everything should be put on hold. We cannot it seems rely on our current government to do anything as they are too busy stuffing the country up. Looks like we will have to wait till after the election next year and let our new PM David sort it. brian
THis is not about Climate – it’s ALL about the MONEY…$Trillions & $Trillions of it. Reverse “Robin Hoodism”. Robbing the least able to afford crippling “Carbon Taxes” and transferring $ to the already disgustingly rich elite. Glyn
I am absolutely done with radical Governments and their policies!! Its time to give the power back to the people! Governments are obsolete! lisa
The whole ‘Climate Crisis’ is a figment of someones imagination. I doubt that anything mankind does has little influence on climate, especially Carbon Dioxide! J J
David Kear was a leading N.Z. climate scientist who had studied sea levels in the Pacific & N.Z for nearly 55 years.He died in 2019 aged 95. He had already debunked climate change as a con back in 2013.He was On the IPCC & told them they were all crazy working off computer modelling & do zero field research. It has been a huge money making scam for thousands of conglomerates for years,the Nazis even tried climate change as a control tool. How come you never see solar panels & electric cars in the homes of the world elites plus the fly around in private jets spewing more carbon emissions than a small country. & if rising sea levels are such a threat to humanity why are these so called elitist’s like Obama buying up multi million dollar properties on the foreshores? Natural climate change is a normal part of nature,don’t forget Humans have only been on planet earth for e very,very short time. And lets hope Jacinda is only here for a very short time as well. Allen
Gov. unable to use commonsence,all thier policies are agender driven.Time for Cindy to go. GORDON
It continues to amaze me that “sheeple” are too stupid to use their brains and see through this junk. So sad….the anticipation of sea level rise to extract money from people and governments is just deplorable! Hilary
Scrapped Peter
CO2 Carbon Dioxide, ESSENTIAL for ALL life on planet earth, increases only AFTER temperature increases. This has been Acknowledged in a previous IPCC report. gary
It’s a no brainer Jusy
Finally some common sense even if it did come from the UN Mick
Your analysis is misleading. Sea Level is currently rising by at least 4 mm/yr and this rate is rising. We can realistically expect a sea level rise of at least 0.6 m by 2100. That is truly catastrophic. John
But the govt will lie its’ way around dumping those measures Russell
Common sense should at last prevail. Rod
It was from the beginning fraudulent. rina
Not only are their policies based on totally inaccurate modelling, they are only looking at the period of history starting with the advent of the Industrial Revolution when previously, climate studies have gone back 30,000 years or more. Whats the point in spending all that time & effort drilling core samples in Antartica if you are just going to disregard it ? This is about control & money like all politics… Steve
Of course they should! Perhaps if we also eventually legislate some expectations that our media must search for more truthful answers instead of plying propaganda – we might get better outcomes for our country and our citizens? This thing has been media hype driven from day one – and resembles the story of Henny Penny far too much. Andrew
Our political class are a bunch of ignorant lunatics. Charles
Let’s petition Bonny King Charles, he might not know that his sovereignty over NZ is under threat. John
Alarmist nonesense that is not back up with good science. Stewar
The whole ‘climate change’ issue is a scam and a rort designed to further line the pockets of the rich and powerful. As usual in these situations it’s a case of following the money. I don’t deny that the climate could be changing – it is always changing and has since the Earth was formed. It’s just that mankind’s influence on it is marginal and, even if I’m wrong in this, there’s bugger all we can do to change it back! Alan
Stop now Sheila
Rubbish data Rubbish results Alan
Absolutely. Many politicians have claimed the climate alarmism is based upon science which is absolute BS. Of concern also is the brainwashing of students with these alarmist projections David
absolutely, all based on false modelling and assumptions Chrissie
of course and the con artists behind it charged with criminal nuisance Richard
All this “” climate change “” scam should be deleted. It is impossible to do this kind of predictions. But then: politicians either don’t have brains or don’t want to use them, being scared of getting tired. peter
Absolutely they should suspend these alarmist policies, they have gotten so carried away with their unfounded and incorrect predictions of doom! Robin
We need to look after ourselves FIRST Mike
Abandon / remove all policies David
Just scare tactics using a lot of lies. There is no emergency! Dale
Its all a con. The sun determines the Worlds weather, not CO2 emissions mike
Fear may have worked for Covid-19 – lets not make the same mistake with Climate Change!! jim
There is no climate emergency. All this is nothing to do with climate, and all to do with the NWO agenda to enslave all of us peasants. Arrest the lot of them and lock them away, Adearn first! Neil
Absolutely – we must ensure that the general public (and School Education) is made fully aware of the realistic climate science data to be adopted a.s.a.p. Peter
it won’t happen because its not about science, it’s about greater levels of centralised government control using whatever means necessary Alastair
Vast amounts of money and time being expended on an uncontrollable progression of natures move forward. Michael
Let’s get rid of this idiotic government who seem to be all for implementing communist ideologies Gvprice
Its a no f…..n brainer!! Hewitt
They have gone completely nuts with their dubious climate change ‘predictions. They do not know diddly squat . Bizarre and grotesque that whole lot. Michael
Jacinta and her mob, are not really competent to manage the long term climate concerns, let alone the other aspects of NZ Walter
It has never adequately been explained how CO2 comprising 0.4% of the atmosphere can cause rising temperatures. CO2 is essential for plant life which absorb CO2 and release oxygen. No plant life, no life. Steve
It is mostly quack science Bruce
This whole debate is being peeled back. It has been an economic redistribution model and is being ramped up before it is found out. John
Our govt is again forcing the fear / panic mongering on the population, when it should be “well, move on – nothing to see here” and leave our farmers alone. Michele
It has always been a hoax imho, since the days of the hole in the ozone layer! chris
And while at it remove the whole government !. Jane
These climate-related policies are NOT TRUE ! Another propaganda. Dominique 
This rogue govt needs to be removed – outright lies and fear mongering by Ardern has to stop. Rowena
There is currently no waming taking place. Of course all of the climate change rubbish (otherwise known as control of the masses) should be suspended, or preferably, simply discarded. Rod
we have owned a property on the beach in Kenepuru Sound for the last 40 years – we couldn’t understand why the sea isnt coming into our section there – this explains it!!! anna
Let’s be honest. Every prediction made by the climate alarmist lobby has spectacularly failed to come true. You don’t have to be an expert to know that what they are basing their alarmist claims on is absolute nonsense. It just has an official number now – 8.5, whatever! Derek
there is no need for any climate related policies. Dump the Climate Commission as well James
There is no climate crisis. There is bad weather sometimes! John
FFS Skarlett
Immediately. We are all paying for alarmist hogwash. Allan
Scaremongering and untruthful about ‘climate change’. Rod
Absolutely alarmism should be banished from all government policy, regulations and laws. It is dreadful that this has been going on without the public being aware they are being duped!  Vern
Why is this the first time I have heard of this? Why hasn’t the media been digging into it. Oh yes, I forgot, they love climate alarmism and won’t publish anything that criticises it! Barbara
What a dreadful state of affairs! Laurence
National should get onto this and pledge to fix it if they get into government. Kelvin
Surely these revelations will discredit the whole climate change scam. Let’s hope so!  Harry