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Dangerous Alarmism

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Young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, the new face of the global warming movement, angrily criticised more than 50 global leaders, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in an emotional address to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on Monday:

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be standing here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to me for hope? How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

She’s right, of course – she should be back in school, as should all of the other young people that she has incited to strike for climate action. In particular, they should be learning science so they can better understand how they are being manipulated by agenda-driven extremists, who are using global warming scaremongering as a ruse to undermine economic freedom and expand government control.

As Dr Ottmar Edenhofer, one of the co-chairs of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change explained in 2010, the UN’s climate policies no longer focus on the environment but on wealth redistribution: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy … One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

In her address to the UN, Greta Thunberg claimed, “For more than 30 years the science has been crystal clear. How dare you continue to look away, and come here saying that you are doing enough, when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight. You say you ‘hear’ us and that you understand the urgency. I don’t want to believe that. Because if you fully understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil.”

But it is the agenda she is promoting that is evil. To address the non-existent threat of man-made global warming, weak politicians, who haven’t the courage to stand against the prevailing dogma, are implementing policies that will destroy entire industries and undermine living standards. Millions of people will lose their jobs. Businesses that have been thriving for generations will be forced to shut down. Zero carbon laws will ensure electricity and fuel prices go through the roof. The agricultural sector will be decimated, causing food prices to escalate. Families will struggle to get by. The hardest hit will be the poor.

In dismissing such sacrifice as irrelevant, the climate movement’s new messiah is revealing the ruthlessness of their crusade.  

It is truly a sad commentary on the state of Western civilisation when the world stands still to hear the doomsday predictions of a child not yet old enough to be trusted to vote. It demonstrates that climate change is no longer about science but social change. To be blunt, it’s about the destruction of free market economics and the rise of collective socialism. 

But who is behind this dangerous campaign? It is certainly not a young girl and her parents acting alone.

So who is it, who is pulling the strings and manipulating her agenda of hatred against our generation?

Dominic Green, a journalist with Standpoint magazine says that behind the ‘climate warrior’ lies lobbyists, investors and energy companies seeking to profit from a green bonanza.  

He explains that Greta Thunberg’s parents, actor Svante Thunberg and opera singer Malena Ernman, were publishing a book on how saving the planet had saved their family, when they became involved with Ingmar Rentzhog, the founder of the social media platform We Have No Time and a protégé of the former US Vice President Al Gore.

Ingmar Rentzhog, a  media entrepreneur and member of the European Climate Policy Task Force – which is part of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project – received his training from Mr Gore in March 2017 in Denver, and again in June 2018 in Berlin.

In February 2018 the leader of the Swedish Fossil Free Dalsland group invited a group of environmentalists, academics and politicians to plan how to involve young people in climate activism in order to increase the pace of transition to a green energy future. In May, the winners of an environmental writing competition run by a local newspaper were approached with the idea of a “school strike”, modelled on the student walk-outs after the shootings at Parkland in Florida. Greta, who had won second place, was interested in protesting outside of the Swedish Parliament. Ingmar Rentzhog was informed and ensured her protest went viral. The rest is history.

Dominic Green says, “Greta’s parents are just an ordinary pair of parent-managers who want to save the planet. Query their motives, and you risk being accused of ‘climate denial’, or of bullying a vulnerable child with Asperger’s. But the Greta phenomenon has also involved green lobbyists, PR hustlers, eco-academics, and a think-tank founded by a wealthy ex-minister in Sweden’s Social Democratic government with links to the country’s energy companies. These companies are preparing for the biggest bonanza of government contracts in history: the greening of the Western economies. Greta, whether she and her parents know it or not, is the face of their political strategy.”

In other words, according to Dominic Green, a powerful industrial complex with commercial interests in green energy is behind the fresh-faced Greta Thunberg and the youth climate movement.

Using children for political ends to this degree is not something we have really seen before. Activists have mostly been principled enough to leave children out of their campaigns, and politicians generally confine their exploitation to photo opportunities.

But not anymore – those seeking to capitalise on “the biggest bonanza of government contracts in history” clearly believe sacrificing the innocence of children is justified.

Unfortunately prophets of despair, like Greta Thunberg, have the potential to cause significant social disruption.

So too does our own Prime Minister, who described climate change as her generation’s ‘nuclear free moment’. In her speech to the UN Climate Summit, she said, “Recently in New Zealand our journalists, like many around the world, took part in the Covering Climate Now campaign. During this campaign one story detailed a dramatic hypothetical account of our country in the year 2050. It played out the scenario of the world missing our 1.5˚C goal. There was civil unrest, mass drought, mass diseases, and exhausted resources.”

But repeating claims on the world stage that a 1.5˚C rise in temperature would lead to widespread anarchy is dangerous scaremongering.

If these alarmists spent a moment examining an unadulterated record of the Earth’s temperature history – such as that shown in the graph below – they would see that a temperature variation of 1.5˚C is quite normal and occurs naturally. Carbon dioxide levels vary considerably as well. In fact, it is quite ridiculous to even suggest that humans can do anything to alter such natural variations. But then again, the man-made climate change phenomenon is not based on science – if it were the likes of Greta Thunberg would not be considered global celebrities.


Science, of course, depends on testing the robustness of theories that are said to explain reality – to deny that right by saying the science is settled or that there is a ‘consensus’ is to deny science itself.

If climate change was based on science, critics and the media would not be closing down the debate, nor ostracising scientists who challenge the mob view – like Irish scientists Drs Ronan and Michael Connolly. They have been blacklisted because their findings, which are based on analysing 20 million weather balloon temperature records from all around the world going back to the 1950s, show that the earth’s atmosphere is in thermodynamic equilibrium, consistent with Einstein’s laws, thus invalidating the key assumption used by the UN that carbon dioxide drives climate change.

The Connolly research adds to a mountain of scientific evidence that proves the climate models used by the UN are wrong, since they essentially ignore the influence of the sun, cosmic rays, ocean currents, water vapour, clouds, volcanoes, and a multitude of other natural factors, to largely focus on man-made global warming emissions instead.

As Mark Twain once famously quipped, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” – the UN’s climate models, which are based on mathematical statistics not science, demonstrate the truth in that.

In fact, most of the apocalyptic predictions of media, politicians and activists, that mankind’s emissions of carbon dioxide are killing the planet, are based on those UN models. By cherry picking the data, they are able to produce catastrophic-like claims, designed to bully the public into accepting their narrative.

An example from Exposing Junk Climate Science can be seen below – the left hand graph shows that heat waves in the US since the 1960s have been increasing in line with claims of a warming planet. But if that graph is overlaid with the full data set, it can be seen that heat waves used to be much worse in the 1930s. A full exposé of this technique, that is commonly used by climate scientists and the media, can be seen HERE.

Back in 2003, when the late Dr Michael Crichton, an acclaimed film director and best-selling author, was asked what he considered to be the most important challenge facing mankind, he responded, “The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance. We must daily decide whether the threats we face are real, whether the solutions we are offered will do any good, whether the problems we’re told exist are in fact real problems, or non-problems.”

He was extremely concerned that environmentalism had been turned into a cult-like religion and fervently wanted its scientific base restored.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, British journalist and commentator Melanie Phillips, also believes climate change has become a cult:

“On a day like today, when there are protests and demonstrations in country after country against governments’ alleged failure to tackle ‘climate change’, you feel as if you have stepped into a looking-glass world in which people have collectively taken leave of their senses.

“If, that is, you are someone like me for whom the whole climate change hypothesis is a mad, nightmarish cult in which an infantile (literally) view of the world, peddling ludicrous theories of imminent apocalypse which owe more to medieval millenarian sects than modern science, is being treated as unchallengeable wisdom by a lazy and credulous adult world that has stopped asking rational questions…

“What are witnessing is not the imminent extinction of the planet. It is the extinction of reason.”

Scientific analysis shows changes in our climate are not outside the bounds of normal climate variability. Mankind is not causing accelerated warming, sea levels are not rising abnormally, the number of storms and wildfires is not unprecedented – common sense would also suggest that to be the case, since 98 percent of the planet’s carbon output occurs naturally and only 2 percent comes from human activity.

But, whether or not one believes humans are having a significant impact on the climate, surely we can all agree that science is never settled, and that everyone has a right to speak their mind. Without that, surely we risk descending into a dark age of mob rule.

Our present difficulty is that not many people will ever know about the Connolly research, nor of other great scientists, whose work is helping us to better understand our climate, because contrary opinion – even when it is based on science – is not the sort of thing the establishment publishes anymore. The followers of these works will be those that have in effect formed an underground resistance movement. These are the people that would rather listen to scientific debate than a 16 year old child admonishing the citizens of the world for ‘denying her generation a future’. 


Is the Government’s zero carbon policy aimed at saving the planet, or is the goal to undermine economic freedom and expand government control?  


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It is all mass hysteria – we must speak up. It is called govern by fear Bev
If you want to control a population, a first principle is to make them afraid, because people who are afraid will agree to measures that they wouldn’t normally accept. Stan
Its all about redistribution of wealth Prue
this is the biggest scam in the history of nz, what do they think we have been doing since noah of the ark Joan
Our ‘False Messiah’ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern believes she will lead the saving of our planet, supporting the doomsday predictions will bankrupt our wonderful country. As long as ‘Earth’ exists ‘Mother Nature’ will always take care of her own and do whatever is necessary to ensure its continued existence. Derrick
I would suggest that all MP’s who vote for the introduction of draconian laws re zero carbon, should make plans to emigrate from New Zealand. They will certainly be not welcome in NZ. Allan
Zero carbon is utter bullshit! It is only another attempt to control a la communism!! Eb
One only has to look at the socialist agenda of the Green party in NZ to know that all is not what it seems. Gary
there is no substitute for good science. The mainstream media has become the enemy of the people. Not all the people are stupid. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time – as Abraham Lincoln said. Bruce
The sheeple are happy Bill
Ms J. Ardern is our ‘Greta Thunberg’ with her toxic blend of ignorance, petulance and stupidity, mainly stupidity. When the sexual assaults allegations from a member in her inner circle are not taken seriously but she in awe of a mentally-ill Swedish teenager does not bode well for NZ with her extinction of reason. We need to have an early election to vote out her red/green coalition especially the dangerous Green party. None of them have commonsense. Monica
The Carbondioxide levels Nor the Ave Temperature is well within historic levels, at their previous lowest levels. God our saviour is looking after us. The labour Government isn’t Pierre
The 97% consensus lie must be exposed Darag
This whole thing is being used to control the population. Tell a big enough lie hard enough and often enough it will be believed so said Goebbels Need I say more Robin
Good article. We need more Muriel. We in Auckland miss Leighton Smith. I listen to the National Program these days . Neville
Just political propaganda. The science is badly flawed supporting the climate change conspiracy. Tony
Why are people, or more so people in power so naive? It’s scary. Steve
Comrades in action Ron
what happened to the “: we are one ” slogan that was thrashed by this empty headed pm during the run up to the election. ? Dianne
This is perhaps the greatest fraud pulled on the worlds populations. CO2 is the lifeblood of the world and without it everything is dead. They are worried about it going above 400 PPM whereas it has been up to 2600 PPM in the past. It is up a bit now with no concern whatsoever and in fact crops are thriving. Also all their climate, sea level, arctic ice graphs are fraud because they use dates which support their claims. Look at graphs from when they start them then actually look at periods prior to their graphs. You will immediately see how fraudulent the climate alarmists are. It’s politics, money and control — they want us to PAY. Look up some REAL climate scientists who have been sacked, sued and villified every which way. Alan
Globalist basic 101. Co-op the Illuminati ! Ian
Its very clear that this is all part of the UN agenda to take over control of all western type economies. One reader has asked “how do we fight back?” There is only one way in my opinion and that is to vote New Conservative and get binding referenda as the law of the country just like Switzerland has for the last 150 years. Switzerland is a true democracy unlike NZ and many other countries. The Swiss system would make it impossible for a bunch of wacko socialists to bring in gun control laws like we are getting at the moment. Ronmac
Of course it is and you are not allowed to have a contrary view. It is amazing how quickly the public is being hoodwinked. Watch out for the Greens and Labour, the end of life as we know it NZ. Fraser
We need to spread the news far and wide to the many who don’t know they are all being conned. And the dire consequences they face by being compliant. Robert
it is very clear Norman
The Government needs to use science as an effective tool to combat climate change, not as a blunt instrument. Rick
This is a global socialist polt. Kevin
This is similar to Maori pressure groups -any comment against their pursuit of separatism is considered racism Tony
are these people walking or cycling to school or work, are they planting tree’s not using their car, I don’t think so. how and what do you make solar panels with phones etc etc. Arthur
The Biggest international hoax that is driven by activism to destroy capitalism. Maureen 
The % of carbon dioxide omitted by humans is a drop tin the bucket.the major supplier of CO2 is the ocean perhaps we should ban that! John
As Ian Wishart points out in his book, “A VERY Inconvenient Truth”, those who want a one-world Government, said they wouldn’t get it until they could get everyone on the one page and united in thought. — They picked on “Global Warming” but when they found the planet is actually cooling, they changed it to “Climate Change” which of course occurs naturally anyway. In a paper by an Australian scientist, he points out that the amount of CO2 that (the naughty) Australian’s produce is 0.00001% of the air. An infinitesable amount that really has no effect. The whole Co2 program is a hoax and shows the weakness of our Government in standing by when young people are allowed to march on a week day when they should be at school. Ted
Racism has become the fashion, and we do not have freedom of speech or that is what we are told. I am tired of the bending over backwards for Maori we are supposed to be all one and it is time that we were listened to. Patricia
Definitely not saving the planet. David
Absolutely to achieve more Government control and raise taxes. Carbon has little to do with climate changes which has been waxing and waning for millions of years – up and down. The main cause of climate change is the rotation of the earth’s axe around the sun and the waxing and waning for the Sun’ spots – huge electromagnetic fields around the sun Greta Thunberg looks like an 11yr old whose mind is out of control. Hylton
Man made effects on climate change or global warming are not proven and never will be – the biggest hoax of all time Alan
Are 97% of scientists really wrong? Jonathan
This is a cynical attempt by political elites to create a climate alarmist myth to promote their wealth transfer system. Wealth is transferred from working people to the super rich. This enhances state dependence and control. Lee
Oh I hope I’m still around when these climate changes finally realise that they are being led up the garden path. Just look who is making money big time out of this and who is behind grumpy great.greta. It’s a socialist plot to change the world, not hard to see the hidden agenda behind this crap. Peter
Whole carbon footprint issue is rubbish. More CO2 is beneficial not harmful . Farmers should be helped not penalised! Derek
Why are these student only getting one side of the story and not scientific analysis from both camps . Then they can decide for themselves .this brain washing from left wing education establishment is so dangerous. Wendy
And to carry the point even further, it is a many faceted real conspiracy utilising many and varied mechanisms and strategies and people such as, the Club of Rome, U.N., Agenda 2030, EU, George Soros and Open Society Foundations, Maurice Strong, Tom Steyer, Al Gore, Greenpeace, Socialism etc to establish a New World Order and a Socialist Centralized One World Government. Sounds crazy does it? We are witnessing the modern day attempt at establishing a similar authority and governance of the Biblical Tower of Babel under Nimrod, where the then known world was under one Ruler, one economic system and one religion. There are many layers to this issue and they all need peeling away to get to the heart of the matter. Brian
This is about One World Government by the Super Elite of the world. They hide behind the United Nations which is their organization for world control. John
What a gullible lot most people are! I suggest that most New Zealanders would hold that we should not pollute the air, water or soil. However that is a vast difference from the green policy of scaremongering. Do they really believe their own rhetoric or are they seeking to wrest control from each citizen? I suggest the latter. As for the silly Swedish schoolgirl; she should be back at school studying real science rather than having her head filled with pseudo-scientific claptrap. Peter
I can not believe that the Nation of NZ has become so deceived by a bunch of I can not believe that in such a short time so many [people have been deceived by the lie, that we can control the climate, by not burning fossil fuel. Follow the money and you will find the motive. I am so glad my children were not at school during the 90s and onwards, when all the UN agenda 21 was taught. The children have been completely brain washed. No wonder they are marching. Dene
Where does carbon credit money go to and who will control it !! Yes Dangerous Alarmism Ross
nothing to do with climate all to do with fear and control Wayne
Maybe not so dramatic as this … but it sure as hell won’t save the planet. CO2 isn’t a problem. Maurice
We are on a steady direction to renaming NZ to USSNV- United Socialist States of New Venezula Roger
This Govt NZ First as well should be treated as Economic Terrorists and should be held personally to account.. Julian Genter is a joke. She has shown that she is not to be trusted and will stop at nothing to get her twisted view of the world adhered too. Sooner she goes the better.BUT she needs to be held to account for the economic damage she has done to N Z Frank
The new communism where the supposedly diseffected try to undermine the status quo Gerry
How does the average thinking citizen make their voice heard, when the news media are almost exclusively alarmist? Graeme
At the next election New Zealand must now break the socialist hold that has been strengthened by the Labour Coalition and reinforced by the PM%u2019s speech at the UN that brought out her true colours. She is a proponent of global attainment of the ultimate political power by the UN. Climate extremism and advocacy of a catastrophic emergency is the method to secure multi-governmental control in an international sense. It is not hard to imagine that she aims to fit into the UN government hierarchy. The UN science logic is flawed. For example (apart from the first ice age that lasted 300 mill yrs with a no oxygen atmosphere causing the CO2 levels to be non-existent) all the remaining ice ages had atmospheres and climates that were aggressively CO2 dominant. The Cryogenian Ice Age had Co2 levels of 4,000 ppm for 220 mill yrs; the Andean-Saharan Ice Age had CO2 levels of minimum 2,800 ppm for 40 mill yrs; the Paleozoic Ice Age had CO2 levels of 3,000 ppm for 100 mill yrs and the Cenozoic Ice Age had 3,000 ppm for 2.5 mill yrs. This has ultimately reduced to today%u2019s levels of 380 to 400 ppm. So there you have it!!! A classic political masterpiece of having it both ways. This raises the question: HOW CAN A RISE IN CO2 LEVELS BOTH INCREASE GLOBAL WARMING & DRIVE THE CLIMATE TO AN ICE AGE? The accepted science has Ice Age Glaciation starting at just over 2,000 ppm! In laymen’s terms are we going to be burnt to a cinder or frozen like an ice block? Governments must rise to the occasion and progressively cut funding to the UN and directly transfer the money to national causes like keeping residents out of living in cars and motels. That is, take back sovereignty. Frederick
Like every thing they touch David
How can it undermine economic freedom Mike
To be honest, I think they are doing what the UN wants them to do. They appear to have no clue. If they were serious, they would listen to both sides of the argument, not just the alarmists. Sad .. and as for exploiting Greta (who I understand has Aspergers), that is despicable. Maddi
I can’t believe that so called intelligent people can be fooled by these terrible environmentalists. They obviously can’t see that they are being manipulated by the super wealthy and ideaologists with a nasty greedy attitude Mike
The far left will not be happy until they control all aspects of new Zealand life and we the people have no democratic voice as we the non believers cant be trusted with that responsibility John
One either has to choose to promote capitalism, which seems to be the only practise the modern world understands, or make huge sacrifices to remedy climate change. Or the most convenient belief is to say its all scaremongery. Somewhere in the middle is where I believe we should be striving for. Greed must be the worst of our human sins. Lesley
Climate change is a religious Cult for which a majority of seemly intelligent people are prepared to followed to the death. It is frightening when these so called smart people are happy to be part of the Hysteria; they are more afraid of NOT being part of the herd than thinking logically for themselves.. It is a contagious disease that will kill off Western Civilization. Sam
to make money like Al Gore Donal
If Friday’s events is indicative of the standards of rational thinking currently taught in New Zealand schools then the future is indeed bleak. How fortunate one is to be old and supposedly an “angry white male” at that’. However, for the record I’m very happy with all my past actions and will continue thus in the future!!!! Congratulations to the climate deniers, keep up the good work. Graeme
I am so over this garbage. The general population including the so called “leaders” of our world (ie the decision makers) need to do is look at the science from both sides of the argument – not just one side. For example it really is incredible that people are putting belief in a16 year old girl, who as yet knows very little of life and whose brains will no be fully formed for another 7 or 8 years – unbelievable. The great tragedy of course is that if these lemmings win the debate we will all suffer immeasurably for nothing. Simple question – is climate change man made or natural? If natural, we can do nothing about it. As I understand it, it is all but 3% natural, therefore WE CAN NOT CHANGE IT and destroying our world to attempt to influence things we can not change is madness. Roy
Total rubbish and shame on them for supporting the use of innocent children, who should be at school actually learning what is the truth from detailed information and graphs supported by learned Scientists. James Shaw admits he ‘doctored information’ to suit his needs. He should have been removed from parliament then! Robyn
Environmentalism and climate alarmism have become a religion. Critical thought and reason have become casualties of this dangerous cult. The fact that its proponents are now weaponizing vulnerable children is despicable and indicative of their moral corruption. John
Making money to sponsor communism. Bruce C
I can’t wait for King Fish to return to the coast off Dunedin as they were in the earlier part of last century when seas were warmer than present. Keith
It’s worse than government control, it’s the UN that wants control of the world. They are using the climate change fiasco to get money out of as many countries as they can. Kate
I am worried this Govt is not taking anything seriously, they do seem quite naive to reality of not only NZ but worldwide Barbara 
My concern is for our future if the Climate Fanatics win. I feel the lines are blurred. Yes we need to care for our planet Earth in reducing the amount of waste we have but this carbon zero issue in trying to reduce our emissions in the hope it will stop the earth warming has an undercurrent of socialism and control. To comply with UN IPCC demands will have a devastating effect on NZ and our way of life. It%u2019s time we stood up and disagreed with this roller coaster ride to hell. Very worrying times. Vivienne
Schoolchildren are being manipulated by those with vested interests to march in their ‘climate protests’. Teachers love it as it gives them an extra day off from what is laughingly referred to as ‘teaching’ nowadays, and it increases the opportunity for governments and global business interests to increase their control over populations and their actions/spending. TOBY
But I think they are swayed by and don’t fully understand or do not want to believe the science. It is a very emotional subject for everyone and every Government. Laurel
Lobby your politicians. Anon
Sadly, this obvious fact would go over the head of the far left zealots Pavel
The zero carbon policy and the bill is not about dealing with any issue other than wealth redistribution and it will be a major economic downturn for this country. We should not go along with international stupidity in this matter. Peter
Climate scientists have for decades have been researching global temperatures and a lot of their findings are from non controversial evidence. It is clear that we are being lead up the garden path into a fast approaching doomsday. This has to stop as it will inevitably lead to economic collapse in this country and around the world. Dennis
All real evidence shows mild, beneficial effects of more atmospheric carbon dioxide. Alarmism is based entirely on the deficient models. Paul
Cult sums it up perfectly. Brian
We must stop this Scam it is worse than Y2K Kevin
We have friends who until 10 years ago thought Chairman Mao and his Red Book were the ‘only’ way Many Chinese students studying here do not believe there was a Tianamin Square event. That is mind control and it works on children. Today I walked where school children gathered yesterday and saw the graffiti they have left on the pavement. A political party in NZ, needs to stand firm and say “ENOUGH’ This stops now” Dick
Scripted rhetoric by a mouth piece Jeff
Rampant socialism… Mark
Our government and most others is controlled by the people, enterprises and organizations that compose the deep state. They control most of the wealth and resources of the planet and want the rest as well. They uses clever psychological manipulation to achieve their goals. The solution is to re-establish our national sovereignty and take back out personal liberty and freedom while we still can. Charlie
They are obviously ignorant of real science. We need politicians with a brain & spine to buck the agenda. Doug
By all means clean up the planet it’s as simple as house cleaning in reality. There are things that we can do better but not at the expense of a complete change to our way of life nor is it necessary. The UN and the likes of our PM to name a few who wish to capitalise on these mistruths one way or another are playing it like a fiddle. They lie deliberately misinforming the masses is nothing short of a crime. Also, when did we last read a balanced view put forward by journalists – I certainly cannot recall a recent instance. They have no conscience only self interest and promotion. It should read lies, damn lies and politicians. Chris
The problems in the world today is over population consuming all the resources and polluting this earth. We need fewer people, in my lifetime the worlds population has grown from 2.2 billion to 7.6 billion we are like a plague on this earth. Don’t worry about carbon worry about population going to 10 billion that will create the disaster for mankind. Tony
What was profised 60 years ago with global warming, the Maldives would be uninhabitable in 25 yrs. and under water in 50 yrs. I am still waiting. Graham
It is fairly obvious what the aim is. State control of everything – full Socialism. Graeme
Science Graduate reaction Judith
Look up One World Government and you will find Climate Change is all about bringing down our valuable farming sector. Yes, there is more than one way to abuse children. This all started off with Global Freezing in the 70s and found this didn’t work, it then changed to Global Warming and I can remember the snow creeping further south in the USA each year of this so then it was changed to the “Vague” term “Climate Change” ans since have had a ball each summer and winter with catastrophes that have been going for years before climate was ever thought of as a weapon. Our industries have already been brought down by being unable to compete with the third world, a forgone conclusion easily foreseeable. Have a look at this 4 minute video on climate and laugh: https://www.youtube.com/embed/BC1l4geSTP8 George
It smacks at the novel 1984 where governments created false situations to keep the populous permanently suppressed in the name of security Kevin
It is more likely to be an attempt to expand government control as that is what a Labour government lives on. However no one in government knows what to do about reducing carbon levels and this has been admitted by James Shaw. Thus it would be better for the government to shut up and encourage scientists to research the what is happening and what the best way is to tackle the problem. The government has simply destroyed the Taranaki search for natural gas, causing huge financial loss and prospects for cheap local fuel instead of costly imported oil and gas. Perhaps the government has in mind to launch ‘carless days’ again or even to go back to the 40s and reintroduce petrol rationing. Wouldn’t the Green Party love that? But realistically those sort of ideas are the only things a Labour Government can do. Demanding people reduce their fuel use won’t work. Declaring a climate emergency is ridiculous. An emergency means action, flashing lights, closing roads, restricting activities outside, the list is endless, stupid and achieves nothing. Chris.
With the planned reduction of the Country’s “Well-Being”, a cry that seems to come out each time our PM opens her mouth, ALL New Zealand citizens should have the opportunity to commend or reject the actions being proposed by our “Leaders”, supposedly because “they know best what is good for us and it is all for our “Well-Being”. This needs to happen BEFORE the Bill is passed into Legislation and after a balanced scientific discussion has been presented. PM Show us the DATA that proves the hypothesis that is supposedly driving the Bill. But with her background as a socialist/marxist youth leader, joined by an equally marxist leaning Green Party, both of whom are following the lead of our Marxist Secretary General (Secretary General of the Portuguese Socialist Party; ex-President of Socialist International), it is easy to come to the conclusion that a reduction of individual freedoms and the creation of centralised, unrestricted government control is precisely what The UNFCCC and the Secretary General need to further the international socialist regime they have declared as being the objective of “Climate Change” activism. I certainly refuse to fawn over the rants of an under-educated mentally disturbed teenager, who is clearly schooled in acting (she may have being trying for an Emmy as well as a Peace Prize). No-one has robbed her child-hood except perhaps by her ANTIFA “Star” parents, her sponsor, Ingmar Rentzhog., and the likes of the Club of Rome. Michael
Sad facts are: {1} The children being schooled to-day are being INDOCTRINATED, not EDUCATED, so they grow up to be faithful to the Socialist-Globalist Agenda, believing that only State Control can save them & the planet.. HITLAR would be proud of our 21st century politicians. & school teachers.. REMEMBER, these kids were at school when NATIONAL were in charge. {2} The Parents of to-days children are either also indoctrinated, or just too mentally lazy to research the facts, & pass them on to their offspring. The occasional child who does challenge the teacher, is told to stand in the NAUGHTY corner, & apologise to the rest of the children. We must at least try to break this cycle, by voting at the next election for the ONLY Party with “Pull out of the Paris Acord” in its official policy. New-Conservative.. A.G.R.
Just what I’ve been thinking. These kids are scaring themselves before they are mature enough to study and understand the science. It’s the sort of fanaticism that can lead to increased youth suicide. It’s scary to think that adults are behind this scare mongering. What use is striking? Wouldn’t spending the day cleaning up beaches be of more use. What are these children doing to help? How did Greta cross the ocean? Walked? Juliet
Totally agree with Dr Muriel Newman being that climate change is no longer about science but really the destruction of free market and the rise of socialism. Since when can a 16yr old grandstand to World leaders never heard of such nonsense honestly. I’m certainly over this government the sooner they go the better. The star dust is no longer effective!!! Sue
The climate hysteria which is now fuelled by brainwashed children throwing public tantrums is clearly politically motivated. Just look at the appalling hysteria in the anti-Trump America brigade, they are self confessed socialists and the advent of a President with the interests of Americans and the American dream of freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness, upper most on his success agenda. The Democrats, who have become communists are continuing to try to make up stories to discredit the President. They have fallen into confused insanity because they were doing so nicely under President Obama (closet communist) and were so sure that the Clinton woman would win in 2016, that when that didn’t happen it caused the socialist movement to descend into apoplectic disbelief. The Democrats, lead now by extremist young women of foreign Islamic origins, are in chaos. So hell bent are they on destroying President Trump, that they have become ridiculous and extreme. Then there are the communist Chinese trying to squelch the freedoms promised to the people of Hong Kong. Then is Britain where this communist lunatic Jeremy Corban is leading the Labour Party, also hell bent on preventing any forward looking progress in Britain. Labour didn’t win the election, but as in the US, are trying to cripple the country by perpetual obstruction. Then there is New Zealand. A microcosm of the same thing. We have got to stand up and fight folks or we will all find ourselves hotied in straightjackets, through regulatory trojan horses such as Health and Safety and Climate Change. All of it hysterical nonsense, in this country, lead by the “Greens”. You will also note that their front runners are foreigners. Draw your own conclusions. Dianna
Economic disruption causes pain to many and gain to a few. The real aim of zero carbon is to undermine our stable economy in order to tax and control an increasingly ignorant populace. Peter
It is a lot of BS. Clark
with the corrupt UN and politicians in this country and many others our freedom of speech and life as we knew it is on the slippery slope to total control by these dangerous people who are worse than Stalin and Hitler put together. Richard
this is a soros funded agenda Ray
The first step to communism. Government l and economic control John
It’s a smokescreen, pun intended Paul
It Is all a ruse to gain control over everything. We all should rebel against all the extremism. John
its has become a cult and they will not listen to any sort of reason at all Allan
Shame on them. Sooner or later all we can hope for is that they are exposed for the insidious socialists they really are. Mike
Shameful Richard
Most people who have half a brain are aware they%u2019re being manipulated by Government and big business, but they feel helpless to do anything about it or don%u2019t know how to go about standing up for what%u2019s right. Graeme
sadly the media seem to be influencing the world to the detriment of common-sense. One must also question the lack of science based testing in junior schools Joanne
Very definitely the latter. Grahame
The whole so called :Green Movement” is being engineered to make some companies very wealthy at the cost of the general public and the phrase :The Extinction of Reason” is very true. Digby
NZ cannot save the planet, its contributions are too miniscule. The science being quoted in the hysterical onslaught is flawed. We need calm reason proper leadership and long term aspirations that do not break the back of NZ. Stewart
shame on Labour and their young supporters. RICHard
People are so naive to believe otherwise. Helen
Greeny and Lefty extremists are manipulating intent on manipulating the world economy. Clinton
She will have us all planting weeds on pasture land in no time !!!!!!! Brian
The lies and misinformation spouted by climate alarmists is my biggest worry. The use of children to spread these lies is disgusting and abhorrent. Peter
In order to control the world populace, and establish a One World Government, the UN is using the old propaganda trick:- If you tell a lie, make it a big one, and repeat it often until people believe it. To do so, they use two main avenues:- the news media and educational institutions. Jacinda is merely a pawn in the process, aided and abetted by aunty Helen. Kris
Be good to hear what is actually causing catastrophic rising seas and changing weather patterns if not from global warming. The second question is beyond belief supposedly coming from intelligent people. Phil
Its a con job but then this Gvmt doesn’t have the brains to see they are being used. Norm
Definitely to undermine economic freedom and expand government control, that is, through the UN! So what did Jacinda say at the UN? I heard her say “Globalist Borderless” as a way of describing how “she” wants New Zealand to be. That is not acceptable and I will vote for the party that will end this “looking-glass world in which people have collectively taken leave of their senses.” Neil
Certainly NOT saving the planet. Its UN agenda behind this for whatever their nefarious reasons. Nick
Bulldozer tatics when NZ is a very low emmissions country. This Govt will bring NZ economy to its knees unless change is made next year. The science of climate change is one sided and seldom is the media prepared to offer the other side of the argument. Phil
The biggest scam ever perpetrated on man kind. This Climate Alarmism has to be stopped in its tracks as our individual freedoms and democracy itself are under threat by this movement, which obviously has no morals whatsoever. The fact that indoctrinated children are being used as a front is despicable and shows that the Left will do and say anything to gain power and world domination. Notr that our PM in her address at the UN mentioned climate change action is required, world without borders and globalism in the same speech which points exactly where this is leading to and the agenda that they are working to. Allan
This is leftwing neo Marxism at play and it’s seeds started back in the 60’s Trevor
Remember the ozone Layer? We were told all of us were going to fry and we’re still waiting! John
There are powerful people pushing their own agenda behind Greta Thundberg after all how would she have been able to address the UN? Shame on those that use a child to try to motivate populations. She has not even lived long enough yet and experienced sufficient experiences to be so angry about a subject she knows little about. Peter
Jacinda Ardern is an avowed socialist therefore more interested in Government control and less freedom for the individual and democracy as we know it. Bruce
Mass hysteria is now in full swing – the horrifying outcome is going to be a catastrophe – how come science overcome such outright lies that people believe. Sheryl
No further comment needed Carolyn
that was a disgusting outcry by the so called teenager at the summit meeting .No use moaning about climate change ,do something about it constructively.HOW DID SHE GET THERE BY YACHT???????? John
Get rid of Jacinda and Labour or become a small country standing all alone in the world while you become a laughing stock. Chris
All definitely Marxist doctrine started back in 1960s and UNESCO since 1951. If children actually believe this climate change totalitarian scam they should attend school and protest on a weekend?! Max
They may truly think they are saving the planet but they are stuffing the economy and probably undermining our economic freedom and imposing more state Control on everyone. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the people who brainwashed the teenage and younger schoolkids to protest that they want prompt action on climate change. No wonder the Greens want the the voting age lowered to 16 . it will give them thousand more suckers to give them their votes Colin
Ever since Al Gore’s scaremongering, I have been very much the sceptic. I am one of those on the subject of coastal erosion for example, that believes that the elements have built sand dunes and those same elements – wind water etc. – may take those dunes away. Glaciers are another example in my mind. Paul
EVERY-ONE LOOK where climate change started & how CLEAR information is being IGNORED & SHUTDOWN & now we have china claiming $100 million & saying they’re an UNDEVELOPED country & should deserve & get it from the west.How much BULLSHIT are we to put up with.before jacinda & the greens DESTROY N.Z. more she NEEDS to be STOPPED so EMAIL her & the greens & OTHER MP,S & National MP,S also to our concerns & AGAINST THIS BULLSHIT. Cindy
The ultimate goal is Global Government via incrementalism – the hallmark of Fabian Socialism. Couple this with the current push to confiscate firearms and you can see where all this is heading. Scott
I consider that most of the climate change propaganda is driven by radicals who have an agenda to destroy our system and country. Brian
Further to my previous comments, the latest move by the Greens to lower the voting age to 16 is a cynical move by them to cash in on the climate hysteria. Those who would fit the voting age of 16 would vote Green which would give them substantially more power in government. WE would then see more draconian measures to undermine our economy and move further to the left. Ray S
They may be silly enough to think they’re trying to save the planet, but all they will achieve is “Undermining economic freedom and expanding government control”. Andrew
The Greens have too much say in the present government, hence the zero carbon policy. We have little or no control in climate change, It has been happening for thousands of years. Frank
major problems ahead with this govt graeme
Deliberate political activistism for the UN New World Order with New Zealand as the guinea pig. David
With the mixed bag of misfits and “wantabes” we have “leading” the country who would really know. They are certainly riding it all the way. Bruce
It maybe to save the planet but the result will be to destroy the economy. Willy
Using children in this way is exactly the same as written in George Orwells book 1984.That is a frightening thing. 1984 should be compulsory reading for all adults. Steve
One word describes this whole agenda of socialist state control…… “LABOUR” !! David
Excellent article, I SO, SO agree with all of what you are writing here, as I reckon the planet is going through a weather pattern which has happened many times before, only difference is we weren’t here when these changes occurred previously, that is never discussed in any forum especially the media who are tending to “push” this whole “Climate Change” fiasco/debacle! A Climate Change Cult is the perfect choice of naming this “Child Abuse” to the unsuspecting public and dare we voice our opinion to the contrary! It will be seen as “White Supremacist Racialism” Bruza
Anyone with a single brain cell in their head could reason that climate is, was and always will be a volatile entity, constantly changing. No human will stop the planet from doing what its nature dictates. Both the sun and moon have roles to play in changing climate. Man’s role is but a puny one… Elsie
The political elite of the LEFT are not so stupid that they think they can “save-the-planet”. There is no question that they are out to exert their control over a sleep-walking public. Victor
This conglomerate government consists of a bunch the looney left led by a daft communist who still believes that Communism is still best for all of the world. Graeme
Good to hear someone else espousing the same views as ours!! Sandra
Google sea level in Sydney harbour. Nil change in 140 yrs. Sandy
It is time youth learned their place in the order of world politics. In lots of ways they were the worst polluters in the first place now they want it all sorted for them by every one else. GET BACK TO SCHOOL and learn to understand that the world does not revolve around you alone BARRY
Their goal is to rid the world of capitalism & free markets & is all based on getting green energies supported by socialist governments! At 78 years of age I despair for the future of my four children & grandchildren! Please advertise for your readers to watch Climate Science Coalition (NZ), Climate Depot (USA) & Jo Nova (Australia). Cyril
Usually ladies at the front of all this hand wringing. Not PC but true. Frank
You can Trust a Communist to be a Communist, and this socialist Government has given up all pretense of acting for the people, as its Agenda is simply the UN Agenda (2030) wrapped in a kiwi flag Richard
Refer to Agenda 21-30 Mike
What is the overall objective of the “Global Warming” which could not be proved, now changed name ” Climate Change” driven by the UN ? MONEY ! Jacinda is pushing to make the payment to the UN, to impress the leaders, eventually to receive an appointment and work for the UN. Then she can control not only NZ , but influence and dictate to all their member countries. This is simply ego boosting !! Pierre
I believe the climate changes are normal and to believe mankind has the power to change climate is ludicrous Carolyn
What is happening right now regarding so called climate change is frightening and the U N and the likes of Jacinda is driving the world into recession and the losers will be the the young generation coming through who will have no future and nothing to strive for. Ken
Zero carbon policy is simply the new socialist agenda to carry out their economic vandalism . Chris
A very dangerous and effective way of undermining democracy, and putting in place the policies which give control to the few John
This policy is a repeat of comrade Clark’s bribe to the Greens when she destroyed the sustainable Rimu logging industry. Sustainability that improved the health of Rimu forests and was internationally respected for its sound science. Hugh
Most Likely Jim
The greatest fraud the world have ever witnessed. Peter
Evil insidious socialism dogma is once again is the primary driver of our doom. Richard
The government would do well to return to school with the striking students and learn some real science. Alan
The United Nations – as we have just witnessed – and this government I believe, is using today’s youth to foster and promote their political ‘climate change’ agenda as they don’t realize the climate is naturally always changing. We have high tides, low tides earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes etc. I remember Bola and the Wahine storms; Ruapehu erupting, Mt. Tarawera and the Buried Village and more recently the massive Kaikoura land uplift. Where did all that displaced water go? Out into the sea where all other uplifted earthquake induced water goes – causing more sea level variations! And there is so much more as this good earth keeps changing – NO government can influence that – but we can keep it tidy! Stuart
Our “Show Pony” Prime Minister believes she will lead the saving of our planet, Supporting the doomsday predictions will bankrupt our wonderful country. Ian
Absolute desecration of western civilisation, religion and a free society empowering the third world, UN and the one world order. Sharon
This is ig you read all sides of the argument will find for the planet it is business as usual/normal. Been happening for centuries… Carl
The world has gone crazy! Those of us who still retain some sense need to fight back – but how? Has the point of no return been passed? Jenny
All I can say is : This whole climate change hoax/Ponzi scheme is a substantial part of UN’s Agenda 21. Breaking down cultural bonds , national identities, national economies with a massive bombardment of propaganda that is what it is all about. Once all these structures are destroyed the path is clear to establish a global dictatorship driven by the UN. Under the clever guise of ‘Saving the planet’ a massive redistribution of wealth into the hands of a few is already taking place. Other tools applied are massive attacks on free speech, the promotion of LBTG- etc- etc to destroy traditional families. Disarmament of the population. Deterioration of educational standards, falsification of history—- The list is growing. Here in NZ we have already a micro cosmos of these global events in existence. Driven relentlessly by this immoral red green coalition and already reflecting its ugly face in local government elections .I am deeply disturbed by all this– to say the least. Michael
It’s absolutely about control. There are many, many worse pollutants than CO2, and yet the government only seems interested in trying to prove the one thing that is least polluting that humans are doing.. Brooke
I have seen this coming, the stuff being fed to children about climate change is beyond belief. We will see an increase in teen suicides as a direct result of these doomsday prophets raging. The argument that the hysteria emanating from protestors .is a direct attack on democracy is well founded. There has probably not been anything like we are seeing since Hitler rallied Germany with his rants. As for the teenager attacking everybody within earshot, the hatred coming from her has been carefully orchestrated by those with vested interests in seen democracy fall. I don’t know how it can be stopped. Ray S
Not quite so sure is the goal, but undoubtedly it will be the result. If they gain any traction at all, then it won’t be long before there is a continuous creation of even more draconian measures. Targeted on the vey people, that are in fact keeping the people alive with food and jobs. Steve
State control of NZ’s sheeple! Darryl
Good question……I think the main issue here is the hearts and minds of the children, particularly those who are impressionable (most of them?) and those whose balance and perception is perhaps a little less grounded that one would hope. When I first sighted Ms. Thornberg I did ask myself “what’s not quite right here?” and while that remark could be taken to be thoughtless and unkind, it was not intended that way. There is, however a vulnerability in some of our young people in this world which should not be exploited at such a young age, and I do find this frightening for their futures…such as the influence of Cults and Political polarisation. These children are also fearlessly uninhibited, which makes the impact stronger(and don’;t those exploiters know it!!) and may well in later years realise just wheat harm they have done to themselves and in stirring up others. Can we not continue to broadly educate and encourage the exchange of ideas WITHOUT the marching, the banners and the shouting into a microphone? This, to me,….. and I am of an age to have seen it all before….., seems to be an exceedingly slippery slope which I do not wish any of my grandchildren and their friends to get onto, too soon. Learn about the world, live a little, formulate your ideas and beliefs by all means, but for heaven’s sake keep the hysterical notes OUT OF IT. Think back to the 1940s. Think now in some distressed parts of the world….. just THINK what you are implying, and asking for. Good is done by doing, good, and not by holding a microphone. MAYBELLE
We most certainly need to clean up our act on pollution we have become a very polluted country but new Climate change laws that are going to disrupt our economic well being is just not smart. 15 years ago you could see the haze of smog over South Auckland in the mornings , have not seen that for a long time so we are doing something right. The clean air laws certainly cleaned up the smoke hanging in my valley in winter, we can change the environment locally but on a world scale? Nigel
Hotter, colder, wetter, dryer, variations in weather, climate change, climate emergency, we won’t know until after it happens. Climate has changed in historic times, never mind recent geological time. There is nothing we puny humans can do about it. Alan
Its the way this Government governs Warren
The return of the 1930s in Germany by the national socialists and the subsequent World War 2 and the demolition of Europe. Supported these days by social media all trying to hang on to there jobs by following the cult like propaganda of US Al Gore and others Kevin
So many people know this hysteria is a great big scan and we need to unite to kill this nonsense off once and for all before it takes hold and destroys our country as we know it. People need to open their eyes and stop sitting behind their closed doors without doing something. Helen
Deciphering truth from error is now so difficult with the media we receive daily. Bruno
Just the fact that a child with mental issues becomes the poster child for this nonsense surely must ring alarm bells. George
Globalists at work pulling strings of the (well remunerated) puppets. Nice job with perks if you can get it and go along with the Moonie fervor and hysteria. Having had the immersive participation experience yesterday as a stealth agent provocateur locally was horrific. vacuous eyes and zero intellects very evident. Fluoride, formula and vaccines GMOs and junk food have stupified the poor gene pool into a pathetic pool of free-range brainwashed culted self-policing slaves expressing “the party dogma”. My sign was the clue…… Zoran
Why does Muriel Newman regard science supporting climate charge created by humans as ‘junk’ science but her ‘science’ disagreeing with this prognosis, accurate and correct. Talk about willful blindness. Barbara
Who will stand up against this to Jacinda, it wouldn’t suit Winston’s political agenda and National doesn’t have the backbone! The cult like scientists have done a fine job of brainwashing the population Tina
I’m truly scared, not for the survival of the planet but for the future and aftermath if the likes of Adern, hysterical ill informed children, the media etc get their way Trevor
Due to their naivety, laziness or greed for power, the current government will eventually go down in history as perpetuators of the greatest mis-truth and lies in our history to date. John
Greta Thunberg is one nasty little girl who has a lot to learn a little further down the track. I suggest she read Hitler’s Mein Kampf the work of another tyrant. For a tyrant knows that, to exercise power the first thing is to shout out loudly to the masses and then observe those that gather round ready to follow and fanatically administer the spoken word until all vestige of free will vanishes. This is what I see all over again under a different guise but with a similar consequence. Joseph
When I watched the so called Strikes by mostly children and a few equally brain washed adults and young people, I wanted to ask one simple question of them all. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO STOP THE PERCEIVED PROBLEM OF CLIMATE CHANGE. The answer off course is absolutely nothing.I noticed that most if not all the “Marchers” still had their cell phones,90% of which were made in the country with the greatest pollution and probable CO2 emissions. Barry
Socialists love climate control as a policy and they will continue with this policy until they have control over the economy. Roger
The whole global warming thing is over the top !! David
The climate change brigade are certainly over the top in their activities. David
Difficult choice as the truth probably lies somewhere in between. Yes they sort of believe the dogma that human activity is wrecking the planet but they are also well aware that efforts to redress that (however futile) will bring greater political controls. Geoffrey
Of more concern, should be the NASA reports regarding sun cycles and the indication of a pending Maunder minimum. Should current research into our son’s cycles prove accurate, NZ’a proud record of 82% power generation from “renewable” resources, could be crippled… Infrastructure planning should be investigating the supplementation of these resources with nuclear power, oil, gas and coal fired power generation… At best, it will keep us warm, provide power for glass house food production… At worst, it will provide a power source for increased air conditioning and charging facilities for electric transportation… The sun drives our world, recognizing its past performance and predicting its future, has a greater priority than gloom and doom theories about tipping points of 2% of our atmosphere…  Les
At a cost of $300 billion over 30 years the consequences are that some people will feel better, agricultural productivity will decline which is not allowed under the Paris agreement and the effect on global temperatures will be zero. Sounds sensible? Tony
Enough is enough, I wish the adults would take over again as it’s their job to look after the welfare of children, not the children. It reminds me of Lord of the Flies. Chris
And including sensible environmentalism with the ‘man-made climate change scam’ Gordon
Cliff Chicken Little! Reuben
its all about government control, and scare mongering the brain washing off kids is bad news, that little girl needs to get a life her parents are rich its just another way that governments will tax us they are running out off ideas Rodger
How do you stop this brainwashing and help people see the truth? Elizabeth
UN Agenda 21. mike
The Greens want to dictate what we eat wear and our lives. Want us to be like them. Everyone is different Labour just wants complete control Cherryl
This modern warming has occurred after the cold spell little ice age. I understand this present warming is slightly less than the level achieved during the earlier medieval warming period. No cars etc in this time approx 900 to 1300 AD. These are natural events controlled by the solar system and the galaxy, the solar system is within. To say you can control climate is stupid. Warwick
Not printable Russell
“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.” —Richard Lindzen Dave
Will NZ survive until the next elections? Labour need to do simple researching into the history of NZ & may be able to see how the Farming community over the years has had a enormous impact on who we now are on the world stage. Ralph
2021 election can’t come soon enough. These lunatics need ousting with a big boot. Peter
Option 2 is ridiculous. This is getting towards the e”xtremisms” that that you have commented on in this week’s newsletter. Ian
There has always been ‘Climate Change’ and always will be….Life is tough so get used to it…. Control is always the agenda of govt. The “Trojan Horse ” of modern civilization. ChrisH
Whether by intent or unexpected consequences….. Lionel
This is all similar to the cult mentality generated by Jim Jones in Guyana. That led to mass suicide and this hysteria has the same potential. Ross
Greta is remarkably similar to Joan of Arc. We should be very concerned about fanaticism. Richard
The real problem is overpopulation. All countries, particularly those not capable of supporting their own populations without “aid” must control their continuing population expansion. Fewer users of Earths resources will cure a lot of the “climate change” problems. Peter
When are politicians going to show some courage and do some research. Alan
To rip off the ordinary working people through scaremongering and guilt Robert
The tooth fairy and her lot are communists taking instructions from the corrupt United Nations Cutty
Most definitely not saving the planet, just appeasing the indoctrinated who are not capable of logical reasoning. Terry
This is a giant Ponzi Scheme designed by a conglomeration of very smart People, who need to control Governments to achieve their own ends. Now they’re using Kids. This is our current Global Civil War, which we will eventually win by staying with the Facts and Truth. Geoff
Alarmist utter bollocks Tom
This coalition government has been pushing for New Zealand to be the forefront of change in the eyes of the world ! The only problem is ?! It at the expense of 4.8 million Kiwis to sacrifice on the alter of so so called saving the planet ! And Jacinda Arderns high profile images ( only came about because of the Christchurch shootings event) has given her a stepping stone towards the UN agenda of climate change change and she wants to be the face of it ! Her leftist support of this international delusion of fixing the problem is to me ?, a woman of evil intent backed by ignorant arrogant coalition partners pushing for their own piece of fame and fortune on the same stage, and when I say us Kiwis being sacrificed, I mean the fact that all those promises at election to fix NZs issues have be completely ignored after two and a half years of pampering up to the international issues instead ! How many times have we seen our so called PM gone over seas to visit the UN ? But how much local crises have been fixed back home ???, every one being housed because Jacinda promised that was priority first ?, the same people living in cars or under bridges are still there !, hospitals are still running in deficits or struggling to cope with increased populations housing for all is failed !, I have taken in 4 homeless people for the time being because Jacinda’s promise hasn’t come true and they were considering living in a tent on someone’s back lawn ! My personal life is being affected by this governments inconsiderate concern for it’s own population !. I have worked for friends on their dairy farms for years and knowing now that their livelihood is being affected by this governments ( especially the Greens ) environmental protection changes will financially affect them hard due to the so called carbon emissions bolicks !, the dairy industry is a major player in our economy ! To reduce emissions is near impossible !, the majority of industries run on fossil fuels including power !, yes we have millions of vehicles on our roads, yes they emit a certain amount of emissions, but the cost of turning all road users into battery power or other non fossil fuel using vehicles are way more than most could afford !, our major investment companies produce continuous growth if they carry on the way they are, but if this government is hell bent on major change ?! A lot of these Industries will collapse and go bust because they rely on the very product or the vehicles that do the jobs!, and we are talking thousands of smaller businesses that add to the economy in NZ ! Green party MPs do not care for our economy, but for the environment !, they turn a blind eye on Industries that are help paying for their salaries every week like every one else’s pay cheques !, the very ones who voted them in I may add !, but still they ignore the needs of everyone for the sake of the so called helping the environment agendas !. I have not seen any real constructive input from them in how to help all those Industries achieve changing to an environmental footprint that’s good for everyone and keeping those Industries producing revenue to stay profitable or for that matter stay in business ! All the governments is saying, is you have to change ! But nothing about- we will help you change without financial difficulties or failure !. All I see and hear from this leftist government is the world needs to change !, all I see is this government fail on promises at election time for NZers ! All I see is NZ being used as an experimental model for the world in how to become politically correct, multi dimensional and cultural educated, a small country with no economic value to the world because all our export producers have be decimated by turning away from fossil fuels and going green !, the only industry that truly is green enough is forestry, but then there are large amounts fossil fuel using machines that is involved !. The sooner this government is out the better our country is off ! We are to small to be so environmentally sustainable ! Kevin
Not totally convinced that this is about undermining economic freedom. More about political do-goodmanship. Hugh
if these climate change activists where serious they would be asking us all to consider staying at home rather than drive or fly for our holidays.But New Zealand government still promotes tourism. Carl
And now the loonies who have hijacked the Greens are trying to pass laws allowing 16 year olds to vote. NZ is to become the South Pacific Venezuela or Zimbabwe. And that clown of a PM we have is so caught up in her own ego and tax payer funded travel, and mass hysteria lemming culture that she is now a traitor to NZ and deserves the normal punishment for treason. Derejk
The world has gone mad. Reason has left the building. Allan
the situation is rational thinking taken over by hysteria ably led by halfwit Ardern.She hasn’t the intelligence to consider the economics ,she is just using the cause to enhance her own image.This whole thing just exposes how many irrational and emotional people there are in the world who rise up for a cause whatever, but can offer no remedies ,they just say do something.Pathetic ba baaing sheep and our pathetic so called leader is one of them Don
All Liberal – Labour led governments have the same agenda. Less democracy more state control! Ron
In fact , it does not matter how much we do re carbon zero…even if the whole world was to actively try and head for o carbon …it will not stop global warming …impossible for humans to be able to have a significant affect %u2026.so actually carbon credits is just another tax grabbing scam . Roy
The goal is to undermine economic freedom and expand government control and socialism, ABSOLUTE FILTH. When can we have a vote of no confidence in these mongrel low life halfwits ? Gerald
Well written excellent article . Yvonne
Clear thinking people should be able to see that this is all rubbish and what makes sensible people people believe the false claims is beyond belief Peter
This is going to be the result of what they are doing. The lack of ability and wisdom amongst the members of our government makes me think it is more good intention with a socialist ethos. The path to he’ll is paved with such intentions. Clive
I’ve done my own research, and it corroborates that humans CAN’T impact that largely on global warming. Warming and cooling are a natural part of Earth’s existence. This happens every few centuries, with extremes of temperature happening every millenia or so. This is manipulation for the benefit of certain groups that don’t include you or me. Joyce
2 and 3 year olds being applauded for taking part in protests of any nature is patently ridiculous and schools that permit and encourage absenteeism to chant and wave placards should be reminded of their responsibility to educate not subvert. Carol
Obviously! Mike
That little girl does not know what she is talking about, she has adults pulling the strings from behind Colin
Planet Earth is bigger than all of this rubbish Peter
I am amazed at how easily people are conned into believing a LIE Cavid
Of course zero carbon is all about Govt control this part of the globalist agenda with the Backing of the UN notice at this last UN meeting if you did not agree with them you did not get to speak and as for that 16 year old autistic girl I blame adults for making her a puppet programmed to say what they want so sad Russell
Somehow, we have to fight back! Elizabeth
They want to restrict and control economic activity while they jet set around the world rubbing shoulders with other lefties and the United Noddys Laurie
The COL is poison to the people of this country, we mustn’t forget who put these idiots into Govt, NZ 1st. Thanks a bunch Winston, your spite is ruining the country, we are now a country run by some of the most ignorant and jealous people ever. Merryl
Wealth redistribution! John
Definitely ‘extinction of reason’ is what we are witnessing. Coral
It’s all about power , control and money! Brenda
It’s so obvious you shouldn’t even have to ask. Graeme
And my isn’t it scary how this unscientific nonsense has contaminated a whole new generation courtesy of our education system Phil
In 2008 i became aware of the flawed science, now it is fraud science Collin
Climate change is a scam. Those leading the law change are frauds. it’s time the public stopped allowing themselves to be pushed around. The new law is designed to replace free market capitalism with state control. Brian
The plug definitely needs to be pulled on the zero carbon legislation, but who is going to do that? It certainly won’t be Labour or the Greens, so it is up to NZ First. They are the ones who need to be pressured over this. And National too – they MUST oppose this disastrous law. It is time for the silent majority to speak out before the government turns us into a socialist state. Jason
The public need to wake up and start complaining about the destructive changes that are being planned by this useless government – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Kate
The time has come for New Zealanders to stand up for the Kiwi way – before this disastrous government undermines it all with their socialist policies. Phillip
How ridiculous it is that socialists are fawning over a young girl. If anyone is in doubt about climate change, that is the evidence they need that it is all a scam. The green energy sector are circling like vultures. I wonder how many of them have donated to Labour and the Greens to thank them for introducing this zero-carbon-let’s-get-rich-quick bill, which is all about socialism not science. Andrew