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Delta Comes Knocking

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Last week, the Herald reported a dreadful Covid-19 tragedy: “A grieving daughter whose father died a painful death at home 12 days after contracting Covid-19 says he tried to get help for his worsening health but claims he was told he had normal symptoms and would get better.

“The 68-year-old father spent the last five days of his life in agony coughing up blood and was too weak to move, waiting for officials to say he should go to hospital.”

Family members were “traumatised seeing blood gush from their father in his final moments before he died in their home”, and they were very critical that he “was never given the level of support needed for someone so ill.”

He was allegedly told by the Covid helpline and Healthline that the symptoms he was experiencing “were normal” and that, “You’re going through the second hump”. The ‘treatment’ recommended was “throat lozenges and paracetamol.”

The family decided to speak out, “so no one else suffers the real-life nightmare they experienced”.

Regrettably, this tragic tale is likely to be repeated once Jacinda Ardern moves the country to the next stage of her Covid-19 management plan. In mid-December the traffic light system will come into effect. Unvaccinated Aucklanders will only be allowed to travel if they return a negative Covid test, those who are fully vaccinated will be free to travel anywhere around the country.

While there remain many unknows about Covid-19 and the vaccines, one fact that is well accepted is that the virus can infect both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Although fully vaccinated people who catch Covid are less likely to pass the disease on, that benefit dwindles rapidly. It’s the same story with the protection the vaccine provides against an infection becoming more serious and causing death – it also wanes rapidly without booster shots.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Waikato University Economics Professor John Gibson, who has been investigating the effectiveness of mass vaccination programmes around the world, quantifies the numbers:

“Several recent studies have used data from nationwide registries or from healthcare providers, to statistically match vaccinated and unvaccinated people to see how fast vaccine efficacy wanes – it falls fast, by about 10 percentage points per month for protection against infection while confidence intervals on severe outcomes like death are often so wide that by six months after the second dose zero efficacy cannot be ruled out.”

With vaccinated Aucklanders able to spread the virus, Jacinda Ardern’s strategy will result in a surge in Delta cases.

The Minister of Health, Andrew Little, expects up to 16,000 cases a week in January, with 800 in need of hospital care.

The Minister acknowledged the rapid shift to home isolation for a majority of cases led to some people ‘falling through the cracks’. Bottlenecks emerged as the public health unit lacked the capacity to notify people of test results and ascertain what sort of care they needed in a timely manner.

He explained that in the future family doctors would be involved: “So people’s GPs or a clinician are involved in that first day of being notified of a positive test, working out where is the best place to be – is it at home, the hospital, or another community facility?”

Questions are also being asked about whether our hospitals can cope with a Delta surge?

While the Minister says all hospitals will have a Covid management plan and dedicated Covid beds, the low number of ICU beds remains a concern. The New Zealand Medical Journal has reported on a survey of hospitals, which found New Zealand has one of the lowest levels of ICU beds per capita in the OECD at 4 per 100,000 population, compared to Australia at 9, France at 16, and Germany at 34.

They asked whether additional capacity can be found to deal with the Delta surge, and while the number of beds rose to 565, when the intensive staffing ratio needed for ICU patient management was factored in, our capacity fell to 3.5 staffed ICU beds per 100,000 population: “The reported maximum ICU beds in New Zealand that could be staffed for a surge before nurse-to-patient ratios would need to be reduced is 243. Our surge capacity is likely to be limited by available nursing staff.”

This situation will no doubt have been exacerbated by the reported loss of over 1300 health workers due to the Prime Minister’s vaccine mandates.

Since both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are able to spread the virus, the mandates do not make sense. If there was a genuine objective to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to vulnerable patients, why not simply require those health workers who choose not to be vaccinated to undertake regular Covid testing along with the use of PPE safety gear where necessary?

Doing this for health workers – and others affected by the mandates – would prevent transmission, without crushing livelihoods and futures.

Good leadership would have been responsive to the concerns of the vaccine hesitant. Instead, they have been stigmatised in an effort to force their conformity. It’s the worst kind of totalitarian government – ruling by command rather than co-operation.

Divisive ideology also underpins the Prime Minister’s health reforms.

The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill, which is presently in front of a Select Committee, is the enabling legislation that will radically restructure our entire health system, abolishing our 20 District Health Boards and replacing them with Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority.

The justification provided in the Bill for segregating our health system is that it “does not operate in partnership and does not meet the Crown’s obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi”.

The fact that the “partnership” claim is a fabrication, does not matter to our PM. She is using her Parliamentary majority to replace our colourblind health services with an apartheid system based on race. Her plan for Maori co-governance of health, comes straight out of Labour’s He Puapua blueprint to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040.

Destabilising the entire health system during a pandemic illustrates the ruthlessness of our PM, who is putting ideology ahead of the lives and safety of New Zealanders.

The Pae Ora Bill not only creates a Maori Health Authority to co-govern the health system along with Health New Zealand, but it requires the Minister to establish a permanent Maori Advisory committee, from whom he must seek advice and “agreement”.

In addition iwi-Maori partnership boards must be set up with members involved in all decision-making by the Minister, the Maori Health Authority, and Health New Zealand.

There’s also a requirement that the “boards of Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority have expertise in the Treaty of Waitangi and tikanga Maori”.

A primary purpose of the proposed health system is to ensure that health care is equitable for Maori – not just in terms of access to services, but also in “outcomes” achieved. These provisions will enable Maori to seek priority status over every other New Zealander.

The Bill states that the reforms are based on Heather Simpson’s 2020 Health and Disability System Review, but that is not the case – her recommendation was for a reduction in the number of District Health Boards, not their abolition.  

This recommendation for fewer DHBs was echoed in the Labour Party’s election manifesto, and since that is what they campaigned on, Jacinda Ardern has no mandate to disestablish our District Health Boards. Nor does she have a mandate for the tribal takeover of New Zealand’s health system that the law change will initiate.

The Pae Ora Bill should be opposed by the public in the strongest possible manner. But the timeframe to do so is deliberately short. While we still have a democracy, everyone concerned should have a say – full details can be seen HERE. Submissions close on 9 December and can be made on-line or by email to pae.ora@parliament.govt.nz

As former Labour Health Minister Dr Michael Bassett says, “If you want proof that Jacinda Ardern’s is the most racist government in New Zealand’s history, just take a look at the proposed legislation for the new health structure. The Pae Ora Bill concerns itself almost exclusively with Maori health. The health of 17% of the population seems to be the only concern of this government.” 

The Government’s restructure of the health system during the pandemic is dangerous. It is unconscionable to divert health resources from patient care into meeting a bogus Treaty obligation.

Spending $500 million – including $100 million on the Maori Health Authority and $18 million on iwi partnership boards – on the restructure, instead of on saving lives is reckless.  

Surely it’s time for common sense to prevail so the health disaster that the Prime Minister is about to unleash on New Zealand can be minimised. With Delta ready to spread around the country, here are five things the Government should do:

1.Put the restructure of the health system on hold. Better still, shelve it entirely.

2.Remove the vaccination mandate for health workers. Provide them instead with appropriate PPE gear and introduce regular Covid testing as a condition of employment. Do the same for mandates for other workers.

3.Provide a non-genetic vaccine alternative to Pfizer and Astra-Zenica – such as the already announced Novavax or the Valneva vaccine that was trialled in New Zealand and which the European Commission is ordering.

4.Remove all restrictions on the medical profession so doctors can prescribe any medications that they believe will help their patients defeat the virus. New information is emerging all the time about successful methods of preventing and treating Covid. The use of breakthrough treatments should be encouraged, not supressed. Health professionals, not politicians, should be the ones assessing the best treatment options for patients.

As UK immune specialist Dr Chris Newton told a UK Parliamentary Inquiry in June, there is a dearth of research into best-practice treatments for Covid: “To a great extent this is due to the way Covid-19 therapy has been handled in many countries around the world. People who believe they are suffering symptoms have been told to stay at home and so medical systems have little knowledge of the early symptomatic phase of Covid-19.”

He explains: “Covid-19 is in effect two diseases – a ‘symptomatic phase’ that often resolves and a later response where patients transition to a hyper-inflammatory, life-threatening phase… Knowing the exact timing for the end of the symptomatic phase and the beginning of the pulmonary phase is essential to staging of therapy. Be assured, Covid-19 is an eminently treatable disease. This understanding is supported by the work of Dr Shankara Chetty and indeed others. Dr Chetty has treated well over 4000 patients and not lost one. The key is to time therapy in the form of a corticosteroid, an antihistamine and a leukotriene receptor blocker, to coincide with the transition between the late symptomatic phase and the early pulmonary phase.”

Update: Dr Chetty has now successfully treated over 7,000 Covid patients with complications – none of whom have needed to be hospitalised or have died. He explains his treatment programme HERE.

Dr Newton concludes, “An inability to develop therapy to treat Covid-19 in its early stages has been a catastrophic failure in medical practice. The societal and economic cost of this failure is incalculable.”https://youtu.be/OciYTW_BIEs

5.Empower vaccinated and unvaccinated New Zealanders to become better informed about how to combat Covid when it comes knocking on their door. While for most people the infection will be mild, with few if any symptoms, for others, complications can develop around the 8th day, which, unless rapidly treated, can be fatal.

So, just as our team of 5-million became well informed about washing hands, social distancing and using masks, we now need advice on preventative and early treatment protocols, on what to do to boost our immune system, how to reduce the viral load if we start getting sick, and what signs to look out for that indicate we need additional medical help.

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It seems to be a crazy time to change the health-care system – in the middle of a pandemic! David
It is in need of an over haul, so let’s endorse it and see if it’s better than the current system Anon
Regional Health Boards are important retain the current system with less hospitals boards No to central controlled health Alan
Don’t want to live in a divisive New Zealand.Especially a Marxist driven one.Our main objective should be to dispatch the Marxist N.Z Labour Party. Rick
Government (This one especially ) are not capable of making decisions on health. They should be taking instructions from health people who are having excellent results ie Sth Africa’s Dr Shankara Chetty and US Dr Peter McColough Kathleen
You need to join the New Nation Party www.NNParty.co.nz Michael
Absolutely, at lunchtime tomorrow. Should never happen. Ardern is an idiot, full stop. Worse P M we’ve ever had. Maoris go to hospitals, the rest of us will go to the vets for treatment. Peter
Race card is a tool in Ardern’s ideological toolbox. She doesn’t care, just keeps smiling like an idiot savant. How would this catastrophe even work? The health system is already overwhelmed. Monica
Ridiculous to make a race based health system Rick
every bit of this govt legislation should be shelved Robert
Absolutely, not only is it, unnecessary it is also Racist and divisive. Money should be spent on existing Hospitals under the existing system. Elaine
Follow the recommendations of the Simpson Report would provide a better outcome for all. Grant
Definitely tash
Seems a strange thing to do in the middle of COVID. Another Jacinda centralisation move! Marcus
This government are demonstrating daily that they are incapable of getting their priorities sorted out in the correct order. They are becoming more dictatorial with ever passing day – despicable action from a so called “peoples” government. All they seem to be concerned about is (1) ideology and (2) power/control over NZ’s long suffering population. Roy
Absolutely, do not want Apartheid in this country. Just one health system for all NZ’s Mike
None of what is happening in NZ has anything to do with covid or delta, it’s all about communist control of the country and handing everything to maoris. Lesley
It seems to me that this regime is deliberately sowing chaos and confusion in order to create a smoke screen to hide their sinister agendas. And the majority of people think they can comply their way out of tyranny. Good luck with that I say. These people will wake up soon enough when they start hurting and a lot of them will deeply regret that they fell for the Covid Queen. The ones who are sober and alert are caught in between a rock and a hard place. Michael
Governments create dependency but renege on their responsibilities. Knowledge in centralisation may know more than individuals but does not know more than all the people. some things are handled better being decentralised. It’s the management of co-operative collaboration between the decentralised units that needs to be at a top class professional performance. Garry
It should be shelved we need a h although system that provides excellent care and treatment for all people without any racial bias. Tim
It will be a complete disaster Craig
Words fail me in any attempt to comment on this current bunch of absolute muddlers we now have ruling over us. If we now have the government we deserve then maybe we as NZers need to take a good hard look at ourselves and evaluate why we vote for certain people and reject others with more integrity and commonsense. I cannot see either of those two important character traits in any of the powers that be in our parliament today. Rosemary
We should not tolerate a race based division of our health system in any way at all Ron
It is totally the wrong time to change the health system. Peter
It should never have been tabled. Peter
This apartheid system should be completely scrapped Keith
Because it is unfair and unworkable. Wendy
Shelve it immediately and the govt with it Sidwell
Is anyone Listening to these results ?? Rick
racist policy Katie
Our democracy is out the door Hone
It’s racist. Sheena
It could do with some revision but not on the basis of the proposed legislation. Denis & Marie
Yep too right Chris
hey have no mandate to do this. none at all Pete
Separatism is not democracy Bob
This is the very basis of medicine George
Everything seems to be rushed of late and this is another one of them. Also the money being spent on such a venture, will end up costing far more than expected. The debt we have already because of Covid is horrendous enough. Major restructuring of this kind should be done in a timely manner and not in the pressures of a pandemic, where minds are not as sharp and are under stress in survival mode. Annie
It is really hard to believe this is even contemplated. Ivan
Waste of money for health spending money on restructuring instead of increasing medical staff for all NZ citizens. Maori should not have right of veto over the other system. One system for all. kay
not only shelved but buried with every member of the labour, greens and maori parties and use the money saved by getting rid of the above wankers and give to the hospital nurses for the shit they have had to put up with by the likes of little and the little dictator. Richard
It should be shelved because it only benefits 17 percent of the population to the detriment of the other 83 percent. Roger
But don’t just shelve it: OBLITERATE it. Vic
Absolutely insane. Only a fool would go ahead with a restructure, particularly the health sector and any other areas that impact on the health and well being of New Zealanders when we are about to face the full effects of this pandemic. The ostrich has her head in the sand and is trying to inflict as much damage as she can while she has control. When will the sheep of this country of ours finally see through this power hungry, socialist traitor? Heather
we have a self focused self caring self destructive government intent on future political goals, not the health or wealth of EVERY New Zealander Steffen
it needs to be improved, nobody is served well by going back to the stone age . Maori can have their say 15 to 85. Then we need to establish who are actually is a Maori and each need to be held responsible for their actions in life and make it count in law. Henk
It is very ill conceived and seriously distorted by extreme inbuilt ideological obsession and bias in favour of Maorification as an overriding principle. Hugh
Yes, but it wont be. The PM will drive separatism and so called co-governance until we the people say enough is enough. As bigger concern is; how much National and ACT are willing to appease Radical maori, either way they will get more than 16% of New Zealand; But only if we the people don’t push back. No confidence in and NZ Politicians to give us back a free colour blind democracy with one law for all and removal of race based seats.This Govt frightens me. Sam
It is based on achieving ideological issues, not improving a sound health care system. Thus it is fatally flawed. I wonder what will happen when the Maori led system starts to fail the wider NZ population. Malcolm
Racist rubbish Norm
Ardern’s government is ushering in Apartheid Guy
Healthcare should be given, not based on race but on need to prevent or remedy ill health. It should cover all NZers on that basis. Some restructure is needed to increase availability of care, provide incentive to staff to work for their DHB, and to improve efficiency. Josie
First Jacinda buys off the media so that they don’t criticise any of her radical and racist policies. That then leads the way (as they have a majority) to divide the country by race. The Maori caucus has a lot of power – given by Jacinda and as far as I can see they are demanding almost anything under the guise of the Treaty. Get rid of Labour, this is not the New Zealand I know. Laura
It is the wrong approach. The emphasis should be on OUTCOMES and bureaucracy should be reduced. Philip
Race based law has no place in NZ. Nik
Most definitely , it is not Democratic !! pierre
Abandoned is a better word. Gordon
Absolutely Kenneth
It should be thrown in the rubbish along with the Labour Party, Nothing but pandering to the minority population along with everything else they do. Brett
While everything needs to be updated now and again it should be done with full consultation with all concerned (not this is what you are getting). We are turning back several hundred years of progress with the introduction of governmental mandates. dave
Absolutely Albyn
Shelved and subsequently cancelled Carole
absolutely Robin
There is no place in NZ for a race based health system Laurence
Defiantly, we are all New Zealander’s. Ian
Scrapped completely. We are one country and one race, no need for a rate based system. Put any funds into improving the present system.. Frank
Why do it. Either Ardren is stupid or very dangerous. I suspect number 2. With a press that is largely very left wing and a population that is uncomfortable taking about racial issues the country is sleepwalking into a position where those other than Iwi will have little rights. Because we have a system where every few years we vote and we have a group playing the “long”game what is seen a radical now gradually becomes brain washed into people who are sick of hearing about racial matters and begin to wonder about there own thoughts. THey are playing the long game Alan
The NZ health system is in a complete shambles, including the MOH, all DHBs and PHOs. This does not infer in any way that I concur with the Government’s plan, rather all I state the status quo needs addressed. Incidentally the Government’s plan is seriously flawed and will not deliver a high performing health system. Gavin
it is totally race centered, we have never had or considered having a health system based on race ,who is pushing it and why? who are the racist pushing this agenda. Noel
DHB’S should be made up of people with medical experience who understand the complexities of running a hospital. Sally
Concentrate on Covid and the economy. Ian
A change in government is desperately needed. Richard
for ever barry
Definitely Brent
This Maori fiasco created in the 1970’s and 80’s must end once and for all and all wrongs to those of us who call ourselves New Zealanders must be righted today by our inept representatives alo g with an apology. How many more billions are we mugs prepared to pay to those who happen to have a maori ancestor along with with their other ancestry. Judy
There is no evidence that any out comes will be better for ‘all New Zealanders — Why even contemplate such a move John
Most definitely YES.It is yet an other piece of race based legislation in Arderns tool box.It will not improve Maori Health one bit, but almost certainly improve the bank accounts of those in control.He pua pua in action. gale
It is about taking control! The socialist agenda continues unabated under the guise of ‘improvements’ to existing infrastructure. Where are the additional ICU facilities? Martin
Time for the Labour Party to stop treating Maori as if they are too dumb to live under the same health system as all other NZers. Liz
Of course this should be done. June
Not only should it be shelved, it must be consigned to the nearest rubbish dump. Ray S
Absolutely, to even consider pushing this through during a pandemic is totally irresponsible. However not surprising given this governments track record. Lawrie
We could have had a covid purpose built hospital for a fraction of the cost to our country compared to the loss caused by the lockdowns. We would have had fewer deaths if successful peer reviewed treatment protocols were not banned. This government’s covid management has been deliberately aimed at mandatory vaccinations not the health and well-being of their team of five million Peter
A wacky idea to start with. Abhorrently racist and entirely unnecessary, it’s also utterly brainless to even contemplate such a move in the midst of a global pandemic. Get rid of this amateur and inept government and get one that knows what it’s doing ! Logan
The foundations of this New Zealand are crumbling before our eyes….One for all or Not at all. Christopher
It’s a no brainer during this health crisis but is also an unfair, one sided plan. And Cindy says she knows nothing of He Puapua. Pull the other one love!! Maddi
Not just shelved – abandoned. Gail
It should be shown the door. Apartheid health systems have no place in NZ. Likewise the “tooth Fairy” should also be shown the door – sooner rather than later! Don
The destruction of NZ continues while we are continually being fed the nonsense about vaccines. The truth is that the vaccinated are NOT protected by this experimental jab, and a large number of recipients are in fact having very sinister problems with their health as a result of allowing dubious substances to be injected into their systems. Ardern is following orders from the WHO and getting paid huge sums of money for carrying out orders. It%u2019s called World depopulation and her friend Bill Gates is the author of the genocidal programme she is a part of. One day she will be before the World Court on charges of genocide and she will hang or face a firing squad beside Gates, Fauci and numerous other criminals who are running this extermination programme. Follow the money in her and her boyfriends bank accounts. Margaret
Minister in charge is in capable of restructuring it–Bad timing until Covid not a major Richard
Medical services MUST be blind to race, so the governments changes to the health system MUST also be be stopped John
This country is already unrecognisable just a year after the election. I do hope that these changes go through, as the tens of thousands of casualties resulting will ensure that there will not be another Labour government for another 20 years years. Worth it! Tony
We are not Maori and non-Maori, we are New Zealanders. One People. One Law. One Nation. End apartheid in New Zealand now! Igor
Where are all the folk who protested against apartheid in South Africa? Apartheid is happening right now, right here in New Zealand. I don’t see the protests. Do these idiots think it is somehow okay to discriminate against white folks? Kerry
Bad timing. Graham
Jacinda and her gang of ideological racists kid themselves that they are in control and doing the “right thing”. I despair of this incompetent bunch of losers ever seeing the wood for the trees, and so we continue blindly down the path towards communism. Roy
An ill conceived plan Frank
Comrade Jacinda pushing an apartheid health system and country Laurie
Not a good time to be doing restructuring of anything! Lee
This Government is causing division among our people causing diversion away from changes they are implementing at a rate never before seen in Government who are supposed to represent the people of NZ. They are not listening to our dialogue and history is not going to reflect well on all our present day Government members. Helen
Is this the appropriate time to engage in a costly bureaucratic shift of focus or should our Covid house first be put in order. Chris
Dr Newman has summed it up.  It is a no brainer, it should be scrapped or at least put on hold. John
No systems should be based or operate on racial preferences. Tony
Any restructure based on race is unjustifiable. Peter
Govt is going down the wrong road leading to a communistic state run by Maori, do they think they are going to get away with this?? Ian
Please GOD! Get rid of Jacinda! She is separating this country, and people! I want her OUT NOW! Heather
Racist and a backward step lindsay
It is so glaringly obvious that even the fact it is still being mooted smacks of a totally and criminally incompetent government who have neglected public health. Their refusal to allow treatment for covid patients at large will result in many needless deaths. Neil
Binned would be a better placement Philip
It seems that everything the government does turns to sh*t and they should not be allowed near any restructure planning of anything and particularly not the heath system/ Such a bunch of buffoons, eh??! Deek
Of course it should. We are supposed to be one people. Maori are treated no different than Europeans/immigrants. Time this government realised what they are doing to our country Kevin
It works for communities, not ethnicity, which is how it should be. Glenn
No time to waste. Sort covid out before any restructuring is even considered Bruce
Shelve it. We are supposed to be eradicating racism but Jacinda’s government is building it into law. Do we have no law against racism? Is it only with Maori that it is allowed? I really am confused. Eric
We definitely do not need either two tier system based on race or a centralised health system. Put all that money into upgrading what we have in place Ann
Just yup! Terry
It is wrong in every sense of the word to differentiate between Health Care for New Zealanders based on ethnicity. Stop the nonsense and do the right thing by all New Zealanders and give us the Health care we should all be entitled to equally regardless of colour or race Laurel
Any govt plans which bring in more racial division is disastrous for NZ! Hugh
This is the worst possible time to do it. Have they got no common sense. Andrew
There are more pressing priorities at the moment. It is also part of this governments plan to divide the nation Lindssy
You are setting up separatism. We are one people. Governed by one entity. Apartheid is wrong Janet 
Nothing more should be changed by this psychopathic dictatorship; the Simps and sycophants collective of clowns only offer destructive irrational delusional strategies Zoran
It is a mistake anyway as it will not add any benefit at all to front line services. That is where the health system needs to focus – not on another reorganisation. Tony
The middle (hopefully) of a pandemic is not the time to decide to rearrange our health services. When the house is on fire is no time to decide to move matches to a higher shelf. These are only opportune times for a desperate government afraid it has lost the plot, Give these sorts of initiatives a break until COVID is past. Peter
Of course! Neil
racism is bad Melahi
Insane communist action tom
Abolish Jacinda & Labour mike
Absolutely it should be shelved ,actually it should be binned permanently. It’s a racist system being used to promote apartheid into New Zealand . It is crude and disgusting even suggesting it be introduced into NZ Carolyn
COVID is used to cover a multitude of things Ken
What is proposed is totally unacceptable and a coming catastrophe. It must be stopped. Colin
This is no time at all to monkey about with our health system. In any case whatever the colour of our skins we all need equal health care, Hearts, lungs and and kidneys are common to all races. The treaty of Waitangi has nothing to do with it. Phil
It is unacceptable for 17% of the population to be ‘gifted’ 50% voting rights. Totally undemocratic Peter
It will be hugely costly and really is ridiculous to prioritise and treat 17% of our population by race . An apartheid system not wanted in NZ Jacqui
Just like the fable of the Pied Piper we are being led down a dark path towards a trap where we ultimately wake up and realise we have lost our rights and freedoms. Pure evil. Rob
Especially this unnecessary separate system for only 17% of the population of NZ. The cost to implement such facilities should be used to up grade the hospital we currently have for the benefit of all New Zealanders regardless of ethnicity, Gwenda
They can not cope. Disaster awaits us. Dave
Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Jacky
This government is so contemptible in pushing their racist ideology and disregarding what’s best for all New Zealanders! Ray
This is deeply divisive alan
Shelved indefinitely. Then disposed of. Total Apartheid. Graeme
Most definitely this so called restructure should be completely dumped, it’s absolutely ridiculous and furthermore Ardern instead of concentrating on her socialist agenda she should be unswerving in her commitment to the people of New Zealand fight against covid and immediately approve all forms of available treatment from around the world, treatments which have worked very successfully. Instead she is making a complete hash of it. What use was the painful and economically disastrous lockdowns when we are in the same situation now if we hadn’t locked down at all. They couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery. Good luck everyone. Flip
Discrimination based upon ethnicity is appalling and something that New Zealand has always fought against. Ian 
Nation state governments no longer have sovereignty to govern independently. N.Z. should decouple from the U.N., W.H.O. and the Paris Climate Accord. We were told that the U.N. was formed to prevent any further world wars. The reality today, as it unfolds, in Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ is nothing more than the initiation of force and control against the citizens of the world – a Global Act of Force if you will, fascism by another name – a variant of socialism. So much for the U.N. being formed (by U.S. administration communists in 1945) as a world peacekeeping body. Nation State Sovereignty – hold the line! Don
Shelved ??? Thrown Out. sheryl
yes yes yes anthony
Urgently jeff
We can do with a choice of treatment from our own GP. Especially Novavax and ivermectin. Remove mandates. Leave DHB alone. Ian
The restructure of the health system by Jacinda Ardern’s government is on track to spectacular failure like everything else they have attempted to achieve. Abandoning democratic processes, favouring one racial group will only lead to arguments, wasted time and wasted resources. We don’t have to look very far to see how this has worked out in other sectors in NZ. To venture down this path during the current Covid pandemic is utter stupidity. The lack of a scientific pre-hospitalisation plan for Covid patients raises serious questions as to why there is not a commission of enquiry currently seeking answers. Sadly , it has become very evident, whatever Jacinda Ardern and her government have attempted to improve, failure and wasted resources have resulted. It raises the question who is Jacinda Ardern seeking to govern for ? Perhaps her socialist friends have some answers. The cost to New Zealanders health to date has been horrendous and this is only the start of her health sector reforms. The sooner this destructive Prime minister and her government go, the better. Donald
Absolutely and positively — improve the current system but under no circumstances give this disgusting bunch of extreme lefties any control of anything. They want more control by Maori and have started with the water debate and they have now got into fluorodation control by central Government and this is just the beginning. When will people wake up to the fact our so called “Government” are just a bunch of control lefties who appear to be totally pro so called indigineous and climate change fanatics who do not listen to those who know that for EG CO2 is the lifeblood of the planet and does not and cannot cause warming !!!!!! Alan
our government is coming off the rails and is going to implode jim
Separatism Jenny
The whole scenario is being rushed through while Cinda wields what seems to be ultimate totalitarian/dictatorship to whip NZ’rs unto (her) line using mandates while dismissing protocols. rosa
It’s a disaster waiting to happen. GB
It is racist and insane Skarlett
Too much money is being spent on all these restructures that should be going into better healthcare. Royce
If your in Hole and you want to get out STOP DIGGING !! Most New Zealanders have no idea what’s coming next Winter when the majority of fully Jabbed Folk become the most at risk for Flu and other similar ailments !! geoff
For us to vote on such an issue just shows how bad our political system has become, and how welling this government is prepared wash our country and its peoples down the drain to meet some believe system that can only end in tears. Sven
The government’s prime responsibility is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders. Health needs and criteria should be prioritized on health issues and not race! The government does not have the mandate to do what they are doing. Everyone else has to abide by the law and so should Jacinda Ardern and her Labour government Brian & Margaret
Yes, yes, yes, shelved and throw out forever. Every NZer has to be treated equally and justly. 83% of the population needs health care readily available when it is needed. Giving this gift to the other 17% alone is unfair, unjust and despicable. giving. CEC
We have to stop race based decision making and another bureaucracy forming with co-payments to iwi boards. Outcomes will only be equal when inputs are equal. If people drink, smoke and fail to exercise, they will never be as healthy as those who do not smoke, drink and exercise regularly. Mark
Absolutely !!! Helen
Another rushed piece of regulation without adequate time for proper debate. Being imposed with an extremely heavy hand. Cyril
There is no need for a race based health system! John
What health system Leigh
in its currently proposed form, absolutely. The proposal far exceeds the government mandate. Gordon
Yes, of course it should unless NZ wants a racist country very soon! Just take note who is pushing this via their stealthy undemocratic methods. Stuart
It is poorly conceived and racially based Tony
I wanted to put no – it shouldn’t be shelved – it should be binned. Anon
Focus on the treatment of Covid, we currently have Delta, Gamma is becoming more prevalent overseas. It will not be long before it gets here. Philip
Short story: About 10 years ago the then government decided to amalgamate the DHBs. IBM was called in to design a computer programme that would effectively bring the DHBs together. Problem: there was no one in NZ who had the training or expertise to run the programme. Nothing’s changed. Jenny
race based health is unacceptable.Actually it is revolting as jacinda is herself. stephanie
All RACIST legislation should be abandoned. Hobsons pledge should be honoured. New Zealand is on a slippery slope to nowhere, & the Communist Regime in charge, still has enough support to stay in power. Indoctrinate the children. Dumb-down the rest of the population. Hitler would be SO proud of this & previous NZ governments efforts.. A.G.R.
Think of the new Order the UN is trying to put in place. Think. William
I think we should have a separate health system just for those of Scottish descent. Also a Scottish All blacks team. Bruce
Absolutely. Everything about this idea is appalling. It is an authoritarian move which will be saturated with inefficiencies. Jack
Complete lunacy to be doing this during a pandemic. Also economic incompetence during a period of lockdowns. Bryan
Don’t want health systems based on race!!! june
The science is not accurate. Climate scientists funded by the Al Gores (ecology billionaires) of the world are scare mongering. Wolf
Completely inappropriate at any time, but criminal right now Michael
To attempt to restructure the health system during a pandemic is utter stupidity. It is driven by Ardern’s inexplicable obsession with handing our country over to the maoris, which she is doing piecemeal, presumably in the hope that we won’t object until it is too late. Health, Water, Council places, etc, etc. I am waiting for the day when they claim ownership of the airways, on the grounds that they used to breathe the air before the white man arrived. Don’t laugh, it will happen. Sadly, this is not a place for grown-ups now. TOBY
It is undemocratic Clifford
Should assist all New Zealanders equally and not be biased towards Maori. Peter
That it could ever have been contemplated is a shocker. Mark
Why change the health system at a time when we have yet to feel the full effects of covid once we all have been given our freedom that this useless Government has promised for so long and watch the numbers expand in areas we the vaccination numbers are low mainly amongst Maori that i have no respect for .There are far more important issues that need resolve like getting rid of this Government and finding a strong leader for the National party.I have just returned as a supporter for the Ground swell protest in Cambridge and if this is an indication by those involved watch out Jackboots Jacinda and your lot of crazies. ken
We need just one health board for our community putting the needs of those that most need it first. Colour or race should not come into the equation. Edward
This is surly a topic and decision which should correctly be dealt with as a public vote. Brian
This must be shelved, we do not want or need another level beauocracy in our country, we have too much interferance already. Brian
The treaty is not a partnership It only gave Britain the power to make and enforce Laws Arthur
That’s racism. If you do not look after your body that is your fault Mike
not under this Govt Dave
What else could you expect from a Socialist Government. Ross
its crazy and dangerous eira
Racist gobble-dee-gook! Paul
Totally undemocratic! The existing system while not perfect can be improved. I don’t believe there is any need for a dual approach to health in NZ. My own experience of the public health system is one of excellence. Perhaps some of its “customers” could treat the staff with more respect and tolerance instead of rude demands Errol
Remove as is racist motivated leo
Could bee already too late Anita
What ‘mandate’ is there to institute such a racial change? Who gains? Who loses? Michael
There should be one system for all Les
This not the time to be changing anthing, leave our health system as it is and spend money on improvements RAY
these health reforms are another giant leap backwards in the push to satisfy outdated ideology john
Shambolic if goes ahead. Totally senseless! Ann
it is an abomination. Lionel
Ardern has no mandate to abolish the DHBs entirely – she did not campaign on it so it is a purely idealogical move. Furthermore she has no mandate to give iwi control of the health system, and the health budget. Why are 17% of the population being given this preeminence? A totally racist and undemocratic move. Kerry
Absolutely, we are one people all with the same rights and if these greedy Maori don’t like that they can leave. After so many claims by so called Maori, all based on lies. who now cares about them anyway Tom
With a PM creating major changes to our well tested system s to suit her long term goals for NZ this is a bad bad move for NZ and genuine Kiwis John
Not an appropriate time (covid) and not an appropriate restructure, it does not have the support of the majority of New Zealanders. Doug
It is a disgrace that any Government could contemplate such a radical reform of our health system in the middle of a pandemic. The fact that this reform is going to create an aparthied health system makes a mockery of our democratic system of Government. This action plus Three Waters should see the end of a Labour/Green government for at least the next generation. Chris
The health service is fighting a pandemic but Jacobean is not listening. Labour are lying about having a Maori partnership under the treaty and imposing tribalism and racism into NZ. This is not the NZ the majority of NZ want. It is not the NZ I was brought up in. Maori have the same opportunities as any other person in NZ. Beware the next election anaconda as you and your racist colleagues join the ranks of the unemployed sooner than you think. Mike
If it goes ahead it will be entirely racist. New Zealand will be the old South Africa and turn out to be the cot case that is the new South Africa has become. Sorry folks ….The country is stuffed! Bruce
Putting race ahead of health needs is completely unnacceptable. This bill must be scrapped. Passing such a law is unbalanced and undemocratic. It favours a minnority group to have Majority rights. Labour will not be re-elected on this single issue Colin
another racist based idiology by our inept dumb minister I mean prime minister. Prime bloody hell John
One system for all wayne
Apart from the need to dump the proposed legislation because of its further reduction of democratic rights and its tribal apartheid drivers, the money being spent to create a system that is centrally controlled and remote from the Nation’s citizenry, would be far better spent in the solving of the supposed pandemic. Whilst some reduction in the number of DHB currently established (though this would have to be proven), the ability of New Zealand residents and citizens to have some say in how and what Health services are provided far outweighs any change that vests ultimate control of New Zealand’s Health in 16-17% of the Nation, is undemocratic. Not only does it invest control of services in a minority of New Zealanders, it removes the ability of ALL New Zealanders to be directly involved in the provision of these service. The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill removes the right for direct involvement in New Zealand’s Health Services and vest control in the hands of maori on the basis of ‘partnership’ supposedly created under the Treaty of Waitangi. This of course is a complete falsehood and a lie. Whilst no one who understands medical science is going to say that the COVID virus and its mutations can be eradicated (if it could why, after 100 years, do we still live with the annual strains of influenza?). The money being proposed to be spent on the Health System Reorganisation would be better spent in improving the medical staff remuneration and updating the hospital facilities and amenities.  Michael
It should certainly be shelved. This racist rubbish will not only cost millions, but will further damage an already fragile health system, which, for all its faults, provides services on need, not race. I had thought that democracy was based on the greater good for the most people. Obviously not , according to this Govt Andrew
money can be better spent in our hospitals Kevin 
insanity to do this while dealing with a pandemic Warren
This Govt hasn’t a clue about any health system so they will mess it up. Someone who works non stop in the health system should have a team put together is similar skills to get it right and get it right forever barbara
Wasted money. Better spent on nursing staff. judith
Racist nonsense Keith
absolutely permanently shelve this health system restructure mike
Pandering to a minority group, even if they claim to be “indigenous” ( and they bloody well aren’t) is nothing short of reckless endangerment of society as a whole in New Zealand. Sooner rather than later, resentment and anger are going to boil over in this country, to a level that the government simply won’t be able to contain Trevor
If it aint broke don’t fix it. Roydon
Why should a small minority rule the system, aren’t we all equal New Zealanders. Leon
If not cancelled altogether. MIKE
In its own convoluted and chaotic way the current Health system in NZ is as good as any in the rest of the world. We are not a rich or well established ‘old-country’ but can still pick the eyes out of the ‘best-practice’ of the 1st World. We can always learn more, but do not need to ‘restructure’….just adapt to what works! Ced
It is not the time for changing the health system at present. However I do believe the number of DHB’s could be reduced to some extent, but to create a separate Maori health authority is unnecessary. Dennis
Yes unless / until the reforms are racially neutral Out reach to all ! on the fringes not just Maori By definition any out reach to the fringes has to be racially neutral. There is a huge over-site that its just Maori Some are along with other segments of society marginalised and on the fringes Let’s get rid of the bullshit that its just Maori Any health outreach should be be totally inclusive of all and not divided by race Bruce
Absolutely it should be shelved, better still tossed out altogether. The other option would be to let Maori have their own health system but they pay for it themselves. They are telling us they have the answers to solving Maori health problems so let them go to it. They can finance it with The massive Treaty settlements they have received plus they can have a percentage of the tax paid by the 15% of Maori. They can build their own hospitals and employ their own doctors and nurses/staff. The existing system can be used by the other 85% of New Zealanders who have already paid for it. A win Win situation for everybody. Maori could no longer blame racism for poor Maori health it becomes their problem. Greg
Apartheid in the making.  Gordon
Race based politics taken to the extreme. The Maori population are well served by the present system. Warren
Until such time required to find a better system john
Let’s get Covid under some sort of control first, THEN proceed with the Health system utilising lessons and needs experienced during the experience. With a bit of luck this lot will be out of power before too much damage is done. Peter
until we can come up with a better system. john
very poor legislation based on resentment and racial segregation. Also based on very poor data collection lazy bureaucrats mike
Yes .It is racist and devise. The average Maori is terrified of the consequences and they would do well to be so. The Maori is not indigenous they are mealy colonialists like the rest of us. Harvey
we are rapidly turning into a MAORI race based country and with the backward slide that it concurs. Shame on the Labour Govt. JACINDA must be stopped. cliff 
This policy has not had sufficient discussion and puts the lives of New Zealanders at risk to serve political ideology. Ray
Maori have equal access to health services. Ann
It’s racist and a waste of funds which should be spent on our healthcare and not on unnecessary racist bureaucratic structures Jamie
and definitely no race-based treatments or options Garry
Yet another example of this feather-brained government’s complete incompetence!! Henry
This is a dangerous policy totally racially based to the detriment of all but that race. Health services have been paid by our taxes over the years for the benefit of all. Carol
It is yet another example of how much scamming is going on with the ‘pandemic’. We don’t hear about death figures now, only ‘case numbers’. I am not afraid. james
It’s a totally racist stupid idea. The maoris can have their own health system as long as they staff it with maori doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses and other staff. Yeah Right !!! That won’t happen because they don’t have a lot of heart or brain surgeons … if any …It’s what you would call a no brainer. Bruce
Shouldn’t happen at all – racist bollocks! Dave
Definitely as it totally racist and 75% of NZ hate the idea Sidwell
Will be a bureaucratic nightmare… kenn
Disgusting policy Norma
Shelved is the wrong word. It should be binned, discarded, removed along with the people promoting it. Paloma
Get rid of this divisive, racist and economically wasteful and disastrous plan !! John
It’s a no brainer to try this change during a Pandemic ( especially as it wasn’t voted on at the election) Rosalie
Totally biased and divisive as well as racist. Gary
Stop the madness before it’s too late. Jane
Let’s deal with covid first. jill
Shelf the restructure and all the Te PauPau scheme. Full concentration should go towards fighting the Delta. The Cabinet is dominated by Maori interests. A disaster waiting to happen. Graeme
This Dictatorial ‘government’ should be admitted to a ‘Mental Health’ facility for the insane. Patrick
Relating to the first part of the article, one has to question why Covax-19 and Novavax, being proven vaccine technology that actually works, are not being more aggressively promoted and actioned by health authorities when the ones they are using are proving to be, at best, suspect. John
Separatist and incredibly bad timing. Mark
It is racist and unfair to the majority of New Zealanders. It is a disgrace. Richard
Is there a business plan which shows it will result in better outcomes for all New Zealanders Noel
Absolutely. Very mixed messages. Never thought I would say this but thank God for Debbie Ngarewa Packer, Shane Jones and Winston Peters. Maori not singing from the given sheet! Marian
No need to move to a racist system. NZ is a colour blind nation and must remain so Graham
The country is broke and we are in the middle of a so called pandemic. First things first. Wen the pandemic dies down, and when the country is fiscally stable, then it may be introduced if it is still perceived to be the best way to go. Michele
It should be more than shelved! Needs to be abolished altogether Christine
Absolutely it should be shelved! It just seems crazy to try and go ahead with changes at this point! Ron
The handing of power to a small minority in so many key areas, presumably is seen by those ‘in control’, as simplifying the ultimate transfer of the control of New Zealand to another country/ regime. (If I’d read this a few short years ago, I would have written myself off as a complete nutter.) Ian
One people One standard Promotion of the minority due to inherited ethnicity goes against every standard we should live by. Rex
but we can’t stop the march of socialism without a “revolution”. I’m not advocating force. Just a change of heart by the public. mike
Yes, absolutely. It is utterly undemocratic, racially based. It should be put to the people in a referendum, if his Labour government believes in democracy. Don
Most DHB’s know what they are doing and do it well. Hilma
Unless it is shelved immediately, all of NZ will suffer unintended consequences – as usual with blind-leading-the-blind Labour rulings. Graeme
How can a small country like N.Z. Have seperate health authorities for 17%of the people, Are we looking at five star health care for Maori and what%u2019s left over to service the remaining 83%of the population. What a recipe for civil unrest! Chris
This is no time to divert huge money from our present health system. It needs that money added to it. Helen
It should be thrown out now. Terry
I had a recent stay in Auckland Hospital after surgery. In a week my bed was not made or changed once. The floor mopped twice. I never saw a charge nurse. I felt the limited nursing was not managed. I felt very vulnerable and not safe. We have limited resources now…money on restructure whatever the politics is more than stupid. It’s dangerous ! jill
An anti-democratic system which will not work. Brian
It’s criminal in the middle of a pandemic to mess with the health system. S
Abandoned altogether. We can’t have a racist health system which gives priority to 17% of NZers who claim to be maori, instead of treating people on the basis of need. Trevor
Yes, it isn’t a good time to make major changes. They should be focusing on getting through the surgical lists before the influx of covid patients everywhere! Kim
Spend the money more wisely and concentrate on immediate problems to prevent Covid sickness. Nell
This should NEVER happen the way they want it to be. Totally racist!!!!!!!! Heather
Totally We are at present governed by an extremely racist Government and this pandering to the so called Maori Elite MUST STOP. I would also dispute the 17% claim. I would in fact suggest that only a very small minority of the 17% part Maori population are calling the tune (possibly as low as 10% but very vocal) and as such it is more likely to be less than 5% of the overall population. What we need is a total colour blind society ROBIN
Let treat all kiwis as equals. No racial discrimination needed stop apartheid now. Clive
We do not to restructure “backwards” to suit a socialist agenda Tom
If the restructure is not shelved a NZ-wide health disaster will be inevitable. Graham
It is blatantly racist , anti-democratic and subversive. Harvey
It is racism gone mad Bruce
100% – keep politics and tribalism out of health. Peter
Change seems to be needed but not a wholesale total throw out of present structures. In a pandemic resources and attention should be concentrated on improving hospitals ability to treat patients NOW. reform can come later. Are maoris so incompetent that they wont cant take responsibility for their own health same as all other ethnicities in New Zealand. Bev
Permanently LES
We need funds to upgrade our health system, not tinker around the edges Naomi
It should not only be shelved it should be totally dismissed. What happened about “We are one”?? This bill is divisive and dangerous. Vivienne
Not the time to create more mayhem in our hospitals John
Racist Robbie
Along with Three waters David
Nothing wrong with the existing system, only with the amateurish interference with it by non-medical persons. Edgar W.
The application of more racist ideology by the Cheshire Cat and her kittens will improve the health of neither we as individuals nor any cohort of people, including stone age maori.. John
Of course it should, It should be stopped altogether. The more I read about Jacinda’s government the worse I feel about this country and where its headed. No thought has been given by Jacinda and her government about combating Delta. I am very worried about Christmas and the thought of Aucklanders and the non vaccinated be allowed to roam around NZ. Also where are our booster shots? This country has gone to the dogs under her. Kerin
We must stop this madness, apartheid has no place in New Zealand society. There should be no race based authorities in New Zealand. Ross
Focus now must be on Covid not restructuring the health system Kim
Absolutely. Colleen
If the government really wants to improve the health system, radical decentralisation and localisation would be a much better route to take. Andrew
We don’t need apartheid here in any form! Allan
until a more appropriate time.If the money spent supporting wages had instead been spent on the health system so the country could operate without restrictions we would have a first rate health system instead of our mess peter
Unbelievable David
New Zealanders need to wake up to smiling assassin who is supposedly our pm. Jane
Racist and divisive. It needs to be dumped along with the people promoting it Charles
NO-ONES health should be judged by skin colour & maori should NEVER have their own health system that are tax payer funded,its upto us to oppose this colour system its OUR MONEY NOT jacindas. Cindy
YES, this is a load of BULLSHIT, this is another way of giving more and more to iwi why can’t they just learn to live as the rest of the country do, its just want want want and take take take all the time us real kiwis are getting a real guts full of this shit, i’am a sixth generation kiwi and i have had enough and this dam labour government, so come on kiwis lets get rid of them they have dropped the ball on this delta and let it go, dropped the ball on health and stuffing it up, dropped the ball on tree waters and going to stuff it up and the list just goes on and on its really time for them to go before we don’t have anything left that’s worth having, this PM and her party are turning this country into another South Africa all for the sake of 16% of the population and stuff the rest of us, not dam well good enough. The sooner they are gone the better of we will be, i wonder what happened to we will govern for all kiwis? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. COLIN
Should never have been started. This government has not got a single brain between them. Just look at the names and try to conjure up some worthwhile thing one of them has done since being in office. So, the policy is if you get a positive test, you are sent home to harden up or die. Preferably die because that way they don’t have to provide non-existent medical help for you. This caused by the governments complete inept strategy of concentrating on vaccination roll out, which they screwed up, wasting time staff and money on a health restructure, and ignoring the fact that other countries have been successfully treating and curing covid patients with existing drugs. The government%u2019s most effective future action, which would give the country a little hope, would be to resign en masse. This way we would have an election which would enable us to elect some grown-ups to run the country. Apart from that we%u2019re off to hell in a handcart. TerryM
It is racist and is unneccesary. It only benefits a small percentage of the population who after all are only part Maori. Andrew
People need a chance to think about these huge reinventions being proposed by the Labour Party. With everyone dealing with Covid and Lockdowns this is not the time to force these changes. Rod
This article should be emailed to very person that has an email address, especially all the voters who put this person into a position of power. bill
It is nothing short of scandalous that a government is passing laws of this nature, with serious and wide-ranging implications for NZ, while the vast majority of the country is distracted with the fear mongering message of a pandemic which, for the vast majority of its victims, is no worse than the flu. Nick
Whilst many Maori have been badly served by the present Health System this proposed restructure is undemocratic and almost communistic. Shaun
It will establish by law an apartheid health system governed by greedy iwi more interested in power money and introducing Maori medicine to the detriment of everybody’s health Kay
it should never have been cooked up by ardern in the first, place, but to keep the maori party elite happy she has gone along with it, in my opinion she just doesn’t care about New Zealand or it’s people, I hope she pays a high price for her arrogance. Merryl
It should also be reviewed and all racist reference in the Bill be removed. It should also be simplified into one Ministry to run the health system without all the add on committees and Boards for greater efficiency. There should be no separatism or apartheid in this country. . John
It’s madness to change anything in the health system at this stage of infection in the country. It is only common sense not to alter anything, lives will be lost at this inappropriate decision. Carol
NEW ZEALAND For ALL New Zealanders Shirley
one rule for all claire
Delta is going to go right though NZ in the next year and half. the effects on the health system at this stage are unknown, changes now may turn the health system into chaos Les
It is an inappropriate progression of needed health reform Mark
Immediately and irrefutably. Garrick
Without doubt. The side issue is government pushing Maori health and basically to hell with everyone else. This government is an absolute disgrace. Enough. chris
It is APARTHEID charles
It is a racist piece of legislation. Ian
This is just another racist drive by the prime minister for control by Maori of New Zealand Peter
This government is without conscience – it is a revolutionary disaster. John
The main problem with the health system seems to be the different computer programs that cant share information. We desperately need early treatment protocols to be available here, in NZ, they work !! Allan
no need to change at all, look after ALL people in NZ irrespective of skin colour gerard
shelve it of all times for a raciest agenda to be pushed through. Time to stop these treasonist people for good, One country One people Nigel
Shelve it permanently. Pete
It is apartheid. More importantly too many valuable medical staff will leave NZ. Along with a lot of others. No one except Maori and Labour called for this. They have no mandate and will destroy NZ as a liberal modern democracy for tribal rule. June
Absolutely – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Scott
Our PM is an absolute Communist Dictator & idiot who is ruining New Zealand & we need to get rid of her & her Government asap. david
This is pure spite by a bitch who should not have so much power. Where are the Nats (Judith Collins) And the PRO Vaccine David Seymour? Their silence is sinister. Are they in agreement with Comrade Arderns plan to turn NZ into a communist regime under the control of the sinister UN and their New World Oder? How can we rid ourselves of this bitch? Carolyn
I am a regular for out patient health care. We are all equal in Our Country New Zealand and I will not sit ideally by and watch a minority group get separate treatment, at our expense in a Public System Ken
Not just shelved scrapped. Alec
Ideology should not be translated into practice viz Chairman Mao or Stalin. Rather build on strengths we have and only repair what is broken gently. Tikanga Maori is the way things got done pre European times …. Utu revenge, raids, slavery of captured “enemies” , cannabalism witnessed by early European contacts, Maketu for sick banished if they were ill to prevent evil spirits infecting others etc.. pakeha Tikanga is based of the Ten commandments driving our laws. Thats why the first signaturies to the treaty accepted a more peaceful way and agreed to governance by the Crown so they could get their descendants ahead. Makateta
2 tier/ Separatist systems operate so just more public servants to manage. Higher costs for wages in Govt which comes from out taxes. Samuiel
If it is pushed through this is even more evidence we are heading more and more into a socialist, racist government. Brian
Yes, as should the government. Alan
Absolutely wrong time due to COVID. No mandate. John
It is giving 16 per cent of The population special Health care Ian
It is all for Maori no one else. Ron
Not just the dismissal of the health system racialisation , include all the other racially based idiocy this communist government is imposing on the country. Opposition in the form of ‘marching in the streets’ is like farting against thunder – a trimerous voice it is never going to be heard in the halls of parliament over the strident demands of their tribal caucus. The ideologies of supposedly enlightened leaders has and will result in long term suffering of the wider population while the same leaders are frequently lauded on the international stage as visionaries and liberators. Waiting until the end of 2023 to oust this most divisive dictatorship is going to be too late. If we end up with idealistic teenagers voting we are going to be in for a ‘long winter’. Can New Zealand afford to wait the 30 – 40 years it has historically taken for communist regimes to fail and ‘normalcy’ to return ? Never more has the refrain ‘God defend New Zealand’ been more poignant. Ted
Of course it should. Tribalism is the antithesis of modern civilization and will drag NZ back into an apartheid stone age. John
It is ridiculous in the middle of a pandemic and should not happen at all in terms of the power it confers on Maori. Lynne
She has no right Bill
The fact that Andrew Little has pushed this through in 3 months is appalling with no media coverage and the fact the John Tamaheri has such a hold on this Board, his father in law created the Maori Board, his wife is on the Board and his son-in-law is one of the co leaders of the Maori Party, another member of the MB is the younger sister of nanaia Mahuta and was responsible for the Maori inclusion on local council to be mandated with no rights given to the rate payers . Ingrid
Ridiculous Anon
yes especially in its current form and in the middle of a pandemic. Erin
Yet another racist & divisive bill from this disastrous & dangerous government. God help New Zealand & rescue our once great country from these treasonous clowns! Rex
No. Definitely NOT. This is apartheid it is destroy NZ Joyce
I support all the reasons given by nzcpr trish
It will just be another mess by this Govt. Time we got rid of these incompetent’s Frank
enormous racial divide looming not only in health but all areas john
there is no place in nz for a race segregated health system … Louanne
Whilst I agree with most of your newsletter this week, Muriel, there are a few things that I take issue with Mandated jabs should be done away with altogether, not just for those who work. Dr Chetty is just one of many many physicians who have been successfully treating covid patients for the past 12-18 mths. Dr Peter McCullough is one. He treats very sick patients successfully. The key, though, is to introduce these effective treatment protocols asap, preferably by day 3 of symptoms. Finally, these protocols are not new, but they have been evolving. They have been censored by governments and the msm in preparation for big pharmas launch of covid treatments, which will be made available at record rip-off prices,,,,,watch this space! Sharen
It’s time to forget the nice & polite with this mob. They are going to pass it whatever. They have hides as thick as elephants. If they strip the country from you as you know it then there is a price tp pay. Wherever you see a labour MP whether it is the supermarket, the street, the beach give them a blunt assessment of what you think of these reforms on health, 3 waters etc. Make them a constant part of their lives and don’t let up. ever. Make it a reminder that they will live with for years. Protest anytime you know where one of them is. No need to make it threatening, the sheer constancy of it will send them scuttling like the undercover crawlers they are. Terry
people do not realize the health system is stalled by the plans to restructure- it is idiotic to restructures a health system during a pandemic mary
Health system should not be segregated by race Lyn
Horis should pay for their own health system or make use of what is provided now. They have to help themselves first. wisen up and learn. This country is stuffed.. mike
And then abandoned. Until we start to make this country one that is completely colour-blind with regard to all laws and regulations then we are liable to have this reoccur. Roger
What they are doing is madness Colin
Further segregation of our Country by this inept Government. Disgusting waste of tax payers money. Kerry
All legislation should be colour blind on a needs basis. Ideology has no place in our governance. The Treaty of Waitangi has been totally railroaded and reworded and has become a fraud. Steve
I am sick and tired of the racist policies of apartheid of this communist government- since when has NZ been a country of two races Maori and non Maori – the racist rhetoric of this PM and her mates sickens me Ihaia
Exacerbating racial division within a nation always ends badly. That this Government doesn’t understand that, is part of their pattern of failure. Any and all policies and laws contrary to one nation (New Zealand), one team, one law for all, must be abandoned. Ron
Racial division plus administration and other complications are obvious Maurice
Not only Shelved but totally abolished. One people one law for all. No racial policy is acceptably in NEW ZEALAND, dON
It is racial madness. Stop it. Terry
one country one system John
If nothing else, we certainly don’t need a seaparate Health system for Maori. I am Maori and the thought appalls me. Mike
Concentrate on treatment of Covid, and allow Drs to decide on treatment of their patients. Not Jacinda and her bunch of in effective politicians. Pierre
Most definitely! Darryl
A bureaucratic response to a community issue as regards management of a health service Brian
It should be dumped. Glyn
At this time of a global crisis, it’s inappropriate, insensitive and cruel because New Zealand Public is already under lockdown pressure and cannot fairly respond. Sharron
The racial component makes the Pae Ora bill unacceptable for this country.. it should be removed from consideration or simply rejected. Peter
Absolutely! Kate
Really disruptive when in the middle of a Pandemic but also the divisiveness of the proposal. Graeme
It doesn’t make sense and it’s not the right time for this anyway Aphrodite
It is racial, and will divide this country even more. Peter
Ardern has no mandate from New Zealand to implement this racist policy David
The present structure based on race should be permanently shelved, with a regional structure with regional input based on a reduced number of Health Boards catering for all. David
Current govt is Marxist Graeme
This mob couldn’t restructure any thing properly. Ranald
Making huge changes to the health system during a pandemic is reckless. Once the pandemic has passed then is the time for explanation and review and a referendum. Heather
There is already evidence of Maori getting preferential treatment over terminally ill Kiwis. Patricia
No need for it Mike
The Health Service in New Zealand should be fair for all people based on need not race. A restructure during a pandemic is absurd. Elizabeth
It’s just another divide in an already divided country. And I’ll comment here, as I can’t find another place to do so. Vaccinated people will be super spreaders of Covid. Their vital loads tend to be higher than non vaccinated. An unvaccinated will feel crook and stay home. A vaccinated person won’t feel as ill so they’ll go on as normal and be spreading it the whole time. Ruth
It should be totally discarded. It is racist and divisive. Leave the Health system alone until this virus has settled and there is sanity around our health system. Elizabeth
Ridiculous to be even thinking about a health review at this stage, all resources should be concentrated on ensuring that we come through this Covid in the best possible shape. Sheryl
We are all one people.Maori have no hope of a better separate health system than I have enjoyed through my life. David
The proposed restructure is complete stupidity and does nothing to help our struggling medical professionals at a time when they need support. Sally
No need to turn the hospital system upside down, in the last stage of moving to gain some control over Covid-19. The outcome is still unknown. warwick
Insane racism and lacking in any fairness. Louise
It should be shelved permanently. mike
All apartheid legislation and regulations must be stopped Frank
not just shelved .Totally removed as being an apartheid based agenda . She is certainly on a mission to destabilize New Zealand and drive wedges between Europeans and maori Where the hell are the legal fraternity ? Surely some sort of legal challenge is possible Sadly even some Labour Politicians must find their leaders actions abhorrent .Are they ALL so morally bankrupt ? National and Act our only hope for a rational Govt are a little disappointing perhaps they may yet step up and confirm our confidence in them ,I will still vote National only because ,she has to go . Ray
It should be hung, drawn & upwards quartered, never to be seen again. Graeme
More important things to worry about Susan
The so called ‘other populations’ in this apartheid legislation will be left to die unless they-the 83% majority- can conjure up some Maori ancestry. Also the hospitals will once again be over run with gang members – at the moment gang colours are banned. The Maori elite and Iwi will be very happy to have gangs intimidate the specified other populations to stay away and die elsewhere. Brenda
The system should be restructered or improved but not the way the Government id wanting to do it Kevin
Absolutely what a total waste of money in this troubled time. Andrew
Attempting to restructure the health system in the middle of a pandemic is lunacy. Rod
Apartheid. Murray
Not just shelved but cut to pieces and burnt, never to be seen again … same applies to Ardern and her monkeys. Its time for all real NewZealanders to rise up and fight against this savage government. Des
No option – any furtherance of the Bill is dangerous and ‘apartiet rules’. Carl
Abso-bloody-lutely!! Why fix something when it’s not broken purely just to appease a certain ethnic group that’s radicalizing this country. Tony
nd now is certainly not the time to be messing around changing the current status Stewart
This is not health for all NZers it’s a disgusting betrayal of our democratic way of making changes. Peter
The proposed model is racist and will never work Merv
totally Matt
Shelving implies that it will sit there waiting to be enacted at a future date. It should be gotten rid of permanently. Ravi
APARTHEID in NZ is being entrenched further by this government. Divide and rule! Geoff
It’s already underway. https://whakarongorau.nz/ Kevin
Cancelled not shelved Wayne
In an attempt to install their radical ideology this Labour government appears to have lost all common sense. Health care should be a priority for all New Zealanders. Measures should have been put into place at the beginning of the covid pandemic. We had the luxury of watching overseas developments. What the heck! Trying to push through an apartheid health system while all this is going on. If New Zealanders don’t get rid of all this nonsense then they deserve what’s coming. Also, more information was needed at the beginning. Oh, the next government needs to scrap all race based systems. Janine
Department of health needs an inquiry into itself. It’s management and procedures. How it connects to DHBs ,PMO s and the people. Covid 29 has certainly shown it’s shortcomings Wade
The number of DHBs should be reduced only. Barbara
Having returned to live here from overseas we are dismayed at the segregation the Govt is pursuing. Carol
Labour have no mandate to restructure the health system. Health of New Zealanders in no way should be influenced by the Treaty. We need to vote these racist idiots out of parliament Rick
It’s a madness to continue with it during Covid an it’s racist anyway Larry
It is racist and biased and undemocratic. We are a team of 5 million under this proposed legislation Avril
This is starting to look more like a depopulation programme than a covid response. It’s absolutely the wrong time to be making radical changes to an already stretched health system and we do not need or want anything to do with co-governance! Brenda
Race based idea no goof for Nz. Kt
I don’t want to see NZ divided by ethnicity. Margaret
also put our prime minister and her team on the back shelve Jimmy
Most definately Mick
In the proposed form, not cancelled, permanently cancelled. Graham
Calling it a health system is an oxymoron Collin
apartheid has no place in NZ John
With NZ’s carbon output so long it’s all about Ardern looking good on the international stage Graeme
Who would have thought NZ could be ruined in such a short time, Sad Ken
We need a cohesive and well funded health system Maggie
This is not the time for changing things nor should health be decided on racist lines Marg
If only because it is racist, like virtually everything this government impliments. Rick
Definitely Dianne
More racist legislation Greg
Let a monster be created and we can watch it fail as Maori fight with each other and no decisions will be made..It will be the CIRCUS of the decade. RICHard
Beautiful the Labour government could not get it right. NOTHING they have done so far works or is good for the country Jan
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Kevan
Prioritise limited financial resource to cope with effects of this pandemic David
Stop wasting money and resources on a separate race based system. We are all the same under our different colored skin Ken
Outrageous centralised racist bureaucracy Hylton
It is obvious that the whole system needs streamlining so keep going Graeme
The divide to rule ploy of this government has to been made known internationally. It has nothing to do with human rights or equality and is now a ruthless left wing tool. Max
Health or for that matter nothing should be race based Alan
This is a racist proposal by the Govt and the Maori’s promoting it. Chris 
Absolutely. This is madness on a grand scale. Murray
Absolutely! A recipe for even more disaster than the Govt handling of Covid. It needs to be canned immediately and should never have reached Select Committee while NZ had been unable to effectively control Covid. Total inhumane inconsideration based purely on racism! Robyn
More consideration needs to be given to this move. Historically there have been wide disparities between Maori and European health outcomes so there’s some need to redress this but the current proposal goes too far. Janet
Never, never, never must anything in a just society depend on a person’s race. I hate racism. Andy
Better still, not just ‘shelved’, but thrown out in it’s entirety! And HER with it! Coral
No brainer..everything Ardern does should be shelved. She%u2019s an imbecile. Matt
this racist govt will be the death of labour murray
Racist Helen
Inequitable as a proposed system. Governance – as a model – should be put to a referendum not built up as precedent. mary
Absolutely. Our current PM is the architect of a divided NZ. Her socialist principles are at the forefront of all her decisions ( in my opinion) John
obvious Peter
Racist policy that has no benefit to any New Zealanders Reg
What is going on under the cover of the pandemic is awful. This Bill has no place in a modern society. We are being dragged back to the dark ages of tribalism and apartheid.  Gordon
What a disaster the Labour Government has turned out to be. Everything they do turns into a mess. Health is far too important to be ruined by racists who want to impose their divisive ideas onto the country. Roger
Putting race ahead of health needs is completely unnacceptable. This bill must be scrapped.  Sue
How do we get the public to wake up to what is going on? Paul
Of course the bill should be scrapped. The mandates should be scrapped. Labour should be scrapped as well! John