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Dangerous Influence

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After winning all seven Maori seats in the 2017 General Election, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern established a Maori-Crown Relations portfolio with Deputy Labour Leader Kelvin Davis as Minister.

Minister Davis held 20 meetings across the country to discuss with iwi their priorities for the new agency, and invited veteran activist Titewhai Harawira, and Wikatana Popata – the protestor convicted of assaulting former Prime Minister John Key at Waitangi in 2009 – to be part of an advisory group.

The Office for Maori-Crown Relations, Te Arawhiti, is the result of that collaboration with iwi. Among a raft of measures designed to promote Maori interests throughout the State sector, this powerful agency with 200 staff helped develop the Treaty of Waitangi guidelines issued by the Cabinet Office for all ministers and chief executives to ensure new policy is Treaty compliant.

These guidelines prioritise Maori rights through a series of leading questions relating to each article of the Treaty: “Will the policy enhance Maori wellbeing? Should the proposal be led by Maori? Will Maori have a role in design and implementation?”

The guidelines note the Waitangi Tribunal “plays an important role in providing advice to government on the application of Treaty principles.” Since the Tribunal is now having a significant influence on day-to-day Cabinet decisions, let’s examine what we know about this Agency.  

The Kirk Labour Government established the Waitangi Tribunal as a permanent commission of inquiry into the Crown’s alleged breaches of the Treaty in 1975, through the passing of the Treaty of Waitangi Act.

Intense lobbying by the iwi elite led the Lange Labour Government to extend its jurisdiction in 1985 to cover historic claims going back to 1840. Even though most claims had already been settled by previous governments, new claims were lodged resulting in some iwi like Ngai Tahu receiving a fourth ‘full and final’ taxpayer-funded settlement – to become the country’s richest iwi with a $2 billion asset base. 

Over the next 20 years, as the number of claims escalated, public concerns over the Treaty gravy train grew, leading the Clark Labour Government to announce a final deadline of 1 September 2008 for filing historic claims. Altogether 2,034 historic claims were lodged – up from just three in 1987.

The Waitangi Tribunal consists of up to 20 members, appointed for a three-year term by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister of Maori Affairs, along with a chairman – either a judge, a retired High Court judge, or the chief Maori Land Court judge. Between three and seven members are appointed for specific inquiries. Current Tribunal members can be seen HERE.

Under section 6 of the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act, the Waitangi Tribunal may make findings and recommendations on claims, but since it is not a court, they are not binding on the Crown.

The description by Northland orchardist and tutor Robin Grieve, of a Waitangi Tribunal hearing taking place on a Marae near his home, provides a rare insight into the workings of this powerful body:

“With much of the dialogue in Maori, I drew the conclusion the Waitangi Tribunal was some sort of pseudo court… but the law and the process was unlike anything I was familiar with. The Crown was represented by two fresh faced young lawyers who were very restrained and respectful in what were referred to as cross examinations, although they sang well, with all participants required to sing a song at the end of the day… 

“After giving his evidence the claimant was asked by one of the many lawyers there representing Maori, to comment on what she described as the ‘inherent racism’ that his evidence highlighted. The claimant had no idea what she was talking about, so she elaborated. ‘Having land taken under the public works act and not given back happened more to Maori than non-Maori, so that must prove racism’ she said. The claimant was not sure what he was supposed to do…‘Do you agree?’ she asked firmly.

“The claimant still seemed unsure but meekly agreed to the lawyer’s racism statement although I am not sure he really understood what he was agreeing to… considering it was never established that this claim had anything to do with the public works act…

“‘Do you have a vegetable garden now that you tend with your own children like your grandfather did with you?’ asked the Crown lawyer. ‘No’, he replied, ‘it would be nice but it is just easier to go to Pak n Save’. That was what it was really all about I thought because much of what they claimed to be lost, was not taken from them, it was given up by them. The Waitangi Tribunal process was just a place where loss had a home, loss of land, loss of independence, loss of ‘the good old days’ and somehow, all be it indirectly, blame the Crown and racist Pakehas for the losses they themselves had given up…

“My impressions were negative. There seemed little merit or logic in any of the claims, any supporting evidence was ill prepared, there was very little probing by the Crown lawyers into the gaping holes in the claimants’ evidence, the lawyers used each claimant to get some point across that was nothing to do with the claimant’s case but everything to do with the lawyers’ anti-Crown and anti-Pakeha agenda…

“The Waitangi Tribunal is … not a place where the merits of a case are thrashed out to their conclusion, it is a show with a script that appeared to me to be to take whatever claims were presented to it, no matter how illogical, and use them to further the rhetoric that Maori have lost a lot and that even that which they gave up freely was the Pakeha’s fault. Two days of hearings were enough for me, I drove home feeling that whether Maori or European, we were all being ripped off by the Waitangi Tribunal’s existence. I began with the impression that the Tribunal might be a questionable entity with a questionable purpose, I know now that it is.”

Professor Elizabeth Rata of Auckland University, who has long followed the attempts of tribal leaders to gain control of New Zealand’s public institutions, observed first-hand how the Waitangi Tribunal was ‘captured’ by the iwi elite and radicalised:

“The Tribunal played a crucial role in legitimating the material and political aspirations of the neotribal elite. The 1985 Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act that allowed claims to be backdated to 1840 established the Waitangi Tribunal as the main brokerage site between the emergent neotribal elite and the government. Political recognition and institutionalisation were extended throughout the 1990s to include the concept of a political equal ‘partnership’ between the tribes and the government.”

This radicalisation is evident in Tribunal decisions.

According to a  Ministry of Maori Development policy makers’ guide, in 1988, the Waitangi Tribunal stated, “on reading the Maori text [of the Treaty] we are satisfied that sovereignty was ceded.”

That view is, of course, consistent with Sir Apirana Ngata’s 1922 explanation of the Maori version of the Treaty where he says the first article “indicates a complete cession”: “This was the transfer by the Maori Chiefs to the Queen of England for ever of the Government of all their lands. What was the thing they transferred? What was the thing which they gave away so freely for ever? It was the Government of their lands.”

But by 2014, the Waitangi Tribunal’s report into the first stage of their WAI 1040 northern Maori inquiry, claimed Maori did not cede sovereignty after all: “We have concluded that in February 1840 the rangatira who signed te Tiriti did not cede their sovereignty. Rather, they agreed to share power and authority with the Governor. They agreed to a relationship: one in which they and Hobson were to be equal…”

Auckland University of Technology historian Professor Paul Moon was outraged: “This report distorts New Zealand history and seriously undermines the tribunal’s credibility. I was shocked by some of the statements contained in the report. This is not a concern about some trivial detail, but over the fundamental history of our country, which the tribunal has got manifestly wrong.”

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin, who gave evidence at a Waitangi Tribunal hearing, was scathing – and as an ‘insider’, his views are worth repeating:

“When my ancestor Hone Heke, signed the Treaty of Waitangi, he did so because he knew it was the only option in terms of having a relationship with the British Crown. But the tribunal is now telling us that all those chiefs saw the Declaration of Independence, which a few had signed in 1835, is the basis of their relationship with the British. That is a lie and is not what the tribunal was told by me…

“It may surprise many New Zealanders, but a growing number of Maori are fed up with the Waitangi Tribunal, and the entire Treaty gravy train. 

“The Tribunal makes up history as it goes along. Facts are omitted in Tribunal reports, and evidence is shaped in some cases to fit predetermined outcomes. The bias is so obvious, but most historians are too scared for their careers to question the tribunal’s findings.

“In the 1970s, many of us hoped that the Tribunal would be an organisation that would achieve reconciliation. It has turned out to be a body that is bringing in apartheid to New Zealand. 

“Treaty settlements make tribal corporations rich, along with the help of favourable tax status and often little or no rates to pay. So with these advantages, it’s pretty easy to become super profitable. But do you think the average Maori sees any benefit from this? None at all. 

“The tribunal is a bully. Go against it, and you will be labelled a racist or worse. 

“Let’s be clear. The Tribunal exists to make lawyers, and a few elite Maori very rich, and to give the impression that wrongs are being righted. We all know the Crown breached the Treaty in the nineteenth century.  But by the time of my parents’ generation, this was behind us as a people… until the Tribunal dragged it all up again.”

David Rankin believes the Waitangi Tribunal should have been shut down long ago.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, the former Judge Anthony Willy also believes the Tribunal should go:

“The Waitangi Tribunal has not only out lived any usefulness it may have once had but has become a focus for unending grievances real or imagined. Increasingly it drives a wedge between those currently claiming some Maori ethnicity and the overwhelming majority of the rest of the population. Not only is this an insult to the many New Zealanders having some Maori ethnicity who have made outstanding contributions to all sectors of our society and economy, it has become a gravy train for greedy tribalists claiming and receiving unearned rewards which must be provided by the rest of society, the taxpayers.

“In the interest of social cohesion, the Tribunal must be wound up. In doing so the document signed in 1840 can be relegated to history, and New Zealanders of all ethnicities can go back to working to return this country to what it once was – the envy of the world and not somewhere from which our young, and not so young are queuing up to leave.”

And that’s the point – unity in this country needs to be restored as a priority.

The division the Ardern-Hipkins Labour Government has created through the recklessness of unmandated power sharing arrangements with the iwi elite has not only damaged the social fabric of New Zealand, it has undermined democracy itself.

After the election, the new administration must not only abolish the Waitangi Tribunal – and remove all references to the Treaty from legislation, but also disestablish the Office of Maori-Crown Relations, which has become the chief purveyor of the dangerous separatism that is now infecting public and private institutions across New Zealand.

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And many of the results of its “judgments” reversed.Perce
The 2008 deadline for claims should have been enforced. It’s time to move on, as one people.Eliza
It is high time an end is put to the gravy train and the dividing of our nation and nation’s rightsDianne
Past its use by dateBeverley
It should have been abolished long agoMary
It is a travesty. It must go.John
Of course it should, along with the Treaty of Waitangi and Treaty grievance payouts.If all supposed grievances have not been satisfied,too bad. This grievance gravy train cannot be allowed to go on.Peter
Without any doubt and as soon as possible and no later than December 2024.Ian
past its usedby datebrian
Absolutely it needs to go just another tort.Suzanne
if it cant be fair to both parties then yes as it stands its only hearing maori claimschris
The tribunal is based on lies and should go.Gavin
should not have been created.Roz
The article says it all…far better than I could ever do!Adrian
Very good article from David Rankin. There is more separatism now than ever before, it needs to stopJennie
Preferably YESTERDAYPeter
It is biased and racist and its findings are not based on facts but preconceived ideasRay
It It is an ethnicist violator of all things New ZZealand.Russ
bloody hell yes waitangi tribunal is the most racist group there is.Barry
It was suitable to the times in history. But not for today.Joan
Definitely! For the sake of democracy in NZ.Andrew
Absolutely. It is well past its use by date.martin
Radical Maori will have to grow up and learn not to suck on the teat of public monies all their life. That does not show the wonderfulness of Maori who want to run the country against the wishes of the rest of us. Telling stories at the Waitangi Tribunal makes you greedy and infantile.Monica
There is no place for a self serving and corrupt organisation that seeks total control of our country and it’s resources on the basis of some perceived and wrongly constructed sense of entitlement and racial supremacy, that would lead to the destruction of our modern and hard won democracy where everyone is equal before the law as a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.Jim
It should have been long ago .You never hear anything about caniballism, one of the reasons why the treaty was signed .Terry
The Treaty is well passed its use by date … and should be abolished.!!!!!Ross
The greedy lawyers who have benefited from this rort must be exposed as well,Brian
The most racist organisation in NZBrian
Just in time for the election, visit https//stop cogovernance .kiwi please send to candidates in your voting electorate.David
It is being used to divide this country more than anything else could. All about power and moneyJohn
Why support liarsWarren
Past its use-by date by about 30 years.Philip
It creates apartheid and fuels racismPeter
It has become a political football and a gravy train for part-Maori elitesChristopher
Yes, absolutely. It is a cunningly contrived instrument for stealing money from taxpayers.bruce
Disestablishing the tribunal will in some measure begin the process of re-establishing race relations in this country. Any new government after October 14th will have it’s work cut out as the Iwi elite will not accept this willingly.Sue
100% Gravy TrainPaul
Absolutely 100% agree that the Tribunal needs to go!Dianne
Not the original te Tiriti signed by over 500 Chiefs , which is a direct translation from the Littlewood draft. Both had identical meanings and still do. All subsequent so called Treaty’s should be ripped up . They are ALL manipulations for purpose. The original Treaty is the ceding of sovereignty forever to Queen Victoria by the Tribal Chiefs in exchange for the designated protections and undertakings/ assurances with regard to rights of individual citizenship, in The Treaty . The Treaty was unquestionably the father of our democratic system and democracy . That evidence should never be destroyed. Maori are always on about honouring their ancestors, but it would appear that really only applies if convenient. What is the old expression? No honour among thieves?Hugh
Along with the Maori electorates and the rest of the separatist institutions and agencies of government.Gordon
If too difficult to abolish then just defund it and it will self implode.Ross
We must do this!Diane
YES abolish it there is no good reason to continue to refer to it In any wayBruce
Yes indeed. The sooner the better before violence erupts into a race war in this countryLyn
It is time go draw a line – stop looking back wallowing in perceived wrongs and only deal in the present. The Waitangi Tribunal must go.Graham
This division in NEW ZEALAND should not have started and has no place in NEW ZEALAND that I thought all races are equal. How has one woman the red witch stuffed NEW ZEALAND. Every one vote with your head or sell up while you can and leave NEW ZEALAND ASAP. How long before you will not own the land that your house is built on ?????????????????????????????????????Jeff
As soon as possiblePhilip
The Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished as it will assist in creating Maori apartheid in New Zealand.Donald
Extension upon extension to keep this racist entity in place. it is well past its use by date and does nothing but support a small minority of racist wants.Ken
It has become corrupted by greedy and corrupt politiciansJanet
The intent of the Waitangi Tribunal was to hear and address historic Maori grievances. This has been done therefore no need for this any longer.Gavin
It has a racist agenda.stewart
Its meaning has been hugely re writtenGary
The Tribunal is well past it’s use by date.Ronnie
well past its use by dateDave
and all ‘settlements’ rescinded and monies reclaimed, the Tribunal is an absolute farce and oversteps it’s boundaries far too often.David
YES, it’s way passed time and i agree with getting rid if everything else connected to it and get back to what the real treaty agreement was not something that has been made up since to suit the few, as i stated last week if you pay for it with hard cash $ with proof of purchase then you OWN it other wise you DON’T, you can not wait for hundreds of years and say i want it back, when you were not even here, WHAT THE HELL??. Some of us should go back to England and claim some castles and land back, you know what the hell would happen their don’t you, sort answer PISS OFF, and that’s what should of happened here, because look what has happened once you give something to someone and a large sum of cash with they will always keep coming back for more like spoilt little children and so it goes on and on and here we are.??????COLIN
And sooner the better.Mark
30 years agoFrank
Yes, Retired Judge Anthony Willy is correct in his summation. He should be co-opted to the next Government to oversea the TOW shutdown.Noel
It is no longer doing the job it was set up to do and has got out of control and destroying the great democratic country i grew up in. It must be abolished immediately.Marty
Actually it is long past the time to get rid of this nasty piece of influential rubbish. It should have been done 100 years ago. I see in the news today, the 26th, that the Auckland City Council is asking the question whether to introduce Maori Seats on their Council. This is in addition to the Maori seats already reserved for Maoris and the Maori Wards already adding to the over representation of non elected Maori members on the Council. We have already made our opposition to this damage to democracy quite clear in the move by Canterbury Regional Council. The Treaty has no place in today’s world. It is meaningless gibberish. It was written as a temporary list of ideas for the 1840s and is irrelevant to today’s science, electronics, communication and anything else in the modern world.CHRIS
not only the tribunal but the hori seats and all the lawyers charged with corruption/treason that have dealings with the WT that has caused such racial disharmony and put this once prosperous country on the slippery slope of bankruptcy and civil warRichard
Yes, absolutely. It is simply a gravy train for the tribal elite who are laughing up their sleeves at the simple minded non Maori Green and Labour supporters who back the continuance of this rort.David
Abolished and served with a Debit amount of many $millions to cover the cost of the Tribunal to date.Geoff
Time for the corruption to end.Neil
There is too much bigoted nonsense being purvayedMaggie
This Waitangi Tribunal is well overdue for closing down, as was promised in 2014 by John Key, but somehow the promise got shelved & the gravy train with these Tribunal members noses well & truly immersed in the trough along with the iwi elite who at present have the freedom to carve out whatever they want want for perpetuity….it must all be closed down & not before time….!Bruce
For the sake of our country!!Carol
It should never been established in the first placeChris
Yes. It’s been highjacked by activist’s and now is rotten to the coar.Garry
YES… It is more important to feature historical info, on our founding Document, The declaration of Independence, of 1835, and the FLAG!!David
It is now urgent the incoming Government abolish the WT. The Maori victim industry has made fools of New Zealanders for too long.Sam
Enough is enough. Time for it to be gone.Justin
It has been going on for far too long with no end insight and some of the recommendations to Government are NOT based on on credible evidence.Robert
Grievances held by those that were not present, at the time are just hear say. There is now valid reason that this tribunal should continue.Lorraine
Ngai Tahu worth $2b? does that mean that no child of Ngai Tahu heritage is hungry? under educated,?in less than the best health? If not, why not?. So many questions.Lynda
out lived its usefulness if it even had anyCraig
Absolutely YES ! What a state this beautiful country finds itself in all due to limp politicians over many years. The situation is now so grim that I CAN NOW SNIFF THE SWEET SCENT OF REVOLUTION— not bullets and blood but an end to lies and deception and a total clean out of the gravy train and some treason trials to boot ! Big changes are just around the corner.John
As long as the media do their job.. I don’t have freat faith that they will.Peter
It has outlived its usefulness.Colin
The TOW is pitting New Zealander against New Zealander – the epitome of Apartheid.Sheila
The Maori Land Court has passed it’s used by date.Denis
If the Goverment do not do this we will be payig out to Maroi for the next 1000 years, Maroi are not indidus to New Zeaand they here like Captian Cook.Vincent
I happen to be a Maori (on current definitions).Tony
I do not recognise the New Zealand I grew up in. Apartheid insidiously creeping in. The word “racist” flung at you should you dare question anything. We used to be able to discuss opposing ideas, respectfully. I’m shocked to the core by the hate towards Julian Batchelor who welcomes questions and should have the right to tell his story.Pauline
It is serving little use to New Zealand, only to Maori and supporting the division that is abhorrent at this present time. The future of NZ depends upon the abolition of the tribunalAndrew
Get rid of it. This whole Debacle is wrecking our country. Maori are not and never were indigenous.Chris
Yes most certianly, it should have gone years ago along with “The Maori Party” under our MMP system. This was said years ago when we engaged with the MMP system, but no one has has the guts to abolish either of them. The ACT party are the only ones with the guts and have good policies to sort it all out. But expect a huge backlash and civil unrest from the radicals.Brian
Its a racist document, how do they live with it?ron
yes yes yes Ban the F—-g thing. Along with tossing out moari seats and MMP.This to be done almost immediately, to be followed by sorting out hospitals to be there for all kiwis.Lets not forget the ballsup which our education system is thanks to our traitorous,treacherous tricky labour govt. The next one is the crime/gang problem. To start, pass a law which states that if you commit a crime you forego any rights automatically and immediately. If you are a gang member or an associate and are on home detention with a leg band the good news is the legband will be removed, the bad news is you will be going straight back to prison. If prisons reach saturation then we must build more basic but secure no frills prisons.These will be virtually bread and water style existance so inmates want to get out of there and into a slightly more humane life. The next stage will be a more civilised setup which may lead to a rehab course before release on probation. Play up at anytime and you are back to the bread and water level. There is a lot more to be done to right all the wrongs this racist government have introduced which will not be easy or quick but will show the general public and the world at large that the new NZ government are onto it and are serious about introducing common decency,respect for others,a proper work ethic and a safe community where every KIWI and Tourists can enjoy the great little country we have. ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE No Co-Governance !!!Brian
Most definitely, it is out of date and racists.Heather
It is lond past its use by date. Its members seem to be more interested in setting up an apartheiod system and that will not be any good for new ZealandDeek
Absolutely, the most damaging and divisive agent in NZ and should be abolished at the earliest.Noel
Racist and antidemocraticClaire
It has become a rort for te elite Maori and lawyers on their behalf It is the cornerstone of racial division that exists in today’s worldRobert
A retired maori Land Court judge once asked me what my opinion was regarding the treaty and NZ. This was over 20 years ago. I gave my opinion which he very kindly did not rubbish in any way at all. He told me I was on the right track but needed to bring my thoughts into the (then) 20th century. ‘Imagine if every tribe & sub-tribe became a limited company. The chiefs at the top could have a thousand shares each, the next level 500 shares each and so on downwards. If someone had 25% blood in one tribe than he/she could hold 25 shares in that tribe which would mean that it would be possible for one maori to hold shares in two, three or even 4 tribal companies. Every year there would be an audit, tax paid and a dividend to shareholders also. If the shareholders did not trust their elders to run the tribal company then they could vote to hire an outsider to do so. The charity status or maraes would be removed and that would enable the maoris to take their place in NZ alongside all the other taxpayers and companies.’ Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? Anyone who was selected to play for the maori All Blacks would have to show his share certificate. Shane Jones’ $100 million appropriation from the Provincial Development Fund (remember that?) would have had to been paid to a company with full accountability to the fed-up taxpayer. By the way, what happened to it? There has been total silence ever since the money disappeared into the darkness. Have any land issues been resolved? Has anyone asked?Gerard
Yes absolutely and immediately and the useless treaty should be cast into the weeds or maybe kept in a museum as an historical oddity. Both tribunal and treaty have outlived their usefulness by many decadesFlip
Yes must go the sooner the better it is encouraging more hatred and racismleo
There’s more than just divisiveness at stake here. The Tribunal is just one factor insulting Maori people by making victims out of once justly proud people. Use of pidgin English is another insult that pretends Maori can’t manage p[roper English words.Ian
The gravy train has gone on for too long and the money given does not help the average Maori.Doug
And all judgements reversed and tribes to pay back all money given.Evan
The Waitangi Tribunal is corruptGavin
Bury the fkng thing – deep.Mark
We must stop this racist gravy train.Errol
Out dated .jacqueline
It has outlived its value and usefulness.Brian
The ToW is out of date and no longer fit for a democracy like New Zealand. Which version do we get to hear about this week? Just get rid of it and remove all references from legislation.Elizabeth
Well overdue..it is no longer validdarelle
As soon as possible.Geoff
The sooner the better. Then Maori activists can then become NZers like the rest of us. No sense in excluding themselves.Ian
It has become radicalisedGerry
It is racist and damaging to the democracy of the country.Barbara
no longer fit for purposejohn
Mis information and a desire to get wealth from a few elite Maori’s have led to a separated national identity for the future of our nationStu
Yes, in that it is a document once revered and now radicalised. No, in that it should go into a museum displaying all that is bizarre – like tooth-fairies.Jenny
My part Maori partner of 60 years and she maintains the Treaty is only there to serve Maori fat cats.Ralph
The Maoris cry all the time about what was taken from them. boohoo They never seem to acknowledge what was given to them!!!. Roads, education, healthcare infrastructure etc. If government was to deduct even a quarter of theses costs from settlements there would be no kitty for fat cats who do not share. Continuing to accept Treaty of Waitangi greivances perpetuates racial division. Time for Maori leaders to stop wingeing and NZ governments to to take a leadership role in uniting the countryPeter K
If not now-whenEdward
Time to move on and unite as NZersYanna
Yes, is is governed by insane people with wicked hearts.Leon
It is making poor decisions that do not help NZ move forward as we should as a nation.Neil
Was going to be wound up years ago! Should happen a.s.a.p.Kevin
New Zealand needs to formulate its NZ world view for the future……the treaty is the past.Ann
Long passed its use-by date. The Tribunal has been high-jacked by racists.Rodger
The Tribunal is failing on all fronts to meet its obligations and should be abolished.Kevin
We must save our country from apartheid , state theft , tribalism , and eventual civil war .William
Waitangi tribunal equates to corruptionBruce
If we don’t, anarchy may(will) developbob
Just a gravy train for a few part-maorisSandra
Along with Maori seats, on any board, council, of government body. People of Maori descent are more than capable of standing on their own merits.Lionel
The new interpretations are so self seeking out dated and dishonest so fuel discord along ethnic grounds. Time to call an end to this racial farce.Kay
It has become and racist, totally biased. Totally unfit for purpose.Doug
The Abolishion of the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal is the essential first step to the recovery of Democracy uniformly applied across the nation. The Tribunal Report of 2014 is sufficiently and fundamentally flawed as to fully and irrevocably require this action of abolishion. That there will be disruption is to be expected, but the true forum for genuine claims are the District Courts or for the Minister of Justice to table a Petition of redress before open Parliament. In addition to the noted failings of the Tribunal, there is the fundamental principle of no penalty without representation and the representation of the crown is particularly weak in representing the rights of the current Taxpayer and Citizen body. We need to ditch this outmoded system that has deteriorated into a farce as a prelude to ditching segregated seats likewise a farce and lift up all ethnic matters onto the same plane of jurisdiction namely one person one vote and all persons having the same standing in law. Nothing less is in accord with the intent of The Treaty and the Integrity of New Zealand.Richard
Well overdue – I can’t believe how much division is in this country & its only going to get worse thanks to Labour. Lets gid rid of them!Karen
Two into one won’t go!Kevan
Hipkins is for a Republic. The treaty was between the crown and maori. If there is a republic and the crown thereby rejected, obviously the treaty is no longer relevent.rod
It has outlived its desired reason for being set up.Peter
Removed immediately. As per Robin Grieve article ( please read ) it’s a sham. Needs to be investigated but whom could we get to to do impartially? . Definitely no one nominated from the Labour party. Maybe ex judge Anthony Willy assisted by Robin Grieve.Kevin
The Treaty was signed by the Maori in 1840,it should have been left there. You can’t sell a car and then go back years later and say you want more money for it. Get rid of the Treaty.Anne
Should have been abolished years agoMike
YES!! Abso-bloody-lutely!! It has existed long past its due date and creates more political ferment than it cures.Tony
It is outdated and twists the words of the Treaty of Waitangi. Any person questioning is immediately called racist to shut them down.Jacqui
The Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished as soon as possible – and certainly within the first year of government.Paloma
The Tribunal is biased and dangerous and should be aboliished asapantony
I won’t hold my breath for Luxon or Seymour to do anything about it, they haven’t got the guts.Rod
The Tribunal appears to have grown its own legs and reinvented our history.John
The Maori seats are no longer needed now that there is a Maori party. Abolish the Maori seats and Maori rollPamela
Yes get rid of it as soon as possible. Let us get back to being a United Nation working togetherLaurel
Not a court – but acting as such.mary
It only serves to increase feelings of racial division in our country.Hugh
It is obsolescent and fails to carry out its original purpose. It has clearly been dominated by Maori interests and has consequently led to division of our major cultures, rather than settling historic differences.Robert
Hell yes. Should have been done long ago. Just a gravy train for lawyers to exploit and twist. Should be called a kangaroo court. Completely biased for claimants.Peter
Abolish the Waitangi Tribunal. It’s a rort. Also the Maori seats. They clearly should have been abolished as recommended when MMP was introduced. Remove all references to the Treaty of Waitangi from our legislation. Legislation should be colour blind. We’re all equal under the law. Tax the Maori corporations. If the corporations aren’t going to share their profits with their people, social welfare might be able to do a better job of getting that tax to where it’s needed.Wendy
It was wrong to set it up in the first place, its only a river flow of money for the Maori’sDon
Claims have become farcicalRex
It has been a farce from the beginning, and should be stopped dead in its tracks. It is also time for the Maori elite to be taxed as the rest of us are, they should also be forced to back pay all the rates they have skipped out on.Lorna
Absolutely – It is deceptive – it is very divisive – It is rooted in power and greed – After all just why did Hone Heke bring back muskets – he should never have.Maurice
Long overduePeter
yes yes yes wind it up nowwwwwnev kathy
It is solely an instrument for radical New Zealanders and should not be funded by the vast majority of New Zealanders who gai nothing from it.Graham
Long overdueAlister
it has nothing to do with the TreatyTony
YES, absolutely! They have drained the coffers dry for years and it MUST STOP! GET RID OF IT….NOW.Heather
Absolutely! It long ago lost its credibility as a fair and unbiased adjudicator and has now become a politicised and ideological entity determined to divide and rule this country.John
There can be no accurate knowledge of what happened in the past so let’s get on with the future, everyone equal and having the s opportunities that come through personal effortfred
The best time is perhaps yesterday!Colin
It should have never been set up in the first placeGraeme
It is the most divisive organisation in New Zealand and has been responsible for the loss of the Chatham Islands by Moriori amongst others. It must be ended before we become a full apartheid nation.Leslie
Should have been years ago. The Treaty should be locked in the cabinet and throw the key away. How can you have a democratic decision when all the Tribunal are Maori.Colin
For a peaceful and just future this must happenBryan
It most certainly should be abolished and buried for ever so that this country can build a united Nation because it will not happen otherwiseRobert
Should have been abolished years agoGraeme
But every board, , arts, education fiscal etc to which government appoints members has to be reviewed and changed once the government changes. Legislative changes are terrible but these too have extreme impact on how and where money is spent and who decides the direction of the board and underlying organisation.ann
It is divisive and totally unnecessary; never should have been formed.Graeme
Maori elite say they are a proud people well proud people support themselves instead of ripping off the taxpayers of this country.Allan
and soonPam
Absolutely !!!!! There are only Maoris on it and it’s another rort we pay for.Alan
It is just for money grabbing eliteRon
It seems outdatedDebbie
Well overtime!Ido
Absolutely it’s way passed its use by date we are all supposed to be equalPeter
This government has mandated Maori as victims and these laws and mandates and separatism portray Maori as inferior. Stop it now!Tim
It has all the characteristics of a scam.Chris
Of course it should be abolished, it was never ratified and is being used as a gravy train by corporate iwi to suit their agenda.peter
Yes, and also the Treaty, which is long past its use by date.Trevor
Racial division – apartheid, in effect- should be THE overriding concern for voters this electionRob
Absolutely. Need to put a stop to the gravy train.Graham
The Tribunal has long outlived its purpose and being fraudulently used to access money and land/rights which is theft from New Zealanders who presently work to live, buy Farms property and pay taxes for the benefit of all. This is a horrendous dysfunctional toxic dangerous and decisive scam supported and fed by the Ardern Hipkins GovernmentMaree
Enough is enoughTerry
The Waitangi Tribunal should never have been, it seeks restidution of lands just for sake of a few Maori getting rich where the majority of Maori still do not gain any benefit. It also enhanses racial tensions within the whole of NZ.Roy
Long overdue. Our politicians have allowed the debacle of the Tribunal to go on for to long. It was evident 20years ago that it s processes and deliberations were biased. Providing only a Maori centric version of our history.Wayne
Its a shocking tax on ALL non-Maori taxpayersPeter
Absolutely, needs to be abolished pronto.Ann
It’s is no longer useful I righting unfairness now serves a platform for radical Maori elites and lawyers to make money. All based on a lie that there was a partnership between Maori and the governor. There wasn’tRosemary
For reasons as. already explained in this newsletterSimon
If it’s not abolished, our democracy will be demolished by racial separatists.Helen
This should have been abolished during the term of the last National Government. They, incl. J Key, have not shown any gumption or spineRoger
It is so deliberately biased that it is vital now that a stand is made to totally eliminate its undemocratic influence before it further erodes fairness as NZ sinks into total insignificanceMike
This is a absolute must for the new incoming Government. A large percentage of the population will be looking over their shoulder to see it is doneGary
It was supposed to be abolished many years ago, but unfortunately, successive governments do not have the back bone to do what is right for the country, but rather protect their baubles of office.fred
Weak Governments have allowed it to survive for the sake of gaining Maori support, but it is time to bring the gravy train to an end.Ted
Used to introduce a variety of Assets that Maori now have rights to-which was never envisaged in 1840Bryan
Fed up with all he rubbish.beryl
It’s purpose has long since disappeared. It is now an organisation looking for a business. (to paraphrase Shane of the north).Rob
Like the Treaty of Versailles it is completely out of date. New Zealand is multicultural country & there is no need to have one race more important than the rest of us.Peter
Asking this tribunal for an unbiased contribution is like asking your mother in law to criticise your wifeRon
One law for all. No racial division.John
Yes but it will not happen. The country is STUFFED. No political party has the guts to suggest it let alone do it. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND!Bruce
Too darn right, it has outlived its usefulness (if it ever had any).Fraser
Abolish the tribunal – remove all racial statements from legislation.Clive
You might add the Historic Places Trust to your Maori elite run boards. Ask Julian Batchelor how that iwi works.Rosalind
It seems to be a dangerous tool for separatism/racismDouwe
Time we were all treated equally and not have never ending bludging off the taxpayer by a privileged groupLaurie
100% yes it must be abolished. It is racist and undemocratic !Andrew
If they don’t abolish it we are going to have problems forever.Jim
Should not continue and hopeful change of government will do it.Noeline
Should have been abolished decades ago.Kath
It only ever advantaged a few and is no longer fit for purpose. Ratepayers of NZ deserve this farce to be scrapped.Hugh
The racial divisions in New Zealand, YES, The land of my birth 79 years ago are beyond sad, not the New Zealand I grew up in. The so called Maori Elite now show a resemblance to the Mafia, Don’t mess with us. Yes it’s time for some brave politicians to say Enough, and that’s the only way we will become New Zealanders together again and look forward and not live in the past.Colleen
It is an outdated and utterly corrupt outfit with only one goal, and that goal has precious little to do with right and wrong, be it either historical or contemporary. Needs to be swept into the gutter and replaced by something practical, fair, and democratic.Logan
One people one nationClive
It should be abolished without hesitation regardless of who complainsTom
Its become a fountain of division and lies.Shane
It is long past its use by date. Get rid of it.FrankB
The bias, lies and apartheid have to stop. The Treaty is long past its use by date.Mark
yes and never to see the light of day again,what a load of part maori junk it is.james
Absolutely and without hesitation – it is a national problem and even scandal that it is still in place.russell
In the interest of social cohesion, the Tribunal must be wound up. In doing so the document signed in 1840 can be relegated to history, and New Zealanders of all ethnicities can go back to working to return this country to what it once was – the envy of the world and not somewhere from which our young, and not so young are queuing up to leave. And that’s the point – unity in this country needs to be restored as a priority.Derrick
It must be abolished right now. Times up. It has served its purpose.John
The Waitangi tribunal has long passed its use by date. In fact it should never have have existed.Hugh
Governments of thee day, no matter which colour, just cannot bring themselves to abolish this body out of fear of being labelled “racist”.Barrie
This nonsense has got to stop before NZ is torn asunder by the greed and the envy of few Maori who seem to think they have the right to take what they want and throw away what they don’t.T
It has eroded our democracy and caused apartheid in NZ. Let’s return NZ to what it was, a wonderful country for everyone regardless of race or creed.Diana
Abolish the Waitangi Tribunal and all reference to Maori in legislation. Return all naming of government departments back to English so we know what they are talking about. Stop indoctrinating school children with the Maori version of history, and pushing Maori culture and language.Carole
It should never have been put established in the first place. It’s as stupid as myself lodging a complaint against the Vikings 1000 years ago. Maori are darned lucky the English arrived shortly after some maori drifted here by accident and have given them every opportunity to become civilized. Many have, but too many are far from it. Throw all Maori claims out, shut down the tribunal. Maori are creating their own downfall with their total greed at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.Des
And the sooner the better for all/NZ citizens, time to get away from the racist nation that maori are intent on creatingJohn
Like the Maori seats they are past their best buy date and need to expiretony
Should have happened 20 years agoEvan
Had its day by a huge measurePeter
The original purpose and aim of the treaty has been, hijacked by an elite Maori group created and sanctioned by former prime mister Ardern to promote tribal rule. To continue down this undemocratic path Ii believe will lead to civil unrest at the very least.Allan
This is long overdue. They are promoting apartheid.Bruce
If we want unity to be restored we need to get rid of the Waitangi Tribunal.Annette
One Nation .. One peoplekabe
I have believed this for quite a number of years, and it is now critical that it is abolished.RUSSELL
past use by datenoel
Time the “Full & Final Settlements” meant somethingMaurice
It’s serving no useful purpose now. It is just dividing all New Zealanders and giving some a reason for resentment that has no place in 2023alan
Absolutely and the sooner the better. All Parties must commit to getting rid of it. It has long exceeded its original remit and is making things up as it goes along. We should all be New Zealanders and race should not come into it. Genuine settlements were completed long long ago. Anything today is an invention.Helen
Yes absolutely it is the wreaking ball of our nation, we will never heal as a nations long as there is any race based politics remaining.NIGEL
Disband it, now!Peter
It has become a big con and out is an out dated agreement whatever and the descendants are so diluted by inter breeding it surely must be invalidCOLLEEN
It is totally set up to deliver a Maori gravy train to the detriment of all other New Zealanders and far from being impartial and objective the appointed members are invariably and obviously pro-Maori . The ability to give evidence verbally only and in Maori also lends itself majorly to abuse. In short it is crooked. It is long past its due date and should be wound up and dismantled immediately.Hugh
It is only feeding (money) to a very few greedy Lawlers and Maori elite.Carl
Well past its use by date.Ian
Yes It is well past its use by date and has become far more political than ever intendedRobin
It is the core of Maori victom hood. No one has ever prospered by being a victom. We should instead promote prosperity and sharing.John
It is outdated in purpose and has become an instigator of racism driven by Maori who enjoy the privileges afforded then as members of the Tribunal.John
I’m just sick of their posturing, lies, and racism against the rest of society, It’s time this whole charade was dead and buried. Ardern and hipkins have all but destroyed this country, playing to traitors on the world stage. They and the treaty have got to be consigned to the rubbish.Merryl
Should have happened last century!DICK
The facts/truth is overwhelmingTony
It should never have been formed in the first place. Contracts based on lies have no legal status.George
So should Maori seats. They were supposed to be abolished when MMP was introduced.Nick
It may of had its use early on, however once Maori tribal elitists got into the act they pulled out the racist card and sucked in the Labour Governmen.tDennis
The country is in trouble when the racists are able to label dissenting viewpoints as racist.Ross
All Treaties are of their time and circumstance. The Treaty is of a past era not today. Time to move on. As Hobson said We are now one people.Grant
If as a country we are to advance we need to all be treated equally. We are becoming more and more divided by this racism practiced by elite Maori. I fear for the generations to come whatever is their ethnicity.Sue
all NZers have had a huge guts full of Treaty and it must be abolished for the benefit of all NZersgraeme
For all the reasons listed above !!norman
Otdated, true pupose usurpedTrevor
It is the most divisive document in the history of New Zealand and the basis for most perceived “racial” disagreementAloan
Needs to be abolished immediately.Doug
Along with all Maori seatsthomas
Let’s look forward with unity and get rid of this fabricated rubbish that has been thrown at us by some elitists who are the only ones to profit from itAngela
Yes, abolish it. There may be some backlash from Maori activists which we should be prepared for…Pamela
They make up rules as they go …to suit themselves and their warped ideas … Its a farce.Donald
Along with the other officesRoger
It is outdated , racist, and highly deviousPeter
It’s just a lot of nonsense altered three times to please one side who believe they can repeatedly drain every last cent from it unlawfully..Laurie
Even back in 1663, Oliver Cromwell foresaw this and said, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”Vernon
It has outlived its usefulness and has been hijacked by radicals to the detriment of New Zealandray
No longer relevant. Unnecessarily dividing NZ. Biggest deterrent to unity in NZ Maori have had their settlements. The treaty so far should definitely be finiteDavid
Oh praise the LOrd – maybe there is a God. Finally comon sense may prevailMike
It has done its dash and it is just dividing a country where all used to get along.Jill
The influence of the 17% of Maori in NZ is become unbearable. Particularly for a bunch of ex Hawaiians. The Treaty no longer should have any influence on NZ as a whole!Davif
Absolutely, it should have been abolished years ago when the travesty that it is was first revealed.Ailsa
it is way way way past it’s use by date –the distortion of its intention and the work it did in the first few decades of the forming of our nation has long pastMike
Absolutely. But does any political party have the guts to voice this and do this? This is not racism, but an urgent need, and return. to democracy, Or face the consequences in the future.Vic
No Maoris leftchris
If we carry on the racist path to apartheid our country of NEW ZEALAND will be forever destroyed, we will become an impoverished country living under the rule of racist minority dictators. Hard to believe but not far away at all. Far too many people are asleep and dont want to wake up.Alan
The Treaty basically gave every person living in NZ to have identical representation and we are all equal. There should be no racism in NZ but the Wiatangi Tribunil is the leader in racism and tries to blame it on the rest of us while Maori elites grab the money and ignore their own people.Garry
I would love to comment but would that make me a racist wouldn’t it.Trevor
The Waitangi Tribunal is well past it’s use by date, it should have been closed down years agoRex
Should have been done a long time ago!Brenda
Without delay! This is a gravy train that has been operating for far too long.Marg
And, I wish media would stop referring to the pot stirrers as Maori ‘elites’. They are greedy, opportunistic thugs holding the country and it’s peoples to ransom. I’d call them looters.Grant
Pointless fabrications about the past that have Maori taking no responsibility for their actions in events past. Further very few Maori seem to benefit from the settlements.Robert
We must get Winston back in Parliament. He will not work with Labour but is able to keep the other ‘bastards honest.’ We need him -without him we may as well leave NZ for good; to the self- aggrandizing iwi who are trying to kill democracy here. So much for their much-vaunted guardianship – take a look at Lake Waikaremoana, previously a superb Great Walk; now a disaster.Pauline
It is a racist organisation and should be abolished immediately.Shaun
The Waitangi Tribrunal should have been abolished years ago. It is a gravey train for the Maori elite. and is tearing the country apart.Frank
It may be a bitter struggle, but must be done for the sake, of New Zealand and its many citizens.Helen
It should never, ever, have been thought of, worse… instituted to begin with! Away with it and all who sails in it! Nonsense in this scientific fact based world of forward progression adopting policy based on verbal hand-me-down mumbo-jumbo!GeeBee
Absolutely! I’m sick and tired of the endless promulgation of Maori as victims of colonialist oppression by leftist Marxist government and race-baiting Maori Tribalists. Nothing could be further from the truth and to shut down any dialogue, the cries of ‘racism’ are instantly forthcoming whenever any debate is entered into. For NZ to survive as a nation, the treaty and any references to it must be expunged from all government documents. It’s time for us all to move on and consign this travesty to the dustbin of history.John
Time for real justice based on the TRUTH AND LOVE OF ONE ANOTHER.Terence
Shut it down straight away and lets see if National have the guts to do just that.ken
It’s a gravy train, that does not address the issues it was mean’t to serveStuart
I have seen several accounts of the sham hearings soley to provide more cash for the gravy trainStanley
As fast as possible this should be dumped alongwith so much more that has contributed to the dire situation NZ is in today.Judy
Racism is the predominant outcome of the Tribunal in defiance of true historyBennie
Lets just all have equal rights regardless of race. We sure dont have that nowMichael
Absolutely !Craig
It must be abolished, fullstop!valerie
It has been hijackedLes
This is 2023 not 1840 it has no signifiicance to this country anymore. It is just a money grabbing scheme for Maori.Graham
Done its job, time to wind it up. I look forward to voting for the political party that adopts this in their policyBarras
Very definitely 110%. All references to Maori in legislation should be deleted. They should be the same as everyone elseGareth
It is an abomination, a Frankensteinian monster that quickly got out of control and needs to be put down for the sake of the country.John
They are not under the jurisdiction of the Courts. They are a not a Law Court, and it appears their only cause or existence is ‘to get as much as they can, whether based on true fact or not’. This is able abetted by the Government by giving $300K to Maori Claimants, and charging the rest of NZ to defend their Claims. If that’s not Racist then how do you explain it ?Robyn
Nearly 50 years old and still going strong. That’s not fixing past wrongs, that’s a rort!John
It has no relevance in society todayHarvey
It serves no purpose other than creating trouble for the normal people of of NZ.Pierre
Apartheid has no place in NZ but there is a need for a Land court in NZ to ensure fairness applies and that also includes GovernmentDavid
It must go so that we can move forward as New Zealanders and be proud of our reinstated democracyPaul
Absolutely. This should have been with the last National Govt under John Keys.John
And the Maori seats should go as wellMichael
It supports the overthrow of democracy and free speech in NW ZEALAND. In other words it promotes a totalitarian Tribal form of governanceraleigh
In the way it is interpreted today twisted completely in their favour and allowed by government appointees, it should certainly be abolished.Eric
As long as The Waitangi Tribunal is there the gate for claims will be there, ok some are genuine. However like the Treaty open to be continuous manipulation.Owen
YES. 100%Ian
imperative if we want this country to survive. Do a leader with guts? haveGay
many years agoColin
It should have been abolished years ago. New Zealand is rapidly becoming an Apartheid country because of it.david
To do so though will need Statesmanship not seen for many years!Trevor
It has become a weapon to use against the majority of New Zealanders. It is totally biased and ignores the clearly proven facts.Duncan
Well past its use by date.colin
The Waitangi Tribunal has become an evil institution, dividing New Zealanders by race, and destroying democracy.Glyn
Absolutely. It’s dividing our country and it’s damaging our relationships within our commmunitiesGillian
Should of happened long agoRoy
It has vacated its mandateTony
It has become a vehicle of greed and division rather than one of resolutionDavid
This is a ridiculous and racist gravy train that should have stopped years ago.I wonder who pays the salaries to the Tribunal ?Russ
The beneficeries, many hypocritically rail against the ‘colonials’ when they blindly ignore the fact that they carry far more colonial DNA than Maori DNA, and thus not appreciating the fact that none of them would be alive today without their colonial DNA.Bruce
Maybe suspended, then abolished after past ‘findings’ of the tribunal are investigated for truth and accuracy. Such that ridiculous claims such as “because Maori used starlight to navigate the Pacific, the radio spectrum should be divided such that a generous portion can be used by Maori by right at no cost” can be exposed publicly.Bruce
It has become just another piece in the NZ Apartheid puzzle. Time to go along with Apartheid in NZ.Geoff
in 2008 the Sections in the Crimes Act concerning sedition were repealed with very flimsy reasons given. Why? What is afoot now with the co-governance driving a racially divisive peoples, was xpressly statutely forbidden. In fact, the current bullying driving Maori wonderfulness borders on Treason.murray
Well past it’s use by date – like many other treaties.Patricia
Treaty should have been burnt years ago al it does now is cause division it is long past its use by dateRussell
It is a biased lop sided pig trough.Bill
Long overdue, It should never have been allowed to exist for so long and is totally Racist. in that it only hears “evidence ” from one party.Don
It is obvious that this has been the organisation that has enabled the countries sad divisiveness. I want our country to return to being like the country I grew up in. We had Maori classmates and we were all great together. We didnt take any notice of our friends ethnicity. Bring back the New Zealand we once had
It is vital that this racist organisation be scrapped. Labour instigated this nonsense under Norman Kirk, and Jacinda Ardern widened it significantly and without any public mandate. There needs to be a commitment from opposition parties to abolishing the tribunal, the Office for Crown-maori relations and other racist government groups and removing all references to the treaty. National under Luxon is silent and even ACT and NZF are relatively muted. The maori seats need to go, along with the other racist positions this administration has imposed, such as maori seats on local government.Gavin
Outlived its usefulness.William
Yes – it has been hijacked and totally corrupted by greedy elitists. Like the Maori seats in Parliament it is long past its use-by date and needs to be legislated out of existence. This will, however, require a strong Government with sufficient resolve to bring this about, which is sadly lacking at present. We have the opportunity to bring about many changes, which are long overdue, in this coming Election – it is crucial that we do, otherwise we may never recover from the damage that will ensue if we do not.Scott
New Zealand must catch up with the rest of the world and abolish all references to race and ensure that everyone has equal opportunity.That%u2019s what democracy means.Steve
Should have been long agoBeverley
Absolutely, also all Maori department names given first in English, which is the primary language of NZ. I’m getting so fed up with introductions to programmes in the media not being in English. I haven’t got a clue what is being said. Another example of pandering to the tribal elite and the skewed ToR.Laura
It has become a gravy train for Maori elite. Needs to be dumped asap.Rosemary
Waitangi Tribunal must be abolished within 100 days of the 14 October 2023.Chris
Yes, definitely needs to go.Karla
Long overdue!Mark
Vastly overdue – never a constructive groupEdgar W.
It only helps the Elitist get more of our money.Phillip
It should have been abolished long ago.It is dividing us as a nation and is only for the benefit of a few There are no live Maoris in NZ only decendantsArthur
not neededGrahame
It is the only way forward from the current situation where democracy is being dismatantled piece by piece.Gerald
It has served its purpose and retaining it now will just add to the growing antagonism between NZ’ers.Earl
Its just a gravy train that will continue for Maoris, that believe they are a victim of the colonials … these people need to take responsibility for their own actionsFiona
Most definitelyJ J
Should never have been started, another ridiculous Lange scheme that should be dead and buried.Don
Most definitely. It is well past its “use by” date and is now being used to not only fleece the country, but to enable a complete moari take over to lead us back into tribalism.Michele
so should the maori seatspeter
Yes, but not by the Labour government. With the abolition of the Treaty a Constitution may well replace it . There lies danger with part Maori activists busy trying to shape an unequal constitution when any new Constitution must look at all New Zealanders as equal and one people.Robbie
Abolished and the Members, charged with Treason. They also need to seek urgent psychiatric help for the many pathological lies they’ve constructed over the Years and STOP smoking that ‘Electric Puha’ !!Geoff
Parliament must amend legislation to ensure that the Tribunal acts in an advisory capacity only. ( as per its mandate)John
It has become a source of division and an endless gravy trainStewart
It has been exploited, denigrated and abused by the people it professes to represent.Bob
I’ve read The treaty of Waitangi as produced by Sir Apirana Ngata, in which he states quite clearly that maori did indeed cede soveriengnty to the crown,so , on the basis that some maori are attempting to rort the system that was supposed to enable them, and have done so for quite some time now, I believe the waitangi tribunal should be abolished and replaced by a constitution which includes our bill of rights, which covers every New Zealander equally, giving no one special preferenceTrevor
The waitangi tribunal is an offensisve racist construct. A kangaroo court of greedy racists with snouts deep in the public trough. Should be gone by lunch time.Richard
Just trouble, and bludgers, As soon as they don’t get what they want they pull the racist cardPaul
Let’s move forward, not dwell forever in the past.Piet
Absolutely it encourages racism and apartheidIhaia
A lot of crapAllan
Some maoris are not prepared to honor the original treaty agreed to by their ancestors, it’s no more than a gravy train for those with a smidgen of maori blood their dna tests would show that they are predomanly of other ethnicitys including european ,nz will never function while the dead document exists,,dump it outright,and we can all be newzealanders again,that support each other, anyone wanting to continue this bullshit is our enemy and many of us will treat them that way,if its not resolved it will lead to civil war and the desenters are grossly outnumberd, they ride a dead horse at thier own peril, the idiots,,,it should be a priority for any new govt to rid our country of this divisive irrelevant crap documentTony
100 percent. It is a totally racist load of codswallop.Ken
Sooner the betterErrol
the treaty has been re interrupted and worded differently so many times and it it is glaringly obvious that the Maori elites have and will continue to benefit benefit and no trickle down for everyday maori. the racists narratives have come from Maori mostly and New Zealand today thru vitriol and negativity encouraged by this present govt is now showing like a pus filled wound wanting desparetly to heal but keeps remaining infected.angela
abolish all other entities as well that do not give equal rights to everyone.Chris
Why arent we seeing articles like Dangerous influence in mainstream media?Dennis
long overdueGraeme
Biased, racist organisation that works against the interests of New ZealandTom
This tribunal has used devious interpretations to create division by race. yet if we speak out against this we are labelled racist.Anthony
Definitely it should never been considered in the first placejohn.
By LunchtimeDave
Long overdue.Helen
Absolutely yes. The untruths and made up stories are appalling. It’s just a gravy train for radical Maori costing tax payers billions. Worse maori corporate don’t pay tax. Made up charities is also apalling.Allan
None of my Maori friends feel that it has a useful purpose , it merely gives radicals a voicePeter
emphatically, YES!Dennis
Way overdue ! So much damage has been done to our society, it will take a long time to repair and recover.B
Long outlived any pretence of basing decisions on objective historical fact.Only constant is whatever is given will never be enough.Bernie
It was Maori biased from the git-go, as was He Puapua committee. Stop this separest movement now.Geoff
I will vote for any party that supports the abolition of the Waitangi TribunalRoy
Absolutely! The Tribunal and the Office of Maori-Crown Relations are dividing this country on the basis of race, and are using new “interpretations” of the Treaty to do so. It’s true that the Maori corporations with their tax-exempt status are becoming “filthy-rich” and that their people are hardly benefitting from this immense wealth. The Tribunal must be shut down! Will any future government be brave enough to do this? I’m not holding my breath!Laurence
Immediately! It has done incredible harm to our country in many ways.Roger
It realy serves no usefull purpose, As Maori seem to keep wanting to change the Meaning of it. It ws the Tribes that wanted the Treaty to stop the Fighting Between themselves. and become part of the British Empire.Richard
Its been nothing but a gravy train for greedy, deceitful people.Jane
The Treaty has done it’s job. It is now being used by elitist Maori and the tribunal as a weapon of division & greed. Time for this historical document to be filed in the realms of history, the books to be closed on it, and for NZ to move forward as one people and one nation.Christine
There is no place in our country for this tribunal now. We have had enough of the want for money and the damage they are doing. Helen
As a matter of primary importance this disgrace needs to be ended.Mark
Long overdue……clive
The tribunal is nothing more than a front for the fraud that is now the re-interpreted Treaty of Waiting. Absolute corruption of the highest order.Peter
Yes,absolutely,and incinerated,along with Maori seats and all race based legislation,5 waters and cogovernment,the terms pakeha and maori.gale
It should never have been established in the first place. We have already established courts, who can adjudicate on any matters legal!Bob
YES…. definitelyDeb
We must delete power base of elite iwi.Karen
Behind the scenes unreported constant reinvention of perceived injustices must be sorted once and for allStan
What else that was relevant in 1840 is relevant tin 2023? Time to drain the swamp and move on.robin
It serves no purpose for the good of New Zealand and is totally biased in it’s decisionsTony
It should be terminated because it is a racist organization and non-Maori cannot make claims for the hundreds of breaches of the Treaty by Maori.Pamand Roger
Well passed it’s use by date, only propped up by the greedy snouts that benefit from it.Vic
It has more than done its job. Just a gravy train now!John
I would have thought anyone with any common sence in Govt would have done this already as it is one of the things pulling our lovely country apart and why so many families are split.Barbara
Long overdue!!!!Bruce
If it had been abolished years ago we would not be in the dreadful mess that our country is in today.Bruce
what happened to the Helen Clark’s time limitation on claims?john
Absolutely imperative that the Waitangi Tribunal be got rid of !Donald
It should never have been established. It has been a major crutch for disgruntled maori to lean on and a huge tool to wield to achieve significant unsubstantiated claims according to their own interpretation of the writings of the Treaty of Waitangi. The agreement between maori and crown is not being honoured through this process and “settlements” are being enacted multiple times as full and final. It must be stopped and in truth there should be reinstatement of the claims back from maori to the crown from whom they were taken in contravention of the lawful interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi. Abolish the Waitangi tribunal and legislate that the matter is full and final and such an office will never be permitted againterrence
Yes it should be abolished as soon as possible as it is having a detrimental effect on our society. Kate
Absolutely and immediatelyDavid
…and should have been a long time ago.Ray
Under this regime, NZ is on the same path as Nazi Germany & Zimbabwe. The Tribunal must go!Des
Yes I do it is one of the most dangerous organizations in NZ and is further driving a wedge between us in NZeric
The time of genuine grievances has long passed and I have yet to meet an ordinary maori acquaintance that has benefitted in any way from a settlement.John
Absolutely. It is totally racist, has manipulated the truth and is perpetuating the big lie that the Treaty was a “partnership” between the Crown and Maori. It is a gravy train for the radical maoris who are attempting to turn NZ into an apartheid state.Kerry
It should never have been put in established.Ian
As with the Maori Electorate seats as recommended under MMPPeter
The sooner the betterAnn
Most definitely! The sooner the better!Michael
as well as the 7 Maori seats, or should I say part- MaoriBev
There are that many variation of the treaty that they can make it mean whatever they want, and there are to many lawyers being very dishonest like their clients, it should be scrapped.Colin
It has served NO constructive purpose(s) for New Zealanders (ONLY Maori!)Michael
Not applicable to NZ . Anymore. Way past it’s intended use , a historical record.Stuart
The Waitangi Tribunal keeps finding new claims its time it was abolishedIan
A grossly biased body providing largesse for Maori lawyers to promote egregious claimsBryan
I understand there is only one claim outstanding as a result of claimant internal issues. An amount should be set aside and the Tribunal wound up. It has done its job several times over!!Phil
And blatantly racist Maori,Max
It has been purloined by Tribal Elites for their owm benefit.Brian
The Gravy Train has to stop and Nzers can get on with the future!Chris
The Waitangi Tribunal has become too big and powerful. It seems to believe – and this has been supported by governments- that what it determines is not to be questioned but to be acted upon without question.Sally
Yes, abolish. It should never have been implemented.Donald
A relic of the past, and gravy train for race based political activistsGrant
Long, long overdue. All lands handed to these greedy Maori elite as payment for so called should be returned to Crown ownership without question.David
Its become a basis for encouraging racism in New Zealand, quite aside from enriching a small minority of what can only be described as self indulgent greedy people.Frank
stop creating division, one land, one tribe.Graham
Absolutely, this country has had enough of the continuation of the Maori elite / gravy train, unless you want to turn this country into another ZimbabweLawrie
It is high time that somebody needs to draw a line under the tribunal. When is full and final payment should be exactly that.Jana Bott
Yesterday, last century.Russell
The Waltangi Tribunal is a Tax Payer funded anti democracy self centred radical organisation only interested in feathering the nest of the tribal elite.Peter
Absolutely – they have no basic knowledge of the TOW, just invent ideas to suit an agenda!Jack
it is out of date nowDave
The sooner the better.Neville
NZ is a democracy. The Tribunal is undemocratic.Carol
Yes it is a no-brainer.John
At least twenty years too late !!Geoffrey
It has not only outlived its usefulness but is acting contrary to its original remitGeorge
yes yes yes, I will vote for the party who mandates to get rid of it.Erin
Tired of all this racial division being promoted in the contry.Ian
It is racist towards MaoriGraeme
In the 1990s as part of a course in. stone carving I was one of a class who were lectured by a young Maori who, we were told, would talk about the spirituality of greenstone. What I most recall is the “Maori right, European wrong” basis of his entire approach which ended my participation in his. class (I withdrew from it) when he stated, “Some of you won’t be around when my kids are running this country”. Ironically, given the role of the treaty today, he was bitterly opposed to the treaty which he clearly considered was against Maori interestsDavid
Maori have been milking the NZ Tax Payers for years, enough is enough!Richard
Yes and long overdueMichael
Never been goodNeil
Yes, it isn’t necessary.Kim
Not abolish but redirect.Paul
Absoultely. It should been shut down years ago.Brent
As a Ngati Wai descendant I wholeheartedly agree with David Rankin that the Tribunal has become a racist farcical body doing no good for anyone except some self appointed Maori elite. Get rid of it asap please.Mike
We should all be under one law no mater what race or creed we are, the Tribunal is a threat to democracy.Morrin
And all the rest of these creations!!Raewyn
It has long out-served any usefulness it once might have had. It is mostly now a very negative influence in race relations in NZFrank
This should have been done years ago. Prior to 1985 for sure. From an original mandate to sort Land issues, they now stick their nose into every thing, that has value. Monetary, not cultural. Will they supposedly only gave recommendations, they clearly now carry more weight then that.Steve
Never needed and utterly misused costing NZ it’s soul and collective savingsLeonard
Absolutely— it should be gone! But this whole affair ( the WT) has taken on totally different proportions. This outfit was initially set up for one reason and one reason only: MONEY !!!! This single purpose was shrouded in a bit of ideology and a sort of pseudo righteousness. Added on to this now is the influence of a sinister bunch of absolutely ruthless radicals driven by greed and revenge . This cannot be stopped by means of normal parliamentary process anymore. They will fight tooth and claw and will not refrain from outright terrorism to hold onto what they have gained. There will be blood.Michael
Before it’s too lateLinda
One only needs to look at the destruction it has caused in New Zealand. Devious manipulation of the interpretation of a 1840’s Treaty??? Manipulative, greedy Maori elite are very racist blaming the Whiteman making falsified claims and milking taxpayers to feather their own nest when the majority (Maori) do not benefit and simply want to progress and exist as Kiwi equals.Gary
The Tribunal has passed its useby date long ago. It is now seemingly fermenting division rather than addressing any residual genuine issues of breach by the Crown.Peter
It is fostering the irredeemable decline of our country to become a tribalist Pacific backwater.Murray
The tribunal has morphed from its original purpose. Its run its time. Its causing divisionMark
Another gravy train for the members!Derek
Long overdue!Gail
It is being used as a wedge to force us apart — it is misquoted so much.Peter
Absolutely the Racist gravy train (Waitangi Tribunal) should be wound up! It’s just another way the Maori elite are exploiting and enslaving the ‘White man’ as is their culture (of the chiefs/kings).David
It has passed its use by dateWarwick
Its a racist disaster.Cliff
In the format that the labour Govt. Have created.Jane
It’s out lived its usefulness and only suits the lawyers and radical Maori leaders.. leaders??Tony
Ardern was the most divisive PM the country has ever had. Her neo-marxist approach has permanently divided the country along racial lines.John
It no longer provides any useful service.Murray
And abolish the Treaty to the history books also. After 183 years, the Treaty is well past its use by date and is holding back this country at the hands of Maori greed.Colin
By lunchtime!Francis
ONE NATION, MANY RACES Let’s get out that #8 wire and progress AGAIN as NEW ZEALANDdoug
Latest polls suggests that Labour has created this racist environment and the next election will show that we treasure our democracy for all its faults.Mike
It is long overdue for the tribunal to be abolished. It is also time to abolish signs in Maori that nobody can pronounce or understand. The Maori seats in parliament need to go. Let’s get things back to a place where everybody has the same opportunities to succeed in NZ and abolish all the perks that the 16 percent get, paid for by the rest of us. This gravy train at our expense needs to end NOW!!!Mike
no question should have happenned a long time agosteve
It has long outlived any usefulness it may have had.Trevor
this never ending gravy train must be stoppedMike
Looooog overdueGill
Preferably before the end of OctoberMurray
An appalling gravy train which dies not appear to benefit the average Maori. It has been badly misinterpreted and should be abolishedRowena
Yes yes yes.It is an ancient document that should be resigned to history and is not relevant in 2023.Chris
They are racist. I totally dissagree with this concept.Tane
By lunchtime!Greg
Emphatically YES, it has stepped well outside the purpose it was intended for.Kevin
It is well past it’s intended purpose and it is time to close the door.Sean
Definitely! It no longer has any relevance and is a source of festering racism and entitlement which all Maori should be ashamed of.Derek
Way past its use by date ,time for snouts out of the troughPhil
Yes, it is a farce.Gavin
I most definitely do believe the Waitangi Tribunal should be abolished. It is an absolute sham.John
Without a doubtDianne
Unless it is closed down, any remaining cohesion of our country will witherGiles
It has long ago lost its status and has been subverted to make decisions beyond its original mandate ,most if not all are wrong and divisive of New Zealand societyAndrew
A resounding yes. This gravy train has t o stop.Rod
100% abolished New Zealand has paid enough of these bogus money grabbing claims. Lets move on as one people.K
Or else radically restructered.Tony
It was supposed to have been abolished quite a long time ago, but they themselves extended its life by publicising unsettled “claims” that must be finalised first – but new ones kept coming inRoss
Its dividing inputs and results fail, in its efforts.:mike
Its been going since 1975, it must endPhil
Long overdueGeoff
It is clear that this appointed group are following a particular agenda, and are behaving as originally intended. They must be exposed and disbanded.Bazza
The Tribunal is not working for the people of New Zealand, but for themselves & they need to go. Enough of their division!Jennifer
Should have been gone back in 2008!Bill
The sad thing is a lot of the members of the Tribunal are Pakeha. They need to go look in a mirror and refresh themselves as to who they really areChris
It is an anachronism. We are now one people.Bruce
Yes. It is just a gravy train.Frank
Absolutely yes yes yes!!!!Joe
Kirk’s Labour Gov. of 1975 , a total bunch of idiots’, have set NZ back 50 years to a country divided, for many generations to come. Time for a complete clean up required by the pending new Govt.Chris
Without a doubtDavid
The sooner the betterDavid
For all the reasons that the document outlinesJudy
That would really have the `white activist Maoris’ jumping up and down through. Run of the mill Maori would take it in their stride.pdm
most definitely!Pam
It has served its time, and we need to move forward as one people.Rod
The Treaty should be recognised as an historic document, designed for that time, to help all people then residing in New Zealand to live together amicably.Sharron
For sure. It has gone well past its used by date to the extent it is now involving itself in matters for which it has no mandate.David
One thing that Helen Clark got right was the intent to wind up the Waitangi Tribunal. This desire was quietly buried by National, then go native Ardern arrived. An officially sanctioned apartheid wedge that’s a massive, out of control drain on the nation’s resources.Ron
Preferably yesterdayPeter
The on going tax exemptions re the final strawChris
immediately !!KEITH
Well past its use by datePaul
Absolutely should be wound up.Simon
100 percent yes! And the Office for Maori Crown Affairs needs to go too.Alastair
Yes, very definitely YesLee
Of course it, I remember years back. one of our more sage radio talk-back hosts stating in his preamble “there’ll NEVER be complete social unity and racial harmony ’til the WT and it’s disbanded and confined to the dust-bin of history”. He was right then and even more so now.Bart
It was illegal to change in the first place.you can’t add to or change a document signed by a Rep of the Crown & over 500 deceased Maori Chiefs 183 or so years after the fact it is Treason. Shut down the tribunal created by Labour & it’s crooked allies.Allen
if not disestablished overhauled to represent all people not the tribal eletist. As Maori, worked hard all my life bought up 3 tamariki who have excelled with no help from any one except my wife.We are yet to be notified or given any benefits to usWade
It is a festering sore.mark
Never ending settlements!Jenny
As a nation we need to stop picking at the wound that is the Waitangi Tribunal, for all our sakes let the nation heal & move forward into a better futureJohn
I understand the treaty has legally expired in any eventBryan
It has outlived its usefulness & is now hellbent on dividing this nation and trying to rewrite history.Alistai
It is essential it be abolished!Ron
This is long overdue !!!Susan
It should have gone years ago when it became a Treaty grievance chorusTerry
We need a return to democracy rather than the installation of apartheid.Sylvienne
Treat it as an historical document only. Hang it on the wall.. let’s move on as one people New Zealanders.Clive
And good riddanceNorman
Yes, our society is very far beyond any reasons to use such historic basis for conflict or acquisition driven arguements.Andrew
40 years ago.not fit for purpose any longer.part maori could learn to embrace gratitude for all they have benefited.chris
Time to remove all racist legislation and step forward to achieve “we are one”.john
overstayed its usefulness by about 3 decadesPeter
Furthermore the ToW should be relegated to the status of an historical document. The 7 Maori seats should be abolished.John
A simple YESRICHard
It’s a racist troughing enterprise. Just RACIST BLUDGERSAnon
It is quite certain it should be abolished -as the Hon. Dr Michael Bassett who served on it for 10 long years – it’s meandering decisions & comments are always illogical, divisive and racist.Hylton
This organization has morphed into a leverage point for Maori dissatisfaction about anything. It is a racist organization and does not belong in todays world.Tom
Racist, divisive, biased.Peter
this tribunal has and continues to cause unprecedented damage to NZ in many ways , and should have been abolished many years ago , basically it’s atotal pharse .Roy
Divisive led by pseudo entitled mob.Janet
The Tribunal is not redressing the past so much as reinventing it. Its time is over, New Zealand needs to move ahead for everybody.Peter
Racial divide never helps any country to exist in peace. The unrest then keeps the people from realizing what is really happening behind the scenes.Barbara
One people united, that would be a great outcome.Murray
It is nothing more than a gravy train for lawyers with all the outcomes decided before a hearing. it must goJohn
Should have been wound up decades ago, but somehow Maori kept asking for handouts and weak Government kept giving Maori handouts.Kevin
It is now only Maori Elite sucking from the taxpayers trough. Do you know of any other Maoris who have benefited?Tony
In the process of giving reserve land back to local iwi when it was freely sold for profit as part of a legal subdivision. Now property owners will have no access and landlocked. Iwi are proposing to charge $2000 per annum per property for starters. Such a scam, and this is just the start.Peter
And the Maori-Crown Relations Office along with it.Brenton
of course it should but no political party has the guts to do that (especially that weak Luxon) so unfortunately I think we are stuck with it and it is and will continue to destroy race relations in this countryAlastair
With a passion. The lawyers and leaders are ripping off the so called ordinary Maori to feather their own nests.Adrian
Absolutely, it should have been abolished long ago.Robin
Absolutely 100%Neil
Dangerous to our democracyGraham
Waitangi tribunal is little more than a trough for snouts.Philip6
Decades overdue.Scott
We need to get our democracy back!Marjorie
Most definitelyMick
No longer fit for purposeGreg
It alienates societyBrian
And not before time…..Bill
It creates division and racismAlan
It’s the only way forward.Ed
I agree it must go for the good of the countryPeter
It puts favourable outcomes ahead of just outcomeJohn
Disaster if labour are returned to power. They are corrupt and deceitful. They must go. Sadly Luxon fails to address the real issues.David
Abolish it and look behind the scenes..who in and around the “Tribunal” have bank accounts and where?charles
AS you write above : “The unity of the country must be restored”. We, both Maori and the rest if us, must consciously strive for that.Andy
We should draw a line, once and for all under the treaty. We all need to recognise that we are one people, and we are stronger going forward as a brotherhood of man as one. No exceptions no divisions, just simply one people of equal value. No preferential treatment for any one group or culture.Carol
NZ is for all kiwis, simple as that.fred
It has done enough, time to move on.
stop it nowstu
And prohibited from reforming inthe future.Vic
Original purpose has been hijacked by vested interests and it is now not fit for purpose. There should be a referendum on thisBruce
Absolutely it must be abolished. It is an aberration a huge racist monster promoting tribal rule and power, no evidence is necessary for any claim it is rubber stamp only. It has no place in any democracy and must be abolished NOW. along with all race based legislation and name changing.Carolyn
I notice that Hipkins is passing 3 waters with Water Service Bills under urgency before the election. If he thinks that they are going to get away with it do not be surprised to be smashed in the election. I will have that for an initial revenge on election day. Do not forget Hipkins was a participant/contributor in Ardern’s Podium of Truth and is not to be trusted. We partially get our own back soon.Terry
The sooner the better and we can all drink the water, breath the air and walk in our national parks without fear of being charged for the pleasure. While they are at it put the governance of the Urewera national park back with DOC.Brian
Our family considers that the tribunal has passed its use-by time and should be abolished.Brian
The Waitangi Tribunal, the five principles for Crown Action on the TOW and the Partnership between Maori and the Crown, were the biggest injustices ever created and forced by any government on ts people.neil
We consider that it has long passed its use by day and in todays age is a real no no.Brian
yes, as well as the rest of the other land thefts, of our nation that belongs to ALL OF THE PEOPLE!! Time to END ALL OF THE FRAUD TREATY SHENANIGANS!!David
Most definitely yes. Given that the Tribunal is essentially judge and jury in its own (Maori) cause it is corrupt and is well overdue for abolition. Likewise all references to any particular ethnicity in our statutes, orders and regulations should be repealed or otherwise declared illegal and of no effect.Alan
National and ACT should commit to abolishing the Waitangi TribunalPatsy
Absolutely! The Waitangi Tribunal should have been abolished years ago. It has been radicalised beyond recognition and is doing dreadful harm to race relations in this country.Paul
The Tribunal should be abolished and all references to the Treaty and its principles taken out of legislation. National and ACT and NZF should all commit to this course of action! Gary
I had no idea the Tribunal is so influential in spreading racism in NZ. It must be scrapped.Mary
We need a commitment from opposition parties to eliminate the Waitangi Tribunal and all references to the Treaty from legislation, as well as scrap the Office for Maori Crown Relations if the racial division in our society is ever to heal.George
Labour has instigated their mad ‘power sharing’ with iwi without any mandate from New Zealanders. They cannot be trusted at all. And they wonder why their poll ratings are going down. They are a disgrace to democracy! Herb