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Democracy Under Attack

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Democracy has been described as a ‘fragile flower’. Indeed it is, and it’s something we take for granted because our relatively young society has not yet experienced its collapse. But it’s that complacency along with a naive assumption that serious social disorder could never really happen here, that has created opportunities for those who seek to undermine democracy for their own personal gratification and enrichment.

The sad truth is that we have allowed those who want to subvert democracy to have a free reign.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator retired Judge and former university law lecturer Anthony Willy, outlines what’s been going on: 

“Until the passing of the Resource Management Amendment Act 2017 the business of territorial local authorities was conducted by the elected representatives of the citizens living in the particular area. That is no longer the case. Henceforth councils will be required to share their statutory powers with self-selected, unelected entities. This marks the end of democratic local government in New Zealand for the obvious reason that the elected members are no longer sovereign but must take account of the wishes of the self-selected group none of whom will be required to submit to the ballot box.”

Anthony is, of course, referring to the consequences of the back-room political deal making  between the National and Maori parties earlier this year to unilaterally pass their ‘Mana Whakahono a Rohe’ agreements into law in such a way as to deny all public consultation and avoid any scrutiny by the wider public whatsoever.

By National’s own admission, the new powers that they granted are significant.  They will elevate any number of Maori tribal and family groups into positions of partnership with their local authorities for “plan-making, consenting, appointment of committees, monitoring and enforcement, bylaws, regulations and other council statutory responsibilities” – including over fresh water.

Anthony goes on to say, “Given that the activities of local authorities play an increasingly important role in our lives this has the potential for far reaching consequences. No longer will the contents of the district plans which control all important aspects of land and water use, and any activities involving discharges to the atmosphere, be arrived at with the consent and input of the occupants of the district, but they will become subject to the wishes of unelected groups.”

He further explains, “Democracy has fathered a notion of equal importance and that is the ‘Rule of Law’. This is a lawyer’s construct and little discussed or even understood by the general public. It involves the simple imperative that laws enacted by our democratically elected government will be applied equally to all irrespective of creed, colour or social circumstance. The combination of democratic government and the rule of law are the twin pillars on which all of our freedoms rest. Without the support of both pillars the house cannot stand. Absent either of these foundations, the liberties  we hold dear cannot survive and one of the competing forms of government will come back to haunt us.”  

In legislating Maori tribal groups into the status of an elite ruling class that is totally unaccountable to the public, the National Party has undermined the Rule of Law in New Zealand and corrupted democracy as we know it.

It’s fair to ask, how on earth it could have got to this stage – has the nation been asleep while iwi leaders have been advancing their sovereignty agenda?

While the iwi agenda has not been secret, it has not been entirely open either. Much of their manoeuvring has been carried out under the guise of helping disadvantaged Maori. As a result, most New Zealanders have been totally unaware that a long-running and well-planned offensive has been underway.

Some, however, have been trying to raise the alarm for years.

For more than two decades, Professor Elizabeth Rata of Auckland University has warned of the threat being posed by the bicultural movement in New Zealand. She has outlined how a powerful cultural elite from within Maoridom – who were committed to subverting democracy – were positioned inside the State system, to destroy it from within.

According to Professor Rata, biculturalism arose in the seventies, driven by left wing activists who were seeking an alternative to traditional class politics.

What they found, of course, was cultural Marxism – a socialist philosophy originated by a former leader of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci, who saw ‘culture’ as the way to win the class struggle. While the traditional battle to ‘liberate’ the working class involved taking control of the ‘economic means of production and distribution’, he focused on controlling the ‘cultural means of production’. His work inspired a literal socialist march through culture-forming institutions such as the media, universities, and churches – enlightening those within about the struggle for social justice by ‘oppressed’ groups in society, centred on race, gender, and sexuality.

Professor Rata explained that many ‘biculturalists’ moved into positions of power and influence in the education and health professions, social services, and government circles, as public servants and politicians, bringing with them their political commitment to the identity politics agenda: “Victimhood was subsequently understood as oppression by colonisation, the patriarchy, and ‘Western’ culture generally – an oppression experienced by ethnic groups, indigenous peoples, women, gays, and religious minorities rather than the capitalist exploitation of working class people.”

Over the years, New Zealanders have been deceived by the bicultural activists, who have claimed that the movement was a means to greater social justice for marginalised Maori. Yet, in reality, it has been used as a Trojan Horse to enable a rich and powerful tribal elite to grow stronger at a cost to disadvantaged Maori, who are little better off today than they were back then.

John Moore, writing on the Liberation blog run by Dr Bryce Edwards of Otago University, has called identity politics an “elitist scam” that enables the state largesse flowing to groups claiming to be marginalised, to end up in the hands of the elites who run the groups, instead of those in need: “Modern social-liberalism – in the form of identity politics – has been exposed as an elitist scam. Gender politics and tino rangatiratanga struggles were all presented as a way to alleviate the poverty, oppression and discrimination of those at the bottom of society. Instead these ideologies have acted to elevate… an elite of those from subjugated sectors of society…”

Professor Rata has also pointed out that while the agenda promoted by biculturalists occurs in the name of social justice, the path to social justice cannot be through ethnic division.

This was reinforced by former US President Barack Obama in 2006, when he said, “Ethnic-based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much of the pie as possible to one’s family, tribe, or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of the society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce, people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems, it divides neighbour from neighbour.”

The reality is that tribalism is an archaic social structure that suits the tribal elite, and no one else. Yet this is what National is supporting through massive state subsidies.

Policies enacted under the tribal ‘by Maori for Maori’ bicultural umbrella have led to separate Maori education systems, Maori university quotas, Maori health care, Maori welfare programmes, Maori housing schemes, and Maori justice programmes. There are Maori government departments and tribunals, Maori-only consultation rights, Maori-only co-governance rights, Maori-only tax rates, and Maori-only charitable status – to name but a few of a vast array of separatist privileges that now exist to support tribalism.

The problem is that the pressure for more tribal power and control is never-ending. Now the Maori Party not only wants to restructure the entire Justice System on “the basis of the Treaty of Waitangi and the foundation of partnership”, but it is also pushing “cultural competency” and a “Maori world view” across the whole of the public sector.

The education system is the latest victim, with cultural competency requirements having become compulsory from 1 July. As a result, all primary and secondary school teachers now have to “Demonstrate a commitment to a bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand” and prioritise “Maori learners as tangata whenua”.

As Professor Barend Vlaardingerbroek explained recently in an article for the NZCPR, “Passive acquiescence won’t do any more: teachers must now be personally committed to this political paradigm. This is where the new standards leave the democratic domain and enter the totalitarian realm. Bang go teachers’ rights as citizens to hold their own opinions without interference. New Zealand teachers are being deprived of a fundamental right of all citizens in a democracy – the right to disagree with ideological dicta promulgated by the political elite. This right is not about letting teachers get away with denigrating or abusing Maori kids, which falls foul of the duty of care and professional ethics. This is about hitting teachers who are actual or potential political dissenters with a stark choice: submit or vacate. And that is enforced ideological conformity – the antithesis of democracy and an infringement of teachers’ internationally acknowledged human rights.”

With there now being a critical shortage of teachers in New Zealand, one can’t help but wonder whether compulsory cultural competency requirements, that requires all teachers to not only swear an allegiance to the Maori sovereignty agenda, but to indoctrinate the children as well, is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back.

It’s all emerging as Professor Rata warned. The bicultural movement was captured by radical Maori separatists who will not stop until Maori control all governance processes – they want to return the country to Maori. “The bicultural movement in New Zealand has been a mistake – it is subverting democracy, erecting ethnic boundaries between Maori and non-Maori, and promoting a cultural elite within Maoridom.”

But she has also warned that there are two sides to biculturalism – the small elite group that are promoting it and the much larger group that is allowing it to happen.

And that’s where our fragile flower of democracy stands today.

So, what of the future and the possibility of a new government come 23 September?

The National Party has already said that if it wins sufficient support it would prefer to enter into another coalition agreement with the Maori Party after the election.

This news will have no doubt caused many former National voters to despair.

Anyone in doubt about the merits of National’s liaison with the Maori Party needs only reflect on the mess that National’s concession to the Maori Party over the foreshore and seabed has caused, whereby hundreds of Maori groups, gifted with millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to fund their opportunistic grab for New Zealand’s coastline, have lodged claims covering every square inch of our coast, many times over, forcing citizens to have to fight to protect our public rights.

Labour, it appears, would be no better as their leader Andrew Little has already said he supports Maori sovereignty. So too does the Green Party, which also wants a new constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi.

That’s also one of the goals of Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party – to increase Maori rights and put the Treaty at the heart of all Government affairs.

At this stage the only dissenting voice is that of Winston Peters with his call for a binding referendum of all voters on the future of the Maori seats – which, of course, are the power base of the bicultural movement and their Maori sovereignty agenda.   

As the election jostling continues, one can only hope that more political parties will come to recognise the crucial importance of the Rule of Law and Democracy to New Zealanders – and realise that overwhelmingly, Kiwis want to live in a country where all citizens are treated equally.


Do you think the general public in New Zealand are too complacent about the rise of the Maori sovereignty movement?


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Definitely. There is an insidious group wanting to call the country Aotearoa New Zealand! By the same token, we should call the Government Maori National — until September 23. With apologies to Shakespeare, I say: :Out Damned Government! Kevan
The MSM have been particularly remiss if not downright deceitful in its reporting albeit more often failure to report, on Maori Sovereignty matters. This is so conspicuous as to be assumed to be part of a MSM agenda. Moreover the actions of the Department and MP Findlayson are arguably less than transparent in process and somewhat brief in conclusion. The result is the Public have been ill served by an agenda driven sector to the point that the public “Doesnt Adequately Know” the reality or ramifications. To compound the problem the education system has been hijacked by socialists who have rammed a distorted view of socialism and distorted so called rights across the community, which has culminated in the confusion of the public, especially the new generation that have grown up on the welfare of student loans rather than the practicality of physical work and overtime. What the public fail to grasp is the understanding that: Maori Claims Payments, are simply a mechanism for International Bankers to unlock Public “Commons” Resources and feed them into the private arena, where they can be picked off by the old method of mortgage and credit cycles. Once out of Public ownership hands (Crown) and into private hands (trusts) these resources are lost to the country, one parcel at a time. Make no mistake, if the Maori grievance industry were not based on taking (ie money and resources), if it required the substantially whole input from Maori itself, the TOW and its industry pretenders would disappear out of sight. For too long now the blinded voters have relied upon the conservative National Party to do the right thing, little realizing their mistake. However 2020 election is shaping to be a civil wrenching change as the agenda policies on both sides climax in failure, resulting not only in leadership change but in new direction. Richard
I speak to young people, some of whom are family members. They don’t know what is going on and don’t give a stuff. They are too busy working and raising families to be bothered about this sort of thing. The lack of interest by younger people is disappointing and they won’t know what they have lost until it’s gone. You can talk about it but their eyes glaze over and you know you are wasting your breath. Guess it’s up to the older brigade to defend what was fought for. Mike
Our low percentage voting at general elections of concern. Gordon
I think most of the general public are unaware of what’s going on to put democracy at risk. Compulsory (legislated) Maori representation on local bodies was done behind most people’s backs. National has got far too close to the Maori Party, and has contributed to the widening division between Maori and everyone else, where Maori are given many privileges (including huge amounts of money for which they are not accountable). We are an increasingly divided nation, but again, many people don’t perceive this. Good for Winston Peters for making a firm stand about a referendum for all citizens about the continuation, or not, of the Maori seats. Laurence
The silent majority. Konrad
I do not think many NZers understand what the Government has done to its people All this just to remain in power. I have been a National voter all my life but not sure this time. But there really isn’t any other creditable opposition. Wendy
A European told me that nzers are politically ignorant, I was a bit stunned but now i believe this to be true. Terry
The National Party in order to get into power and given in to the Maori activists has sacrificed us New- Zealand people to the Maori activists. Theodorus
Political correctness forces people to shut up about such things, so perhaps it isn’t complacency so much as the reluctance to speak out, for fear of consequences, much akin to eastern europe under the soviets. Democracy is the dicatatorship of the majority. It isn’t perfect but all the other options are far worse. We need to appreciate democracy more, for fear of losing it and perhaps we are closer to that than we think. WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND and stand up for our democracy by opposing political correctness. B
We are at the crisis point Democracy or Totalitarianism. If we do not put a stop to the growing issue and problem of “biculturism then the country could end up as a Totalitarian one – heaven forbid. Brian
All my friends are hopelessly ignorant & apathetic. Why I do not know or understand. By the time they wake-up it shall be too late to undo the insane damage National is inflicting on its traditional support. Vote Winston and its likely the Greens will co-govern NZ. with the media darling now Labour’s leader. We’re stuffed Bro! Thanks Sir Geoffery,Sir Doug, Lady Helen and Sir John David
Complacency involves those who know not bothering to act. The Government and Maori have been successful in keeping the public generally unaware. Trevor
Only because the public have not been informed by the left-wing media who are biased and collude with left-wing parties to fill their, especially TV programs, with propaganda and indoctrination such as Duncan Garner on TV3’s Am show. Monica
The general public sit on their hands while the Maori sovereignty movement carries on its insidious take over of our country. Te reo and the Maori “culture” is forced on us – the rewritten version of course. John Key’s loyalty to the U.N. rather than to his country and the National Govt. encouraged the Maori sovereignty movement. Why has his motives never been investigated? Isobel
New Zealanders, like many other people in the World are apathetic in what is going on around them. Because of this I believe New Zealand racial tension with Maori will escalate rapidly leading to a Civil War (hopefully non-violent) in this country. Allowing separate sovereignty for different ethnic races in any Country is a recipe for disaster. The most dangerous people in New Zealand are not Maori elitists who want separate rule from the rest of us but those Non-Maori who think it is the right way to go. Anarchy and Civil Disobedience appears to be the only option for most New Zealanders should this false Ideology continue to prevail. Martin
god? help the kiwi if ever this comes to pass, we will all go back to grass huts and dirt floors, head hunting, tribal war, and general mayhem James
It must be stopped before it is too late. Complacency is not an option. Norm
It is a very frightening state of affairs! I can’t believe it is being allowed to happen! Sylvia
We are all a nation of sheep and just stand there and let it happen. How National politicians can sleep at night is beyond me. Fraser
Yes, watch out NZ the Maoris are coming, there could even be another Maori war, let’s hope NZ First gets enough power to put these greedy sods in their place. Athol
Uninformed, ignorant, but worse, apethetic! Ted
New Zealand seems to have lost its way this week. The Maori sovereignity movement could walk away with the spoils if we are not more vigilant. Labour has already lost the plot, leaderless as it is….oh sure they have some aspiring front runners but nobody with proven ability at anything much, National needs to Try Harder, (like Avis cars), the Greens have gone to the opportunist challenger to the welfare administration, and that leaves Our Winnie at the top of the heap. Quo Vadis, , Kiwis????. Mabel
Appeasement led to 6 years of hell-on-earth and still we don’t learn. Just the mention of ‘White rights’ brings down howls of “racism’ and ‘elitism’ from the very sector of the population who are committed to Maori separatism and elitism. And the sound of acquiescence is the silence of those who are White with reducing rights. Keith
Absolutely! Too complacent about lots of things. People get what they deserve. We are fools to allow it to continue. Why is the media too scared to address the issue? Lesley
Politicians have allowed Maori to make unacceptable advances in return for votes! Jim
Very unusual for a National Government to play the racist card, but the present Government has been playing the Maori race card ever since it became the Government., just to get Maori votes. By doing this, they are turning our system of democracy into a third world racist system. Unfortunately, the general public does not seem to be aware of the racist corruption that is growing in this country. Marshall.
That is exactly why I will be voting for Winston. I hope he can get in and stop this rot if it is not too late! Murray
Most voters don’t understand the concept of b-cultural partnership Simon
No special treatment for one group over others should apply. Violet
I have for years being trying to pass this message on, but the young of today i.e. my son and daughter and their friends don’t believe me. . Kay
Yes National MP’s as with most others, Except NZ First, are only there to feather there own nest . I have never voted for Winston , but the two of us are going to this time, as are many of our retired friends Stan
There is no doubt in my mind that the shortage of teachers is in part a reflection of this lack of choice and degree of compulsion. Brian
Yet another example of the acceptance of misleading “conventional wisdom” widely promoted by academics, politicians, the media, and special interest lobbyists. “She’ll be right”. Sandy
Of they are. They are only interested in the bread to feed them and the Circuses that entertain they and they will wake up one day when we are having learn Maori protocol and all the other stone age crap that comes with it. Colin
Yes, because its being purposely kept quiet by the fabulous Govt – tantamount to committing treason. Bruce
There is a lot of muttering but when push comes to shove the ‘average’ NZer doesn’t want to be seen to be committed except if it’s got something to do with rugby. Barend
The apathy of New Zealand citizens is truly beyond belief. We reap what we sow and our future looks bleaker every day. Frank
Maori are not indigenous they are refugees of Taiwan/Formasa. Mike
There is no doubt Kiwi’s are complacent about this issue. If one is to believe the current election polls showing National holding a significant lead, most have not considered the ramifications of signing away their democratic rights. Whether this is because in the past this country has enjoyed the priviledges of living in a democracy and have assumed this will continue unabated. It is time for the voting public to reconsider with some urgency the long term effect this will have on future generations. At the risk of repeating myself, the actions of this National led government has done more harm, in my view, to race relations in this country than ever before. Democracy has been eroded to the detriment of all of its citizens of whatever background. Wake up NZ. Chris
Sadly, I have seen democracy in this country being destroyed yet hardly anyone is alarmed; hardly anyone is crying out a warning. Even the means to sound a warning are almost non-existent for television has dumbed down news until what is purveyed is basically just entertainment and the dozens of privately-owned newspapers which once were independent and fearless in exposing falsehood are now owned by only two money-making corporations which are interested only in making profit and tend to simply ape what TV does. Rob
YES ! And most definitely, we are asleep. There are statists amongst us in the form of communists and fascists and who would be outraged if I were to accuse them personally of being labelled as such. They have learned their ideas from our universities, schools and yes, most of our churches. The remainder of us have absorbed these corrupting ideas and non values by a process of cultural osmosis. By and large, our television news and political forums are a national disgrace. The remedy – desubsidise and privatise these institutions. I would strongly recommend a local and recently published book against New Zealand apartheid or modern separatism: ONE WE WERE ONE, The Fraud Of Modern Separatism by Andy Oakley available from Tross Publishing in Wgtn. Don
Without a shadow of doubt. We are complete idiots and have bought into this absolute b/s about Maori hardship/poverty/ alienated from their land and entitlements etc. If Maori are financially or socially disadvantaged it it because in some cases they are being absolutely ripped off by their own tribal ‘leaders’. The Maori gravy train is always a very heavy freight train, stacked with money and favours handed out by the disasterous W. Tribunal with the help of disenguous (at best or crooked) politicians of most colours or persuasion. Specially at present by what has been my party – The Nats – in particular Finlayson and Dr Smith!! Winson is practically the only MP – and hopefully some of his party – who is prepared to, and does, stand up to Maori and all their numerous rorts, and tell it to them like it is! For God’s sake people wake up!! Frank
Complacency regarding Maori sovereignty-separatism is largely fostered by an almost total lack of factual media coverage. Henry
Most are half asleep Peter
Yes yes yes and NZ public needs to have the blindfold taken off on this matter John
Far too complacent bloody stupid is what we are Barry
It borders on total Apathy. Apart from the fact that the continual indoctrination of youth which perpetuates the lie that Colonisation has reduced Maori to a non-entity; most of New Zealand%u2019s population are frankly uninterested in Politics. Other interests abound, and the ever present threat of being labelled a Racist frightens most people. We have been anesthetised by a constant barrage of identity politics and an over emphasis on indigenous cultural rights which are anti democratic. Despite being promulgated by incessant United Nations indulgence on Indigenous Rights; ahead of any majority decision of the people, a pathway our Politicians follow blindly This used to be a country which decades ago, led the world in its democratic virtues and institutions of democracy. Now we see our Local Government elections being seduced into accepting an appointment based system; solely structured on the ethnic demands by a minority. Whose political blackmail of our present Government is a total disgrace and is a copy of the Feudal tribal system . The continuation of our blatant acceptance of Iwi demands for self government, for their own Justice system will eventually lead to a Maori dictatorship and is a betrayal of future generations. Readers should read the recent Blog by Melanie Phillips, which indicates the pathway political parties are taking to retain power. Brian Brian
Thanks for enlightening us about these undemocratic shenanigans. Anthony
In the late 60s I was studying Political Science and was surprised to hear our lecturer point out that we had reverse discrimination in our country – this has been happening for a very long time; and insidious evil. Sylvienne
And the very party (National) that should be stopping this march to sovereignty is selling the country short. Anon
I personally believe the general public are blind as to what is happening to democracy in New Zealand and the only reason I have some knowledge of what is happening is through NZCPR.com and Hobson’s Pledge. Derrick
We no longer have any Trust or Faith in the Integrity of our politicians, so generally ignore the lies and misleading declarations, which allows them to create ‘smoke screens’ to disguise their self-serving manipulations. MervB
People NEED to wake up that national is GIVING maori MORE control & rights than ordinary N.Zealanders & STOP national being the government. Cindy
Voters – let us give National, Labour and the Green parties the shock of their lives when they see their polling at this election the lowest on record. Bring a message that the average, silent majority will speak with their vote. Set our nation on a new track BACK to Democracy and tell the sovereignty movement we will not accept their plans to take ownership of this land – the land of our forefathers established without any help from warring tribes. Tell them this — you are not entitled to anything more than equality with every other citizen and get used to it.. GOD DEFEND NEW ZEALAND! Cecelia
What is happening to us? Dr Newman’s article is not the first of such comment on the sad state of our democracy in NZ – but still the majority of us continue to express satisfaction with the authors of the collapse of democratic ethics. National looks like it will bolt in in a few weeks. Perhaps it is as well: they will have to face the revolt when folk eventually wake up to what has been stolen from them. Geoffrey
Absolutly yes. The electorate has been hoodwinked! Brian
Most don’t seem to be aware of what is happening around them. Sad. John
Your article and a lot more of the same need to be bought to the attention of the general public through the main stream media and the on-line social media network. Ron
The reason for this is that the rank and file Kiwi is too busy keeping his/her head above water, which is what the political parties understand and are able to pass laws so easily. If Winston is more assertive with his remarks about immigration and Maori influence he will get my party vote. Steve
The erosion of democracy and NZers soveriegn rights by stealth and corruption has to stop. The compliance of Govt & the media on this rort must be exposed for all NZers to see. The people understand the consequences for our future. Wayne
The general public have no idea of what is happening and the flow-on implications. John
Yes. I find it hard to believe that so many people have their heads stuck in the sand. Children at school are being brainwashed with maori bullshit fed to them and being made to learn to speak maori at the expence of other subjects that are badlyneeded to carry them through life. I would pull my kids out of those classes. Even on Tv1, they slip maori words in to every sentence .. words that no one can understand .. What does uki uki or morina mean??? Grow up Tv1 and put it on maori tv where it belongs!! Why do maori trusts pay no tax, or why put maoris on councils unelected … a thousand more WHYs!!! National has been totally gutless in dealing with promises they made to get rid of maori seats and many other maori issues, thanks to idiot Chris Findlayson. And now, even Labour are saying that they will build 1000,s of new homes to house all the squeeling maoriswho claim to be poor … give me a break! Des
It is a complacency born from a lack of knowledge and a wish to not be involved in what seems to be irrelevant. If Winston Peters is our last hope in ridding the country of the temporary Maori seats which should have been abolished over 100 years ago, can we be sure that the sharply divided opinion of NZ First candidates will allow the referendum to take place??? The message still has to be further publicized and accepted. Chris
Where does the media stand in all this? Owen
We have been for far too long unless we take a stand now it will be too late and the consequences for the whole country will be dire. Steve
Most people are not aware of what’s going on & would be shocked if they did! Leon
They are all wearing blinkers. Porus
Absolutely! Mark
Absolutely not enough people read your lettters Muriel they have their heads in the sand. John
Corruption is the next step when one group have more rights than any other. Richard
They are blind and don’t want to be bothered with the truth – like the world was before the Flood that only Noah and family survived – and, no, the Flood was not worldwide Russell
One for all and all for one Keith
Even the people immediately around me cannot grasp the sly and slow removal of our freedoms. The claim is “they won’t let that happen” but can’t qunatify who they is and when told “they” is actually the government they have have elected, and they are already doing it, it still doesn’t sink in. Kiwi’s really are pathetic. Steve
Yes!! The general public is not interested in what is happening politically but that fact is also brought along by censored mainstream media which have become a political tool to surpress’hot ‘topics and divert the public’s attention away from important political developments.The situation in NZ has become very dangerous for our democracy and our only hope to retain some balance in this absolutely rotten political enviroment is NZ First. The reason why National can be so confident into going into this years election is because the receive financial support not only from certain leaders in our economy , but also from the tribal elite.This is obvious because when we look at say the RMA changes ,Foreshore and Seabed claims, the existence of this highly questionable Waitangi Tribunal and the massive redistribution of our wealth into the hands of a few ruthless tribal leaders. What else has to happen before the ordinary NZ er will wake up. My personal experience with ordinary NZers is total apathy or disbelieve mixed with cutting short any conversation by using the word ‘racist’ to being shunned by people who I thought were at least good aquaintances. Michael
I’m a New Zealander and expect a fair go. I work hard and pay my taxes Jim
Much too complacent and this has lead to the current situation where National have been allowed to do back room deals without consequence. Lets hope there is a consequence at this election however the alternatives are not there which in turn shows the level of complacency that exists. David
Have been for decades. Ido
Frighteningly so. I will no longer vote for a National party until it removes the maori seats, rejects the undemocratic maori clauses in the RMA and reforms the Seabed and Foreshore Act Gordon
The Conservative Party of NZ is the ONLY party that has a policy of a Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum WITHOUT the option of a veto as NZ First. Martin
Most have no idea and the Government has been so secretive that most will never have any idea and our future New Zealanders will be disadvantaged in every way be they Maori or any other Ethnicity Laurel
More ignorant than complacent, I fear. Neville
Most people have no idea of what’s been going on and how they are losing pretty well all rights they have treasured. Separatism has been a cornerstone of the National Party’s actions and must be stopped. Graham
We are a country of 30 million sheep, 4 million of whom think they’re people. We inherited from the British the finest democratic system and rule of law that has ever existed. We don’t understand its value and we don’t deserve it. Robert
When kiwis wake up it will be too late. Not voting National based on raced based, divisive laws but won’t hold breath for any real change after the next election. Sam
WE do not have any Maoris now. Only cross breeds so what is everyone talking about. Jobs etc should be allocated by ability not by race plus the fact thate I am not responsible for my ancestors and one only has to look at what happened when Helen Clark gave Maori’s a say in environment matters in the Waikato.Are we really giving rights to the Maori King with all his problems. You only have totalk to anyone in Ngarawahia. Pat
All race based policy has already led to an Apartheid society in New Zealand. Entrenched law and the “Treaty” has caused racial disharmony (to put it mildly). A well-researched New Zealand Constitution is the only non-racial way ahead for New Zealand. MMP is a non-democratic “crock” resulting in silly notions such as Maori sovereignty, the Sea bed debacle and so on. Bill
Thanks for a very powerful article Muriel. If only there was some way to make all Kiwis aware of the situation.The media is complicit so we cant rely on them. The alternative political party that aligns them selves with Don Brash, Casey Costello and Hobsons Pledge will get a great deal of support6 at the coming election. Unfortunately I have little hope that any of these other parties has the courage to speak out on these issues as you and Don Brash are doing. If only David Seymour could see that if he spoke up and demanded binding referenda to create one law for all and remove all race based law from the record books that he could turn the fortunes of ACT around overnight. At present, the only hope we seem to have is hold our collectives noses and vote for Winston. His past record does not give me much hope but there seems little other alternative. Ronmac
Wake up, you apathetic lot, before it is too late! Mitch
Generally, the “white -NZer’s” are too lazy to get off their butts and exercise their minds to put the vote where it should go – to keep NZ for EVERYONE Elayne
Maori Elite or IWI are very greedy. IWI stands for I want it. I am very concerned that the Maori Elite will ruin the country (NZ) or Aotearoa. David
We have become blind to reverse racism allowed and fed by our own politicians and it must stop. Peter
We don’t want apartheid in NZ Robert
People of NZ awaken!!!!! VOTE NZ First and get rid of this racist so called govt., before it’s too late and these elitist take over our beautiful country. Neville
Complacent is probably too “soft” a word to use here. Are people so blind to what is happening to My New Zealand? Wake up New Zealand ! Neil
I have been saying this for years. This racial divide is going to end up in a violent bloody civil conflict like never seen before here. 15% and shrinking cannot, will not prevail. It may take 100 years but it will happen. Trevor
Yes – instead of vociferous protest we have overwhelming silence! Scott
Unfortunately there is NOT any maori in sits country allowed to claim. Peter
Most likely, because the majority of voters somewhat stupidly trust our politicians (me included), the way the National party has steered strategy this to the situation we have now is nothing short of disgraceful. This election may well signal the demise of the National party, they have in my opinion seriously underestimated the anger and frustration of New Zealanders over immigration, housing shortages, education and crime.  Robert
Of course. It is not until it personally affects an individual that you will hear complaints and questions asked as to why has the Government let it happen. If political parties were made to carry out the courses of action as advised on their manifestos which got them elected to office we would have government governing the country to the wishes of the population. Dennis
Too many people cant be bothered…soon it will be too late to do anything about it. Brian
Kiwis think sports and tattoos are the main purpose in life. Steven
General public do seem to care until something happens there is so much going on around us that we need to e aware of climate change is another a scam but no one wants to now the Maori rip of has to come to a close or we have all in the hands of a small minority. Russell
I think most of the NZ public know nothing about what is going on under their noses. The media remain silent. Deb
As soon as you apeak out you are regarded as a racist. Barbara
Most of the public are unaware of the seriousness of the situation. There has been no consultation and the media has turned a blind eye to it. It should be made a big issue for the election. Bob
I am heartily sick of the dire threats to our democracy. Political expediency for a few votes instead of the real good of the country and preservation of our democracy is irresponsible.. Paul
Bribery by NZ governments designed to ensure their own retention of power will tend at some time to civil unrest here.As taxpayers we must have say. John
Not only complacent but in many cases ignorant. The ignorance in some respect is not their fault as much of this manouvering has gone on behind closed doors and what the media does know it has not reported it to the general public. Time for a change of government – we do not want to go down the apartheid track which is where we are being taken. Kevin
Apartheid lives! Peter
This Movement has been underway for some time. However if anybody spoke out against it, they were branded as a racist. Our present Government has been “sucked in” with the racist call and have been too afraid to stand up for their own National Party constitution which commits to equal citizenship. Gifford
Unbelievably so. What is wrong with them?. John
Because this Government has made deals with the Maori party behind closed doors it has escaped the attention of the general public and the media dare not expose this as they are the liberal leaft and are politicaly minded so in the mean time we are getting rorted by all those who have some infliance. I only hope that N Z first and Winston Peters takes control otherwise Maori will control our future . Ken
Why are the media not reporting on this? Nigel
DR Muriel Newman’s column this week sets out the subject most explicitly and well. I was an opponent to the S African apartheid policy for 40 years and see very similar racist tendencies being followed now in this country. Michael
Yes, Yes and yes … we need to wake up. Barrie
The general public do not want to be involved with politics but they do want a vote. The problem is the decisions by the government are not always what the people want. We need more referendums so if the majority agree with the rise in the Maori Sovereignty movement then so be it. Roydeon
Do people understand how it can affect our nation? Richard
Without any fear of contradiction my rights as a citizen of this country have been diminished by actions that in years gone by would have been labelled as apartheid. Where are the protesters that stormed the barricades of rugby and government. I fear most of them are now either actively supporting “separate development and co governance” rather than protesting the abrogation of an agreement that was supposed to make us all equal under the sovereignty of the crown. WAKE UP you hypocrites, and smell the daisies of divisiveness you are assisting into power! Michael
Never ending claims depleting funds that could be put to better use in Health care etc. Lenj
It staggers me that few of those I speak to believe that there is any problem, either now or in the future. They do not believe that the National Government or National Party would countenance any diminution of NZers democratic rights, let alone allow any form of entrenched racial discrimination. Richard
Your article says it all. Many thanks for being so thorough on this issue. It’s just a shame it’s not published in the Herald and other daily newspapers. Mel
All because New Zealand’s true history is suppressed. Fact! New Zealand was founded a British colony by the Royal Charter of 1839 Charter/Letters Patent that placed New Zealand under the laws and dependency of New South Wales on the 14 January 1840, before the Treaty was signed. When the Treaty was signed it endorsed New Zealand was contained within the boundaries of NSW . Our true founding document is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of 16-11-1840, ratified on 03-05-1841, the day we became separated from NSW to become an independent British colony free of racism. To be ignorant of ones history is to be a child in the arms of a politician. George
We do not want the country divided. Roll on Winston Peters. Ian
When nothing is mentioned on our bordering Fake T.V. News. The news-papers avoid the subject, & a minority subscribe to the NZCPR news letter, is it any wonder that the public are complacent. I was at a public meeting recently discussing the government plan, [through district councils] to control private freehold land, if they are considered a ‘significant natural area’. I asked a neighbour why he was so surprised, after all he voted for a socialist government. Oh no he exclaimed, I VOTED NATIONAL. Like most of the population, he voted for the LABEL, presuming the policies were sound. To vote for either of the major ‘parties’ this election, is a wasted vote, as both have GLOBALIST agendas. A.G.R.
Nation of lotus-eaters sleepwalking into a dystopian future Colin
The National Party have put this country on the path to social disaster. They must be stopped before it is too late. Wi ston Peters is our last hope. John
Yes, indeed! Far too complacent! Elizabeth
The movement started more than 30 years ago to spread it’s evil intent to get rich. As you have noted before the poor do not exist in elite Maori circles but only serves as an example of how bad we are doing despite giving Maori organisations $295 million dollars per year to fix only 14% of the population. John
You would have to question why the news media is ignoring this issue during their pursuit of trivia and promotion of left-wing ideals. Graeme
We have got huge problems coming, if we are not careful maori will rule NZ. Graeme
I don’t believe the general public have any idea of what is happening. National won’t be getting my vote this time. Margaret
The general public don’t realise the Maori activists are working to a program and igbthecEuropean disagree they are labeled racialist. Pathetic Mike
Your column should be compulsory reading for all NZ, before the election. Pity it won’t happen, but I’ll spread the word. Dick
I fear my grandchildren will not enjoy their adulthood as we have due to the changing environment. I do not think more and more rules will enhance our great country and it may be largely irreversible. Wayne
Absolutely Roy
The thing is that the general media are too afraid to promulgate whats going on for fear to the racist label or else they are totally blinkered Richard
The takeover by Maori Activists is almost complete and is due to the stupidity of successive governments and their policies of appeasement.. Tom
Problem being that the majority of New Zealanders will be oblivious that it is happening. PC has allowed indoctrination in out Education system whereupon the younger – up to 35 – will look no further than what they were taught and accept. Di
Wake up people before it is too late! Ron
Absolutely! The Maori sovereignty movement is like a stealth bomber flying as fast and as low as possible hoping not to be seen nor cause alarm! It’s all around us NOW! Stuart
Yes – Way too complacent! Albert
Stupid time after time year after year in fact naive to a point of madness . This generation is as i have said naive and have not understood how important DEMOCRACY is that is and has been. Lance
Absolutely. The majority of the population seems to be in total ignorance of the way Maori are promoting the cause of Maori sovereignty by stealth, assisted by government law making. Terry
The majority of the population are clearly complacent of the maoris pursuit of more power and special privilege only available to them which is promoted by activists. Almost daily you read or hear of their attempts to erode the rights of the majority of the population . If the maoris want their demands met, then let them contribute to the development of this country , not just take everything they can, The greater population have lived with this attitude of complacency far too long and need to stand up to this race based erosion of equality for all. Too many privileges already exist to the maoris who are a minority race and the majority need to face this situation, particularly the politicians. David
Far too complacent indeed! We are sleep walking to the death in New Zealand of equality before the law. Martin
The intentions of the maori elite are well known, but what is being done about it? Maurice
Totally over the top, if anything., not complacent. I see it every day in the workplace, and there are some real wannabe white liberals who would orgasm if they could prove that they had maybe 1/72 part-Maori in their blood. Laughable. Andy
Nip this rubbish in the bud !! Roy
Absolutely, but how do you get through to the majority that just will not discuss the issue ?? Jack
Democracy & equality is facing death by a thousand cuts from Maori strategists who are quietly manoeuvring on every item to deliver advantages to those identifying as Maori. John
Too many undemocratic changes that only benefit maori have been behind closed secret doors. National party has lost the trust of the general public of NZ. Apartheid is well entrenched in this country and white New Zealanders are now second class citizens. Darryl
This Government is in cuckoo land. it has to go! Barry
She’ll be right mate!!! Alan
If we had an effective investigative press, including radio and TV, who have on rare occasions picked up on contentious matters, and were of a mind to investigate, publicise and follow through on the ‘separate development and law’ favouring the ethnic minority, that would be a real bonus. Come on, you media reporters and editors, keep the general public in the picture of what is happening behind closed doors. Look at things from a national perspective, and drop most of the awful parochial non-news that your media bores us with. IF you believe in one nation, one people, one law, stand up and ensure that the Rule of Law is retrieved and maintained. Alan
Vote for NZ First David
2017 last chance to stop the rot. Give your list vote to Winston. Tom`
People must wake up to this attack on our democratic institutions before it is too late! TOBY
Sheople Chris
We have 15% of the Population on a GRAND GRAVY TRAIN and THE MOUTHS are OPEN FOR MORE and NO-ONE has the NERVE to say enough is enough. It is costing those of us that do an honest days work for an honest days pay mega bucks to pay the interest and our mounting DEBT — What happened to the old days when we all got on together ? Why also is this push for all to learn the Maori Language,? It is not useful anywhere and It is NOT my language and I am getting quite irate at how New Zealanders are accepting speaking same–why ??? It is being spoken by Kiwis before News on TV —we have far more other national people here now than the 15% of Maoris I would rather learn their language which would be more help if I went to their original country than a dead one –okay they can learn it BUT can see problems with so many differing versions (arguments occurring ) Wake up Parliament the gravy Train was supposed to end a few years back over so called Treaty Claims BUT no-one in our Government seems to have any GUTS to say enough is enough Marylin
Would Sir G. Palmer’s proposed constitution rectify this reprehensible but seemingly unstoppable trend? Something needs to! William
Are we going to be one people and one country or will the Maori have control. This needs to be stopped now. If it keeps on going there could very well be civil war here with in the next ten years. Lets keep Democracy. Governments need stop this bull shit they are doing by giving all the time to Maori. Robert
Way too complacent .. It is an immediate threat to our way of life Bruce
They are putting their heads in the sand. Sue
The National Party has sacrificed principle for support in the House and its members have allowed it to happen. Bernard
It is my biggest political concern. Russell
Of course they are complacent but in all fairness, how many actually know the truth? MSM certainly don’t report on what has and is happening so complacency could also be branded as ‘ignorance’ due to stealth by a political party that will never get my vote ever again. Gordy
Racial democracy???? Gone too far,we are one nation…..LOL Ian
People are generally ignorant of the Maori Sovereignty Movement and stupidly busy themselves attending circuses and generally pretending that everything is just fine. For those of us with a few brains, it is very clear that what Judge Willy has written encapsulates the situation perfectly. Make no mistake, New Zealand is heading for catastrophe. When Metiria Turei can gain public support from quite a large number of people for her lying and cheating and general attitude of entitlement to feast at the public trough and to promote so brazenly redistribution of taxpayers hard earned cash to bludgers and trash bags without any obligation for effort, decency, or productivity, our country is indeed in a parlous state. I am so appalled with Nationals betrayal of good, hardworking New Zealanders, that I think I will have to vote for Winston Peters. God help us all if the current tide of Maori sovereignty continues to rise. There is so much of this insane legislation that must be reversed if New Zealand is to survive as a democratic egalitarian society. The RMA has always been a Trojan horse for private property rights confiscation. Dianna
ALOT of people NEED to WAKE UP & they NEED to TELL their M.P’s they are AGAINST what national HAS DONE & WILL CONTINUE to do. Cindy
Complacency definitely .. I just don’t think the general public understand what is going on. Mind you, it doesn’t help that our media do not publicise the facts either. I find it quite frightening and wonder where this will all end. Maddi
YES YES YES complaciency over moari who are quietly working away. NZ one people. Clark
One Country one people!!!! Ian
Famed and respected U.S. sociologist Seymour Lipset said that “history shows that bicultural societies have a history of turmoil, tension, and tragedy ” – this is the way NZ is heading – instead of what Governor Hobson said at the signing of the Treaty ” now we are one people” – what is happening in NZ is a test tragedy there is no doubt. Hylton
What I want to know is way is the Media is not telling the public this info, they are gun shy as they do not want to be called a racest, It has to stop but how to get the message across to the average voter. Geoff
I doubt any political parties have not been infiltrated, now Shane Jones is in NZ First.. John
Great piece by Anthony Willy. It sums up concisely the history and present day reality. We must stand up for what is right and what is wrong. Democracy must be restored. Payments to people for no return must stop. i.e. Benefits and Settlements. I would like to form a party based on radical reform, multiculturalism, one vote for all, reduction of Parliament and representation only by majority electoral result. David
Absolutely!! The people crying ‘racists’ at every turn have effectively shut up the majority from voicing their opinion. Roger
Too much “She’ll be right” Anon
Both National & Labour have supported Maori so we get this continuing racism which seems now normal to a lot of people. I’m voting for Winston (for the first time) for his promised Referendum on the Maori seats which is where, I think, the problem is. Eric
As with many things, in general New Zealanders are very complacent, the issue in question really needs addressing by all New Zealanders. Beryl
Whenever I try to discuss this matter with relatives and friends they change the subject. One of my cousins forbids me to speak on the huge problem in his home. David
Most definitely. Mainly due to the sneaky way the Govt has kept this so low in profile. It needs to be pushed out in the open as a prime election issue, otherwise NZ will suffer the dire results of racist governance. Graeme
Any so-called Maori claims have no validity as those making such claims are, at best, only part-Maori and the Treaty no longer applies. These claimanys are New Zealanders and should be treated as such. John
The people that write the news are not telling the people of the reality of the end results of letting the maori have this veto over all New Zealanders. Bill
We have lived long enough on our knees. David
They are either complacent due to lack of awareness of what is happening or bullied by either the threat of loosing their roles, jobs for not following the agenda of the teaching, nursing, political etc. or just being scared of being called racist. Bruce
There has been no obvious publicity over this so most people are totally unaware of what is going on “behind their backs” We have huge ethnic diversity in this country now, so all public amenities sholud be Govt controlled. Gail
Once again it is a case of pathetic politicians over the years that have allowed this to happen. If Maori gain the control that they want there will be BLOODSHED in this country. No doubt Mike
Unfortunately all politicians wanting to be elected in the coming election will as always be aware that their votes will only count if they back a populist movement even though they have no interest in it themselves. Peter
NZ ‘public’ is the most trusting and naive in the world, I suspect. Paul
But its about time everyone took notice as we will become 2nd class cits in our own country many of us already are. Peter
Abso-bloody-lutely!! My peer group now refer to them as the apathetic, irrelevant majority, and for good reason. They’re completely oblivious to the insidious racial happenings around them and continue to put their blind trust in the hands of the traitorous National Party. Tony
The majority remain ignorant of what is going on behind the scenes because the press are biased in their reporting, and the public are excluded from a lot of the negotiations. Mark
I also include the media. Apart from NZCPR there is no comment from other media about the grab going on with the foreshore and seabed. Winston will have my vote this year. A first for me having been a National supporter for 50 odd years. No more. Murray
It’s a “she’ll be right attitude”. Andrew
There are forces at work that have totally disempowered the NZ public. We saw this with the passing of the prostitution reform and anti smacking bills even against overwhelming opposition of the public. NZ is not a democracy and the public have no legal way to address this, hence the apathy. Karl
This rise of apartheid in NZ is appalling. Voters must tell candidates they will not vote for them if they support Maori sovereignty. Peter
YES!!!! I fear for my grandchildrens rights, when the Maori elite won’t even look after their own poor now. Kabe
Ignorance of what is going on, will kill this country. Ben
ALL groups within our diverse make up of New Zealand should have equal powers within a democratic society that New Zealand should be. Access to housing finance, education, legal challenges funding should follow on each set of rules and not favour any particular group. Mike
Lack of knowledge. Please tell the story to everyone you meet. Leon
Many are simply apathetic easily distracted by the media with its emphasis on professional sport and celebrity but others, I suspect the majority, are too busy trying to make a living for themselves and families. The National government under Key and his shadow, Billy, has been an unmitigated disaster for this country. Without doubt a labour government with its current leadership would be every bit as bad if not worse. Alan
Lots of kiwis seem to be walking around with their head up their own arse. Or is it because us that are working have hour head down and arse up earning I living rather than sponging off the taxpayer. Sam
It is possible, indeed probable, that most New Zealanders are not fully informed, not stirrers, and think that the line of least resistance aka appeasement, will make the issue go away in their lifetimes; nothing could be further from the truth. Peter
The same attitude in UK allowed Ted Heath to sign over the sovereignty to a unelected corrupt EU parliament, conning people to believe it was just a a common market! Brian
Witness the economic success and consequent political leverage of the Maori corporations – much of the profit coming from tax-free incorporations posing as “charitable institutions”. This is a rort on numerically more numerous tax-paying New Zealanders. Control the popular economy, then the levers of production, distribution, and trade coupled with the media, and sovereignty will likely follow. Less than 15% controlling 85%. Not an undemocratic New Zealand I wil ever support. Andrew
NZ is a multicultural nation. To give rights and privileges to one specific culture is racist and will incur resentment. The National party’s actions are odious. Richard
Very disturbing situation. Bruce
Hell, YES. I cannot believe that so many New Zealanders are unaware or so apathetic they they are prepared to allow this to happen. I believe that the Main Stream Media is totally abdicating its responsibility to present the situation to the people. Tony
As long as the votes are there the end result doesn’t matter, no matter what the issue is. Donald
It is pathetic that so many people cant be bothered to find out what is going on. Michael
Things have gone too far so the backlash when it comes will be chaotic and possibly the end of democracy as we knew it. John
That’s why we got out of NZ many, many years ago. We saw the writing on the wall way back then. Maori’s were immigrants to NZ like our forbears were. They should have no more rights to NZ than we have. I am utterly appalled when I hear what has been happening in NZ. Thank God we got out. Noelene
Made worse by lack of information and the failure of the press to address the situation As for our politicians – I despair.. Laurie
We have to many hand wringers and mythology believers. One people – one country – one law. Democracy. Elizabeth
The current National Party have become oblivious to tose that vote for them. Unfortunately I am not confident Winston will do as he says! Already we have Shane Jones stating the referendum on future of maori seats would be voted by voters who were enrolled in the maori seats. How is this democracy. My understanding of Democracy means we all determine our future, not a racially selected few. I therefore take little comfort from NZ First statements on the subject. What we require before the 23 September election is a clear statements of intent from the NZ First caucus on the subject. Chris
Yes. The rampant MOARI RACISM driven by greed is slowly but surely taking away any rights a non-moari may have thought they had. Mark
I agree with Winston Peters. Gary
One rule for all, anything else will lead to civil unrest Nigel
Unfortunately most of the NZ public don’t understand or care about what is happening to democracy in our country, all they care about is bread and circuses ie rugby racing and beer. Leonie
A tide of resistance is beginning to swell up though! Hugh
The problem lies with the complacency of the younger generation the under 40 s who have their heads in there computers and iPhones and are concerned with only their aquavit ion of finance. Andrew
NZ should stand for equal rights for all citizens Pam
I also think people in general are aware of injustices being practiced but are reluctant to speak out or simply put their head in the sand and hope it will go away. Then again, my mother used to say, even a worm will turn so who knows! Barbara
Too easy to sit back and do nothing while those with political agendas that benefit themselves before everyone else work hard towards their goal. Robbie
We are at a crossroads And soon it may be too late to be able to stop the rise of apartheid in our country. Annette
Absolute apathy everywhere you go. Phil
Most definitely, people need to resist all maori power grabbing. Gerard
I am, and have been for several years, in absolute dispair at what I see happening and at how little opposition is being brought to bear. Why aren’t the people up in arms about this? Living overseas is increasingly becoming the only option, although not one I wish for. Brenda
Yes but as many are from ‘british’ stock, there will be a backlash. Like a badger (an english wild animal, usually quiet and peacfull) the british side will rise like a cornered badger and fight ot the death to protect itself. Hitler found that out. Mike
The subtlety of this movement is greatly concerning. Examples can be seen as far back as 25 years ago. It is co-ordinated and determined. How can it be stopped? Diana
We are all the same far too complacent. Richard
“Complacent” is not strong enough! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance both at home and abroard Colin
Again this poll will show overwhelmingly that true New Zealanders have become too complacent over the continued sell out of democracy to Maori and many of these same people will then go and vote National. It is this Party who have given Maori so much,billions in financial terms and huge gains in decision making .The only Politician who has the guts to speak up against this apartheid is Winston Peters. My prediction is this complacency we talk about will allow Maori eventual control over most things we care about leaving so many Kiwis moaning about it but all too late. For goodness sake,all fair minded Kiwis get off your butt and do something about it at the ballot box Don
Maori have their snouts in the trough and always want something. Kevin
Not only are we complacent, we are too nice, and this niceism allows the brown racist scammers to scam. Mike
Powerful article by Anthony Willy John
“She’ll be right”. It seems there is no public debate on this subject, the media won’t touch this subject. We are being led blindly down the path of tribalism to a disaster waiting to happen. Willy
It’s all about “Bread and circuses” as Juvenal said, centuries ago: as long as the average New Zealander has sport to watch, and enough money to buy the essentials, then politics is just a turn-off. What most people don’t realise is that politics forms part of everyone’s everyday life. The Maori elite bank on public apathy and ignorance to push through their anti-democratic agenda, and they are winning hands-down. The National party has betrayed us all for a handful of votes; it could have allied itself with New Zealand First in order to keep the country as an egalitarian democracy, but instead John Key, and now Bill English, sold out. I fear that the country will wake up to this shocking state of affairs too late. One hopes that Winston Peters will help to stop the rot, but even he is likely to be swayed by Shane Jones and Pita Paraone, both of whom are, at heart, racial separatists. I hate to have to say it, but we’re sunk. Graham
Once again, this is a vonsequence of the dreadful MMP electoral system that allows minirity parties to dictate policy. John
…WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND… undercover,hidden agenda’s of the tribal low-life mafia has our freedom on the line… ChrisH
I am 66 and have voted National all my life. That is over I am voting Winston Peters Peter
yes by a long way you only have to look at TV one and the amount of crap they talk and pander to the Maori whim. John
For too long the general public have been letting this behind the doors takeover continue. Jon
The National Government has betrayed the public by facilitating this situation for short term political gain Malcolm
Absolutely Lachlan
Absolutely Greg
Maori sepratisim is the greatest threat to new zealand & our way of life. World wide the threat is the formation of a one world government, the stalking horse of which is radicle socialisim/marxisim. Tracy
YES . Let’s establish the fact that the Maori that the seats were established for no longer exist all we have are a lot of part Maori most with more white blood in their veins than Maori . Whenever I try to engage in a discussion on what the part Maori are up to I usually get accused of being a racist and a complete lack of interest .You only have to wander the halls of parliament and see how many part Maori are wandering to realise how clever they have been at infiltrating the power of governance .It will probably be to late before the general public wake up . Jock
Muriel and Willy are quite right – we are heading for disaster. Wah
They aren’t aware of what has happened in other countries & they just want to be nice & ‘fair’! Fiona
Kiwis are FAR too complacent about many issues because life her is just too easy. Why else would the general public sit back and accept APARTHEID in NZ and the insidious increase in privilege for anyone with just a smattering of Maori genes? Geoff
Maori pretend to take offence if you dont do as they want so every one gives in to thier demands Colin
Kiwis are lazy. Neil
National Government seems gutless in handling this issue. I will not be voting for National these elections simply based on their irresponsible handling of these Maori issues I no longer wish to be governed by a Maori National coalition.. Robert
One nation, one people, one set of laws and justice. Eric
Most have no idea… Graeme
The brainwashing is certainly having a major effect now and the older generations mustget out and vote to stop this undemocratic maori movement now. Graeme
The general public don’t know what is happening and if they do, assume that it is all above board. Graham
Of course New Zealanders are complacent. It’s because the social engineers and mainstream media (MSM) have been colluding with National and the Maori Party to impose their New World Order policies upon us by stealth, Had the New Zealand public been made aware of this deception by the MSM then there may have been some backlash. Make no mistake …. this is no different to what has been happening in the USA and Europe … at least Trump is standing-up to these Marxist maggots and fighting back. Winston seems to be the only NZ politician with the guts and integrity to take-on the Marxists scum who have polluted our democracy. Steve
Aparthied here it comes. Kelvin
We are fools to trust National & & their mates. Michael
Not just complacent but ignorantly complicit. They have come to believe what they have been told, that Maori do have the right to it all. Hilary
It should have never let rise ever. It will bite back and we let it happen. Jim
Scared to get called nasty names is at the root of it. Reuben
Kiwis are asleep at wheel on this one I believe – I have written just recently to our local MP who failed to answer any of the concerns re this Maori agenda – my view is Nationals goal is to retain power thru cowtowing to the Marxists – they have no idea or are deliberately leading our great country into a revolution which is the end game of this agenda. Gramscian Marxists certainly know how to wreck a democratic society and the family structure- they incrementally bore and grind away from the inside – so goes America so goes the world – this agenda started back in the 30s via the Frankfurt school that wanted to rid the God of the Bible out of schools – which of course has to start in the universities – slowly but surely our western society is being attacked by this process – when we bring the Bible into this discussion I know many will disagree – fair enough but if you care to follow the cultural Marxist agenda you will quickly see its history. To take down a democracy is one thing – to rebuild it another – Marxists are not rebuilders only wreckers What do we do about this evil – how do we change what is happening to our govt structure – as a Christian I pray every day for this nation and the govt. Down thru history ,The God of the Holy Bible has always given mankind governmentally what he/she wishes for – and right now we see a lust for power taking place – the present govt and Maori elite. If we don’t stand we will fall.(the French Revolution is an interesting study) This forum is the only one publically ringing the alarm bells – we need to write to our MPs etc – educate our families – work colleagues – don’t stop and please do not give up on this. What do we want for our grand children? – scary from what we see. PS I am part Maori – 69 years young. Ross
I believe many New Zealanders assume that Government will always do the right tthing for the people but increasingly tthat is certainly not the case. Margaret
We are more divided as a people now than at any prior moment in our history. Jim
Yes, definitely far too complacent. Under current living conditions where both parents, single parents, caregivers etc have to work just to afford to rent, buy a house, live , people just do not have time to be concerned about the encroachment of the Maori movement to gain total sovereignty of NZ. Further, I believe immigrants are not informed or sure about the Maori move to gain so much control over all Kiwis. The movement is getting worse everyday and can only lead to a divisive NZ and, if ever we can wake up, will cause a very sad time for Kiwis to fight to get back the democratic rights for us all, rather than what has become or becoming an elitist Maori group, after all what is given to one is extremely hard to take back. Audrey
Wake up NZ!!!!!! Caro
I lived in NZ in the 70s and am astonished and upset that no one seems to counter the Maori claims. Rosemary
Maori eletists are only interested in lining their own pockets while their youth a dying of drug abuse or filling our prisons. JR
Absolutely…but partly because there has been far to little published in the media, no proper discussion, and the majority seem totally unaware of just what is going on and the implications. Gail
The National Party has sold out the real Sovereign owners of New Zealand to a group who were never promised sovereignty. When did outrageous lies become fact. David
Complacent may not be the appropriate word: possibly complicit, since many have been through a deep indoctrination process during the past 20-30 years, the New Zealand education system. I
Yes, people are far too complacent about Maori sovereignty. They believe what they are told – that it will be good for the country and for Maori – and don’t see it as the dangerous power grab that it really is. Andrew
I feel like the country is collectively like the frog in the pot of water on the stove – the heat is being turned up by the sovereignty movement, and we are all thinking how nice it is! What will it take to wake people up? Wendy
Most New Zealanders are far too laid back for their own good. They wouldn’t see danger if it was standing right in front of them! Paul
Anyone who has been following the rise of Maori sovereignty will be appalled at how far it has all gone. But most people will have no idea there is any threat Matt
New Zealanders have been brainwashed for decades about Maori rights. It’s no wonder most Kiwis are not too concerned – but they should be! Larry