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De-industrialising Our Economy

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The cost of living is on the rise due largely to the record prices that New Zealanders are now paying at the petrol pump. Petrol hit $2.40 and more for the first-time last week, but over the weekend, the “no new taxes” Labour Government imposed a new petrol excise tax adding another 3.5 cents per litre – plus GST – onto the cost of fuel.

This means most motorists are now paying well over $100 to fill their tanks.

And to make matters worse the Government is planning a 12.1 percent increase in the average motor vehicle ACC levy. This will add a further 1.9 cents per litre – plus GST – onto the cost of petrol, taking the total ACC levy to 7.9 cents a litre.

ACC are consulting on this proposal and submissions are open until 24 October – see HERE. A decision on the levy will be made by the Government in December.   

The Automobile Association estimates that of the price of petrol at the pump, just over a quarter is the actual cost of refined fuel, and around 50 percent is tax. Of the tax, some 67 cents per litre is fixed excise, 4.7 cents is an Emissions Trading Scheme carbon levy, and GST is, of course, added on top. In addition, Aucklanders have to pay an extra 10 cents a litre as a Regional Fuel tax.

But this is not the end of the matter.  Labour has already announced there will be two more 3.5 cents a litre excise tax increases – one in 2019, and the other in 2020.

In addition, further increases are also likely as part of the Government’s zero carbon program.

According to the Productivity Commission, to achieve their zero carbon goals, the current 4.7 cents a litre Emissions Trading Scheme carbon levy will need to be increased to around 55 cents per litre. If such an increase was implemented, it would take the average price of petrol to over $3 a litre – and have a knock-on effect on all other goods and services as well.

The Party responsible for pushing the extremist position on climate change is, of course, the Greens. Their policies are dangerous and could do considerable damage to our economy. As fanatical idealists, they appear blind to the devastating impact their de-industrialisation agenda would have on living standards and people’s lives.

But it’s not just the Greens that are to blame for what’s to come – Labour is calling the shots, and New Zealand First is supporting them.

What’s worse, is that their zero carbon plan never received a mandate from voters.

All we got at election time were glib slogans. No-one provided details of what was being proposed.

When Jacinda Ardern failed to spell out the details of her capital gains tax during the election campaign, the decision was made to only enact the policy if the public supported it at the next election. Shouldn’t it be the same for zero carbon policies?

Now that the details are emerging from research reports – such as the possibility of a 55 cents a litre carbon tax on petrol, or that pastoral farming outputs would be reduced by 60 percent – surely, for changes of this magnitude, a mandate should be obtained from voters at the next election.

Behind the Government’s zero carbon agenda is the United Nations’ 2015 Paris Accord on climate change, which requires countries to keep the global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius (°C) above pre-industrial levels, by limiting their man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s not a ‘binding’ agreement, so as world leaders are beginning to understand the economic damage their climate promises will cause, many are starting to back pedal. The United States has already pulled out, and Brazil may follow. No European Union country is achieving their targets, and instead of reducing coal production, China, Russia and India are expanding it.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, energy analyst Bryan Leyland is highly critical of the Paris Accord and the Government’s actions:

“The government should know that the UN’s own climate models show that if everyone abided by their Paris Agreement promises (so far, nobody has) and keeps it up until the end of the century, the world will be cooler by 0.17° – which you can’t even measure! The Paris Agreement is a hugely expensive exercise in futility.

“We now have a government that, based on its unfounded belief that man-made CO2 causes dangerous global warming, wants to stop coal-fired generation at Huntly power station as soon as possible and is determined to rundown gas supplies. It also seems to believe that if New Zealand makes massively expensive efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases the rest of the world will be inspired to follow our lead and global climatic disaster will be averted. Dream on!”

Article 2 of the Paris Accord requires countries to reduce emissions “in a manner that does not threaten food production”.

With half of New Zealand’s man-made greenhouses gas emissions generated by the food producing agricultural sector, this should be an extremely important issue for our Government. What it means is that any plans they have to penalise farming – including by bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme – should be abandoned.

The reality is that New Zealand is already a world leader in sustainability. Around 85 percent of our electricity supplies are generated using renewable sources – one of the highest rates in the world. Our industrial emissions are at a very low level compared with other first world nations. And while our transport sector produces emissions, that’s due to our unique geography, whereby we only have small pockets of population density high enough to sustain public transport. Most Kiwi families need cars, and roading remains the most effective way of transporting goods to market.

When Helen Clark was last in government, she seized on climate change as a way of making her mark on the world stage. To gain accolades from the UN she forced an Emissions Trading Scheme onto New Zealand, even though the scheme had been designed for the heavily industrialised countries of the European Union, not an agricultural nation like ours. To make matters worse, unlike the EU scheme, which specifically excluded food production and private transportation, our ETS was to include all gases and all sectors. 

While National opposed the introduction of the ETS, when they became the Government, instead of repealing it, they strengthened it. And now Labour is planning to bring agriculture into the scheme – even though such action would breach Article 2 of the Paris Accord.

Like Helen Clark, Jacinda Ardern is using climate change to make a name for herself on the world stage – claiming it’s “my generation’s nuclear-free moment” and presenting herself as a global climate change warrior… and, of course, a new-age mother.

This global ambition appears to have been behind her unilateral decision to close down the country’s oil and gas industry – without Cabinet approval and on the eve of an international trip where she boasted about her actions. And now, on her latest overseas trip to the UN, we learn that not only has she committed New Zealand to spending $300 million on climate-related assistance to the Pacific, but she has also been telling climate gatherings that even though New Zealand makes only a “tiny” contribution to global emissions, she intends making sure we are ‘fully committed’ to the Paris climate agreement.

The reality is that Jacinda Ardern is putting our economy and our future at risk – and for what? Is it all just to gain status on the international stage?

The truth is that UN’s climate alarmism is based on models that have been inaccurate for over 20 years.

The UN claims that if the world warms by another 2°C, catastrophic climate collapse will occur. So, with the 2017 global temperature estimated to be around 14.7°C, according to the UN, if temperatures reach 16.7°C, the result will be climate Armageddon.

But the planet has been far warmer than that in the past – and far cooler.

During the early years of our planet’s 4.54 billion-year history, the surface temperature was estimated to have been as high as 2,000°C. Around 700 million years ago, during the Neoproterozoic era, there was an ice age that was so cold, that sea ice almost reached the equator. That was followed by a warm period, where temperatures rose to over 32°C – more than double what it is today.

There have been many ice ages and warm periods during the history of the earth. Volcanic eruptions were often the catalyst – ice ages occurred when ash screened out the sun, and warm periods resulted from underwater volcanoes heating up the oceans.

Around 56 million years ago, the global mean temperature is estimated to have been around 23°C: “Geologists and paleontologists think that during much of the Paleocene and early Eocene, the poles were free of ice caps, and palm trees and crocodiles lived above the Arctic Circle.”

Modern human civilization, with its permanent agriculture and settlements, is said to have developed over the past 10,000 years. Over that time, the Minoan, Roman and Medieval Warm periods were all far hotter than today.

During the Roman Warming in the sixth Century AD, grapes and citrus grew in the far north of England. And during the Medieval Warm Period between 900 and 1300 AD, the Vikings grew grapes in Newfoundland, and wheat and barley grew in Greenland, with sheep and cattle grazing in places now permanently covered by ice.

A solar change in 1280 AD is said to have led to the Little Ice Age, which brought widespread crop failure and starvation. The cold period ended around 1850, and it is this period, from 1850 until the present day, that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has chosen to focus on for its review into the impact of mankind on the climate.

That’s why their findings are full of scaremongering over events that are completely within the bounds of natural variability for planet Earth.

The earth’s carbon dioxide levels have also had a turbulent history: “In geological time, there have been six major ice ages. During five of these six, the CO2 content of the atmosphere was higher than now, and for two of these six, the CO2 content has been up to 1,000 times higher than now.”

In other words, atmospheric CO2 does not drive global warming, and mankind is not responsible for climate change.

In spite of that, Labour is pushing ahead with new zero carbon laws that will undermine our economy.

A Bill that’s currently going through Parliament, the Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Bill – to legitimise Jacinda Ardern’s ban on future oil and gas exploration – will exacerbate the current gas shortages and force up the prices of petrol and gas. If you would like to have a say, the timeframe is extraordinarily short. While it’s taken six months since the ban to get a Bill into Parliament, the public has been given just two weeks to send in submissions, with the closing date the 11 October – see HERE. The Select Committee will then have only two weeks to hear submissions and make their recommendations to Parliament.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, has not only warned that ending offshore oil and gas exploration could cost nearly $8 billion in lost tax, but they also say the ban will have a “negligible impact” on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, since the methanol produced using gas in New Zealand will be replaced by methanol produced using coal in China.

Back in 2015 Christiana Figueres, who, as head of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, helped to put together the Paris Agreement, admitted their goal was not to save the planet from ecological collapse but to destroy capitalism: “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

It seems that we now live in very strange times where, thanks to social media and compliant newsrooms, much of our reality is driven by the political agendas of self-interested politicians and political activists.


Should Labour put a halt on adding further excise taxes to petrol?

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Putting new taxes on petrol is perhaps the easiest way to get money. will also spell the end of this govt next election. Ron
The sooner we get into electricity powered vehicles the better.We will face a shortage of electricity so subsides solar power. PS I am not a green supporter Mike
It’s the usual money grab from labour trying to make up for all the freebees to get votes. Audrey
The bastards are mad they have to go John
The government take should be capped so they reduce tax if actual costs go up. $2.00 a litre is high enough and over 50% is government tax. What a pathetic naive stupid government’ oblivious of reality and facts; no science but merely belief driven. CO2 is plant food and follows warming as oceans liberate as oceans warm from solar activity. Good luck now that sun is shutting down and Inter-glacial has ended.. Women as PMs are always invariably bad for the populace and the worst most callous hypocrites. Zoran
We’re already in a ‘tax on a tax on a tax’ situation, we must stop the increase Terry
What planet are our MPs on? I just wish your newsletters could be published for all to read. Fiona
Will lift inflation Bruce
Being a part owner of a petrol station our staff get abused by the public when the culprits are this current government for the price of fuel which include taxes and the exchange rate which has declined due to uncertinty in good fiskil managment and the lack of direction by a bunch no skills polititions and dreamers .As we can all see now that those who are making the policy choices have never made their own lives a sucsees but love spending other peoples money. Our current Prime Minister is a typical example. Ken
This is what happens when voters vote for a face. Adern is the second closet-marxist we have had as PM. What happens when our largest trading partner, communist China, pulls the plug and our economy collapses? Dont be surprised when Adern invites China to set up military bases here. Rex
Bimbo Ardern is perpetuating a “big fat lie”. She is in fact a dangerous communist. After her nuclear-free moment, she headed off in her fossil-fueled jet to France to kiss up with Pres. Macron who has nuclear power. If we had an election, she’d be gone by lunchtime. In the meantime, hopefully the good news from Trump’s America with getting out of the Paris agreement, slashing taxes & regulations, appointing conservative judges and calling out the left-wing media will float over here before too much damage is done. Monica
They have no mandate. John
As stated in the article it will not only cost more at the pump but other articles and labour will go up as well due to increased transport costs. Ido
Despite a promise of no new taxes—-here we go again. Tax everything, borrow impossible amounts of money, bankrupt the country, destroy our oil and gas production, bring down the farming sector and make it impossible for business to survive. What else can Labour/NZ First do? Chris
I thought that Winston Peters would have had more sense than to have gone along with what labor is doing, but apparently not! Ted
Most definitely. David
Carbon tax is theft. It%u2019s an Ill conceived lunatic fringe Green endgame. Bruce
They see this as an easy mark as people need to use vehicles for almost everything they do. I won’t happily pay any increases but they won’t cause me any distress. However those who can’t afford it will be the very people that the government are trying to protect so in the long term benefit payments will be increased which will gobble up a lot of the tax which should be used to make roads more efficient. Look at the starting point, the pump and follow it through and you realise where it will impact and then the cost of softening those impacts. Crazy. They don’t live in the real world!!! Mike
The price of petrol will put prices up on all consumer products. Many families wont be able to afford petrol and /or food Barbara
What happened to no new taxes they promised? IBloxham
This hits the lower income earners the hardest and is downright weird! I would have thought the strugglers make up the socialists main vote base. Paul
Talk about Labour wanting to be known as the Party that screwed N.Z’s economy growth and put many Kiwis in the slums–that’s where we are heading DOWN DOWN DOWN Marylin
They do not seem to realise every time they raise the price of fuel with more tax it pushes the price of everything up ,transport costs food and virtually every thing we need to live on they just seem to be blind to every thing but their own agenda. Digby
Asking for more tax from us prove that they don’t know what tey are talking about. The only thing I give them credit for is that they show us how to become self serving like them Johan
So much for Jacinderella campaining wit hthe promise of no new taxes – an absolute lie. Don’t know how she can lie straight in bed Dave
How else are they going to fund everything? Catherine
look elsewhere for savings. budget for kohanga reo this year is nearly $600 million. kohanga reo has been going for 36 years and maori still can’t speak their own language. Time to admit defeat and and let maori teach their children to speak maori. Bob
These idiots are wrecking the economy and their bedfellows, the Greens are even worse. Idealistic fools. Geoff
The govt should be reducing tax, not increasing it. Maurice
This is just madness. What is wrong with this government? If they are so concerned about the battlers in NZ why are they causing so much pain by adding to the cost of living Catherine
Before too long, we might be able to experience life as it was before the Industrial Revolution! We’ll be joining all the other happy peasants, singing as we walk home, scythes over our shoulders, after a twelve-hour day in the fields, and looking forward to a simple dinner of home-baked organic bread, eaten by candlelight. Wow! Won’t life be fun? And Global Warming will have been stopped for ever! Elizabeth
You betcha. Ain’t we been screwed enough already? This so-called people’s party has no regard for their supporters who put them in power for a fairer deal. Back-off Jacinda! John
I’m a grandmother caring for my grandchildren three days a week. I drive across Auckland in peak hour traffic both ways and take the children to school on foot when weather permits and collect them by car to take them wherever they need to go. Petrol costs were $30/week four years ago now $50 and climbing. I’m on the pension and there is now nothing left each month after paying insurance and utility bills and minimal food and petrol. Thank you Labour for a comfortable retirement. Ann
As an elderly Widowed Superannuatant my only asset is my car and this is mainly for voluntary visiting of the sick and elderly in homes. I am surprised that this government is giving into- the Greens in killing off our chance to give something back to our communities due to the costs of petrol. There was a promise not to add taxes but now we have taxes on taxes and more taxes, where do we get the extra money to pay these horrendous costs and that doesn’t include rent and food? Out of our housekeeping? This will be the last time I will vote for Winston who has gone against those who have put their faith in his word in the North. Why is it that female Prime Ministers have hit the poor and Elderly every time? Patricia
Definitely, as the rising cost of fuel is adding to the costs of all commodities which are transported around the country and therefore hurting everyone in the pocket adding to the already high cost of living. Ann
A absurd idea Kevin
How about Labour put an end to reckless spending Willy
They are completely out of control. Craig
They should reverse their efforts to rise inflation. Jo
Where are the calls to kill MMP? It is responsible for this mess. Richard
Any higher fuel costs places a real burden on those with fixed incomes – especially those who are retired. Also it would be detrimental to the general economy of the country. Brian
This Government has no concept of the implications of this nonsense on our economy. NZ First really needs to show some common sense and veto this plan as quickly as it can John
Yes there should be no further taxes on fuel; however this government believes that it can spend our money better than us so there is not much hope of a change of direction from these socialist nutters. Peter
Maybe time to think about standing some of them up against a wall Hugh
Surely the question is a no brainer Lloyd
It affects everything and is crippling our small country and the people on low and fixed incomes as well as those on higher incomes. Industry of all kinds is also affected and the costs of course get passed on Laurel
The flow on effect of rising petrol prices will extend into almost every area of our living costs and have a detrimental affect on our standard of living. Electric car anyone ? William
Sadly this represents a loaded question in C PR s favour and does nothing to allow real constructive decision from your viewers. Robyn
Why should New Zealand be so far behind other nations, worldwide, that have realised this green extremism is unworkable and disastrous for the country? The present government is ensuring its fall at, or before, the next election. Rob
It is a very lazy way of gathering income. They forget that the poorer among us need motor cars too. Capital gains tax is a good way to increase income but only on investment property. Brian
Families and people are really struggling more than ever because of the petrol taxes. Doctor visits might be free for children but you need petrol to get there. Lorna
The UN IPCC hyipothesis of CAGW has been falsified. Therefore any tax based on the false hypothesis has no scientific foundation. therefore is morally wrong Kevin
Of course. They have a twofold reason for adding tax, one to raise money the other to demonise cars. Gina
It does not take much intelligence to figure out what the rise in cost of petrol does to the NZ Economy. Pierre
Of course they should but they have not got the brains to understand why, resulting in a further lowering of living standards Tom
No new taxes eh? Tim
This whole thing is got out of hand Global Warming what a load of Bollocks who honestly thinks we can make the slightest difference The would has been far hotter and far colder than at present Follow the Money Peter
Not only do motorists pay more, but so do everyone else. More cost to get goods to shops, more drive-offs from gas stations, and the criminal element make more. Benjamin
Yes —they should put a stop to adding more excise tax . But I have to say this: By going down this devastating political path Labour and these price idiot Greens are digging their own grave. Even the most politically ignorant average NZ lander will react accordingly when he/she is getting badly hit in the wallet like that.The average NZ lander does not care about this climate change crap when it comes down to trying to make a decent living nor he/she will give a toss about this looney idea of planting ONE BILLION trees. National can sit back, relax and watch this infantile Punch and Judy show unfold. What puzzles me though is Winston’s non action. Not a word —not a peep! My gut feeling is that he is coiling up like a Cobra to strike at Jacinda and her green riders of the Apocalypse when the time is right. There is a good chance that this coalition will fall apart before the term is over and Winston is moving on to work out a deal with National. That wouldl be the day!!!! Michael
The cosr of petrol is one of ther b asic keynotes of our economy and it hits the poor before it hits the wealthy. So B fundamental, really….. Mabel
It is all part of Agenda 21 .Google ” Wake up NZ ” look on the left column , scroll down and click on Agenda 21 & 30 . NZ as usual has jumped in to be first , boots & all ( City Councils especially ), to force you out of your car & eventually your homes if you live in the Country , you won’t be able to afford to , due to compliance costs in the name of ” Climate Change ” and your resource consent for the property will be removed . Install unelected ( by Ratepayer , decision makers by eg putting C. Council into massive debt , AND EVENTUALLY THE COUNTRY , THRU IMMIGRATION & STRAINED FACILITIES such as hospitals , Transport , Schools etc/so they need to Borrow huge sums . Also Creating large buffer zones that must not be inhabited ,by humans , removing golf courses & ski fields so every thing is pristine ,using Climate change as a tooll with fabulous words such as sustainable, resiliant ,environmenatally friendltly . The Bull is endless & people believe it !! Please , Please read this and you will see and recognise exactly how we are being manipulated & our freedoms of choice are being removed by taking our freedom of choice away , by making our independant choices too expensive, etc and impoverishing NZ so that we are so poor & in Debt we beg for a one World Govt , to help . This will be the Dictator leaders from the UN. This is all a plan & believe me ” Miz Puppet Adern is executing it re United Nations , flat out . ” She has stated ” We need to spread the Wealth “, meaning , take it off you ( the middle class ) and give it away , mainly those considered more needy than you and reduce us all to the same poverty level , dependant on the State.. PLEASE GOOGLE ” WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND ” Now before you forget .  Colleen
It should be user pays as with truck and diesel tax. The exsize is on kms done. Travel heaps you pay travel less well you save, if god forbid you use public transport, you still pay. It’s a no win situation, but the fairness is kms done Rom
But will they.Probably not,and if fair minded Kiwis bother to remember at election time come 2020 they will vote this rabble out. Ardern is a dangerous radicle communist ,not socialist,who has already shown her worldly preferences while attracting misguided following by prostituting her baby image for self promoting gain Don
We are already paying far too much for petrol — and if it’s up to those looney Greens we will pay more still. Can we turf Labour. NZ First and the Greens out and get a Government that will do whats needed to be done but none of any mob have the guts. We are going downhill so fast in every way. Alan
These taxes are an attack on poor people. Peter
Absolutely not. It can only be seen as yet another tax and is unjustified. What next? This government is floundering and is doing untold damage to our economy. Chris
this is putting all items up Richard
Not only should all governments stop taxing fuel at a usurious rate, but also reduce the tax on fuel by at least 50%. It’s an outrage that we are paying more and more and more in tax so that the country is literally staggering under the burden. The lefts answer is to increase welfare payments so that the lowest income earners will hopefully not notice how much worse off they are under a Labour led Government. If New Zealand First allows this Bill to go through they will definitely be condemned as New Zealand Last. Dianna
If Labour wish to remain in office after the next election they must put a halt to further excise taxes. Dennis
There should be a prize for anyone who can convince Taxinda’s government that no matter how much she increases the price of petrol, no matter how many coal, oil or gas power stations she shuts down, no matter how many cows she orders killed, New Zealand can never compensate for the increased emissions from China’s coal power stations. Let’s ignore the increases in the USA and India, or the new Chinese built coal station in Pakistan. This is just an exercise in tax collection, as a means of reducing world carbon emissions it is totally Futile, it’s a con. Our cousins in Southern Australia are now talking about building new coal stations. They have realised that their renewable generation is costly and unreliable, who’d have guessed, and is damaging their economy. Pray that someone of influence in this country acquires the same clarity of vision before our economy is damaged. The Tesla Virtual Power Station has eased some of Southern Australia’s immediate problems but this only shows how serious their problem was. Virtual, not a real power station, it is only a storage device, generates no power, but actually consumes power in its losses. Geoff
We are governed by lunatics who are going to ruin our economy all to satisfy the prime ministers colossus ego Alan
Of course. But being driven by blind ideology, they won’t. The socialists used to be a bit more subtle about their agenda to destroy capitalism but not any more. Comrade Cindy has bought them right out into the open and we are letting it happen. If Kiwis don’t start to fight back we won’t have anything worth fighting for. We have get to get binding referenda to bring these clowns and any further ambitious clowns that emerge, under control. Ronmac
Previous governments have encouraged indoctrination, not education in our schools. So now we have a brain-washed generation believing that humans are the greatest force in the universe, controlling the weather, & every-thing else. That very generation is now in charge of governing our country. Indoctrinated Socialists, obeying the rules of the Globalist agenda. MOVE OVER VENUZUELA, here we come…. A.G.R.
over my life time petrol tobaco and beer have been favorites to put tax on look at the tax that is on tobaco petrol is catching up they have not touched beer for a number years thee way they are speanding money they will nee petrol at $3 a litre and of course Al Gores scam of the century and of course our PM has swallowed hook line and sinker and with baby in tow now a days what a spectical Russell
Much of road taxes, whatever they may be levied against, is not spent on the roads but put into Government coffers, if it had all been spent on roading and ACC neither would have the problems they do at present. Honesty is always the best policy. George
This Government is living in a dream, and have no idea of the flowon effect of increased Taxes. Don
Too Much charged already! Jim
We will lower taxes LABOUR said YEAH RIGHT. Come on stop running our country down the gurgler. Norm
Definitely, they talk about families struggling in NZ so they add more taxes to petrol which puts the cost of living even high and higher. Come on Labour STOP this excise tax NOW, everything will get more expensive because of all the cartage of goods, anything that runs on petrol, you know exactly what I am saying, ACT NOW. Nance
It is just getting to costly to live in this country. No more TAX’s on Petrol or any other things. If this is going to be the case of add more Taxs. Them give us more in the persion. Robert
they do not spend the money on usable roads.public transport and bike lanes just do not cut it Barry
As a motorist I am sick and tired of being used as a cash cow by the rapacious socialist Government we are currently suffering under. It would be nice to see them attempt to curb expenditure rather than spending like a drunken sailor. Motorists are an easy target hence the continued increase in excise tax whenever more money is sort after. Allan
What scares me is how the children of today are being taught that Climate Change is the result of man and beast alike and that they are all doomed, no wonder many children are full of anxiety and depression when they are fed such drivel Danny
The idiots can not seem to figure out how this will result in inflation and rising cost of living. Mark
Absolutely! Unfortunately so many people cant see behind the smile of the tooth- fairy assassin! Ron
Fuel tax is already too high. They could halve it and it would still be more than Australia’s. Allan
Jacinda is using N.Z. people to make herself look good & she NEEDS emails to tell her to GROW UP & LISTEN to people who are struggling & FED UP with her. Cindy
No new taxes said princess Jacinda…. Yep she lied 🙁 On a serious note if this is the degree they are gouging the public already, god help us when they start bringing in their new taxes. John
becoming very costly. looks as if it is a tool to get people to change to public transport or wait until e-cars are more affordable !!!??? Anthony
Unless they are deliberately trying reduce the disposable income of those who can least afford it. John
But they won’t will they. The more petrol goes up the more the Government get in taxes. It’s the Oil companies we should be targeting, so lets all not purchase fuel for a couple of days and see them squirm a bit. Graham
They said no extra taxes Gareth
Maybe they need to start taxing the people that don’t pay tax but have millions in there bank accounts Sue
Yes this a political stunt that is going to cost us & especially the poorest a lot of money Tony
Enough is enough but this is more than enough so please stop NOW. Margaret
This tax is adding to our hidden inflation Peter
I am most perturbed in the way our Government is taking actions that are already adversely impacting upon the lives of its citizens, all in the name of faulty science. If I was truly cynical, I would believe our Comrade Leader and her Troika, are hell bent on ensuring our Country is immersed in an international socialist/communist order. , which it will achieve without mandate and by stealth. I am not sure we can actually wait another two years to make a correction democratically. Michael
If more money is needed it needs to come out of normal tax take, not out petrol that some can’t afford now. Andrew
Labour is as bad as National. She should repeal her petrol taxes as well. Both National and Labour have only their own ambitions and both deceive the hard working taxpayer but each do it in their own way. Glad I didn’t vote for them. Jack P
I just hope thar National will cut some of them. Say so and then do it! Dick
Driving up prices of every day goods & services and hitting the people who can afford it least Chirs
The rise in the cost of Petrol is destroying all the economic success that we achieved in the last 9 years Frank
We all pay far too much tax toward the crazy policies of this government Ray
All this “hell bent’ rush by NZ to go carbon neutral is totally unnecessary as we do not generate enough emissions to warrant such radical measures. We are a very small minnow in the pond of very big polluters. Stop this GREEN MADNESS.. Graeme
The resultant will be for NZ to become third world country unable to afford health care – and lucky to sustain anything but a shrinking economy and its people – Tourism wil wither – primary production will be stifled — and internal transport dysfunctional John
Just a rip off by a government run by looneys Laurie
YES YES YES!!!! I’m speechless – this coalition Govt. is determined to destroy NZ. God help us. Caro
Of course – joke government Philip
It is criminal. We pay a registration that is meant to cover roading. This is just theft to full another pot and to make the Govt look good. Hone
Taxes of any kind on petrol must be reduced because the motor car is the prime form of transport for most people in New Zealand. We do not have any form of public transport to fall back upon. Taxes on petrol must be reduced so that the car can be used for basic transport for so many people. Ernest
No new taxes, they said ! John
YES ! Would New Zealand’s Donald Trump please step up to the plate. Foible-free is not a requirement. Don
The government should be educated about the entire false scenario about “carbon” taxes and that should be reinforced by such good articles as Dr Muriel Newman has written being published in the main stream media. We need an uprising by New Zealanders against all the one sided commentary which is being promulgated everywhere. Ron
It is stifling business Ron
The self serving agenda from this “coalition” may well bring them the short term popularity they so desperately desire, but it will ultimately bring ruin to the nation. TOBY
About 10 years ago in Australia the price of petrol soared. The Public’s answer was to stop driving their cars and take public transport. With the marked loss of income, both tot he fuel companies and Govt excise tax, the fuel companies dropped prices back to the original. All in one week. Fuel companies like Z Energy don’t care about the travelling public, they have a ‘Bankers’ attitude. If the The Labour Govt can’t see this, then the travelling public wont be able to travel generating a loss all round in productivity and taxes. Come on all New Zealanders, take action. I am., you can. David
For a political party to quote that one of its pre election promises was not to increase taxes or the price of fuel gives them NO CREDIT to the NZ citizens that voted them into office. With social media buzzing these days people are able to communicate a lot better than reading or hearing state controlled news and are starting to voice their opinions. We are not the lazy she will be right Kiwis anymore. Wayne
How do we stop them? – unfortunately the opposition goes along similar lines soi either way the problem remains. Liz
Total madness the whole climate drama. We are actually heading towards another mini ice age !! Peter
Didn’t they say ‘no more taxes? What a farce, thinking our emissions programme will save the planet! Graham
Absolutely but I doubt that the idiot Greens will agree and Wily Winston will see which way the wind is blowing before deciding what is best for him. While all these bask in the gory with their high paid salaries and don’t care where the tax incomes comes from most of then would not last 5 minutes in private industry with their weirdo ideas Colin
This extra tax is hurting those this Govt pledged to help. Jacinda said she was going to eradicate poverty. So far epic fail. Anne
I cannot afford more taxes out of my pension. Tony
Tax and tax more. Dishonest Jeff
Just more funds for the trough. John
The increases are killing those on the minimum wage. Steve
For a party trumpeting their commitment to “saving” the poor, this additional TAX will simply make life more difficult for all with the flow on effect from the fuel price increase being reflected in an increase all goods and services costs. Ian
labour should increase the price of petrol which will encourage voters to NOT vote for them in 2 years time Wayne
Of course. It’s a no brainer. Unfortunately PM Adern’s brains are more focused on baby food. Robert
They are sociopaths. Alan
Otherwise, where does it end. And if it’s a drive to get us all into Electric Vehicles then WHO pays the Fuel Tax !! Geoff
They won’t though because Labour are always rapacious tax gatherers. pdm
Just what we expect from the Jacinda Taxinda party.. More and more tax. Norm
It is already far too high by international standards Bryan
Labour polled at the last election stating “We will NOT increase taxes before the next election” They are desperate for more money with which to further ‘subsidise’ their base. It seems Politics is a dirty game – real dirty – tax everyone where ever possible for the benefit of our comrades……… refer Business confidence falling. Stuart
This government is doing the opposite of what it promised at election time. It is driving a potential economic disaster which will make theoretical climate change look mild by comparison. Russel
Of course David
Higher petrol prices help to promote more efficient use of transport in all its forms Frank
Or substantially increase the pension to compensate Warren
They are killing any good Labour thought they were doing to the NZ economy. Graeme
Labour always seems to overlook the fact that once they start pushing up taxes in one area it sets off a chain reaction eventually increases costs in all areas and so we are no better off, only worse! Couple their thinking now with Green’s ideology and there is an impending recipie for trouble. Peter
This government should quit before they totally ruin N.Z. Their agenda is frightening. They should not put any more taxes on fuel. Mike
This Govt needs to crash now, not when the country can’t recover from the poverty they are creating. 4th world rating? Ian
The climate change agenda is a globalist tool to further the anti capitalist model which offers individuals the best opportunity to improve their personal situations when the appropriate controls are in place. Paul
Only trouble is, this is a typical labour government – spend big, tax big. They’re handing out lots of lollies, they’ve got to be paid for somehow! On the question of ‘global warming’, everyone should read the article in The NZHerald at http://nzh.tw/12135151. Alan
The tipping point must be already upon us and any further burden will bring our economy to a hallt Rob
They need to be kicked out . Chris
Labour should stop patronising the Greens & be realistic. Bob
The whole idea is flawed from the ground up. Raphael
Already fuel taxes are exacerbating inflation. Joe
No comment required Bruce
Jacinda , must stop trying to emulate Clark ; people have short memories and have forgotten or not realized the permanent damage that the idiot Clark has inflicted upon NZ..Ardern has now proven to be the same short sighted fool as Clark still is ! Roy
What’s happening with the taxes that are already being collected? Are they being used for their intended purpose or just stockpiled away?! Jacky
Time to repeal taxes get the economy moving again and roll back Govt expansion starting with limiting MPs, their assistants and caregivers. We should limit Fuel tax to 80% of real fuel price and stand down any MP or state Servant who is Pregnant for 36 months, allowing them to collect std DPB. Richard
Of course they should .. any idiot would know that by increasing the price of petrol, it is going to effect the cost of living and the cost of all goods. This sick government has to go. Des
Too much tax on everything Kate
Yet another kick in the bollocks, from a labour govt., to it’s core voters, the working class. John
User pays applied to problem solutions Mike
The only problem I see, is that to finance the billions of expenditure the Coalition have implemented, the revenue has to come from some where. Probably from secret borrowing that will be hidden in the system Barry
and dump the emissions trading scheme Wally
The current economic direction will send us back to the caves Howard
Cindy and her coalition of losers are intentionally destroying our economy in the name of fake Marxism and virtue signaling to their U.N. overlords. Traitorous despicable disgusting morons, all of them and all thanks to Winnie the turd. John
Using motorists as cash cows to subsidise bicycle pathways, buses and trains is totally unacceptable. Time to register and tax bicycles and shut down buses and passenger trains that don%u2019t pay their way Terry
“NO New Taxes” Ha Ha!! – but it is NOT funny.. Keep to your word Labour.. Donald
…we are on the ‘road’ to POVERTY / STARVATION in NZ because of the overtaxing and gutless action of this low-life Government… CHowes
Communists Cutty
Too dear already Kevin
The amount of tax we pay is outrageous. Of course they should stop adding more tax. After all, they promised “No new Taxes” – yeah right! Roger
If Labour increases the carbon levy by 55 cents, there will be a revolt! Stuart
The whole climate change stuff is just a nonsense – its being run by socialists to undermine growth and wealth creation. The country should wake up to this scam and say no. Denise
Jacinda Ardern will destroy this country for her own personal ambitions if we are not careful. But where are the voices speaking out in opposition. Even Federated farmers has gone quiet.  David
Words fail me with regards to global warming. It’s such a lie, and yet people are swallowing it hook line and sinker.  Harvey