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Coalition Deals

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We are witnessing a remarkable turnaround in New Zealand politics. The Coalition agreement entered into by National, ACT and New Zealand First reflects the first three-party coalition deal in our country’s history.

Democracy can be seen to have prevailed, with MMP delivering what a majority of New Zealanders want. And that’s what’s so remarkable – the three parties have agreed to largely embrace what each of them campaigned on: The National and ACT coalition agreement can be read HERE; the National and New Zealand First coalition agreement HERE; National’s Eight Point Commitment Card HERE, their Fiscal Plan HERE, Tax Plan HERE, 100 Day Plan HERE, and 100 Point Economic Plan HERE.

Despite what the media have been saying, putting together a reform agenda of such detail and importance in less than three weeks – to finally shut the door on the destructive Ardern era – is an outstanding achievement.

To their credit, they have also mapped out how the parties will not only work together but resolve their differences without destabilising the government and the country.

This is especially important given the opposition knows they have a clear pathway to regain control if they can drive a wedge of division between the coalition partners.

The new Government must remain wary of the legacy media, which has not only displayed open bias against them, but is still bound by the requirements of the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund to promote Labour’s agenda for another two years until the funding finally runs out in January 2026.  

Cancelling the PIJF must surely be a priority as it is simply untenable for the media to be funded by the taxpayer to undermine the government.

From the time Jacinda Ardern first became Prime Minister in 2017, the New Zealand Centre for Political Research was highly critical of the destructive effects of the deeply socialist agenda she was imposing onto the country. We are therefore delighted to see most of the issues of concern we have raised over the years are being addressed in the coalition deals.

That, of course, is a core purpose of a public policy think tank such as the NZCPR – to do the research and make the case for reform. Thanks to your backing and advocacy, we have had a significant influence on the direction of the new government.

So let’s do a deep dive into the coalition agreements to see how they have responded to our calls for reform.

Firstly, He Puapua. The NZCPR discovered it, analysed it, warned the country about its divisive and destructive effects – and now, we are thrilled to say, it’s finally going to be tossed into the dustbin of history.

The National-New Zealand First Coalition Agreement specifically states, “Stop all work on He Puapua”.

The He Puapua blueprint for tribal control of New Zealand by 2040 was developed by the Ardern Government under the pretence it was required to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In truth it was nothing more than a radical attempt by elite Maori to seize political control of the country.  

Even now, Labour – along with the Greens and the Maori Party – are continuing to promote iwi control of New Zealand. All three have become so extreme in their demands, that they are threatening insurrection if the new government attempts to restore democracy and equality before the law.

To eliminate all vestiges of He Puapua from the State Sector, everyone responsible for progressing the tribal coup, should be given their marching orders.

While it is fitting that the lead Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, has already been booted out of Parliament by her electorate, the lead author, Auckland University’s Professor Clare Charters, has just been appointed to the Human Rights Commission to promote her dangerous agenda. She should now be required to resign.

But that should not be the end of the matter.

With New Zealand First’s Coalition agreement stating: “The Coalition Government does not recognise the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as having any binding legal effect on New Zealand” and David Seymour’s on-going call for the abolition of the radicalised Human Rights Commission, ACT now has a mandate to do just that through their regulatory review work programme, which aims to reduce wasteful spending across the public sector.

It is indeed a true breath of fresh air to hear a New Zealand Government categorically stating it intends treating all New Zealanders as equals before the law.

Accordingly, the Coalition has pledged to reject new race-based proposals and reverse existing race-based measures.

As a result, they will “Restore the right to local referendum on the establishment or ongoing use of Maori wards, including requiring a referendum on any wards established without referendum at the next Local Body elections.”

That means all councils that have introduced Maori wards since Labour changed the law under urgency in 2021, will be required to hold a public referendum to allow their communities to decide whether or not they want to keep them.

The Coalition’s pledge to “Remove co-governance from the delivery of public services” signals the welcome demise of Three Waters, the Maori Health Authority, and Labour’s RMA reforms. And to ensure the message gets through that race-based division has ended, the Coalition will, “issue a Cabinet Office circular to all central government organisations that it is the Government’s expectation that public services should be prioritised on the basis of need, not race.”

The corruption of our language was a key part of the He Puapua agenda, but to ensure there is no doubt, New Zealand First has spelt out their expectations.

They have reaffirmed the name of our country cannot be changed without a nationwide referendum: “Commit that in the absence of a referendum, our Government will not change the official name of New Zealand.”

That means the public now has every justification insisting our country is referred to by its correct name: New Zealand.  

In light of the misguided argument that the Maori language was being forced onto the country because it is an “official” language, the new Government will “Legislate to make English an official language of New Zealand.”

Furthermore, they will “Ensure all public service departments have their primary name in English” and, along with Crown Entities, they will be required “to communicate primarily in English” – except for those that specifically relate to Maori.

Another piece of good news from New Zealand First’s coalition agreement is that they intend to fix the Marine and Coastal Area Act: “Amend section 58 of the Marine and Coastal Area Act to make clear Parliament’s original intent.”

Those words signal the Government’s intention to bring into line those activist judges that have deliberately ignored the objective of Parliament, by interpreting the legislation in a way that will ensure virtually the entire coastline of New Zealand will end up controlled by competing Maori tribal groups sharing Customary Marine Titles with rights akin to perpetual ownership.

That outcome would be the opposite of what National promised when they introduced the new law in 2011 and reassured the public that no more than 10 percent of the coast – in remote areas – would end up under tribal control.

The application of section 58 of the Act lies at the heart of this controversy. That section requires applicants to have held their claimed area not only according to Tikanga or tribal custom, but also continuously and exclusively since 1840 without substantial interruption.

What the NZCPR’s legal action to the High Court and then the Court of Appeal revealed is that the judiciary did not want to implement Parliament’s intention, because too many tribes would miss out!

Instead, they used the Tikanga provision in section 58 to rule that tribal custom over-rode any Western property rights considerations.

To ‘fix’ the Marine and Coastal Area Act, all references to Tikanga should be removed from the law.

But if the Coalition is serious about its commitment to uphold the Rule of Law more generally, all references to Tikanga should be removed from New Zealand’s Statutes – except for cases involving the Maori Land Court.    

Such a move would be consistent with the push by ACT and New Zealand First to rein in modern-day interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi.

New Zealand First’s agreement states, “Conduct a comprehensive review of all legislation (except Treaty settlements) that includes ‘The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi’ and replace all such references with specific words relating to the relevance and application of the Treaty – or repeal the references.”

And ACT’s agreement states, “Introduce a Treaty Principles Bill based on existing ACT policy and support it to a Select Committee as soon as practicable.”

In addition, ACT wants to remove the requirement that 8 percent of all government contracts must be awarded to Maori: “Ensure government contracts are awarded based on value, without racial discrimination.”

And they also want to “Repeal the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngai Tahu Representation) Act 2022” that has given Ngai Tahu two permanent seats on the Regional Council.

While these changes will hopefully undo the racial wedge that the radical left has used to divide our society, many other initiatives that we have raised over the years are outlined in the Coalition Agreements.

These include New Zealand First’s pledge to abolish all hate speech law changes, end all Covid-19 vaccine mandates, and hold an independent inquiry into how the pandemic was handled – including lockdowns, vaccines, and the social and economic impacts – to determine whether the decisions made, and the steps taken, were justified.

They will also introduce a ‘National Interest Test’ against which international agreements will be assessed to ensure that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy. Accordingly, the World Health Organisation will be advised that New Zealand’s response to imminent changes to health regulations will be delayed so they can be considered against the new “National Interest Test”.

But while the coalition agreements contain vast numbers of welcome changes, one area where all parties appear to have let New Zealand down is climate change.

The country desperately needs agriculture to flourish, yet in committing to Labour’s radical target to “Deliver Net Zero by 2050”, the coalition appears to have turned its back on farmers in order to appease environmental interests and pursue a woke global warming agenda.

As this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, former National Minister Barry Brill, the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, explains ‘net zero by 2050’ is a deliberate misrepresentation of the Paris Agreement:

“New Zealand was the world’s first Parliament to enshrine the confected ’targets’ into its domestic law. Just one MP, out of 120, voted against this odious political sleight-of-hand. Several other developed countries have since followed in New Zealand’s footsteps. These carefully curated misrepresentations of the Paris Agreement’s terms now dominate climate policy discussion throughout the global North.

“The obvious consequence is that the economic cost of climate policy has doubled in many countries. Taxpayers who were already struggling were burdened by doubled energy taxes and an endless slew of other unaffordable climate policies. All this has been visited upon them dishonestly by their own ideology-driven politicians.”

What is particularly disappointing is that to date, the Coalition has failed to announce a review into the grossly inaccurate climate model assumptions that Labour and the Greens forced onto the country, which are responsible for the excessive carbon prices that are exacerbating the cost-of-living crisis.

Putting that to one side, we say congratulations to Christopher Luxon on becoming New Zealand’s 42nd Prime Minister, and we wish him, his new Cabinet, and the rest of his Coalition team well as they begin their crucial task of delivering the strong and enduring Government that our country so desperately needs.

And to everyone who worked so hard to ensure the Hipkins-Ardern Labour Government was booted out on election night, we say a big thank you for helping to save New Zealand!

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The Coalition has certainly created an uprising of the self centred greedy lot who regard the reset correction policies on the tribal grab for unentitled power and enrichments is anti-Maori. If the youth in these rent a crowd gatherings would spend their energy shown in the so called protests events to their schooling then they might have a better chance to make something of themselves. The Expectation level for the greedy activist Maori has gone way past the line and the overreach outcome simply needs to be reined in to be acceptable to a workable standard common sense situation that sits comfortably with most of New Zealand’s citizens.Garry
The proof will be in the pudding. I can’t say I believe “words” of politicians at all. There has been nothing to inspire trust for decades. They whisper sweet nothings in our ears, then as soon as they are elected, they suffer amnesia. I can just about guarantee I’m going to be disappointed. They, being main parties, are all batting for the same team, team WEF and their puppets, team UN. I would love to be wrong.larry
I thought that the NEW COALITION, would be established by now…? looks like T.P.M have drawn ‘First Blood’ do not underestimate T.P.M.!!!David
It is so pleasing to see things finally moving in the right direction, particularly maybe, equality with Maoris.Eric
We will need to keep the pressure on this coalition so that they will abolish Maori parliamentary seats as this is the only way all this Maori mumbo-jumbo will cease.Monica
Time will tell how good they are. However the approach is far better than any coalition agreement that has been made in the pastMike
The undemocratic and false intent behind this whole debacle. Frank Newman’s earlier evaluative summery should have put it to bed at that time.maurice
Unfortunate that te reo Luckless did not back the treaty referendum.Gavin
I’m worried that Nationals soft approach to co-governance and climate change will still have too much influence and Christopher will buckle to maori activist pressure and climate alarmists.Marty
NEW ZEALAND democracy will be saved. And the tail won’t be wagging the dog anymore.Dale
Let them be strong in the face of activist media and Iwi elites. The “Right” to carry on for 9 plus years, pleaseGlenn
but lets see what happensTony
I hope the world will eventually wake up to the climate con. Sea levels will rise and fall, temperatures will also rise and fall naturally, just like they have many times in the past.Tim
3 different political parties moving in one direction is a satisfactory startBarry
A very optimistic beginning. But please donot waste money on Carbon Credits such bull dust no amount of money will ever change or affect the climate it merely transforms an efficient country into a serf country. Please NZers wake up to this fraud and tell the Climate Commission to get lost.Karen
They are fantastic.Steve
great that The Nats will be kept on straight and level by ACT and NZFMike
Brilliant, finally some positive action.Elaine
Anything to get rid of the worst government we ever had!Wayne
Strong commitment from the coalition agreements. They g add be started as they wish to continue.Dianne
A very good start but these policys must go thru`.NO PUSSYFOOTING AROUND!!! If this does happen then the coalition must then listen to the people once again and get rid of the stupid arrangement on Climate Change. I am extremely disappointed that a government which shows much promise can be so dumb as to ignore scientific proof and also the voting public. From what I can make out it is Chris Luxon who is the handbrake on this. If he wants to have more than one term in government he must do a 180 on this.Otherwise our next government will be an ACT/NZ FIRST one. One Country one People living in a Democracy. Mr Luxon, read up on this here.You won`t find the peoples wishes in the bought off msm.Brian
Climate change is rubbish consult Ian Primer; Author of “Green Murder” He has it rightJohn
I give the coalition a clear chance while the real test will be that they DO NOT renege on inferred ‘change’. IF they start reneging, they will be torn apart just as Labour were!Stuart
Thank God. Another 3 years of Labour and the country would really be a basket case.Jenny
im sure they only biding thier time on the 2050 hopefully it will eventually become clear its a hoaxCraig
It’s vitally important that the Coalition Government scrubs anything to do with the Climate Change Extortion scam that Labour & The Green Party foisted on New Zealand.Colin
Excellent apart from the Climate Change rouseAlan
Congratulations To National, Act and NZ first being able to from a democratic Government and their intention of returning New Zealand to the status of democracy as it was in 2017. Remove all those massive policies/ regulations imposed and endured by all New Zealanders over the last 6 years. Please ensure your intentions of removing the 49 listed items are fully actioned with the 100 days as listed in your coalition agreement. agreement.Cyril
SOOOO GOOD to be reading that all that dreadful stuff put in place by Ardern and team is to be rooted out!!!Sylvia
Certainly a win for common sense.Elaine
Still room for improvement, especially pushing climate change. Drop laws that work against our farmers. Stop pushing electric cars as a solution – crap !Dave
Heartening to see so many aware of the climate change hoax. English should be THE New Zealand official language not AN official language. This needs to be clarified.allan
Over due. And now can only hope we head in the right directionDAVID
The anti-smacking law should be repealedjames
The country was being destroyed!John
lets now go for it!gerard
Breath of fresh air, most impressed with the new governing team. Sausage roll man with his remnants are in LA LA LAND, still suffering from DELUSION!!David
Verging on very good. I think the agriculture needs more understanding being our largest exporter and vital to our economic growth.Denis
On the right track but could do better my teacher would say – there is hope for us to be a nation againtony
An extremely good and inclusive result. Keep it that way.Paloma
best result availableIan
transparency very good. ACT’s treaty referendum must go ahead. Treaty principles inbeded in law must be clarified as what those principles are! It is scandalous that ambiguous law has not been corrected and allowed to be open to interpretation by Judges. It is up to all New Zealanders to ensure these Agreements are successful and water tight so they cannot be reactivated by another Labour Govt in future. Mr Luxon is woke and weak and will not confront what needs to be done if we want democracy to last and free from constant radical embarrassment.Sam
Was hoping the binding referendum on the TOW through but better than the previous communist tyranny we hadGreg
Excellent start. All labours woke and maorification laws must go. Remove non compliant Judges. The maori radicals are already inciting violence. Disgusting lot.Allan
Better than I could hope for!Kevin
A very good start. Now they need to be pursued with vigour.Gregor
Vast turning point from the corrosive Ardern-Hipkins era.Jin
It’s wait and see now, but so far so good.John
On the whole VERY GOOD. And about time.COLIN
Wot a huge relief to get some common sense at lastBrian
I would prefer that nz’s natural mounts etc be taken away from iwi and the money they were given be returned to nz taxpayersJulie
Lets hope they work together to get this country back on it feet. They will face considerable Challenge from the media an the other left wing radials along the wayAllan
LIke a breath of fresh air with democracy returning, may Labour never darken our doorway again.Steve
If they do what they have said they will do, they will be excellent.Christine
The best thing that has happened in decades in NZMurray
Great news and pleased to have mature adaults back in Parliament.Peter
Pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive adoption of the will of the majority of New Zealanders.Vic
Truely the best of all 3 parties!Stuart
It should be OK but the main election ideal was to get rid of Labour with it’s agenda’s etc from Jacinda plus get rid of the Maori Party and the loony Greens. So far so good.Alan
but time will tell and I hope this Govt doesn’t back down so the liebour, greens and brown mob deviates don’t ever get back in.Richard
A breath of fresh air, the new coalition very direct and informative on the direction forwardJohn
Effecting the results intended by the agreements will need to be a concerted and determined effort by all members of the coalition.Sylvienne
Everyone please remember some of the comments from the WEF boy Luxon. They still control him, and probably a large chunk of the “existing” MPs, and will be now actively be looking at bribing others. I just don’t trust those returning MPs to operate in the best interests of New Zealand.Neil
Sigh of reliefLouise
Anything will be better than the other communist lot, but am not convinced yet. I still think Luxon is weak and definitely woke! Ask me again in 3 years.Murray
We hope the new guys will be honest and not lie to us as Labour did (and still does). So far they seem to be OK.Edgar
Sence at lastIan
Seem fairly reasonable, on the surface. Will they be able to get the important issues, passed so that everyone is Happy? a GREAT START !David
The climate change religion needs to be rationally reviewedFrank
The best thing that has happened to our country in 6 years!carol
Something more positive to divorce the country from the disastrous climate change policies adopted previously would have been welcome. Our economy has been seriously damaged already and we need to show the world that we can think for ourselves and not blindly follow because others are . The U.N. is not a safe guide.Harvey
All New Zealanders are. EqualJanet
90% OK just climate change policies disappointing.Bill
I have new confidence in the NZ government. NZF will be the driving force in getting our country back on its feet.Roger
A great start, let not the Labour Green Maori interests get in the way and above all else, do not weaken in the face of vile threats from the left.Neville
By-and-large. Disappointed with one or two details but we’re heading in the right direction.Athole
I would love to have voted “very good” and may yet do so when all the promises have been delivered.David
Give it time to workColin
yip climate change has got to be a priorityjanet
A breathe of fresh air to NZ politics. I had almost lost hope of NZ ever recovering from the divisive tactics of the racist Labour Government.Peter
For the most part they have covered the most urgent corrections needed but no doubt getting every item effected will take time. NZ now has a chance to move forward.Robyn
Proof of OK will be in effective implementation.Martin
So far lots of [good] intention. Let’s see if that is actually backed up by action.Charles
Very good, but could be even betterGlenys
Hopefully puts an end to the communistic apartheid trash that Adern Hipkins mahuta and Jackson etc tried to foist on usStephen
Very pleased to see the 3 are in agreement. Racial rubbish removed.Andrew
Very hopeful. The journalism bribe must stop NOW not in 2 years time. We don’t need a referendum on the treaty just confirmation of the 3 phase Littlewood treaty of February 1840 which states we are ALL equal and under sovereignty of England. If not this then we must change our constitution like the European countries of Sweden, Germany, Belgium etc. did to ensure Nazi-ism or racial supremacy never happens again. We must have one of these options permanently in place unable to be changed for when Labour inevitably get voted back in otherwise the Iwi Elite coup will start up again. All evil has to do is wait for the right time to strike- we must legislate against apartheid and racial supremacy.Brenda
well done making us all NZersbarbara
A huge relief to see the new government turning so many things around. A big job to do and it’s going to cost the taxpayer, Time to move on.Andrew
About bloody time! We the voters must try & ensure the triumvirate stays intact: That is essential & worth some tolerance!!!Frank
I sleep better now that the commies have been booted out of power. They have done immense damage to our country and their conduct should be seen as traitorous.Derek
Thank goodness we have been saved as a country.John
deeds not words must prevailfred
All good except for climate deception. Until we have a replacement for oil we need to drill and become energy independent.dene
However we do need an open conversation about whether we draw a line under the Treaty for good and for all. Having paid out and are still paying out money for Maori grievances is never ending. Have the conversation and then the referendum. Enough of the gravy train.Carol
But we must keep vigilant and make sure they come through on it all.John
Wish them all the best Sadly Believe they will really need itJulie
Very good except for not confronting the left wing mandated anthropogenic CO2 /CH4 Global warming scandalous inaccuracy.Stephen
at last we MAY have New Zealand on an honest path for all New Zealanders.. We must never listen to radical racist Maori or those with Adherns socialist ideasColin
Well doneHeather
Better than expectedYanna
A good start now they have to hold to it ….vaughan
Would be very good if they faced up to the climate change misinformation being used to gauge NZ emissionsBryan
They missed the boat on reforming labours destructive climate change legislation. China, Russia and all other authoritarian countries are laughing at the Wests self destruction climate change measures while the only use token measures to keep us quiet.Trevor
Mostly good, as long as they really do do what they say. I wish then Climate change mis-information had been straightened out though, it is crippling the country.Sheila
Great combo – holding each other accountable. Pity about the whole climate-thing. That woke idea must be stopped. B.Brill kick it off brilliantly.Maree
So reassuring to have common sense prevail.Jenny
Very good so far. Will see what happens!Kate
It certainly would have been VG if they had promised a GOOD look at the climate change rubbish. The models were over stated and are tantamount to fraud. There are new and better researched models now that need to be considered.John
The media have been slating Chris. L for taking such a long time, but in reality, all 3 have done a fantastic job in the time spent. I agree, that so called climate change not being addressed is a down-side. Hopefully someone will see sense or perhaps read Ian Wishart’s book “Air Con.” which tells the real story!Ted
Your summary of the coalition agreements is exellent Muriel, as usual but as youso rightly point out, there is a big weaknss in their attitude to the great clmate farce.. We need to shoot this rubbish down once and for all.Ronmac
I believe that the Treaty was drawn up and approved in English The Maori version of the English version was then converted to the Maori version of their dictionary which of couse was produced in London prior to the treaty in 1840 The Maori did not have a common lanquage of any form prior to that dateJohn
On the whole, very good – but for the sake of our farmers they really need to ditch this climate change garbage. If they are wanting to reduce or eliminate wastage of taxpayers money this would be a good place to start, with cancellation of the PIJF as an encore.Scott
At long last reality wins.Ann
Carbon Zero is absolute nonsenseMichael
Carbon can wait for later, let the bonfire burn in the meantimethomas
Very good, so long as the politicians realise that what we want is more freedom.ess rules and get the Govt out of pour lives.Sam
Asa Maori it is so gratifying to finally see a coalition that is openly and deeply committed to all New Zealanders.Dominic
Considering how many bad policies set up by Labour, It’s a great, ambitious start.Duncan
Not getting rid of woke climate agender is a bit disappointing.Martin
Now that the dust has settled you will see the economy pick up and confidence by the public will flourish and the Maori elite and all those other radical groups will angry and try to destabilise NZ growth so let the fire works begin.ken
I was pleasantly surprised,. Disappointed the Treaty Referendum was scraped. However, I will wait to see if the Government has the fortitude to follow through.fred
It took a considerable time but the challenges were huge, not the least of which was to bring this country back to understanding that we are one people, all entitled to the same rights, regardless of race. Those disagreeing with this, no matter who they are, should be deported. Let’s clean up this countryTom
IT is an MMP solution that will greatly help New ZealandBarry
More than happySteve
Not acknowledging climate change is disappointing. Hopefully this will be addressed eventually.Jacqueline
Better than very good – Excellent. The coalition government, and those of us who supported the three parties, must be resolute in countering pushback from Labour and their sycophants.Graeme
Finally the hated initiatives of the Ardern/Hipkins governments will be crushed and we can enjoy equal rights for all. I think the country came perilously close to disaster. NZCPR deserves much credit for educating the public, including me, about the plan to further enrich iwi through He Puapua and Three Waters.Chris
Amazing I think !!!sheryl
As mentioned the only negative is not addressing climate changeRod
I feel some hope now,, but still think we should pull out of UN, WHO, amd WEFGail
let common sense and democracy prevailjohn
I only hope they stay committed to them, already we have all sorts of groups complaining without anything being done to the point of violence and insurrection.Geoff
Invariably a change will create a new result….bring it on.Don
Very good,except,as you say, climate change and its nonsense. That may come, hopefully.norman
Just the climate lunacy not being seen for what it really is, people control is disappointing.Tracy
Quietly confident and feeling more relaxed than any time in the last 6 years!Helen
Lets wait and see. They are starting off with good intentions and good on them for that, but will they waver as we proceed through their first term.Errol
A great startElizabeth
Winston – a fly in the ointment. I agree with him on many points, but he is disruptive..Peter
Sensible compromises from all partiesIhaia
Except not addressing the net zero issueAlastair
Still work to do…the climate change issue MUST be sorted……also all treaty claims MUST STOP. .enough is enough.Peter
An excellent startDavid
Thank heavens, there is hope for NZ at last! Particularly pleased that policy will be tested against benefit to NZ, and tax $ not wasted on projects that have no measurable targets.Mark
Except for an omission of a review on Climate change facts and effects.Kevin
They just need to sort the Climate Change (ex Global Warming) fiasco and, if all other intentions are fulfilled – we should once again be God’s own Country.Marilyn
they have a hard job ahead of them, i wish them all the best, and hope they stand there ground there will be alot of people behind them if they do,rodger
To be regarded as Very Good, they need to cancel the Public Interest Journalism Fund & make the Media repay all monies that they have taken, fire the Racist judges who wrongly interpreted the Marine & Coastal Area Act, scrap all of this idiotic rubbish about climate change & net Zero, Tax electric cars for the wear & tear that they cause on the roads, close all of the Vaping stores & treat the product like tobacco with high tax, graphic warnings etc.David
A good outcome after long negotiationsPeter
Its by far the best coalition agreement since MMP in 1996 and the first with three Parties. I am confident we will have a stable Government for the next 3 years that will be relected with a landslide.Grant
Fresh hope for the future nowSimonne
Keep it up.Peter
Relieved I guess ACT & NZF had to give in to Nats climate !!!? Thankful Winnie has put in a “Bill Gates” blockPeter
About time – some democratic normalitybruce
Excellent startLyn
it was a vast relief that the election was overwhelming and left no doubt that the electors wanted the incumbent government out. I think the coalition arrangements were well handled by Luxon and permitted the coalition partners to have their party policies included as ongoing government policy. It may be that a coalition of three parties allows a broader breadth of political opinion to be enacted or perhaps a stronger condensation of like minded opinion to come to bear on the future direction of New Zealand. It feels like this arrangement will hold with the electorate and is likely to persist into the future but it is early days. Luxon appears to be a moderator who can smooth the waters of different opinion to get a workable consensus that reflects the wants of the electorate.terrence
Very refreshing to see that sense has arrived back into politics. Now the hard part, putting it in to effect.Dennis
It was sad they did nothing re the climate change scam.Ian
A good first step in the right directionPhilip
Never ever forget, you cannot trust a politician, a bureaucrat, nor a journalist ever again. Too many people have died and are dying.Alan
If it works!!Bruce
Its a great idea and something new and challengingMurray
About time that common sense has at last been accepted what the majority of the population and intelligent people have been asking forPeter
Need to keep up the pressure to divest the “climate change” legislationjohn
Time will tell.Terry
its up to them to now make it happennoel
The three party leaders have done a great job- impressive! Climate Change needs addressing. New Zealand has been Carbon Neutral for decades. Winston knows the facts so we have to hope he can convince the other two. Otherwise we are cheering!!John
I see Peters’ inclusion in this coalition as something of a disaster as his habitual machinations are a menace to government. He sees himself as “Number 1” but his true position is a distant third. Seymour must stand firm and keep Peters under strict control.Ron
Delighted that NZ has a brighter futureSidwell
An 8.5 out of 10! Climate change still being of concern!Michael
Not a bad start-let’s hope they can deliver !Henry
If they do what they say they are going to do, New Zealand will slowly become the place I want to be!Diane
It’s a move in the right direction but still requires more work. As long as the coalition government walks the talk New Zealand will be the once great country it used to be.Richard
Great news.Bruce
It appears the coalition has good intentions except about climate change, hopefully they’ll see sense and scrap the Carbon Zero act.Dave
Mostly what the majority voted for.Graeme
Pity they had NZ First thrust upon them. They would have been able to do a better job without the disruptive Peters.TOBY
I am so delighted and now can sleep at night. However that said I have no doubt that with all the sabre rattling from the Maoris there is turbulant times ahead, hang in there guys we’re right behind you.Mike
I now need to see the follow through with actions in the 100 day plan to get rid of Ardern’s toxic agenda.Kerry
Cancelling the PIJF is an important move as this situation at present is really ridiculousN
Time will tell though, if the 3 Leaders were all talk, and no action!Hugh
Thanks Muriel and Frank, you made a big chunk of this happen. I wonder where the foreshore and seabed appeal will end up?Harry
Opting out of dealing with NZ’s horrific ‘abortion OK to full term law’ and climate change lunacy is just plain sadJan
coalition compromise, country still being strangled by woke feelgood impositionsPoul-Erik
A very positive agreement for enhancing NZ’s future on many levels. I agree with Dr Muriel Newman that much more push back on the Climate Change hysteria is urgently required.Peter
YAY! Finally a step in the right diection instead of aligning ourselves with the cultish WEF and their wicked agendas!Lazza.
NZF and ACT negotiated the best they could with the Woke sick pillock LuxonRaleigh
what a breath of fresh air. Couldn’t have asked or imagines a better outcomemark
Under the circumstances I believe Luxon has used all his considerable talent to bring together an excellent resultDoug
I agree with disappointment that the totally unscientific global warming politically driven scam with it’s economy damaging consequences has remained as unjustified policy.Kevin
At last a chance to extinguish 6 years of “labours dirty deeds” from the lives of New Zealanders. Defining a moment in history that will set New Zealand into a better future…..Chris
Would be VG but as Muriel says the lack of action on the ridiculous Climate BS is disappointing. Would also like to see amendments to AML etc so the under-privileged can open bank accounts.Mark
Very pleasing. At last we get some common sense from the Beehive. Bring it on!!!Robert
They let yhemsedown with the climate change stuff and why the hell is james Shaw getting a free trip (on us ) to Cop this yr .Harvey
Mr Luxon you were not voted in to represent a minority but the majority of New Zealanders. If you do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the job then step aside. New Zealand needs LEADERSHIP for the majority not the crap that the last government put us through. A referendum is the only democratic way to sort out the TREATY. Its meaning has been bastardised to “fit the occasion” too many times in the past. Including under previous National Governments. While your at it (or your successor) sort out via a referendum “What is a Maori”. There seems to be a lot of “white Maori” claiming to represent some cause or another where they have been disadvantaged. Surely to claim to be a MAORI (an indigenous person) one must have 50% of more indigenous blood. Not the current BS where people are claiming “they have an infinity” with the Maori people. Not able to produce a birth record to prove your blood line – just have a DNA test done. >Gary
A great new beginning for all New Zealanders.Glyn
We have our beautiful country back. Wonderful, and in the best interests of all.John
Probably all we can expectLes
Except for the lack of attention to the climate change Labours bill should be reversed sooner rather than laterDavid
keep it upStan
An encouraging display of positive ambitions. The coalition should do what Labour did , ignore any criticism, and press on with implementation. But the best part is the transparency, no apparent secret deals, all open and above board. I usually for me I’m quite excited.Mike
Brilliant. Much needed though, simply to return NEW ZEALAND to where we were six years ago. Kinda.Fred
At the very least it gives me hope for a better country for the next generation. Hopefully we can all work together to make this happen.Pam
We will see!!Doris
This is what any sensible person he been waiting forJames
Needs to address facts regarding climate change. Facts re sudden deathsGaye
The only policy I’m really unhappy about is the relaxation of smoking laws to allow a tax to be levied to provide upper income tax relief. It should be an increased tax on alcohol instead.Janet
A breath of freshair.Congradulation to parliament, our refreshened New Zealand Country. and now we have hope JillJill
go for itWiremu
except for net zeroSteve
They are on the right path ,long may that continue.Murray
Just a bit disappointed re Foreign Buyers Tax being completely excluded from policy. I thought it would have been good if a compromise had been negotiated, say buyers over $3 million.Rose
In the main, an excellent outcomePeter
There is light at the end of the tunnelOwen
Hopefully an end to race based policiesTony
Such a relief.Helen
A breath of fresh air. The sooner their (our) reforms are implemented the better.chris
A breath of fresh air finally to have this coalition in place. Tova and a few of her compatriots must be seething and are continuing their attacks on the new government at every given opportunity. Must admit I have changed my mind and will look at staying on in NZ now.Lawrie
Provided they deliver on what they have promisedNeil
Sadly no acton on climate change falsehoodsDavid
Enormously surprised and gratified. Now onto the climate change nonsense.Kenneth
Maori and Green Parties are threatening ‘Insurrection’ if this Coalition Government dismantles their Rasist Agenda, well bring it on. There are so many more of us than there are of you or didn’t you read the Election Results !!Geoff
I’m now quite optimistic !Gordon
New Zealanders whether brown,white or brindleEric
Juts have to deliverTony
An excellent result for democracy and all New Zealand. Our vote for Real Change has been made with the radicals in the last Ardern Hipkins Maori Government been thrown into the dustbin along with their divisive and racist ambitions and Policies. Their Education and National’s Literacy Guarantee will lift our children out of failure and enhance their lives.June
Now feel there is hope for NZSue
A very good START, but, they must also prick the climate-change bubble and take a more pragmatic approach to the whole concept. One that doesn’t punish primary producers unnecessarily.Francis
What a relief! We need to keep in mind that the proof of the cake is in the eating!Colin
Going to be MOST Interesting how these changers are implementedBill
I feel NZ now has some hope of recovering from the outrageous politics and wasteful spending of tax payers money imposed on us by Ardern and Hipkins.Teresa
Muriel is correct, again, missing is specified actions to change New Zealand committment to the economoic vandalism hidden under the cliamte change heading. New Zealand needs a full review of the current law and actions related to climate change to align with the latest UN mandates.Chris
I had my doubts, but it appears to be happening. Great!Keith
Now we need to wait and see that the outcome matches the rhetoric.Rob
ACT and NZ First will keep the pressure on National to ensure the changes are made in governance that NZ must have.Pete
Looks good on paper and should perform like the All Blacks and winWarren
Time will tell if they actually achieve thisGareth
All the things they were elected on – hard work with untying all the dreadful laws etcPeter
I have a problem with Maori activists threatening violence against members of the public who rejoice in the new government. The police should arrest all of these radicals to protect the majority of law abiding citizens.Steve
net zero by 2050 is errant nonsence with regard to climate changekeith
The proof will be in the pudding, we need to wait and see as we have all been duped so many times before. I for one dont trust any GovtBarbara
Skeptical, after the last three years, let’s wait and see.Max
A great relief for my blood pressureBeverley
Way beyond my wildest dreams. Proud once again, to be a New Zealander.Clive
Mostly pretty good, I think. What a breath of fresh air after the disasterour last 6 years under labour! The people have definitely spoken on this one. The only thing I would add to the mix is getting New Zealands Bill of Rights enshrined in law by referendum – as a sort of a New Zealand Constitution, I think. I’ll personally be attempting to engage politicians over this issue, as above all, all people deserve the right to self determination in all areas of their lives.Trevor
Looks good, but lets see if they follow through. I am very hopefull. Long may they reign.Allan
Getting rid of He Puapua. Removing the “cultural’ part of sentencing for criminals and focus that money on the victims. Ensuring children learn the basics reading, maths science etc rather than feel good nonsense. Good to see ACT in government with a voice.Barbara
From what we have been promised by the new Coalition it would appear to cover most of the dreadful disruption to democracy, of the Labour Government. We shall wait to see if their plans are carried through to successful conclusion, but on first look it is a major step in the rescue of the country.CHRIS
Great to see He Puapua kicked out!! Next need is to revisit Climate Change, re the clause in the Paris Accord to not reduce food production.Colin
More than very good its bloody marvelous.John
so far so good. But I am watching.Don
We now need some common sense around the climate change madness. Climate change happens all the time and man cannot change it beyond cleaning up its rubbish.Gay
Better than I expected Luxon stood upFiona
Long live democracyjim
What we asked for. What we expected. What we voted for. Thank you. Now get on with it!Colin
Could do better though!clive
about time for a Govt. too start treating ALL Nzers the same.arthur
Dame Adern???? Remove that title in view of her distrustivnest achievements.John
I am very excited about the future of New Zealand under this government and hopefully they will deliver what has been promised and keep Labour Maori Green parties out of government for many yearsPeter
Very good, But, with a rider. This Government needs to detach itself from the WEF, WHO, UN, and any other association that interferes in our Sovereignty! There MUST BE AN END TO TOW GRAB PAYMENTS! Also NO MORE FUNDING FOR THE PIJF. Stand alone businesses or go down the tubes. I don’t think many would worry about our so-called Television and Radio Media going under, particularly the ones who dished out al the propaganda; and are still, in many ways continuing their Red Mantra. No doubt preparing for the next election. I don’t trust the majority of these so-called media groups.Heather
This is the first time in at least 6 years I’ve thought there might be hope for NZ’s future. Sort out the climate change BS for 100% positivityBarbara
I am disappointed the climate agenda isnt addressed as it should be. When will people realise that climate change is as old as our Planet Earth…..its been changing since the dawn of time!!! Our politicians need to grow their knowledge and courage to tackle the evil green agenda that Labour etc dumped on to NZ. I fervently wish the new Govt will pick up the problem and deal with it after they have cleaned up the initial agenda on their list !Bev
And what a great job to have the coalition agreement settled in 3 weeks, despite the media’s continual references to 40 days. The PIJF should be dispensed with ASAP.Laurence
Excellent Thank you National Coalition. Stressed New Zealand citizens are jaw smacked at how quickly and effectively this new Government is reversing undemocratic legislations of division. New Zealand is certainly going to return to a wonderful country with the racist Elite Maori put in its place. Avoiding Civil War by 2050!!!!!Julz
Just the Net Zero climate goal needs looking at. CO2 is actually necessary for life on earth!Pamela
Its a great start – if they do what they say – but it needs to go so much further. We should ditch all international accords and go back to NZ for NZers rather than selling NZ out to unelected international criminals who are only interested in making us pay and controlling everything we do. Get rid of all the WOKE rubbish in the country and start to act like individuals are the solution – not the problem.janine
The Coalition must be steadfast in implementing their agenda.Trevor
The best news in last three years NZ FIRST & ACT stopping all the rotten things Labour was trying to IMPLEMENTIan
Just what we need.Andrew
still worried about what they may do to poor peopleMarie
amazingly wonderful going a long way to correct racism in New Zealand.judy
Provided Winstone P can be kept under control the coalition should work well. A B L {Anything but Labour} should be our target for the next 100 years.Michael
They just have to make sure they follow through with policies and not buckle under pressure from the lunatic lefties.Peter
I think closer inspection of local councils, especially Kapiti, who had a vote on Maori wards with over 80% of residents declining it, but going ahead regardlessCath
omg YES the Labour wankers and associated lefties,bottom feeders and maori mafia are but a nasty blemish on our wonderful and previously balanced country. Good riddance Mahuta, Jackson ,Davis,Hipkins ,. They are suitably consigned to the rubbish ,bin,where they can fester and try and work how we as a nation rejected those scum .Ray
we will now see some common sense used in running our countryLesW
But will they follow through?Bryan
Time will tell if Winston can be a real colition partner…..Carl
Good start – at least they are trying to be ‘transparent’ – we watch and wait – for the best outcomes for New Zealanders for ages!patricia
All good, let’s see if they implement them all.Mike
We actually did it!! Now we confirm and ensure that this can never occur again. Insidious rampent and threats to democracy …peter
Better than we might have expected. Peters influence has been very helpful.Jack
The government should get rid of Maori seats and List MP’s but increase constituent seats.Peter
What a great relief. I’m starting to feel some hope for our country. I’m disappointed though about the lack of action on lightening up on climate change and protecting our farmers. without whom this country would never prosper. Their worth is grossly under-valued. Apart from that, I’m cautiously optimistic the new coalition will do what’s right for our country.Helen
David Seymour is my hero. Thank you David and a huge thank you to the NZCPR for keeping us well informed.Erin
Great start, but will face headwinds in reversing today’s racial privileges.Graham
However, I am disappointed that the new government is backing the climate change fraud. There is no climate change!Richard
Only one v/imp ommission & that is the ‘climate change’ area. This ommission will seriously affect our farming community and the country as a whole. The ‘climate change’ area is a disaster and based on false science world wide.mark
Great job, except for “climate change” propaganda not being dealt with, as well, maybe ye?Giles
Best news . Finally a stop to cultural degradationJohn
At last some light at the end of the tunnelGerry
nice to see sensable and quality people back in control.Laurie
They look good on paper but will they ever be implemented? I have doubts.mike
A real breath of fresh air . An end to Government-sponsored / promoted racism and division, with ( hopefully ) a full recapturing / reinstatement of our democratic system / democracy in its full integrity and without compromise – and with absolutely no tribal-participation in any shape or form . We look forward to a collective unity of purpose and a collective / unified drive for prosperity and ongoing success as a Country and community.Hugh
Given pre election utterances by Act and National it is heartening to see a mature post election approach to a coalition by all 3 parties. Well done.Cliff
Mostly Good, except for their weak smoking and climate change stance. Not a reassuring way to start…..Peter
Thank goodness at long last democracy will be restoredSheila
Apart from not addressing the fake climate crisisDeb
Finaly, I see some common sense coming out of our leaders. I hope it lasts.Steve
A good first step. Rome was not built in a day. Would hope to see the next 100 days priorities in 2 months time.Raymond
There is a possibility of real and beneficial ongoing improvement in NZ’s future.Dennis
Great deal, but now lets see them actually do something.John
I didn’t know how bad the Maori arrangements had gotten. MY 7 years in Samoa gave me insight into tribalism, chiefly culturally approved trickery. Maori are inheritors of the Ham gene (as seen in Kublai Khan) and are warriord at hert. We MUST be intlolerant of their attempts to deceive us.Kevin
On the understanding that they follow through. Labour played hard ball, now it is time for the 3 “wise” men to do the same.Mark
WP shouldn’t be therePhil
Sanity at last! Thank you National, Act and NZ First. But only achieved thanks to the two smaller parties being integral to the new Government. Without them, National would be very impotent.Colin
about time – some sense in govt. only displeasure is they’re targeting of beneficiariesRex
Good to see a positive outcome between three parties intent on real change in the direction the country was goingPeter
NZ now has a future!Paul
A great start, but still much to do.Brent
Maybe it will at last make NZ a Proud democratic Nation once again .Tony
Hurray for common senseSandra
I like the mix. Luxon has taken a small step right, towards centre right and both Seymour and Peters have taken a step left, towards centre right. As such the plan looks to me spot of girls a first effort of centre right policy.Robert
Finally there is a strong wind of fresh air sweeping over New Zealand and blowing the disastrous policies of the crooked Ardern regime into the dustbin of History,Roger
Pity euthanasia and abortion did not changemike
Very happy with the depth of co-operation between the 3 governing parties.Neil
Not quite perfect, but surely the best that any of us could have expected!Michael
and about time 1 vote for everyoncmr
a welcome start to a true democacybrian
Take us out of climate change rulesJohn
Will need more work on lesser items a little down the track. Once the real important items have been delt with.dave
I forgot to mention this climate change BS. That the new coalition is still going to incorporate that scheming nonsense leaves me being highly suspicious . With this cancer lurking beneath the surface a lot of good intentions and plans become difficult or even impossible to implement. Not to mention that a decent economic recovery will be seriously delayed.Michael
Time will tell. It’s a big challenge, as long as ACT & N.Z1 keep Luxon on track we should get there!!!Allen
Thank goodness – common sense at last after 6 pathetic years of drivel.Don
Overall OK . I will sit on the fence for the next three years and then we will see what is left of all these policies . What I find disappointing is these so called requirements to keep the MSM at the trough for another two years . Why on earth is it not possible to simply cancel that crap. And that devious gender nonsense and all that is associated with this has to be radically removed from all schools and our children.Michael
Thank God New Zealand is going to return to a democratic society. Albeit there will be many locked doors of deceit to open and only then will the truth be exposed to concerned citizen of NZ how the Liebour Gove nearly destroyed NEW ZEALAND.Wayne
Let’s hope they actually implement it! And let’s also hope that the government, and the people, learn to see through the “climate change” hysteria that is so pervasive.Marla
Two things 1/ Climate change is normal but not in the way of the Paris agreement which must stopped! 2/That VERY TOXIC fluoride industrial waste chemical that is added to our water must be removed. It does nothing good for teeth – in fact – quite the opposite. Also it destroys the integrity of peoples bonesIan
I am pleased with the shape of the promises. But can the government fulfil them? What the left will do now, as radicals run the left, is to make all out war on this government and focus on Winston Peters to discredit him by mocking him personally and so bring down the government during the fuss and fight. Climate issues need to be treated as very important because of the radical GREENS who have poisoned the minds of the majority on the issue. The laws on climate change need to be revoked.Ray
A great start to recover from Adernism.Mike
I have followed politics since the underhand claims prior to the 1957 election and have become disillusioned by the boom and bust tactics of several labour administrations . The country has never been so divided !!!Peter
Almost 100 percent, fantastic! Except for climate change. It has to go sooner than later.Gavin
Oh and the news media, especially TVNZ take them apart and cut all media funding. It seems evident already the media are being biased.Owen
My vote would be excellent if deletion of Net Zero was included and a degree of distancing from the UN, WHO and WEF. I would also like to see the abolition of the Maori seats, recommitment to 5 eyes, strengthening is ties with the other 4 in a defense pact.Roger
It has to be kept in mind that there is a significant difference between declarations of intentions and actual effective actions. It remains to be seen how many of these will be effectively carried out. Still, it is heartening to see the willingness to clearly put in writing these significant intentions. A very good start.Johan
Well past time the Government of Aderne and Hipkins were shown the door out.Owen
Definitely heading in the right direction, and the speed at which implementation is moving is encouraging. Here’s hoping the momentum will be maintained.Rod
Good as far as they go but more needs to be done. It is a start and will be interesting to see if it all works.Lee
Early days yet.Sheryl
Pleasantly surprised. Just climate change and the PIJF missing. We can work on that though.Derek
To bad they are too scared to tackle the religion/cult of climate change. Hopefully that will change as they wind back the carnage of the Ardern era catastrophe.John
Ok so far. Some of the first 100 days initiatives come across as a bit trivial. Let’s see what the real bite looks like when the financial books get scrutinised.Owen
The abandonment of Labours ‘Maorification of this land so that all of us are equal will benefit Pakeha and Maori alike . Congratulations to the new government.William
Good to see the removal of fairy dreams of the red queens mob which were divisive for the country in particular and only Lab party driven. Theres more to be cleaned out yet:mike
Happy with about 95% of their policies. Hopefully they can implement most of these and reverse the carnage! New Zealand public are equally responsible in supporting their initiatives to fast track the repairs and changes needed for a better outcome.Martin
I think that David Seymour & WP, between them will put the reins on Christopher Luxon on two issues that he has wrong: 1. That Maori are indigenous to NZ. They are not. 2. That climate change is man made. It is not. Man must care for the environment, but man cannot alter climate change. I also think that Christopher Luxon is professional enough to lead this coalition well. Good luck to them allBarbara
I am hopeful but wary. It is better than it was, for sure, but to still be pushing a global warming agenda when it has ben proven to be false, is NOT good. The fake pandemic and the bad response to that has devastated many of us, killed many businesses, the jabs killed our jobs, killed our bodies. And we know that Luxon is a student of Karl Schwabb, a member of WEF, a proponent of the One World Order. He is not to be trusted. But at least there is some return of equal rights for ALL people. I would like to see the end of Principles, as they were made up in 1987, never were a part of the Treaty. And I personally would like to see the return of capitol punishment for heinous crimes, and the retraction of abortions to maximum of four months. After that a fetus is viable, and abortion becomes murder. Equal rights should include unborn babies. There is still work to do.Joyce
It is pretty good, but it is all just words at the moment. Kate
Great to have some positivity in power. Just stick together like glue and do not allow oppositions to cause divisions.Sharron
The firearm registry has to go now. More firearms equals more freedom.Paul
Personally I think anything race related should be removed from government legislation. Also stop giving Maori taxpayer money. Apparently, according to Tuku Morgan the Maori Industry is worth 70 billion dollars. Where is it and why is it not being used to benefit all of their people?Peter
The ETS and Zero Carbon Act need to be repealed. The green Luxon and Willis are the handbrake?RICHard
Bring it ON !!!Mark
removing racist legislation universally is a major plus, which makes me th usual maori basher,because such a move removes a vast array of privleges to one group of citizensbud
Would seem they are going to do what they promisedPeter
Thank god Finally some commonsenseDavid & Janice
Now we need to publically show our support for them to counter tide of woke critismPeter
At last. Democracy.Cat
Now to see it become reality.Alastair
Finally some sanity, agreements go a long way to sorting out some major problems in this country.Clive
The climate issue is huge and has been left out. The rest, greatDanny
My only disappointment is that National & NZ First have only provided initial support for the ACT referendum on the principles of the Treaty of WaitangiJohn
Awesome, the begining of the end !!Brian
But let’s seeDoug
Let’s hope they walk the talk.Davey
Great effort from Luxon Seymour & Peters. Keep up the good work and get us back to democracy.Tony
Thank goodnessDuane
All hail DemocracyFrank
It’s great to undo the damage from the last 3 years but we need to make sure a rouge government cannot do it againJohn
Overall very good. It is just a shame Winston Peters is in the mix and slowing the necessary work down – even after only a week.pdm
Climate change policies need to be abolished in their entirety.Derek
Only OK in that the “Climate Change” has not been addressed. It is patently obvious that this is the next “C-d19” scam, and they have retracted those particular lies. It is one scam after another, with no end in sight. Luxon is Mr Global, Seymour is Mr Wannabe Global and who can truly vouch for WP – he, who signed the toxic ‘Global Migration Compact’ when he campaigned against it. Politicians are a duplicitous lot.Coral
At last a ray of intelligence shines through. To all Socialists out there, Russia are looking for immigrants.Bryan
Light at the end of the tunnelchris
I think is to much in the centre – We need the other 2 to push further to the rightRodger
Would have made it Very Good if the climate fiasco and agricultural restrictions been sorted. Welcome back to some semblance of sanity.Trevor
I am still wary of Winston Peters pursing a personal vendetta. He has a history of this and is not likely to change.John
I just hope I don’t have to “hold my breath” for 3 years.Richard
Very comprehensive and gives us hope now for a good future.Mike
Ah! Breath the sweet common sense air around you and feel the general relief.David
Now they have to do it!!John
Oh to have common sense prevail is amazing,how did we slide into the gutter so bad?Peter
At last, sense and sensibilities prevail. Now we in the north wil boot out of office Trudeau, overthrow UNDRiP, Carbon Tax, etc etc.Norman
Still don’t trust Peter’s given his track record especially with Jacinda Arderne.Geoff
They still need to address the climate change policy and get rid of it. The issue is and has always been pollution.Monique
We are New Zealand, we are NEW ZEALANDERS. We have a chance to be very proud of who we are, reversing the slide backwards!Tom
Hope ACT & Peters can keep pushing National to get NZ back on track.Phil
We are heading in a better directionEvans
Climate change hysteria still continuesGary
Let’s get cracking with those changes. Can’t come soon enough.Toni
I was pleased the Winston got the inquiry into covid and disappointed that David didn’t get the public to say what we wanted for the treatyLiz
Obviously still have an on woters. (Woke voters)Max
It is a shame they haven’t addressed the misrepresentation of climate change and they should have agreed to reduce or even better eliminate any targets.Gareth
Great turnaround but let’s see if words can be transferred into facts and let’s hope for a realistic approach to our climate policy. Don’t forget to clean up our propaganda, I mean media machine.Leonard
I have become so disheartened by politics in New Zealand as of late, I did not have particularly high expectations for what the agreement would look like once the compromises began. But I am pleasantly surprised by what has come out of it, as it’s the most closely aligned official position to my views I have ever seen in the past 30 years or so. As was said in Muriel Newman’s opinion piece, there are some no-so-greats. But hopefully in time, those issues can be focused on too. What’s needed now is to start true to this course, and not get distracted which will be the strategy of the left to sow division. As it’s all they are good at.Karl
At last sanity has come to New Zealand and the crazy Labour Government is consigned to the dustbin of historyGeoff
Agreed that the Climate Change hoax and the witch-hunt against carbon in New Zealand be totally booted to touch.Simon
At long last some sense is being seenDiana
Excellent really.Graham
However we must not stop holding them to account and pressure them to keep going with reforms.than you to all at nzcpr for all your good work you along with a handful of other media have been our saviours we must NOT take our eye of the big pictureWarren david
I feel as though the red & green cloud hanging ove New Zealand fo the last 6years has now moved. and I feel free again. Vital now to correct all the wrongdoings, (legislative & financial) and then plan for growth.Mike
A good start considering the egos of these 3 parties all trying to push their respective agendasHilary
Also all Climate change rubbish needs to be removed from legislation.David
A very promising start, needs to be put into law and acted upon.Iain
Re climate change : it seems to me that the reason ACT has ignored this bottom-line concern is simply that all the NetZero nonsense is now fizzling out all over the world anyway. NetZero is impossible – and impossible things will not ever occur. Government will just keep stalling all the demanded climate-change expenditure – in a few years the Paris agreement will be nonexistent anyway (and our legislation will be scrapped automatically.Andy
The Agreements were very good insofar as they went but it is the ommisions that relegate them back to just OK. Insufficient detail on repealing Climate change and emissions factors, Insufficient detail on curbing foreign Bank policy. NO provision to extend domestic community Banking to arrest foreign gouging of our economy. No policy to effect restrictions on using domestic ratepayer contributions for subsidized housing and other activities not related to the ratepayers use. Insufficient detail on restoring superannuate benefit to that of adequacy and dignity given the high taxation imposed not just in the last 6 years but successively over 60 years.Richard
wonderful’ about time people come to their senses. So HappyIan
Thumbs up to National, ACT and New Zealand First, pleased to see a real deal in the coalition agreement, don’t let the opposition or the left wing media drive a wedge into this coalitionPeter
The Labour lot just had to go for the sake of the country. Long live the CoalitionAnthony
I agree, the climate change bs needs to have its plug pulled, however the coalition has so much to fix post-Adern/Hipkins, they are making a very good start.Sharen
There was no pre-election policy to walk back the tobacco legislation. That needs to go. It is the same stealth that Labour used after 2020. And Tauranga should get a Council by-election to remove Mahuta’s 4 Commissioners. Don’t wait until the next countrywide elections, if they are serious about democracy in New Zealand.DAVID
The proof of the pudding will be in the eating! Off to a great start and I am pleasantly surprised. ACT and NZ1 are going to make their presence felt and stiffen National’s spine.John
ACT and NZ first boxed above their weight and won! That is the reality of MMP. But a good result and hope the intentions are achieved.Mark
sadly it appears that there are still those who desire to push the unproven climate scam onto us all , no testable proof required apparently. Perhaps another case of give the people a small treat so the under handed deceptions can pass unhindered. I thought Ardern had gone, silly me, for just like Beg bugs those who seek to constantly deceive just try try and try.fred
Excellent news getting rid of Apartheid & Socialist agendas.Ann
Very appreciative of the coalition parties commitment to their policies, though I believe that some of the policies, specifically around cultural and social issues such as gender, need to be taken further.MacKenzie
Right direction, but wording of proposals is such that they do not guarantee pushing to finalisation of the points made.ross
Their aspirations are mine. I look forward once again to an all inclusive society.Patricia
Not perfect- there must be a binding referendum to protect democracy.mary
Still a few PM’s should be booted out of parliament.Peter
The first 100 days will be the test as to whether they walk the talk. Climate change is the ‘Controligarchs’ ultimate control mechanism, and as it’s not mentioned just tells me our coalition government could be under the influence of ‘outside interests’.neil
A huge relief to finally get a sane and commonsensical government. I also hope they will finally see through the scam that climate change largely is.Paul
better than expected and top marks to all 3 in the adult way they proceeded. Leaving the lefty lovey media snarks without air was masterful. It was better to take time and get things mostly right than being pressured into ‘told you so’ media remarks laterCarolyn
For me, the tribal coup was the most concerning issue leading into the election, and reading the coalition agreements fills me with hope for the first time in years. So well done to the new coalition – don’t stuff it up!Don
Wow, what an excellent start for the government. They have covered off most of the concerns that people had. And for all the radical trouble makers, get used to the fact that you will no longer have a free run. Murray
Labour was so oppressive that the freedom of feeling you don’t have to look over your shoulder all the time is taking some getting used to. I hope the new government also allows the coalition parties some headroom so they can all join in the fight against the wokism that almost destroyed our country. It is refreshing to hear Winston Peters attacking the media over Labour’s $55 million PIJF, because all he says is so true yet the media has never been forced to defend themselves before now. And to find out the fund is still going on for the next two years and that we, the taxpayers are paying, is quite shocking. Phil
I’m a farmer and I’m so disappointed in National effectively hanging us out to dry. To be honest I blame our industry groups that never stood up for us against the government but caved in early on. At the very least I’m hoping the new government will be shamed into holding the review of climate targets because the methane measures are four times higher than the IPCC says they should be, which means the penalties we will be expected to pay are grossly inflated. And that means consumers are being forced to pay way too much for everything! Barbara
A great start for the new government – all power to them for a successful three terms at least!Simon