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Election Choices

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Sixty-seven  days out from the 2020 election, the National Party selected a new leader.

The resignation of Todd Muller after only 53 days in the top job was a surprise. Judith Collins is National’s new leader, with the capable Gerry Brownlee her Deputy:

“I feel privileged to have been chosen to lead the National Party at this important time in our history. My focus as leader will be helping rebuild our communities and dealing with the economic and jobs crisis by getting Kiwis back to work. Only National has the experience and skills to get us through this. We are a strong team and I look forwarding to forming the next Government.”

Born on a farm in Hamilton and one of six children, Judith Collins first supported Labour, before switching to National. Trained as a lawyer, in 2002 she was elected as the National MP for Papakura.

When National became Government in 2008, she became the Minister of Police and passed a law that enabled police to crush the vehicles of boy racers as a third strike measure. This earned her the reputation of being tough on crime, and the nickname “Crusher Collins”. 

National’s new leader believes that the way out of the economic crisis created by Labour’s excessively harsh lockdown and unprecedented borrowing and spending, is to reduce government waste and encourage economic growth. Should she became Prime Minister, she has given an assurance that no form of wealth tax or asset tax would be introduced, and there would be no increase in income tax rates.

National’s leadership change is not too different from Labour’s experience in 2017, when they changed leaders just seven weeks out from the election.

Following a particularly brutal poll which put the Party on 23 percent, then leader Andrew Little resigned and his deputy, Jacinda Ardern, took over. Just 12 weeks later, thanks to ‘Kingmaker’ Winston Peters, she was sworn in as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister, with New Zealand First as a coalition partner, and the Green Party offering confidence and supply.

This time around, with polls indicating New Zealand First is well under the 5 percent threshold to re-enter Parliament, the country has been on track for a Labour-Green Government. That’s deeply concerning given the reckless economic policies being promoted by the Greens.

Their Poverty Action Plan, which has been called a bottom line policy, represents a serious attack on those New Zealanders who have done well for themselves. Under the Greens’ plan, they would be heavily taxed in order to make welfare benefits significantly more generous – a move that would dramatically deepen New Zealand’s dependency trap. 

Since Jacinda Ardern hasn’t ruled the policy out, there’s no indication that Labour wouldn’t adopt it if the alternative was three years in opposition.

So, what exactly are the Greens proposing?

They claim their policy is all about “fairness” – but that’s a vacuous argument to justify the opposite. There’s nothing inherently fair about forcing a tiny minority of New Zealanders to fund a significant expansion of the welfare state.

Already almost a half of all income tax in New Zealand is paid by just 12 percent of taxpayers. Yet, under the banner of ‘fairness’, the Greens want to use the power of the State to grab more.

The Green Party plans to introduce a wealth tax that would include the family home, with just a few exemptions including Maori land, charitable holdings, and some household assets.

Those New Zealanders with more than a million dollars in net assets – including in family trusts – would be required to pay 1 percent of that value in tax each year, and over $2 million, 2 percent.

A wealth tax is far more punitive than a capital gains tax, since rather than being raised on profits after an asset is sold, it must be found each year by people who may be asset rich but cash poor. It would become an unaffordable burden on many New Zealanders, especially those who are retired.

The Greens expect their tax to raise 2.5 percent of GDP in its first year, making it one of the most punitive wealth taxes in the world, since European countries with similar taxes raise only about one tenth of that amount.

Furthermore, wealth taxes were considered by Sir Michael Cullen’s Tax Working Group’s comprehensive review of New Zealand’s tax system, and ruled out: “New Zealand historically had wealth taxes – in the form of a land tax, an estate duty, and gift duties. All of these taxes have since been repealed. There has also been an international trend toward the declining use of net wealth taxes. Wealth taxes are usually applied in addition to an income tax on capital income, in which case they do not reduce any existing distortions caused by the income tax, but rather generate an additional set of distortions… A wealth tax, however, is a complex form of taxation that is likely to reduce the integrity of the tax system.”

Yet in spite of it being rejected by the Cullen review – and every tax review before that – the Green Party wants to introduce a wealth tax and expects it to raise $8 billion in the first full year. 

The Greens also plan to introduce two new higher income tax rates – the first at 37 percent for those earning over $100,000 and the second at 42 percent for incomes above $150,000. They expect to generate $1.3 billion a year from these tax increases.

The higher income taxes and the wealth tax would be used to fund a guaranteed minimum income (GMI) of at least $325 a week for anyone not in full-time employment. This would include the unemployed, students, and anyone working part-time.

The GMI, which would replace other income support payments and student allowances, would rise in line with the average wage.

Under the new scheme an unemployed person would receive at least $100 more a week than they currently get on the dole. Not only that, but there would be no stand-down period if someone quits their job to go onto welfare, and no sanctions for not taking a job, not turning up for an interview, refusing to take a drug test, or failing to comply with welfare department requirements.

Single parents would receive a minimum of $110 on top of their $325 basic income, and for each child under the age of three, an additional $100 a week payment in lieu of the $60 income-tested Best Start payment introduced by Labour.

Working for Families tax credits would be replaced with a Family Support Credit of $190 a week for the first child and $120 a week for subsequent children.

Relationship rules would also be relaxed so beneficiaries – and their partners – could earn more from working without losing their benefits.

The Greens would also change ACC – from an accidental injury compensation scheme to an “Agency for Comprehensive Care” that would cover all health-related income support with payments of up to 80 percent of a sick worker’s salary or 80 percent of the minimum wage – whichever is higher.

Under the Greens, the minimum wage would be pegged to the median wage, and the starting-out wage would be abolished. 

So, would the Green Party’s policy reduce poverty – as they are claiming? 

Under their scheme, a solo mum with a couple of school age children would receive a minimum of $745 a week in the hand. In comparison, someone working in a minimum wage job earning $18.90 an hour would receive $642 a week (after deductions).

The problem is that the closer welfare payments are to wages, the less likely beneficiaries are to want to take a job, and the greater the dependency trap that’s created – especially if welfare sanctions have been removed.

As a result, the Green Party’s policy would substantially increase benefit dependence, and as a result, not only would entrenched poverty escalate – but so to would the danger to children.

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator welfare expert Lindsay Mitchell reminds us of the risk to children from benefit dependency:

“The links between welfare dependence from birth and poor, if not disastrous outcomes, have now been well-explored by institutions like AUT and Treasury. The latter identified 4 indicators:

1)    a finding of abuse or neglect;
2)    spending most of their lifetime supported by benefits;
3)    having a parent who’d received a community or custodial sentence; and
4)    a mother with no formal qualifications

“Using retrospective data they were able to predict outcomes:

Compared to children with none of the four indicators, children aged 0-5 years with two or more of the four indicators are:

eight times more likely to have contact with Youth Justice services before age 18
three times more likely to leave school with no qualifications
six times more likely to receive benefits for more than two years before the age of 21
ten times more likely to spend time in jail before the age of 21
four times more likely to receive benefits for more than five years when they are aged 25-34 years.

“72% of the children with all four indicators were Maori. These heightened risks lie at the heart of the country’s ongoing inter-generational failure.”

As Lindsay points out, Maori disparity is caused by the family, not institutional racism.

During this present period of economic turmoil, New Zealand desperately needs the welfare system to not only support those who have lost their jobs, but to ensure they get back into the workforce.

The fact that the Green Party’s policy would do the opposite, reveals the extent of their delusion and the destructive impact their policies would have on work and the economy.

Unfortunately, the political reality is that Labour is likely to need the Greens to stay in power and it is naïve to think that Jacinda Ardern would sacrifice the Treasury benches on a matter of principle.

Right now, with New Zealand’s borders closed to immigrant workers, some of our key rural industries are facing a labour shortage crisis. That means the country needs our welfare system to step up and proactively assist the unemployed to take up jobs in those sectors where workers are so desperately needed. 

Fruit and vegetable growers are warning that crops will rot on the ground unless thousands of pickers and packers can be found to harvest their produce.

Farmers are also struggling to attract the workers they need in spite of most being provided with accommodation, as well as decent wages.

We have also just learnt that the country now relies on immigrant shearers! In spite of good workers earning $90,000 a year within three years of training, and experienced hands able to make $150,000, not enough Kiwis are interested. 

This clearly needs to change.

Looking forward, strengthening the welfare system to ensure the unemployed take on available jobs must be a Government priority – as must be growing the economy.

History on this is clear – the best way to grow an economy is for the Government to get out of the way so businesses can create jobs and wealth. New Zealand must harness the energy, expertise, and entrepreneurial talent of Kiwis wanting to build a good future for themselves and their families.

What the country needs right now are political leaders who understand this. 

So while the coalition government is busy campaigning by spending borrowed money – Labour using the $20 billion Covid-19 Recovery Fund, New Zealand First using the $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund, and the Green Party using the $100 million Green Investment Fund – we will leave the last word to National’s new leader Judith Collins:

“The National Party is not the party of big taxes. What we are is the party of sensible spending. We’re a party of infrastructure. We’re a party who believes in investing, but we’re not stupid with money because we always know somebody has to pay it back.”

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*Who do you believe will be the next New Zealand Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern or Judith Collins?   


*Poll comments are posted below.


*All NZCPR poll results can be seen in the Archive.


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I admit I’m saying J Collins because I would prefer her as PM,. However, I have also seen some surprising turnarounds in my voting history and this could be one of those. Janice
Leadership here we come! Jill
Jacinda’s approach to Covid 19 is now a Joke !! She managed to control the Virus, only to now open the borders again bringing in Virus carriers DAILY from India, Pakistan, England etc. Pierre
I HOPE !!!!! john
We are looking at a very dangerous Govt if the Greens and Labour win this next election. Socialism is a disease and Communism is the next step and would be worse. We need a strong National led Govt to get NZ back to work to create jobs . Our economy is in a dire situation and ALL the borrowings MUST be paid back at some stage. I fear for my children and grandchildren as they are going to pay heavily if we carry on paying out to many lazy people here. Remember what John Kennedy said ” Ask not what your country can do for you BUT what YOU can do for your Country.. Productivity in NZ is continuing to drop because of lazy people who think the world owes them a living ! Andrew
I can’t believe that you even needed to run a Poll on this! Surely you need to focus on more important issues like the the claims on the foreshore, protection of water for all NZ’ers. Lately the opinion pieces have been over full of anti Labour biased info derived from 20/20 vision looking in the rear view mirror. Alan
It is more of of hope than belief as I have had enough of Jacinda Ardern style politics. The country seems to have gone mad. Kevin
Hopeful anyway…. Fred
The only rational choice Alan
One can only hope !! June
I pray that JA won’t win, god help us if Labour and the Greens get together. Peter
Enough of the fluffy talk Jacinda. I sincerely hope Judith puts on her boxing gloves and beats the s*^t out of Labour. Robert
This is my wish. Collins should have been put in as National Party Leader 2 years ago, And please, can we refer to the so-called “Greens” as Communists, as this is what they are. “Green” has nothing to do with their values. Sharen
notwithstanding beneficiary dependency most must understand you cant borrow your way to economic freedom. bill
Regrettably Jacinda will prevail — it’s too late for the Nats to get head — unfortunately the loony Greens will go with her and I don’t want any of their ill informed often naive policies pushed on us. I want rid of them !!!!!! Alan
We surely don’t need another 3 years of this lot Laurie
having National back in power is this country”s best hope Hugh
New Zealand can’t afford the Labour Party, let alone a Labour Party-Green Party coalition. Pieter
NZ cant afford to Have a labour/green government – we’ll all be poverty stricken should that happen tony
As long as New Zealanders wake up in time. Helen
One can only hope that sanity prevails over the lack of literacy and good education plus the ability to recognise the lies of the marxists and the utter stupidity of the Toxic Greens. Go for it Judith Garry
Ardern will win. Not what I want but what I expect. Brian
I hope John
More hopeful than confident. If its Labour/Greens God help us Covid will look like a walk in the park if that happens. Some of their policies defy logic and just reinforce their Socialist leanings. Salve
We cannot deny the statistics which are disgraceful regarding Maori offending! This continuous Moari mongrel crap disgusts me & must be rigorously resisted if paradise NZ is to survive. Vive Collins & Peters!. John
we have to have a change to someone who is more in tune with NZers who are earning and working hard than for those who feel they are entitled to state money jenny
great experienced politician GEOFF
We might just see a “Crusher” wave. Andrew
Crusher, but her voting on family affairs is disgraceful……we cant afford another 3 years of the current Col……Romania beckons. So need new minor parties to be King maker, not NZ 1st they work on NZ Last, and ACT and the red Greens…….no thanks… Wayne
Hopefully Judith will get to lead the country in September but I despair of the blind adoration of Jacinda. The inability to give a straight answer, the vacuous waffle, the failure of every 2017 election promise, lack of decisiveness….the list goes on. Unbelievable. The mere thought of a Labour/Greens government is terrifying. Kerry
Must be Judith, Jacinda is outright dangerous David
J Collins would be a disaster for the country – she must not be allowed to hold this this position Brian
the insane borrowing & spending going on now cannot continue. Our great grandchildren will still be paying for this current madness. clark and curren wrecked the country before they got the arse now adern & robertson repeat the crime Rick
It’s more that she is my choice. I sincerely hope I am correct. A Labour/Greens coalition will be disastrous for our country and economy. Heather
I am tired of being told to be “kind”. I just want an active and productive country. Theo
Being positive. Ann
Well at least we can dream John
why on earth wouldn’t she be, her handling of this crisis has been near impeccable, she is compassionate and simply seeks equality – who wouldn’t want that. I have never seen NZ in such a good position, she has achieved so much in so little time and puts so called “world leaders” like the UK and their farce of a government to shame. Jen
Simply because the majority will want all the handouts Jacinda has given them Sam
I would rather neither, in favour of New Conservative Leighton Baker, but a centre right coalition would be better than the other option. Blair
Hopefully. Needed. This mob have been the great pretenders and clueless about what to do. People will learn they vandalized businesses and trashed family well-being, and have been anything but nice. Jack
Ms Collins does not mince her words and is not into fluff and hugs. She is there now to do the job of getting National to win. May be a big ask but my fingers are crossed. Carol
I believe kiwis will wake up and realise that socialism has never worked in history of the world . Dene
Common sense should prevail by election time – the welfare state must surely be found out. chris
Hopefully ! Don
As much as I would like Judith to win, people are very stupid and seem to think that Jacinda is wonderful regardless of the fact that her and her govts policies are going to destroy the economy Campbell
NZ cannot afford another Labour term Bryan
Judith has the better team by far, is vastly more experienced intelligent and far more competent than comrade Jacinda. Gale
More experienced has the expertise to lead a solid team of experienced professionals Dianne
Good policy. sound leader. Ian
I plug for Judith with the best will in the world. Labour – and even worse, the Greens – haven’t a clue about economics and we simply cannot afford their disastrous hand on the wheel right now. Ardern may crow about “going hard and going early” (which is, really nonsense because she was very slow out of the blocks indeed in instituting her lockdown. And then %u2014 worst disaster of all, but only to be expected of someone who fails to recognise the importance to our country of all those small businesses she killed %u2014 she unnecessarily locked down almost ALL business activity except that of the chosen big supermarket firms. It would take years for our economy to recover. Thanks, Jacinda! Rob
We need her experience and skills to get this country out of this terrible situation. I do not believe Jacinda Ardern has any idea how to get us up and running and it would seem her own ambitions continually get in the way of intelligent decision making Marilyn
I firmly believe that if Labour and the Greens get back in a dark gloom will descend over the country. Lee
Because there are already too many beneficiaries and unschooled dreamers with no sense of nationhood, the media will manipulate them again and again. Leonard
I Vote with my heart – the election is Jacinda’s to lose. david
We need capitalism not failed green socialism if we are to recover from the debt of C19. Kevin
Much as I want it to happen, unfortunately I believe that most New Zealander’s will still vote Labour and that will lead to disaster for the all us and the country. We need National back in power. I was so happy when Judith got the vote, way to go. Fraser
She has the courage and the ability to lead us out of the hole that Ardern’s government has dropped us in. A Labour/Greens government would be a disaster for NZ Kerry
Hope!! Sandra
Judith Collins has more common sense and brains in her little finger than Taxcinda has in her whole body Athol
Reverse racism, race based privileges, unprecedented borrowing to buy votes, outrageous Captain’s decisions are all factors that will contribute to the destruction of our way of life as we have known it. Somehow or other this must be made clear to the voting public so that when the times comes this current lot can be banished to the annals of history. Vote National if you want this country to survive. Chris
We can only live in hope. Another 3 years of communism will finish NZ. Graeme
We need a government that can reign in spending and grow the economy, not smiles and broken promises Chris
I wish JC success for NZ’s sake. cris
Mrs Ed or crusher, what a choice ! chris
Plain old experience Warren
The country needs her Terry
More a want than who I believe will win … sadly Meg
In coalition with NZ First Gaire
I am really delighted with Judith’s policy announcements and general demeaner and the way she works with media. She is a real star. I wish her the very best and will be supporting her in whatever way I can. I am impressed! Dianna
Comrade Cindy has to go! Alan
For the sake of our nation – here’s hoping! Glenda
i am hopeful. i can dream barry
Hope Murray
I hope to hell I am right or this country is doomed. Elaine
God I hope so, because if we have Jacinda Ardern and the Greens for the next three Years, most of us will probably be living in No Power Mud Huts and riding clapped Bicycles. Geoff
Experience, experience, experience! jean
Judith is the person we need. No nonsense Judith Lloyd
This will be a tough challenge for Judith with Labour and the media fighting against her. However Judith has the courage to take these challenges head on. Her support base has been reenergised as the likelihood of defeat of this clueless government is in sight. Lee
We need Judith for NZ just like the World needs Donald Trump. National will win this election. Chris
The sooner the better. Wink
It’s elementery my dear Watson Michael
Crusher Collins—–I Hope! Eric
Go Judith S
Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money (Baroness Thatcher) Ardern has borrowed heavily, in secret from the CCP, that is the “other people’ unless she is removed from political life NZ is doomed to political Servitude. Ron
a mature worldly leader whose time has come. bruce
Long shot david
If Collins is not the next PM, NZ will be in huge strife, because Adern is not for NZers, she is for the NWO and one world govt and complete servitude of the people. Kate
Please God be kind to NZ and install some brains in the looney lefties. Please God ,help us if Commerade Cindy gets in with just the greenies or by herself. I only hope Judith can pull off a miracle and restore some sense back in parliament. Peter
National New Conservative or better yet New Conservative National Martin
The decision is definitely a “No Brainer” to have Judith Collins leading a very good team into the next 3 year term in Govt as the raging socialist Jacindarella needs to step way back with her very strong socialist views and philosophy, so National has an opportunity to completely dump the UN and gain back NZ’s Sovereignty along with ceasing to help fund a raging socialist organisation, especially the so called…..World Health (?) Org. Bruza
Sadly Jacinda because so many are easily influenced by her superficial l charm and do not know her dark and dangerous past Catherine
Hopefully Judith Collins! Kate
New Zealand desperately needs Judith Collins as PM this year; but it will not be easy. Right behind JC, she can do it. Sam
Greens cannot be allowed in the chamber, they are wreckers. The Wealth Tax cannot be allowed in. The CoL must be stopped. JA cannot be again trusted with such a history of non performance. Collins is needed to restore stability. Richard
The country upon listening to a different message will respond Roger
Being realistic, heart says Collins but head says Jacinda. God help us from a Labour government, a Labour Green would be bigger disaster. martin
Because all the people are not stupid all of the time Dave
any body but national james
Her performance during her first term . Heather
I now believe it can happen. and the enthusiasm of Judith Collins for the job is the light at the end of a very long tunnel John
I would love Judith to be the next prime minister, but there are a lot of stupid people out there that think the sun shines out of Jacaranda’s Bum Rod
go crusher craig
After reading the article it makes sense to vote Judith into power. You cannot get people off the dole by paying wages above regular workers. Working for the dole should be reintroduced. Dennis
I am very sad to say this as I desperately want Judith to win but we have too many stupid voters who don’t think things through David
Judith Collins has the grit and steel to implement her announced policies, and to deal with errant caucus members- unlike Jacinda. Bring on the election. Murray
Probably JA but only because non political thinkers reckon she made the right call over Covid In fact her Captains Call was way over the top and has caused massive financial problems which her Govt has responded to be throwing more money at it. Such a socialist approach will cost the country dearly for years to come. Maybe the Collins group approach would be more effective in the long run…… Graeme
Please God. Martin
One can but hope! s
I believe it will be Jacinda but I wish it could be Judith. It’s just a little late for my wish to come true I think but I hope I’m wrong. Juliet
Great that the National Party won’t link with Winston Peters. He cannot be trusted. The Green’s scheme to tax the wealthy to pay for extra Welfare Benefits is horrifying if it pays $100 a week above the those on the minimum wage. This immediately leads to low paid employees retiring to a life on the dole. Research also shows that 72% of beneficiaries showing the 4 indicators of Welfare Dependency from birth are Maoris. I can believe that Ardern would agree to that if it gave her a chance to enjoy her life of fame in the World Press no matter how much it cost the country in monetary terms and social well-being for NZ’s young families. Chris.
I mostly vote National, would do again, but after hearing the policy on roading, where most of the money is going to the North of the country, am not sure I will vote this time. The South Island gets forgotten. meg
Having a Marxist leader will kill the country economically and socially. Derek
I certainly would like to see JC winning the race. But – considering the delay until JC took charge of the Nat’s leadership- time is now of the essence. On the other hand , the saying goes: ‘eight weeks is a very long time in politics’. In short— we will be in for some surprises coming our way. It is certainly a good thing for the National Party that she has started to clean out some of the less useful woke characters ( which was long overdue anyway) and return this Party to some semblance of its former self. All we can do is sit on the fence and watch this show unfold. I also hope that the New Conservatives will make it into Parliament We need some fresh air in there.. Michael
Disaster if she isn’t Bryan
NZ needs ‘Crusher Collins’, so that we can become productive again. The dependency on welfare payments is out of control, and if left to the current coalition government will only get worse. J J
God help us if we were to have a Labour/Greens party back in power. This country does not need a team of 5 million beneficiaries … Who would ever want to work a real job when they can be given $745 every week for doing nothing? Des
There has to be at least 45% of the country who have enough personal pride and motivation to want to leave a positive legacy ro their children and grandchildren…..surely!!!! bob
far better choice william
Labour and greens MUST go. Look what has happened in Europe with the Greens – renewable resources have become tooo expensive to produce and don’t last the distance. Wind generators are taking 16 years to pay off….but the life span of these generators is only 14 years and parts…… ROD
Ticked the Judith box because the question in my opinion should have been “who do we need to be next prime minister”. If labour and their mates get back into power for 3 more years this country will be ruined both economically and morally. Roy
Unfortunately Sheena
‘The Boss’ is back in town…What time is it New Zealand??? It’s action time !!! ChrisH
Unfortunately Sheena
Jacinda is all talk (which she does well) and little do. I believe Judith will get NZ going again. Peter
NZrs love handouts, its called buying votes. They don’t mind someone else paying more tax than them either, it’s called envy. They don’t mind socialists either, they don’t understand also that socialists are a softer term for Marxists and some socialists are scared to admit they are Marxists, like the current mob. So greed and envy will drive the election results. Rex
Ideally!! Kevin
strong leadership – firm decision making – Beth
If not we are in deep do do. Lionel
such determination to succeed – strong on business success to improve economy Beth
This is a hard one . At the moment we have a government spending money on people that do not want to work and workers being brought into New Zealand to do the work. Due to human nature I would say the current prime minister will get back in and only for this reason. steven
Pity help us if she isn’t! Ted
Please, please, please – let’s get moving and get things going. Ditch the RMA – no #1 priority Jenny
Needed to offset Comrade Ardern! Stewart
Certainly hope so! Lloyd
Sadly, given the way the left are behaving in the US in their petulant and selfish manner having been tossed out the next Prime Minister will face a challenging task. Roger
ive put jacinda ardern,because i think its going to be pretty hard for national to win this coming election,i hate the thought of another 3 years with labour and with the greens throwen in ,why do they want to keep paying the bludgers of this country,they should be made to take these jobs that they import migrants to do, and i honestly think that army training should be brought back in for these unemployed wasters, so they learn some personal discipline, and maybe become useful to this country,they this labour government want every one on a benefit, so they can control people easier, ill be voting act this next election, I think David Seymour sees things clearly, and would be a good asset to government rodger
Strong bench – decisive . Let’s go Judith .MAGA , we have been conned by her stance to Covid , it isn’t going away , NZ will get it , No report of the missing 500 odd that were not tested , and softening us up for community transmission if it occurs , watch this space as it is already here . Wake up NZ you have been conned by this lady and her socialist views . Kevin
Judith Collins – but only if the majority of NZ voters wake up in time. Scott
I hope. Penelope
I cannot believe how Judith Collins has got it into her head to promise a gazillion dollar motorway! She initially said that National could never outspend Labour. Well, she put that misconception well and truly to read! Colin
get rid of Jasinner chris
At this time with Covid around she can’t be beat. Thats a shame for NZ. Stewart
the only way we will resolve and manage the huge debt imposed by labour neville
For the good of NEW ZEALAND and ALL its people i pray that i’m right. warwick
God help us if it’s JA Peter
Hopefully Judith Collins Frank
She is our only hope of saving this country Gail
It is a hard ask but the long term outlook would be far better. John
Judith brings about an air of confidence to the political landscape – thank goodness. I believe National at last can now move on with an element confidence. Judith doesn’t mince words and has proven that she is more than capable of making the hard decisions. She has already made a difference. chris
she is the only one who can pull NZ out of the mess we are and will be in david
Please, not another three years of colour me in Cindy. She needs a committee to tell her what to have for breakfast – she is not a PM, just a party pin-up. Judith knows what to do and won’t let a silly little pretender stand in the way of the adult form of professional government. LUKE
At this point it is looking like Comrad Ardern will have sufficient numbers to continue the socialist path of self-destruction NZ is on. Unfortunately, the Old Guard is back and there is not fertile ground to comprehend the change in direction the country needs to avoid economic collapse. A POLL after a few weeks will probably see the National Party struggling to get the numbers needed. A Caption “TIME FOR CHANGE” is appropriate but change cannot occur without leaders willing to take risk. Frederick
I believe that New Zealanders are mostly too laissez faire with regards to politics. With the media being on the Labour Green side it is almost impossible to resist the daily brainwashing that is going on. Matt
And she’ll win the next election too if I have anything to do with it! Geraldine
If voters have any sense it will Hopefully be Judith Collins David
With Judith only having been leader for a few days, it is hard to answer the question. Perhaps ask the same question again in 4 or 5 weeks. Jon
Will be a disaster if Labour gets back Sylvia
With fingers crossed! Wayne
If we don’t change we are in for very dark times. The Greens taxing & handout policies will destroy NZ Peter
I do not really believe Collins will win, but I sincerely HOPE that she will. The NZ electorate is rapidly becoming seduced by the promise of almost unlimited welfare payments as the easy way to live without realising the disastrous consequences of such a policy. Vote Labour/Green to turn NZ into a third world backwater! TOBY
Watch the change in the public Neville 
Jacinda is determined to bring in state control which will ruin the country Tony
I really pray for for Judith to get elected as I can see that another labour/greens term could do so much damage that it might not be easily reversed anthony
Has to be! If it isn’t them we are in deep s*** after the next three years. I want to see Judith debate jacinda and wipe the floor with her! Roger
God help us if those RED greens get any sort of control Charlie
Jacinda has done enough damage to NZ and the future IAN
Sadly. Barbara
Smiles and hugs and broken promises can’t fix the mess that we are in. Trevor
I,m hoping people will FINALLY WAKE UP to kick out jacinda & greens before theu can inflick MORE damage on NZ & CLAMP down on iwi handouts. Cindy
Hopefully people will realise Jacinda Ardern%u2019s real mission is to change New Zealand to a socialist state Bryan
I have voted for JA as I don’t have any real faith in many of the sheeple that they will be able to see through all the vote buying that will be coming through in the next two months. It is not what I desire though. With Bridges and Muller at the helm of the Nats I would have been certain that JA and the Greens would be there to totally wreck our economy as the Winston First Party has little likely hood of returning and putting the brakes on. Their only hope is Shane Jones and with Maori Party taking the bulk of the Maori vote up north that is not certain. Yes I would prefer JC as our leader as I know that the communist agenda of a Labour /Green coalition will put us so much chaos that we take several generations to recover. History needs to taught in school as if you don’t learn from it you will inevitably repeat it. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK Robin
We desperately need her no nonsense approach ! Dick
Speaks to the people john
Fingers crossed Tina
She is the only leader to restore our economy. Jacinda would move our country further towards communism Lois
It is just faintly possible i think! cyril
Hoping as has a clear vision on policy. laurie
At last someone with balls. Garry
If this country has any control by the GreenParty on it we are doomed. The taxes and handouts proposed are set to destroy this country.DON’T VOTE GREEN john
Hoping this will happen claire
A very popular leader Graham
The awakening after Marxist like JacArd scare tactics. JC rules! Stan
We need a leader who will deliver on policy, not just talk about it. The current leadership group have not delivered anything of merit. The thought of Labour /Greens government is scary. Dvae
If this country has any idea what is best for it, there is only one logical choice. Judith Collins. Go Judith. Jim Jim
One can only hope and pray that this is the case . The Labour party and the Greens from top to bottom have no real business experience and what is being proposed by the Greens highlights this, ridiculous Tom
Hears hoping. John
There is a ground swell of New Zealanders just waiting for the change of leaders ship in the National party and with the appointment of Judith Collins the battle is now on and i just hope that Collins wins this tight race.However i just hope that Ardern is beaten as this is a very critical period in New Zealands history. ken
If horse mouth gets back in we may as well pack our bags and bugger off. Another three years of this Woke government, would be a disaster.Go CRUSHER.I just hope that enough NZ ers have the brains to see how this commie Govt. is ruining our country. ross
Definitely J.C., warts and all. There are three things she should attend to with urgency amongst the many others: 1. Drive a stake through the heart of the R.M.A. and get N.Z. building again. 2. Decouple from the carbon tax industry. 3. Incrementally decouple from “free trade” with commufascist China as the Australians and Americans are doing and I suspect many others to follow. Don
I believe in the tooth fairy too! I would like to see Crusher there to keep the Nats under control. I have gone right off MMP. The looney left combos are just too scary to contemplate. Bruce
This prediction is based on the sincere hope that there are substantially more informed, wise NZs than there are Adern minions. Heather
Yes, we can! Jenny
Labour have to go….. Carl
God help us if she’s not !!! Gavin
SOUND FINANCIAL ACUMEN, proven over the years. Bruce
Hope so Phyllis
We need to get back to business, and away from socialism. Hugh
Judith Collins seems to have much more natural charisma and realism than the all controlling Jacinda Ardern AND I believe New Zealanders don’t want to give away their independence to go down the socialist Ardern path. Stuart
Country needs to get back on track Lyn
It’s a big ask for Judith to succeed at this late date. She should have been leader at the time Simon B took over. However, if ACT can get more party votes they could form a successful coalition. Maurice
Judith has the experience needed.Socialist policies will ruin the country. Norman
I would rather the NZ Prime Minister were Judith Collins, but there are a lot of voters who are ardent Ardern fans! Marianne
We need Judith collins not red Jacinda Les
We don’t want the former President of the International Socialist Youth League running our country any longer. Malcolm
unfortunately Des
yessssss nevkath
Unfortunately! Bryan
Sensible and intelligent leadership Jeff
I hope… Gerry
NZ can’t afford any more hugs. Graham
National will surely get rid of the Greens and their ridiculous wealth tax which will be supported by Labour. National for sensible economic recovery. Terry
I hope so Brian
On present trends Ardern will be the winner with the communist green party of New Zealand helping Labour to make the grade. New Zealanders have many times shown their stupidity by voting for personality rather than policy. Collins would be the better bet for New Zealand, now and into the future, and National could make it, though it is doubtful at this stage. Peter
Unfortunately. But I do believe in Miracles ! David
Judith by a country mile. Jacinda is a flake Willy
Be positive chris
As much as I hate to admit it, or even want it, Labour will win the election. This will be, because of the stupidity and uneducated people of this current generation. New Zealanders in general just love Jacinda and this is all that matters to them. I don’t believe that we have anyone in any party, that really has any interest in the welfare of this country, or where it is heading. Its a career for these people and they are only looking out for the best for them selves. They fight and bicker like little school children instead of working together to benefit the country. Until all this stops, NZ will just plod along as we are. We need to get sound business heads running this country, not dip sticks or drop outs from university. Reg
PLEASE! Our country will be stuffed if a labour/green coalition returns to power. Carol
Judith all the way Danny
I don’t believe New Zealanders are stupid enough to fall for the Labour Govt. vote buying strategy. Common sense should prevail or we are in for troubled times ahead. Judith is by far the more practical and forceful character and we are going to need her disciplined drive to get us out of the mire. Martin
I hope Judith gets in Daryl
JA could possibly pull it off if the Greens get as many as possible to vote YES on the marijuana Referendum and continue to promote the fictitious facts on climate change, a hit with the younger voters. As we know Labour will be supporting this anyway. JC has the ability to win this election with policy that generates growth and employment on all fronts and hopefully reign in the emphasis on everything being about “Maori” Barry
The destruction if the Greens come in would be enormous Peter
We live in hope Tony
She is far superior and will do what’s right for the country. She should have been PM long ago but perhaps this is the better time for her. Go Judith Helen
If Jacinda gets in it will be on the back of the dole bludgers Robbie
common sense policies must win, for all of our sakes. still want maori favouritism to be abolished. norman
Can Judith Collins do it? It’s not impossible. She has a well-qualified and experienced team, rather than being essentially a one-person party like Labour. If, as Jacinda says, she’s more interested in fighting Covid-19 than on an upcoming election, who else is going to lead the party in these weeks? Does she not want to face the public? Laurence
Unfortunately I believe it will be Jacinda, but what is even more scary is that Jacinda will keep the Greens with her. NZ is potentially in very deep s***.! Graham
Hoping so. Roger
I’m afraid my prediction is more of a wish. I suspect I will be wrong as the media shows strong support for the present govt. mike
God forbid! That Jacinda & the Greens win this election we will be a doomed , and even more divided country if this happens!!! Valerie
Because she is a leader, who knows that business is paramount in these hard times. And she will get things done. Peter
Surely the country will realise that she is what we need Jan
The Greens promote themselves as environmentalists but at the same time make it financially easier to have larger families. Are they totally blind to the fact that people are the root of all of the planets environmental problems. People should be discouraged from having more than 2 children. For those whose culture is to have larger families. O. K. But don’t expect the taxpayer to support them. It’s part of my culture to dance “The Morris” but there’s no government support for it. Geoff.
I hope so Graeme
go crusher……. erin
Greens policy will steal voters seeking more welfare, from Labour carrying Jacinda through to lead a more dangerous coalition. Brian
We can but hope. pdm
She has an experienced team behind her with a proven Track record to build the economy Kevin
Policies should sway the silent majority. Doug
I hope and pray Leonie
Hope so Greg
Well let’s hope for the future of the Country it is Auntie Judy Mike
NZ needs common sense and strength to get through the very difficult time ahead. Labour and Greens will drag us down to third world status Patrick
Judith has the experience and a very astute team behind her as opposed to Jacinda who has a team of 4. A country needs a leader who pulls no punches. Hugs, smiles and washing your hands doesn’t cut it for me. Margaret
Go “Crusher”! Jim
Judith wins andNational governs with Act holding the balance of power.At last some real government and good riddance to Ardern and her incompetent rabble Don
Unfortunately Gareth
if Labour gets in God help us all Cherryl
Judith is the Trump, Scomo & Boris that this country needs to get some much needed balance into the current thinking in terms of how we should live our lives Glenn
Only logical choice. New Zealanders have already seen more than enough of the Animal Farm agenda being imposed on the country by the current coalition Government. Just imagine the damage that will occur if a Labour Greens coalition are given power to govern for another three years. NZ would become a third world country, broken economy with reverse apartheid entrenched into our legal system. Chris
I would like to say someone else but quite frankly now it is labour to Lose. I wish I was wrong. Greg
I sincerely hope so Joe
Well we certainly hope so Peter
NZ must stop the rot of our country and that will not happen under Labour and the Greens. Maori will become a huge problem. We need to aim for an equal society between Maori and the rest of us, not kill the entrepreneurial talents of New Zealanders Gerald
Labour will retain power in my opinion Kevin
I am hoping like hell she will be! Otherwise we can kiss our way of life goodbye Alison
well do we really want a communist government if jacinda gets back in. all we have been getting is lies and deception David
I believe this can be achieved. Murray
A great strong leader.no more wasteful spending . Gloria
she has a plan and no new taxes Graeme
I’m not afraid to say that Ardern is the worst thing to happen to NZ, hugs won’t feed the nation, and common sense is very thin on the ground with the COL, thanks a bunch winston, you’ll be remembered alright, but not the way you might like to be remembered. Merryl
Judith Collins or the country is lost. Western nations and civilisation are facing war from the Marxists, we need Judith to save us, not fellow Marxist Jacinda to finish us off. Finish us off Carole
Jacinda she is buy votes with new Zealands future michael
National have had almost 3 years to sort themselves out. The last few weeks is prove that they are in disarray and yet they want to run the country. They are now a desperate party trying to claw back some ground. Their experienced MP’s have moved on so that good experience they need is no longer there. Too little too late. Chris
i’m with Bill English who said he trusts NZ’ers to make good choices when voting – the people I grew up with would never have voted for a youth communist trainee. maurice
I believe Judith Collins is a capable leader and has a better, more experienced team to work with, along with Act and other lesser parties that might get in. Jacinda is a smiling assassin throwing money around like it’s confetti. All NZers need to do is get out there and VOTE. Joyce
Neither (wishful thinking) but MAGA. Bryan
Competent and decisive Knowledgable and experienced Linds
Go Crusher Frank
I beseech the populace NOT to inflict us with another 3 years of the inept Labour/Greens coalition. Tony
over this nice kind bullshit – time for a PM that will get on and do the job without endless “working groups” Tom
she is the first national leader i have really liked owen
If we get National / Act team John
I hope Judith Collins wins, the country cannot keep on handing out money. New Zealand cannot afford the billions that Labour to shelling out. Carl
If Judith Collins concentrates on substantive issues, such as the Labour’s attack on private property, its assault on the farming sector, and its child-abusive educational policies, it will negate the media’s determination to have the election about “leadership style” Barbara
Please God!!! Margaret
Judith Collins can pull of this election Jacinda has no policy to offer she is not a leader only a pretty face  Russell
I%u2019d like to believe this will happen but while the ill-thought out handouts continue from Camrade Ardern the minds of her followers cannot see the wood from the trees, and NZ will be dragged further into the mire by the current regime. Heaven help us all! Even right now Aussy is looking particularly inviting and when the borders open we will be off in our droves… Robyn
Labour are devoid of sensible thoughts. dennis
If Jacinda is to be PM again we will see a mass exodus of kiwis from NZ. Myself included, a 3 year OE in my 60’s is a definite possibility. Toni
Heaven help us. Neville
Fingers crossed….. Mark
She has my confidence. I hope she will rid us of the socialist scourge that is pervading our country and destroying our culture. Tony
There is a caveat with my answer. Ardern is the current PM and will still be if the elections favour her and partners. So long as Collins remains the leader of National she will be the next PM but maybe not immediately Philip
We must have a National Govt come September. Massive numbers of welfare dependents is Comrade Arderns dream. She must be stopped or we are doomed to being controlled not just by her, but also the New World Order (UN) but also The CCParty. Carolyn
Change for the better Bill
The Greens policies on the economy, wealth tax and climate change must surely make enough voters stay clear of the possibility of a Labour Greens coalition with no Winston hand brake.Winston isn’t a terribly reliable hand brake. Marty
Ardern because most New Zealander’s are too stupid to follow what the performance of Ardern and co. Managing Covid is not the same as running a country and Arderns failed miserably Trevor
I live in hope Paul
She can make commonsense decisions. Lyn
Unfortunately, I think my wish relies on a pathetic voter Brian
Had better be or I fear for our future. Phil
Sick of Jacinda lying to us and treating us as fools ….. VOTE LABOUR OUT David
Unfortunately Ardern as she appeals to the masses of uneducated lazy bone idle bludgers out there. Jono
Or otherwise NZ is done for. Paul
Time for decisive action… not soft waffle and hugs Murray
The sensible choice for NZ’s economic future. Too easy to be unemployed with additional children providing ‘monetary’ benefits. Glynis
No way do we need another 3 years of this insufferable incompetent clueless govt we have at present Carolyn
She can and will do the job properly, and if they get a second term, socialism will be dead for good in New Zealand. My grand children will be guaranteed a future. Mike
Judith Collins has her supporters ; but she does not attract the swing voter. Jacinda is the good fairy to the welfare class. Peter
Bring it, Judith !! Currently raiding New Conservatives policies. Coral
Game on About time a government with substance Caroline
Apart from the empty rhetoric and platforms gained by popular imagery, Ardern herself at 2017, immediately after being elected, summed it all up. She was stating her sentiments and excitement to a young person, on ‘being the boss of the country”. For Ms. Ardern, the crest of the popular wave is where she surfs. She and her party do not have the toughness, conviction and capability to re-build this country. Alan
Turning the economy around requires a different set of skills not charisma and a pretty face. Judith is better prepared for this and despite the resignation of Amy Adams and Nicki Kaye, the National team still has the depth of experience in turning the economy around. Labor on the other hand has manifested a lack of depth as seen from the Kiwibuild debacle and unfortunately the quarantine breakouts. In both cases they only have Megan Woods. ….and sadly, Phil Twyford is still around after his disastrous efforts on Kiwibuild. Michael
please,please,please let it be…….. gene
Better policies and vision Cecilie
She understands that businesses must be given incentives to grow the economy…not by giving higher handouts ! Mel
The tooth monster has proven to be a shallow talker with no substance. She has achieved nothing except economic destruction and the mortgaging of our grand children’s future. She and her miserable CoL must be fired for gross incompetence not re-elected. Richard
don’t vote donkey! ian
We need to get some sense back into our country – Judith can do that. Audrey
She is more upfront and can state her intentions. Judith is able to explain what she is going to do unlike Jacinda who continually dodges a straight answer. Mary
I really hope I’m right! Ade
JC I hope!! Maddi
Rightful thinking has unexpectedly won in three elections and referendum in the past few years, the surprise Brexit victory, the surprise election of Donald Trump and the surprise majority vote for Boris Johnson. The predicted “choice`’ has proven to be mistaken enough times to give me hope that it will happen again. I look forward to Judith Collins leading a Conservative government, for what we urgently need at this time in history is to conserve the good and disdain the lies. Alison
She better be for NZ to survive as a democracy and lessen welfare dependence. Carol
Lord help us if she’s not. Wake up NZ Rita
PLEASE, Please, Please give us Judith Collins as our Leader. Brian
The Churchill Effect neil
Not 100% confident but In the coming weeks she’ll have some time to show what direction NZ will be going and hopefully people will sit up and take note Sheryl
Socialism has never worked. With severe unemployment and other economic problems the Labour/Greens coalition will collapse. Tom
The Greens must be stopped Michael
I want Judith but I don’t think she’ll get the numbers Barry
I say Judith but she’s got a hard road to get there, But she has my vote Nigel
Money buys votes and she is skilled at handing it out under the auspices of being nice in the interests of health and social causes rather than commerce or development of NZ. Brad
If I had to pick, it would be neither. But Judith would be preferred in coalition with New Conservative. Neil
There is nothing better than real-life experience – and Judith has that in spades! Carl Carl
Will do noT utter unfilled promises Ray
not sure that Muller would have done the job but Collins will Colin
Given the amount of media bias in favour of Jacinda and my belief that another term under Labour would be disastrous for NZ, I find it hard to separate my hopes and fears from what I believe is likely. However I believe economic reality and Judith Collins’s competence and drive will win over Jacinda’s incompetence and duplicity. A real case of cometh the hour cometh the woman. Mike
She has the intelligence to govern for the good of all New Zealanders and will not try to gain popularity with bribes based on ethnicity Chris
I fervently hope! Terry
Please, please, please! Ken
It just makes sense for the country Neil
The Winston Churchill and Eisenhower syndrome is in play ! Alan
hopefully we will get some sanity back and get rid of the enemy within & her despot crew. james
Go Judith, a real choice at last. merv
great news, at least NZ now has the ability to get out of the mess that Ardern and her bunch of loonies has put us in. so roll on Sept and to see Mrs Collins as our PM. Richard
It just has to be June
There is an IHC chimpanzee at auckland zoo who is better qualified cliff
Having voted JC, I would have to say that I think she ought to be PM. However, there is a better than even chance that will not occur Geoffrey
I am saying this if—ACT gets 4 1 seats, LAB. lose seats to NATS. NZ1st just loses. and the Greens will be as they always are. We may end up with a hung parliament on the night. COLIN
yes but it will be a hard slog to get rid of labor but we need to william
I am hoping that New Zealanders will see sense and vote for someone who looks like a leader as well as having the knowledge to be o e. Muriel
Unfortunately the Barracuda will probably be able to pull a coalition together unless National pull something amazing out of the bag… Mark
A woman of grit and substance. About time she was elected as Leader. A leader to lead the Nation out of the wilderness created by a figure head and and incompetent Government. David
We need mature and considered leadership at this level. We also need a functioning cabinet. Peter
I hope Ian
jacinda is too pragmatic gerard
Jacinda will likely declare another lock-down and cancel the election Catherine
I believe that the gloss is wearing off Ardern and the voting public are beginning to realise that the Empress wears no clothes.ie she is an empty vessel with no ability or real life work experience and who has no idea on how an economy operates.. In comparison Judith Collins is an intelligent, experienced worldly woman who has worked in the real world and knows what is needed to run a successful economy. Collins will eviscerate Ardent in any debate and it is going to be great to watch. Allan
Judith Collins is real Leadership material and makes Jacinda Ardern look inept. I sincerely hope Judith wins and firmly believe she can do it, if only the Sheeple would wake up and see what’s going on. Helen
Thank goodness National has had the sense to elect Judith Collins as leader. She would be great for the country and I really hope she becomes our next Prime Minister. Susan
Judith Collins is a Prime Minister in waiting!  Frank
It will be interesting to see the next poll result. I believe that JC has what it takes to win this election.  David
National should have made Collins their leader after English stood down. With her at the helm the country would not be in the mess it is today. She needs to become PM to restore confidence and get the country working again. Jeremy
I feel the timing is right for Judith Collins. The shine has been coming off Jacinda Ardern for a while now but with no proper opposition, Labour has retained that support. Now it should swing back to National. Martin