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Democracy Under Threat

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In a speech in November 2000, the former Labour Party Prime Minister David Lange warned that if governments attempted to accommodate the increasingly audacious demands for sovereignty by the Maori tribal elite, they would end up threatening democracy itself.  

“Democratic government can accommodate Maori political aspiration in many ways. It can allocate resources in ways which reflect the particular interests of Maori people. It can delegate authority, and allow the exercise of degrees of Maori autonomy. What it cannot do is acknowledge the existence of a separate sovereignty. As soon as it does that, it isn’t a democracy. We can have a democratic form of government or we can have indigenous sovereignty. They can’t coexist and we can’t have them both.”

David Lange explained that the Treaty of Waitangi was a contract between the Crown and Maori, not a ‘partnership’. He said treating it as a partnership was not only “absurd”, but doing so would result in the introduction of profoundly “undemocratic” rights and entitlements.

Yet ever since Jacinda Ardern and her colleagues were appointed to office by New Zealand First ‘kingmaker’ Winston Peters after the 2017 General Election, progressing the Treaty ‘partnership’ agenda has been a key priority. As a result, the rights of those who identify as Maori are being elevated above those of all other New Zealanders, undermining unity and the concept of equal rights upon which our democracy is based.

Emboldened by their success in achieving the demands made of the Labour Government, some iwi leaders no longer appear satisfied being ‘partners’ with the Crown, they want supremacy instead.

This was evident during the level 4 lockdown, when Maori separatists chose to break the law by establishing illegal blockades on public roads to secure their tribal boundaries. At a time when the public were being prosecuted for transgressing the lockdown requirements, the Prime Minister and her Government turned a blind eye to the flagrant law breaking of tribal bullies and gang members. Even though they were intimidating and obstructing members of the public, those at the highest level of our government chose to do nothing.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator freelance writer Michael Coote, believes an independent inquiry is needed into the roadblocks and those who condoned them:

“Independent investigations of what happened over the Maori tribal roadblocks have become imperative. Maori tribal rahui roadblocks instigated across New Zealand under COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown and continued under Level 3 and even Level 2 are illegal. Police and other organs of government colluding and conspiring with perpetuation of lawlessness should never willingly be condoned or tolerated in New Zealand.

“Apart from Maori racial supremacists, potentially culpable facilitating parties who must be held to public account include Government ministers and MPs, senior New Zealand Police officers, and local government officials, along with me-too elements such as the New Zealand Human Rights Commission aiding and abetting after the fact.”

Even after the lockdown restrictions were relaxed, not all of the blockades were removed – as National’s Northland MP Matt King found out when he tried to visit Cape Reinga with his wife and parents. Members of the Ngati Kuri iwi who were manning a barricade across State Highway One to ‘protect’ the Cape threatened to “knock him out” if he tried to get past their roadblock.

They claimed to have erected the barrier because the area needed to be blessed and cleansed due to Covid-19. But that has been rubbished by New Zealand First MP Shane Jones, who described such separatist posturing as “cultural mumbo jumbo”.

The free pass given by Jacinda Ardern’s Government to those blocking roads is similar to their response to the activists protesting at Ihumatao in South Auckland, where for the last year, they have illegally prevented the lawful owners of private land from constructing the homes they have Council approval and local iwi support to build.

So why is Jacinda Ardern’s Government failing to uphold the rule of law by turning a blind eye and refusing to deal to these tribal lawbreakers?

The answer, of course, is politics. The Prime Minister is so desperate to hold onto the Maori seats that she will do anything to try to keep iwi leaders happy, even if it means allowing them to break the law.

In 2017, Labour won all seven Maori seats and ousted the Maori Party from Parliament. These seven seats were instrumental in the Party having the numbers to form a Government and Jacinda Ardern does not want to do anything that might jeopardise Labour’s hold on those seats.

Iwi leaders know this and they are not afraid to threaten Labour – that if they don’t agree to their demands they may shift their support to the Maori Party.

As recently as February, two prominent Maori leaders, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait the Whanau Ora Commissioning agency chair for the North Island and Sir Mark Solomon the chair for the South Island, warned “Labour is not living up to its promises for Maori and could be at risk of losing Maori seats at the upcoming election”.

Whether such threats were instrumental in the flood of special race-based funding that followed soon after is not clear, although it appears likely.

In March, the government announced a funding package of $56 million to support Maori to  cope with the pandemic – including $15m for Whanau Ora, no doubt to keep Merepeka Raukawa-Tait and Mark Solomon happy.

At the time political editor Barry Soper described ‘the naked politics being played in the Beehive’: “Ardern proudly told us the $56 million laid aside last week to Maori to fight Covid 19 has already been allocated… The money will also help kaumatua get priority testing for Covid 19 and will provide food and clothing for the vulnerable and assist them to get into isolation accommodation, all of which the rest of us have to pay and wait for. It’s difficult to find why Maori would be harder hit than the rest of us with this virus. But it’s not difficult to deduce that Labour, with the seven Maori seats now back on its ballot, is determined to keep them there.”

And of course, just a few weeks later, the Government opened its Budget 2020 floodgates by allocating almost $1 billion in race-based funding to Maori – including a further $136 million to the Whanau Ora slush fund.

Yet even though the budget has delivered billions of dollars in support for businesses through general wage subsidies and loans, some Maori Business Advisors are saying the additional $6.5 million allocated in support of the Maori economy is “not enough”. They say Maori businesses have “unique needs” and the present system is biased against them, since “decision makers don’t have a Maori lens”. They are calling for more funding.

The Government’s response was almost immediate – Nania Mahuta, the Minister of Maori Development, claimed they are working on a plan and more money will be available to stimulate the Maori economy in June.

While the amount of taxpayer funding being splashed around Maori communities is extraordinary, some of the policy changes that are now emerging reveal the undemocratic rights and entitlements that David Lange warned about.

One of the first initiatives undertaken by the Ardern Government was the establishment of a new government agency to progress their Treaty partnership agenda. Veteran activist Titewhai Harawira was a member of the advisory group convened to assist. When the new unit’s name was revealed as the Office for Crown Maori Relations, there was such an outcry over the fact that ‘Maori’ was second behind ‘Crown’ that it had to be changed to the Office for Maori Crown Relations, Te Arawhiti.

This new agency with over 140 staff on an average salary of $100,000, not only deals with Treaty of Waitangi settlements and Crown engagement claims under the Marine and Coastal Area Act, but is also tasked with ensuring the Crown becomes ‘a better Treaty partner’. Their plan was to appoint specialist Maori advisors into key Government positions to ensure their separatist ‘Maori world view’ (or “cultural mumbo jumbo” as Shane Jones describes it) is embedded across the state sector, with state servants ‘trained’ in issues like ‘unconscious bias’, ‘cultural competency’, and ‘institutional racism’. 

Te Arawhiti was also to be consulted on all law change proposals to ensure they would benefit Maori. To that end, a high powered Maori Crown Relations Cabinet Committee was set up with 13 members including the Minister Kelvin Davis as Chairman, along with the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Justice.

The “Maori world view” has, of course, already been well entrenched into the education system. Young minds are indoctrinated with Treaty partnership propaganda almost from the time they first enter pre-school, and teachers are required to undergo cultural competency training as a condition of their employment.

The “Maori world view” is also alive and well in local government, where the undermining of democracy is plain to see in many parts of the country. There, weak councillors have caved in to the demands of iwi leaders who want their unelected representatives appointed onto council committees with voting rights. Once there, they engineer greater influence – as can be seen in the Otago Regional Council where two iwi representatives are in the process of upgrading their status from advisors to “partners”; and in Whangarei, where an unelected Maori advisory group is attempting to become a full council committee with voting rights.

In the health system, while the “Maori World view” has already been adopted through cultural competency and cultural safety requirements for workers, changes are now underway to give Maori priority health treatment – in effect enabling them to jump to the front of the queue on the basis of ethnic background instead of clinical urgency.

Such shocking racism should be condemned as an outrage. The fact that it isn’t, exposes the gravity of the situation – that racial privilege in New Zealand is now being normalised.

With some generic health funding already skewed towards patient ethnicity, the Auckland District Health Board Chairman Pat Snedden, a former Treaty of Waitangi claims negotiator, wants to take it further. He says that the disruption from Covid-19 represents a “Big Bang” opportunity to “reset” a health system, that he claims is riddled with institutional racism. He wants Maori and Pacific patients prioritised for elective surgery.

With Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs putting forward similar proposals, it seems that race-based health care is Labour’s new policy direction.

Furthermore, journalist Bob Edlin has revealed how the Government is now using race to classify age. Their health funding unit, the Health Promotions Agency, is defining ‘older’ people as being over 70 years old – except if you are Maori or a Pacific Islander, in which case it is over 50. Whether this signals that the Government intends lowering the pension age for Maori remains to be seen.

Unfortunately ‘cultural mumbo jumbo’ is now endemic in many state agencies including the Family Violence Death Review Committee, which in the forward to its most recent report, blames family violence on “the historical and ongoing impact of colonisation”.

Claiming colonisation is to blame for Maori men beating up their women and children, shows how captured and absurd our government agencies have become. The “Maori World View” is now distorting reality itself.  

The fact that this Government is allowing itself to be blackmailed over the Maori seats – to introduce divisive policies that are fracturing society and undermining democracy – shows not only how dangerous these race-based seats have become, but how imperative it is that they are abolished.

Now that the National Party has a new leadership team, New Zealand needs to know whether they will take a stand on these issues. In other words, will they following Labour down this race-based path, or will they support equal rights, democracy and the rule of law.

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It’s unfair Trevor
should be based on need, not race. TOBY
Your reasoned and fair exposure of Maori claims and aspirations is valued and needed. Current ‘Education Speak’ will see our students indoctrinated with a culture mindset that is far removed from reality. Thank you Aaron
Absolutely not Christine
It is simply racist to suggest that Maori should have preferential rights under our health system or any government funded system! The test is simple. Would it be OK for any other race to receive preferential treatment? Clearly the answer to that is no. Why are we so hypocritical! Paul
as we are all Human surely my body is the same in health terms as any other race. The only difference is the skin colour. Mike
Didn’t NZ have multiple protests against Apartheid during the 81 Springbok Tour and about that era. Now we have a Government introducing it legally. Where are all those protesters now? Probably shinning their bums on civil service office chairs collecting big salaries? Ray
It’ll make no difference if National get in or not, the new leader has already shown he’s more centre left than right. I very much doubt he’s got the resolve to stand up and fight for an equal system. Brent
This is racism by its definition. Maori are completely out of control in NZ with their demands and preferential treatment. Louis
Has to be based on need not colour. Rex
I’m Not racist Jim
An appalling concept and most discriminating. Have these people lost all sense fair play and the greater good? Barbara
Divide and conquer is the governments socialist aim. I believe all people should be treated as equal. Jim
This must be stopped – a good point of difference the National Party must pick up on Brian
These illegal roadblocks supported by Labour and apparently the police are carefully planned. For the support from government, it is inexcusable, especially as it is an election bribe. For the police, it is illegal and smacks of being a bribe to persuade Maoris that if they ‘behave’, police officers will turn a blind eye. The real reason for the road blocks are that they are a trial run for the day when they will blockade all roads leading to beaches to give Maoris exclusive right to control all beaches and prevent Europeans having access to all foreshore and seabed areas. After that will come access being barred to rivers and probably Lakes so they can charge us for water supply as in their view they probably see us as polluters of their water and a source of huge income to satisfy their gimme, gimme, gimme. Chris.
Barbarity is obviously favoured by Ms Ardern rather than civilization when she condones tribal thugs and cultural mumbo jumbo to run our country and apartheid Maori parliamentary seats to hang onto her power. She is a nasty little communist. The Maori party will never get back into parliament and never should have been there in the first place. Shame on John Key for giving them credence to brown-mail the whole country. Monica
The definition of apartheid refers to a political system where people are clearly divided based on race, gender, class or other such factors. Sam
John Key favoured Maori for same reason so why should Jacinda doing.so surprise? Alister
Yes, absolutely! Of course we need this type of preferential treatment! I’m European, but I shudder to think that my long-standing, disabling spinal problem will get treatment ahead of Wiremu’s alcoholism, his woman’s obesity or their children’s non-accidental injuries. Seriously, this is the middle of the wedge, the thin end was inserted a long time ago, and no-one said anything. We will soon be two separate societies, and have a guess who will be on top. Before anyone accuses me of racism, let me state categorically that I have never knowingly eaten a maori, or any part of one! TOBY
We are all New Zealanders and one system should apply to all with no exceptions. Carol
it is supposed for all NZ,ers not on race barry
Maori don’t deserve the health treatment that they currently receive, since they frequently “forget” to take their medication and so don’t get better. Why prioritise poor health behaviour? Geoff
the idea is preposterous, I saw in the news this week that some DHB’s are giving Maori preference for elective surgery! This is hard to believe, priority should be based on need, not race. This country is doomed. Peter
Aotearoa NZ is a bicultural country with a multicultural ageing population and in the future the non producing Europeans will be superseded and dominated by the more population producing cultures Sue
I am sick to death of Maori always complaining how hard done by they are ! We need to have a % on who can call themselves Maori ! Over it ! I have respect for the Maori elders who don’t seem to get listened to anymore Karen
What happened to “We are now one people” Tom
Totally Racist Jan
The Health system should be geared to need regardless of race. Alan
Absolutely NOT Graeme
I want NO race-bases policies at all ever Jim
We should all be treated the same. This government is drastically changing our profile by overly appeasing one race. Steve
One country -one people peter
Definitely not. We Are All One……aren’t we???? Grahame
Free healthcare should be on a needs basis Pat
What the hell is next.Were it not for the fact I’m over 80,I would be out of NZ on the first available plane to anywhere else. Peter
I have grandchildren who are 1 128th Maori. Why should they have more privileges than those of my grandchildren who have no Maori? All have the same opportunities. Catherine
Ethnicity should be removed from ALL documents, and decisions made on urgency or need, only. The present imbalance is unacceptable and untenable. Jan
No every one to be treated equally Thomas
no way that’s racism at its worst all people should have the same care.And both young and old alike. steven
This. is Maori supremacy, organised by activists Ian
if they want it, the health system is available to anyone and everyone, at least on a basic level. There may be a time factor certainly if a higher level of treatment is necessary through the public system. Anyone can proceed sooner if they are willing to pay for private treatment – and that means for all ethnicities. Those who can afford it may purchase medical insurance, or self insure with a savings or term deposit. again regardless of ethnicity. If Maori have a particular concern, and cannot pay for that individually, why can’t their iwi maintain a fund from their treaty settlements for their respective hapu, and their whanau, alan
The entire system is a joke we are in the arms of communism under the current govt, encourage division among the races as an excuse for dictatorship John
Access to new Zealand’s national health service has previously been based on clinical priority. Those having the greatest need being placed at the front of the queue. That is fair. To accelerate those people with Maori ancestry to the front of the queue, ahead of the general population is blatantly unfair. Louise
Everyone is treated equally. Tony
Labour needs to remember without us Europeans they are dead in the water bruce
This race based health system is naked apartheid . Eira
Surely this contravenes the Human Rights act Andrew
Definitely not! This can only end in tears. Janet
Maori have equal access to what is available to everybody and more than equal with her latest gift of preference to maoris in elected surgeries , they choose the unhealthy lifestyle stan
What the hell is happening to our country? Bruce
We are supposed to be all equal. Lets keep it that way Tony
As a tax payer I am affronted by this. Brenton
Just another step down the very slippery path to a fully entrenched Apartheid system. The question is are we still able to restore Democracy ? or have the will ? Bryan
I don’t support any race based legislation or democracy. The sooner all political parties accept this the better our country will be able to legislate for the good of the country rather than the perceived good of the politicians oh o Mike
NO NO NO – That means NO!! Caro
The whole political direction around race based funding and entitlements beyond comprehension. Mark
Time to get real. End all racism no preferential treatment because of the colour of your skin. Black or White frank
One country one people no separation muriel
If races want a health system let them fund it themselves. Maori have reaped huge amounts from ‘Treaty settlements. These should be paying for the special needs of the Maori; not going into the pockets of a few tribal leaders. Peter
As a child I thought all my school mates of Chinese,Indian, Pom, European, Maori, etc were all New Zealander’s and hospitals looked after all races and certainly didn’t have wards/wings reserved just for maori so why start now, O I KNOW WHY, labour and all the other brown nosing poly;s want to keep their perks and snots in the trough by sucking up to the race that really doesn’t exist because of mixed marriages and the corrupt race relations panel needs to be shut down the same as the so called treaty mob and forget having seperate health systems for the brown bludgers but if they want it make them pay for it from there tax free handouts from our gutless govt;s of what ever party is in power. Richard
It is crazy to base who gets to the top of the list based on race. Where is the media and talented journalists prepared to challenge all race based legislation! Paul
when will this lunacy end.Muller needs to step up or else my vote will go to the New Conservatives Brian
I will vote for any political party that will treat all people in NZ as equals . At this time such a party does not exist. Steve
Contrives our Human Rights! 21 (1) f. John
Time to get rid of the Treaty negotiations Lorrie
Is New Zealand heading for Reversed Apartheid? Mike
Racism in ALL its forms is not acceptable. Lionel
Retrograde step for much needed unity Barry
I do not support anything that is race based. This is quite ridiculous if this is what our lefty government is considering. Alan
It’s disgraceful, however it seems most New Zealanders either just accept this sort of racism or simply don’t want to know about it (or perhaps risk being labelled racist themselves!). If NZers don’t take a stand soon, I fear it will be too late! Heather
We are all one people. We need to acknowledge Maori sovereignty was irrevocably ceded to the Crown by the treaty Darag
Ludicrous is not a strong enough word. Helen
Absolutely not. Well done Muriel. Everything you say is so true and so wrong. In fact I kept laughing as I read. What’s happened to “we are one”? Unfortunately we know. Juliet
Giving in to outrageous ‘requests” so Maori will vote for them is wrong. But the dog will not bite the hand that feeds it. With so many Maori living in poverty I would like to know where the money allocated ends up. I fear it goes into the coffers of people who do not need it. It needs a brave politician who puts their career and maybe life at risk to speak out against the miscarriage of law and abuse of the Treaty. Ido
Of course not …we are all the same are we not? Bill
The health system should give priority by clinical needs. Nothing else. Paloma
Triage is to ascertain the health action required. Not claims to be of Pacific Island blood. John
The Maori influences in N Z are not just shocking they are so dangerous nearly to the point of no return. Someone needs to spell it out loud and clear especially Mr Muller Chris
NZ is now just as bad as South Africa during the apartheid era. I am disgusted! Murray
Elitist Maori MUST be bought into line. It is the maori tribes up north creating racism and discention and this race based threatening is dangerous to ALL NZer’s. The Labour Govt is so weak, they must now be voted out. MAGA..make Ardern go away. ROD
It seems that with a mere sniff of Maori ancestry you are a victim of white colonialism; without that sniff you are an exploitive white colonialist. Logical? Colin
I hope someone or group puts a compliant in to Race Conciliation commission Chris
This system is WRONG. Health issues must be based on health needs regardless of race. Noel
Definitely not. As a retired nurse I have witnessed the damage it has done to our once great Public Health system Kay
Now all of us are still waiting after the lock down for hospital procedures to happen, if ever! Christina
The stage is set and things will get worse. Now we already have Maoris and Islanders preferred to receiving surgery based on their race. Age is redefined and services like super and other benefits related to age are redefined in favour of these groups. What next? I ask myself . In the old days we heard: Jews are our misfortune and today we hear : It is all because of white supremacists and colonialisation. That is a very slippery slope indeed. Politics in NZ is now driven by Maori radicalism all supported by the media and dubious outfits like the Race Relations Office and the Waitangi Tribunal and all that implies. When economic times get worse , I would not be surprised to see Maori storm troopers being unleashed on us. Michael
No utterly deplorable it is bad enough that the Govt is favouring Maori in so many areas now it is most disturbing. Trish
Not race based but better access to appropriate healthcare for ALL New Zealanders Kevin
It is politics ,not logic. John
Absolutely not. If it happens, NZ is in trouble Craig
Need is the buzz word here. Don’t see how that includes skin colour! Neil
it should be based on urgency. Sharon
What is a Maori? 1% Maori blood, 10%.? Time for a Maori to be defined – it’s very convenient for the radical ones to pull the race card. I believe that a hell of a lot of so-called Maori must be embarrassed by this nonsense. But divide and rule by Comrade Princess is just another step towards her Socialism goal. Roll on September. Carolyn
because it is unjust to ALL the other people in NZ Cindy
the government is using fear and deception and this is only a trial run for what is down the track One world government David
People no matter what colour are anatomically the same . A race based health system would stretch our present system too thinly. Ross
We are one nation with equal rights Tony
Health is not a racial issue. We all have health problems sometimes and should be treated equally. Elaine
Vote buying Jimmy
Viruses and bacteria don’t care about race – neither should we. Peter
We stand with Hobsons Pledge for one single universal law applying equally to each and all. That includes one single universal determination of eligibility in all types of Government funding, eligibility, entry, assistance of all kinds. I have no problem if that eligibility favors those who have maintained a healthy lifestyle over those that have self abused. Those with potential and clean history ie non smokers, non consumers of junk food, non imbibers of excess alcohol, should be given a respect and priority over those that have deliberately self indulged and put the taxpayer to unacceptable expense. Time we repriortized our health service to reward the prudent and careful and let the wasters fall to the back of the line along with alcohol accident victims. Richard
When we need Medical help and treatment it should not mean the Race you belong to makes a difference to speed of treatment or type of treatment or no treatment at all. Everyone should be treated equally Laurel
Who in their right mind would support a race based system of any sort. We are told racism is wrong but our Governments practice it and to an ever increasing degree. I am sure to correct this unfairness all we have to do is get rid of the Maori seats which should have gone anyway 150 years ago. Eric
Just another form of apartheid, possibly? Derek
What a croc, the browning of NZ continues unabaited by the mar xist ideology brainwashed left ! keith
It is a scandal! And well time we all stand together and expose and oppose! Carol
Utter bloody racism Hewitt
Maori have for too long been raping and pillaging their own people. They now they intend doing the same to the rest of New Zealand. The Maori are savages. Revenge is in their DNA. Their deceit knows no bounds. Robert
maori already have full and equal access laurie
There should be a health system designed for no consideration as to ethnicity. Rather clinical need. Lois
We are all New Zealanders and ethnicity should have no place in prioritising healthcare. Colin
No,Repeat No. How absurd is this getting. When the hell is somebody going to tell these delusional maori enough is enough. Talk about reverse apartheid. How I fear for my grandkids future and how this country is going downhill fast. Peter
Absolutely not!! We have apartheid in this country now. Where are all the people who protested against it in South Africa many years ago? The silence is deafening! Sarah
don’t be stupid gerard
We will need a revolution to root out all the enshrined race based “mumbo jumbo” and the demands of the sovereignty movement in so many examples, a few of which you have rightly pointed out. When someone gets up and has the guts to get started on reversing this very ugly galloping trend, they will receive so much support, it will be amazing. Who will have the guts to stand up and fight. I fear New Zealanders will have to run the entire gamut to the ugly end of extremism before they fight back. Of course that is the aim of diversity. To weaken and divide the population so that a cohesive segment can over ride all the rest. Dianna
I don’t support a race based anything. We should be one people. Spencer
I do not support any race-based policy and/or system, including Health. Surely the standard medical practice of triage assessment is what should prevail – those requiring the greatest urgency for treatment go first, and the colour of one’s skin or declared ethnic allegiance, has no place in the decision-making process. Who does this Government represent? I always thought that being a democratic nation, it was the citizens and those granted permanent residence of our Nation. I am clearly being proven wrong given that each piece of new legislation requires adherence to the undefined (except by the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori Council) “Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi”, a Billion dollars has been allocated in the 2020 budget specifically to assist Maori business when the greater percentage of these are already accorded a tax-free existence because they are part of a tribal registered charitable trust. They do of course also qualify for any assistance being accorded to non-maori businesses. The constant pressure from sections within the nation, to grant those claiming their Maori forbears as their race, voting rights in local government without having to face a ratepayer selection, claiming this is their right under the “partnership” created by the Treaty of Waitangi. This claim of course being a complete falsehood, but tell a big enough lie often enough and it becomes the truth – ask Goebbels. The provision of taxpayer money to prepare a case aimed at gaining ownership and control of the foreshore and sea-bed, which reduces the free access and use currently enjoyed by all citizens. The requirement of our teachers and health professionals to qualify in Maori customs and religion in order to practice their profession. Have we all gone crazy? Do we all want a Marxist system of economic and political management? I can categorically say that I don’t and a race-based health system is just part of the degradation of our once democratic nation. Michael
That it’s been allowed to happen – let alone openly admitted – is a shocking and disgraceful indictment of what this country has been Labour-politically driven to become. Jim
Definitely, definitely NOT – more reverse racism which is stuffing our wonderful Country. We are ALL equal and should be treated as such. Brian W. Brian
I say NO BUT. If Maoris were allocated a $$$ amount which represented the percentage of their population in NZ. Fine. That is their allotment and the rest of us have the other 90% of the allotment. See how they like that. SHERYL
Ancestors of all New Zealanders are immigrants. Some, such as maori arrived earlier than others. However, whether your ancestors arrived 800 years ago or 100 years ago makes no difference. Everybody has equal rights to health, education and a safe and secure country to live in. Giving one section of society priority over others is unconstitutional. Priorities must be based on acuteness of medical need not colour of your skin. If labour allow this stupidity to begin I for one would take the matter up with United Nations Human Rights. Dennis
Self serving question. No true New Zealander could answer yes to that Bill
Perhaps it is the new age version of ‘The White-mans Burden”? keith
I’m part Maori but I want us all to be equal. Maori, Pakeha, Chinese, Indian etc Murray
definitely not Bruce
We MUST take a stand and stop the ever increasing demands from the Maori elite, it’s spreading like rust and just like rust it must be neutralised before it’s too late. Malc
I do not support a race based anything This lady and her mates have to go Sorry to say even Winnie and Jones have the brains to see what she is up to God help NZ if she wins again Allan
Definitely not. The system should be based on who needs it most at the time, no favourites. Sheila
How much Maori does a person have to have to be a Maori? . Brian
Racism sucks no matter which way you look at it Richard
Absolutely NOT. Pam
No , not at all But It’s been in nz for quite awhile It has just got worse Murray
Tell me why after 180 years there should be any race differences that have not been corrected by exposure to enlightened health standards Michael
There is no need as Maori already have equal access Lauriei
That race based system is apartheid, in reverse. Warwick
The existence of Maori seats in Parliament and of a Maori Party is blatant racism and should be eliminated as should most of the funding which is so partial to Maori-ism. Michael
We all bleed the same, got the same opportunities to get health.  
We are all New Zealanders and should be treated as such. No one should get preferential treatment for anything regardless of race, gender or religion. Religion could actually do with a bit more equality!! Peter
Absolutely Not!! June
A lot of maori health problems are self inflicted, just as their finances fit that description.Achieving self sufficiency requires effort and ambition not socialistic handouts.. Sid
Our only hope is for National to commit to reversing race based claims before the elections. Alan
The “Special Treatment for Maori” has been going on for decades and no matter how much is given the whining and the demanding continue. I blame both main political parties for going along with this but I also blame the apathetic voters who decline to make it an issue with their MPs. There is some truth in the proposal that people get the government that they deserve although it’s tough for those of us who believe that there should be no racial preference or discrimination and that we should be all equal under the law. The question now remains whether National will have the moral fortitude to take a stand against unreasonable demands by Maori activist groups. No good hoping a left wing government will do it. Muriel mentioned David Lange. Well I suggest that the rot really set it when his government came to power. It’s time the tide was turned! Denis
There shouldn’t be a raced-based anything in this country. Stan
Democracy in New Zealand can only survive if race based policies are avoided. John
Sounds just like what we fought against with South Africa and now the Govt is fostering it here SHAME ON THEM Warren
I don’t support any Govt race based system of any type. I hope Muller has the back bone to stand up and highlight this racist crap and tell us what he would do if elected richard
This suggestion is a thinly disguised move towards Maori domination. They must remain in the partnership they agreed to in the Treaty. John
Mind you – perhaps they should simply target those who fail to attend appointments – often arriving late with umpteen “supporters” – who do not take their medication – who fail to even try to look after themselves – stuffing themselves with takeaway rubbish – smoking gawd knows what heavily and drinking themselves into oblivion it may make a difference. Ron
And so the gravy train continues to accelerate until the maori parliamentary seats are dispensed with. John
This racism will never be reported in the main-stream media. Graeme
NO I don’t, any race- based anything is abhorrent. How they, the Govt, can say NZ is a democracy in the same sentence beggars belief Carolyn
More separatism of Maoridom from mainstream New Zealand is just what the activists want Dennis
We are all New Zealanders and should be treated the same Lyn
We should all be equal so stop slitting us apart Gail
I don’t support race-based anything. Mike
Definitely not!we are multi cultural and the health system must be based on need not culture. Chris
Hell no! Margaret
Base all benefits on health & welfare solely on NEED and NOT on race. Tony
we are all the same no one special colin
I am totally over this elitist Maori racist view of being supreme leaders of NZ. Wayne
I feel disgusted, ashamed and scared to be a white kiwi under Labours rule. The free country I grew up in has gone. Dianne
Maori health issues would be no greater than pakeha, if Maori were to stop abusing their bodies. Bob
ALL community support and systems should be based upon individual need NOT ethnic, cultural or any other grounds Kelvin
This nation is following a disturbing path to racial separatism. We need a return to the proposition that all citizens regardless of race, religion or social status are treated equally in all areas. Jacinda Ardern is creating serious divisions within our society solely to further a Marxist agenda. Lee
Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter
I am at a loss as to how seemingly balanced and intelligent people can not see where this is all heading. I have given up trying to turn the lights on with most of my friends and family. For God’s sake National , do yourself and NZ a favour and have the balls to say you will dismantle all race based legislation and public service indoctrination within 100 days of the election. NZers are so beige and apathetic it is an insult to those who have progressively set this country up to where it was just a few years ago.Yes Te Reo will be required by all shortly in order to work out which Government department is which. David
I do not support race-based Anything. If New Zealand wants to go downhill backwards on a skateboard, go right ahead. Count me out. Do the advocates for these new “radical ” definitions have any idea where they are taking All of us….. Utter rubbish, and we hope (but have no assurances) that we will see the light before it gets any worse. Mabel
We are all equally New Zealanders and expect to be treated equally Diana
There should be no race-based health system in this country and all races should be given equal health care! Also no age based health system either! June
An act was passed in 2000 that says in part. “Treaty principals require DHBs to favour Maori in delivery of health services” So who was the racist Govt that passed it? Arthur
NO,NO,NO,I THINK THIS NEWSLETTER NEEDS TO BE SENT TO ALL NATIONAL MP,s & Muller NEEDS to be asked if he,s going to REMOVE ALL those race based affairs jacinda has started.Judith Collins was spot on when she said:WHEN WAS IT A CRIME TO BE WHITE” we,ll jacinda,the greens ETC has made it one Judith.I fear for any NZealander who,s white you,ll be under maoris thumbs if jacinda gets relected & to bad if you need a dr. or anything else. Cindy
It’s of dubious legality, and most certainly grossly unethical. A typical example of the socialists’ preference for ‘equality of outcome’, rather than liberals’ ‘equality of opportunity’. A dreadful move. Graham
We are not born differently we don’t die differently. In this country we ALL have the same opportunities to learn and progress. If you bred them love. nourish and mentor them. If you can’t do that don’t have them. Whatever don’t beat the crap out of them. God Defend New Zealand. Bruce
NO. I arrived in NZ in 1970 as a young man, hoping for a better life. And so it has been. I love and respect this country as one of the best on the planet for ordinary people to get ahead and have a satisfying life. Anyone can do well here if they are prepared to make the effort. The one thing that has always annoyed me is this divisive attitude pushed by a number of Maori (part Maori) who consider they are racially disadvantaged by colonial oppressors. As the years have gone by, these agitators have gradually raised their activities until we now have the situation outlined in the article posted by Dr. Muriel Newman. Most Maori I know go to work and life normal productive lives much like all kiwi’s, but the agitators are always there in the background, being negative and trying to stir up racism in one form or another. It is a great shame, separates people needlessly and holds this country back in so many ways. Roy
No. I cannot support race-based privilege in anything. Rob
We have more race based activities operating now and any more is going to create a minority master disturbance of preferential racial division of NZ. IAN
Frankly I find our race-based policy interventions and quite frightening. ~ a very real threat to this nations future. Notwithstanding everything that has been given by way of grievance settlements, attitudes and actions remain very negative. I fear a Bouginville styled revolution (I was there) fronted by gangs and led by highly trained ‘defectors’ from the military and police. Keith
Why should anyone get preference over anyone else if this nonsense keeps up who knows what will happen I think certain elements are slowly taking over by stealth there must be a lot of blind and stupid people running this country no wonder Australia looks so good Peter
We are all Suppose to be New Zealanders With equal Rights. Richard
No way! Race-based preferences and tribalism are a real threat to democracy. They cannot exist together. Labour is promoting “partnership” with Maori, primarily in a brazen effort to retain the Maori seats – straight out, naked politicking. Why do GPs get three times more subsidy for Maori patients? Why can Maori jump the waiting lists for GP consultations when non-Maori can’t? And it’s wrong, not to say unfair, when some DHBs can give priority for treatment to those who claim Maori ancestry. Interesting that Ardern has often referred to her “team of 5 million”. Why are some in that “team” who, by “accident of birth”, regarded as more or less worthy than many others? Laurence
No way! Surely it should be one rule for EVERYONE1 Pam
It is bollocks.Denying those who fund the health system, and then forcing them to buy health insurance or pay privately is racist and grossly unfair. David
We are all one people, or we should be. Sucessive Governments have divided us. They have forced separtisim on us. Our Politicians have a lot to answer for. Clive
New Zealander that’s it! Richard
Yet more apartheid Peter
If we believe in democratic principles, then the only answer is a sound “NO” Ced
There is no basis for any race based health system. Maori and Pacific Islanders are inherently of the same flesh as any other person. or race. Dave
The whole concept is an insult to any right thinking person and needs to be stopped immediately. This insane Government is taking us down a very slippery slope and for the future of our wonderful country they need to be removed from office ASAP. Any Government with an ounce of common sense needs to get rid of any race based legislation because it is a festering sore that will only get worse. Allan
It has to be based on your individual health needs. Andrew
When will we see a leader that serves all of NZ? No time soon I think… Maori seats must go. One law, one people Paul
You can’t comment without being accused of being racist – by the worst racists in the country. Mark
No I do not and with respect, that is a stupid question. Peter
Aparthied in nz has to stop! There is not a full blooded maori left, only part maori, free loading on the rest of us, and govt. and the law helps do it! norman
As well as giving Maori free seats where requested, will we now give them 2 votes at the ballot box, to counter their lower numbers? Brian
I said it before and I will say it again there are no full blooded maori left in New Zealand, so why all this nonsense Les
Absolutely not! Ron
Absolutely not. Clark
We are all equal. Race based is blatant racism Robbie
As there are no full blood Maori, They are part Maori as most people are many parts of different races. So there should not be any reason to treat part Maori differently. Andrew
Wrong Wrong Wrong John
In a true democracy all are equal – once race based inequalities become the norm we are no longer living in a democracy and it will actually become the lever causing race based violence. This we do not need in New Zealand. alastair
outrageous claire
only option left is to vote (one nz party) as national is a race based party as well. Ian
Definitely NO! There are 95 pieces of legislation listed from 1974-2017, dividing New Zealanders by race (apartheid) within a 32 page booklet that was mail-dropped in the Wellington area before lockdown. It is titled: ARE WE BEING CONNED by the Treaty Industry? It can be obtained n/c from “treatybooklet@1Law4All.kiwi.nz” It also contains 24 myths on which the treaty is based, the Letter From The 13 Chiefs and four paragraphs titled: Attack On private Property Rights. Don
Too much money and power is being given to only 17% of our population this is racist. What are the tribes doing to help their own people with the money received from treaty settlements. Wendy
This is the most blatant show of APARTHEID in NZ. There are other injustices most people are not even aware of. EG. Lower tax rates for Maori Trusts than other Trusts. Reserved places for Maori students with lower entrance requirements at university, etc. Geoff
Absolutely not. Apartheid took years to get rid of in South Africa and here we are in well into the new millennium and the Socialist/Commos wanting to introduce it here. It is bad enough what has already been done. The sooner this dangerous bitch is done away with the better. Good luck to National. Graeme
Apartheid getting stronger by the day Anne
On the6th February 1840 we all became one people.British law saved the Tribal people [Maori] from self annihilation . David
I thought we were all equal, now some are more equal than others. Isn’t this apartheid? Laurie
Oh dear, we are on that slippery slope to a communist country. We desperately need not only a change of Govt, but written assurance they will block this elitist takeover. Helen
Quite ridiculous, all people in this country must be treated equally. The time has come when someone with a firm backbone has to step up and run this country fairly. It may cause problems for a while but unless Maori leaders are put firmly in their place there is no hope for this country. Bear in mind that the vast majority of Maori are sensible people, not like their greedy possessive leaders, who want no part in this nonsense . And last but not least just remember that there are no true Maori’s left . only part Maori . As for this government and its leader, they have to be removed in the interest’s of the country, otherwise the future is frightening Tom
absolutely not, maori will want to govern NZ next, it is becoming very ,very obvious graeme
There is absolutely no reason at all why some people who happen to have some Maori Blood should get any special treatment in any aspect of our society. One man one vote and all equal before the law. All references to race MUST be removed from all statutes or we as a country are in for a very hard time and violence may be the result. I hope not but the Politicians must grow a spine and stand up against these Maori Activists. Oh for Don Brash and his Orewa speech. As i see it the Nats are too weak and will need the backbone of the ACT party to hold them to the line. i note from the ACT website the following are two of their principal objectives All people should be equal before the law as guaranteed in Article III of the Treaty of Waitangi, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or political belief. and Only democratically elected representatives should vote in Councils and Parliament. I hope that ACT will make these principals bottom lines in any post election negotiations not like the Winston First party who just dropped them at the first hurdle to gain power Robin
If Maori have a special need it should rank just the same as every other NZ resident. If there is an excessive demand then sort out the reason for that need. Tim
Treat everybody equally on need John
I am of Maori descent and I think this racial preference is a disgusting politically aimed ploy from the desperate left. Mike
Keep up the good work Garth
Definitely not Pauline
Why does a race have preference over others this situation is absurd and is just another move by this corrupt Government to retain power .I hope that our new National Leader will condemn this type of behaviour if not we are all doomed . ken
we are all one and should be treated the same roll on National Govt so we can be equal again Cherryl
Muriel’s column says it all – we are on a journey of madness under this socialist/maori govt russell
This has to STOP!!! The losers in the end will be the maori race, as more and more people turn against them, it’s about time ardern was stopped in her tracks, she doesn’t give a damn for the people of NZ, just her brainwashed ideology, into Communism, common sense went out the window when peters elected to go with labour, he to needs tossed out also, arrogant little man . Merryl
What can one say other than … it’s ABSURD ! Alan
I most emphatically do not support a race-based anything! Brenda
These are appalling developments. We should be marching in the streets. Peter
What about all the other millions they are being bribed with ? beryl
I am heartily sick of this whole thing about the treaty being a partnership Wah
Blatant vote-seeking exercise. Robyn
I think that your column should take a stand and publish this whole article in very paper in New Zealand. bill
A needs based health system is what we need. Forget race-based. Who is a Maori anyway? Florence
Of course not. Richard
This racism toward Maori makes my blood boil. If I was younger I wouldn’t be living in this racist country! Chris
One system for all Merv
Absolutely no. Division is wrecking this country, like a cancer, slowly but surely. Norm
Absolutely not. porus
Maori health problems are no different from any other group of people. Doug
What happened to the ‘we are one’ Bev
This govt. has to go. As a European Kiwi, I now feel, even though 4th generation Kiwi, a stranger in my own country. The Maoris, with their say nothing policy, to avoid conviction, are literally getting away with murder! Denis
It’s long overdue for us to all be treated the same – as New Zealanders. I really fear for this country and Michael Coote is so right with what he has to say about everything especially the very worrying stance of the so-called ‘Human Rights Commission’. They don’t seem to have a clue or perhaps they have a sinister agenda. They certainly aren’t for human rights for everyone in any way, shape or form. Helen
Should be needs based not ethnically based. Adrian
Health treatment should be available to all according to need. If health treatments and outcomes for so-called Maori are perceived to be worse than for others I would suggest that it’s not the system that’s at fault but instead possibly people’s lifestyle choices. As for the implication that a National led government would be any better, one needs to look no further than the Sjohnkey government and it’s largesse towards maori. On a general note, the statistics for Maori in all fields would look a lot better if Maori were defined as those with not less than 50% Maori ethnicity. As it stands it could be reasonably argued that it is the maori ethnicity alone that causes the problems, i.e. even if other ethnicity is dominant, it is irrelevant. Alan
Absolutely Ludacris and unwarranted. Welcome to race based privilege NZ. In South Africa they called it apartheid and the world decried its existence. Now we are practising the very same thing. Participating Maori should be ashamed of themselves – they have no mana only self interest and greed. chris
NO. Every New Zealander is entitled to equal care from OUR health system. What has happened to common sense in this country? Oh I forgot; “SELF INTEREST.” Gary
Health, Justice, Police, Universities and lower education etc…. We al know it is already here but we turn a blind eye to it for fear of being challenged as racist by others who also fear being called racist by those with a vested interest in racist policy. Bruce C
Absolutely not. Bill
How quickly this Government is ruining our lovely country with so many race based privileges etc. Sonia
That is Racism at its worst. And you can not blame these Tribal Elite to keep pushing their Cause. Like the ‘Gun Laws’ it can be stopped overnight by reality based decisions of some ‘Genuine’ One Nation’ Politicians. The Politicians are the ones that need to find some Spine and stand up to these ‘stand-over, bullying Tactics. by Tribal Elite. Geoff
It should be based clearly on need, Plain and simple. Robert
Maoris are NOT more equal than anyone else Brian
I support race- based nothing. I hope National, NZ First & Act have the balls to go for Hobson’s Pledge Doug
All racism is wrong. Did we not learn that from South Africa, and now Zimbabwe ? Doug
Health requirements should be based on needs and not on wants Ly
we are meant to be equal. Graeme
Health system should be solely based on individual need. Michael
Any special systems for individual ethnic groups is racism. All New Zealanders should enjoy the same standards and benefits. Maurice
A “race based” nothing. aren’t these people part of the human race. Ranald
Race based laws have entrenched a apartheid system in this country. Jasmine
Bloody oath. I am 16th Maori, my children 32nd Maori and grandchildren 64th. If that gives them priority to treatment bin our deadbeat health system I am all for it. The rest of you should get with the programme. If you say you are Maori who is to dispute it any more than you can currently claim you are a member of the opposite sex. Instead of resisting Maori sovereignty destroy it within. Register as Maori voters and make all the seats Maori seats. Become a manufactured Maori. I recently attended my Maori Whanau, the whole lot of us were manufactured Maori. Mervyn
It’s a crazy vision. Unfortunately this barefaced racism is just too common these days along with hobo’s blocking the No 1 Highway. Where is the opposition to this nonsense? Don
It is time the complacent “whites” in this country reacted against maori in a protest movement similar to Hong Kong. Greg
We are one people under the Treaty contract and all equal does Labour agree with this view These questions need to be put to All parties if we don’t ask the hard questions of them nothing will change and all will get worse Richard
Shame on the powers that be that this is even under consideration Tony
One country, one people, one law for all persons living here – non negotiable Jens
definitely not bruce
There is NO way that any system in a democracy can be race based Bruce
Long passed time to ditch Maori seats in parliament and burn the treaty. Ian
one people – all New Zealanders Beth
When cut we all bleed the same. jean
This labour lead coalition has to be removed from office. If he has any honour and intent of applying his rhetoric regarding abolition of the maori seats before the last election it is past time for Winnie to resign as coalition partner . Chris
It is obvious that this is the direction that the Government is promoting and they are making sure, through the media, that their actions are well known to those advocating separatism, that the trough still has plenty of money. Barry
Of course not. Fiona
It would be a waste of money with needless duplication. Cyril
enough is enough Norm
Another Labour inspired abrogation of NZ’s Democratic status to further Arderns’ Socialist dream. Alan
Imagine a race based health system run by Treaty of Waitangi advocates and believers who wont New Zealand to become Aotearoa ‘tomorrow’ at any cost – and delivered their way!! Just like Hong Kong today? Stuart
Fracturing the country is the goal of the labour party David
Just another way of Labour dumping DOWN the integrity of New Governance…. Carl
Our hard earned tax is for every New Zealander and needs to stay that way or we enter further into the slippery slope. Owen
We should scrap the treaty Brian
Don’t support any race-based system. Health system must be based on need, not greed. Graham
Our hard earned tax covers every New Zealander and needs to stay that way. Owen
Absolutely NOT! I was in Australia after last election and the headlines were The losers take over. They will do anything to stay in power. Who do Maori think is driving this “institutional racism?” Dick
Definitely NOT – ashamed that this could happen Diane
for a small country we in one hell of a position as regards Maori’s with there racism if they are not prepared to look after there health why should the tax payer have to do it sadly you have a radical few getting all the attention and the ordinary urban Maori gets nothing the whole thing stinks and the govt condone it russell
The lousy situation is alarmingly serious Ian
One country; one people… Donald
One country, one people pls John
WE should be totally opposed to race-based governance and benefits. Duncan
Absolutely not. This would be apartheid. Allan
No no no ,race based systems are not for us we are all one nation as from 6th Feb 1840 . British citizen ship was given to all of us forever and ever amen! And women? James
Indicates absolutely no maori self reliance. Dependency on the state and the rest of us. jeff
We are one Country and should have the same facilities and Laws for all citizens, regardless of race. Pierre
We consider that any move to have race based systems in our country will place NZ into a dis unified country with consequences we would abhor. Brian
A total nonsense. Do Maori have four arms and legs unlike the rest of us. How are they different? They really are just lazy and uneducated, all factors bought on by themselves. Murray
We are all equal, not judged by the colour of our skin. People have died fighting apartheid; why would we allow it in NZ? Bryan
One country, one people. Ian
enough is enough. stop ALL maori giveaways william
Disgusting Greg
One rule for all Troy
Time to leave NZ for good. I%u2019m over it. Trevor
At the risk of repetition, ‘we are one people’ John
Absolutely not. Health treatment should be based on need not race – end of story! Frank
The racialising of our country under this government is a disaster. And well done on Michael Coote calling out the Human Rights Commission – they are a disgrace. Mary
Race should be removed from the statute books. But I don’t think National has the guts to do it.  Simon
Labour is taking NZ down a disastrous slippery slope to apartheid.  Chris
Health care should NOT be based on race. This country is being ruined  by gutless politicians who don’t have the courage to say no to the tribal bullies who are pushing for racial control. Roger