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Climate Change Hysteria

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The Labour Party dodged a bullet when they decided to cancel the Capital Gains Tax. They eventually came to realise that their chances of being re-elected to government would have been greatly diminished had they persisted with the proposal. National would have capitalised on an unmistakable opportunity to establish a significant point of difference.

The coalition Government’s newly announced Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill 2019, which has been described by a former Energy Minister as “the most dangerous piece of  government legislation ever placed before New Zealand’s House of Representatives”, is so radical that it offers National a similar opportunity. But only if they start acting like a real opposition and stop allowing themselves to be manipulated by the Government into a ‘consensus’ approach.

First, some background. 

The drive for ‘zero carbon’ is being used as a vehicle by the United Nations’ to advance its global socialist agenda. By embracing extreme environmentalism, they have tapped into a rich vein of activism and popular political support.

The fact that in 2016 almost every country supported the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2050 – with a long-term target of 1.5 degrees – demonstrates their success and momentum.

However, as the tangible effects of the Paris Agreement are beginning to be felt – through expensive energy-rationing policies that are forcing up prices with no environmental benefits – public opposition is increasing.

It is this growing mood of resistance that brought the UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on a promotional tour of New Zealand and the Pacific. Amid his exaggerated predictions of climate doom, he was full of praise for the hard-line approach being taken by our Prime Minister. 

“We are facing a climate emergency…The paradox is that as things are getting worse on the ground, political will seems to be fading. That is why the leadership of the government of New Zealand is extremely important. Not only is New Zealand fully in line with what was promised in Paris, but New Zealand is introducing legislation to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. Your leadership Prime Minister is absolutely crucial in this regard and I’m extremely grateful for it.”

It is deeply concerning that our PM has taken on the role of international cheerleader for the climate change movement – as she is also doing over gun control and hate speech.

With the support of the UN, Prime Minister Ardern is determined to see New Zealand leading the world in climate restrictions, even though at 0.17 percent, our contribution to global man-made greenhouse gas emissions is too small to measure.

Since the PM’s new legislation has been modelled on that of the UK, it is instructive to read what policy analyst and former advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rupert Darwall has to say about the expected impact of the zero carbon targets that are being proposed by their Committee on Climate Change:

“Going to net zero requires a significant ramp up in policy, i.e. even more cost, hardship and disruption. The ban on petrol and diesel cars will have to be brought forward. One fifth of Britain’s farmland is to be converted to forest or given over to growing crops for fuel. ‘Societal choices’ will be made (how?) so people eat less beef, lamb and dairy. People will need to make changes inside their homes. The committee envisages little room for Britain’s manufacturers in a net-zero economy.” 

The impact of zero carbon targets on New Zealand will also be significant. According to the Bill’s Regulatory Impact Statement the estimated cost to the economy will be up to $12 billion – $8,000 for the average household – each year for the next 30 years. Other economists believe the costs will be much higher. As the Minister for Climate Change increases the value of carbon, prices will escalate putting huge pressure on family budgets, businesses will close, and unemployment will rise.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former Energy Minister Barry Brill and Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition has examined the Bill and provides a sobering ‘must read’ analysis:

“The Bill envisages government intervention and regulation in every aspect of daily life, so as to facilitate a centrally-planned ‘transformation’ of New Zealand’s economy, society and environment.

“It is fundamentally anti-democratic in seeking to bind future Parliaments and governments by a heavily entrenched 30-year target and 15-year budgets/plans.

“It is unconstitutional in delegating to the Minister for Climate Change the power to impose the largest tax increases in history.

“It arms Minister Shaw with unfettered statutory authority to decide what climate-related risks might arise in any part of the country and what should be done about any of them. His 2020 plan can render homes uninsurable, devastate property values and hike rating burdens – without limitation – and will override all the existing protections in the RMA and elsewhere.”

As Barry explains, the Bill attempts to bind future governments by making it almost impossible to relax carbon restrictions even if they cause widespread hardship and poverty.

And while the Paris Accord set a temperature reduction target of 2° Celsius by 2050, with an aspiration goal of 1.5°, astonishingly, it is this harsher 1.5° goal that our PM has set as New Zealand’s standard in the legislation.

The Bill outlines the targets: “net emissions of greenhouse gases are zero by 2050; and gross emissions of biogenic methane are 10% less than 2017 emissions by 2030; and are at least 24% to 47% less than 2017 emissions by 2050…”

The bill explains that ‘net’ emissions can be offset by forestry or by carbon credits from other sources, while ‘gross’ emissions, which refer to methane, allow no such offsetting.

With almost half of all New Zealand’s emissions generated by the food producing agricultural sector – largely by sheep and cattle chewing their cuds – the only option to reduce methane will be to cut stock numbers.

But by imposing such restrictions on farmers, Jacinda Ardern is ignoring Article 2 of the Paris Accord which specifically prohibits countries from restricting food producers. It says, “This Agreement… aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change… in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

So despite New Zealand’s livestock farmers producing almost twice the milk and meat per kilogram of carbon dioxide than the global average, Prime Minister Ardern’s cheerleading means they will face the harshest restrictions in the world.

It is astounding that such punitive measures could even be contemplated by our own Government on a vital sector of New Zealand’s economy and an international leader in primary production.

In fact this attack on farmers looks like a re-run of the ‘fart tax’ that Helen Clark’s Labour Government tried to impose in 2004. At that time, the public and the opposition rallied in support of the farming community and forced Labour to back down.

This time around, Labour and the Greens will be hoping that the rural community will remain isolated, without the support of National strongly opposing the Bill. 

It remains to be seen how the New Zealand public will react to the Government’s radical zero carbon agenda and whether opposition will grow – as it has done overseas.

In France in 2018, when President Emmanuel Macron tried to impose carbon taxes to meet the country’s targets under the Paris Accord, protesters donned yellow vests and took to the streets. They forced the President to abandon his scheduled increases in fuel taxes, electricity prices, and vehicle emissions controls. Despites this the protests are continuing.

In Canada, a backlash is also underway against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Paris climate policies. The new federal carbon tax that he imposed on the five provinces that have climate sceptics as their premiers, is now being challenged through the courts.

In Australia, former PM Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to introduce Paris carbon restrictions is said to be one of the reasons he was forced to resign. His successor, Scott Morrison, announced that reducing energy prices and improving reliability, rather than fighting climate change, would be the government’s goal going forward.

In Holland, the Forum for Democracy, a political party that started life as a think tank that opposed global warming scaremongering, has just become the biggest party in the Senate. The FfD’s victory in the provincial elections is a clear signal that Dutch voters are increasingly opposed to the government’s overly-ambitious climate policies.

Essentially, the FfD claimed the government was being driven by “climate-change hysteria”, saying their policies were far too costly and would attain a reduction in global temperature of only 0.0003 degrees Celsius by 2100. They wanted to stop the government funding programs to meet international climate agreements, and like US President Trump, they want to leave the Paris Accord.

In Finland, climate change also dominated their recent elections. With most parties proposing to raise energy prices and limit people’s energy use, the Finns Party made the fight against expensive climate policies the central part of its platform. It gained the second-highest number of seats in the Parliament. Just two months before the election, polls showed support for the Finns Party at only 8 percent, but after opposing climate alarmism became its main objective, its popularity doubled.

The New York Times credited the Finns Party’s success to its climate scepticism: “As Finland’s other parties competed with each other to offer ambitious climate goals, the Finns Party has seized on climate as a new front in the culture wars, warning its conservative, working-class supporters that they are being betrayed by urban elites. Aggressive environmental measures will ‘take the sausage from the mouths of laborers’, warned a Finns Party politician in a televised debate. And, more important, from dogs and cats, whose food would increase in price by 20 to 40 percent. ‘What are you going to say to the little girl or boy who cries when Mom and Dad say that they can’t afford it any longer? And take the lovable pet to be put down?’ If that was not enough, he suggested contemptuously that, if the liberals got their way, dogs and cats would have to accept vegan substitutes for meat.”

In Germany, even Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party is positioning itself against a carbon tax. They are putting the interests of the economy ahead of climate protection, as concerns grow that many aspects of everyday life will become considerably more expensive under carbon pricing, with the financial burden falling disproportionately on the poor.

In some German polls, opposition to carbon taxes has now risen to over 60 percent. At a recent meeting in Brussels, Germany sided with Poland, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic in refusing to commit to climate neutrality by 2050.

It was in 2016 that President Trump turned America away from the Paris climate accord. He refused to support what some had called an ‘economic suicide pact’ intent on exerting global government control over the lives and living standards of people everywhere.

At the time, the Heritage Foundation estimated that the Paris restrictions “would cost average US families $30,000 in cumulative higher electricity prices over the next decade. Paris would eliminate 400,000 high-pay manufacturing, construction and other jobs – and shrink the US economy by $2.5 trillion by 2027.”

Other analysts put the costs much higher.

With the first reading of the Zero Carbon Bill scheduled for next week, the big question is whether National will recognise the need to take a leading role in bringing the Prime Minister and James Shaw to heel.

National needs to decide whether it will continue to go along with this global climate change hysteria and allow New Zealand to be pushed into a vortex of decline. Or whether it will defend the national interest and oppose this extremist legislation.


Should National support or oppose Labour’s Zero Carbon Bill?


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Where are you National silent show some leadership or act will be getting my vote too Diane
They haven’t got CGT as a tool any more but they need to fiercely oppose this disastrous bill. Rex
As Barry Brill said, “this could be the most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced into the NZ Parliament.” These people are so inept that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. There is only one way to stop this rot……we must make Binding Referendum the law of the country.This is the only way to put a curb on the increasing lunacy that is coming out of Wellington. National have not got the courage to stop it. The only way we can help politicians grow a backbone is for the people to take back the power. Ronmac
National are failing in their support for farmers and others and need to become more vocal about the global warming UN scam. Why does NZ belong such an evil organisation? Elizabeth
They should oppose but they won’t ! John Key turned most of them into Obama disciples – and a bunch of gutless wonders Ken
There are far more useful things which could be done to clean up this country and its atmosphere than the direction proposed by the Prime Minister and the coalition parties. Margaret
Enough of the hysteria. Let’s make NZ great again! StevoC
This whole concept of ‘climate change’, (which used to be ‘Global Warming’ ) was always a type of Pyramid Scheme to suit the Land rich Wealthy city dwellers – it created a new ‘industry’ from absolutely nothing, mainly to suit Helen’s rich Mates who had put some of their wealth into Forestry, which had begun to ‘crash’. Just a plain old con-trick Rip-off. MervB
The hysteria around climate change is creating a confused reaction to how people will view climate change and will ultimately be seriously disadvantageous to New Zealand as a whole if allowed to rule parliament. Waikanae Stewart
Climate change is very real., and I am delighted that National is adopting a bi-partisan approach. There are real opportunities and I love my Electric Vehicle. Jonathan
It is a “con” job by Jacinda to help advance her socialisttc agenda and should be strongly opposed by National. Ian
Just another example of Jacinda’s naievite, inexperience and failure to think things through. Our country is being hi-jacked by a kindergarten mentality. Nola
Enough of the hysteria let’s have some common sense Bev
If National, better known as “THE OPPOSITION” play the game of supporting the greens in what is a load of hot wind,then I doubt if they will be back in power in the next two elections. I thought that Labour was a very week opposition but guess what????? Barry
If National fail to oppose the zero Carbon Bill.in a few years they will never be government again. John
Science is not settled yet the agenda is pushed anyway Rob
For all reasons given by sensible commentators through NZCPR Russell
If national supports the crazy bill proposed by the incompetent labour team then NZ is doomed. As a pensioner I will be required to pay 50% of my current income to the communist based labour and greens. There is an action I would take prior to accepting this wrought. Surely the current govt. politicians cannot be so dumb to implement such draconian measures. Allan
If this bill goes through, who will turn the lights out? It won’t be me! John
Why would they want to support something that cannot be achieved. John
The world has been have changes for millions of years . Greed from many sources are leading this hysteria to enrich themselves. Wendy
Global warming is a hoax Peter
NZ needs to work our way intelligently through the global warming problem rather than a knee jerk reaction to support the green nutters Stan
More Climate Hysteria Michael
Oppose this B/S from greens & U/N so called scientists…Have always been a national supporter but when John Key signed up to the Paris agreement 2016 I thought what the hell has he done to bring NZ into a nightmare situation that all NZers will pay $$$ in taxes & farmers will pay in their land grab by greens to plant trees..Simon Bridges is now down the same road…come on National get your act together & see the light!! Rex
stop the climate change extortion by the global socialists. Wayne
Oppose without a doubt. Has the PM even considered the economic situation of the farmers when they have to get rid of their cattle and sheep to facilitate the Zero Carbon dream. The dream is that they should plant trees on the available land to get rid of the carbon. Are these trees in any way going to compensate the farmers or are they just going to be carbon guzzlers? Ursula
To support the Bill would be political suicide !! Nev
Zero carbon is an impossible target. Any fool can see that. Wake up National. David
Follow Australia’s lead !! Phil
Absolutely and should heavily concentrate and promote the points outlined in this weeks letter which was brilliant. John
It’s theft because it’s fraudulent Raiford
It’s madness to allow such an agreement to commit governments and population to potential suicide if it is passed. Rob
Climate alarmism is no longer fashionable in the world as governments lose elections just as Labour did in Australia because of their climate policies. This is what needs to happen here, step up National with some decent leadership; then we need to get rid of the destructive Green party forever. What is clean and green about smoking dope? J. Ardern is out of step with international climate policy feelings and needs to be sent to the wilderness with her immature response to what New Zealanders really want in their leaders. Monica
Watch and share this 4 minute video revealing the Carbon Dioxide tax scam. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BC1l4geSTP8 31,000 scientists agree that carbon dioxide induced global warming is a scam. Mainly scientists being paid by government funded climate change research, for the purpose of carbon dioxide taxation of the public, are crying carbon dioxide induced global warming.) George
It is ridiculous to even consider it. Waste if time and money, as usual. Valerie
Darn right they should oppose the stupid Labour/Green government. The sooner we get rid of these idiots the better. Read the facts on the supposed climate change. Fraser
Oppose. National as it is does not have the guts to oppose labour. Sam
absolute bloody madness Barry
Oppose oppose oppose … carbon zero – ppfffffh! Maddi
Of course the gutless opposition should oppose it. Stand up for something for once! Laurie
To tax mother nature is just pulling the synthetic wool over the publics eyes. Plastics need to be taxed to promote more environmentally safer products. eg. Glass milk and water bottles instead of plastic, wool carpet instead of nylon etc etc… Mark
Global climate change is a natural occurrences gobble warming has been happening since the last ice age. The true effect of carbon & Methane have not been reported correctly ant the miss information is a way to fire up the weak minded into action. no carbon no fife for the modern human William
The stupid sheep like following of the UN generated hysteria needs to be opposed to the limit. Jim
Global warming is pseudoscience as we are in a grand solar minima with a deepening ice age. CO2 is plant food and vital to life with water and CO2 the two most important materials for all life be it flora or fauna. This is just a way to enslave an already enslaved brainwashed stupified free range self policing slave populace. Carbon taxes go where precisely? Good luck when the sun goes nova………. Anon
Global warming is a natural occurring process as has been established by scientific research. Eric
I still don’t believe in climate change as the Labour Party describes it. I see at the beach the high & low tides don’t seem to have changed at all over the past 40 years. The short & sweet of it is, if I don’t see it even starting I’m not going to believe it! Eric
National your silence is deafening Diane
It’s a lemon. Just like the Y2K ‘fear’ – it’s just another HOAX to make certain people a LOT of money. Zero Carbon is Bull dust. We’re made of carbon, Just like oxygen – carbon recycling on our planet is just a natural process. The insignificant human population on this planet has little long term effect. Volcanoes can spew more waste gases into our atmosphere in a day than the whole world population has produced in all it’s existence… Duh. Simon
Climate change hysteria is a hoax and a revenue generating machine to establish the UN’s One World government. It is baseless and fraudulent and they use ignorant kids to run around with placards furthering the agenda. Helena
CO2 is good for the garden. We don’t need another TAX. Ian
We cannot affect the global climate by doing this so why penalise everyone in trying. Allan
The end of this country Michael
Pleasing to see a large portion of the world waking up to this Socialist dream to have everybody poor by taxing to death. Just need National now to wake their ideas up and oppose everything and get back in next time. Graeme
4 degrees Celsius warming would be good for plants and people. Brett
All based on false science. Barry
bring in crusher collins and she will kick this bullshit where it deserves to go up adherns and shaws backside, Trump has the right idea by standing up to that corrupt mob called the un and dumping the so called climate change. Richard
Ridiculous. Joe
Madness, instilled via indoctrination & propaganda.. Total hoax, = great gravy train for some.. Rosemary
If we currently have 380k living in poverty now this will rise to 2 to 3 times that number long before 2050. It is a tipical left wing agenda. Raymond
They must strongly appose this Bill Peter
Absolutely no. Peter
the ENVIRONMENT needs more protection than the climate nonsense that really gets up my nose!! RICHard
Labour is being very careful to appease its co-partners in all such aspects of government. But anyone supporting the fake greens is really supporting a socialist and pro-globalisation party. Liz
It would be in Nationals’ best interests to oppose this Bill as they will have less of a mess to clean up after 2020 when Jacindabimbo flits off to the UN to take up the plum job that Auntie Helen has probably reserved for her. (presupposing that they can gain enough voter support to win the next election). In my opinion, National needs to work harder towards becoming a more effective Opposition than what they are now, in order to bring this about. Scott
The “Climate Change” brainwashing has clearly worked on the Nats, John Key certainly believed in anthropogenic Global warming, as I am sure Simon Bridges does. Yet, the many scientists who say that Man made global warming is not proven, and the science is not “settled” are castigated as “deniers” whose voice and opinions should be banned. We live in dangerous times. Robin
National need to be strong enough to ignore the political elites and news media who will redouble efforts to stoke the climate hysteria. Stan
NZ is way behind the sustainable game applauding a wind farm in Waverly using 4 MW turbines which were on the market in 2011 to 2014. Source WindEurope 2018 page 20. Tom
National should retain individual stance Jim
To the real information go to, Https://www.youtubecom/embed/BC114geSTP8 and you will see that this CO2 problem is imagination John
The benefits are not clear to me when we are so small in world terms but the costs seem to be huge. Graham
Political grandstanding is making a mockery of practicality Bob
Any decent opposition defending the interests of its constituency would reject this devious agenda. Everyone in their right mind will realize that we have arrived at a crossroads . There is no middle ground anymore. No compromise. This zero carbon bill is a UN driven agenda to basically destroy societies ,nations and their economical systems and turn us globally into a amorphous mass of faceless drones serving a small elite , This is frightening to the extreme especially in the way it is forced upon us. And these red green totalitarians are shamelessly scheming against us , lying to and deceiving us . At this stage they work relentlessly to fragmentise our society with their perverted schemes called inclusiveness, gender equality, political correctness, hate speech laws, legalize cannabis , feminism, to name only a few– all massively forced upon us by the MSM which have degenerated into a propaganda machine which would have made Josef Goebbels more than proud. Back to the National Party. I have a very dim view in regards to how they are acting as the ‘opposition’. Let’s face it : there is NO real opposition present in Parliament. It seems to me that this party has already been infested by this sickness which is so evident in the Red Greens and that the conservative core of this party has already weakened. I would be very surprised if National will work up any courage at all to fight this evil agenda. Michael
Societal democracy doom is threatened and probably nuked by this bill, on so many potential fronts. Stan
its a much larger picture than labor has the intelligence to understand ; no point ruining our economy any further ; the whole world has to be part of all decisions about this , and until this happens [ probable never will ] it is a waste of time and money ! Roy
Unattainable and the hardship will hit the lower paid and the aged Laurel
It is time to man up National – and spend some effort in studying the effects of the sun instead of carbon. Maurice
I doubt that they will have the courage to oppose this crap. John
Global warming alarmism is a fraud against science and against humanity. Evan
Hysteria is the right word! Darag
EMAIL ALL NATIONALMP,s Especially Judith Collins & Simon Bridges to FULLY read what james shaw & jacinda are doing & the bill they are trying to push on N.Z. & BIND ALL govts. in the future. Both the greens,(who are a mini maoris party in disguise) & labour are OUT OF CONTROL & jacinda only wants to look good overseas & get her photo taken. Cindy
It is a huge concern that the young are being indoctrinated in schools from such an early age. Truth is fallen in the street and there is no countermanding Catherine
climate change? what a load of absolute rubbish , as I have said before the sun drives the climate of this planet, not us , end of story for god sake. James
The whole charade is a bit amazing really, when you consider that NZ is already carbon positive, if our native bush is included. The reason it is not included is because the IPCC decided it did not count because it didn’t suit their thinking. Rather hard to believe isn’t it. Tim
The arrogance of the PM and her guvmint is beyond belief. Their efforts will not make any difference in the world but create hardship in NZ. Maurice
Definitely oppose this hysteria, it’s a total social manipulation and political control of our lives. Robyn
What a scam ! Beverly
Definitely oppose! Jo
What a joke – feel like I’m living in the twilight zone. Quentin
For God’s sake when will commonsense invade the beehive. The greens are dreamers and Jacinda is no better. I really fear for my grandkids world. Peter
Commie madness dressed as conservation – again. Paul
It is all ridiculous! Jan
I almost feel the National party no longer exists. It really does need to get its act together and start challenging the coalition government.. The way it is going at the moment Labour will romp home at the next election and probably without the need of other parties. I’ve had a gutsful of climate change and many other countries are also changing their minds about the whole business when reality strikes home and they see the affect this could have on their own economy – but not NZ – martyrs to the cause. Our PM has her head in the clouds. Fiona
Definitely oppose. It could be National’s ‘nuclear-free moment’. I reckon people will rise up against this bill when they realise how much it’s going to cost them in $ and c. Laurence
Labour should be even more courageous in its measures to stop ongoing global warming/climate change. The least National should do is support Labour/coalition present plan. Rochelle
Of course climate change is happening as it has done since time immemorial. What is exaggerated is man’s input and natural events effects reduced. For example some climate scientists say sunspots may now effect the climate by 30% but this is denied by others. They also diminish the effects of undersea volcanos and the effects of methane given off by termites and insects as a whole. There are just too many variables to be sure of anything. Alan
We need strong leadership to stand up to this joke of a PM. Anon
Absolutely and totally for all the reasons given. It will destroy NZ as we know it to achieve nothing but notoriety for being the easiest nation in the world to scam with the greatest fraud in the 20th /21st century. James
Why do people not understand that humans can’t change the climate.  We should be focusing on reducing our usage of plastic etc instead as that is something we can control. Kelly
Policy by green ideologists does not relate in any sense to the natural order of nature which is far too complex for man to capture with any accuracy in computer programs. John RL
Lets get real Peter
there should be opposition to bring forward challenges to ideas that may or may not be good Ron
All mammals breath out co2 so will all life forms have to breath out into somekind of bag or risk sanctions? This bill is typical Green/Labour idiocy. Richard
The climate is bigger than us. Peter
The sooner NZ citizens recognise that the Green Party with their closet-Marxist base support are working for a socialist end to western civilisation the sooner we reduce their influence on other naive politicians in all parties. It comes back to the question, “do the NZ parties work for the actual benefit of the citizens they supposedly represent or do they have other priorities?” I don’t believe that the National party establishment is capable of opposition to Labors plans to rule. A binding referendum would sort these politicians out without further discussion. Rex
National were the idiots that signed the Paris Accord to appease their GLOBALIST MASTERS; {UN} They. will probably be critical while in opposition, but once re-elected, like the anti-smacking bill, will refuse to repeal anything, & blame Labour for the country going broke. Now, in an effort to ensure that the only ‘Party’ that opposes the E.T.S., NEW CONSERVATIVE, don’t gain to much traction, they are proposing a National run Christian Party, that they hope will soak up the honest voters support, & give them another Globalist coalition partner. Thus ensuring the status quo remain.. One can only hope the voters are not sucked in by the LIES that will be used to launch the pretending new ‘Party’. Meanwhile Jacinda rallies her SOCIALIST friends, Macron, Trudeau, etc. to stifle free speech by stealth.. Not a word of complaint from National. A.G.R.
The very idea that CO2 is a pollutant is absolute madness. Keith
This Government is set on creating the most anti-human legislation ever to be imposed on our nation. Mr Shaw and our PM can state that a zero-carbon regime will create more jobs, make us more productive – No supporting facts but the words sound grand!. How do they propose to fund and implement this change, TAX and increased costs for the energy consumers. The Country’s earning capacity is about to be dramatically reduced as herds and flocks are reduced in order to cut CH%u2084 emissions. Given the extensive cost and land area required to be returned to tree plantations and diverted to create windmill farms, perhaps our two “experts” can precisely explain what advantages are to be gained. Referring us to the IPCC claims no longer cuts any ice, particularly when not one of their Climate Models, on which they make their alarmist claims, has been able to replicate what is actually happening to the Earth’s climate. The National Party, has seemingly agreed to a bi-partisan approach and generally support the Government’s position and logic. So what options are we left with – Revolution? We should certainly have a run on Hi-Viz jackets and an increase in shoe/boot resoling! Michael
I do not support a National Party support of anything to do with climate change. It could be the biggest con in history and children are being brainwashed to believe it is true. Colin
Of course National should oppose. But Bridges championed his green credentials. National has been gutless over free speech and firearms [loss]. I recall at a public meeting, Gerry Brownlee declared that facts over climate change didn’t matter at all, but perceptions of our customers in Germany trumped the facts. National brought in the RMA, signed up for the Paris agreement; introduced the ETS tax. So there’s only puny, irrelevant ACT Party in opposition. Expecting National to do the right thing, (rather than vote chase) is futile Peter
Jacinda Adern & Shaw are trying to be sensationalists and don’t know what they are talking about John
Absolutely they should oppose this crazy legislation. However I’m becoming more and more disillusioned with the effectiveness of this National party to oppose anything. Dave
We our rural community to produce, how else do we support and welfare system that we currently have!!! Anita
Defiantly oppose it. Clark
Never in New Zealand’s history has there ever been such a desperate need for a proper Opposition Party to counter this United Nations driven lunacy on climate, guns and the absurdly named “hate speech.” Who would have believed NZ could head in the wrong direction so fast? The Venezuala of the South Pacific is the future that awaits us. Alice
Mass hysteria that’s what it is. Whatever happened to the hole in the Ozone layer. That also generated mass hysteria with a prediction we were all going to die from radiation. All I can say is I am glad I am old and am no longer responsible for fighting these global alarmists. Albyn
More bad legislation with no thought going into its drafting Gareth
Just PC nonsense. When will they wake up and try to do something about the real elephant in the room – plastic waste, where we can actually make a difference. Martin
It seems a lot of hysteria is taking place regarding Climate Change. Clive
A national suicide plan Peter
National must grow a spine and start supporting New Zealanders and fight against all Ardern’s drastic changes that are going to destroy our New Zealand way of life. Anthony
technology advances will be what reduces emissions, taxing us to do it will just mean more money for the govt to waste, it will never go to reducing emissions Nigel
Last chance, National! Marcel
Supporting the bill will put National on the opposition benches after the next election. Dennis
Until decision makers have a clear understanding of their intended policies and protocols, they should do nothing. Grahame
Get their arse into gear and become an effective opposition. They can not afford to squander this opportunity. Look at Alberta. John
NZ would do better to cut its own cloth on the subject of climate change and set an example to the rest of the world by making sensible and achievable changes instead of signing up to the apron strings of a bunch radical idealists. Gary
They must vigorously oppose this. Ken
What is Climate Change or is it the replacement term for Global Warming which we now know is not happening Man made Global Warming is a myth and man has little if any control over Climate Change I once saw an analogy for man made climate change in that is was like one person out of the eighty five thousand at the MCG trying to make a difference to the overall cheering. Most would accept that here is climate change and we must prepare to live with it not try to stop it. Remember Carbon is not a pollutant it is vital to the existence of all life on this planet National must get the will power to fight this extremely damaging bill and promise to repeal it when they get back into power. They have lost the CGT fight but have been given a more important one to fight Robin
If enacted, this Bill would spell economic ruin for this country. Now, to the eco-zealots, that may be a small price to pay; but they have no right to drag the rest of us down with them. There may be a fair element of scientific evidence to support the idea that anthropogenic global warming will result in adverse (to us humans, anyway) climate change, but it’s by no means beyond challenge, and there’s a world of difference between being reasonable in our use of fossil fuels, on the one hand, and going the whole hog to ditch their use altogether, on the other. But, then again, ‘global warming’ has become a new religion, so we shouldn’t necessarily expect good sense to prevail. As William James said, “To truly believe, it’s first necessary to suspend reason.” Graham
Poor science used. Lynda
The biggest con ever Ray
This puts the intended action into it’s true context “The drive for ‘zero carbon’ is being used as a vehicle by the United Nations to advance its global socialist agenda.” Maurice
Al Gore made a fortune from the Enron fiasco and is now making a fortune from leading the Global Warming nonsense.CO2 is a clear odourless gas that all plant life depends on..They absorb the carbon and release oxygen for us to breath. Be like the USA get rid of the UN and Jacinda as well. Ian
Climate change or global warming is one of the biggest global hoax’s ever campaigned this century.. One volcano spewing out all its poisonous gases, Dust Etc is more pollution then man kinds existence here on this planet . Wayne
It is a UN coordinated fraud. John
unrealistic ned
The whole question of climate change due to co2 is a complete fraud. David
Anyone that understands the ‘carbon cycle’and the existance of all life on this planet, will realise humans are just utilizing the process and extracting the stored energy supplied from/by the sun.Labours ‘zero carbon bill’ is an example of pure and criminal ignorance. If the current PM of Nz support s this,how unbelieveadly stupid are the people of nz.?..or the political system we support. Cedric
Labour seems to think zero carbon emissions is possible but they should get their heads out of the sand as it will never be possible. In any case people are so worried about global warming but they should think again and realise that the world population is now increasing so far that we’ll run out of food long before global warming has any real effect. Arthur
More political scape goating for votes in the wrong party abusing their authority on the tax and rate payers and new Zealanders in general Ian
I believe the earth “heat” comes from the sun and currently the sun is in decline and this is affecting neighbouring planets likewise. Currently we appear to be entering a Maunder minimum period. Many references from sensible researchers lecture on the hysteria and the jakobshavn glacier has been expanding for the last 3 years. The Environment Canterbury current emergency? they should look after what they are elected to do. John
This is a golden chance for Simon Bridges and the National party to separate them selves from the rest and show the public that such a move suggested by the Green and Labour and N Z first is will bring NZ and our economy to its knees .By not supporting such a policy will destroy their chances come election time .The public in general are becoming tired of the performance of this current coalition and Ardern spending to much time spreading her socialist views over seas while New Zealand is in MELT DOWN> Ken
I can,t believe how people can be sucked in by this obviously far left Prime Minister who is only pushing her own agenda for recognition on the world stage.Using tax payers money for her own benefit. Ross
Green craziness Bruce
This is a no brainer, National must oppose Dennis
Oppose it now! Manny
Worse that the GST. Dave
ggggrrrrr kit
Carbon dioxide is a necessary part of life – without it we would all be dead – it is one of our primary sources of oxygen Rob
They just don’t think about the wider consequences of these reactive laws that they try to pass.  Ken
Ok a very basic reason for NOT supporting a Zero Carbon Bill, what do we all breathe out …Carbon !! Morons. All this crap was around in the 70s. They are frightening People over complete Horse manure, which , by the way is probably a lot more useful than they are. Geoff
carbon emission are here and will always be here. live with it. Liz
The lack of substance in the Nats at the moment is worrying. There have been a number of issues they should have been making a meal of. Peter
They must definitely oppose it and let’s hope they grow a spine and start opposing immediately before the momentum to implement the Bill grows even more. Helen
climate change has been going on for millions of years and will continue to do so. The greens and the Horse are idiots to think we can change this. Garry
One of the easier questions to answer. Why would you legislate to reduce NZ’s GDP by 40% by 2050 using unproven science to support passage of this legislation. NZers will be punished for actions of others beyond our control being the large emitters, USA,China and India. Chris
The targets will never be reached. We do not have the technology, infrastructure or capital to achieve them. Water vapour is the dominant greenhouse gas, not CO2, its just fraud. John
Absolutely crazy. The Greens are no more than skin deep. On almost everything they have no idea of the ‘guts’ of the issue, no idea of reality and real impacts. Most non-Greens are better environmentalists – far more sensible and realistic about green issues than the Greens. Jack
Absolutely and equivocally oppose the bill or we will be voting for a party that has the guts to stand up and be counted Jeff
This whole climate change movement in New Zealand is based on stupidity. NZ does not emit enough gases to be measured yet our PM is making out that we can save the World by going carbon neutral. Oh! no mention of the cost and upheaval and that the lower income earners will be hardest hit. As to it being her “nuclear moment” she is fooling herself. Say NO the Zero Carbon Bill. Graeme
To support this nonsense would spell the end of NZ as we know it. Hopefully National will actually start performing like an opposition. Ian
The Green Party should never have been allowed into Parliament. Their radical and unrealistic expectations for New Zealand will destroy this country. We are now seeing exactly what the incredible imbalance of James Shaw’s crazy proposed fanatical Bill will do to destroy our major income earning sector of the country. Hobby-horses are fine in their proper place, which is NOT running New Zealand. Robyn
National have got to get their act together and come out with a firm policy which refutes the climate change hysteria that the mass media is intent on promulgating. Ron
Virtue signalling from socialist-servile useful idiots. Mitch
While a grand tactic would be to roll with Labours’s bill to induce the support of believers at the next election the need for opposition to all of the oppressive UN sourced doctrines on Climate and associated legislation proposed or enacted is necessary now. National should oppose and we must support them without any other consideration in the polls. Roger
Draconian restrictive unnecessary Chris
Ardern and Shaw are climate change tragics. They need to be stopped before our country is ruined Pete
Remains to be seen if they have the moral strength to oppose, I have my doubts, we can only hope. Key promised to get rid of the Maori seats and reneged when he needed them to gain power, the party supported him then. Peter
definitely they need to stand up Colin
Simple – no brainer. Andrew
Take a look at what is happening world wide: The idiocy of extremist anti-carbon cranks is being rejected when it is seen how disastrous their aims will be. If the National Party fails to have a policy of reining in the cranks then any party – perhaps ACT or a completely new party – would sweep into power with an unbeatable majority. Rob
National must oppose this giant climate change fraud of the 20th & 21st centuries. If they do not oppose this Bill, at the next election I will be drawing two parallel lines through my voting paper accompanied by the words: NO CONFIDENCE IN SOCIALIST PARTIES AND THEIR GOVERNMENTS! I have done it in the past. Don
The whole thing is B.S. Ardern flew to France in one of the biggest polluters on the planet jet airliners ( they are cities in the sky) and what about volcanoes.There will never be electric planes & you can’t stop volcanoes erupting why is no one talking about this. The whole climate change theory is all about deception & corruption. Allen
World wide there has been NO EVIDENCE that we – mankind – has had any effect on global warming. Michael
Climate change is happening now with the likelihood of harsher impacts on huanity to come. NZ has to do its bit to mediate the effects and the eliminate the causes. Sure it will will come at a cost but what is the alternative? To do nothing is not survivable. Martin
look at the last phrase of the introduction to the Bill….”and a just and inclusive society”. While I support a just and inclusive society, it is not to be hidden in this bill. Tony
Carbon zero bill is destruction of life as we know it Brian
The thing we should be looking at is the weakening of the earths magnetic field which incidentally is getting worse by the month that is more likely to be causing the extreme weather patterns than CO2 Les
How often do the facts need to be brought to the Voters attention?: – 1. CO2 is not a pollutant. You drink it every day in your drink of Coco-Cola or carbonated drink. 2. The oceans are not scientifically rising. 3. The exaggeration of truth is exampled by images published by the Greens…What you see is water vapour coming out of factory exhaust stacks and that is not a pollutant. 4. As has been stated CO2 is necessary for life itself and makes up a microscopic part of the atmosphere. Nature produces almost all of it. Even if we increase it pollution will be unaffected as it is a harmless, odourless, tasteless trace gas. 5. The new Green law will be introduced to establish new Green Climate managing Departments of the public sector to favour Green politics at the expense of the Electorate. 6. The impact of this fraudulent policy will make industry uncompetitive against developing countries; increase the cost to business, the taxpayer and the consumer. 7. The belief that man can control the climate is absurd – the climate has been changing for 2.5 billion years. In the 100 million years of the Dinosaurs temperatures were 10 degrees higher than today with CO2 levels 5x higher – and they thrived! The real problem that will cause chaos in the world is rising population and the main offenders are third world countries. An extra billion people require 2 billion extra litres of fresh water every day and the consumption of food that the world cannot produce. Not to mention the emerging sewage issues that will pollute our cities and waterways. Most of the UN consists of Third World countries trying to rip us off! PM Adern lives in a socialist fantasy land and is using her position, at the expense of the New Zealand taxpayer, to maggot her way into a high level UN position!!! Fredrick
Complete waste of time and unaffordable. The Greens are becoming way too dangerous and need to go. This is just a kneejerk reaction to UN climate change propaganda. Craig
What great facts you point out as to what other countries are now auctioning and seizing upon. Joe
No wonder the belief that we can control the climate is rife in the community. Because our leaders have promoted the teaching of UNs agenda 21 in the schools for years. Now you have a whole generation of NZs who have been deceived. Pollution is another matter all together. They could not prove global warning, so they call it climate change, because everyone one knows that happens. If you don’t like the weather in Auckland, wait a half an hour. So if you disagree with their carbon obsession, your are a climate change denier!!! Logic does not work with this lot and much of the public. They now worship the god of nature and that has blinded their eyes to the truth. Try relieving yourself on the front of the boat when you are fishing. Mans attempt to control the climate will have the same effect. Worse still it will be the first big step in losing our sovereignty to an organisation that will tell us what our laws will be and how we will live. WAKE UP NZ. Dene
The main goal is to stop capitalism! Cyril
National should get off its backside and oppose the hell out of it.. New Zealand’s economy and social structure, especially the rural community, will be totally stuffed in a very short time if this stupid climate policy goes ahead  Mike
No one can afford what this zero carbon bill will cost us all. To suggest reducing the amount of food we produce is insane. Paloma
Human induced climate change is a false Malthusian like narrative based upon a fundamental underlying political agenda promoted by Globalist organistaions and people such as George Soros and the United Nations. Not only is the science behind it without creditable justification it is at the most basic level a global wealth redistribution tool in the hands of prominent Socialists. It works toward dividing the world into 10 districts rather than a collection of Sovereign Nation States. This is why Brexit and Trump are so important, the Resistance! Specifically, optimum atmospheric CO2 levels that promote the earths biological systems by supporting plant and organic systems is 2000ppm. Currently this level sits at approximately 410ppm. The earth is currently under supplied with Carbon Dioxide. If these levels drop to 180ppm – everything becomes severely stressed and at 120ppm all life on earth dies. The Zero Carbon Bill must be resisted, thrown out of Parliament and never to see the light of day again. The many scientists who decry and argue against human induced climate change go under reported, or properly stated never reported by MSM. Such names include Dr Patrick Moore, Dr Timothy Ball, Dr Vincent Gray, Dr Richard Lindzen and many more. Brian
If they don’t, then the right to differ and thus democracy is dead. Joseph
Zero carbon is ridiculous. We are carbon based life forms. Is is madness to go down this track. Allan
The most reprehensible part of this whole global hysteria is the involvement of young children who don’t understand that they are being used to further political objectives in this campaign chasing rainbows. Peter
Just another socialist political ploy in an endeavour to distract from the real shambles developing as more and more hapless and easily led individuals think they will benefit from more central governmental trumped up control. Stuart
In Dunedin i was appalled that several schools forced their students to participate in the Youth climate change demonstrations. Children should not be brainwashed but given the facts. Prominent scientists such as Dr Patrick Moore, Art Robinson, Richard Lindzen, Frederick Seitz, Richard Tol and Nils-Axel Morner are dismissed and ignored in favour of a 15 year old Swedish child with Asperger’s, previous mental health issues and OCD. A child who is used as a propaganda tool to instill fear and alarm among young people telling them there is no point in going to school as the world will end in 10 years. Tina
none of the dire predictions have happened yet. We just have a bunch of non scientific ex students making dumb decisions based on flawed predictions Charlie
This government’s (and some others) proposals are irrational given the evidence at hand. If it continues unabated, it will in itself create havoc and in NZ’s case, will achieve very little given our current level of contamination. It is political manoeuvring on the part of this unelected government. People wake up! Chris
The government are focusing on the wrong thing entirely. CO2 is not the issue.. Brooke
No need to repeat all the evidence that NZ%u2019s – in fact the world’s carbon emissions have little or nothing to do with climate change which has naturally waxed & waned for millions of years – and long before the Industrial Revolution. The pros accepts that tides rise & fall because of the influence of the moon. Why then refuse to accept that climate change is very largely due to large numbers of huge electro-magnetic fields around the sun – up to 125,000 kms across – which wax and wane and in doing so change the climate on earth. The proposals to limit infinitesimal amounts of carbon -where in any case it is only 0.04% of atmospheric gases is stupidly at its utmost – the Coalition Government’s proposals, especially in our lifeline of agricultural production is economic madness in its extreme. Approve these proposals and accordingly vote for a huge economic decline in our economy with a resulting in permanent fall in the standard of living for every NZer .Unbelievable and crazy economic suicide without any scientific evidence – simply more socialist policy with taxes to control more of everyone’s lives. Wake up NZ. Hylton
This govt don’t seem to deem it necessary to have an informed view of any issue. They tend to go by the seat of their pants! June
Together with the cannabis policy, the radical looney left are going to destroy us and they didn’t even get a single elected seat in Parliament! How’s that for democracy? Jenny
In October/November 1958 an article in auckland herald by a scientist stated that the ice caps were melting an low land flooded, he stated that the Maldives would be uninhabitable in 25 years and under water in 50 years,,, I am still waiting. this could/should be researched as proof that in 20 years time things will be as they are now. Graham
Humanity is a carbon based lifeform – is this the focus of this agenda? Chris
The govt is behaving recklessly on many fronts – this is another example. Lawrie
The biggest worry is “Do National” have the strength to do this effectively?” Based on Nationals current performance as opposition – I fear not! Graham
Absolutely. If they don’t, our votes go to Act. Alan
Oppose vehemently!! Pointless staying that forestry planting will offset methane emissions: Pine trees outgas methane as a product of growth! Google it! John
Ridiculous. Best we focus on reducing our use of plastic etc instead. Jan
The whole purpose of the Paris accords was to make it politically and socially unacceptable to question the science of man made climate change. The media immediately fell into line, closely followed by politicians who should know better but are too spineless to speak out. This includes the Nats. Barry Brill is an honourable exception who is prepared to stick his head above the parapet.. Brian
While Labour’s Bill may look good for some, it is a dangerous piece of legislation for our country. Brian
The long term question, if this bill is passed, is what are humans going to eat, and how are they going to pay for what food is available? Bryan
Oppose of course-it’s a form of mass hysteria and will likely cripple our economy. National is becoming Labour-lite giving voters little choice. Roger
this world’s climate history has shown great variation – what makes modern politicians think they can influence it now? How can NZ’s tiny contribution have any effect? This will be far worse for this present government’s future than the capital gains tax. Russell
Not necessary David
Biggest scientific hoax since Piltdown Man Andi
The National Party should start acting like a real opposition. Mike
Absolutely. Anne
National should oppose the bill in its present form and to avoid public backlash from the brainwashed green contingent offer a sensible alternative which does not penalise food producers. On their recent performance, don’t hope for too much from this lack lustre bunch of no hopers. Peter
In the strongest terms possible Steve
Its a wrought . they should put a fart tax on all humans , what about volcanoes Brian
Climate change has been investigated and many reports published to indicate and prove that it is a Natural Cyclic event in Nature. President Trump had all the UN reports scrutinized and found that their reports included numerous inaccuracies. The result : America then withdrew from thew UN paris Accord, soon followed by Germany and a number of other countries. Adern and Shaw are in it for political gain. They are not concerned about the Financial Future and welbeing of the people. There is only one way NZ will get out of this delimma, is for National to form an effective opposition , the voters of this Country to Unite , and to get rid of the Uninformed Labour Leader and their Government !! This Bill is FINANCIAL SUICIDE !! Pierre
Stop fighting and look after the country Mike
It’s time New Zealanders woke up to this leftist tax scam. Mike
What happened to the ozone hole, that was supposed to have fried us all by now? Anne
Of course they should but have the got the guts to do so. I fear that with Bridges at the helm and his love affair with Ardern they will crumble like a house of cards and agree with this insidious piece of legislation. Murray
no choice.,to do other wise is financial suicide for nz future, labour could not be that stupid. Norman
The comrades are driving NZ to economic suicide to achieve absolutely zero environmental gain in real terms. Geoff
Oppose it at all costs! Gavin
Use the money it would have cost us to buy carbon credits to fix the pollution crimes we are committing so we wont ever need to buy any carbon credits. Steve
Climate change is real, it is going to cost a lot more in the long run if we do next to nothing now Tom
Any actions taken should be supported by untainted, scientific proof presented by agencies with no political affiliations and reported using media platforms with no political affiliations. The population is being told what is happening by various associations with direct links to the United Nations. This group is directing public opinion, manipulating data, to support their Global Political desires. We can independently decide what is good for our environment without global political interference! Bruce C
Until countries like Indonesia commit to for on emissions we are wasting our time. Andrew
We are already lumbered with all sorts of emissions taxes, enough already. Hugh
This is absolute jump off the cliff mentality and will do so much damage Our PM just wants to be a Rockstar and is fiscally irresponsible in my opinion. Its all about personal promotion and not about the health of our economy and country Sharon
NO WAY! UTTER B.S. Get organised National. Opportunities abound. Doug
They’d better for the sake of NZ Chris
This is such crap Owen
The anti farming Socialists must be opposed or we are stuffed Russ
In it current form Michael
Absolutely, National need to step up and show the people the real reasons why it should be opposed.A chance for Simon and party to get it right and show they are a’strong’ opposition party! Steve
Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – Oppose – GET THE MESSAGE.? Carl
another of our poster girl (PM)wild and woolly schemes to appease the greens what a circus Russell
Stop this STUPID BILL NOW before it destroys the NZ economy totally.. Carl
Any one with half a brain would oppose this and also getting out of the UN Colin
“And a just and inclusive society”. I believe it is significant that this is tagged on the end of the bill. This gives licence for a government to divert taxes to whatever they decide is a good idea at the time. And yes, NatIonal would be stupid to lend any support to this destructive bill. This will put both labour and national out of government next election. NZ needs to take a leaf from Trump and exit this agreement, as well as exiting the UN. Neil
There is nothing we can do to stop climate change it is a cyclical thing the world goes through and little NZ would never make the slightest difference no matter what we do Peter
No question about this. National should oppose this dangerous bill Johan
If this is forced on us as a Nation we will return to the ” Dark Ages ” of our distant past. Forget it…political demise and rejection come the next election for the Labour party. CHowes
What is still left out of the conversation is: if the global average temperature increases by the predicted 0.8 degree by 2100, why is that a bad thing? Steve
The whole climate change campaign is just a wealth transfer scheme devised by the UN. It is a threat to our way of life and prosperity and is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated. Allan
Stop denying the obvious, and start doing something concrete about climate change Kevin
Its total BS. Graeme
There is cross party agreement for treaty settlements path forward. Carbon is the new settlement. Good luck. mike
There has to be well researched and strong preconditions attached to any initiatives proposed. Max
I don’t support the theory of AGW being of any significance. The cost impost of higher taxes will be prohibitive particularly for low income families. Phil
Pull your finger out & grow some balls for us please National. Stop being toothless lapdog to this out of control coalition being led by a dangerous, destructive, idealistic global poser. Steve
I think they have their figures incorrect regarding animal methane. The air is always cleaner in the country. Diane
Definitely! Terry
Article 2 of the Paris Agreement is a critical clause in support of the world’s food chain, however it is not understood and is censored by the world’s media. Congrats on raising this matter. Bernie
National are pathetic even contemplating support for Carbon Zero. Dump ETS Michael
No more to be said!!! Phil
National first needs to get a decent leader then start being an opposition party. Stopping the expensive price increases that are going to ramp inflation, which are going to hurt the poor. Michael
Concerns over rising costs as a result of this bill could drive us out of our beautiful birthplace. Diane
Its time National grew a backbone Hugh
Show some spine and appose this socialist misinformation bill. But they won’t and will go along with the socialist gun reform bill they supported. They may as well change their name to labour LITE Greg
To support will cripple the country. Surely National will,have learnt from the Capital Gains Tax scenario that if they orchestrate this carefully there is a great opportunity.As Muriel has pointed out in her very informative article there now is a strong world wide awakening to the reality of the situation. Bryan
When will all this fantasy end.. clearly Global Warming is an expensive hoax. Steve
This is a ridiculous burden to place on all now and in the future. It is a giant tax scam from the beg. For our children’s sake we should oppose this now. The world is already in a worse place than the GFC . We are too small to have any impact but the resulting hardship to his ness and families will be huge. Council and govt seem to think that we all have money trees in our gardens to pay for their ever increasing taxes. Food, shelter, health and education are higher priority for our families. Christine
We are fools if we go down this road and keep becoming entrapped in the UN globalist agenda Phil
National needs to stand up and oppose this crazy bill for the sake of NZ%u2019s future. Vivienne
Carbon dioxide is essential for all life on Earth. We need more not less in the atmosphere. Paul
CO2 is essential for plant growth. Margaret
Follow USA policy. Climate change is becoming a religion, a false one Rob
We all die when CO2 reaches 150ppm. Nothing can grow fast enough to feed us. So how is agricultural NZ going to eat at Zero Carbon and make any money for taxes for this fascist government. Larry
Our children are so caught up in the climate change propaganda, this is a massive concern. It shows how successful the extreme left has been in hijacking our education syllabus. Sharen
Absolute Hysteria will make no difference to global warming and will make NZ a third world country – totally outrageous Alan
Zero carbon has no basis in fact, it is a manufactured construct of the UN to effect wealth redistribution in order to force economic restraint and usher in the NWO under the cloak of fiscal collapse. National to be worthy of any support have no part to play supporting or abstaining from assisting this measure in any way. Full and proactive eradication of this bill is required, before any part of it makes onto the statutes. Richard
What we need is a great big volcanic eruption somewhere that will show these idiots what CO2 emissions are and how futile it is to think that they can be controlled. Stupid idiots. Tim
C’mon National show us you’re not going to be railroaded by these brainwashed idealists. Rob
Time to step up and be a fighting opposition National. Mark
National should grow a pair and stop competing with labour and the loony greens for the left of centre Alan
Not only are countries realising the CC hysteria is going to cost them they’re starting to doubt the accuracy of the predictions and mans effect on CC Trevor
Show me the facts verses some UN goal. Martin
Billions of dollars being proposed for the unproven extreme effects of climate change Bryan
One volcanic eruption would far outdo any attempts by mankind’s efforts to create zero carbon,what is happening now has happened in the past ie warm periods, ice ages and warm periods again! Chris
They MUST oppose the Zero Carbon Bill it right from the start and stop sitting on the fence. Malcolm
This is the opportunity for National to step up and remind voters why they should be in Government. They should oppose it wholeheartedly. Brian
This Bill is so dangerous National would be stupid not to oppose it. Ros
If National cares about the country and farmers in particular, they have to oppose the bill and run a proper campaign to highlight how dangerous the whole thing is. Chris
Surely National could not contemplate supporting something that is so radical. Walter