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Covid Wins

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US President Ronald Reagan’s famous expression, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help” used to bring a chuckle from New Zealanders, who traditionally regarded ‘The Government’ as benign.

Not any more.

One of the first warning signs of Jacinda Ardern’s totalitarian tendencies came after the Christchurch Mosque attacks, when the rights of law-abiding firearm owners were abolished without warning or consultation.

Then, in March last year, in an unprecedented response to the global pandemic, the whole country was forced into a lockdown. For the first time in our history, those fundamental democratic freedoms protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights – including our freedom of association and movement – were suspended.

In an article, What Price Liberty and the Virus, written at the time, former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy expressed his concerns: “In a sinister twist loss of these rights is backed by an apparently highly popular government encouraged scheme of dobbing in one’s neighbour for possible infractions. At the time of the fall of the Berlin wall it was estimated that the membership of the Stasi was about 80,000 but that many times this number were unpaid informants assisting the Stasi to protect the state from infection with the very ideas and principles the government has suspended.”

We now have new vaccine mandates for teachers and health workers. That mandate renders meaningless clause 11 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights, which says: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment”.

The mandate also represents a total reversal of the pledge the Prime Minister made before the 2020 election. When asked by AM Show host Duncan Garner whether penalties would be used to force vaccines onto New Zealanders, the PM said, “No, and we haven’t for any vaccination in New Zealand applied penalties in that way… I see no reason to have penalties.”

Jacinda Ardern’s broken promise was largely unreported by the mainstream media. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any “free world” country having a more compliant, pro-government media than New Zealand has at the present time.

Let’s examine how we have arrived at this point where medical mandates overrule human rights.

Covid emerged early in election year, and the Ministry of Health guided New Zealand’s response, through the National Pandemic Plan. That plan was developed to deal with highly contagious airborne viruses, and was successfully used by John Key’s National Government during the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

The Plan involved managing the spread of infection, so as not to overwhelm health services, with the goal of developing natural population immunity – aided by vaccines, if and when they became available.

In March, assisted by some alarmist modelling and a $16 million budget for PR and communications consultants, Prime Minister Ardern took command. She ordered everyone into that first lockdown and changed New Zealand’s goal from managing the virus to ‘eliminating’ it.

Attempting to eradicate a highly contagious airborne virus, that was never going to be exterminated globally, was a contentious decision.

Nevertheless, the harsh lockdown worked and not only was Jacinda Ardern celebrated around the world for “saving New Zealand”, she was re-elected with an absolute majority – something never before achieved under MMP.

But as predicted, the virus mutated, and Delta penetrated through the Government’s shambolic border security system. The going “hard and early” mantra had not been applied to the vaccine rollout, and New Zealand ended up with the lowest vaccine rate in the OECD. As a result, the country is vulnerable to the virus, and on-going lockdowns are crippling small business.

Following these developments from the UK is this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, journalist and author Ross Clark, who shares with us a critique of our PM’s performance that he wrote for the Daily Telegraph:

“New Zealand now is pretty well in the same position as Britain was in March 2020, with pockets of cases erupting into what threatens to become one large outbreak. What New Zealand has done for the past 18 months – attempt to become a Covid-free island by sealing its borders – never was an option in Britain’s case, just as continuing with a zero Covid policy is no longer a choice for New Zealand.

“Was New Zealand’s experiment worth it? If the country can get its vaccination rate up quickly it might very well be possible to argue that yes, it was – although the economic damage will still be massive. Unfortunately, however, Ardern’s government has not used its extra time to get ahead with vaccinations.

“That puts it among the very lowest of developed countries. Moreover, because Covid has been largely absent, very few people have acquired immunity through natural infection. The country is vulnerable, therefore, to the kind of explosive epidemic that Britain saw early on in the crisis.

“The world can finally see that zero Covid was a dead end which delayed but did not eliminate Covid, while drawing out the economic damage from repeated lockdowns as far as the eye can see.”

Ross describes and explains the vitriolic abuse he received when questioning our Prime Minister’s strategy: “To many on the soft-left, Arden represented all that they advocated in a government: compassion, competence and vision. She was the living example of why we should have more women in charge of politics, business and everything else.”

He then points out the reality: “If Ardern is a rock star, I’m afraid she has reached second album syndrome. What looked so clever to many people a year ago no longer looks quite so smart.”

Here are some facts about the Pfizer vaccine – the only one available to New Zealanders. While traditional antigen vaccines inject inactivated virus material into the body to trigger the production of antibodies to fight the disease, Pfizer uses gene technology. The messenger RNA – part of the genetic code of the virus – that is contained in the vaccine instructs the body to make the viral spike protein, which then trains the immune system to identify and attack Covid-19.

The Pfizer vaccine has been given “provisional” approval by Medsafe to be used in New Zealand. The website documentation acknowledges the vaccine’s experimental status, with many key matters such as the duration of protection provided, still being determined through “ongoing clinical trials”.

As with any immunisation programme, information on any adverse events reported after vaccination is collated by Medsafe. Their website shows that by the end of September, over 5 million vaccinations have resulted in 22,832 adverse reactions, with 838 deemed to be “serious”. In addition, of the 75 deaths that have occurred following vaccination, investigations to date have attributed only one directly to the vaccine.

Medsafe’s risk management plan for Pfizer indicates the need for more safety data for those who are pregnant or have underlying health conditions. It is uncertainties such as this that have resulted in some Kiwis being extremely concerned about the Pfizer vaccine. Given their hesitancy, it would clearly be advisable for an alternative to be offered. Since the Government has announced its intention to purchase Novavax – a traditional antigen vaccine – as a booster, surely it would make sense to introduce it as soon as possible as an alternative to Pfizer.

Vaccines normally aim to achieve two goals: firstly, to protect the vaccinated person from the disease, and secondly, to prevent the spread of infection.

The Delta variant, which originated in India late last year and is now surging around the world, generates a far higher viral load and greater infectivity.

Because Pfizer was developed for the Wuhan strain of Covid-19, while it helps reduce the severity of infection in most people, it will not prevent the transmission of Delta.

So, knowing that, what advice does the Ministry of Health provide for Kiwis wanting to protect their families from Covid?

Very little, it seems.

A comprehensive Ministry of Health report on potential Covid-19 therapeutic treatment options, concludes, “There are no therapeutics currently approved in Aotearoa New Zealand for mild or moderate COVID-19 disease.”

In response to growing public concern about this lack of early treatments for Covid, Pharmac recently announced it has secured 60,000 doses of an experimental anti-viral medication called ‘molnupiravir’. In spite of limited safety trial testing, the drug will be made available to at-risk people with mild to moderate symptoms.

The Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield has also discussed some early intervention options being considered by the Government, explaining that if drugs used for other purposes are found to have therapeutic benefits for treating Covid, they “can be prescribed to a Covid patient by a doctor, despite the drugs not being officially approved for that use.”

An exception is Ivermectin, a drug with known antiviral prophylactic and therapeutic qualities, that has been safely used all around the world for the past 30 years, but which New Zealand doctors have now been banned from prescribing for Covid.

With the Government now predicting thousands of community cases of Delta, with hospitals unable to cope, it’s important to be aware that both India and Indonesia, which recently experienced unprecedented Delta outbreaks, successfully brought the virus under control. Since neither case has been widely reported in the mainstream media, it is worth noting the details here.

When a Delta outbreak hit Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state of 240 million people, in early April, with cases growing exponentially and hospitals unable to cope, medical authorities added Ivermectin to India’s National Health Protocol, resulting in a dramatic decline in case numbers.

It was a similar story in Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country. Faced with a massive spike in Delta cases swamping hospitals in July, the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency granted Emergency Use Authorization for Ivermectin. The Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered the National Defence Forces to distribute free health packs of Ivermectin and vitamins to vulnerable populations. From a peak of 57,000 new cases in a single day, cases declined sharply.

In spite of these results, and dozens of trials that are taking place around the world, the current advice from our Ministry of Health is: “The Australian Guideline, ISDA, and WHO recommend not using ivermectin outside of clinical trials as there is insufficient evidence to make a recommendation.”

Meanwhile our Government is racing to lift the vaccination rate before Delta becomes uncontrollable. In January, the Director-General of Health said the aim should be to have at least 70 percent of the population vaccinated against Covid: “The more people vaccinated … the more likely we can get that herd immunity effect where we stop any transmission within the community”.

The percentage of people who need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity varies with the disease. According to the World Health Organisation, herd immunity against measles requires a 95 percent vaccination rate. For polio, the threshold is about 80 percent, and for Covid, between 60 and 70 percent of a population needs to be immune to “really break the chain of transmission”.

But Jacinda Ardern is pushing for “90 percent”. Does she see this as a pathway to again become a world leader in the fight against Covid?  Is 90 percent more political than medical?

Delta is here, and most now accept it is here to stay. That requires a much more considered response than confining people to their homes. It also needs a much more reasoned approach to finding solutions for those who are hesitant about the Pfizer vaccine. Instead of villainising them and dismissing their concerns as misinformed, a better approach is to find solutions. One would have thought a Prime Minister who claims to be caring would have done this already.

The situation New Zealand is now in represents a real test for our Prime Minister. Will she continue the authoritarian divide and rule approach that Ronald Regan warned about, or will she finally realise that in a democracy true leadership involves protecting rights, not trampling them into the ground.

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Ivermectin a must. Now. As it will shorten timeframes and reduce hospitalisations Robyn
J. Ardern has severely disrupted the ‘rhythm of life’ here because of her destruction of the economic and social fabric of New Zealand society under the guise of dealing with a Chinese virus. Her agenda has more to do with ideologically leftwing political control of her subjects than any concern for public health. Lockdowns should never have occurred here; rather the Swedish model, however Ardern is not a leader but a dictator. The South Island situation is ludicrous and masks are another sign of power over the people. Monica
It will become endemic and require yearly refresher jabs. rosa
Learn to live with the virus ManishRastogi
covid 19 will become part of our cold and flu season regardless of the variant. We must learn to live with it. Darryl
Influenza hasn’t been contained yet so only a FOOL or an AUTOCRAT would think they can contain the Corona Virus. Martin
Of course not. What we have to do now is “contain” the prime minister. RayS
With Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorophine. Susan
Too slow at start it is now rampant in gang communities and some poor peoples communities leo
Its a shame my grandparents arent still alive the ones who went to war to fight tyranny, they would have had a thing or two to say about the current government. Instead of wanking on and being worried about whos vaccinated or who isnt try opening your eyes to see how this has long ago become political not medical. Jon
Auckland needs to be released! Carol
Had NZ allowed Covid in its original form (whatever that was called) instead of locking the country down, herd immunity would have been achieved in very little time and most people would be safe now. John Key’s plan was the best. Only 19 people died of H1N1 in 2009 using National’s Plan. Cindy has no idea of how to manage her “kindy”. She has no idea of the real world because she’s actually never really lived in it. Elsie
We need to learn to live with COVID as we have flu and many other pandemics by developing immunity and only adhering to proven medical research and not some 5 minute wonder. Catherine
Can you stop water flowing in a river – yes by damming it, but eventually it will overflow. Covid is like the river, and we need other vaccines like ivermectin to control it. Carl
It’s never been possible and the sooner everyone is exposed to it the sooner we will get back to a state of normal. The Vaccine is a huge mistake and we will see deaths and injuries for years. Sheila
NZ should have learnt from every other country in the world…. Richard
it is an airborn virus – it is endemic not pandemic – we need to be able to choose the medication we use. Scott
I think the deaths from covid are extremely low, and excess death around the world could easily be reactions to the vaccine and boosters. It seems when comparing recent numbers that this is no worse than a bad flu season, besides the excess deaths from the vaccines. With the speed of spread, it’s not outlandish to assume a vaste number of the dead would be infected with the virus when they died but would have died regardless of the virus or not. The fact this vaccine is being pushed so hard, and policies for the UN agenda are also being pushed while everyone is in fear and anxiety, is troubling. The fact people are getting so worn down they are folding to rules they otherwise would utterly reject, is dangerous. We should immediately go to level 1, provide everyone with the right information about real numbers and all cause death to put things in perspective. Then give everyone an oxygen meter so they know when to go to hospital if they are sick. Those that don’t get the vaccine will be fine in almost all cases, the vast majoirty of people in hospital will be the same people effected by influenza in the same way in a bad flu pandemic. That includes the vaccinated as we can see around the world. Everyone will catch covid, the majority will be asymptomatic as we do have some immunity to all coronavirus versions. It’s not that different that our body doesn’t recognise it, which is why so many asymptomatic cases. We should open up, remove the emergency powers and provide early treatment where necessary. Scott
In my opinion it’s too late mike
Hooray finally there are others that concur with me I have been screaming this from the start of lockdowns Robin
From the article you state 60 to 70% immunity is required. Do not mistake immunity with vaccination, there are 2 total separate things. From UK data it can plainly be seen that over 30 year olds are more likely to catch covid. They are not in any way whatsoever immune. The good news is they are less likely to end up in hospital. It appears a similar effect could be obtained by using ivermectin. Russell
It’s just “the flu”. Delta is a label used to frighten people Charles
Its here to stay unfortunately. But the effects will diminish over time to just be another flu. Get ivermectin on the list Gary 
Let it run it’s course, the draconian rules we are under are doing far more damage than this virus will. But it’s not about the virus is it? It’s about bringing us all under one world government control and reducing the population Jeanette
This is the same old variant trick ! The next variant will be the ‘Epsilon’ variant, just another mutation, for yet another jab. It is not a good idea to jab during an Epidemic! This will never end! David
Incompetency by Government Ronald
If it is indeed Delta at all and having regard to the despotic tyrants involved in this Covid rort. Alan
Like the flue you cannot contain it. especially as there are stores in the animal pool. Gerard
It is time to stop the lockdowns and open all borders – a date for this to happen (say, 01 December). People will be motivated to take action or be willing to take responsibility for whatever the results are of their actions or non-actions. Merrill
NO virus has EVER been eliminated in the History of mankind. Michael
New Zealand can’t afford to hide away from the world. We need to build business and generate a healthy GDP. Financial hardship can be just as bad as the pandemic. Kevin
Practically, no. Possible, yes, but there would have to be massive human right breaches. Anon
no i certainly dont think they can,they have had a go at it,at the economic cost to this countryI would hate to think, the cost of living in new zealand now is just outrageous the government is gaining huge tax takes by all the price rises,especialy fuel,i see that woman said there would be no penalty’s for unvaccinated people who are now going to have the hammer of ardern on us,i dont know what the vaccinated people have got to worry about they are safe or dont they think they are,this government are an arrogant bunch,some of us are waiting for other options, but at the moment its fizer or nothing,im not an anti vaxxer but there should be options on the table, so we can make our own decisions, freedom in this country is fast disappearing just what gives this woman and her bunch of dick heads the right to take away our freedom of choice, rodger
Over to all New Zealanders to do their bit and care for themselves Elizabeth
I think it is like many other infectious diseases, it will continue but needs managing. This Government appears scared to accept this view and wants to cut us off from the world and micro-manage us without resourcing our health system to do so. Alastair
It would involve crippling lockdowns with no end in sight claire
Absolutely not, only a narcissistic prime minister would believe that Jock
Their current policies (as at 18 October 2021) will not contain the Delta outbreak in a definitive and helpful manner. They have outlawed helpful approaches that have shown good and verified results elsewhere and are so hampering a sound way of dealing with the current outbreak. Pieter
The virus will continue to have variants just like the yearly flu virus. It needs management before hospital admissions not vaccines. Valerie
It is more contagious and, coupled with increased complacency, is getting out of control. This was inevitable once it ‘escaped’ from MIQ. The complacency was encouraged by media and government reports that the elimination process was a successful policy. This was only true for as long as containment was maintained at the MIQ. Vaccinations were slow given the exposure of front line MIQ workers and the vaccine rollout. Covid has inevitably found itself in our communities and will continue to spread. Martin
The virus is now endemic. We can see what’s happening around the world. Vx don’t stop you getting it or spreading it so they’re not the magic solution. Let’s follow India and Indonesia in protecting our citizens. Let’s open up and get on with the privilege and human right of living life. Simone
Because people are thick and move around without s thought for the spread of the virus John
Waste of time trying to contain it. Immunity, whether natural or by vaccination, is the only solution. Ardern and this Govt are so scared of losing their fake glow of success they are not willing to admit they’ve screwed-up, apologise, and change to the approach generally adopted by every other country on the planet. They should admit they are clueless and resign – but they don’t know how to do the honourable thing. Gary
If Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C were used and prescribed, yes, it could well be reined in. alison
It’s a flu. Just not possible. Has it been contained anywhere else? No. Mark
Ivermectin, the iMATH protocol and other early treatnent protocols documented by respected doctors work. Why are we not allowed to use them. We have a population being made sick by fear and anxiety. Anon
The isolation strategy adopted by Cindy was doomed to failure as NZ had to reopen to the world at some stage, mind you did we expect anything better from someones sum total of experience is Fish & Chips Presidency of the International Union of Socialist Youth ! John
Let’s just get back to living life and growing our country Michelle
According to CDC statistics recovery from Covid is 99%. And strangely enough most of the people in Hospital in other countries with so-called Delta have been vaccinated. The vaccination is resisted by people because they no longer rely on news outlets in NZ for their information alone and there are many more harmful results than have been advertised by our official news media. The “one source of truth “is now nothing but spin, lies and propaganda. NZ is slowly waking up from the “group think”about this so-called vicious disease that most people recover from. Tell a lie once and it’s a lie. Tell a lie a thousand times and it’s the truth. Rosemary
Delta will become like the flu which has never been eradicated. We will have to live with it. When we get 80% of the population vaxed we should throw the gates wide open. If the non vaxes get crook then so be it. They have a choice and have made it. What really concerns me though is the fact that when they get crook they will exclude people from hospitals and operations over which the legit patients have no control ie, cancer etc. The non vaxes will be responsible for deaths of legit patients as people in this situation have no choice. Richard
What a joke all this is. Simon
The Pfizer Vaccine does not prevent the spread of the disease, it “only helps reduce the severity of infection in most people, it will not prevent the transmission of Delta.” chris
the science is clear but the govt have a different narrative. Scientists, Professors and Medical Specialist, I listen to say Ivermectin and other antivirals can contain the outbreak, so why ban them? What’s the real agenda….. Philip
It’s not possible to contain the Delta outbreak and this is just another vanity project for Jacinda so she can show off to the world however, she doesn’t seem to have picked up on the fact that we are now the laughing stock of the world. The continual shifting of the goal posts in unbelievably frustrating – first the vaccination target was about 70%, then 80%, then 90%, now after today’s announcements, I can only guess she’s aiming for 95% or even 100%. I couldn’t bear to hear her patronisingly implore New Zealand to get vaccinated a month or so ago when most New Zealanders would have loved to have got vaccinated but it wasn’t even in the country or available to us while we prioritise Maori (the ever-endangered species), Pacific Island countries and elderly people. We have to tolerate the lockdown in Auckland as almost 90% of the people have been vaccinated while we wait around until the inept who can’t be bothered decide to get around to it or get given enough treats to reward them for getting vaccinated. I am so sick of hearing Maori bleat on about how the system isn’t working for them, how this will be genocide if we get let out of lockdown – everything is always everyone else’s fault and Maori never take any responsibility for the situation they find themselves in – despite millions and millions and millions of dollars invested in dragging them along. Give up on trying to control Delta Jacinda and while you’re at it, stop controlling decent kiwis who are sick of your pandering to a small hopeless percentage who love milking their victim status. Amy
Govt stupidity continues to reign supreme Richard
Of course not. Anyone who believes otherwise is just toone gullible for words. BTW the first hint of Cindy’s totalitarian ‘tendencies’ was her acceptance of the PM job as bestowed on her by Peter’s, even knowing she hadn’t actually won the election. The second sign was when she ripped up all future oil and gas exploration upon taking office. And the list goes on,,,,,and on,,,,Another BTW, how many ACT supporters are concerned, as I am, at their apparent dismissal of their “freedom of choice” and “personal responsibility” policies when it comes to them supporting jab mandates? ?? Sharen
Why has this government, who no nothing about anything, instructed doctors not to prescribe Ivermectin? I think they are on the take from the big drug companies. Ivermectin was used widely in India and saved them when delta hit them. There are several cheap drugs and immune boosters available that can and have been used to combat the virus. To list a few, Ivermectin, Heprin, Doxycline, Hydroxycloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D. A combination of these has been used successfully in Australia and India to name a couple of countries. Let the lies from Adern roll on. Murray
COVID was always going to mutate and will continue to do just that. The numpty gummint fronted a the show pony and side kick dog show was never I control of it. The frightening thing is the control they have over the population. Prue
Natural immunity in enough people can do the job. This requires treatment of Covid infections as soon they are detected. Neil
Our country has stupid antvaxers so with them and just irresponsible people who have had enough of lockdowns it will not happen Walter
We need herd immunity and we need it fast. Ardern is destroying our country with these lockdowns Raewyn
People just need to stop being selfish and get vaccinated – for the greater good. Kim
Because the whole COVID thing is a massive LIE/HOAX! The variant lie, is caused by The Poisoned VAX! =DELTA!! This was part of the LIE, it will never end now. DEPOPULATION/NWO!!! David
Definately not contain it. The best we can hope for is to manage it’s impact by mass vacination. Unfortunately ther are too many flat earth society members out there to prevent this happeneing. They are effectively holding the est of NZ to ransome with their selfish atitudes. Urban
: In the beginning there was Mother Nature and she said There are only two Bad Outcomes of the Covid-19 Illness and they are Hospitalisation and Death. So, therefore the PLAN going forward needs to involve managing the spread of the infection, so as not to overwhelm health services, with the goal of developing natural population immunity aided by vaccines, if and when they become available. Derrick
Impossible to contain. Geraldine
Absolutely not. People will be people. and many will not do what the MoH says they should. Gregor
Read a book called COVID-19 and the Global Predators – We are the Prey by Peter Greggin MD and his wife Ginger Ross Greggen. It will give you the answer to what is going on here. It’s available on Amazon.com.au Pam
Contain as in manage/reduce load on hosp system. Only if they stop vaccinating people, stop using the faulty PCR test, and start proven early intervention health protocols for those that genuinely have the virus. Do not use remdezavir or its sidekicks. Ardern is a graduated student of WEF kingpin Klaus Schwab … Lea
No! We’re just going to have to live with it, and maintain our health and hygiene regime to protect ourselves as much as we can. It is after all, only common sense to do this. If you’re sick stay home! This people in this country cannot continue being locked down at the whim of this PM. Sooner she, and her cohorts are gone the better. Heather
Not with the current administration. Adern and her team continue to push towards , but not quite reach, Peak Incompetence. Ronnie
with all the outbreaks in the north island proves that it can’t be contained due to movement of people regardless of levels but this dictatorial govt thinks it can do anything while its destroying this country with its rushed through new laws. Richard
If we get to 95% of Kiwis vacinated, all overseas arrivals must have had been fully vacinated and had a test a few hours before departing for NZ, we should be able to treat Covid-19 as just another type flue. Frank
No. When could you ever hide from a virus? Kelvin
But not by ‘vaccinating’ – this MRNA injection creates more risk of infection in those injected, creates a higher viral load and greatly increases transmission to others (mongst other things). This injection has caused severe injuries and deaths in NZ (as recorded / but under-recorded). The PCR test is faulty, it was not designed to detect viruses (and does not detect them) as confirmed by its inventor, Kary Mullis. If someone has covid (and not just the usual cold or flu) then early medical treatment is key. Not Remdezivir or related drugs (which harm the kidneys), but medical protocols that have been used around the world to successfully treat cases and greatly reduce hospitalisations. India and Indonesia are examples, althogh alot of medics in the U.S. are using these protocols as well. Let’s open our eyes and ears people. Lea
The virus will be with us for a significant period, possibly years or until science can find a vaccine that will end its travel throughout the world. However, like the measles vaccine, rates of vaccination will nee to be maintained to avoid further outbreaks and possible mutations. I agree that individuals should not be forced to have the vaccine against their wishes, but I also believe that those who have been vaccinated should not be put at risk by the unvaccinated. For this reason, the government, in order to protect the majority, should have the right to mandate those occupations which need to be vaccinated to fulfil their roles. In addition, employers should have the right to specify that their workers need to be vaccinated for the same reasons, namely health and safety. Joseph
We cannot continue to attempt to live alone in this world Edgar W.
why did the government ban alternative treatments and preventative medicines in NZ for covid? jes
No, we are just going to have to cope with it and get back to normal again as soon as possible. Eric
no bloody way they are farting against thunder if they think its controllable ,do they not see whats happening in every other country ,,what wrong with these wankers ,,we need an urgent election to get rid of these children and idiots we need democracy back or lose it until we have to fight to get it back and at what cost will that be tony
Use Ivermectin as they have already done successfully in India. Cannot believe this pm has banned it. What is she afraid of….. being proved that maybe she took the wrong advise? If she really “cared” she would be distributing it to every hospital and medical centre in the country and fir half the cost of fake covid 19 vaccinations. It’s just crazy and she will never get a vote from me. Valda
But not with the attitude being shown by many NZers! Barton
Too many stupid people who flout the lockdown rules Rosemary
The Govt has not got people vaccinated early enough – they’ve been ‘resting on their laurels’ and ignoring what’s been happening overseas. Margaret
The use of other vaccines and or Ivermectin to control infection may help, but we should reduce controls on freedoms and provide the alternative medication on demand. Terry
Oh be wise – what more can be said Peter
The PM is like a school kid that’s been proved wrong and is now doing everything she can to regain her once elevated status amongst her peers. And we the citizens watch from the sideline. Ian
The battle is already lost. Mark
We should be preparing to treat our sick. Everyone should be boosting their health as much as possible and preparing plans to look after their families. Please let us have access to ivametim. Karen
The govt acted too late. Brian
But it is right to try and limit. But that means we need to be pragmatic and flexible in our approach using multiple tactical approaches and to providing access to alternative medicines etc to help people who have legitimate concerns. It also means we need to enforce penalties/ consequences for deliberately breaches of agreed rules and people also need to take on more personal responsibility for protecting them selves in their day to day behaviour without everyone having to lose their individual rights and freedoms. Malcolm
The COVID virus in various forms, obviously including those yet to mutate, is here in perpetuity. Government should be advising all citizens to get vaccinated now to establish a baseline immunity and be prepared to get a booster each year, much as most people do for the standard influenza shot. Peter
The sooner this lockdown nonsense stop the better Lucienne
With our wonderfull governments handling,of their 3 ring circus,they couldnt organise a pissup in a brewery. Mike
With early treatment John
Can be contained only to the extent that influenza is contained. doug
It will never be controlled long as those who gain from having a “medical emergency” retain power in NZ. Also this so called variant has not been isolated in microbiological terms and is a figment of the continuous propaganda barrage we are subjected to in order to get everyone jabbed. The PCR test will provide any result they want. A positive PCR test is not a “case”. Those in power do not take the jab, they get saline solution in their photo ops. Totalitarian attack on NZ. Andrew
Not while people allow themselves to be jabbed Debbie
we could have had the Govt got off their rear end early once the vaccines became available and started vaccinations in January robin
The horse has bolted since the government allowed a lowering of the level during an outbreak. Until then the level was maintained until fresh cases stopped. The latest policy has ensured that in due course the pandemic will penetrate the entire country. Terry
it never was controlable keith
Contain yes Eliminate No Gavin
The cost of prolonging a single life is in the millions, make no mistake. Most Covid deaths occur amongst the dieing, simple as that. Ruined our economy for what? Yes traditional vaccines and Ivamectin need to be made available. Put a fish and chip girl in charge, what do you expect? Shayne
Not vaccinated soon enough is the cause of this virus escalating in New Zealand. Lee
not with the stupidity of some Aucklanders. It’s as tho they like being in lockdown Lorraine
Govt must lift ban on Ivernectin immediately. It is only banned because of contract with Pfizzer! It is cheap and highly successfully in conjunctions with other drugs.. . Lift ban and get stocks in now. Both caxed and unvaxed will need it!!. That is of course if this govt truly cares about our health???? David
Unless early treatment of any Covid strain is supported by the govt, like using Ivermectin and a battery of other therapeutics, the govt will lose the war on Covid. In addition, basic common sense self-care needs to be emphasised, instead of the govt’s obsession with the vaccine: sunshine, fresh air, a good diet (preferably mainly plant-based), exercise and vitamin mineral supplements like Vitamin C D zinc. Plus social contact, especially if living alone. Also better health care for the elderly in rest homes. Theodora
But I do think the effect can be lessened if more people get vaccinated Laurel
We have to open up and live with Delta. Those who refuse vaccination will have to take their chances and should go to the back of the queue if vaccinated patients need ICU. Peter
Even though it wasn’t a bad thing to try, there is no plan B. And there never has been?! Warren
Comrade Ardern has done enough to destroy NZ. Time to get rid of her before more damage is done. As. For Delta, it will have to run its course, and all those sheep who rushed to get the experimental jab will be helping to spread the virus. I would personally feel safer without that unknown muck injected into my system. Virus Can’t be captured, will run its course, there will be deaths, but most will have a light dose of COVID or won’t even know they have it until they submit to the testing regime. Carolyn
there are still too many maybe’s !! David
Only when Jacinda puts priority on containment laws instead of focusing a job with the UN and with discipline from Govt and the people. Barry
It is just a platform for TV exposure for the PM. When there is a bad news, like the gang situation., she puts some one else in the hot seat. The media are Labour tame, she knows which ones to select for questions. Dene
And considering that the survival rate is over 99%, I believe we just have to get used to it in the same way we are used to all the other flu viruses that circulate every year. Brenda
It’s a virus. It’s here now and for eternity. Contrary to Queen Cindy and Her AB, neither eradication nor elimination is a possibility. The Ministry of Health need to make a plan. We have operated for too long under their “go hard go early lock Auckland down” un-strategy that it is time for the chickens to come home and roost. It’s time for heads to roll for their repeated acts of incompetence and their total ineptitude in the face of something less lethal than the common flu. Enough is enough you fecking pratts! Get out and be gone! Go and get a real job in the private sector and try to survive outside the cottonwool utopia of Central government and Public Service. You wouldn’t last ten minutes in the real world. Mark
And certainly NOT when we have soooo many Maori an Pasificka people who are just too damned tired to go get vaccax. Warwick
yes if they bring in novavax as soon as Ian
Release the use of Ivermectin, doxycycline and use Zinc which if used early is accepted in many countries. Sever cases require 3 – 4 different medicines. The other side of my answer is that no we will not contain it as the tables turn and the Vaccinated have breakthrough cases which affect each other (vaccinated) and non vaccinated. All the more reason to ensure we have the medical treatment to deal with it early. Forget the vaccines and invest in Medication. Other thing is the urgency to prepare for more Hospital beds when the break through cases blow out. Israel has more vaccinated people in Hospital than those who have had natural COVID and a longer coverage. Currently vax is 6 – 8 months and then booster indefinitely. They have got it so wrong and world research show that. Diana
This is a loaded question. Is it possible? Of course, anything is possible depending on the restrictions and protections that are applied. Is it probable, however ? Likely not. Peter
Not under the current path this govt has taken. They are playing a political game of control. Judith
Not in the longer term. It will probably sneak in AGAIN and AGAIN with so many middle finger abusers or some given special concessions by a sneaky government. And then how come the state of Uttar Pradesh (200 million) incl. New Delhi are basically COVID-19 free. There is a very interesting reason worth reviewing. Stuart
No unfortunately we’ll have to learn to live with it!  Jane
Its a virus that keeps cropping up unexpectendly any where Cyril
The Government has its head in the sand and will not look at facts that don’t support its stand. Delta can be spread by those that are vaccinated, so control of the Delta strain is impossible. Leslie
With this bunch of no-hopers in charge I don’t like our chances. Peter
Like all diseases covid will run its course with vacination /treatment being the means of defence. John
Not possible, we have to live with it. Ian
No country on earth has been able to contain the Covid virus so why does the New Zealand government think they can. Pipe dreaming! Robert
It’s world wide and we are going to have to live with it. Eliabeth
need to live with as every other country has done….also early treatment saves lives……..please nz govt get on board with that…..meantime we can all get our covid kits together and take self responsibility for our own health…… mary
Viruses don’t work like that. Are there still some people who don’t know that? Simon
Surely the best way is to inoculate the venerable (elderly) and make the proven treatments freely available to reduce the serious cases and death rate and in the process acquire natural immunity. This has been used with significant success in the past without the huge economic cost. As was done in India, Indonesia and Sweden. This government’s policies will only succeed in destroying the economy – but then that seems to be the objective. Mike
It is here to stay. When there are idiots who deliberately break the rules we r going to have to take individual care and responsability. Bev
Impossible. Our dictatorial Prime Minister is acting like “DON QUIXOTE”. Timothy
As long as early intervention is included, intervention that’s being used with success internationally. The government has boxed itself in with only one way out..the jab. If this continues to be thier stragedy the virus won’t be contain and the economy will be destroyed. Mark
Viruses adapt they become less virulent and more infectious this increases their survival basic evolution Bryan
Quieten yes but not eliminate Owen
Like other plagues it will just run it’s course. Alan
Too late to contain delta. The health ministry should of already had therapeutics in place. Why are they not looking at overseas success, with using combination therapy, which would include ivermectin, vit d zinc, doxycycline as one example. I think that Dr Bloomfield stated recently that Ivermectin was only a veterinary medication. Obviously he is not well versed in the supporting literature that has proven ivermectin safe for the last few decades and approved by the FDA for treating human reaction to particular diseases including scabies.. It is now showing promise in treating sars cov2 as indicated by your article. Maybe he does not want to get egg on his face, by being proven wrong. Anyhow if a government was all about looking out for the health of its citizens, one would think that they would try all modalities that are showing promise. Using the Pfizer vaccine had not even finished its safety or efficacy trials, and they are forcing that on the the populace, so in the same framiing they can use therapeutics that have a recorded success rate.. Maybe Labour just want to keep this totalitarian control over us, therefore they wont use any therapeutics that will be effective, thus they will lose that control over people. Insidious, incompetent, creatures from the swamp. steve
No way we need to pressure the government to follow the early treatment program described by Dr Peter McCullough using Ivermectin along with other drugs that is the only way forward and it may need to go to court Jeffrey
It’s a virus spread through droplets AND aerosol and is being treated with a leaky, poor excuse for a vaccine. Good luck with that. What we really need to get on top of this is early treatment with Ivermectin, a Nobel-prize winning drug that actually IS “safe and effective”. Macca
Viruses don’t do MIQ Philip
Already in 2020 the real data was telling us Covid would not go away and we needed to quickly protect the old and work on treatment options. Wayne
Let Delta run it’s course, just like any flu virus. It may be more infectious, but it’s not serious. Vaccinating allows it to continue, as we are seeing now. The concern now is the extent of the vaccine damage in the population which is far greater than the virus. Jan
We have to live with it, like the flu Andrew
But only if Doctors are allowed to prescribe the medicine that has been proved successful all round the world by Doctors who care about their patients. Ann
It is like trying to stem the tide! Roy
How do you control it without a plan? Roger
No – Its not about the virus. Its all a smokescreen to introduce communism Neil
Because to slow to vaccinate Dianne
But the use of tried and true therapies (Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine) with supplements and a healthy lifestyle will certainly manage it. Sylvienne
NSW seems to have done so. Ray
May be under the right conditions and using the right medication once it has been proven to control Delta. Brian
The aerosol particles generated by the Wuhan Corona virus ( Named SARS-COV-2 ) are very small and are capable of penetrating most masks. An N95 mask filters up to 95% of particles as small as .3%u03BCm. That is assuming it seals perfectly with no leaks The corona virus aerosols can be as small as 0.1 %u03BCm or even smaller in some circumstances. Therefore they will eventually penetrate most PPE and other protective measures, making complete isolation the only way to avoid spread. This would be totally unrealistic and ruinous for our country. It would also be disastrous for individuals deprived of their living as well as social interaction and important healthcare. Therefore we need to come to terms with living with the virus and utilising appropriate thearuputics and early treatment for the symptomatic as being done in India, parts of the USA and Africa. Malcom
No There is absolutely no way any virus can be contained let alone eliminated WE MUST LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT and now The alternative is the total collapse of the New Zealand economy. Yes I accept that the first lockdown may have been wise as our knowledge of the virus was limited but that is not the case now Your mention of Ronald Reagan brought back to me another of his quotes Government cannot fix the problem Government is the problem ROB
Need to get on with preserving the economy, therefore our long term health of the nation. urgency needed to resurrect what remains of as many businesses as possible. The pandemic of the unvaccinated numbers need to be compared to those dying of cancer, road accidents, Car accidents and perhaps those of suicide and drug overdoses. The reality will soon settle in for the tardy individuals. Murray
The virus will spread among the non-vaccinated and some vaccinated will catch the virus. We must expect more deaths among those with other serious health issues. Brian
I marked No however I believe had we continued to lock down and had better systems and compliance then yes but the cost, financial, social, mental, logic was way too high. Sweden had it right from day one. Tony
Yes – Start using Ivermectin, ASAP! It worked in Uttar Pradesh and the other Indian states that used it. It worked in Indonesia. It worked in El Salvador and anywhere else it has been used. So why the heck wouldn’t it work here? They have brought in an unproven experimental gene therapy, masquerading as a “vaccine” under EUA – why not do the same with Ivermectin (and others) that have a proven track record? And don’t just cleave to a single “elimination” protocol that is no longer fit for purpose – look for solutions and methods that do work – there is no shame in copying other countries who have managed to beat the virus (or at least get it under control). Given the present state of affairs, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this country is akin to a renamed, rudderless, ship of lies, adrift on a sea of stupidity! Scott
Another disaster pending. The whole lot seems to be fiddling while RTome is burning. To put it another way, neither labour of the maori didsorganisation could organise twins into two watches. Peter
It’s never truly possible to contain any outbreak of any disease if it in fact is as virulent as we are led to believe. Instead, we are better off being informed and supported by the natural immunity inherent in all people – after all, if we didn’t have such a mechanism, the human race would have been killed off centuries ago. So government is better to advise people regarding vitamin’s C and D and other health methods to get one’s own immunity up to scratch. Fresh air, sunlight and exercise is a good start for most people Trevor
Contain no Restrict possibly, which would require people to comply But there is a section of the community that struggle to understand Bruce
Who knows? Certainly not Ardern! Furthermore, she doesn’t seem to be doing much to find an answer much less a cure. Ron
https://covexit.com/the-early-treatment-of-the-delta/ Allan
Has anyone noticed how no medical treatments already in existance that have been shown to be effective are approved for use? Only new and developing one’s, namely “vaccines”, are being approved for us. Does anyone know why this is? I can only think of money being the reason, but surely that’s too outrageous to put people’s lives at risk for… Caro
There never was any hope of containing the outbreak, especially with importing cases into MIQ. The only way would be if NZ was to entirely disconnect itself from the world. Forever. Natural immunity is far better than anything the vaccine offers. And treat it early. It’s a viral flu after all. A bad one if you’re over 60. Get slim, eat well. stay fit. Lynda
Using India as an example, yes, the Delta outbreak could be contained. Using the Jacinda model; No, the outbreak will not be contained. The reason is simple. Double jabbing with an experimental vaccine designed for Covid-19, will not stop the spread of variants such as Delta. India is opening its boarders for tourism on November 15th, with only 25% of the population, double jabbed. The combination of treatments including Ivermectin is proving so successful, that people are medicating at home without overwhelming their hospital facilities. New Zealands, Marxist/Globalist Agenda government is now so drunk with power, & the control that this ‘pandemic’ has provided, it will find itself reluctant to relinquish that power. Thank-you Muriel, for yet another well researched, informative summary. A.G.R.
It has not never will be contained RICHard
WEll the vaccine will help now but from time to time there will be outbreaks like influenza ,the world will have to live with Delta or similar varients lomg term Barrry
Plenty of other countries have tried and failed so unless NZ has some magic weapon then it is highly unlikely. Derek
This government is totally useless, can’t manage to do anything they set out to do Laurie
so many top drs around the world have been using ivermectin and other treatments that at least stop people getting very sick etc. we should be using the same and listening to the real experts not politicians drs are becoming puppets of the state anthony
This govt. is so incompetent it continually changes the methods of handling of COVID -19. Robina
nil Rodney
Even the govt has accepted Delta is here to stay, but it’s not admitting its elimination strategy is a failure. Well, add that to the other failures on a very long list. JD
Unvaccinated actually help to lessen the strength of a virus, results in low vaccination countries support this. We need Ivermectin. We need to get rid of this totalitarian government, and cut ties with the globals pulling the strings. Karen
Delta cannot be contained, and those who have taken the experimental jab will soon suffer antibody dependent enhancement sadly. Christina
Firstly, this is NOT a vaccine as we have known them previously like Tetanus, it is an Experimental Genetic Modification Technology (Permanent changes forever!) The contents of these so called vaccines or Lethal Killer Death shots, one of which has been discovered is Graphene Oxide…which apparently causes blood clots, hence the acquired name “Clotshot”. The main driver of this Scam-Plandemic has been apart from the UN & Gates, has been the fraudulent PCR Tests which have now found to be “Not Fit For Purpose”….!!! Yet, these PCR Tests have been used to develop/create “CASES” to scare the living daylights out of us Kiwis, so we would conform and comply to whatever the Liebour Govt wants us to do…..”Mass Hypnosis” with madam PM casting a spell over her sheeple so she can lure them into her will. STOP TESTING and this COVID variant named “Delta” which is 0.3% different from the original Bioweapon COVID-19 Sars-Cov2 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology which got dubbed Alpha Variant will all disappear….it’s ALL a BIG SCAM folks and if we ever wake up from this wicked witches spell and the Lobotomised Lame Stream Media help this process, I imagine there are going to be some very pissed off & angry people who will finally (maybe!) realise they have been severely PLAYED…!!! Can you imagine what that will look like? Bruza
Not without completely shutting down our whole economy. Allan
Nah,to late. Mark
We can “contain” it. We cannot “eliminate” (or eradicate it) it presently. And I think we need to speak in terms of Covid, as other variants will continue to arise. Darryn
Not with the actions prevailing of this bumbling controlling incompetent government and bureaucracy since the COVID cover up by China was first notified to the world by the Taiwan Government. David
Will never happen though unless all current strategies are changed and improved. Jacinda I believe is not mentally well and therefore not fit to be PM. Mary
Whatever the variety of Covid, we have to learn to live with it just as we live with colds and flu. Alan
Well, it is technically possible, but not at acceptable cost, nor by such an inept Government. Ron 
we have never really been able to ‘contain’ any virus! bob
Why are we not looking at other therapeutics available e.g. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin? I would like to know the reasons this Government has not allowed them, they are not very forthcoming with any information. These have been around for years with other countries successfully using them. Janine
To believe that the Country can control COVID-19 but is unable to control or contain the annual outbreak of influenza flies in the face of reason. The Medical system has already advised me that my vaccination for COVID-19 will not stop me from contracting the virus or becoming its carrier – so what is the point of the vaccine they are pushing – it supposedly will make my contraction “less vIolent” and demanding of medical care? Surely the current inability of the medical system to eradicate the influenza virus indicates that control of COVID-19 will be just as effective – show me the data that says otherwise. Yet another lie by our “illustrious “Leader and her medical advisors. Micfhael
Only if vaccination rates go up a lot further. Then bring in the Ivermectin. If it’s good enough for other parts of the world to see good results then take your heads out of the sand. Graeme
Not by the use of the present vaccination alone.. Peter
Instant tests and other medicines are needed. leigh
If you examine and believe the evidence of data now coming forth from highly vaccinated populations indicating that fully 80% of the deaths occurring are from vaccinated persons, persons who should be protected from the very cause by the vaccination, and if you believe that the vaccination is very considerably adding to the immune load making those vaccinated more vulnerable to a higher death rate, then you will conclude the higher the vaccination rate the higher the death rate because vaccination is the key to the accelerated death rate. so why are we jabbing our healthy children. Richard
Is it possible to contain the Flu. Well no it isn’t. Will the Jab contain the “New Flu”? Well no it won’t. The following is a transcript of “containing the “Flu” with the “Vax” which points out the fact that all this is not about Covid. Time to wake up . Read this and have a little think: The so called 95% efficacy rate by Big Pharma was misleading. Lancet: The 95% was related to relative risk reduction, rather than absolute risk reduction. (as would be standard) So the actual risk reduction of getting  covid for Phizer is 0.8% which means after the vax on average you are still 99% just as likely to get covid. This raises 3 Questions: 1 By getting Vax, how would you be helping other people? 2 If you have natural immunity like 80% of the population likely does, why would you still be required to get the Vax? 3 If the vax doesn’t stop the spread , why would you need a vaccine passport? Apply a moment of critical thinking and you will find that anyone advocating these requests is either uninformed, irrational or has an ulterior motive for suggesting everyone should be Vaxed. Let’s summarize this by crunching a few numbers: Pfizer NNV=117 meaning 117 people need to be vaxed to prevent one covid case , that’s a covid case, not a covid death. Since the median survival rate for covid is 99.8%. That means 998 out of 1000 cases survive. So you would need to prevent 1000 cases to prevent 1 death. So, 117 x 1000 = 117,000. You would need to vax 117,000 people to save one life. In the USA by the first half of 2021, about 134 million people had been vaxed and so far 10,355 people have died in the first 6 months of 2021 in the USA alone. That means 56 people a day are dying immediately after taking the vax. Due to under reporting, that number of deaths is likely to be much higher and with info from the whistle blowers it is likely to be 51,800 deaths. But with the official numbers, 134,000,000 divided by 10,355 = 12,940. So the Vax kills 1 out of 12,940 that are vaxed. So if you vax 117,000 people 9.04 would die from the vax. 117,000 divided by 12,940 = 9.04 deaths. So if you vax 117,000 people to save one life, 9.04 people would die from the vaccine. Averaging out the age groups, you find you are 904% more likely to die from the vax than for it to save your life. That’s with the official numbers. With the more likely 51,800 deaths, it means you are 4,520% more likely to be killed by a vax than to be saved by a vax and the likelihood of developing a lifelong debilitating disease is even greater. Neil
Now that Delta is rife in the Auckland criminal fraternity no amount of regulations will stop it. These guys aren’t known for following the rules. Brian
not while families continue flouting isolation rules peter
Pushing shit uphill Ian
Maybe it could be but only with the strictest of rules which would not be obeyed Diana
We should be allowed to use Ivermectin! I’m sick to death to the propaganda this marxist government is promoting Joyce
Not with the Pfizer vaccine. The Wuhan covid-19 strain has long bolted. Our best defences against the new variants are repurposed treatments like Ivermectin – cheap and effective, but they won’t make big pharma any money. Molnupiravir however, as a new product, will. One wonders to what extent our government is controlled by big pharma. Kris
With the introduction of long established cheap treatments such as ivermectin and alternative treatments used as a preventative and elimination of mandates as it is just a flu. The jabs are affecting immunity so another jab is always necessary. Follow the money. Masks do not work and are used as a bridle. Max
No “Team” will follow a leader who has no real plan going forward, and who is not open to ideas like making Ivermectin available through doctors, when it has been proven as a safe drug for many years. Is she afraid that it might actually work, saving the country from paying Pfizer? Alan
Too late, and North Island Maori and Pacifika are letting the rest of the country down with their unwillingness to get double-jabbed. Covid will have spread to the South Island by Christmas. Kevin
unfortunately the genie has escaped to wreak havoc on NZ John
We have some tools and taking a multilayered approach, using more than one tool, makes sense. Each needs to be able to make their own decisions about what tools they use to keep themselves and others as safe as possible. Claire
We need to focus on good treatment outcomes like using Ivermectin Colleen
maybe manage it with some luck edward
Absolutely not! How arrogant is our government that it thinks it can contain/eliminate it when no other country in the world has been able to?? The rest of the world is getting on with their lives, but we’ll still be locked up & controlled by fear. FloJo
Not in NZ with current Government B….. Hopeless Ronald
Only with Ivermectin or Hydro-chloro-quinine, it can be stopped. Both those substances have proven for about 60 years to halt the desease when caught. It has to be used in the early stages of the desease to work properly. Peter
Too late. The stupid Labor govt should have had us all vaccinated at least 6 months ago. The vaccine was available but they didn’t do it and so we have been in an unnecessary further lockdown. If you are not vaccinated and don’t have a relevant medical problem then you are a no brainer. Bruce
Not a show Marilyn
No, it cannot be mandated away either. Pammie
When are the voters in this country going to stand up and be counted. The reds in Wellington could not organise a bonk in a brothel let alone run this country. Running NZ is very different to give it away as is happening. It takes skill and forward thinking to make progress that unfortunately they do not have. Is not the aim of running any organisation to leave it in better shape than you found it. Possible the reason for dividing the population to take our minds off what they are not capable off??????? rod
That ship has sailed Mike
Let it rip, herd ammunity will come! Neil
not the way we are going – we need a real vaccine first. john
We need to let it run its course, as with influenza but generally be very careful where you go and who with. valerie
However I do believe that the Virus can be controlled to a certain degree in small outbreaks – no need to go into LOCKDOWN sheryl
The vaxxine = Delta. The Pfizer experimental injection was developed for Alpha and then once people started to be injected it mutated to Delta. It is ineffective against Delta. I prefer to rely on my own immunity thank you very much. Its a no from me. Toni
Not physically possible. Why is ivomectin taken away from our use by health heavyweights who. Have lost the majority’s respect. Hydroxychloroquine. Is another drug overlooked. Zink another. Health officials have had 19 months to sort this out. Despicable leadership made worse by weak political representation. Barry
There is no way a government of this ability or indeed any ability could eliminate the Delta outbreak particularly after such a long period of lockdown, Shaun
Our government and medical community have had a golden opportunity to learn from what has happened in other countries over the last 18 months with regards to the Covid 19 “planned – demic”. This whole situation is not about health, because if it were, then the medical community would be planning to actually treat covid patients with “home care” as in other countiries, to avoid hospitalisations. This is all part of the UN 2030 agenda to coerce the population to being vaccination consumers, for the benefit of big pharma and to get us under control with “vaccine passports”, when we already have a perfectly functional passport system ???? Trish
Impossible to contain this virus, we have to learn to live with it, unfortunately, those with weak immune systems are at risk of dying. Greg
Does it actually exist? Or are we being told it exists? Christine
The delta variant will run rampant regardless of vaccination levels and some people, including those with the double jab, will become ill and die. The government has handled the whole issue poorly and is now attempting to blame those who, for medical or personal reasons, remain unvaccinated, for the ongoing issues. Gavin
NO, because the government has dropped the ball and let it in,they have dropped the ball on the MIQ problem and haven’t cleaned there act up in that department as yet, they have dropped the ball on the levels in the country they should have left Auckland in level 4 until it was contained, and they have dropped the ball on the boarders letting people get throw, its a complete muck up and they can only blame themselves but they won’t they haven’t got the balls, they should be voted out in the next election no question. COLIN
No, Delta is here to stay but vaccination will help to alleviate the suffering for people who contact the virus. People who do not get vaccinated are currently holding to ransom the vast majority of NZers who do get vaccinated by slowing down the move to reopen NZ.. The unvaccinated will be only to quick to seek hospital help when the contact the virus . Clinton
Without a realisation of facts mentioned in this article, 1 p.m. daily will become the horror 6 p.m. was during the War and the BBC World News. There is not even the bong of the clock to listen to! Dave
Unsure David
Contain….. But not with this Govt. Lionel
It is a few years away but I think we can do it Garth
REPEATING THE WARNINGS The most Remarkable Flu Virus we have is Influenza-A. It has been around for 2,000 years of recorded history and possibly emerged in Egypt 5,000 years ago. Including mutation, Type A uses a triple weapon attack – bacterial Pneumonia, viral Myocarditis and viral Encephalitis. Unlike COVID-19, it is not selective as it kills children, adults and the elderly. Numbers confirm its potency can be up to five times more than COVID-19. Our seasonal approach is to take precautions and keep working to facilitate economic well being and prevent our own financial meltdown in a personal sense. Health is a personal liability. In 2019; 310,000 Australians were infected and 900 died and in New Zealand 48,000 residents were infected and 100 died. No politics, no media glorification, no unsafe vaccines, no medical disaster or crisis as the hospitals and clinics coped – as they do every year. It is reasonable to declare that the patients used the health system fully – so what that is what it is there for!!! In the last century we did not have the rapid information power that we have today – in some instances we would wait a week before information on a global crisis made it to trusted media and then to our TV screens. Today a global happening that occurred in the morning can appear on our TV screens that evening – in some instances within an hour. To many this is great technology in motion but to those without faith and the ability to rationalise it simply incites fear that is capitalised by the politics of today. The NZ Socialist government has used a contrived medical crisis to continue to advance developing socialism whilst much of the rest of the world has moved on to re-open democratic economics. (Eg. The new NSW government will re-open international borders from the 1st of November) Thankfully, there is an upside to this new technology and that is the pleasure of real investigatory journalism being able to move at rapid pace and expose corruption. For example, the corruption of the Pfizer vaccine saga is being exposed at a rapid rate through new release video clips. One of those clips shows the Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research running at a high exertion rate away from a team of journalists to avoid medical questions into the content of the vaccine. It is wise to consider that rather than allow one’s body to be continually pumped full of unknown and untested political vaccines – we should do the numbers and answer the following question; What happens when you get the SARS (CoV)-2 virus which results in a chest infection?Well you recover, as the recovery rate is 98% to 99%. So the next question is; Do you believe it to be reasonable for a Socialist Government to shut down the democratic economy by the insidious suppression of the private sector? Without business and particularly small business democracy will not exist. This is the motivation of the Adern Government as socialism cannot advance with a sound, healthy and functional democratic economy. Most analysts, that are capable of rational thinking, believe that the Pendulum will swing when even the dumbest voter can see that the socialist doctrine sets the country on a path of self-destruction. Frederick
Will always be around. Get used to it – become immune by VitaminD,C,Zinc.. etc Gill
6 months too late Shrelock 🙂 Tom
Of coarse it will not be contained just like any other flu virus and getting vaccinated stops hospitals getting inundated with with people needing help and lets the country get on with normal life Kevin
Its damn stupid to think we can Sharon
Only if known protective measures are allowed to be administered. Ian
No – we have to learn to live with it. With hindsite, this was always going to be the case, regardless of Ardern’s “elimination” stratergy Roy
Cindy won’t do this and she will move to where she gets the most publicity. June
Our borders have never been closed.Infected people welcomed with open arms and Delta marches on.NZ is in shambles. lorraine
I think we need to do what some of the other countries are doing,Just live with & stop all this lock down rubbish,mask & vaccine mandates. The jab doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to do & wearing face coverings will definitely make you very ill long term. Israel is the highest vaccinated country in the world with over 85% of their population on their 3rd jab & of all hospitalizations over 60% are fully vaccinated. India,Sth America & central Africa have been dishing out Ivermectin have having great success with no side affects. Ivermectiin one a noble peace price in 2015 as the best & safest treatment for viral infections, but big pharma & crooked political parties say it’s horse wormer! It is taken orally & is cheap as is Hydroxychloroquinine .Stay healthy & you wont get the Wuhan Flu. Allen
Political authoritarian reason for 90% is not acceptable Alan
Not really David
I will; write to Muriel and explain how my family will cope with an end to lockdowns. Use of Ivermectin is absolutely essential. John
Not a chance. Just look anywhere in the world and it’s blindingly obvious, in fact look no further than Australia, the source of NZ delta. Ardern is a socialist authoritarian phony who is lacking any of the fundamentals of real leadership. John
QQ, is there actually such a thing, is there really Covid 19, or a scam the biggest the world has ever seen. Wayne
And with a muppet for a PM we shall all be called followers of Comrade Jacinda. Kevin
It was inevitable that mutant strains would arise and enter NZ despite the huge debt burden placed on this and future generations. The evidence is irrefutable that Ivermectin works and has a high safety profile. It is time for our government and health authorities to make a stand against Big Pharma to allow proven remedies into NZ. Lee
We have to live with it so lets get on with it Barry
It’ll generate multiple variants, just like influenza Peter
As long as the ‘authorities’ stick to .One size fits all’ with Vaccines that DONT’T work, the variants keep going. Early use of a proven Remedy, Ivermectin and other combinations would sort this all out. BUT what is the real agenda behind banning proven early treatments. One Day we will all find out. Geoff
No, it is like covid has a brain and will change to find it’s way into a community. In time one would hope further development of vaccines will catch up with it. Oh and a prey would be a good idea. Owen
It never was and thinking people recognised that , Our so called “experts ” are enjoying their moment in the limelight on TV and Radio and don’t want it to go away. peter
I have been saying for months that we need to learn to live with Covid – like we do the flu. The virus will mutate beyond Delta and once its in a community its here for a long time. Do we close down our borders and economy during that time – no, and most other countries now agree. They are opening up but we are not. This is for political reasons and nothing to do with health. Brenton
The rest of the world hasn’t so why would we? Andrew
Great article. Clear, concise and addresses many questions that we are wanting answers to. Debra
Not possible if the Indian variant has reached New Zealand. Rozanne 
Banning Ivermectim is just crazy Dennis
Our P.M. knows exactly what she is doing for the NWO elite and it’s all bad. Control Oppress Victimise Isolate Divide = COVID To see the big mind-blowing picture, search on line for this recent documentary: MONOPOLY – Who Owns the World, Tim Gielen. See the villains. Well worth an hour of your time. Don
Suddenly NZ Centre for Political Research has an electrifying raison d’etre. Andy
The govt left the vaccination roll out to late -total ineptitude Les W
While the vaccine being used gives a good degree of protection, it is quite obvious that as we go forward a booster jab will be necessary followed by an annual jab or pill to contain this virus Tom
It is (will become) like dozens of other virus – we’ll learn to live with it. Maurice
Not if the use of Ivermectin is being prevented. Ivermectin has worked well in India and Indonesia and has a way better safety profile than Pfizer’s vaccine. Mark
At this point in time … No! With so many idiots giving no thought to the damage that they are causing to others, by not taking sensible precautions, and our useless police taking pathetic action against these losers, we have a long way to go. Des
Just face the evidence Thomas
Not a chance with Jacinda and Chippy running the cutter. Thick as bricks both of them. pdm
However, its impact could be lowered considerably if other alternative vaccines were available on demand as more people may then be encouraged to partake in the program. Govt. knows that Pfizer does not suit everyone, but does one ever read of those people receiving an alternative which IS currently in stock, of course not because it’s against declared policy that Pfizer is best. Note how Mayor Goudie has been attacked by Govt. for not supporting Super Saturday,…she is not anti-vax, just prefers a different provider so is clearly in favour of vaccination. alan
It is here to stay. Covid Delta Cases in Auckland have not gone down despite the lockdown. Wayne
It is mutating faster than the vaccines. Errol
We have vaccines for measles ,whooping cough polio etc and these deases are under control . we will probably need an annual covid shot as for the flu. Time will tell .Loss of democracy is a huge concern Arthur
It never was and never will be . Rex
too many people breaking the rules D Glenn
Too many people will not comply with lock down and many don’t care. Rule breakers in all walks of life. We can see our PM is authoritarian and cant stand her. Those of us who read question and can see her handling of this is ideology driven. Janet
People waiting for the other vaccine may be waiting a long time meantime we all suffer because of these stupid people. Put them on an Island until they get their whatever vaccine. barbara
Some other countries have done this, so we can too. Hugh
Not possible without total isolation and bankruptcy Poul-Erik
This IS NOT a pandemic. These new strains of FLU are endemic as we know from previous years the flu virus morphs itself from year to year. So NO IT WILL NEVER BE CONTAINED! Cynthia
You only need to take a look at countries dealing with this before NZ and see it’s impossible. We need early treatment protocols available to all New Zealanders, stop these lockdowns. Deb
Viruses are a natural phenomenon and very difficult to contain. John
No. Sadly it is clearly not possible to contain the delta outbreak. The evidence is clear from the northern parts of the North Island. Rob
Especially not with this absolutely useless government & its dictatorial ‘leader’ david
Herd immunity will eventually give us our own immunity We have ivomecton which will minimise the symptims and allow us to develope our own immunity Why are we not testing un vacsinated people to assertain the level of herd immunity as they did in scotland A high percentage were found to carry antigens. Graeme
Eventually the whole population will encounter the virus. When will the Govt see sense & allow Dr’s to prescribe Ivermectin? Evelyn
We may just have to learn to live with it. June
Waste of time / money / jobs for any more lockdowns as well. Open up… Nick
it is time to change direction and get back to work, the best we will do is 80% I’m over it we gave it a try, the end of the month we should all tell the government to piss of and start prepping for Christmas with our families Noe;
The jab is the genocide job. Jacinda is a globalist. The globalist agenda is genocide. The jab is a highly engineered klotshot. The evidence is overwhelming. None so blind as those who will not to see. Robert
Why do we not hear about building our immune systems, therefore minimising and recovering from the virus and at the same time building our natural immunity to cope with variants. This government refuses to take off their blinkers and learn from other countries. It IS all about CONTROL, DIVIDE AND RULE . Meantime while we are all focused on Covid the Government is destroying democracy in our country. Marion
Not with the large numbers of non-compliant people we have in this country combined with lax requirements on the borders between Auckland and the rest of the country. Peter
Data from Public Health England, Technical Briefing 23 for the 7.5 month period 1 Feb – 17 Sept 2021 clearly shows 47% of all new Delta cases are vaccinated people VS 43% unvaxinated. Also 70% of deaths within 1 mth of a positive covid test are vaxxinated people VS 28% un-vaxxinated. Recent data from Israel for the month of July 2021 shows 83% of all covid cases were in Phizer-BNT vaxxinated people. Its absolutely clear that the Pfizer BNT vaccine, which is the vaccine being rammed down our throats in NZ by the Ardern Govt, does not work against the Delta variant. The Delta variant has mutated & become resistant. Peoples natural immunity is far better protection than this vaccine. NZ needs to focus on treatment of covid, there are many existing drugs that are extremely successful at curing covid, ie Ivermectin, Hyroxichoriquine, Vitamin D etc – as were used with amazingly successful results in India, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, etc etc. Jacinda needs to stop lying, come clean, and do what is best for the health of NZers instead of continuing to bahave like the Stasi with lockdowns & forced vaccines which are useless. Mark
Why would we be any different from any other jurisdiction – think NSW and Victoria John
Not with this government. it got out of MIQ, which they were managing. This government Loves central control and this is what you get. beware of all their other polices Les
Its NOT the Virus it the Labour Party. Carl
I have voted on available EVIDENCE ! Wotabout “those in power”? Michael
Had to get here, it was inevitable. The problem lies in this governments inaction to prepare our hospitals to cope, our hospital staff to be adequately numbered and looked after. Our government did not learn from overseas experience rather plod the course long abandoned overseas. One main learning curve is the use of IVERMECTIN which apparently is still not available here but has proven to be of immense assistance in the recovery and prevention of sever covid symptoms. Rita
In answering No it means I cannot categorically say Yes. The fact is we do not know how to deal with Covid. No one seems to have a clearly’ better’ idea. Unfortunately the lack of openness and truthfulness has made it harder for the average person to understand and harder to know whom they can trust. The message is that if you do not accept the Govt. plans you are making trouble and will be dealt with accordingly. You are a trouble maker and a risk to the community. We have no voice .It looks wrong but how can you counter it.? Harvey
You would have to be stupid to beleve otherwise Gay
Why has the treatment for Covid19 been hidden by our Government? Vaccine only is not working , Peter
Delta is just PR BS. The Director General of Health should be charged with crimes against humanity and Dr Betty should be investigated regarding his conflict of interest in his business interests versus his Govt paid job. Read this https://nzdsos.com/2021/09/30/the-trojan-horse-paste-hater-at-the-helm-of-the-rnzcgp/ Barry
Why haven’t they had courage to bring in mandatory vaccination for everyone eligible!!we can’t afford her brand of Kindness! Businesses must have right to refuse to employ unvaccinated without fear of reprisals Chris
No because too many people are breaking the rules. Colin
get vaccinated Barry
I am a new reader and generally supportive of the thrust of your discussions, but found myself somewhat disappointed by your article. In my view it lacked nuance and unsubtly promoted an unproven treatment. Having said that, I agree this government has managed many aspects of the pandemic very badly indeed. Don
dislike the handling by gov and the lack of alternative measures jean
With vaccines Ivermectin (and possibly some other simple therapeutics) David
Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a Jacinda or Labour fan. But the whole world is flying by the seat of it’s pants concerning Covid, even now, 18 months (for us in NZ) in. The vaccine is NOT experimental, it’s been worked on since the SARS outbreak in 2002? 2005? That was also a coronavirus as was the MERS virus outbreak in 2009? (can’t google the exact dates without leaving this site). The virus is “being rushed ( horror horror!) into production” because for one thing the scientists have forgone the brutal, unnecessary and ineffective animal trials which take YEARS and contribute nothing to our understanding of the human response to a drug. Our hope now for the fully vaccinated, is to get a natural infection that, if it doesn’t kill you, should act as a booster. The unvaccinated will have to take their chances. Linzey
Possible to contain but not practical or perhaps even practicable because the cost of containment would greatly exceed the all round potential benefits (health, social, economic) for all NZers. Michael
No. Too many non-believers and rule breakers for containment to be successful Graham
Good article Muriel Helen
It has been proven internationally that it is not possible the delta variety. However the government realizing it had beaten covid once thought they could do it again. It is a pity they didn’t do more research into the matter before attempting it again. When will they learn? Dennis
I think it is just literally a matter of days/weeks before it is rampant in our country. All those lockdowns have only delayed the inevitable and they country has not used that time effectively A
It is criminal negligence that this govt has banned the use of Ivermectin when overseas results has proved so positive. Those responsible must be held accountable. But then this whole Covid debacle is being used as a smokescreen for a far bigger Agenda. Rod
Only if we allow for Prophylactic use of Ivermectin as has been done successfully in India etc John
Under this motley crew, most certainly not.Too late with the vaccine.The horse has already bolted. Ross
Control it ,no. Treat it , Yes! Gary
Now past the point of NO return, sadly will now begin its journey through out New Zealand. Jon
Good management has done this overseas and we are better placed as an island country. Roderick
No, unless the vaccine specifically attacks and destroys the Delta Variant Spike Protein effectively then NO! Which leads to the fact that the CoronaVirus cant be knocked out with one “Shot” and so many Variants will mutate which then means more specific vaccine “Shots”. So how many “Shots” will the masses be willing to put their arm out for when new variants mutate? Natural immunity is 15 to 20 times more powerful than the current vaccines. Herd immunity is the most logical line of defense otherwise this is simply going to be an arms race of Virus verses Vaccine. No Government will ever reveal the threatening side affects, to some people, of any new vaccine in it’s infancy. These vaccines are STILL experimental until 2 to 3 years have passed when the full side effects will be leaked to the public. Odds on there will be a new Variant mutating before Christmas and possibly with it more suicidal and bankruptcy lockdowns in those countries that have an Authoritarian Government. Mike
While I consider the government initial response to be right there following actions are wrong.As stated mass vaccination had to be achieved fast and it hasn’t. In my opinion come the 30th Nov the gates should be thrown open but people, businesses, organisations etc. should have the legal right to refuse services to un-vaccinated people. It is the right of the vaccinated to protect themselves just as it is the right of people to not vaccinate. Perhaps it is now time to introduce a bill of obligations. Robert
It is here to stay & we need to prepare the population to live with it & have heaps of Ivermectin on standby in preparation in case we have a serious outbreak Chris
No Chance Bryan
Neither the governments nor the scientific establishment can provide and proof of isolated samples of any of these alleged virus, not SARS-CoV2, Delta or anything else they think is out there. Under the OIA they admit they don”t have the samples, they don’t have the evidence, therefore they have NO PROOF that this “thing” exists.. The outbreak is in people’s minds. The deaths are all attributable to a host of causes the statistics are built up from massaging the data. Lies on top of lies only prove the existence of the liar and of a gullible audience. Only when you can contain the Lie can you contain this “virus”. If you doubt this assertion please contact me and I will provide the documents to support what I have just written. Chris
Elimination was never going to happen. Well, only in Ardern’s mind. Idiot.  Maddi
It is time for this country, New Zealand to open its borders and start a life again for New Zealanders. Judith
We need to live with it through vaccination and sensible practice. Ardern needs to get real and open up in the same way as the UK. Kerry
What world are the politicians living in? Ann
No – the lockdowns haven’t worked this time. Unfortunately we have to live with it. Kate
This girl lives in a fantasy world of ignorance, and arrogance, self before service is her motto, to hell with the population. Merryl
and she knows it too. This is all part of agenda and she does not give a damn for the country or its citizens. It is all about her. Time she was on. Garry
Just like the flu – get used to it and live with it. Michele
Ivermectin and Hydroxychloraquin have been shown to stop covid in its tracks. But comrade adern stopped its use. This action shows that adern fell in love with totalitarianism and she doesn’t plan on giving it up! ‘Inoculating’ 90% of us against a bad cold that has a SURVIVAL rate of 99.7% is nothing but nazi-style grab for power. Sherrin
Govt handaling like they do most things in the wrong way,rather than handing out bribes to be vaccinated they should be voicing the loud and clear the priviliges to be lost by not be jabed. But O no they continue to waste money.NZs watch this space your PM will wander off overseas to a position as Helen Clark did and wont give a S–T about this country Paul
Just look at what is happening with heavily vaccinated populations overseas. This was never about the ‘flu… Richard
Not with the current Government’s management and inability to understand the damage it is doing to SME’s in NZ. No SME can survive sustained snap lock downs – that is to say a lot more damage is being done to our economy of which the country will be paying for many years hence. Stand by for high inflation/ interest rate increases and more unaffordable living costs for many year to come. Mike
What Delta outbreak?.There will always be someone to spread a cold or Flu. Don
No, their priorities are elsewhere. It is rumoured that the Commie Labour & Green MPs that came to the trough (parliament) are largely now millionaires with some now multi-millionaires. How are your finances? Terry
Just wishful thinking for political expediency Bryan
It is a virus and will ultimately get everywhere, unless we want to become a real hermit nation. Merv
It cannot be contained as long as it is in the gangs. Noeline
Bullshit from this useless govt Allam
This Covid genie has long gone from the bottle Andrew
Many other countries have managed to contain the delta strain so far thus would seem to provide all the evidence that confirms it can be contained. Garry
We need more options on the table to choose from not just a single injection, they will have to hold me down if they want to inject me with the tester. Sven
Yes but…only with 90% plus vaccination rates including over 5 years old, mask use in any workplace, area open to the public, and entry to bars, restaurants, religious activities, and public events restricted to double vaccinated people. What about personal choice on vaccination? Easy. Nobody is forced into vaccination. Choose not to be vaccinated by all means and be excluded from most publicly accessible activities. Actions or decisions always have consequences. Frank
No, i believe we have to learn to live with it and take the maximum amount of precautions we can. We cannot continue to keep one of the largest cities in NZ in lock-down indefinitely Lawrie
no fraud pcr test, then no covid, no delta owen
we need to learn to live with Delta mike
I just don’t think enough people within communities will get vaccinated not to spread it again and again. Colin
What a complete waste of time, money and business failures for what? Not to mention the long term affects on mental health and physical health. Bob
definitely not with the Pfizer vaccine but with the population able to maintain a healthy immune system. i.e. no lockdowns, no face masks. Klaus
It would be possible to contain, but not eliminate Delta. Better term would be “manage” the outbreak(s). Ivermection should DEFINITELY be included in the toolbox. Geoff
Never was- not unless we became a hermit kingdom. Roger
Yes, but only with extremely high rates of vaccination. Ian
But it can be reduced by a comprehensive vaccination program and on going booster program. Good science and common sense is the best way to live with this. This approach has worked with smallpox, polio, measles, tetanus etc. Willy
No because I believe the so called “Delta” comes from the Spike Protein produced from the mRNA.So the more people vaccinated the higher the Delta outbreak. Awful thesis but do your research. Sulution – VC, VB , Zinc, Ivermevtin and a strong immume system. Linton
Not with current policies,, Jacinda and co need to go! john
The world wide evidence is clear, it’s impossible. It’s also criminal that Ivermectin is denied. Allan
The current forced isolation has weakened people’s natural immunity. Sally
With herd immunity and ivermectin Erin
Natural Immunity. and a shake up of the sheeple here in New Zealand who all believe the global narrative. There must be far too much fluoride in their water! Noel
Mass vaccination has started far too late. As soon as the vaccine finally came to the country anyone that wanted it should have been selected to get it. Large centre’s like stadiums should have been set up. Chiller trucks and vaccination busses would’ve done the trick. TV ads should’ve informed people where they could go. The emails that I sent to government with concerns about roll out and ideas to get it done are uncountable. This country is now soo much in debt it will take years to get out of it. Not being a virologist can I say just a registered nurse I have a fair idea how and what works to prevent infection. A highly infectious mutation the only way is vaccinate and get on with life. As with all viruses debilitated it and live your life I.e look as mentioned measles rubella etc. You refuse vaccine no sympathy when you contract it. Mary-Ann
Despite some people having tests there are a lot in the community who don’t or won’t so the true numbers will never be known. Just having the PM going around many Level 2 communities that is the okay for anyone to travel anywhere. A small group of people said to me “If she can go all over the place then why can’t we” Barbara
The Pfizer jab is not a true vaccine and does not stop transmission. Ardern’s goal is to convert NZ to a communist country. David
Unfortunately we are saddled with leaders who believe in what they say and not science. Vaccine Jacinda will go down as the dunce for these times John
Just open our eyes and look around at the world!!!!! Fay
Covid must be answer to all the Tooth Fairys prayers (woops being communist not applicable ). Whilst introducing lockdowns ,bribes to media ,and scaremongering ,she is dividing the country on racial lines. The cost of her Covid policies ,which are doomed to failure with shackel Kiwi taxpayers until the next millennium .Interesting to note now bribing the people who cant drag themselves to a vaccination centre ,my advice put a few vaccinations centers into the pubs up North and offer free Beer ,they will crawl over broken glass for inoculations . Ray
Let it run it’s course – stay away from the mRNA & Graphene shots. Lets have Ivermectin etc made alternatives by choice instead of the monopolistic expensive shots leading to the NWO. bryan
Dr Ardern is apparently the worldeading immunologist, while Comrade Ardern the alter ego destroys NZ on every possible front. If only the UN would take her now to rid NZ of this most dangerous antichrist. Mike
No, and containing covid by elimination was never a viable strategy from the moment that it became apparent that it is a variety of virus (like flu) that mutates rapidly. At that moment,, well over a year ago now, it was transparently obvious that elimination was an unattainable goal, unless we were prepared to close up even tighter than North Korea. Brian
Just like the common flu Steve
We need herd immunity as we will never entirely get rid of it ! Yesterday the “vaccine day” was better than nothing BUT only 10.000 Maori done when there are supposed to be over 750.000 of them including children. I say the day was an expensive FLOP and just another promotional day for this woke left wing Government . You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink ! The only way to resolve this situation is to mandate vaccinations ( with exceptions in some reasonable cases ) Andrew
MAGA. Make Ardern Go Away Eric
Not possible without a higher cost to economy Andy
Supply of Vaccine in NZ 12 months too late Hyltom
It was refreshing to read your article Muriel. An airborne respiratory virus was never going to be “stamped”. I vaguely supported the first lockdown to “flatten the curve” to see how deadly the virus was etc.. But after that dead against every measure since, including the so-called vaccine. I am shocked at the ignorant behavior and advice from the Medical Profession I was once a hard-working member. Dr “St” Ashley Bloomfield is an utter disgrace.. like a Nzi doctor about the unvaccinated being a danger to the vaccinated population!. And the modellers are as bad as the data they feed into the computers. Vitamin D, c Zinc and Ivermectin [which was a Merck product.. but long out of Patent] blocked the same ACE2 receptors on cell walls that the virus spike protein uses to invade the cells. The New anti-viral of Merck is as dangerous as the virus/vaccine in its mode of action. Those opposed must be courageous and make themselves known… and not resign from their jobs but fight legally against the measures and for the BORA. Rochelle
Ivermectin has proved to be effective unlike our Government which is Defective Neil
We have to live with the virus Ted
Covid was never going to be eliminated or contained but should always have been managed similar to other illnesses such as the Flu. Mike
This is an evil agenda being pushed by a narcissistic megalomaniac. Calling people antivaxxers when they are pro vaccine and anti mRNA is a prime example. Chris
Big warrior? virus: small minds. Kevin
No.A Virus has no boundaries and no friends.You can only delay its progress and effectiveness and clean up the carnage it leaves behind. gale
It is a virus.Like mercury, as kids we would touch it and it would spread everywhere. Delta will eventually mutate. dick
It’s a virus . We need to learn to live with it Jenny
you only have to look elsewhere to see this policy will fail. You cannot put the Genie back in the bottle Mark
we live in a dictatorship Louis
I now believe there is more that should concern us than ” covid 19″. It appears that too many New Zealanders are too apathetic to read about and question what is going on in our country. As the whole focus is placed on this illness many agendas are being pushed under the radar. We, on this site and others do take a keen interest so we are definitely more informed. I think a lobby group would be a good start. We need to change our electoral system so that the people have more say. We have no checks and balance in place to prevent these agendas being pushed through undemocratically. If National or Act don’t represent the rights of the people instead of simply going along with JA and company they are really no good to us. They must put their personal views to one side and represent the ” rights of the individual”. Where is our legal fraternity for goodness sake?. Give us a dozen faithful and strong men or women. Janine
Not with this Govt leading us, so many mistakes made. Jan
I think we can contain but not eliminate Covid 19. It requires providing all the necessary medications, but not isolating 90% of the population because of a lazy 10%. Colin
It now appears to be in the population and spreading uncontrollable Gavin
It should be possible to contain the Delta virus, but probably not t delete it Graeme
Utter nonsense to believe this BS Andy
Banning the use of Ivermectin is a crime against humanity. If it doesn’t work against covid it is a sugar pill and if it does work it is a life saver. David
Tell the woman to use common sense based on the science. I am convinced she is a self effacing communist who has little or no concern for this country or its people. Somehow this inept government must be replaced and soon. David
control its effects but thats all paul
Simply because another virus will appear, a off shoot of the present one. Sam
The Delta variant, blamed on India, is the shedding of the spike protein from those who have had the double jab. This of course is why it spreads so fast. It is the vaccinated that are causing this out break. There are plenty of other forms available like ivermectin, D3 Zink, Vitamin C, a robust immune system. Natural immunity is far superior than anything yet all I say has been censored or blasphemised . Sky
I feel the government left it to late to boost vaccination no%u2019s mind you they have left everything to late or not done anything at all the whole thing has been badly managed by inept people Peter
It’s a virus for gods sake! Good luck with that! Terry
Like flu and common cold you learn to live with it. Warwick
I think it could be contained in as much as it could be restrained by vaccination, but the elimination bird has flown the coop. Mainly due to the PM’s failure to get a timely vaccination rollout organised and concentrating on passing racist legislation. Terry
Alternatives to the JAB must be used as world evidence shows. Neil
Use the same remedies that have been successfully applied in Uttar Pradesh, but that would require Bloomfield and Baker to pull their heads out of that very dark place, and stop being subservient to Pfizer! Jan
As long as everyone follows the rules, it’s possible. Otherwise, no Kevin
Might have been possible if Gumment had rolled out vaccination months ago instead of complacently believing they were on top of covid. Russ
Absolutely no show. Wait till the panic starts Jeff
Covid is now Delta, Delta is here until it runs out of puff. Chris
It has NEVER been possible to stop a virus – ever! NZders ought to have always been treated like adults and had easy access to prophylaxis, #1 being Ivermectin. It’s very cheap and safe. Yet, hypocritically we are told there are no long terms for Ivermectin’s use against covid – so we can’t have it. But we can use a injection with no completed long terms studies and we can use a new oral tablet – with no long terms studies! Ivermectin has a superb safety profile and is incredibly cheap; is that the problem? No obscene profits for big pharma .There are many Doctors using Ivermectin internationally, who are far more credible than the muppets calling the shots (pun intended) in NZ. The whole sorry episode is an utter disgrace and with a wrecked economy and ever more totalitarian governance (think 3 Waters) I fear for our future freedom. Delia
It may be possible but doing so will destroy what is left of our economy Bronwyn
I say yes but it may take a few years anthony
Hasn’t happened anywhere in the world Yvonne
Natural immunity would have been far more effective, but that’s $0. Ivermectin also, but that’s about $4. Since when are drug trials permitted to be paid with phones, prizes, lottery tickets, sausage sizzles? What is going on here? Follow the money. The multi billions earned by Pfizer, are Adern & co paid sales reps? Are they earning a commission? What is actually going on here? Never before have we ever been allowed to PAY those opting to be included in a drug trial. And they were monitored extensively by doctors, not by jabbers in basket ball stadiums. What is going on??? Hannah
There have been numerous OIR’s around the world to respective Governments asking for proof of isolation. NOT ONE has acknowledged that this contagion has been isolated. It’s existence is based on computer modelling of a few fragments of RNA found in what could be described as “Grossly contaminated samples”. This plandemic is as real as SANTA CLAUS. Get over it and get on with living. DON’T be afraid of SANTA! Bruce C
Using a vaccine formulated for the original Wuhan virus, and expecting it to work against Delta or any other mutations, is simply delusional. Rod
At some point in time, NZ has to let a strain of COVID-19 run so that we get some natural immunity in the community. Vaccines alone have proven they do not provide full immunity, so we need to accept that yes we might die, but I’d rather die fighting than frightened and locked up not able to see my kids. Might as well be dead as not exist. Steve
Not a Chance! Ron
the vaccines now available will not prevent the spread of delta. They only temporarily reduce the intensity of an infection.Since the start of the cv-19 pandemic I have always known that was not possible to eliminate the virus.We no have to learn to live with it. Victor
Why would you bother to have a test if you only had a cold or mild flu like symptoms only to be locked away for 14 days with no medical intervention. This is obviously what has been happening in pockets of population. Mike
poorly worded question as the word “contain” can mean several things in the current situation. James
It was never possible to contain the original, even less the variants DANNY
Crippling our economy Andi 
Why is ivermectin banned when it obviously has had such positive results in India,Indonesia, and Africa? Is Bloomfield blind? Or just ignoring the facts! 77 and unvaccinated. John
As a retired chartered engineer specialising in diagnostics, I have written to both Bloomfield and Ardern on numerous occasions stating that they can not eliminate this virus, with the approach they are taking. The only way they will minimise it is by vaccination. Their vaccination procedure plan was appalling from the start, which has resulted in their failed lockdown approach, and the failure of businesses and the resulting hope of the public. They have no plan, they have not taken aboard what has happened in the rest of the world regarding ICU requirements, and upgraded New Zealand’s hospitals systems, for the influx which is guaranteed to occur. The blame lies right at this governments door when the virus explodes throughout the community which it will! Peter
Given human nature and their propensity to break the rules and skive off. Graeme
No other country has, why should we be different. We need to learn to live with it Letesha
I submitted to the government that alternatives like Novavax should be available to people who want an alternative vaccine for the same reasons stated. Muriel is right on the button and some are seeing through the shambolic nonsense coming out of Wellington. Locking down the entire country was never an option. Charles
Mission impossible …it was always an Ardern political ploy. Nrv
If everyone gets the.vaccine. It will only control it to the stage that we can live with it Lgf
What is needed is rapid response and treatment with Ivermectin and Regeneron when serious cases occur Brian
No more chance of containment than for the flu. Lee
It depends on how the term’ contain’ is interpreted in this case. The idea of ‘containment’ is limiting the infection to small or localised areas where the infection can then managed. This has been the policy of the current administration, and as we are seeing it is failing. However hard the internal borders are, however intense the policing of the ‘Alert levels’ the very nature of the virus means it will ‘get out’. Just like King Canute, ‘dear leader’ is trying to defy nature. The difference is it has been at a huge cost to country. Ted
This is what you get when you have a bunch of morons running the show. They are not capable to think straight and Ardern , like the other clowns in her cabinet , seem to suffer from an inferiority complex. That is why they are wanting to be ‘world leaders’. But reality is a funny thing. It does not care about the schemes of man. It simply and mercilessly shows the facts and outcomes and the general populace can hide their heads in the sand as long as they want; reality will nip them in the butt with all unwanted and unmerited consequence. As far as this vaccine business is concerned: This nation has been turned into a cage full of guinea pigs and lab rats. Whatever this regime’s statistics say: they are not letting us know the real numbers of nasty side effects and inefficiency of this dodgy vaccine because they are hellbent to safe face . They are aware that things are backfiring and in their panic they get nastier in pushing their dodgy agendas. Michael
Look at the facts John
No Not with this govt in control with a marxist agenda . Roy
Too little , too late by a useless lot in power.. Donald
make ivermectin available and open our borders Janet
Not with out ivermectin Colin
Hopefully try our best with troublemakers Diane
Stop the lockdown now and let people get on with their lifes. Cath
Absolutely not. Liz
But as per the article is easily treatable with Ivermectin if we could get it. Stephen
This bumbling inept government lost any chance of completely containing this virus with its ‘high level of trust’ woke ,wishy washy thinking and premature self congratulatory back slapping. Max
Remember King Canute. Brett
From what I’ve learnt, we need to treat it as another form of the common cold, so we just have to live with it. Tony
Border control 0 (zero i.e failed) Covid delta 1 (as in won) Incompetence rating 10/10 Peter
This government cannot stop or contain a virus in the air. It is not the caring government Jacinta Ardern claims. I resent and reject the authoritarian style of the Ardern government. The virus will, if it is not already become endemic and we need to live with that. we need to retain social, and economic structure to do that. Pete
Ivermectin has proven to work around the world. Proven safe and been used for years. What is the real reason for it being banned? Keith
Roll out the ivermectin Simple. Add natural theaputics, allow people to have a say Elizabeth
So far no other country has managed to contain the Delta variant so it seems highly unlikely that New Zealand can. John
Do you think it is possible to contain Ardern? john
Delta from India …what a filthy country ….Booster shots of Novavax with a kit of Ivermectin for everyone Now… The Pharm titans of the world …profits before people are well and truly in control….Delta is their friend. Chris
Not with the present debacle, no. Containing a virus suggests it will be stopped in it’s tracks. It has been clearly demonstrated (Israel and others) that being vaccinated actually leads to a HIGHER viral load in nose and mouth than those unvaccinated. So the virus will continue to be transmitted, but maybe will be less lethal to the vaccinated. Perhaps this is because Delta is less lethal that Alpha variants, the jury still really needs to prove this one way or the other. The notion that molnupiravir should be adopted as the next miracle cure is beyond absurd! It, too, has not been tested for safety or efficacy, AND it comes from the same big pharma that brought us the untested Vaccine Give me any valid reason to trust them and I will forever hold my peace! I suspect that Ivermectin is banned because Big P made that conditional on us getting the vaccine. Why else would it be so vigorously opposed, with substantially more proof that it works that molnupiravir at this point. Question is, should we the people stand for this hipocracy, or should we stand against it. I saw Shane Retti administering vaccines yesterday, so even National have been sucked in to the the vaccine is safe mantra. Heaven help us! Ken
Yes. If we were allowed by this communist, globalist government to use Ivermectin or Hydroxy-chloroquine we would follow other countries like India, Indonesia and Japan to success. We could eliminate Covid almost immediately. But this is a global takeover with the aim of genocide to 7/8th of the World’s population, a cleansing for the New World Order. Wake up, People. Covid is just a flu. It most likely won’t kill you. This untested jab of who knows what may very well be what achieves their heinous goal. Joyce
Not with Auckland people doing as they please. We are all being punished because of certain ones. Perhaps they should go back to their country of their birth Jan
But we could minimize it with ivermectin and other treatment that have been shown to work. Hilary
Ridiculous to think we can. Vaccinating everyone will help but open up the country and get back to work. Clive
Pfizer is not going to work with Delta – we need Ivermectin ..why is the PM not interested?makes one wonder . Annette
What is Arderns under table kickback from Faucci? Bribe or Blackmai? Zoran
And neither do we need to. We just need to accept that for most this is a mild disease and let them get on with life, in the same way they do by going to bed for 3 days, say, when they get a cold. The more vulnerable need to be offered early treatment to keep them out of hospital, and offered vaccination if they wish to take this path to possibly reducing their chance of hospitalisation. It is in my opinion criminally negligent and medically unethical to deny NZers access to these treatments. What on EARTH is in that Pfizer contract?? Trish
No place in the world has mac
Its a power game Tim
So long as Delta can mutate there is no known answer as the vaccine does not prevent infection. It is now political due to demands of many to open as it is perceived Covid with vaccine is less harmful. An opinion promoted by Ardern administration. Bob
They will but end up running the country broke with unemployment like no other country. Tim
Longer term without dictatorship and a complete loss of democracy and the accompanying human rights, “impossible”. Charles
Never was possible for this type of virus. Ron
Too many anti-vaxxers and alternative medicine persons out there.. Dave
Delta is out of control. The Government is incompetent. And their attempt to blame the public – the unvaccinated – for the problems is despicable. Murray
This government couldn’t run a booze up in a brewery. They are worse than useless, yet they have unlimited power over our lives. President Reagan was correct – you cannot trust them. Judith
What a disaster their covid management has been. I cannot understand why they remain so popular. Gordon
Well done Ross Clark – you have hit the nail on the head. This government’s incompetence is off the scale! Jeremy
Sadly, delta will run out of control and many people will get very sick and die – including many who are vaccinated. The best thing Labour could do is send everyone health packs like they did in Indonesia – to prevent the virus taking hold and curing those who have it.  Anthony